dutchieglad to see someone picked up on bzr commit --fixes :)00:00
godbykdutchie: :)00:02
godbyknow I get to scroll back through 8 hours of irc logs and see if I missed anything interesting. :)00:03
* dutchie thinks quickshot could do with its own channel00:03
godbykdutchie: re: the rosetta issues.. we've just given up on that, basically?00:03
dutchieuntil writing freeze00:04
godbykit probably could these days.00:04
godbykwell, I meant the issue with the translations not being marked fuzzy or whatever.00:04
dutchiethe bug got commented on earlier00:04
dutchieI can't remember why00:04
godbykSomeone remarked on it just complaining that it hasn't been fixed and it's been broken for years.  they also asked if there were better tools to use than rosetta (that would handle the string comparison better)00:05
dutchieah, have you got a link handy?00:06
dutchieah, nm00:06
dutchiebug 53537100:06
manualbotLaunchpad bug 535371 in ubuntu-manual "Translations keep disappearing" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53537100:06
dutchieit's a difficult problem00:08
dutchieit might make more sense to declare the manual as open for translations only after the writing freeze00:09
dutchiethen we could work without the translators breathing down our necks00:09
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=== dutchie changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: Ubuntu Manual Project discussion | STRING FREEZE in less than 24 hours | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual | Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual | IRC logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Ubuntu Guidelines: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Code of Conduct: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | TODO LIST: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/aA6ygCXL9F
dutchiebloody superfluous spaces00:11
* dutchie heads to bed00:13
godbykdutchie: g'night.00:13
godbykare any of the quickshot guys still around?00:29
Red_HamsterXNeed me, godbyk?00:41
* Red_HamsterX wanders off to eat.00:43
* godbyk signs02:09
* godbyk sighs02:09
* godbyk gives hand-sign to his isp02:09
godbykstupid internet connection.02:09
godbykRed_HamsterX: still around?02:10
godbykMy connection dropped. Sorry about that.02:19
godbykHere's what I attempted to say earlier:02:19
godbykHey, Red_HamsterX.  Per your earlier discussion about unifying the hostnames for the screenshots. I think it's a good idea.02:20
godbykYou don't need to change the hostname, though -- just change the prompt itself.02:20
Red_HamsterXUnifying hostnames?02:23
Red_HamsterXOh, oyu mean the Bash prompts?02:23
Red_HamsterXPrefix with a p1 export?02:23
godbykconnection dropped again.02:25
godbykRed_HamsterX: what messages of mine did you get? (if any)02:25
godbykRed_HamsterX: yes02:25
godbykRed_HamsterX: use $PS1 instead of actually changing the hostname.02:25
Red_HamsterXI got everything through "argh!"02:26
Red_HamsterXSetting PS1 while launching gnome-terminal doesn't seem to be working...02:26
Red_HamsterXI think it's re-reading bash_rc or something.02:26
Red_HamsterXPS1='quickshot@quickshot:~$' gnome-terminal02:27
Red_HamsterXThat's what I tried.02:27
Red_HamsterXIt updated the working context, but it did nothing to the child.02:28
Red_HamsterX(So pre-emptively setting it on launch wouldn't work)02:28
Red_HamsterXEven exporting it is failing.02:28
godbykgnome-terminal rereads .bashrc or .bash_profile (I forget which one).02:28
godbykBut as long as you're creating the user, you can set the .bashrc to contain whatever you like02:29
Red_HamsterXI suppose we could edit that directly as part of the installation/on-load process.02:29
Red_HamsterXYeah. Just >> the string.02:29
Red_HamsterXI'll try that.02:29
godbykecho "export PS1='quickshot@quickshot:~$'" >> .bashrc02:29
godbykduring login or something02:29
Red_HamsterXWe're definitely going to need to excise all the Ubuntu-specific stuff from this thing when we start rebuilding it.02:29
* Red_HamsterX hates tightly coupled designs.02:30
Red_HamsterXYep. Seem to working as expected.02:33
Red_HamsterXGreat idea, godbyk. :)02:33
godbykonly took me two hours to get it out. :-)02:34
Red_HamsterXCall your ISP and say you need to speak with network operations regarding spam or something, then start complaining.02:35
Red_HamsterXYou'll almost certainly reach someone capable.02:35
godbykI'm guessing it's a problem in the cable.  (It's a cable ISP.)02:36
godbykI had a tech out here last week and he replaced some splitters with barrel connectors, but didn't test the signal strength afterward because he'd already taken his meter back to the truck.02:36
Red_HamsterXDoesn't matter. Escalate it to someone who doesn't normally hear about these things.02:36
godbykI figured, okay, we'll see if that fixes it.02:36
godbykWell, it didn't02:36
godbykSo now I'm going to have to have a tech come out again and actually test the line all the way through this time.02:37
Red_HamsterXMy signal strength is pretty weak here, too. :(02:37
godbykWhen the Internet is up, the speeds are good.02:37
Red_HamsterXIf I connect the TV on the other side of this room, I lose access every hour oir so.02:37
godbykIn fact, let me test the speed real quick.02:37
godbykdownload is about 7 mb and upload is about 1 mb.02:39
godbykand it's the evening when most people will be on.  (cable is a shared medium)02:39
Red_HamsterXDOCSIS 2 or 3?02:39
* Red_HamsterX flaunts relevant knowledge.02:39
godbykno idea what that means. :)02:39
godbyklast time I worked at an isp it was dial-up and just starting to roll out wireless. :-)02:40
Red_HamsterXIt's an IP-over-Coax standard.02:40
godbykI see that.. (reading the wikipedia article).02:40
godbykis there a way to find out easily?02:41
godbykI don't own the modem, so can't do much there, I'm afraid.02:41
Red_HamsterXIt doesn't really matter.02:41
godbykThe company is Mediacom.02:41
Red_HamsterXI was just bringing it up because you mentioned that cable is shared.02:41
Red_HamsterXI'm a prideful geek. =P02:41
godbykaha. :)02:41
Red_HamsterXWe should so do that!02:42
godbyksure! as soon as it's the default prompt in ubuntu. ;-)02:42
Red_HamsterXI seem to fodly remember creating custom prompts forever ago.02:43
Red_HamsterXI'm glad those days are gone.02:43
godbykI used to do it on DOS a lot. Haven't done it on linux, really.02:43
godbykI just force the color prompt.02:43
Red_HamsterXI had a three-line monstrosity that stopped just short of telling me the weather.02:43
Red_HamsterXProbably to compensate for the fact that I was using Fluxbox at the time.02:44
Red_HamsterXAnd therefore had no useful information anywhere else.02:44
godbykRed_HamsterX: you should set the prompt to 'quickshot@quickshot-computer' or whatever example form is used in the manual.02:44
Red_HamsterXI'll need to ask ubuntujenkins what he's using on the LiveCD.02:44
Red_HamsterXThough that does seem better than 'quickshot@quickshot'.02:45
Red_HamsterXSince it actually says "This one's a hostname!"02:46
donriHave this manual team considered making any other manuals, or will you be busy even just updating the ubuntu manual when it's out?03:20
donriYour work is extra ordinary.03:20
godbyklack of Internet seriously sucks.04:18
=== \vish is now known as vish
donri<donri> Have this manual team considered making any other manuals, or will you be busy even just updating the ubuntu manual when it's out? <donri> Your work is extra ordinary.04:28
godbykdonri: We will look at writing other manuals after Lucid.04:35
donriMaybe topic-oriented manuals centered around Ubuntu. "Photo editing in Ubuntu" (gimp) "Programming in Ubuntu" (Python, PyGTK) ...04:44
donriBut probably prioritize topics lacking quality documentation.04:45
donri(Free content documentation.)04:45
donriAlternatively, "Getting started with GIMP 2.6"; but it seems easier to focus on Ubuntu (not spending a chapter about installation on various systems).04:52
donri(Familiar screenshots.)04:52
godbykHey, IlyaHaykinson. How goes it?06:13
godbykMy Internet connection is total crap again today.06:13
godbykI'm trying to edit and commit as quickly as possible.  Driving me nuts.06:13
IlyaHaykinsondoing ok.06:14
IlyaHaykinsonamending the proofreading script with some other things i know about that are wrong06:14
IlyaHaykinsonlooking at a spellchecker06:14
godbykIlyaHaykinson: aspell -t should work06:16
godbykI've been just running spell-check from within vim when I have a file open.06:16
IlyaHaykinsonsure. but so would a nice little python wrapper for all of those06:16
godbykfeel free to totally rewrite that proofreading script if you want.06:16
godbykI just hacked it together really quickly to check a couple things. It's horribly inefficient and limited in what it can do right now.06:16
godbykIlyaHaykinson: Oh, and if you come across all-caps acronyms, wrap them in \acronym.  Like \acronym{GUI}, \acronym{GNOME}, etc.06:17
IlyaHaykinsonah, sure.06:17
humphreybcgodbyk: I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with the PDF you sent me06:17
godbykwhat pdf?06:18
humphreybcit has a lot of yellow stuff blanking out loads of things06:18
godbykthose are the edits and remarks from meho_r.06:18
godbykyeah, you'll have to load it in acronread to see the annotations properly.06:18
godbykevince/poppler don't support them well yet, apparently.06:18
humphreybcdo I need to install acronread?06:18
meho_rHi guys06:19
humphreybcacronread or acroread?06:19
meho_rSorry for inconvenience06:19
humphreybcI can't get that on Lucid, remember06:19
humphreybcit's not packaged for Lucid yet06:19
godbyktyping quickly tonight for fear the internet will go down any second. :)06:19
meho_rhumphreybc, you can use wine?06:19
godbykmeho_r: no worries. it works great for me in acroread and it's easy to follow.06:19
humphreybcgodbyk: perhaps you can just do the implementation then06:20
humphreybcI have some more things to go through in chapter 406:20
godbykhumphreybc: if it hasn't been done already, we should probably start culling out the unfinished bits that won't make it into the final version.06:20
humphreybcplus I have to start sorting out all the announcements and whatnot06:20
godbykhumphreybc: sure.06:20
godbykhumphreybc: I agree with IlyaHaykinson's email, btw. We should branch after the writing freeze and let the translators work on the frozen branch while the authors, editors, etc. continue improving the main branch for the next edition.06:21
humphreybcanyone know how to branch?06:21
IlyaHaykinsonare you sure that's possible in launchpad?06:22
IlyaHaykinsoni.e. the ability to work on a non-head branch/06:22
IlyaHaykinsonfor translations etc06:22
IlyaHaykinsoni figured we'd have to branch for the _new_ version, but if we can branch off the first edition that would be great.06:22
humphreybcwe could create a new series06:23
humphreybcand copy what we have in the main branch across06:23
IlyaHaykinsonoh, no need to copy explicitly06:23
IlyaHaykinsonbzr should be able to do that.06:23
IlyaHaykinsonit's more a question of how launchpad treats branches06:24
IlyaHaykinsonactually, you can try it with the website first.06:24
IlyaHaykinsonit's a separate project, right?06:24
godbykI'll let you guys work out the technical details. Just fill me in on how I'm supposed to do whatever I'm supposed to do. :-)06:24
* humphreybc is running out of steam, the writing freeze can't come soon enough =S06:25
godbykI'm running out of energy, too, but I wish the writing freeze were another couple weeks away. :-)06:26
godbykStill a *ton* of editing to do!06:26
humphreybcprologue to 3 are okay, 3 is okay, 4 is a disaster but i'll fix it, 5 isn't that great but jamin's going to fix it, 6, 7, 8 and 9 I have no idea but it sounds like you guys are working on them06:27
godbykI just edited 9.06:28
godbykchapter 9 is just weird.06:28
humphreybcdutchie wrote most of it :P06:28
godbykit's not really about learning more about ubuntu.  it's about linux distributions.06:28
godbykit should be fleshed out some more.06:29
humphreybcthat's why I changed the name to Learning More06:29
godbykI was expecting it to be a guide to other resources for getting more information or help.06:29
godbykbut it wasn't that at all.06:29
humphreybcthat stuff should be there06:29
godbykyeah, it's not. :)06:30
humphreybci'm going to re-write the last section of that chapter now06:31
godbykokey doke.06:31
godbykdon't make any mistakes!06:31
humphreybci'll try not to :P06:31
godbykI'm going to incorporate meho_r's work (prologue through part of chapter 2)06:32
humphreybcwhat are the main changes?06:32
humphreybc(the prologue thru chapter 2 I've already gone through)06:32
