TakyojiThoughts? http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/index.cfm?entryid=2878&blogid=1400:00
tonyyarussoTakyoji: yay on the installfest news - now change "may" to "do".00:19
Takyojithere's two instances of "may" (other than the month-type)00:21
Takyoji(assuming you're referencing to the Upcoming Events page00:25
Takyojiotherwise I'll hopefully have some fixes to commit to theme Bazaar repository00:29
Takyojito the theme Bazaar branch*00:29
tonyyarussoI'm referring to "may actually have a location"00:31
TakyojiRemoved borders, slightly decreased text size of main navigational elements, and also will have icons (for the navigation elements) slightly reduced in size as well00:31
TakyojiThat's what I alternately figured.00:31
TakyojiAdditionally, in order to remove the offsite navigation to the right; you desire to have that content worked into our LoCo website, correct?00:32
tonyyarussoeh, depends on what it is00:35
TakyojiThe block on the right with "Get Ubuntu", "Get Support", "Get Involved", "Get Developing"00:36
tonyyarussoyeah, like "get devloping" for instance there is no reason for us to duplicate.00:37
tonyyarussosupport and involved are the only ones we could potentially00:38
TakyojiSo I take it that our next meeting will be on April 7th, or 6th?00:39
tonyyarusso5th dude00:39
TakyojiDon't worry, I'll remember to forget. :P00:40
TakyojiOoo, the Nautilus update with improved thumbnail borders has been pushed through the repositories.01:07
TakyojiI find this interesting, in terms of general awareness material: http://bit.ly/htc_en_ltr02:20
TakyojiConsidering that it seems quite a handful don't know what a web browser even is..02:20
Takyojibut otherwise, perhaps promotional material could be written in such a mentality as well.02:20
TakyojiLike explaining open source, and giving Ubuntu as a big example, etc.02:21
TakyojiBut not all bold and superior to everything else in the universe.02:21
Takyojiat the same time it's not all "GET FIREFOX YO FOO"02:24
TakyojiOoo, apparently the EFF has supposedly been around for 20 years now03:17
* Obsidian1723 night all....06:14
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