TwisolA grub prompt comes up after the failure, yes. I don't know what recovery mode is though, strictly speaking.00:00
Twisol(besides a, uh, mode for recovery.)00:00
James147Twisol: there should be a menu that appears (where you can select different operating systems) might need to hit escape to get it00:01
geniiJames147: In grub2 it's shift key00:02
TwisolI've never had to hit ESC to get to that menu, it's always been the first thing to come up00:02
Twisolfairly sure this is grub 100:02
Typos_KingTwisol:   the wubi installs, install to a win32 directory usually, right?00:04
TwisolThis is how I usually boot up into Wubi. I previously installed another Ubuntu setup, so I have one GRUB to go through first. I select Windows there. Then I have a selection of Windows and Kubuntu, and I choose Kubuntu. After I select that, normally it goes into the final GRUB-based bootloader, but now it errors out and sends me into a sh:grub> prompt00:04
TwisolTypos, that's my understanding of it, yes00:04
TwisolI tried running chkdsk. No change.00:05
Typos_Kingtricky thing is, wubi doesn't really load grub, it just adds itself to win32 ntldr00:05
TwisolYes, which then lets you load into it, right00:05
TwisolI installed a real Ubuntu partition before, though, so I have a real GRUB first00:05
Twisolthen the Windows bootloader00:05
Typos_Kingso... your error is, the ntldr line I assume?00:06
Twisolthen what's apparently a grub4dos bootloader00:06
Twisolno, I get to the ntldr bootloader fine00:06
Twisolit's when I select the Kubuntu option, GRUB errors out and throws me into a sh:grub> prompt00:06
Typos_Kingso... you do get to a grub menu after that?.. I see00:06
Twisolthe errors are apprently a bunch of "invalid command" things, but I can't tell much more because thye're only on there for a flicker00:06
Typos_King at least you get a prompt :P00:06
TwisolNormally I get a the OS-list00:06
TwisolNow it errors and gives me a prompt00:07
Typos_Kingis not a great idea... but do a 'fsck' on it00:07
Twisol*get the00:07
Typos_Kingat the prompt00:07
TwisolWill that format it? or is that fdisk?00:07
Typos_Kingfsck?   FileSystemChecK, more or less close to a chkdsk00:07
Twisolerror: unknown command 'fsck'. This is a GRUB prompt, not an Ubuntu prompt00:08
* Typos_King thinks00:09
Typos_Kingwhat does it say when you type in -> find stage200:11
Twisolunknown command 'find'00:11
Twisolif I hit TAB it gives me a list of valid commands00:12
Twisolshould I write them down here?00:12
Typos_KingI know those00:12
TwisolI spotted a parser.rescue command, but I don't know what it does00:13
Twisoland a parser.sh command00:13
Twisolsince my prompt is sh:grub>, I assume it's running parser.sh now?00:13
Twisolbecause when I ran parser.rescue it changed to rescue:grub>00:14
Hazamonzoremind me.. whats the name os some kubuntu scanning software?00:14
Hazamonzoxene or soemthing?00:15
geniiHazamonzo: To scan what?00:15
Hazamonzogenii: Oh sorry. Images from my scanner00:15
Hazamonzogenii: Is that the one you recommend? The last one i used worked pretty well but it wasn't called that00:16
Hazamonzoit was by default a command line tool00:16
Typos_KingHazamonzo:   there's Kooka00:16
Hazamonzobut there was also a gui you could download00:16
geniiHazamonzo: scanimage  is the cli tool00:16
Typos_Kingand I think digiKam may also do it00:17
genii(sane, xsane, etc)00:17
HazamonzoI see00:17
Hazamonzoaaaah, sane! thats the one00:17
Hazamonzoso i install sane and then i havethe choice above for client tools?00:17
geniiHazamonzo: sane is the backend part. To scan from commandline you need sane-utils  which gives you scanimage00:19
Hazamonzogenii: Okay00:20
geniiTypos_King: kooka is not available any more00:20
Typos_King... ack00:21
Typos_KingTwisol:    still there?00:21
TwisolTypos_King: Yes, sorry. Working from an example on a forum00:25
Typos_Kingare you still at the grub prompt?00:27
TwisolI was following this post00:27
TwisolEverything worked up until I entered "boot". When I hit "boot", the system shuts down and restarts from the beginning, and I still have the same issue00:28
Typos_Kinghehe, I had about the same lines :)00:28
Typos_Kingi have a slightly different lines though00:31
TwisolI backed up one kernel version00:31
Typos_Kingthose lines there are relying on the fact you are using kernel
TwisolIt's booting00:31
TwisolYes, I replaced it with my numbers00:31
Typos_Kingohh... cool00:31
TwisolI know what happened.00:31
TwisolI installed updates.00:32
TwisolIt needed to restart, but I hadn't gotten around to it.00:32
TwisolThen when it shut off like that, it got, uh, inconsistent00:32
dan_____hii does anyone knows how to specify stereo output device in amarok2?00:32
xenaxon__guys is there any weather program for Kubuntu00:36
dan_____may plasmoids00:36
Typos_Kingwhat about july ones? =P00:36
dan_____sorry many00:36
Typos_Kingxenaxon__:    there,check for weather plasmoids00:36
Mark^Hey there.00:36
Mark^I installed Kubuntu and upgraded it, but after I restarted it for the first time.. It crashes when it get into the OS00:37
Mark^Like, after I enter the username and password, it freezes always00:38
xenaxon__is there google earth for kubuntu00:40
gotttoMark^: don't log in - hit ctrl+alt+f2 and login and the X log with   cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log   and see why00:40
geniixenaxon__: Yes00:41
gottto*read the X log00:41
Typos_Kingxenaxon__:    I see a googleearth-package in the repos00:41
Mark^okay just a sec..00:41
Typos_King1,2,3.7,12, 1700:42
Typos_KingI waited more than 1 sec :P00:42
geniixenaxon__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth#Alternative%20%20Installation00:42
xenaxon__I love kubuntu00:43
xenaxon__I'm never going back to windows00:43
Hazamonzoxenaxon__: Yay!00:44
xenaxon__how can I set a shortcut for the terminal?00:46
Typos_Kingisn't there one already?00:46
Typos_Kingin the menus to Konsole00:46
Typos_Kingyou can pretty much grab any of the kde menu items and drag/drop them on the desktop00:47
James147xenaxon__: run kmenuedit -> find the program you want -> Advanced tab00:47
James147xenaxon__: thats a keyboard shotcut :p00:47
xenaxon__does kubuntu support multiple monitors?00:48
James147xenaxon__: other wise right clicking or draging it works00:48
phoenix_hello everyone00:54
phoenix_Typos_King: i am using kubuntu 9.10 with kde 4.1.1. apt-get hangs saying "waiting for headers" at 9%. can you help me00:55
Typos_Kingnew install?00:55
phoenix_Typos_King: sorry thats 99&00:55
phoenix_Typos_King: you mean kubuntu?00:56
phoenix_Typos_King: no , i have been using it far the past 5 months00:56
phoenix_Typos_King: i got some new errors. i will paste it here00:58
phoenix_Typos_King: W: Failed to fetch http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/intrepid-i386/arch/./Packages.gz  404  Not Found00:58
phoenix_Typos_King: E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.00:58
Typos_King... so00:59
phoenix_Typos_King: the above was one of the error messages00:59
Hazamonzohmm. im not 100% that my graphics are working correctly. For example if i goto "configure window behaviour" im informed that "Compositing is temporarily disabled" If i clock the "resume compositing" my screen goes white and all i can see is my mouse pointer..01:04
Typos_Kingdoesn't sound like much of a biggie01:04
xenaxon__I've installed google earth but it's not showing in the applications01:04
HazamonzoIm using Karmic and a geforce.... 880001:04
HazamonzoWhat will i do without wobbly windows??!01:04
HazamonzoAny thoughts guys to what i can do to debug this issue? Nothing too complex though01:05
HazamonzoIm pretty sure it worked out of the box last time i installed 9.1001:06
Typos_Kingphoenix_:     does -> sudo apt-get -f install; do anything?01:06
Typos_KingI'd think it may not do anything :|01:06
phoenix_Typos_King: i will try that now01:06
Typos_Kingxenaxon__:    I don't run google earth...... not sure what the executable will be01:07
th3sk3ptichas anyone gotten iphone to work like in ubuntu?01:07
phoenix_Typos_King: hey01:07
gotttoHazamonzo: the X log will say why dri isn't set up01:08
Typos_Kingphoenix_:   yes? :)01:08
Hazamonzogottto: i see. Lets have a look then :)01:08
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:09
phoenix_Typos_King: i will try to install vlc01:10
Typos_Kingok :}01:10
Hazamonzogottto: Anything in particular im looking for in the x.org log?01:11
gotttoHazamonzo: something about dri or aiglx being disabled01:12
Hazamonzogottto: Right01:12
Hazamonzogottto: notjing on aiglx but there are some information messages about dri will be loaded by default01:14
Hazamonzomentions nothing about it being disabled though01:14
gotttoHazamonzo: it normally shows up middle of the log or lower - what driver is being used?01:15
HazamonzoInformationLoading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions//libdri.so01:16
Hazamonzogottto: http://imagebin.ca/view/bYFyl91I.html01:17
gotttoHazamonzo: can you paste the whole log pls?01:17
Hazamonzogottto: Sure thing01:18
poyntzwhen i try to print from okular it only prints 1 blank page01:21
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poyntzcan someone tell me how i can print a PDF from okular n not have it just spit out a blank page?01:21
Hazamonzogottto: http://pastebin.com/kyYibv2a01:22
gotttoHazamonzo: (II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture - says you don't have 3d01:24
Hazamonzogottto: Interesting. I enabled the proprietary driver01:24
gotttoHazamonzo: you need some options in your xorg.conf file - I don't know nvidia tho01:25
Hazamonzogottto: Okay. I'll do a little googling. Its odd that it doesn't work out of the box though. Since it did last time01:26
DarkwingDuckHazamonzo: what's the problem?01:26
Hazamonzogottto: Thanks for looking over the log file. If you have any ideas i'll be here :)01:26
Hazamonzooh hey DarkwingDuck. Welcome back01:27
gotttoHazamonzo: it does seem funny... not haha funny tho01:27
DarkwingDuckSorry, was in a meeting01:27
HazamonzoDarkwingDuck: No need to apologise01:27
HazamonzoDarkwingDuck: It would like like (after gottto checked out my x.org log) that my graphics are not running correctly01:28
Hazamonzothe log file pastebin is...01:28
HazamonzoDarkwingDuck: http://pastebin.com/kyYibv2a01:28
* genii makes more coffee01:28
Hazamonzogenii: yay for coffee!!01:28
geniiHazamonzo: Elixir of the gods!01:28
HazamonzoDarkwingDuck: Gotto pointed this out01:28
Hazamonzogenii: Hehehe01:29
Hazamonzo[30/03/2010 01:24] <gottto> Hazamonzo: (II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture - says you don't have 3d01:29
HazamonzoDarkwingDuck: So thats the point i am at now :)01:29
Uirierm... I have windows vista set up to dual-boot with kubuntu but whenever I try to load kubuntu, I get what I think is the GRUB shell. Whenever I try to boot from there it tells me the kernel is not found. When I exit it, it says that the operating system is not found01:30
Hazamonzogenii: Im torn whether to get a coffee or a real drink. Think i have a little whiskey in the kitchen01:31
xenaxon__guys, I have a problem01:34
xenaxon__a program won't dissapear from the taskbar01:34
xenaxon__and th Close is grayed out01:35
James147xenaxon__: what program?01:35
xenaxon__the Eye thing01:35
xenaxon__it doesn't have any text01:35
xenaxon__just an icon of an eye01:35
gotttosomeones' spying on you...01:36
schlaftierxenaxon__: and the eye follows the mouse pointer?01:36
Typos_Kingsounds like... gwenvie heh01:37
xenaxon__a program won't dissapear from the taskbar01:37
xenaxon__it's the image thingy01:37
Typos_Kingcan you take a snapshot and paste it at imgur.com01:37
xenaxon__yes it is gwenvie01:37
xenaxon__can't close it, how can I kil it01:37
Typos_Kinggwenview is not closing?01:37
James147xenaxon__: try "kquitapp gwenview"01:37
Typos_King woops01:37
James147xenaxon__: if that fails try "killall gwenview"01:38
xenaxon__gwenview: no process found01:39
James147xenaxon__: try removing the taskbar and readding it?01:39
gotttoxkill maybe?01:39
xenaxon__ok, I've reaadded the taskbar01:40
xenaxon__but hopefully I won't need to do that every day01:40
James147xenaxon__: hope its just a one time thing :)it ever hapened before?01:41
xenaxon__well, no... but I've only had kub for about 8 hours01:41
xenaxon__help. how can I make one of my windows programs work on kub01:55
James147xenaxon__: wine01:56
James147xenaxon__: but what is the program? maby there is an alternitive you can use...01:57
xenaxon__it's macromedia fireworks01:57
xenaxon__or photoshop01:57
James147xenaxon__: gimp is a good replacment for photoshop :)01:58
James147xenaxon__: or inkscape for vector graphics01:59
xenaxon__good won't cut it01:59
xenaxon__I need functionality01:59
James147xenaxon__: gimp has just as much functinaly as photoshop, i tend to prefure it :)02:00
James147xenaxon__: although I have used photoshop in a while :S02:00
James147xenaxon__: try it... its free :)02:00
xenaxon__I am02:00
xenaxon__I hope it does what I need02:01
xenaxon__It's installing a heap load of additional plugins02:01
James147xenaxon__: gimp has alot of plugins :S02:01
xenaxon__I can see :D02:02
xenaxon__if gimp fits the description02:02
xenaxon__I only need 1 thing done02:02
xenaxon__setting up a local web server so I can develop my applications02:03
James147xenaxon__: linux is made for web servers :D so that wint going to be to hard02:04