humphreybcah, well that's alright then06:33
humphreybcOkay give me some more places to get help, so far I have (in this order), the in-built help, community documentation, ubuntu forums, launchpad answers, IRC help in #ubuntu06:42
humphreybcwhat else?06:42
humphreybcI was thinking of doing the Official Ubuntu Book, Keir Thomas' Pocket Guide06:42
humphreybcgodbyk, there isn't enough difference between sections and subsections06:46
godbykhumphreybc: It's on my list.06:47
humphreybccool, thanks06:47
godbykI'm trying hard to push the formatting stuff off until after the writing freeze.06:47
humphreybcthat's all good06:47
humphreybcjust as long as it's on your list :D06:48
godbykmy long, long list. :)06:53
humphreybcShould I mention the Official Ubuntu Book as a source for extra help?06:54
humphreybcor Keir Thomas' pocket guide?06:54
humphreybcthey're both kinda out of date06:54
godbykYour call.06:58
godbykI'd limit our recommendations to things that are up to date and will actually be helpful.06:58
humphreybcI'm not going to include them06:59
humphreybcI'm just pushing my new stuff now, have a look06:59
godbykChange "OS X" to "Mac OS X" everywhere.07:00
donriBut don't mass-replace "Mac OS X" into "Mac Mac OS X" everywhere. ;)07:01
godbykheh.. right.07:01
humphreybcdoing good guys :)07:05
humphreybcgodbyk: have a look at that stuff I wrote and let me know what you think07:05
* humphreybc is going to cook some dinner, be back in about 30 minutes07:05
meho_rgodbyk, should I use different colors for formatting stuff like bolds, italics, spaces etc. so you may skip them at this moment?07:14
godbykmeho_r: Sure. If you're going to color things, try to do it semantically.  So one color means it's the first time a word is being defined, another color means the word is being emphasized, etc.07:15
meho_rThat could be a lot of colors then :D07:15
godbykmeho_r: Also, you don't need to flag the acronyms anymore. I'm going to take care of all of those at once pretty soon.07:16
Red_HamsterXAnyone need me to look at anything Quickshot-related before I go to sleep?07:16
meho_rgodbyk, so you decided which one to use?07:16
meho_rsmall caps or all caps?07:16
IlyaHaykinsonheh, spellchecker is helping07:16
godbykmeho_r: I think I'm going to use small caps.07:16
IlyaHaykinsonlet me commit it07:16
meho_rgodbyk, OK. Just don't forget MB, GHz, CD :-P07:17
godbykmeho_r: Yeah, MHz and GHz will have to remain as-is.  Plus, they're not really acronyms.  But MB and CD will get small-capped.07:17
godbykI'm going to also lave the mixed-case words like OpenSUSE as-is.07:18
meho_rOldStyle numbers look weird when followed my AllCaps MHz :07:18
godbykmeho_r: yeah, but it's a pretty rare occurrence.07:18
IlyaHaykinsongodbyk: can you pull, run the pkgs/install-pkgs.sh script and make sure the python-enchant gets installed?07:19
IlyaHaykinsonand then ./spellcheck.py|less07:19
godbykIlyaHaykinson: sure07:19
Red_HamsterX'mb' I can kinda see, but why are you lower-casing 'CD'?07:19
meho_rgodbyk, do you have "conventions" list finished?07:19
godbykRed_HamsterX: not lower-casing, but in small-caps.07:19
godbykmeho_r: Not finished by any means.  What there is can be found in Help/godbyk/latex-handout/, though.07:20
Red_HamsterXLike the CSS property of a similar name?07:20
Red_HamsterXEh. I'm sure you know what you're doing.07:20
godbykRed_HamsterX: if you pull and compile the pdf, look at chapter 9 for 'GNU', 'GNOME', and the like.07:21
godbykIlyaHaykinson: did you push?07:25
IlyaHaykinsoner, heh. maybe that's the problem, eh? :)07:25
IlyaHaykinsonone sec07:25
Red_HamsterXtexlive sure takes a while to install...07:26
godbykRed_HamsterX: yeah, it's a big download and install.07:27
Red_HamsterX! LaTeX Error: File `xkeyval.sty' not found.07:28
manualbotRed_HamsterX: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:28
Red_HamsterXDid I forget to installa  package?07:28
godbykRed_HamsterX: in the pkgs/ dir, run the install-pkgs.sh script07:28
Red_HamsterXAh. I probably should have searched before assuming I knew what I was doing.07:29
IlyaHaykinsonok, pushed.. it's not great (lots of false positives), but helps find some errors if you're patient07:31
godbykIlyaHaykinson: spell-checker works pretty handily!07:36
IlyaHaykinsonnod. script can use quite a bit of fixing up at some point, to a) make it use a word list, instead of having all that exception stuff in code, b) use a better tokenizer so that we're not splitting de-selected as de and selected07:40
IlyaHaykinsonand need a ton of add'l exceptions07:40
IlyaHaykinsonbut, well, it's a start07:41
godbykmost of those exceptions will get added to the word list in our style guide to show the proper spelling, too.07:41
nisshhtime to rock the glossary07:43
godbyknisshh: I keep adding more TODOs for the glossary. :)07:43
nisshhok, ill have a look07:43
nisshhgodbyk: have you fixed the issue with smallcaps and the \gls command?07:44
godbykIlyaHaykinson: I thought it used to be UNIX. Is it Unix now?07:44
godbyknisshh: I'm not sure.  Point me at an example of it and I'll take a look.07:44
nisshhthere is no example in the tex right now, it caused a make error so i had to remove it07:45
nisshhgodbyk: but if say i change this: \small-caps{GNOME}07:46
godbyknisshh: Where was that place? I'll try it here.07:46
IlyaHaykinsongodbyk: UNIX only when talking about -the- UNIX07:46
nisshhto this: small-caps{\gls{GNOME}}07:46
nisshhthen theres a make error07:46
IlyaHaykinsonotherwise, "Unix" is common to mean "UNIX-like"07:46
nisshhgodbyk: it was in the prologue i think07:47
godbyknisshh: Okay, let me take a look at it.07:47
godbykIlyaHaykinson: Fair enough.07:47
nisshhgodbyk: ok, ill link other entries in the mean time07:48
godbyknisshh: Try this: For the glossary entries that are acronyms, wrap the contents of the name argument in \acronym.07:48
godbykFor instance:  \newglossaryentry{GNOME}{name={\acronym{GNOME}}, description={Blah blah blah.}}07:48
godbykSee if that works.07:48
nisshhgodbyk: ok07:48
godbykThen you don't need to use \smallcaps{\gls{GNOME}} and it's more correct anyway.07:49
nisshhgodbyk: so i can remove the \smallcaps{} command and just have \gls{GNOME}?07:49
godbyknisshh: Yep.07:50
godbykUse \acronym instead of \smallcaps in the \newglossaryentry, too.07:50
godbyk(New command. :))07:50
* humphreybc is back07:51
nisshhgodbyk: i never used \smallcaps in \newglossaryentry07:52
nisshhgodbyk: someone put it in the chapter tex07:52
godbyknisshh: I know. I just wanted to point out that you should use \acronym instead of \smallcaps now.  \smallcaps was the original command. I just created the \acronym command today.07:53
nisshhah, right i just saw that they had all been converted07:54
nisshhcompiling it now07:54
humphreybcwhat happens when you choose "Guided partitioning"07:58
nisshhhumphreybc: doesnt it say?07:59
nisshhin the installer07:59
humphreybcno idea07:59
nisshhi have a vague memory of there being an option called "Guided - Use Entire Disk08:00
nisshhand "Guided - Choose between them at boot08:00
humphreybcMigration assistant?08:01
humphreybcUnless someone can tell me about it, it's going to be cut08:01
humphreybctoo late, it's gone08:02
nisshhgodbyk: \acronym works great!08:03
godbyknisshh: awesome!08:03
godbykthat'll simplify it then.08:03
nisshhlol im trying to convert 3.8k songs from mp3 to ogg, compile the manual, browse the net, install a game and edit tex, all on a 7 year old p408:05
humphreybcwe've been burning through the revisions recently08:05
nisshhand its not slow08:05
humphreybcit was up to like 550 only a few days ago, and now i'm just pushing 662!08:05
donrimp3 to vorbis results in worse quality than either mp3 or original vorbis.08:06
nisshhhumphreybc: good feeling isnt it!08:06
nisshhdonri: not noticable by ear, just on paper it is08:06
donriI have OCD.08:06
humphreybcwhy are you converting them to ogg?08:07
nisshhdonri: should save me around 5gigs+ of disk space08:07
donriOf course, I also have OCD about using mp3. :(08:07
nisshhmore once i get another 80gigs of music off a friend08:08
nisshhestimated 2 1/2 days remaining to convert all of them lol08:09
nisshhits right now i wish i had a 6 core cpu08:09
humphreybchey godbyk, how's that nomenclature going?08:11
humphreybcyeah :)08:11
godbykI just got done typing a short list for it.08:11
humphreybccool, it's V important08:11
godbykI'm going to finish meho_r's edits and then I'll get back to it.08:11
humphreybcgood man08:11
godbykIt is important, but I can't really do it until I'm done fiddling with the formatting.08:11
godbykRight now I think there's way too much bold.08:11
godbykAlso, everything is so inconsistent.  Half the time people didn't use the actual commands.08:12
godbykSo I'm trying to fix that, too.08:12
nisshhgodbyk: wow, really?08:12
godbykApparently people like to just bold and italicize things randomly. :)08:12
godbykI mean, they usually have some reason for doing it, but it's not necessarily consistent with anyone else's actions.08:13
meho_rThat's why I asked about convention part. It should have been done first IMHO08:13
godbykmeho_r: Some of it was.08:13
humphreybcit'll be better for next release, don't worry08:13
humphreybcit's not the end of the world :)08:13
godbykBut people ran into cases where they needed a new semantic command and didn't bother to have me create one. They just used the bold/italic/whatever command directly.08:13
nisshhuh, yuck08:14
meho_rToo many edits?08:14
meho_rToo many people?08:14
godbykI'm thinking there will have to be a second edition -- just for me. :)08:14
godbykmeho_r: That, and there was no guide up-front about a lot of the situations.08:14
godbykAnd no one brought up the questions. They just did whatever came to mind first and didn't check with what others were doing.08:15
humphreybcgodbyk: USB needs the \acronym command?08:15
godbykThat's going to be one of the first things I work on when we get this first edition pushed out: a style guide.08:15
godbykhumphreybc: yep08:15
meho_rgodbyk, I'll send you next couple of pages in a min.08:15
nisshhone thing we should do is point all new budding authors to that style guide once godbyk fixes it up08:16
humphreybcwell the plan in the future is to have some sort of latex GUI app with buttons that people can hit to enter commands08:16
humphreybckinda like word when you highlight some text and then hit italics08:17
humphreybcit'll be a WYSIWYG editor08:17
humphreybcso they wouldn't see the command, but they'd see it become italics08:17
godbykmeho_r: thanks. I'm just starting on your installation chapter edits.08:18
* godbyk thinks humphreybc is dreaming big08:18
nisshhhumphreybc: wow, that will take a while to develop08:18
* nisshh agrees with godbyk08:18
humphreybci'm sure we can do it08:19
godbykI think I would prefer to use inline icons instead of some of the textual descriptions (for, say, the session menu, etc.).  But that may have to wait until a second edition.08:22
meho_rCan you tell me how large the source is? (I have monthly bandwidth limit and considering to get involved directly in future)08:23
godbykgah.. humphreybc, could you possible have used the word "CD" more times in the installation chapter? ;-)08:23
* godbyk is adding \acronym08:23
donri"CD means a CD disk."08:24
humphreybcI think it's actually "disc"08:24
donri"Built with NT technology."08:24
humphreybcso there's like HDD = Hard disk drive08:24
humphreybcand then CD is compact disc08:24
humphreybcnote the different spelling of disc08:25
* nisshh just realised humphreybc has a bad habbit of repeating himself08:25
donriBut we actually say "CD disc" in Swedish.08:25
donriThat's somewhat amusing.08:25
humphreybcnisshh: I do?08:25
nisshhin the installation chapter lol08:25
humphreybcwhat do I repeat?08:26
nisshhCD alot of times :)08:26
humphreybcoh right08:26
* humphreybc is editing Sayantan's sound section.....08:27
nisshhgodbyk: what does the \glspl command do?08:28
godbyknisshh: It puts in the plural form of the word.08:28
godbykSo "I have seven \glspl{apple}."  --> "I have seven apples."08:28
humphreybcthat's silly08:29
humphreybcwhat happens if you have a special plural?08:29
godbykIf the plural form of the word is not created by simply adding 's' to the end, then you'll need to add 'plural={apples}' (or whatever) to the \newglossaryentry.08:29
humphreybcLike "I have seven \glspl{sheep}." does it become "I have seven sheeps." ?08:29
godbykhumphreybc: It won't if nisshh does a good job. :-)08:29
jamindayHey all, anyone editing chapter 5 at the moment?08:31
humphreybcjaminday, deploy!08:31
jamindayOk, I'll be taking a look tonight then. Just didn't want to double up and cause conflicts!08:31
