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DanaGhmm, anyone know why the kernel-ppa stuff hasn't been updated in a while?  the only 34-rc2 kernel there says "karmic" specifically, and the same is true of the latest drm-next kernel there.01:48
DanaGDoes it matter that it says "karmic", if I want to use it on Lucid?  I've seen it matter before, on ARM, at least.... try a karmic kernel with lucid userspace, it doesn't boot.01:49
JanCI guess "karmic" means it was compiled with karmic's configuration file?02:03
DanaGbeats me.  I'm about to try the drm-next "karmic" kernel.02:06
DanaGI've also noticed that the kernel-ppa kernels all have the STAGING dir entirely disabled... as well as MMC_RICOH_MMC02:06
DanaGSomething about "symbol 'm' not valid for ... "02:07
nosse1How do I build a (fresh git) kernel when I dont have the debian/ dirs installed and get it installed on the system (preferrably via a deb-file)12:55
nosse1Will make-kpkg handle that?12:55
smbpreferably (if you don't want to use git) by apt-get source linux-image-2.6.x-y-generic which gives you the kernel source including the debian dirs13:09
nosse1smb: I can't use the ubuntu source, as there are none for my target, so I need to go with a 3rd part kernel branch.13:11
nosse1So I have the kernel source and a working config, but I need to wrap this into ubuntu-world13:11
smbYou could clone the git tree and copy the debian* dirs into your tree13:13
nosse1smb: Thats all that's needed? What happens to my local kernel config?13:13
smbnosse1, You would need to see how you get it integrated with debian.master/configs/...13:14
smbnosse1, Maybe it does work with make-kpkg but I never use that13:17
nosse1smb, I'm trying to integrate debian* right now.13:17
nosse1smb, What do you do to compile kernels then?13:18
smbnosse1, I only do the Ubuntu kernels. No need for me to do anything special. :-P13:19
nosse1But you use make-kpkg to build them, right?13:19
smbnosse1, No. Either debuild, or dpkg-buildpackage or fakeroot debian-rules ... when I am in a hurry13:20
nosse1OK, thanks13:21
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mozmcksmb: did you see my post here about the kernelconfig script not working because DROOT is not defined?13:46
smbmozmck, I cannot recall it. Where did you post it?13:47
mozmckhere on IRC a couple days ago.13:47
mozmckTo fix it here I just added DROOT=debian to debian/debian.env13:47
mozmckthis is in the lucid git tree13:48
smbIRC is quite prone to loose things. But on Lucid debian.env should be always set13:48
smbAre you using a special tree?13:48
smbActually it should be debian.master which it points to13:49
smb~/src/ubuntu-lucid/kernel$ cat debian/debian.env 13:50
mozmckI'm using kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-lucid.git13:50
mozmckyes, but DROOT is used in the kernelconfig script and is not defined anywhere.13:51
mozmckthis is both on karmic and in 10.04 beta113:51
mozmckand looking at the kernelconfig script, line 29 is bindir="`pwd`/${DROOT}/scripts/misc"13:53
smbwhich script are you talking about?13:53
mozmckso I figured DROOT had to be 'debian'13:53
smbok found it13:53
smbapw, Is that meant to be called directly13:54
apwmozmck, smb, nope thats not menat to be run directly13:55
mozmckall the instructions I found have you call "kernelconfig editconfig" to edit the configs.  this worked on karmic fine but not in lucid13:55
apwits used from debian/rules updateconfigs and the like13:55
mozmckso how are you supposed to edit the configs now?13:55
apwwhere are those instructions?  they are wrong13:55
smbRight, where does it say to call it directly?13:55
apwdebian/rules editconfigs would make sense13:55
apwand should work for all releases too13:56
smbmozmck, To call "debian/rules editconfig" was always the intended way13:56
mozmckThat's linked to from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile13:57
apwyay ... random community randomness13:57
Keybukhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelForIdiots ;-)13:57
apwKeybuk, heh yeah i like that one better :)13:58
mozmckI see.  It seems quite hard to find good information on this subject!13:59
