kinja-sheepStevenUK: Yes. And the other disks are disabled temporarily (in the bios) for this installation.00:00
arandpete_: Do not do that while the drive being copied is mounted, that is quite a bad idea.00:00
StevenUKkinja-sheep: have you tried with them enabled and just that disk?00:00
pete_arand: what can happen exactly, just curious00:00
kinja-sheepStevenUK: In the past, yes. It ended with the same result.00:00
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StevenUKkinja-sheep: does teh bios have a PATA compatibility mode - or no raid?00:01
arandpete_: The system is continuously rewriting itself (if only the temporary files), copy will likely be inconsistent, I would assume00:01
Typos_Kingpete_     usually such kind of procedures you want to do them from another mounted system00:01
cachedWhat punctuation do you use to identify a bugger area is used for a vi cut and paste command?00:02
pete_arand: Typos_King I understand thanks.00:02
jribcached: what?00:02
cachedWhat punctuation do you use to identify a buffer area is used for a vi cut and paste command?*00:02
Typos_Kingpete_   think of it this way, ' a dog trying to bite his tail' :P00:02
jribcached: "00:02
kinja-sheepStevenUK: I'm not setting up for RAID. I do recall there are something like PATA in the bios. I would have to check the bios again to verify exactly.00:02
pete_Typos_King: makes sense.00:02
jribcached: :help registers00:02
xpso how to enable pci  wireless card ?00:02
StevenUKkinja-sheep: that option will present teh sata as a normal pata disk00:03
Typos_Kingxp:    in a console session, type -> lspci;   and paste the dump to a paste2.org orso00:03
kinja-sheepStevenUK: Okay. I'll try that. (Be back in 5~)00:03
cachedjrib: great thx00:03
xpwhat next00:04
xpi have many options00:04
thenetduckhi, I need help setting Passenger up in my Ubuntu machine with my rails app is there anyone that could help me? I"m switching for a MacBook to Ubuntu for my development enviromet00:04
BacuTime to add to the cacophony. Just getting started with ubuntu, want to change GRUB's default boot. All the guides I refer to tell me to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst, but when I gedit it, the file is empty/nonexistant.00:05
meowbuntudpkg -l has so many files only the last part is displayed from about n -o00:05
lokvendrami problema es al intentar instalar VISIO de microsoft bajo ubuntu en cual carpeta debo colocar el paquete  de instlacion? gracias...00:06
ZykoticK9Bacu, with Grub2 you're probably looking for the file /etc/default/grub (you need to run "sudo update-grub" if you make and changes)00:06
lokvendramy problem is when trying to install Microsoft Visio under ubuntu in which folder should I put the package instlacion? thanks ...00:06
ZykoticK9Bacu, s/and/any00:06
xpi cant00:07
mainframeanyone setup vnc via ssh here?00:07
kinja-sheepStevenUK: Well, I enabled the PATA (although I had no PATA drives). I'm searching on engines for a particular driver module that I need to include. I just don't know which one to select (from a list of 50+ module).00:07
thenetduckcan anyone help me with that?00:08
meowbuntumainframe, try #vnc or #linux also for that00:09
bubbles|does anyone know what command i can use to start wdm?00:09
mainframealright meowbuntu00:09
xpis there another way to enable my pci wireless00:09
StevenUKkinja-sheep: hmm unlucky00:10
StevenUKkinja-sheep: which Version are you using? (ubuntu)00:11
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gotttobubbles|: try   sudo /etc/init.d/wdm start   and it should work00:11
BacuOkay, I opened /etc/default/grub but it doesn't appear to have what I want in it. Well, half of what I want the "Default = " is there, but the list of bootable whatsits and their options isn't there00:11
bubbles|ok, thanks gottto00:11
kinja-sheepStevenUK: Well -- The development version but that's not really the issue in first place. I'm using minimal installation approach.00:11
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StevenUKkinja-sheep: does it work when you use a full Live CD/USB?00:12
bubbles|gottto no such file or directory :x00:12
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:12
xpsome one please explane how to enable pci wireless in wmware00:12
gotttobubbles|: wdm is like gdm right?00:12
kinja-sheepStevenUK: It did. (when I was messing around with Kubuntu Live-Desktop Beta1).00:13
gotttoa login screen00:13
bubbles|gottto it's a window manager yes00:13
lokvendramy problem is when trying to install Microsoft Visio under ubuntu in which folder should I put the package instlacion? thanks ...00:13
StevenUKkinja-sheep: Right why not fire it back up and work out which driver is making it work00:13
bubbles|but i need the command to use for the nx client so it can use the window manager...00:13
gotttobubbles|: it should be in init.d then - is it installed?00:13
StevenUKkinja-sheep: lspci should give it you00:14
bubbles|gottto it should be... i just installed it00:14
kinja-sheepStevenUK: That is a long way to find out. I'll look into my other machine. I might get lucky with something.00:14
StevenUKkinja-sheep: good luck00:14
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gotttobubbles|: try   find -name / wdm   then00:15
gotttobubbles|: that should be   find / -name wdm - sorry00:15
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anaohello@all do anyone works with apt-build?00:16
bubbles|ahh, it's dwm, not wdm :x00:17
xenocampanoliIs there a topio program that's like tops?00:17
gotttobubbles|: :)00:17
mainframehow do i edit the configuration for tightvncserver ?00:17
NoCodedo people just generally use DD to do netinstalls?00:18
NoCodenetinstall .img's00:18
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anao@Andre_Gondim are you ubuntu developer?00:19
xpguys nothing wnat work00:20
Andre_Gondimanao, I am a Brazilian Ubuntu Translator00:20
braxIs it natural that every time a major change happens in what appears in the monitor, I can see the change sweep down the screen vertically?00:20
xpwhat can i do00:21
xpmy wireless is new00:21
iflemaNoCode you using mini.iso?00:21
xpand i want use it00:21
anao@Andre_Gondim ok sorry i am looking for a contact to a apt-developer00:21
NoCodeiflema, No. Can you use an ISO with dd?00:22
iflemaNoCode yep00:22
fiberfollyxp:  right click the network connector icon in the upper right00:22
NoCodeiflema, I will do that then.00:22
d0c5i5does anyone know where I can read up on using multiple GPUs to drive many screens on ubuntu?00:22
anao@Andre_Gondim i am recompiling whole system with apt-build from sources--00:22
d0c5i5i have 4 dual port PCI-E cards00:22
d0c5i5all ATI00:22
fiberfollyxp:  check the wireless box00:23
Andre_Gondimanao, nice00:23
Typos_Kingxp:    in a console session, type -> lspci;   and paste the dump to a paste2.org or so00:23
fiberfollyenable wireless00:23
xpits not working00:23
anao@ALL Bye & good night from europe..00:23
kinja-sheepHello channel. What would be the best way to find out more about my hard drive? Particularly the driver modules.00:23
Typos_Kingxp:   so you never pasted.... sooo,due to lack of clarivoyant abilities, we have to shamefully ask for such details :|00:24
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xpi do all what you say00:25
xpbut there some thiing miss00:25
meowbuntui have done dpkg -l | less  it does not give full discription of each app it cuts it off. how to fix would be nice to see what each app does / is for.00:25
bsmith093im running jaunty and i cannot get the ignored .dmrc file message to go away00:25
Typos_Kingxp:    havent' seen the paste yet, so, obviously not00:25
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.00:26
Typos_Kingkinja-sheep: dunno... thus far the only HD probing utility I've used has been smartmontools which do hd testing and reporting00:26
bsmith093also im getting a ton of output during bootup that i never got before no errors just like something has its verbose switch turned on00:27
bsmith093i realize its vague but i have absolutely no idea whats causing it any suggestions00:27
D0c5i5sorry, I dropped off, if anyone answered my question, can you paste it again :-) I was asking about running 4 pcie cards, all ATI, under ubuntu00:28
meowbuntuis there an auto cleen-up wizzard for mint/ubuntu00:31
Lamohm after much searching i cant seem to figure out why my fonts are stretched and fuzzy especially in chrome. plus after being logged in for a while i notice white lines develop along the sides of the screen. Also my splash screen is in super low res. here is a screenshot of chrome and nautilus http://i.imgur.com/dOLBt.png00:31
meowbuntuis there an auto cleen-up wizzard for ubuntu00:31
necro_so i cannot play multiple video at the same time?00:31
Lamomeowbuntu, computer janitor00:32
niko7865Lamo, regarding the splash screen, what video card/drivers are you using00:32
Lamoniko, nvidia 195 drivers00:32
necro_so i cannot play multiple video at the same time????00:33
niko7865Lamo, the closed source nvidia drivers do not support the new splash screen (plymouth)00:34
ddrjsup guys, got a question, i enabled remote desktop on ubuntu, then i hopped on my windows machine and dl'ed vnc viewer. i can connect and view the ubuntu desktop but when i click on the ubuntu desktop icons or go to menu, the screen stays the same on vnc viewer00:34
Lamoniko, ah ok cause plymouthd keeps crashing on me on start up00:34
ddrjeven though i know that on the ubuntu machine, things are being clicked00:34
ZykoticK9niko7865, actually as of a couple of days ago they do!00:35
yhkonhi!!! spain???00:35
Lamoniko7865, what about the fonts? Is it just me? I mean they look stretched especially in chrome.00:35
yhkonalguien sabe como ir a una sala made in spain??00:35
niko7865ZykoticK9, oh excellent! my information is outdated00:35
Typos_King!es | yhkon00:35
ubottuyhkon: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:36
ZykoticK9niko7865, only by a couple of days ;)00:36
yhkonthanks typos00:36
niko7865Lamo, not sure about the chrome font issue00:37
edoardociao a tutti!!00:39
ZykoticK9!it | edoardo00:39
ubottuedoardo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)00:39
genii!it | edoardo00:39
* genii hands ZykoticK9 a coffee00:39
ddrji enabled remote desktop on ubuntu, i can control the ubuntu machine via vnc viewer but the screen doesn't change at all on vnc viewer (i right click, nothing happens, i click on an icon, nothing happens etc). any clues?00:39
ZykoticK9genii, :) thanks - i actually just got a coffee00:40
niko7865ddrj, I'm not sure, but I think its a compiz bug, does the viewer work if you disable desktop effects on the host?00:41
ddrjlet me try that, btw i'm a total noob, so i have to check up on how to disable desktop effects on the host :X00:41
nutzerhallo guten abend00:41
gotttonutzer: there is #ubuntu-de for deutsch00:42
Tekk_is there a command to find where something in /dev/ is mounted?00:42
niko7865ddrj, System > Preferences > Appearance, then click the "Visual Effects" tab, then check "none"00:42
darth10Tekk_, mount00:42
enjoythedayhow to find if hardware raid card on the system?00:42
ddrjthanks niko786500:43
nutzeraless fit bei euch00:43
Tekk_how would you use mount like that O.o00:43
ddrjniko7865, wow it works now!00:44
ddrjhow did u know it would be compiz ??00:44
ZykoticK9Tekk_, in a terminal just typing "mount" will show you what is mounted and where00:44
dyek!find procmem00:44
Tekk_ZykoticK9: whoa, never know about that00:44
ubottuFile procmem found in libgtop2-dev, mrtg-contrib, pcp00:44
manis my wireless not work on vmware ???00:45
manis that true00:45
geniiHm, pcp00:45
Typos_King!de | nutzer00:45
ubottunutzer: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:45
t3chkommiehey everyone, i need some help with desktop gnome and marble. anyone out there canhelp?00:46
Tekk_t3chkommie: that would depend on what the problem is, obviously00:46
t3chkommieim trying to get the rotating earth background. but i dont think Gnome has anything like that00:46
titan_arkcan anyone help me set up mic settings in alsa?00:46
meowbuntuhi i hve been removing some apps from my computer to clear space now i get this error from software sources or if i sudo apt-update. http://pastebin.com/6HzEhWpt  <- what can i do00:47
Tekk_t3chkommie: correct, there are no dynamic backgrounds in gnome, not that I'm aware of at least00:47
titan_arki have done it before but cant seem to get it to work now after a fresh ubuntu install00:47
t3chkommiedang. that kinda blows.00:47
vatzecHey there. :) It's not that I'm too lazy to search or anything, it's just that you get a lot of irrelevant results when you search for this: do you guys know of any GOOD encryption methods for Ubuntu? I want to encrypt my whole hard disk.00:47
vatzecAnd I want something free (as in freedom) and state-of-art.00:47
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Tekk_vatzec: you want http://trisquel.info00:48
niko7865t3chkommie, there is a script or program out there that will do it though, I used it a year or so ago, can't remember the name....hmm...00:48
meowbuntu* sudo apt-get update00:48
Tekk_vatzec: it's as state of the art as any distro I know of00:49
vatzecTekk_: Why do you think so, Tekk_? Because of the "freedom" part?00:49
Tekk_vatzec: you said you wanted a free distro, trisquel is the most up to date free one00:49
t3chkommiethanks niko, i really liked that part of KDE, but im a gnome fan at heart.00:49
vatzecYeah, I will be trying out Trisquel soon anyway -- I'm getting it on my FSF membership card. :)00:49
Tekk_vatzec: you may also be interested in gnewsense, but it's not up to date00:49
vatzecTekk_: No, no, that's not the point - I want a free solution of encryption.00:49
Tekk_vatzec: ah00:50
vatzecI enjoy using Ubuntu. :)00:50
Tekk_vatzec: can't help you then00:50
vatzecTekk_: Thanks a lot for trying though! :)00:50
Tekk_vatzec: wait....you're getting an FSF membership and you use UBUNTU?00:50
Tekk_vatzec: you're at least running linux libre right?00:50
meowbuntuis socks to do with squid00:51
vatzecpoint is, I need some proprietary drivers to run my devices00:51
vatzecthat's why I'm not 100% free00:51
klappiyou can try vrms to see the non-free parts00:51
StormTidecan you use the alternate cd to install a no-gui install, and if so, do you need to do anything special... i cant find a server edition alternate cd (need alt for raid options)00:51
Tekk_vatzec: which devices?00:51
vatzeca 3g usb device00:51
Tekk_vatzec: ah00:51
vatzecyeah, it's a MAJOR paint00:52
vatzecpaint, haha.00:52
Tekk_vatzec: I'm waiting on the new openfwwf driver so I can finally get wifi :P00:52
vatzecTekk_: is that on a laptop or a desktop?00:52
Tekk_vatzec: laptops00:52
aetaricStormTide: #ubuntu-server00:52
vatzecTekk_: No wifi on a laptop is a major pain.00:52
Tekk_vatzec: yeah, I noticed00:53
Tekk_vatzec: luckily I have a desktop00:53
vatzecBeen there, Tekk_00:53
visofi'm using ubuntu 9.10 and i can't find menu.lst in /boot/grub00:53
visofwhere should it be ?00:53
ZykoticK9visof, have a look at /etc/default/grub00:53
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ZykoticK9!grub2 > visof00:54
ubottuvisof, please see my private message00:54
unopvisof, grub2 uses a new format /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:54
ZykoticK9unop, visof DO NOT edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:54
unopZykoticK9, no one's advocating that, are they?00:55
ZykoticK9unop, unless you specifically explain your statement people are going to assume that grub.cfg is a replacement of menu.lst00:55
unopZykoticK9, and the same applies for menu.lst too - editing it is somewhat futile. That said, there's no reason to not dive into the file and understand it.00:56
titan_arkokay sorted out my alsa problem, could someone tell me how i can upgrade to lucid beta?00:57
picard1421hey guys im trying to setup a DNS on a DYNDNS like site because i have a dynamic IP adress... what do i have to do in my hosts and resolv file to set that up?00:57
unoptitan_ark, /join #ubuntu+100:57
titan_arkunop, k00:58
Typos_King....... afaik grub.cfg IS the replacement for menu.lst, there's no replacement for /etc/default/grub templates cuz from what I recall older grub didn't use any templates, at least I didn't bother checking much, I always edited menu.lst and grub.cfg with np00:58
unoppicard1421,  both those files have to do with local resolution -- they don't affect how the outside world sees your IP address or DNS name00:58
flyingtabmowdoes anyone know why loading xmodmap files from a startup program might not work?  i have a script set to run as a startup program, which contains the line "xmodmap ~/.remotekbmap", and i'm expecting it to load the modmap file "~/.remotekbmap", but it doesn't seem to be working00:59
visofi installed ubuntu 9.10 in my laptop and it's installed very good but i didn't got grub menu at the first , but i installed another sys besides ubuntu that doesn't identify it00:59
picard1421right i understand... that im saying my DNS is at some other place... what do i do to those files .. because im trying to setup a zimbra mail server00:59
visofwhat should i do00:59
unopTypos_King, yea, that works until you do a kernel upgrade ...00:59
picard1421so the zimbra server knows where the DNS is ?00:59
gotttoflyingtabmow: is the script executable?00:59
Typos_Kingunop:   which happens?  every other week?  and yes, I do back it up, and no, I don't change kernels like I change my socks either, unless something is busted01:00
tomeoIm running ubuntu live on my PC with 2 new identical harddrives. Can Ubuntu create a RAID 1 of the disks?01:00
unoppicard1421, is zimbra running on the same machine?01:00
Typos_Kingfunnily enough, after I edited it, it was never overwritten :}, go figure01:00
unopTypos_King, that's works-for-me eh.01:01
gotttoflyingtabmow: try running the script in terminal to look for errors01:01
picard1421unop: zimbra is running on my server and the DNS is running at some other site becasue my IP is dynamic and updates to that site01:01
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Typos_Kingworks for me too01:01
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/01:01
flyingtabmowi have, it checks out fine01:02
picard1421my question is what do i have to do to point zimbra to my DNS in setup etc?? and what about the resolv and hosts files because the MX record has to point to my site? (which it should then be a Cname? because the IP changes??)01:02
visofplease can any one help01:02
gotttoflyingtabmow: next thing to check is the path to the file in autostarted apps01:03
Typos_Kingunop:   indeed, is exactly what I think about the advice on no touching it, I do advice to back it up and that it gets overwritten, but I think there's overcaution and I'd say overzealousy on the warnings there, and yes, I do think they also use the works-for-me lines too, as much as I do, so01:03
unoppicard1421, well, the way DNS works - you shouldn't need to change anything i.e. you should be able to use the existing DNS servers in your resolv.conf for resolution01:04
flyingtabmowi know the file is running, i have it writing to a file on the desktop to make sure01:04
flyingtabmowmy only guess is that something else is loading a different modmap file after mine01:04
unoppicard1421, in otherwords, it sounds like you need to ensure that your dynamic DNS provider is setting up your MX records properly01:04
picard1421yea basically01:04
flyingtabmowwhen i run it from the terminal it works as expected01:04
picard1421because my resolv conf should be pointing to my Dynamic DNS?01:04
picard1421im not relaly sure what i have to have in the hosts file ?01:05
picard1421or resolv file?01:05
buttons840how can i set the CLASSPATH environmental variable for java?01:05
buttons840export CLASSPATH = path?01:05
Typos_Kingbuttons:  yes01:05
unoppicard1421, the hosts file does nothing for DNS .. you can't have it return MX records.01:05
picard1421ok what does the hosts file do?01:06
seyfarthAnyone know the keyboard shortcut to switch between channels on xchat?01:06
unoppicard1421, just make sure your dynamic DNS provider can update MX records too .. then everyone in the world (including you whereever you are) can see the change.01:06
picard1421no i understand.. but what does the resolv.conf and hosts file do .. what if i had them blank persay??01:06
autobotseyfarth: on irssi it's /window next or /window # maybe similar01:07
picard1421im confused why i need them and somewhat confused am i pointing them to an External IP or do i point them
seyfarthautobot: thanks01:07
picard1421so like mysite.org should be in the hosts file? and pointed somewhere?01:07
autobotseyfarth: np01:07
unoppicard1421, the hosts file does very simple name-to-IP translation --- no complex DNS information like A, CNAME and MX records.  The resolv.conf is a list of DNS servers your machine uses to then go query those servers to do DNS resolution.01:07
Untitled_onlyhello, can anyone help me enable window grapic?01:08
Untitled_onlygraphics, i mean01:08
picard1421so like i should have those pointed to like google's dns stuf etc..01:08
Typos_Kingseyfarth:     IIRC,  unless  you set the keybindings.... lemme think... I've use ctrl-pgup and pgdn, but I think it also does Alt and a channel letter combo01:08
picard1421and then in the hosts file i can have localhost and
picard1421and that is all i need?01:08
autobotpicard1421: say you wan't to ssh to a machine and you wan't to use a friendly name...it's good for that ie. = mylinux.server01:09
picard1421but i need to own that domain server?01:09
autobotpicard1421: yes thats enough to get you by01:09
manHow to enable my wireless card on bt4 on vmware ???01:09
RickJonesis there a GUI for ntfsprogs ?01:09
autobotpicard1421: not locally01:09
picard1421ohh locally!01:09
picard1421gotchya gotchya01:09
RickJoneshow do you use ntfsundelete?01:09
Untitled_onlyI'm trying to enable graphics on a old computer01:09
unoppicard1421, right, yes.  if zimbra wants to query the MX record for your domain/DNS name -- it should go about it normally i.e. query google's DNS servers first and so on until it finds your Dynamic DNS provider -- which if setup properly should return the right IP addresses for the MX record.01:09
picard1421so if i disable bind and just external DNS servers i should still be ok01:09
picard1421and the IP should be of my Computer (which is updated etc..?)01:10
Untitled_onlycompiz fusion, isn't working01:10
unoppicard1421, yep01:10
gotttoUntitled_only: do you know the card?01:10
autobotpicard1421: like if your router's hostname is linbox.local you could point your browser to http://linbox.local and that would take you to your router01:10
ZykoticK9Untitled_only, to find your gfx card in a terminal "lspci | grep -i vga"01:11
Lars_GHey all.01:11
Lars_Gwhat was the command to finish configuring newly installed packges? if the process was cut at the middle.01:11
Lars_GI hac01:11
Untitled_onlyok give me a sec01:11
picard1421ok i get that aspect now01:11
cachedOK, If I use the dd command in vi , then use a yy command whats happens to the data in buffer 1?01:11
Lars_GI had my machine die during the end phase of the 9.10 -> 10.04 dist upgrade01:12
unopcached, it remains01:12
Lars_GI want to make sure all packages configured01:12
cachedso then yy will goto 2?01:12
RickJonescan undelete work with a usb device ?01:12
RickJonesundelete --help01:12
unopcached, sorry, yy updates the buffer01:12
Lars_GRickJones: it depends on the fs01:12
RickJoneslars_g : fat3201:12
ddrji got a question, i can't change any of the settings of my ATI control center because i'm not root, how do i show it that i'm root and change the system settings ?01:13
cachedok so then what happens to the dd data?01:13
ddrjati catalyst control center01:13
unopcached, you can update another non-default buffer if you like -- but more on that in #vim01:13
Lars_GSorry RickJones no idea which fs your undelete handles. :(01:13
cachedo there is a vim chan, ty01:13
RickJonessudo apt-getLars_g there is no listing for undelete for fat32 fs01:13
unopLars_G,  sudo aptitude install01:14
RickJoneslars_g 9.10 only lists ntfs which i assumed was backwards compatible01:14
ddrjhow do i access ati catalyst control center via root?01:14
Lars_GRickJones: it's not, they're very different01:14
unopLars_G, ... to complete installing/configuring packages....01:14
RickJoneswell, it's on a usb device, so it's more than likely not possible01:15
Untitled_onlyit says vga compatible controller: ATI technologies Inc Rage 128 RF/SG AGP01:15
unopLars_G, sudo dpkg -a  # might also do01:15
ZykoticK9ddrj, use "gksu $WHATEVER_ATI_PROG_ISCALLED"01:15
Typos_KingLars_G    you can ... try -> sudo apt-get -f install;01:15
picard1421hey guys what is a dynamic DNS updated for ubuntu?01:16
gafirhello, I have just installed Sugar on my Ubuntu, and then removed it. But now it seems I have to press CTRL + click in order to click anything. How can I change this? Thanks01:16
picard1421ubuntu server?01:16
autobotpicard1421: so you can run a webserver or similar on your machine and have your IP resolve to a name01:17
Lars_Gthanks Typos_King and unop01:17
picard1421no im asking what is one i can use>?01:17
Untitled_onlyZykoticK9 what do I do now?01:18
unoppicard1421,  DynDNS, Hammernode, Zoneedit or EasyDNS01:18
autobotif your using ubuntu then you should be able to look in the package manager01:18
unoppicard1421, choose your pick.01:18
ZykoticK9Untitled_only, sorry man i can't help with ATI01:18
unoppicard1421, if you're asking about a client which can update one of those services -- have a look at ddclient01:18
Untitled_onlyso there is no way to enable grapics on this computer?01:18
unop!info ddclient > picard142101:19
picard1421got it thanks01:19
mansome one talk me please01:19
=== disconnected is now known as disconnected432
mansome one talk me please01:20
gotttoUntitled_only: in terminal type   sudo Xorg -config01:20
autobotman: change your name to woman01:20
Untitled_onlyok give me a sec01:20
manu kiding me01:20
picard1421how do i know wchi hDNS update protocal01:20
Untitled_onlyok done01:20
manok look01:21
Untitled_onlygottto now what?01:21
autobotpicard1421: what is it your trying to do?01:21
gotttoUntitled_only: there will be a file in / - do   ls /   to get the name of it01:21
picard1421im just setting up ddclient.. with namcheap01:22
maniam use vmware and i have a new wireless pci card and i dont know how to make it working01:22
picard1421but it asks for Dynamic DNS update protocal01:22
disconnected432anyone know what tells the kernel to load modules like nf_nat, iptables, etc.?01:22
picard1421and it gives me dyndns2, dslreports1, easydns, hammernode1, zoneedit1, dyndns101:22
picard1421not namecheap?01:22
manif i have to get driver or enable pci card or what ??01:22
autobotpicard1421: I suppose it's not a supported redirector01:23
mani dont know01:23
picard1421but look01:23
meowbuntuhey where is the file env i checked it in terminal and need to change something01:23
autobotpicard1421: looking01:23
Typos_Kingmeowbuntu:   the what?01:23
autobotpicard1421: the example namecheap configuration not getting you there01:24
picard1421there is no option01:24
picard1421for namecheap in the install01:24
picard1421also getting this?01:25
picard1421 * To run ddclient as a daemon, please set run_daemon to 'true' in /etc/default/ddclient01:25
picard1421   ...done.01:25
=== keith_ is now known as kiwi4boy
meowbuntuTypos_King, i terminal i typed env it gives infomation.01:25
autobotyou will need to manually create/edit the ddclient.conf and add your information01:25
manis that working on vmware ?01:25
meowbuntuTypos_King, i need to know wher the config file that came from is. so i can change it ok01:25
TheSHizzhow do I find how to update my graphics drivers?01:26
gotttoUntitled_only: then   sudo mv -v /filename /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:26
Untitled_onlyI don't see / - do   ls /01:26
Untitled_onlydo I have to enter that after / - do   ls /?01:27
autobotUntitled_only: he meant open a terminal and type "ls /"01:27
autobotor I think thats what they meant01:27
gotttoUntitled_only: only         ls /01:28
Untitled_onlydid it01:28
Typos_Kingmeowbuntu:   not sure there's one, those are environment variables01:28
Untitled_onlynow what?01:28
gotttoUntitled_only: something starting with x listed?01:29
xpwhat i need to know about my pci card wireless is to get driver or enable pci in vmware01:29
gotttoUntitled_only: one min pls01:30
TheSHizzI'm on a laptop. its decent. and some of my windows lag and move glitchy. I'm positive its the graphics driver that needs updated but I am unsure of how to go about this. anyone have tips please? I went to the intel webpage and cannot figure out how to install the file it gave me01:30
xpis that need to driver or what01:30
manuel__what is the channel of ubuntu offtopic?01:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:31
G14I'm having trouble with my linksys wireless adapter on my laptop01:31
gotttoUntitled_only: in terminal type   sudo Xorg -configure   I gave the wrong command before...01:31
G14does anyone have a driver, or info on how to support a linksys WPC54G?01:32
TheSHizzI was too G14 - create a static ip for your laptop and configure it to do so in the routers settings01:32
Untitled_onlyok give me a sec01:32
G14how? when I plug it in, it says Device Not Ready01:32
Untitled_onlyok it says" fatal server error, server is already active for display 001:33
G14does anyone have a driver, or info on how to support a linksys WPC54G?01:34
Untitled_onlyany ideas?01:35
gotttoUntitled_only: yeh - I thought you didn't have gui - you need to logout and hit    ctrl+alt+f2    and login and then do   sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:35
gotttoto stop the xserver01:35
G14What about me? Dx01:36
tomeoHow do I find out the CPU Max frequency on Ubuntu?01:37
SerraphynIS there a VI/VIM master in here need help wtih duplicating text on each line of a file, I basically want to repeat the same line of information once more on each line01:37
G14the hell?01:38
G14is there a stupid option to lock an Fn key?01:38
gotttotomeo: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies01:38
meowbuntui have this error in ubuntu after removing some apps how can i fix it http://pastebin.com/6HzEhWpt01:38
G14my keyboard's freaked up now01:38
=== jay is now known as Guest16023
Untitled_onlyok I'm going to do it, will you still be on this chat?01:39
ZykoticK9meowbuntu, it appears like apt is trying to download everything from localhost?01:39
gotttoUntitled_only: here for a while :)01:40
meowbuntuZykoticK9, ok i do not know enough on how to fix this01:40
Untitled_onlyok, I'll brb01:40
meowbuntuZykoticK9, y would that be it seems strange when i deleted applications01:40
ZykoticK9meowbuntu, i hope someone else has a suggest for you - as i certainly don't01:41
meowbuntuok ZykoticK9 thanks anyway01:41
meowbuntuits sometimes hard to get help here i am posting a forum on it now01:41
D0c5i5is anyone familar with the envyng utility? I installed it in an attempt to setup multiple ATI cards, but when I click on it in drop down menu, nothing happens01:42
dmaxxwhat the best software to use on jaunty version to check the hdd health and S.M.A.R.T info in grapic mode and and not in the terminal itself?01:42
kiwi4boyDoes anyone have any IRC client one would recommend?01:42
AlcorSerraphyn Use your firefox browser and search for   Vi editor.  There you will find several manuals01:42
Serraphynkiwi4boy, I use xchat01:43
rwwkiwi4boy: gnome-based, kde-based, or command-line?01:43
SerraphynAlcor, thanks for the tip but I've already did that and found little to no help on doing what I'm wanting.01:43
D0c5i5xchat or mirc are decent... u can install mirc on linux via "playonlinux"01:43
Craig_DemXchat for Linux, Colloquy for mac and iPod for me.01:43
kiwi4boyI'm using Smuxi for my GTK, and don't like it...  I'm somewhat happy for irssi on the command line.01:43
kiwi4boyI liked X-Chat, but got bored of it.01:43
seyfarthhey guys, i'm kind of confused. I made a soft link to my usb thumb drive in my home directory, and when i cd into the link and ls, i get the contents of its parent01:43
Craig_DemMirc on Linux is pointless when you have a brilliant native app in xchat.01:44
rwwkiwi4boy: it's an irc client, it's not supposed to be exciting ;P01:44
G14does anyone have a driver, or info on how to support a linksys WPC54G?01:44
Serraphynseyfarth, are you mounting the drive?01:44
rwwkiwi4boy: I'd go with xchat (not xchat-gnome) for GTK, quassel for Qt, and irssi in the terminal.01:44
Typos_Kingkiwi4boy   there's kvirc, konversation01:44
AlcorSerraphyn  okay then cursor down to the line in question and input yy01:44
sirninjaI'm using the lucid beta (I've tried asking this in the #ubuntu+1 channel, but nobody is responding).. Xorg is crashing when I wake from suspend. Does anybody have any idea what I should do to fix this?01:44
kiwi4boyThanks, rww.01:44
seyfarthSerraphyn: No, it's auto-mounted at boot. I just want an easy way to get to it, instead of "cd /media/verylongserialnumber"01:44
marenostrumHello. Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, here. I installed Google Chrome as an additional web browser. Now, when I click "help" in GIMP, the help Web page opens from Chrome. no other program behavesso, up to my knowledge. System wide default Web browser is Firefox. Do you have any idea about the issue?01:44
SerraphynAlcor, I'm not dupilcating the line below it, I want to copy the line and insert it on the sme line beside it01:44
kiwi4boyTypos_King: Haven't explored KDE yet.  :(01:45
Alcorthen go to the line to put it under and input p01:45
rwwsirninja: Continue asking for support in #ubuntu+1 rather than here, please. The whole point of that channel is to separate out support and discussion of development releases to reduce confusion in here.01:45
sirninjarww: thanks for being helpful....01:45
dmaxxsooo where do i ask for tip of software i can use,here or at #ubuntu+1?01:47
Scotiehallo, i need to disable my broadcasting address, disabled it interfaces!!! nothing changed01:47
Scotieany suggestions01:47
rwwdmaxx: for Jaunty? here. #ubuntu+1 is for Lucid/10.04.01:47
gotttoScotie: did you do   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart   ?01:48
Scotieyep, still alive01:48
Scotieget broadcasting again01:48
marenostrumdmaxx: If it isn't related with 10.04 Lucid Lynx; here, then.01:48
dmaxxthen  what the best software to use on jaunty version to check the hdd health and S.M.A.R.T info in grapic mode and and not in the terminal itself? because i have use my pc for 5 years and i is starting 2 getting little concern if it gonna snap soon or not xD01:48
gotttoScotie: afaik it will always broadcast - try adding a diff address01:49
Typos_Kingdmaxx:     the one I've used for that has been smartmontools, it'd be in the repos01:49
ScotieWhat you mean with another address, it taked default X.X.X.25501:49
dmaxxso i just istall smartmontools trough terminal?01:50
Lord_Devnot that way01:50
Typos_Kingdmaxx:   sudo apt-get install smartmontools;01:50
rwwsmartmontools is terminal-based :\01:50
Lord_Devit works with commands01:50
dmaxxi know the words that is before the software itself i not that far away xD01:50
Scotieother ideas Gottto01:50
Typos_King...when I ran it it was GUI :|01:50
dmaxxtough is not 2 far away -_-01:51
gotttoScotie: nope sorry01:51
Scotieok, thanks, see further01:51
gotttoUntitled_only: it made a conf file?01:51
Untitled_onlynow what do I do?01:51
Untitled_onlyit said waiting01:52
Typos_Kingdmaxx: is that a song?01:52
headrxanyone: i chmod +x installer.sh    ... how do i go about actually installing this package?01:52
gotttoUntitled_only: so no conf file? - one min pls01:52
dmaxx<Typos_King> WHAT??-_-01:52
Typos_King<dmaxx> i know the words that is before the software itself i not that far away xD  /// anyhow smartmontools when I ran it it's gui01:53
ZykoticK9headrx, "./installer.sh" will run whatever that script is01:53
dmaxxno it's not a song breadhead -_- xD01:53
kyxzmeno qhello01:54
kyxzmecan you help me with 10.04?01:54
dmaxxoh sorry now im the breadhead here -_- how do u start smartmontools in terminal again?? xD01:54
ZykoticK9kyxzme, ask in #ubuntu+101:55
Typos_Kingdmaxx:    smartmon  iirc01:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:55
kiwi4boyDoes anyone know a tool that can do fancy stuff on printing?  (e.g. printing n-up per page, merging multiple print jobs, etc.)01:55
kyxzmei did a rm -fr /var/lib/dpkg01:55
kiwi4boySo far, I only know pdfjam...01:55
D0c5i5where in /proc can I get a list of my pcie cards? I can't remember the model numbers on each of my ati cards01:55
kyxzmethere is a way to regenerate it?01:56
