dholbachgood morning07:59
dholbachwow... these people are awesome: http://blog.fablab.af/15:09
dholbachhelping to rebuild afghanistan by helping people to set up a big wireless lan15:10
czajkowskiwow impressive15:13
dholbachI like it how they teach people to build reflectors from stuff that's readily available15:14
dholbachI read a german article about it, that's how I found out15:14
czajkowskipretty cool alright15:14
czajkowskidholbach: myself and Pendulum were talking and we think it'd be good to have a short meeting sometime to focus the group on what has been done and what needs to be.15:15
czajkowskigood few of the items from the blueprint  are done I thikn15:15
Pendulumbut nothing's checked off15:15
dholbachmight be good to come up with small tasks that still need doing15:16
dholbachso if we invite more people in they can directly get their hands dirty15:16
Pendulumalso, it'd be good to figure out what we want to do with the cycle for lucid+1 and start getting that set up15:16
Pendulumalso, I kinda feel like we might want to consider having more regular meetings15:17
dholbachI can say that the packaging efforts were too ambitious15:17
dholbachPendulum: +115:17
Pendulumbecause we haven't really met since like November15:17
Pendulumand that's part of why we don't know what has and hasn't been done15:17
czajkowskiso perhaps Pendulum and I can work on an agenda and get some feedback15:18
czajkowskiand then we can have a meeting and even if we meet up once a month for a half hour on channel we can start to regroup I think15:18
Pendulumsounds good to me15:19

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