sYskki get an error when trying: sudo apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn00:06
sYskkSetting up libapache2-svn (1.6.5dfsg-1ubuntu1) ...00:06
sYskkConsidering dependency dav for dav_svn:00:06
sYskkERROR: Module dav does not exist!00:06
sYskkERROR: Could not enable dependency dav for dav_svn, aborting00:06
pwnguindjango app deployment question00:53
StormTidecan you use the alternate cd to install a no-gui install, and if so, do you need to do anything special... i cant find a server edition alternate cd (need alt for raid options)00:53
pwnguinhow should i deal with multiple apps assuming CSS hosted in /media/?00:53
pwnguinie, the django admin app uses /media/base.css00:54
pwnguini can alias /usr/share/pyshared/django/contrib/admin/media/css in apache00:55
pwnguinbut if i come across another app that uses /media/, that fails00:55
Italian_Plumberis there some place i can go to read about the recent changes to samba?  I have one shared folder that contains symlinks to another user's folders.  The symlinks and the folders all have 777 permissions, but when I try to open those folders over the share, it says "You don't have permission to access this resource".  What gives?00:58
Italian_PlumberThis used to work just fine00:58
mdeslaurItalian_Plumber: look at http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/USN-918-101:00
mdeslaurItalian_Plumber: you can no longer have wide links and unix extensions enabled at the same time in samba01:00
pwnguinlooking into it, i can define a seperate prefix for the admin app01:01
Italian_Plumberso if I want to share those other users folders I have to create a new share?01:04
mdeslaurItalian_Plumber: if you are serving windows clients, you can simply disable unix extensions01:04
mdeslaurItalian_Plumber: if you are serving unix clients, yes, you need to create a new share01:05
Italian_Plumberok I'll look into that, thanks.01:05
Italian_PlumberWell that explains what to do but doesn't explain what wide links and unix extensions are. :)01:06
Psi-Jack-UEC supports both kvm (by default), and Xen. I'm considering actually trying it now for once, after playing with XenServer from Citrix. heh01:55
Psi-Jack-Can you run both kvm and xen domU's on the same UEC host?01:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #551356 in samba (main) "samba symbol link folder access denied" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55135602:51
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MaletorI have an LVM at /dev/mapper/vg-root  When I'm in the installer do I want to select the volume and create a new partition table? I thought LVM got rid of partition tables???03:11
MaletorAlso, I'm installing from live-cd so when I boot up is it going to be able to assemble with mdadm and make the lvm2?03:12
twbIt's not meaningful to create a partition table within an LVM LV.03:13
MaletorWell I created a /dev/vg/swap and /dev/vg/root03:13
twbThose are LVs, not partitions.03:13
MaletorWithin the installer it shows up as /dev/mapper/vg-root03:13
MaletorExactly, how do I install to the LV.03:14
twbIn d-i, you simply assign mount points to LVs and/or partitions.03:14
twbI can't comment on ubiquity, because when last I looked it didn't support md RAID nor LVM.03:15
twbNor did the live CD support server installs.03:15
MaletorWhat's ubiquity - the installer03:15
* Maletor answers own question about installer03:15
genii!info ubiquity03:16
ubottuubiquity (source: ubiquity): Ubuntu live CD installer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.10 (karmic), package size 3509 kB, installed size 12428 kB03:16
Maletorwell i just want a vg for swap and a vg for root. How can I install Ubuntu now?03:16
Maletorerr. lv03:17
twbMaletor: do you want a server or a desktop?03:19
Maletordesktop twb03:19
Maletor(and personal server)03:19
twbMaletor: I won't provide support for Ubuntu desktops.03:19
MaletorServer then.03:20
twbOK, then you need to download the server install CD.03:24
twbOtherwise you'll get a GUI, and various other things that shouldn't be on a server.03:24
MaletorOk I'm downloading alternate-amd6403:28
MaletorI will boot up, find my RAID, find my LVM2 and install appropriately.03:28
MaletorKernel should have mdadm and LVM203:28
twbThe alternate CD is a Desktop install CD.03:28
MaletorDifferent kernel's though, right?03:29
twbI don't know, since I don't use Ubuntu desktops.03:29
MaletorI'm pretty sure they are.03:29
MaletorUbiquity can't support RAID and LVM so why should the kernel?03:29
MaletorI need alternate or this will not be able to mount the root filesystem because it won't be able to find (access) it.03:30
twbUbiquities failings aren't any reason to cripple the kernel.03:30
lifelesswait, what03:30
lifelessubiquity can do raid and lvm setup03:31
lifelessbut as twb says, for desktop stuff - #ubuntu-desktop03:31
lifelessor even #ubuntu03:31
MaletorIt can!? :)03:31
lifelessif you're doing a server install, grab the server CD03:31
MaletorHey, I have a /dev/md1 as RAID5 and a /dev/vg/root (as ext4 -- /dev/mapper/vg-root).03:33
Maletor[10:32pm] Maletor: Can I just select my /dev/md0 and set that to boot03:33
Maletor[10:32pm] lifeless: stay on channel please03:33
Maletor[10:32pm] Maletor: Select dev/vg/root to my root partition and /dev/vg/swap to swap03:33
Maletor[10:33pm] Maletor: And install. And the kernel will be able to figure out that it needs to assemble a raid and find a lvm to startup?03:33
maxagazis there a command line to check the Upload and the Download traffic speed my eth0 ?03:44
maxagazof my eth003:44
twbmaxagaz: push data through it03:47
twbTime how long it takes to transmit a known quantity.03:48
twbIf you want the theoretical maximum, mii-tool or ethtool will report the negotiated line speed for 802.3 links.03:48
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maxagaztwb,  there's no command line tool to check the amount of data transfered per second ?04:30
sorenmaxagaz: ntop?04:36
maxagazsoren, iftop...04:36
swifthi guys... i tried configuring mrtg on my ubuntu server... getting the following warnings when i run mrtg....04:53
swiftI dont understand why this is happeining04:55
swiftthe graphs are shown on the browser04:55
swiftbut they are blank...04:55
swiftshould i run snmpwalk on my server?04:55
swiftsnmp agent is started on router04:55
twbswift: sounds like a chown issue04:56
twbswift: who owns those log files, and who does rateup run as?04:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #358098 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder hangs or crashes when building images on ec2 instances" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35809804:57
swifthow to check that?... ls -al rateup?04:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #371783 in vm-builder (universe) "NameError: global name 'isodir' is not defined" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37178304:57
twbswift: also, LANG=C is wrong.  You want LC_ALL=C.04:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #392097 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder ignores mac option when using bridge network" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39209704:57
twbswift: no, examine the process while it's running.04:57
swifttwb... how do i do that?04:59
twbubottu should just snarf all the dpkg bot's info entries05:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:02
twbubottu: shut up05:02
twbswift: you need to improve your basic Unix skills05:02
Sam-I-Amtwb: moo05:25
Sam-I-Amhows life?05:26
Sam-I-Amfound a workaround for the ldap problem i mentioned05:26
Sam-I-Amnothing like some universe packages :)05:26
twbSam-I-Am: go on.05:26
* twb steeples fingers05:26
Sam-I-Amyou still have the bug i posted?05:26
twbCan't remember.  I subscribed to the Debian one.05:27
Sam-I-Amone sec..05:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 423252 in sudo "NSS using LDAP on Karmic breaks 'su' and 'sudo'" [Unknown,Confirmed]05:27
Sam-I-Amposted solution05:27
Sam-I-Amwhile i was there, i also noticed another interesting bug... introduction of using sasl external to modify ldap by default caused some acls to be added in Bad Places05:28
Sam-I-Amlike... acling things like cn=schema from outside connections05:28
Sam-I-Amso uh... nothing can read the schema05:28