kiwi4boy... but pdfjam seems to make huge documents, which suffocate my printer.01:56
maginotD0c5i5, you dont have lspci on your system?01:56
maginotD0c5i5, lspci -vvv01:56
gotttoUntitled_only: I made you an xorg.conf - make a file in your home dir named xorg.conf01:56
Untitled_onlyhow do I do that?01:57
D0c5i5maginot: thx :-) i do01:57
gotttoUntitled_only: open your file manager and right click an empty space and select new file-empty file01:58
meowbuntui have this error in ubuntu after removing some apps how can i fix it http://pastebin.com/6HzEhWpt01:59
Sagexubuntu upgrade to 10.04 failed02:00
AlcorSerraphyn  u still here02:00
Sagexis there anyway to salvage02:00
gotttomeowbuntu: is localhost - and did you use sudo?02:00
hexdump_Hi all, has anyone here heard of scribd?02:00
SerraphynYes alcor, and I got hlep in vim02:01
AlcorSerraphyn  I found a cmd u can use02:01
Sagexubuntu upgrade to 10.04 failed any help02:01
D0c5i5looks like i have a radeon x1900, a radeon hd4800 series (in use), and two radeon x1950 pro pcie cards02:01
rwwSagex: Lucid/10.04 discussion and support is in #ubuntu+1, not here, thanks :)02:01
gottto!lucid | Sagex02:01
ubottuSagex: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule02:01
D0c5i5now i got to figure out what driver will support running them all at once02:01
gotttoUntitled_only: any luck?02:02
Untitled_onlygotta new one02:02
D0c5i5ati's website says that they only support radeon 8500 and later cards, and says to go to the DRI project or the Utah-GLX project for older cards02:02
Untitled_onlyin the home folder right?02:03
SerraphynAlcor, for f in *\ *; do mv "$f" "${f// /}"; done <--- done in bash in directory will remove spaces from all filenames02:03
gotttoUntitled_only: yep02:03
Untitled_onlyok what should I name it?\02:04
kinja-sheepSerraphyn: Nice. How about replacing space and dots with dash? :X02:04
D0c5i5hmm... how do I tell if my cards are later? is there a list somewhere?02:04
gotttoUntitled_only:         xorg.conf02:04
Ricoshadyis there a way to see what the new package of a app is fixing, updating? like samaba02:04
Serraphynkinja-sheep, run it twice with in *\.* for dots I'd imagine02:05
Untitled_onlyok the icon changed02:05
kinja-sheepRicoshady: Maybe... "aptitude changelog samba"02:05
AlcorSerraphyn  Im sorry, yhought u were trying to join 2 lines together.02:05
Alcorin vi02:05
kinja-sheepSerraphyn: Gotcha. I copied it. I'll make a script out of it. Thanks. ;)02:05
Untitled_onlyit says uintsync.log02:06
gotttoUntitled_only: I don't know why it would say that....02:06
Serraphynkinja-sheep, might be able to make a .sh file with $1 params in there, not sure though02:07
Untitled_onlymy bad it still says xorg.conf02:07
V3RR3ZI am having a horrid sharing issuse.. with ubuntu and windows... anyone know how to fix/02:07
kinja-sheep!info apt-listchanges | Ricoshady :)02:07
gotttoUntitled_only: lets try another way - open a terminal and type    touch ./xorg.conf02:07
Untitled_onlylooking at the wrong thing02:07
ubottuRicoshady: apt-listchanges (source: apt-listchanges): package change history notification tool. In component main, is optional. Version 2.83 (karmic), package size 60 kB, installed size 496 kB02:07
G14what the heck?02:07
G14what was my quit message...?02:07
gotttoUntitled_only: k don't do the last thing02:07
hexdump_I'm just gonna toss it out there.  My scribd account is just nothing but white when I try to view pdf files.02:08
hexdump_If anyone has ran into a similar problem just msg me.  thanks02:08
gotttoUntitled_only: have you got a web browser open - iceweasel maybe?02:08
Untitled_onlyI have firefox02:08
jubobaanyone knows about php sessions?02:08
jubobaanyone knows about php sessions?02:08
hexdump_Untitled_only:  have you ran into a similar problem?02:08
gotttoUntitled_only: k open it and I will give a link for you to copy a xorg.conf file and paste it into the file you just made02:09
kinja-sheepjuboba: I'll suggest you to go to the appropriate channel -_> #php02:09
hexdump_Untitled_only:  Oh sorry guess that wasn't directed towards me.02:09
Untitled_onlyyou good02:09
inquatahey folks02:10
rosechuhow can i force grub2 to stop thinking windows xp pro is installed on my 1tb storage drive? the drive and partition itself is not even marked bootable or is in device.map, but grub2 keeps adding it to grub.cfg02:10
gotttoUntitled_only: here's the link     http://paste.ubuntu.com/406268/     right click it and select   open in browser02:10
kinja-sheeprosechu: I'll suggest you to go to the appropriate channel -_> #grub02:11
rosechuokay, didn't know there was one.. thanks02:11
=== ogen is now known as SwimmingRat
greg__hi, someone know gtk?02:11
Untitled_onlydownload it as a text right?02:12
gotttoUntitled_only: yep02:12
Untitled_onlyok doing it now02:12
bjb1959question about lucid lynx beta. is this the right chat?02:12
gotttoUntitled_only: only what's in the paste02:12
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule02:12
dmaxxhow much do it affect the comp if u using another bit version that u have like using a 32-bit jaunty on a 64-bit comp?02:12
Untitled_onlyit's trying to make me sign in to something02:13
inquataJOIN #ubuntu+102:13
Untitled_onlycan I copy paste it?02:13
jkd4How do you play shoutcast tv on ubuntu?02:13
inquataJOIN ubuntu+102:13
gotttoUntitled_only: don't download it as text then - just copy what is under the "download as text" part02:14
Untitled_onlypaste it in the folder?02:15
gotttoUntitled_only: I just drag my mouse over it and right click and select copy - then go to my file right click and select paste02:15
nealindiaI m having Ubuntu 9.10 and when I click on Upgrade to 10.04 in update manager, it just freezes02:16
iflemadmaxx ittl work half as good    ; )02:16
gordenis it possible to update an older ubuntu version with a CD live disc?02:16
nealindiaI m having Ubuntu 9.10 and when I click on Upgrade to 10.04 in update manager, it just freezes02:17
nealindiaAlso, please answer this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=904750102:17
meowbuntui have this error in ubuntu after removing some apps how can i fix it http://pastebin.com/6HzEhWpt02:17
Untitled_onlyis it suppose to be a folder, or a document?02:17
gotttoUntitled_only: you should have made a file called     xorg.conf   a file is a document02:18
gordenI tried using the update manager but it's coming up that the repositories are unable to be accessed due to being out of date? Can I use a current 9.10 CD to update02:18
dmaxxi see that iflema -_- because long time ago i installed ubuntu on this comp but forget 2 check the bit so i get the wrong bit on  the wrong pc xD02:19
iflemadmaxx performace fit is all.....02:19
iflemadmaxx hit02:20
Untitled_onlynow what?02:20
gotttoUntitled_only: check that the file contents look the same as in the pastebin I gave you pls02:21
gorden>Help, PleaseI tried using the update manager but it's coming up that the repositories are unable to be accessed due to being out of date? Can I use a current 9.10 CD to update02:21
Untitled_onlyit is but the numbers aren't next to the text like online02:22
aciculameowbuntu: your sources are set to use a local proxy, wich you removed, either reinstall the proxy or in software sources disasble the use of a proxy02:22
gotttoUntitled_only: then in terminal type    sudo mv -v ./xorg.conf /etc/X11/02:22
gotttoUntitled_only: that's ok02:22
aciculameowbuntu: hmm maybe the proxy is set somewhere else02:23
aciculameowbuntu: but thats whats causing it anyway02:23
gotttoUntitled_only: if that goes ok you need to logout - hit   ctrl_alt+backspace   to restart the X server - then login and you should be using the new xorg.conf02:23
Untitled_onlyok i did, it says anthony@anthony:~$02:23
Untitled_onlyso log out, now?02:24
nealindiaAlso, please answer this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=904750102:24
puffHm, I'm not getting a dhcp response.  I've tried rebooting.  I plugged the same cable into my laptop, get a response no problem.02:24
Untitled_onlyok brb02:24
puffAny suggestions?02:24
gotttopuff: what does   ifconfig   in terminal say?02:24
puffifconfig -a shows the interface is up.... hm. There's "eth0" and "eth0:avahi"02:25
=== ogen is now known as SwimmingRat
bsmith093help please how do i move my home folder to another partition and keep the install on another partition02:26
bsmith093do i need to do something special during the install process02:26
kinja-sheep!home | bsmith09302:26
ubottubsmith093: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome02:26
bsmith093btw what does !home or anything after ! mean02:27
gottto!bot | bsmith09302:27
ubottubsmith093: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins02:27
aciculanealindia: you need to setup some more, -D just forwards it to machine A port 999902:27
aciculamachine A needs to know what to do with it still02:28
nealindiaCan you please explain?02:28
nullrHow do I remove all the boot option I dont need that are left after updates?02:28
V3RR3ZWTF... Why dont i have System - Admin - Services?02:28
nullrI looked and I cant find my menu.lst file02:28
onaoghubuntu now use grub2, nullr02:29
puffDangit dangit dangit.02:29
nullrWhere is that file?02:29
onaoghnullr, i forgot02:29
nullrlol ok ill look it up02:29
nealindianullr, You will easily find that on net02:29
nullrsome progrees02:29
aciculanealindia: well if i read the man page right it will forward the traffic to the tunneled machine, in this case machine A, but probably it needs some routing or? never tried forwarding with ssh myself02:29
nullri just kept finding the old one02:29
cain22hey, quick question02:29
cain22if i have unr. does it know not to upgrade the packages with ones from the regular distro...or is there no difference?02:30
nealindiai m write "ssh -D 9999 useranme@machineA" on machine B02:31
Lostinspace_46Does anyone know if Quanta Plus html editor will run on ubuntu karmic?02:31
nealindiaacicula, i m writing "ssh -D 9999 useranme@machineA" on machine B02:31
nealindiaso this will connect to machineA:22 and opens up a socks proxy on 9999 for machineB02:31
cain22anyone, anyone...bueler, bueler?02:31
nullrgottto: I opened that file but i dont see the boot options.02:32
aciculanealindia: yeah, can you try connecting to an ip instead of a dns name in firefox?02:32
kinja-sheepcain22: I think UNR is just same as ubuntu-desktop with few extra packages.02:32
nealindiaacicula, I was able to open machineA's apache default page on machineB02:32
gotttonullr: it should have been a folder...02:32
aciculanealindia: try an internet ip that has a server02:32
gorden>I tried using the update manager but it's coming up that the repositories are unable to be accessed due to being out of date? Can I use a current 9.10 CD to update02:32
nealindiaacicula, ok02:32
nealindiaacicula, hold on02:33
cain22kinja-sheep: really, figured it had a few less...02:33
gotttogorden: how old id\s your os?02:33
nullrgottto: I tried cd'ing ito it but it said i was not a directory so I opened it. It is a file02:33
nullrjust nothing about the boot entries02:33
gorden>Help, PleaseI tried using the update manager but it's coming up that the repositories are unable to be accessed due to being out of date? Can I use a current 9.10 CD to update02:33
nullrgksudo gedit grub.ucf-dist02:33
nullrthat also opens the same file02:33
gotttonullr: does   /boot/grub/grub.conf   exist?02:33
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome02:34
aciculagottto: what ubuntu version are you on?02:34
nullrgottto:  No it does not02:34
nealindiaacicula, not working :(02:34
gotttoacicula: my dapper server - I'm working from memory02:34
nullrgrub is a file not a directory02:34
onaoghnullr, ubuntu boots from the newest kernel, and doesn't show the boot menu, unless you have dual boot02:34
nullrI do02:35
MardokDoes anyone know why when I attempt to boot MythBuntu through a USB stick it works fine, but when I do it on a different machine, it tells me "Boot error"?02:35
nullrBut I dont was the other kernels just the newest one.02:35
onaoghMardok, different hardware02:35
onaoghi guess02:35
=== nightfrog is now known as Perlfection
nullrI use win 7 boot loader first is there a way I can get grub to not show?02:36
aciculagottto: oh heh, you can only do incremental upgrades02:36
aciculagottto: so gotta do every step in between 6.06 and 9.10 to get there02:36
gotttoacicula: I don't want to upgrade02:36
Mardokonaogh: The image is i386... I tried unetbootin with both Gentoo and Ubuntu with the same result02:36
aciculagottto: oh, then you can not use a 9.10 cd02:36
puffCan anybody help me with this network problem?02:36
gotttoacicula: that was gorden02:37
gotttotabbing heh02:37
onaoghMardok, i am not sure, but i guess that when you make a bootable usb on certain machine, it copies the appropriate drivers for that specific machine into the ramfs, and if you try to boot that flash drive on different machine, the hardware are different so it crashes or gives kernel panic02:38
Lostinspace_46Does anyone know if Quanta Plus html editor will run on ubuntu karmic?  And if not, what is a good html editor for karmic?  Not interested in WYSIWYG unless the editor lets you opt out of WYSIWYG.02:39
onaoghMardok, how the liveCD works, is that it detects all devices at boot and loads its drivers.02:39
cachedWhat is a number that is associates with each UNIX filename?02:40
aciculacached: eh?02:41
MardokIt's not even loading the boot loader, though.  It's just giving me "Boot error".  It's not a problem with the kernel or anything, its loading the boot loader02:41
bsmith093ok before i create a seperate partition for home should i have ubuntu installed al ready02:41
cachedWhat is the number called that is associated with each filename, its stored in a table that containts the location information for data storage02:42
cachedI think its a Metacharacter02:42
aciculabsmith093: easier to do during installation02:42
aciculacached magic number?02:42
cachedbsmith, if you plan to dual boot you will need to install windows 1st02:42
bsmith093i would really apprieciate detailed instructions and bot the page everybody keeps directing me to02:42
aciculabsmith093: partition during installation02:43
cachedyah people abuse the bot as if it actually ever helps02:43
bsmith093ok but is there an option to seperate home02:43
bsmith093during the install02:43
cachedthe only helpful thing i ever saw was !fr !sp02:43
trismbsmith093: when you create your partitions, just assign / to one, and /home to another, that's pretty much it (on the manual partitioning page)02:43
aciculabsmith093: when you are asked to partition you select to do it manually, and create your own partitions02:43
=== ogen is now known as SwimmingRat
aciculaone for / and one for /home02:44
bsmith093oh ok um will it be obvious on the page02:44
cachedMake sure you have a gparted live cd02:44
cachedmake that 1st thing02:44
bsmith093i have a ubuntu live cd02:44
cachedthen if you screw anything up you can fix it02:44
cachedGparted is the partitioner to use imo02:44
bsmith093k ill tyr it now02:44
HowardtheDuckis lubuntu 10.04 scheduled for april 2902:44
aciculaHowardtheDuck: yeah02:45
SwimmingRatsorry if this is offtopic but help me please -- Ubuntu is freezing. I think I need to REMOVE flash from chrome. It is not in the Options. How do I do this? THANK YOU SO MUCH.02:45
HowardtheDuckacicula:  sweeeeet02:45
aciculaand people abuse the bot because people keep asking wel documented questions, and the wiki is usually more detailed02:45
HowardtheDucki spun my ring window switcher 3 times in anticipatory celebration02:45
Lostinspace_46bsmith093, Really, install Windows first, and then let the ubuntu02:46
cachedI think its because a. they dont know the answer, or b. they think its a stupid question02:46
aciculacached: or dont feel like repeating themselves02:46
Lostinspace_46bsmith093, do its own partitioning02:46
bsmith093thank u guys so much02:47
cachedthen maybe they shouldnt be supporting noobs02:47
bsmith093seriously u rock it it so obvoius02:47
=== orion_ is now known as Guest20629
acicula!dualboot | acicula02:47
ubottuacicula, please see my private message02:47
bsmith093although this really should be an option for the people who have had linux forced on them maybe due to liscencing issues with windows so they dont lose everything when they invariably screw up02:48
SwimmingRat<--- was tech support long ago helping Win98 users connect to their ISP. Repeated a lot. I got real good at it. Loved the grandmothers who all the rest hated. They only wanted their system to work. No shit.02:48
bsmith093\swimming rat good for u02:48
rwwSwimmingRat: Watch your language, please.02:48
SwimmingRatyes sir!02:49
cachedthier questions are usually the easiest and most redundant02:49
bsmith093thanks again bye02:49
SwimmingRatsorry if this is offtopic but help me please -- Ubuntu is freezing. I think I need to REMOVE flash from chrome. It is not in the Options. How do I do this? THANK YOU SO MUCH.02:49
cachedIts the garage techs that are annoying eh?02:49
* isaac__ pokes his nose in02:49
bsmith093one last thing how big should i make the root partition i plan on downloading about 2 gigs of pCKAGES AND INSTALLING THEM02:50
bsmith093sorry caps lock02:50
rwwbsmith093: I usually make mine 10GB. A default install uses under 3GB.02:50
cachedubuntu is about 8gig02:50
isaac__Wow, quiet here tonight.  Actually though, I think I should be in ubuntu-offtopic.  Sorry.02:50
rwwThe recommendation is at least 8GB.02:50
cachedThen whatever else u want02:50
bsmith093ok thanks02:51
diagoI'm trying to run a Java based app over X11 Forwarding but it is extremely slow. Is there another way to run apps seamlessly?02:51
patg_ How can I get some osx icons on my do dock? Ugly icons scare me02:51
aciculadiago: freenx/vnc/rdp02:51
Lostinspace_46Does anyone know if Quanta Plus html editor will run on ubuntu karmic?  And if not, what is a good html editor for karmic?  Not interested in WYSIWYG unless the editor lets you opt out of WYSIWYG.02:51
aciculadiago: sure its not the network thats causing the lag though?02:51
cachedWhat is the number called that is associated with each filename, its stored in a table that containts the location information for data storage02:52
diagoacicula: it's internal 10/10002:52
rwwcached: inode?02:52
cachedyes thats it ty rww02:52
diagowell it runs at 10002:52
aciculacached: i told you02:52
aciculacached: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_number_%28programming%2902:52
Gran_Gerlostinspace_46, do you know aptana? It's also an IDE for AJAX02:52
invitingdopemanwel hello once agian ubuntu users02:52
aciculaits called the magic number02:52
patg_Lostinspace_46: Ive heard goodthibgs about gedit02:52
Gran_GerPHP, ruby02:52
Daniel591992hey, can you guys please help me, an ubuntu user, win a 20k scholarship? http://www.onevoteplease.com/ Thanks!02:53
rwwacicula: magic numbers are used to determine the type of file, not where it is in the filesystem.02:53
jkernsjranyone here that can help w/ 9.10 Power Magement02:53
invitingdopemanhow do i scan ports like whats the command in nmap02:53
=== blueghost is now known as eightday
oemhaving trouble with sound in 8.04 on an ibook02:53
acicularww: correct those are inodes02:53
patg_oem: Ibooks are sick lol02:54
Lostinspace_46Gran_Ger, Is that pretty well featured..syntax highlighting, etc?02:54
patg_oem: Nice work02:54
oemyea? thx02:54
Gran_Geryes Lostinspace_46, really cool02:54
oemupgraded it from 5.10 over the past few days02:54
=== SwimmingRat is now known as Syndey
Gran_Gereven, you could use it as an pluggin to Eclipse or using stand alone lostinspace_4602:55
turboweiquestion, how do I make the right click menu on desktop NOT transparent? http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/73/screenshot009lg.png02:55
Lostinspace_46Gran_Ger, Thanks, I will give it a try.02:55
bsmith093i am about to install ubuntu i have 2 gigs of ram do i really even need swap space02:55
patg_oem: Whats your issue?02:55
patg_bsmith093: You should if you can at all.02:55
bsmith093qill i notice a slowdown02:56
Gran_Gernp lostinspace_4602:56
FishsceneSo I have a folder in my profile called .wine How do I access this folder without using a terminal?02:56
bsmith093i dont use any desktop effects02:56
bsmith093or heavy duty gaming02:56
patg_bsmith093: If you don't use swap. Yeah.02:56
deandoes anyone kjn02:56
Syndeysorry if this is offtopic but help me please -- Ubuntu is freezing. I think I need to REMOVE flash from chrome. It is not in the Options. How do I do this? THANK YOU SO MUCH. (ubuntu-offtopic wont help me for a minute and told me so.02:56
Gran_Gerfishscene with nautilus02:56
bsmith093patg_ so what was ure answer02:56
Lostinspace_46Fishscene, Alt F202:56
gotttobsmith093: it is safer to have at least 512 - more if you suspend/hibernate02:56
bsmith093i don t02:57
Fishsceneok, let me try the Alf F202:57
rwwFishscene: open the File Manager, press Ctrl-H or do View -> Show Hidden Files, double-click .wine02:57
Fishsceneoh duh. That's what I was looking for. Thanks rww02:57
deandoes anyone know where i can get graphiteone???02:57
Gran_Geror type .wine into the addres bar at nautilus02:57
jkernsjrubuntu 9.10 - I can suspend fine via the menu item but the power management will not put computer to sleep02:58
patg_bsmith093 can you really not spare any space for swap?02:58
[B]lack[D]ragoNHello, after checking the forums for the past few hours, I'm at a deadlock and looking for some help... I switched my hard drive from 1 system to another and now it will not detect the NIC card at all...any help with this would be great. :)02:59
turboweiquestion, how do I make the right click menu on desktop NOT transparent? http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/73/screenshot009lg.png02:59
Fishsceneturbowei: That doesn't look transparent.02:59
SyndeyI searched for all the files that had the chars "chrome" in them. There are "many". Is there an easy way to tell which are in the same folders? .. without doing "properties" on each one and remembering?03:00
Syndeysorry if this is offtopic but help me please -- Ubuntu is freezing. I think I need to REMOVE flash from chrome. It is not in the Options. How do I do this? THANK YOU SO MUCH. (ubuntu-offtopic wont help me for a minute and told me so.03:00
solowi just plugged in my webcam. it doesnt work. it appears as black. why?03:00
turboweiFishscene, hmm, it  is not the solid bg I want though03:00
turboweiFishscene, is there anyway to change it to solid?03:01
Syndeyfishscene how do I make mine transparent?03:01
Syndeysolow, is your webcam supported by ubuntu? Search the docs to find out.03:01
rwwturbowei: umm. That screenshot shows a right-click menu with a solid background...03:02
solowSyndey, wth... never mind. going back to windows. driver support sucks03:02
[B]lack[D]ragoNCan anyone give me a hand please... I switched my hard drive from 1 system to another and now it will not detect the network card at all...I'm sure someone has had this issue before and knows how to solve it.03:02
turboweirww, how can I change it?03:02
cain22ha, bitch at the manufactures03:03
Syndeyis just differnt03:03
linuxuser5152anyone in here using KDE 4.4?03:03
turboweirww, if it is solid,I wanna change it to another.03:03
gottto[B]lack[D]ragoN: it might be eth1 now03:03
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: ethernet card or wireless?03:03
[B]lack[D]ragoNethernet. and eth1 doesn't exist. ifconfig returns nothing.03:03
SyndeyI want to stop freezing - so I want to remove flash from chrome - and there must be 75 files that are called chrome, most locked.03:03
aciculawhat about eth0?03:03
deananyone........is there anyway for me to get graphiteone??03:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNeth0 doesn't exist either...thats why im having the issue03:04
aciculadoes an ifconfig eth0 or eth1 up work?03:04
gottto[B]lack[D]ragoN: does it show in   lspci   ?03:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNgottto: No.03:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: trying.03:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNneither work.03:05
aciculaheu if it doesnt show in lspci it wont work03:05
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: are you sure the nic is enabled in the bios03:05
[B]lack[D]ragoNyes it is enabled03:05
V3RR3Zanyone good with samba03:05
aciculacan you pastebin the output from lspci then? afaik wether supported or not it should at least show03:06
ZykoticK9!anyone | V3RR3Z03:06
ubottuV3RR3Z: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:06
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: it doesnt even show up in lspci at all03:06
[B]lack[D]ragoNits not listed03:06
rww[B]lack[D]ragoN: try lsusb03:06
gotttocheck the bios03:07
[B]lack[D]ragoNno ethernet listed in usb, since its an onboard card03:07
V3RR3Zanyone: I am using Samba to share from Ubuntu to Windows computers.. I have got it to work on a laptop but the computer i am actually wanting it to work on isnt working...03:07
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: did you check or just assume it is enabled in the bios?03:08
[B]lack[D]ragoNi am checking again now, but it was on as of this morning03:08
Gran_GerV3RR3Z, what do you have into the computer doesn't work? Win or Ubuntu?03:08
Gran_Gerwich version?03:08
Gran_GerWhat do you want to share? Files, Printers?03:09
turboweihow do I make a new GNOME theme?03:09
turboweiIs there a widget factory?03:09
[B]lack[D]ragoNwhen i attempt to start the device, i get the following error btw: SIOCSIFADDR: No such device03:09
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: hmm well if its on you could try to hit pause just after the first bios screen, requires some keyboard kongfu, but it should list an ethernetcard there during boot03:09
V3RR3Zi am ubun.. it is win vista03:10
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: yeah that means it cant find a device03:10
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: well a lacking driver causes it, but vov03:10
onaogh!s Icarus.2010.UNCUT.DVDRip.XviD-CM803:10
[B]lack[D]ragoNit seems to be an issue when the hard drive was switched, since it was working fine with another nic03:11
aciculaonaogh: not a warez channel03:11
D0c5i5hrm, envyng isn't playing well with python, there is a suggestion to "downgrade python package from 7.10 to 7.09"... is there a way to do that easily? I'm not seeing it03:11
onaoghsorry wrong channel03:11
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: this motherboard and this nic have been used before?03:11
qwerty1hi evry body, there is a probleme with arping, if i install it i loose network manager!!03:11
[B]lack[D]ragoNyes acicula03:11
V3RR3ZGran_Ger: I am sharing files03:12
tiki okay, I dunno if its the right channel, but here goes: When i sync banshee with my Nexus One, it converts FLAC songs to another format before transferring. My phone has a custom rom on it and supports flac. Is there any way to stop the conversion?03:12
braxHello how would I give myself root privelidges? (I know, noob question.)03:12
turboweihow do I make a new GNOME theme?03:12
turboweiIs there a widget factory?03:12
[B]lack[D]ragoNah hah, now i feel stupid, the ethernet setting in bios was disabled for some reason03:12
[B]lack[D]ragoNoddly it was enabled this morning03:13
Gran_GerCan you see the files from the ubuntu pc into your vista pc?03:13
[B]lack[D]ragoNk booting back up now, see if we run into anymore problems03:13
V3RR3ZI can see the folders.. but cant access the folders..03:14
aciculaqwerty1: conflicting package probably because an (other i assume) arping program is installed03:14
coz_turbowei,  well there is a widget factory of sorts but to make a gtk theme you would most likely get more info by looking at the gtkrc file in one of the themes you have onboard03:14
stercorI wish to get a French e'.  I tried the Debian method with the Compose key.  All went fine, except for one thing:  it doesn't work.  Any pointers?  Oh, and while we're at it umlauts and ess-tzets would be nice.  I'll even c/p them from a font screen.03:14
Gran_Gerand at the ubuntu pc, did you gave the right permissions?03:14
woody_Hi, i got a gateway netbook and i'm trying to trouble shoot a wifi error problem. Has anyone had any experience with this?03:15
qwerty1acicula: I delete it ( arping)03:15
aciculaqwerty1: as in sudo rm /path/to/arping ?03:15
qwerty1it s said that arping have a confilct with iptils i think03:15
trhugginsI'm gonna try adding some other sound programs and see if that helps03:16
qwerty1i dont remeber sorry, my question is... is there i program like arping, to ping a mac adress?03:16
aciculawell there is an arping package and iputils-arping both of which provide arping03:16
tiki okay, I dunno if its the right channel, but here goes: When i sync banshee with my Nexus One, it converts FLAC songs to another format before transferring. My phone has a custom rom on it and supports flac. Is there any way to stop the conversion?03:17
=== Shazbutts is now known as ShazbotMcNasty
Syndeymy Ubuntu freezes. I think it is flash. I'd like to remove flash. I've been asking about my freezing for over a week on and off.03:17
aciculaqwerty1: yes arping does that03:17
qwerty1another one?03:17
coz_Syndey,  is this only happening when viewing flash?03:17
V3RR3ZGran_Ger: I have another win xp comp that can share and even create new folders.. no login neccessary.. i made guest accounts work03:18
terry_qwerty1: What are you trying to do?03:18
qwerty1terry_: to ping a mac adress03:18
qwerty1by entring xx:xx:xx:....03:18
aciculareinstall iputils-arping package and use the provided arping?03:19
Gran_GerV3rr3z, is Vista the problem?03:19
qwerty1acicula: ok, thank you i will try03:19
V3RR3ZGran_Ger I dont know.. what would the issuse be?03:20
terry_qwerty1: Why not just ping the IP address?03:20
Azhanyone know anything about firestarter?03:20
aciculawoody_: what kind of wireless problem, are you on karmic and have you applied updates after installing yet ?03:20
[B]lack[D]ragoNok, so its detecting the card properly now, but now it's giving me a really confusing issue....instead of giving an ip in the address field of ifconfig, its giving me a code of letters and numbers03:20
[B]lack[D]ragoNthus no connection still03:20
Gran_GerI usually have some problems with vista to sharing folders.03:20
V3RR3ZAnything needed to enable on the vista?03:20
qwerty1terry_: I dont know it!03:21
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: code of letters and numbers?03:21
ShazbotMcNasty[B]lack[D]ragoN, what does the code look like?03:21
Gran_Gerstep 1, check if Ubuntu has the privileges to share as a guest03:21
meowbuntuhi is there a cli to reinstall ubuntu back to default install something has been broken. i dont want to loose any files etc just restore default again.03:21
ShazbotMcNasty[B]lack[D]ragoN, like: 1d32:123d:5071:DDEE::1093  ?03:21
Azhlooking for some firestarter help plz03:21
qwerty1some one is trying to connect to my network03:21
[B]lack[D]ragoNno, not a mac id03:21
Gran_Gertry at vista the Win key + R03:21
Syndeycoz_ I dont know. It happens. there are a lot of tabs open usually. I am NOT watching flash at that time. Nor is any specifically youtube tab open. I am trying to avoid it. I'd like to disable flash but I just changed my default browser from chrome ot firlfox in case it is chrome.03:22
meowbuntuoh first i need the cli to get back to login scteen03:22
Gran_Gerand type \\<your-ubuntu-host03:22
coz_Syndey,  mm  which video card do you have?03:22
woody_anyone had any experience with wireless cards on netbooks causing problems?03:22
terry_qwerty1: nmap -p 22
Syndeywhats the command to tell?03:22
ShazbotMcNastymeowbuntu, 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start'03:23
Azhdamn xubuntu is dead03:23
[B]lack[D]ragoNok nvm, he confused me....the problem is that its not getting the ip from the router (set to dchp in interfaces)03:23
Azhi mean #xubuntu03:23
[B]lack[D]ragoNits assigning a 169.x.x.x address instead03:23
ShazbotMcNastythat means you're not connected to the internet03:23
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: is the cable connected on both ends?03:23
aciculaand into a router?03:23
[B]lack[D]ragoNyes the cable is connected lol03:23
Azhtry setting up a xubuntu box with firestarter as a router. major pain...03:24
qwerty1terry_: I try it03:24
ShazbotMcNasty[B]lack[D]ragoN, you should check just to make sure - most network problems is the hardware not being connected properly03:24
woody_can anyone help me fix ubuntu wireless driver from giving me a kernel error?03:24
[B]lack[D]ragoNi am trying to help someone over voip btw, so yeah its a little hard for me also03:24
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: well 169 means the cable is connected to something i suppose, but the ip means dhcp times out03:24
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: correct. connected and timing out...but the question is, why.03:25
Gran_GerV3RR3Z what do you see?03:25
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: well my guess would be cables, cables, cables in uplink instead of switch port03:25
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: does the network applet animate a small rotatin circle thingy if you plug unplug the cable?03:25
Gartralwhats up with open office defaulting to the Black Knight font? numbers aren't working at all in that font?03:26
rhineheart_mhello... what to check if I can't connect to the net but others can (windows).. maybe a problem with dns.. thans..03:26
[B]lack[D]ragoNwell, considering there are about 6 computers in the router... an uplink to the modem is present or i wouldn't be talking to him ;)03:26
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: working via terminal, not gui03:26
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: running dhclient by hand then?03:26
[B]lack[D]ragoNim thinking theres an issue with the interfaces03:27
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: well maybe he has a switch or a modem with an ethernet uplink or something03:27
[B]lack[D]ragoNbut again, over voip, i cant see it myself03:27
aciculawell if you have an interface the driver works, though the card could be broken03:27
aciculamy money is still on improper cable/wireing though03:27
[B]lack[D]ragoNwell, i think its more likely, that its not configured properly03:27
aciculatry assigning a static ip03:27
StarTecis there nothing i can do to change my 600x800 video03:27
aciculaand ping the router ip03:28
[B]lack[D]ragoNalready tried a static ip lol03:28
aciculano joy?03:28
rhineheart_mwhat to check if I have correct dns records?03:28
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: then its the cabling, have him/her yank a working system cable and put it in that port?03:28
[B]lack[D]ragoNthe card is showing up properly in ifconfig, and in lspci now, its just assigning the wrong ip address03:28
terry_bjwebb: You can assign the IP address manually.03:29
aciculahe said he tried that already03:29
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: yes, thats a static ip, and already done so03:29
ShazbotMcNastyhe said he tried that already03:29
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Can you pring the router?03:30
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: no.03:30
[B]lack[D]ragoNhe just checked the cables, they are fine03:30
ShazbotMcNasty[B]lack[D]ragoN, [B]lack[D]ragoN then you've got a bad connection to the router03:30
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Then you have a hardware problem.03:30
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:30
[B]lack[D]ragoNlights on router and nic are working03:30
ShazbotMcNasty[B]lack[D]ragoN, You've got a bad connection to router03:30
FishsceneWhat happens when you get a DHCP address?03:30
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN:swapthe cable with another port on the router03:30
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Can you ping the IP address that you assigned to the NIC?03:30
ShazbotMcNastyeven if router is not connected to the internet, you can still ping the router03:31
meowbuntuhi what is the ubuntu default gnome install app called03:31
[B]lack[D]ragoNits assigning a 169 ip instead of a 19203:31
Zenkercan someone tell me the image formats that ubuntu will allow for backgrounds or where to find such information?03:31
rhineheart_mI can ping the router03:31
ShazbotMcNastymeowbuntu, that question makes no sense03:31
FishsceneThat means it's not getting an IP address. DHCP is either disabled on the router or there is a hardware issue (such as a bad cable)03:31
meowbuntugnome has been removed somehow while uninstalling other apps03:31
ShazbotMcNastymeowbuntu, but you can install 'ubuntu-desktop'03:31
