slangasekpitti: so I've done some debugging of #537262, and I'm fairly convinced that this is simply a race condition resulting from sendsigs firing before the plymouth job has *started* on shutdown; there's little enough left in /etc/rc6.d on a stock system that this is very possible02:56
slangasekpitti: I think the right thing to do is, inside the 'for seq' loop, call initctl list again to check for any new jobs that have popped up; this is still not entirely race-free, but it is a fairly cheap fix (cheaper than waiting 10 seconds on shutdown for no reason) and should catch the vast majority of cases - what do you think?02:59
slangasek(even though we've stopped the crash reports now, we're still hanging around ~10s longer on shutdown than we need to because of this)03:00
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pittisbeattie: thanks06:54
pittislangasek: that sounds plausible, at least much more than initctl having a bug of randomly not displaying jobs06:55
pittislangasek: but what I don't understand is why plymouth would cause a 10 s hang then? doesn't it react to SIGTERM?06:57
pittislangasek: i. e. if plymouth starts slightly late, then it wouldn't be on $OMITPIDS, and the killall5 would (try to) TERM it06:57
pittiwhich was the original effect described in the bug, I believe, that plymouth is killed prematurely06:57
slangasekpitti: it /can/ cause a 10s hang because it also races the invocation of killall5 - and indeed that's the case bug #537262 would correspond to, since if it had been caught by the first killall, the apport hook wouldn't have reported it07:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537262 in plymouth "plymouth pid missing from OMITPIDS and terminated by sendsigs - Please no more confirmations/comments" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53726207:00
pittislangasek: hm, but wouldn't at least the third or fourth one kill it?07:01
slangasekpitti: the third and fourth ones use SIGCONT, which won't kill the processes :)07:03
pittioh, indeed07:03
pittiright, of course; /me grabs some tea to wake up07:04
pittiyes, that makes perfect sense now07:04
nigelbcan someone give me an ack for a UIFe for pitivi, bug 31488516:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314885 in pitivi "Don't show version number in titlebar" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31488516:54
nigelbgot blessings from translations and doc16:54
kirklandslangasek: is a new bash-completion file for a command line utility subject to FFe?20:35
slangasekkirkland: it's a feature, not a bugfix, so yes20:47

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