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twotwentyI was syncing notes with tomboy yesterday, and today the sync option on my desktop is lost, when I try to set it up again it takies me to the Confirm Computer Access page , and comptuer name is "None" yet this computer is registered when I look in accounts?01:31
iosifis there a way to reset ubuntu one?  i can bring up the preferences, but it doesn't appear linked to my account nor does it open a helpful firefox browser window to do so.02:35
iosifthis is how, i suppose: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/77802:38
duanedesigniosif: first perhaps just try to reregister your account02:38
duanedesigniosif: if its not launching FF to add your computer after removing your computer, you probablly still have the Token in the keyring02:39
duanedesignApplications > Accesories > password and encryption02:40
duanedesigniosif: Click on the arrow next to "Passwords:default"02:41
iosifubuntuone password deleted02:41
duanedesignRight-click on the Ubuntu One token and select "Delete"02:41
duanedesignGo to https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/02:41
duanedesignClick on the checkbox next to your computer and click remove selected computer02:42
iosifduanedesign: there it goes, thanks02:42
duanedesigniosif: there is a bug about removing your machine not deleting the token02:42
duanedesigniosif: they are working on a fix as we speak02:42
iosifduanedesign: okay02:43
iosifduanedesign: you're right, now preferences doesn't open for ubuntu one02:43
iosifyikes, my computer is registered 5 times under Devices02:59
urbanapestatik, wow, holy poop, that sucks03:39
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jcarrollLegal question for Canonical employee:  May I please posted an annotated copy of the ToS and Privacy Policy?06:06
jcarrollAny Ubuntu One developers on?  Should I forward my question to legal@canonical.com ?06:10
spmjcarroll: in the first instance, perhaps just opening a question asking the same against U1 via launchpad? https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone06:16
akavI've tried Ubuntu One a couple of times to sync files in my profile, and it seems to be working fabulously when I copy files...06:21
akavthen later, mysteriously almost everything is missing.06:21
jcarroll@spm:  Thank you for the redirect.  I have posted my question there.06:39
keeswhen buying stuff, should I see a progress bar during "Transfering to your Ubuntu One storage" ?07:54
wgrantkees: AFAICT that actually means transferring from U1 to you. It does them slowly, one at a time.09:29
wgrantSome of mine didn't happen for a day or so afterwards.09:29
wgrantAnd one of my tracks from a week ago still says "Preparing your download...", although it's actually long-done.09:30
* wgrant pesters people about bug #452689 and bug #535651.09:32
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/452689)09:32
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/535651)09:32
* wgrant plays the "even ISD responded faster" card.09:34
ryerodrigo_, grr ^09:40
rodrigo_rye, yeah, coming soon, as soon as I can leave the desktop work for a bit, haven't had much chance to work on those 209:41
rodrigo_rye, I have a branch I started, but not finished yet09:41
wgrantHm, Notes is down? I see no announcement on identi.ca.09:41
ryecouchdb down for hardware upgrade 08:00 - 08:50 UTC09:41
ryeoh come on...09:42
ryethe notification about the outage came 10 minutes ago, while it started 40 minutes ago, grrr09:44
wgrantOdd. I still can't see it on identi.ca.09:45
ryewgrant, just posted that09:46
rodrigo_yeah, seems its down09:47
wgrantrye: Thanks.09:47
rodrigo_wgrant, sorry for taking that long to fix those bugs, having to match lucid milestones09:47
rodrigo_wgrant, I'll try to continue work on nmy started branch today09:47
* rye needs to find out how to force outage messages appear _before_ the actual outage.09:48
ryedesktopcouch service eats cpu09:51
wgrantrye: Mine has been eating a core for at least two hours now.09:51
wgrantI don't think it was this morning.09:51
ryewgrant, is it doing that right now?09:52
wgrantrye: It is still sitting there chomping away, yes.09:53
ryegdb is not helping09:53
ryeit poll()s some filedescriptors several hundred times a second09:54
wgrantSounds useful.09:55
NickLhi guys, I have a support query - I purchased some music on the weekend, and got the payment receipt, now my ubuntu one screen hangs in rhythmbox on the 'transferring to your ubuntu one stoarge' screen in my downloads. Can anyone help? I've recently upgraded to 10.04 and have been experiencing crashes with desktop couch - not sure if this is linked to Ubuntu One, but after installing today's updates its no longer crashing. Any ideas, should I log a bug?10:05
aquariushi NickL10:11
aquariusNickL, so, your songs are showing up in My Downloads, but they just say "Transferring to your Ubuntu One storage", yes?10:12