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: 169.xxx ???  I thought you said you assigned a static IP to it?03:31
magicvibescan someone give me a little guidance, pleeeeeeze -- i have an issue with my Ubuntu 9.10 x32 -- it WILL NOT boot up after I installed gdm_2-28.tar.gz with ./configure command ---- WHAT DO I DO?03:31
meowbuntuah thats it.03:31
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: i am trying to get it working under dhcp, not static03:31
FishsceneIs DHCP enabled on the router?03:32
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, why did you reinstall gdm?03:32
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: yeah but if static does work you know its not the cabling/card03:32
[B]lack[D]ragoNwhen he tries to restart the network now, it says "the interface eth0 is not configured"03:32
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; ping
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: more likely he is lost :D03:32
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, can you reinstall gdm using 'sudo apt-get reinstall gdm'03:33
ShazbotMcNastyI think03:33
thenetduckhi, I need help getting my development enviroment set up, would someone be able to help me? I"m trying to do Ruby on Rails03:33
ShazbotMcNasty o_o03:33
ShazbotMcNastylet me check03:33
FloodBot3ShazbotMcNasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:33
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: When you set a static IP, can you ping the router?03:33
magicvibesShazbotMcNasty, well I was trying to change/edit my Login Screen with Login Manager and I was under the assumption (im new), after doing some reading, that i needed to install gdm to utilize the login manager --03:33
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; ping
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, gdm is already installed03:33
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: no, because there is an interface error03:33
magicvibesShazbotMcNasty, unfortunately, im magicvibe lol and not ninja03:34
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: What error?03:34
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, yes do 'sudo apt-get install gdm' or 'sudo apt-get reinstall gdm'03:34
[B]lack[D]ragoNwhen he tries to restart the network now, it says "the interface eth0 is not configured"03:34
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: define "restart the network" ?03:34
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: mii-tool eth003:34
magicvibesShazbotMcNasty, when i start the computer, it does the "mouse wait loading" symbol and goes no where... how do i get to a terminal?03:35
Maletor[10:32pm] Maletor: Can I just select my /dev/md0 and set that to boot [10:33pm] Maletor: [10:32pm] Maletor: Select dev/vg/root to my root partition and /dev/vg/swap to swap [10:33pm] Maletor: [10:33pm] Maletor: And install. And the kernel will be able to figure out that it needs to assemble a raid and find a lvm to startup?03:35
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, hit <ctrl+alt+f2>03:35
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: lspci |grep -i net03:35
magicvibesShazbotMcNasty, one sec, switching KVM03:35
aciculaterry_: the nics there and he had an eth0 that much we covered03:36
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: restart the networking process you mean?03:38
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN:  ethtool eth003:38
aciculawoody_: what kind of wireless problem, are you on karmic and have you applied updates after installing yet ? and what kernel error03:38
MaletorIf, from ubiquity, I install onto a LVM that's reading from a software RAID, will my computer be able to boot. As in: will the computer be able to assemble the RAID and find my root partition so it can mount it?03:38
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: yeah03:38
[B]lack[D]ragoNthats what i meant :p03:38
magicvibesShazbotMcNasty, [sudo apt-get reinstall gdm] replied E: Invalid Operation -- and [sudo apt-get install gdm] replies already installed03:38
[B]lack[D]ragoNrestarting the router wouldn't effect it lol03:39
aciculawell the service that starts NetworkManager i mean03:39
Azhany firestarter users here?03:39
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Did you try a different cable?03:39
[B]lack[D]ragoNwell apparently, that process cannot be found acicula03:39
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: yes.03:39
[B]lack[D]ragoNsame problem03:39
[B]lack[D]ragoNits an interface error03:39
Out_ColdAzh, i use it but ask anyways so we can all see03:39
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: Network-manager or whatever variation thereof03:39
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN:  ethtool eth003:39
[B]lack[D]ragoNok so, mii-tool: eth0: negotiated 100baseTx-FD, link ok03:40
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: mii-tool eth003:40
[B]lack[D]ragoNi have to wait for him to type on his cell lol03:40
Azhoutcould, i keep having to give me eth0 an ip adress for fire starter to work03:40
magicvibeswell ShazbotMcNasty Im going to try removing the gdm and then reinstalling -- hopefully that may fix it? ... is it possible there's an issue with my xorg.conf?03:40
Azhbut it like keeps reseting itself03:40
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: What happens when you do:  sudo ifconfig eth0 ; ping  ?03:40
Out_ColdAzh, when you first install you select a nic03:41
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: nothing.03:41
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, no "./configure" is not the end of the compiling process03:41
ryan_is there a way to schedule recording an internet radio station to an mp3 file?03:41
woody_well when i connect to a network using the wireless, it was worse using karmic koala, im running mystic right now but still the same problem, when i download something it will drop the connection. on reconnect it will give me a kernel error03:41
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN:  The NIC must be bad.03:41
Azhoutcold, it works most of time, but the eth0 keeps reseting the ip adress03:41
Out_ColdAzh, i dont have on this laptop but check settings to see if you can change03:41
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, you messed gdm up by failing at compiling a new gdm03:41
enjoythedaydo we nned to entable bootable flag on /boot directory?03:41
meowbuntuhi i need to fix my proxy settings to remove a proxy an app left behind i cant update or install ubuntu-desktop which has been removed. i need to do this from cli.03:41
Azhall right, thanks outcold03:41
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: think its possible that he made a typo in /etc/network/interfaces ?03:41
Out_ColdAzh, are you using both interfaces at the same time?03:42
Gartralwhats up with open office defaulting to the Black Knight font? numbers aren't working at all in that font?03:42
Azhyeah, like I said it works almost perfect03:42
magicvibesShazbotMcNasty, oh... ---- what do I do to fix that?03:42
Azhexcept my eth0 keeps loosing it's static ip03:42
meowbuntuanyone can help me atm03:42
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: possible but the troubleshoot terry gave should work, if you set the ip with ifconfig eth0 and ping doesnt work its hosed, if it does work tell your friend to get someone to look at his cabling03:42
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: the nic is fine. it works perfectly under windows and centos.03:42
Azhand I have to input it every time via sudo ifconfig03:43
=== magicvibes is now known as MagicVibes
pepee!ask    | meowbuntu03:43
ryan_Kind of like Replay A/V for windows?03:43
ubottumeowbuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:43
ShazbotMcNastymagic_ninja420, "sudo apt-get --reinstall install gdm"03:43
pepeemeowbuntu, oh sorry03:43
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, ok, i will give that a go03:43
guyforgetis anyone here familiar with mythtv? i'm having trouble getting a frontend to connect to a backend on a separate computer. I can access the setting page on port 6544 through firefox, but the frontend will not connect to the backend on port 654303:43
Out_ColdAzh, why you think it's firestarter thats going dhcp?03:43
Azhyeah I guess is not firestarter, its something to with xubuntu03:44
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If you set a static IP to your NIC and then can not ping your own NIC you must have a hardware problem.  NIC must have gone bad.  Did you try setting a static IP and then ping it?  i.e.:  sudo ifconfig eth0  ;  ping
trhugginsI get it through the headphones fine though patg03:44
pepeemeowbuntu, what app?03:44
[B]lack[D]ragoNk i told him to do it again with static, he may have tried under dhcp03:44
[B]lack[D]ragoNhe said it pings fine03:45
Azhit's still pretty sweet though, i'm using the internet through my xubuntu box with firestarter03:45
Out_ColdAzh, maybe a setting in /etc/network/interface03:45
Lars_GAnybody else having no-video troubles on 10.04 with .32 kernels?03:45
Lars_GFor netbooks03:45
Azhhmmm, okay I'll check03:45
=== pragma_ is now known as Guest818
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If it pings fine, then you only need to get proper settings in /etc/network/interfaces03:46
ryan_My left click quits working in programs, I have to close them with keyboard, then it works again03:46
Out_ColdAzh, let me know how it pans out03:46
linuxuser5152has anybody have the Kubuntu 10.04LTS Beta 1 partitioner get stuck at 47% when searching for partitions?03:46
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: restarting gives this error: SIOCADDRT: No such process03:46
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: pings fine to the ip set to the static adress, or pings fine to the router?\03:46
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: to the static address03:47
[B]lack[D]ragoNit wont reach the router if the interface is not configured properly03:47
woody_acicula: sry, im using a atom n450 netbook from gateway. its equiped with a wireless b/g. i cant get the wireless to stay connected consistently and the bluetooth cant be found at all03:47
ShazbotMcNasty linuxuser5152 install gparted03:47
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, after I boot up in recovery mode with network I run that command in terminal... now what do i do when it's complete?03:47
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, would i "gdm restart" ?03:47
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: yeah that is rpetty obvious yes03:47
enjoythedayfor the /boot directory, do we need to enable boot flag?03:47
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If it pings fine, then you only need to get proper settings in /etc/network/interfaces:   auto eth0  #If you want to use dhcp03:47
ShazbotMcNastyMagicVibes, /etc/init.d/gdm start03:48
linuxuser5152ShazbotMcNasty, i just installed regular ubuntu and installed Kubuntu-desktop. but still kinda odd.03:48
aciculawoody_: the wireless looses connection every now and then?03:48
ShazbotMcNastyMagicVibes, "/etc/init.d/gdm start"03:48
[B]lack[D]ragoNummm we have auto lo eth0 eth103:48
acicularemove the eth103:48
Gartralwhats up with open office defaulting to the Black Knight font? numbers aren't working at all in that font?03:48
ShazbotMcNastylinuxuser5152, is there no kubuntu 10.04 beta?03:48
aciculaunless he has dual nics ?03:48
ryan_Anybody know why my left click quits working, I have to close open apps with keyboard, and then it works again?03:49
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: See:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/03:49
woody_acicula: yeah, when it reconnect is actually get a kernel error occasionally03:49
linuxuser5152ShazbotMcNasty, ehm. i don't get what you're saying.03:49
linuxuser5152i had to install Ubuntu 10.04LTS Beta 1 and then install the KDE packages.03:49
Terminushello. i have a problem with ping resolving a host. "host foo.example.local" resolves fine, but "ping foo.example.local" doesn't work. "ping foo" on the other hand, works. does anybody know why? i have the following in my resolv.conf --> http://codepad.org/0vkrJXJF03:49
Syndeywhat is the terminal command to tell what video card I have03:50
Gaming4JCAnyone know about mounting an Xbox Memory Card? See also my repot... https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/10595503:50
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, i got a reply saying to "Rather than invoiking init scripts through /etc/init.d/ use the service(8) utility eg. gdm start"03:50
ShazbotMcNastyMagicVibes, well then I guess you should do that03:50
ShazbotMcNastythat's weird though03:50
terry_Syndey: lspci |grep -i vga03:50
aciculawoody_: best bet then is to check launchpad and with the kernel error message or report it03:50
MagicVibeshmm i ll try it out03:50
Azhall right, I just had to convert the dhcp config to static, thanks for the help out_cold03:51
aciculaor pastebin it and i can have a quick google for you03:51
ShazbotMcNastylinuxuser5152, so your problem is you need a new hard drive manager/partitioner thingy?03:51
meowbuntuevery one my desktop is broken03:51
ShazbotMcNastyand gparted doesn't work...03:51
aztek[tum]I have my desktop set w/ a static IP, sshd_config set to listen on that IP, but sshd doesn't start on boot. Anyone know why?03:51
woody_acicula: sry im new at linux. How would i check the launchpad?03:51
linuxuser5152ShazbotMcNasty, naah. i had a partition set up already, but when entering the partitioner part of the installation, it just freezes at 47% detecting partitions or something of that sort.03:52
aciculawoody_: its a website where problems/bugs are traced03:52
Out_ColdAzh, no problem. sometimes it helps to write out your problem to help diagnose it03:52
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/03:52
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, still with the same problem... :/ i get the Loading mouse icon but no gdm03:52
ShazbotMcNasty!lucid | linuxuser515203:52
ubottulinuxuser5152: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule03:52
Azhi know, thank god for irc and you guys ^_^03:52
aciculathouhg i ussually just search via google to get onto launchpad03:52
ShazbotMcNastyMagicVibes, I think you broked it03:53
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, noooooooooooooooOOOOoOoooOoooooooooo03:53
aciculawoody_: can you pastebin the kernel error?03:53
linuxuser5152i know i know it's a beta. i just wanted to know if anyone else had the problem.03:53
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: it seems that the process is killing itself now..03:53
Gaming4JCApril 29th is Lucid launch? wow fast.03:53
ZykoticK9linuxuser5152, ask in the Lucid channel - #ubuntu+103:53
linuxuser5152can't wait for that day =D03:53
linuxuser5152will do.03:53
Gaming4JCindeed ^^03:53
fate_t_harlaownhey, I'm getting this issue when I'm compiling a custom kernel for ubuntu server 9.10: The UTS Release version in include/linux/version.h03:53
fate_t_harlaowndoes not match current version: "2.6.33-1-custom" Please correct this.03:53
woody_acicula: ive  been searching google using every set of keywords i can think, ive tracked it down to this madwifi thing that might be the fix but i still havent seen anything about the bluetooth03:54
Out_Coldgaming... it's a six month roll out release... doesn't matter if the bugs are fixed... we just pray they are03:54
fate_t_harlaownis it a bug with kernel-package or do I have to do something else to it?03:54
Out_Cold** Gaming4JC03:54
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If you want to use DHCP, your /etc/network/interfaces file should look like this: http://pastebin.com/z8EX38Qn03:54
MaletorIf I use ubiquity to install and I install onto a LVM that is looking for a RAID assembly, will my computer be able to boot (find the filesystem and mount it)?03:54
aciculawoody_: bluetooth and wifi are two separate things?03:54
Gaming4JCOut_Cold: I see... :P03:55
aciculafate_t_harlaown: read what it says, it exepects "String" in <file> but it says03:55
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, thanks for the support03:55
ShazbotMcNastyMagicVibes, sorry I can't help you further :/03:55
fate_t_harlaownyeah, but I checked the version.h file03:55
fate_t_harlaownit's just not there03:55
fate_t_harlaownI even tried adding the #define UTS_VERSION and it just didn't want to work either03:55
* Gaming4JC yawn03:55
Gaming4JCciao ppl ^^03:55
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, nah, it's okay.. i usually break things to figure out how they work03:56
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If you want to use a static IP, your /etc/network/interfaces file should look like this: http://pastebin.com/7BqE4VvY03:56
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: dhcp.03:56
meowbuntuhi again back now03:56
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, if i somehow get it fixed i will come to you with my success story :P03:56
meowbuntuin irssi03:57
ShazbotMcNastyMagicVibes, looking forward to it03:57
woody_acicula: in the sense that wifi sorta works and bluetooth flat out can not be discovered03:57
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: where is the location of the eth0 config? he needs to change his subnet apparently03:57
[B]lack[D]ragoN(sorry, i dont personally use ubuntu..)03:57
meowbuntuok what do i now do in cli ot remove proxi settings back to default03:57
MaletorIf I use ubiquity to install and I install onto a LVM that is looking for a RAID assembly, will my computer be able to boot (find the filesystem and mount it)?03:57
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN:  /etc/network/interfaces03:57
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: no subnet mask in there03:57
aciculawoody_: ah like so03:58
thenetduckI want to be able to read and write to my /var/www folder what chmod command do I need to do for that?03:58
aciculafate_t_harlaown: err maybe you have to specify the revision via --revision when using the make-kpgk thing?03:58
guyforgetchmod 777 /var/www/*03:58
fate_t_harlaownrevision thing?03:58
Gartralwhats up with open office defaulting to the Black Knight font? numbers aren't working at all in that font?03:58
[B]lack[D]ragoNdhcp is assigning the wrong subnet mask apparently03:59
[B]lack[D]ragoNnot quite sure as to why03:59
fate_t_harlaownacicula, I used this command right off from the ubuntu wiki: CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=`getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN` fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom kernel_image kernel_headers03:59
aciculafate_t_harlaown: --revision flag03:59
damasceneany hint on startup programs not starting automaticly03:59
bigtom21485im trying to reinstall ubuntu over kubuntu and my computer wont get to the installer03:59
meowbuntucan anyone here help me04:00
meowbuntuok what do i now do in cli ot remove proxi settings back to default04:01
fate_t_harlaownso acicula, what do I put in for the revision, just 2.6.33-1?04:01
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If the router is issuing bogus IP info, you will need access to the router's configuration in order to repair those errors.04:01
meowbuntu:( ;(04:02
terry_dmstrdj: Which one(s)?04:02
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: again, the router is fine04:02
aciculafate_t_harlaown: not sure, just having a look at google04:02
MagicVibesCan someone help me PLEASE to restore my GDM -- i broked it04:02
[B]lack[D]ragoNthere are 6 pcs online, this is the only 1 having issues04:02
[B]lack[D]ragoNits an interface problem04:02
GSF1200Sanyone know how a desktop environment could cause one of my fans to go nuts?04:03
Gnea[B]lack[D]ragoN: are you sure the mask is incorrect?04:03
GSF1200Sif I log out, the fan goes back to normal- my cpu usage stays very low04:03
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Is the router also the DHCP server?  If so, it is not fine if you are getting bogus IP info from the DHCP server.04:03
[B]lack[D]ragoNGnea: considering the router doesnt use a default subnet, yes04:03
GSF1200Sit only happens after I play a game.. weird stuff04:03
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: yes it is.04:03
Gnea[B]lack[D]ragoN: then the problem is with the router, not the pc04:03
acicula[B]lack[D]ragoN: you still get a 169.* ip?04:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNthe subnet is forwarded through the isp04:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNacicula: 192 now.04:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNthe ip is proper, the subnet isnt04:04
Gnea[B]lack[D]ragoN: what CIDR are you using?04:04
[B]lack[D]ragoNhe has no idea :D04:04
[B]lack[D]ragoN"whats a CIDR?"04:04
aciculaif he gets an ip from his isp it shouldnt begin with 19204:05
iromlinautilus staled because bonobo-activation-server is error (code 3)04:05
[B]lack[D]ragoNno no04:05
Gneaif he doesn't know what a CIDR is, then what business does he have operating a router? :)04:05
[B]lack[D]ragoNthe router issues the lan ips04:05
[B]lack[D]ragoNthe isp issues the wan ip and the subnet04:05
MagicVibesWhat is XORG.CONF ?04:05
Gneaah ok04:05
[B]lack[D]ragoNthe subnet is forwarded through the router04:05
aciculaso can he ping the router04:05
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Sounds like you have a network configuration problem other than the machine you are working on.  It is possible that you have more than one DHCP servers running on that LAN which COULD cause a problem like the one you see.04:05
aciculainternal ip04:05
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:06
Gnea[B]lack[D]ragoN: CIDR is like, on a standard subnet, would be /24. so, what's the subnet mask supposed to be?04:06
MaletorIf I use ubiquity to install and I install onto a LVM that is looking for a RAID assembly, will my computer be able to boot (find the filesystem and mount it)?04:06
[B]lack[D]ragoNGnea: not sure, the system isnt in front of me lol04:06
Gnea[B]lack[D]ragoN: are you a proxy to help someone else then?04:06
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: The easiest solution is to just use static IP configuration on the machine you are working on.04:07
meowbuntupanic panic panic04:07
meowbuntuanyone here able to help me04:07
terry_meowbuntu: what is your problem?04:07
meowbuntuwith my proxy04:07
Gneameowbuntu: not if you don't tell us what the problem is04:07
meowbuntui have been in here04:07
* Gnea does not care04:08
[B]lack[D]ragoNGnea: voip04:08
meowbuntui was uninstalling apps adn acidently ubuntu-desktop was removed04:08
* un214 loads his rocket launcher04:08
Gneameowbuntu: so reinstall it04:08
terry_meowbuntu: Check browser settings.04:08
meowbuntui cant install it again as the proxy settings manager was removed adn the default proxy has changed.04:08
un214well since you have irc maybe you can reinstall it from cd04:09
aciculafate_t_harlaown: http://lists.linuxcoding.com/kernel/2006-q3/msg05258.html04:09
meowbuntuits not that easy i dont hve desktop atm04:09
Gneameowbuntu: this prevents you from using apt how?04:09
terry_meowbuntu: ping av.com04:09
meowbuntujust cli04:09
meowbuntuGnea, i cant get onto the internet04:09
terry_meowbuntu: sudo dhclient04:09
un214well you have some machine on the internet04:09
aciculafate_t_harlaown: appearantly the define got moved  for that04:09
meowbuntuits blocking the use of apt04:09
[B]lack[D]ragoNit was /29, not /2404:09
aciculaor so it seems anyway04:09
fate_t_harlaownhm...ah, so that's what happened...04:09
[B]lack[D]ragoNip calc <304:09
meowbuntuhols on04:09
fate_t_harlaownwell, gonna give it another shot on compiling it again04:10
un214well you can use the machine you have to downlaod the latest ubuntu alternate cd and use that as a package source04:10
javatexanin bash, how is a good way to check to see if a server is running...I want to say "If the server is available, do backup"04:10
un214javatexan: somethign along the lines of ping servername &&04:10
meowbuntuwhat am i looking for terry04:11
javatexandarnit...I hate it when I don't think of the obvious way...trying to make it way too hard ;)  Thanks04:11
meowbuntui cant show you anythig no desktop04:11
meowbuntu^ terry_04:11
terry_meowbuntu: Check your network connection.  ifconfig ; ping av.com04:11
rixxyI have an AMD processor that I know will support 32 bit, but I have 64 installed. How do I force a 32 bit package to install?04:12
un214rixxy: I debootstraped a 32 bit enviornment04:12
un214in a chroot jail04:12
Gneameowbuntu: export http_proxy=http://yourproxyaddress:proxyport04:12
meowbuntuhold on can i go back to live cd and reset gnome like i have done with grub without reinstalling04:12
Gneameowbuntu: then use apt-get04:12
un214be careful when doing that you remove grub and grub2 from the inside immediately or the next do-release-upgrade will clobber your bootloader04:13
terry_rixxy: dpkg04:13
rixxyterry: what flags need to go with it?04:13
thenetducknot bad04:13
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, still around?04:13
Gneameowbuntu: or add the following line to /etc/apt/apt.conf: Acquire::http::Proxy "http://yourproxyaddress:proxyport";04:13
rixxyterry: it would be sudo dpkg -?04:13
MagicVibesShazbotMcNasty, how would I set my xorg.conf to 100% default?04:13
terry_rixxy: none is far as I know.  Just download the .deb   and do  dpkg -i package.deb04:13
un214rm /etc/xorg.conf04:13
meowbuntuGnea, my proxy address needs to be reset to default null04:14
un214I'm not joking.04:14
MagicVibesun214, that will return default?04:14
rixxyterry: thanks, i'll give it a try04:14
jeeezhi, i just installed xfce. it doesn't seem to mount my ntfs partition on its own, whats the command to do that?04:14
meowbuntui dint have the address it thinks it has. hol on04:14
Gneameowbuntu: I'm just saying, that's where you put it to make it work04:14
un214well it returned me to a working state from a non-working state04:14
[B]lack[D]ragoNok so, having him switch to static and try to define all the stuff....hope this works04:14
terry_rixxy: But if you have the 64bit version currently installed, you probably need to remove it first.04:15
[B]lack[D]ragoNhe said it was giving errors the last time about him not giving enough information, or giving too much...so i dont know04:15
[B]lack[D]ragoNnow its saying no such process set as static04:16
un214fyi, it's a little annoying to start a statement with /04:16
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: If he is changing to static by editing the /etc/network/interfaces file, he will need to restart the network afterwards:  /etc/init.d/networking restart04:16
meowbuntuwhat if i dont want a proxy address04:16
jeeezhi, i just installed xfce. it doesn't seem to mount my ntfs partition on its own, whats the command to do that?04:17
meowbuntu^ Gnea04:17
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: if he had not done the restart, he would not have gotten an error04:17
Gneameowbuntu: then we are done talking04:17
switch10_jeeez: sudo mount -a04:17
meowbuntui need to set a null address again04:17
meowbuntuthat si the problem04:17
Gneaa 'null' address?04:17
=== islington_ is now known as islington
Gnealike what, localhost?04:17
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: YOu will need to ask specific question in order to get specific answer.04:18
switch10_jeeez: that will mount all devices.04:18
MagicVibeserror starting gdm, "Failed to accuire: org.gnome.Desktopmanager"04:18
jeeezswitch10_: let me try!04:18
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: it will not start the process as a static.04:18
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: ... and give accurate details.04:18
[B]lack[D]ragoNError: SIOCADDRT: No such process04:18
meowbuntuGnea, yes i installed squid andset it up then i removed squid and now i cant access download apps cause it is looking for the proxy address that is not there anymore04:18
jeeezswitch10_: nothing happens! :\ [i'm on xmonad]04:18
switch10_jeeez: what do you have listed in /media?04:19
meowbuntui know if i boot a live cd maby i can change config on hdd more easily04:19
[B]lack[D]ragoNmeowbuntu: most live cds revert any changes you make once you exit :p04:19
jeeezswitch10_: i don't get you. /media just has cdrom and cdrom004:20
meowbuntuGnea, yes i eant the default address that was using before i install squid04:20
rixxyterry_: This is what I get when I run sudo dpkg -i: package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)04:20
Gneameowbuntu: I have no idea what that was.04:20
switch10_jeeez: thats where your disk should be mounted...04:20
meowbuntu[B]lack[D]ragoN, no i can use live cd to access the config files on hdd cnt i04:20
Gneameowbuntu: why don't you just reinstall squid?04:20
iflemarixxy dpkg -i --force-all 'package.deb'04:20
Gneayou don't need a gui to do that04:20
randomusrafter running updates and saving a new xorg.conf with nvidia-settings Grub freezes with a splash screen to choose a kernel04:20
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; netmask ; route add default gw ; ping
randomusrwhat might have caused this?04:21
[B]lack[D]ragoNmeowbuntu: access, yes. save the changes, usually not.04:21
jeeezswitch10_: yeah, i'm not completely ignorant of how it works. its just that it doesn't seem to be working!04:21
=== Slix` is now known as Slix`2115
switch10_jeeez: I guess its not working then...04:21
meowbuntuGnea, stop please listen i am now repeating what i hve told you. i canot use apt becaues it is set to look for the proxy that squid was managing. but it cant find it04:22
rixxyiflema: Thanks man! it works!04:22
jeeezit works fine in gnome though!04:22
meowbuntu[B]lack[D]ragoN, THATS RUBBISH. if i edit any txt or config file it chanes them if they are saved back on hdd done it heaps with my cv ect04:23
jsecHas anyone here had any issues with the google-ctemplate package? I need it to install MySQL Workbench. I installed the ctemplate package, but I still get the "missing google-ctemplate" error when I try to compile the Workbench source.04:23
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: "the program netmask is currently not installed."04:24
[B]lack[D]ragoNand also, "operation is not permitted"04:24
meowbuntu[B]lack[D]ragoN, so i cant save stuff i work on from a live cd to any external device or internal hdd. wow thats new to me04:24
[B]lack[D]ragoN"connect network is unreachable"04:24
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: sudo04:24
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: i did.04:24
[B]lack[D]ragoNwell, he did04:25
[B]lack[D]ragoNi pasted the command completely lol04:25
meowbuntucan you help me atm i am in panic mode now04:25
AlTheKillerAnyone know if there's a way to determine the configure flags used to build a package?04:25
[B]lack[D]ragoNAlTheKiller: ./configure --help04:25
randomusrI realize this is a grub issue I'm having, but updates are what broke this. Does anyone have any ideas?04:25
un214uhh aren't they in the source package?04:25
meowbuntuterry_, [B]lack[D]ragoN ^ IF NOT ITS OK04:25
AlTheKiller[B]lack[D]ragoN: Quite aware of that, I need to know which were used to build one of the ubuntu binary packages.04:26
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask ; sudo route add default gw ; ping
nomadz__i have installed kubuntu and ubuntu on same drive, ubuntu was installed first, how do i keep kubuntu from using the 'startup' options of ubuntu?? can both be setup for their own startup options?04:26
meowbuntuterry_, is that for me04:27
[B]lack[D]ragoNlol meowbuntu, yes you could save to an external device, i meant as in any changes you made on the drive would be erased. i meant no offense.04:27
AlTheKillerI'm looking for an "apt-* magic stuff package" command or something04:27
AlTheKillerOr...is there a devel channel?04:27
meowbuntu[B]lack[D]ragoN, yes any changes made in the vurtial environment that the live cd creates in ram is lost true04:28
[B]lack[D]ragoNas far as linux goes, my usefulness with ubuntu is pretty crappy....i know other distros much better04:28
meowbuntuits similar though [B]lack[D]ragoN04:29
[B]lack[D]ragoNelse i wudnt be in here getting help for someone if i knew :p04:29
meowbuntujust needing to know what to edit04:29
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Networking is same in all, only the config file is different.04:29
gartralwhy do systems with dual uplinks not work "out of the box"? mobos with multiple NICs are becoming very popular, but the steps needed to utulise them are confusing and often dont work after kernal updtaes04:29
[B]lack[D]ragoNcentos directories and commands are much different04:29
meowbuntubbs going to boot live cd04:29
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: there are differences... /etc/network-scripts/eth0 <- centos | ubuntu -> /etc/network/interfaces04:30
randomusrI'm staring at the grub menu list and can't boot past that. What can I do to fix this?04:30
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask ; sudo route add default gw  #Will work with any distro that has sudo.  Otherwise just omit sudo and do as root.04:30
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: command failed.04:30
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: What command failed?04:31
[B]lack[D]ragoNit didnt work04:31
[B]lack[D]ragoNsame problem04:31
etzerdhello all04:31
[B]lack[D]ragoNnow...we are getting the wrong ip for broadcast.04:31
etzerdcan someone please help me with firefox?04:32
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: You need to be more specific or we will not be able to help you.  Sorry.04:32
etzerdFirefox doesn't load, I remove it and reinstalled it again still doesn't load04:32
randomusrcan anyone actually see what I'm typing?04:32
[B]lack[D]ragoNyes randomusr04:32
etzerdany idea? anyone04:33
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: What do you mean, "the wrong IP for broadcast"?04:33
randomusrthis bites04:33
[B]lack[D]ragoNin ifconfig, the "broadcast" section is incorrect.04:33
[B]lack[D]ragoNim pretty sure it shouldn't be broadcasting to
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Yes you are right.  Did you set the netmask wrong?04:34
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: no i set it correctly.04:34
[B]lack[D]ragoNits using a /29 netmask, instead of a /2404:35
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: We  have given you  enough information, if you need more try something like:  http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch05.en.html04:35
switch10_pub: you forgot the !04:36
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:36
pubok, thanks04:36
gartralwhy do systems with dual uplinks not work "out of the box"? mobos with multiple NICs are becoming very popular, but the steps needed to utulise them are confusing and often dont work after kernal updates.. i have to manually disable one of the interfaces after boot04:37
[B]lack[D]ragoNterry_: had i been able to find the solution on google, or various linux/ubuntu forums, i wouldn't have come here for assistance.04:37
terry_gartral: What is the problem?04:37
terry_[B]lack[D]ragoN: Thank you ...04:38
[B]lack[D]ragoNi have been searching for hours, as well as while ive been here04:38
terry_gartral: Do  you have a specific question we can answer for you?04:39
gartralterry_: the "problem" is that my mobo has two net wires coming out out of it, and ubuntu doesnt seem to understand what to do when this happens, both are assigned an ip from the router, and i want the system to balence the load across the two nics... like it does in windoze..04:39
terry_gartral: You only need to use one?04:40
gartralterry_: yes, true. but id'e *like* a balanced load.. it's faster and causes less lag in gaming04:41
SyndeySTill trying to find out what video card I have. Tried some google searches. found a few pages on terminal commands. This one was interesting http://www.webupd8.org/2009/03/20-great-linux-unix-terminal-commands.html but no success. Will you please help me?04:41
terry_gartral: Do you have to separate internet connections?04:41
MaletorIf I use ubiquity to install and I install onto a LVM that is looking for a RAID assembly, will my computer be able to boot (find the filesystem and mount it)?04:41
SyndeyThere's a command for that.04:41
Fishscenegartral: Less lag in gaming? If anyting, it adds overhead. Unless it's a LAN game with many users.04:42
gartralterry_: not at all, both are plugged into the same router, which is plugged into the fiber trunk in my basement04:42