apwi wonder if we should rename that dummies :)13:59
apwmozmck, mostly because there is such a lot of bad information out there13:59
mozmckI've seen that link, but it doesn't mention editconfig, and I am a dummy so I need menuconfig :)13:59
apwdo feel free to help us make the ForIdiots page better ... Keybuk only did the bits he needed :)14:00
mozmckoh, ok! I forget I can change those pages.14:01
* apw adds a comment to the random blog telling them they are wrong :)14:01
mozmckthanks for the help.14:01
Keybukit's basically where I put notes so I don't have to keep rediscovering them each time14:01
mozmckis there a way to tell it to just edit the config for one flavour or do you just have to step through them all?14:03
KeybukI just tend to edit the config file itself14:03
Keybukthen use updateconfigs to fill in the bits I missed14:03
apwmozmck, no you have to step through them all with that interface14:03
apwyeah mostly i am in bulk update mode and want to do them all at once, so i tend to do the update by adding things to the toplevel common files and doing an updateconfigs14:04
mozmckI'm working on a custom flavour with rtai patches for running CNC machines with EMC2, so I just add and change settings for that one flavour.14:06
mozmck'debian/rules editconfig' -> make: *** No rule to make target `editconfig'.  Stop.14:10
mozmck'debian/rules editconfigs' -> dh_testdir: cannot read debian/control: No such file or directory14:11
Keybukmozmck: fakeroot debian/rules clean first14:11
mozmckah, that works14:11
bjf##                                                                                     16:02
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting                    16:02
bjf##      agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting                             16:02
bjf##                                                                                     16:02
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IdleOneogasawara: Congrats!!! awesome,incredible,great news :D16:57
ogasawaraIdleOne: thanks!16:57
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cndapw: I'm interested in cleaning up the linux-firmware-nonfree package, partially to learn more about packaging17:27
cndrtg is gone for a bit, and I'd like my changes to get into lucid17:27
cndwould you be able to review them?17:27
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apwcnd sure thing17:53
ogasawaraapw: https://launchpad.net/~leannogasawara/+archive/ppa/+build/1590208/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-i386.linux_2.6.34-1.1~oga2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:00
JFobug 50741618:12
ubot3Malone bug 507416 in linux-fsl-imx51 "CONFIG_NEON=y causes platform lockups with certain application/platform combinations" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50741618:12
smbJFo, That should be ok as far as I know, they just don't bother update their bug status. :/18:14
JFook :)18:14
crimsunpgraner: JFo: could you ping Jane S and ask her permission to put a Reported-by in the git changelog for LP 551606, 548661?18:33
crimsun(ideally an e-mail address, too, but I understand if she doesn't want it in the kernel changelog)18:34
JFocrimsun, will see what I can do about that. :)18:35
bjfcrimsun, you're doing an upstream fix for 551606?18:35
crimsunbjf: yes, I'm about to push the button on git commit -e -a -s18:37
bjfcrimsun, ok, you are doing a quirk for her SSID?18:38
crimsunbjf: no, for all models using that quirk; I'll attach the diff18:38
bjfcrimsun, ack18:39
crimsunbjf: also, I believe I have a fix for her hp mute issue, but there are at least two further debugging steps necessary, one of which requires rolling a new alsa-driver snap (I'll attach a diff to 548661 if the first option is insufficient)18:39
bjfcrimsun, when does takashi "release" new alsa-driver versions? is there a schedule or just when he feels things are "right"18:41
crimsunbjf: he doesn't generally roll those; Jaroslav tends to push the buttons18:42
bjfcrimsun, ah, ok18:42
