Cloaky8xnext 2 the system tray the indivator applet is its own00:00
crimsunheh, I've apparently spammed stable@kernel.org :-)00:00
* bcurtiswx_laptop claps for crimsun00:00
Cloaky8xAnyone know if Gnomenu is going 2 be added to the Lucid repositories?00:01
arandCloaky8x: If it isn't already, not likely, would require a feature freeze exception..00:02
topylithere also is no "system tray" in gnome :(00:02
kklimondatopyli: notification area is still there00:03
Cloaky8xhmmh looks like "Notification Area 2.28.0" lol00:03
kklimondathere has never been "system tray" in any system.00:03
Cloaky8x@ arand, meh I guess maybe only after the release it'll be in the software center or something hopefully00:03
kklimonda(even on windows it's not named "system tray")00:03
yofelCloaky8x: more like it will be in Lucid+100:04
topylikklimonda, it's not the same thing. the windows system tray is, well, "system tray" if they want to call it that00:04
bcurtiswx_laptopkklimonda: i feel special then...00:04
yofelCloaky8x: if it isn't in lucid yet, it won't be added00:04
topylikklimonda, oh. what's it called in windows?00:04
bcurtiswx_laptopkklimonda: that explains all the weird looks i get when I call it that... same with calling a cars turn signal a "blinker"...00:04
kklimondatopyli: Notification Area00:04
yofelkklimonda: first time I hear that...00:05
topylikklimonda, oh. so why don't they ever use it for notifications?00:05
kklimondayofel: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa511448.aspx00:05
kklimondatopyli: why? they do. it's developers who misuse it00:05
topylikklimonda, meh, i do know they sometimes do that. most of the time they misuse it just like we do in gnome00:05
Cloaky8xMaybe the Notification Area and the System tray should get 2gether to have some mutant fish babies00:05
yofelkklimonda: interesting, thanks00:05
kklimondatopyli: it's still "misusing"00:06
bcurtiswx_laptopso its official name is..??00:06
bcurtiswx_laptopnotification area?00:06
kklimondatopyli: but in Windows 7 they really work on making it display notifications and not.. everything else :)00:06
kklimondabcurtiswx_laptop: yes00:06
topylikklimonda, i understand windows developers better though, since afaik they don't have a proper applet alternative so they always create a "tray icon"00:07
topylithey also often need to take care of branding, so that the Adobe icon will never leave your desktop :)00:08
phillwhi, does anyone know where / how to get the development php.ini file that should ship with LAMP ? I only have the production version and it states I should have both (I need the dev version for debug)00:08
kklimondatopyli: hmm.. quick launch, language picker are not using notification area and they are embedded on the "panel" itself.00:08
MTughantopyli: That's what msconfig is for. ;)00:08
kklimondatopyli: but in my opinion most of applications are not important enough to take precious space on panel00:08
topyliMTughan, okay if there is something like that, then they're just being lazy :)00:08
* bcurtiswx_laptop hides in corner00:08
MTughantopyli: Well, even OpenOffice has a "quickstarter" application.00:09
kklimonda!ot |kklimonda00:09
ubottukklimonda, please see my private message00:09
topyliMTughan, openoffice and pidgin and such can be excused, as they are windows apps anyway :)00:09
topyliand yes agreed, we have an entire offtopic channel for all this00:10
yofelphillw: don't you have a /usr/share/doc/php5-common/examples/php.ini-development ?00:10
phillwthanks yofel, yup, there is one there. I was looking in /etc/php5/apache2 for php.ini and a dev version00:13
phillwso, mv /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini /etc/php5/apache2/php.production and then cp the php.ini-development as the new php.ini ?00:14
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NandouI have a MacBookPro 5,3 and I'm currently trying to install Lucid Lynx beta 1 using the liveCD. I have encountered problems with the nouveau driver and by using the "blacklist=nouveau" boot option the process is going further but instead having "[drm] nouveau 0000:02:00.0: PRAMIN flush timeout" error message while the modules are loaded, I receive it during the init phase. Does anyone have any idea ?00:19
ubottuFor PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.00:19
kklimondaNandou: can you run with nomodeset ?00:20
Nandouam being thrown from a channel to another @00:20
NandouI tried with nomodoset00:20
Nandouit just hangs after : "init: ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 4"00:21
kklimondaor switches mode and yo u get black screenn?00:22
kklimondaheh, lags..00:22
kklimondaNandou: you should ask folks at !ubuntu-x about it - I think RAOF is the person who worked on nouveau the most.00:23
Nandousorry I was on ##apple00:24
Nandouit just stop after that00:24
kklimondaerm, #ubuntu-x00:24
kklimondanot !ubuntu-x00:24
Nandouwont go any further00:24
Nandouit's so strange thought00:25
Nandoubecause with the "blacklist=nouveau" switch00:25
Nandouam going throught the part where the modules are being loaded00:26
Nandouand at the init phase, it looks like if the nouveau driver was forcibely loaded00:26
penguin42kklimonda: What is it with that ureadahead error anyway - it's been around for months00:26
Lamohm after much searching i cant seem to figure out why my fonts are stretched and fuzzy especially in chrome. plus after being logged in for a while i notice white lines develop along the sides of the screen. Also my splash screen is in super low res. here is a screenshot of chrome and nautilus http://i.imgur.com/dOLBt.png00:28
kklimondapenguin42: it's a bug in upstart - ureadeahead-other quits with 4 when it doesn't find pack files for some filesystems you have in /etc/fstab00:29
penguin42kklimonda: Is it a particularly difficult one to fix?00:29
kklimondaupsteart is supposed to ignore this "error code" but for some reason it doesn't00:29
Nandouit doesn't seems to interrupt the boot process...00:29
kklimondapenguin42: it's only cosmetical - doesn't stop or break anything00:30
penguin42it looks nasty and seems to confuse at least a few people a day into thinking that's the cause of their boot problems00:30
kklimondapenguin42: it probably is hard to fix as it hasn't been yet00:30
BusataI shouldn't have dist-upgraded with these last upgrades00:31
Busatatotem has gone missing!00:31
yofelBusata: you did check what apt was going to do before applying the disk-upgrade, did you?00:32
Busatawhat, what's wrong with a little adventure :)00:32
ZykoticK9Lamo, my eyes must be getting bad in my old age, i don't even see a problem with your fonts.  BUT the white line around the edge of the screen can be removed by running "nautilus --quit".  Good luck.00:32
yofelBusata: :P (I installed upgrades a hour ago and I still  have totem here)00:33
kklimondawe are in the middle of gnome 2.30 transition so expect some funny updates :)00:33
LamoZykoticK9, thanks, its a fresh install so i can notice it being off00:33
kklimonda(2.29->2.30 transition)00:33
Busataah, I don't mind, it's pretty nice atm00:34
Busatajust still have an ascii boot loader00:34
NandouAfter my trip to #ubuntu-x I was told to try nouveau.modeset=0, it00:49
Nandouit's having the same as nomodeset00:49
Nandoueffect as nomodeset00:49
NandouThe last message I receive is : "b43-phy0 ERROR: Found unsopported PHY (Analog:0, Type: 4, Revision 4)"00:50
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titan_arki am upgrading to lucid beta, would i be able to still use my old karmic kernel to boot if i blow this?00:59
titan_arkanyone around?01:00
crimsunit would be a bad idea.01:00
crimsunrunning kernels from an older release with a newer release's udev is Bad.01:00
crimsuni.e., you're lucky if things work, but don't come running when things fall over.01:01
titan_arkcrimsun, well i would love to use lucid, but my query is if this fails then what?01:01
crimsunit'd be better to continue using karmic and test a daily live cd occasionally.01:03
crimsunseriously, if you don't *need* to upgrade, there's no compelling reason to chomp at the bit.01:03
virtualdtitan_ark: then you'd better have a backup :)01:05
titan_arkcrimsun, well, i just wanted to try it out and probably report any bugs etc01:05
crimsunwhich you can do using a daily live cd.01:05
bjsnidercrimsun, CMI8788 -- does it work in lucid?01:05
titan_arkesp cos i am facing a few bugs in karmic and all i am told is it may be fixed in lucid01:06
crimsunbjsnider: the controller has been supported for nearly seven years.01:06
titan_arkvirtuald, :) yes01:06
titan_arkcrimsun, for eg the power management daemon it always fails to detect my battery after recovering from sleep01:07
bjsniderthe asus xonar ds and dx would both work?01:07
titan_arkcan i test it on a live cd?01:07
crimsunbjsnider: you need to use ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev's linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)01:07
crimsuntitan_ark: I've tested plenty of laptops that way01:08
crimsunbjsnider: because we fix bugs against head, not what's in a distro kernel01:08
crimsunwe selectively ask stuff to be backported by Ccing stable@kernel01:08
titan_arkcrimsun, okay. i dint know i could put the laptop to sleep using live cd01:09
virtualdas we're in beta i think titan_ark should get the daily live cd, am I wrong?01:09
crimsun20:03 < crimsun> it'd be better to continue using karmic and test a daily live cd occasionally.01:09
crimsunwelcome to six minutes ago01:09
titan_arkokay thank you01:10
LamoIf anyone cares for future reference I installed chrome-unstable and its normal now. Here is a screenshot to show the difference. http://i.imgur.com/0rad1.jpg01:12
bjsnidercrimsun, you mean if i had one of those cards i'd need a newer alsa than what is in lucid?01:12
bjsnidermaybe i should just use the stupid hda chip01:14
bjsnidercrap though it is01:14
dooglusIupdated this morning, and now my boot and shutdown screens have gone all blue and KDE-ish01:16
doogluscan I put them back to the default ubuntu screens?01:16
Viper1432dooglus,  there was a mythbuntu mixup with startup/shutdown screens that is supposedly fixed.  you might want to try and update again.01:18
Viper1432finally had my first real grrr. argh kaboom with lucid.  damn mx5000 keyboard/mx1000 mouse combo with logi bluetooth quit working.01:19
yofeldooglus: if you have kubuntu-desktop installed that might have pulled in the kubuntu plymouth theme which is blue01:19
virtualddo upstart do what i want when i run init 1?01:21
billybigrigger_anyone here familiar with the iphone/ipod touch support now in rhythmbox?01:25
sirninjaWhenever my laptop wakes from suspend, it logs me out and I'm back at the main login window01:32
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WoAnerges found a bug in IM of ubuntu 10.04b01:38
WoAnerges<WoAnerges> can´t estabilish connection with QQ servers01:38
WoAnerges<WoAnerges> tried many times01:38
WoAnerges<WoAnerges> through standart IM that comes with ubuntu 10.0401:38
sirninjaWhenever my laptop wakes from suspend, it logs me out and I'm back at the main login window01:40
DanaG(also asked in #ubuntu-kernel: )  hmm, anyone know why the kernel-ppa stuff hasn't been updated in a while?  the only 34-rc2 kernel there says "karmic" specifically, and the same is true of the latest drm-next kernel there.01:51
DanaGDoes it matter that it says "karmic", if I want to use it on Lucid?  I've seen it matter before, on ARM, at least.... try a karmic kernel with lucid userspace, it doesn't boot.01:51
dooglusyofel: I do have kubuntu-desktop installed.  and ubuntu-desktop.  I want the ubuntu lboot & shutdown screens, not kubuntu.  how?01:52
Scotiehallo, i try to disable the broadcasting address, any suggestions01:52
yofeldooglus: I'm busy right now, I'll get back to you in a few minutes01:52
Scotiechanged in interfaces , but nothing changed01:53
WoAnerges found a bug in IM of ubuntu 10.04b01:58
WoAnerges<WoAnerges> can´t estabilish connection with QQ servers01:58
WoAnerges<WoAnerges> tried many times01:58
WoAnerges<WoAnerges> through standart IM that comes with ubuntu 10.0401:58
ZykoticK9WoAnerges, can you use Empathy to connect to different IM networks?01:59
yofelWoAnerges: please don't feel ignored, not all of us use empathy and most europeans are asleep right now01:59
WoAnergesi checked password etc01:59
WoAnergeseverything fine01:59
WoAnergesitś only this IM not working01:59
ZykoticK9WoAnerges, is that the IM client you are using?02:00
WoAnergessays ¨connection extabilishing problem¨ or something like that02:00
WoAnergesthe standart that comes with ubuntu 10.0402:00
WoAnergesmultiprotocol IM02:00
WizzupI really have the feeling Ubuntu Software Center randomly installs software for me02:00
WoAnergesemphaty right?02:00
WizzupLast night I randomly had xfwm402:01
Wizzupnow I have aumix02:01
WizzupI have never even heard of aumix before02:01
yofeldooglus: ok, I'm not 100% sure how plymouth works, but you could either try to reinstall the ubuntu theme or check with galternatives what the 'default.plymouth' alternative is set to02:01
ddecator_WoAnerges: yah, empathy i the default02:01
Wizzupdoes noone else experience this?02:02
Sagexubuntu upgrade to 10.04 failed02:02
Sagexis there any way to salvage02:02
WoAnergesplease someone check this problem02:02
WoAnergesbecause am using QQ ^^02:02
ddecator_WoAnerges: what is it? i just got on a sec ago (fwiw, i'm connected with empathy right now)02:02
WoAnergesyou connected to QQ?02:03
ddecator_WoAnerges: nah, i'm just connected to facebook with it right now02:03
WoAnergesa QQ02:03
WoAnergesam talking about QQ02:03
ddecator_alright, then i'm not of much help02:04
Wizzupand `feh' is also randomly installed.......02:04
Sagexis there any way to salvage02:04
Sagexubuntu upgrade to 10.04 failed02:04
ZykoticK9WoAnerges, perhaps it's due to bug #53359602:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533596 in pidgin "Empathy QQ client version should be qq2008" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53359602:04
WoAnergesit means ¨no QQ, bye¨02:04
ZykoticK9WoAnerges, so that bug says "can't connect to QQ's server"02:04
WoAnergesit can´t02:04
Sagexubuntu upgrade to 10.04 failed02:05
kklimondaSagex: you have to give us more than that02:05
WoAnergesyesterday i upgraded 10.04 successfully02:05
kklimondawhat have failed?02:05
Sagexit boots up and no login or emergency shell02:05
Sagexits pretty bad02:05
anaotry boot from live-cd and make a chroot into system..02:06
Sagexmay I ask how one would chroot into it02:06
kklimondaSagex: so the upgrade didn't fail itself?02:06
Sagexno my fault02:07
kklimondayou have rebooted yourself after it finished?02:07
Sagexsome key features did not install02:07
Sagexmy fault totaly02:07
Nandoucan someone give me the aptline for the cdrom in 10.04 beta1 ?02:08
NandouI can't add a cdrom to it and I can install my drivers from the disk because of that02:08
kklimondaSagex: so is it or is it not your fault? you are confusing me..02:10
Sagexits my fault02:10
SagexI did not specify some key things to install02:10
kklimondaSagex: but to fix it you would have to use live cd, chroot into your existing installation and finish upgrade process..02:10
ubottuchroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot)02:10
kklimondaheh, doesn't really help02:11
kklimondaSagex: you haven't used update-manager?02:11
SagexI did02:11
dooglusyofel: this seems to have done it, thanks: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth02:11
LajoswardAnyone haveing a problem useing ccms in lucid?02:11
kklimondaSagex: so how did you not install "key things"?02:12
LajoswardCant go past two on the workspaces02:12
Lajoswardit resets to two each time02:12
Sagexsome third party option wasn't clicked02:12
holsteinLajosward: i saw that02:13
holsteinLajosward: if you find a bug report, let me know02:13
holsteini'll mark it as effecting me too02:13
balasi hope that ubuntu music store gets to be decent.  i'm running windows for no other reason than itunes and its really upsetting me because it makes duplicates of all my files02:15
Lajoswardare they even supporting the ccsm in lucid yet?02:15
kklimondabalas: it depends on the country you live in02:15
balaskklimonda, i am in america02:15
bjb1959I know it's in beta still, but I have 2 external usb drives set up in fstab. one, my FreeAgent drive boots fine. the LeClie doesn't and lucid won't boot unless I comment out the line in fstab. They are both formated ntfs and the exact same fstab lines. any ideas why it won't work with the leclie?02:15
balasi'm using fslint to delete my duplicates then delete my empty folders, before moving everything back to windows.  itunes is a nightmare if you don't know what not to do02:16
yofelLajosward: officially supported no, but It's available in universe02:16
Lajoswardyeah was just thinking wont be able to do anything about the problem i am having with it02:17
balasfslint is unstable at this time on lucid  it just crashed :(02:18
verterokI'm trying to upgrade karmic -> lucid, but 'do-release-upgrade -d' keeps telling: 'No new release found', is this the right place to ask?02:18
Lajoswardyeah gwibbler crashes on startup for me02:19
balasverterok, if you have a seperate /home directory your best off downloading a daily build thats up to date02:19
yofelbalas: actually fslint hasn't changed since karmic, maybe something else crashes it02:20
verterokbalas: yes, I have. but I was trying to avoid a install from scratch :)02:20
kklimondaverterok: what does grep -i Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades say?02:20
balasyofel, could be.  it does exit when its not supposed to02:20
verterokkklimonda: lts02:20
verterokthat can't be right02:20
kklimondano it can't02:21
inquataverterok: doesn't update-manager -d work?02:21
holsteinupdate-manager -d worked for me02:21
verterokkklimonda: changed to normal, same behavior02:21
kklimondaverterok: it's sup[posed to be normal for non-lts releases02:21
verterokinquata: no, I don't get the "Upgrade" button02:21
verterokyes, it worked for me in my laptop and other desktop02:21
kklimondaverterok: run DEBUG_UPDATE_MANAGER=1 do-release-upgrade -d02:22
verterokkklimonda: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/406277/02:22
bjb1959I have 2 external usb drives set up in fstab. one, my FreeAgent drive boots fine. the LeClie doesn't and lucid won't boot unless I comment out the line in fstab. They are both formated ntfs and the exact same fstab lines. any ideas why it won't work with the leclie?02:22
balasmy c-media 8788 chipset soundcard isn't working under lucid either.  i had hoped someone else was working on its progression to working status.02:23
kklimondaverterok: what do you have in ~/.cache/update-manager-core/meta-release-lts-development02:25
* verterok checks02:25
balasi believe sound quality is as little better on windows, though if i don't get this itunes issue right, my family will have an extra windows 7 license02:25
verterokkklimonda: I don't have ~/.cache/update-manager-core/02:25
lfaraoneIn Thunderbird 3, the application notifies me twice when an email appears in All Mail and Inbox. (I'm using Gmail IMAP) How can I prevent these duplicate alerts?02:26
ZykoticK9lfaraone, i just noticed that happening today as well (i don't think it used to happen like that)02:26
kklimondablah, it may be new for 10.04...02:26
lfaraoneZykoticK9: so that's a bug, I take it?02:26
verterokkklimonda: no, it's just not using xdg in karmic :)02:27
ZykoticK9lfaraone, ? don't know - i wish i could remember for sure if it previously happened (really don't think it did)02:27
ZykoticK9lfaraone, i too am using Gmail IMAP BTW02:27
verterokkklimonda: I have it under ~/.update-manager-core/02:27
verterokkklimonda: but no meta-release-lts-development file02:27
balasi have being able to get audiobooks too.   that'd be nice for the ubuntu music store02:28
kklimondaverterok: and any meta-release at all?02:28
verterokkklimonda: just meta-release and meta-release-development02:28
kklimondaverterok: it may be called meta-release-development02:28
verterokkklimonda: yes, those 202:28
kklimondaverterok: does meta-release-development have lucid entry at the bottom?02:28
verterokkklimonda: no, the last one is jaunty :/02:29
kklimondaremove both files and try running do-release-upgrade -d again02:29
kklimondaif it doesn't work then you would have to dig into code itself02:30
kklimondaor poke some update-manager developer02:30
kklimondabut they are probably asleep02:30
WoAnergesso what to do with QQ?02:30
kklimondareport it to the libpurple developers if it isn't already02:32
verterokkklimonda: some output changed, now it says: NO self.metarelease_information02:32
kklimondai don't know code well enough to make something from it, you'll have to wait for developers02:33
verterokkklimonda: ok, I'll keep with this tomorrow.02:34
verterokkklimonda: thanks a lot!02:34
crimsunbjsnider: correct.02:34
verterokkklimonda: do you know any of the update-manager devs? who should I poke? :)02:34
cozziemotoguys just noticed gedit is not installed  or is claimed not to be installed?02:34
crimsunbalas: you need linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r) from ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev02:34
crimsunbalas: make sure linux-backports-modules-alsa* are *not* installed02:35
crimsuncozziemoto: checked the existing new bug reports?02:35
ZykoticK9lfaraone, i'm unable to find a bug referring to this issue in Launchpad02:35
lfaraoneZykoticK9: mk. do you want to file it, or should I? (if you do, subscribe ~lfaraone or give me the bug number)02:36
cozziemotocrimsun,  well last time i had reported a bug that corruptd xml files edited with gedit02:36
ZykoticK9lfaraone, would you mind filing it?02:36
cozziemotocrimsun,  is that still the same issue?02:36
kklimondaverterok: check /usr/share/doc/update-manager-core/AUTHORS02:36
kklimondamvo is one of devs afair02:37
lfaraoneZykoticK9: sure.02:37
crimsuncozziemoto: I don't know offhand and would have to look more closely, and I don't have time to do that. I'm quite busy fixing sound bugs.02:37