=== Syndey is now known as SwimmingRat
SwimmingRatI've been working on this freezing ubuntu for over a week. Last helpful hint was "what's your video card" so I've been trying to find out.04:42
SmartSsaSwimmingRat: lspci | grep VGA04:43
meowbuntuok anyone know where i go to chang reh proxy settings. where is teh config file located.04:43
gartralFishscene: when you have a internet connection faster than a single cat5e cable can transport.. the added cable does help. I enjoy a max ping to any server in the us of 17-20.. in windows.. in linux it jumps to 50-7004:43
gartral(ms that is)04:43
Fishsceneping is not a measure of bandwidth. It's a mesure of latency. If you're piping more than 1GB to the internet for a game, something is definitely not right.04:44
meowbuntureh = the04:44
FishsceneUnless you're a host.04:44
=== Kikas is now known as Master_RahL
FishsceneIn which case, I'll shut up :)04:44
meowbuntuthis i kind of urgetn04:45
terry_gartral: Are they  gigabit NICs?04:45
morticiFishscene, :)04:45
iflemaSwimmingRat in a terminal type lspci | grep VGA04:45
morticiSwimmingRat, what iflema said :)04:45
gartralFishscene: its not that im taking that much bandwidth, its that a single connection can only accept so many connections at any given moment, doubling up the connectins to your trunk doubles the number of connections you have04:45
meowbuntuterry_: i am back now bit more calm04:45
meowbuntucan you help04:46
gartralterry_: yes.. but that's where the gigabit pipe stops.. my cables are cat5e and my router only works on tx1k04:46
terry_meowbuntu: Check your network connection.  ifconfig04:46
meowbuntuterry_: i am in live cd wont work04:46
juancarlospacohello girlz04:47
SwimmingRatperfect iflema mortici   lspci | grep VGA ----> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. KM400/KN400/P4M800 [S3 UniChrome] (rev 01)04:47
greezmunkeyI added a CD burner to this system, nautilus *and* palimpset "see" the drive, it shows up in dmesg, but Brasero refuses to recognise it. Searched Google, but I haven't found anything useful. Any ideas?04:47
meowbuntuterry_: ok what am i looking for04:47
gartralterry_: really.. my problem right now is that i have to disable a network interface on boot.. which is annoying me04:47
iflemaSwimmingRat what makes you think it caused by flash?04:47
morticigartral, http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+dual+nics04:48
juancarlospacogreezmunkey: try if works on guest session04:48
Flannelmortici: When helping, be helpful.  Thanks.04:48
morticiSwimmingRat, so you have a VIA KM400 series video card04:48
gartralmortici: THAT PAGE 404ED04:48
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: you mean logout then in as guest?04:48
gartralmortici: sorry, hit tab and caps at the same time04:48
morticigartral, second link down :)04:48
juancarlospacogreezmunkey: yes04:49
meowbuntuterry_: http://imagebin.ca/view/ejaCwkZx.html04:49
switch10_gartral: ifconfig <interface> down04:49
gartralmortici: you only posted one link, it 404ed04:49
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: I'll try it, brb - thanks.04:49
FishsceneHow do I restart my network services in Ubuntu 9.10?04:49
gartralswitch10_: i know how to disable an interface man..04:49
morticigartral, http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2009/02/howto-setup-dual-dual-nic-bonding-on.html04:49
gartralswitch10_: i dont WANT to disable my second interface, that's the problem04:49
morticigartral, use respective ip's ofcourse04:50
switch10_gartral: why did you ask how to do it then?04:50
juancarlospacoFishscene: sudo /etc/init.d/servicename restart04:50
SwimmingRatMy Ubuntu has been freezing. (now I quit using chrome and disabled almost all the addons to firefox. See if this helps)  -- AMD board (hence via I think) 2600+ Ubuntu 9.10 (upgraded frm 9.04) nothing fancy. Using xchat and a browser. not even playing any discs. music on the HD. Maybe it will be fine now.  [someone asked me what my video card is.]----> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. KM400/KN400/P4M800 [S3 UniChrome] (rev 01)   (than04:50
SwimmingRatks for telling me)04:50
gartralswitch10_: where in gods name did i post that? i posted several times that i didnt WANT to disable it04:50
un214somehow I recall that setting both interfaces to the same IP manually worked04:50
meowbuntuterry_: any ideas04:50
switch10_i quote "my problem right now is that i have to disable a network interface on boot.. which is annoying me"04:51
Fishsceneoh interesting. That wasn't working earlier.04:51
FishsceneIt now say's it's ignoring eth0 - which is the one I need to restart ...04:51
switch10_gartral: nevermind find help elsewhere04:51
meowbuntuok everyone i need to know where the config file is for my proxy setting please.04:51
terry_gartral: You should not have to dissable a NIC on boot.  I don't understand that.  But.. this may be what you are looking for:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding04:51
juancarlospacoterry_: link is right04:52
terry_gartral: Or:  http://www.howtoforge.com/nic_bonding04:52
morticigartral, the link i posted should do what you need it to do04:52
terry_meowbuntu: Let me see...04:52
razz2anyone used NXserver for remote access, I have a remote computer behind a modem and I would like to access it with out using port forwarding, Is it possible?04:52
meowbuntuthanks i know you are busy terry_04:52
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: No luck in Guest session!04:53
terry_meowbuntu: Can you ping ?04:53
juancarlospacogreezmunkey: purge, and reinstall brasero04:53
gartralmortici: thats a crapload of new things too install.. for an OS thats renound for "just working" this is highly unproductive.. and something that stinks more like a windows trick.. this is what im talking about.. why do we need to do all this crap to our computer for something that's becoming very commen in wide spread markets?04:53
meowbuntuterry_: remember i am in lice cd04:53
terry_meowbuntu: What is a lice cd?04:54
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: That was going to be my next question! I'll install K3B and see what happens - let you know, thanks!04:54
morticigartral, you are the first person i have ever met in nearly 15 years that has bonded nics.04:54
meowbuntuterry_: yes i can in terminal04:54
morticigartral, either way, yes extra stuff is required it is what it is, i do not do development for ubuntu :)04:55
terry_meowbuntu: Oh, you must mean live CD.  That's ok.   So, you can ping ?04:55
meowbuntuoh thats typonees for live cd04:55
meowbuntu^ terry_04:55
juancarlospacoi have bonmded nics04:55
un214yeah I know and KMS killed the rock solid failsafe I was used to04:55
meowbuntuterry_: yes i can ping it04:56
morticiSwimmingRat, hold on lemme check what the command was to keep a active view of dmesg, so you can see when the system locks if your getting a kernel panic error.04:56
suji11how to extract .rpm file in ubuntu?04:56
juancarlospacolocal repo with bonded eth1/2/304:56
blakkheimsuji11: alien04:56
gartralmortici: look at the trend in new high end mobos.. they ALL have two (or even MORE) NICs.. i never said i was going to follow through with bonding, but you gave me a wonderful start on what to point out04:56
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)04:56
meowbuntuterry_: its ticking away in terminal as we speek04:56
darolusuji11, if you want to install it convert it to .deb with alien04:56
terry_meowbuntu: route -n    #Does that return  ?04:56
suji11blakkheim: i have to extract the things only, not need to install.04:56
terry_meowbuntu: Ctrl n   to stop it.04:56
xanguagartral: you can always download the DVD for having all the oackages aviable04:56
morticiSwimmingRat, when it locks do you get all three flashing lights (cap lock, num lock, scroll lock) or you tap cap lock and the light doesn't turn on or off?04:56
terry_meowbuntu: Hold Ctrl key down and hit   n    to stop from pinging.04:57
gartralxangua: what..? where was i talking about needing packages?04:57
MFenis there any support for headless ubuntu one on the server? a fuse filesystem perhaps?04:57
darolusuji11, rpm2cpio package.rpm | cpio -dimv04:57
=== zerofrancisco is now known as zfra
gartralxangua: i pointed out that to bond multiple NICs you need alot of system editing and new programs04:58
meowbuntuterry_: it does amoung other things04:58
suji11darolu: ok04:58
terry_meowbuntu: ping -c 3 av.com04:58
aconberemy laptop randomly doesn't resume from suspend.04:59
aconbereare there logs I could check to try to find out what's going on?04:59
SerpherI was wondering if I install 10.04 beta, when the complete version is released, will I just be patched through updates or will I have to completely reinstall?04:59
steven_what emerald theme for in compiz04:59
meowbuntuterry_: seems ok yes04:59
aconbere(it reboots after attempting to resume)04:59
pvl1anyone know of a good media stream server other than  gnump3d04:59
dciderdoes ubuntu keep a list of the files that are updated?04:59
meowbuntuterry_: seems ok yes04:59
terry_meowbuntu: Your network connection is ok then.  Anything else we can help you with?05:00
=== Leif_ is now known as Leif
SmartSsaSerpher: updates only after you upgrade.  But you should discuss the next release in #ubuntu+1 since it's not released yet.05:00
rwwSerpher: Lucid discussion and support is in #ubuntu+1. If you carry on updating through release, you'll be fine, though.05:00
meowbuntuterry again you must have forgotten05:00
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
meowbuntu^ terry_05:00
SerpherOk, thanks05:00
terry_meowbuntu: What is the problem?05:00
steven_dwj: can you helpp me05:00
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:00
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:00
Fishsceneif I type in a terminal "ifconfig eth0" Should I be able to see the gateway address?05:00
FishsceneI thought the gateway address would be listed there. But it's not and I have the interface statically configured- but I can't get online.05:01
meowbuntuterry_:  there is a config file on my hdd that i need to change. squid changed teh proxy setting in it. after i removed squid teh setting still remains05:01
steven_what emerald theme for in compiz05:01
daroluFishscene, "ifconfig" alone will do it too05:01
FishsceneYes. That too. But the gateway address does not show up.05:01
juancarlospacosettings of programs stay, you need purge05:02
terry_meowbuntu: Do you have the drive mounted right now?05:02
meowbuntuterry_: in removing other apps i acdently removed ubuntu-desktop. it cant conect to apt as apt is looking for teh proxy so i cant reinstall squid to fix it see.05:02
FishsceneEverything was working fine until I made a static DHCP entry on my router. All of a sudden I couldn't get online, but the router is working just fine.05:02
meowbuntuyes i do05:02
terry_meowbuntu: Do you have the drive mounted right now? If so, where is it mounted?05:02
meowbuntu^ terry_ yes05:02
switch10_Fishscene: route05:03
terry_meowbuntu: Tell me the mount point?05:03
LeifI read a while back about being able to run android apps on ubuntu, but can't find anything on google, can anyone show me where to do it?05:03
LeifThank you05:03
switch10_Fishscene: will show you gateway05:03
meowbuntuterry in /media/c8878eb1-d227-494a-8ad4-02aba33451cf05:03
Fishsceneswitch10: Thanks. I see the gateway listed as *. that doesn't seem right.05:03
meowbuntu^ terry_05:03
Fishscenenvm. gateway just popped up.05:04
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
switch10_Fishscene:  ya it takes a sec05:04
MagicVibeserror starting gdm, "Failed to accuire: org.gnome.Desktopmanager"05:04
gotttoLeif: http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS7172257171.html05:04
meowbuntuterry_: its mounted in /media/c8878eb1-d227-494a-8ad4-02aba33451cf05:05
Leifgotto: Thanks05:06
terry_meowbuntu: Look at the etc/netwrok/interfaces file and see that it looks like:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/406330/05:06
terry_meowbuntu: edit the file /media/c8878eb1-d227-494a-8ad4-02aba33451cf/etc/netwrok/interfaces05:07
LeifErm, wait, so there is no builds at all to use?05:07
terry_Or show us what  /media/c8878eb1-d227-494a-8ad4-02aba33451cf/etc/netwrok/interfaces  looks like.  pastebinit /media/c8878eb1-d227-494a-8ad4-02aba33451cf/etc/netwrok/interfaces05:08
terry_meowbuntu: and we'll show you what to do with it.05:08
meowbuntuterry_: it just has teh first 2 lines of your file05:08
zfragottto, Leif: since symbian is now free soft, isn't better to try symbian instead of Android to tweak it?05:09
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: Heh, That was it - thanks man!05:09
terry_meowbuntu: Then add the next two.05:09
juancarlospacogreezmunkey: YW05:09
Leifzfra: That's not the issue, I'm trying to get Overdrive media console to download audiobooks from my library05:10
Leifzfra: They released a windows and mac version.05:10
LeifAnd an android version...05:10
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: YW?05:10
Leifzfra: I don't want to use windows or mac, and it doesn't work in WINE.05:10
juancarlospacogreezmunkey: you are welcome05:11
diegoosomeone knows diosdelared.com ?05:11
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: I'm a bit slow on the uptake here... :)05:11
terry_meowbuntu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406332/05:12
juancarlospacoand im speak spanish05:12
darolu!es > juancarlospaco05:12
ubottujuancarlospaco, please see my private message05:12
meowbuntuterry_: ok finished05:12
juancarlospacono, i dont want da spanish channel05:12
terry_meowbuntu: That should do it.  Try and see.05:12
meowbuntuadd that 3rd line05:13
meowbuntu^ terry_05:13
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: So to wipe Brasero, apt-get purge brasero && apt-get install brasero?05:13
terry_meowbuntu: The 3rd line is only instructions for you.05:13
meowbuntuwhen do i do that05:13
meowbuntu^ terry_05:14
juancarlospacogreezmunkey: yes, remember the ubuntu-desktop metapackage need to be installed05:14
juancarlospacoafter the reinstall05:14
greezmunkeyjuancarlospaco: I'll check the web to be sure, thanks again.05:15
meowbuntuterry_: ctrl-d jumps up a line05:15
meowbuntuterry_: what is teh ctrl-d ment to do05:16
Fishsceneok. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10.  I have it set up to accept DHCP and everything seems to be working. I get an IP address from my router.. etc.. however, I can't ping my router or go anywhere online - even my router's config page. Any ideas what in the blazes is going on? Everything works fine from another machine on the network.05:16
terry_meowbuntu: http://pastebin.com/bzkbfehm05:16
MaletorUbuntu: Grub2 bootloader failed install. This is a fatal error."05:16
blue316hello everyone my ubuntu 9.10 wont boot i lost power an it shut down now when starting it says GRUB Loading. Out of range pointer 0xc0ea4f60 Aborted. Press any key to exit05:16
switch10_Fishscene: can you ping
blue316i tried to run system rescue cd and RIP but both get a kernal panic can anyone help me get ubuntu back up and running?05:17
Fishsceneyes. I can ping that address.05:17
switch10_can you ping your machines external address?05:18
FishsceneInternet IP address?05:18
terry_meowbuntu: edit the file /media/c8878eb1-d227-494a-8ad4-02aba33451cf/etc/netwrok/interfaces  and make it look like: http://pastebin.com/RF0SnpU105:18
juancarlospacoblue316: need sudo update-grub ; sudo touch /forcefsck ; sudo reboot from live CD05:18
switch10_Fishscene: public IP05:19
Fishscenewait a sec. I wonder if there's an IP conflict going on.05:19
FishsceneIf so, someone needs to slap linksys for me.05:19
morticiswitch10_, can it be a problem with resolv.conf?05:19
terry_Fishscene: I do not think your router will issue the same IP twice.05:20
blue316juancalospaco ok but i cant run any live cd's they all get a kernal panic hold one il run ubuntu livecd again and give u the kernal panic error05:20
FishsceneTerry: wouldn't be the first time I've seen it happen =\05:20
FishsceneYes, I can ping (The lan IP). Public IP is errelevant as I'm remoting into a VM.05:20
terry_Fishscene: Should be easy to find out if there is an IP conflict.05:20
FishsceneHow do I tell?05:20
terry_Fishscene: ifconfig eth0 down   #And go and ping the IP it had from another machine.05:21
juancarlospacoplease can someone test if my ISP blocks my site, TYA: http://techie.homelinux.org/   <----it works?05:21
FishsceneGood idea. I'll check it out.05:21
TamnakzI've downloaded several movies. A few only show "Use windows Media Player" for about 50 seconds, that's it. Same thing when played with a windows laptop on media player. Are these bogus files, or is there a way to view them?05:22
morticiFishscene, the only other thing i can think of is an issue in the /etc/network/interfaces file05:22
terry_Tamnakz: vlc05:22
IdeAlEssI have a logitech webcam and it shows up as /dev/video2.  It works fine in cheese and similar, but skype can't use it (it does see it) and flash applications can't see it.  Any ideas?05:22
Tamnakzterry_ this is played in vlc. . .05:22
knoppiesTamnakz, what file type?05:22
switch10_Tamnakz: those are bogus files05:23
Tamnakzgoddamn. . . a gig of downloading for nothing. . .05:23
Fishsceneok. Something is goony alright. I just created a DHCP reservation for it with
FishsceneI brought the interface up and restarted networking and I got
Tamnakzwell, seven and change gis. . .05:23
switch10_Fishscene: can you ping other machines on your network?05:23
knoppiesTamnakz, Ive used "damaged" avi files in VLC, it plays the whole file, but using seek often causes it to crash. Ive never heard of anything like what you have described05:23
terry_Fishscene: What?05:24
blue316juancarlospaco: [5.034757] init[1]: segfault at 81a0804 ip 0806172f sp bffa6550 error 6 in sh[8048000+ec000] [5.034998] Kernal panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!  is the error i get on live cd's do you know how to resolve this so i can fix the grub?05:24
MaletorI need to install grub onto a RAID1. How do I proceed?05:24
terry_Fishscene: Where is your DHCP pool?05:24
Tamnakzknoppies: ok, I've had three or four movies do the same :(05:24
Fishscene192.168.1.100 -
switch10_Fishscene:  it must be an issue with your interface05:24
Fishscenesorry. 15005:24
terry_Fishscene: And so you are trying to use a static IP of ?05:25
Tamnakzthanks folks!05:25
juancarlospacoblue316: use the options on F6 on boot screen manu on the live cd05:25
juancarlospacoblue316: i hope it works05:25
terry_Fishscene: YOu need to set static IP addresses OUTSIDE of the dhcp pool.05:25
FishsceneIt actually requires that I set it inside the DHCP pool.05:26
luis_is there some who wants to speak with me?05:26
terry_Fishscene: You are mistaken.05:26
FishsceneIt doesn't make sense to me either.05:26
blue316juancarlospaco: which f6 option ? acpi=off, noapic, nolapic, edd=on or free software only05:26
kermitwhy do i get a new device every time i plug in my phone?  i think i ran out, how do i free them?05:26
knoppiesFishscene, I know some routers allow you to set some IPs in a reserved list (so that it only gives that to a machine with the specified Mac address) but when trying to use it I kept getting "IP IN USE" errors.05:26
nomadz__Tamnakz: are you trying to d/l movies that are current?05:27
juancarlospacoblue316: all of them except free soft05:27
terry_Fishscene: You have apparently missunderstood the documentation.  Set static IP addresses outside the dhcp pool.05:27
luis_is there someone wants to talk with me?05:27
rwwubottu: ot | luis_05:27
ubottuluis_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:27
Tamnakznomadz_ this has happened with both older movies and new releases05:27
FishsceneApparently linksys doesn't follow documentation.05:27
juancarlospacoblue316: think kinda safe mode05:27
knoppiesterry_, Some routers do not let an IP that is outside the pool to use the Internet.05:27
nomadz__Tamnakz: does it happen with any movie regardless?05:28
blue316juancarlospaco: trying i hope it boots really need to go to bed lol05:28
FishsceneIf I set it outside the scope, it spits up an error telling me it has to be within the scope.05:28
llutzknoppies: only broken routers won't05:28
* iflema within05:28
Tamnakznomadz_ no, only certain ones. and it's not an error, it's a video of static text05:28
luis_well i would like to change my keyboard05:28
knoppiesFishscene, what router model do you have?05:29
terry_knoppies: Then the router's configuration needs to be changed.  But ..we are not talking about internet access here, we are talking about network configurations and you do not set static IPs inside of the DHCP pool.05:29
knoppiesterry_, I know that. But I also know you can reserve IPs inside the DHCP pool. And Im wondering if its not worth a try.05:29
greezmunkeyQuestion regarding Ubuntu server. Should I go for the 8.04 LTS, or 9.10. It's for a DVR, on an ASUS mb AMD phenom2.05:29
FishsceneWait. There may be some confusion... I'm creating a DHCP reservation - not a static IP on the host.05:29
srvI installed an unstable applet on my Gnome Panel, and it left three unclickable white dots on my panel, where is the Gnome Panel config file where I can manually edit the applets?05:30
knoppiesgreezmunkey, you might want to hold out for 10.04, I think its also a LTR05:30
terry_knoppies: Go ahead but you are barking up the wrong tree.05:30
knoppiesterry_, k.05:30
greezmunkeyknoppies: yeah, but this has to be built before the end of the week.05:30
knoppiesFishscene, ah, that clears up a few things.05:30
terry_Fishscene: You need to tell us exactly what you are trying to do and what problem you are having.05:30
meowbuntuterry_: i still get this error.  "could not conect to ( connection failed" there must be another config file.05:31
switch10_greezmunkey: 8.04 wont be supported after next month...05:31
knoppiesgreezmunkey, then I would say the newer one. As the older LTS is about to be replaced.05:31
FishsceneAlright guys. Yea, sorry for the confusion. My fault. At this point, I successfully knocked out my router, so I'm no longer able to continue tonight.05:31
greezmunkeyswitch10_: knoppies: Yikes, glad I asked!05:31
* meowbuntu thinks knoppies is a knoppix user 05:31
MaletorI need help installing grub onto a RAID1... I get error 21 from grub. # root (hd0,0) Selected disk does not exist.05:31
meowbuntuany more ideas terry_05:32
terry_Fishscene: How did you "knock out" the router?05:32
knoppiesmeowbuntu, Im using ubuntu right now, the first linux I used was knoppix, but havnt used it since 1998ish. knoppies in my native language stands for: LOTS OF LITTLE BUTTONS. sorry about being OT.05:32
FishsceneMade a change to DHCP and I can no longer remote in to my VM server.05:32
knoppiesmeowbuntu, I was nicknamed knoppies before I even heared of knoppix. So its not related.05:32
zfraLeif: at libreplanet2010 Lee Williams, Symbian Foundation, gave the talk Freeing the Smart Phone OS, so now is free to try05:32
ShazbotMcNastyknoppies, you don't have to worry about what meowbuntu says, he has no clue what he's talking about05:32
rwwswitch10_, knoppies, greezmunkey: 8.04 is supported until April 2011 on the desktop and April 2013 on the server...05:33
ShazbotMcNastyalso, that is pretty awesome05:33
meowbuntugreat the troll is back again05:33
ShazbotMcNastyOH YES THE TROLL05:33
greezmunkeyswitch10_: knoppies: get this, my company already ordered the hardware - including a mb that (I found) has lockup problems. I am doomed do fail.05:33
ShazbotMcNastythat's why you were banned05:33
rwwmeowbuntu, ShazbotMcNasty: Break it up, please. If you feel like sniping at each other, do it in PM or something.05:33
ShazbotMcNastyrww, k :305:33
* iflema :)05:34
=== Plinker__ is now known as Plinker
knoppiesShazbotMcNasty, Im not worried, I just like that he has shown an interest.05:34
knoppiesgreezmunkey, ouch.05:34
meowbuntuShazbotMcNasty: i am recieving help from terry_ atm leave us alone to work out things plese05:34
ShazbotMcNastymeowbuntu, I already stopped05:34
knoppiesgreezmunkey, I would check the ubuntu site for the support dates, apparently its supported till next year.05:34
terry_meowbuntu: Sorry... where were we?05:34
meowbuntuterry_: what the next thing i can try05:34
terry_meowbuntu: Did it work?05:34
meowbuntuterry_: i still get this error.  "could not conect to ( connection failed" there must be another config file.05:35
knoppiesFishscene, Im trying to connect to your site and its been going for more than 5mins05:35
terry_meowbuntu: THat error means that you are pointing your browser to an internal web server that is apparently not running.05:35
meowbuntui am not sure where we would go to get config files05:35
terry_meowbuntu: Which is just an issue with the browser or the URL you are giving it.05:36
greezmunkeyknoppies: I found a few pointers about the mb, and I'll use software raid rather than the faker. It'll probably be ok - but it's going to cost 'em.05:36
meowbuntuterry the internal webserver was squid.05:36
FishsceneMy site?05:36
terry_meowbuntu: squid is not a webserver.05:36
meowbuntu^ terry_ also i am not use web browsers i was trying to use apt-get to install ubuntu-desktop again05:36
FishsceneIf you're using 192.168.x.x - it won't work. It's not an internet-routable IP address.05:36
knoppiesFishscene, did you not ask if http://techie.homelinux.org/ worked?05:37
FishsceneNope. Must've been someone else.05:37
meowbuntuFishscene: its thsi
knoppiesFishscene, oh, sorry. Must have miss read when xchat bumped the text up.05:37
* nomadz__ thinks terry_ is being played05:37
Fishscenemeowbuntu: Pardon, it seems I can't get anything right tonight :P I was speaking to knoppies. No worries :)05:38
knoppiesmeowbuntu, he was not refering to your site. he was refering to his network setup.05:38
terry_meowbuntu: ping -c 3 av.com05:38
terry_meowbuntu: What does that do?05:38
blue316juancarlospaco: its still not booting live cd says BIOS bug, local APIC #0 not detected!... forcing use of dummy APIC emulation. (tell your hw vendor) then it just sits here05:38
meowbuntuterry_:  everything was wotking fine untill i removed squid05:39
meowbuntuand its dependancies05:39
terry_meowbuntu: Yes I understand that, but does not tell you what is wrong.  Can you ping av.com ?05:39
juancarlospacoblue316: check your RAM with the memory test05:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:40
Anvoidby pressing shift+num lock, my num pad can be used as a mouse. hitting the / or - key on numpad changes the "5" left or right click. my question is, how do i map these to more convenient keys? i'd like to have left and right click mapped to a key on the keyboard.05:40
=== brendan_ is now known as Guest77058
meowbuntuterry_: its working ok05:40
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:41
wrapsterwhat are the additional plugins required to view videos online?05:41
terry_meowbuntu: So it's fixed?05:41
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:41
quizmeis it possible to get infected with javascript-based malware in Chrome  on Ubuntu 9.10 ?05:41
wrapsteri have sun-java6-plugin05:41
switch10_wrapster: flash??05:41
juancarlospacoquizme: no05:42
terry_meowbuntu: can you point your browser to google.com  and get the page?05:42
wrapsterswitch10_: yes flash05:42
meowbuntuterry_: earlier someone who coule ot help actually said that it was just a setting in a config file i needed to remove  https_config= and ftp_config= but he did not know where =05:42
switch10_wrapster: do yourself a favor and just do this:    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:42
normancleggquizme  from what i know, no.05:43
terry_meowbuntu:   Can you ping av.com ?05:43
meowbuntuterry_: its not the modem its just a setting i believe.05:43
switch10_wrapster: that will install flash and mp3 support, and a bunch of other things you will need/want05:43
meowbuntuterry you alresdy asked that i hve05:43
wrapsterswitch10_: ok thanks05:43
srvWhere is Gnome Panel's configuration file?05:43
terry_meowbuntu: What is your answer?  Yes or No?05:43
meowbuntui said yes05:44
terry_Ok, now tell me what browser are you using?05:44
meowbuntu<meowbuntu> terry_: its working ok05:44
terry_meowbuntu: Are you using firefox?05:44
terry_Can you point firefox to   google.com    and get the page?  Yes, or No?05:44
iflemaquizme not out of the question.... itll would be caught pretty quick and fixed just as fast.... you safe.05:45
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown' and 'Revoked'. Are ther more?05:45
meowbuntui believe its just a setting that squid(of whatever app) set up and changed the ubuntu config files. that i need to change back05:45
meowbuntuterry_: my modem conection is working fine05:45
meowbuntui am back on lice cd again05:46
terry_meowbuntu: Ok, tell me what is NOT working?05:46
greezmunkeyQuestion regarding server 9.10: If I want raid partitioning, I need the alternate version, correct?05:46
meowbuntulice = live05:46
normancleggmeowbuntu can you restate your question again ?05:46
greezmunkeyerrr, software raid.05:46
normanclegggreezmunkey  yes05:46
meowbuntunormanclegg: my origional one05:46
greezmunkeynormanclegg: thank you.05:47
terry_meowbuntu:  In other words, when you booted from the HDD, were you able to ping    av.com     or   google.com ?05:47
meowbuntunormanclegg:   i still get this error.  "could not conect to ( connection failed" there must be another config file.05:47
avashhow do i enable wireless driver in ubuntu?05:47
terry_meowbuntu: Where are you getting that error?    From firefox?05:47
blue316juancarlospaco: not real sure how to read the mem test how long does it run has bunch of stuff in red figure means the issue is bad ram?05:47
switch10_avash: sudo ifconfig <interface> up05:48
normancleggmeowbuntu  is this in logs or did something you expected to work, not work ?05:48
meowbuntunormanclegg: i was removing apps i did not use today accidently purged some ubuntu-desktop ones removing that. from my install i can get to terminal only adn when i try to install using apt i get that error05:49
=== james is now known as Guest80523
juancarlospacoblue316: its strange that it kernel panic from live cd, maybe its something with ram or hdd05:49
avashswitch10_: SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory05:49
terry_meowbuntu: sudo dhclient05:49
normancleggmeowbuntu  ah, ok. thanks.05:49
juancarlospacoblue316: if you cant boot, you cant fix anything05:49
switch10_avash: does ifconfig list your wireless device?05:50
meowbuntunormanclegg: soemtning i was working on changed some ubuntu default setting all i need to know is where teh  config is so i can change it back05:50
avashswitch10_: no05:50
Error404NotFoundi am using commandline FTP to upload files (and directories) but only files are being uploaded when i do "mput *"05:50
meowbuntuterry_:  same thing apt-get05:50
avashswitch10_: is it wlan0 or eth0?05:50
switch10_avash: wlan005:51
meowbuntuterry_: remember i cant reinstall the removed ubuntu-desktop.05:51
avashswitch10_: then it is now shown in ifconfig05:51
switch10_so sudo ifconfig wlan0 up05:51
meowbuntuterry_: no the error is happening when i try to reinstall ubuntu-desktop on my hdd. thats y i am in live cd05:51
avashswitch10_: i said.. SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory05:51
avashthat is the error05:51
switch10_is it PCI, USB, ...05:52
meowbuntuone thing that faile with any linux os is that it cant reinstall like windows05:52
avashswitch10_: pci05:52
meowbuntuwhen things go rong05:52
terry_normanclegg: See that /etc/resolv.conf  contains valid nameserver IP addresses.   See that the /etc/hosts file looks something like what you see now.  (Do cat /etc/hosts )  See that route -n   returns  what you see now.  etc..05:52
avashswitch10_: isnt it installed from synaptic package manager?05:52
normancleggmeowbuntu  do you have a separate /home folder /05:53
meowbuntuwith xp i used to just reinstall it and all it did was reinstalled defaule os adn left my docks intqacted05:53
meowbuntunormanclegg: no05:53
theadminHow to make Ubuntu not automount /dev/sdb1?05:53
meowbuntuhome is /home05:53
normancleggmeowbuntu  then you used to lose all your personal data in windows too05:53
terry_If you can pastebin some of the config files we can look and see, but other than that, there are just too many possibilities.05:53
meowbuntuterry_:  i never tryed that you never mentioned it05:54
MaletorI need some serious help install grub onto my boot partition.05:54
normancleggmeowbuntu  you must set a separate /home05:54
mdisienohi , im using a dvi to hdmi adapter to plug my htpc into my vizio vx37l, the issue im running into is no matter what resolution im at, the top and bottom are cut off05:54
meowbuntuterry_: but i could access xchat05:54
meowbuntuadn irssi05:54
terry_meowbuntu: Tell us where the HDD is mounted.05:54
blue316juancarlospaco: think its ram since it shows Errors but since i dont really know how to read Memtest86+ i could be wrong sucks nothing is open to go get new ram and how would I know if it was both my sticks or just 105:55
theadminMaletor: No problem. 1) Boot from a LiveCD 2) do "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" or similar 3) do "sudo chroot /dev/sda1" (your linux partition) and "sudo update-grub"05:55
normancleggmeowbuntu  with a separate /home you can mess up the OS and reinstall and all your data will still exist.05:55
meowbuntu /media/<decivename>05:55
=== avash is now known as Avasz
terry_meowbuntu: See my private message05:55
meowbuntusort of yes05:55
Maletortheadmin: It is on RAID105:55
theadminMaletor: Oh. You never mentioned that. Sorry, don't have any raid experience05:56
juancarlospacoblue316: it brings up horrible red errors on hexa characters on the empty list that replaces the "no errors" thing05:56
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown' and 'Revoked'. Are ther more?05:56
blue316yea it has 1,000's of red errors so id say thats it in the middle where it says Walltime cached rsvdmem memmap etc it says errors 760064 so i say my ram is f'd there anyway to fix ram i dont know clear it or something no stores are open till 10 an i have to work at 6am :(05:57
AedrichI am recieving the following message when I run apt-get upgrade: http://pastebin.com/2iFs9yeA - is there a reason for this?05:57
AedrichI mean, I get what it says, but is there a reason it should be set like that05:58
kerebrusHow do you find out your computer name thats displayed over a network?05:58
theadminkerebrus: "hostname"05:58
greezmunkeykerebrus: ms networking?05:59
=== eric is now known as Guest22952
normancleggMaletor i dont mean to be a pain, you're obviously clued, can you tell us how you got to the point of needing to reinstall grub ?  more than 1 OS ?05:59
theadminAedrich: Maybe some of packages you have are dependent on a specific kernel05:59
meowbuntuhoe do i chank device names please06:00
Maletornormanclegg: I did ubiquitous installer, it said fatal, 'grub-install /dev/sda failed' that command returns can't find /boot. My drives are RAID1 /dev/md0 mnting as /boot and RAID5 /dev/md1 mounting on '/' which contains an LVM for root partition and swap.06:01
normancleggblue316  sometimes you can just rearrange the ram in the slots.  not often tho.06:01
MaletorAs of now, I'm getting the alternate installer, because all the guides I'm reading normanclegg, say to use it. I don't think RAID and LVM are compiled into the kernel of a desktop install.06:01
Aedrichtheadmin: thanks06:02
normancleggMaletor  alternate is for SURE the way to start out with what you describe.  the livecd boot image is not.06:02
blue316juancarlospaco: yea taking it apart now to clean it out make sure everything is connected and take 1 of the sticks out at a time but geesh thats a pain with all the stuff i have in it lol06:03
nachii'm try to make automount for my constantly media, but i denied to edit /etc/fstab. so, what am i doing?06:03
MaletorBut I just did, normanclegg, the apt-get install lvm2 mdadm06:03
Maletorubiquitous is misleading.06:03
juancarlospacoblue316: may the force be with you...06:03
normancleggMaletor  i'm not sure after the fact, that would help.    livecd install is for very simple installs06:04
SwimmingRat<mortici> SwimmingRat, when it locks do you get all three flashing lights (cap lock, num lock, scroll lock) or you tap cap lock and the light doesn't turn on or off?  --- NO I DONT. Sorry I was out to lunch (as if) my leg hurt and I had to go away from sitting.06:04
SwimmingRatMY ISSUE: (recap) My Ubuntu has been freezing. (now I quit using chrome and disabled almost all the addons to firefox. See if this helps)  -- AMD board (hence via I think) 2600+ Ubuntu 9.10 (upgraded frm 9.04) nothing fancy. Using xchat and a browser. not even playing any discs. music on the HD. Maybe it will be fine now.  [someone asked me what my video card is.]----> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. KM400/KN400/P4M800 [S3 UniChrome06:05