ryeaha, dc bug #55132610:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 551326 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service using 100% CPU" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55132610:20
rodrigo_rye, hmm that's probably the same as https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/548611 ?10:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 548611 in evolution-couchdb "Evolution Data Server consumes 100% CPU if desktopcouch was autostarted" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:22
ryerodrigo_, nope10:22
ryerodrigo_, that was the e-d-s consuming the CPU cycles, and now desktopcouch-service does that10:22
ryerodrigo_, reproduced10:36
ryethough that is weird10:36
ryeif couchdb&desktopcouch-service is not started but gwibber starts it up - bug #55132610:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 551326 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service using 100% CPU" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55132610:37
ryebut gwibber starts it via CouchDatabase, not dbus calls10:37
ryeas the bug #519028 is not fixed10:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519028 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch replication and org.desktopcouch.CouchDB.service are NOT started on desktopcouch.records calls" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51902810:38
ryedesktopcouch-service _is_ started now10:38
ryebut it consumes 100% CPU10:38
ryeautolaunch with dbus call triggers 100% cpu usage as well10:39
ryeand dbus Timeout exception10:40
ryesomething became even more broken10:40
ryegrrr, it misbehaves only when autostarted10:41
ryeanybody interested in desktopcouch strace when it is consuming 100% cpu?10:47
rodrigo_rye, me10:51
ryerodrigo_, desktop-couchdb.stdout10:51
ryerodrigo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/406432/10:51
ryerodrigo_, I can reproduce that reliably so if you know how I can make this more useful I am all ears10:52
ryequestion 2: why that does not happen when service is started from the terminal, w/o dbus autostart?10:57
rodrigo_well, it's polling and waiting for something, which I guess is couchdb11:08
rodrigo_aquarius, http://paste.ubuntu.com/406432/ <- any hint on what dc is polling for?11:09
* aquarius looks 11:10
aquarius(I am in the middle of trying to move from one hard drive to another, so if I disappear, that's why :))11:10
aquariusdon't know11:10
aquariuswe poll for couchdb startup11:10
aquariusthat might be it11:10
rodrigo_it's waiting for file descriptors 3, 15, 16 and 1711:12
* rodrigo_ looks what those correspond to11:12
rodrigo_open("/etc/resolv.conf", O_RDONLY)      = 1511:13
rodrigo_no, sorry, 15 and 16 are sockets11:13
rodrigo_15 is couchdb local instance11:13
rodrigo_so yeah, seems it's waiting for couchdb11:14
aquariuswhich suggests that couch isn't starting11:16
aquariusstart desktopcouch-service manually?11:23
rodrigo_aquarius, I guess that works, but the problem rye and others are having is they get that when gwibber or evolution start dc11:25
aquariusso it's the bloody -d-bus problem11:25
ryeaquarius, couch is starting actually11:25
aquariusok, I'll try and have a look in a bit when I have a cloned disc :)11:25
ryeaquarius, if i simply do getPort() then couchdb is started (sometimes) but desktopcouch-service eats CPUs :)11:26
aquariusok. chad's been working hard on this very recently11:26
aquariusrye, can you try with desktopcouch trunk?11:26
ryeaquarius, locating trunk...11:26
NickLaquarius: sorry for not replying sooner. Yes you are correct.11:38
ryeaquarius, is there any doc about how to create deb out of desktopcouch ?11:39
aquariusNickL, do the songs have an apostrophe in the name?11:39
aquariusrye, ah, I don't know. I run it uninstalled.11:39
aquariusrye, but...thinking about it...that won't help you, because of the d-bus issue.11:39
NickLaquarius: no.11:39
aquariusrye, so ignore my suggestion about testing trunk11:39
ryeaquarius, i can point dbus to the uninstalled dc11:39
aquariusNickL, OK. We're currently working on a server bug which causes some songs to get "stuck"11:40
aquariusNickL, and it sounds like you're being bitten by that.11:40
aquariusrye, CardinalFang is the bloke to talk to about this, conveniently ;)11:40
ryeaquarius, in case i can reproduce this on lucid vm then I won :)11:40
aquariusNickL, are the songs in Ubuntu One in the cloud? You can test this by looking at the web interface at one.ubuntu.com/files, under User Defined Folders > Purcased from Ubuntu One11:40
ryeCardinalFang, desktopcouch starts eating 100% CPU when autostarted by dbus. I started observing this today.11:41
ryeCardinalFang, and there is a corresponding bug report. It does not eat CPU when started manually from terminal. Strace is here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/406432/11:42
NickLaquarius: the folder are, but no files.11:42
* CardinalFang boggles.11:42
aquariusNickL, OK. It sounds like the server bug that we're working on, yes. My apologies for that; we're working on it as hard as we can.11:42
