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DarkwingDuckGreetings... I would like to change my cloak. https://launchpad.net/~darkwingduck04:37
nhandlerjussi01, Pici, topyli, tsimpson: ^^^04:37
DarkwingDuckThanks nhandler04:37
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Tm_Tthat is14:01
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DarkwingDuckGreetings... I would like to change my cloak. https://launchpad.net/~darkwingduck16:15
IdleOnetopyli Pici ^^^^^16:20
IdleOnejussi01 and tsimpson also ^^^16:21
IdleOneDarkwingDuck: might take a little time, be patient :) they will get to it16:21
DarkwingDuckThanks IdleOne. Don't worry, I will :D16:22
id-01__There is someone who is agree to have an audio discussion with me? I have to give to my english teacher a cd audio whit own possibly discussion thursday. I must find somebody ...17:07
id-01__ There is someone who is agree to have an audio discussion with me? I have to give to my english teacher a cd audio whit own possibly discussion thursday. I must find somebody ...17:13
tsimpsonnhandler, niko, marienz, VorTechS, KB1JWQ, or Pricey: can you please give DarkwingDuck an ubuntu/member/ cloak17:53
tsimpsonand congratulations DarkwingDuck :)17:53
DarkwingDuckthank you tsimpson :)17:53
DarkwingDuckand thank you17:53
Myrttitsimpson: there was someone else in the backlog, has he been sorted out?17:54
marienztsimpson, DarkwingDuck: how's that?17:54
tsimpsonMyrtti: let me check17:54
tsimpsonmarienz: looks good here :)17:55
DarkwingDuckthank you marienz17:55
jussi01wait a sec...17:56
jussi01isnt it that we normally give cloaks based on account name?  (/me doesnt remember)17:56
IdleOnei thought cloaks were always lower case also17:56
marienzif you need it tweaked just say so17:57
IdleOnenot that I mind it not being lower case17:57
marienz(I figured he was DarkwingDuck after his launchpad account name)17:57
jussi01tsimpson: hows your memory...17:57
jussi01marienz: might be best to ask your colleagues.17:58
tsimpsonI think cloaks are usually account based, but I don't know freenode policy17:58
marienzfrom the freenode side we're ok with what I just set, although it's obviously nice if you're consistent about it (so if all other ubuntu/member/ cloaks are all-lowercase I'd prefer to change his to match, but it's really up to you)17:59
tsimpsonMyrtti: looks like we missed showard, not online atm17:59
jussi01tsimpson: marienz, Id prefer if we stick with freenode account name.17:59
Myrttitsimpson: a-ha, my memory is not failing then17:59
marienzjussi01: or could DarkwingDuck change his account name to match his cloak?18:00
jussi01marienz: of course, if he so desires.18:00
marienzDarkwingDuck: see above :)18:01
jussi01marienz: but the caps need to go, imho. again, consistency.18:01
marienzDarkwingDuck: (and see "/msg nickserv help set accountname" for the account name change, if you prefer)18:01
jussi01tsimpson: any other thoughts?18:01
marienzjussi01: I'll adjust it once DarkwingDuck decides which name he prefers, ok?18:01
jussi01marienz: sure, thanks again.18:01
tsimpsonjussi01: personally I'm happy as long as it starts with ubuntu/member/ ;)18:02
marienzthank you for paying attention to detail, consistency is certainly good :)18:02
jussi01marienz: Ill chat with the other GC's (tsimpson and others) and we will get the exact policy from our side documented somewhere on our wiki also18:03
tsimpsonjussi01: I guess some policy on it would be good. something like account name + lower-case?18:04
marienzDarkwingDuck: err, what did you go and do that for?18:04
marienzDarkwingDuck: you don't have to re-register! you can change your current account name18:04
DarkwingDuckhang on18:04
tsimpsonwe should also think about setting some policy on how to deal with people with pre-existing cloaks18:04
DarkwingDuckYeah, I hit the wrong thing marienz18:04
nhainesThe sky is falling.  :)18:04
marienzjust group this nick again and "set accountname darkwingduck"18:04
DarkwingDuckThere we go18:05
marienzthere, that seems to have done it.18:06
nhainesDarkwingDuck: congratulations.  :)18:06
IdleOnecongrats! DarkwingDuck18:07
DarkwingDuckThanks guys18:08
KB1JWQHow long has hoki been staff?/j #rhel18:29
KB1JWQIgnore me.18:29
IdleOne/ignore KB1JWQ18:41
KB1JWQIdleOne: Wise decision. :-)19:00
* Tm_T huggles KB1JWQ19:10
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Lionel1200Hello, in fact I have a strange homework which my english teacher has us given. I have to find a guy with who I have to a discussion of 30 minutes. I must record it.19:39
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arandHmm, ↑↑ once again, any chance it's going to happen?21:22
arandpae is <reply> To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info21:23
guntbertarand: you might want to join -ops to argue about your proposal21:23
rwwI think they need to recruit an op specifically for factoid editing, considering how hit and miss the submissions processing is ;P21:23
* Myrtti gets bored21:27
Myrtti!pae is <reply> To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info21:27
ubottuI'll remember that, Myrtti21:27
MyrttiHTH, HAND21:28
* arand hugs Myrtti 21:28
m4vrww: or make editing less restricted21:55
rwwm4v: This was before my time, but I hear it used to be that way and got changed due to problems.21:55
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m4vwell, I don't mean allow editing to all the IRC, but to the people in -irc and -ops22:03
nhandlerThere are no restrictions on who can be in -irc22:04
m4vyou think random people will join and start editing factoids here?22:05
m4vI know is exploitable, but in that case there's /ban22:06
manjohello, I would like to apply for a freenode ubuntu cloak22:16
Tm_Tmanjo: are you an ubuntu member?22:17
manjoTm_T, no .. on launchpad its a restricted team correct ?22:17
Tm_Tmanjo: yes,22:17
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember22:18
rww(ubuntu IRC cloaks are restricted to Ubuntu members)22:18
Tm_Tmanjo: you can ask unaffiliated cloak in #freenode22:18
manjoTm_T, yes I know... but I wanted to have ubuntu cloak :)22:19
manjoTm_T, I will look into membership22:19
manjo1st step22:20

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