IdleOnePendulum: well that is the whole thing. I want to try and avoid over lapping of efforts00:00
Pendulum(I don't know what page you've grabbed, but I wonder if other people could do other sections on the same page)00:00
pleia2I'd think multiple translators is preferred (error checking, making sure no one puts bad things in)00:00
Pendulumyeah, that's why I'm thinking set up the translation page even if it doesn't look pretty while in progress00:01
IdleOnepleia2: I have declared myself as unofficial checker of bad things. I will be reading all the pages and making sure everything is accurate.00:01
Pendulumand then let people know it's there and that you're working on it, it's just in progress00:01
pleia2but it's a million years old00:02
IdleOneheh think I should of actually read the main page :/00:02
pleia2http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Translators also, but again, very old00:02
pleia2these are pages we moved over from wiki.ubuntu.com back in 2007 or something00:02
pleia2when we first got our own wiki00:02
IdleOneI'm sure most of it still apllies00:03
IdleOneI just want to try and do this as efficiently as possible. I realize that it is going to take time but doubling of efforts will take more time00:04
PendulumIdleOne: obviously I should have just answered "ask pleia2, she knows all." :P00:05
IdleOneI always default to pleia2 :) figured I might try and give her a break00:05
IdleOneand ask someone else00:05
pleia2I should have remembered these pages when IdleOne was talking about this the other day00:05
* pleia2 brain fail for a bit00:06
* Pendulum hugs pleia2 00:06
* pleia2 hugs :)00:06
IdleOnepleia2: it was late when we talked about it00:06
pleia2I think I tend to default to "I only speak english, I don't know anything about translations"00:07
IdleOneand the focus of that convo was more about how to include people from other countries who don't speak english into this project00:07
* pleia2 nods00:07
IdleOnetranslation was sorta dumped into it00:07
PendulumIdleOne: have you worked on translations for non-UW stuff?00:08
Pendulum(so stuff on wiki.ubuntu.com)00:08
IdleOneAlso, translation of the wiki is great but it still leaves a divide in terms of inclusion into the irc channels and mailing list00:08
IdleOnePendulum: I haven't00:08
Pendulummaybe talk to the team for that to ask what best practice is?00:09
Pendulumalso, issyl0 might know (although I"m sure she's asleep right now)00:09
IdleOneyes I am in the translators channel but it is quiet right now00:09
macoPendulum: im also interested in a11y in general, though my preferred desktop does not have an SP-API stuff :(  well, maybe 10.04 does, not sure if that got into kde 4.4 or is waiting for 4.500:13
Pendulummaco: cool :)00:13
macoi dont actually *know* anything about doing a11y programming, but i'm up for learning00:19
Pendulumneither does anyone else I know00:21
macopleia2: do you have a wii?00:25
pleia2maco: yeah, but I don't have a tv right now00:26
macopleia2: do you have a pink wiimote?00:26
pleia2maco: no, they have pink covers though00:26
macopleia2: pm me your address00:27
pleia2ok :)00:27
nigelbthat was a fun scroll back01:17
IdleOneOk the French version of the UW wiki has been moved back to /Fr to comply to wiki translation standards01:18
IdleOnefar from complete but started01:18
IdleOnepleia2 asked me to discuss in here before editing http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UWMenuHeader01:58
IdleOnereason against or for?01:58
pleia2I don't really want to add to it - already it is squished when I view the pages on my mini901:59
pleia2what do you want to add?01:59
IdleOneI don't want to add anything01:59
IdleOneI just needed the link so I could translate it01:59
pleia2you said "edit" :)02:00
* IdleOne is not going to "change" anything on the wiki. Plan is to have a carbon copy of the wiki and all it's pages02:00
IdleOneI did say edit :/ sowwie02:00
pleia2but yeah, for anything like that you can look at Raw Text and see: <<Include(UWMenuHeader)>>02:00
pleia2or somesuch02:00
IdleOneok thank you02:00
pleia2sure thing02:00
IdleOnepleia2: and if there is anything that would be considered an addition to the wiki i would discuss it here first :)02:01
pleia2thanks :)02:01
pleia2sub pages don't matter much, we want everyone to edit those02:02
pleia2but the main page we like to talk about when people make changes02:02
IdleOneoh I hope I don't end up doing it all myself lol02:02