xenaxon__I like the window effects02:04
xenaxon__they are very nice02:04
James147xenaxon__: plenty of tutorials out there02:04
xenaxon__but the cube is wasting 2 seconds of my time02:04
xenaxon__so I disabled it02:04
James147xenaxon__: set it to very fast :)02:04
xenaxon__and there's still a problem02:05
xenaxon__I don't know all the hotkeys02:05
xenaxon__what's the terminal hotkey02:05
James147xenaxon__: dont think there is one by default -> kmenuedit -> <find konsole or what ever terminal you want> -> advanced ...   or virtual consoles alt+ctrl+F1-6 (alt+ctrl+f7 to get back to gui, some times can be higher) or just use alt + F2 for krunner02:07
xenaxon__gotta write that down until I can remember it02:10
xenaxon__kopete doesn't have MSN?02:13
xenaxon__and also no gchat02:13
James147xenaxon__: kopete dose have msn (windows live its called)02:14
James147xenaxon__: gchat, google chat? it can do that as well (it uses the jabber protocal, google has a how to for setting it up... never got mine to work though :S)02:15
xenaxon__yes google chat02:15
James147xenaxon__: Then yes, it dose both :D02:16
James147xenaxon__: although, never got video chat working in kopete for msn... not sure it can02:17
phoenix_can anyone suggest me a place where i can find vlc 1.0.5 deb02:44
gotttomaybe   getdeb   has one02:44
phoenix_i will chek that now02:45
gotttohttp://www.getdeb.net/updates/Ubuntu/all/?category=Video%20Tools phoenix_02:46
phoenix_gottto: i will try to install it and i will be back02:49
phoenix_gottto: ty02:49
* genii sips03:04
xenaxon__guys, big problem03:15
xenaxon__my laptop won't go into standby03:16
xenaxon__when I close top03:16
gotttoanything useful in dmesg | tail ?03:17
bigtom21485anyone know how to get wifi for kubuntu?03:42
Uiribigtom21485 try opening KNetwork Manager I think...03:43
bigtom21485oh wait i got it i had to update and now the propiretary drivers are showing up03:43
bigtom21485alright now when i load kubuntu i just get a black screen03:52
bigtom21485wow, i shouldve stayed with ubuntu03:52
bigtom21485if someone can help me that'd be much appreciated03:53
phoenix_gottto: what is the command to uninstall a software completly03:59
gotttophoenix_: a deb from getdeb??03:59
phoenix_gottto: i did that. but strange thing happened . i will tell you04:00
gotttodpkg --purge "packagename04:01
phoenix_gottto: before i came here for help i downloaded vlc 1.0.4 source and compiled it. at the last stage of the make it gave an error so i thought it failed04:02
gotttophoenix_: that's why checkinstall was invented04:04
phoenix_gottto: my pervious version was vlc 1.0.2, i installed the vlc 1.0.5 from the link you gave me, now when i opened vlc and found it was 1.0.4.no video, only audio.04:04
gotttophoenix_: the 5 version might be in /usr/local/bin04:04
phoenix_gottto: i tried to uninstall vlc and reinstall, but the setup finishes in seconds and i get back the vlc 1.0.4 version04:05
phoenix_gottto:  i will check that04:05
phoenix_gottto: in usr/local/bin vlc 1.0.4 is there. if i compile a source, does it automatically install the compiled package04:07
gotttophoenix_: the make install command does - you should use checkinstall so you can remove apps if they break tho04:08
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!04:08
gotttophoenix_: try in terminal   find / -name vlc1.0.504:09
phoenix_gottto: the command "find / -name vlc1.0.5" returned nothing.04:15
phoenix_gottto: what dhould i do now, should i have to make the package again with the checkinstall command04:16
gotttophoenix_: I don't know how that will solve the no video prob04:17
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gotttophoenix_: you could ask in #videolan04:17
phoenix_gottto: no , i want to do a fresh install, so how to uninstall completely04:18
gotttophoenix_: that's hard without the checkinstall part - find / -name vlc - and remove all that are listed is an option04:21
phoenix_gottto: i will try to use the checkinstall and remove method04:22
gotttophoenix_: luck :)04:22
nomadz__i have installed kubuntu and ubuntu on same drive, ubuntu was installed first, how do i keep kubuntu from using the 'startup' options of ubuntu?? can both be setup for their own startup options?04:24
phoenix_gottto: the checkinstall resulted in error04:28
phoenix_gottto: i will paste the error04:29
phoenix_gottto: "make: *** [install] Error 2"04:29
phoenix_gottto: "****  Installation failed. Aborting package creation."04:29
phoenix_"Restoring overwritten files from backup...OK Cleaning up...OK Bye."04:30
gotttophoenix_: above the "make: *** [install] Error 2" it will say what failed04:30
phoenix_gottto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406316/04:31
gotttophoenix_: error: X11/extensions/XShm.h: means you don't have a lib it needs - when you do ./configure you need to add options - do ./configure -h   to see the options04:33
phoenix_gottto: this is the error message i get in terminal when i run vlc -->http://paste.ubuntu.com/406318/04:34
gotttophoenix_: you need to add options to ./configure like --enable-X04:36
phoenix_gottto: i will try that04:36
nomadz__the current vlc is at 1.0.504:38
paultagDarkwingDuck, poke -- I have a KDE related question04:57
DarkwingDuckpaultag: Shoot04:57
paultagDarkwingDuck, I'm trying to install Kivio but I can't find it anywhere04:58
paultagDarkwingDuck, it is in Debian, but not Ubuntu, and the old versions look pulled04:58
paultagDarkwingDuck, I'm real confused about it04:58
paultagDarkwingDuck, Oh, and I'm on lucid04:59
DarkwingDuckpaultag: one sec04:59
paultagDarkwingDuck, brb, take your time, I'll poke you when I get back05:01
DarkwingDuckpaultag: I got an answer05:01
DarkwingDuckpaultag: It's not included with KOffice 2.1 series. It will be on KOffice 2.2. They are on 2.2Beta right now... Maybe late summer to fall they will have it included. You can try getting the dev sourse and building it if you needed it.05:03
DarkwingDuckpaultag: More info on KOffice 2.2Beta1 http://www.koffice.org/news/koffice-2-2-beta-1/ http://download.kde.org/download.php?url=unstable/koffice-2.1.81/koffice-2.1.81.tar.bz205:05
DarkwingDuckpaultag: The last link was the download05:06
DarkwingDuckpaultag: if ya need anything else ping me bro05:07
m2yeIs anyone else on this island?05:08
phoenix_gottto: finally reinstalled vlc05:29
gotttophoenix_: what was the trick?05:29
phoenix_gottto: searched all the dir for vlc and deleted everything05:30
gotttophoenix_: well done :)05:30
phoenix_gottto: thanks a lot gottto. its very hard to compile a source05:31
gotttophoenix_: it takes some practise...05:31
phoenix_gottto: ya, today i learned from you that i should use checkinstall during compilation05:32
paultagDarkwingDuck, thanks!05:34
paultagDarkwingDuck, I'll have to do a build05:34
phoenix_gottto: bye05:35
gotttophoenix_: see ya05:35
DarkwingDuckpaultag: anything else?05:37
paultagDarkwingDuck, nah, all set, thanks bro! :)05:37
paultagDarkwingDuck, any idea on why that happened?05:37
DarkwingDuckpaultag: Not sure, all I know is the KOffice devs didn't include it for 2.1 series05:37
paultagDarkwingDuck, that's odd05:38
DarkwingDuckpaultag: We just re-packaged it and uploaded it today... But, after talking to the packager he said that it was not included...05:38
paultagDarkwingDuck, euch. OK. Thanks.05:38
paultagDarkwingDuck, :)05:38
DarkwingDuckpaultag: You running Kubuntu again?05:39
paultagDarkwingDuck, just scoping it out. I am thinking about it. I have been working with the Marble guys, and I love 'em, and would love to help with Kubuntu05:39
DarkwingDuckpaultag: We would love to have you.05:40
paultagDarkwingDuck, thank you :)05:40
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zuscan this be done in linux kde4.4? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqcmPJ-oVL006:49
zusguess not i just read its mac and win. oh well neat idea though.06:58
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poyntzwhen i try to print PDFs from okular it only prints a blank page. this wasn't always the problem. it's only just started doing it. would anyone know how I could get it to print normally?09:08
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Ahmed\
Ahmed\WHen i enter sudo apt-get upgrade it was downloading some updates for amarok or something and its been corrupted and nwo i cant upgrade! to anything , HELP09:25
genuxapt-get clean09:25
genuxmay help09:26
Ahmed\THANKS man lemme see09:26
Ahmed\DOes it clean the %tmp% ?09:26
genuxit cleans out the /var/cache/apt directory09:26
Ahmed\read this09:26
Ahmed\Could not open lock file /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (13: Permission denied)09:26
Ahmed\E: Unable to lock the download directory09:26
Ahmed\so can i delete that myself ?09:26
genuxps aux | grep apt09:27
genuxto see what process is holding onto the apt09:27
genuxand then kill that and do the apt-get clean09:27
Ahmed\just a second09:27
Ahmed\Its saying konverstion and grep09:28
Ahmed\should i kill both and try to clean ? cant i with bleach ?09:28
gotttothe grep line is expected but konversation?09:29
Ahmed\I guess only Konverstion, should i do it manually ?09:30
supermagnumtomtom home linux support:  http://www.petitiononline.com/tomlinux/petition.html09:30
supermagnumthere is a tool for tomtom under development, currently it supports just09:30
supermagnumgps update and backup.09:30
FloodBotK1supermagnum: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:30
gotttosupermagnum: was that an ad?09:30
Ahmed\What exactly it cleans, it cleans out the /var/cache/apt directory ? i mean isn't like %tmp% on windows or only downloaded stuff from terminal, Explaing please :)09:31
raouldlvso, how bout them lolcats, aperson ?09:31
aperson!ot > raouldlv09:31
ubotturaouldlv, please see my private message09:31
genuxonly the downloaded stuff from the apt-get09:32
raouldlvyou ops?09:32
Ahmed\Thanks Genux !09:32
apersonhaven't heard back yet09:32
Ahmed\BRB lemme close this and try it09:32
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Ahmed\
Ahmed\apt-get clean doesnt work :)09:38
Ahmed\E: Could not open lock file /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (13: Permission denied) unable to lock the download direcory09:39
iconmefisto!aptfix | Ahmed\09:39
ubottuAhmed\: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:39
Ahmed\Aptfix ? tell me again09:40
Ahmed\its saying dpkg to configure09:41
iconmefistoAhmed\: the commands between the «  »  copy/paste that09:41
Ahmed\and says error while processing amarok09:41
Ahmed\will it be okay if i completely uninstall it ?09:42
iconmefistoAhmed\: pastebin the error when you do the aptfix commands?09:42
Ahmed\dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of amarok:09:42
Ahmed\ amarok depends on amarok-common (= 2:2.3.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa3); however:09:43
Ahmed\  Package amarok-common is not installed.09:43
Ahmed\ amarok depends on amarok-utils (= 2:2.3.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa3); however:09:43
Ahmed\  Version of amarok-utils on system is 2:2.3.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa2.09:43
FloodBotK1Ahmed\: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:43
Ahmed\dpkg: error processing amarok (--configure):09:43
iconmefistoAhmed\: sudo apt-get update && sudo dpkg --configure -a09:44
Ahmed\Lemme try09:44
Ahmed\I think this works lemme see09:44
Ahmed\no ends up with the same thing errors were encountered while processing09:45
gotttodpkg --purge amarok maybe09:46
iconmefistoAhmed\: ok, try removing amarok and amarok-utils, then install amarok again if you get no errors after removal09:46
Ahmed\NO it doesnt09:46
Ahmed\Okay, should i remove it completely if so, can i have the command please09:46
iconmefistoAhmed\: sudo apt-get remove amarok amarok-utils09:47
gotttonothing apt will work apparently09:47
Ahmed\Synaptic saying, you have a broken update package on your system ? i never saw that message appears09:47
Ahmed\Should i check ?09:47
Ahmed\ITS AMAROK ! GOD!!!!!!! Lemme remove it thanks guys09:48
Ahmed\Can i know what;s the difference between , Terminal command line, Terminal emulator, Konsol, And Bash ?09:49
gotttobash is a prog that works in terminal konsole shell commanline emulator09:50
Ahmed\So in short, ALL IN ONE /09:50
gotttobash isn't a terminal etc - it works in them09:51
iconmefistoAhmed\: konsole is a terminal emulator program. terminals use bash to make sense of the commands you type09:51
Ahmed\Well i guess it will take time to me to actually understand the Exact thing and differences, so which should i be using for ALL commands ?09:52
iconmefistoAhmed\: konsole is the default kde terminal emulator09:53
Ahmed\Thanks one is cleard :) its same as Konsole ? on Gnome, right ?09:53
Ahmed\I mean Terminal not Konsole09:53
gotttoterminal is similar to konsole yes09:54
iconmefistoAhmed\: you can use others, but konsole is fine. a simpler one that should be installed is xterm. I like using yakuake, which has a window that drops down from the top of the screen when you press F12 (so it's always ready to use)09:54
Ahmed\Yeah i see,,,  I dont have yakuake, what i do see is, Terminal, As usual and Konsole and Bash, so should i use the Konsole instead of Terminal or is the name difference ? i wanna use ONE instead of 3 :) PLease correct me, i am new here09:56