NickLaquarius: I just checked and they are there. They just aren't showing up in Rhythmbox11:43
aquariusNickL, aha!11:43
aquariusNickL, do the songs have accented characters in them?11:43
NickLaquarius: No. They even play correctly when I click on them through the browser.11:45
aquariusNickL, OK. So, the songs are in Ubuntu One, hooray. It sounds like they're not being downloaded to your computer.11:46
aquariusrye, sounds like NickL has syncdaemon not working. Can you have a look? (I'm swapping hard disks, so I'm going now for a bit.)11:47
ryeNickL, ok, could you please open the terminal and run u1sdtool --status ?11:48
NickLconnection: With User With Network11:49
NickL    description: processing queues11:49
NickL    is_connected: True11:49
NickL    is_error: False11:49
NickL    is_online: True11:49
NickL    queues: IDLE11:49
ryeNickL, that should print the state in which syncdaemon is. You can paste multiline entries to http://paste.ubuntu.com11:49
ryeNickL, aha, idle.11:49
ryeNickL, ok, do you see the purchased files if you navigate to ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One ?11:51
NickLrye: no11:51
ryeNickL, ok, could you please reconnect syncdaemon with u1sdtool -d; u1sdtool -c11:52
ryehm, is there some issue with server-side notification of changed content?11:52
NickLrye: just type that into the command line?11:53
ryeNickL, yup11:53
rye-d = disconnect, -c = connect11:53
NickLrye: done11:53
ryeNickL, ok, what does u1sdtool --status say now?11:54
NickLworking on metadata11:54
NickLrye: ^11:54
ryeNickL, ok, basically it restarted fine and should start downloading content in a while. I'd say to give it 5 minutes for complete rescan and ping me in case the files are not downloaded11:55
NickLrye: cool. Thanks a lot. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.11:56
CardinalFangrye, which process is out of control?11:56
ryeCardinalFang, desktopcouch-service11:56
ryei.e. the service itself, not other clients11:56
CardinalFangrye, is there anything unusual in  ~/.cache/desktop-couch/log/desktop-couch-replication.log  ?11:58
ryeCardinalFang, 2010-03-30 12:36:03,559 DEBUG    Looking up prefix for service 'ubuntuone'11:59
ryeCardinalFang, after this no other messages are printed when it is autostarted12:00
ryeCardinalFang, i am upgrading lucid vm to check this on a different system12:00
TeTeTanyone else having 100% consumation of desktopcouch-service today?12:01
TeTeTthat is 100% CPU12:01
CardinalFangOoo.  rye, apply this patch on desktopcouch/replication_services/ubuntuone.py :12:02
CardinalFangDoes that help?12:02
ryeCardinalFang, %CPU: 99 - after gwibber startup12:07
CardinalFangI kid.  Are you sure that is running what you patched?12:08
\shguys, strangly I can't startup ubuntuone-preferences on lucid...it hangs somehow with another process named ubuntuone-login ... any way to debug it properly?12:15
NickLrye: still no luck.12:15
\shthis problem means, I can't login into ubuntuone :(12:15
ryeCardinalFang, unfortunately yes12:17
rye\sh, is ubuntuone-login consuming 100% CPU ?12:17
ryeNickL, ok, is there something in u1sdtool --waiting-meta or u1sdtool --waiting-content ?12:18
\shrye, well, 95% but yes somehow :)12:18
NickLrye: I can't see the files in my .ubuntuone/purchased from Ubuntu one. I ran the u1sdtool --status again and it now says:12:18
NickLState: QUEUE_MANAGER12:18
NickL    connection: With User With Network12:18
NickL    description: processing queues12:18
NickL    is_connected: True12:18
NickL    is_error: False12:18
NickL    is_online: True12:18
NickL    queues: IDLE12:18
\shrye, and yes, goes up to 100%12:19
ryeCardinalFang, something really broke ^12:20
ryeNickL, ok, are there any queue items listed when you do  u1sdtool --waiting-meta  or u1sdtool --waiting-content ?12:27
NickLrye: no12:37
ryeNickL, could you please pastebing the contents of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log ?12:38
ryeNickL, to http://paste.ubuntu.com12:38
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NickLrye: done12:40
ryeNickL, could you please provide the URL?12:40
NickLrye: sorry, first time I've used this. http://paste.ubuntu.com/406474/12:41
ryeNickL, that's ok, i should have used !paste :)12:42
ryeubottu, !paste12:42
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:42
\shrye, any solution for http://paste.ubuntu.com/406477/ this?12:42
kklimondarye: does u1 sync hard links?12:43
ryekklimonda, since hard links are regular files from application perspective, yes12:43
kklimondarye: I've created new folders in U1, hardlinked there some files and folders did sync but not files :/12:44
ryeNickL, ok, to sum it up - you can see the purchased files in https://one.ubuntu.com/files/  and you are able to download them via the web ui, but they are not synced to the computer, right?12:44
ryekklimonda, nothing in u1sdtool --waiting-content ?12:44
kklimondarye: no - but let me see if something changes after I do u1sdtool -d && u1sdtool -c12:45
NickLrye: right12:45
kklimondarye: nothings changes, u1sdtool returns "processing queues" but both --waiting-content and --waiting-metadata returns nothing12:47