SwimmingRat] (rev 01)   (thanks for telling me)06:05
randomusris Grub 1.97 broken in the beta?06:05
SwimmingRatmy situation with Ubuntu now -->  http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk203/insane_in_the_membrane123/Anime%20and%20Manga/Neon%20Genesis%20Evangelion/pen-pen.jpg06:05
theadminSwimmingRat: The next time it frezes, hold Ctrl and PrtSc and try typing "REISUB"06:06
normancleggrandomusr   broken for everyone who tries it you mean ?  that would be on slashdot.06:06
theadminSwimmingRat: This should do an emergencry reboot. If it does not, it's a kernel panic :/06:06
SwimmingRatOK, I tried that with alt but it didnt work. oops theadmin06:06
randomusrno kidding06:06
SwimmingRatexcellent. I'll put that in my remember it file.06:06
randomusrnormanclegg: how can I boot then?06:07
normancleggrandomusr  are you using the alt ?06:08
randomusralternate cd? no06:08
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?06:08
randomusrI believe grub 1.97 may have installed automatically without my persmission maybe06:08
randomusrwas it pushed out through update manager?06:09
picard1421hey guys is there an ubuntu or any linux release that is similar to a vmware server or citrix like a workstation management tool?06:09
normancleggrandomusr   10.04 ?06:09
normancleggpicard1421  GOOD question.06:09
digitalfizanybody know how to make it so i can copy/paste into gftp using the keyboard? when i try to ctrl+v it just says not connected to a server instead of pasting06:09
greezmunkeydigitalfiz: does Shift+Insert work?06:10
randomusr***jeopardy music***06:10
normancleggpicard1421  a linux release with minimal stuff plus virtualbox, ready for any other OS to load06:10
Gneadigitalfiz: ctrl-v only works if ctrl-c is done first, it's a different clipboard than the simple select+click method06:10
picard1421virtual box is that like VMware workstations etc?06:11
digitalfizgreezmunkey, yes it does any way to switch it to the ctrl+v method? messing up my workflow hehe06:11
randomusrnormanclegg: I'm on 10.04, is Grub 1.97 the default loader used?06:11
normancleggrandomusr  I can't assure you it'll work, but i would not give up without trying the alternate install.06:11
Gneapicard1421: yeah06:11
erghezi_on lucid my bookmark and history firefox is disabled!06:11
picard1421im looking for something06:11
greezmunkeydigitalfiz: see what Gnea said, I don't know right now. Sorry.06:11
picard1421along the lines of this situation.. Want something with a good GUI and basically is a giant server.. Then people use thinclients to connect to the server...06:12
digitalfizGnea, thats not the problem the problem is it seems like ctrl+v is bound to something else in gftp06:12
randomusrnormanclegg, it was booting fine until friday night. anyway to rescue the current system?06:12
normancleggrandomusr  livecd's are livecds intended primarily to give a livecd experience.06:12
digitalfizGnea, greezmunkey it works fine in filezilla was just looking for a slightly more lightweight and faster gui ftp client06:12
randomusrhmm so the installed system is hosed?06:13
normancleggrandomusr so the install DID work for sometime and then after boot after reboot after reboot it failed to reboot ?06:13
meowbuntunormanclegg: with seperat /home and /data partitions you can mess up the OS and reinstall all you like but i have a small hdd06:13
randomusrnormanclegg: something like that06:13
Gneadigitalfiz: ah... weird06:14
normancleggrandomusr http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=grub+repair&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-806:14
randomusrI was rebooting without issues. I set update-manager to autoupdate, and also wrote a new xorg.conf with nvidia-settings06:14
randomusrboth at around the same time06:14
randomusrnow it's fried06:14
normancleggmeowbuntu  size of the drive doesn't matter really.  With a smaller drive you can have a /root witch needs to be smaller than you might guess, and limit your /home to 2 gigs or less on a very small drive.06:15
=== nachi is now known as idiot
normancleggmeowbuntu  if the OS will install as one big /root then it'll install as a /root and and /home. and if you have to reinstall the OS then DONT format or delete the /home06:17
=== idiot is now known as strider_clan
theadminWill Ubuntu ever have some "repair bootloader" in LiveCD menu? Too many people need it these days06:18
kermitwhy do i get a new device every time i plug in my phone?  i think i ran out, how do i free them?06:18
normancleggkermit in linux ?06:18
kermitnormanclegg: yes06:18
meowbuntunormanclegg: i know /root need be min 8gig06:19
meowbuntunormanclegg: did you pm me06:20
meowbuntuask first tis polite adn the irc way06:20
Aayushi have 2 nick card connected to Internet from 2 different ISP's how could i configure 1 interface only for download and only for simple browsing ?06:21
normancleggmeowbuntu  i did yes.  The /root does NOT need to be 8 gigs.  try 5 or even less.06:21
erghezi_why after sync  my music with ipod , i cant see them in ipod06:21
theadminIsn't "/root" like $HOME for the root user?06:21
Someguy771what's the command to search for a match in the repositories?06:22
normancleggmeowbuntu  /root can be even as small as 4 gigs or less.06:22
theadminSomeguy771: Try: "apt-cache search something"06:22
akavHas Ubuntu One worked well for anyone here?06:23
normancleggmeowbuntu  way out in the future there might be a problem, but for test installs on crappy old discard drives, push the limits.06:23
Someguy771search is invalid06:23
akavTwice now it seems to lose the files I've synced with it.06:23
akavin this case, I tried to back up a whole profile.06:23
sundarthe panal icons has been disposition in my ubuntu 9.1006:23
Someguy771by the way is the gnome dock that most people use cairo???06:23
theadminSomeguy771: Many of them. Popular ones include Docky, Cairo and AWN06:24
Aayushi have 2 nick card connected to Internet from 2 different ISP's how could i configure 1 interface only for download and only for simple browsing ?06:24
daroluSomeguy771, you can also search at http://packages.ubuntu.com06:24
normancleggSomeguy771  you want it to look and act like OSX ?06:25
strider_clanhei, my sound is not active. can anybody help me?06:25
Someguy771I actually don't know how the OSX one behaves06:25
normancleggdarolu thanks.06:25
strider_clanhei, my sound is not active. can anybody help me?06:26
theadmin!patience | strider_clan06:26
ubottustrider_clan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:26
Someguy771so nobody knows the search command to search for a package?06:26
normancleggSomeguy771  top 6 or 8 links  http://www.google.com/search?num=50&hl=en&safe=off&client=opera&hs=a1o&rls=en&q=linux+docks&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=06:26
theadminSomeguy771: Uh, just above. "apt-cache search something".06:26
daroluSomeguy771, the command is "apt-cache search <packagename>" use common sense when choosing keywords06:27
=== jzdev is now known as jzacsh
sundaranybody there06:27
darolu!anybody > sundar06:27
ubottusundar, please see my private message06:27
quizmenormanclegg juancarlospaco thanks.06:27
normancleggsundar  yes06:27
theadmindarolu: Not the name, it looks in description too06:27
* strider_clan boring06:27
juancarlospacozero killed06:28
Someguy771apt-cahce ...06:28
theadminstrider_clan: This is an ubuntu support channel. For chat, please go to #ubuntu-offtopic06:28
Someguy771thanks, I kept trying apt-get06:28
=== jzacsh is now known as jzdev
daroluSomeguy771, "apt-cache search" use TAB to autocomplete and reduce risk of typo06:28
* strider_clan i know06:28
Someguy771yeah I know about the tab key, thanks06:29
theadminbash has some hilarious error messages... "is a directory" for instance06:29
dnivrahello. I using google chrome on karmic. is there any reason why gmail alone doesn't work in google chrome alone? it's been like that over the past few days.06:31
rickoim trying to install freenx06:31
rickosudo apt-get install freenx06:31
daroludnivra, are you using Chromium?06:31
cachedI have a question, how after I completely reinstalled, and reinstalled xchat, were my names still on the nick list?06:31
rickoi get error package couldnt be found06:31
normancleggcached  did you have a separate /home partition /06:32
m0arI'm unable to change my settings in nm-applet, the Apply buttin is just gray!  This only happens in awesomeWM, and I start "nm-applet" automatically on boot06:32
dnivradarolu, it called "google-chrome-beta" I don't know if it is chromium; don't remember where I downloaded the settings for synaptic; i get regular updates on synaptic now.06:32
gotttoricko: try   apt-cache search freenx   and see if it is listed under something else06:32
cachedi deleted the whole drive06:32
cachedand made a new 106:32
darolucached, takes the info from your user profile06:33
normancleggcached  drives have partitions.  /boot /root /home etc06:33
=== strider_clan is now known as edelweiss
cachedlol not always06:33
=== edelweiss is now known as strider_clan
cachedits a .vdi06:33
cachedI made a complete new vdi and installed from a mounted iso06:34
theadmincached: So what, it still is a hard drive :/ It just resides in a file06:34
daroludnivra, it is google-chrome; I asked because there is a bug with gmail in the current build of chromium, it might be a cache issue, go to your options (the little wrench icon on top-right corner) and open a "incognito" window, and try gmail there06:34
normancleggcached  assuming you deleted all the partitions, especially the /home then there were no application data such as names on the nick list.06:34
sundarmobile video converter in ubuntu06:34
cachedWhich there shouldnt have been06:34
cachedthey should have been blank06:34
sundarwhat is an application for mobile video converter in ubuntu06:34
normancleggcached  ahh06:35
dnivradarolu, it works. thanks!06:35
darolusundar, is not mobile-specific, but you can convert video with ffmpeg06:35
cachedcurious eh?06:35
daroludnivra, good; then it is a cache issue, next time on a regular window, go to options and delete your cookies06:35
normancleggcached  yeah.  no data of any kind should have existed outside the .vdi06:36
cachedand xchat doesnt put any name in by default right?06:36
cachedlike user name or computer name06:36
darolucached, takes infoormation from your user profile; i.e. the name you use to log in06:36
cachedwell sum1 changed my pw on my other box and disabled my connection06:37
normancleggsundar http://lifehacker.com/5501782/dvdstyler-burns-virtually-any-video-to-dvd06:37
cachedeither from here or from vim06:37
dnivradarolu, the cache clearing didn't work. just tried it. but incognito window does work. thanks.06:37
cachedI have the log but not sure how to decipher it06:38
theadmincached: Boot to recovery mode. From there, do "passwd username"06:38
cachedits too late now06:38
cachedbut ill keep it in mind in the future06:38
normancleggcached  I've been spooked by that sort of thing before but had the luxury of massive wiping to make me forget.06:38
=== eric_ is now known as pwnkiller
pwnkillerhow do i install flock06:39
cachedI think it had to do with the auto logon setting06:39
cachedBecause i didnt require pass to log on06:39
cachedmade insecure06:39
normancleggpwnkiller  what browsers do you already have installed ?06:40
theadmincached: Nah, password was still there, it just didn't ask for it06:40
cachedSo that wouldnt compromise security at all?06:40
cachedSux we cant connect here through tor anymore06:40
theadmincached: Anyone could log-in as you. But to run admin commands they would still need the password06:40
normancleggpwnkiller  after chromium and opera, here's how you install flock http://flock.com/faq/show/30#q_906906:41
rickonothing hapens when i do06:41
rickoapt-cache search freenx06:41
gotttoricko: then it's not in the repos or is called something else there06:42
cachedWhat if there is a term window open with admin privs?06:42
normancleggricko  is freenx in the default repositories /06:42
cachedie sudo su06:43
pwnkillerwhat do you mean chromium and opera06:43
pwnkilleri have opera06:43
theadmincached: sudo su is a bad idea, but if it's open obviously anyone can run commands as root. Also, use "sudo -i" further on06:43
normancleggpwnkiller  chromium and opera are the most secure web browsers on earth.06:43
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?06:43
gotttoricko: http://www.zimbio.com/Ubuntu+Linux/articles/MyApWmO1CR0/How+Install+FreeNX+Server+Client+Ubuntu+906:43
cachedis -i like hsot only?06:44
normancleggpwnkiller  and they're cool06:44
ShazbotMcNastyhow do I fix this: "gimp: error while loading shared libraries: libgegl-0.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"06:44
cachedill man u dont have to answer06:44
theadmincached: Well, there are some things that "sudo su" breaks06:44
rickoim tryin to instal free nx on server from command06:44
cachedO, its its like gsudo for general use?06:44
normancleggShazbotMcNasty  tried reinstalling gimp ?06:44
gotttoricko: that link tells the ppa you need to add to install freenx06:45
=== alazmi is now known as NOBEL
ShazbotMcNastynormanclegg, yes06:45
ShazbotMcNastyalso I have libgegl-0.0-006:46
ShazbotMcNastyI don't know what the problem is06:46
cachedIs there anything you can think of off top of your head I should do for security measures?06:46
normancleggricko http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/freenx.htm06:46
cachedbesides apply for a damn mask =-/06:46
cachedor cloak w/e06:46
pwnkillerok thnx for help06:46
rickoi get command not found06:47
normancleggShazbotMcNasty  search synaptic for keyword gimp, looking for what it is asking for ?06:48
rickoi tried the link but im getting command not found error06:50
dnivraI am trying to sign a file using gpg. I get the error "no default secret key: secret key not available". How do i add my key to gpg?06:50
theadmindnivra: gpg --gen-keys or something06:51
normancleggricko  can you see this ? http://en.kioskea.net/faq/3207-installing-freenx-under-ubuntu-9-0406:52
Soular1Hey guys, new user of Ubuntu here. So far I think I'm doing good but I just have one problem; My Playstation 1 emulator. I have one for Windows but the exe file crashes in Wine and when trying the PCSX for the Ubuntu it loads the ISO but then just quits and doesn't do anything but if I try and load a PSX exe and then the ISO it gives me an error saying both are invalid. Can anyone help me?06:52
erghezii have problem with nvidia driver in lucid06:52
ZykoticK9erghezi, re-ask in #ubuntu+1 (the lucid channel)06:52
ergheziZykoticK9: thx06:53
=== Unirgy__ is now known as Unirgy
normancleggerghezi  what problem ? what nvidia card ?06:54
SwimmingRatWhat's the difference between Ubuntu and Chakra? Just the desktop?06:54
erghezinormanclegg: 250 GTX06:55
srvIn a shell, how do I send a job to the background without stopping it? Ctrl-Z stops (pauses) the job.06:55
normancleggerghezi ok, what problem ?06:55
knoppiessrv, I didnt know you could, Im very interested to know how.06:55
normancleggerghezi  go to the nvidia download site and get their binary06:55
ZykoticK9Soular1, there isn't a DEB for them but check out pSX http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/ (probably best compatibility) and epsxe http://www.epsxe.com/ (probably best graphics)06:55
erghezinormanclegg: i down it06:56
Soular1Cool thanks, but DEB? Sorry06:56
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?06:56
erghezinormanclegg: but i get error from it06:56
Soular1*"DEB" rather06:56
normancleggerghezi  ok.   tell the problem06:56
ZykoticK9Soular1, DEB is the "regular" Ubuntu install packages - both these emulators require more manual installation06:56
erghezinormanclegg: i cant see options in nvidia-settings06:56
srvknoppies: run a job, say a wget job, then hit Ctrl+Z, it gets paused and goes to the background and you can do your work06:57
Soular1Oh ok, thank you06:57
erghezinormanclegg: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.06:57
knoppiessrv, then how do you bring it back to the forground?06:57
erghezinormanclegg: i run `nvidia-xconfig` already06:57
normancleggerghezi   if this were not a problem, microsoft would go out of business.06:57
srvknoppies: then enter "jobs" and hit enter, it gives you a list of background jobs, with a number in front of it06:58
srvfor job number 2 enter this command: "%2" without the quotes06:58
knoppiessrv, thanks.06:58
srvknoppies: for job number 2 enter this command: "%2" without the quotes06:58
knoppiessrv, I saw that. thanks.06:58
srvknoppies: it brings job #2 to the foreground06:58
srvknoppies: yw06:58
normancleggerghezi  for you to look thru after you finish here http://www.google.com/search?q=xconfig&num=50&hl=en&safe=off&client=opera&tbo=1&rls=en&output=search&tbs=qdr:d&ei=_5KxS8C6JprEM56ogKYE&sa=X&oi=tool&resnum=3&ct=tlink&ved=0CBYQpwU06:59
srvok babye07:00
rickoi get this07:01
rickocouldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2A8E3034D018A4CE07:01
rickoW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems07:01
mouseI'm dual booting ubuntu 9.10 and windows vista.  How difficult is it to shrink the windows partition and increase ubuntu's?  If I shrink the windows partition, will ubuntu's automatically increase to fill the gap?07:02
Subitaneoushey i'm a noob with ubuntu when i run the ubuntu live cd it only gives me 2 choices try ubuntu without any changes... or live-install i click live-install and nothing happens any help would be appreciated07:02
normancleggerghezi  is this a brand new computer ?  Are you SURE it has NVIDIA video ?07:03
knoppiesMouse, you should be aware of the risks, you could very likely loose both partitions.07:03
rwwHmm. Anyone know of any wifi managers other than wicd and network-manager?07:03
knoppiesmouse, you using the gparted gui?07:03
Subitaneousa box pops u with boot loader and live-install and an OK box07:03
mouseknoppies, I don't believe so.07:03
erghezinormanclegg: yes i sure:)07:03
grejeya des gens ki parle français?07:04
ZykoticK9!fr | greje07:05
ubottugreje: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois07:05
normancleggis there a channel for specifically VERY small linux versions such as Slitaz or TinyCore ?07:05
mouseknoppies, What I was thinking of doing was shrinking windows through their partition shrink tool then reboot into ubuntu.  Would gparted handle both partitions?07:06
=== SwimmingRat is now known as purplegreysilver
normancleggknoppies mouse has the right idea there.07:07
greezmunkeyrww: curious, what's wrong with network-manager?07:07
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?07:08
elvtarsnormanclegg: see #tinycorelinux07:08
smee2 after learning some basics on linux, like getting around the os and learning some basic commands, what topic would someone suggest I look into next07:08
smee2 i followed some tutorials, but they started getting into networks and servers, which i know nothing about.  i thought i should put that on hold for a while07:08
normancleggelvtars  yes.  i'd seen that. thankyou.  krickets in there for hours. but thanks.07:09
cachedWhy is it making a clicking sound everytime I type something?07:09
robleekipI've edited the sources.list file to include more repositories... but when I run "ubuntu software center" I see no changes in what is available... should I be using a different software installation program in this case?07:09
bullgardsmee2: Klick on Applications > Office > OpenOffice.org Word Processor and learn to use it.07:10
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:10
smee2bullgard: I have an idea of how to use that.  I was thinking more along the lines of learning to use a terminal.07:11
nick_Does anyone know which settings I need to connect to an AirPort Extreme?07:11
robleekipHelp please, I've edited the sources.list file to include more repositories... but when I run "ubuntu software center" I see no changes in what is available... should I be using a different software installation program in this case?07:11
mousesmee2, I'm still fairly new myself.  Have you learned the terminal? ----nevermind.07:11
ActionParsnipRobleekip: run: sudo apt-get update ,any errors?07:14
bullgardsmee2: To learn it the hard way, read 'man bash'.07:14
robleekipActionParsnip ... no seems to update the list fine...07:15
mouseAre the linux headers updates still bugged?07:15
ActionParsnipRobleekip: and does: apt-cache policy package ,replace package with the expected package come from the repo you added?07:15
bullgardmouse: What do you mean by "the linux headers updates"?07:16
ActionParsnipRobleekip: try: sudo apt-get upgrade (assuming you are updating an already installed app)07:16
ActionParsnipRobleekip: any good?07:17
DoDihow can I change my German system to English?07:18
mousebullgard, linux-headers-2.6.31-20, linux-headers-2.6.31-20-generic-pae, and linux-image-2.6.31-20-generic-pae updates in the update manager.07:18
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf07:18
robleekipActionParsnip: I'm running the command now, seems to be working towards something "i'm unfarmilliar with that command"07:18
ActionParsnipRobleekip: they are standard commands dude07:19
bullgardDoDi: At the login prompt (login screen) in the lower left, change the locale to locale US.07:19
ActionParsnipRobleekip: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade07:19
normancleggDoDi http://www.google.com/search?num=50&hl=en&safe=off&client=opera&hs=8gU&rls=en&q=ubuntu+change+language+to+english&aq=1&aqi=g4&aql=&oq=ubuntu+change+lang&gs_rfai=07:19
ActionParsnip!google | normanclegg07:20
ubottunormanclegg: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.07:20
DoDithanks, I'll try login07:20
ActionParsnipNormanclegg: might not be using opera too07:20
robleekipActionParsnip: Yeah, kinda new to the command line side of things... plan to work on that all night... but I'd like to have some wireless fun and install a couple of things like airsnort  etc..07:21
normancleggDoDi  if those top few links do not help, yell back right here and we'll walk you thru it.07:21
gartraltransport tycoon delux is adicting >.>07:21
=== eric is now known as pwnkiller
normancleggActionParsnip  it doesn't matter what browser he/she's using. The link will work perfectly fine.07:21
Ganymedehi, i'm on ubuntu with a radeonhd 3200 and with fglrx drivers 8.66.10 and i'd like to get video via HDMI out to watch a movie, i plugged in the HDMI cable but in amdcccle, it does not detect any HDMI-connected display...in fact, it does not mention HDMI at all07:21
ActionParsnipRobleekip: they are handy commands. The sw centre can be slow once you get to grips with apt07:22
=== Guest818 is now known as pragma_
pwnkillerhi how do i change the login screen with 9.1007:22
gartralnormanclegg: i correct you sir.. it *shouldnt* matter.. theres chrome you know :P07:22
ActionParsnipNormanclegg: I know, I was making a funny07:22
nick_Anyone managed to connect to an AirPort Extreme?07:22
normancleggit doesn't matter.  not even with chrome or chromium07:22
ibnulislamDoes ubuntu release server not support to resume an ISO download? As I tried wget -c and after the link failure I could not resume it.07:23
ActionParsnipPwnkiller: you need an app named epidermis. Karmic doesn't have skinnable login screen afaik07:23
DoDiback on English system :-)07:23
ActionParsnipNormanclegg: like I said earlier, I know07:23
MaletorWhy can't Ubuntu alternate figure out that I don't need CD drivers. They need me...07:23
SubitaneousI'm trying to install ubuntu and i only get to choices and neither work07:23
normancleggDoDi yell back here in the channel if you are not happy with those links. We WILL help you.07:23
ActionParsnipSubitaneous: did you md5 test you iso? Did you check the cd for defects?07:24
r3c0nok this is pretty embarressing.. i have a usr nic that i plug in and its link light goes on but lspci doesnt show it?07:24
DoDinormanclegg, I'm happy with the current procedure, but have more configuration questions07:24
normancleggMaletor   describe what you are seeing.07:24
ActionParsnipR3c0n: try lsusb; dmesg | tail -n 2007:24
DoDihow to make switch of workspaces work with the mouse wheel?07:25
Subitaneousaction: yes everything is fine with the cd but i only get "try ubuntu without..." or Live-install once i click live install i get a box labled boot loader and live-install in it and an ok clicky i click ok but nothing happens07:25
ActionParsnipDodi: I think its ctrl+alt or ctrl+shift and scroll afair07:25
Maletornormanclegg: Ubuntu alternate amd64 thinks I need CD drivers. I say no, then it gives a fatal error and kicks me out of the install.07:25
robleekipActionParsnip: OK, figured it out... at least partially, using synaptic package manger works07:25
DoDiActionParsnip, nope :-(07:26
normancleggDoDi  you can ask here where you will get the best answers or if you feel frustrated you can try to pm me where you'll only get my mindless ideas.07:26
r3c0nActionParsnip, the other nic (integrated one) works just fine, do i dump the output somewhere for you?07:26
ActionParsnipSubitaneous: then all I can suggest is disabling unneeded hardware for the duration of the install (sound, lan etc) and/or some bootoptions07:26
rickoim getting this07:26
greezmunkeyHeh, didn't know you could switch with the mouse wheel :]07:26
rickoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:26
ricko  freenx: Depends: freenx-vnc but it is not going to be installed07:26
rickoE: Broken packages07:26
FloodBot3ricko: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:26
ActionParsnipR3c0n: use a pastebin which floodbot just gave the link to07:27
DoDinormanclegg, thanks, I'm not so easy to frustrate ;-)07:27
normancleggMaletor  can you swap out cdrom drives for anything else ?  I know it sounds insane, but i want you to get thru the install07:27
greezmunkeyDoDi, I put my pointer over the spaces at the bottom of my screen, turned the wheel, and viola!07:27
r3c0nActionParsnip, try lsusb; dmesg | tail -n 2007:28
r3c0nActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/406367/07:28
DoDigreezmunkey, that doesn't work either07:28
ActionParsnipRicko: sudo apt-get install freenx-vnc ,you need to satisfy deps for applications. Sounds like you have force installed something07:28
DoDiI suspect some mouse(?) configuration issue07:28
r3c0neth0 is the integrated one07:28
r3c0nwhich is a realtek07:29
ShazbotMcNastydoes anyone know where a gimp deb is?07:29
ShazbotMcNastynot getdeb07:29
ShazbotMcNastyor apt plz07:29
Maletornormanclegg: no, i don't have any cd drom drives, this is 10.4 release by the way07:29
rickohere is the error07:29
ActionParsnipShazbotmcnasty: sudo apt-get install gimp07:29
ActionParsnip!lucid | maletor07:29
ubottumaletor: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule07:29
ShazbotMcNastythx for nothing actionparsnip07:30
ShazbotMcNastyI'm not in the mood for rudeness today.07:30
MaletorBeen posted there a while ActionParsnip.07:30
normancleggMaletor  it should work. Except when it does not. But it shold work.  What is the exact error message ?07:30
r3c0nwhats wrong07:30
r3c0nmaybe i can help07:30
ShazbotMcNastyMaletor, he's gone07:30
th0rShazbotMcNasty: try http://www.getdeb.net/welcome/ for that deb07:31
ShazbotMcNastyth0r, getdeb tries to apt-get it07:31
ShazbotMcNastyI borked that somehow07:31
Maletornormanclegg: An installation step has failed. You can try to run the failing item again from the menu, or skip it and choose something else. The failing step is: Detect and mount CD-ROM.07:32
normancleggShazbotMcNasty  gimp is widely available with all its dependencies07:32
MaletorI can't choose anything else, normanclegg.07:32
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
ShazbotMcNastynormanclegg well can you point me in a direction other than get-deb or apt?07:33
r3c0n[    1.338071] eth1: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xd000, 00:14:c1:0e:f7:66, IRQ 1707:33
r3c0n ??07:33
greezmunkeyDoDi: Are you using compiz?07:33
MaletorWhy does it go: check the cd-roms, save debug, execute a shell, abort the install07:33
Maletorwhere is partition and install07:33
r3c0ni see eth1 was created but its not showing in ifconfig.. this is odd.. the card isnt a realtek my integrated one is07:33
r3c0nbut the one notshowing in lspci is a us robotics07:33
normancleggMaletor  i've seen that before.  i think it is motherboard bios related more than linux related.07:33
surbhi1how to install 3d packages on ubuntu 9.o407:34
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
surbhi1how to install 3d packages on ubuntu 9.0407:34
surbhi1how to install 3d packages on ubuntu 9.o407:34
surbhi1how to install 3d packages on ubuntu 9.o407:34
DoDigreezmunkey, not sure?07:35
ShazbotMcNasty!repeat | surbhi107:35
ubottusurbhi1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.07:35
r3c0nheyyyyyy its showing something !07:35
ShazbotMcNasty!rude | surbhi107:35
normancleggShazbotMcNasty  apt-get install gimp     ?07:35
r3c0nbut why not in lspci!?07:35
r3c0neth1: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xd000, 00:14:c1:0e:f7:66, IRQ 17 << thats it07:35
surbhi1hey this is fun07:35
r3c0nbased on the oui thats a us robotics card07:35
r3c0nthats from dmesg07:35
ShazbotMcNastynormanclegg, <ShazbotMcNasty> normanclegg well can you point me in a direction other than get-deb or apt?07:35
r3c0nnothing in lspci though07:35
ShazbotMcNastyI cannot get it from a repo07:35
ShazbotMcNastygimp: error while loading shared libraries: libgegl-0.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:36
ShazbotMcNastybut that's actually installed07:36
ShazbotMcNastyI don't know what the problem is07:36
Maletornormanclegg: ubuntu+1 got it07:36
ShazbotMcNastybut i'm deeply annoyed, and completely fed up with ignorance and rudeness07:36
ShazbotMcNastynot in this channel07:36
ShazbotMcNastyothers -->07:36
normancleggShazbotMcNasty   apt-get install gimp should work from any ubuntu based OS07:36
ShazbotMcNastywell that's the output07:37
ShazbotMcNastygimp: error while loading shared libraries: libgegl-0.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:37
ShazbotMcNastythat is installed07:37
=== rsgirzpiubgz is now known as ChariaK__
ShazbotMcNastyand if it wasn't, it should install it while installing gimp07:37
ShazbotMcNastyit does not07:37
normancleggMaletor  good deal. I was watching there with you.07:37
Subitaneousactionparsnip: Got it! w00t!07:37
ShazbotMcNastySubitaneous, he's not here.07:37
gotttoShazbotMcNasty: is  libgegl-0.0.so.0 a link pointing nowhere maybe?07:38
ShazbotMcNasty!tab Subitaneous07:38
ShazbotMcNasty!tab | Subitaneous07:38
ubottuSubitaneous: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:38
Subitaneous<-- noob07:38
ShazbotMcNastythat's why I gave you the info :)07:38
purplegreysilverSubitaneous, WE ARE HERE TO LEARN07:38
ShazbotMcNastywe all are here to learn07:38
normancleggMaletor  tell them they helped you.07:39
Subitaneousthanks for helpin a brotha07:39
ShazbotMcNastylol purplegreysilver07:39
nine1Can I get libpcap with apt-get?07:39
Subitaneous!tab shazbotmcnasty test?07:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:39
normancleggnine1 which one ?07:39
ShazbotMcNastySubitaneous, you don't have to put !tab in from of it07:40
kermithow do i free the resources associated with a usb serial device?07:40
ShazbotMcNastyjust shaz<hit tab>07:40
nine1normanclegg: Dunno. What options do I have?07:40
SubitaneousShazbotMcNasty: w00t got it07:40
Subitaneousi think ?07:40
ShazbotMcNastySubitaneous, this is in ANY server, it's your IRC client that does it, not the server07:40
purplegreysilverok what does !tab mean - as in what does it ean to put a bang sign in front of something?07:40
shivekk_hey people, I'm creating a new layout for the ubuntu website, check it out http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5230551/index.html07:41
rwwnine1: sudo apt-get install libpcap0.807:41
greezmunkeyShazbotMcNasty: It's not case sensitive! Heh.07:41
gottto!bot | purplegreysilver07:41
ubottupurplegreysilver: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins07:41
normancleggnine1  your program is not running because you don't have some version of lib-cap ?07:41
purplegreysilverre tab - in your opetions or preferences you may have a "Tab completion" option to turn it on or off, or the order of tab-completion.07:41
rwwpurplegreysilver: messages in this channel that begin with ! are generally instructions to the ubottu factoid bot to issue a factoid07:41
ShazbotMcNastythat ^^07:42
nine1normanclegg: I cant ./configure, because I dont have it. "configure: error: libpcap not found”07:42
greezmunkeyShazbotMcNasty: didn't know that 'till now :)07:42
normancleggsomeone help nine107:42
ShazbotMcNastywell, YOU LEARN NOW07:42
rwwnormanclegg: I already did.07:42
purplegreysilveroh we have a lot of those in another room I am in on another server... +wx for weather +tarot or +iching or google translate +en_nl (from Dutch)07:42
ShazbotMcNastynine1, did you install build-essential?07:42
mountihi all07:42
ShazbotMcNastynine1, 'sudo apt-get install build-essential'07:43
normancleggrww  oh, didn't see that.  Is he compiling /07:43
mountihow can i see what devices i have07:43
shivekk_mounti : hi07:43
nine1ShazbotMcNasty: I think I did, I'll check.07:43
rwwnormanclegg: no idea, nine1 didn't answer me :\07:43
mountio/ shivekk_07:43
nine1rww: I installed it, no change.07:43
normancleggnine1   stay in the channel.   Be strong here.  Be firm but patient.07:43
rwwnine1: oh, you're using it for compiling. sudo apt-get install libpcap0.8-dev07:44
purplegreysilverrww thanks. (in #reddit they have .google words go here and you get a couple of links)07:44
nine1rww: E: Couldn't find package libpcap8.0-dev07:44
normancleggmost things I don't understand at all involves compiling.07:45
rwwnine1: which version of Ubuntu are you using?07:45
mountiany ideas07:45
bastid_raZornine1: you typoed.. 0.8 not 8.007:45
nine1ups >_<07:45
rwwah, that too :)07:45
r3c0num my us robotics is being detected as a realtek07:45
r3c0nwhat can i do?07:46
mountii need to see what device i have so i cn mount it07:46
* nine1 ./configure's07:46
r3c0n <6>[    1.338071] eth1: RealTek RTL8139 at 0xd000, 00:14:c1:0e:f7:66, IRQ 17 = = that OUI is us robotics not realtek07:46
Subitaneousyou know for the few minutes i am messing around with ubuntu i'm starting to like the layout better than windows07:46
purplegreysilverOK men, I have been fighting freezing. I've had hints and blind alleys. Been working on it over a week. I decided to stop using chrome, go to firefox. Wish me luck I am not going to run some Youtube in firefox and see how I fare. If I suddenly vanish, you will know that I went to Antarctica (IE This computer froze) ttfn07:46
mountiwindows is easy this is hard07:46
purplegreysilverSubitaneous, it's easy. Do youknow how to get the "nonfree formats going? That's the odd ball that can trip yo up)07:47
nine1mounti: Bullcrap. What do you need to do?>07:47
Avaszi installed ubuntu 9.10 now my wireless doesnt work.. how do i get driver for it?07:47
kinja-sheepmounti: You're new? :)07:47
normancleggmounti   it is a tradeoff.  be nice to the people trying to help07:47
mountihow can i see what devices i have on computer07:47
nine1Hmm, can I search packages w/ apt-get?07:47
nine1mounti: sudo fdisk -l07:47
kinja-sheepmounti: "sudo fdisk -l"07:47
Avasznine1: yes... apt-cache search ..07:47
mountikinja-sheep: obcorse new ish07:47
rwwnine1: apt-cache search packagenamehere07:47
Subitaneouspurplegreysilver: I'll just use my trusty metric adjustable wrench it'll be a snap07:47
mountithsnks all07:48
Avaszhow do i install driver for my wifi?07:48
mountithat gives nothing interesting07:48
rwwubottu: patience | Avasz07:48
ubottuAvasz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.07:48
kinja-sheepmounti: Lies. It lists all of hard drives/removable devices.07:48
purplegreysilverSubitaneous, there is a post by Old_Grey (or gray)_wolf on ubuntu forums that gives the best hints. He ahs about 5 things to paste in terminal AFTER you instal Medibuntu. dont mess with gstreamer.07:48
greezmunkeyQuestion regarding ubuntu-9.10-alternate-amd64.iso, is this the server version, it's supposed to be - but no "server" in the name??07:49
purplegreysilverTell Subitaneous if you know better or think I am wrong. THat was the hard thing, getting started. Hard for me anyway.07:49
rwwgreezmunkey: no, that's the alternate version. the server version has "server" where yours has "alternate"...07:49
normancleggAvasz  if your wifi were common, it'd have been installed automatically.07:49