iconmefistoAhmed\: it doesn't matter. use the one you like best09:57
Ahmed\Oh thank you :)09:57
Ahmed\Should i upgrade that grub, Its showing the beta 1.9 or something on bootup, what is it ?09:58
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=== kurumin_ is now known as kurumin
Mark^Why is it each time after I enter my username and password, my kubuntu freezes?10:15
gotttoMark^: at the login prompt don't login - hit ctrl+alt+f2 then login and   cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less   to look for errors10:18
Mark^whats cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:19
gotttoa command to read the file   /var/log/Xorg.0.log   which will hopefully tell why you're having trouble10:20
Mark^cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less10:20
Mark^this one?10:20
gotttodon't forget the   | less   use the down arrow to read one line at a time10:20
gotttoyess :)10:20
gotttolook for lines that start with EE10:21
gotttoor if you're at a gui just browse10:21
gotttothis has happened with a few people today...10:23
gotttoI like three dots in a row...10:23
xenaxonguys, can someone tell me which of all the packages is the actuall apache package10:23
xenaxonI've downloaded 2 packages and neither are it10:24
gotttoI thought apache2...10:24
ubuntu_hi everybody10:26
ubuntu_im on live cd.... im trying to fix my installation from kubuntu right now10:26
xenaxonapache2.2-bin - 2.2.12-lubuntu2.2(i386)10:26
xenaxonthis is what I've installed10:26
ubuntu_i got to install knetworkmanager on my installation but from live cd is that possible?10:26
ubuntu_n... how could i do that?10:27
st4aluckStill don't know what to do with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:28
gotttoMark^: does this help - http://www.easy-ubuntu-linux.com/apache-ubuntu-install.html10:30
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Mark^gottto ill check them later, but thanks alot10:31
Mark^am doing my homework on win710:31
gotttoblurrghhh Mark^10:32
Mark^do u mind if I add u on msn for future purposes pls?10:32
Mark^I have no idea why my nickname isnt changing lol10:32
gotttoI don't use msanything sorry10:32
Mark^oh okay10:32
xenaxonguys how do I start a service10:32
gotttosudo /etc/init.d/"servicename" start10:33
=== jonas is now known as Gazuotas123
xenaxonit says command not found10:35
lloowenHello all. Been trying to get my mouse to work on a vmware server console. Looks like the solution is to do something in the xorg.conf file, but I don't know what. I've tried a number of configurations to the xorg.conf, but this crashes the xserver. I have installed the apparently required package that should do this "apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse" but it does not work. Does anyone else use vmware server? I think this is a kub10:35
ubuntu_bash: /etc/init.d/: ist ein Verzeichnis.10:35
ubuntu_root@ubuntu:/#  /etc/init.d/ "knetworkmanager" start10:35
gotttoxenaxon: what's the service?10:36
xenaxonapache / httpd10:36
ubuntu_for knetworkmanager10:37
ubuntu_root@ubuntu:/# sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/resolv.conf10:37
ubuntu_sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu10:37
ubuntu_cp: reguläre Datei „/mnt/etc/resolv.conf“ kann nicht angelegt werden: No such file or directory10:37
gotttoxenaxon: /etc/init.d/apache2 start10:37
xenaxonhttpd (pid 7039) already running10:38
gotttoxenaxon: open a browser and check localhost then10:39
xenaxongotto: it works. but where did it install10:40
lloowenNo one using vmware server2?10:40
gotttoxenaxon: /var/www   afaik - #ubuntu-server might know more10:41
gotttolloowen: I use vbox...10:41
lloowenis it as good as vmware server?10:42
xenaxongottto: if I uninstall apache, will my files in www also be removed10:43
gotttoxenaxon: afaik no - don't use the purge option and you should be safe10:43
xenaxonok thanks10:45
Ahmed\i can't lock the screen by CTRL ALT and L10:58
Ahmed\HELLO ?11:00
ertugruli need help about my net connection11:01
gotttoyou can just ask here :)11:02
ertugrulwhen i started the ubuntu it always asks my password of wireless11:02
ertugruli want to default it, and i dont want more question at starting anymore11:02
gotttomaybe this will help11:03
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:03
ertugrulhow can i search it, i am new at ubuntu11:04
gotttoright click the bit that starts http and select   open with browser11:05
ertugrulwould i sign in to turkish ubuntu channel do you have like this an alternative11:06
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:08
ForgeAusuh how do I get kubuntu live to ignore/forget my HDD's?11:41
ForgeAusthe qtparted in ubiquity (or the install applet) from the live CD still picks up the IDE/Sata drives I disabled in the bios (for some reason)...11:41
ForgeAusso when I try to install it it still knows the Hard drives are there and wants to put grub there instead of USB stick like I want it11:42
ForgeAusalso swap partition there too11:42
ForgeAus(the one that exists, I was thinking of either not having swap at all or putting swap as second partition11:42
gotttoit won't let you select where grub goes?11:43
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:45
ForgeAusgrottto if it does I don't know how11:45
ForgeAusits fesity btw.. (I guess its old considering but its the only one I had onhand)11:46
ForgeAuswithout downloading newer one11:46
artur__hejka polakom11:46
gotttoForgeAus: tried unetbootin?11:48
ForgeAusit tells me :11:48
ForgeAusThe following partitions are going to be formatted:11:48
ForgeAuspartition #3 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) as swap11:48
ForgeAuspartition #1 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sdc) as ext311:48
FloodBotK1ForgeAus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
ForgeAusisnt' that a windows program?11:48
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:48
ForgeAusactualyl it does let me select where grub goes11:48
gotttowrong app sorry ForgeAus11:48
ForgeAusI just don't know how to refer to the disk11:48
ForgeAusUSB is sdc right?11:48
gotttosudo fdisk -l11:48
ForgeAusso how do I get (hd0) to refer to the USB stick?11:49
ForgeAuswill it automatically do it?11:49
gotttoyou need the reference to be to the usb stick11:50
ForgeAusI don't want it to use boot sector of either hard drive11:50
ForgeAusso how to reference it its not /dev/sdc that you use in grubroot11:50
ertugrulhello gotto me again, i didnt fix my wireless connection asking problem with tr channel too11:50
ertugruldo you have another alternative11:50
gotttoForgeAus:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:51
ForgeAusok grottto also is there a netbook vers for Kubuntu? (I know Ubuntu has one)11:52
gotttoForgeAus: afaik no - kde is a bit heavy for netbooks atm11:53
gotttoForgeAus: there's  pendrivelinux.com for hints as well11:54
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ForgeAusok guess I have to use unetbootin, the other way seems a little beyond me with the commands, I don't exactly understand whats going on with them11:58
ForgeAusI hope it works with an old enough distro such as Feisty11:58
gotttoI have a windows app that will do the install to usb - any windows in your home?12:00
ForgeAusyeah I got windows, I was just hoping to avoid depending on it for this thats all lol12:01
ForgeAusI have unetbootin that should suffice12:01
ForgeAusactually I'm going to try this with windows also, wish I had 7 instead of Vista tho12:01
ForgeAusits the only OEM disk I had handy12:01
gotttoI would think the age of the distro shouldn't matter...12:02
ForgeAusor I might go XP instead12:02
ForgeAusand I'm goina try it with MacOSX too12:02
gotttoI did it with xubunru - worked fine12:02
ForgeAusI got 3 diff usb sticks to try it from12:02
ForgeAussofar looks like OSX is going to be the easier one lol12:03
ForgeAusok cya, hav fun12:03
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xenaxondoes anyone know how to import a database with MySQL Workbench?12:20
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ForgeAus
ForgeAuswell unetbootin worked12:24
ForgeAusrunning from USB now12:24
ForgeAusfiesty, but hey I'm not complaining12:24
gotttowell done :)12:24
ForgeAusneed to dl a newer one and try it tho12:24
ForgeAuscan I install packages, and mod this USB one?12:24
ForgeAustweak it12:24
gotttoI dd with mine12:25
ForgeAusthe memory stick shows up as a CD drive oddly enough12:25
ForgeAusI'll do some of that later12:25
ForgeAusfor now it works and thats all that matters12:25
gotttoI recorded tv on mine12:26
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=== jati_ is now known as jati
ForgeAusargh I can get konqui to load webpages but I cant get apt-get to update its package list12:42
xenaxondoes anyone know how to import a mysql database?12:43
ForgeAusuh xenaxon mysql is something I have pretty much no experience with12:44
gotttoxenaxon: man mysql should give a clue12:47
jati2 methods to import12:47
jatiin console type: mysql -u myuser -p < mydatabase.sql12:48
jatior in myadmin type12:48
jatisource /path/to/my/database.sql12:48
jatibefore this, use mydatabase;12:48
jatito import to this databse12:48
frewo64xenaxon: for simple things with gui mysqladmin?12:49
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Forgeaushey all :) back again, under OSX this time13:07
gotttodoesn't take you long to do the installs :)13:08
ForgeausI didn't install13:08
Forgeausunetbootin extracted internally13:09
Forgeausand OSX just well copy disk image essentially13:09
Forgeausno need to install as such13:09
Forgeausand Windows... not sure yet...13:09
gotttowindows won't work plugging into diff comps will it?13:10
xenaxonI can't edit anything in /www how do you change permissions in Kubuntu?13:14
xenaxonI don't understand why the /www/ folder would be read only13:14
gotttotry ls -l /var/www and see who owns it - you can add yourself to the group13:15
xenaxonI've set permissions to 777, but I don't understand why It would be read-only13:17
gotttonot a sep partition in fstab or similar?13:19
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net_bashHi haloooop14:13
genii!hi | net_bash14:15
ubottunet_bash: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:15
net_bashHi genii14:15
geniinet_bash: Please, do not private-message me14:17
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:17
net_bashwhy genii14:17
geniinet_bash: Mostly because I find it annoying :) I have at any time 30-40 IRC windows open and it just adds to the clutter. But also for the reasons the bot says.14:19
OxymoronCOuld someone explain what *.DS_Store files are storing except that abstract explanation on wiki?14:19
net_bashah.... <genii> mah teu baleg...14:21
gotttocareful net_bash14:21
net_bashoke gottto...14:22
FloodBotK1net_bash: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:23
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:27
geniiOxymoron: From what I can find it's an OSX thing. It puts one in every folder you access. Reminds me of a .htaccess file somewhat14:33
Oxymorongenii: Yes, but what does it store?14:34
ertugrulhow can i delete to networkmenager's config files?14:34
geniiOxymoron: According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.DS_Store "comments of all the folder's files"14:35
=== n4may94n3h is now known as net_bash
geniiertugrul: In /home/yourname/.kde/share/config/networkmanagementrc14:36
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Ubuntu comes with the GNOME interface. To install that from Kubuntu install the ubuntu-desktop package.14:45
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* genii hands Ahmed\\ a coffee14:52
ertugrulgenii i didt find such a file on das directory14:52
Ahmed\How do i COMPLETELY disable the history on Kopete cause every time i open it and all the stuff from last activity, I had to see the history ! outta no where14:52
Ahmed\genii hhhhh14:52
Ahmed\hello ?14:54
=== n4may94n3h is now known as net_bash
Ahmed\Hey net14:56
Ahmed\How do i COMPLETELY disable the history on Kopete cause every time i open it and all the stuff from last activity, I had to see the history ! outta no where14:56
geniiAhmed\: You can delete the current history which is in ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs              ... as far as I understand Kopete's logging is a plugin, you might want to check in Setting...Configure Plugins  (I myself do not use Kopete so cannot be of much more help with it)14:57
Ahmed\Thanks, Can you tell me which messenger fo you use, i am new here i wanna use something better then this if you can tell me :)14:58
geniiAhmed\: I mostly use just IRC (with Quassel)14:59
Ahmed\How can i download it ?14:59
Ahmed\~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs  couldnt fine it, how do i find ? this14:59
Ahmed\IRC Quassel Clint only ? this ? or other15:00
geniiAhmed\: Quassel should already be available to install from the package manager15:00
Ahmed\oh yes its already installed15:01
geniiAhmed\: Quassel by itself is just for IRC, yes. But I use another thing called bitlbee which lets you funnel stuff like MSN or ICQ through to your ICQ client15:02
Ahmed\genii, how can i use MSN on this HUH15:02
Ahmed\Oh thats what i was thinking, talking about15:02
Ahmed\just a minute15:02
Ahmed\How do i download bitlbee ?15:02