ryenessita, http://paste.ubuntu.com/406474/12:48
ryeNickL, what does u1sdtool --list-folder say?12:48
nessitau1sdtool --list-folders12:49
rye\sh, I am currently trying to investigate what's happening with desktopcouch...12:49
rye\sh, hm, could you please try quitting ubuntuone syncdaemon - u1sdtool --quit12:50
rye\sh, then kill ubuntuone-login completely. Then start /usr/lib/ubuntuone/ubuntuone-login manually and only then start u1sdtool --connect ?12:50
rye\sh, I am wondering whether ubuntuone-login is printing something when it hangs, It looks like dobey had the same issue yesterday.12:51
\shok the syncdaemon is stopped12:53
\shnow firing up ubuntuone-login -> fail...12:53
\shdoesn't come back actually12:53
rye\sh, it should not12:53
rye\sh, it just sits there waiting for dbus commands, please open another terminal and run u1sdtool --connect there12:54
\shok...new terminal u1sdtool --connect , comes back on the cli12:54
rye\sh, any changes in CPU usage ?12:55
duanedesignwow, been a busy morning.12:55
\shrye, nope 100%12:55
\shhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/406482/ <- log of syncdaemon btw12:55
kklimondarye: it (not syncing) seems to have something to do with file permissions..  wish I knew what does green background mean12:56
rye\sh, it looks like you have removed association for your local machine... have you removed anything from /account/machines ?12:57
ryekklimonda, could you please pastebin the output of ls -lR .ubuntuone  ?12:57
nessitaNickL: are you around?12:57
ryekklimonda, wait, not .ubuntuone12:57
ryekklimonda, could you please pastebin the syncdaemon.log as well ?12:58
ryeCardinalFang, definitely not helping - autostarted desktopcouch continues eating CPU12:59
ryeCardinalFang, but it replied for DBus query12:59
kklimondarye: it's long but here you go: http://pastebin.com/cC4Z8RXn12:59
\shrye yes I removed my machine...and want to add it again ;)13:00
CardinalFangrye, suppose you make that is_available() in the same file you patched just "return True".  What happens then?13:00
ryekklimonda, #13:00
rye2010-03-30 13:54:46,144 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.QueueManager - DEBUG - In WORKING_ON_CONTENT: running CONTENT_QUEUE13:00
ryekklimonda, it just started to upload/download file contents13:01
rye\sh, in this case please open seahorse and remove the token for ubuntuone.com :)13:01
rye\sh, this is going to be handled soon, I believe but that does not explain 100% CPU usage for ubuntuone-login13:01
kklimondarye: hmm.. but I have nothing in --current-transfers, --waiting-content nor --waiting-metadata (this could be from me uploading small file to see if it syncs at all and the small file did indeed sync)13:02
ryekklimonda, IDLE. right13:02
ryekklimonda, hard links, not symlinks, right?13:03
CardinalFangGrr, 0800.  Afk a bit.  Taking kid to first day of pre-school.13:03
kklimondarye: yes, hard links (and it did sync one album that is using hard links before so now I'm lost :/)13:04
ryekklimonda, hm13:04
ryekklimonda, pick one file that was not uploaded and could you please pastebin what is output by u1sdtool --info=full_path ?13:05
kklimondarye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406487/13:07
ryekklimonda, hmmm13:07
ryeno local hash13:07
\shrye, ok did that...and now?13:15
rye\sh, kill ubuntuone-login, restart it and try to connect with u1sdtool --connect13:16
rye\sh, it should try to re-register the machine13:16
\shok let's try13:16
\shrye, so I should be able to start from the me menu the ubuntu one thingy13:17
rye\sh, me menu starts ubuntuone-preferences13:17
\shrye, actually it doesn't ;) and I see ubuntuone-login again on 100% and deskopcouch-service somewhat around 93% cpu time13:19
\shubuntuone-prefrences doesn't start up13:21
\shneither via me menu nor via system -> preferences -> Ubuntu One13:21
rye\sh, ok, try killing ubuntuone-login, ubuntuone-syncdaemon, then stop couchdb with /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-stop and kill desktopcouch-service13:23
rye\sh, then try launching desktopcouch service manually from the terminal, /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service and see whether it starts13:23
rye\sh, then try to start ubuntuone-preferences and log in to ubuntuone13:23
\sh2010-03-30 14:24:39,383 - replication of services aborted13:24
\shand this while starting desktopcouch-service http://paste.ubuntu.com/406495/13:25
\shok starting -preferences now directs me to the ubuntuone user page, where I can add the computer13:26
\shI saw for a second a gtk dialog which disappeared directly ... and starting again preferences == hanging process13:27
rye\sh, what is u1sdtool --status response now?13:28
rye\sh, the dialog with "Ubuntu One Error" or something like that?13:28
\shrye, dialog == couldn't see it ... too fast to have a closer look ;)13:28
rye\sh, hanging process = 100% CPU usage?13:29
\shand u1sdtool --status: State: Ready -> connection: not user with network , description: ready to connect. is_connected == false is_error: false is_online: false13:29
