Gonxamy ingles is basic15:04
Gonxasomebody knows about j2me?15:04
Gonxasi saben sobre alguna base de datos ligera15:05
Gonxaif they know about any lightweight database15:06
LaserJockhi all, I'm wondering why there are 3 different Java's in Main (sun-java, openjdk, and gcj)16:32
nthykierLaserJock: There are or used to be more16:46
nthykiercacao and kaffe to mention two that were "recently" removed from Debian16:47
nthykierTo answer your question: in the "old" days there was only the sun-java, but is not open source so a lot of free alternatives (gcj, cacao, kaffe, etc.) popped up.16:48
nthykieropenjdk-6 is outcome of Sun re-licensing most of sun-java into an open source license.16:49
nthykierThat is simplified short story16:50
nthykierLaserJock: There has been an interest lately to reduce the number of JVMs (among the reasons cacao vanished from Debian). I think Ubuntu also considered removing sun-java16:54
LaserJocknthykier: I was considering trying out eclipse or netbeans or something, but it's not clear what JVM I should use or if there's significant difference18:31
LaserJockseems like eclipse wants both gcj and openjdk18:32
nthykierLaserJock: Not in Karmic and Lucid - earlier versions of eclipse, yes19:10
nthykieror rather, that might be the case for earlier versions19:10
LaserJockI'm on lucid19:12
LaserJockI've installed openjdk-jdk as I thought that'd be the place to start19:13
LaserJockbut it still want gcj19:13
nthykierLaserJock: Which version of eclipse is it trying to install?19:14
LaserJocksays 3.5.2-2ubuntu119:14
LaserJockyikes: "Need to get 195MB of archives."19:15
nthykierLaserJock: Install without recommends19:16
nthykierLaserJock: I hope it is one of eclipse's dependencies that recommends gcj somewhere down the road19:16
LaserJock"Need to get 166MB of archives." but no gcj :-)19:17
nthykierLaserJock: On Debian eclipse is perfectly installable without getting gcj19:19
LaserJockoh, netbeans only requires like half as much to download19:19
nthykierLaserJock: Could I have you report a bug against eclipse about this? it should not force the installation of gcj (even if indirectly) since eclipse does not work with gcj19:21
LaserJocknthykier: actually, could you maybe report it for me. Launchpad is acting up on me today19:34
nthykierLaserJock: I have not been able to modify bugs for a week19:35

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