geniiHm should be "through to your IRC" there... was rushed15:04
Ahmed\From there ?well i thought its something else15:04
ertugrulgenii i didt find such a file on das directory15:05
ertugrulfor network manager15:05
ertugruli am using gnome15:05
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.15:21
gotttoertugrul: add  #ubuntu-tr to your startup channels mate15:22
ertugrulgotto they dont help us15:23
ertugruladmin is so agressive and he attacks to users15:23
ertugrulwhen the starting ubuntu15:23
ertugrulit gives me an error15:23
gotttoertugrul: talk to the ops in #ubuntu-ops about him15:23
ertugrul usr/bin/nm_applet is locked15:23
gotttoertugrul: if you use gnome you need to ask in #ubuntu15:24
gotttoertugrul: what does nm_applet do?15:26
ertugrulok gotto thnx15:27
ertugrulfor both..15:27
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alexandreaHey, annyone can help me with usb problem? evreytime i start up kubuntu it takes ages for usb keyboard and mouse to activate and i get this errors "usb 3-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110"15:31
alexandreathis hapens in ubuntu/kubuntu 9.10/10.04 curently running 10.0415:32
shadeslayeralexandrea: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/43343815:32
shadeslayeralexandrea: a simple google of the problem :)15:33
geniiertugrul: If you're using regular Ubuntu (with Gnome desktop) please visit #ubuntu channel for support15:35
=== marek__ is now known as trylik
alexandreashadeslayer yeah ok its a know bug but not realy a solution to it :p15:37
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edi_99Hello all. I'm having some problems with my wireless card; on ubuntu 9.04 it worked out of the box, and when I installed 9.10 on another laptop it also worked just fine... but my hp 6830s just won't. Any hints?15:49
=== edi_99_ is now known as edi_99
geniiedi_99: That machine uses an Intel 5100 adapter, which should use iwlagn driver. When you do:  lsmod | grep iwlagn      do you see that driver is loaded/in use?15:54
edi_99<genii> this is what it spits out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406568/15:55
edi_99<genii> and I can't see the driver, so it's probably mia15:56
geniiedi_99: OK, so it's using the right driver (according to that paste). If it was not, you would not get any result from that lsmod command.15:57
edi_99<genii> oh, ok.15:57
geniiedi_99: Does:  ifconfig wlan0           show anything?15:58
edi_99<genii> Yes, should I paste it so you can see?15:59
geniiedi_99: No, that it exists is enough16:00
geniiedi_99: So we know now: Your wifi adapter is seen, it has the correct driver, and the system has brought the adapter up for use.  It would seem to be some issue with how you are connecting or your network settings, etc16:01
geniiWork, /away 5-7 minutes16:02
llutzedi_99: does "iwlist s" bring up any result?16:03
edi_99genii: Pretty stupid of me not to mention it *does* see wireless networks. The problem is when I try to connect to one. It keeps asking me for a password, although I've already entered it. After three tries it closes, doing nothing.16:04
edi_99llutz: yes, some - it does not support scanning except for wlan, where it does :)16:05
edi_99I do remember a friend of mine installing 9.10; after updateing/upgrading, a window displaying "known bugs" has appeared, and he then just clicked update, and the thing worked like a charm. Before that, he had the same problem as me.16:07
edi_99Unfortunately, this window hasn't popped out yet (although I did the upgrade)16:08
geniiedi_99: Have you tried deleting all wireless connections in KNetworkManager  and then making a fresh connection?16:10
edi_99genii: Well, I'm really sorry for wasting your time. I was creating a connection instead of connecting to one :/16:13
edi_99genii: it works16:13
geniiedi_99: Ah, good to hear16:13
edi_99genii: thank you very much for your help16:13
=== RedXIII`Alt is now known as RedXIII
geniiedi_99: You're welcome16:13
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Ahmed\What's the difference between Ubuntu LTS i don't even know that LTS is correct or not and other every six month release ? i mean !! I like using Gnome so don't really wanna switch it for at least a year :) so which should i choose i am not into KDE that much at all or Xubuntu, so wanna know about ubuntu and the one with LTS17:37
geniiAhmed\: "LTS" are Long-Term-Support issues. In Ubuntu they are every 2 years. So 8.04 and 10.04 are LTS, and the other in-between versions are supported for only shorter times17:38
Ahmed\Oh thanks17:39
Ahmed\so its a release every 2 year ? and other every six months ? right ?17:39
geniiAhmed\: Yes17:39
Ahmed\Thanks genii17:39
geniiAhmed\: You're welcome17:39
Ahmed\One more question17:40
jkd4what does "use persistent connections to proxy" mean in the proxy settins menu of konqueror?17:41
Ahmed\I like using Gnome, so LTS would be Best for me, does it provides updates for 2 years ? cause if not then i would be sticking to the other six month releases :)17:41
Ahmed\and any key difference between LTS version ? or same as other release17:41
geniiAhmed\: LTS are continuously updated until they reach their End Of Life (3 years for desktop version and 5 years for server versions)17:42
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:42
geniiAhmed\: Also you can upgrade directly from LTS->LTS17:43
Ahmed\OH REALLY !17:43
Ahmed\That's great i mean then i dont have to like every six month :) when is the Lucid releasing ? and can i run KDE on it too ? like on this 9.10 ?17:44
DarkwingDuckKubuntu Lucid run KDE and it will release late April17:44
Ahmed\Oh, and can i upgrade to LTS cause currently i am not on LTS i am on 9.10 Karmic Koala17:45
r00t_id like to keep my internet turned off but not my routher dsl modem is this pssible?17:45
DarkwingDuckYou can upgrade when 10.04 Lucid Lynx comes out.17:45
jkd4does anyone know how to use a socks proxy on konqueror?17:46
Ahmed\Okay and for a new install, should i download it the same way and burn and then use it for 3 years ! i mean can it really be there with no problems for that long or just will provide the UPDATES only :)17:46
DarkwingDuckYou can just update it17:47
jkd4why do people stick with the LTS versions and not upgrade? you can get support with every 6 month version until the next version comes out then just upgrade again.17:47
Ahmed\Yes thank you so much :)17:47
DarkwingDuckI have not fresh installed on my desktop in almost 2 years17:47
Ahmed\OH REALLY !17:48
Ahmed\Well didn't knew that i mean without any boot problems in windows ?17:48
Ahmed\2 Years  you sure :P17:48
Ahmed\you are on 8.04 ?17:48
DarkwingDuckActually, I'm running 10.04 BETA17:49
Ahmed\no no the one which you installed 2 years ago17:49
Ahmed\I wanna wait for the LTS release not beta will be be before may ?17:50
DarkwingDuck8.04 yes17:50
Ahmed\I see17:50
DarkwingDuckAhmed\: April 2917:50
jkd4does anyone know how to use a socks proxy on konqueror?17:50
jkd4what does "use persistent connections to proxy" mean in the proxy settins menu of konqueror?17:50
geniijkd4: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase-runtime/kcontrol/proxy/index.html has fairly detailed explanation of this stuff17:53
Ahmed\thanks :)17:57
Ahmed\hello ?18:00
Ahmed\Actually i wanna know whats Grub ?18:01
Ahmed\should i upgrade ?18:01
shadeslayerAhmed\: grub is the Grand Unified Boot loader18:03
shadeslayer!grub | Ahmed\18:03
ubottuAhmed\: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.18:03
Ahmed\Oh well18:04
Ahmed\i am on a beta version it shows 1.97 beta18:04
Ahmed\can i upgrade that ?18:04
Ahmed\and PLEASE i dont want any headache with bootup :)18:04
shadeslayerAhmed\: that is the default version.. there is no higher version officialy18:05
Ahmed\So with a new release that also changes ?18:05
shadeslayerAhmed\: it may...18:06
Ahmed\ i see'18:07
Ahmed\is it true, hacking is a part of Linux ? if so how can i be sure that its not weak on security18:07
vinceI've got a small problem here, I can't open files I've downloaded with firefox. I mean open then FROM the download manager. It always always ask me for the right program, so i'm looking for the one responsible in kde for linking a specific type of file to a specific application :)18:08
vinceI found the answer once on a forum, can't find it again though :(18:08
vince(sorry for the horrible spelling btw)18:09
OxymoronHow do I change video output mode in Dragonplayer and Kaffeine?18:10
Ahmed\How can i check what applications are connected to the internet ? THERES NO FIREWALL or something how do i assure myself that its secure ??????18:11
Ahmed\OH THAT works ?18:12
vincewindows only :p18:12
Ahmed\i am on ubuntu :$18:12
vinceI know, bad geeky humor18:13
Ahmed\You also been on windows !18:13
Ahmed\I switched like 10 days ago18:13
Ahmed\Loving it18:13
vbgunz__anybody using the latest nvidia binary?18:14
Ahmed\AMD'S ATI @_@18:14
vincenope :(18:16
vbgunz__nvidia binary 195.36.15 and if you have effects enabled. try putting AccelerateTrapezoids=1in your xinitrc. The performance improvements are noticeable but only resizing is still the same18:16
vinceanyone for that firefox "open with" annoying bug ?18:16
vbgunz__vince: I hate that about firefox almost to death.18:16
Ahmed\Vince: HOw can i download the new security update for 3.5 firefox18:16
vbgunz__10.4 should take care of that firefox bug I think18:17
vincevbgunz__:  I found the solution once18:17
vinceI just can't remember...18:17
vinceyou have to choose the application that opens everything in KDE18:17
vinceI just can't remember its name18:18
vincenor its path18:18
vincemaaaan you've got to know the answer18:22
vincefuck :(18:22
Draglorxdg-open vince?18:23
vincehaaa might be the one!18:24
vincewhat the path ?18:24
Draglorit'S the one opening apps depending on mime/type and kde settings18:24
vinceyes that's what I'm looking for18:24
Draglortype which xdg-open (usr/bin/ I'd think)18:25
vinceit fixes the annoying "open with" bug in FF18:25
Draglor... /usr/bin/xdg-open18:25
DraglorI'm usind the kde extensions for firefox18:25
DraglorThey fix it too and everything looks more kde-ish18:25
vinceI was looking for it in /bin18:26
vincegood lord thank you :)18:26
DraglorLook out for firefox-3.5-kde package ... I would think it's better than just adding xdg-open18:27
vincewhat does it change exactly ?18:27
Draglorworks on ff 3.6, too ;)18:27
Draglorit makes firefox use kde dialogs for most things (open files etc.)18:28
vinceI better be careful because you would laugh pretty hard if i told you why i had to make a fresh OS install today...18:28
Draglorso you even have you dplphin "places" in firefox and so on18:28
vinceha cool18:28
Dragloryou could just uninstall the package to revert the changes ;)18:28
vinceLast night, I had a problem after switching to Amarok 2.3.018:29
vinceI wanted to have the equalizer enable no matter what...18:29
vinceI deciced to update Phonon, phonon-backend-xine etc18:29
vinceunfortunately, they weren't compatible...then I had to properly remove amarok phonon etc...18:30
vinceI reboot my computer18:30
vinceI had a 1990s style OS18:30
vinceall purple with a small menu18:30
vinceand a few apps available...18:31
vinceKDE was gone...18:31
vinceThis was on OpenSUSE18:31
vinceDraglor:  I can't find that firefox-3.5-kde package18:32
vincewhere is it ?18:32
Dragloroh, maybe it's an extra repo18:32
vinceI guess so18:33
Dragloryes it is .. "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/debfx/firefox-kde/ubuntu karmic main"18:34
vinceThank you18:37
=== vbgunz__ is now known as vbgunz
amichairOxymoron: let's take it here, as this is the support channel...18:48
Oxymoronamichair: Yes sure if someone answer here so :) I was pointed to devel channel ;)18:49
amichairOxymoron: did u check if it works on a fresh installation?18:49
Oxymoronamichair: Which protocols, apps, libs and so on should I reconsider look at to MAYBE solve my problem?18:49
Oxymoronamichair: Yes, on a fresh installation it works18:50
amichairah.... so what did u change to make it not work? :-P18:50
OxymoronI heard someone else here before having same problem as I in karmic after a certain upgrade which nobody remember which one.-18:50
Oxymoronamichair: I dont know, I dont think I have changed anything it happened after an upgrade18:51
Oxymoronamichair: It have been so in like a month or so now and it didnt work in Karmic or neither Lucid now.18:51
OxymoronI have been using this instllation for a long long time now and I DONT going to fresh install to make it work.18:52
amichairso ti stopped working in karmic, then u upgraded to a pre-release lucid, and now it's still broken? or are these separate machines?18:52
Oxymoronamichair: No same machine, same partiion and no it still doesnt work. I tried to upgrade to Lucid to see if it might could anything broken but I guess not. COuld be any config file that is conflicting something18:53
amichairand the issue is that you're seeing the video, but it's transparent?18:55
Oxymoronamichair: No, I dont see any video at all, only see the image beneath the player inside video window? And If I drag around player on the screen it shows the image beneath video window in realtime.18:56
Oxymoronamichair: mplayer and xine commands in terminal work to show video output though and if I change video output mode in VLC it work there as well. Seem to be some kind of default settings that is wrong18:57