DanaGweird... volume control keys don't work at gdm.02:37
verterokkklimonda: great, thanks!02:37
balascrimsun, thank you so much you pretty sure thats all that is needed to get it to work ?02:37
cozziemotocrimsun,  yes I understand :)02:37
ZykoticK9lfaraone, if possible after could you give the bug # so i can "me too"02:37
thakIs it expected that the Update Manager just removed Gwibber and the new social features?02:37
crimsunbalas: no, I'm not *certain* that's all that's necessary, but you can't expect us to fix it if you're not running *at least* that.02:37
DanaGoh, and there's no splash screen for me on my system... it just goes immediately to details view.02:38
balascrimsun, no problem :)02:38
crimsunalternately, get me local access to one, and I'll fix it.02:38
thakI am also wondering why parted and udisks shows up in update-manger greyed out... if anyone has any suggestions02:38
balasi actually didn't think anyone could fix it :)02:39
lfaraoneZykoticK9: bug 436789 looks similar :)02:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436789 in thunderbird "T-Bird filters cause duplicate notifications" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43678902:39
ZykoticK9lfaraone, it seems to be happening with all email for me, not just filtered ones02:40
ZykoticK9lfaraone, certainly similar though yes - and not one i saw in my search either02:40
ZykoticK9lfaraone, when the notification pops up - the first entry seems to have both the title as well as some of the body, yet the 2nd entry only has the title.  Is that the same for you?02:42
lfaraoneZykoticK9: not sure.02:43
lfaraoneZykoticK9: the reason it happens for us AFAICT is since TB checks All Mail as well as Inbox. Disabling alerts for All Mail (if possib.) should fix the problem02:43
ZykoticK9lfaraone, that sounds logical02:45
lfaraoneZykoticK9: that's what they pay me for :)02:45
EdgEyI'm having a problem with update manager, it's refusing to update normally and asking me to do a partial upgrade02:55
EdgEyIf I do that, it wants to remove rhythmbox for some reason02:55
EdgEyaptitude / apt-get upgrades work fine02:56
kklimondajust wait until it's possible to upgrade without removing anything02:56
ZykoticK9EdgEy, it's due to the Gnome updating - personally i'm waiting to see if it self corrects in a day or so (someone earlier in the channel warned of strange updates because of it)02:56
EdgEyAh, okay02:56
ZykoticK9EdgEy, it was kklimonda who gave the warning ;)02:56
EdgEyThe first time I just clicked through all the points and wondered where the hell it disappeared to (rhythmbox)02:57
marenostrumI didn't install Lucid yet. To use in a bug report can some of you whose default browser is Firefox and also has Google Chrome installed on Lucid run the command <sensible-browser> and tell me which browser opens?02:57
ZykoticK9marenostrum, Chromium is my default browser but "sensible-browser" opens Google Chrome02:58
marenostrumhmm, thanks.02:58
TecnoBratmine opened epiphany02:59
marenostrumthank you as well.02:59
TecnoBratbut this machine has been upgraded from every distro since 8.0402:59
=== uaa is now known as damascene
TecnoBratso .. it could be some remnant setting03:00
marenostrumTecnoBrat: Not important, your info still very useful03:00
TecnoBratAnd I assume you are talking about the "Preferred Applications" setting, which is indeed set to Firefox03:01
marenostrumTecnoBrat: Complicated issue: bug 20485803:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204858 in sensible-utils "sensible-browser should use xdg-open for Gnome / KDE / XFCE support" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20485803:02
marenostrumThanks a lot dear friends.03:02
TecnoBratoh I see03:04
tikiokay, I dunno if its the right channel, but here goes: When i sync banshee with my Nexus One, it converts FLAC songs to another format before transferring. My phone has a custom rom on it and supports flac. Is there any way to stop the conversion?03:10
coz_tiki,  I dont think I have experience with that one sorry  I am sure someone else does03:10
tikicoz_ but it should be the same with any device...03:11
coz_tiki,  that makes sense to me  and there is likely a way to stop the conversion  ... however if no on here can answer you could try ##Linux channel  for a more overall pot of info03:12
ZykoticK9EdgEy, try your update again03:19
ZykoticK9EdgEy, ops sorry never mind03:20
kprav33nI am running 10.04 beta 1. When I login from GDM, sometimes my desktop just freezes without loading gnome-panel. I have to restart gdm from the console (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and try again.03:23
kprav33nDoes anyone else see this problem?03:23
kprav33nI suspect that NetworkManager is doing something wrong.03:23
randomusrhi all, I've recently updated my Lucid machine by setting update manager to download automatically and wrote a new xorg.conf03:31
randomusrnot my system freezes on grub. What might the problem be?03:31
Zenkerdoes anyone know the formats ubuntu will allow for background images03:38
randomusrDoes anyone know why Grub might hang after updates?03:42
almoxariferandomusr: I have had grub2 issues with wubi03:44
basixis it out yet?! =)03:44
randomusralmoxorife, not using wubi03:45
randomusrstright install of lucid and Grub seems to have broke after updates or changes made to xorg.conf not sure just yet03:45
randomusrwould be nice to know how to get my system bootable again03:46
almoxariferandomusr: can you re-install grub with the alternate cd?03:48
randomusralmoxarife, I don't believe that will fix the issue03:50
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Lars_Ghey all03:53
Lars_GQuestion, anybody else has a black screen on boot with .32 kernels? only the older .31 kernels work ok for me03:54
linuxuser5152has anybody had the partitioner freeze in Kubuntu 10.04 at 47%. i think it says it's detecting disks or something like that.03:54
Lars_GUsing a netbook here03:55
holsteinLars_G: EEE03:55
* holstein gets a black screen after resuming from standby03:55
Lars_Gholstein: Packard bell (rebranded acer afaik), intel chipset and video, yes03:56
MaletorIf I use ubiquity to install and I install onto a LVM that is looking for a RAID assembly, will my computer be able to boot (find the filesystem and mount it)?03:56
Lars_GSome people it seems are reporting acpi problems03:56
Lars_Gwhich wouldn't be odd since power management has been bad since 9.10 kernels03:56
Lars_GI'll try to boot .32 with acpi=off to see if it works03:57
holsteinLars_G: i guess you could force vesa03:57
holsteinsee if its a graphics issue for sure03:58
Lars_Gnot a bad idea either03:58
Lars_GI hope it's solved, :D i suffered thorough .31's power problems... I wonder if it works here...03:59
Lars_Glet me try... brb03:59
Lars_Gnvm, I'm running on .31 right now03:59
Lars_GYou know03:59
Lars_Git's always kinda a sad day when my distro version goes stable....04:00
navehi folks, i'm having a problem with my keyboard not working under gdm, running lucid with vmware workstation. is this a known issue?04:00
MaletorIf I use ubiquity to install and I install onto a LVM that is looking for a RAID assembly, will my computer be able to boot (find the filesystem and mount it)?04:06
nick125You'll probably need /boot on a separate FS04:08
timClicksnick125: seperate FS or partition?04:11
un214FS = partition!04:15
lb1have some trouble with booting after upgrade04:16
un214 /boot cannot be on a LVM04:16
lb1basically it seems to never process net-device-up IFACE=lo04:16
MTughanun214: Well, not quite. You can have an unformatted partition. :P04:16
lb1initctl emit net-device-up IFACE=lo LOGICAL=lo ADDRFAM=inet METHOD=loopback is executed04:16
lb1but upstream --verbose and upstream --debug don't show anything related to it04:16
un214MTughan: and LILO can boot from it04:16
lb1and rc-system does not start04:17
nightsjammiesHurro all.04:21
randomusrhas anyone else experienced grub freezing at boot after updates  or changing xorg.conf, if so what is the fix?04:23
=== \vish is now known as vish
randomusrIf I'm staring at grub menu list and won't go past that. What are my options to fix this?04:29
arandrandomusr: common fix is to boot a liveCD and reinstall/reconfigure grub04:34
etzerdcan anyone help me here with Firefox?04:34
randomusrarand: does that generally work>04:34
etzerdFirefox doesn't load, I remove it and reinstalled it again same think never load.04:35
etzerdany idea? anyone04:35
randomusrarand: if so what's the command to accomplish this?04:35
holsteinetzerd: what about your .mozilla dir?04:35
etzerdholstein: what about it?04:35
holsteindid you try letting FF generate a new one?04:36
arandrandomusr: tends to in my experience, from a liveCD run grub-install with appropriate --root-directory and mbr drive04:36
arandetzerd: try firefox -P  create a new profile, and see if that works better?04:36
etzerdI believe since I uninstalled it and reinstalled again it should generated automaticlly04:36
etzerdarand: at the prompt just type firefox ip?04:37
randomusrhmm, does it matter which cd I use? maybe the one with the version I installed?04:37
etzerdI mean firefox -p04:37
etzerdarand: when i type firefox -p, it display this error: run-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute /usr/lib/firefox-3.6/firefox-bin.pure04:38
arandetzerd: Ah, I've heard about that error before I think, no idea of sultion though, unfortunately04:40
etzerdok, thanks04:40
etzerdI think I have to reinstall all over again.04:40
Maletornick125: i have boot on a separate FS04:41
MaletortimClicks: I have boot on a separate FS https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/SoftwareRaid04:43
timClicksinteresting, I know nothing about how to implement RAID04:44
MaletorRAID is imperative for a file server.04:45
MaletorUbuntu 10.4 has an artifact of a raid in :///computer04:47
Maletorcat /proc/mdstat is empty but there is something there that says Array ... makes no sense04:48
gartralquick question about ubuntu 10.04: how will it handle mobos with multiple NICs?04:55
nick125It should handle them just fine....04:58
nick125Is there a specific mobo you were having issues with?04:58
gartralnick125: well 9.10 doesnt handle my evga p55 FTW05:00
SerpherI was wondering if I install the beta, and simply use updates instead of installing it via an .iso of the non-beta build, will this put me at any sort of disadvantage?05:01
nick125Serpher: Not to my knowledge.05:01
SerpherThanks, will download and install now I guess05:01
nick125gartral: Hmm. Do you know what ethernet chipset that board uses?05:02
gartrali boot and it sets up both nics, but they're in conflict on the network05:03
nick125gartral: Do you have both setup to the same network?05:03
gartralyes.. thats why they're in conflict, i know that.. i know i could bond them, but WHY does the end user need to do that on an OS that "just works" im quite sure MOST users wouldnt even think to disable one interface to get online05:05
nick125Most users won't have dual NICs, and most users that have dual NICs will hook both ports up.05:05
nick125Bonding is also quite hardware and network dependent.05:06
nick125Bonding depends on the types of NICs, whether the switch supports bonding, etc.05:09
nick125And I don't think that many people would use it. If they know what it is and want to use it, they're probably smart enough to set it up.05:10
MTughanBonding is where the OS can use both NICs in a computer for communication, possibly doubling throughput?05:11
nick125MTughan: Yes.05:11
randomusrI've booted to a live cd and want to ensure i'm in the root of my hard drive. How Can I do this?05:11
gartral nick125 look at the trend of p55 h55/57 and x58 mobos 80% of those HAVE dual NICs with the selling point of: "Multiple nics reduces lag" ok, that's not directly true, but it does double the amount of concurrent connections a client/host can hold open05:12
MTughanI have dual NICs on my P45 board, but they're gigabit. Since they're hooked up to a gigabit switch that only has a gigabit link up to the router, bonding won't get me any more speed.05:13
* DanaG wonders: how many Intel boards actually use the Intel MAC, instead of some crappy realtek or such?05:13
nhasianrandomusr, well the terminal command 'sudo fdisk -l' will display all of your hard disks05:14
DanaGor: sudo blkid05:14
MTughanDanaG: Mine are both made by Marvell.05:14
gartralMTughan: perhaps your missing my point.. both my NICs are connected to the same router, they arent bonded and when i boot.. i have *NO* internet connection (at least in linux, in windows, all the way back too 2000.. it sees, and balances over, BOTH nics)05:15
DanaGoh yeah, and some alternate firmware (dd-wrt, at least, and perhaps even "tomato") can do bonding.05:15
DanaGgartral: try with one NIC disconnected.05:15
DanaGIf still no network, then that's not a dual-nic-specific issue.05:15
MTughangartral: My comment wasn't responding to yours.05:15
gartralDanaG: i KNOW that will work..05:15
AlcariTheMadi just tried doing an update and at some point the system froze, upon reboot my system is ignoring all input except magic sysreq keys05:15
nick125Most users won't benefit from multiple NICs. Especially considering that multiple NICs requires either certain NICs whose drivers support bonding, or switches with bonding capabilities. Anything other than that would be, at best, round-robin load balancing.05:16
gartrali have one disabled now.. what i want to know is the hell is everyone so against setting up a way for the OS.. at installation time.. to recognise and configure itself for a dual connection-to-same-rouuter setup05:16
AlcariTheMadthe last thing it says when booting in recovery mode is '/dev/sda5: clean, <num files/blocks>' and it stops there, with tty1 and tty7 existing, but none in between05:17
MaletorBootloader install failed. This is a fatal error.05:17
randomusrnhasian, cd into /dev/sda1 says it's not a directory05:17
nhasiani'm using lucid 64bit with all the latest updates.  I noticed HAL is still installed.  I thought I didnt need it anymore?05:17
nhasianrandomusr, does it have a filesystem?  is it mounted?05:18
rwwnhasian: It's still used by pitivi, which is now installed by default.05:18
nick125You can't cd into a device node. You need to mount the directory firt.05:18
randomusrit has a filesystem and I believe it's mounted05:18
nick125randomusr: run "mount" and see what it says is mounted05:19
nick125It should show something like.."/dev/sdaX on /media/blah type blah"05:19
gartralnick125: then please, take a moment and thing about this: in windows (for sake of argument Vista) boots and sees two network connections to one router and configures itself for that environment.. in game ping with two network cards does drop. in my case to 20 MS or below.. if i disable ONE nic that number doubles or even triples.. in linux, i *HAVE* to disable that one card, and i see a similar result to the one from disableing the one nic in window05:20
nick125gartral: That makes little sense. Bonding would ADD more latency, due to overhead.05:20
randomusrnick125, it appears that It's not mounted which doesn't make sense as I can find the filesystem under places05:21
nhasianrww, wow they made such a big stink about depreciating hal and now we're stuck with it in the default install.05:21
nick125randomusr: It might mount when you click on it under places.05:21
gartralnick125: then how does windows setup multiple NICs, cause i sure as hell have a noticable difference..05:21
rwwnhasian: indeed05:22
gartralit's also becoming a PITA to disable a network interface on boot when my firewall is setup to send some stuff to one ip, and other stuff to another05:23
randomusrnick125, i think it's mounted per the mount command05:23
randomusrit has /dev/sda105:23
DanaGgartral: it's more likely just a driver difference, not a multi-nic performance difference.05:24
DanaGI have a netbook with a Realtek wifi chip that works fine in Windows, yet gets horrible speeds in Linux with the native driver.05:24
DanaGI had to install ndiswrapper to get sane network performance.05:24
gartralDanaG: did you not see where i said "if i disable one NIC in windows, i see the same performance as in linux"?05:24
DanaGer, sorry, I did miss that.05:24
gartralit wasn't quite phrased that way, but that's what i meant05:25
DanaGhmm, the lack of connection with two NICs is a bug, for sure.05:25
DanaGProbably a broken routing table, or something -- just a wild guess.05:25
nick125DanaG: It has to do with the routing table having two default routes05:25
nick125and probably two routes to the same subnet over different interfaces05:25
gartralDanaG: is not at ALL a lack, i can ping from one to the other.. but i ccant get the outside world, both work, and are communicating with DHCP, but i have to disable one to get online with irc/firefox/pidgin or whatever im using that requires internet05:26
DanaGMajorly weird.05:27
DanaGI've had my laptop connected to same network via wifi and wired, and never had the same sort of issues.05:27
DanaGHowever, I now have changed my BIOS settings so that plugging in ethernet rfkills the wifi.05:27
randomusrhow can I cd into the root of /dev/sda1 and it is mounted?05:27
randomusrmind you I'm on the live cd05:27
gartraland it isnt just ubuntu.. it's linux, cause it's like that with Fedora/Redhat (i know, sinful to mention them here) and BackTrack live05:27
nick125Network Manager probably sets up different routing metrics for ethernet connections versus wireless ones.05:28
nick125randomusr: What did mount say? cd into the second directory listed05:28
DanaGSomething I've found Windows can't handle, but Linux can:05:28
nick125(the guess about NM's behavior is just a guess....)05:28
gartralrandomusr: you should be able to cd into it's mounted dir.. you didnt try and bind /dev/sda1 WITH /dev/sda1 as the target, did you?05:29
DanaGWith the ethernet-kills-wifi feature enabled, and my router set to give the same IP to both MAC addresses... Linux works fine.05:29
DanaGWindows refuses to give IP address "x" to a network card when another card already has that address... even if the previous card is "media disconnected".05:29
randomusrgartral, no, not sure how to do that05:29
DanaGAnd yet, trying to release the IP... gives "can't do that -- media disconnected".05:29
gartralrandomusr: it's not a good thing to do05:30
gartralwell, my issue has been stated in full, thankyo DanaG and nick125 for listening, i hope this becomes a well document problem and fixed before the next release05:31
gartral\j #linux05:31
DanaGCheck the bugtracker -- look for an existing similar bug report.05:31
DanaGAnd if one doesn't exist, you can file one.05:31
nick125Yeah, I'd put in a feature request or something. See if they'll add some kind of feature to gracefully handle situations where two routes to the same subnet exist.05:32
randomusrnick125, could you look at http://pastebin.org/12832305:32
Andre_Gondimis there any workaround about ubuntu one?05:32
randomusrthat's the output of mount05:32
nick125randomusr: okay, cd into /media/2a97bf40-d31c-4bbf-b3a5-9059690547c305:32
randomusrnick125, now I'm told I want to do grub-install as grub comes up with the menu list but freezes. there are a number of kernels05:34
randomusrbut I can't choose any05:34
randomusrthis occured after updates had run automatically, and I wrote a new xorg.conf with nvidia-settings05:35
randomusrshould I run grub-install?05:35
nick125randomusr: Are we talking about grub legacy or grub2?05:36
randomusrooh, good point... whatever comes on the 10.04 64bit cd05:36
nick125randomusr: Well, your install...was it a fresh install in either Karmic or Lucid?05:37
randomusrit says Grub 0.97 on the menu/splash screen that comes up when attempting to boot05:37
randomusrit was a fresh install05:37
randomusroops, 1.97 yea05:37
nick125okay, that's grub205:37
IdleOnerandomusr: that is correct05:37
nick125randomusr: Try...05:38
nick125grub-install /dev/sda05:38
randomusrok here gooes05:39
nick125If that doesn't work, then we'll try something else.05:39
randomusrcannot find a device for /boot/grub05:41
randomusrautodetection of filesystem failed05:41
randomusrwe're certain I don't want grub-install /dev/sda1?05:42
nick125You could try that05:42
randomusrsame diff, can't find a device for /boot/grub, yet I can see the directory in the filesystem hierarchy05:43
nick125Okay...let's try something else then.05:44
nick125sudo chroot /media/2a97bf40-d31c-4bbf-b3a5-9059690547c305:45
nick125source /etc/profile05:45
nick125grub-install /dev/sda05:45
randomusrsame thing05:46
randomusrcannot find a device for /boot/grub05:47
randomusrnick125, should I pastebin the error?05:47
DanaGoh wait...05:47
DanaGdod you bind-mount /dev and /sys and such?05:47
nick125DanaG: That was going to be my next idea.05:48
DanaGsudo mount -t rbind /dev /media/2a97bf40-d31c-4bbf-b3a5-9059690547c3/dev05:48
DanaGrbind is recursive bind, so it'll get /dev/pts05:48
nick125then do what DanaG said05:48
randomusrdo I need to chroot to the cd filesystem prior?05:49
nick125randomusr: You want to type `exit` (without the quotes) so that you're not in the chroot05:49
DanaGyeah, the mount command must be done from outside.05:50
randomusrnow I'm just in that directory, but not in chroot05:50
randomusrI'll try now05:50
randomusrunknown filesystem type rbind05:51
nick125okay, just -t bind then05:51
ddecator_while we're talking about chroot...anyone know how to give chroot access to an encrypted /home folder? (just trying to build 32-bit packages on a 64-bit system, not recover a system)05:51
nick125mount -t bind /dev/ /media/<blah>/dev05:52
nick125ddecator_: bind mount05:52
nick125oh, try..05:52
nick125mount -o bind /dev/ /media/<blah>/dev05:53
ddecator_nick125: what command do i use to do that? i don't want to screw it up =p05:53
nick125ddecator_: mount -o bind <source> <target>05:53
nick125e.g., mount -o bind /home/ddecator/packages/ /mnt/chroot/packages/05:55
ddecator_nick125: so mount -o bind /home /var/chroot/lucid/home ?05:55
nick125that should work too, but I'd be careful about binding the entire /home directory.05:55
randomusrnick125, mount -o bind /dev /blah/dev works05:55