mountikinja-sheep: well even gparted does not pick it up but teh ubuntu installer does whats up with that07:49
Kartagis!ndiswrapper | Avasz07:49
ubottuAvasz: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:49
Avaszso what do i do now?07:49
greezmunkeyrww: I need server, but also software raid support. Read about it and asked here - alternate was suggested.07:50
purplegreysilverAnd Subitaneous - synaptic is a failure IMHO to install things (eg xchat) use terminal and say -- sudo apt-get install xchat -- I use xchat2 -- And ubuntuforums is really good.07:50
KartagisAvasz, go get ndiswrapper and use windows driver07:50
almoxarifeAvasz: what wifi card you have?07:50
normancleggAvasz  does not mean it can't be made to work tho.  Is this a notebook ?07:50
Avaszalmoxarife: broadcom bcm431107:50
Avaszno its not a note book07:50
rwwgreezmunkey: the alternate CD and server CD use the same installer (and both support RAID). server uses a different kernel with various configuration changes optimized for servers, alternate uses the normal desktop kernel.07:51
Avaszit worked fine when i had ubuntu 9.04.. i found the driver in system-->administration-->hardware dirivers07:51
greezmunkeyrww: dohhh, oh well - now I have both!07:51
almoxarifeAvasz: you are using karmic?07:51
KartagisAvasz, http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/07:51
Avaszalmoxarife: yes07:51
ShazbotMcNastywhy when I install glib 2.24, then try to install gegl07:52
ShazbotMcNastyit says I don't have 2.2407:52
ShazbotMcNastyI want to smash it07:52
mountikinja-sheep: teh hdd is a sata conected to a sataide card on old computer07:52
Avaszmaybe i can install it from synaptic.07:52
rwwAvasz: were the ones you installed in 9.04 the Broadcom STA ones?07:53
=== nine1 is now known as sie
mountisata card07:53
Avaszrww: same laptop.07:53
Avaszrww: i am installing from synaptic... i think it works.07:53
pwnkillerhey is there away to customize each indivisual workspace on 9.1007:53
mountimy hdd is conected to a sata card on my old computer its a raid card07:54
DoDihow can I include (mount permanently) another drive, with full rights?07:54
normancleggAvasz  it won't make you giddy, but it might make you feel better a little.   I had about 20 PfSense routers out on customers set to update automatically. They All had wifi cards. On an update, all the wifi cards ceased to function.07:54
almoxarifeAvasz:  I assume you already know to get this package broadcom-sta-common07:55
Avaszalmoxarife: ??07:55
sieI have libnet6-1.3-dev, but ./configure complains: configure: error: libnet >= not found07:55
normancleggsie  it wants an older version of libnet ?07:56
almoxarifeAvasz: look for that package in synaptic07:56
sienormanclegg: Doesnt >= means newer than
Avaszalmoxarife: there was one called bcmwl-kernel-source07:57
r3c0ncould someone help out please? ive got 2 nics, one is realtek and its integrated and working fine, while the other is a us robotics and it doesnt appear to be working. the realtek module is being assigned to it so in lspci its appearing as another realtek.. lspci -v shows more interesting info please check it out here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406374/07:57
normancleggsie  i'm sorry, yes.07:57
rwwAvasz: you want bcmwl-kernel-source and b43-fwcutter07:57
almoxarifeAvasz: you want to build from source?07:57
Avaszi dont exactly know what to do.. thats why i came to this channel to get help.07:57
greezmunkeypwnkiller: I found this, it may help: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/how-do-you-have-separate-wallpapers-gnome-w-multimonitor-setup-694154/07:57
almoxariferww: why not install this broadcom-sta-common ??07:58
Avaszwhat is b43-fwcutter?07:58
pendlarenFrom time to time, my left mouse button stops working. Both touchpad and external mouse. Right button works in both places. Running 9.10. Need to restart gdm to fix it. Annoying when I'm in the middle of something with lots of windows open... Have tried restarting hal and compiz. No luck. Any suggestions?07:58
Avaszrww: shall i install bfw-fwcutter?07:58
normancleggAvasz   it that does not work, come back here.07:58
rwwalmoxarife: because it only exists in Lucid and is the same as bcmwl-kernel-source except more difficult to install?07:58
rwwAvasz: you should install bcmwl-kernel-source and b43-fwcutter07:58
normancleggAvasz  you should not have to use fwcutter07:59
normancleggAvasz that was 2 years ago07:59
rwwAvasz: b43-fwcutter is the firmware installer for B43 cards.07:59
Avaszok.. one says install b43-fwcutter.. and one says dont install it07:59
r3c0nrww, could you check this paste log real quick please? im lost as to what is going on with my second nic07:59
almoxariferww: that's a very good reason then, as I grovel away.....07:59
pendlarenBTW: Middle button stops working too, it seems. And sometimes "focus follow mouse"07:59
ShazbotMcNastyI gate gegl07:59
ShazbotMcNastywith a passioin07:59
normancleggAvasz  be patient and weigh your options08:00
rwwr3c0n: no, I know nothing about the topic you're having problems with :\08:00
r3c0nthis sucks bad but i think it has to do with 32 and 64 bit?08:00
normancleggAvasz  its not like you're running youtube.com08:00
almoxarifeb43 ??? usb wifi?08:00
r3c0none says Memory at d0514000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=4K08:00
Avasznot usb08:00
Avaszits pci08:00
r3c0nother says Memory at d0420000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=256]08:00
SA_BluegoHello guys08:01
willvarfarsomehow the latest auto-update on 10's beta has installed mythbuntu and that became the artwork on the startup/shutdown and also the default desktop; it completely threw me, it took a while for me to get back into my ubuntu; what's going on, why is this happening?08:01
rwwwillvarfar: Lucid support and discussion in #ubuntu+1, not here, please.08:01
alessandro_hi at all08:01
normancleggwho's up right now ?08:02
alessandro_i m alex from italy08:02
cfeddehow are things there?08:02
normancleggalessandro_  hey there08:02
normancleggalessandro_  alex from italy  its like 3 am there now08:03
tvaughn80% for /home 20% for / sound right?08:03
rwwnormanclegg: more like 9am =\08:03
cfeddetvaughn: on a single disk? why bother with the partitioning at all?08:04
tvaughnease if reinstall if something goes wrong08:04
normancleggtvaughn  always set a /home partition08:04
cfeddeok.  sure.  then say 50-100G for boot then the rest for /home08:04
cfeddepersonaly I'd rather have /home be a seperate drive/08:05
tvaughnits only a 120gb disk :|08:05
normancleggtvaughn  /boot is not required unless it is.08:05
cfeddetvaughn: I  intended that to be / rather than boot.08:05
tvaughnI can always move it to a seperate disk :)08:05
rwwI use 200MB for /boot, 10GB for /, some for swap, and the rest for /home08:05
tvaughnI've got a 10.04 install on the other disk08:06
tvaughncan that be resized later?08:06
wrapsterwhat pkgs provide vim and vi?08:06
normancleggtvaughn   /root 6 gigs  /home 10 gigs08:06
cfeddeI don't bother much with fancy partition schemes any more.08:06
wrapsterdpkg -S /usr/bin/vi or /usr/bin/vim doesnt show me anything.. But i still see /usr/bin/vi and /usr/bin/vim08:07
tvaughnare you tryitng to remove them?08:07
zetherooit seems to me that after a while of the system running things start getting a bit muddled up and everything takes a bit longer than before ... till it gets to the point where I just have to reboot  .... :(08:07
wrapstertvaughn: talking to me?08:07
normancleggtvaughn  200MB for /boot, 6GB for /, 1GB for swap, and the rest for /home08:08
tvaughnzetheroo: who reboots08:08
wrapstertvaughn: no .. But i was verifying something while i came across this...08:08
zetherootvaughn: who?08:08
tvaughnnormanclegg: what is the reason for boot being on a seperate partition?08:08
zetherootvaughn: I reboot the computer ...08:08
Allaunin case of failure08:08
tvaughnzetheroo: why?08:08
AllaunLets say your your linux partition completely goes fubar08:09
r3c0nheyyyyyy its working!08:09
Allaunyou can still boot into recovery because of your seperate partition08:09
normancleggtvaughn  none at all in the modern desktop08:09
tvaughnnormanclegg: was that the response to /boot?08:10
normancleggtvaughn  but why make a big deal out of 200mb ?08:10
zetherootvaughn: as I said ... things slow down ... like maximising an open PP presentation from it's minimized position or even pasting a line in here ... it's like the hdd has to constantly play catch up to something for several second before anything happens08:10
tvaughnim not I was simply curious :)08:10
normancleggtvaughn  YOU mentioned /boot08:10
tvaughnno actually I only asked about  / and /home you mentioned boot and I curiously asked why08:10
normancleggtvaughn ok. then ignore any reference to /boot    I've had too much alcohol08:11
tvaughnnormanclegg: where is mine?08:12
zetherooI am noticing also that once I close my 12 or so FF tabs that FF is still consuming up to 200mb of RAM ... when it should only be using about 50mb with a single tab08:12
SA_BluegoSorry guys a bit off topic, any CCNA's here?08:12
tvaughnzetheroo: try closing firefox?08:12
normancleggtvaughn  the beer was way too hoppy and the merlot cost me $6 per 1.5 liter.08:12
tvaughnwas it good?08:13
tvaughnthe merlot08:13
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?08:13
zetherootvaughn: yeah ... not really a solution ... FF should be only taking up what it needs08:13
tvaughnzetheroo: thought linux was past the whole rebooting thing :|08:13
normancleggzetheroo  what browser are you using and what is the problem ???08:13
tvaughnI had someone yelling at me for not turning off my pc at night08:13
tvaughnin an AP computer science class :|08:14
Someguy771how do I get a windows java based application working on ubuntu?08:14
tvaughnSomeguy771: whats a windows based java application?08:14
zetherooall in all I am not sold on performance in Ubuntu ... I have a powerful system with plenty of resources ... this thing should be wizzing around the corners ... but it's not08:14
tvaughnhow can it be windows based..08:14
zetherootvaughn: yeah - ha08:14
normancleggtvaughn  because it spoiled the view of the bay at night ?08:14
Someguy771I mean a windows application that runs on java?08:14
tvaughnzetheroo: you use gnome?08:14
zetherootvaughn: yes08:14
normancleggtvaughn  she may have been coming on to you.08:15
tvaughnis it an exe?08:15
tvaughnnormanclegg: it was a guy.08:15
normancleggtvaughn  i'm open to that.08:15
tvaughnzetheroo: that may be a problem08:15
tvaughngnome is somewhat sluggish08:15
zetherootvaughn: no special setup or anything either ...08:15
zetherootvaughn: gnome is sluggish?08:15
zetherootvaughn: first time I heard that ....08:15
knoppieszetheroo, I agree with him.08:16
normancleggits not the first time you've heard of gnome being sluggish08:16
tvaughnknoppies: whats your favorite?08:16
tvaughnnormanclegg: didn't linux make a comment about ubuntu being more like windows?08:16
zetheroocan someone have a look at my logs and tell me if things are screwed up? ... cause I don't like the look of them ...08:17
knoppieszetheroo, tvaughn I like gnome though, I can tweak it to my favourite. Even though it is a little sluggish, I learn to live with it (It doesnt help that Im on a slow machine).08:17
tvaughnzetheroo: I read that legs....08:17
knoppiestvaughn, still gnome.08:17
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
tvaughnthat means time for bed in my book08:17
normancleggtvaughn  i submit that zetheroo is not telling the truth or he was born day before yesterday.08:17
zetheroonormanclegg: why?08:18
tvaughnzetheroo: everyone has heard of gnome being sluggish, its common knowledge08:18
HanWhat's the name of the channel where I can discuss 10.04?08:18
zetheroowhy are my logs completely littered with pulseaudio suppressed events?08:18
rwwHan: #ubuntu+108:18
tvaughnHan: #ubuntu+108:18
tvaughnrww: you beat me :(08:18
zetherootvaughn: well ... now it is even more common than before :P08:18
normancleggtvaughn  if you have to sleep, then sleep.08:19
rwwspeedy rww is speedy.08:19
tvaughnnormanclegg: I meant because I said I read logs as legs08:19
tvaughnrww: shouldnt your name be rwx?08:19
tvaughnand isnt it read twice write once?08:19
KartagisI've added the mozilla repo and gotten thunderbird 3.03. will that break when I upgrade to lucid because lucid will give me 3.01?08:19
rwwtvaughn: I've considered changing my last name to Xylophone >.>08:19
* tvaughn wonders if anyone picks up on measure twice cut once.08:19
zetherooI have scores of pulseaudio messages and kernel messages too08:20
tvaughnrww: why is that08:20
normancleggtvaughn  the Ubuntu framework is unbeatable.08:20
zetheroosomething about NTSC ...08:20
rwwKartagis: assuming that Lucid and the PPA use the same packagename, it'd continue using the PPA because the version number there is higher.08:20
arooni-mobileis there a way to turn off monitors from the command line?08:20
Kartagisrww, good08:21
tvaughnarooni-mobile: unless you can get your computer to press buttons..08:21
freek1hi everyone08:21
=== |Russellalan| is now known as RussellAlan
tvaughnim sure theres a way to put the monitor to sleep though :)08:21
normancleggtvaughn but i want the very minimal install that uses the ubuntu foundation.08:21
arooni-mobiletvaughn, what about that power saving feature where it turns off power ot them after inactivity08:21
zetheroowhat is this??08:21
zetherooCRON[18681]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)08:21
arooni-mobileput them to sleep exactly08:21
tvaughnarooni-mobile: I want monitors that can be turned off by the computer, it gets hard to press those buttons sometimes heh, plus I had a monitor that its power button didnt work..08:22
rwwzetheroo: cron running the cron hourly script08:22
zetheroorww: is that normal? ...08:22
rwwzetheroo: yes08:22
tvaughnwish I knew the command btw08:23
tvaughnI dont :(08:23
zetheroorww: do you know what this is?  kernel: [27226.706920] [drm] TV-15: set mode NTSC 480i 008:23
rwwzetheroo: the kernel's DRM (direct rendering manager, not digital rights management) module detecting what's attached to your video card, I'd assume08:24
RussellAlanim running ubuntu 9.10 under gnome, i usually used to use kde, but it hink i grew up maybe. well, firefox seems to be eating all resources.08:25
normancleggDRM (direct rendering manager   -   that isn't crap ?08:25
FireCrotcharooni-mobile: xset dpms force off  would turn off the monitor08:25
arooni-mobileFireCrotch, how to turn it back on08:26
zetheroorww: and it's normal for that to be happening every now and then i guess ...08:26
FireCrotcharooni-mobile: xset dpms force on08:26
rwwnormanclegg: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Rendering_Manager08:26
knoppiesRussellAlan, I think its a 3rd party flash thing.08:26
knoppiesRussellAlan, when you say resources you mean RAM or CPU usage?08:26
arooni-mobileFireCrotch, so if i want to do turn it back on from the comptuer itself; i couldnt (id have to be on a diff computer ot do that right?08:26
knoppiesRussellAlan, I used to have that issue (100% CPU usage while idling) and it turned out to be a 3rd party flash plugin, I forget what its called.08:27
arooni-mobileFireCrotch, anyway to just put it to sleep and have mouse movements etc wake it up08:27
=== ShazbotMcNasty is now known as ShazbotMcMurder
zetheroorww: last one I promise :) ..... I have something like this occur with each and every sound the computer makes! zeth-r61-64 pulseaudio[1620]: ratelimit.c: 126 events suppressed08:27
FireCrotcharooni-mobile: you might be able to do standby or suspend instead of force off08:27
rwwzetheroo: No idea on that one. I don't understand pulseaudio :(08:28
zetheroorww: ok no worries .. thansk08:28
arooni-mobileFireCrotch, ah k thx08:28
FireCrotcharooni-mobile: just a warning though, it might not work with your monitor or your video card08:30
SA_BluegoGuys, any CCNA's here?08:30
=== mentr_bnc is now known as mentr
rwwubottu: ot | SA_Bluego08:32
ubottuSA_Bluego: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:32
magulSA_Bluego: what do you need?08:33
tvaughncertified cisco network admin I think08:35
magulI know what is CCNA, but what do SA_Bluego need from him/her?08:35
tvaughnI was close08:35
SA_Bluegojust some advice, sorry to post that here in the ubuntu room, my bad.08:36
=== damn is now known as Guest89320
tvaughnif you wanted cisco... there is a #cisco channel08:36
ThunderguyI just attempted to migrate from debian stable -> ubuntu 9.10, on every boot of my finalized installation of 9.10 the screen starts flashing at the login prompt and so does my numlock, the only thing that works is c-a-d so my ubuntu is DOB :( but my debian kernel is working fine, anyone had this problem before?08:36
knoppiesThunderguy, never tried such a thing, the way I would do it (for distro upgrades as well) is backup all my data, do a clean fresh install, move/copy data back.08:37
maguli don;t have ccna but i know lot about network, so maybe you will ask?08:37
normancleggdebian may have sold out to the feds08:37
tvaughnnormanclegg: what do you mean?08:38
normancleggor ubuntu08:38
rwwubottu: ot | normanclegg08:38
ubottunormanclegg: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:38
Thunderguynow I didn't allow the installer to install the bootloader, could there be any significance there?08:38
normancleggtvaughn  i don't know, I'm being silly.08:38
normancleggtvaughn  I wouldd be crazy if that happened to me.08:39
rwwnormanclegg: and personally, I'd recommend that if you've "had too much alcohol", you perhaps should go do something other than be on IRC.08:39
tvaughnshould I do Login automatically. require my password. require my password to log in and decrypt my home folder08:39
tvaughnrww: I think theres a bash.org quote about iwi08:39
normancleggtvaughn  be patient and carefully look at your isp08:40
normancleggrww is right and if he/she has any ideas I'd be happy to support him/her08:41
folkkorsi have completly planning my new build for my new computer08:41
folkkorsit shall have 4 gtx 480's in it08:41
folkkorsyes 408:41
folkkors=] can't wait08:41
tvaughngtx 480...08:42
tvaughnwhats that?08:42
folkkorsyes 4 of them08:42
folkkorsit helps time travel08:42
tvaughnflux capacitors?08:42
folkkorsyou need 4 of them08:42
folkkorsto time travel08:42
tvaughncan it output a jiggawat?08:42
normancleggfolkkors  for christmas ?08:42
folkkorswith a bolt of lighting08:42
folkkorsit might08:42
FloodBot3folkkors: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:42
folkkorsin 2 weeks08:42
tvaughncan your computer go 88mph?08:42
folkkorsill buy a steering wheel08:43
folkkors=] g2708:43
rwwfolkkors: Do you have an Ubuntu support question? If not, this really belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic.08:43
tvaughndepending if you throw it hard enough?08:43
folkkorsill put it inside my car08:43
folkkorsand run it of my cars battery08:43
purplegreysilveror folkkors or in #reddit08:43
* tvaughn still wonders what a gtx 4800 is08:43
rwwtvaughn: it's a graphics card08:43
tvaughn480 even08:43
folkkorsthats the problem y08:43
normanclegghas to be a bot, no ??08:43
folkkorsyour wondering about the wrong thing08:43
purplegreysilverIts an old brand of XP08:43
folkkorsthe gtx 480 =]08:43
folkkorsit could be a robot08:44
folkkorsfromthe future08:44
folkkorswith 4 gtx 480's08:44
FloodBot3folkkors: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:44
folkkorsi was sent by skynet08:44
rwwfolkkors: Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, and stop hitting enter every three words, please.08:44
folkkorsto steal your gtx's08:44
folkkorsmaybe you just cant form a thought quick enough08:45
folkkorsand those pro long your sentences08:45
bluedog5Hello all08:45
folkkorsanyways i got shit to order08:45
normanclegggood example that our guys are liberal and not reactive.  They're great guys.08:46
bluedog5can anyone help a newblet out? I'm new to ubuntu coming from windblows and need some info08:46
ManDayIS there a way to find out the default ./configure ation of a package in the repositories???08:46
knoppiesbluedog5, your in the right place. Anything in particular?08:46
* tvaughn is using windblows :'( *cries shamefully in a corner*08:48
normancleggbluedog5  hey there08:48
=== mdupont is now known as Phurl
ManDayHow do I find out what ./configure parameters a UBUNTU package installs with?08:49
bluedog5sorry i couldn't type08:49
icerootManDay: packages normally dont use ./configure  you can see the default in debian/rules08:49
knoppiesbluedog5, thats ok, we still here.08:50
icerootManDay: have a look how a package is created08:50
ManDayIs that the directory within the package?08:50
icerootManDay: yes08:50
=== kc-net is now known as cew
rwwubottu: ot | Barachiel08:50
ubottuBarachiel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:50
ManDayand there I can find the parameters which I will have to pass to ./configure so that the source compiles exactly (or at least almost) as the package from the repos, Iceroot?08:50
bluedog5if i don't write back it's because im having trouble08:50
tvaughnBarachiel: is this live08:51
icerootManDay: the packages are already build08:51
bluedog5anyways i have a question about how to secure my ubuntu08:51
ManDayiceroot, thats what im saying08:51
ManDayiceroot, I want to know what ./configure parms i have to compile a source with so it ends up like the bins from the repos08:51
icerootManDay: at buildprocess debian/rules is executed, there you can do what you want08:51
ManDayis that what i can obtain from /debian/rules?08:51
knoppiesbluedog5, I take similar precautions to when I used windows, but dont worry about it too much. But Im keen to see what others say.08:52
ManDayiceroot, do you understand me now?08:52
icerootManDay: then have a look at such a package in debian/rules and maybe debian/control (architecutr)08:52
ManDaycan i not just copy the ./configure parameters 1-to-1 from somewhere?08:52
bluedog5i did do some research before asking questions and i did learn you still need to secure ubuntu brb08:52
knoppiesbluedog5, of course you do. In my opinion the most secure machine, is the one that never gets turned on.08:53
bluedog5lol yea or never connects to the intertnet08:54
ManDayiceroot, is that not possible?08:55
bluedog5anyways i'm sure someone has came up with a liveCD that is focused on keeping you private?08:55
tvaughnknoppies: try unplugging the cat5 it does wonders08:56
knoppiestvaughn, agreed, but whats the fun in that?08:56
tvaughnknoppies: wheres the fun in never turning it on08:56
tvaughnbluedog5: that'd be backtrack iirc08:57
rocket16Hello, can we integrate GNotes with Evolution? Like KJots in Kontact?08:57
knoppiestvaughn, I was using exaggeration to imply that there is always a risk, no matter how hard you try.08:57
rocket16I truly think it to be a nice idea, but could not figure it out,08:57
bluedog5what was that tva?08:57
tvaughnknoppies: I know and im teasing you abou tit08:57
sjorsrcrossposting from #gnome, but it seems to be kinda dead there so i hope you don't mind.08:58
rocket16Friends, any solution?08:58
knoppiesbluedog5, you will learn that the <tab> key auto completes things for you. In the terminal it can do folder/file names, commands, in IRC it does other peoples names (so long as they are in the channel).08:58
sjorsranyways, anyone who can help me out with a probably simple gconf issue?08:58
tvaughnits a linux distro for security testing08:58
rocket16sjorsr: Oh, what is it?08:58
=== jos_ is now known as jos[]
tvaughnbluedog5: and it makes my client tell me you wanted to talk to me08:58
sjorsrthe problem is as follows: i am working with tablet pc's and am using an onscreen keyboard application that stores its position in gconf. now, if the user rotates the screen the keyboard is in the wrong place. no problem, i can update the location in gconf, and when i do so in gconf-editor the changes are applied straightway08:58
ManDayHow can I download a package without installing it, so I can check out debian/rules?08:59
sjorsrhowever, if i do so through gconftool-2 (which would be preffered to automate the process) the value seems to get updated but the changes are not applied.08:59
sjorsrgconftool-2 --set /apps/florence/window/xpos --type=int 100 is the command i'm using, but there seems to be something going wrong.08:59
rocket16sjorsr: Oh, sorry, :( But I am not familiar with Tablet PC in Linux08:59
sjorsrit's not just the value, any random setting (like window decoration, transparency, simple booleans don't seem to get applied with gconftool-2 straightaway08:59
sjorsrah it's not so much to do with the tablet itself, the problem lies in gconftool-2 here.09:00
SerraphynDon't ya just love days where you haven't accomplished a dang thing09:00
RussellAlanis ther an apt-get install for filezilla09:00
RussellAlanand does chrome run well on gnome?09:00
=== jon is now known as Guest30887
knoppiesRussellAlan, I use nautilus for ftp/ssh Ive never tried chrome on gnome, I downloaded it the other day but Ive been rather busy since.09:01
gotttosjefen6: tried --set-schema?09:01
knoppiesRussellAlan, you could have a look at the synaptic package manager for filezilla.09:01
gotttosjorsr:  tried --set-schema?09:02
sjorsrnope, no cigar09:04
brontosaurusrexwhat is some decent font for x-chat?09:04
brontosaurusrexnot monotype09:04
RussellAlananyone have a recccoomendattion for an amazing music player?09:07
coz_RussellAlan,  mm  amazing no  but  I use rhythmbox09:08
sjorsrrhytmbox is fine, i personally still prefer xmms09:08
RussellAlani like rhythmbox, but i want something more full featured09:08
BarachielRussellAlan, try songbird09:08
sjorsroh, more features :P09:08
sjorsryeah songbird is nice as well.09:08
gottto+1 xmms09:09
coz_RussellAlan,  which features were you thinking of?09:09
RussellAlanmore or less music library of full system09:09
rwwubottu: xmms09:09
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.09:09
coz_RussellAlan,    http://lwn.net/Articles/160704/09:10
coz_RussellAlan,  exaile09:10
shomonhi, I have an hp laptop with an SD card area that has never worked. It looks as if the right setpci commands might do it. Where can I find more information on that?09:10
coz_shomon,   if no one here can answer I suggest the ##linux channel09:12
falc0nswhat was the question?09:12
shomonthanks coz_ that sounds like a good place to try anyway09:12
shomonhow to get an sd card bit of my laptop working in linux09:13
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?09:13
gotttoshomon: this might help   http://linux.web.cern.ch/linux/scientific5/hardware/laptops.shtml09:13
shomonthanks gottto !09:13
Barachielanyone know of any good ipod replacements?09:14
Barachielthat work well in ubuntu obviuosly09:14
coz_Barachiel,  have you read any of the articles for syncing ipod on linux09:15
Barachielyeah I have09:16
Barachielbut I want to rid myself of apple09:16
coz_Barachiel,  is this a new ipod?09:16
Arabicaare you a worm?09:16
Barachieler ipod classic 80 gb09:16
coz_Barachiel,  oh ok some new ipods have been blocking third party apps from syncing09:17
coz_Barachiel,  I dont think I can help with this... I dont own an ipod09:17
Barachieli want something to replace it09:17
Barachieli have no problems with syncing09:17
coz_Barachiel, http://www.ipodlinux.org/09:19
Icey-Net'Ello! =P09:20
Barachielmy ipod ain't supported09:20
coz_Barachiel,   http://revver.com/video/497573/how-to-install-linux-on-ipod/09:20
coz_Barachiel,  mm that's the best I can do guy :)09:21
Barachieli sorta meant other mp3 players09:21
Barachielany that support ogg would be best09:22
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Blue-Omega
coz_Barachiel,   http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/PortablePlayers09:24
coz_guys I have my own issue here...firefox will not focus the search bar when I open it ..only if I click inside the search field or hit the home button...any solutons  maybe  about:config?09:25
Barachieloh yeah i have the same problem as coz_09:26
coz_Barachiel,  the only solution I have found is to install firefox via the ppa09:27
bullgard'Passwords and Encryption Keys' > Other Keys > Validity lists 3 values: 'Full', 'Unknown', and 'Revoked'. Are there more?09:27
Barachielcoz_,I see is there a keyboard shortcut that takes you to the address bar cause i couldn't find one09:28
coz_Barachiel,  right  but I am going to test the firefox in the ppa hold on09:30
LarethHello is it possible to create a software RAID1 after having installed Ubuntu 9.10?09:31
wolteris there an environmental variable for the music directory?09:32
DragginGood morning...09:32
Avashi failed to install wifi driver for my bcm431109:32
=== Blue-Omega_ is now known as Blue-Omega
DragginI have a debilitating problem... I've upgraded to Karmic recently, but I have this intermittent problem where my screen resolution resets itself to 800x600. Nothing I do gets it back to normal (which is 1280*1024), but last time, after a while and a reboot, it magically fixed itself. Yesterday it was working fine, and this morning, as I switched it on, it defaulted back to 800x600 again. I can't work on this resolution - any ideas? I don't know what to Goog09:34
gotttoDraggin: have you read   /var/log/Xorg.0.log   to see what's up?09:35
Saciddoes anyone know if it is possible to tell freenx to _not_ start a new session but use the already running, local x11 session, like vnc actually, just with the nx protocol?09:36
Draggingottto - it moans about vrefresh and hsync being out of range, but I don't understand why it happens.  Nothing changes on the system, then suddenly, it has a different resolution.  Also dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does absolutely nothing09:37
gotttoDraggin: try   Xorg -configure09:37
gotttoDraggin: or google your monitor and the right rates to xorg.conf09:38
Draggingottto - I've used that as well, also didn't change anything09:38
DragginIt just eventually came right on its own09:38
Leelahi there09:38
Draggingottto - I understand how I could normally go about configuring a monitor, my problem is that even though it has been configured, it resets itself somehow and I don't know why and no normal xorg steps fixes the problem...09:39
LeelaI try to install a game using wine. i get shown i have 2MB free diskspace which is not enough for the game, while in rl i have 62GB free... any idea what I can do?09:39
Sacidi'm pretty much actually looking for a good and fast solution for accessing my local desktop from remote, i figured vnc is too slow, to crappy a quality and just lags way too much. rdp...well, there isn't really any good rdp service except for xrdp which is just a pain in the ass to configure without documentation provided from the project itself and as far as i know i'd have to restart the x-session anyways, which is not what i want...09:40
gotttoDraggin: time to consider the hardware - graphics card overheating, monitor playing up etc09:40
Draggingottto - It's onboard graphics though, so I hope that's not the case...09:41
ArtistXuseri plugged in a usb flash drive. How do i tell what port name it's using?09:43
DragginWell, gottto, thanks for the advice - let me see if I can get anywhere...09:43
johngilbroughI'm trying to ask a question over on #mysql but I'm getting "Cannot send to channel".  The initial blurb says to Register your nick with NickServ - but my nick is registered.  I think...  How can I tell?09:45
ArtistXuserI'm using Wammu to detect my mobile phone.  It says "Enter the device name of the usb port".   How do i find the 'device name' of usb?09:45
its-me-againhi i need to download ubuntu-desktop from the internet. where can i get it. this is not in ubuntu09:46
johngilbroughgoogle "download ubuntu"09:46
ArtistXuserits-me-again..given up with puppy linux?09:46
Arabicai just downloaded ubuntu 9.10 form the official site09:46
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Karmic, and help keeping the servers' load low!09:47
Arabicathere is a big 'download' icon09:47
royrusselljohngilbrough ubuntu is ununtu desktop,09:47
indusits-me-again, yeah on www.ubuntu.com09:47
its-me-againArtno trying to fix my ubuntu install. i need ubuntu-desktop package09:47
its-me-againno not ubuntu os09:47
royrussellits-me-again ubuntu-desktop is the standard ubuntu metapackage09:47
Arabicathe ubuntu installation cs is also a livecd09:47
its-me-againteh ubuntu-desktop paalication09:48
Subitaneousok so i'm trying to install a music player and i open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install amarok and then it says E:couldn't find package amarok... what am i doing wrong?09:48
its-me-againplease stop adn listen09:48
its-me-againi do nto need a live cd of ubuntu i have one09:48
royrussellSubitaneous do you have the repo enabled?09:48
indusits-me-again, so what do you need09:48
Subitaneousroyrussell: i have no i dea what that is09:49
its-me-againi need to fix my ubuntu install atm i cant aCCESS IT FROM INSIDE UBUNTU.09:49
Subitaneousi'm new to ubuntu09:49
its-me-againi need teh ubuntu-desktop from ubuntu repos09:49
its-me-againfor ubuntu 9.1009:49
indusits-me-again, hmm thats not possible , try packages.ubuntu.com09:49
its-me-againit should be09:49
Paddy_NIindus: keryx would work09:49
SensivaArtistXuser if your phone set to COM mode, you should find it in /dev directory. try ls  /dev/ttyUSB*09:49
Paddy_NIits-me-again: google for keryx09:49
indusits-me-again, ubuntu-desktop is not a real package, it just pulls the other packages required09:49
indusPaddy_NI, whats keryx09:50
royrussellSubitaneous of firstly, check in synaptic if you have the multiverse and universe repositors enabled then refresh the apt data, then see if it comes p in a search in synaptic.09:50
Paddy_NIindus: A wonderful app that should be bundled with ubuntu by default09:50
Paddy_NIindus: http://keryxproject.org/09:51
Arabicathey should put irssi in09:51
ArtistXuserthanks Sensiva.  Anyone know a good mobile phone application?09:51
indusPaddy_NI, yeah reading it now09:51
bluedog5im back09:52
bluedog5Anyone know of any good sites to secure ubuntu?09:52
=== root- is now known as simey00irc
indusPaddy_NI, so how exactly does it download packages09:53
royrussellArtistXuser sodoka?09:53
Subitaneousroyrussell: multiverse and universe repos? i'm in synaptics but don't know where to go from there09:53
SensivaArtistXuser I tried many, wammu and kMobileTools are the best of them, both are in Ubuntu repos09:53
Paddy_NIindus: you would use it on a computer that is connected09:53
Paddy_NIindus: usb pen drive hdd whatever09:54
indusPaddy_NI, then take the package file and put it on the offline ?09:54
indusPaddy_NI, hmm good09:54
Paddy_NIindus: yeah keryx installs it nicely09:54
Paddy_NIindus: saved my ass a few times09:54
indusPaddy_NI, there is also apton cd which does that i believe09:54
Paddy_NIindus: no it does not sady09:54
royrussellSubitaneous: settings > repositories09:55
Paddy_NIindus: aptoncd is not portable and it does not allow me to go to an online computer and download say "amarok" with all dependencies09:55
Paddy_NIindus: also it is ubuntu only afaik09:56
obiwan_guys, do you know any program that traces every current program  working on a file? i thought about strace, but it just traces programs you run with it, not the current ones working in your system. fuser neither works cause i'd had to run a really quick iterating loop and even then it wouldn't be precise enough09:56
Subitaneousroyrussell: yea they are checked off09:56
royrussellSubitaneous so now if you reload it should be in the packages09:58
kooriWhen ever i allow Hardware drivers for my graphics card and reboot my system, i cant get the loading screen too appear again, does this mean my graphics card driver is not supported by ubuntu?09:58
Subitaneousroyrussell:  it's downloading package information09:58
Arabicagraphic cards = nvidia + ati09:58
obiwan_koori: what do you mean with allow hardware drivers?09:59
bluedog5anyone know anything about securing ubuntu?09:59
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:59
obiwan_you allow them where?09:59
obiwan_koori: you allow them where?09:59
induskoori, what graphics card is it?09:59
Subitaneousroyrussell: Hey Thanks i got it :D09:59
Avashi need to install driver for my bcm4311.. but dont know how to.09:59
koorii install them from application that pops up that asks too allow  restricted drivers, and i ahve a radion 5600 if i remmeber correctly10:00
royrussellSubitaneous remember that keeps the package database up to date10:00
Arabicakoori, you can use vesa10:01
Subitaneousroyrussell: so if i ever get that problem again just reload it and it should work?10:01
kooriArabica what is vesa?10:01
Arabicavesa mode10:02