=== promulo_ is now known as promulo
amichairOxymoron: any chance it's related to http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-5464 ?18:59
Oxymoronamichair: COuld be, but tried kill cairo-dock and still got same problem.19:01
Oxymoronamichair: I should go grab some food, brbiab19:02
amichairOxymoron: did u try the suggested workaround?19:02
Oxymoronamichair: The workaround is only for VLC and VLC works19:03
xenaxon_how do I uninstall wine19:13
vincesudo apt-get remove wine19:13
vincein a terminal19:13
xenaxon_Segmentation Fault19:14
vinceGot a question too: How do I install Java for firefox ?19:14
xenaxon_sudo: etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 044019:14
xenaxon_wine is busted and won't even close19:14
=== PolitikerALT is now known as PolitikerNEU
xenaxon_I wanna get rid of it19:14
vincechange the mode then19:15
xenaxon_how doI change19:15
xenaxon_sory I'm nnewbie19:15
vinceI don't know I'm a beginner19:15
xenaxon_that makes two of us19:15
vincethere is a chmode something19:15
vinceI don't even know what you mean by mode 0440 etc19:16
amichairvince: sun-java6-plugin, if u want sun's19:16
vincesudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin ?19:16
xenaxon_I hardly ever worked in CMD in windows. remembering all the commands and new logic takes a while19:17
vincecause last time i installed java, firefox wasn't quite aware of what I did for it ;)19:17
xenaxon_god I can't remove wine, FEGEWG why did I install it anyway19:17
djusticexenaxon_: 'su -' then 'chmod 440 /etc/sudoers' 'exit' 'sudo apt-get remove wine'19:17
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
djusticexenaxon_: your system is borked. learn unix first. then learn dos. then use wine. it's a pretty handy thing.19:18
djusticexenaxon_: or learn c++ and help us rewrite everything in kde code ;]19:18
jhutchinsdjustice: what about visudo?19:18
xenaxon_I'm a web developer19:19
amichairvince: firefox might need a restart, but other than that it should work19:19
djusticejhutchins: wut? 'sudo nano /etc/sudoers'? ;p19:19
vinceNice to meed you, I'm a serial crasher...19:19
vinceThanks amichair :)19:19
xenaxon_sounds like an exciting job vince19:19
xenaxon_I still can't delete my wine though19:19
jhutchinsdjustice: visudo does sanity checks and sets permissions iirc.19:19
jhutchinsdjustice: Uses your default editor, not necessarily vi.19:20
xenaxon_I would drink it but I can't19:20
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Why are you trying to delete a package rather than uninstall it?19:20
vincexenaxon_: It is. I spent a few hours on Open Suse 11.2, then crashed it updating Amarok and that bloody phonon thing.19:20
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Is it still running?19:20
xenaxon_how do I uninstall it then19:20
xenaxon_it's running19:20
vinceThen switched to Ubuntu 8.0419:20
xenaxon_and It won't close19:21
vinceThen Kubuntu 9.10 ;)19:21
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Ctrl-Alt-Esc19:21
djusticexenaxon_: fix sudo first. then 'sudo killall -9 wineserver' until wine closes. then uninstall it.19:21
jhutchinsxenaxon_: That turns your cursor into a skull-and-crossbones.  Place it over the wine window, click.19:21
djusticejhutchins: or it'll kill plasma if no wine window was open...19:21
jhutchinsWhich is a good thing.19:22
djusticejhutchins: hm? sometimes wine hangs on a thread with no open window...19:22
amichairjhutchins: neat trick! I've been on kubuntu for a while, never heard of the skull :-)19:22
djusticexkill ftw19:22
jhutchinsRecommendations are usually pkill <process>, ps ax | grep <processs> && kill -HUP <PID> before kill -9.19:23
vinceI'm back19:24
vincejust tested and approved that "skull technique"19:24
vinceright click does the trick as well19:24
djusticejhutchins: a runaway wineserver wont listen to sigterm19:25
xenaxon_I tried to press the dead head on wine's taskbar item19:25
xenaxon_and deleted the whole taskbar19:25
xenaxon_how do I add the taskbar back19:26
xenaxon_there's no button19:26
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Um, yeah, that's how it works.  Needs to be the actual window.19:26
xenaxon_I hardly managed to get back to this desktop, took me 3 minutes19:26
djusticexenaxon_: lol. :) only use xkill on actual windows. if you dont click a window, you'll kill plasma-desktop.19:26
jhutchinsxenaxon_: What desktop?19:26
djusticexenaxon_: alt+f2 :: 'plasma-desktop'19:26
xenaxon_this is the 6th desktop, and it took me 3 minutes to get back here without the taskbar19:26
vincethe skull is deadly apparently19:26
jhutchinsdjustice: You are assuming squeeze + kde4.19:26
xenaxon_how do I add the taskbar back LD19:27
vincewhich one ?19:27
djusticejhutchins: huh? idk. im a chakra guy. i just liek this channel :319:27
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Ctrl-Tab should still work.19:27
xenaxon_my panel19:27
jhutchinsOh, ff, wrong channel, sorry.19:27
vincesudo plasma-desktop ?19:27
jhutchinsxenaxon_: as djustice said.19:27
James147vince: dont run it with sudo19:27
djusticevince: no sudo19:27
James147vince: plasma-desktop is run as the user19:27
djusticexenaxon_: you may need to 'kquitapp plasma-desktop' first...19:28
jhutchinsdjustice: Sorry, wrong distro, n'mind.19:28
vinceallright guys :)19:28
vinceInstalling kde 4.4 whas a helluva hassle with that plasma-thing that crashed all the time19:28
xenaxon_the windows are still here19:28
xenaxon_but I don't see the button to create a panel19:29
xenaxon_and there's no panel19:29
vinceright hand corner19:29
djusticexenaxon_: alt+f2, type 'kquitapp plasma-desktop' <enter>, the screen goes black, then alt+f2, type 'plasma-desktop' <enter>, your desktop comes back to life. normal style. faster than logging out...19:29
James147xenaxon_: do you have a desktop at all (wall paper or widgets)?19:29
vincecouldn't say it better19:29
xenaxon_it[s black19:30
vincedjustice trick should work19:30
xenaxon_yep, I closed the desktop huh?19:30
xenaxon_well, I got rid of the wine window19:31
James147xenaxon_: the panel and all widgets as well as teh desktop are all part of plasma-desktop, you kill one you lose them all :) easy to get abck though19:31
xenaxon_yeah, I got that one now19:31
djusticexenaxon_: ctrl+alt+esc runs the app 'xkill'. which kills an x11 window. including the desktop window. so be careful with it.19:31
xenaxon_how do I uninstall a program19:32
vincesudo apt-get remove wine19:32
vincedid i get it right ? :p19:32
James147xenaxon_: sudo aptitiude purge wine   <- should do it as well as removing config files19:32
xenaxon_it says:19:33
vinceuse one or this other, never both (apt-get and aptitude)19:33
memenodeso much hype over lucid lynx and it's all about gubuntu19:33
xenaxon_sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 044019:33
vincenever understood why ;)19:33
xenaxon_Segmentation fault19:33
memenodekubuntu feels like an ugly forgotten step child nobody cares about19:33
James147vince: dosnt really matter any more which you use19:33
memenodecompared to all the luv for ubuntu19:33
djusticexenaxon_: 'konsole' -> type "su -", password, <enter>, "chmod 440 /etc/sudoers" <enter>, "exit19:33
djusticeand try again...19:34
vinceJames147: Good to know, it used to use both anyways19:34
djusticememenode: meh. kde has way more coders doing way more than gnome...19:34
vinceHaha gnome designers are stuck in 200219:34
xenaxon_it says Authentication failure19:34
xenaxon_and I typed the right password19:34
James147vince: it use to be that apt-get dident properly remove package dependencies and would break aptitude from doing it if you installed something via apt-get... but now apt-get can handel it just fine19:35
djusticenah, just stuck in glade... or mono... designer ftw19:35
vinceThey fell into some kind of time black hole19:35
djusticexenaxon_: what does 'sudo su' say?19:35
memenodedjustice: the question is does *kubuntu* have more people working on it than ubuntu?19:35
djusticexenaxon_: and how did you kill your sudoers file anyway?19:35
xenaxon_it says:19:35
James147djustice: you cant login as root like that... it has no password19:35
vinceJames147: Thank for the explanation19:35
djusticememenode: doesnt matter. the actual c++ is what matters in the long run.19:35
jhutchinsUnless it's been set.19:35
xenaxon_Segmentation fault19:35
xenaxon_same as first error19:35
xenaxon_for sudo su19:36
alvinNever, ever use 'sudo su' (I forgot why)19:36
vinceI though segmentation error was a hardware error19:36
James147xenaxon_: you will probally need to use a live cd to fix the premision on sudo19:36
jhutchinsalvin: Because "never use su without -".19:36
djusticexenaxon_: hm. boot into a live disc, run konsole, mount your drive, and run the chmod command as root from the live disc...19:36
alvinYou have sudo -s or sudo -i for that19:36
djusticexenaxon_: and then figure out what you did wrong in the first place... or it will happen again and again...19:36
James147xenaxon_: to login as root use sudo -i... never use sudo and su19:36
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Hang on a sec, I have a note that might be relevant...19:37
xenaxon_I don't even know what sudo means, except that it means I'm running a command as root19:37
djusticesounds like he chmod'd or chown'd etc or something...19:37
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Note says "For locked sudo database, sudo -k"19:38
James147xenaxon_: sudo is used to run a command as root, su i beleave is used to login as another person (not sure if su can so anything else) generally use sudo not su19:38
xenaxon_I managed to destroy it from my first day on linux19:39
vincedestroy what?19:39
xenaxon_I seem to have had that quality since I had my first computer19:39
jhutchinsJames147: Right, su is usually defined as "Switch User", mostly used to become root.19:39
* vince has had 9 fresh installs so far this week19:40
xenaxon_so what now?19:40
xenaxon_live cd?19:40
jhutchinsJames147: sudo is usually attributed to su+do (take action) but also alliterates to pesudo.19:40
James147xenaxon_: its part of the learning experince :) and breaking a few systems teaches you what not to do :D19:40
vincecan't you like delete to files manually suing a live cd ?19:40
vincethat would work for windows haha19:40
jhutchinsExperience is proportional to data destroyed.19:40
xenaxon_james147 you must be joking19:40
jhutchinsxenaxon_: No, not really.19:41
James147xenaxon_: I must have broken my system a few times within the first few days of useing it as well :)19:41
xenaxon_I hope I didn't break anything. cause it took me 18 hours to install all the programs and organise everything how I used to have it on wingoz19:41
jhutchinsxenaxon_: Most serious users screw up two or three installs well enough to reinstall.19:41
vinceDo you guys know a little bit about Opensuse ?19:41
James147xenaxon_: luckly its easy to install and quite quick :D takes me about 15 mins to reinstall a system19:41
vincecause what happened to me last night was epic19:41
xenaxon_I'm not reinstalling anything19:42
jhutchinsvince: Just that it's evil Novellware.19:42
vincewell, an epic fail more likely...19:42
James147xenaxon_: you dont have to, things are usually fixable just sometimes a reinstall is quicker :) depends on how custmised your system is19:42
xenaxon_i think I did this:19:42
xenaxon_chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers19:42
James147xenaxon_: you sure you dident chmod 770 /etc/sudoers? ... what dose the leading 0 do anyway?19:43
xenaxon_I might have19:43
xenaxon_So I need to start my sistem from live cd and mount this drive19:44
xenaxon_then chmod to 077019:44
xenaxon_or what19:44
amichairJames147: I think the leading zero it to signify that it's an octal number19:45
James147xenaxon_: and fyi, the 770 mean give the owner and group full access to the files (it goes owner|group|everyone and a value os 1 for execute, 2 for write and 4 for read i think)19:45
* vince is installing WIndows XP, 4 minutes to go19:45
xenaxon_and 7 ?19:45
xenaxon_full access?19:45
James147xenaxon_: yes, 1+2+419:45
James147xenaxon_: read+write+exec19:45
xenaxon_so 3 is exec & write19:46
James147xenaxon_: well, 1 (exec) 2 (write) and 4 (read)19:46
James147xenaxon_: yes19:46
James147xenaxon_: although I think you might need to read to exec? not sure though19:46
xenaxon_I think 1 is read19:47
xenaxon_anyway, whatever. I still can't sudo anything19:47
James147xenaxon_: which is why it suggest 440, then only the owner (root) and group (root) can read it (although root can write to it as well anyway since it ignores the premisions execp for exec)19:47
xenaxon_and I can't change permissions to sudoers19:48
vinceamichair:  Thanks, Java's working like a charm19:48
amichairvince: congrats :-)19:48
James147xenaxon_: the problem you have is you need to be root to change the premisions (since root owns the files) and you have no way of loging in as root19:48
vinceI missed the plugin bit last time19:49
xenaxon_I know the password but it's not working19:49
xenaxon_i tried su mypassword19:49
James147xenaxon_: by default root has no password19:49
xenaxon_and it says it's failing19:49
xenaxon_I set a root password upon install, when it asked me19:49
James147xenaxon_: sudo uses your password19:49