ddecator_or i could just do the one folder i suppose =p05:55
DanaGrandomusr: maybe it's not -t rbind, but rather -o rbind05:55
randomusrnow chroot?05:55
nick125randomusr: Great. Now run sudo chroot /media/blah/blah05:55
ddecator_that'd clean up my /home folder too...05:55
ddecator_nick125: thanks!05:55
nick125chroot /media/blah05:55
nick125er, sudo chroot /media/blah05:56
nick125source /etc/profile05:56
nick125then try running grub-install without any arguments05:56
randomusrok, does it matter that I did -o bind as opposed to -o rbind?05:56
nick125randomusr: shouldn't.05:57
DanaGnope, about the only thing different between bind and rbind, with /dev/, is that you' get "error writing log -- can't open PT"05:57
randomusrnick125, grub-install wants arguments.... should it be /dev/sda?05:57
nick125randomusr: /dev/sda should do05:58
randomusrdone... now reboot and pray to god?05:59
nick125randomusr: Did it work?05:59
randomusrwith a zero returned05:59
nick125If it exited without error, try it.05:59
randomusrit didn't print zero of course06:00
randomusrcross my fingers and hope this works06:00
randomusrthis will be so awesome if it just works06:01
nick125It would be.06:01
ddecator_nick125: worked, thanks =)06:01
nick125ddecator_: Awesome.06:01
randomusrhmm, 3 different kernels, can't boot06:02
randomusrcan't even select different kernels or memtest06:02
randomusris it possible to run a recovery mode from the cd?06:03
nick125randomusr: What's happening that it "can't boot?"06:03
randomusrGNU GRUB version 1.97~beta406:04
randomusrLists items to boot, but I can't choose anything with the arrows and "Enter" does nothing06:04
randomusrshould I just toss the computer out a window?06:05
nomadz__the monitor sees the options avail, but the keyboard does not work?06:06
nick125randomusr: does the 'e' key work?06:09
nomadz__randomusr: if the monitor sees the 3 kernels i would not give up on it06:09
randomusrnick125, apparently grub 1.97 beta is broken....06:09
nick125Hmm. This is interesting.06:10
bullgardDo I need to install the DEB program package 'module-assistant' in order to be able to use HDAPS on an IBM Thinkpad T42?06:11
nick125randomusr: Was this working in the past?06:14
nick125randomusr: What changed between when it was working and now?06:15
randomusrrebooting and everything. in ubuntu+1 they're telling me it's known to break06:15
randomusrI chose to autoupdate without prompting for authentication and wrote the nvidia-settings to a new xorg.conf06:16
randomusrboth about the same time, and that's when grub quit working06:16
randomusrUpdate manager prompted a reboot if I recall06:16
nick125nvidia-settings shouldn't affect grub.06:16
nick125randomusr: I'd go and reboot back into the livecd.06:17
randomusrworking on it06:17
randomusrthey told me to repair the corrupted mbr? wtf06:18
randomusrexcuse my language06:18
nick125randomusr: Well, if the MBR was corrupt, the grub-install command should've fixed it.06:18
randomusrI know right06:18
nick125We'll try an update-grub and see if that helps any.06:22
randomusrback to the live cd06:23
nick125Okay. Check mount and see if /dev/sda1 is mounted.06:23
randomusrcd /media/blah?06:24
nick125Okay, we're going to chroot again. sudo mount -o bind /dev/ /media/blah/dev/ then sudo chroot /media/blah06:24
mwhudsoni'm getting a lot of segfaults in lucid today06:25
mwhudson(mostly inside of libc it seems)06:25
randomusrnick125, done06:26
nick125randomusr: Okay, run update-grub06:26
nomadz__mwhudson: me too, just found then sense you brought it up06:26
mwhudsonwow and now x is on the blink06:27
mwhudsoni hope my laptop isn't dying :/06:27
nick125randomusr: Also, do me a favor. pastebin the output of 'tail -n2 /var/log/apt/history.log'06:27
nick125randomusr: wrong window ;)06:27
randomusrI was giving a play-by-play06:27
randomusrit said cannot find list of partitions! at the end06:28
nick125actually, sorry. 'tail -n4 /var/log/apt/history.log' (without quotes, as usual)06:28
randomusrI'm chatting from my laptop btw, the system in question is desktop06:28
nick125run that command and pastebin the output06:28
randomusrno such file or directory06:29
nick125randomusr: Are you in the chroot?06:30
randomusryes... how about term.log06:30
xsachacan someone explain why ubuntu lucid takes forever to load google.com if it is my home page?06:30
randomusrthere's no history.log06:31
xsachawhereas if i try to go to another site, say wikipedia or yahoo.. it jumps to it instantly? i have a computer next to me without ubuntu that loads google instantly as it should06:31
nick125randomusr: What other files do you have in /var/log/apt?06:31
randomusrthat's it06:32
xsachadoes it have anything to do with ubuntu now using yahoo as default search engine?06:32
nick125randomusr: okay, go ahead and pastebin a few hundred lines of /var/log/apt/term.log06:33
bbordwellxsacha, nope my homepage is google.com and it loads instantly06:33
randomusrok then06:33
nick125randomusr: I'm wondering what package you might've updated that would have caused this kind of breakage.06:33
nomadz__xsacha: you added something to firefox?06:35
xsachabbordwell, any idea why this happens? it seems to be only google. also.. once google loads (takes almost a minute) every google page after this loads instantly06:35
xsachai havent changed anything except update in synaptic06:35
xsachabut if i go somewhere else first instead, that page will load instantly06:36
randomusrnick125 it's 12835506:36
randomusrthis should be good....06:36
bbordwellxsacha, I doubt it since all other sites are working correctly, but have you tried changing your dns server to opendns?06:36
xsachahow do i do this?06:37
nick125randomusr: Can you pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?06:40
xsachai dont really have to reboot right?06:40
xsachai will anyway, brb06:41
bbordwellyes you do06:41
bbordwelllol he is gone..06:41
qwertyjustinhey, my usb stick is read only. what command is best to give it read write permissions? Sudo chmod or something??06:41
nomadz__qwertyjustin: is it locked?06:42
qwertyjustini can mount and open the drive, and access the content in there06:43
qwertyjustinbut unable to delete for eg06:43
qwertyjustinor copy06:43
nomadz__qwertyjustin: is it locked?06:43
qwertyjustinim unaware of that parameter, locked06:43
bbordwellqwertyjustin, you could open nautilus as root and then you should be able to mount it06:43
bbordwellfor an easy GUI route06:43
randomusrnick125, I'm beginning to wonder if it's a problem with the menu list maybe06:44
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?06:44
DanaGJust re-figured-out why my plymouth doesn't work: plymouth REFUSES to give a splash on local console if ANY serial console is present!06:44
nick125randomusr: Look at the stuff beginning at line 11306:44
DanaGI thought they'd fixed that!06:44
nomadz__qwertyjustin: some usb sticks have a physical lock, i have one06:44
DanaGIt just goes straight to loading details.so!06:44
qwertyjustinoh no, no physical lock on this one06:45
qwertyjustinso, the best gui way to give it write perms..06:45
bullgardDanaG: What does the phrase "It just goes straight to..." mean? (My native language is not English.)06:45
qwertyjustin"Error removing file: Read-only file system"06:46
randomusrnick125, I see it, but I don't follow06:46
DanaGWhat I mean is, I added "plymouth:debug" to grub kernel options... and the debug spew tells me that it doesn't try to load the ubuntu theme.06:46
DanaGIt just loads details.so.  Doesn't even TRY to show the splash.06:46
DanaG"details.so" being the raw text-mode (a.k.a. do-nothing) plugin.06:46
nick125randomusr: Let's just try something. I know it says not to edit it, but go ahead and open up /boot/grub/grub.cfg and delete from ### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ### to ### END /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ###06:47
randomusrhmmm ok06:47
nomadz__i have tossed plymouth, when the powers that be get it all nice and fixed then i may return it,  i enjoy the text scroll06:47
qwertyjustinanyway way to give the usb still write perms in gui?06:48
randomusrnick125, there are several of those blocks06:48
DanaGyeah, plymouth==phail.06:49
bbordwellqwertyjustin, If you open nautilus as root "sudo nautilus" you should be able to do pretty much anything to the flash drive06:49
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:49
nomadz__qwertyjustin: in nautilus as root change the permission for the drive to wide open, that an option?06:49
nick125randomusr: IT's the second-to-the-last block06:49
bbordwelllol the bot is smarter than me....06:49
bbordwelldid not know that06:50
xsachaok i rebooted and my internet did not work at all with opendns!06:50
qwertyjustini have attempted this infact. but no luck. i attempt to change all the options to give me a read right ability, but it continues to say that it is a read only filesystem06:50
xsachait was just sitting there 'loading' no matter what page i tried.. so i removed opendns and rebooted again06:50
* nomadz__ found a plugin for nautilus , gksu , now its just a click away06:50
xsachaand now google loads instantly.. hows that work?06:50
randomusrnick125, then save exit and reboot?06:50
nick125randomusr: yeah06:51
bbordwellxsacha, haha who knows....a restart is always good though06:51
randomusrdamn, it won't let me save.... trying to save on read only disk06:51
nick125randomusr: That's really weird.06:52
nomadz__nick125: unless he is looking at the cd image06:52
nick125nomadz__: He should be in the chroot06:52
erghezii have problem with nvidia driver06:53
bbordwelldoes anyone know how to tell rhythmbox to stop watching a folder?06:53
bbordwellerghezi, what is it?06:53
erghezii install it from hardware drivers06:53
nomadz__bbordwell: i told it by un-installing it and installing vlc instead06:54
bbordwellnomadz__, I love rhythmbox.....06:54
randomusrnick125, Could I try giving myself write permissions?06:54
erghezibbordwell: ubuntu tell me , cant find nvidiamodule06:54
nick125randomusr: Open up another terminal and run mount and see what it says on the /dev/sda1 on blah line06:54
ddecator_bbigras: preferences > music > uncheck "watch my library" ?06:54
ddecator_bbordwell: ^^06:55
randomusryea, and it says it's rw too06:55
bullgardDo I need to install the DEB program package 'module-assistant' in order to be able to use HDAPS on an IBM Thinkpad T42?06:56
nick125randomusr: Hmm. Are you sure that you're in the chroot?06:56
bbordwellddecator, currently it has multiple locations set to monitor. I want it to watch one of them but remove the others06:57
randomusrbelieve so06:57
bbordwellif i did that no folders would be monitored06:57
nick125randomusr: If you cd into /home, your home dirs are there, right?06:58
ZykoticK9erghezi, did you happen to install the nvidia driver from Nvidia's site?06:58
ergheziZykoticK9: no , i get error from it06:58
randomusrmaybe I missed something going into chroot06:59
ZykoticK9erghezi, and you used System / Admin / Hardware Drivers06:59
ergheziZykoticK9: i install from it!06:59
DanaGanother thing that's a pain with plymouth: there's no log of those debug messages!06:59
randomusrnick125, how can I undo the bind06:59
randomusrthen I'll try it with rbind07:00
DanaGyou unbind by unmounting the target.07:00
randomusrsudo umount /blah07:00
ergheziZykoticK9: when i open nvidia-settings, iget this error: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.07:00
bbordwelldoes anyone know how well digital cameras are supported in ubuntu?07:01
nomadz__bullgard: see this , not sure if it fits your needs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57315/comments/2807:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 57315 in linux "loading hdaps fails on a Thinkpad Z60m (and W500)" [Medium,Incomplete]07:01
DanaGblah being /media/UUID_replace_withreal_thing/dev/07:01
ZykoticK9erghezi, which would suggest you are using nouveau or another driver07:01
ergheziZykoticK9: official driver07:02
bbordwellerghezi, what happens if you type "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current?07:02
ZykoticK9erghezi, in a terminal "lspci -vnvn" and find you Nvidia card section - there will be a line KERNEL DRIVER in USE (or similar) what does it say?07:03
ergheziZykoticK9: nvidia-current is already the newest version.07:03
randomusrsudo mount -o rbind /dev /media/blah/realthing/dev07:03
randomusrdoes that work?07:03
ergheziZykoticK9: http://pastebin.com/ctisXX8P07:05
ergheziZykoticK9: dmesg |tail07:05
ZykoticK9erghezi, what's the output of "lspci | grep -i vga"07:06
ergheziZykoticK9: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G92 [GeForce GTS 250] (rev a2)07:06
ZykoticK9erghezi, did you update from Karmic?  Did you add any nvidia PPA to your system?07:06
ergheziZykoticK9: i install it new07:07
randomusrdamn it's still read only07:07
bullgardnomadz__: Thank you very much for your help.07:07
ZykoticK9erghezi, then i have no idea what's wrong then sorry - best of luck man07:07
nomadz__bullgard: no sweat07:09
randomusrnick125 or DanaG, can I somehow take ownership of the file to save to it?07:09
* bbordwell wonders if bullgard understand the expression no sweat07:09
randomusrmaybe a chmod?07:10
randomusror can I authenticate as the su on the root of that filesystem?07:11
bullgardbbordwell: I do not know the phrase "no sweat". I conclude from the situation at hand that nomadz__ meant a milder  form of the phrase: "with pleasure".07:12
nick125randomusr: what does whoami say?07:12
randomusrlmfao.... "root"07:12
ergheziafte sync my music, i cant see them in ipod07:13
nick125randomusr: Hm.07:13
randomusranyway to save the edited file?07:13
ergheziand my bookmark and history firefox are disabled07:13
bbordwellbullgard, yep thats about right.07:14
nick125randomusr: I have no idea why it would be saying that the file is read only07:14
nick125randomusr: What a second. You're running Lucid, right? And a recently updated version, too, right?07:14
randomusrshould I check the permissions?07:14
ergheziZykoticK9: i think so, there is conflict with nouvea driver07:15
nick125randomusr: That is really weird.07:15
nick125randomusr: Note the kernel version in your grub config. That's pretty old in Lucid land.07:16
randomusrroot permission is r--07:16
ibnulislamI have successfully upgrade my lappy from karmic to lucid and no issue, Should I try a clean installation on my office desktop? Both have almost the same chipset.07:16
bbordwellibnulislam, if the office desktop is need for work i would wiat07:17
nick125randomusr: Open up a new console and open /media/<blah>/boot/grub/grub.cfg and see if it's the same.07:17
ZykoticK9ibnulislam, using BETA software on your office (thus production) computer probably isn't a wise idea07:17
randomusrnick125, what would be the 3 digit to change permissions to rw-r--r--07:18
normancleggibnulislam  not without a backup and not without a need.07:18
nick125randomusr: 64407:18
ibnulislambbordwell ZykoticK9:  :(07:18
bbordwellibnulislam, system breakages on beta are likely07:19
nick125ibnulislam: If you were to happen to break your office desktop, could you survive? It sounds that since you're doing a clean install, you don't care much about the data on there....worse case scenario, you could always install Karmic.07:19
MaletorDoes the amd64-alternate-install only allow install from CD. It reaches a fatal error when I tell it not to look for CD drivers.07:19
nick125Maletor: It probably needs the CD drivers to be able to load the installer from the CD.07:19
MaletorIt's on USB.07:20
randomusrtime for me go to bed07:20
MaletorSorry forgot to mention.07:20
randomusrnight sir and thanks for trying07:20
MaletorWhy can't Ubuntu alternate figure out that I don't need CD drivers. They need me...07:22
rwwMaletor: Which program did you use to put it on a USB stick?07:34
MaletorI was just reading how I should be using the USB creator found on the live cd.07:35
rwwunetbootin + debian-installer images (including Ubuntu alternate) = horrible breakage07:35
Maletorunetbootin from an iso i downloaded myself07:35
=== KatieOffline is now known as KatieKitty
Maletor= ?07:35
MaletorSo what's the solution. Get another flash drive and boot that?07:36
MaletorThat's ridiculous07:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 338455 in unetbootin "Debian base system iso fails to find a CD-ROM" [Critical,Fix released]07:36
rwwcomment #10, in particular07:37
hifiMaletor: you can also dd the netinstall disk image to your thumb drive07:37
hifiif you just need a quick install07:38
rwwoh, hmm, I think I'm thinking of a different bug07:38
hifior the hdmedia image and drop the .iso into the filesystem07:39
rwwhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdrom-detect/+bug/234185 , perhaps07:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 234185 in usb-creator "Alternate CD cdrom-detect.postinst does not consider USB flash drive/key. " [Medium,Fix released]07:39
rwwbut yeah, hifi's two options are what I'd go with, rather than having unetbootin deal with it07:40
=== KatieKitty is now known as KatieOffline
=== KatieOffline is now known as KatieKitty
fatbrainhi, running pulseaudio on jack, where can I find/configure the startup arguments for jackd?08:03
Blue11fatbrain: man I played with that like 18 months ago --08:04
fatbrain... please continue :)08:04
Blue11fatbrain: i ran into a smiliar problem - I couldn't find away to configure it, so I abanoned it.08:05
fatbrain*doh* :)08:05
Blue11fatbrain: pulseaudio is really unstable here - I have to jiggle to digital speaker volume (not analogue) between songs to get it to work08:06
Blue11fatbrain: what was your reason for trying jackd, I am curious?08:07
Blue11no clue08:07
Blue11what that is08:07
Blue11yeah that's why more than anything I'd ever do.  I can't even get the sound recorder to work08:08
topyliooh stable gnome dripping in08:09
Blue11new kernel today must reboot bbiab08:10
fatbrainhave fun08:10
Blue11sheesh more updates.08:11
willvarfarsomehow the latest auto-update on 10's beta has installed mythbuntu and that became the artwork on the startup/shutdown and also the default desktop; it completely threw me, it took a while for me to get back into my ubuntu; what's going on, why is this happening?08:11
Blue11willvarfar: did that happen after today's update?08:11
Blue11ahh I'll let you know when this d/l finishes08:13
willvarfaryesterday there was a broken package, and I think it was mythbuntu theme, I remember seeing the myth name and not recognising it08:13
willvarfarBlue11: the first thing is to see if the shutdown artwork has changed....08:13
Blue11willvarfar: I;ll know when I reboot.08:14
willvarfarmine came back with an ugly login box and then put me in mythbuntu which is an empty desktop with nothing to do - power button worked, and next time in I selected 'gnome' from the desktop choice on the login08:14
Blue11thanks for the warning...08:15
Blue11what is the big deal about lucid not using usplash and plymouth instead08:16
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
Blue11okay so we save some context switches that might look better, but in the end, is it going to save me any time off booting that I will notice?08:17
HanIf my mouse cursor gets near to the top of the screen it disappears. ati videocard08:20
Blue11uh oh, I have an ati vid card, doing updates now08:20
Blue11this is what I have:  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]08:21
Blue11okay rebooting08:21
willvarfargenerally wondering: are ubuntu updates diffs?08:23
Blue11nothing has broke - yet08:25
rwwwillvarfar: no08:25
willvarfarBlue11, no mythbuntu?08:26
Blue11booted right into gnome -08:26
willvarfarI figured that it can't be a mainstream problem, else how would nobody else be complaining?08:27
normancleggCan anyone be referred to this channel ?08:27
Blue11normanclegg: afaik, yea08:27
willvarfaror perhaps all those users are who have somehow got mythbuntu are right now trying to work out how to get out of that empty desktop..08:27
rwwnormanclegg: #ubuntu+1 is for discussion and support with Lucid/10.04. If someone wants to talk about that, then sure. It's not secret or anything.08:27
normancleggbeta or alpha buntu08:28
normancleggright ?08:28
willvarfarso... anyone know how what the mythbuntu packages are called so I can get rid of it?08:28
rwwnormanclegg: any stage of the development version. This channel opens up once the toolchain is updated at the start of the release cycle, before the alphas are out.08:28
Blue11willvarfar: no idea they aren't here08:28
normancleggrww cool08:29
Hanwillvarfar, dpkg -l |grep myth08:29
willvarfarin synaptic I search for "myth" and there ar ea few things listed - archive, browser, export, gallery etc - but none are instlaled08:30
normancleggin 10.04 removing mythbuntu packages should be simple.08:30
Blue11normanclegg: nothing installed here08:30
normancleggBlue11  what is not installed there ?08:32
willvarfarAHA!  can't find it in synaptic, but I can find it on the ubuntu software centre - apparently I have the mythbuntu-default-settings and mythbuntu-gdm-theme installed08:32
Blue11normanclegg: myth whatever08:33
willvarfarso a) curious those aren't listed in synaptic, b) that I have them installed at all - never a conscious choice08:33
normancleggit sure as heck should be plainly labeled08:33
mvowillvarfar: did you use the quick search in synaptic? it is sometimes not 100% accurate unfortunately08:33
mvothat is on the fix list for 10.0408:33
normanclegginstalling and uninstalling should be complete08:34
willvarfarmvo, that was it; quick search for 'myth' shows only a few things, add a 'b' so you search for 'mythb' and suddenly they all appear08:35
mvosorry for that, there is a fix pending in a branch I think08:37
willvarfaryou shouldn't apologise to me, I should thank you :)08:40
whitmanI've just upgraded karmic to lucid beta1 running in a virtualbox vm.  Whenever I start the vm and login the network connection attempts to get an IP from dhcp but fails.  If I disable and then re-enabling networking the connection comes up instantly.  Known issue?08:51