rye\sh, u1sdtool --connect ?13:29
\shrye, nope..no process is on 100%13:29
rye\sh, but the terminal with desktopcouch-service running is not closed, right?13:30
\shrye, nope the terminal is open13:30
\sh--status: server_scan , description: doing server rescan13:30
\shisconnected: true13:30
rye\sh, great13:31
rye\sh, it looks like we have something to blame, CardinalFang, desktopcouch causes ubuntuone-login 100% usage as well, something really BIG broke13:31
\shsounds nice ;) looks like you have some more work ;)13:32
\shanyways...I need to grill a job applicant now...be back in 1h or so13:32
rye\sh, well, #54861113:32
ryeCardinalFang, nevermind, it consumes 100% CPU even when started from commandline13:34
ryeCardinalFang, and it does not want to be killed13:35
ryepdb hangs as well13:35
ryeProgram received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe.13:36
ryeif python is started with gdb then it starts capturing SIGPIPE... can desktopcouch be polling fd that is longer opened?13:40
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ChipacaCardinalFang: ping?13:55
NickLnessita: I'm back.13:55
nessitaNickL: yey! so, what u1sdtool --list-folders say?13:55
NickLnessita: id=83397113-5af6-4342-9c3d-96aa32853ac5 subscribed=True path=/home/nick/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One13:56
nessitaok, so you only have on UDF and it belongs to the Music Store13:57
nessitarye: ^13:57
nessitaNickL: is that the folder you were looking for?13:57
NickLnessita: That folder has no contents.13:58
nessitaNickL: and did you purchased any music?13:58
NickLnessita: yes, I can see the files in one.ubuntu.com/files, but they are not syncing to my computer.13:59
nessitarye: what tests/procedures did you ask NickL to follow?14:00
ryenessita, the client was completely restarted but it went to IDLE w/o downloading anything - http://paste.ubuntu.com/406474/14:02
nessitaNickL: what version of the client do you have on your current computer?14:03
NickLnessita: I'm running lucid with the updates from this morning. Not sure what client version though, where can I find this?14:05
nessitaNickL: aptitude show ubuntuone-client14:05
NickLnessita: 1.1.4-0ubuntu114:06
nessitaNickL: ok, let me think14:07
nessitarye: did you do a full-full restart?14:07
dutchiehmm, I see from topic contact syncing is in progress. How about the files (on android devices)?14:07
ryenessita, disconnect/reconnect14:07
ryenessita, hmmm14:07
nessitarye: ah14:08
CardinalFangChipaca, hi14:08
nessitarye: could you make him do a full restart?14:08
ryeNickL, could you please do u1sdtool --quit14:08
ryeNickL, then u1sdtool --connect14:08
ryeI believe we are all in the same channel :)14:08
NickLrye, nessita, that's now done.14:09
CardinalFangrye, I think the strace would show the signal or fd polling.14:10
nessitarye: yes, I know, but I'm not as responsive as you are :-)14:10
ryenessita, is there something omitted during reconnect? i.e. something that is performed during the startup but not during the reconnect?14:11
nessitarye: yes, almost everything regarding index build and scanning14:11
ryenessita, hm...14:12
ryenessita, actually rmcbride's bug #551095 looks awfully related14:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 551095 in ubuntuone-client "UDF for Purchased on Ubuntu One doesn't get mp3 files synced." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55109514:12
nessitarye: yes14:13
nessitaNickL: what does u1sdtool --status say?14:13
NickLnessita, rye: State: SERVER_RESCAN14:14
NickL    connection: With User With Network14:14
NickL    description: doing server rescan14:14
NickL    is_connected: True14:14
NickL    is_error: False14:14
NickL    is_online: False14:14
NickL    queues: WORKING_ON_METADATA14:14
nessitaNickL: ok, we need to wait a bit longer14:14
ryeCardinalFang, i can reproduce 100% CPU usage of desktopcouch-service in vm as well14:15
CardinalFangrye, no difference in DBus-starte and manual-start assuages some terrible fears I had since you mentioned it.14:16
CardinalFangrye, on lucid beta1 ISO?14:16
ryeCardinalFang, actually, it replies to DBus14:16
CardinalFangrye, Yes, I know.  It's a separate thread that's eating CPU.14:17
ryeCardinalFang, no, that started today for me (with the latest upgrade available)14:17
* CardinalFang boggles.14:17
ryeCardinalFang, and I see that upgrade for deksoptouch 0.6.3-0ubuntu2 arrived today14:18
ryedesktopcouch 0.6.3-0ubuntu214:18
nessitaNickL: and what does u1sdtool --status says now?14:21
NickLnessita: State: QUEUE_MANAGER14:22
NickL    connection: With User With Network14:22
NickL    description: processing queues14:22
NickL    is_connected: True14:22
NickL    is_error: False14:22
NickL    is_online: True14:22
NickL    queues: WORKING_ON_METADATA14:22
nessitaNickL: ok, let's keep waiting, it's doing its job :-)14:22
rmcbridenessita: I'm at State: READY, queues: IDLE, and I still am in the same situation14:24
nessitarmcbride: did you do u1sdtool --quit and then -c?14:24