James147xenaxon_: not roots and if you havent set one up root dosent have one :S19:49
xenaxon_so the one I set was my account's password?19:50
ikaruga2099hey all, trying to get my power button to work. Can someone post their /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh to pastebin.com???19:50
xenaxon_anyway you put it, it still fails tu authenticate19:50
James147xenaxon_: the only way I can think of is to use a live cd, mount your drive in there then use the live cds root to chance the premisions (ie use "sudo chmod 440 /etc/sudoers" form the live cd)19:50
xenaxon_you mean 77719:51
James147xenaxon_: no19:51
xenaxon_well 440 is just reading19:51
James147xenaxon_: 440 sudoers file should not ahve any other premisions other wise you have no root account as anyone can edit that file and make them self a sudoer (and thus have root permisions)19:52
James147xenaxon_: thats all you need for sudoers file19:52
xenaxon_isn't there any rollback19:52
xenaxon_or recovery19:52
xenaxon_there's nothing I can do?19:52
James147xenaxon_: root can write to any file19:52
xenaxon_how do I check the current permissions of sudoers19:52
James147xenaxon_: you could enter a recovery mode and do it19:52
James147xenaxon_: ls -l /etc/sudoers19:53
James147xenaxon_: should be like this: -r--r----- 1 root root 557 2009-10-10 12:41 /etc/sudoers19:53
xenaxon_-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 557 2010-03-29 19:09 /etc/sudoers19:54
James147xenaxon_: the fire bit is -|r--|r--|---  type|owner|group|everyone  type being - for file, r for read w for write and x for exec19:55
James147first ^^19:55
James147xenaxon_: I would boot in to revocery mode (or use a live cd) and change that19:55
amichairxenaxon_: reboot, select recovery mode in grub, this should give u command line with root priviledges. run 'chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers' followed by 'reboot'. hope it works :-)19:55
xenaxon_talk to you in a few mins19:56
jkd4Look here! Where is the socks proxy option in konqueror?20:06
xenaxonI'm back20:07
xenaxonfixed it. thanks allot!20:07
amichairxenaxon: and wine removed ok?20:07
jkd4genii: that page doesnt say anything about socks proxies20:09
xenaxonwobbly windows with stiffness set to 1 is amazing20:11
jkd4xenaxon: also drains memory unnecessarily20:11
jkd4and cpu20:11
James147jkd4: but if you like it and have the resources then it dosn't matter :)20:12
xenaxonyeah I know it drains20:12
xenaxonI just activated it for fun20:13
xenaxoni'm not into actually using it20:13
xenaxonfps drops to 3020:13
xenaxonwhen wobbling20:13
James147xenaxon: lol20:13
jkd4I just download a hot theme to make the desktop look nice20:14
jkd4and the windows20:14
jkd4Look here! Where is the socks proxy option in konqueror?20:14
vincegood xenaxon20:16
vinceI just download a windows 7 theme for KDE20:16
vincefeels like home20:17
* vince is of course joking20:17
backtrack4hi admira20:20
rmrfslashI installed chrome from the deb, however, I can't see it in System Prefs > Default Applications when I try to setup a def web browser.20:20
rmrfslashanyone know what the heck is up here?20:20
xenaxonvince: Nice :D20:21
xenaxonvince: do you know how to setup multiple vhosts. I don't know where the vhosts file is kept on linux20:22
rmrfslashlocate vhost20:22
rmrfslashsudo updatedb20:22
rmrfslashlocate <string>20:22
xenaxonit doesn't return anything20:23
Oxymoronamichair: Back :)20:23
rmrfslashdid u run updatedb?20:23
rmrfslashsudo updatedb20:23
rmrfslash(I assume this is an apache question btw)20:24
xenaxonok, yes it iss20:24
xenaxonI've already set the hosts file in etc20:24
Oxymoronamichair: Sorry if I was a little bit uhm irritated before :P I am irritated on this problem still, but not in the same way after some food :P20:24
rmrfslashso you edited /etc/apache2/sites-available/default20:25
rmrfslashis what you're saying20:25
xenaxonI've edited dns20:25
xenaxonin etc/hosts file20:25
amichairOxymoron: it's always irritating when your system doesn't 'just work'... unfortunately, I don't think I know enough about it to help u :-/20:25
xenaxonand now I have to setup the vhosts in apache20:25
xenaxonbut I'm not sure how because the folder structure is different from windows20:26
xenaxonin windows I had a specific httpd-vhosts file20:26
xenaxonand on kubuntu the only familiar file is in sites-enabled20:26
rmrfslashyou make a virtual host in the sites-available dir20:26
xenaxonand how do I name it?20:26
xenaxonI currenty see 1 file: 000-default20:26
rmrfslash  <VirtualHost *:80>20:27
rmrfslashblah blah blah </VirtualHost>20:27
xenaxondo I edit in that file?20:27
xenaxonyes that I know20:27
Oxymoronamichair: Well overall my experience of Kubuntu Lucid and KDE 4.4 is awesome but if and when I want to watch movies I want everything just to work out of the box ;) The video problem is the only one for the moment that really annoys me, other small bugs I can live with.20:27
xenaxonbut I'm not sure if I should make a different file or edit that one20:27
rmrfslashbackup that one and then edit it20:27
amichairOxymoron: from what u said, it does work out of the box. but not out of an upgrade...20:27
rmrfslashcp default default.bak20:27
rmrfslashvim default20:27
rmrfslash::: mess it up:::20:27
FloodBotK1rmrfslash: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:28
rmrfslashsudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart20:28
James147xenaxon: I would replace vim with an edirot you are use to :) its not the easiest thing to learn quickly:)20:29
James147editor ^^20:29
rmrfslashsudo apt-get install gedit20:29
rmrfslashgedit default20:29
rmrfslashif you like guis20:29
James147rmrfslash: kate is the default editor here :P20:30
James147rmrfslash: well, on kde... I tend to use vi20:30
rmrfslashim still partially stuck in gnome-world20:30
xenaxonI can use kate, I'm used to using allot of different editors20:30
rmrfslashsudo apt-get install vim-full20:30
xenaxonI also have the PHP Eclipse20:30
rmrfslash90 MB later you have syntax highlighting20:30
amichairxenaxon: u can google "apache2 debian configuration files" or something like that, and read up on the debian way of splitting up the conf files... was confusing for me too when moving from windows20:30
James147xenaxon: just warning, vi can be dificult to get out of if you have never used it before :)20:31
rmrfslashbest PHP IDE for $020:31
Oxymoronamichair: But that is paradoxal. If I would upgrade from one version to another and get errors, why should the new upgrade work if you upgrade a clean version of the new one? :D20:31
Oxymoronamichair: Something happens between there ...20:31
xenaxonfirst one seems to be working20:35
xenaxonfirst vhosts20:35
geniijkd4: <jkd4> what does "use persistent connections to proxy" mean in the proxy settins menu of konqueror?"   is the question you asked which it had the answer to.20:36
rmrfslashI think it means that Konqueror will use a persistent TCP connection to the http proxy rather than establishing a new connection for every request. Probably make things a bit faster.20:40
rmrfslashIs this correct?20:40
rmrfslashno need to make dual TCP connections per every request20:40
rmrfslashand you know at least one of those connections is always to the same node (the proxy)20:41
=== ubuntu is now known as Ahmed\
Ahmed\How do i turn off that F12 search auto starts on start up i even tried to remove it from startup list but it comes back !!!!!!!!20:43
Oxymoronamichair: Do you know where to look? I cant google it because I cant search correct queries I guess, almost nobody know how to fix it in any support channels no matter if its dev or not. I want somewhere to start looking that I havent looked before? For isntance, could it be any file /home/username/.* that mess things up because mostly things stay in home folder and everywhere else it changes once in awhile. Then I saw one20:43
Oxymoronproblem today was that xorg.conf saves over backup files and not the real one if those exist and it really sucks.20:43
rmrfslashwhat the heck is F12 search20:47
amichairOxymoron: if it's anything to do with kde, all the conf is under ~/.kde folder - u can try renaming it and restarting and a new one will be created instead20:47
Ahmed\What fo you mean ? i mean it starts up on the tastbar up there next to bluetooth icon20:47
Oxymoronamichair: Yeah I guess I try that for starter :)20:48
rmrfslashI don't have this icon20:48
rmrfslashis it in the system tray?20:48
Ahmed\no i mean that20:48
Ahmed\just press F12 and see20:48
Ahmed\i guess its off lemme logout BRB20:49
rmrfslashwhen I hit F12 nothing happens20:50
rmrfslashat all20:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Ahmed\
amichairAhmed\: are u on lucid?20:50
Ahmed\I mean i cleared it20:50
Ahmed\NO I am on KK20:50
FloodBotK1Ahmed\: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:50
rmrfslashI'm on karmic20:50
Ahmed\me too20:50
Ahmed\Thinking about to switch it to Lucid next month LTS20:51
Ahmed\I like using Gnome so20:51
rmrfslashdid you install some search application or something20:51
rmrfslashthat's not in the standard install?20:51
Ahmed\Yes exactly20:52
rmrfslashwhat's it called?20:52
Ahmed\so it was running on and kinda i dont like stuff on my taskbar :$20:52
rmrfslashwhy don't you uninstall it if you don't like it20:52
Ahmed\i think indexing search20:52
rmrfslashit's not nepomuk is it?20:52
Ahmed\Just a second20:52
Ahmed\Tracker search tool20:53
Oxymoronamichair: Doesnt seem to be kde configfalties anyway20:53
Ahmed\I think this20:53
rmrfslashtracker is a gnome thing right?20:54
Ahmed\and it doesnt even search HHHHHHH20:54
mm_202Hey guys, anyone have any luck with getting a Bluetooth headset working with Kubuntu 9.10?20:56
James147Ahmed\: use #ubuntu for gnome or ubuntu related questions20:57
Ahmed\I know but :) i join this room20:57
Ahmed\HEY James its you20:57
Ahmed\I had a few questions :)20:58
Ahmed\Can i ask you one a day :P20:58
steven_I'm having a problem with x starting its saying display is not set up20:58
James147Ahmed\: we mainly know kde related problems, you will get much better answer for ubntu and gnome in #ubuntu20:59
Ahmed\Oh but i won't get any James over there :)20:59
Ahmed\Okay thank you :)20:59
James147Ahmed\: :p20:59
Ahmed\True :)21:00
rmrfslashAhmed\: I just tried googling about to figure out how to uninstall tracker21:01
Ahmed\James, how can i check which application is currently Connected to the internet ? i mean for example Firefox i can see but rest and over all connected programs?21:01
GNU\colossusAhmed\: man netstat21:02
rmrfslashsudo netstat -tanp (for tcp connections)21:02
Ahmed\oh well i can see that thing on software center lemme uninstall21:02
rmrfslashsudo lsof -i:8021:02
Ahmed\this also works on Linux ? netstat21:02
Ahmed\Just a secon21:02
rmrfslashther'es a variety of junk out there for interrogating the net connections21:02
alvinlol, also works on Linux :-)21:03
Ahmed\Well great ! this will take an hour to see :$21:03
Ahmed\hhhhhh yeah been on windows before so :$21:03
rmrfslashdoes netstat work on linux....... :-/21:03
Ahmed\her'es a variety of junk out there for interrogating the net connections21:03
rmrfslashgood grief21:03
Ahmed\HUH hahah21:03
GNU\colossusAhmed\: netstat will display results a lot faster if you disable rDNS lookups21:03
Ahmed\How do i do that  ? GNU ?21:04
rmrfslashdon't use the "n" option I think21:04
GNU\colossusAhmed\: just run it with the -n switch21:04
Ahmed\cause i need only for applications and this mix up21:04
rmrfslashor I mean, *do* use "n"21:04
Ahmed\same command for windows :P21:04
rmrfslashgo windows.21:04
Ahmed\i did use             n21:04
Ahmed\NO NO :$21:05
alvinI'm fairly certain netstat existed before Windows21:05
rmrfslashalvin: :)21:05
GNU\colossusyeah, it does. it's broken in at least one implementation there.21:05
Ahmed\Dont wanna see windows again :$21:05
Ahmed\sudo lsof -i:80 this doesnt works :)21:05
rmrfslashsure it does21:05
sithlord48what are you tring to find out ?21:06
ubsafderwhat user runs the cron21:06
rmrfslashcrontab -e21:06
rmrfslashcat /etc/crontab21:06
Ahmed\I mean i am tryping to find, How can i see if which software is currently connected to the internet :) Netstat n21:06
James147ubsafder: cron is run by root i think21:06
rmrfslashthe "p" switch shows you the process21:07
rmrfslashsudo netstat -tanp21:07
rmrfslashlook all the way to the right21:07
ubsafderi can't get the machine to reboot automatically with cron wonder if it is possible21:07
Ahmed\THANKS thats what i was looking for ;P21:08
sithlord48damn u beat me too it ...21:08
sithlord48althought i was gonna just say netstat -p , but yours is a bit more detail21:09
GNU\colossusubsafder: of course it is. but why would you want to do that?21:09
Ahmed\Okay well netstat ? for all connected connections ? and netstat n? what is this for plus sudo netstat -tanp thats for connected softwares i get it21:09
ubsafderforce the user to get back on track he has attention issue the user21:10
rmrfslashsudo will get you everything and won't get you hung up on those pesky permissions problems21:10
Ahmed\what sudo command stands for ?21:10
sithlord48netstat -p shows basicly what netstat shows but with program on far right21:10
sithlord48su do21:10
sithlord48or super user do21:10
rmrfslashswitch user, do21:10
Ahmed\Oh thats great, I was dying to know what a SUPER USER IS :$21:11