fatbrainwhitman: probably ;P08:56
zzz__I'm still unclear as to when or how updates should be applied to 10.04 Beta. I've not seen any update notifications since installing it, and am now aware I should not allow partial upgrades, but without doing anything at all, the existing bugs remain and the system cannot be used. Opening "System", "Admin", "Update Manager" I see 188 updates selected and available, requiring 126.6 MB be...08:56
zzz__...downloaded. Looking at each individually, some descriptions raise my curiosity that they may be related to resolving one of the bugs I've encountered. How do those who are knowledgeable proceed?08:56
Bittarmanzzz__, sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade09:00
BittarmanBUGabundo_remote, morning09:01
BittarmanBUGabundo_remote, would you know what libgcrypt is doing resuming every time I boot?09:01
Bittarmaninstead of the new plymouth spash, I get to stare at resuming: libgcrypt 1.4 until boot is complete09:02
zzz__Bittarman: Is that the proper way to maintain the Beta up to date and safe enough that it can be run multiple times per day?09:02
Bittarmanzzz__, I don't know about proper, but its  pretty safe most of the time09:03
willvarfarzzz__, I found that when I went to 10.04 mysteriously my auto-update was not checked anymore, and I had to go to the settings and check it again09:03
Bittarmanworst that happened to me is x got knocked out for a few hours (updated and upgraded again and it was fixed)09:03
zzz__Bittarman: Okay, I'll09:03
Bittarmanand that was in alpha09:03
BUGabundo_remoteBittarman: checking for encripted filesystem09:05
BittarmanBUGabundo_remote, well, Im not using one... how do I stop it?09:05
BUGabundo_remoteyou don't09:06
BUGabundo_remoteit has to CHECK for it09:06
BUGabundo_remotejust like it checks for a mouse or a keyb09:06
Bittarmanah. I see09:06
Bittarmanso everyone will have this with lucid?09:06
BUGabundo_remotezzz__: you don't have any popup from update manager since karmic!!!09:07
BUGabundo_remotewhat have u been doing so far!??09:07
BUGabundo_remoteBittarman: I already saw that in karmic!09:07
BUGabundo_remotebut I never run splashs09:07
BUGabundo_remotemaybe you did, and never saw it09:07
Bittarmanyeah, but I have plymouth installed, and its "not working" because of it09:08
Bittarmanit seems to stop plymouth throwing up the splash09:08
Damascenewhat is the problem with screen saver? I should unlock it twice to work09:08
Bittarmanoccasionally I see a flicker of plymouth before the gnome login comes up.. but thats it09:09
[diablo]morning all...09:09
BUGabundo_remoteBittarman: GPU and driver?09:10
BUGabundo_remotehello [diablo]09:10
[diablo]guys, anyone encounter issues with grub on a clean 10.04 install please? I am getting recovery unable to read C/H/S09:10
[diablo]moin moin BUGabundo_remote09:10
BittarmanBUGabundo_remote, amd mobile X2 (can't remember specifics, laptops back at home)09:11
Bittarmanoh.. gpu not cpu..09:11
Bittarmanits an nvidia 7xxx mobility with nvidia-current09:11
zzz__BUGabundo_remote: About 2 weeks ago I upgraded to 10.04 Beta, and was running the Update Manager to apply any updates it displayed. I also used synaptic to add 5 apps that disappeared and were installed on my working system, and doing so gave me access to my NAS drives again. A few days later after running the Update Manager and allowing a partial upgrade, my NAS access was lost and the...09:13
zzz__...original problem returned. Since then I've done a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and have been waiting for notice that updates were available, but have seen no notice.09:13
BUGabundo_remoteBittarman: yeah that explains it09:13
BUGabundo_remotezzz__: here is a tip for you: DON'T EVER RUN parcial updates UNLESS you know what you are doing!09:14
[diablo]mucho mucho updates... brb09:14
BittarmanBUGabundo_remote, is there an open bug?09:14
BUGabundo_remoteagain, dist-upgrade can be very destructiv09:14
Hewany reports of eth0 disappearing with recent updates?09:14
BUGabundo_remoteBittarman: probably a TON of them09:14
BUGabundo_remoteHew: archive NM? or ppa?09:14
BittarmanBUGabundo_remote, ill look again tonight. thanks09:15
Hewjust lucid archive09:15
BUGabundo_remoteHew: 1st one I saw. will keep an eye for it09:15
Hewit's probably something on my end if there haven't been reports, just wanted to check09:15
BUGabundo_remoteHew: someone has to be the 1st09:16
BUGabundo_remoteI know end up being one of them many many times09:16
zzz__Bittarman: The command you recommended is now displaying a message. "185 packages upgraded, 3 newly installed, 11 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 133MB of archives. After unpacking 17.4MB will be used."  Do you want to continue?  [ Y/n/? ]09:17
BUGabundo_remoteothers, I'm the last, and have no idea what ppl are talking about09:17
BUGabundo_remotezzz__: Y09:17
BUGabundo_remoteor just enter09:17
BUGabundo_remotein CLI options, the Case letter is default, if you press enter09:17
rwwzzz__: Which packages does it want to remove?09:19
Bittarmanrww, it would be trying to move packages which have been deprecated09:19
zzz__BUGabundo_remote: Did so and files are now downloading. This is my first time using a Beta, and I'm learning many new things.09:19
rwwBittarman: oh, safe-upgrade. gotcha.09:19
zzz__rww: It did not name the packages, only indicated that there are 11.09:20
Bittarmanzzz__, i wouldn't worry too much, it will be some stuff which has been superceeded or is superflous09:20
zzz__Bittarman: Hopefully the problem accessing NAS drives will be cleared soon, that's the most important to me.09:22
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Blue-Omega
BUGabundo_remoterww: as long as it is safe, don't see a prob with it removing09:22
BUGabundo_remotefull-upgrade or dist-upgrade or Partial Updates  OTOH I do rethink it09:23
BUGabundo_remotezzz__: is that access via SMB? if so, it's a know bug09:24
zzz__BUGabundo_remote: I think so, all I really know is how to bring up the drives from Home Folder, Go, Network pn each of the computers on my network so all can have access to the files.09:27
BUGabundo_remotezzz__: look it up in LP. maybe there's a work around there. I'm not subbed to that bug09:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 462169 in samba "nmbd dies on startup when network interfaces are not up yet" [High,Fix released]09:30
BUGabundo_remotehumm not that09:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 532024 in gvfs "gvfsd-smb-brows uses 100% cpu after selecting Places-->Network (dup-of: 530605)" [Low,Incomplete]09:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 530605 in libgnome-keyring "gvfs-mount doesn't always work. gvfsd-smb starts using 100% cpu." [High,Triaged]09:30
BUGabundo_remoteerr not that one either09:31
BUGabundo_remotebad google bot09:31
zzz__BUGabundo_remote: I've noticed Keyring, and GVS go by, which have been mentioned in the bug reports I've been following and posting to. I think it was 369194.09:32
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Blue-Omega
Damascenewhat is the problem with screen saver? I should unlock it twice to work09:37
BUGabundo_remotebug 36919409:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369194 in gvfs "gvfsd-smb hangs at 100% cpu when remote share goes offline while copying a file" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36919409:39
BUGabundo_remoteDamascene: gnome-keyring09:39
Damasceneso is it a known bug?09:40
BUGabundo_remoteit was fixed09:40
BUGabundo_remoteso some other regression09:40
Aondogvfsd seems to do some cpu work for both smb and over sftp lately :D09:45
zzz__BUGabundo_remote: Well, it's not fixed. gvfsd-smb-browse still takes CPU to 100%, canceling the request, and ending the process returns CPU usage to normal, and Unable to mount location msg appears.09:48
zzz__BUGabundo: I noticed the kernel didn't show the one just installed and did a reboot, and now I can access one NAS drive fully, but the other one only allows me to display the folders available on the drive and takes CPU to 100% if I try to open any of them.09:57
sobersabrewhat's the preferred app to write audio CDs in Lucid now ?09:59
sobersabrehow do I do this ?09:59
BUGabundo_remoteTorrentow_: ahah10:11
Torrentow_<3 bash10:11
gnomefreakBUGabundo_remote: do you know where can i add a damn foirgot the word :(10:12
=== MosquitoOo is now known as MaWaLe
sobersabreTorrentow_: I prefer something GUIy for my wife.10:13
BUGabundo_remotegnomefreak: add what to where?10:14
coz_sobersabre,  I use gnomebaker myself10:14
Torrentow_i am masohist linux user10:14
gnomefreaki cant recall what it is called but the picture while gnome loads10:14
BUGabundo_remotegnomefreak: plymouth10:15
gnomefreakits too damn early10:15
gnomefreakBUGabundo_remote: now plymouth is before gnome loading10:15
* BUGabundo_remote hands gnomefreak a bunch of pills, a glass of water, and a strong cup of coffee10:15
BUGabundo_remoteGDM ?10:15
sobersabrecoz_: I remember there were several projects and I don't know what's their status.10:15
* BUGabundo_remote waves at coz_10:15
sobersabreso, yiou say baker is still alive.10:16
coz_sobersabre,  well I have always used gnomebaker with no problems   brasero I have had issues with10:16
coz_sobersabre,  I use it all the time10:16
sobersabrecoz_: thanks10:16
coz_sobersabre,  no problem... let me know if it doesnt work for you... I may have to test it again :(10:17
gnomefreakwhile booting system you have grub -> plytmouth ->login screen -> gnome loading -> while gnome loading you can set a photo once gnome is done loading it gos away10:17
sobersabrecoz_: I usually do not have any problems operating software.10:17
gnomefreakBUGabundo_remote: ^^10:17
coz_sobersabre,  cool :)10:17
Busatacool, here it's grub > plymouth attempt -> ascii logo -> gnome loaded !10:18
BUGabundo_remotegnomefreak: I see bios, grub, TTY, flickr of plymouth, my gnome-terminal and desktop :D10:18
sobersabrecoz_: preparing a nice trip CD (Bach's Orgelwerks if you ask)10:19
coz_sobersabre,  love bach :)10:19
sobersabrelike a friend of mine says "I love any music"10:19
sobersabre"as long as it's been written by Bach".10:20
sobersabrehm. baker died after I added several FLAC files.10:21
sobersabretake #210:21
coz_sobersabre,  ooooo10:21
coz_sobersabre,  I better test this later then10:22
coz_sobersabre,  brasero is installed by default  ...have you tried that also?10:22
st4aluckStill don't know what to do with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:28
aboSamoorHi, can I find an email notifier that integrates well with messaging menu on LL ?10:28
coz_sobersabre,  working now?10:29
geseraboSamoor: for which mail reader?10:32
aboSamoorgeser: gmail10:33
st4aluckStill don't know what to do with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:33
geseraboSamoor: have you tried mail-notification? I use it for my local mbox (I read mail with mutt) but it also has gmail support (never used) but I get OSD notifications when new mail arrives10:35
aboSamoorgeser: does it work with the messaging menu ?10:36
geserI guess that part is missing :(10:37
aboSamoorgeser: the messaging menu is a great idea in my opinion, but I can not understand how till now there is no notifier that take use of it10:38
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: I have one10:38
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: gm-notify10:39
BUGabundo_remoteit integrates pretty weel10:39
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: I tried it and even patched the latest version, it is buggy by the one. It lacks also changing the messaging menu icon.10:40
BUGabundo_remotethere's a ppa for it10:40
BUGabundo_remotemine lights up10:40
BUGabundo_remoteand shows the emails in there10:40
BUGabundo_remoteI'm using code.lp trunk10:40
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: I am using 0.9 and it was built for 9.04.10:40
BUGabundo_remotespeaking of it, I need to update my local branch10:40
BUGabundo_remote /gm-notify$ bzr pull10:41
BUGabundo_remoteUsing saved parent location: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gm-notify-maintainers/gm-notify/trunk/10:41
BUGabundo_remoteNow on revision 42.10:41
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: I could not reach that PPA from the lanuchpad page that is weird10:42
BUGabundo_remotesudo ./setup.py install10:42
BUGabundo_remoteand done :P10:42
BUGabundo_remoteill get you the proper bzr command10:43
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: I checked out10:44
BUGabundo_remotebzr branch lp:gm-notify10:44
Take0nHello guys. I recently (two days ago) installed ubuntu lucid and want to ask you how to get python interpreter back in the menu. In 9.04 and 9.10 I have it under Programming but in lucid it's not there10:44
Take0nhad it*10:44
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: just run $ bzr branch lp:gm-notify10:44
BUGabundo_remotethen install It10:44
Take0nI could just make a shortcut but I am not sure if I am missing something that's why I wanted to ask you10:44
BUGabundo_remoteremember to update it from time to time with bzr pull10:44
Busataany reason why they're removing packages, or is it all part of the gnome 2.29-30 plan?10:46
BusataI had to reinstall empathy, totem & now rhytmbox seems missing10:46
BUGabundo_remoteBusata: you must have done some dist upgrade that removed a non-built yet depency10:47
BUGabundo_remoteBusata: reinstall ubuntu-destkop10:47
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: where can I find good sound for notification ? \10:49
BittarmanaboSamoor, google "mute.wav" :P10:49
Bittarmanor "null.wav"10:49
Take0nanything about my question?10:52
BittarmanTake0n, System->Preferences->Main Menu10:54
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: AFAIK there's none10:55
Take0nBittarman: I am there I know how to add the shortcut (gnome-terminal -e python) but I am asking cause I am not sure if I miss something and therefore don't have the shortcut by default10:55
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406434/10:56
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: RTFM10:57
BUGabundo_remoteyou are missing depencies10:57
BittarmanTake0n, only problem could be that the package was uninstalled10:57
Take0nI am sure I didn't uninstall it..10:58
Take0nit wasn't there from the beginning10:58
Take0nwhat package would that be?10:58
BUGabundo_remoteTake0n: I'm certain it aint there ... ever even10:58
BUGabundo_remotePrograming menu is not a default Ubuntu, or even GNOME for that maner10:59
BUGabundo_remoteits a Debian one10:59
Take0nhm.. so what should I do to get it back? I had it in karmic and I know I didn't create it myself.. is there a package or something I installed to get it? I don't remember11:00
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: I solved the twisted dependency, any hints where I can find the gtalk module http://paste.ubuntu.com/406436/ ;)11:03
BUGabundo_remotegtalk!?!? there's no gtalk for linux :S11:09
BUGabundo_remoteI think you are launching the wrong app11:09
BUGabundo_remotelet me check11:10
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: try $ gm-notify-config.py11:10
gnomefreakBUGabundo_remoteits called a splash screen i cant a way to change it anymore11:11
BUGabundo_remoteoh and it plays sounds too11:11
BUGabundo_remoteaboSamoor: I can reproduce. it seems breakage in the latest trunk! please file a bug with them, and sub me to it11:12
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: saved me the explanation :), working on it ...11:12
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: I think i found the problem, the installation script is not copying the gtalk module.11:31
BUGabundo_remotefile a bug then11:36
BUGabundo_remoteor submit a merge request11:36
BUGabundo_remoteIan_Corne: !11:52
Ian_CorneHmm, what's that ? doing here11:52
BUGabundo_remotecat on the keyb?11:52
BUGabundo_remoteas long that's not your password, we are fine11:53
Ian_Cornehardly, at uni now11:53
BUGabundo_remoteit aint the password, rigth?11:53
ubottuIn Lucid you may notice that the window controls min/max/close is now on the left side. | For more information please see http://alturl.com/yvgv | To change it back to right side using a terminal please see http://alturl.com/x5d6.11:55
robotti^somebody else running ubuntu on virtual box?11:57
zzz__BUGabundo_remote: I just spent a huge amount of time going through the bug reports on LP and it looks like bug 530605 is the one I should be watching most closely.11:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530605 in libgnome-keyring "gvfs-mount doesn't always work. gvfsd-smb starts using 100% cpu." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53060511:58
BUGabundo_remoteok zzz__11:59
BUGabundo_remotegood for you . and thanks for letting us know11:59
BUGabundo_remotecrimsun: Pici: can one of you guys please update topic?12:00
BUGabundo_remotekklimonda: gvfs-mount bug12:08
kklimondaBUGabundo_remote: it's a long standing issue in lucid12:09
kklimondaBUGabundo_remote: and more applications are affected :/12:09
kklimonda(the problem is in gnome-keyring)12:10
om26erDamascene, here12:10
om26erDamascene, I dont use urdu, never tried it either12:11
DamasceneI thoght you are from country that people there use, urdu. sorry12:11
om26erDamascene, urdu is our language but I dont use it as system language12:12
Damasceneom26er, it will help the rtl languages comunity to have some one in bug control12:13
Damascenecould you use it so you can help your own comunity?12:13
aboSamoorBUGabundo_remote: any idea what is the default checking interval of the notifier, I got inbox(0) while gmai has one unread message !12:13
om26erDamascene, let me install it12:14
Damascenetell me when you done please12:14
om26erDamascene, installed, I think I have to login again to see the change12:19
kushalonewhat kind of error messages should I expect in 10.04 after the computer resets due to an overloaded power supply?12:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 504165 in evolution "Evolution freezes when pressing HOME while editing RTL email with weak directionality characters" [Medium,Confirmed]12:22
om26erDamascene, its like things have turned upside down for me ;)12:22
om26erDamascene, need to login again as I did not change text input to rtl12:25
DamasceneLC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 evolution12:29
Damascenewith your language code should be enough12:29
DamasceneI use ar_SA12:29
Damasceneany luck with the bug?12:32
noogahi, when i close my laptop, lucid logs me out12:33
noogai mean, when i close the creen12:33
om26erDamascene, I cannot reproduce this. I am using evolution 2.29.9212:36
om26erDamascene, can you try with evolution 2.29.92?12:36
om26erDamascene, use this ppa ppa:francesco-marella/unstable-evolution12:37
Damasceneso it's a known bug that get fixed?12:38
om26erDamascene, I dont know about that but development releases have many fixes12:39
om26erDamascene, and also lucid will be coming with 2.28.x :(12:39
om26erDamascene, can should try the ppa and see if it works fine for you12:40
Damasceneok I'll try as soon as possible12:41
om26erDamascene, great :)12:41
Damasceneom26er, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/54545912:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 545459 in evolution "evolution new message is broken in Arabic locale" [Low,Confirmed]12:42
Damascenethere is another bug12:42
Damasceneand I think even more. I'll test the unstable and see12:42
Ian_Cornegah, plymouth still broken :)12:47
Dr_Willisglad i disabled it.12:49
kklimondaany idea what does blue backgrund for files in ls output mean?12:57
penguin42don't think I've ever seen that13:00
Random832kklimonda; hardlink or directory with +t and no +w set13:00
kklimondahmm, makes sens13:02
alex_mayorgawhat's the package to bug against if the brightness controls on my laptop don't work?13:02
Dr_Williskklimonda:  do ls -l and look and see -  is how i do it. :)13:05
Dr_Willisls is so colorfull :)13:06
Dr_Willisalex_mayorga:  apci perhaps, or check the bug reports for other 'brightness controls' bugs and see who they filed them against13:06
Ian_CorneHow should I report bugs for non ubuntu packages which are in the ubuntu repo's?13:06
penguin42Ian_Corne: Like what?13:07
Ian_CorneI guess here13:08
penguin42chromium is in universe now isn't it? (but I'm running ppa)13:08
Dr_Willis!info chromium13:08
ubottuchromium (source: chromium-bsu): transitional dummy package for chromium-bsu. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.14-1 (lucid), package size 13 kB, installed size 40 kB13:08
penguin42Ian_Corne: Have you tried html5 video in youtube with chromium?13:09
Dr_Willisactually chromium is a game. :)13:09
Dr_Willis!info chromium-browser13:09
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.0.307.11~r39572-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 10924 kB, installed size 37384 kB13:09
kushaloneapport is so ridiculously obnoxious. Why does it assume that I want to submit a bug report for something that already has multiple duplicate bug reports on file?13:09
patdk-wkwhy wouldn't you want to make a duplicate bug report? :)13:10
kushalonebecause it is rude and just wastes everyone's time13:11
kushaloneoh, didn't see that smiley13:11
penguin42kushalone: It isn't intelligent enough to know whats a dupe and what isn't13:11
* patdk-wk sends kushalone on a vacation13:12
kushalonehaha. I wish. Conference at 12.3013:12
* patdk-wk keeps waiting for firefox to close13:12
patdk-wkusing 6gigs of ram now :(13:12
kushalonepenguin42: I guess that is a bug in apport then13:12
penguin42kushalone: When you invent a mechanism for auto understanding bugs then that's pretty smart!13:13
patdk-wkhow about just leave it how it is, and when you select an already created bug, it just adds you to the, affects also, list :)13:14
Ian_Cornepenguin42: i'll try it now13:14
Ian_Cornebut last times i saw, it just ended up loading forever13:14
penguin42Ian_Corne: Yeh that's what I see, but if you click the pop-out button it then works13:14
Ian_Cornetrying again now13:15