Sam-I-Amopenldap developer nicely posted that one for me... his name has a bit more pull than mine does.  we'll see if anyone notices.05:29
Sam-I-Amtheres a lot of sorta duplicate bugs i'm merging for that05:29
Sam-I-Amnot being able to read rootdse kinda returns a variety of strange error messages05:30
Sam-I-Amtwb: the silence is deafening :/05:41
twbSam-I-Am: sorry, other channels and whatnot05:43
twbSo nslcd magically fixes it?05:44
twbYeah, OK.05:44
twbI've done my share of flip-flopping between nss-ldap and nss-ldapd05:45
twbTheir actual code is bloody ugly.05:45
Sam-I-Amits... not ideal05:48
Sam-I-Ambut it works :P05:48
Sam-I-Ami think its nss-ldapd which fixes it... nslcd seems to be related, but i dont think its the core issue05:48
Sam-I-Amin the past, nss-ldapd has sucked ass, so this was a surprise05:49
Sam-I-Amtime to hit the sack here05:50
swifthi guys, I wanted to confirm on my query... mrtg is not workin as expected.. i get the following warnings07:23
swifti checked the permissions on 'rateup' file... the owner is 'root'07:24
swiftwith rwx permissions07:24
swiftalso, now when i manually type 'sudo mrtg /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg'.... i get no warnings.... andonly then my graph get's updated07:25
swiftotherwise... i see mrtg doesn't run as a process... please advise07:25
swift_any advise if mrtg can cause the internet line to go down?07:30
qman__swift_, you need to figure out what user mrtg is running as, and chown the log files to that user07:30
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RoyKswift, run it again a few times. you always get some warnings the first runs08:21
RoyKand no, mrtg isn't running as a daemon08:21
RoyKuse cron08:21
swiftRoyK, i want to have it in the init tab... so that it starts at reboot08:21
swifthow can i do that?08:21
RoyKcrontab -e08:22
RoyKman cron08:22
RoyKman 5 crontab08:22
swiftRoyK, dont want a cron job... want to have it under init08:26
swifthow cqan i have it as a service ... always running?08:27
sherrswift: That's not how mrtg is designed.08:28
sherrIt is designed to run from cron (and installed so)08:28
swiftsherr, can't i have it as a service running at all times... that's kinda bad08:28
sherrIt is not meant to run *all* the time. Reading/generating stats all the time.08:28
swifti mean.. if smokeping can.. what;s with mrtg?08:29
sherrswift: why? It is silly - snapshot every second?08:29
swiftyeah... it just shows the graph.. progress08:29
swiftso that i can compare08:29
t3ngusorry to intervene, but in that case your data is static every second08:30
swiftt3ngu.. how is it static?08:35
swiftthat's wierd08:36
RoyKswift, mrtg isn't a daemon08:36
RoyKswift, use munin instead - mrtg is OLD08:36
swiftit can be run as a daemon08:36
RoyKok - didn't know that, but still, use something else08:36
swifti wanted t try mrtg... munin is running08:36
RoyKah :)08:36
RoyKfirst munin, then rrdtool and then mrtg, just to trace back all the way?08:37
t3nguI mean static, as you dont collect data every second08:37
swiftmrtg has an option.. runasdaemon.. in the config08:37
t3nguyou usually run something every 5mins08:37
t3nguand then plot it.08:37
RoyKiirc 5 minutes is maximum resolution for mrtg08:38
RoyKthere's a lot of bad hardcoding in mrtg08:38
swiftok, point noted... il run it using cron08:39
swiftthanks guys!!!08:39
RoyKI really don't see why you shouldn't use cron :)08:39
RoyKhi all. I'm considering setting up a cloud for internal virtualisation use, but I wonder, how can the have a redundant front-end server?08:53
t3nguload balanced webservers?08:53
RoyKI thought the front-end also bridged the traffic..?08:54
t3nguwhat do you mean 'breagded traffic' ?08:54
RoyKeucalyptus needs to be aware of the redundancy08:54
RoyK"tunneling" the ip traffic from the nodes to the clients08:55
RoyKor routing if you like08:55
t3nguthen i think you would like linux-HA08:56
RoyKnot really, I would like Eucalyptus to do this. Linux HA is something else08:56
RoyKor perhaps I can do it with DRBD/heartbeat08:57
t3ngui really don't know eucalyptus08:58
t3nguhaven't used it but i have used drbd and load balanced in high traffic sites08:58
TeTeTRoyK: redundancy in the front-end is kind of un-researched right now. There's a bug I file on this, let me check09:00
TeTeTbug 49708709:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 497087 in eucalyptus "Redundancy for cloud and cluster controller (HA)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49708709:01
brontosaurusrexany clues on why this: 'sudo mount --bind /var/www/files/ /home/user/files/' didnt persist?09:16
brontosaurusrexand q2, how to change the default user shell type, and which one should i choose? bash?09:17
RoyKTeTeT, so do I understand it correctly that if the cluster controller dies, all VMs become unavailable?09:18
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, persist?09:18
brontosaurusrexRoyK: after reboot this mounted folders show as empty09:19
* RoyK didn't know --bind, though, having used -o bind, but it's probably the same09:19
RoyKman fstab09:19
brontosaurusrexRoyK: ok09:19
TeTeTRoyK: the cluster and the cloud controller are both SPOF if you go with the simple topology09:19
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, or just edit /etc/fstab09:19
RoyKit's self-explainatory09:19
TeTeTRoyK: you can have multiple cluster controllers, but it's not straight forward to setup in 9.1009:19
TeTeTRoyK: in 10.04 LTS 'Lucid' the multi-cluster approach has been integrated into the installer09:20
RoyKhm, ok, so with 10.04 I can use a pair of "front-ends" and a bunch of nodes behind them?09:21
brontosaurusrexRoyK: any other way? without editing fstab?09:21
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, that's the way09:21
TeTeTRoyK: nope, only one Cloud controller, but multiple cluster controllers for multiple availability zones09:21
brontosaurusrexRoyK: eventually i would make a bash script of some sort : addsomenewuser tony09:21
TeTeTRoyK: are you aware of the Intel/Canonical cloud whitepaper? might give you some ideas for architecture09:21
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, you mean useradd -m?09:22
brontosaurusrexRoyK: i mean i will do a script with multiple commands, where user will be input variable09:22
RoyKTeTeT, do I understand it correctly that all traffic is bridghed through the cluster controller? if so, that's a single point of failure...09:22
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, sure, as you please, but mounting on startup is done in fstab. obviously you _can_ do it other places, like in the init scripts or even with cron, but it'll be ugly09:23
brontosaurusrexRoyK: damn09:24
TeTeTRoyK: correct, if you only have one cluster - but a cloud might have multiple clusters09:24
brontosaurusrexRoyK: ok, so view mtab after mount command, copy-paste to fstab, reboot and see if that wroks?09:28
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, heh - just learn the system09:30
RoyKbrontosaurusrex, /tmp    /var/tmp/tmp    none    bind    0       209:32
RoyKwill bind-mount /tmp on /var/tmp/tmp09:32
RoyKon boot09:32
RoyKTeTeT, erm, but still, for one cluster, there would be only one controller, right? so no failover like what exists on high-end stuff like vmware?09:46
TeTeTRoyK: you're right, on a simple topology cloud with one front-end and multiple nodes, the front-end is a single point of failure09:50
TeTeTRoyK: so the front-end should be on HA hardware09:50
RoyKTeTeT, there's another thing I don't understand - I read in the docs that  the nodes cache their drive image locally. won't this make it hard for it to fail over to another node if the one running the VM dies?10:03
TeTeTRoyK: there is no fail over between nodes. Instances running on the nodes are thought to be disposable, e.g. an unreliable system10:06
TeTeTRoyK: so in general when you run an instance, the node will ask the S3 storage controller for an image10:07
TeTeTRoyK: the node checks then if the image is in the node's cache and if not, it will copy it from S310:08
TeTeTRoyK: the instance itself is then a copy of the image (more or less, some magic with ssh keys and creating one image out of the image, ramdisk and kernel is done too)10:08
swifthi again... i have an ubuntu server which is the gateway to our network10:11
swiftit has two modems connected to it.. eachhavingan internet line10:12