rmrfslashsudo -u foobar <command>21:11
Ahmed\So P stands for Programs ?21:11
sithlord48me thinks so (but prolly stands for process)21:11
rmrfslashI don't think it stands for super user21:11
rmrfslashit's switch user21:11
rmrfslashlike su21:11
rmrfslashsu - username21:11
rmrfslashsudo -u username21:12
Ahmed\lemme see21:12
rmrfslashby default it's root21:12
sithlord48i never thought of it that way cause u can do su (no name ) to be root21:12
rmrfslashright default21:12
sithlord48:) see learn new stuff every day21:12
Ahmed\i mean, sudo apt-get ? this command21:12
Ahmed\i will :)21:12
sithlord48apt-get  basicly does package managment..21:13
Ahmed\okay and sudo ?21:13
sithlord48you can do apt-get install <packagename> and it will install the package21:13
Ahmed\What is a super user ?21:13
sithlord48sudo does things as root21:13
Ahmed\Yes i see21:13
sithlord48super use is root21:13
sithlord48got ne more questions while im here ?21:14
sithlord48Ahmed are you a new user ?21:14
Ahmed\what is this command for ?21:14
Ahmed\Yeah i am :)21:14
rmrfslashthe question mark? invalid syntax21:15
sithlord48you might want to also sign up for a kubuntu forms account21:15
Ahmed\dpkg-reconfigure tzdata ?21:15
rmrfslashecho $? is exit status though21:15
Ahmed\Well what for ?21:15
sithlord48will reconfigure your timezone data package21:15
sithlord48support @ www.kubuntu-forums.net21:15
Ahmed\ i get this when i put that command21:15
Ahmed\i will join it :) tomorrow21:16
sithlord48http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ <- thats correct21:16
Ahmed\but i like using it Gnome :) but i am on KDE 4.4 as well as on Xubuntu21:16
rmrfslashIs this correctly stated: apt-get actually uses dpkg wihch is a lower level package manager for debian distros... dpkg-reconfigure reconfigures the package using the lower level dpkg toolkit21:16
sithlord48yes that correct21:17
sithlord48and unlike dpkg it will get the packages to be installed for you21:17
sithlord48its ok ahmed we won't hold ur gnome use angist you :)21:18
rmrfslashright, it gets the .deb packages and basically runs dpkg -i <pakage>.deb21:18
rmrfslashand does of course some database stuff to keep track of what you installed21:18
rmrfslashor it might just use the dpkg database21:18
sithlord48me thinks that part of dpkg21:18
rmrfslashso basically synaptic is a wrapper that does #!/bin/bash dpkg $@21:19
sithlord48kinda in the most simplistic way of looking at it21:19
rmrfslashI'm sure it does more than that21:20
sithlord48a lot more21:20
geniidpkg-reconfigure uses debconf21:20
rmrfslashhow do you search for packages in pure debian?21:20
rmrfslashlike the yum equivalent I think21:20
sithlord48you can do so w/ apt-get as well21:20
sithlord48i just don't remember how its like apt-get cache <package> or something like that21:20
rmrfslashI use aptitude,  and sometimes the yeild is a bit different. what's the story behind that?21:21
geniirmrfslash: apt-cache search name21:21
rmrfslashapt-cache search21:21
sithlord48different front ends for dpkg21:21
sithlord48if in not mistaken21:21
rmrfslashI tend to use aptitude21:21
rmrfslashbut like I said, sometimes apt-get complains that a package has broken dependencies and aptitude just fixes them21:22
sithlord48naw i use apt-get almost exclusively  (and i don't have a good reason)21:22
rmrfslashI actually have a better time with synaptic than apt-get21:22
James147rmrfslash: I like its interactive view as well :)21:23
sithlord48yes synaptic is nice.. but when u know the package name you can install it via the cli faster (cause of not waiting for synaptic to start)21:23
rmrfslashand you don't need apt-cache, apt-get, etc... you just to sudo aptitude search foo21:23
rmrfslashaptitude install foo21:23
James147rmrfslash:  aptitude search dosent need sudo21:23
rmrfslashthough it doesn't have the remove --purge which I like from apt-get21:23
sithlord48naw i goes like this on my machine , sudo apt-get update (update cache)21:23
James147rmrfslash: aptitude purge will purge :)21:24
sithlord48then sudo apt-get isntall (ususally know the name of this package)21:24
sithlord48+ profit21:24
sithlord48there is no good reason i perfer it , i just do21:24
rmrfslashI definitely like aptitude and it fixes most stuff. Also finds updates that apt-get doesn't21:24
HazamonzoIs there a kde equivilent of Gnome Schedule?21:25
rmrfslashfor example, I bet if everyone runs aptitude update, aptitude full-upgrade there will be stuff to install21:25
James147rmrfslash:  i like: alias upgrade='sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade'  :)21:25
sithlord48kontact prolly has it as a part of it ..21:25
Ahmed\rmrfslash: you was right on ubuntu room they know Gnome so well :) thank you21:25
mfraz74i usually do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:26
rmrfslashor https://mail.google.com21:26
James147rmrfslash: and diff between full an dist?21:26
rmrfslashthat's a good one :P21:26
rmrfslashno clue21:26
sithlord48+ 1 update / dist-upgrade21:26
rmrfslashI just blindly do full21:26
sithlord48ok i hvae to go for now ttfn all21:26
rmrfslashI think I knew at one point21:27
rmrfslashhad to have21:27
mfraz74and there's aptitude -F %p search "~c" | xargs sudo dpkg -P to remove anything left over after removing packages21:27
James147Hazamonzo: for cron? System settings -> advanced -> Task schedular21:27
James147rmrfslash: or just sudo aptitude purge ~c21:28
James147rm :)21:28
James147rmrfslash:  ^^21:28
rmrfslashrm -rf / ??21:29
HazamonzoJames147: http://imagebin.ca/view/ykv0RiH.html21:29
HazamonzoAm i just being blind?21:30
rmrfslashsee, you post a link, I click on it and it opens konqueror21:30
rmrfslashno one post links anymore21:30
arch0njwJames147: rmrfslash:  there is no difference between full-upgrade and dist-upgrade -- only difference is the command run21:30
arch0njwJames147: rmrfslash:  "aptitude full-upgrade" is the same thing as "apt-get dist-upgrade"21:30
James147Hazamonzo: heh, kde 4.3?? Im useing 4.4 might be an addition in 4.4 is so21:30
James147arch0njw: and aptitude dist-upgrade as well?21:31
rmrfslash4.4 is pretty awesome21:31
HazamonzoJames147: KDE 4.3 not the default shipepd with 9.10?21:31
alvinWill KDE 4.4.2 be packaged for Karmic?21:31
rmrfslashalvin: it is21:31
James147Hazamonzo: yes it is, 4.4 is availbble in backports21:32
arch0njwJames147: technically, "aptitude dist-upgrade" is not a valid command -- though it might honor it and effectively pass it through.21:32
rmrfslashoh wait21:32
rmrfslashI have 4.4.121:32
Hazamonzo James147How might i go about upgrading ?21:32
rmrfslashdid I miss something?21:32
alvinNono, I meant 4.4.221:32
mfraz74using the backports on my laptop, keep wanting to put it on my desktop, but need the courage to do it!21:32
arch0njwJames147: oh... reading from the ubuntu manpages site (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/) "... aptitude still recognizes dist-upgrade as a synonum for full-upgrade."21:33
rmrfslashmeasure once aptitude twice, that's my motto21:33
James147arch0njw: man aptitude -> This command was originally named dist-upgrade for historical reasons, and aptitude still recognizes dist-upgrade as a synonym for full-upgrade.21:33
James147arch0njw: so guess so :)21:33
rmrfslashoh cool21:33
rmrfslashso I'm using the updated flag :P21:34
arch0njwJames147: aye.  I use apt-get anyway.  for whatever reason, I don't like "aptitude"... too long to spell maybe21:34
rmrfslashI'm cutting edge21:34
James147arch0njw: i tend to apti<TAB>21:34
alvinactually, aptitude is the preferred program (official Debian documentation)21:34
James147arch0njw: really anoying here as i keep typeing that :)21:34
mfraz74whereas i do apt-g<TAB>21:34
arch0njwJames147: maco: indeed.  but it's like ONE CHARACTER longer than apt-get, dudes... ;p21:35
rmrfslashthere is definitely something different about aptitude and apt-get though21:35
James147arch0njw: dam why dosent everyting have auto complete :S i keep hitting tab or ctrl+space everywhere :S21:35
macormrfslash: not much anymore21:35
arch0njwJames147: the whole freaking world needs autocomplete...21:35
macoapt-get didnt used to install Recommend, but now it doe21:35
rmrfslashthe whole world needs one package manager21:35
rmrfslashand one network manager21:35
arch0njwmaco: correct.  that was an updated within the past release or two.  Just hit that one a couple weeks ago.21:35
macoand apt-get didnt used to have "apt-get autoremove" to get rid of "was installed as a dependency but nothing depends on it now" but now it does21:35
rmrfslashand one multimedia framework21:35
=== erik___ is now known as erikha
rmrfslashand to delete ati graphics adaptors21:36
mfraz74how do i install recommends with apt-get?21:36
macomfraz74: its automatic since fall 200821:36
arch0njwmfraz74: if you are using a recent release, that automatically happens.21:36
macowell in debian...so probably spring 2009 here21:36
mfraz74oh, hadn't noticed!21:36
rmrfslashgotta run21:37
arch0njwmfraz74: if you want to really force apt-get's hand, you can specify the --install-recommends option.21:40
arch0njwmfraz74: similarly there is the --no-install-recommends to be darn sure you aren't getting the recommended packages (assuming that's what you want to do)21:40
Ahmed\apt-get autoremove ? what is this command for ?21:41
Ahmed\should i be using it as a root user?21:41
arch0njwAhmed\: use sudo to run that; and it removes things that are no longer required.21:42
arch0njwAhmed\: sudo apt-get autoremove21:42
Ahmed\apt-get autoremove21:42
Ahmed\COrrect ?21:42
arch0njwthis answers lots of questions about commands:  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:43
mfraz74arch0njw: thanks21:43
arch0njwAhmed\: sudo apt-get autoremove21:43
Ahmed\Whats the difference between a root user and myself my own user account ?21:43
Tm_T!root | Ahmed\21:44
James147Ahmed\: root can do just about everything, you cant21:44
ubottuAhmed\: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:44
arch0njwAhmed\: "root" is the super-duper-massive user.  root can do everything -- which means if you "rm" the wrong thing, it's just gone.21:44
arch0njwAhmed\: using "sudo" to run system commands is safer because of the extra step of typing that and needing to enter your password.21:45
Ahmed\wrong things ? james whats that21:45
Ahmed\I see21:45
arch0njwAhmed\: for example, deleting system files21:45
Ahmed\Oh !21:45
mfraz74sudo rm -r /21:46
arch0njwAhmed\: or installing things without permission.  You can actually REVOKE the right for some users to run "apt-get" or "aptitude".21:46
James147Ahmed\: Generally dont use root... (or sudo) unless you need to21:46
arch0njwAhmed\: mfraz74:  uh.. yeah.  NEVER run that command.21:46
Ahmed\so should i always be on a root@ubuntu to use any command ?21:46
arch0njwAhmed\: no21:46
James147mfraz74: wouldent quote commands like that... some people tend to listen and try commands out with thinking :)21:46
arch0njwAhmed\: be on as you.  if you need to run a system command, use "sudo".  that's the best practice with most systems.21:47
mfraz74yeah, suppose i shouldn't have posted it21:47
Ahmed\Okay what command you talked about ? up there21:47
Ahmed\Never run this command ?21:47
arch0njwAhmed\: no.  nevermind.  better to not know :)21:47
Ahmed\No well please :$21:47
Ahmed\aptitude what is this for ?21:48
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide21:48
James147Ahmed\: aptitude is used like apt-get too install and remove packages21:48
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)21:48
Ahmed\JAmes is this a same command as apt-get ?21:49
mfraz74wasn't there a video on youtube showing what happens to a running system when you type the above command21:49
Ahmed\hhhhhhhuh which above command21:49
arch0njwmfraz74: that video was awesome21:49
James147Ahmed\: Not exatly, they are two programs that do similur things21:49
Oxymoronamichair: LoL I accidently removed .kde and when restore i Used mv and cp wrong :D21:49
arch0njwAhmed\: the command was a "very destructive system command" which basically destroyed the OS.21:49
Ahmed\umm okay Jamaes21:49
Ahmed\Can i see that @_@21:49
arch0njwAhmed\: apt-get and aptitude are not the same. suggest doing a web-serach for teh differences.  But they ultimately do they same thing.21:50
Oxymoronamichair: So I had to copy a folder with wrong permissions ... Took awhile to fix xD21:50
Ahmed\Yeah i see21:50
James147arch0njw: althoug, dosent it treat root differtly now, the distructive command :)21:51
Ahmed\James which command they are talking about that destroy the OS huh21:51
arch0njwJames147: I have not tried.  No plans to either.  I like my system to ... oh ... actually work. ;)21:51
James147Ahmed\: I'm not going to say :)21:52
Ahmed\Okay well never mind :)21:52
arch0njwJames147: tho maybe I need to make a vm fo the purposes of killing it.  Mad Scientist experiment, and such.21:52
James147arch0njw: I mean from reading the man pages... --preserve-root  -- or something similar21:52
James147arch0njw: --preserve-root    do not remove `/' (default)21:52
mfraz74ok i'm off before my battery dies21:53
arch0njwJames147: ah, yes.  quite right.21:53
James147arch0njw: but I still wouldent try it :) ... well, execpt that once time.... in a virtual mechine i was about to delete :D21:54