alex_mayorgaDr_Willis: Thanks13:15
Ian_Corneisn't that because they encode it when requested?13:15
Ian_Cornepenguin42: the popout is flash :p13:15
badpHello, I have a problem. For some reason, starting today, at some point my trackpad stopped working when I'm logged in.13:15
penguin42Ian_Corne: Haha, hadn't realised that!13:15
badpThe trackpad works just fine at the login screen13:15
Dr_Willisbadp:  as a test. try making a new user. see if it works for the newly made user13:16
kushaloneI think I am inclined to not submit bug reports that seem to duplicate existing bugs. If you were running an AMD Athlon XP 2400+, would you count the bug as the same as an existing bug affecting AMD 64? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/24329513:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 243295 in xorg-server "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,Invalid]13:16
penguin42kushalone: That depends if the backtraces match13:17
kushalonewell, the bug was for 8.04 :/13:17
penguin42kushalone: Then I'd file the bug13:18
Ian_Cornepenguin42: but it's the same in firefox13:18
Ian_CorneI'm guessing it's because they don't support h26413:18
penguin42Ian_Corne: If ff and chromium don't support it what the hell does?13:18
Ian_Corneand IE913:19
kushalonepenguin42: how do I know if it is a security vulnerability?13:19
Dr_Willisive herad theres some legalish issues with h264 - but i dident read the whole articals :)13:19
penguin42kushalone: You don't; you tick that if you know or suspect it is13:19
kushalonewell, if it affects xorg, I'd say it is pretty major.13:20
Ian_Corneit's got to do with patents13:20
Ian_Cornealtho I don't know how valid those are here in Europe13:20
penguin42yeh, in many ways the problem is worse than flash13:20
badpDr_Willis: I tried using the Guest account. It worked in there13:21
Dr_Willisbadp:  that imples its some user setting you need to reset/clear/change.13:22
Dr_WillisWhich would of been my guess since gdm worked and not the user.13:22
kushaloneLet us take this for instance: "Your gdm log files may help developers diagnose the bug, but may contain sensitive information.  Do you want to include these logs in your bug report?" What is a noob supposed to do?13:22
Dr_Willisand ive no idea what one. :)13:22
Dr_Williskushalone:  say no.13:22
badpokay. Will you believe me when i say I didn't change anything? :)13:22
Dr_Willisbadp:  move ALL your setting/dirs to some subdir.. and log back in. and see if it works13:22
Dr_Willisyour users old default settings may be goofing up wth some updates - its hard to tell13:23
Dr_Willisive had lots of issues when keeping /home/ and gnome/kde version changes/settings causing issues13:23
Dr_Willisnot near as bad as it was a year+ ago. but still it happens13:23
Ian_CorneAnyone know of a chromium channel on freenode?13:25
badp#chromium ?13:25
kushalonepenguin42: looks like this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/458230 matches my case best13:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 458230 in xorg-server "Xorg freezes computer" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:25
Bittarman#weownyoursoul @Ian_Corne13:25
kushaloneThat bug is about intel chipset and I am running nvidia though :/13:26
BUGabundo_remoteOT: are google talk servers unavailable for anyone else?13:27
OxymoronI have a problem, my computer starts to fast with Lucid ... how do I solve it? :D13:27
BittarmanOxymoron, install windows13:27
BUGabundo_remoteOxymoron: put a slower disk13:27
BUGabundo_remoteits a known bug13:27
BUGabundo_remotewe are trying hard to fix it, but as you know lucids are very fast13:27
kushalonevery funny Oxymoron. I will mail you my old hard disk. Lucid is no match against over 500 bad sectors13:28
OxymoronBittarman, BUGabundo_remote: Hahahaha :D Yeah, could be a good solution xD Nah but seriously, ureadahead is to slow and screen is black with the "_"-marker to long to that plymouth only shows like 2 seconds13:28
BUGabundo_remoteOxymoron: nvidia right?13:29
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: Yes?13:29
BUGabundo_remoteyeah, known13:29
OxymoronI would like to have plymouth directly in like 5+ seconds and not black screen. Windows start their video preloader directly13:29
OxymoronHopefully KDE bootstrap process will go a lot faster as well in their nextcoming releases :) Maybe desktop loaded under 10 seconds this year <313:30
badpI would like to have plymouth display anything at all :P13:30
kushaloneI wish error reporting was more transparent to the end user by default.13:30
badpbut for some reason my terminal is completely messed up13:30
badpcurrently characters are exactly one pixel large <.<13:31
Oxymoronbadp: For me plymouth didnt start because splash not added to kernel boot and fstab had one "faulty" trying to load usb drivers ...13:31
Oxymoronkushalone: Is it possible to mail hard disks? :O13:31
kushaloneOxymoron: the latency is high but the throughput is excellent13:32
badpI do have splash in the boot options13:32
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: Btw, have you heard anything about having video output errors on nvidia cards? My multimedia players show a transparent window intead of video output, which mean I see the background fron the window undenreath xD13:32
badpactually I might want to remove it.13:32
Oxymoronkushalone: Sorry my english isnt that good in IT terms, re-phrase please? :P13:33
Oxymoronbadp: Test to highlight your kernel in grub, press "e" button and then remove quiet splash and replace with --debug to debug boot process ;)13:34
badpif it's anything like booting in rescue mode then it'll work13:34
BUGabundo_remoteOxymoron: compiz on ?13:34
kushaloneit will take a long time for the packets of data to arrive but if you bit per second overall looks good. check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sneakernet13:34
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: No removed compiz completly, it though solved the problem that window decorations didnt show up ...13:35
badprather, what happens when I remove the vga parameter from the kernel string?13:35
Oxymoronkushalone: Hahaha, alright :D Seem to be a little to complex for my geek attributes to understand ....13:36
badpI guess there's only one way to know!13:37
Oxymoronbadp: I tried rescue mode myself before but my system wouldnt boot anyway :P But, test around with changing boot command in grub, because it will be restored to previous value later on, so just reboot and try different things13:37
Dr_Willisbadp:  i would think it would use text mode. and disabl3 the framebuffer modes13:37
patdk-wkhmm, after reboot everyhting is back to normal, firefox only using 100megs of ram :)13:38
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: I tried to bug test togehter with bjspider, yofel and intuitive* something yesterday and I couldnt solve it. The only thing that made it work was to remove xorg.conf completly13:38
bjsnidernvidia-xconfig probably created a bad xorg.conf, which wouldn't surprise me13:39
bjsniderthat command should be avoided13:39
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: Btw, sometimes when I turn off my computer the graphic card fan goes really fast and boost the sound decibel really high. It happens when plymouth goes into "reboot mode"13:39
bjsnideruse jockey to create your xorg.conf13:39
Oxymoronbjsnider: How do I use jockey to create my xorg-conf then?13:40
patdk-wkI always make mine by hand13:40
bjsniderit does so automatically when you select a driver13:40
Oxymoronbjsnider: Alright, I guess I just remove xorg.conf ones again, inactivate nvidia-current in jockey and re-activate it. MAYBE could work13:41
Ian_Corneapt-cache policy chromium-browser13:45
Ian_Cornechromium-browser: Installed: 5.0.312.0~svn20100201r37680-0ubuntu1~ucd1~karmic13:45
Ian_Corneseems like there hasn't been any update?13:45
Oxymoronbjsnider: How do I rescan system after proprietary drivers in jockey? It said it couldnt find anything after I removed and reinstalled nvidia-current and doesnt rescan?13:45
Ian_CorneIt the same when you don' thave a net connection, and you let is search13:46
Ian_Corneit will keep that in memory and not search again13:46
Oxymoronhey guys btw, whats the command in temrinal to add apt source?13:46
jpdsOxymoron: add-apt-repository13:47
Ian_Cornehe said source13:47
OxymoronIan_Corne: Uhm not sure ... :D Tell me both :D13:48
Oxymoronjpds: add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental for instance?13:48
jpdsIan_Corne: He really meant: sauce.13:48
jpdsOxymoron: Yes.13:49
Oxymoronjpds: Alright thanks :) Do you know why it isnt like apt-addsource ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental? :P13:49
Ian_Cornewell, that's settled then!13:49
jpdsOxymoron: It's just the name of the script?13:50
Oxymoronjpds: Yeah, but would be great if I typed apt-get or something like it and get the manual :P13:50
Oxymoronapt-add source ppa:* would be great :)13:51
Dr_Willisi was thinking some ppa gui tool was supposed to beincluided13:52
Oxymoronjpds: Then its hard to spell repository, I always have to think how to spell it xD13:52
Dr_Willisbut not seen it yet.13:52
Dr_WillisTab key is our friend. :)13:52
OxymoronDr_Willis: Would be great as well, but command lines is more awesome :P13:52
Dr_WillisI still see tutorials that dont use taht command.. but teach editing the sources.list.. Scary :)13:52
patdk-wkspellcheck :)13:52
patdk-wkjust hope you get close :)13:52
Dr_WillisI find myself using tab in word proicessors.. trying to get it to complete words.. :)13:53
OxymoronDr_Willis: The new add-apt-repository isnt that new, so tutorials havent added it I guess.13:53
Oxymoronsources.list shouldnt be edited anyway, /etc/apt/sources.d I think it is these days13:53
Dr_Willisblog/new tutorals should be usging it. :) not the fancy commands ive seen that add stuff to sources.list13:54
patdk-wkyou put 3rd party stuff in sources.d :)13:54
Dr_Willisive posted several comments on some of them  trying to get people to use sources.d and the add-commands13:54
Dr_Willisi also correct them when they use 'sudo su' :P or 'sudo bash' heh13:54
patdk-wkno need for sudo if you always run as root :)13:55
Oxymoronpatdk-wk: Yes, sources.list.d thanks :)13:55
OxymoronDr_Willis: sudo -i is nice :)13:55
Dr_Willissources.list.addons   would make a little easier/sence. :() for those of us that are not used to whatever.d type naming :)13:56
OxymoronDr_Willis: I didnt know that I shouldnt edit sources.list for just recently :P13:56
Dr_Willishad to point out the sources.list.d to several people in the past13:56
Oxymoronsources.addons maybe? :D13:56
Oxymoronsources.vendors? :P13:56
patdk-wkthe only thing that really annoys me about ubuntu, and I don't mess with it much so it's ok, is amavis config file splitup13:57
OxymoronDr_Willis: What about that *** .d anyway? And why on earth all these .tmp and ~ files? :D13:57
patdk-wkfind / -name '*~' -delete :)13:58
Dr_Willisrc.d  started it all i guess.13:58
Dr_Willis.tmp and ~ are from your editors i imagine13:58
Dr_WillisI dont have any that i see13:58
patdk-wk~ is from joe13:58
patdk-wk.tmp I have no idea13:58
Dr_Willisvi also does ~ i think13:59
Dr_Willisor can at least13:59
patdk-wknever seen vi do it13:59
patdk-wkor vim13:59
Dr_Willisif you crash in mid editing.. ive seen them13:59
patdk-wkheh, I have never had it crash :)13:59
Dr_Willisif the system crashes, or X , while you are in the middle of editing a file. It has a recover option14:02
Dr_Williswhich has saved my backside on many occasion14:02
patdk-wkheh, I don't use X and vi at the same time :)14:02
Dr_Willisyou are a looser then. :P14:02
patdk-wkwell, I don't use vi on my workstation14:03
patdk-wkand I don't use X on my servers :)14:03
Dr_WillisI even use vi on my windows machines14:03
* Dr_Willis ports it to his C6414:03
* Oxymoron is surprised how powerful bleachbit is :O Wonder if they will add rightclick to trash can as CCleaner have .P14:03
patdk-wkheh, I grew up using wordstar14:03
patdk-wkso it's all about joe :)14:03
noogavi on c64?14:03
kushaloneDr_Willis: Looser?14:03
Dr_WillisI have CPM on my C64 - so i imagine vi is there somewhere. :)14:03
Dr_Willisbeen years since i last used C6414:04
patdk-wkya, wordstar on CP/M :)14:04
Dr_WillisGood old days14:04
patdk-wk64k ram, who needs more?14:04
Oxymoron2.03 GB crap files :O14:04
Dr_Willisconsole based spread sheets.. 'sc' i think was the name14:04
Dr_Willis!info sc14:04
ubottusc (source: sc): Text-based spreadsheet with VI-like keybindings. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.16-2 (lucid), package size 203 kB, installed size 428 kB14:04
Dr_Willisand its still around :)14:04
OxymoronWhats .DS_store btw?14:04
Dr_WillisOxymoron:  nintindo ds?14:04
kushaloneI think that's how mac stores the folder view info14:05
patdk-wkmy first C programming was converting a cp/m C program into dos, was lots of fun14:05
OxymoronDr_Willis: Haha, no the files on my computer *.DS_Store14:05
Oxymoronkushalone: Is it bad to remove those files? I want to save folder views I think, if it should be detailed list or not14:07
kushaloneHey guys, one quick question. I am having difficulty getting eclipse to add google app engine. I think eclipse is unable to get online. :/14:07
OxymoronAnyone? Is it safe remove .DS_Store files in ubuntu or what info do i loose? I dont understand google result, I want more specific details. And if I can remove it, how do I afterwards setup so the file system doesnt create them again?14:12
Andy80is the countdown banner already available to use? I saw some mockup few days ago, but I cannot find the js code to pub on my blog..14:17
gnomefreaki cant find how to change the splash screen damnit14:22
coz_gnomefreak,  xsplash?14:23
gnomefreakcoz_: i remember being able to change it without installing anything but ill install it and see if that helps14:24
gnomefreakcoz_: thanks14:24
coz_gnomefreak,  no no14:24
coz_gnomefreak,  xsplash is already installed14:24
Dr_Willisive edited the xsplash ztuff  befor. but any updates may change it back14:24
coz_gnomefreak,  I was asking if that is what you want to change14:24
coz_gnomefreak, is it the splash screen with the throbber bar14:24
coz_gnomefreak,  the plymouth theme14:25
gnomefreakcoz_: yes that would be it. only problem is i tried to run it and it crashed14:25
coz_gnomefreak,  ok I am a bit confused..you tried to run plymouth?14:25
gnomefreakcoz_: splash not plymouth14:25
coz_gnomefreak,  oh  well on lucid ...plymouth I believe has replaced the xsplash screen14:26
gnomefreakcoz_: splash screen == when gnome is loasing / after the login screen14:26
gnomefreakloading even14:26
coz_gnomefreak,  mm  I havent used that for quite a few versions  I think Dapper was the last one I used that on14:26
coz_gnomefreak,  not sure then14:28
gnomefreakcoz_: thanks14:28
* gnomefreak coffee14:28
Dr_Willisit used to be .. grub -> xsplash *whichused X* -> GDM -> Xsplash again -> users desktop14:28
Dr_WillisI still have /usr/share/images/xsplash on this upgraded box14:29
coz_Dr_Willis,  mm let me check on my lucid box14:30
coz_yeah same here14:30
coz_but plymouth is working here so14:31
lord_arcticanyone havaing any luck with Ubuntu on a toshiba a505-s6005 laptop??14:31
lord_arctic:::thinks Oxymoron is following me ::::14:32
Oxymoronlord_arctic: Huh? :P14:33
lord_arcticOxymoron: nothing, just funny that the 4 channels I have been in 2 of them you foloowed me into14:33
gnomefreakoh and as of now there is no way to change plymouth theme14:34
Oxymoronlord_arctic: Haha alright _Å14:34
gnomefreakhes a stalker ;)14:34
lord_arcticgnomefreak: its ok I need a challange in the morning14:34
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: This is interesting, I removed nvidia-current from jockey and activated it and restarted computer but now my resolution went strange and seems that jockey actually have right that nvidia-current is activated but not in use14:39
mazzenhi! maybe i'm wrong, but are the icon in evolution for 'marking mail as spam' 'marking mail for delete' invert?14:40
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: THere is not Xorg.conf file at all now14:40
zimHi all am looking to play with the new 10.04 but have a version Q. will the 64bit version work on intel? ubuntu-10.04-beta1-server-amd64.iso or is the amd64 a clue? :)14:41
DanaGhmm, kernel-ppa seems to have been abandoned.14:42
guntbertzim: amd in this case is only a name - yes it will be ok for you14:43
gnomefreakzim: if you have a 64bit proc you can install either 64bit version or 32bit14:43
zimmany thanks14:44
Dr_Willistheres talk of changeint the 'amd64' to be somthing different.14:45
Dr_Willistoo many people dont realize that its  just a gernic term for '64bit'14:45
zimis a crappy e1200 celeron but the specs say it 64bit and its only for testing so should be ok. I think yell if not :)14:45
Dr_Williszim:  if you can use 64bit - you may as well use 64bit14:45
glanceia64 is itanic , amd64 the old name for x86_6414:46
Dr_Willissomeday we will have ARM based machines :)14:46
zimkewl many thanks to all for your advice14:46
DanaGwe already DO have some... beagleboard is a cheap one.14:46
Dr_Willisbut looks like the PS3 and its PPC cpus are getting the axe by sony/14:46
Dr_Willissome.. :) but not common14:46
glanceDr_Willis: not by sony, by ibm.14:47
Dr_Willisseen predictions that by xmas there will be 50+ arm based 'ipad clones'14:47
DanaGoh, and PPC in Powerbooks is a recipe for roasted nuts (horrid pun).14:47
Dr_Willisglance:  sony is killing off the install linux on the PS3 feature.14:47
zimwhat will the ps4 be then?14:47
Dr_WillisThat will eliminate the dozen or so PS3 questionsi see a month I guess in #ubuntu14:47
glanceDr_Willis: but that has nothing with ppc or cell to do. its that you can hack there crappy hypervisor from linux.14:48
Dr_WillisI mean the Linux on ps3 feature is getting the axe.. of course..14:48
balasDr_Willis, you recommend 64 bit lucid over 32 ?   last i tried, it was just with karmic, and i ended up going back to 32 bit14:48
BUGabundo_remoteOxymoron: we haven't had a xorg.conf for 2 cycles now. only need for some nvidia blobs. udev takes care of everything14:48
OxymoronCOuld someone with a working *buntu Lucid version paste their source of /etc/X11/xorg.conf by typing "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit"14:48
Dr_Willisbalas:  ive beenusing 64bit on all my machines for 2+ years with very few issues14:48
BUGabundo_remoteOxymoron: talk to Sarvatt or bjsnider about that _bug_14:49
glanceDr_Willis: there are more things than the PS3 who runs cell based thingies. eg. QS21, QS2214:49
Dr_Willisglance:  but how common are those.. Not very.14:49
Dr_Willisthen again last time i even tried PPC linux on my mac.. well... it dident work too well14:49
balasDr_Willis, are more things coded with 32bit or 64 bit in mind ?14:49
glancehow many does anything usefull with linux on there ps3 ?14:49
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: Alright, well my screen resolution doesnt get higher than 1280x1024 and proprietary drivers doesnt load?14:49
Dr_Willisbalas:  about every new intel/amd cpu out these days is 64bit only one i can think of thats not is the atom.. and im not sure about those14:50
BUGabundo_remoteOxymoron: beats me. I'm not an X dev14:50
balasDr_Willis, oh yes i'm sure of that but i mean the applications14:50
BUGabundo_remotetry your luck at #ubuntu-x14:50
OxymoronBUGabundo_remote: Alright, thanks :)14:50
Dr_Willisglance:  aparently the military and some colleges were using lots of them for some massive computing tasks.14:50
Dr_Willisglance:  but i just skimmed the various articals.14:50
kushaloneglance: rawr!14:50
Dr_Willisbalas:  ther should be very few issues with compiling sutff for 64bit thse days14:51
Dr_Willisbalas:  i can think of ONE app i use thats not got 64bit port. :) zsnes.. because its using some sort of assembly code.. but theres other snes emus out.14:51
glanceDr_Willis: we have done some research on them but they are pritty unintresting, because they have no future. gpgpu looks much better.14:51
naught101I'm getting no wireless networks in nm-applet, knetworkmanager, or iwlist, with the b43 driver, only for the last week or so14:51
naught101anyone else having similar problems?14:52
Dr_Willisbalas:  i think more of an issue is that many apps do not properly support multicpus as good as they should14:52
Dr_Willisglance:  that the nvidia-gpu as a helper cpu? seen it mentiuoned.. but not seen any thing that actually used it. (not really looked)14:52
Dr_Willislast years new-cool-thing becomes this years.. 'what happened to.....'14:52
balasDr_Willis, do you happen to have a repository for getlibs.deb that is trustworthy ?  i really need amazonmp3 music downloader14:53
glanceati or nvidia. its two sides of the same coin, while cell is just another currency.14:53
Dr_Willisbalas:  checkfor ppa's i guess.14:53
Dr_Willisbalas:  or use the source.14:54
balasguess i could compile getlibs.14:54
balasthank you14:54
Dr_WillisSeen New laptops that have 2 video cards in them  also (alienware) one for games, one for long battery life. :) be a neat trick to use the high end gpu as a helper processor.14:55
Dr_Willisbut a year from now - if we are lucky. there will be cheap handy arm based netbooks/ipad-clones running ubuntu14:55
glanceheard anything on caonical doing proper ubuntu support for arm ?14:56
balasyou've got nice hopes for the future i'm not terribly impressed with the ipad, and i believe there were some existing tablets that would run on some open source os14:56
Dr_Willisi thought it was now an officially supported arch14:56
Dr_Willisbalas:  yea some exist now. but from what i saw the 'companies' are planning on comming out whith ipad-clones :)  but who knows wht will happen14:57
Dr_WillisPeople may hate the ipad type of machine14:57
balasi hope the new ubuntu music store will sell audiobooks.  if they don't it'll be an oversight, seeing as its very difficult to get audiobooks any other way14:57
glancelooks like your right... http://www.ubuntu.com/news/arm-linux14:57