jamindayhumphreybc: Did i read that you cut the partitioning section?08:32
nisshhgodbyk: ok08:32
humphreybcsort of08:32
jamindayok - taking a look now08:33
nisshhgodbyk: i still get a make error doing \acronym{\gls{GUI}}08:34
godbyknisshh: just use \gls{GUI}.  no \acronym needed there.08:35
godbykthe \acronym bit only goes in the \newglossaryentry part.08:35
nisshhah, gotcha08:36
nisshhgodbyk: working again now, funny how im the only one who seems to break stuff now08:38
godbykheh.. I break things all the time and have to figure out how to fix 'em.08:39
godbykI just don't tell you guys. ;-)08:39
jamindayhumphreybc: yeah i think that's the way to go for this edition (RE partitioning section). It's unfortunate we don't have the time to add this stuff but we will make sure we get to it for next release.08:39
nisshhhehe, yea but your the texnician!08:39
humphreybcjaminday: yeah08:39
* humphreybc never wants to see another word in his life08:42
jamindayhumphreybc: if you feel like fixing another small bit, i just added another TODO to chapter 2 near the bottom.08:45
jamindayRevision just pushed08:45
jamindaycos i know how much you are LOVING writing at the moment08:45
humphreybccheers Jamin08:45
humphreybcbehold, the worst sentence ever08:46
humphreybc"If you wish to change to another sound source, once the selection is made, that device will become default unless changed."08:46
jamindayif you wish to change that sentence, once the change is made, that sentence will become changed unless it's changed...08:47
nisshhone word "WOW"08:47
humphreybcif you wish the ubuntu manual to be awesome, once you have made it awesome, it will stay awesome until it becomes not awesome.08:48
jamindaybut seriously, i've been so tired some nights while working on this project that i'm sure i've written worse sentences than that!08:48
godbykhumphreybc: installation chapter: "loop files".. do we need to describe any of these details? can we cut them? they sound scary and confusing.08:49
humphreybcyeah cut them08:49
jamindayooh, i don't remember seeing loop files08:49
* godbyk fears the conflicts that will result when he pulls the latest revision. :-(08:49
nisshhWOW, how many people used the word "guide"?!?!?08:49
jamindayi know... what else to call it though! We were trying to steer clear of manual in-text werent we?08:50
godbykjaminday: circa page 2408:50
humphreybcguide/manual same diff08:50
nisshhjaminday: if we were i didnt know :)08:50
humphreybcnote to self: \them doesn't work as well as \then when compiling.08:51
jamindayhmm... don't know where i got that from then08:51
ubuntujenkinsmorning manual team08:51
godbykhumphreybc: should we just yank the entire wubi section?  there's not much there.08:51
ubuntujenkinsyes do it :P08:51
thorwilhumphreybc, godbyk: Credits, Artwork Title Page mentions Wolter and a Kris Klunder i'm not even aware of, but no David Nel. that ain't right08:51
godbykthorwil: nope, it's not. the credits will be overhauled. no fear.08:52
humphreybcyeah, don't worry, the credits are just placeholders for now08:52
jamindaygodbyk: yeah i think so. Especially to get rid of those scary loop files!08:52
humphreybcgodbyk: I wrote that Wubi section and it took me ages :(08:52
humphreybcI think we need to keep it to acknowledge it exists08:52
jamindayhumphreybc: we will come back to it, no fear!08:52
humphreybcFind some info on the community docs or whatever on Wubi and link to that08:52
humphreybcsay it's out of the scope of this guide or some bullshit08:53
thorwilgodbyk: also with  "Authors" and "Artwork and Title Page"  margin-top is less than margin-bottom!?08:53
godbykthorwil: the spacing has 'glue' that allows it to stretch and shrink so the page is filled.  that's one of the last things I'll be adjusting before we publish.08:54
godbykhumphreybc: how about we revisit the wubi installer in the next edition?08:54
humphreybcMake it a margin note or something if you must, but don't remove all mention of Wubi08:55
godbykcrud.. now I have to figure out what changes were made to installation.tex and see what's biffed. :-(08:55
godbykI don't want a half-baked explanation in the first chapter of the book. that's just tacky. :)08:55
humphreybcmake it better then08:56
humphreybcwe can't just pretend it doesn't exist because a lot of times newbies are instructed to use Wubi08:56
* humphreybc just pushed changes to chapter 408:56
godbykI don't have time to make it better. I'm busy editing everything else. :)08:56
humphreybcokay i'll look at it now08:57
humphreybccommit and push what you have so far08:57
godbykI will in just a sec.08:57
godbykhave to merge with your latest installation.tex stuff08:57
humphreybcthere isn't even ONE margin note in the security chapter08:57
humphreybccompared to chapter 5 which has tonnes of margin notes08:57
jamindayYou want me to reduce the no of margin notes in chapter 5?08:58
humphreybcmargin notes are good08:58
humphreybcwe just need to increase the amount everywhere else08:58
jamindaygodbyk: just to clarify the \gls command- it should be used each time that word appears, yes?09:00
godbykjaminday: I suggested to nisshh to use it on the first appearance of the word.09:01
godbykIt can be used more often if you like.09:01
humphreybcI like it how bug 248355 started with 32 people affected, now it has 74 people after I pimped it on facebook and twitter09:01
nisshhin each chapter09:01
manualbotLaunchpad bug 248355 in poppler "Evince doesn't anti-alias graphics" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24835509:01
godbykIt just has to occur at least once for the entry to appear in the glossary.09:01
godbykhumphreybc: did you verify that it's the right bug?09:01
jamindayah ok. Yeah that makes more sense to me. Every time felt like overkill09:02
humphreybcgodbyk: yeah, it is the same bug09:02
godbykjaminday: yeah. basically use it whenever you think the reader might want a reminder (link).09:02
humphreybci'm 99.99% sure09:02
jamindaygodbyk / nisshh: no worries, thanks09:02
nisshhgodbyk: why is canonical linked to like 5 times in the prologue?09:03
humphreybc5 times? really?09:03
nisshhi saw atleast 3 yes09:04
nisshhsome right after each other in the next paragraph09:04
godbykhumphreybc: installation chapter is yours to edit again.09:04
* humphreybc has his hands full with chapter 409:05
artnayoh I wish you hadn't removed those website-translations!09:05
godbykis anyone editing chapter 2 or can I work on that now?09:06
* humphreybc is listening to rave music to get energized and motivating about editing. F*CK YEA09:07
godbykAnyone?  Bueller? Bueller?09:07
humphreybcgodbyk: no09:07
jamindaygodbyk: nope it's all yours i think!09:07
humphreybcgo for it09:07
humphreybcI think you should work on chapter 6 and 7 though09:07
godbykokay, I'm claiming ch 2.  no one else is allowed to touch it 'til I've committed. :-)09:07
godbyk(or I'm committed.) ;-)09:07
godbyklet me finish getting meho_r's edits in first.09:07
jamindaysomeone's gonna crack soon i'm sure of it09:08
nisshhmeh, you guys do realize iv been doing small changes to about 5 different chapters09:08
humphreybchey, godbyk, you lost my awesome commit message09:08
godbykmeho_r: if you're still around, do you want to jump ahead to ch 6 or 7? I think they need more work.09:08
jamindaynisshh: any changes in chapter 5?09:08
meho_rI'm here, but I can't do anything til tonight09:08
godbykhumphreybc: that'll teach you to get in my way!  Mwuhahaha!09:08
nisshhhardware? yes 109:08
jamindaynope - software management09:09
nisshhiv just been adding \gls commands everywhere09:09
nisshhno not yet09:09
meho_rgodbyk, but OK, will take a look in 8-9 hours from now.09:09
godbykmeho_r: Awesome! Thanks.09:09
nisshhjust if you see a word thats in the glossary or has /gls around it DONT EDIT IT!09:10
meho_rShould that be seen in .pdf?09:10
* humphreybc is the king of margin notes09:10
jamindaynisshh: oops09:10
jamindayi just changed one from \gls to \glspl09:11
jamindayyou want me to change it back?09:11
nisshhjaminday: thats ok, just dont remove the command09:11
godbykmeho_r: the \gls command won't be seen, but the word will be hyperlinked to the glossary entry.09:11
jamindaynisshh: no worries. Not removing the command right... now.09:11
meho_rSo, I should ignore those? I think I won't :-P09:11
meho_rBTW, I'm working on the file from yesterday09:12
nisshhmeho_r: just dont remove any \gls or \glspl commands09:12
meho_rnisshh, don't worry, I'm working on .pdf, no editing, just notes and comments :)09:12
jamindaymeho_r: what are you using to add notes to a pdf? Adobe?09:13
meho_rNo, wine + PDF-XChange Viewer09:13
jamindayah ok. Are there any native gnome options?09:14
meho_rFor real notes I don't think so.09:14
godbykmeho_r: I'll update the pdf before I go to bed.09:14
humphreybcgodbyk: btw, the \window command sucks09:14
godbykhumphreybc: Why?09:15
meho_rMendeley can do it, but only locally, all notes are in Mendeleys database, not in .pdf itself.09:15
humphreybcI dunno, I just don't like the quotes around it09:15
godbykmeho_r: I think I'm gonna ditch Mendeley as it keeps screwing things up.09:15
godbykhumphreybc: pester me about it post-writing freeze.09:15
meho_rgodbyk, so I should use that new .pdf for further work?09:15
godbykSomeone told me I'm not supposed to work on formatting until then. :-)09:15
jamindaymeho_r: ah ok, that's a bummer. I was hoping there was something.09:15
godbykmeho_r: Yeah. That way you'll get the latest changes from what's happening tonight.09:16
godbykIf you're going to be on irc for a few hours still, I can ping you when I've updated it. Otherwise if you PM me your email address, I'll email you.09:16
meho_rjaminday, there is only Okular (but KDE, not Gnome) but the other party should use Okular too to (re)view.09:16
jamindayhumphreybc: I've got another project for you after quickshot - a native gnome pdf viewer/editor with ability to add notes/comments09:17
jamindayand that doesnt have crappy image aliasing!09:17
godbykjaminday: +109:18
meho_rjaminday, that would be great, but is it possible to implement?09:18
meho_rthere are problems with pdf on Linux...09:18
jamindayhehe i got no idea! That's why i delegated...09:18
jamindayif it can be done in kde, surely it can be done in gnome (but better!)09:19
humphreybcjaminday: heh09:19
humphreybcsure UMP can handle it09:20
humphreybcwe can handle everything09:20
meho_rNice to see you're so optimistic about it. Good luck :D09:20
meho_r(you'll need it) :D09:20
jamindaywell at least it's on the list!09:21
godbykDoes GNOME/Ubuntu distinguish between 'cursor' and 'mouse pointer'?  (It should, but I want to make sure our terminology is consistent.)09:22
meho_rhumphreybc, I though cursor is used in text editing and pointer for, well, mouse pointer/arrow :)09:24
godbykGNOME says 'pointer'09:24
humphreybceverywhere I have seen has been cursor09:24
humphreybcoh well09:24
humphreybcpointer it is09:24
godbykI don't see 'cursor' or 'pointer' on the Ubuntu docs style guide terminology page.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/StyleGuide/StandardTerminology09:25
meho_rhumphreybc, Appearance... > Pointer :P09:25
humphreybcgodbyk: did you remove Wubi?09:26
godbykhumphreybc: yep.09:27
humphreybcI was going to look at it09:27
godbykoh. you can read it in the commit message.09:27
nisshhgodbyk: the word "restore" should not be in the glossary09:28
nisshhin the manual people talk about restoring grub, restoring passwords, restoring deleted files...09:29
godbyknisshh: fair enough.09:29
meho_rgodbyk, thanks for StandardTerminology, wasn't aware of that.09:30
godbykmeho_r: The GNOME documentation style guide is pretty awesome.  We'll be stealing quite a bit from it for our own style guide.09:31
meho_rgodbyk, why not? :D09:31
meho_rno need to invent a wheel :P09:31
meho_ror hot water :D09:31
humphreybcokay i've pushed my edits to chapter 409:35
humphreybcdo you think software management should be before hardwarea?09:35
humphreybcie, swap 4 and 5?09:35
nisshhmaking awesome progress on the glossary09:39
humphreybcnisshh: YAY09:39
humphreybchow many things are you up to now?09:39
nisshh10 complete as of r66209:39
humphreybcthat's good09:39
nisshhi havent pulled in a while09:39
humphreybcif you get 30 done by the freeze that'd be great :D09:39
nisshhhehe, dunno about 30 but should have around 20 at least09:40
nisshhhehe, thats an awesome beer ad09:47
nisshhfreeze is tommorrow night yea?09:47
humphreybcit'll be thursday for us in aus/nz09:48
humphreybcthursday at 1pm for me09:48
IlyaHaykinsoni'm removing some of the stuff that's commented out of the security chapter09:48
IlyaHaykinsonthere's a lot there09:48