pleia2especially the header, since it's on every page ;)02:02
IdleOnemain page is almost finished. Sub pages I hope to get help <<poke issyl0>>02:03
JanCIdleOne: it's about 2am for issyl0, so I guess she's getting some sleep before going to school later today  ;)02:06
IdleOneJanC: yeah, I figured as much02:20
IdleOnepleia2: I am thinking that maybe translating the UWMenuHeader is not a good idea just yet.02:25
* IdleOne will wait on that02:25
pleia2fair enough :)02:25
IdleOneonly because I don't understand the coding enough to have [[Home|UW Wiki Home]] direct to the /Fr page02:27
IdleOnedamn I am getting good at this02:47
JanCdoes the wiki have automatic redirects or something like that?03:17
IdleOneyes [[Home|UW Wiki Home]] will redirect to /Home [[Fr|UW Wiki Home]] now redirects back to the home page for wiki-ubuntu-women.org/Fr03:21
* IdleOne is learning wiki editing :)03:21
JanCbut what if a page doesn't exist in French yet?03:21
IdleOneJanC: it needs to be created03:22
JanCso no automatic fallback?03:22
IdleOneat the moment we have /Fr and /Fr/AFaire03:22
JanCI somehow doubt moinmoin is really suitable for l10n  :-/03:23
akgranerso you can see all the subpages that UW has then see which ones you still need to do03:23
akgranerdo you need a list?03:24
IdleOnethe fall back is wiki.ubuntu-women.org  pages will be created as they are translated and ready to be posted. I will keep an eye on the ToDo page aka /Fr/AFaire and when pages are posted as complete or in progress I will also make sure that they comply with the original version03:24
IdleOneakgraner: yes please :)03:24
JanCI was more thinking about how to keep links working properly etc.03:25
IdleOneso I am taking it upon myself to be the "fact checker and no stupid stuff checker"03:25
IdleOneI hope that is not to forward of me03:25
IdleOneany other French speaking members that the team trust is also more then welcome to check my checks03:26
JanCIdleOne: in my locoteam, I welcome everybody who wants to do real work, and I'm sure that's no different in the U-W team  ;)03:26
akgranerI'll stick a list of subpages off the main UW page so you can just see them03:26
IdleOneJanC: Oh, I know that this work is appreciated. I just don't want anyone to think that I have appointed myself leader.03:27
IdleOnewhen it comes to the translation of the wiki03:28
JanCpersonally I prefer people to be accepted as leaders instead of being appointed  ;)03:28
IdleOneJanC: I volunteered to do this so I feel a certain responsibility now to make sure it is done properly is all I am trying to say :)03:29
akgranerIdleOne,  thanks for doing these pages :-)03:34
IdleOneit is my pleasure :)03:35
IdleOnebut since you are here03:35
JanCIdleOne: well, you have appointed yourself as a potential leader, let's hope others follow you, and if possible become leaders too  ;)03:35
IdleOneJanC: :)03:35
IdleOneakgraner: do I need to upload the .png to each new page that includes the UWMenuHeader?03:35
IdleOneor is there a way to have them all link back to one central location?03:36
akgranerone sec I'll get you what you need to put {{  }}  in between03:37
akgranerIdleOne, have you seen this - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide03:38
IdleOneI have now :)03:38
* pleia2 grins03:39
pleia2akgraner: bet you never would have thought you'd be such a wiki expert! :)03:39
* IdleOne reminds pleia2 and elky of the promise they made03:40
akgranerpleia2, nope - this love hate thing is becoming more love these days :-)03:40
IdleOnekick me in the butt if/when I start to slack03:40
JanCwikis have always been great, just sometimes the easy editing has some drawbacks03:41
akgranerIdleOne, you can also use the icons on the icon link on the wikiguide page I just posed03:43
akgranerposted even03:43
IdleOneby George I got it03:45
IdleOneI knew there was a reason why I translated that lol03:45
IdleOnethank you for the link akgraner I will read that03:47
akgranerIdleOne, the page I sent you for the NC team has how to do the includes and how to create the tables etc03:49
IdleOneyup put that in my Tomboy also :)03:49
elkywhat promise?04:07
IdleOneelky: to kick me in the but if/when I start to slack on the translation of the UW wiki04:35
IdleOneI have done plenty for tonight :)04:35
dholbachgood morning07:59
digitalshankarhi evertbody!!!!!12:06
digitalshankaranybody for a chat?12:07
digitalshankaron ubuntu?12:07
IdleOneakgraner pleia2 ping12:59