swiftauthentication is done via the ubuntu server... virtual ppp interfaces are present on the server.... now, one of the modems has an snmp agent which i use to capture data in mrtg10:12
swiftthe other modem doesn't have any snmp agent... is there a way i can get modem data via the server?... maybe by using the ppp interface corresponding to that modem10:13
swiftplease advise10:13
RoyKjust install snmpd10:14
RoyKthere will be snmp counters on linux for all interfaces10:14
swiftRoyK.. so, snmpd will be able to get the required data from the server... for that particular internet line?10:19
RoyKsnmpd will report the traffic on the interface that connect to that connection10:20
RoyKwhatever's happening inside the modem won't be shown, but that is probably just fine10:20
swiftyes... basically... I want to monitor the traffic on the line10:21
RoyKwell, the traffic going through the server and in/out of the line will be the same, no?10:21
swiftRoyK, i see a lot of snmp related services on the server... snmpdelta, snmpget, snmpdf....10:21
RoyKor are there other machines connected to this modem?10:21
swiftno... all traffic goes out via the server10:22
RoyKdoes the server listen to snmp?10:22
swiftonly thing is, there are two internet lines10:22
swiftRoyK. how can i find that out?10:22
RoyKconnected to one or two interfaces on the server=10:22
RoyKif eth0 is connected to modem A and eth1 to modem B, they have different counters10:23
swiftthere are two lines.... each connected to separate modems10:23
RoyKif ppp0 is connected to modem A, it also has a counter10:23
swiftyes.. tat's the case10:23
swiftok coool!10:23
RoyKwell, just cfgmaker10:23
RoyKit'll find it10:23
swiftrun cfgmaker?10:24
RoyKman cfgmaker :)10:24
swiftRoyK... i ran cfgmaker for the modem IP which has the snmpagent10:24
swifti see the graph for that modem too10:25
swiftinfact... there are 8graphs... confusing10:25
RoyKone for each interface cfgmaker found10:29
RoyKbut you should run cfgmaker for the ubuntu machine10:30
RoyKsince one of the modems don't have snmp10:30
swiftover the top10:30
swiftim new to this.. please can u make it easier?10:31
RoyKhm.... I gotta work too :)10:32
RoyKjust remember that your server is a router. it counts every packet that goes through. possibly those counters are the ones you're looking for10:33
swifthmm... point noted... ill get this done!... thanks RoyK!!!10:34
tgalalI need someway to install Ubuntu server on 100 machines without having to do the installation procedures on all of them .. Is there someway that I can install only on 1 machine and replicate the installation over all the others ?10:43
xenaxonhello, where are the apache config files kept?10:45
lloowenHello all. Having problems with my mouse when I use a virtual pc via my vmware server. I think I have to add something to the xorg.conf file, but the xserver crashes when I alter anything in there. Tried a number of suggestions for altering the xorg.conf file, but didn't work. I have installed "apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse" so in theory it should work, but clearly this package is not working on my pc. I am using kubuntu10:46
lloowenxenaxon: /etc/apache2/10:47
lloowenanyone using vmware server2?10:50
TeTeTtgalal: there are multiple ways to achieve this. You can use kickstart, preseed or you can clone the install with clonezilla10:54
tgalalTeTeT, which is the simplest ?10:54
tgalalTeTeT, I need a hands-off installation .. i only want to touch 1 machine10:54
TeTeTtgalal: if they are identical hardware, clonezilla is most likely the easiest path, then kickstart, the preseeding10:55
TeTeTtgalal: do some testing with clonezilla.org, https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html10:56
TeTeTtgalal: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html10:57
lloowenany body using vmware server2?10:58
tgalalTeTeT, thanks a lot .. that really helped10:59
xenaxondoes apache start everytime I start ubuntu11:01
xenaxonor do I need to start the service manually?11:01
TeTeTxenaxon: by default it is started when installed11:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #551544 in puppet (main) "puppet in lucid does not support upstart status " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55154411:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #551545 in qemu-kvm (main) "PXE netboot not booting localboot from virtio-disk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55154511:02
xenaxonguys how do I start the mysql server11:15
auxenaxon: /etc/init.d/mysqld start11:16
RoyKxenaxon, like most other services, like au said11:16
auwelcome :)11:16
RoyKor "service mysqld start" on newer versions11:16
RoyKubuntu has adopted that now, it seems11:16
ausince when could you do that on ubuntu?11:16
xenaxonoh, sorry I'm on kubuntu11:17
xenaxonnot ub11:17
auI missed that switching from centos that ubuntu11:17
xenaxonit says urecognised service/command not found11:17
auxenaxon: apt-get install mysql-server11:18
authat will install it for you11:18
xenaxonI did11:18
audid you double check? :p11:18
xenaxonno such file or directory11:20
xenaxonand I installed it right now11:20
tgalalTeTeT, I'm planning to use kickstart or preseeding ... isn't there any where I could define incremental IP addresses for my machines and usernames as well ?11:22
tgalalin any of the 2 methods11:22
aupm me the output of what it said when you did apt-get install mysql-server11:22
tgalalany way*11:22
xenaxonhow can I check if mysql is running11:23
joschixenaxon: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql status11:32
xenaxonwhat mysql client should I use11:32
xenaxonjoschi do you recommend any mysql client?11:33
joschixenaxon: whichever you like...11:33
joschidepends what you want to do with it11:33
xenaxonon windows I was just using the phpmyadmin11:35
xenaxonI need it to do manual database operations11:35
xenaxonlike importing a database/table/entries11:35
xenaxonand also creating/editing table structure11:35
joschixenaxon: try http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/11:42
joschixenaxon: or install phpmyadmin if you liked it and it did what you needed11:42
TeTeTtgalal: IP addresses should go in your DHCP server and dealt out from there. On usernames I fear you have to script11:48
TeTeTtgalal: e.g. you can script that they get each a different user in the %post section of the kickstart file11:48
xenaxonthanks joschi. I installed the workbench.11:51
xenaxonis it possible to import a database with the MySQL Workbench?11:58
sherrxenaxon: does it not have any documentation?12:00
xenaxonwhere are the database files kept in mysql12:01
xenaxonI just want to copy the database from my windows folder to the linux mysql folder12:01
xenaxoncan I just copy the database table from windows mysql to linux mysql?12:02
sherrxenaxon: Try /var/lib/ for the DB data files and /etc/my.cnf (or similar) for cnfig.12:03
sherrBut there are lots of docs around for MySQL. Have a look e.g.12:03
xenaxonon windows my dataase has it's own folder12:04
xenaxonI can't find folders for any of linux's databases12:05
xenaxondoes anyone know how to import a database with MySQL Workbench?12:20
xenaxonit doesn't have any help files12:20
tgalalTeTeT, I don't want to use a dhcp server because it will be a single point of failure ... and I want the machines to be networked even of the dhcp server is down .. so I want to use static IP's ... any idea ?12:27
twbWhereas with static network configuration, you have *two* SPOFs12:29
tgalalhow is a static network a single point of failure ?12:30
twbMachines will still have network if the DHCP server is down.  They typically just won't be able to reboot while the DHCP server is down.12:30
twbtgalal: because both ends need to be statically configured to talk to one another.12:30
tgalalthis doesn't make it a SPOF .. because if a machine falls down .. the rest will be able to communicate12:31
tgalalI have 100 machines12:31
twbAnyway, there's no reason you can't have multiple DHCP servers using the same ethers database.12:31
tgalaltoo much hassle12:32
tgalalI need static IP's :-)12:32
twbAs a rule, I don't help people to do stupid things12:32
tgalalthis is not stupid .. this is the best for my setup12:33
tgalalmultiple dhcp servers is a stupid idea12:33
tgalal100 dhcp servers on 1 network ?12:33
tgalalare you sure this is wise ?12:33
twb0 is a network.  It has 2³² IPs in it.12:34