rmcbridenessita: yes, I'm doing it again now as well14:24
nessitarmcbride: once the syncdaemon reaches IDLE, could you please tar the whole SD log directory and send it to me?14:30
rmcbridenessita: gladly. Where would you like it placed? It's liable to be a very large tarball14:31
nessitarmcbride: yes. chinstrap would be ok I guess, right?14:31
rmcbridenessita: OK that will work14:32
nessitaI'll reboot because I just updated the kernel14:34
nessitaNickL: what does status say now?14:46
jmunizI just updated my system and now ubuntu-client crashes when I try to load from the me bar and from system > preferences. Apport doesn't come up. Does anyone have a vibe on this?14:57
nessitajmuniz: and how do you know it crashes?15:00
NickLnessita:  Still the same15:04
NickLState: QUEUE_MANAGER15:04
NickL    connection: With User With Network15:04
NickL    description: processing queues15:04
NickL    is_connected: True15:04
NickL    is_error: False15:04
NickL    is_online: True15:04
NickL    queues: WORKING_ON_METADATA15:04
nessitaNickL: could you paste on paste.ubuntu.com the last ~50 lines of the log file?15:05
NickLnessita: where is that located?15:05
nessitaNickL: ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log15:06
nessitaNickL: do you know how to access it?15:06
CardinalFangrye, I can't reproduce the CPU-eating desktopcouch so far.15:15
beunoCardinalFang, I can15:25
NickLnessita: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406548/15:25
beunofired up gwibber15:25
nessitaNickL: thanks!15:25
beunohad to kill gwibber and desktopcouch, as it continued to be at 100%15:25
nessitabeuno: Chipaca and dobey were talking about that, some python apps consume 100% CPU15:27
dobeyit's not just python15:28
dobeysome C apps are also15:28
dobeybasically, anything that queries gnome-keyring has the potential to hang, it seems15:28
Chipacagood thing we aren't doing that, huh15:28
nessitaNickL: everything seems in place in the log files. Would you please paste on the same site the output of u1sdtool --waiting-metadata ?15:28
nessitadobey: ugh15:28
dobeyChipaca: i wonder what happens if i just throw it in a Thread() :)15:29
CardinalFangHrm.  "testdrive" on Lucid desktoip ISO, with VirtualBox.  I upgraded all packages with "desktopcouch" in the name.  Running gwibber.  "Processor %8 in use"15:29
CardinalFangUpgrading everything else now.15:30
NickLnessita: It just says Query all the way down the page.15:34
nessitaNickL: could you paste that output on paste.ubuntu.com please? only if it's not that much trouble for you15:39
NickLnessita http://paste.ubuntu.com/406559/15:40
rodrigo_wgrant, rye: just submitted a fix for bug #45268915:41
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/452689)15:41
nessitaNickL: the client is working ok so far, it seems that you have a big Ubuntu One/ folder, is that so?15:45
NickLnessita: Last week I copied about 1Gb of files to there just before I upgraded.15:48
nessitaNickL: ok, the client is checking if there is any need of synch between the local files and the server files15:48
CardinalFangrye, help me test?  I think it's the update to 'libgnome-keyring0' package that's causing it.15:59
tcolejdo: ping16:11
tcoleer, wrong channel16:12
jmuniznessita: the watch comes up to show that it is working, then quits without showing the dialog. And no updates are synched afterwards. Thats my guess.16:16
ryeCardinalFang, here16:28
CardinalFangrye, I've confirmed the new libgnome-keyring0 avoids the SEGV, but now it eats CPU.  Talking to seb12316:29
TechnovikingIs there a reason Ubuntu One does automatically connect at login?16:33
nessitajmuniz: the ubuntuone-preferences takes a while to open, did you try running it on a terminal?16:43
nessitaNickL: any news? what--status say?16:43
NickLnessita: still the same State: QUEUE_MANAGER16:44
NickL    connection: With User With Network16:44
NickL    description: processing queues16:44
NickL    is_connected: True16:44
NickL    is_error: False16:44
NickL    is_online: True16:44
NickL    queues: WORKING_ON_METADATA16:44
jmuniznope. I'll try that now16:44
jmunizno dice. still hanging. Is there a log besides the one for the syncd?16:49
nessitaNickL: in the mean time, could you please paste on paste.ubuntu.com the output of: /home/nick/.ubuntuone/Purchased\ from\ Ubuntu\ One ?16:49
NickLnessita: there's nothing in that directory16:51
nessitaNickL: could you please paste the output of "ls -la /home/nick/.ubuntuone/Purchased\ from\ Ubuntu\ One"?16:52
NickLnessita: http://paste.ubuntu.com/406598/16:53
nessitaNickL: thank you! sorry for insisting on this, but I wanted to be sure :-)16:54
NickLnessita: No problem, I don't know how to navigate there using CL so I had to do it through nautilus. :)16:55
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nessitaNickL: can I ask you another favor?17:10
NickLnessita: sorry... go for it, what can I do for you?17:22
nessitaNickL: would you please compress the log folder and send it to me? In order to do so, navigate to ~/.cache/ubuntuone/ and right click over the "log" folder -> then hit "Compress"17:26