humphreybcIlya, how much time do you have?09:49
godbykhow many hours 'til writing freeze?09:49
IlyaHaykinsonnot much at all09:49
IlyaHaykinsoni have a huge project at work. so i'm doing manual work on borrowed sleep time09:49
humphreybcgodbyk: ugh... about 2609:49
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson: okay09:50
godbykWhen the time is midnight I never know if that means the beginning of the day or the end of the day. :)09:50
IlyaHaykinsonsorry, wish it could be easier.09:50
humphreybc0000 is midnight, 1200 is midday09:50
IlyaHaykinsoni'll have a lot more time after April 21st :-)09:50
humphreybc(when most of the work has been done... convenient, yes?)09:50
nisshhwhat the? i just found a major typo, in lucid its "Ubuntu Software Centre" but in the manual people have called it "Ubuntu Software Center"!?!?09:50
IlyaHaykinsonnisshh: where? i'll fix it, about to push anyways09:50
* ubuntujenkins nnnnnnnoooooooooo the live cd build is failing09:50
IlyaHaykinsonoh. in lucid09:51
humphreybcnisshh: that's a locale thing.09:51
godbykIt's Software Center in US English.09:51
humphreybcbecause you're in Aussie09:51
godbykStop changing it.09:51
nisshhchapter 509:51
humphreybcit's spelt Centre.09:51
humphreybcbut in America it's spelt Center.09:51
IlyaHaykinsonheh. near where i live we have some place called "Theatre Center"09:51
nisshhfar out09:51
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson: okay that's nuts09:51
nisshhsame with me09:51
humphreybcnisshh: don't fret, that's how it's meant to be09:51
nisshhi have a shopping center09:51
humphreybcanyway I was going to say something important09:52
humphreybc(everything I say is important, but this is slightly more so)09:52
humphreybcoh I won't be at the meeting this weekend btw09:52
nisshhhumphreybc: so what the hell do i put in the glossary?09:52
humphreybcnisshh: Center.09:52
nisshhcenter or centre09:52
humphreybcUbuntu Software Center09:53
jamindayI'll have to remember that09:53
jamindaylooks weird to me09:53
humphreybcyeah cos we're aussies and NZers, we do british spelling09:53
nisshhdarn brits!09:53
humphreybcgodbyk: maybe it'd be a good idea to do a find and replace for Center09:53
jamindayEver noticed how you US spellers put a 'z' in everything...09:54
jamindayI have09:54
godbykhumphreybc: I did that once. I'll have to do it again.09:54
godbykThere are a lot of -ise words in the manual that should be -ize, too.09:55
jamindaygodbyk: maybe wait till i finish looking at chapter 5 as i'll probably fix most as i go09:55
humphreybcif you wish to say something important, once that important thing has been said, the importance will become changed09:55
godbykjaminday: cool09:55
* humphreybc has forgotten what he was going to say, must not have been that important then09:55
jamindaygodbyk: yeah i've had to stop myself so many times from writing -ise09:55
godbykOh, great. humphreybc's losing it!09:55
humphreybcgodbyk: correction, has lost it09:55
godbykAlso, Whilst -> While.  Sorry. :)09:57
jamindayspeaking of center vs centre, the screenshot in chapter 5 of the Software Centre (Center) is spelt 'Centre'09:57
jamindayhow many times can i say center in one centernce09:57
godbykjaminday: yeah, I mentioned that to one of the quickshot guys. guess it hasn't been fixed yet.09:58
jamindayah ok09:58
nisshhok im just testing my changes then im going to push my changes09:58
jamindaynisshh: ok - i might pull when your done before i make any more changes just in case09:59
nisshhjaminday: ok09:59
* humphreybc is going to watch an episode of american dad to calm down a bit09:59
jamindaygood humphreybc, good boy10:00
* nisshh says american dad would excite him, not calm him down10:00
* nisshh says the computer calms him10:00
jamindayhumphreybc: perhaps you should watch Anne of Green Gables or something10:00
nisshhomg, the manual takes literally 5 mins to compile on my computer10:02
nisshhslow heap of crap10:02
jamindayyeah it's crazy long now to compile10:03
meho_rjaminday, I understand -ize, but why "CustomiZe"? :D10:03
meho_rwith capital Z10:03
meho_r(happened once) :D10:03
jamindaymeho_r: really??10:03
* nisshh wants a quad core i7 soooo badly!10:03
meho_rReally :D10:03
jamindaywhoever wrote that must be really patriotic10:03
jamindaythey love their american 'z's10:04
godbykyeah, I just fixed that.10:05
nisshhhumphreybc ok make that 14 entries finished10:05
nisshhok im going to pull now10:06
jamindaynisshh: pull or push?10:06
nisshhpull, then push10:06
nisshhahhhhhhh, conflicts!10:06
artnaysomeone should add to prerequisites page that default installation needs po4a (and build-essential to compile tex live) in order to compile the manual10:08
IlyaHaykinsonartnay: run pkgs/install-pkgs.sh10:08
IlyaHaykinsonwhich should install everything you need10:08
artnayIlyaHaykinson: that didn't do the trick for me last week, maybe it's been updated since then10:08
godbykartnay: it should install po4a.10:09
nisshhok pushing now10:09
godbykit won't install make, though.10:09
jamindaynisshh: Are you doing a glossary entry for 'server'?10:11
godbykI've added it to the list of prereqs and will push it in a few minutes.10:11
jamindayOk, i'll add the tag then.10:11
nisshhok pushed my changes10:11
nisshhsomeone broke make again10:12
* jaminday looks at godbyk suspiciously10:13
nisshhit says the \menuitem command is obsolete use the \menu command instead10:13
* IlyaHaykinson could be the culprit, hang on, fixing10:13
IlyaHaykinsonold habits die hard. repushing in 1 min10:13
* jaminday apologiSes to godbyk10:13
* godbyk glares at jaminday.10:14
* nisshh laughs10:14
* jaminday uses his massive 'S' to safely reflect godbyk's glare10:14
IlyaHaykinsonoh, such fun in the security chapter.10:14
IlyaHaykinson"you may wish to encrypt your sensitive data ... by encrypting it"10:15
jamindayhumphreybc would like that sentence10:15
artnayso when will the website translations be implemented? would like to check how those translations work on an actual page10:15
nisshhlol, thats awesome, i really want to know who put that in10:16
godbykartnay: You can see them at http://test.ubuntu-manual.org/10:16
artnaygodbyk: ok, thanks. how often will that be updated?10:17
jamindayok all, i'm gonna go have some dessert with my wife, then watch an episode of boston legal, then come back and keep working till I go to bed!10:17
godbykartnay: I'm not sure how often they pull the new translations.10:18
nisshhilya: are you going to push the make fix yet?10:18
godbykOkay.. who touched chapter 2?10:19
nisshhi did10:19
nisshhjust a bit10:19
godbykBad nisshh! Bad!10:19
nisshhshouldnt have done anything bad10:19
godbykNow I have to resolve some conflict.10:19
IlyaHaykinsonnisshh: i'm running make to make sure i don't have another break10:19
nisshhi seriously only changed 1 line10:19
IlyaHaykinsonbut this PC is slow, so i'll push as soon as it's done10:20
nisshhIlyaHaykinson: sure10:20
nisshhawww no more linux on the ps310:20
godbyknisshh: more like four lines. :)10:22
IlyaHaykinsoni'm removing the (two) mentions of GNU/Linux10:22
IlyaHaykinsoninthe manual.10:22
IlyaHaykinsonmaking it just Linux10:22
IlyaHaykinsonnisshh: pushed10:22
nisshhgodbyk: then it wasnt me! :)10:23
godbykand now I have diverged branches.10:23
godbykshoot me.10:23
godbykfinally pushed.10:25
godbykWho's working on which chapters now?10:27
godbyk(So I don't stomp on anyone's toes.)10:27
IlyaHaykinsoni am doing light touches in Learning More10:27
IlyaHaykinsonbut really i should be doing light touches to my pillow10:27
nisshhim just going to add new items to the glossary and add descriptions for them10:28
nisshhthe rest ill do tommorrow10:28
godbykI'm going to run through and mark up the acronyms, then.10:29
nisshhgodbyk: ok10:30
TommyBrunnI'm working on the Swedish translation of the website, and I have a question regarding what to translate and what not to.10:30
TommyBrunnOh wait, nevermind.10:30
godbykTommyBrunn: Figure it out?10:30
TommyBrunnI was wondering whether to replace &#8217; with the ascii equivalent. But then I realized that I don't even need that symbol in the Swedish translation.10:31
godbykTommyBrunn: What is that symbol and where do you see it in the manual?10:31
TommyBrunn"Getting Started with Ubuntu %version% is a free, comprehensive beginner&#8217;s guide for the Ubuntu operating system."10:32
TommyBrunnIt's on the website10:32
IlyaHaykinsonwas anyone planning on getting te command-line chapter off of aptitude and onto apt-get?10:32
IlyaHaykinsonif we even need it there?10:32
godbykOh! That should be "beginner's"10:32
IlyaHaykinsoni feel like _all_ the online instructions are about apt-get, not aptitide, so we should use that10:32
godbykIlyaHaykinson: I'll leave that to someone else. We should be consistent, though.10:32
godbykSame here.10:33
TommyBrunngodbyk: Yeah, that's what I figured. But "Beginner's" is "nybörjarens" in Swedish, so there's no need for the apostrophe.10:33
nisshhfunny thing is, i orginally had it on apt-get so communication went wrong somewhere10:33
IlyaHaykinsonnisshh: yeah, i remember that you had that.10:33
nisshhyea, there was a discussion about it ages ago10:34
donriTommyBrunn, Jag skulle säga "nybörjarhandbok" eller "handbok för nybörjare".10:36
TommyBrunnJo, jag håller med. "Handbok för nybörjare" tycks vara den etablerade standarden i översättningen än så länge.10:37
TommyBrunnJag måste se vad de översatt det till i manualen.10:37
godbykany vim macro experts here?10:41
donriapt-get seem to be the standard and aptitude the exception, teach apt-get and it'll be familiar elsewhere. Teach aptitude and apt-get will look like something new, alien, different.10:42
IlyaHaykinsondonri: agreed.10:42
IlyaHaykinsonok, i'm off to bed10:42
* IlyaHaykinson waves10:42
* nisshh waves back10:43
humphreybcI think we're using apt-get everywhere, or should be10:54
godbykfunky merge on installation.tex10:54
nisshhcrap i need to eat, been on my pc for 9 hours now10:56
nisshhgot anouther 2 to go before i finish the glossary off for tonight10:56
nisshhbrb getting food and beer10:57
TommyBrunnMan, translating is hard work. I just went through the entire website, and still only managed to translate maybe 70 strings out of over 200.10:57
humphreybcthat's what GNOME and Ubuntu recommend10:58
humphreybcDebian recommends using aptitude10:58
nisshhdidnt aptitude come from debian in the first place?11:03
donriDon't they all, eh.11:03
nisshhdonri: hehe\11:03
nisshhhehe, my 2 weeks of holidays starts this weekend11:05
nisshhoh, i just remembered11:06
nisshhhumphreybc: ill be on holidays this weekend and in 2 weeks11:06
nisshhso i cant work on the manual11:07
nisshhor anything11:07
godbykcould you guys check your prefs-hardware/sound.tex file and see if there is a  <<<< line toward the top of it?  (line 12)11:08
godbykwhich version should I keep?11:08
nisshhthere is, what the hell is that?11:09
humphreybcdoesn't that mean you can?11:09
humphreybcnormally holidays mean you have more time :P11:09
nisshhhumphreybc: no laptop and no net cafe where im going11:10
godbykOkay, I'm going to leave it for now.  someone fix it after I've committed all this crap.11:11
godbykgimme a few minutes.11:11
nisshhgodbyk: what the hell is all that crap there for?11:12
godbykit's because two versions were merged and someone didn't actually fix the merge.11:12
humphreybcnisshh: it's a bzr merge thing11:12
humphreybcgodbyk destroyed it11:12
godbykbzr just says, 'here, you figure it out!'11:12
nisshhgodbyk: we should call you Godbyk The Destroyer!11:13
godbykI'll take it! :)11:13
godbykI'll add it to my list of titles.11:13
nisshhbrb cooking dinner11:14
artnaywill the string %language% be in english or could it be translated?11:17
artnayWe recommend that you download either the English version of <i>Getting Started with Ubuntu %version%</i> or the %language% version of <i>Getting Started with Ubuntu %available_version%</i>11:17
godbykartnay: It's a variable that will be filled in by the PHP code.11:17
artnaygodbyk: yes, but so far it's in English, right+11:18
humphreybci'm pretty sure my flatmate is getting high11:19
humphreybcand i'm stuck writing an article :P11:19
TommyBrunnSucks to be you then.11:20
godbykartnay: It will be the name of the language in that language.11:20
artnayI can translate "the english version" (englanninkielinen versio) but it will take just the english language name...11:20
artnayok, well then it will be like "country version"11:20
godbykSo if you're looking at the German site, you'd see 'Deutsch' in place of %language%.11:20
artnaywhich is a bad translation, since the proper way to say it is "suomenkielinen versio", not Finnish version11:21