balasseems alot of manufacturing is done with profit in mind, instead of innovation.  re:  the clones.  if you visit a asian ebay site everything there is clones of existing american products, and they're still expensive14:58
Dr_Willisive no idea where to even get an arm based machine :) but i imagine   soon i will see them14:58
gnomefreaksearched -> searched -> searched -> nothing -> smoke -> thought of gnome-splashscreen-manager ;)14:58
myrldoes 10.04 have a lot of bugs14:58
Dr_Willismyrl:  not really. from what ive used14:59
Dr_Willismyrl:  got it on 3 machines right now.14:59
gnomefreakdepends on what you have14:59
Dr_Willisone netbook. 2 desktops14:59
gnomefreakpackages always have bugs14:59
Dr_WillisHavent tried it on the other laptops yet14:59
balasi have it crash here and there but last i ran fslint, it didn't crash, so maybe the most recent update made it stable14:59
Dr_WillisComputers/programs alwyas have bugs. :)14:59
DanaGhmm,. the "kernel-ppa" kernels haven't been updated in a awhile.14:59
* gnomefreak has a few bugs15:00
balasi literally got a windows 7 license just for itunes, i had audiobooks on there, and in the process of trying to remove duplicates, i lost all my purchases15:00
Dr_Willisone of themany reasons i dont buy such things from online stores.15:01
Dr_Williswell not from any that have drm at least15:01
balasi believe i could convert them to be ubuntu friendly15:02
balasbut itunes is so nazi-ish it makes many duplicates and by default isn't intuitive enough to avoid that problem15:02
balasits the selection that i like with the audiobooks15:03
myrlwhat were the main bugs of 10.04 if it has any15:03
balasi'm not sure where else i'd buy them, and if they'd be as cheap15:03
Dr_Willismyrl:  it all depends on what you got and are doing.. I dont have any bugs that make the system unuseable..15:03
Dr_Willisbut theres been updates/breakage/fixs on and off for the last week+15:03
balasmyrl, good number of bugs, but its functional enough with the latest daily build15:03
Dr_Willisthats just how bets are15:03
myrldo you think you have to back up?15:04
Dr_Williswhen in doubt.. BACKUP15:04
Dr_Williswhen NOT in doubt.. BACKUP15:04
Dr_Williswhen the moon is full.. BACKUP15:04
balasi'm using a online backup service called spideroak15:04
balas100GB for $10/mo15:05
balasits cross platform too15:05
Dr_WillisI have redundant stacks of exteranl 1TB usb hard drives... :)15:05
Pulsewidth10.04 beta 1 netbook remix installer fails on my Dell Mini 10v15:05
PulsewidthCrashes at about 80%15:05
PulsewidthError reporting also fails, long list of outdated packages15:06
balasi have a backup drive too, but there are certain folders i'd like to be able to sync back and forth between the windows 7 box and ubuntu, as i don't believe sound for cmi 8788 would be as good on ubuntu as it is on win7, and i've not been able to get it functional.  i'm intimidated by launchpad.net15:06
=== balas is now known as avis
avisnice to see you again Dr_Willis15:08
zniavre_good afternnoon15:14
zniavre_what is the new way to generate a plain new xorg.conf file please?15:15
SEJeffzniavre_, Xorg -configure15:16
gnomefreakusing jockey should put the file back to what it should be with the drivers that you are installing15:18
gnomefreakthere filied my bug now i can restart15:18
OxymoronIf someone recently posted a patch to lucid for jockey, how long time will it take it to be uploaded to ppa approxmatly? :)15:28
kklimondadepends on avaialibity of builders15:29
kklimondaOxymoron: unless you are asking how long does it take for someone to upload a patched package to ppa15:31
Oxymoronkklimonda: Approximatly. Sorry, no hard feeling against you or someone but I ********** hate when people says it depend on circumstances ... yes of course it do bbut I want to know what time its about if its one year, one month, one second or one minute. not 1 hour, 2 minutes and 52 seconds :D15:32
kklimondaOxymoron: but it may be as well 10 minutes or 10 hours15:33
Oxymoronkklimonda: Yeah, tell me that intervall then ;) :P15:34
kklimondaOxymoron: when package is uploaded to ppa you can check the approximate time on its page15:35
Oxymoronkklimonda: How do I check that? :)15:35
BoondoKlifeIs anyone able to use nautilus to burn a data dvd? Everytime I try it nautilus crashes15:35
kklimondaOxymoron: do you have link to ppa and uploaded package?15:36
Oxymoronkklimonda: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/jockey/0.5.8-0ubuntu615:38
kklimondahow is that "ppa"?15:38
kklimondaOxymoron: it should be uploaded soon15:39
kklimondaan hour or two probably15:39
Oxymoronkklimonda: Alright, that sounds good :) And I have no rush, but would be awesome to test that update and see if my nvidia drivers finally could work and jockey as well :)15:40
kklimondaOxymoron: as it's already built you can download .deb files from https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/0.5.8-0ubuntu6/+build/159117415:41
Oxymoronkklimonda: Oh cool :) Thanks15:41
kushalonehey guys, how do I get app engine plugin for eclipse on 10.04b? eclipse won't connect to the Internet :/15:43
yofelkushalone: it won't connect to the eclipse servers?15:44
kklimondakushalone: don't use eclipse package15:44
kushaloneso gnome main menu?15:44
kklimondakushalone: well, download eclipse from eclipse.org and not from ubuntu servers15:46
kushaloneoo. ok so I guess I can remove eclipse from Ubuntu software center15:47
Oxymoronkushalone: How do I install a .deb file by temrinal?15:48
toogreenOxymoron, no need to... double-clicking on it should open up gdebi which will let u install it in the GUI15:50
Oxymorontoogreen: Yeah, but neither KPAckagekit or GDebi works ...15:50
toogreenOxymoron, oh sorry i misread that:  dpkg -i  package.deb15:50
Oxymorontoogreen: Thanks :) Just found it at the same time on google but thanks :)15:51
toogreennp, sorry i misread ur question15:51
tgpraveen12!info totem15:52
ubottutotem (source: totem): A simple media player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.0-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 534 kB, installed size 1520 kB15:52
* maxb raises an eyebrow at nvidia-common depending on fglrx-modaliases15:52
toogreenhey all, im upgrading to lucid lynx right now... i have an nvidia 9800gt card... will the upgrade take care of everything smoothly?15:53
toogreencuz i read about nouveau taking over and all... is there any manual config I should be aware of that I will need to do?15:55
gnomefreaktoogreen: no and yes nouveau is default drivers15:59
gnomefreakat least for nvidia15:59
toogreengnomefreak, ok so what will i have to do to make it work then?16:00
toogreengnomefreak, or did you mean "no" by i won't have anything special to do? ;-)16:01
gnomefreaktoogreen: nothing it does it on its own. if you want 3d you have to install the drivers16:01
gnomefreakyou will not have to do anything16:01
toogreengnomefreak, through the usual System/Admin/Hardware Drivers?16:02
gnomefreaktoogreen: yep from 3d drivers16:02
toogreengnomefreak, i mean for the 3d to work16:02
toogreengnomefreak, ok thanks16:02
gnomefreakit will than set up compiz for you and xorg config will be set up perfectly16:02
bencrisford1Oxymoron: i think that "sudo dpkg -i <packagename>.deb" should work16:02
gnomefreaknooga:  problem16:03
Dr_Willisassuming it works for your nvidia card. :)16:03
Oxymoronbencrisford1: Hehe yeah little bit too late already found it and someone else also posted it here but thanks anyway though :)16:03
bencrisford1Oxymoron: ok :)16:04
toogreenany1 else here had the bug after an update that splash screen was showing LUBUNTU instead of Ubuntu? Just curious if i'm the only one...16:04
* Oxymoron worriy about that bleachbit have removed something in Chromium so it doesnt work anymore :(16:05
MaletorDid the bug with the CD-Drivers not being found on a USB alternate install (created with unetbootin) ever get fixed? I think it got submitted last night...16:07
gnomefreakmrenouf: i dont think so but i dont use it16:08
gnomefreaksomeone the other day was talking about it16:08
gnomefreakthe i dot use it was for anothyer person but i kept typing16:10
gnomefreaki have convos in >3 channels at once16:11
gnomefreakat same time16:11
mrenoufno worries ;-)16:11
LajoswardOk i am extracting these pdf files from the rar file but they are not showing up afterwards16:13
LajoswardAny ideas what i am doing wrong?16:13
bencrisford1Lajosward: you doing it from command line?  or gui?16:14
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
bencrisford1Lajosward: you are definately looking at the same directory for the pdfs, as you extracted them in to?16:27
bencrisford1if not then it could be a bug in unrar..16:27
Dr_Williswhats the command line you are using?16:27
Lajoswardyes i am16:28
Lajoswardand i am just clicking the rar file16:28
Lajoswardand it opens and shows files16:29
LajoswardI choose extract and extract here it extracts a folder but nothing in it16:29
bencrisford1Lajosward: unrar is a gui application yes?16:30
Lajoswardi think so16:30
bencrisford1Lajosward: by that i mean not run in terminal16:31
Lajoswardi downloaded it from the softwarecenter16:32
verterokmvo: hi, I have some problems with update-manager in karmic (tryin to upgrade to lucid). do you have some spare time to give me a hand?16:35
Lajoswardits Unarchiver for .rar files the free one16:35
Lajoswardver i had some problems also i ended up just downloading the lucid and burning a live cd16:36
Dr_WillisErr.. Unrar has no gui.. ark is  gui that handles it16:37
Dr_Willisif you have the proper rar tools installed16:37
Dr_Williswhen in doubt. Use the command line.16:37
Lajoswardso get ark?16:37
Dr_Willisunrar -e whatever.rar16:37
Dr_Willisark is installed by default.16:37
bencrisfordLajosward: if you are running unrar in gui, you will already have it16:37
Dr_WillisIf you are getting a gui.. look in its help menus..its proberly is ark16:37
Dr_WillisI alwyas use the cli tools mainly16:37
Dr_Willisor use the unp command.16:38
Dr_Willis!info unp16:38
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (lucid), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB16:38
Lajoswardso rightclicking and saying extract here will not help16:40
redcan't get sound out thru my wine (spotify)16:41
redchecked configure wine, it said no audio devices in registry and then it selected alsa for me16:41
mungojerry_red, does Test Sound button work  when u go to the audio devices screen in Wine configure16:42
redi tried to check all the possible devices in the audio panel16:43
redevery test fails16:43
redit worked out of the box on Karmic iirc16:43
Dr_Willisif you dont have the unrar tool installed.. it cant unrar them16:44
Dr_Willisso try unrar from the cli and see...16:44
bencrisfordDr_Willis: he said he was using unrar, so he probably has it installed...?16:45
Dr_Willishe said he was using a gui also.. so its hard to tell16:45
Lajoswardi used the  unrar -e  a+ software.rar and a screen poped up and went away16:46
Dr_Willisa screen? unrar has no gui...16:46
Dr_Willisthe files name is 'a+ softeare.rar' ?16:46
=== Andre_Gondim-afk is now known as Andre_Gondim
Lajoswarda terminal screen16:46
Dr_Willisif the thing has spaces in the name. use single quotes around it - or rename it to not have spaces..16:46
Dr_Willisits unrar e foo.rar16:47
Dr_Willisno - :) silly unrar16:47
mungojerry_red, maybe someone else can check since i am running under virtualbox without sound configured16:47
redsound works ok in virtualbox windows 7 tho16:48
redguess ill try reinstall & reboot16:48
reduptime ~5 days and a lot of safe-upgrades in between last boot :)16:48
mungojerry_which wine are you running? lucid or the wine repo version?16:49
OxymoronWhat a, recntly after some updates I got Gnome panel in my KDE? :O16:50
Lajoswardyes thats the file name16:51
Lajoswardsorry phaone rang16:51
Lajoswardso no - before the e16:52
Lajoswarddid it with no - and still the terminal screen flashed16:53
Dr_Willisread wat it says? is there a space in the filename? if so use ' '16:53
Lajoswardyes a space16:53
Dr_Willisspaces = annoying16:53
Lajoswardshould i rename with no space?16:53
Dr_Willisor use quotes likei suggested...16:53
Dr_Willisif the thing has spaces in the name. use single quotes around it - or rename it to not have spaces..16:54
Lajoswardrenamed ran the code again and still just a flash from terminal and no extraction16:55
OxymoronDr_Willis: Did you have nything to do with it that Gnome Panel is visible in Kde ?:D16:55
IdleOnewhat happened to my Xchat systray icon? it's broken now16:55
Dr_WillisLajosward:  so whats the exact command you areusing?16:56
Lajoswardthis is putting a hamper on my studying for my a+ certifacations16:56
Dr_WillisLajosward:  and case is imptant..16:56
Lajoswardunrar e a+software.rar16:56
Dr_Willisuse single quotes arount it perhaps16:57
mungojerry_red, u still there?16:57
Dr_Willisor try getting rid of the + in the name also..16:57
Dr_WillisIforget if + is special in bash or not..16:57
mungojerry_red, i enabled sound in my virtualbox cos i'm a nice guy :) i got the message about no aduio device, let me set it up for u etc...but my sound is working after that16:57
Dr_Willisalso if the thingis password protected.. well.. i dontknow if  unrar supports that or not16:57
macoif the free version doesnt, im pretty sure unrar-nonfree does16:58
Dr_WillisYou can use wine and winrar.exe :)16:58
Lajoswardno not password protected16:58
Lajoswardgood idea16:58
Dr_Willisthen give it a sane name perhaps..   no special chars16:58
Lajoswardi did16:59
Lajoswardstill nothing16:59
Lajoswardjsut the quick flash of terminal16:59
Dr_WillisYou meanits printing MEsSAGES?16:59
Lajoswardnamed it asoftware.rar16:59
Dr_Willisor what exactly. flash tells me nothing16:59
Dr_Williscould be its not even an rar. or some other missnamed archive also17:00
Lajoswardjust a flash no text jsut pops up and goes away17:00
bencrisfordif its in terminal could you not just scroll up Lajosward?17:00
Lajoswardno its a rar i know the guy i recived it from17:00
Dr_Williswhere are you typeing this exactly? use a terminal window.. not the alt-f2 run stuff17:00
Lajoswardlet me try that17:00
* Dr_Willis thinks he sees the problem now...17:00
Dr_Willisits running, and getting some error.. then closeing. when you do the alt-f2.. so stop doing the alt-f2 stuff :P17:01
Lajoswardsays bad address now17:01
Dr_Willisso 'unrar e foo.rar' says 'badd address' ?17:01
Lajoswardunrar: invalid archive 'e': Bad address17:01
Dr_WillisThats... weird17:01
Dr_Willistry 'file foo.rar' or whateverits called.17:02
Lajoswardunrar: invalid archive 'file': Bad address17:02
LajoswardUsage: unrar [OPTION...] ARCHIVE [FILE...] [DESTINATION]17:02
LajoswardTry `unrar --help' or `unrar --usage' for more information17:03
Lajoswardthats what i am getting17:03
Dr_WillisYou are using the proper file name?17:03
Dr_Willissounds almost like the archive is bad.17:03
bencrisfordDr_Willis: even if he isnt, running unrar e foo.rar as foo.rar doesnt give me bas address17:03
bencrisfordit just says file not found17:03
Dr_Willisbencrisford:  err.. you need to bein the proper directory where the archive is at..17:03
Dr_Williscommand line basics.17:04
Dr_Willisso where is the file at?17:04
Lajoswardin downloads17:04
Dr_Willisand thats proberly p[art of the WHOLE problem then17:04
Dr_Willisso 'cd Downloads'  THEN use theunrar commands17:04
bencrisfordDr_Willis: i understand that :P, im just saying that even if he hasnt put the correct file/path then it still doesnt explain the error17:04
bencrisfordbecause i do not get that error17:04
Dr_Willisbencrisford:  its hard to tell what hes doing. :)17:05
Lajoswardi used this17:05
* bencrisford thinks maybe he should write a script for Lajosward17:05
Lajoswardunrar e asoftware.rar17:05
Lajoswardthat was the command line i put in17:06
bencrisfordLajosward: what directory (folder) is your .rar archive stored in?17:06
Lajoswardplaces downloads17:06
Dr_WillisLajosward:  linux tip to remember #1  CASE IS impRantant17:06
Dr_WillisDownloads dir is NOT the same as the 'downloads' dir17:07
bencrisfordis that "Downloads" or "downloads" Lajosward17:07
Dr_WillisIf its in 'Downloads' then 'cd Downloads' then use the commands to unrar it17:07
Dr_Williscd Downloads17:07
Dr_Willisunrar e whatever.rar17:07
bencrisfordLajosward: the Downloads in your home folder?  /home/yourname/Downloads ?17:08
Lajoswardall the files failed to extract17:09
LajoswardExtracting from /home/rodney/Downloads/asoftware.rar17:09
LajoswardExtracting  Troytech - A Plus OS Study Guide 220-201 1st Ed.pdf       Failed17:09
LajoswardExtracting  220-222.pdf                                               Failed17:09
LajoswardExtracting  220-222SG.pdf                                             Failed17:09
LajoswardExtracting  CRAM SESSION A+ SOFTWARE.PDF                              Failed17:09
LajoswardExtracting  Test King - A Plus Operating System - Study Guide - 220-222 3.0.pdf Failed17:09
Lajosward5 Failed17:09
bencrisfordLajosward: please done copy outputs here!17:09
bencrisfordits not good for the channel ;)17:10
bencrisfordis ok17:10
Dr_Willissounds like a bad archive to me17:10
bencrisfordnext time, copy and paste into www.pastebin.com and send us the link17:10
Dr_Williswhich expkains why ark dident work also17:10
Trewasmaybe he has unrar-free installed, that does not work in any rar make this millennium17:10
Lajoswardyeah i ahve free17:11
Lajoswardhow much is the nonfree one cost17:11
Dr_Willisfree as in liceniung.. not cost17:11
bencrisfordthis millennium?  wow, rars are older than i thought17:11
Dr_Willis!info rar17:11
ubotturar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.9.b2-1 (lucid), package size 542 kB, installed size 1164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)17:11
bencrisford!info unrar17:11
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.9.3-1 (lucid), package size 100 kB, installed size 248 kB17:11
Lajoswardso uninstall free and go unfree17:12
bencrisfordthhey are both in the software centre Lajosward17:12
bencrisfordi think..17:13
bencrisfordif not, then you can apt-get them17:13
Lajoswardthey are17:13
mungojerry_sudo apt-get install unrar    gives me the non-free17:13
bencrisfordmungojerry_: i have just found that also17:13
bencrisfordbut i think Lajosward got his from software centre17:13
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Lajoswardgetting it17:14
mungojerry_bencrisford, i see what you mean. i can see how a new user might make that mistake17:14
Lajoswardjsut used the command line since already had terminal open17:15
bencrisfordmungojerry_: thats the thing about software centre, its great for new users, but with cli you know exactly what you're getting17:15
Lajoswardty do much17:15
Lajoswardso even17:15
mungojerry_software centre is very slow for me under VM17:15
Dr_Willisone of the many reasons to stop using rar. :)17:16
Lajoswardyeah software center takes way to long to install17:16
bencrisfordmungojerry_: but you could argue command line takes longer to type out etc...17:16
mungojerry_i mean there is a problem with the search. synaptic, and old incranations worked fine17:17
mungojerry_hoping it is just my VM17:17
Lajoswardonly if you dont know how to type17:17
bencrisfordLajosward: haha i guess it depends on that17:17
bencrisfordbut it is quicker to click install on a gui than it is to type out sudo apt-get install....17:18
Lajoswardif your a "find and peck" typer then yeah command line could take awhile17:18
bencrisfordit is different if you are only using terminal for small things like that though17:18
bencrisfordbut i kind of meant if you have no gui at all17:18
bencrisfordi had no gui on arch for a week or two17:19
bencrisfordand everything took alot longer :P17:19
Dr_Willisyou could type in unrar and it would show you the command toiinstall it :) then cut/paste17:19
Lajoswardty for your time17:23
bencrisfordLajosward: no problem ;)17:24
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=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
* bencrisford loves lucid :D. My printer never worked with jaunty/karmic, or even windows but lucids fine with it :D17:28
* nick125 has the opposite :(17:29
nick125For some reason, in Lucid, my printer prints big black bars between elements in the page.17:29
bencrisfordnick125: if im completely honest, my printer works far from perfectly under lucid :P17:30
bencrisfordbut windows didnt even find it!17:30
bencrisfordso im happy :)17:30
nick125So it would be like.....a paragraph of text, big black bar, text, black bar...17:30
bencrisfordhmm, well i have just discovered that it doesnt want to print at all now apart from discusting yellow bars where text should be :(17:31
bencrisfordbut nevermind, lucid beat windows17:31
bencrisfordthats all i care about17:31
nick125bencrisford: It takes me less time to fire up the CUPS web interface and add a printer than it takes just to download printer drivers for Windows.17:31
bencrisfordnick125: linux+printers=fail but windows+printers=epic fail17:32
nick125Well, it depends on the printer.17:32
nick125If it's an HP, it generally works. If it's whatever piece of junk you could find at WalMart then no.17:33
bencrisfordand im happy if were better than windows17:33
bencrisfordwindows users complain that their printer doesnt work at all17:33
bencrisfordwell we can print bars17:33
nick125now only if my wireless would work right....17:35
OxymoronWhats status regarding xine library?17:46
shakall69hi can someone help me with this error gnome power manager have not been installed corectly for ubuntu lucid; i got that error after an update17:58
bencrisfordshakall69: are you in lucid now?17:59
shakall69i can chroot17:59
bencrisfordso the installation failed?17:59
shakall69im in opensuse17:59
shakall69when the loggin screen appears it gives this error18:00
shakall69i`ve tried to reinstall gnome-power-manager no use ; same with dpkg -configure -a18:01
bencrisfordshakall69: by re-install do you mean through apt-get ?18:01
bencrisfordall i can suggest is downloading the .deb online and using dpkg18:02
shakall69ok ty 4 help18:03