IdleOneis there a way to set translations/edits to the UW wiki to require approval by 1 or several members before it is allowed to be posted live?13:00
IdleOneby several members I mean that either X,Y or Z can approve the translation.13:18
IdleOnehttp://planet.ubuntu-women.org/ Why does it not have the UW logo?14:01
IdleOneI love the Ubuntu logo, for those who don't know yet I have it tattooed on my forearm but it would be nice to have the official team logo on the planet14:02
nigelbIdleOne, you have it tattooed? o_014:02
IdleOneI do14:03
IdleOnenigelb: http://idle-one.blogspot.com/search?q=tattoo14:03
nigelbIdleOne, wow, its awesome :)14:06
IdleOne:) Thank you14:06
AlanBellooh that was you!14:10
AlanBellI have seen that before14:11
nigelbAlanBell, ah, I never got the page suggestion btw14:11
IdleOneAlanBell: yup that is me14:14
AlanBellnigelb: oh, that sucks. Facebook sucks.14:14
czajkowskiAlanBell: oi oi14:16
AlanBellhi czajkowski14:17
czajkowskithat reminds me, I'm now admin of that page...14:17
czajkowskias that a mistake14:17
AlanBellno, I don't make mistakes14:18
AlanBellIt popped up a thing asking who I wanted to make admins14:18
AlanBellI did the "suggest to your friends" thing a couple of times but I am not sure it did anything14:19
AlanBellmaybe I need new friends14:20
czajkowskiAlanBell: sent 40 invitewss14:26
AlanBellwonder what I did wrong14:31
macoleann just got upload rights to the kernel!16:47
nigelbw00t, yaay! :)16:47
akgranerwoot woot!!!16:47
macoleann's irc nick = ogasawara if you want to congratulate her in #ubuntu-kernel16:56
pleia2IdleOne: when the website was designed, we didn't have a logo17:04
pleia2redesign of the website wasn't a priority when we had fewer volunteers, it will be for the 10.10 cycle17:04
nigelbIdleOne, if you need help with the wiki header btw, let me know :)17:04
pleia2IdleOne: and no, there isn't really an approval queue mechanism for the wiki17:05
IdleOnenigelb: I think I got it figured out. Did you notice something I missed?17:05
nigelbIdleOne, I was just reading yday night's scroll back17:05
IdleOnepleia2: yes, I got some info from the -translators and maco was nice to point me into the right direction also17:05
IdleOnenigelb: ahh, ok :)17:05
IdleOneerr -translators and #moin17:06
IdleOneso i think I am now subscribe to /Fr/* which should send me email about any changes made and pages created under /Fr17:07
IdleOnewell I think I need to go out into the fresh air and take a little walk.17:10
IdleOnebe back in a little while17:10
nigelbheya issyl0 :)17:22
pleia2IdleOne: do you want to use http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Translators ?18:09
pleia2someone just updated her info there, so we should probably do *something* with it18:10
IdleOnepleia2: use in what sense?18:11
pleia2IdleOne: add yourself to the list, encourage others to, clean it up if there are inaccuracies18:11
IdleOnepleia2: good idea18:11
IdleOnewill do that now18:11
pleia2thanks :)18:12
akgranerthis is so cool - and exciting :-)18:12
pleia2yeah :)18:16
IdleOneok done and also updated /Fr/AFaire and took Translators page to work on18:25
IdleOnepleia2: I am not receiving emails from U-W wiki when changes are made :/18:29
IdleOneakgraner: I have to admit that this is really the first "real" work I have done in Ubuntu.18:30
IdleOneDon't think I could of picked a better project :)18:30
akgranerIdleOne, it's a great place to start  - that's for sure :-)18:31
IdleOneWell I mean besides being my usual sarcastic self18:31
akgranerIdleOne, when you make changes you won't get emails18:31
IdleOneahh ok18:32
akgranerhowever, when other people do you will :-)18:32
akgranerIdleOne, I said the same thing when I started working on wikis18:32
* pleia2 has a pile of IdleOne changes stuff on the wiki emails ;)18:34
nigelblol pleia218:34
nigelbI wonder about dholbach18:35
akgranerwell that and a lot of grumbling about "hating" them :-)  pleia2 my inbox has a lot from IdleOne as well :-)18:35
pleia2nigelb: wonder about?18:35
IdleOneI bet you do pleia218:35
nigelbhe's subscribed to *every* page18:35
IdleOnebut I am learning to use the preview button :P18:35
pleia2nigelb: oh, on the wiki.u.c wiki, yeah18:36
pleia2IdleOne :)18:36
nigelbpleia2, :)18:36
IdleOnepleia2: just filter any mail from oneidle to trash hehe18:36
pleia2I'm subscribed to every page on UW, but it's not quite as large18:36
IdleOnewell I hope to be getting lots of emails :)18:39
IdleOneif not means I am on my own18:40
IdleOneI need a 42" monitor18:54
jussi01IdleOne: dont we all?18:55