godbykartnay: What language are you translating to?11:21
godbyk%language% will be whatever language you're translating to.11:21
artnaygodbyk: yes, but in Finnish that word sould be conjugated11:21
artnayotherwise it's just a bad grammar in that sentence11:22
artnayand it's the same in Swedish (afai write/speak Swedish)11:22
artnayjust a minor annoyance11:23
artnayit's totally understandable, though.11:23
godbykartnay: You can translate the phrase however you like.11:23
artnaygodbyk: and it will still pass the parser even if there's not enough variables?11:24
godbykI think so. I'm not sure.11:24
godbykWe'll figure it out, though. :)11:24
artnayok, well i'll just drop that variable off and translate it as it should be11:25
godbykfrakking conflicts.11:25
godbykso tired of bzr!11:25
artnaygodbyk: I just want the website to be translated in proper Finnish before or I'll link to it in our (l10n) next meeting11:27
nisshhgodbyk: you should be grateful that bzr doesnt just say ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!11:28
artnaythen the project will hopefully receive more love from finnish translators11:28
godbykYeah, that's what bzr effectively does sometimes.  Basically throws its hands up and say, 'Okay, *you* figure out how to merge this stuff!"11:29
godbykAha!  It was nisshh who didn't merge the sound.tex file properly!11:30
nisshhyea it conflicted11:30
nisshhdunno why11:30
nisshhhow did i not merge it properly11:30
artnayactually we've made quite a comprehensive manual in Finnish - see http://fi.wikibooks.org/wiki/Ubuntu_tutuksi - it covers most of the areas that are included in this project and more11:31
artnaybut maintaining it is a pita. this project would be a better for us so that we shouldn't check the facts, take screenshots etc. - we could focus on writing/translating11:32
godbyknisshh: not sure. bzr usually doesn't let you commit until it's been resolved, I thought.11:32
nisshhyea it didnt11:32
godbykartnay: If you guys have stuff we're missing, you should translate it over for us.  Then you can translate it back to Finnish when we're done with it. ;-)11:33
nisshhi pulled, did a commit, pushed, got an error, resolved, merged, pushed, merged, commited and pushed again11:33
godbykwhoops.. didn't compile before I committed all those \acronyms.11:34
godbyklet's see how many times I can misspell \acronym. :-)11:34
nisshhgodbyk: smooth11:34
godbykno errors!11:34
godbykI am a god!11:34
jamindaynisshh: you glossarizing "repositories"?11:40
jamindayno worries - i'll ad \gls then11:47
nisshhjaminday: no need, i do that when i add a glossary entry11:47
nisshhbrb dinner time11:48
jamindayno prob11:48
nisshhback lol11:49
jamindaywow quick dinner11:49
nisshhlol, eating it and typing11:50
jamindayso the first reference to 'repositories' in chapter 5 should probably have a \gls, i'll leave it for you though when you get to it11:50
nisshhjaminday: godbyks new nickname is Godbyk The Destroyer11:51
jamindaynisshh: hehe - where did that come from?11:51
nisshhjaminday: sure11:51
nisshhi gave it to him a little while ago since he keeps breaking the branch and makefile11:52
nisshhjaminday: i have to go through and add \gls commands all over the place anyway11:52
jamindayhehe - i nicknamed him the 'Godfather' last night, as he is always the one that cleans everything up!11:52
nisshhlol thats a good one11:53
nisshhhe did say he has a list11:53
godbykI feel like I have to abdicate that title to nisshh. :)11:53
nisshhand why is that?11:54
godbykWell, you were the one who left some weird bzr merge text in the sound.tex file. :)11:54
nisshhCurse you bzr!11:55
jamindayhehe nisshh the destroyer works i think ;)11:55
godbykI'll also note that I'm the one who cleaned up that mess.  ;-)11:55
nisshhi reckon its cool11:56
jamindayThe Godfather does it again....11:56
nisshhoh godbyk the janitor is it now?11:56
jamindayJanitor is a rather large demotion11:56
nisshhnot since he abdicated destroyer to me11:57
godbykOkay, my eyes are getting blurry.  I think that's my cue to step away from the computer. :-)11:59
jamindayyes fair enough11:59
godbykTyped \acronym a couple too many times, I think. :)11:59
godbykI'm going to read for a bit before I sleep. Feel free to ping me if anything urgent arises.11:59
jamindayno worries - i'll be around for another hour or so then hit the sack also11:59
humphreybcare you guys actually getting anything done?12:00
* humphreybc as he peers into the chatroom12:00
* dutchie is watching the LHC webcast12:00
godbykI \acronym'd everything.12:00
ubuntujenkinsthe cd build keeps failing12:00
nisshhyes: its contructive banter12:00
godbykAnd incorporated all of meho_r_'s edits.12:00
godbykdutchie: have they formed a black hole yet?12:00
jamindayhumphreybc: still going at chapter 5 (slowly)12:01
nisshhdutchie whats LHC?12:01
nisshhLinux Home Cooking?12:01
godbykShould I lie on my back in preparation for a flashforward?12:01
godbykI'm going with Large Hadron Collider.12:01
humphreybcLarge Hadron Collider!12:01
dutchiegodbyk: NO BLACK HOLES :P12:02
jamindayLingerie Hating Cows?12:02
* godbyk wins!12:02
godbykThis webcast may be one of the geekiest things I watch.12:03
donriI'm watching that too. :D12:03
nisshhdude, nerdy12:04
nisshhbot geeky12:04
humphreybcflash is so shit on Lucid12:04
TommyBrunnFlash is so shit on *12:04
nisshhheheeee not for meeee12:04
nisshhhow about html5 vids?12:05
TommyBrunnDoesn't work consistently in all browsers/platforms.12:05
nisshhtommybrun: nope!12:05
TommyBrunnChrome and Opera use h.264 and Firefox Ogg Theora.12:05
nisshhnever has, never will12:05
dutchiethe webcast is annoyingly laggy12:06
* humphreybc has work to do12:06
nisshhdoes anyone here listen to shotofjaq?12:06
dutchiethe twitter accounts have already announced collisions, and nothing no there12:06
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: I do why?12:09
humphreybcI might go to bed now12:15
humphreybcubuntujenkins: you'll need the PPA and LiveCD for quickshot to be working and available for download by Thursday :)12:15
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: I know it should be done tonight we are frezzing quickshot tonight12:16
ubuntujenkinsI am having live cd trouble12:16
humphreybcwicked :)12:17
ubuntujenkinsnn o/12:17
humphreybcI'm writing up announcements12:17
ubuntujenkinsthe live cd will be avaible on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/getquickshot12:18
ubuntujenkinsppa here https://edge.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/+archive/quickshot-release12:18
humphreybcif daker comes in, get him to add that stuff to the website12:19
ubuntujenkinsI will do12:19
ubuntujenkinsthere is no stuff on that wiki page but it will be by tonight12:19
godbykstable beams now, dutchie.12:23
dutchiethey've collided already12:26
dutchiehttp://twitter.com/CERN/status/11303121425 etc etc12:26
godbykdutchie: right, but they've stabilized the beams now and collided again at a higher energy.12:29
humphreybckk, night everyone12:31
godbykI'm heading to bed, too.  G'night!12:32
godbykdutchie: If the universe is going to collapse into a micro-blackhole, ping me so I've got a heads-up. ;-)12:32
ubuntujenkinsnight godbyk12:32
* semioticrobotic is home sick from work today14:58
meho_rNever gave it a thought before, but which is default shell for 10.04, bash or dash?15:44
dutchiemeho_r: $ /bin/sh16:19
dutchie$ echo $SHELL16:19
dutchie$ ls -l /bin/sh16:19
dutchielrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2010-03-05 23:26 /bin/sh -> dash16:19
dutchiegoing for the confusion factor there ;)16:20
meho_rSo, what is conclusion for the ubuntu-manual: bash or dash?16:20
meho_rI AM confused :D16:20
dutchieI think the $SHELL got inherited from my bash session16:21
meho_rOK, I'm gonna mark bash for checking out and leave you guys to discuss it :_)16:23
dutchiego for dash16:23
dutchie^^ official dutchie opinion16:23
donriLHC runs on Ubuntu... kinda.16:25
dutchielove the way there is a rhythmbox playing icon there16:26
Red_HamsterXHow did I miss a discussion about moving to dash?16:34
dutchieUbuntu's been using dash for years16:34
Red_HamsterXI've somehow managed to never notice, then.16:35
donridash isn't the default though, is it?16:36
donriJust is the symlink for /bin/sh for scripts.16:37
Red_HamsterXThat would make a lot more sense.16:40
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: in the dictionary file do options have to be on the next line16:49
ubuntujenkinsalso any idea why firefox about:home doesn't work?16:49
Red_HamsterXIt doesn't?17:00
Red_HamsterXAlso, yes, every token needs to be separated by a line.17:00
ubuntujenkinsI tried the firefox one on the live disk and it didn't work17:02
Red_HamsterXOdd... It works fine here...17:02
Red_HamsterXI'll start testing in about an hour.17:02
ubuntujenkinsok I will double check it17:03
ubuntujenkinsI am just going to make some dictionary chnages17:03
ubuntujenkinsalso why for dome windows and not others does it say Resize the window so it fills the screen, if necessary. Be sure it is NOT maximized17:04
Red_HamsterXBecause of the references you provided.17:06
Red_HamsterXI'll explain in a moment.17:06
Red_HamsterXWe can't actually maximize them because it creates ugly inconsistencies in the manual.17:09
Red_HamsterXMost windows have a white body area.17:09
Red_HamsterXWhen maximized, the borders disappear.17:09
Red_HamsterXWhien screencapped, it looks like their content is floating.17:10
Red_HamsterXscreencapped and PDFed*17:10
Red_HamsterXI wrote some new code that tries to set their dimensions equal to the working space in a default Lucid setup.17:10
ubuntujenkinsok makes sense17:11
Red_HamsterXI'm not sure if I could word that line in a better way.17:11
Red_HamsterXI tried to use simple words, since it is important, but...17:11
ubuntujenkinsI read it and though why not maximise it then?17:12
Red_HamsterXIn any case, the reason why it doesn't apply to everything is because a lot of windows, based on your reference material, are not maximized by default, and gain no benefit to visibility through maximization. (Their contents are perfectly viewable at their default sizes)17:12
Red_HamsterXMaximizing removes borders.17:13
Red_HamsterXBorders are important.17:13
Red_HamsterXThey maintain consistency in the manual.17:13
ubuntujenkinsok thats fine i thought i maximized everything possible, I have updating the ppa, I have to have my tea, will be on afterwards17:14
Red_HamsterXI'll update the server.17:14
ubuntujenkinsevening manual team18:22
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: ping18:50
Red_HamsterXStill busy with other stuff. :(18:52
ubuntujenkinsok no problem18:54
ubuntujenkinsevening titeuf_8719:03
titeuf_87How're things?19:04
ubuntujenkinsif you have a new version of quickly then it it now quickly design not quickly glade19:04
ubuntujenkinsI spent all day finding a build error in the cd, I am now tweaking the ui here and there19:05
titeuf_87The cd works now?19:06
ubuntujenkinsThere are a few errors with programs launching, nautilus ~ doesn't work for some reason. The cd does work just got to squeeze the release of quickshot on it19:06
Red_HamsterXLemme know when there's a functional CD build so we can try screencapping the installation process.19:07
Red_HamsterXI'm going to step through everything else under English now.19:07
Red_HamsterXDid Firefox start working properly?19:07
ubuntujenkinsI can't understand why firefox didn't work in a virtual machine but it worked on my real machine19:07
titeuf_87That's really weird.19:08
Red_HamsterXVery weird...19:08
Red_HamsterXWhat's the next most important language after English?19:09
Red_HamsterX(Or the one most likely to cause problems)19:09
dutchieBritish English19:09
Red_HamsterXtiteuf_87, do we differentiate between American English and British English for screencaps?19:10
titeuf_87I thought we said not to.19:10
ubuntujenkinsare the top two most translated19:10
ubuntujenkinsI think we said not to19:10
Red_HamsterXI thought so, too.19:10
ubuntujenkinsall on the same page19:10
ubuntujenkinsthe ppa is uptodate as per rev 17619:11
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/176 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 17619:11
Red_HamsterXI'll do some testing with German, Russian, and Arabic after confirming that everything seems to work for English.19:11
Red_HamsterX(I'd do French, but titeuf can handle that at least as well as I can)19:11
ubuntujenkinslaunching, nautilus ~ doesn't work for some reason19:11
Red_HamsterXUnder a VM or everywhere?19:12
Red_HamsterXI'll try it now.19:12
titeuf_87I can do French, Dutch, South-African and whatever other language closely resembles those.19:12
