ScottLthemuso, i see you merged the -menu commit :)      i'm curious, how long approximately before it is built and in the repos?02:43
ScottLand I should have the -look updated tonight for the plymouth theme, i want to test it once more via ppa and then i'll push it02:44
aboganihttp://lwn.net/Articles/339326/ and http://git.0pointer.de/?p=rtkit.git;a=blob;f=README13:22
aboganiShould we support rtkit on -rt?13:23
aboganiscott-work: In reply of your email: Management election.15:00
scott-workabogani: agreed15:01
scott-workit might not be tenable to achieve before lucid release but hopefully directly afterwards then15:02
aboganiSoon it happens better it'll be.15:07
scott-workabogani: i suppose this would be a good place to start https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure15:50
aboganiscott-work: Agreed.16:09
aboganiscott-work: First of all: the project leader.16:10
rlameiroScottL: who is  the main dev /leader of ubuntustudio team?17:47
rlameiroScottL: what is your timezone?17:51
scott-workabogani: sorry, my company lost the internet for a bit19:10
scott-worki think the last thing I saw you type was choosing project leader first19:12
aboganiscott-work: Exactly19:26
rlameiroscott-work: are you there?22:22
scott-workrlameiro: yes22:43
rlameiroopensource musicians podcast want to interview you22:44
rlameiroscott-work: also, who is the team leader of US?22:44
scott-workme?  I'm just me22:44
scott-worki'd say that noone is effectively the leader right now of Ubuntu Studio22:44
rlameirobut they would like to interview you and stochastic22:45
rlameiroI think this could be great22:45
scott-worki'd feel better if stochastic was there22:45
scott-workrlameiro: I've stepped up my involvement because noone else is leading, does that make me acting lead?  perhaps, but unless there's some sort of mandate to that effect I don't want to pass myself off as such or that I represent Ubuntu Studio22:46
scott-worki'm just a guy who likes organization, direction and Ubuntu Studio22:47
rlameirothe problem is that stochastic work timing is very hard to sync22:47
rlameirosure scott-work, i am not trying to force to be a leader, i just think it would be great to have us devs on a musicians podcast :D22:48
rlameirogreat pub and dev gather :D22:48
rlameiroscott-work: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/ControlsRedesign22:50
scott-workalright, interview on OSM sounds good then22:51
scott-workrlameiro: yeah, i saw that today because I was searching for something else, i've already printed it out along with a few other things (like the Archlinux page you linked) that I thought should go with it all22:51
rlameiroyou should hang ou on #opensourcemusicians22:52
scott-worki just want to research a few things before I add my notes to it22:52
rlameiroits very friendly :D22:52
* scott-work is leaving work and heading home22:53

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