Oxymoronamichair: Alright, not kde, xserver, nvidia, xine, mplayer, gstreamer, compiz ... not much left to try :D Could be a bug though, but not sure if I know more who have same problem21:54
Ahmed\I found it James21:55
James147Ahmed\: I advise you DONT use it :)21:56
Ahmed\Okay okay i won't :)21:56
Ahmed\What does *on the end means ? after a command22:00
arch0njwAhmed\: "everything".  Therefore "ls *" means "list everything".22:01
arch0njwAhmed\: and the random question marks are confusing because "?" is a wildcard as well -- but only for a single-character :)22:01
Ahmed\i mean what is that really use for, I mean i dont need it on sudo apt-get ? with a start !22:03
Ahmed\star !22:03
James147Ahmed\: * will match everything in your current directory :) useing it with something like...   *.txt will match any file that ends in .txt22:03
Ahmed\umm thats good answer22:03
Ahmed\See this is why i like James :$22:03
arch0njwAhmed\: * will not work with apt-get (or aptitude).22:03
Ahmed\Yeah i see...22:03
James147Ahmed\: Its generally used to math files and directoys, not in apt-get or aptitude :)22:04
James147Ahmed\: if you want to know more look to regualar expressions... they can be very powerful :)22:04
vinceI screwed up again, need help22:04
James147!ask | vince22:04
Ahmed\i will22:04
ubottuvince: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:04
James147hmm, seems a little slow :S22:04
Ahmed\am i ?22:05
James147Ahmed\: , no ubottu22:05
vinceFine, I need to reinstall my sound and graphic drivers because I think that the virtualbox guest additions messed everything up22:05
vinceespecially the experimental 3d support22:06
arch0njwvince: are you having a problem with the host or the guest?22:06
vincethe host22:06
James147vince: hmm, dident think the guest additions affected the host... you dident install them on teh host did you?22:06
vinceKubuntu tells me that my recording device (my mic, which I can't use in skype) is gone and it wants to get rid of it22:07
vincenope, on the guest (win xp)22:07
vinceplus "L'affichage composite n'est pas pris en charge sur votre système"22:08
Ahmed\What's OpenBSD ?22:08
vincefresh install this afternoon22:09
vinceFUCK THIS big time :(22:09
James147Ahmed\: its an operating system baised on the BSD os22:09
arch0njw!language | vince22:09
ubottuvince: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:09
* vince apologises22:09
Ahmed\And what is ubuntu based on ?22:09
Ahmed\kerenal ?22:09
Ahmed\Isn't BSD more secure :)22:10
arch0njwAhmed\: vince: ultimately GNU Linux (unless I am mistaken).22:10
Ahmed\umm correct22:10
James147Ahmed\: ubuntu is baised on debian which uses the linux kernal22:10
vinceI don't understand what's happening :/22:10
arch0njwAhmed\: not necessarily.  They're just different.  The internets surely has this comparison well documented (somehwere).22:11
Ahmed\SO it means its a Debian based ?22:11
vinceI've got this message while the effects are actually enabled22:12
James147vince: Links not working for me :S22:15
vince2nd link is ok22:15
Ahmed\WHat is Linux Mint ?22:16
srdjanbloody kubuntu >:(22:16
srdjanit wont let me start X as a normal user22:16
robinking623Hello, everybody, who has the experience with secpanel under kde?22:17
vinceok, reboot and see whant happens22:17
Galvatronsrdjan - neither will Ubuntu or pure Debian.22:17
vincei'm gonna trash the bloody laptop22:17
James147Ahmed\: mint is a distrbution that is baised of ubuntu22:17
robinking623I can not use secpanel under KDE22:17
srdjanGalvatron: why not? :(22:17
Ahmed\James what you think? which is the best in Linux OS, I mean over all22:17
GalvatronIIt's not my work;)22:18
GalvatronYou mean ypu dont want sudo?22:18
James147!best | Ahmed\22:18
ubottuAhmed\: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.22:18
robinking623anyone with experience of secpanel?22:18
Ahmed\i mean the best OS.ubuntu, fedora mint or redhat :)22:19
robinking623Ahmed\: the best os is ms windows22:19
arch0njw!best | Ahmed\22:19
ubottuAhmed\: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.22:19
GalvatronMint and Ubuntu are both Debian. Mint is a modified Ubuntu.22:19
Ahmed\ms windows HUH oh really ! i was on it from years22:19
James147Ahmed\: see previous answer with s/application/distrabution/22:20
robinking623anyone can help me with the secpanel?22:20
Ahmed\Oh that;s the only difference :) just modified :) but does it have Gnome ?22:20
robinking623I can use it under gnome or xfce. but I can use it under kde22:20
GalvatronIt has whatever you install - just like any Linux.22:20
vince_how can a internal device be removed without me noticing...22:20
vince_I just don't get it!22:21
arch0njwAhmed\: please check out their website for more detailed information  about it.  They do a great job of explaining it.22:21
Ahmed\Good idea22:21
vince_at least everythings working fine under gnome...22:22
Ahmed\James, how to install programs exactracted on yoru desktop i mean how reall22:22
vince_too bad nautilus is so limited22:22
vince_any ideas ? http://bayimg.com/CaLHHAACj22:22
GalvatronVInce - just for us, could you switch your system to English? Not everyone here speaks French.;)22:23
robinking623vince_: what is that?22:23
James147Ahmed\: an installed application is just an application that will run :p there iesnt really any difference and there are 100s of different ways to install something...22:23
vince_It says, basically: an internal device (my integrated microphone) has been removed, would you like kde to tell it to go to hell?22:24
James147Ahmed\: See the documentation that came with the program to see how to "install" it or get it to work22:24
Ahmed\James Mac4Lin, its just a theme, can i try :)22:25
James147Ahmed\: themes are usually placedin a directory somewhere... need to know a theme of what to know where22:26
* vince_ is threatening of going back to windows22:26
Ahmed\this here22:26
natmanHi, is this the right place to learn about helping out in KDE?22:26
Ahmed\yes natman, until we have a person like James22:27
Ahmed\you are at the right place22:27
arch0njwnatman: do you mean answering questions, or developing code?22:27
James147Ahmed\: The project is built for desktop environments based on GTK <- as I have said before... #ubuntu for gnome I can't help you there22:27
Ahmed\Okay :)22:27
James147natman: #kde is better for kde spicific stuff..22:28
natmanAhmed,arch0njw i was looking to help out in the marble project, i know very little if any code but i presume its not just code i can help with22:28
arch0njwnatman: #kde is the place you want to be, perhaps even one of the developer channels.22:28
natmanthe #marble room is very quite, my first time using IRC so its all a little new to me22:29
arch0njwnatman: if you hop into #kde, they can better direct you (if that isn't the best place to be ultimately)22:30
James147natman: see #kde or even the kde site that has lots of info if you want to help out22:30
natmanThanks, one last thing, do i have to  just type your name for you to see a highlighted message, i am using Quassel22:31
arch0njwnatman: yes22:31
arch0njwnatman: you can also use 'tab' for autocompletion of names (very cool)22:31
natmanwoah thats a help!! arch0njw James147 Ahmed :)22:32
* vince is about to have a nervous breakdown22:38
vincecan you guys tell me at least how that is possible...22:39
vinceI have all those fancy effects but can't enable-disable them...22:39
James147vince: are they already enabled/diabled?22:40
vincethey are enabled22:40
vincebut according to that bloody kde, I can use them22:40
vinceand my microphone juste disapread from my hardware list...22:41
vincecoincidence ?22:41
Ahmed\James, i have downloaded that theme i pasted you the link of, i have extracted how do i install :)22:41
James147vince: what happens if you rename .kde? not sure it will help but I'm not sure what else to do :S22:42
vinceit will mess everything up i'm sure22:42
James147vince: kde should recreate it22:42
vincei tried to uninstall my graphic drivers > reboot > reinstall22:43
vincenothing's changed22:43
vincei'm considering going back to gnome22:43
vinceat least it works fine22:43
vinceand disapearing devices....what the heck is wrong with that thing22:44
James147Ahmed\: again, I dont know see the documentation that comes with the theme ->http://sourceforge.net/projects/mac4lin/files/mac4lin/ver.1.0_RC1/Mac4Lin_1.0_Documentation-RC2b.pdf/view22:44
vinceany ideas how to reinstall my chipset drivers ?22:46
vince_Thanks for the tip James14722:54
vince_KDE recreated everything and it's working fine22:55
vince_And I added my microphone manually, worked as well, well I guess22:55
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Ahmed\
James147vince_:  :)22:55
vince_HOWEVER, having problems like this coming out of nowhere is just...frustrating...22:55
James147vince_: not sure what created it22:56
Ahmed\Anyone knows how to check whats on your desktop when you install a program when you have just extracted ?22:56
vince_I have no idea22:56
vince_I just installed virtualbox + guest additions22:56
vince_and skype22:56
James147Ahmed\: the desktop is located at ~/Desktop  (~/ means you home directory /home/USERNAME)  everything on your "desktop" is there22:57
Ahmed\lemme see22:57
James147vince_: I have all them and no problems, guest additions on a win 7 vm22:58
Ahmed\No i mean when you are on terminal and you have to install any software for example chrome, how would you22:58
James147vince_: might be bad luck and a cruppt file :S22:58
James147Ahmed\: to install chrome you have to first down load the .deb from google22:59
Ahmed\yes then22:59
James147Ahmed\: click on it in dolphin is the easiest way23:00
Ahmed\I'm asking for those files which are in a zip :)23:00
James147Ahmed\: if there in a .zip then see the contents for how to install it.... there are many different ways and it depends on the program23:00
James147Ahmed\: or see the site you got it from on how to install it23:01
Ahmed\such as ?23:01
Ahmed\it has this23:01
Ahmed\read me23:01
James147Ahmed\: then do what the file says :)23:01
Ahmed\Run this script as a normal user (not root!) ***"23:01
Ahmed\read -p "Press any key to start Installation or Ctrl+C to quit this install"23:01
vince_James147:  yes bad luck I guess...23:02
Ahmed\What's the program for wifi hacking ? i mean every one says Ubuntu has it airhack ?23:04
James147!info aircrack-ng | Ahmed\23:05
ubottuAhmed\: aircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0-1 (karmic), package size 1529 kB, installed size 2748 kB23:05
Ahmed\How do i get that ?23:05
James147Ahmed\: Keep in mind installing it might be illegal depending on where you live... neve mind useing it23:05
James147Ahmed\: sudo aptitude install <packagename>    <- learn the commands23:06
Ahmed\what would be the package name23:07
Ahmed\that means it works :P23:07
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Ahmed\James where do i get airhack to try23:09
James147Ahmed\: see my prevoius comments and try to work it out23:10
Ahmed\i am thinking :)23:10
Ahmed\but what would be the package name...23:10
James147Ahmed\: aptitude search <Searchterms> might also help23:11
James147Ahmed\: I have said it :)23:11
Ahmed\um okay well :)23:11
Ahmed\so won't you tell me a quick way i am new here laa :$23:12
vince_good night guys23:12
vince_thanks for the help23:12
Ahmed\take care vince23:12
Ahmed\VINCE !23:13
Ahmed\at least you tell me how do i install airhack23:13
Ahmed\PLEASE :$23:13
James147!info aircrach-ng | Ahmed\23:13
FloodBotK1Ahmed\: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:13
ubottuAhmed\: Package aircrach-ng does not exist in karmic23:13
James147!info aircrack-ng | Ahmed\23:13
ubottuAhmed\: aircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0-1 (karmic), package size 1529 kB, installed size 2748 kB23:13
James147Ahmed\: and since ubottu responds to !info <packagename>     ... and the command you need is sudo aptitude <packagename> ....23:14
vince_Goood night !23:14
James147Ahmed\: sudo aptitude install <packagename> sorry23:14
Ahmed\Well good night23:14
Ahmed\yes James i do get it but what i can't sort out at my own is23:14
Ahmed\what is packagename23:15
Ahmed\aircrack-ng :)23:16
Ahmed\isn;t it23:16
Ahmed\ ?23:16
James147Ahmed\: yes....23:16
Ahmed\See i told you23:16
Ahmed\lemme try give me that command again thats same for apt-get23:16
James147Ahmed\: sudo aptitude install and sudo apt-get install bpth work the same23:16
Ahmed\Just a second23:17
Ahmed\Downloading :)23:17
Ahmed\James, i have installed it23:19
Ahmed\now ?23:19
James147Ahmed\: look for an online guide... its har too complex to discuss here23:19
Ahmed\well i better sleep then :) its too late23:20
Ahmed\i mean 1:20 am23:20
Ahmed\plus this crumps oh no :$23:20
Ahmed\See you tomorrow :) thanks for everything23:20
Ahmed\Bub bye :)23:21
mm_202[15:56:48] <mm_202> Hey guys, anyone have any luck with getting a Bluetooth headset working with Kubuntu 9.10?23:27
djusticemm_202: trunk?23:31
mm_202djustice: trunk?  As in svn trunk of bluez or ?23:35
djusticeas in trunk kdelibs + trunk kdebluetooth = working bluetooth headsets? i thought...23:36
nathan_The bluetooth hub starts out as NOT DISCOVERABLE, but and every time I try my motorola S9, kbluetooth manager reports that it does not suppor input?23:40
nathan_I have a solid blue light23:41
mm_202djustice: I will try that.  ty.23:41

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