ubuntujenkinseverywhere Red_HamsterX19:12
Red_HamsterXThis is just testing, not final capping.19:12
titeuf_87I can try out on my laptop instead of just in a vm, so we can try it out under "more real" hardware.19:13
Red_HamsterXIn production, I can probably handle Japanese if we're having trouble getting volunteers.19:13
ubuntujenkinsWe also have a permission issue with the install screenshots, there are two ways around it, allow the user to take screenshots in either the ubuntu user or quickshot user. Or when setting up quickshot in the ubuntu user add it to the sudo list19:14
titeuf_87Ah need to be root to run the installer?19:15
titeuf_87Well that makes sense.19:15
Red_HamsterXI'd probably take the sudo path.19:16
ubuntujenkinslooking at it now19:16
Red_HamsterXIt'd save the trouble of getting users to log out.19:16
Red_HamsterXAnd it might allow for more flexibility in the future.19:16
ubuntujenkinsfor security we will only add it to sudo if on the live cd19:17
Red_HamsterX1.0.0 will have all of this stuff bundled in a special config file or something anyway.19:19
Red_HamsterXOh, I see the problem with nautilus ~.19:21
ubuntujenkinswhat ?19:21
titeuf_87What is it?19:21
Red_HamsterXI just need to do one thing to test this idea...19:24
titeuf_87Heh, I can't use quickly anymore with quickshot.19:24
titeuf_87ERROR: Template ubuntu-application does not exist.19:24
ubuntujenkinsI told you already titeuf_87 do quickly design19:25
titeuf_87Yeah I know, except that I need a newer version of quickly for that.19:25
ubuntujenkinsO sorry I thought you had the newer version19:26
Red_HamsterXYep. It's assuming '~' is actually a filename, since it isn't being expanded by the shell.19:26
titeuf_87no worries ubuntujenkins, can still manually open everything after all19:26
Red_HamsterXI could pass every parameter through os.path.expanduser...19:27
Red_HamsterXThat shouldn't cause any problems.19:27
ubuntujenkinsI have just fixed another error with the user terminal19:31
Red_HamsterXOh, no! Branches diversed somehow!19:33
Red_HamsterXWant me to send you a patch to fix the ~ thing or should I try merging?19:33
ubuntujenkinsdo bzr uncommit19:34
ubuntujenkinsthen do a pull19:34
Red_HamsterXI wasn't aware of uncommit.19:34
ubuntujenkinsonce you have pushed i will commit next19:34
Red_HamsterXPushed. Waiting for it to be accpeted.19:35
Red_HamsterXOkay, go.19:35
Red_HamsterXnautilus is working now, but it wasn't auto-maximized, unfortunately. I'm going to add the Firefox workaround.19:38
Red_HamsterX(It probably forks)19:38
titeuf_87That's probably like gedit then: it doesn't maximize when you launched gedit before quickshot.19:38
ubuntujenkinsrev 179 pushed guys19:38
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/179 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 17919:38
Red_HamsterXBecuase the new gedit process just communicates with the old one.19:40
Red_HamsterXAnd Nautilus is providing Gnome's desktop icons and stuff.19:40
jbichaI downloaded the source code w/ git but what program should I use to actually edit the thing?19:40
titeuf_87Don't think we could do anything around that?19:40
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: what did you download quickshot or the manual?19:40
jbichathe manual19:40
Red_HamsterXMy workaround is the "=maximize-workaround=" key, which takes a process name.19:41
jbichaI've never worked w/ latex before19:41
Red_HamsterXEverything returned by 'pidof' is passed through the maximize function.19:41
Red_HamsterXIt's a hack, but it seems to work.19:41
titeuf_87For nautilus too?19:41
Red_HamsterXExcept for Nautilus... For some reason, it seems to be blocking forever when I make the call.19:41
Red_HamsterXOr something.19:41
Red_HamsterXI'm looking into it now.19:42
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/authors is what you need but be aware we are not adding content. You can edit with gedit are you one of the offical editors? As i think they have a procces19:42
jbicha& I used bzr branch to get the code but how I do update to the most recent reversion19:42
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: bzr pull19:42
jbichano, I'm not official, I just wanted to proofread & maybe fill in a missing gap and thought it would be more useful than trying to report bugs for minor stuff19:43
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: it would be best to file bugs as not to cause conflicts, only one editor is allowed to work on a section at a time19:44
Red_HamsterXOh, I see why it's failing.19:44
jbichaoh, that sounds complicated19:44
Red_HamsterXIt's because I'm made of durr and fail.19:44
Red_HamsterXI'm splitting on newlines, not spaces.19:44
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: your help is very much apreciated, filing bugs is the safest way to help edit19:44
Red_HamsterXCommiting change.19:45
jbichaubuntujenkins: thanks, gedit works fine19:45
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: do you have the right bug page?19:46
Red_HamsterXCommitted q180.19:46
jbichahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual ?19:46
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: nope there is a differnent one just finding it19:46
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: http://ubuntu-manual.org/?bugs19:47
jbichathe google docs form?19:47
ubuntujenkinswhats left to do with quickshot?19:48
Red_HamsterXJust testing, I think.19:48
ubuntujenkinsshall i update the ppa?19:48
Red_HamsterXAnd making sure it works with godbyk's server.19:48
titeuf_87for the live cd, shouldn't we change the default server?19:48
ubuntujenkinsGODBYK !!!19:48
ubuntujenkinswhen was it different?19:49
Red_HamsterXWe should change the default server in the PPA when we're sure everything's working, too.19:49
Red_HamsterXWhen was what different?19:49
ubuntujenkinsdo we know the link for the server?19:49
Red_HamsterXWe know it now.19:49
Red_HamsterXIt just hasn't been tested.19:49
ubuntujenkinscan you make the change then i will build the package19:50
ubuntujenkinswhere is it changed?19:50
Red_HamsterXWe should leave the package pointing at my system for now, since we still need to do tests with other languages.19:50
ubuntujenkinsok i will update the ppa all work updated guys?19:50
Red_HamsterXLemme test the Nautilus thing again.19:51
Red_HamsterXOkay, that fixed the bug.19:51
Red_HamsterXI don't know of anything I have left to change at the moment.19:51
titeuf_87Except for testing and fixing all the bugs, I think we got everything for this release.19:52
ubuntujenkinsok starting the ppa update19:53
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: hello19:54
humphreybcmorning :)19:54
humphreybcwhat's up?19:55
dutchieI'm javascripting http://www.joshh.co.uk/ up19:55
ubuntujenkinswell can you all test quickshot in about 10 minutes please19:55
ubuntujenkinsright just waiting for quickshot to be buit by launchpad19:57
humphreybcfingers crossed huh19:59
humphreybcgodbyk: when we hit beta, i'll get you to put up http://ubuntu-manual.org/ubuntu-manual-beta.pdf20:07
* ubuntujenkins still building...20:08
* ubuntujenkins built just waiting for it to be published20:12
Red_HamsterXAre we giving users a fake account for Evolution?20:15
ubuntujenkinsok its not published in the ppa yet not sure how long it takes but this is a launchpad link to the package https://edge.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/+archive/quickshot-daily/+build/1592814/+files/quickshot_0.0.8-quickshot+201003301854+180_all.deb20:16
ubuntujenkinsI can do a backup file for every one to use, or just tell them to type quickshot@ubuntu-manual.org20:17
Red_HamsterXI'm asking because I can't think of a way to get the password prompt to work...20:17
ubuntujenkinsit works if you have a fake account,20:18
Red_HamsterXI was trying a fake server.20:18
ubuntujenkinsQUICKSHOT is IN the ppa20:18
Red_HamsterXDoes ubuntu-manual.org have an IMAP service?20:19
ubuntujenkinsit works if you do a real server, yep20:19
ubuntujenkinsimap.gmail.com smtp.gmail.com20:19
ubuntujenkinsuse ssl20:19
Red_HamsterXOh, and just give it the display name of quickshot@...20:19
Red_HamsterXI don't want to write another guide on how to set up e-mail. I'm not trying to explain how to use SSL in one line. =P20:20
humphreybcQuickshot guys, are we all ready for people to start downloading it and using it by Thursday?20:20
ubuntujenkinsI will do a back up file if you like copy it to the users home and tell them to use it20:20
humphreybcAre there instructions on how to use it somewhere on our wiki?20:20
ubuntujenkinsi am yet to type it, had cd issues which took priority20:21
humphreybcfair enough20:21
humphreybcyou've got another 28 hours or so20:21
ubuntujenkinsI will be done20:21
ubuntujenkinsI could do with a button from daker20:21
ubuntujenkinsif we come across no problems quickshot program might be done tonight, PLEASE test it EVERYONR20:22
ubuntujenkinsanyone know how to get the short command for adding a ppa?20:23
titeuf_87I'm going to try from Karmic, as I don't have Lucid, so I'll skip the Lucid-specific screenshots.20:24
humphreybcubuntujenkins: sure20:27
humphreybci'd like to test the Live CD20:27
titeuf_87Me too for the Live CD, that would be perfect.20:28
titeuf_87Especially as when running quickshot now it complains that I'm not on Lucid and I can't use it.20:28
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins, it should be usable on a normal lucid live cd too right?20:29
luke-quickshotI have a bug!20:30
Red_HamsterXFor Empathy, do we really want to the user to click "I want a new account" instead of "I'll enter my account details now"?20:30
Red_HamsterXNEver mind.20:31
Red_HamsterXLooking at the reference, it'd obvious the name's just off.20:31
luke-quickshotwe need to stop nm-applet before you log into the quickshot user and then start it when the quickshot user logs in20:32
humphreybcluke-quickshot: howcome?20:32
luke-quickshothumphreybc, you can only have one instance of nm-applet running20:33
Red_HamsterXI'm not seeing why a second would need to be started.20:33
luke-quickshotyou can't get network screenshots in the quickshot user with out stopping the first instance20:34
Red_HamsterXLiveCD-specific issue?20:35
luke-quickshotno issue on ubuntu in general20:35
luke-quickshottomboy launches wrong20:36
luke-quickshotyet to test the live cd20:37
luke-quickshotgwibber the program is broken again20:37
Red_HamsterXWhat's wrong about how tomboy launches?20:37
humphreybcthis is fun, bugs pouring in just before final release :P20:38
Red_HamsterXAnd how can we fix it?20:38
humphreybcdon't forget to update the "About" dialog box, change the developers to you guys and the version number. Tommy and I don't really deserve any credit for this xD20:38
luke-quickshotthe bluetooth instructions are wrong, the compare screen has no icon20:38
luke-quickshotRed_HamsterX, look at the dictionay i put a fix in but must have done it wrong20:39
Red_HamsterXIt seems to be launching fine here.20:39
Red_HamsterXI just need to update the steps.20:39
Red_HamsterX(Which I'm doing as I capture each screenshot)20:39
luke-quickshotis it the same as tomboy --search at the command line does?20:40
luke-quickshotdoesn't here strange20:41
titeuf_87Just finished downloading Lucid now, going to burn it and try quickshot from the livecd then instead.20:41
luke-quickshotcool I can't send you the cd until it is on godbyks server20:41
luke-quickshotbrasero is not launching20:42
luke-quickshotthere is no sample for display settings comfimation20:45
luke-quickshotthe tempoary capture file isn't deleted if you close the preview window20:47
luke-quickshotyelp takes FOR EVER :-P20:48
humphreybchaha it sure does20:48
* humphreybc is going to bugtest the hell out of quickshot later today20:49
Red_HamsterXbrasero's working fine here.20:53
luke-quickshotnot here just tried again20:54
Red_HamsterXHave you tried 'brasero --empty' in a shell?20:55
luke-quickshotwe need a minimize button and border on the capture window20:55
humphreybcokay i'm off20:55
Red_HamsterXThat'd be helpful.20:55
humphreybci'll talk later20:55
Red_HamsterXI'll look into that once I finish screencapping what I can.20:56
luke-quickshotan update has removed brasero ... very strange20:56
Red_HamsterXI'll probably have to do the real capping on my mini with the LiveCD, though. I lack WiFi and Bluetooth on any devices I can spare.20:56
luke-quickshotThe blue took needs to be changed to left click20:57
luke-quickshotthats my fault20:57
Red_HamsterXBlue took?20:57
Red_HamsterXNot fixed in the .texes, though.20:58
luke-quickshotI will fix it in the manual20:58