CardinalFangrye, I think that CPU bug is this:  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgnome-keyring/+bug/53060517:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 530605 in ubuntuone-client "gvfs-mount doesn't always work. gvfsd-smb starts using 100% cpu." [Critical,In progress]17:33
ryeCardinalFang, hm... that reminds me that I haven't checked my webdav folder since it broke today with apache upgrade...17:34
SweevoCan anyone help me troubleshoot an UbuntuOne issue on Lucid please?17:41
kklimondarye: wrt to my problem with syncing it did sync after I've rebooted but not before then17:43
NickLnessita: where should i paste this?17:45
nessitaNickL: could you please email that to natalia.bidart@canonical.com?17:46
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CardinalFangLucid-test reboot.  BRB17:52
jmunizthe ubuntuone client preferences pane hangs and I can't seem to get synching restarted any ideas?17:56
ryeSweevo, could you please describe what issue you are having?18:02
* rye needs reboot to update kernel...18:08
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nessitaNickL: how is the --status going?18:51
dobeyrye: can we shorten the topic perhaps. and say "Please be patient" or something instead of "Please honk if you need assistance with Ubuntu"18:54
dobeyrye: if you need help with *Ubuntu*, you should probably go to #ubuntu instead :)18:54
ryewow, assistance with Ubuntu o_O18:55
ryedo we really need a link to launchpad?18:55
dobeythere's a link to lp on the /support page anyway i think18:57
=== rye changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: https://one.ubuntu.com | Known issues: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status | Say "honk" to get help for Ubuntu One | Ping beuno for phone contacts syncing
ryeor to get help "with"...18:58
ryeNickL, i am now on duty to wait for your syncdaemon to reach IDLE state19:07
dobeyrye: eh, the important part of my request was the "Please be paitent"19:07
dobeyi'll switch to this window and see someone asking about something, but then they're already gone and nobody replied :(19:07
ryeNickL, in order for you not to have do status polls, could you please download and start the folowing script - http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/syncdaemon-monitor.py19:08
=== rye changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: https://one.ubuntu.com | Known issues: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status | Say "honk" to get help for Ubuntu One. Please be patient | Ping beuno for phone contacts syncing
ryeCardinalFang, my gvfs-dav is also using 100% of my CPU. cool, desktopcouch-service: 98% CPU, gvfs-dav - 94% CPU19:11
Sweevorye: sorry I missed you earlier. The problem I'm having is that if I try and open Preferences then Ubuntu One, nothing happens. I can see in system monitor that ubuntuone-preferences starts, then ubuntuone-login starts and takes up lots of CPU but nothing else happens. I've tried following https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/778 but it didn't make any difference. I also tried cancelling my UbuntuOne account and creating a19:14
Sweevonew one just in case there was a problem with it19:14
CardinalFangFun, aint it?  I hope these bugs don't give me or Chipaca a heart-attack before someone figures them out.19:14
CardinalFangrye, thanks for confirming.19:15
ryeSweevo, ok, could you please perform the following (completely not obvious) things - killall ubuntuone-login; /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-stop; killall desktopcouch-service; /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service19:15
ryein one terminal19:15
ryeSweevo, and start /usr/lib/ubuntuone/ubuntuone-login in another terminal19:16
ryeSweevo, after that try running ubuntuone-preferences19:16
ryeCardinalFang, well, my laptop does not like the heat its CPU is creating, so I am very affected19:17
Chipacarye: CardinalFang: I believe dobey has identified the issue and there is a fix in the pipes19:17
Sweevorye: that gives me the same result - ubuntuone-login is currently sat there take about 30% cpu19:18
ryeSweevo, what does u1sdtool --status say?19:19
Sweevorye: State: READY19:19
Sweevo    connection: Not User Not Network19:19
Sweevo    description: ready to connect19:19
Sweevo    is_connected: False19:19
Sweevo    is_error: False19:19
Sweevo    is_online: False19:19
Sweevo    queues: IDLE19:19
ryeSweevo, ok, could you then connect it now - u1sdtool --connect ?19:20
Sweevorye: ok - that gives me; State: AUTHENTICATE19:21
Sweevo    connection: With User With Network19:21
Sweevo    description: doing auth dance19:21
Sweevo    is_connected: True19:21
Sweevo    is_error: False19:21
Sweevo    is_online: False19:21
Sweevo    queues: IDLE19:21
dobeyyes, the cpu fix is in the pipeline of love19:23
Sweevorye: so is there anything else I can do to get this working? - thanks for your help bye the way :)19:29