twb0 as in CIDR 0.  a.k.a. 0/0 or if you want to be verbose.12:35
\shoh well...make the dhcp servers redundant e.g. pacemaker .. and use dhcp relay features of your switch12:35
twb\sh: DHCP already works by broadcast12:35
tgalaltwb, I learned this in my network basics class12:35
twbIf you're using fixed IPs with a shared ethers database, it doesn't matter which one responds first.12:36
twbOf course, distributing ethers to hosts direct and forgoing DHCP entirely wouldn't work too well, because you wouldn't have enough network to access the LDAP or NIS database that had the ethers in it.12:37
\shtwb, you could use the dhcp relay features of your switch, when you want to use only one dhcp service for any networks in your local infrastructure...works very nicely when you have several native vlans and you need ip..12:39
xenaxondoes anyone know how to import a mysql database?12:43
tgalalWhat the hell .. if I use kickstart I will still have to provide the 100 machines with the installation CD's ?12:50
tgalalTeTeT, ^12:50
TeTeTtgalal: no, you can install it conveniently from a PXE boot server12:51
tgalalTeTeT, thanks :-)12:53
tgalalI need someway to generate incremental usernames and passwords for all the machines13:00
tgalalmachine1 password1, machine2 password2, ... etc13:00
tgalalTeTeT, can I do so with kickstart ?13:01
TeTeTtgalal: you have to script it somehow and give each host a different ks.cfg13:02
tgalalhow do I give the hosts a certain kickstart file ?13:02
TeTeTtgalal: for example providing ks.cfg via a cgi script13:02
tgalalwill you please elaborate a bit ?13:03
tgalalas far as I can understand the as soons as I boot the client machines in PXE mode .. they detect the server and run the designated kickstart file ... so how can I specify which file every client uses ?13:04
TeTeTtgalal: ks=<webserver>/<cgi-bin>/<script>13:04
TeTeTtgalal: instead of ks=<webserver>/ks.cfg13:04
TeTeTon the server you need to write a script that injects a new IP and user for each machine, and probably you want different passwords too13:05
xenaxoncan someone help me with phpmyadmin13:06
xenaxonI can't get it to work13:06
tgalalthis is exactly what I want to do13:06
TeTeTso you need a config file or database with a truple of IP, user and password on the installation server13:06
TeTeTyour script needs to parse that file/ read the db and then provide a ks.cfg based on it13:06
tgalalTeTeT, parse what file ?13:08
tgalalthe db you mean ?13:08
TeTeTtgalal: the configuration file with the truple inside13:08
tgalalTeTeT, can this be a php script ?13:08
TeTeTtgalal: yes, can be13:09
tgalalone last question13:10
tgalalwhat variables do i feed to the script such that it makes the correct selection ?13:10
TeTeTtgalal: sorry, I don't get your question13:11
tgalalTeTeT, I mean how will the script know that this particular machine just ran the script so that the script provides it with the truple13:12
xenaxonwhat is wrong with etc/www I can't edit or create anything13:13
TeTeTtgalal: you need a persistent global variable that knows which truple you selected last13:13
tgalalthis is exactly what I can't figure out :-D13:14
TeTeTtgalal: maybe in a /tmp file or somewhere. I never had the need to code it. In a DB you just store it in a current_truple_id table/column13:14
tgalalno no13:15
tgalalyou don't get my question13:15
tgalali mean on what basis do i select the druple13:15
tgalalhow will the php script decide on the truple13:16
tgalalI think I got an idea13:16
tgalalI will use the IP address reported by the machines when they're booting in PXE mode ... the server should provide them with addresses13:17
tgalalTeTeT, I will try that and tell you how it goes13:17
TeTeTtgalal: good luck13:20
zulttx: ping when you are round13:32
zulxenaxon: google is your friend13:32
TeTeTzul: do you implement the apport hooks for server packages?13:34
zulTeTeT: yep13:34
zulTeTeT: check the server-lucid-apport-hooks spec13:35
TeTeTzul: nice, I'll have to give a short presentation on them for the next sprint. Any recommended reading for me beyond the spec?13:35
zulTeTeT: umm....lemme check13:35
zulTeTeT: nope they should be the regular docs for apport13:36
TeTeTzul: ok, so read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport first13:36
zulTeTeT: yep13:37
kirklandttx: around?13:42
kirklandttx: we need to update the documentation under https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/* to reflect the new, simplified Lucid procedures for doing things13:42
kirklandttx: (Registration, Publication, etc)13:43
ttxkirkland: sorry, was busy filing bug 55165013:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 551650 in eucalyptus "Regression in euca_conf --deregister-nodes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55165013:43
* kirkland looks13:43
ttxkirkland: yes, I was planning to have a look during freeze13:44
ttxzul: pong13:44
zulttx: what do you think of? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/55122113:44
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 551221 in apache2 "consider a newer version of apache2 for lucid or backport some changes" [Undecided,New]13:44
kirklandttx: okay, i'll go fix it13:44
ttxkirkland: to avoid regressions, starting with beta2freeze we should be very careful with what bug we try to fix13:45
ttxkirkland: for the weekly cherrypick of week #24 in particular :)13:46
ttxzul: looking13:46
ttxkirkland: i'm doing a few tests on the current euca, fwiw13:46
kirklandttx: this week's cherry pick was non-trivial13:46
kirklandttx: thanks, me too; i just got an up-to-date cloud running here13:46
ttxkirkland: I mean we should stop fixing small bugs to avoid facing the risk of regression between Beta2 and RC13:47
ttxthis week was ok :)13:48
kirklandttx: whatever you say boss13:48
suuntoola, i have a server in my office that can only be reached via ssh. it's hosting some dev sites, which i need to reach..so i tried ssh -L 3128:localhost:3128 username@server.office13:48
suuntoand now i enter in my browser the proxy localhost:3128 - but i cant reach these sites..13:49
suuntois there a way to get to them?13:49
ttxzul: that seems like two features13:49
ttxzul: sounds interesting, but will need to pass ReleaseTeam approval13:50
kirklandsmoser: around?13:51
kirklandsmoser:         [ "${haystack#* ${needle} }" != "${haystack}" ] ain't working13:51
kirklandsmoser: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/406509/13:51
ttxkirkland: I suspect it's because haystack uses newlines as separators13:52
kirklandttx: yeah, i'm going to turn this back into a loop and do some testing13:52
ttxsince it's built from nodes.list, if I read correctly13:52
kirklandttx: correct13:52
elb0wlooks like its working now13:54
ttxkirkland: fwiw the logic in /usr/share/eucalyptus/registration/node is working :)13:55
kirklandttx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406511/13:56
kirklandttx: that's my proposed solution13:56
kirklandttx: smoser suggested that inline string searching shell construct13:56
zulttx: i dont think we can do the apache2 ffe13:57
kirklandttx: or something close to it13:57
kirklandttx: i'm going to wait until smoser comes around to verify that my suggested change is okay13:57
kirklandttx: i'm testing it here and it works13:57
kirklandttx: try applying that to your /usr/sbin/euca_conf and see13:57
ttxsure, no hurry, it's not as if deregister a node had any real value anyway13:57
kirklandttx: try this on your cloud ....13:58
kirklandttx: uec-run-instances -l ttx $EMI13:58
kirklandttx: then ssh in using your public SSH key registered in Launchpad13:58
OmahnCould anyone tell me where I should send feedback regarding the server support cycle periods?13:59
Omahn(from one of our users)14:00
ttxkirkland: nifty -- though you should have asked for a FFe on that one14:00
ttxadding new commands/features after FeatureFreeze should pass Release Team approval...14:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #551655 in spamassassin (main) "open-whois.org is cybersquatted and its rules should be removed from Spamassassin" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55165514:01
ttx(I don't doubt that in this precise case they would have granted it, but...)14:01
ttxkirkland: or did they grant the exception ? I cannot find any trace on the referenced bug.14:03