luke-quickshotcan you make the bluetooth bottom border lower please20:58
luke-quickshotof the cropping20:58
Red_HamsterXHow much lower?21:00
luke-quickshoterm let me work it out21:01
luke-quickshot20 pixels should do it21:02
Red_HamsterXAh. I see the problem with the properties reference.21:02
Red_HamsterXYou wrote 'comfirm'.21:02
Red_HamsterXCan you change that in the manual, too?21:02
luke-quickshotwhich bit? I can change it21:03
Red_HamsterXYou have 'comfirm'21:03
Red_HamsterXIt doesn't really matter either way, though.21:03
Red_HamsterXThere are enough other minor inconsistencies that nobody will care.21:03
luke-quickshotI will change it in the manual21:03
Red_HamsterX(We can apply better standards next time. It's not like these filenames show up in the PDFs anyway)21:04
Red_HamsterXSuccessfully captured 34 screenshots using defaults.21:07
Red_HamsterXThree screenshots are uncapturable due to a lack of hardware, eight are limited by lack of CD, and one is impossible because I fail at Gmail.21:08
ubuntujenkinstiteuf_87: yes it should work not sure if it has pybebel, i was in the other user21:08
Red_HamsterXOverall, I'd say we're looking at success.21:08
titeuf_87Laptop just finished booting with it, we'll find out soon enough.21:09
ubuntujenkinsright i am going to fix spelling bugs21:10
Red_HamsterXI'll look at decorating the capture window, unless someone else already knows what needs to be done.21:12
ubuntujenkinsI can do it Red_HamsterX21:12
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins, how do you install the quickshot ppa again?21:14
ubuntujenkinstiteuf_87: https://edge.launchpad.net/~quickshotdevs/+archive/quickshot-daily is the ppa just add it to software suorces21:15
ubuntujenkinsright fixed the spelling bugs in the manual21:19
jbichaok, I'm done reporting bugs for tonight, the manual looks really good for first release :-)21:21
ubuntujenkinsthanks jbicha21:22
dakerhi @all21:24
dakerRed_HamsterX, you are working with ubuntujenkins on Quickshot ?21:24
ubuntujenkinshello daker21:25
Red_HamsterXYeah, we're doing testing now.21:25
ubuntujenkinscan I have a download button please daker21:25
titeuf_87When making the quickshot user, we should try to add it to the list of users that are allowed to sudo right then?21:25
ubuntujenkinsit should do it already21:25
dakerubuntujenkins, sure21:25
Red_HamsterXYeah. Probably just an >> into the sudoers file.21:25
ubuntujenkinsno i set it to do it already21:26
ubuntujenkinssuccess = os.system("gksudo \"useradd --shell /bin/bash -m -p " + passwd + " quickshot\" && gksudo \"adduser quickshot admin\"")21:26
titeuf_87ah and that was in the latest ppa already too?21:26
Red_HamsterXOr you could add it that way.21:26
ubuntujenkinsI am sure it was21:26
titeuf_87ah in that case it doesn't work from the livecd21:26
dakerubuntujenkins, i gave a suggest concerning Screenshots scale21:27
ubuntujenkinstiteuf_87: spotted the problem21:27
Red_HamsterXWouldn't scaling be godbyk's area?21:27
ubuntujenkinsyep it is21:27
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins, what is it?21:28
jbichawhat in the world is http://ubuntu.securedservers.com ? it's mentioned in the manual21:28
Red_HamsterXLooks like a repository.21:28
ubuntujenkinstiteuf_87: the user utilities file had the wrong option on it should have read it os.environ["USER"] == "ubuntu":21:28
Red_HamsterXA package repository, I mean.21:29
jbichaI think it would be better if a different one were picked, someone may think that is more secure than the other repos21:30
ubuntujenkinsjbicha: file a bug :-)21:30
ubuntujenkinsQuickshot guys: I can't get the decoration to work it is already set to be decorated21:31
ubuntujenkinson the capture window21:31
dakerubuntujenkins, i have a suggestion concerning Screenshots scale !!!!21:31
titeuf_87try to find something like popup window in the properties of the window21:31
titeuf_87and change it to normal21:31
ubuntujenkinsdaker: go a head but that is mostly godyks job21:31
Red_HamsterXWhat's the window's name?21:32
ubuntujenkinstiteuf_87's suggestion fixed it21:33
dakerdaker@ubuntu:~/ubuntu-projects$ bzr branch lp:quickshot21:33
dakerbzr: ERROR: xmlrpc protocol error connecting to https://xmlrpc.edge.launchpad.net/bazaar/: 503 Service Unavailable21:33
titeuf_87if you click on next on the partition setup screen, does it actually set up the partitions already too?21:33
Red_HamsterXWho's uploading 'nl' screencaps?21:34
titeuf_87I am21:34
Red_HamsterXIf you click next while telling Ubuntu to use the whole disk, it should automatically configure everything.21:34
Red_HamsterXOf course, whatever you had on the system will be lost.21:35
Red_HamsterXI'm assuiming you're VirtualBoxing it or something.21:35
titeuf_87Nope, from my laptop, which I use at work so I'm going to stop the installation screenshots now.21:35
titeuf_87Which is a shame cause lucid looks really sexy on it :(21:36
dakerubuntujenkins, I suggest that we put the scale in the server side, and we don't have to scale screenshots with Latex (PHP can handle it)21:36
ubuntujenkinstiteuf_87: if i set the window to deletable no that should remove the close button right?21:36
ubuntujenkinsdaker: if that works then, i don't mind it would need to be kevins call on it, laytex appears to do a good job21:37
titeuf_87I would guess so, but better double check.21:37
ubuntujenkinswell it doesn't :-)21:38
dakerubuntujenkins, i made up a script with php , the result is very good than the latex scale's21:39
Red_HamsterXI'd be more inclined to trust LaTeX to rescale things than PHP.21:39
titeuf_87Red_HamsterX, any reason why the windows can't be maximized?21:39
Red_HamsterXMissing borders. :(21:39
Red_HamsterXConsider Firefox on the Google homepage.21:39
titeuf_87Ah ok.21:39
Red_HamsterXThe body would just be floating on the PDFs.21:39
humphreybchey, python people, quick question. If I have a string "banana" what's the easiest way to reverse it?21:40
Red_HamsterXprint reversed("banana")21:40
humphreybcRed_HamsterX: :)21:40
dakerhumphreybc, hi21:40
Red_HamsterXWait. That only almost works.21:40
Red_HamsterXIt returns an iterator.21:40
humphreybcI knew there would be an easy way to do it... I think my lab is meant to do it using for loops and indexes and stuff21:40
ubuntujenkinsdaker: argue it out with kevin and ben21:40
titeuf_87>>> "banana"[::-1]21:41
humphreybcso, print join(reversed(s)) ?21:41
humphreybc(where s is my string)21:41
Red_HamsterX'' is the glue token.21:42
Red_HamsterXBut titeuf's solution is really nice.21:42
Red_HamsterXI didn't know slicing could work like that.21:42
humphreybcso I just have print s[::-1] ?21:42
titeuf_87Neither did I! But google did.21:42
humphreybclet's see if it passes my doctests21:43
Red_HamsterXGood luck explaining it, though.21:43
Red_HamsterXI have no idea what that syntax means.21:43
Red_HamsterXLast one being a step value?21:43
titeuf_87Oh, for people better at English than me: dialogues is UK English and dialogs US one?21:43
Red_HamsterXYeah, it's step.21:43
dakerubuntujenkins, ben ?21:43
humphreybchi daker21:43
humphreybcheh, my test failed, but only because it didn't return a string21:44
titeuf_87We'll have one screenshot that is different then between uk and us English.21:44
humphreybcso Expected 'nohtyP' got nohtyP21:44
humphreybccan I make it into a string?21:44
Red_HamsterXPastebin your code.21:44
Red_HamsterXIt should be generating a string on Python 2.6+.21:45
humphreybci'm using python 2.6, just the python package on ubuntu, not python321:45
Red_HamsterXThat's easy.21:45
humphreybcof course21:46
* humphreybc is new to python21:46
Red_HamsterXAt least you didn't try "reverse = s[::-1]".21:46
Red_HamsterXI'd have to smack you if you did.21:46
godbykAwake again.21:47
humphreybcwell, the line turns pink when I do that... so i know it's a string and not going to work :P21:47
Red_HamsterXWithout quotes.21:47
Red_HamsterXAssigning to name is the Visual Basic way of handling returns.21:47
ubuntujenkinsok I am pushing changes i can't remove the close icon form the window though21:49
titeuf_87Thank gods vb.net is saner now.21:49
Red_HamsterXWhat's its name?21:49
Red_HamsterXI'll take a look here.21:49
ubuntujenkinscapture q183 is the latest revison21:50
Red_HamsterXI meant the window's name.21:51
humphreybceasiest way to remove a letter from a string?21:51
titeuf_87The reference screenshot for the ppa in firefox doesn't show any window borders21:51
ubuntujenkinscapture is the window name21:51
humphreybcreplace with a "" ?21:51
Red_HamsterXI'll replace it with my screenshot, titeuf_87.21:51
Red_HamsterX"happy".replace('p', '') -> 'hay'21:52
titeuf_87I won't have the time to try out every other screenshot too as I need to go in a little bit.21:52
titeuf_87Anything that's still untested or mostly untested?21:52
Red_HamsterXThe others match well enough that there should be no confusion.21:52
titeuf_87Except for the networkmanager applet and the sudo thing I didn't have any problems.21:52
Red_HamsterXI've tested everything I could under en. It's fine as far as I can tell.21:53
humphreybcRed_HamsterX: It's working, but instead of just removing the letter it's removing the entire string. ie, remove 'i' from Mississippi ... Expecting 'Mssssp' got nothing21:54
Red_HamsterXYou need to return the result.21:54
Red_HamsterXreturn x.replace(y, z)21:54
Red_HamsterXIt doesn't modify x. It creates a new string based on x.21:54
humphreybcbloody return21:54
humphreybcyay :)21:55
ubuntujenkinsquickshot: do we know why there is no sample for display settings comfimation21:55
Red_HamsterXBecause you don't spell it right.21:56
Red_HamsterXI fixed that problem.21:56
ubuntujenkinso yea21:56
Red_HamsterXAnd then you fixed the manual/21:56
ubuntujenkinscool, i have fixed the sudo thing21:56
ubuntujenkinswe need to sort the nm thing21:57
Red_HamsterXOoh. New Glade is nice.21:57
Red_HamsterXSo much better than the one that used to crash every time I clicked anything.21:57
titeuf_87I'm going to play more with quickshot tomorrow if I don't get home too late.21:57
titeuf_87Good luck everyone, I'm going to bed.21:57
Red_HamsterXThank you very much for your help, titeuf_87. :)21:57
titeuf_87Wished I could help more! But silly Internet outage yesterday kind of ruined my planning.21:58
ubuntujenkinsthanks titeuf_87 have a fun confrence21:58
ubuntujenkinsfrom #glade3  i.e. gtk_window_set_deletable() not guaranteed to work everywhere21:58
titeuf_87Oh it'll be, hearing all day long how great .NET is and how innovating MS is.21:58
Red_HamsterXBut it's so true!21:59
ubuntujenkinsfrom #glade3 sure its not a WM problem ?21:59
Red_HamsterXWindows 7's features are nothing like those found in OS X!21:59
titeuf_87At least it has free food. Anyways, bye!21:59
Red_HamsterXEnjoy the food.21:59
Red_HamsterXI don't see a close button on the screenshot prompt.22:01
Red_HamsterX(Running from bzr)22:01
Red_HamsterXBut it isn't always-on-top anymore.22:01
* humphreybc was just showing lab demonstrator quickshot22:03
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: I looking at a possible fix for the close button thing22:03
Red_HamsterXubuntujenkins, it's... fine here...22:04
humphreybcubuntujenkins: so is the daily build working in the PPA?22:04
Red_HamsterXWe could probably just make its Destroy() a no-op or something.22:04
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: it is aparently window manager dependant22:04
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: yes a few bugs but nothing you should knotice on a quick go22:05
humphreybcI just tried it then but there are no screenshots to test on22:05
Red_HamsterXYou can redo any existing screencaps, if you want.22:06
Red_HamsterXUnless you mean the list is blank.22:06
humphreybcthere aren't any in the list22:06
Red_HamsterXDid you give it a few seconds?22:06
humphreybconly a few... does it work behind a proxy?22:07
Red_HamsterXI've got a fix for the not-always-on-top thing, ubuntujenkins. I'll add it in a moment.22:07
Red_HamsterXIt should.22:07
Red_HamsterXIt's just an HTTP GET for thje client.22:07
humphreybcoh perhaps the proxy wasn't set up for the new user22:07
Red_HamsterXIf you can load that, Quickshot should work fine.22:08
humphreybcare you going to move stuff over to godbyk's server at some point or keep it on your own?22:08
Red_HamsterXIt's already on his server.22:08
Red_HamsterXWe just haven't tested against it.22:08
Red_HamsterXSince I need to delete stuff randomly for testing.22:09
Red_HamsterXPushing quickshot-185 with always-on-top fix.22:11
humphreybcdaker: is this for the website or for quickshot?22:11
humphreybcwhat do you mean screenshot scale?22:11