IdleOneI would hope so :)18:57
IdleOneI also NEED caffeine18:58
* IdleOne gets caffeine18:58
pleia2IdleOne: just use 16 virtual desktops like I do19:02
* pleia2 waves to jussi01 19:02
jussi01hiya pleia219:02
macoIdleOne: SHINY https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems?action=raw19:05
* IdleOne looks before asking the next question19:06
* pleia2 really needs to get up to speed with quilt19:06
macopleia2: heh glad you asked19:06
IdleOnemaco: yes that would be a good page to translate also19:06
macopleia2: http://www.wzdftpd.net/blog/index.php?2008/02/05/3-quilt-a-patch-management-system-how-to-survive-with-many-patches19:06
pleia2maco: yeah, I have that, haven't digested :)19:07
macoIdleOne: no no look how they do translation19:07
macoIdleOne: see the include from start-english to end-english?19:07
IdleOneI don't understand what that does19:08
macohmm i guess its too late to do that to the menu at the top of pages...19:09
macooh and theyd link the wrong place...19:09
macoi just thought it was neat that they were like... having a page in lots of translations then including just the translation they wanted in the actual packaging guide page19:10
IdleOneok time for some food and t.v.19:14
* jussi01 grumbles at slow torrents... 19:16
jussi01Im only getting 1.2 MiB/s...19:17
pleia2akgraner: you leading the lucid UOW -women session on awesome stuff we're doing?20:28
pleia2(seems most appropriate)20:28
akgranerpleia2, I added my name to the wiki :-)20:28
pleia2ah ok, /me should have refreshed20:28
pleia2I looked earlier :)20:28
akgranerthought since I am hounding the rest of the community it was the least I could do :-)20:28
akgranerbut anyone who wants to help once it is scheduled can join in on all the fun (hint hint hint)20:30
* pleia2 avoids eye contact20:31
czajkowskialoha folks20:34
akgranerpleia2, hehe20:34
akgranerpleia2, however I will need help setting up the stuff in the Calendar that Lernid uses20:35
pleia2akgraner: sure thing20:35
akgraneras I haven't helped with an "Ubuntu Week" since Lernid has been put in place20:35
pleia2and there is classbot now too :)20:36
akgraneroh cool - gotta get up to speed on those20:36
* akgraner is such a slacker20:36
macohahaha yeah right20:36
czajkowskiakgraner: dont make me come over there and wallop you20:38
akgranerczajkowski, the door is open please feel free to visit :-)20:40
czajkowskiakgraner: you do know that would such a bad idea :)20:41
czajkowskiakgraner: neither of us would get any work done20:41
czajkowskiakgraner: shootin' n drinkin'20:41
macoi hope not at the same time!20:42
czajkowskioh but of course at the same time!20:43
czajkowskijust in from a podcast on open source in ireland and the barcamp I run over here20:43
czajkowski3 weeks to go and only 19 spaces left to attend with 2 spots to fill :D20:43
akgranermaco, haha - nah  - shooting and driving are two things I def won't do while drinking20:43
macoczajkowski: sounds like a good way to deadin'20:44
czajkowskimaco: but I've good aim :)20:45
IdleOneanybody care to explain what i18n is?22:41
IdleOnecontext: The Open-Source Software i18n (internationalization) world is both diverse and inclusive22:42
IdleOneahh found it22:44
AlanBelli followed by 18 letters then n22:44
IdleOneAlanBell: :)22:44
AlanBellbut it has an S in it!!22:45
rwwobviously, they use i18n instead to keep the en_GB people quiet ;P22:45
IdleOnein your world it does :P22:45
pleia2rww: lol22:45
IdleOnei18n works for the french word also22:46
* IdleOne is learning so much :)22:46
IdleOneI want to go on Sesame street now and sing a song22:46
MichelleQsing, sing a song...  make it simple, to last the whole year long...22:47
* MichelleQ wanders off22:48
IdleOne*in a sweet angel like voice* Mommy don't stop singing :)22:49
rwwIdleOne: Go get some Severed Fifth, let jono sing to you! or play music. or whatever it is he does.22:50
rwwapparently everything!22:51
IdleOneSevered Fifth22:51
IdleOnehmm sounds crazy enough for me to like them22:52
IdleOnecyphermox from the ubuntu-qc team asked me to add http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Fr/AFaire to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuebecTeam/AFaire \o/ for collaboration between teams23:06
pleia2IdleOne: cool, thanks :)23:21
IdleOnepleia2: :)23:22
IdleOneonly thing is I did not add the MenuHeader to the quebec team page because I did not want to highjack their wiki :)23:26

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