kirklandttx: this was a remnant of scott's xc2 spec which didn't get implemented;  i was passionate about solving this one particular usability pain-in-the-ass, and so I just-did-it14:05
kirklandttx: in retrospec, i perhaps could have had an FFe14:05
ttxkirkland: maybe check with a release team member that they are ok with it... so that it doesn't backfire14:06
kirklandttx: right now?14:06
kirklandttx: or in the future?14:06
kirklandttx: because i was just about to push "publish" on a blog post about the niceness of the tool14:06
ttxkirkland: ah14:06
kirklandttx: i'll do it if you like14:06
ttxkirkland: would be good for them not to discover that new feature in a blogpost, IMHO14:07
kirklandttx: okay14:07
ttxkirkland: sorry for being a little bureaucratic here, but part of my release management job is to ensure the server team sticks to the rules :)14:09
jiboumans+1 on that ttx14:15
kirklandttx: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/406523/14:25
ttxkirkland: sounds good !14:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #551681 in apache2 (main) "apache2 init script typo: eload instead of reload" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55168114:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #551685 in php5 (main) "package php5-ldap 5.3.1-5ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/php5/20090626/ldap.so', which is also in package libapache2-mod-php5 0:5.3.1-5ubuntu2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55168514:36
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uvirtbotNew bug: #551701 in unixodbc (main) "odbc_config missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55170115:02
Brendan_Mcchey all, new to linux and Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 9.10 Server installed and want a windows machine to be able to connect to my VPN server being Ubuntu, to be able to access the local network. I tried to follow the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/openvpn.html but got lost at step 3 of the code where it says to VI the vars file... is there a gui vpn server i can download or do i need to do it at the comm15:03
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: instead of vi you can use any editor you like - nano is installed by default and quite easy15:09
hggdhfor the record, the UEC test rig is still unavailable15:09
ttxmathiaz: around ?15:10
mathiazttx: o/15:10
Brendan_Mccguntbert: yeh but i followed the steps in the URL and it doesn't actually copy those files15:10
Brendan_MccI cant see a vars file15:10
ttxmathiaz: quick status update on your specs...15:10
Brendan_Mccso im lost to follow the instructions15:10
ttxmathiaz: is server-lucid-uec-testing still blocked ?15:10
Brendan_Mccguntbert: is there a gui vpn server i can setup? i should have no probs with that!15:11
mathiazttx: hm - don't know if the installer has been fixed15:11
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: I'm looking at the page you gave - where is "step 3"?15:11
mathiazttx: I'd have to kick an install on the UEC test rig15:12
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: no idea about vpn servers15:12
Brendan_Mccwell 'code section 3'15:12
ttxmathiaz: it detects hard drives now15:12
ivokshey all15:12
ttxmathiaz: though it seems to detect the first HDD as sdb15:12
mathiazttx: now meaning that it was broken last week?15:12
Brendan_Mccguntbert: i did an apt-get install open vpn15:12
Brendan_Mccthen the cp to copy it all to the new dir15:12
ttxmathiaz: yes, last weel it would not detect any HDD and ask about iSCSI targets15:12
mathiazttx: yop - that's what I saw15:13
Brendan_Mccthen tried editing the vars file in step 3, no luck, file doesn't exist and is empty15:13
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: I can only guide you through some linux steps - so where on that web page did you get stuck?15:13
mathiazhggdh: are you using the UEC test rig to conduct the beta1 isos test?15:13
jcastromdeslaur: hey did your bug preventing you from porting virt-manager get fixed?15:13
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: I see no "step 3"15:13
hggdhmathiaz: I cannot bring the servers on15:13
mdeslaurjcastro: nope15:13
jcastrodo you have the bug #?15:14
mdeslaurjcastro: hold on15:14
mathiazhggdh: what do you mean by that exactly?15:14
Brendan_Mccguntbert, ok i did sudo cp -r /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/ /etc/openvpn/ THEN vi /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/vars and there was nothing in the file to edit15:14
hggdhmathiaz: trying again15:14
jcastrono rush15:14
mdeslaurjcastro: #53013815:14
mathiazhggdh: have you restarted an installation?15:14
hggdhmathiaz: santol, sapodilla, mamoncillo, etc do not come online15:14
hggdhmathiaz: yes, I just did15:14
Brendan_Mccguntbert: call it the '3rd' Code Section15:15
mathiazhggdh: do you see anything on the serial console?15:15
Brendan_Mccof the instructions15:15
mathiazttx: so the UEC test rig is currently used for beta1 iso15:15
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: you just put the lines after the instruction into that file - are you fine working with vi?15:15
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: found15:15
mathiazttx: once that's done I'll have a look at wether the installer is able to detect hard drives15:15
ttxmathiaz: ok... the fallback on this being to do manual testing and postpone multinetwork automation to 10.1015:16
ttxmathiaz: What about server-lucid-puppet-uec-ec2-integration ? There are some WI about facts and libactiverecords-ruby that are still TODO15:16
ttxis it still on track for Beta2Freeze/Beta2Release ?15:16
mathiazttx: for now on track for Beta2Release15:17
hggdhmathiaz: how do I get the serial console?15:17
ttxmathiaz: will anything there require a BetaFreezeException ?15:17
Brendan_Mccguntbert: yeah im all good with VI, but the vars file doesn't exist to edit in the first place15:17
mathiazttx: it's testing - so no impact on BetaFreeze15:17
ttxmathiaz: about server-lucid-id-mgmt-reference-env... should we drop it or do you still hope to have some time to work on that ?15:18
mathiazhggdh: https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/IS/PlatformUEC15:18
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: doesn't matter - you just created it and "populate" it ...15:18
mathiazttx: I still have hope to work on that before beta215:19
mathiazttx: now that you've fixed the most important upgrade bugs :)15:19
ttxmathiaz: heh15:19
Brendan_Mccguntbert: ok, ill give it a shot15:19
ttxmathiaz: before Beta2Freeze ?15:19
mathiazttx: package 1.0.X sssd may be moved to final though15:19
mathiazttx: nope - Beta2Release15:19
mathiazttx: it's testing - so no impact on BetaFreeze15:20
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: you can look into /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/easy-rsa/   if there is a file vars (which I doubt)15:20
ttxmathiaz: well, "Fix cn=config upgrade bugs from hardy/karmic" sounds like bugfixed to me15:20
ttxor should we consider this one done now ?15:20
mathiazttx: hm - I'd like to test it a bit more15:21
mathiazttx: testing during beta2freeze which *may* lead to an upload post beta215:21
ttxsmoser: yo15:23
Brendan_Mccguntbert: ok, made the vars file with VI but then fail with Enter the following to create the server certificates: as theres 1: no easy-rsa subdir, and when i create it cant execute the files mentioned15:24
Brendan_Mccsomething isn't right15:24
hggdhmathiaz: ssh session to nickel (proxy via tamarind) hangs, no response15:24
mathiazhggdh: you can't ssh to nickel from tamarind15:24
guntbertBrendan_Mcc: so back to my last idea: have a look at the structure in /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/  - maybe there is one directory too many or so in the instructions15:26
sherrBrendan_Mcc: /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0/vars on my openvpn15:26
Brendan_Mccguntbert: investigating15:28
Brendan_Mccsherr: found it15:28
Brendan_Mccill have a play there for now15:28
Brendan_Mccsherr: much better, things are happening now :)15:30
hggdhmathiaz: heh. Via chinstrap, done15:37
ttxsmoser: ping15:39
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
hggdhmathiaz: to power-cycle, I need a <RACK> which is not defined in the document you gave me15:50
mathiazhggdh: to power cycle the systems I'd suggest to use uec_power on nickel15:51
