DarkwingDuckYAY! Member!00:10
pedro3005DarkwingDuck, ubuntu member?00:10
DarkwingDuckWell, via Kubuntu but yes. I was just voted as a Kubuntu/Ubuntu member00:11
pedro3005DarkwingDuck, congratulations00:11
Bodsdacongrats DarkwingDuck00:12
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nomadhackerhello there.  Having some issues with booting windows 7 along with Ubuntu.  It's loading grub just fine, and Ubuntu loads, but when I choose the Windows 7 option, the loading splash for windows shows, then suddenly reboots.02:36
nomadhackerIt seems to be specific to Ubuntu's grub.  I had tried 9.10 and had the issue continuously, so I installed fedora and no problems.  Now I've installed 10.04, and it worked at first, but now suddenly I'm back to windows rebooting on startup.02:38
nomadhackertried repairing windows boot with bootrec /fixboot, to no result02:39
nomadhackerobviously don't want to fixmbr02:39
mohi1nomadhacker, you done anything in the boot menu? i mean grub file(grub.cfg)??02:44
nomadhackerI had made windows the default with 5 second timeout.  It had been working until just today.02:44
mohi1you have the backup of your grub.cfg??02:46
nomadhackerIt had been working for the last week or so since I installed 10.04 with windows as the default.02:47
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nomadhackerThanks to mohi!  Just rebooted into Windows.03:09
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nhasianhello everyone05:11
smee2after learning some basics on linux, like getting around the os and learning some basic commands, what topic would you suggest I look into next06:52
smee2i followed some tutorials, but they started getting into networks and servers, which i know nothing about.  i thought i should put that on hold for a while06:53
paultagnhandler, is there a channel mode +u ?07:33
tenachBodsda, ping08:39
st4alucklukjad86: I went to the shop and it'll cost me 7 euro to install the software :))))09:53
st4alucklukjad86: I went to the shop and it'll cost me 7 euro to install the software for the router:))))10:04
st4alucklukjad86: hey, I am verry happy!!!!!!:)))))))))10:14
pedro3005st4aluck, :))))))))))))))))))))10:14
st4aluckpedro3005: Yeah, I have to pay only 7 euro and my router will work again10:15
pedro3005st4aluck, that is good10:16
st4aluckpedro3005: Idon't know if it is possible to pre-install the software on the router by myselfe!?!?10:17
pedro3005st4aluck, neither do I10:18
st4aluckpedro3005: the only access to it is trough firefox, but if the build in DNS is fucked you can't access it10:20
st4aluckpedro3005: my sister gave it to me. She said she bought new because this doesn't work.:::))) It's 77 euro:)10:23
pedro3005st4aluck, well, good luck :D10:25
st4aluckpedro3005: still don't know what to do with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:25
st4aluckpedro3005: Can you comment something about http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:37
pedro3005st4aluck, hm, don't know much10:38
pedro3005sorry D:10:38
st4aluckpedro3005: Man, I am so desperate!!! May be I have to go back to 8.04 because of this problem10:42
pedro3005st4aluck, ask ibuclaw, he's the man!10:42
st4aluckpedro3005: does he stays in thise chat?10:45
st4aluckibuclaw: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:45
ibuclawst4aluck, what's the specs?11:01
st4aluckibuclaw: what do you mean?11:03
ibuclawmotherboard, manufacturer. :)11:03
ibuclawor simply the desktop/laptop name11:03
ibuclawoh, wait, just read your post11:04
st4aluckThoshiba A205-4567S11:04
ibuclawst4aluck, does it boot / work properly if you boot from Battery?11:04
ibuclawthat is *not* connected to AC11:05
st4aluckibuclaw: it work properly only on 8.0411:05
st4aluckI said that I made test with live CD of Knoppix and Hardy11:06