cndapw: while I work with #launchpad to figure out the merge request, feel free to review the last four commits at https://code.launchpad.net/~chasedouglas/lucid/linux-firmware-nonfree18:43
crimsunsmb: do you know when the window for closes? I have possibly two more patches to push to stable (both Jane S's bugs), and I'd like to get them in if feasible.18:51
JFoI think it is tomorrow morning iirc18:52
JFobut I defer to smb18:52
smbcrimsun, Not for sure. Normally this amount of activity I would say he might close on Friday18:52
JFoah, see I was wrong ;-)18:52
smbcrimsun, But sometimes he is quicker.18:52
crimsunsmb: JFo: ok, thanks18:52
smbJFo, ITs hard to say. I have not really found a regular schedule in Greg. 18:53
JFotrue, I was thinking of something else entirely I am sure18:53
cndapw: ignore my previous bzr branch, I figured out the merge process, so use it instead please18:58
bjfapw, can you comment on crimsun question ^^19:02
crimsun(actually I'm awaiting on her ack to submit the first patch :-)19:06
crimsunawaiting her *19:06
rackerhackerjjohansen: have you had reports of a microtime issue in linux-ec2?19:38
rackerhackeri couldn't find a relevant bug19:38
jjohansenhrmm, not any that I have heard of19:39
jjohansenwhat are you seeing?19:39
rackerhackerlemme slip it into pastie right quick19:39
rackerhackerjjohansen: here's a normal karmic server (bare metal, not in a VM): http://pastie.org/89569219:41
rackerhackerwhich is more of what i'd expect19:41
rackerhackerif i pop in an old hardy 2.6.24 kernel, all is well19:42
rackerhackerdomU w/2.6.24-23 -> http://pastie.org/89569619:43
rackerhackerit's not perfect in 2.6.24, but it's worse in linux-ec2 from lucid19:44
rackerhackerbut it could be a silly kernel config on my part19:44
jjohansenhrmm, well that does look odd, I'll have a look and run a few tests19:45
rackerhackeri can set you up on one of our environments if that'd help19:46
jjohansenrackerhacker: sure, that would be worth snooping at19:48
rackerhackergimme a second to get one rolling19:49
rackerhackerjjohansen: want me to pile the details into a launchpad bug?20:43
sorenrackerhacker: Just for giggles, could you try booting a machine with clocksource=acpi_pm and run the same test?20:59
sorenrackerhacker: (A physical machine, that is)20:59
rackerhackera physical machine running linux-ec2?21:00
sorenrackerhacker: Running the same as the machine in http://pastie.org/895689 was running.21:00
rackerhackersoren: that particular example was within a domU21:01
sorenrackerhacker: Sorry, wrong pastie.21:01
sorenrackerhacker: http://pastie.org/895692 this one.21:01
rackerhackerlet me see if i can spare that machine for a moment ;-)21:02
jjohansenrackerhacker: hrmm, not yet.  I haven't been able to replicate on EC2, I have run through 10 different instance size/kernel combinations and every one was good.  I haven't tried your config on EC2 yet though21:26
rackerhackerjjohansen: you might be right, soren walked over and gave me a run down21:32
JFocrimsun, thumbs up from Jane21:35
JFocrimsun, 21:35
JFoThat's fine - I have no problem with my name and/or email going in there.21:35
rackerhackerjjohansen: call off the search, soren just beat me up with some knowledge21:44
rackerhackerit turns out i was using clocksource=jiffies21:44
rackerhackersoren's suggestion of clocksource=acpi_pm fixed it immediately21:44
jjohansenah, yeah that can cause so problems21:44
rackerhackersoren also says hello21:45
jjohansenyeah, say hi to soren for me too21:45
rackerhackercan do21:46
rackerhackerjjohansen: i owe you three cases of beer at this point21:46
rackerhackermy tab is increasing :/21:46
jjohansenhehe, not at all21:46
jjohansenafter all soren fixed this problem :D21:47
rackerhackerother than acpi_pm being a little more expensive than jiffies, should i be worried about anything?21:47
jjohansenrackerhacker: not really it is consider the best practice to use acpi_pm on more modern kernels21:51
sorenrackerhacker: Just make sure you keep proper time on the host.21:52
rackerhackersoren: can do21:55
rackerhackerjjohansen: thanks ;)21:55
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