mathiazhggdh: as outlined in the README file in the uec-testing-preseed bzr branch15:51
mathiazkees: jdstrand: mdeslaur: how important is it to have apache2 2.2.15 in Lucid?16:16
mathiazsee bug 55122116:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 551221 in apache2 "consider a newer version of apache2 for lucid or backport some changes" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55122116:16
jdstrandmathiaz: this is a complicated issue due to the openssl requirement. mdeslaur has been following this most closely, so I'll let him comment16:23
mathiazjdstrand: right - the openssl point makes it more complicated16:24
jdstrandmathiaz: we've been avoiding the reneg patches thus far, due to the timing of when they were available relative to the LTS16:24
mdeslaurmathiaz: I don't think we're ready to put openssl 0.9.8m in lucid16:25
mdeslaurmathiaz: and the other 2.2.15 security fixes have been backported to lucid already16:25
mathiazmdeslaur: ok - so pulling 2.2.15 is not important16:25
jdstrandmathiaz: 0.9.8m will likely break things in such a way that they'll need to be modified to use the old reneg code16:25
jdstrand(where they = 'things', not openssl)16:26
mdeslaurmathiaz: my personal feeling is we're way too late in the dev cycle to update openssl and get all the dependencies tested properly16:27
mdeslaurmathiaz: -1 from me16:27
mathiazmdeslaur: ok - could you add a comment on the bug?16:27
mdeslaurmathiaz: sure16:28
zulttx: *cough* from formencode http://paste.ubuntu.com/406586/16:30
ttxzul: I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me here16:32
zulttx: it looks like python-dns is needed after all otherwise it will give the user a big fat warning16:32
ttxzul: well, if no dependency makes use of that code path, a suggests is alright16:33
ttxIf none of the formencode redepends use resolve_domain=True, then moving it from depends to suggests won't make it fail16:34
ttxif any of them do, you have two options. Restore the dependency... or add a python-dns to the rdepends that needs it16:35
ttxzul: like I already told you, choice between the two options depends how many of them need it.16:35
zulttx: gotcha16:36
ttxif 0 of formencode rdepends use resolve_domain=True -> the "suggests python-dns" in formencode is alright16:37
ttxif 1 of formencode rdepends use resolve_domain=True -> add a "depends python-dns" to that specific one16:37
ttxif >1 of formencode rdepends use resolve_domain=True -> Restore the "depends python-dns" in formencode and MIR python-dns16:38
ShtirlicMay someone provide me with Iron reason to ask admins to use ubuntu server instead of centos5?16:40
suuntoShtirlic, centos ... seriously... suck16:41
suuntotheir repos / software is very old versions...16:41
suuntolike in OLD16:41
Shtirlicsuunto: agree yes i found this one but need another one16:41
suuntorun ubuntu, it's fresh, it's hardcore, it's easy to use - apt rocks16:41
suuntolet me put it to you this way..16:42
suuntoi used to run gentoo...and gentoo really rocks..16:42
suuntobut now i just put ubuntu on cause it's less compiling and it works quite good16:42
* suunto wouldnt go with centos..but let me ask my brother..he runs centos..16:43
suuntonah he's away..16:43
suuntowhats the reasoning behind centos?16:43
Shtirlici know what u talking about, they reason centos5 is easy to maintain and it's enterprise and serois companies use it, what can i say about Ubuntu server, i know only one big company that uses Ubuntu server -- it's wikipedia16:44
suuntolol 3rd busiest site in all the world..16:45
suuntowhats you going to run on it?16:45
Shtirlicsuunto: yeeh that would be my second point after the old repos16:45
suuntowhat will your company run on the servers?16:45
Shtirlicsuunto: just bunch of ruby applications and static web hosting16:46
suuntoShtirlic, then no reason not to go with ubuntu..ruby and apache, you need fresh stuff there..16:46
suuntomaybe the server admins dont know ubuntu?16:46
suuntohow many servers?16:46
Sam-I-Amwhere is the proposed server docs for ubuntu 10.04?16:47
Sam-I-Amso i can look at them16:47
Shtirlicthe problems is that i really wanna go with ubuntu server, because i use ubuntu desktop and freebsd on my own side, but they said that ubuntu have security problems, nor cetos516:47
mdeslaurShtirlic: Ubuntu doesn't have security problems, and security updates come out way faster than centos16:48
suuntoShtirlic, i think not, updates are regular..you firewall, apache is darn secure,16:48
Shtirlicsuunto: no cluster, but if i win this battle all other servers will be in future16:48
mdeslaurShtirlic: the best reason, is Ubuntu has commercial support available, centos doesn't16:48
smoserttx, here.16:48
ttxsmoser: you're in a swap day, so you shouldn't be here :)16:48
smoserwell 1/2 swap day16:49
guntbertSam-I-Am: as of yet I see only http://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/16:49
ttxsmoser: hah, let's take advantage of this, then16:49
smoseri got to play pre-school parent helper.16:49
soloslingeranyone able to shed some light on why a /etc/init.d/networking restart gives me a "SIOCADDRT: File exists/Failed to bring up eth1."?16:49
ttxsmoser: pm?16:49
smoseram. just returned.16:49
ttxsmoser: privatemsg?16:50
suuntoShtirlic, is there any reason why you have to argue with a company what to run? like, it's only servers right..?16:50
suuntothat pretty much means your the boss, you say, they do..etc etc16:50
suuntoat the moment it seems like a company that doesnt run ubuntu, they have their own flavor of centos and thats what they try to convince their clients to use16:51
mdeslaurShtirlic: another great reason: with Ubuntu, you can enable _just_ security updates, with Centos, you are forced to install _all_ updates16:51
Shtirlicsuunto: yeeh, i am the lead web dev in company, so i can discuss what server to use, but needs some point fro ubuntu -server16:51
Sam-I-Amsmoser: do you know the location of the ubuntu server docs for 10.04?  i'm curious if the ldap stuff was updated to reflect usage of ldapi/saslexternal to modify the db... the package changed in 9.10, and the docs describe a process that does not work16:53
pmatulisShtirlic: the ubuntu community is massive so there is more online help.  you can aslo purchase server support from Canonical16:53
suuntoShtirlic, i also do webdev and run complete dev environment + hostign on ubuntu..16:53
suuntoand as for the ruby apps...it's not redmine is it?16:54
suuntocause that runs cool on ubuntu too16:54
jdstrandShtirlic: another big difference is the compiler hardening in Ubuntu. in rh/centos the system binaries are compiled with hardening flags, but any applications you comile yourself are. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features for more info16:54
Shtirlicsuunto: no, some sinatra backends16:54
jdstrandShtirlic: ...any applications you compile yourself are *not*16:54
* Shtirlic copypasting from log16:54
jdstrandShtirlic: that can be a big win security-wise, depending on your use16:55
zulttx: i commented on the rabbitmq bug16:56
Shtirlicso it's 4 1. Fresh repo16:57
Shtirlic2. Has commercial support16:57
Shtirlic3. Big community (first google results for issues)16:57
Shtirlic4. Security updates separated from other updates16:57
Shtirlicmyabe add something more?16:57
Sam-I-Am5. works16:57
Shtirlic6 profit!16:58
jdstrandShtirlic: 5. custom compiled binaries have compiler hardening enabled16:58
Sam-I-Amyou forgot "..."16:58
ShtirlicSam-I-Am: )16:58
ttxzul: I'd still query #ubuntu-devel for better suggestions on how to fix this16:58
suuntogreat example: i google for sinatra ruby ubuntu and sinatra ruby centos - ubuntu got so many more posts..and a group: and 45K more entries in google16:58
Shtirlicbut their main point is  that sentos is Enterprise blah blah and strong16:59
smoserSam-I-Am, sommer might know more16:59
smoserbut i do not. sorry.16:59
Sam-I-Amit needs some fixin :/17:00
jdstrandShtirlic: Ubuntu is enterprise ready. we have 5 years of support on the server with an LTS release17:00
jdstrandShtirlic: you can also purchase paid support from Canonical (or 3rd parties) for Ubuntu17:01
ivoksubuntu server rulez17:01
Shtirlicoh, forgot is the Ubuntu serer support LVM as i know this is some kind of dynamic storage increase on virtula machines?17:01
jdstrandShtirlic: absolutely it supports LVM, and raid, and virtualization17:02