shakall69i`ll try that18:03
bencrisford:P they're debian...18:03
bencrisfordthats what happens when you rush googling18:03
penguin42shakall69: What error?18:03
shakall69The configuration defaults for Gnome power manager have not been installed corectly. please contact your administrator.18:04
bencrisfordshakall69: also try installing from the source package18:04
penguin42shakall69: Oh wacky18:04
bencrisfordyou can get the source package with apt-get source gnome-power-manager18:04
bencrisfordshakall69: i have to go, sorry, i hope you get it sorted18:05
penguin42bencrisford: He really shouldn't need to deb install or build from source and it's unlikely  thats the problem18:05
bencrisfordpenguin42: i didnt know what else to suggest...18:05
bencrisfordi should have kept my mouth shut :/18:05
penguin42bencrisford: Well you could suggest an exorcism bu tit wouldn't help18:05
bencrisfordpenguin42: but if it was the original package, not the ubuntu one, and he installed from source, surely that would be different?18:06
bencrisfordanyway bbl18:06
penguin42uninstalling the package and reinstalling is reasonable18:07
penguin42shakall69: I'd be tempted to try deleting ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-power-manager after making a backup of it18:09
ccmonsterhow do i install sun java6 jdk for lucid?18:11
OxymoronHow do I change video output mode in Dragonplayer and Kaffeine?18:11
ZykoticK9ccmonster, add the partner repo18:11
ccmonsterwhere is the partner repo?18:12
om26erany one with desktopcouch 0.6.3-0ubuntu2 please try to add a new account in gwibber. Its not woring but was working before desktopcouch updated18:12
ZykoticK9ccmonster, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/java18:12
bcurtiswx_laptophey all quick question:  I did a apt-get autoremove and it removed dkms.  Should I still have that installed? (i have safely upgraded my packages, no bad dist-upgrades)18:14
billybigrigger_anyone having any luck with syncing music with rhythmbox and an ipod touch/iphone? i can get as far as putting music onto my device in rhythmbox, and the ipod touch says syncing....but no music shows up on the ipod when i go to play it...18:14
billybigrigger_  Installed: (none)18:15
billybigrigger_  Candidate:
billybigrigger_bcurtiswx_laptop, phased out or something?18:15
bcurtiswx_laptopbillybigrigger: thats my question.. is that correct?18:15
billybigrigger_honestly...no clue18:17
billybigrigger_these are the dev cycles i am clueless with...i work solid during the winter months...usually im more active in the summer so....i can't say for sure18:18
* om26er waits18:19
bcurtiswx_laptopom26er: for what?18:21
billybigrigger_im guessing for someone to test out a gwibber account...18:22
om26erbcurtiswx_laptop, with the new updates to desktopcouch i cannot create a new account18:22
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freaky[t]hi all. how can i upgrade my current ubuntu to the current beta?18:27
penguin42freaky[t]: Run update-manager -d   or do-release-upgrade -d18:27
bcurtiswx_laptopom26er: to empathy?18:28
freaky[t]penguin42, ok thank you18:28
om26erbcurtiswx_laptop, no, its gwibber18:28
freaky[t]i got another question. if i upgrade to the new ubuntu beta, will the desktop themes etc. be updated too?18:29
burner freaky[t] yep18:29
freaky[t]ok great thank you :D will they automatically be activated?18:29
penguin42freaky[t]: So interestingly on one of my machines they were and on the other they weren't - I haven't figured out the difference18:30
billybigrigger_well it would depend if your using the default theme at the time of upgrade18:30
freaky[t]penguin42,  hm ok. i just dont want to do a fresh install but i want the new ubuntu be installed the way it would look like if it were a new install18:31
freaky[t]billybigrigger, i have a custom theme18:31
freaky[t]i changed some things18:31
billybigrigger_mind you i did a fresh install of beta1 on this laptop yesterday and "human" is no longer....so i don't know if you were using human at upgrade time if it would remove that theme and start with the new default18:31
billybigrigger_freaky[t], then your custom theme will still apply afaik18:31
freaky[t]ok, what is the new theme called?18:31
balas-billybigrigger, were the folders still orange ?18:32
freaky[t]ok great thank you ;D18:32
screen-xI have a desktop machine with no wireless interfaces, but when network manager is dhcping an adderess, I see the wireless symbol, is that expected?18:32
balas-screen-x, that sounds odd18:32
billybigrigger_ubuntu-mono-dark is the default icon theme18:32
ZykoticK9screen-x, it's just the icon - i see the same thing in my VMs (also without wireless obviously)18:32
screen-xAlso my wired interfaces dont connect automatically, I had to do "edit connections" and create a connection that uses dhcp.18:34
balas-screen-x, sometimes dhcp works better if you do dhcp (manual) and simply enter your routers ip address for the dns18:35
balas-screen-x, other than that look into /etc/network/interfaces18:36
screen-xbalas-, thanks, I can configure it, I just wondered if it was a bug that needed reporting, as wired interfaces were connected automatically in previous releases18:37
balas-maybe not sure.18:37
balas-screen-x, you might have better luck defining a specific ip on your lan18:38
balas-as far as connecting automatically18:38
screen-xbalas-, I could do that, but I would prefer to manage IPs centrally and have network manager call dhcp when a link up is detected. Will have to do some more tests.18:40
git__my $DISPLAY is :0.0 ... how can I run a program on another desktop port?18:51
BluesKajscreen-x, if you are on wifi, good luck with nm...i didn't have any , quit after 24 hrs and couldn't connect after that...switched to wicd which isn't affected by updates etc so far18:51
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ZykoticK9Anyone else having to refresh chromium-browser multiple time in order to sign into Google sites (wave,gmail,analytics)?  Doesn't happen with Firefox or even Google Chrome.18:55
aldinhi sorry for bother, perhaps i am just another guy asking "when it will be out"? so anyone has info, deadline is as i see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule?action=show&redirect=LucidLynxSchedule18:55
screen-xBluesKaj, I've had good experiences with network manager so far, maybe that has left me with high expectations.. Though I did just unplug my network cable, and when I re plugged it in, NM auto DHCPed it.18:55
aldinwhat is going on with lucid's release?18:55
screen-xZykoticK9, I have had that problem with google apps18:56
screen-xSometimes getting strange pages missings bits of css18:56
foreverubun2ZykoticK9: version #?18:56
ZykoticK9foreverubun2, 5.0.307.11 (39572)18:56
foreverubun2ZykoticK9: Try running an update, as I'm not having issues on 4220918:57
BluesKajscreen-x, nm works fine with ethernet , but i prefer to use /etc/network/interfaces static IP settings for that18:57
ZykoticK9foreverubun2, are you using a PPA?18:58
foreverubun2ZykoticK9, are you?18:59
ZykoticK9foreverubun2, no i'm using the version for ubuntu's repo18:59
charlie-tcaaldin: as the schedule shows, it is beta1 now. Release scheduled for end of april18:59
aldincharlie-tca: it says 29th, now its 30th?19:00
aldinso i wonder was there official information arround19:00
charlie-tcaIt says april 29, this is march 3019:00
foreverubun2ZykoticK9, I'm guessing that the ubuntu repo is the equivalent of either the beta or dev chrome channels.19:01
charlie-tcaI would suggest checking your calendar for the month19:01
foreverubun2ZykoticK9, Something's messed up on my end, can you access http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/ /19:03
foreverubun2ZykoticK9, no second /19:03
ZykoticK9foreverubun2, ya that site opens19:03
screen-xforeverubun2, http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/19:04
foreverubun2screen-x: my dns just went bad19:04
screen-x8.8.8.8 :)19:05
foreverubun2screen-x: yeah, but for some reason or another i'm getting this: http://www.onspeednx.com/nx/search/?d=1&t=0&q=googlechromereleases.blogspot.com19:06
foreverubun2I've never heard of onspeednx19:06
joey__Question: I recently upgraded from Karmic 9.10 to Lucid 10.04 beta using the update-manager -d command. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to enable the meMenu after the upgrade19:07
ZykoticK9foreverubun2, sure enough the PPA version doesn't have the issue.  Thanks.19:07
foreverubun2ZykoticK9, good to know19:08
trismforeverubun2: did you install any chrome extensions?19:08
billybigrigger_w0hat is the memenu?19:09
screen-xforeverubun2, scary. I wonder who's intercepting your dns :-/19:09
foreverubun2trism: only proxy switchy, but I just disabled it19:09
joey__the meMenu is the new lucid indicator applet. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeMenu19:10
joey__anybody know how to enable it after an upgrade?19:10
foreverubun2screen-x: the scarier part is that I'm running on a friendly network that I own and set up19:10
screen-xforeverubun2, do you use resolvers from your provider, or do you run local recursive resolvers?19:11
foreverubun2screen-x: provider, I think19:11
foreverubun2screen-x, it's charter communications19:12
BluesKajjoey__, alt+f2 , MeMenu19:12
trismforeverubun2: yeah, that was the extension I was getting hits about for the redirection to onspeednx.com19:12
foreverubun2ok... restarting chromium and uninstalling19:13
joey__BluesKaj: that doesn't work for me, it just says command not found19:14
joey__the indicator-me package is installed for me19:14
mrenoufIf you make a package for a service, which includes init scripts, does it get restarted automatically after an upgrade, or do I need to manually add a restart to postinst?19:14
foreverubun2trism: uninstalled it and still getting onspeednx... that's not good is it?19:15
mrenoufoops, sorry, meant to ask in #ubuntu, but answer if you can ;-) tnx19:15
om26erjoey__, open terminal type indicator-me19:15
BluesKajjoey__, not in the terminal , in the run command19:15
om26erjoey__, first you should have indicator-applet-session in the panel19:16
om26erwell if you have indicator-applet-session in the panel you should have memenu19:16
rweaitMar 30 12:31:29 tile rsyslogd-2039: Could no open output file '/dev/xconsole' [try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2039 ]19:17
trismforeverubun2: the post I found said to first disable the current proxy (deleting the proxy host) then uninstalling switchy fixed it for them, maybe check chromium's proxy settings?19:17
rweaitno /dev/xconsole exists19:18
rweaitthis is a new error.  Didn't see it last week.19:18
foreverubun2trism: uninstalled switchy, checking proxy settings19:18
joey__omer26er: okay, I've got indicator applet session started, does that start the meMenu?19:19
foreverubun2trism: proxy settings are directly to internet19:19
foreverubun2trism: page is gone; thank's for the help!19:20
screen-xforeverubun2, so it was a bad chrome(ium) extension?19:20
trismforeverubun2: excellent, you're welcome19:21
foreverubun2screen-x, yeah19:21
* screen-x mentally blacklists switchy19:22
joliHello guys19:22
foreverubun2screen-x: not bad just didn't know about the redirection, asking the dev's to make it more obvious19:22
macojoli: you probably have lubuntu-plymouth-theme  installed19:22
joliyes I have19:23
jolibut how can it be instaled?19:23
macojoli: did you used to have lubuntu/lxde installed?19:23
joliif I dont't have lxde19:23
maconeither lxde nor the splash screen depends on the other19:24
jolimaco: no, never. thats the trouble here19:24
jolias far i can remember i neever instaled it19:24
macooooh apt-cache says that plymouth itself depends on it19:24
joliIt apeared to me in the last regular updates of ubuntu19:24
jolisometimes i just do sudo apt-get update / upgrade19:25
macohrmm thats not right....19:25
jolisometimes i use the update graphical tools19:25
macoim not sure why it got installed. "apt-cache rdepends lubuntu-plymouth-theme" says plymouth depends on it but "apt-cache show plymouth" says it doesnt19:25
ActionParsnipYo yo yo19:25
ActionParsnipMore lubuntians :D19:26
joliI can happly remove it, and move along. Should I fill some bug report?19:26
joliActionParsnip: I'm not the only one with that trouble?19:27
macojoli: i think ActionParsnip isnt understanding19:27
jolithis seems like a markting strategy from the lubuntu team :)19:27
macojoli: yeah file it and attach your /var/log/apt/term.log19:27
jolimaco: ok19:28
afvhi, anyone using evince (document viewer) noticed that in the documents instead a bullet (•) there's an infinity symbol (∞)?19:28
ActionParsnipJoli: wassup?19:28
ActionParsnipAfv: still serves the purpose I guess...19:29
texas319hey all19:42
ActionParsnipTexasguy319: ati in lucid doesn't work too well as their driver doesn't support the xorg version it comes with19:42
texas319got a question.... in U9 my video was dual view and the walpaper faded nice and smooth... in U10 Beta 1 walapaer doesnt span and is very sluggis and choppin in between transitions19:43
texas319wouuld that account for the sluggo?19:43
ActionParsnipTexas319: you are using the open driver that's why19:43
ZykoticK9texas319, see bug #494699 for details19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 494699 in fglrx-installer "Does not support current Lucid kernel (2.6.32) or xserver (1.7)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49469919:44
texas319so am I out of luck? w/ U1019:44
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skyjumpertrying to get rid of these annoying gnome-panel tooltips, but i don't know the window class of them19:45
skyjumperand xwininfo doesn't work on tooltips19:45
skyjumperanyone know how to get a window name/class for a tooltip?19:45
texas319ATI radeon X600 has been my work hourse viedo card as of late with dual screen19:45
ActionParsnipTexas319: until ati get up to date, yes. Nvidia runs fine19:45
texas319no nvidias on hand  as of now19:46
ed4hello, what about the broadcom wireless cards driver prob ?19:47
texas319so as far as my desktop goes i will be subject to Ubuntu 9 until Ati releases19:47
ed4i mean i have problem with live usb with this kind of card on laptop19:47
ActionParsnipTexas319: 9.10 is a solid release and is supported way into 2011 so you will be fine19:47
texas319so okay. I have never stuck with Ubuntu longer than a year so i havent done upgrading before.... if i stick with U9 till Ati steps up support is it a preety cut and dry upgrade process19:49
ActionParsnipJust avoid ati, much easier19:49
texas319kinda hard with my thinkpad it also has ATI19:50
jaysonsantosHi guys, I can't find out where me-menu is, I tried to remove and and again indicator applet, is that right ?19:50
texas319dual screen worked out the box19:50
texas319everything is crisp and clear19:50
texas319just a little sluggish when setting wall papers19:50
LajoswardJumping in the middle of this convo... does lucid not support ati video cards?19:59
nick125Lajosward: It kind of does.19:59
nick125Lajosward: The problem is that only certain cards are supported by the open source driver, etc.20:00
penguin42Lajosward: The free driver works on them, the commercial driver isn't there yet20:00
penguin42Yeh free doesn't work on the hd5xxx series20:00
nick125(Note: I haven't bought an ATI graphics card since...uh...the ATI All-in-Wonder Pro, PCI edition)20:00
Lajoswardcause the box i am working on now the pci-e slot is out so ordering a new mobo tomorrow and i have a 4class card20:01
* penguin42 is running an HD4350 on the free drivers20:01
ed4do you know about issues with fit-pc2 ? (mini pc based on gma500)20:01
Lajoswardthats what i have20:01
Ian_Corne4870 on free drivers here20:01
penguin42Lajosward: Works a treat - although I'm running hte xorg-edgers bleeding edge stuff20:01
Lajosward\so i should be ok20:01
penguin42Lajosward: Yeh20:01
cwillu_at_workcan somebody verify if /var/lib/dpkg/info/python-ubuntuone.md5sums exists?20:01
nick125penguin42: Spilling a little blood in the name of science, eh? ;)20:02
penguin42Lajosward: Google-earth is fine, meshlab pretty funky, I don't do compiz20:02
penguin42nick125: Heck yes; actually I've been running this on the free drivers since I got the machine in December and I think I needed them then, bu tI suspect I don't now20:02
herberttried to update to 10.4 but Xorg switched the buttons on top windows from right side to left (min, full, exit)20:02
Lajoswardyeah my ccsm is acting up on the workstation frount20:02
Lajoswardi can only have 2 workstations20:02
cwillu_at_workherbert, recent update to the appearances dialog offers to switch them back when you change themes20:03
Lajoswardsetting above 2 and it resets back to 2 each time20:03
cwillu_at_workherbert, nothing at all to do with xorg though20:03
git__anyone here work with "Show Mouse" in Compiz?  I want to know if there's a simple circle for "Show Mouse" effect20:03
cwillu_at_workpenguin42, can you do me a favour on a lucid machine?20:05
penguin42cwillu_at_work: Sure20:05
cwillu_at_workpenguin42, what's the output of "ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/python-ubuntuone.md5sums"?20:05
penguin42well, assuming it's legal and doesn't involve hacksaws20:05
cwillu_at_workls -lh rather20:05
cwillu_at_workwell, only one hacksaw20:05
penguin42cwillu_at_work: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 401 2010-03-24 23:24 /var/lib/dpkg/info/python-ubuntuone.md5sums20:06
cwillu_at_workah, goodie20:06
penguin42cwillu_at_work: Hmm - that's on this machine, but not on my other20:06
Lajoswardor soldering irons20:06
cwillu_at_work(that file came up ENOENT on an strace of dpkg during its installation)20:06
cwillu_at_workpenguin42, your other one may or may not have it installed20:07
penguin42cwillu_at_work: They're both upgrades from Karmic, the one that does have it was only upgraded recently (post beta) the one that doesn't was upgraded during early alpha20:07
LajoswardHaving to remember to update everyday20:09
Lajoswardfiles today20:10
ActionParsnipLajosward: cron it ;)20:10
git__I'm still waiting for suspend/resume and X-Record extension to work on Lucid20:10
Lajoswardis there another way to cube your workstations without ccsm20:11
Bittarmanany way to get the equiv. of vbeinfo once your booted?20:12
avarCould someone give me a default 10.04 /etc/rsyslog.conf? I accidentally nuked mine20:12
herbertthe other problem I ran into was the Video Driver wouldn't load nvidia 9620:12
bjsnidernvidia 96 probably doesn't work20:13
ActionParsnipAvar: http://pastebin.com/byuVaeSn20:14
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
avarActionParsnip: thanks!20:15
ActionParsnipAvar: before playing with conf files backup the original with a simple cp command, you can then roll back20:15
ActionParsnipAvar: sudo cp /etc/syslog.conf /etc/syslog.conf_old ,is all it takes20:17
rippsAlmost everything in my Application/System menus is missing, what the hell is going on?20:17
ActionParsnipRipps: run alacarte, it may give clues20:17
ZykoticK9ripps, by default i don't think there is anything in that menu20:17
rippsActionParsnip: everything is missing there too20:18
avarActionParsnip: In this case there's no need. I accidentally deleted it earlier. Usually I'm not this dumb though, I keep my /etc in git. I was just setting it up in git from another machine (with a debian /etc/rsyslog.conf) and deleted it during merging..20:18
ActionParsnipRipps: that's all I got. I use lxde20:19
ActionParsnipAvar: d'oh oh well :)20:19
ZykoticK9ripps, on a default install (just checked in a VM) that menu doesn't even appear20:19
rippsActionParsnip: what package is the application menu associated with? So I know what package to ubuntu-bug20:19
jibadeehathe icon buttons being on the left is starting to make sense to me now i have seen this mock up http://platinrabe.deviantart.com/art/Additional-Buttons-Mockup-15892574520:20
rippsZykoticK9: that doesn't explain why they suddenly disappeared after running an update, I've been using Lucid since Alpha120:20
rweaitLucid didn't say this last week but does now: rsyslogd-2039: Could no open output file '/dev/xconsole'20:20
ZykoticK9ripps, don't know then... it's certainly populated on my system20:20
ActionParsnipRipps: erm not sure really. Sorry20:22
MaletorI am trying to install Ubuntu 10.4 from the alternate USB. However, when I get to the installer and I select, no I would not like to find cd-drivers, Ubuntu complains hardcore and disallows me to continue the installation throwing a fatal error.20:34
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo20:35
BUGabundohey dear charlie-tca20:35
mfraz74just done an update on UNR and now I have 2 battery indicators20:35
Maletorevening BUGabundo: i was on here talking to someone about it last night, I made the alternate USB from unetbootin, should I try creating it from the ubuntu usb creator?20:36
BUGabundoMaletor: ?20:37
BUGabundoAFAIK usb-creator only does Live CDs20:38
BUGabundoso who was the guy asking about gm-notify?20:38
BUGabundoaboserv something ?20:38
MaletorUSB Creator will not create an alternate install USB?20:38
BUGabundodon't think so20:39
MaletorWell, how can I boot the alternate USB?20:40
mfraz74is it safe to remove one of the battery indicators?20:40
BUGabundomfraz74: AFAIK yes20:40
Maletorerr. I can boot it, but it throws a fatal error upon failing to get cd drivers when i don't even have a cd drive20:40
BUGabundoyou should still get alerts of critical levels20:41
BUGabundoMaletor: beats me20:41
BUGabundomaybe with unetbootin ?20:41
holsteinive had the same error with unetbootin Maletor20:41
Maletorholstein: what's the solution holstein? boot into live cd and use usb creator to create alternate usb?20:42
holsteini have a USB external drive20:42
mfraz74oh, doesn't look like i can20:42
holsteinSO i just used that, and stopped looking for a solution for the non-live install CD's20:42
MaletorI don't have CD/DVD.20:43
Maletordrive, and I need alternate for mdadm/lvm220:43
BUGabundoThe following packages are BROKEN:20:44
BUGabundo  capplets-data gnome-panel libplasma320:44
