grantbowIt's always morning somewhere!  Hi ara!07:09
arahey grantbow, how are you doing?07:10
arahow was UGJ @ Berkley?07:10
grantbowWent very well, thanks!  Jono and pleia2 blogged about it.  I need to fire up my blog still.07:10
grantbowI'm getting ready for bed still as it's only just after 11 PM here, lol.07:11
aragrantbow, :)07:11
aragrantbow, are you coming to uds this time?07:11
grantbownot sure yet07:11
grantbowI can't drive and sponsor myself this time, lol.07:12
grantbowara, how are things going for you?07:30
grantbowI already updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/LoCos for beta207:31
aragrantbow, nice :)07:31
aragrantbow, have you applied for sponsorship?07:31
grantbowyes, I think choices will be announced this week.07:31
aragrantbow, I would love to see you there :) good luck :)07:32
aragrantbow, have you seen the projects (and blueprints) of the Italian loco team to be discussed at uds?07:33
grantbownot yet, thanks for the hint :-)07:33
* grantbow looks07:35
grantbownot listed on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-m yet - are those only for accepted ones or something?07:37
grantbowI see in my scollback the problems jcastro was having submitting test data - have you heard if that's been fixed yet?07:39
aragrantbow, I will accept them today07:57
aragrantbow, about the submitting issue, I don't know :(07:57
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davmor2morning all11:19
aramorning davmor211:39
aramvo, one question, the pop up window that appears when you install a package and it requires running actions, is it part of update manager?12:51
arathe one that says "Run this action now"12:51
mvoara: that is part of update-notifier, its a interactive upgrade hook12:51
mvoara: why? is there something wrong with that?12:52
aramvo, yes, I installed apt-file, and it says that you can create the cache now, when I click on "Run this action now" I get:12:52
araThere was an error creating the child process for this terminal12:53
aranothing else12:53
mvoara: odd, I just tried that and it works, I will try in a clean VM next12:55
aramvo, ok13:00
* ara -> lunch13:00
davmor2morning fader_ cr314:05
cr3davmor2: hey dude14:05
fader_davmor2: Howdy14:05
cr3fader_: do you happen to know what virtual box might do differently than kvm? I've noticed that stuff under /sys isn't quite the same14:06
fader_cr3: Is this in relation to the checkbox bug about vbox not providing all the info you need?14:06
fader_Unfortunately I don't know anything about vbox or kvm internals :/14:07
cr3fader_: well, that bug initiated the question about whether we should add vbox to the certification network in addition to the existing kvm instances14:07
fader_cr3: File a bug against virtualbox :)14:09
jcastrograntbow: someone is looking at fixing it14:43
sbeattiecr3: the the virtual hardware that they present to the guest is different.16:21
sbeattiecr3: but yes, I'd like to see us include virtualbox in the certification network rotation, as it's essentailly another (commonly used) hardware platform.16:22
sbeattieand we should do the same for kvm, if we don't already.16:23
cr3sbeattie: we do kvm already16:25
cr3sbeattie: but noted regarding virtualbox16:26
aramvo, hey, can you have a quick look to bug 55178216:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 551782 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Not able to dist-upgrade, "calculating changes" can't solve dependencies and fail (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55178216:43
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plarsanyone running une on x86 that could confirm something for me?17:53
davmor2plars: what up dude?17:55
plarsdavmor2: hi17:56
plarsdavmor2: enabling accessibility, I can't login after17:56
plarsdavmor2: if it breaks you, I have an easy fix though17:57
davmor2hang on a second then17:57
plarsdavmor2: bug #55186017:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 551860 in metacity (Ubuntu) "Crash on login with accessibility enabled (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55186017:57
davmor2plars: Yeap happens here to it just loops back around to login18:01
plarsdavmor2: ok, good, so not specific to my arch.  Thanks!18:01
davmor2added a note to the bug18:03
elopiohello there.18:56
davmor2elopio: hello18:59
elopiohello davmor2.19:06
elopioI'm executing laptop tests on ubuntu 10.04 beta 119:06
elopiobut where it says suspend in http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Plans/LaptopTesting19:06
elopioshouldn't it be sleep?19:06
davmor2elopio: yes probably these were written before the changes to that dialogue19:08
elopiook. And do you know where is the option to install only free software?19:17
davmor2elopio: one sec I'll find out for you19:19
elopiothanks davmor219:29
elopioI've just aptitude-upgraded my 10.04 and now the menu shows suspend instead of sleep.20:45

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