jdstrandit the cat's pajamas :)17:02
Shtirlicjdstrand: thx,17:03
Shtirlicand the last question: it's easy to upgrade to 10.04 server from prev 9.10 if i will not wait untill final release?17:04
jdstrandShtirlic: yes. 9.10 -> 10.04 is a supported upgrade. you can also do LTS -> LTS upgrades17:05
ivoksjdstrand: are there any significant new features in 10.04's ufw, regarding 8.04?17:05
jdstrandShtirlic: at this late date in the 10.04 dev cycle, you may want to start your testing with 10.04, but obviously we are still fixing bugs17:06
jdstrandivoks: oh gosh yes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UncomplicatedFirewall#Features :)17:06
ivoksjdstrand: thanks :D how about apparmor? :D17:06
jdstrandivoks: there are a lot of improvements to apparmor itself, which makes it more flexible when developing profiles (and bug fixes). in terms of profiles: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/AppArmorProfiles17:08
Shtirlicjdstrand: but upgrades from 10.04 betas will be available to final releases?, so I can start developing on betas and have stable on production?17:10
jdstrandivoks: I might point out if you are doing a lot of virtualization via libvirt, then the apparmor security driver for libvirt is on by default. this provides guest isolation as well as host protection from rogue VMs17:10
jdstrandShtirlic: yes-- beta2 freeze is next week. there should be no major changes at this point. it is possible that things will break, but we release in a month so everything should be about stabilization at this point17:11
ivoksjdstrand: thanks17:12
jdstrandShtirlic: you can do the normal upgrade procedures and when 10.04 is released, your normal upgrade procedures will get you a complete, supported LTS release17:12
ttxivoks: yo17:12
ivoksttx: oy17:12
ttxivoks: sent you an email about UDS17:12
jdstrandShtirlic: for a testing environment, 10.04 is probably the way to go, imho, but obviously it is up to you17:13
ivoksttx: i've seen it; didn't have time to respond :D17:13
ttxivoks: got to go now, but please reply when you get a chance :)17:13
ivoksttx: will do17:13
Shtirlicjdstrand: brilliant, thx for good answers, looking forward to release17:14
jdstrandShtirlic: sure! :)17:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #551820 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55182017:17
geneticx_wrkHello everyone. So I have configured rsnapshot to back up daily, weekly, monthly. My initial daily is 256 MB (daily 0) then daily 1 is only 40K and daily 2 is only 40 K again...when I go inside daily 1 or 2 I dont see any contents ..what could be wrong?17:18
smoseroops. and Sam-I-Am i think it might be asommer (not here now).17:26
Daviey .17:41
xenaxon__guys, how do I make virtual hosts on linux18:35
xenaxon__I want to work locally18:35
xenaxon__and access my www/[projectname] individually18:35
xenaxon__like I did on windows18:36
xenaxon__and access the projects like this: www.[projectname].lh18:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #551847 in euca2ools (main) "uec instance boot fail" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55184719:04
eagles0513875hey guys are there any commandline based c++ development environments in the repo19:08
RoyK^eagles0513875: you mean makefiles and such?19:18
eagles0513875RoyK: already got the answer but for cpp files im creating from scratch as im learning c++ atm19:18
eagles0513875vi is probably the best solution19:18
eagles0513875cept only one problem my ssh connection keeps hanging on me when using vi for some reason though RoAkSoAx19:19
eagles0513875whoops meant RoyK19:19
eagles0513875nm fixed it19:20
eagles0513875this makes no sense there is something buggy with vi19:25
eagles0513875i get random lockups then it unlocks itself19:25
qman__that normally happens when the connection drops out19:26
eagles0513875how is it dropping out though19:26
qman__it shouldn't be doing that if you're on a LAN, though19:26
eagles0513875i am on a lan19:27
qman__when it unfreezes, does it type in everything you typed while it was frozen?19:27
eagles0513875qman__: it did a bit but it never unfroze 2nd time round19:32
eagles0513875restarted ssh session19:32
eagles0513875and recovered19:32
eagles0513875goign to leave it on and see if it does it again19:32
qman__yeah, that's definitely a connection problem19:32
qman__as opposed to anything wrong with vi itself19:32
RoyK^rotfl http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Cannabis19:40
jeffesquivel"Minitrue mark article doubleplusgoodthink. Miniluv make goodthink fullwise." --> Bua hahahaha19:43
jeffesquivelhmm... it's been a while since the last time I read 198419:46
Flare183I need help installing Lon Capa onto my Ubuntu Server19:50
jeffesquivelFlare183, sorry... I have never used Lon Capa, but seems like an interesting concept20:09
Flare183jeffesquivel: Yeah20:09
xenaxonHello, how do I set multiple vhosts20:20
ChmEarlXen4 + pv_ops kernel on karmic 9.10 limited to one vif network and 3 domU's20:36
ChmEarleth0 is bridged to br0.. xend starts smoothly20:36
sherrChmEarl: Is that a kernel you built yourself? dom0?20:43
ChmEarlyes... from git20:44
jeffesquivelxenaxon, vhosts as in apache? or you mean virtual machines?20:44
sherrAhh OK. I am looking at Xen myself. Currently dom0 is .26 lenny.20:44
xenaxonjeffesquivel: as in apache20:45
xenaxonvhosts for organising my projects20:45
xenaxonso I can work locally20:45
ahasenackwhere are the initscripts nowadays? I'm a bit lost with upstart20:45
ahasenackthe files in /etc/init.d/ are just stubs20:45
ChmEarlsherr, so far all problems have been solved by loading the right module20:45
ahasenackin particular, I'm trying to debug this error:20:46
ahasenack# start eucalyptus-network20:46
ahasenackstart: Unknown parameter: IFACE20:46
jeffesquivelxenaxon, well... you can differentiate them by IP or by hostname20:46
ahasenackbut I can't find that eucalyptus-network "initscript"20:46
jeffesquivelxenaxon, which one where you thinking about?20:46
sherrChmEarl: I am still finding my way ...20:46
xenaxonI have 2 or more folders in my etc/www and each folder is a website20:46
sherrSo, dom0 is .32 + patches from Jeremy?20:47
sherrJeremy the Citrix Xen/Linux engineer.20:47
xenaxonjeffesquivel: hostnames20:47
jeffesquivelahasenack, hmm... /etc/init/20:47
sherrChmEarl: What domU's are you running?20:47
xenaxonI want to differentiate my local website projects my hostnames20:48
ChmEarlc564 fc12 suse11.220:48
ahasenackjeffesquivel: thanks20:48
jeffesquivelxenaxon, ok, then you need to configure the CNAMEs in your dns20:48
jeffesquivelahasenack, no problem20:48
xenaxonI have 2 projects at the time being: celebrity and tamil20:48
xenaxonI have configured them in /etc/hosts file20:48
ChmEarlsherr correct about dom0 components20:48
xenaxonbut I don't know how to configure the vhosts in apache20:49
xenaxonit'a bit different from windows20:49
sherrChmEarl: I have centos5 x64 + Squeeze x64 ... it seems to run well. And good performance.20:49
jeffesquivelxenaxon, ok... then you can use 000-default as a template20:49
jeffesquivelxenaxon, it is located in /etc/apache2/sites-available20:49
xenaxonI edited it a bit20:50
jeffesquivelxenaxon, you just copy 000-default and change the important bytes (Directory and the hostname for the virtual host)20:50
xenaxonI tryed to use it same as I did with httpd-vhosts on windows20:50
xenaxonbut it's not working properly20:50
jeffesquivelxenaxon, hmm... I have never used apache on windows20:50
xenaxonshould I leave the 000-default20:51
sherrChmEarl: I might try doing a .32+patches + Xen4 myself. But I will need to be physically present at my PC first. In case it doesn't boot ... a week or two.20:51
xenaxonor delete it20:51
xenaxonand how should I name the new files20:51
xenaxonshould I name them as my projects/folders?20:51
jeffesquivelxenaxon, it is up to you to leave it or delete it20:51
xenaxonif I leave it, will continue to work in /www/20:52
jeffesquivelxenaxon, names are up to you too... but keep in mind that apache will read them in alphanumerical order20:52
xenaxonbut tell me how should I name the files20:52
xenaxonit doesn't mater does it20:52
xenaxonI guess it's just a form of separating them20:52
jeffesquivelxenaxon, nop, it doesn't...20:52
jeffesquivelxenaxon, yep20:52
jeffesquivelxenaxon, ubuntu's default config is made that way to be easy to organize and manage20:53