st4aluckibuclaw: On Knoppix loads and freezes but Hardy no prb11:07
ibuclawst4aluck, are you on the affected system now?11:12
st4aluckibuclaw: yes, but I can change to another hard drive11:15
st4aluckibuclaw: ....and install on it what ever you tell me11:15
ibuclawst4aluck, nah, just need to test 2 things11:16
ibuclawif you open a terminal :)11:16
ibuclawfirstly, fake that you are switching to battery.11:16
ibuclawsudo acpi_fakekey 23611:17
ibuclawst4aluck, if all is fine afterwards, then test powersave.11:17
ibuclawsudo pm-powersave true11:17
ibuclawif your system is still running, can mostly rule out acpi.11:18
st4aluckibuclaw: shall I turn on battery now?11:20
ibuclawst4aluck, nah, those tests were just to see if it's a userspace issue. (the interface above the kernel).11:21
st4aluckibuclaw: so?11:22
st4aluckibuclaw: it's not11:23
ibuclawst4aluck, open up grub configuration and add "noacpi" as an option.11:23
ibuclawgksudo gedit /etc/default/grub11:24
st4aluckdoes it mean it the kernel issue as I tought11:24
ibuclawst4aluck, a regression, probably, yes.11:24
ibuclawin that file, you should see a "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=" line.11:24
st4aluckibuclaw: done11:24
allencchhello, i have downloaded ubuntu desktop dvd, and i have already installed Ubuntu with english. may i know how to install other language support through DVD?11:25
st4aluckI made thise before11:25
ibuclawsudo update-grub11:25
st4aluckit's already made to show the boot loader11:25
ibuclawthen reboot, login, and *then* try removing the AC power cable11:26
ibuclawkk :)11:26
ibuclawallencch, if you are connected to the net, you can get language-support packages through the repository11:28
allencchis there anyway to install offline, such as using DVD?11:28
ibuclawallencch, hmm, what's on the DVD contents?11:29
allencchthe DVD iso downloaded from ubuntu website11:29
ibuclawallencch, hmm, maybe I'm blind, but I wasn't aware of a DVD available for download from the site (nor was I aware of one).11:33
st4aluckibuclaw: it freezes at the moment I have to load into my account11:34
allencchibuclaw, it is linked to other server11:34
st4aluckibuclaw: it freezes at the moment I have to load into my account11:35
st4aluckibuclaw: ha, new update kernel on Lucid11:38
ibuclawst4aluck, ? :)11:40
st4aluckibuclaw: new 32-2811:40
st4aluckibuclaw: I tried to boot on battery but it freezes at the moment I had to load into my account!?!?11:42
st4aluckibuclaw: there is a new kernel update to 32-18 it was 32-1711:43
ibuclawallencch, if you insert the DVD and browse it's contents, what do you see?11:43
allencchthe DVD is just similar to the CD version, only the squash fs is about 1.2 G11:44
ibuclawI was more interested in if there is a "pool" directory11:47
ibuclawif so, check that under "l" or "la"11:47
allencchibuclaw, pool contains "main" and "restricted"11:49
ibuclawallencch, check under main11:50
allencchinside main got "l", and in "l" got a lot of "language-pack*"11:50
ibuclawallencch, there you go then =)11:50
ibuclawst4aluck, if you can figure out which was the last working kernel, check the change, try raising a bug report with your findings.11:51
allencchibuclaw, then how do i install? i want to install chinese language and scim input. is it using the "deb" files?11:51
st4aluckibuclaw: How it has to be? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"11:52
ibuclawst4aluck, that is the default, yes11:52
ibuclawoh, noacpi?11:52
ibuclawGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noacpi"11:52
st4alucklike that?11:52
ibuclawwell, it doesn't matter on the order11:53
ibuclawso long as it is within the quotes11:53
ibuclawafter saving, run:11:53
ibuclawsudo update-grub11:53
ibuclawto generate a new grub.cfg file for boot11:53
allencchibuclaw, okay, i know the solution, it is using dpkg11:54