BUGabundoMaletor: do you have a GOOD internet link ?20:44
Maletorit's decent ---- why?20:44
BUGabundoMaletor: netboot.me20:45
BUGabundoput that on the USB stick, boot from it, change the image to daily or daily live lucid20:45
BUGabundoand start from that20:45
BUGabundoI know it works, I've done it a few time on my laptop20:45
BUGabundoyou will need a ethernet cable of course20:46
MaletorBUGabundo: does it have the alternate cd?20:46
BUGabundoMaletor: ping me if you need any help with it20:46
BUGabundoMaletor: LIVE is the alternate20:46
holsteinw00t BUGabundo20:46
BUGabundoDAILY is the alternate20:46
BUGabundoand daily live is the Desktop20:46
BUGabundoholstein: ??20:47
holsteingood idea.. netboot.me FTW20:47
Damasceneholstein, are you using netbook edtion?20:48
holsteinDamascene: no20:48
holsteinjust plain vanilla20:48
DamasceneI heard this word before20:48
BUGabundowhich one?20:49
BUGabundoBKO and NBM?20:49
BUGabundoboot.kernel.org and netboot.me20:49
pitwalkerMaletor: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/20:49
BUGabundovery light boot (1MB)20:49
holsteinBUGabundo mentioned them in here a couple weeks ago20:49
BUGabundopitwalker: already told him that20:49
Maletorpitwalker: that's the source of the problem20:50
holsteini checked them both out, and like them20:50
BUGabundoholstein: this should be the 4th time20:50
pitwalkerMaletor: I install a Lucid with unetbootined pendrive's fat3220:50
Maletordid you use alternate20:50
* Maletor doesn't think so......20:50
holsteinpitwalker: the alternate?20:50
* BUGabundo runs computer janitor20:50
holsteinpitwalker: the text-based looking installer20:50
BUGabundoMaletor: question: why do you insist on the alternate???20:50
pitwalkerMaletor: to another pendrive, and works with manual edit of the grubs kernel entry's root parameter20:51
MaletorI need it for mdadm and lvm220:51
MaletorIt is an absolute necessity20:51
pitwalkerMaletor: i use the netinstall tiny size image, because not contain unfamiliar file names with FAT3220:51
BUGabundojanitor looks AWFUL20:52
MaletorI have a blank usb and the desktop live so i will try to install ubuntu alternate from live cd20:52
Maletorif that doesn't work i will use netboot.me although i don't see the DAILY package of ubuntu20:52
BUGabundoMaletor: Desktop may not provide the tools or installer you need20:52
BUGabundoMaletor: it doesn't have it20:52
MaletorBUGabundo: it will have usb creator20:52
BUGabundothat's why I said you need to edit it20:53
BUGabundoMaletor: again, AFAIK usbcreator DOESNOT support alternate iamge20:53
BUGabundoI could be wrong20:53
MaletorWhat do you mean doesn't support all it does is add syslinux to it...20:53
pitwalkerunetbootin uses syslinux20:53
BUGabundohey if you are sure20:53
Maletorand maybe some other things ... to make sure it doesn't look for cd drivers for example20:53
BUGabundogo for it20:53
pitwalkerunetbootin extract files from the iso20:54
mfraz74one of the battery indicators is part of indicator applet and i've no idea about the other one as it doesn't seem to accept right clicks20:55
mfraz74can't seem to add or remove anything from the panel as the options are faded out20:59
claptrapOk, so for some reason, whenever I highlight a URL anywhere (Chrome, Firefox, Smuxi, gedit) it opens a little right-click style menu with some choices for a browser to open it in. How can I disable this"?21:00
penguin42it's bringing up the menu just by highlighting it?21:02
steven_I've just updated my nvidia with the package manager and now I'm getting a display not found X error21:02
claptrappenguin42: Yeah.21:03
claptrapAnnoying because in Chrome, for example, I highlight my URL and then start typing to type over it; however, since the menu is open, if I hit, say "O", the URL opens in Opera.21:04
claptrapOh, Google FINALLY found something for me.21:05
BUGabundoclaptrap: what WM?21:05
claptrapBUGabundo: Turns out an applet in cairo-dock was doing it.21:06
claptrapBUGabundo: Clipper, to be precise.21:06
=== BUGabundo is now known as BUGabundo_diner
MaletorSo neither solution worked BUGabundo21:14
MaletorThis is pretty annoying. Why does ubuntu alternate throw a fatal error upon not finding CD drivers!21:15
MaletorI am on a USB!21:15
mfraz74would i file a bug against gnome-panel or the indicator applet?21:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 552022 in debian-installer "not finding cd drivers throws fatal error even though using USB" [Undecided,New]21:22
sayersI'm having X give me a fatal server error : no screens found. I've ran nvidia-xconfig and that hasn't fixed it.21:23
=== BUGabundo_diner is now known as BUGabundo_WC
BUGabundo_WCanyone here with a laptop and multimedia keys to turn the screen of?21:27
BUGabundo_WCconfirm me this:21:28
BUGabundo_WCdo you need to press it twice to work?21:28
holsteinBUGabundo_WC: not off21:28
holsteinbut the brightness works21:28
holsteinone press21:28
BUGabundo_WCholstein: yeah all my other keys work21:29
BUGabundo_WCbut to turn the LCD lamp off I *always* need to press it twice21:29
sayersDoes anyone have a clue in fixing a no screen found x error21:32
claptrapsayers: http://superuser.com/questions/63759/no-gui-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-9-10-boots-to-command-line21:34
BUGabundo_WCclaptrap: please keep lucid info on official channels! 3rd party are usually very missinformed and badly updated21:35
claptrapBUGabundo_WC: That's what Google turns up; something to try is better than nothing at all, especially when nobody else is offering anything.21:37
bjsniderclaptrap, actually doing nothing at all is usually best21:38
claptrapI'll keep that in mind the next time I see someone not getting any help. /=21:39
deanusCant connect to wifi anymore..  Just tries and tries and then gives the ssid/password box again, and again.. worked fine before, and works fine in karmic..21:40
dupondjewhat tool gives the popup thats power is to low, and needs to shutdown ?21:41
charlie-tcadupondje: gnome-power-manager ?21:42
Ahren_The_MagusFascinating...Lucid won't install on my laptop directly, no matter what I do, but it seems to be installing just fine within a session of VirtualBox.  Is it possible to copy the install from within VirtualBox once it's installed, and port it out as an ISO to install manually onto a matching partition I have sitting on my hard drive that is going unused?21:53
JaymacI've got dependency hell - no gnome-panel :(21:53
Jaymacplus most of ubuntu-desktop uninstalled itself21:53
yofelJaymac: we're just updating from gnome-2.29 to 2.30, please don't update right now21:54
yofelit *will* break21:54
Jaymacyofel, I got caught out... not too worried21:54
Jaymacyofel, i guess everything should be up in a few hours?21:54
rwwthis is why you don't do partial/dist-upgrades ;P21:55
yofelJaymac: more like tomorrow or so21:55
Jaymacrww, nah, I was stupid and ran a bash shortcut with an assume-yes flag21:55
Jaymacbash shortcut upgrade*21:55
Jaymacserious brain lapse :)21:56
billybigrigger_yofel, maybe someone should throw that in the topic21:56
billybigrigger_the whole gnome merging and DO  NOT update bit21:56
yofelcrimsun: ping?21:56
billybigrigger_yofel, btw...hello :P21:56
yofelhi to you too billybigrigger_ :D21:56
Jaymacyofel, thanks for info... will check back later tonight and again tomorrow am21:57
rwwyofel: There are quite a few people in #ubuntu-ops that could help with topic changes, too.21:57
yofelrww: if you know them ok, I don't really want to summon all ops for this21:57
rwwThey won't mind. I'll go poke them for you :)21:58
yofelthx :)21:58
Ahren_The_MagusRepeating my question: Is it possible to copy the (apparently installing just fine Lucid) install from within VirtualBox once it's finished installed, and port it out as an ISO to install manually onto a matching partition I have sitting on my hard drive that is going unused (since Lucid seems incapable of installing in the usual manner on my laptop?21:58
=== tydizzle is now known as Caspa
boredomistHey guys, hopefully simple question: I set visual effects to extra via Appearance Preferences, but everytime I log in after, it reverts to "none". Don't really know what other info to provide besides that, but suggestions?21:59
yofelAhren_The_Magus: don't think so, where does the install fail?21:59
billybigrigger_Ahren_The_Magus, your going to need the exact same hardware as your vm21:59
billybigrigger_kind of seems impossible to me21:59
Oxymoronyofel: Just have to say, but you know my video problem it still doesnt work :D21:59
Oxymoronyofel: kde, xserver, nvidia, xine, mplayer, gstreamer, compiz is tested and removed ~/.kde as well and still didnt work :P COuld be some kind of bug, I saw a bug with Cairo dock conflicts with QT and all mutimedia players is affected but VLC has posted a patch, other apps have not.22:01
Ahren_The_Magusyofel: I cannot recall off the top of my head, tried to install Beta 1 the day it came out, and I was so frustrated with it that I gave up.22:01
freaky[t]after upgrading to the beta version the gui login hangs. if i press enter it doesnt show the password prompt. instead it shows the same screen again ...22:01
Ahren_The_Magusbillybigrigger_: Ouch...ok, and it can't adjust after the fact to the new hardware?22:02
billybigrigger_Ahren_The_Magus, well i just installed the beta1 cd yesterday...no hiccups here22:02
billybigrigger_Ahren_The_Magus, what sort of install problems did you encounter?22:02
billybigrigger_i can assure you that you DONT want to take the route your thinking of22:03
yofelAhren_The_Magus: much has been fixed (and broken again) since then, try a daily image or beta2 (comes out in ~1week)22:03
=== BUGabundo_WC is now known as BUGabundo_sofa
yofelseems like KDE updates will be broken too, they're uploading 4.4.222:06
Oxymoronyofel: Haha lol :D22:06
bjsnideris the ubuntu font done yet?22:06
billybigrigger_is there still no way to use flash without ndiswrapper?22:09
Oxymoronbjsnider: Ubuntu font? :P22:09
rwwubottu: flash64 | billybigrigger_22:09
ubottubillybigrigger_: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava22:09
penguin42billybigrigger_: You mean nspluginwrapper22:10
penguin42but as ubottu/rww  says - you don't need it any more22:10
rwwnspluginwrapper and I aren't friends :(22:10
billybigrigger_someone around here is still suggesting it22:10
c001osi have a question22:11
c001oshow can i set up in lucid to show text during boot?22:11
billybigrigger_just ask away bud, no need to ask to ask22:11
jolic001os: You can remove the option in grub22:12
c001osit is the quiet option?:22:12
yofelc001os: edit /etc/default/grub and remove 'quiet splash' and run update-grub after that22:12
jolithe splash22:12
c001osthx a lot22:12
c001osi will do that22:12
c001osi have noticed that sometimes when i start my lucid system the evolution-alarm cause 100% cpu usage22:14
c001ossomebody has expereience about that?22:15
kklimondac001os: it may be related to gnome-keyring, hard to tell without stacktrace22:15
Oxymoronc001os: I have noticed sometimes that CPU goes like superhigh sometimes but not by evolution-alarm I think.22:15
c001osthe i will digg in launchpad22:16
c001osthx for the infos22:16
c001osgood night boys22:16
dooglusI keep getting "mount error(111): Connection refused" when attempting to smbmount a directory shared by another ubuntu 10.04 server here22:18
dooglusit worked until yesterday22:18
Gaming4JCHey guys, I want to know where I can beg, grovel, and plea for an utmost important package to be included on the Lucid Live CD.  ^^22:21
dooglusGaming4JC: anywhere you like.  won't make any difference though22:22
Gaming4JCI know... who besides the MOTU are the masterminds behind not including packages?22:22
rwwGaming4JC: you realize that feature freeze was a while ago, yes?22:23
Gaming4JChmm no I missed out on that I'm afraid.22:23
yofel!schedule | Gaming4JC22:23
ubottuGaming4JC: A schedule of Lucid Lynx (10.04) release milestones can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule22:23
ZykoticK9Gaming4JC, and what is this "utmost important package"?22:23
kklimondaGaming4JC: what package are you talking about?22:23
Gaming4JCgnome-ppp, and if not gnome-ppp at VERY least PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include "wvdial" this is just so I can connect.22:24
Gaming4JC93million americans, including myself, still use dial-up.22:24
yofelI would agree on wvdial actually...22:24
Gaming4JCMost distros come with wvdial, I've no idea why ubuntu doesn't.22:25
Gaming4JCHow do you expect people who have dial-up to get online seriously? Without borrowing a windows box and going on a packages.ubuntu.com dependency hunt. :D22:26
kklimondaGaming4JC: it's the same with all the people who are using various dsl22:26
* Gaming4JC would think it logical that a mere 500kb be added to the livecd to resolve the issue...22:27
yofelhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/20814/ has been there for a while...22:28
* rww ponders "pppubuntu"22:28
kklimondathere is ppp though so you can use it ;)22:28
Gaming4JCI also submitted several other requests myself on brainstorm, doesn't seem to help though as each new release simply ignores it.22:28
Gaming4JCand ppp is nearly impossible to use22:29
Gaming4JCwvdial at least makes it human readable. :P22:29
kklimondait has been removed from CD at some point22:29
Gaming4JCgnome-ppp makes it "Linux for Human Beings" but I kinda doubt "anyone other than cavemen use dial-up" anymore anyway. ;)22:29
billybigrigger_anyone here familiar with ruby? how do i run a ruby script? .rb22:30
Gaming4JCyah and it was soooo lame, seems to have occured at Hardy Heron22:30
Gaming4JCthe gnome-network-manager used to support dial-up very much like gnome-ppp22:30
arandGaming4JC: brainstorm... file feature requests as bug reports on launchpad instead, or discuss om mailing list.22:30
kklimondaGaming4JC: it's not really developed anyway from what I can tell22:30
Gaming4JCthen they ditched it and dropped all dependencies for an epic fail.22:30
kklimondaneither it is maintained22:30
kklimondawell, there has been a 1.61 release at some point but the package has been abandoned 2 years ago by debian developer22:31
deegenbillybigrigger_: Does "ruby [scriptname]" do anything?22:31
yofelarand: there is a whishlist bug about including wvdial...22:31
billybigrigger_sudo: ./flashpolicyd.rb: command not found22:31
billybigrigger_flashpolicyd.rb exists22:31
deegenruby flashpolicyd.rb22:32
arandyofel: ah, fair enough, Gaming4JC: then make sure to push for a blueprint for inclusion in Lucid+1 ;)22:32
Gaming4JCarand: Thanks for the tip. :D22:33
Gaming4JCarand: Just file it as a bug in package wvdial right?22:33
yofelbug 400573, I'm clueless though where we have to forward that to though22:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400573 in wvdial "[include in live-cd] wvdial (1.60.1+nmu2)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40057322:33
Gaming4JCHmm... don't suppose I need to put it in the database then22:34
Gaming4JCjust get some one to look at it since it's already requested22:35
kklimondaGaming4JC: you should ask first why has it been dropped from the cd22:35
Gaming4JCWhere would I ask that? #ubuntu-motu?22:36
kklimondatry on #ubuntu-devel22:36
bsmith093what packages do i need to install to enabke bluetooth sharing22:41
bsmith093i hsve a usb bluetooth adapter plugged in22:41
bsmith093but it says i need to install some packages to use bluetooth sharing service22:41
crimsunyofel: yes?23:01
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Lucid Lynx support/discussion | GNOME 2.30 being uploaded. Packages are in-flux, so don't upgrade yet. | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Milestones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynxSchedule | Beta 1 released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/beta1
cryingfreemanIn Lucid, the version of chpasswd does not support the '--encrypted' switch anymore. Is there any other way to use an already-encrypted-password from the command line as in 'echo "demo:$DEMOPW" | chpasswd --encrypted' ?23:03
yofelcrimsun: thanks23:03
* penguin42 assumes there is no real change from the pre-release stuff currently in lucid anyway23:15
pitwalkernobody surprised when this occured: https://launchpad.net/bugs/36037823:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 360378 in linux "Gave up waiting for root device after upgrade then busybox console" [High,Confirmed]23:16
pitwalkergood night23:16
EvilEpochHello all23:16
EvilEpochI m having a problem in gnome where the window options  min , max , close show up on the left side of the window23:16
EvilEpochI think I read something about this being a bug but I couldn't find the link23:16
EvilEpochagain at least...23:17
rwwubottu: currentissues | EvilEpoch23:17
ubottuEvilEpoch: The titlebar buttons have switched to the left during the development phase of Lucid. No need for alarm! The developers are testing this and listening to user feedback. The final decision about the position will be made after beta. Kindly be patient. For more insight , kindly read : http://www.ivankamajic.com/?p=28123:17
EvilEpochwell, having it on the left side is a horrible idea!23:17
penguin42heck, they've had a lot of feedback....23:18
danopiai tried upgrading a wubi ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 and it said it "could not calculate the upgrade" in the "setting new software channels" step, after it does something abuot the package manager and uses a bit of CPU. is this common?23:18
danopiadoes it have to do with "don't upgrade yet" in the topic23:18
rwwdanopia: yes23:19
EvilEpochI like the authors personal preference of having the close on the right and the min max on the left23:20
EvilEpochthat'd be better imo23:20
lullabudi am rather amazed at how much backlash that left-side switch is getting.23:20
BUGabundo_sofalullabud: why?23:20
EvilEpochI thought it was some weird bug23:20
lullabuda lot of gnome themes have had left-side buttons23:20
BUGabundo_sofaall past UI changes got them too23:20
lullabudi remember back in RH 5.x there were tons of left-side themes23:21
EvilEpochthe first time I saw it23:21
BUGabundo_sofaUpdate Manager23:21
EvilEpochonly OS X has it on the left, while I use OS X a lot23:21
EvilEpochI got used to Gnome having it on the right23:21
BUGabundo_sofaohh so many23:21
BUGabundo_sofaEvilEpoch: the good thing: you can change it23:22
EvilEpochyeah thats another thing, where do you change it23:22
EvilEpochI've been looking and there was no super obvious place to change it23:22
rwwgconf-editor >.>23:23
* rww doesn't have the instructions handy23:23
lullabudi think they should move it back to the right.  an OS should be usable to the majority out of the box, and it sounds to me like the majority wants it on the right.23:23
lullabudstill, it was alarming how big of an issue it was.23:23
rwwlullabud: sabdfl contentds that design isn't a democracy23:23
rwwcontends **23:24
lullabudrww: i agree, design is not a democracy, otherwise brilliant design ideas wouldn't have the "huh... i wonder why i never thought of that" reaction.23:25
rwwI tend to use window managers that don't have title bars, so... ;)23:25
lullabudrww: oh come on, tell me you don't just *love* the toolbars here - http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/X11/kde-apps/themes/ktheme_wasp_big.jpg23:30
lullabudholy hell we've come a long way...23:30
danopia<lullabud> a lot of gnome themes have had left-side buttons23:30
danopiai remember xfce let you reorganize them yourself23:31
lullabudmakes sense23:31
rwwdanopia: xfce and kde both do. gnome doesn't have that tool.23:31
danopiaso when shuold the upgrade work23:32
avisi wish to be free from the plague that is itunes.  crimsun was trying to help me earlier he told me to do a couple things, all the details for my CMI8788 card is in this pastebin  http://pastebin.com/DT5v7nAq23:40
penguin42hey if it's an audio problem I defer to crimsun23:42
avisthank you23:42
avishopefully he'll see i came back.  i took the card out of that dreaded windows 7 box.23:42
Lamoi just wanted to say this new mofo boots insanely fast! I can reboot my crappy laptop in what seems like around 3 mins! Cant wait to install it on my desktop which has a SSD.23:45
avishave those come down in price significantly ?23:45
avissure would be nice to find a small cheap one that i can put swap and / on.23:46
ZykoticK9avis, putting swap on an SSD will certainly shorten it's life expectancy greatly23:49
* penguin42 went the other way and just bought a 1TB disc and installed linux on the 1st 10% to keep the seek times low23:49
Lamoi got my 32GB SSD for $130USD23:52
Lamothen i use a 500GB slave for media23:52
avisZykoticK9, so something that would hold / would be good, if you have a larger hard drive for data ?23:53
avisi guess a 15gb ssd would work23:53
ZykoticK9avis, you can certainly put swap onto an SSD if you wish - just realize the SSD have a limited number of writes before the drive is dead - and swap gets lots of writes and therefore will wear the drive out quickly23:54
avisright now that i know that i wont do that much.  but i think just putting / on it would be great, and /home on my normal drive23:54
Lamohttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820609331 this one23:55
BUGabundo_sofawho needs swaps these days?23:55
BUGabundo_sofaI got 4 and 8 GB of RAM23:55
lullabudavis: given that RAM is cheaper than SSD, you might as well buy more RAM and "swap" to that... that is, don't swap.  assuming your hardware supports the expansion size.23:57
lullabudunless you need like 100gb of swap.23:58
swoodyor you could setup swap in tmpfs (ramdisk) ;)23:58
avisi have 4gb of ram23:58
lullabudavis: what's your max?23:58
avismaybe 823:58
avisi'm not a memory hungry user, but if it would speed things up ?23:59
lullabudavis: swap definitely will slow things down.23:59
avisso i could go for 8gb and then not have swap.  makes sense23:59
penguin42a little swap can be good; it lets the OS swap out stuff you just aren't using to use that last drop of RAM for useful stuff23:59

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