jeffesquivelnow after you have the correct files in place20:53
jeffesquivelyou can use the utility called a2ensite20:53
jeffesquivelwith the name of the file you created20:53
jeffesquivelto enable your site20:53
jeffesquivelafter that invoke-rc.d apache2 force-reload should tell your apache2 that there is a change in config that it should take into account20:54
jeffesquiveland that's it20:54
xenaxonhow do I call it20:55
smoseranyone have any idea how to make ssh (attempt) to kill processes on the remote end on a local kill of the ssh client ?20:56
smoserssh localhost 'echo self is is $$; sleep 2m'20:56
jeffesquivelxenaxon, ok, let's say you created a virtual host in a file called newvirtualhost20:56
smoserthen, either ctrl-c or kill <ssh-pid>20:56
xenaxonI created 2 vhosts20:56
smoseryou'll still see both a bash process and a sleep process20:56
xenaxonand also set dns file for them20:56
xenaxonnow what20:56
jeffesquivelxenaxon, to "enable" that virtual host you need to execute the following command: a2ensite newvirtualhost20:56
xenaxonnewvirtualhost being the name of each file/vhost?20:57
jeffesquivelxenaxon, yep20:57
jeffesquiveljeffesquivel, it should give you an error if you give it the wrong parameter, anyways20:57
xenaxonERROR: Site celebriton does not exist20:57
sherrxenaxon: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html#http-configuration20:58
xenaxonthe files are shortcuts20:59
xenaxonwhen I edit one the other is edited20:59
xenaxonactually it's the same file20:59
jeffesquivelsherr, thanks...20:59
sherrxenaxon: It might be a good idea ot learn a little about basic unix/linux before setting up a web server21:00
jeffesquivelxenaxon, you should read sherr's link :-)21:00
jeffesquivelxenaxon, and you can come and ask if there is something you don't understand or is not working :-)21:01
xenaxonI've put the 2 vhost configs in different files21:02
xenaxoncelebriton and tamil21:02
xenaxonit still says site celebriton does not exist21:02
jeffesquivelxenaxon, ok, where did you put those files?21:03
jeffesquivelxenaxon, you should put the real files in sites-available21:03
xenaxonyes, i know21:04
jeffesquivelthen, using a2ensite (or creating the symlink manually) you create a link from there to sites-enabled21:04
xenaxonI just TRINGED 5 seconds ago21:04
jeffesquivelafter that, you restart apache and it if everything else was correct, you should have your vhosts working21:04
xenaxonok done21:05
xenaxonnow restart21:05
xenaxonok. WORKS21:06
xenaxonthanks a million21:06
xenaxonur the god21:06
jeffesquivelxenaxon, you're welcome21:06
xenaxonoh, one more thing. any way of moving tamil's database from my windows partition to kubuntu21:07
xenaxonI know it's stored in files so, is it possible to just copy the database from there to here?21:07
jeffesquivelxenaxon, what database are you using?21:09
jeffesquivelxenaxon, mysql?21:09
xenaxonmysql yes21:09
jeffesquivelxenaxon, you can make a dump of the database in windows and then restore it on kubuntu21:09
xenaxonis there no way possible of just copying the files ?21:09
jeffesquivelxenaxon, just be careful of the character set21:10
jeffesquivelxenaxon, I don't know... I don't think that's recommended anyway21:10
jeffesquivelxenaxon, do you use phpmyadmin?21:10
xenaxonyes I do21:10
xenaxonboth on windows and on kub21:10
jeffesquivelxenaxon, ok... you should be able to export your database on windows and then import it on kubuntu21:11
xenaxonah, gotta switch21:11
jeffesquivelusing phpmyadmin21:11
xenaxonI was hoping I can just copy the folder with the database files21:11
xenaxonbut it's not possible is it21:11
Pirate_HunterEvening all, recently I got into something that had made me look into commercial webhosting panels such as ispconfig, cpanel, plesk, webmin, vhcs (apparently has been revived), ispcp (derived from vhcs)and ehcp. Would like if people could provide their opinions on any of these panels or offer some other alternative and any information on how would go about testing these panels without having to create multiple clean vms?21:12
xenaxonin windows /mysql/data/ contains a folder with the database21:12
xenaxonanyway. forget about it I'll just switch to wingows21:12
xenaxonthanks for your help21:12
jeffesquivelxenaxon, i don't know if it is possible... but don't think so... usually those files can have stuff in them that is operating-system dependant21:12
jeffesquivelxenaxon, no problem21:12
jeffesquivelwell... gotta go21:22
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uvirtbotNew bug: #552029 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder: error: no such option: --in-place" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55202921:42
mlevin_hey folks. quick question for ya. I have an ubuntu 9.10 image on amazon (cloned alestic's ami-7d43ae14 to make my own). did an aptitude safe-upgrade today and upgraded some packages and also noticed it upgraded to kernel 2.6.31-305-ec2, but when I reboot and do uname -a, it is still on 2.6.31-302-ec2. so how do I get it to boot into 2.6.31-305-ec2?21:43
mlevin_(or am I in the wrong channel?) ;-)21:43
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* ChmEarl now has multiple domU's with good vif in Xen4/pv_ops on karmic 9.10 : problem solved21:54
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fluvvellWith XDMCP being removed in Karmic, what do we have as a "drop in" replacement for remote connection / thin client ?22:11
alvinfluvvell: As far as I know, it isn't removed.22:18
alvinfluvvell: I have Jaunty machines in production running XDMCP. Are you sure it is removed in Karmic? (Do you have a source?)22:19
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uvirtbotNew bug: #549991 in lm-sensors (universe) "Laptop fan isn't often sped up when CPU is hot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54999122:20
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 408417 in gdm "No option to log in remotely via XDMCP" [High,Won't fix]22:23
alvinfluvvell: Ah, I see. I'm using Kubuntu. It's not gone in KDM22:25
fluvvellyes, I guess I could use the kdm greeter but...22:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #552053 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "mysqld_safe should be available in mysql-server" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55205322:26
alvinfluvvell: Man, man. I didn't know this. The company I work for is heavily dependant on XDMCP. I'll say the bug affects me too. (This effectively limits our options. We can't consider Gnome anymore)22:28
fluvvellplus i've not yet had success with the peppertop.com solution but I'm still working on it.  Yes, I had a small cafe relying on it so am in the middle of a "hot" fix22:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #550194 in samba (main) "[Lucid] passwd reports a System Error when trying to change password (dup-of: 546874)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55019422:29
fluvvellalvin: well, just don't upgrade from jaunty just yet :-)22:29
lullabudalvin: it looks like gdm-2.20 is provided in karmic with xdmcp support.22:44
lullabudit seems to me like the reason behind that is that newer versions of GDM are gnome instances, whereas older versions of GDM were not built on the gnome libraries and were not gnome instances.  so, new versions will have to work around that, perhaps respawning with a target x server or something.22:48
lullabudi guess you could always use xnest or xdm or the older gdm.22:48
fluvvelllullabud, thanks, there are some helpful hints in the bug report on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=592976 which I'm still reading through22:50
uvirtbotGnome bug 592976 in general "No option to launch XDMCP chooser from login screen" [Normal,New]22:50
lullabudfluvvell: yeah... i verified it on my 9.10 laptop though and sure enough, no remote login at the login screen.22:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #552067 in vsftpd (main) "secure_chroot_dir in /var/run/vsftpd disappears each time the system is restarted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55206722:51
lullabudfluvvell: found a long article on it, well written - http://www.peppertop.com/blog/?p=71222:57
lullabud3 articles actually...22:57
fluvvelllullabud, yes been working through them.23:00

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