allencchibuclaw, thanks for your help. FYI, the DVD image doesn't have the language I want. hahaha.11:55
ibuclawallencch, gdebi should be installed =)11:55
ibuclawthat allows you to double click on the debs to install11:55
st4aluckibuclaw: still downlading the updates:(11:56
ibuclawallencch, being connected to the net is so much easier though when installing packages.11:56
st4aluckthen I will reboot11:57
allencchbut internet connection is not very fast and not always available in my area.11:57
ibuclawbecause of the ... fragmented way they are maintained.11:57
lukjad86st4aluck Hey, that's great!11:58
st4alucklukjad86: haha, I am happy with  the router...after 2-3 hours I'll have it back11:59
lukjad86Good for you!12:00
st4aluck77 euro, uh!!!12:00
st4aluckI can connect 64 computers with it12:01
st4alucklukjad86: still trying to fix the battery problem12:02
ibuclawst4aluck, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/44710412:02
ibuclawbroken wireless drivers strikes again.12:02
ibuclawst4aluck, another test is to disable network manager from autostarting =)12:03
allencchthanks, bye12:04
st4aluckibuclaw: Are you talking about the battery mode12:05
st4aluckibuclaw: I did read it yet12:06
st4aluckibuclaw: I didn't read it yet12:06
st4aluckhow to disable the network manager and do you think it'll help12:07
ibuclawst4aluck, I *think* it is in System->Preferences->Startup Apps12:08
st4aluckibuclaw: Sorry I'll be back in few minutes..... have to kill the snake:)))12:09
st4aluckibuclaw: do you mean startup services?12:22
ibuclawst4aluck, is Network Manager listed ?12:28
st4aluckibuclaw: no but there is a powerdevil deamon12:29
ibuclawnever heard of it. :)12:29
st4aluckibuclaw: did you read the article?12:30
st4aluckibuclaw: the bug is the same12:31
st4aluckibuclaw: log-in screen.12:32
st4aluckafter logging in, I HAVE TO KILL THE NM-APPLET BEFORE IT'S CONNECTED.12:32
st4aluckthis will make my laptop run stable on battery power, pulling out the adapter when the system is booted still ends up with a frozen PC12:32
ibuclawst4aluck, preventing nm-applet from starting full stop will prevent you having to do that.12:33
st4aluckibuclaw: that was the last comment12:33
st4aluckibuclaw: now there is a new kernel... let me reboot to see,uh?12:34
st4aluckjust upgradet12:34
ibuclawst4aluck, sure, go ahead12:35
lukjad86ibuclaw Is there a way to sync my computer's time with a server? It seems to be off by several minutes12:36
st4aluckibuclaw: it got frozen while loading the kernel12:45
ibuclawoh joy :)12:49
ibuclawdoes the same happen when starting recovery mode -> selecting resume?12:49
ibuclawalso, a pastebin of /var/log/messages may prove useful insight12:51
st4aluckibuclaw:  did you see that?..... edit: 12-02-10 the LINUX-2.6.31-18-kernell solves the problem on my pc12:56
st4aluckibuclaw: Can I run LINUX-2.6.31-18-kernell on Lucid?12:57
st4aluckibuclaw: that guy says it solved the problem12:57
st4aluckibuclaw: Can I run LINUX-2.6.31-18-kernell on Lucid? The guy sais it fixed the problem with the battery. ( edit: 12-02-10 the LINUX-2.6.31-18-kernell solves the problem on my pc)13:13
ibuclawst4aluck, can't see why not.13:14
st4aluckcan you pls help me from where to download it?13:15
st4aluckibuclaw: this is 31-20 which makes the same problems I need 31-1813:19
st4aluckibuclaw: see this in sinaptic! Linux kernel image for version 2.6.31 on Ingo Molnar's full real time preemption patch13:27
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nhandlerpaultag: There is no +u channel mode. There used to be a +u user mode though14:17
paultagnhandler, awww15:34
nhandlerWhat were you trying to do paultag ?15:34
paultagnhandler, because the chan flags by default are "Cnt"15:34
paultaghahaha :)15:34