ryeSweevo, for now - has state changed to something other than AUTHENTICATE?19:30
Sweevorye: State: QUEUE_MANAGER19:30
Sweevo    connection: With User With Network19:30
Sweevo    description: processing queues19:30
Sweevo    is_connected: True19:30
Sweevo    is_error: False19:30
Sweevo    is_online: True19:30
Sweevo    queues: IDLE19:30
ryeSweevo, ok, now it does things. Could you please killall ubuntuone-preferences and try to start them again?19:31
Sweevook, I can see that ubuntu-preferences has started in System Monitor, but it hasn't displayed the window and ubuntuone-login is still sat at 30% cpu19:33
Sweevorye: is it worth me filing a bug for this problem?19:37
dobeyalready filed/fixedintrunk19:39
Sweevodobey: thanks! I didn't realise your previous comment about the cpu fix was aimed at me :)19:41
dobeySweevo: not directly. it was just a "yes, that's true" in regards to Chipaca's statement :)19:41
Sweevodobey: so do you think that my issue with ubuntuone-preferences not displaying is related to the high CPU with ubuntuone-login then?19:43
dobeySweevo: definitely19:43
dobeySweevo: what kind of CPU do you have?19:43
dobey4-core intel? :)19:44
SweevoNo - it's a netbook running an AMD Sempron 210U19:45
dobeyoh, interesting19:48
Sweevodobey: interesting in a good or bad way? ;)19:48
dobeySweevo: interesting, in that i would expect it to take 100% cpu (like it is on most machines)19:49
dobeyunless it was on a multi-core :)19:50
Sweevodobey: well I guess I'm just lucky :) can't wait to get the update, I'm missing using UbuntuOne :(19:50
dobeyyep, there are lots of other things we are trying to get done today as well, for the lucid beta2 freeze19:52
Sweevodobey: That's good to hear, I'll leave you to it - thanks for the help/advice19:53
LaserJockdobey: how do you stop desktopcouch? I can't find anything20:42
dobeyLaserJock: /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-{start,stop}20:43
LaserJockdobey: ok, trying once again20:50
dobeyLaserJock: i probably don't know enough about desktopcouch to solve your issue though. was just telling you how i would go about debugging it :)20:51
LaserJockit's helpful anyway20:53
LaserJockcouchdb is kind of a pain that way20:53
LaserJockdobey: well, it's different this time it seems20:56
LaserJocknow I get *no* accounts rather than recreation of all accounts :-)20:56
dobeythat's what you wanted20:57
LaserJockwell, as in I can now not add accounts20:57
LaserJockwhich was sort of unexpected, but probably a gwibber bug and not a desktopcouch one20:57
LaserJockweird, so the gwibber preferences DB keeps growing21:02
LaserJockeven though I'm not changing preferences21:02
LaserJockbut the accounts DB has nothing in it21:02
* CardinalFang boggles.21:02
CardinalFangLaserJock, Growing how?  What are you measuring?21:03
LaserJockthe file size21:03
CardinalFangLaserJock, what about revision ids?  Are those growing?21:03
LaserJockso all I'm trying to do is set up gwibber accounts21:05
LaserJockand gwibber-preferences DB is gaining revisions and gwibber-accounts and gwibber-messages are not :-)21:06
dobeyLaserJock: check your keyring?21:13
LaserJockhmm, how do I do that?21:14
dobeyAccessories->Passwords & Encryption Keys21:16
LaserJockok, I see a few Desktop Couch entries21:17
LaserJockshould I delete them?21:17
ryeLaserJock, are you running lucid now?21:17
ryeLaserJock, could you please check the CPU usage by your processes? Is there anything weird right now?21:18
LaserJockok, so every time I open gwibber I'm getting a new gwibber_preferences DB revision, but nothing else21:20
LaserJockbah, this is so silly, I hate having everything in these databases :(21:26
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CardinalFangLaserJock, I agree that using those databases for even storing messages was overkill.  Account information, I totally get.21:37
dobeyCardinalFang: account information belongs in the keyring.21:46
dobeythat is in fact, what a keyring is supposed to be for :)21:47
nhainesUsing desktop-couch to store messages for Gwibber allows Gwibber to start instantly and have access to some message history even when you're offline.21:50
nhainesSo that's the idea there.  :)21:50
dobeyyeah, out of all the things gwibber stores in couch, messages makes the most sense to me21:51
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LaserJockdobey: except I think it's making gwibber's startup time quite long22:04
LaserJockthat's what I'm trying to track down22:04
LaserJockI wish we had a couch-less backend to compare with22:05
dobeyLaserJock: afaik, gwibber's start-up time has always been pretty long22:05
LaserJockyeah, but for me it keep getting longer22:05
LaserJockso I'm trying to figure out why22:05
LaserJockso the first thing was to try to see if it's a DB issue perhaps22:06
dobeyi wonder if gwibber is calling stuff synchronously22:13
tcolembarnett: ping22:14
tcoleer, wrong channel22:14
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LaserJockwell, a reboot was no help :(22:34
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