ubuntujenkinshelp me i am being told to do invoking the function gtk_window_set_deletable() on the window ?22:11
ubuntujenkins<tristan|afk> using whatever language that you happen to be using ?22:11
Red_HamsterXI can do that, ubuntujenkins. It's trivial.22:12
humphreybcdaker, talk to Red_HamsterX and ubuntujenkins22:12
humphreybcI'm going to do some more quickshot testing, see if it works behind a proxy. back in a bit.22:12
Red_HamsterXPushing that now, ubuntujenkins.22:13
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: can you do that for the window please22:13
Red_HamsterXI'll test it in a moment.22:13
dakeri told him ( ubuntujenkins )22:13
Red_HamsterXdaker, I still don't think it's a good idea to resize the PNGs outside of LaTeX.22:13
Red_HamsterXIt limits the maximum quality of the on-screen versions.22:13
Red_HamsterXIf anything, using imagemagick's 'convert' utility in a pre-processing script for the print version would probably be the right thing to focus on.22:14
ubuntujenkinsI have the nm thing sorted22:14
dakerRed_HamsterX, i think the result with latex is less good22:15
ubuntujenkinsI can't test it though as it disconects the internet22:15
Red_HamsterXdaker, I'm inclined to believe that's because the PDF viewer is resizing the image using a fast algorithm.22:16
dakermay be22:16
Red_HamsterXubuntujenkins, the deletable fix isn't causing any problems on my end. But I haven't been experiencing the problem you've described.22:17
Red_HamsterXYou'll need to test it.22:17
godbykdaker: do the screenshots in the manual look better if you use xpdf instead of evince?22:17
humphreybcdaker: if you're using evince and images look shit, it's because evince has a bug in rendering the images22:17
Red_HamsterXSo how can I help with the nm-applet thing?22:17
humphreybcwho's familiar with git here btw?22:17
Red_HamsterXI've used it for some projects before.22:17
Red_HamsterXWhat do you need to know, humphreybc?22:17
ubuntujenkinscan you push the deltable thing Red_HamsterX22:17
humphreybcokay, I need someone to get the unstable upstream of evince to see if bug 248355 is fixed22:18
manualbotLaunchpad bug 248355 in poppler "Evince doesn't anti-alias graphics" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24835522:18
Red_HamsterXubuntujenkins, already done. q185.22:18
humphreybcwe need to confirm that's the bug we're experiencing and if it's fixed in upstream... if it is I may be able to convince the ubuntu-desktop guys to put it in Lucid22:18
godbykSweet! meho_r gave me some edits for ch6 and 7.22:18
ubuntujenkinsi am on wifi and i have to go down to get a connection waking everyone up but killall nm-applet kills it and nm-applet starts it22:18
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: ^22:19
* daker will use Adobe Reader to open the manual22:19
Red_HamsterXubuntujenkins, how can I test this?22:19
ubuntujenkinsput it in the code and check it works?22:19
Red_HamsterXYou could just add and push it.22:20
Red_HamsterXOnly you and I are using the dev branch right now.22:20
ubuntujenkinsok I will do in a second22:20
Red_HamsterXAnd I'll fix the PPA reference screenshot.22:21
* Red_HamsterX is very happy version control exists.22:22
Red_HamsterXI just deleted the wrong directory.22:22
Red_HamsterXReference screencaps pushed.22:24
* ubuntujenkins pulls22:25
ubuntujenkinspushed q18722:27
ubuntujenkinsthe button thing isn't fixed, it must be a window manger problem22:27
Red_HamsterXWell, it works as expected under Metacity...22:30
Red_HamsterXTesting your nm-applet stuff now...22:30
humphreybcdutchie: you around?22:30
Red_HamsterXWhen will I see things happen?22:31
Red_HamsterXOr is it supposed to be near-instantaneous?22:31
ubuntujenkinswhen the quickshot user is et up nm-applet will be closed, when you open up the quickshot user mn-applet will open22:31
ubuntujenkinsI have assigned the close button to the same thing as the back button on the capture window22:32
* humphreybc is going to head home now, be back on in about 25 minutes22:32
Red_HamsterXSo nuke Quickshot and start fresh?22:32
Red_HamsterXThat's a good workaround.22:32
Red_HamsterXWant me to remove the line that removes the button?22:32
ubuntujenkinsyes please22:33
Red_HamsterXRemoving Quickshot user now.22:34
ubuntujenkinsyou may lose internet tempoaryly btw22:35
Red_HamsterXI seem to have glitched Lucid...22:35
Red_HamsterXThat's fine.22:35
Red_HamsterXI have many computers.22:35
ubuntujenkinsquickshot push made22:36
dakerthe result with xpdf seems to be the same as evince22:37
godbykdaker: really? can you email a side-by-side screenshot of it to me at kevin@ubuntu-manual.org please?22:39
godbykI'm trying to track down the cause of the problem.22:39
godbykdaker: did it look better or the same in acrobat reader?22:40
dakerlooks a little better in xpdf than evince22:40
dakergodbyk, check you email : kevin@ubuntu-manual.org22:44
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: do you think we are there?22:46
Red_HamsterXNo... I'm having trouble with setting up the Quickshot user now...22:47
Red_HamsterXOn logging in, nothing's starting up to say hi.22:47
Red_HamsterXAnd I'm not sure why.22:47
Red_HamsterXI launched it with --devel for the installation.22:48
Red_HamsterXWanna walk me through the bzr installation process so I can be sure I haven't forgotten to do something?22:49
godbykdaker: Got 'em. Thanks.  Don't you think the xpdf output looks better than the evince output?22:50
dakergodbyk, yeah22:51
dakerand i think with PHP output it will looks better22:51
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: sudo apt-get install bzr22:52
Red_HamsterXFrom the post-pull stage, I mean.22:52
Red_HamsterXI've got the most recent version of the code on my test system, with no quickshot user.22:53
Red_HamsterXWhat's the right command to use to launch Quickshot from here?22:53
ubuntujenkinsyou have py-bebel right? do quickly run --devel --debug22:53
Red_HamsterXFrom which directory?22:54
ubuntujenkinsquickshot in the quickshot home22:54
ubuntujenkinshave a look at the end of the .profile file please22:54
Red_HamsterXThere is no quickshot home.22:54
Red_HamsterX(I removed the user)22:55
Red_HamsterX(To confirm whether this is a bug or not)22:55
ubuntujenkinssorry from where ever you have the branch in your user22:55
Red_HamsterXTemplate ubuntu-application does not exist.22:55
ubuntujenkinsare you using ubuntu?22:57
Red_HamsterXI am.22:57
ubuntujenkinshave you got quickly installed?22:57
Red_HamsterXSomehow, no, I did not.22:57
Red_HamsterXInstalling now.22:57
Red_HamsterXIt must have been removed by an update.22:57
Red_HamsterXStill getting the same error.22:58
ubuntujenkinsdo you have glade?22:58
Red_HamsterXYes, I do,22:58
Red_HamsterXAre you sure it's just "quickly run <options>" with no target?22:59
ubuntujenkinsdoes quickly design work?22:59
Red_HamsterXIt does not.22:59
ubuntujenkinsyou have to change to the directory that contains the quickshot branch first22:59
Red_HamsterXI'm there.22:59
ubuntujenkinso erm..23:00
ubuntujenkinsquickly glade?23:00
Red_HamsterXSame error...23:00
ubuntujenkinsyou must have something missing23:00
dutchiehumphreybc: here now23:01
Red_HamsterXI'm gonna dist-upgrade and reboot.23:01
humphreybcdutchie, how good are you at git and upstream and patching stuff and posting debdiffs and whatnot23:01
ubuntujenkinsok Red_HamsterX23:01
dutchiereasonably good, why?23:02
humphreybcdutchie: you need to fix this bug and patch it in Lucid, bug 24835523:03
manualbotLaunchpad bug 248355 in poppler "Evince doesn't anti-alias graphics" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24835523:03
humphreybcread the last few comments23:03
humphreybc"If you want this fixed for Lucid, someone needs to backport the appropriate patches to 0.12.4 and post a debdiff against the current version in Lucid (0.12.4-0ubuntu2). I don’t know how easy that would be, nor whether such a patch would be accepted into Lucid after FeatureFreeze, but at least it would have a chance."23:03
humphreybcthat's your job for the next couple of weeks :)23:07
Red_HamsterXWhy the heck does Lucid think I need Postfix?23:07
humphreybcthat's your job for this week23:07
humphreybc(it needs to be done asap)23:07
humphreybcdutchie, you actually have till the 1st :)23:07
ubuntujenkinsGOOD LUCK dutchie debs are fun23:08
humphreybc(because that's beta2 freeze)23:08
Red_HamsterXdes aren't bad if you;re working with an already-assembled pakage.23:08
Red_HamsterXToss a patch into the direct directory, add an entry to serials, and let debhelper do the rest.23:08
Red_HamsterXinto the correct*23:09
dutchieshouldn't take too long to be honest23:09
* Red_HamsterX needs typing lessons.23:09
humphreybcdutchie: please join me in #ubuntu-desktop23:10
humphreybcdutchie, deploy!23:13
dutchiedoing it now23:13
Red_HamsterX...Did you just issue him a command?23:15
humphreybchey mattgriffin could you please pastebin your Ubuntu One stuff so I can include it in main?23:15
mattgriffinhumphreybc: sorry. doing now23:15
humphreybcmattgriffin: no worries, thanks23:16
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/getquickshot#preview23:17
ubuntujenkinsnope https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/getquickshot23:17
ubuntujenkinscomments please23:17
ubuntujenkinsneeds live cd burning instruction link23:18
* daker have to made a download buttons for quickshot now23:19
humphreybcdaker: what have you got planned for the rest of the website today?23:19
mattgriffinhumphreybc: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/406743/   ... 1 more coming23:20
mattgriffinhumphreybc: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/406745/   ... that's it. thanks!23:20
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: hows the testing?23:23
Red_HamsterXdist-upgrade just finsihed.23:24
Red_HamsterXRebooting now.23:24
dakerubuntujenkins, the "Get Quickshot" button doesn't work for you ?23:27
ubuntujenkinsdaker: that button will appear upon quickshot release on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot23:28
ubuntujenkinsI will link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/getquickshot23:29
dakerwhat's Caption i'll put ?23:29
ubuntujenkins"Download" will be fine please23:30
Red_HamsterXOkay, quickly's not broken anymore.23:30
Red_HamsterXAttempting to do free install.23:31
Red_HamsterXAnd the problems I was having seem to be gone.23:32
Red_HamsterXI didn't notice nm-applet disappear or anything, though...23:33
* Red_HamsterX cycles.23:33
Red_HamsterXIt's possible that it went down and up during the login process itself, though.23:33
ubuntujenkinsdoes it show in the quickshot user?23:34
Red_HamsterXIt does, but it always did.23:34
Red_HamsterXI never saw it disappear once.23:35
ubuntujenkinswhy is my computer so strange it was a clean install 4 days ago23:35
Red_HamsterXThis one's from March 4th.23:35
Red_HamsterXIt does some weird things.23:35
ubuntujenkinsI am going to try in virtual box23:37
ubuntujenkinshave you any thoughts on the wiki?23:37
ubuntujenkinshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/getquickshot and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/23:38
ubuntujenkinsI have set the e-mail in the about box as the quickshot devs one quickshotdevs@lists.launchpad.net23:38
Red_HamsterXMind if I just edit stuff?23:38
ubuntujenkinsnope go a head23:39
Red_HamsterXI'm going to correct the screenshot count.23:39
ubuntujenkinsI did that on the launchpad project page23:40
ubuntujenkinsjust forgot that one23:40
humphreybcdaker, can we also take the stuff from the wiki with quickshot and put it on our website?23:40
humphreybc(it'll have to go in ubuntu-manual.org not test.ubuntu-manual.org)(23:41
humphreybcactually, put it in both because once we launch the test website as the main one we'll want quickshot information too23:41
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: are you in a postion to test if i send you a package?23:41
humphreybcso basically you want a Quickshot page with the overview from the wiki and instructions on adding the PPA.23:42
humphreybcubuntujenkins: are you going to host a .deb or give instructions for the PPA? or both?23:42
humphreybcand yeah, I am, fire a deb my way23:42
ubuntujenkinsis the isntructions so far23:42
ubuntujenkinsjust building you one23:42
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: can you log into quickshot and see iff nm-applet is there please23:45
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc:  sent23:48
humphreybcso ubuntujenkins I should remove the PPA version and install this one?23:51
ubuntujenkinsand the user23:51
* humphreybc will be back23:54

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