zubatachelp me, please : my vsftpd modify permission (I want which write with permission client)10:02
ItalianoHello, i want to configure my Ubuntu server to be a router10:02
Italianohow do i do this?10:03
ArabicaItaliano, the faqs and wikis are what you need10:03
Italianowhere can i find them?10:04
Arabicayou have a browswe...10:04
Italianoon ubuntu.com?10:04
Italianoif you dont want to help shut up10:04
luquihey i am on a computer behind a router and I can't forward ports to myself.  Is there any way my friend (outside the network) can ssh into my box?10:05
BamboozleI'm trying to connect to a private network on a ethernet lan, and one that's connected to the internet through wireless, when I connect to the private lan I can no longer use the internet10:05
kooriwhat is vesa mode? sorry im new too linux not sure about alot of things10:05
obiwan_Italiano: you got to edit some files in etc , like sysctl, and others. and then enable iptables for routing10:05
Bamboozlealthough network manager says it's connected to both networks10:05
gonethekillhi ..10:05
obiwan_Italiano: there are some guides on the internet to make ubuntu work  as a router. just google "ubuntu as a router"10:05
Bamboozlekoori: vesa is a graphics mode, you choose it for booting10:05
Arabicakoori, i can even use the vesa modes + modelines10:06
Arabicakoori, if you don't play 3d games, it's not bad for daily use10:06
Sensivakoori vesa mode is a generic mode, works with all cards, of course it won't get you all supported features or resolutions10:07
Bamboozleso does anyone know how to help me?10:08
koorikk, thank you for the help guys10:08
jcduttonI had ubuntu with sources "main", I added "universe" and it let me install more stuff. Now I want to remove "universe" and have ubuntu automatically remove all the stuff it added when I had "universe" selected. How do I do this?10:09
SensivaBamboozle if someone knows the answer to your question he will answer you right away10:10
Bamboozlethank you for the lesson in #ubuntu etiquette Sensiva10:11
Arabicai have no clue10:11
=== Quan-Time__ is now known as Quan-Time
obiwan_jcdutton: remove the universe10:11
obiwan_and clean the apt cache10:11
obiwan_then update from scratch10:12
Sensivajcdutton in software sources untick universe repos box, then reload your sources list, then in synaptic create a filter to list all installed packages from universe section, mark them for removal then apply. please be carefull with this10:12
obiwan_maybe there's a better way, but that's the only one it comes to my mind10:12
=== MosquitoOo is now known as MaWaLe
klappiBamboozle: u use dhcp on both networks i guess?10:13
Bamboozleklappi: a friend suggested getting rid of dhcp on one of the networks, so I did10:14
Bamboozlethe ethernet one10:14
Bamboozlethe wireless network still uses dhcp10:14
gottto+1 static ips on a lan10:14
obiwan_guys, do you know any program that traces every current program  working on a file? i thought about strace, but it just traces programs you run with it, not the current ones working in your system. fuser neither works cause i'd had to run a really quick iterating loop and even then it wouldn't be precise enough10:14
obiwan_i want it to run continuosly, just like top10:14
obiwan_and lists whatever system call to a file is done from any running process10:15
Sensivaobiwan_ lsof will list all opened files by which process.10:15
Bamboozlegottto: what do you mean?10:15
Bamboozleobiwan_: you mean like lsof10:15
Bamboozlewhich is list open files10:15
gotttoBamboozle: I use static ips on my lan is all :)10:15
Bamboozleah gottto so you're saying +1 as in props10:15
obiwan_Bamboozle: lsof just tells what files a process is running, doesn't it?10:16
obiwan_what i want, is a system wide processes monitoring of a file10:16
Bamboozleobiwan_: it lists all files that any process you have permissions to view has open10:16
Bamboozleincluding libraries10:16
Bamboozlelike .so10:16
klappiBamboozle: you need to look up your routes10:16
obiwan_that's it Bamboozle10:16
obiwan_but _a_ process10:16
amanda9how do i change ip anyone?10:16
obiwan_not _all_ the processes10:16
klappiBamboozle: the dhcp youre still using might skrew them up10:17
Bamboozleobiwan_: lsof | grep 'processname'10:17
klappiBamboozle: you might want to edit dhclient.conf10:17
BamboozleI just got it10:17
BamboozleI think10:17
obiwan_oook Bamboozle10:17
RussellAlananyone know any apps for making flyers/posters from templates?10:17
Bamboozleif I go offline then I didn't10:17
Bamboozleobiwan_ I'm sure man lsof has some options in it too10:18
obiwan_Bamboozle: so without arguments it lists all the files by all the procs10:18
Bamboozleyeah obiwan_10:18
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
obiwan_yeah Bamboozle i just remembers the options to list about a process, didn't know it allows you to monitor all the processes10:18
Bamboozlebut lsof -c 'myprocess' seems to do the same thing10:18
Bamboozleyeah obiwan_10:18
Bamboozleit's a very handy program10:18
Bamboozlethank you10:22
amanda9how chage ip10:23
gheddy_zarcgetting this when trying to update 9.10 http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/24revsCz does it want me to insert the original CD ? for the update to work ?10:25
BasiumDeJudashello hello10:25
skhhi. I just installed 9.10 (32 bit), and updated with the update manager immediately after, which failed during update of libc6, with a dpkg error during --unpack, "subprocess new pre-installation script killed by signal (Segmentation fault)10:25
skhI find a bug when I google for the error, but no answer10:25
skhany idea, or: how can I find out what pre-installation script dpkg tried to execute?10:26
skhany help would be appreciated ;-)10:26
BasiumDeJudashow do i change my log in name? Is this possible?10:26
indusBasiumDeJudas, no not possible, create a new username10:27
Sensivagheddy_zarc remove that CD entry from your sources.list using System -> Administration -> Software Sources10:27
indusBasiumDeJudas, go to admin>users and groups10:27
BasiumDeJudasok so what about the things i downloaded and software on my log in what will happened with it? indus.10:27
gheddy_zarcthanks Sensiva10:27
st4aluckStill don't know what to do with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:28
indusBasiumDeJudas, well , those will not be there in new one10:28
indusBasiumDeJudas, i think you can move them though10:28
sjorsr<indus> BasiumDeJudas, no not possible, create a new username <-- eh?10:28
BasiumDeJudasah ok10:28
=== mpoz2 is now known as hellp
sjorsrofcourse you can change your username10:28
indussjorsr, how10:29
sjorsredit /etc/passwd?10:29
indussjorsr, :)10:29
indussjorsr, i dont want to suggest that10:29
BasiumDeJudassweet thanks people.10:29
sjorsrwell, it's not recommended10:29
sjorsrbut it is very possibl;e10:29
=== sexghost_ is now known as sexghost
sjorsrespecially considering your uid stays the same, it should not make any difference.10:29
indusBasiumDeJudas, yes technically possible to change , if you edit the file /etc/passwd but ..........10:29
giovannisalve per la chat italiana?? italy chat?? help me pls tanks10:30
st4aluckStill don't know what to do with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934110:30
indusgiovanni, #ubuntu-it10:30
BasiumDeJudasok, will do indus.10:30
bullgard[man dpkg] How can I determine the selection state of a certain DEB program package, for example 'kexi'?10:30
jcduttonobiwan_, lsof can do it by directory as well. I.e. Any open files in directory X.10:30
sjorsrbullgard: dpkg -l packagename10:31
aboSamoorHi, can I find an email notifier that integrates well with messaging menu on LL ?10:32
obiwan_jcdutton: but it doensn't work10:35
obiwan_ i asked for a  real time , and that guy told me lsof but i can't find a way to run lsof in real time10:35
obiwan_just like top10:35
obiwan_anyway, fuser does exactly what i want, i don't need to get complicated with lsof10:36
obiwan_the problem is it doesn't run realtime10:36
gotttoaboSamoor: I use conky as an email notifier if that helps10:36
BasiumDeJudasgreat program10:36
aboSamoorgottto: conky is not intuitive and eats CPU10:37
gotttoaboSamoor: uses 0.0 cpu here with three instances running10:38
bullgardsjorsr: '~$ dpkg -l kexi' does not show the selection state of kexi.10:38
rethushave to install win xp for a project. which should i use virtualbox or vmware?10:38
rethuscan i only install it on the easy way (synaptic?)10:39
rethuswhich package shoul i install10:40
Sensivarethus sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose10:41
tgalaljoin #ubuntu-server10:42
rethusSensivia: how can i install then my xp home?10:43
Take0nHello guys. I recently (two days ago) installed ubuntu lucid and want to ask you how to get python interpreter back in the menu. In 9.04 and 9.10 I have it under Programming but in lucid it's not there10:43
bazhangTake0n, #ubuntu+1 for lucid10:43
tgalalI need someway to install Ubuntu server on 100 machines without having to do the installation procedures on all of them .. Is there someway that I can install only on 1 machine and replicate the installation over all the others ?10:43
maginotHi. What does ubuntu uses for its boot splash screen?10:44
gotttotgalal: there's something about that on ubuntus home page iirc10:44
tgalalgottto, link ?10:44
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com10:45
rethustgalal: maybe remastersys10:45
=== rene is now known as Guest93991
RussellAlangot a question, im on a hp pavilion dv9000, wireless is having issues plus ... well first and foremost im runinng gnome on 9.1010:45
bullgardmaginot: By default, an empty screen. But you can select others.10:45
RussellAlani was wondering if i could use the volume keys and play buttons on the laptop to control exaile,10:46
tgalalrethus, this isn't what I need ... I need someway to run the installation on the first machine while the rest of the machines boot from it and get the same installation done on the first machine10:46
RussellAlanit controls the main movie player10:46
maginotbullgard, I mean, which program... I was seeing something similar to put on my distro but I'm in doubt of what to use. Actually I don't know if fbsplash is the best solution10:46
RussellAlando i need ot set it as default or what?10:47
Untitled_oblydoes anyone know how to make the cairo-dock launch, when you start up?10:47
rethuswhere did i find virtualbox after installation?10:47
=== karina is now known as Guest96780
maginotUntitled_obly, put in your your session application... look in the preferences menu10:47
gottto!autostart | Untitled_obly10:48
ubottuUntitled_obly: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:48
BlackDalekCan anyone help me remember the name of some linux puzzle game. It is a single screen per level. There are platforms with what looks like dominoes stacked on them. they are red ones and yellow ones I think. Some have different affects on the other "dominoes". You move a character around the screen who can carry the "dominoes" to different platforms in order to set up the puzzle. Anyone know what I am thinking of?10:48
bullgardmaginot: I made a mistake. I am not very familiar with Grub2 yet and cannot help you.10:48
maginotbullgard, HMmm the last one is using grub2... but do you know anything about what is being used on 9.10 or 9.04?10:49
visofi have installed freebsd then installed ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop, the problem is i don't get the boot menu that should i choose from, or something refer there is a menu, just enter to ubuntu as if you don't have any boot manager ?10:53
Untitled_oblyCairo-Dock (no OpenGL) whats the command I should use?10:53
Guest96780BlackDalek: http://pushover.sourceforge.net/10:53
visofi have no experience with grup2, to find menu.lst to add freebsd10:53
visofwhat should i do to start grub and get the boot menu ?10:54
gotttoUntitled_obly: have a look in /user/bin for something like cairodock10:54
BlackDalekGuest96780, Thanks - that's it10:55
=== grub is now known as Guest19979
Untitled_oblycan't find the user bin10:55
gotttoUntitled_obly: it is part of the file system - open filemanager the the folder /user10:56
bullgardmaginot: In Ubuntu 9.04 Grub1 is used. In Ubuntu 9.10 it depends. If you dist-upgraded from 9.04, then Grub1 is also used. If you installed Ubuntu 9.10 from a CD then Grub2 is used.10:57
rethusvirtualbox is nice to use an quite easy10:58
rethusthanks for this hint10:58
kobrien_virtualbox +110:58
maginotbullgard, I think I'm going to use Splashy10:58
visofbullgard i installed it from a cd10:58
maginot(not as boot loader, but for the fb splash screen)10:58
visofso what should i do to fix that problem /10:58
Untitled_oblygoing to log off and try it hope it saved my settings11:01
gotttovisof:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:01
purveshcan any one know about ... how to install gom media player in ubuntu 9.10?11:03
automatikdoes anyone have info on umounting external disk drives?11:03
Arabicayeah, i have a lot of info11:04
kobrien_automatik: what kind of info?11:04
automatiktrying to unmount a drive connected via usb11:05
automatikopened terminal and typed in:11:05
bullgardvisof: Please do '~$ sudo update grub'. Then '~$ locate grub2'. Nopaste the result.11:05
automatiksudo umount /media/name of drive11:05
kobrien_if it's graphical, then right-click and click unmount11:05
lloowenHello! Need help in getting my mouse to work in a vmware server console. I understand I have to configure the xorg.conf file, but every time I change this to suggested vmware settings, my xserver crashes!!! Any body using vmware server2?11:05
automatikgives me a "drive is busy" response11:05
automatiknothing else is using the drive11:05
Untitled_oblythanks guy's it's working perfectly, also I had to reinstall ubuntu because it crashed when I did the graphic thing11:06
kobrien_automatik: http://ocaoimh.ie/how-to-umount-when-the-device-is-busy/11:06
=== henkka is now known as vonborg
gotttoUntitled_obly: sorry about that - there was a way without reinstalling but of course you couldn't ask...11:07
lloowenAny body using vmware server2?11:07
Arabicanot me, there is a chinese co-founder in it11:08
Untitled_oblyyea I'm going to add you to my buddy list, cuz you have been very helpful11:08
=== kobrien_ is now known as kobrien
gotttowhat's the turkish channel pls11:08
gotttonevermind :)11:08
Arabicado turkish use computers?11:09
gotttoone does11:09
bullgard!tu | gottto11:09
Untitled_oblyit took me 2 1/2 hours to get my settings back to norm11:09
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:09
Arabicahow many turkish website have you seen?11:09
bullgard!tr | gottto11:09
ubottugottto: please see above11:09
icerootArabica: #ubuntu-offtopic11:09
gotttogottto> nevermind :)11:09
Arabicai am not the starter11:10
gotttothe bloke in kubuntu worked it out for homself - tr11:10
Untitled_obly8-) going to sleep later guys11:10
Arabicaif you can11:11
srvI accidentally removed the Email/Pidgin/Empathy button from the top panel, how do I get it back?11:11
rocket16Hey friends, I started a new Ubuntu website at linux-freedom.webs.com, and maintained a blog there. Now, how may I use a Blog writer to publish my blogs from my Computer?11:11
lloowenIs there any body here using vmware server2?11:11
bullgardArabica: Stop that please.11:11
iceroot!anyone | lloowen11:11
ubottulloowen: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:11
=== maciek_ is now known as Guest33054
rocket16I tried Blogtk, but could not set up.11:11
fosser_joshhi I hav compaq presario cq40 but I am not getting any sound can anybody help me what to do I even tried the alsamixer.11:11
lloowenI did!11:11
=== Guest33054 is now known as Nowy1
Arabicai think that you are in wrong channel, go #vmware11:12
kobrienArabica: code of conduct11:12
srvyeah wrong channel11:12
rocket16I really want to write the Blogs there, from Ubuntu11:12
lloowenubottu: I did ask a question. Scroll up to read11:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:12
gotttofosser_josh: does the soundcard show in   lspci   ?11:12
icerootlloowen: i am not using vmware-server2, so i think your question is answered11:12
lloowenThere's 1368 people in this chat room! Apparently :)11:13
icerootlloowen: and maybe another one is saying "yes" that is all you want to know? mayb now you mean what ubottu said with REAL question11:13
Arabicai may try it while it's free.11:13
lloowenHello! Need help in getting my mouse to work in a vmware server console. I understand I have to configure the xorg.conf file, but every time I change this to suggested vmware settings, my xserver crashes!!! Any body using vmware server2?11:14
srvlloowen: this is how we do it in irc, off-topic stuff is not welcome11:14
kobrienlloowen: try virtualbox11:14
tobi_hi there11:14
Arabicais vmware off-topic?11:14
rocket16Lol, so many people here, that questions simply flow away, :(11:14
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:14
tobi_I've got a problem with dvi cable and incorrect resolutions11:14
lloowenDoes virtualbox allow me to use virtual pc accross a network?11:15
gotttofosser_josh: in terminal type   lspci11:15
tobi_so far I've aquired edid from vga cable but it doesn't work when I force it via xorg on dvi11:15
tobi_still same11:15
kobrienlloowen: i'm unsure. you can assign it an ip and reach it over a network, sure11:15
icerootlloowen: you can use rdesktop to access the vms if you need a gui11:16
kobrienrdesktop +111:16
bullgard[man dpkg] How can I determine the package selection state of a certain DEB program package, for example 'kexi'?11:17
lloowenI've invested too much time in vmware server. The problem seems to be a conflict with ubuntu and vmware server.11:17
icerootbullgard: dpkg -l kexi11:17
bullgardiceroot: '~$ dpkg -l kexi' does not show the selection state of kexi.11:18
dadhow can i tell if my tv tuner card has fm as well11:18
=== dad is now known as Guest24580
Guest24580original documentation for card is amiss11:19
icerootbullgard: are you sure?11:19
icerootbullgard: its working fine here11:19
gotttobullgard: you've said that recently I believe?11:19
tobi_any help please?11:19
RussellAlando i need ot set it as default or what?11:19
RussellAlani was wondering if i could use the volume keys and play buttons on the laptop to control exaile,11:19
iceroot!ask | tobi_11:19
ubottutobi_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:19
NalfIs there a fast way to make my ubuntu look super pretty like all of those videos on the internet? ^^11:20
fosser_joshgottto: yah11:20
icerootNalf: what is "pretty"?11:20
bazhangNalf, themes and compiz11:20
icerootNalf: compiz?11:20
AdvoWorkhow can i find out if a new laptop(Acer Aspire 5732Z) will allow ubuntu to run?11:20
bullgardiceroot: Show me the output of a certain package on your side in a nopaste, please.11:20
Guest24580compiz is the pretty one11:20
tobi_iceroot first read back then use bot for this11:20
icerootAdvoWork: searching the net with the productname or test a livecd11:20
MetaPhazeis there a way to install all kde packages... like in gentoo we just emerge kde-meta... is there an apt-get equivalent like apt-get install kde-meta? or something11:20
icerootbullgard: ii  apache2                   2.2.3-4.44.200905051531   Next generation, scalable, extendable web server11:20
Guest24580Advo install it11:21
gotttofosser_josh: what's the card pls?11:21
icerootbullgard: ii is the status11:21
AdvoWorkGuest24580, ive not bought it yet, so cant11:21
AdvoWorkiceroot, ive searched, cant find anything, nor can test it, as ive not purchased it yet11:21
bazhangMetaPhaze, kubuntu-desktop , but that is not nearly all kde packages11:21
Guest24580AdvoWork, use a live disk and test it11:21
Guest24580if they allow11:21
bullgardiceroot: What package selection state does 'ii' refer to?11:21
Guest24580will not affect os installed on disk11:21
MetaPhazebazhang, is there any problem if i install that in a regular ubuntu install?11:22
Nalfhttp://compiz-themes.org/CONTENT/content-pre1/117555-1.jpg << If I apply a theme it doesn't do all the terminal effects and such. Do I have to edit all of those things manually?11:22
Guest24580how can i tell if my tv tuner card has fm as well11:22
tobi_I've got a problem with dvi cable and incorrect resolutions11:22
MetaPhazebazhang, ubuntu 9.1011:22
bazhangMetaPhaze, none, just some mixing of packages, but you can edit the menues and clean them up with various tools if you wish11:22
Guest24580lol dvi cable either work or it dont11:22
bazhangamanda9, dont spam11:22
kobriensexghost: nice nick11:22
Guest24580res is always problem for noob11:23
gotttoGuest24580: I don't use them but there is xawtv and metv that might help11:23
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest930
Guest24580thnaks i just installed fmtools11:23
Guest24580but no radio device?11:23
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:23
Guest24580i have metv11:24
AdvoWorkGuest24580, did you not read what I first put? if ive not bought the laptop, how can i test it?11:24
Guest24580and it work for tv11:24
Guest24580ask if you can test it11:24
Guest24580with a live cd11:24
gotttoGuest24580: what's the card - lspci will tell11:24
Guest24580surely they want to sell it11:24
bazhangAdvoWork, check the linuxonlaptops website, ubuntuforums11:24
icerootbullgard: current (i)nstalled/ task (i)nstall or something like that11:25
icerootbullgard: have a look at the manpage11:25
icerootbullgard: rc for example means (r)emoved but (c)onfig still there11:25
Guest245800:06.0 Multimedia video controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Video Capture (rev 11)11:25
Guest2458000:06.1 Multimedia controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Audio Capture (re11:25
bullgardiceroot: Search for 'ii' failed in 'man dpkg'.11:26
Guest24580its a visionplus visiondtv ter11:26
Guest24580its an older card with a bt8~ chip11:27
Guest24580it say on box radio11:27
Guest24580but I cant really ascertaion if it will do fm which is what i want11:27
visofi have installed freebsd then installed ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop, the problem is i don't get the boot menu that should i choose from, or something refer there is a menu, just enter to ubuntu as if you don't have any boot manager ?11:28
gotttoGuest24580: seems that card is a little undersupported so prob not - nothing definitive yet...11:28
visofwhat should i do to fix that?11:28
Guest24580gottto, its way old and its clone of a twinhan11:28
paulinatu tylko po ang nawijamy? :]11:28
tobi_tak Paulinko11:29
paulinano to kosa. ;d11:29
paulinaale dziekuje za informacje. ;]11:29
gotttoGuest24580: just been googling and no sound for it was an issue last year11:29
tobi_w czym masz problem? :P11:29
paulinabo ja nie nawidze ang. ;pp11:29
paulinajestem polka, wiec po polsku. ;p11:29
DJones!pl | paulina11:29
ubottupaulina: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:29
tobi_polskiego widze tez ;D11:29
bazhang!pl | paulina tobi_11:29
ubottupaulina tobi_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:29
tobi_paulina #ubuntu-pl11:30
pookeyhi all - what's happened to xorg.conf?  it's no longer in /etc/X11, so I'm wondering where the config is stored.  X is only detecting one of my graphics cards, so I want to know the 'correct' way to rectify this, I know if I put an xorg.conf in /etc/X11 and it will work,  but is that correct?11:31
Guest24580gotto Ive done a heap of googling with little joy11:31
Guest24580it works fine in mythtv.... tv anyway11:31
gotttopookey: default is to autodetect the graphi - but an xorg.conf will work if you have onecs11:32
Guest24580but it not say there either11:32
burkeyAnyone using gnome-gmail in ubuntu   http://gnome-gmail.sourceforge.net/11:32
gotttoGuest24580: www.google.com/linux then your card11:32
pookeygottto: thanks - so there's nothing wrong with me writing my own config in /etc/X11? is there any way to get the config that's currently been auto-detected written out there?11:32
pookeyor should I just X -configure ?11:33
gotttopookey: Xorg -configure - it ends up in / apparently11:33
pookeygottto: I think it ends up in the pwd11:33
sam__anyone know of tools/scripts to extract email addresses from a csv file?   Format is   First Name,"LastName","Email11:35
kobriensam__ : proper use of sed11:35
gotttocsv = comma seperated afaik11:36
Ichatone probably simple question  for wich i cant seem to find the correct google query:    i have installed  ebox: (a webbased control thingy ...   it created a shared folder for samba ...  - now i have torrent-daemon installed  - how do i check as what users the torrent-deamon is running  ( i think:   debian-transmission  )   and be able to grand  access to my shared folder (with chmod 0777 )11:37
AufwindI have to call this command after each reboot, if I want to access a cluster. Can I make it permanent? Thank you for advice. route add -net netmask gw metric 111:38
Ichatand also without   chowning it (cuz id probably lose access form samba11:38
IchatAufwind:  add it to rc.local ???11:38
erUSULAufwind: make an script in /etc/network/if-up.d/ ?11:39
IchaterUSUL even better11:39
purveshcan any one know about ... how to install gom media player in ubuntu 9.10?11:39
AufwindIchat: Just putting this line in rc.local is enough?11:39
civprohey could someone give me a helping hand with this, im trying to install ssh2 extensions to my server11:39
civproconfigure: WARNING: You will need re2c 0.12.0 or later if you want to regenerate PHP parsers.11:39
IchatAufwind:  -  erUSUL  - has the better plan11:39
AufwindI'm still new to Ubuntu, so I am a little insecure...11:40
civpronot sure what that is referring to11:40
WazzzaaaHey, what is the best way to encrypt individual files in Ubuntu?11:40
kobrienWazzzaaa: assuming you've got a key setup. right-click the file and click encrypt11:40
Wazzzaaakobrien: I prefer commandline11:40
gotttocivpro: sounds like you're missing an application named re2c11:40
WazzzaaaBut you mean pgp ?11:41
civprok ill search for it, thanks11:41
AufwinderUSUL: Do I have to create the folder network? 'cause I don't have one...11:41
fosser_joshI hav compaq presario cq40 but I am getting prolbme with sound , no sound is coming. I even tried alsamixer . what to do11:41
kobrienWazzzaaa: assuming you've got a key setup. gpg --encrypt filename11:41
AufwinderUSUL: in /etc11:41
Wazzzaaaok, thnxx11:41
kobrienWazzzaaa: a nice strong rsa key is grand for encryption11:42
purplegreysilverIs this ubuntu? lol. I would like to tell you the resolution of my UbuntuFreezes problem. I stopped using chrome. I took all the addons off firefox except for the ubuntu one (and the gmail one I havent used yet). Now I tried youtube http://www.youtube.com/ytscreeningroom and saw the ocotopus animation.  --- So far so good. On my 3rd!! Jon Stewart episode.11:42
klappihi i have problems with my mouse it seems do send a right + left click when i click right, and sometimes even several clicks do you have some advise?11:42
grindhey i have a hardware raid card in an ubuntu system, if i were to pull the raid card out and pop it into a different ubuntu machine, would the array still be intact?11:42
purplegreysilvergrind, did you buy a left handed mouse?11:43
purplegreysilversorry, klappi, did you buy a left handed mouse?11:43
IchatAufwind:  -   be sure to     cd /etc/network/11:43
klappipurplegreysilver: no i dont think so the shape is for right hand11:43
Ichatnot    etc/network11:43
purplegreysilverYou do know that under System, Preferences, Mouse you can change the nadedness of the mouse and switch left for right.  Right you know that?11:44
Wazzzaaaklappi: is it an cheap/old mouse? I had such issues, it just was crappy hardware11:44
purplegreysilverkappi Handedness I mean.11:44
AufwindIchat: I did. There is only a /etc/netconfig.d but no /etc/network folder11:44
Arabicathe problems is... how many mouse for left hand can be sold?11:45
purplegreysilverArabica sorry /sarcasm11:45
purplegreysilverthat's a software thing not a hardware thing11:45
klappiWazzzaaa: its some years old it was a gift, its a M$ Mouse11:45
IchatAufwind:  -  what is in that  folder ??11:46
Arabicayou can switch the configration of two buttons11:46
gotttowhat's the install to usb app pls?11:46
grindso anyone know my raid question?11:46
bazhanggottto, usb bootable disk?11:46
gotttobazhang: yep11:46
Ichatgrind - what raid question11:46
bazhanggottto, unetbootin if that is what you are referring to, in the karmic repos11:47
gotttobazhang: thnx11:47
kobriengrind: if you move all those disks into the other machine in the same order, it should be fine11:47
grindi have a raid card with 4 drives, (2 mirror arrays)  if i pull the card + drives out of the ubuntu system and into a different ubuntu system will the array still be instact?11:47
IchatAufwind:  -  what is in that  folder ??     (and what is your ubuntu version11:47
grindrgr thanks kobrien11:47
Ichatgrind,   what ubuntu version11:48
Ichati know  that  10.4 can do that11:48
kobriengrind: do some more reading to be sure11:48
grindlatest, 9.10?11:48
kobriengrind: make a backup too11:48
Ichatunless -- you mounted the entire system11:48
pk23_I'm getting a make error with handvu:  u/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lswscale11:48
grindlol too much data to backup :(11:48
pk23_can anyone help plz11:48
grindIchat, the array does not contain /11:49
grindichat, its just 2 ext arrays of vids music etc11:49
Ichatin that case it quite plausible that the new system will be able to mount the fs11:49
grindsweet, thanks11:49
Wazzzaaaklappi: maybe it is just malfunctioning hardware. Try it on another PC or reboot would be my advice11:50
kobrienraid is cool :)11:50
Ichatbut dont distroy your ould  ubuntu install just yet (if you cant make backups11:50
kobrienIchat  +111:50
AufwindIchat: Ubuntu 9.10 - uname -a gives: Linux kd02 #1 SMP 2008-12-04 18:10:04 +0100 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux And the Folder /etc contains many files and folders like compizconfig java jvm and so on11:50
gotttobazhang: it was install to a usb stick not from - is there an app for that?11:50
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:50
Ichatkobrien:  -  T Y11:51
grindIchat, nah the current ubuntu machine will remain running :)11:51
bazhanggottto, you wish to have a usb stick that run in persistent mode? as an installer? liveusb?11:51
IchatAufwind: -  sorry for the delay... im thinkin still11:51
gotttobazhang: yep  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent will do - sorry for interrupting11:52
Avaszi cant see wlan0 in my iwlist scan.11:52
klappiWazzzaaa: i used xev | grep button -- pressing right button makes 4 events and all other two events11:52
bazhanggottto, pendrivelinux.com has some howto's as well11:52
Avaszi installed bfwcutter and rebooted.. now icant see any wireless options.11:52
klappiWazzzaaa: could you be so kind to test that with your mouse?11:52
gotttothnx bazhang11:52
kobrienAvasz: iwlist -a. see if it's detected. then see about turning it on11:52
AufwindIchat: Take all the time you need, I'm glad about any help =)11:52
IchatAufwind: -  im almost shure that any  9.10 still has  /etc/network/  (but ill try to fech my laptop and see for myself11:53
reynardhello, does anyone know how to revert the window control back to the upper right corner for the 10.04 beta, thanks.11:53
Avaszkobrien: iwlist -a <<--- there is nos such options11:53
Avaszifconfig -a doesnt detect it11:53
kobrienAvasz: woops. seems like the card isn't being detected anyway11:54
bazhangreynard, #ubuntu+1 please11:54
Avaszkobrien: lspci detects it11:54
kobrienAvasz: what card?11:54
Avaszkobrien: wifi card11:55
Avaszkobrien: broadcom.. bcm431111:55
EugenMayerhaving karmic, how to install bacula-console-qt 5.0.1 from lucid?11:56
reynardbazhang: thanks11:56
kobrienAvasz: followed this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:56
Avaszkobrien: i did that.. and rebooted11:56
=== NieIsen is now known as Nielsen
kobrienAvasz: sorry dude, can't help. I've gotten that exact card working before on a HP laptop11:58
Artihi to all11:58
Avaszkobrien: ok.. it worked fine when i had ubuntu 9.0411:58
AufwindIchat: There is no such folder in /etc is the response :(11:58
fosser_joshI have compaq presario cq40 but no sound . I tried to do with alsamixer but no luck. any solution11:59
marufaberlinis there a channel for developers?11:59
marufaberlin*app developers12:00
fosser_joshguys help me out12:00
Artii have a problem with my usb fllash,when i try to put some files ore to delete some files it gives me The destination is read-only,how can i solve this?can someone help me?12:00
kobrienmarufaberlin: depends, what kind of apps?12:00
marufaberlini'm trying to implement a virtual semantic file system for ubuntu.12:01
marufaberlintagging, grouping files into projects etc12:01
kobrienmarufaberlin: #ubuntu-devel12:01
AufwindIchat: This is the response: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/ziqktcJL12:02
rethusi have installed virtualbox and win xp into it. But the screen does not fit my whole monitor12:02
marufaberlinkobrien: thanks, just been pointed from there to app-devel12:02
rethusnevertheless i choos fullscreen, the xp window is even small.12:02
rethusany idea how can i fit it to the whole monitor?12:02
kobrienrethus: try upping the res in XP12:03
Artirethus: install guest aditionals it will install your grafik drives12:03
RussellAlananyone have a favorite? Rapidshare, Freakshare, Hotfile?12:03
visofgrub2 is installed by default in 9.10 , can i install grub rather than grub2 ??12:03
bazhang!ot > RussellAlan12:03
ubottuRussellAlan, please see my private message12:03
rethusarti: guest aditionals as part of virtualbox?12:03
visofon my current 9.1012:04
kobrienrethus: yes12:04
rethusthanks, i'll try12:04
RussellAlansorry, just threw it out to my local channels12:04
rethusarti: there are tree packages... virtualbox-ose-guest-x11,12:05
rethusose-guest-utils and guest-vadditions12:05
rethuswhich one12:05
rethusand whats the difference between those12:06
fosser_joshno audio in compaq presario cq4012:06
IchatAufwind:  -  strange :S12:06
Artirethus: wait a minute to check12:06
fosser_joshno luck in compaq presariocq4012:07
IchatAufwind:  -  in that case  :   sudo  nano /etc/rc.local12:07
Avaszso.. i cant enable my wifi in laptop with ubuntu?12:08
AufwindIchat: This file does not exist, too... There are only these... rc.d/        rc.d.README  rc.splash    rc.status12:11
marufaberlinwhat are the advantages / disadvantages of couchdb over sql?12:11
AufwindIchat: Shall I create it?12:11
fawkesDo you leik mudkipz?12:11
bazhangfawkes, wrong channel12:11
Ichataufwind maybe but im not sure12:11
valentinexhow can i locate jdk installed location?12:11
=== dad is now known as Guest15949
valentinexthrough terminal12:11
fawkesDo you guys leik mudkipz?12:11
* Bublik dives in12:12
bazhangfawkes, this is ubuntu support, please stop that12:12
rethusarti: have you found something?12:12
valentinexis there netbeans channel?12:12
rethuswhich package to choose12:12
IchatAufwind:  - you seem to miss a whole lot of files and foulders for a ubuntu install  ... (and i would n't realy dare to tell you what to do if im not certain it will fix12:12
erUSUL!java | valentinex12:13
ubottuvalentinex: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java products search for sun-java6 -packages from the !Multiverse repository12:13
gotttorethus: I would use all three12:13
Ichatin this case your be better of asking either to someone else here (or in the forums ...12:13
FabParmaHow to reset to default icon them, gdm etc?12:13
AufwindIchat: Dude, I was so dump. I was'nt on my PC I was remote on another machine... Damn! Sorry,... ^^ Now I see the network folder12:14
Ichathaha - LOLZ12:14
Ichatmever mind :P12:14
Ichatlet me check the if.up file for a sec12:15
Avaszwhere can wifi drivers be found?12:15
=== |eXeC001er| is now known as eXeC001er
bazhangAvasz, system administration hardware drivers12:15
erUSULAvasz: for what wifi chip ?12:15
bazhangAvasz, which card12:15
Avaszbroadcom.. bcm431112:16
AufwindIchat: I'm know in /etc/network/if-up.d Shall I just create a new file and pu this command in it? What do I have to consider?12:16
Avaszi cant find anything there. it says no proprietary devices are being used in this.... but i have lost my wireless options after i installed fwcutter from synaptic12:16
Ichatnothing mutch realy12:16
marufaberlinwhat are the advantages / disadvantages of couchdb over sql? say there is a list of tags in a couchdb document can a query return all documents containing any  one of any number of given tags?12:17
rethusarti: and how can i now use it?12:17
IchatAufwind:  -  look  at the file  samba (for example)12:18
Ichatdelete anything BUT the first 2 lines12:18
