cjohnstonnealmcb: you arent still around are you?01:17
cjohnstonsorry nealmcb..01:17
cjohnstonwrong tab complete01:17
mdkeMTecknology: ;)07:47
newz2000hi cjohnston, I realize it's a bit early for you yet, but I talked to the sysadmins and got their general approval.11:24
newz2000I'll email you the details but I'd also like to talk to the design team's project manager to make sure everyone is on the same page11:24
newz2000It looks like that will happen tomorrow11:24
newz2000so if you can consider things in a holding pattern for just a bit longer I think we'll be in a good position to have everyone in agreement11:25
newz2000soon. :-)11:25
FFEMTcJnewz2000: Early for you what?11:29
newz2000FFEMTcJ: I'm in the UK this week, so no. :-)11:29
FFEMTcJOh fun11:30
newz2000it would be more fun if I weren't working ;-)11:31
FFEMTcJI've been sick for 5 days so wasn't even around enough to know that11:31
FFEMTcJI was confused as to why you were pinging me11:32
newz2000oh, are you cjohnston?11:32
FFEMTcJCell phone11:32
newz2000FFEMTcJ: Oh, I just wanted you to know that I've got approval from the IS team on our idea (w/ some caveats)11:33
FFEMTcJWhen do u wanna talk about it?11:34
FFEMTcJI was gonna suggest you call me until u said uk11:35
newz2000FFEMTcJ: not today, maybe tomorrow11:36
newz2000tomorrow I talk to Iain the proj manager for designs. If we can get his sign-off along with IS we are gold.11:36
newz2000And you can move forward w/out any fears of resistance. Mwaa haa haa11:36
FFEMTcJWorld domination is coming11:37
FFEMTcJI didn't see much feedback to your proposal on how to do it11:37
newz2000The worst thing in the world is when people get excited and bureacracy gets in the way, so I'm hoping to do my part to help ensure it doesn't happen11:37
newz2000there was some chatter here on IRC11:38
FFEMTcJGood bad?11:39
FFEMTcJU back next week?11:42
FFEMTcJSorry for the textibg lingo.11:42
newz2000FFEMTcJ: yeah, I'll be returning late Friday11:42
newz2000I may have some time to chat this week. I'll know in an hour what my schedule will look like11:43
FFEMTcJOk. So hopefully next week a team meeting11:43
FFEMTcJFor me I don't need anything formal11:43

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