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lorn_So I'm about as new as one can get to linux based systems and ubuntu....I seem to be incapable of figuring out how to unzip my downloads.21:00
lorn_The archive manager says they're not zip files, so I tried 7zip and that isn't working either :/21:00
nhandlerlorn_: What are the downloads?21:03
fine_lineHa's anyone  a favourite C++ compiler and IDE ( Netbeans/Code::Blocks) for Lucid21:05
pedro3005fine_line, well.. I always use g++ as a compiler21:06
fine_lineis that better than Borland ?21:07
lorn_Sorry had a phone call21:07
lorn_the downloads are diablo 2 from battle.net installers21:08
lorn_Error: /home/lorn/Desktop/Downloader_Diablo2_enUS.exe: Can not open file as archive21:09
nhandlerlorn_: You will not be able to run that in Ubuntu. It might work with wine, but I'm not sure21:10
lorn_I see21:10
lorn_but normal zip files should just work then, eh?21:11
lorn_ill try it21:11
nhandlerZip files are just an archive. You will be able to extract them in Ubuntu, but you might not be able to run what is actually inside them21:13
lorn_awesome, wine is working for the unzip21:19
lorn_Thanks guys, I was convinced I had somehow saved the archives wrong or something :)21:20
freezeloudlorn_: diablo 2 works just fine under wine21:20
nhandlerUh, you don't need wine to unzip a .zip file.21:20
lorn_I needed it to unzip the diablo 2 installer21:27
lorn_file share21:29
freezeloudlorn_: ubuntu handles archives well, if installer was an exe self-extracting archive it is windows stuff so you need wine or windows to run it21:30
lorn_Yessir I understand that now, didn't realize it was a windows compatability thing21:30
freezeloudlorn_: yop srry :)21:31
lorn_What would be the best way to set up quick file sharing from computers on the same router21:31
lorn_My brother is still running windows, not sure if that matters21:31
pedro3005Eh, brothers and their windows21:32
pedro3005I know how you feel!21:32
lorn_one of these guides says to use network manager but I can't find it for the life of me21:33
lorn_and I'm not familiar enough with th console to know how to type commands yet :/21:34
pedro3005lorn_, you'd use samba21:35
lorn_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?21:37
lorn_Don't see much else open21:38
lorn_that was through terminal though21:38
pedro3005lorn_, do you have software center or synaptic open?21:38
lorn_oh there it is, an update manager running minimzed where I didn't expect21:39
lorn_on the left21:39
pedro3005close it21:39
lorn_it's mid updating atm, should I cancel and update later?21:40
pedro3005lorn_, either that or wait until it's done21:42
AJH101Hello I would like to back up my Home folder before a clean install of Lucid BUT I want to ensure all my emails and accounts are in there first. I have searched but cannot find them - can you help please?21:43
lorn_alright its installing now21:44
nhandlerAJH101: They are probably in a hidden folder. If you are using nautilus, hit Ctrl+H to view hidden folders21:44
lorn_samba is21:44
AJH101nhandler: thank you! I am a lot more comfortable now - thanks21:46
lorn_alright sambas installed now21:49
lorn_What do I do with samba, pedro3005?21:51
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pedro3005lorn_, sorry, back. now, on network, can you find the windows pc?21:56
lorn_okay where is network21:58
lorn_been trying to find samba after install21:58
pedro3005lorn_, Places > Network21:58
lorn_yes, it sees the windows pc21:58
lorn_the pc and "windows network"21:58
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running_rabbit07Can someone please help with this thread? The OP was installing a program for GPS and had a power outage. Now his sources list seems to be screwed. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9052215#post905221523:54

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