Artirethus:http://seogadget.co.uk/how-to-install-virtualbox-guest-additions/ this will help u12:19
pendlarenFrom time to time, my left mouse button stops working. Both touchpad and external mouse. Right button works in both places. Running 9.10. Need to restart gdm to fix it. Annoying when I'm in the middle of something with lots of windows open... Have tried restarting hal and compiz. No luck. Middle button stops working too, it seems. And sometimes "focus follow mouse". Any suggestions?12:19
xenaxondoes anyone know how to import a database with MySQL Workbench?12:19
ebelIf I have a debian source package (i.e. .dsc file etc.), is there an easy 'proper' way to install all the build dependencies?12:19
Ichat use line 2 as an example for commenting the file...  (change it to what the file does..)  and beneath it just past ure code12:20
rethusarti: so i did't need to install this ubuntu-packages12:20
Ichatthan save the file as a new file-name  ie.    my-vnet-settings12:21
Artirethus:u have that alredy in your virtuall box12:21
Artirethus:only install it12:21
bullgardWhat command-line command will set the 'package selection state of the package 'kexi' to 'hold'?12:21
Artirethus:go in devices and mark guest aditions than install it12:21
Ichataufwind is this clear for you?12:22
klappiWazzzaaa: i made it ^^12:22
AufwindIchat: Yeah, I'll paste is so you can have a look at it.12:22
Artirethus: now i use VMware its beeter from virtuall box but its not free12:23
Ichatarti - why :S if i may ask,  vbox-ose  only lacks one thing,12:23
Ichatthe OSE edition has no build in   VNC server12:24
=== kasun is now known as Guest68697
icerootbullgard: echo "package_name hold"|dpkg --set-selections12:24
ArtiIchat:i just wanted to try how is VMware ;)))12:24
FabParmaPlease. How to reset to default icon them, gdm etc?12:24
gunnarahlberg:set colour un12:25
Ichat(i meand you realy dont need the remove usb features and stuf.  but JUST a build in vnc component would be nice,  (so you dont have to instal   X   on you host  to have remote control12:25
icerootgunnarahlberg: this is irc, not vim12:25
gunnarahlberghihi, thanks12:25
AufwindIchat: Paste does'nt work Now it looks like #!/bin/sh ENTER route add -net netmask "ip" gw "ip" metric 112:25
AufwindIchat: I replaced the "ip"s...12:26
erUSULAvasz: for a broadcom just do « sudo aptitude b43-fwcutter » (while you are connected thrugh wire) and reboot12:26
IchatAufwind:  -   yes   and save the file as   mynetworksettings (or any name like that)12:26
AufwindIchat: How do I make it turn green?12:26
valentinexgunnarahlberg: why your color is yellow are u calling my nick12:26
IchatAufwind:  what text editor ?12:26
AvaszerUSUL: ok..12:27
AufwindIchat: I mean how to make it be an executable script?12:27
AufwindAufwind: chmod?12:27
rocket16Hello all, where can I find a Ubuntu (or Linux) news Feed url?12:27
Ichatsudo chmod  filename +x12:27
indusrocket16, if ubuntu.com has it, you can get it there12:27
valentinexrocket16: http://www.ubuntu.com/rss.xml12:28
indusrocket16, but its mostly more site s wit hfast changing info12:28
marufaberlinis there a tracker channel?12:28
rocket16indus: I checkit out, but no feed there12:28
indusrocket16, yeah the forums have though and it makes sense12:28
indusrocket16, why would you need a ubuntu feed?12:28
rocket16 valentinex: Thanks a lot! It solved my problem thanks12:29
valentinexrocket16: say me thanks it is my first time i tried to help someone for linux12:29
valentinexhehe my pleasure12:29
indusrocket16, yeah that link valentinex gave is right12:29
AufwindIchat: All done! Thank you so muc for youre effort. It will help anyone in this company =)12:29
indusvalentinex, thanks12:29
Ichatlol -  nice (good luck;))12:29
AufwindIchat: u2 =)12:29
rocket16indus: I need Ubuntu feed for my website, to make it better. It is an awesome site on Ubuntu Linux12:29
LinuxGuy2009I need to verify if anyone else is experiencing printing issues with any page containing flash content in Firefox. Flash image and text will be missing from the print preview screen and also from any actual prints. I have been running 9.04 and have been experiencing this issue. Just tried 8.04.4, 9.04, and 10.04 beta 1 live cds and ALL of them are behaving the same. I'm about to file a bug that may effect all Ubuntu releases. Am I the 12:30
AvaszerUSUL: nope.. doenst work12:30
pk23_my webcam works in windows, but doesn't sem to work in virtual ubuntu12:30
erUSULAvasz: run « iwconfig » in a terminal- do you see a wlan0 there ?12:31
AvaszerUSUL: no12:31
AvaszerUSUL: only eth0 and l012:31
erUSULAvasz: sudo modprobe b4312:31
erUSULAvasz: and run iwconfig again12:31
AvaszerUSUL: so.. what am isupposed to see there?12:31
bullgardiceroot: '~$ sudo echo "package_name kexi"|dpkg --set-selections' did not help. '~$ dpkg -l kexi' still shows 'ii kexi'.12:31
AvaszerUSUL: yes i can see it now12:32
erUSULAvasz: ok; the driver is installed just one last thing « echo b43 | sudo tee -a /etc/modules »12:32
AvaszerUSUL: done12:32
erUSULAvasz: ok; now try to connect to a wifi network with network manager12:33
AvaszerUSUL: ok.. now i can see in network manager.12:33
erUSULAvasz: click on the network manager icon12:33
Ichatcan anyone help me to  grand write permission to a system demon12:33
AvaszerUSUL: ok.. it works12:33
erUSULAvasz: to see aviable networks12:33
erUSUL!yay | Avasz12:33
ubottuAvasz: Glad you made it! :-)12:33
AvaszerUSUL: what was the problem?12:33
Ichaton a folder in /home12:33
AvaszerUSUL: can i copy your instructions for future references? does this always happen?12:34
tsyj2007Ichat: what12:34
erUSULAvasz: broadcom chips need the firmware to work (that's what fwcutter does install firmware)12:34
erUSULAvasz: then after reboot we had to load the driver by hand for some reason12:34
tsyj2007Ichat: Can I help you ?12:34
AvaszerUSUL: so this happens always.. and i need to do the commands you gave me everytime i install new?12:34
tsyj2007Ichat: What's wrong?12:35
Ichattsyj2007:  -  i have installed  ebox (i think its also running as a user ebox ...12:35
erUSULAvasz: if you do a fresh install yes. you will have to repeat the steps. if you just upgrade there is no need12:35
Ichatin ebox i created a share  to  /home/torrent/12:35
AvaszerUSUL: but last time when i had 9.04 i installed it from system--administration--hardware drivers.. but this time i cant find it there. why is it that?12:35
erUSULAvasz: dunno12:35
Ichatnow i want to be able to  access torrent from samba   but also write permissions for   transmission-daemon12:36
RanyAlbegHello, i use alt+t to open a terminal window. i wonder if i can switch layout at the same time i open the terminal so that alt+t will open the window and will change the keyboard layout. thank you12:36
AvaszerUSUL: oh.. ok12:36
AvaszerUSUL: thanks12:36
tsyj2007Ichat: O,sorry12:36
erUSULAvasz: no problem12:36
bullgardiceroot: '~$ sudo echo "kexi hold"|dpkg --set-selections' did not help. '~$ dpkg -l kexi' still shows 'ii kexi'.12:37
Ichattsyj2007:  -  i know it has to do somethink with setting permission to that folder but i dont know how (without just  chmode 0777)12:37
LinuxGuy2009Is there any way to close or delete a bug report I have made on launchpad.net?12:37
=== SirMooAlot is now known as SirMoosAlot
erUSULLinuxGuy2009: you should be able to close it12:38
tsyj2007Ichat: sudo chmod +w /home..12:38
erUSULLinuxGuy2009: change status to fixed or invalid or something like that12:38
LinuxGuy2009erUSUL: ok thank you.12:38
dnivraLinuxGuy2009, yeah; just set it as invalid. I think that should do it. (this is the ubuntu support channel by the way; not ubuntu bug help channel.)12:38
tsyj2007Ichat: you can use chmod +r/w/x12:39
LinuxGuy2009I really could use a few people to check if any page with flash content shows correctly in print preview please?12:39
visofi have installed freebsd at /dev/sda1, what should i add to can boot both ubuntu and freebsd ??12:39
Avaszhow do we change the name of the laptop?12:39
erUSUL!hostname | Avasz12:39
ubottuAvasz: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.12:39
LinuxGuy2009I think Adobe may have changed the format possibly effecting many Ubuntu releases.12:40
FabParmaPlease. How to reset to default icon them, gdm etc?12:40
Ichattsyj2007:  -  yah but i want (would like) to only do so for   ebox  (or samba not sure)   and for  transmission-daemon  (it think its   debian-transmission  )12:40
icerootbullgard: i dont thing you know what "hold" mean12:40
Avaszso it is like  <hostname Laptop> ?12:40
icerootbullgard: or maybe i dont know, if i am correct, you hold a package for NOT installing it12:40
erUSULAvasz:  to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and  /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work  properly.12:41
tsyj2007Ichat: your ebox in which folder12:41
Ichathang on let me see12:41
kristof78hi, my videocard Geforce 8600GS died today, I'm heading to the store to buy a new videocard  for my Ubuntu machine any idea what card I should buy???12:42
bullgardiceroot: This may be. man dpkg: " hold   A package marked to be on hold is not handled by dpkg, unless forced to do that with option --force-hold." And now please tell me why your suggested command did not have any effect.12:42
kristof78with opengl12:42
xenaxondoes anyone know how to import a mysql database?12:43
kristof78and maybe 1gb memory12:43
kristof78xenaxon use phpmyadmin12:43
Ichattsyj2007:  -  normal  ebox shares are in  /home/samba12:43
icerootbullgard: have a look at google, that is the place i found the command http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=24012:43
xenaxonhow do I install phpmyadmin?12:44
xenaxonis it a apache plugin12:44
tsyj2007Ichat: /home/samba/ebox?12:44
xenaxonor what12:44
FloodBot1xenaxon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:44
tsyj2007Ichat: right?12:44
kristof78sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin12:44
icerootxenaxon: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin12:44
coolboxinstall lamp12:44
bullgard!google | iceroot12:44
ubottuiceroot: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:44
AvaszerUSUL: do we need to restart after editing the hostname and hosts?12:44
icerootbullgard: i dont need a channel-police12:44
Avaszbecause my terminal doesnt start now12:44
Ichattsyj2007:  -  nope    /home/samba/users      home/samba/groups   home/samba/shares12:45
xenaxonI already have apach+mysql I only need an interface12:45
bullgardiceroot: Neither me.12:45
icerootbullgard: i just told you where i found the command, maybe have a look at the link12:45
erUSULAvasz: yes; is easier that way. you make sure both files match ?12:45
AvaszerUSUL: yes..12:45
kristof78phpmyadmin is what you need then12:45
erUSULAvasz: then reboot12:45
bullgardiceroot I did googling before I posted here. And I found the same suggested command.12:45
AvaszerUSUL: wait.. i have a couple of questions12:45
Lint01what is the best firewall/ICS application in Ubuntu?12:45
AvaszerUSUL: how do i enable su ?12:45
kristof78log in like you would login to mysql12:45
visofi have installed freebsd at /dev/sda1, what should i add to can boot both ubuntu and freebsd ??12:46
tsyj2007Ichat: which you want to modify?12:46
icerootLint01: iptables12:46
kristof78anyone what card should I buy?12:46
erUSULAvasz: in ubuntu we use sudo; there is no root user12:46
visofadd to grub212:46
erUSUL!rootshell | Avasz12:46
ubottuAvasz: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)12:46
Lint01iptables is not an application12:46
Lint01it's backend at best12:46
icerootLint01: you asked for the best firewall12:46
Ichattsyj2007:  -  this would meen that if i grand the exact same user permissions as    /samba/shares    has   that   ebox will be able to read it  than id have to  add  rwx  permssions for what ever user  transmission-daemon is running on   right>???12:46
AvaszerUSUL: and i cant restart my x .. is it due to mistake in keybindings? isnt ctra+alt+backspace made from default?12:47
icerootLint01: but maybe you want "ufw" (ubuntu firewall)12:47
Dr_WillisAvasz:  thats been disabled for the last 2 or 3 releases.12:47
abhi_navis there any linux game related channel?12:47
Lint01maybe I was not clear, Firewal|ICS _configuration_ application, GUI of course12:47
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap12:47
abhi_navor not only linux but cross platform also12:47
Avaszoh.. oh.. i see12:47
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.12:48
erUSUL!dontzap | Avasz12:48
ubottuAvasz: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap12:48
Ichattsyj2007:  -  i created a new  folder  in  home/torrents  to share between both ebox (getting and putting my torrents in)      and transmission-daemon  (that does the torrenting12:48
Lint01!gufw > lint0112:48
Avaszyeah i got it.. thanks12:48
Lint01!firestarter > lint0112:49
ubottuLint01, please see my private message12:49
Avaszwhoa.. i cant start the keyboard menu12:49
icerootLint01: /msg ubottu searchstring12:49
tsyj2007the folder you want to use by yourself?12:49
Ichattsyj2007:  -    yes12:49
tsyj2007Ichat: the folder you want to use by yourself?12:49
Lint01well firestarter... and that's all?12:50
LinuxGuy2009Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing this bug that I have reported. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/55162512:50
Ichatthe folder i use myself is home/torrents/    (there transmission will store its tempfiles   and its complete downloads    and i want to be able  to   coppy them to my   Samba shared folders12:51
Avaszi cant even restart12:51
=== GreenT_ is now known as GreenT
tsyj2007Ichat: chmod -R o+rwx /home/torrents/the new folder12:51
Ichatand delete them as i have put them in the right  folder structure12:51
=== GreenT_ is now known as GreenT
tsyj2007Ichat: ok,where do you com from ?12:53
tsyj2007Ichat: ok,where do you come from ?12:53
sfmsalve a tutti12:53
tsyj2007Ichat:  I come from China..12:53
overmind!it | sfm12:53
ubottusfm: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:53
Ichattsyj2007:  the netherlands :P12:53
kristof_78  exit12:54
tsyj2007Ichat: Can we become friends?12:54
=== Avasz is now known as Guest76722
overmindtsyj2007: Please, this is support channel, go to #ubuntu-offtopic :)12:54
RanyAlbeg1Hello, i use alt+t to open a terminal window. i wonder if i can switch layout at the same time i open the terminal so that alt+t will open the window and will change the keyboard layout. thank you12:54
Ichattsyj2007:  -  let met check if this works now12:55
tsyj2007Ichat: I am sorry ,you know my english is so so..12:55
tsyj2007overmind: i am sorry12:56
Ichattsyj2007:  i think it works12:56
gunnarahlberghelp, my keybindind for 3rd level is getting lost12:56
=== erle64- is now known as erle-
gotttoRanyAlbeg1: you need to make a script that does both and have alt+t run the script12:57
sreejuhow to get themes for ubuntu?12:57
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:57
tsyj2007Ichat: I am glad you can work it well ..12:57
sreejuhow to install them?12:58
gotttosreeju: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:58
tsyj2007Ichat: Can I have your email?12:58
RanyAlbeg1gottto: i would like to create a function in my .bashrc like this : function foo { xdotool key "shift+alt"; } and that alt+t will run it like you said. how do i bind alt+t to execute this function. thanks12:58
tsyj2007Ichat: Mine is tsyj2007@gmail.com12:59
sreejui have downloaded a theme from http://www.ubuntuthemes.org12:59
sreejuplease help to install it12:59
Ichattsyj2007:  - i hardly use email but i ame on freenode most of the times so you can /pm   me12:59
gotttoRanyAlbeg1: in bashrc? - I dunno - I would make a bash script12:59
gotttoRanyAlbeg1: you could ask in #bash12:59
tsyj2007Ichat: OK,have a good day..13:00
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:00
RanyAlbeg1gottto: ok thanks.13:00
ubuntu_mi name nilson13:00
Avaszwhat was the information that the bot gave for root user?13:00
tsyj2007Ichat: yes ,i think so..13:00
tsyj2007Ichat: ok,I will have something to do ...13:01
Ichatgluck and thanx13:02
tsyj2007Ichat: bye,bye..13:02
feedmecerealI'm trying to fsck my hard drive but I can't figure out how to get it to work. I've ran every command I could find online at the terminal. I've added fsck to startup applications. What do I do here?13:04
tsyj2007feedmecereal: what13:04
gotttofeedmecereal: you need to fsck on unmounted partitions13:05
tsyj2007feedmecereal: clearly13:05
visofi have created a new file in /etc/grub.d/10_freebsd , and the content of the file is : http://pastie.org/895059 , and i got error after doing sudo grub-update it's menuentry not found13:06
visofwhat should i do ?13:06
feedmecerealI found many commands online that said that this command will fsck at reboot but none of them worked.13:06
visofis there anyone can help me ?13:07
Dr_Willisfeedmecereal:  you could always boot a live cd and fsck them manually13:07
feedmecerealDr_Willis: Thanks, I'll try that.13:07
Dr_Willisvisof:  try moveing the # from 10 to somthing higher so its at the end perhaps.13:07
gotttofeedmecereal: ubuntu automatically runs fsck every 30 boots or so - why do you need to run it?13:07
indusvisof, command is sudo update-grub13:08
Dr_WillisYou can tune the #  btween fscks also13:08
visofindus typo sorry13:08
Dr_Willisvisof:  yea. alwyas rerun update-grub these days after changing configs :)13:08
feedmecerealgotto: I just seem to be having weird problems with some directories and files that make ubuntu either freeze or crash. The last time this happened it seemed to be errors on the hard drive.13:08
indusvisof, custom entries go in 40_custom i thought13:09
ranjanHai any web designers here??13:09
gotttofeedmecereal: I hope you've backed up necessaries13:09
visofindus and ?13:09
nibbler!ot | ranjan13:09
ubotturanjan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:09
feedmecerealgotto: I have lots of backups, thanks13:09
PHP_Arunhi there everyone....13:10
indusnibbler, thats not really off topic13:10
indusranjan, there could be , whats the question?13:10
=== carlos is now known as Guest95962
nibblerindus: give it minute....13:10
PHP_Arundoes anyone know how can i connect my Symbian OS 8 Version 6 based Nokia 7610 with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope using USB dongle ( Nokia Pop Port to USB type A)13:11
=== Guest95962 is now known as [Carlos]
ranjannibbler, i have some doubt related with the layout issues faced while opening webpages in linux machines13:11
nibblerranjan: details wont help, so please make sure not to include any ;-) and at least replace linux by "ubuntu" to claim it is an ubuntu support question13:11
visofi added what was in 10_freebsd to 40_custom file, is that ok ?13:12
nibblerPHP_Arun: i dont really know, but you can always try gnokii and wamu (or was it wammu?)13:12
nibbler!who | visof13:12
ubottuvisof: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:12
visofindus i added what was in 10_freebsd to 40_custom file, is that ok ?13:13
indusvisof, yeah13:13
indusvisof, try update-grub now13:13
visofindus i did with no signal for adding freebsd13:14
visofindus http://pastie.org/89507013:15
Guest15949can a dvb-t tuner card pick up digital radio in australia13:15
visofindus also there is another problem i don't get the boot menu of grub , i must press ESC to go it ?13:16
icerootGuest15949: ##hardware13:16
gotttoGuest15949: mine did ok - winfast 200013:16
indusvisof, ya esc13:16
indusvisof, or alt-something i forget13:16
visofindus but why ?13:16
visofindus is there way to fix that ?13:17
indusvisof, yes you can from /etc/default/grub13:17
ranjannibbler, indus any answer for my question??13:17
indusranjan, didnt see question13:17
indusranjan, what is it13:17
ranjanindus, , i have some doubt related with the layout issues faced while opening webpages in linux machines13:17
nibblerranjan: me neither13:17
ranjannibbler, actually the font problem13:18
gotttooops Guest15949 not digital radio sorry - they're not made for that13:18
nibbler!details | ranjan13:18
ubotturanjan: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:18
visofindus i commented GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 but still the same13:18
kinja-sheepvisof: GRUB2 uses shift.13:19
visofindus you checked what i pasted of output of sudo update-grub ??13:19
ranjannibbler, actually this channel wont give answer for me :(13:19
Guest15949gotto ok so radio station abc1 and abc2 and sbs1 and 2 are different which we get with our dvb-t card wilare same as digital radio but diffrent?13:19
ranjannibbler, because its not for just for Ubuntu, its the problem faced in every Linux operating system13:20
gotttoGuest15949: yes the tv station music channels are diff to digital rdio13:20
=== specter is now known as Guest83161
indusranjan, ok cant see bsd kernel13:21
Guest83161is there any shell command to reactivate the touchpad? somehow it got deactivated after the last ubuntu update13:21
tobi_still no fix for my problem with dvi>hdmi cable resolution and overscan http://analogbit.com/fix_nvidia_edid < this is not helping13:21
indusvisof, cant see bsd kernel13:21
tobi_any other clues?13:21
indusvisof, hmffffffff13:21
visofindus thst13:21
purveshcan any one tell me about gtk-recordMyDesktop in that software sound is not recording ?13:21
Guest15949are dab cards made yet for pc usage13:21
indusvisof,you installed freebsd?13:21
visofindus that's strange , i added set root =(hd0,0)13:22
Guest15949or a dab usb stick?13:22
visofindus yeah13:22
visofindus and i can go to the partition form here13:22
indusvisof, so can i see the 40_custom paste13:22
visofindus sure13:22
Guest15949iceroot,  i cant join hardware13:23
=== Fuze is now known as Guest89847
Guest15949iceroot,  its invite only13:23
tobi_any help?13:23
knallgalfhey guys13:23
visofindus http://pastie.org/89508013:23
knallgalfis there a solution coming up for the sleep bug in ubuntu 9.1?13:23
Guest15949sleep bug?13:24
Guest15949my pc sleeps.... and wakes13:24
knallgalfon some machines the display did not turn on again after the system goes to S2/S313:24
Guest15949sleep and wake is dependant upon hardware13:24
Guest15949not every pc will sleep and wake13:24
knallgalftrue but only partly as it was working fine with 9.04 and with other linux systems as well as Windows13:25
Guest15949some of mine do and some dont13:25
indusvisof, dont know about freebsd menus13:25
Guest15949then use 9.0413:25
jaeCould anyone tell me how I *do* create a regexp map for postfix' smtp_generic_map?13:26
indusvisof, no idea what to do13:26
Guest15949is easiest solution13:26
kinja-sheepknallgalf: Exercise your fingers to turn the monitor off. That's what I usually do (although the sleep/suspend works fine on my machines).13:26
indusvisof, there is a software called os-prober that works great13:26
knallgalfbut not in long run ;)13:26
visofindus thanks anyway13:26
indusvisof, try that apt-get install os-prober13:26
visofindus ok13:26
visofindus i'll try it13:26
knallgalfkinja ^ ^ perfect advice but on a Laptop that's hard13:26
jaepostconf -m tells me it supports regexp, but postmap regexp:/etc/postfix/themap  gives an error13:26
jaeInstalled postfix-pcre, try pcre:, and I get "doesn't support map creation"13:27
BamboozleI'm on my laptop and have one network attached to my ethernet port, and the other to my wireless.  is there any way to have my laptop be the gateway to the internet from the ethernet port to the wireless (the wireless is connected to the internet, the ethernet is not)13:27
erUSUL!ics | Bamboozle13:28
ubottuBamboozle: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php13:28
jaeNot "pcre does not allow map creation"13:28
BamboozleerUSUL: so it's just internet connection sharing13:28
erUSULBamboozle: yes13:28
nibblerBamboozle: just having other clients connect to your wirelessis more complicated, if inet is on wifi its easy13:29
DarsVaedahi i want to be able to connect to a machine via ssh with publickey, what file do i have to edit again to allow this and not only per passwort entry?13:29
jaeDarsVaeda: you have to add the public key from the client machine to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server13:30
jaeUsually, I just do "ssh-copy-id", and I'm done...13:30
DarsVaedathere is a option somewhere to enable publickey authentification and disable the password one13:31
DarsVaedacause i can login with password but the key is not accepted even thou copied the right way13:32
tobi_can someone help me get rid of overscan in 1920x1080 resolution ?13:32
BamboozleerUSUL: this is not what I want, they're two seperate networks with their own subnets13:32
tobi_and to get it to work and not fall back to 1680x105013:32
jaeYes, that'd be in /etc/ssh/sshd_config...13:32
tobi_after every boot13:32
DarsVaedaahh thanks!13:32
jaeDarsVaeda: and you can run ssh (the client) with -v (or multiple -v s) for debugging13:33
BamboozleerUSUL one uses 10.x.x.x, the other 192.168.x.x13:33
erUSULBamboozle: the ics how to should work in your situation13:33
DarsVaedajae: cool thanks!13:34
jsjcI am having some issues with a PCI card sharing IRQ with a usb port is there any way I could assign a IRQ manually to it without BIOS because my bios does no have the option of it.13:34
BamboozleerUSUL I'm just going to work my own solution out of this information, thank you13:34
erUSULBamboozle: ok; good luck13:34
BamboozleerUSUL: are you named for the base of the pillar?13:34
erUSULBamboozle: yes long history13:35
Bamboozlelong ot history lol13:35
erUSULexactly :)13:35
suuntohello, i have a server in my office running websites. i can only reach it via ssh. and i need to reach these sites, so i tried doing ssh -L 3128:localhost:3128 username@host and then adding localhost:3128 as a proxy in my browser, but i still cant reach the sites, is there anything else i can try?13:36
toogreenhi there, upgrading to lucid now, just a question... when asked if i want to replace grub with the new version, should i say yes or no?13:38
toogreenjust wondering how risky that is13:38
schurrotoogreen: #ubuntu+113:39
jiohditoogreen, if you like the ease of grub1 dont change to grub213:39
jiohdiif you dont care, then grub 2 is great13:39
toogreenk thanks... was just wondering if it was risky or not.. I think im already running grub 2 tho, but it still asks if u want to replace with the maintainer version or not13:40
toogreenor maybe this is just about the config file?13:40
jiohdididnt know there was something new :)13:40
=== hahahahah is now known as juliano
=== juliano is now known as Guest12788
indusvisof_, any luck?13:43
suuntohello, i have a server in my office running websites. i can only reach it via ssh. and i need to reach these sites, so i tried doing ssh -L 3128:localhost:3128 username@host and then adding localhost:3128 as a proxy in my browser, but i still cant reach the sites, is there anything else i can try?13:43
visof_indus no i found the freebsd in the boot menu but with error partition not found13:43
indusvisof_, ok thats a wrong partition entry then13:44
visof_indus no , i'm sure it's in /dev/sda1 , fdisk -l13:44
visof_shsow that13:44
gotttosuunto: tried vnc then a browser to localhost?13:45
indusvisof_, hmm sure? try again ?13:45
DukeGriffinHi. I need to run on kde logout but before network manager disconnects from a network, any idea?13:45
AufwindIf I want to access a folder on a different server via nautilus, what was the command again, which I have to tipe in the adressbar?13:45
DukeGriffin*run a script, that is.13:45
suuntogottto, meh..ubuntu server...headless13:45
indusvisof_, so after adding to 40_custom, now you see bsd in menu?13:45
visof_indus yeah13:46
gotttosuunto: I have similar and a minimal X comes with twm all you need then is dillo or similar13:47
gotttosuunto: or you could ask in #ubuntu-server13:47
suuntogottto, thanks man, lemme try - ledgend! forgot about that channel13:47
shadiany arabic support channel for ubuntu ?13:50
Bamboozleshadi: #ubuntu-arabic13:50
Bamboozleshadi: that's what google says, anyway13:51
unop!sa | shadi13:51
ubottushadi: For the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية13:51
shadilol no one there13:51
Bamboozlethat sucks shadi13:52
shadiyeah !!!13:52
visof_hi shadi13:52
shadithere is not much ubuntu users in the world :P13:52
shadihey visof13:52
visof_shadi bady kromb zabady13:53
shadienta hena kol el waket ?13:53
cirwinmy laptop's cd drive doesn't work, just makes lots of noises and clicks for a few minutes when I put a cd in, any pointers?13:54
gotttocirwin: try another disk maybe13:54
shadienta 3endak 7'ebra blinux ?13:54
jribcirwin: try other disks, check dmesg, see if it works in another OS13:54
cirwingottto: I tried a few, all the same audio and data13:54
cirwinI only have one OS13:54
cirwinand can't write any boot cds :)13:55
knallgalfcirwin swap the drive13:55
Stavroshow can i give a user permission to mount the autogenerated drives?13:55
visof_!who | shadi13:55
gotttocirwin: dig a small hole and bury it13:55
ubottushadi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:55
Stavrosthe ones installation adds13:55
cirwinknallgalf: theres no chance it is a software peroblem?13:55
Bamboozle!google | Bamboozle13:56
ubottuBamboozle, please see my private message13:56
visof_shadi enta student ?13:56
shadivisof    no13:56
visof_shadi new in the linux world ?13:57
shadilike 3 weeks !!13:57
shadivisof i wont back to windows13:57
FabParmaPlease. How to reset to default icon them, gdm etc?14:01
C-S-B-N900in preferences - appearance14:01
C-S-B-N900iirc, not at my comp.14:01
C-S-B-N900FabParma: ^14:02
=== ja_ is now known as efeb
perlmonkey2I need to scan images from an ip printer/scanner (hp-7200).  Anyone know which app I need to isntall to do this?14:02
frxstremhow can I get the arguments from the command line when I'm running a bash script?14:02
C-S-B-N900perlmonkey2: does it not work with the standard scanning software?14:03
kinja-sheepfrxstrem: $114:03
RussellAlanwhats a good program to burn iso's?14:03
frxstremkinja-sheep: okay, thanks :)14:03
guntbert!iso | RussellAlan14:03
ubottuRussellAlan: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.14:03
C-S-B-N900or brasero14:03
perlmonkey2C-S-B-N900: sorry, but I am just trying this for the first time and don't have much time as ineed to hit the road to go somewhere where they need me to start scanning images ASAP.14:04
RussellAlanbrasero? easier?14:04
perlmonkey2C-S-B-N900: so I don't know what the standard software is14:04
SilentDreamhi everyone!!!!14:04
perlmonkey2oh I see an X-Sane app14:04
C-S-B-N900its in the menu, preinstalled.14:04
perlmonkey2but that doesn't appear to support ip scanners14:05
perlmonkey2and my ancient hp-4890 doesn't look like it is supported.14:05
C-S-B-N900vuescan is another option14:05
C-S-B-N900ive never scanned in ubuntu, so i cant help beyond basics14:06
perlmonkey2C-S-B-N900: thank you for the help.14:06
C-S-B-N900perlmonkey2: good luck, let me know if you get it going.14:07
SilentDream777hi everyone!!!14:07
Stavrosmounting disks permission, anyone?14:08
icerootStavros: usefull details?14:09
gotttomine are all mounted rw14:09
SilentDream777sziszi, from?14:11
Stavrosiceroot: i'm trying to mount the autodetected disks, but permission is denied. i'm in the disk group14:12
realubotHow do I get my script executed by a cron job to work as if it was launched from a Terminal as normal? I mean, my script uses xdotool and I think I have to somehow launch it as I do in a Terminal even though I execut it by a cron job.14:12
lord_arcticanyone using a Toshiba a505-s6005 with Ubuntu?14:12
szisziSilentDream777: Hungary. Why?14:12
guntbertSilentDream777:  Do you have an ubuntu support question?14:12
SilentDream777guntbert: yea!14:13
=== blueghost is now known as eightday
gotttorealubot: maybe   xterm -e /path/to/script14:13
gotttoin cron14:13
perlmonkey2looks like to use my hp7210 I need the open source hplip software linked from hp's site, but it wants my root pwd.  Seems dangerous to give that to an installed app.14:13
lord_arctic...perhaps I am in the wrong channel looking for anyone that has had luck with instaling Ubuntu on a Toshiba A505-s6005 laptop14:14
guntbertperlmonkey2: especially since there is no root password  on an ubuntu system :)14:15
SilentDream777How to address a message to a specific person? (So that for him the text highlight). Xchat client. Help! Please!14:15
perlmonkey2guntbert: I have one :P14:15
gotttoperlmonkey2: doing it through a browser?14:15
perlmonkey2gottto: nope on the command line14:15
perlmonkey2downloaded from sourceforge from a link off the hp website.14:15
guntbert!noroot | perlmonkey214:15
schlaftierSilentDream777: type the name of that person in front of your message (like I just did)14:15
ubottuperlmonkey2: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.14:15
Arabicawhat's the name of xchat in ubuntu packages?14:15
schlaftierSilentDream777: XChat also supports <TAB>completion for nicknames14:16
indusArabica, xchat-gnome14:16
perlmonkey2guntbert: thanks14:16
gotttoperlmonkey2: cancel it - enter   sudo -s   then password and redo the connection14:16
SilentDream777schlaftier like this?14:16
indusArabica, or install xchat14:16
IdleOneSilentDream: by typing the user name you can use the TAB for auto completion14:16
Arabicalol, i see, thanks14:16
schlaftierSilentDream777: yes, it worked :)14:16
indusArabica, xchat has more options but i use xchat-gnome which is simpler14:16
SilentDream777schlaftier thanks a lot!14:16
guntbertArabica: use xchat - not xchat-gnome14:16
C-S-B-N900xchat gnome is more than sufficient. all i use.14:17
realubotgottto: I'll check it out. Thanks for advice.14:17
indusguntbert, why not ?14:17
perlmonkey2gottto: thanks....appears to be installing now.14:17
indusyeah more than enough14:17
gotttoperlmonkey2: luck14:18
perlmonkey2gottto: thanks again.  need to get this set up asap so I can scan images for a funeral.  Really appreciate everyone's quick help.14:18
guntbertindus: if its good for you - keep it :-)  I found within minutes things missing ....14:18
schlaftieralso, xchat-gnome seems to be discontinued14:19
indusschlaftier, what is discontinued? its works fine14:19
Arabicai think, irssi should be built in, it's small14:19
indusi think xchat should be default app too14:19
Arabicaumm, irssi for cli, xchat for gui14:20
guntbertindus: he means development stopped14:20
Arabicathis can save many many idiots14:20
indusyeah ther is nothing to develop14:20
SilentDream777Such a question: I have a TV tuner AverMedia, but I can not configure it in Ubuntu. I tried to use TVtime, but still did not help. Does anyone know how to correctly set up?14:20
Arabicanow, they have the browser and the irc client to ask some questions14:21
indusArabica, exactly14:21
Arabicawithout extra installations14:21
indusxchat also autoloads #ubuntu so new users directly come here14:21
indusno idea why its not installed14:21
guntbertindus: Arabica: the  client discussion has gotten off topic - please move it to #ubuntu-offtopic14:21
Arabicajust bad design i guess14:21
Stavroshow can i mount hard disks without needing to sudo?14:21
perlmonkey2oh, anyone here who needs hp-scanner just type hp-setup and then allow Ubuntu magic install wha tyou need.14:22
guntbertperlmonkey2: thx for reporting back14:23
lord_arcticguntbert: any ideal where I can find assistance with Toshiba a505-s6005 and Ubuntu Installation, seems to install only in Safe Video Mode, but cant get wireless and USB working correctly14:24
gotttoperlmonkey2: was sudo -s necessary?14:24
guntbertlord_arctic: if you don't get any answers here - try the forums http://ubuntuforums.org14:25
guntbertlord_arctic: I wanted to say: sorry, no idea but ...14:26
lord_arcticguntbert: thank you14:26
lord_arcticguntbert: its ok your only human :)14:26
guntbertlord_arctic: :)14:27
KaOSoFtHow do I delete the "history" logged commands?14:27
ardchoilleKaOSoFt: history -c14:27
KaOSoFtardchoille- Thank you very much.14:27
lord_arcticguntbert: and I am really tired of winnew LTdows 7, figured I would check here,...not having any luck in the boards, perhaps with the new LTS comming out, I might have some better luck14:28
Stavrosi'm trying to mount the autodetected disks, but permission is denied. i'm in the disk group, how can i do it?14:28
ardchoilleStavros: use sudo with mount?14:29
knallgalf@ stavros what about giving proper details?14:29
gotttoStavros: are you using sudo ?14:29
Stavroswithout using sudo14:29
Stavrosknallgalf: how about asking for them?14:29
Stavrosi've added myself to the disk group but it still needs me to type the pw14:29
guntbertlord_arctic: thats an idea: download the daily live CD, and try it "without installing" - so you see what will work for you - support for that in #ubuntu+114:29
knallgalf@stavros my car is broken