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patg_How can I get some osx icons on my do dock? Ugly icons scare me02:48
holsteinpatg_: gnome-do?02:53
patg_holstein: Yes :)02:53
holsteingnome-do uses your system icons02:54
holsteinSO you could try different themes02:54
holsteinmaybe your using a theme that has non-scalable icons02:54
patg_holstein: Defualt theme for ubuntu studio02:55
holsteinyou could try another theme easily02:56
holsteinand switch back02:56
holsteinsee if that is the issue02:56
holsteinim not sure if the ubuntusudio icons are scalable02:56
holsteinshould be all kinds of icons @ http://gnome-look.org/02:57
patg_holstein: Can I replace them02:58
holsteindont know how easy that would be though03:00
holsteini prefer the AWN dock03:00
patg_holstein: Individually?03:01
holsteinAWN doesnt use your system icons03:01
holsteinand looks nice03:01
patg_holstein: Is it as easy as do?03:01
patg_I'm coming from osx.03:01
holsteinlooks more like OSX03:01
holsteinand has more functionality than both -do and OSX's dock03:02
holsteinit can be as easy, or easier03:02
holsteinBUT you can make it do whatever03:02
holsteini havent used it in a while03:02
patg_holstein: Is it drag and drop? I thought I tried it before. And I had trouble adding things. Had to use applets or something I couldn't figure out lol03:02
holsteinBUT AWN has something like stacks or whatever its called03:02
holsteinOH yeah03:03
holsteini dont think so03:03
holsteinBUT it has a menu you add apps with03:03
holsteinand you can choose whatever icon you want03:03
holsteineven a .png you make AFAIK03:03
patg_Stacks are sick. I'll give it a shot. I wish it were drag and drop though.03:04
patg_holstein: Thanks.03:06
holsteinpatg_: :) np03:07
holsteinlet me know how it goes03:07
holsteini use gnome-do03:07
holsteinbut not the dock03:07
patg_holstein: Will do later. Currently on my iPhone lol03:08
Zenkercan someone tell me the formats that ubuntu will allow as background images?03:35
holsteinhey Zenker03:38
holsteinyou mean wallpaper?03:38
holsteindesktop wallpaper?03:38
holsteinive used jpegs and pngs03:38
holsteinas far as size, you can stretch or whatever03:39
holsteinmight look funky though03:39
Zenkerahh, i knew of those. what im doing is trying to find a way to use a transparent background for gnome, and use the multiple background image option in compiz but still have icons drawn ...hmmm...03:40
Zenkerwhat happens is it draws a solid color under the background. i wonder if there is a way to make that transparent03:41
holsteinZenker: COOL03:43
holsteini havenet messed with the multiple background options yet03:44
holsteini know03:45
holsteinif i remove my wallpaper file from the pictures dir03:45
holsteinmy background truns brown03:45
holsteinlike thats whats going on behind it03:45
* holstein shrugs03:45
Zenkeryeah, the thing is for the compiz option to work u have to uncheck the draw background option, which also draws the icons, so if u do that it dosent draw the icons. . .03:46
holsteinthat would be a deal-breaker for me03:47
holsteini like having the USB drives show up on the desktop03:47
Zenkeryep, i agree. i like the clean look myself but as u said the usb drives n others are usefull03:47
Zenkerahh i see, the transparent backgrounds work, however, for the compiz backgrounds to show u MUST disable background draw-gives background controll to compiz, so this means that the compiz backgrounds are not "under" the gnome's backgorund layers, geez. ah well03:55
holsteincool idea though03:56
Zenkerbut a workaround.. for this 2 work. find backgrounds u like, make pictures for icons and place those (using a pic editor) on the backgrounds then at least youll have a representation of the area of the corresponding to the icons, drawback, if the icons get moved :(03:58
Zenkeri think im callin "uncle" on this one rofl03:58
Zenkerwell... i could re-write the gnome gui ...yeah right! rofl03:59
* holstein puts on a pot of coffee for Zenker ... lol04:00
Zenkerwell have 2 see what ubuntu 10 has 2 offer when its done. hopefully they saw all the requests to seperate the icons from the backgorunds or a related suggestion04:00
Zenkerhave you checkout 10.4 yet?04:01
holsteinim running it04:01
holsteinon an EEEpc04:01
holsteingot a couple installs on SD cards04:02
holsteinone fresh install, and one upgrade04:02
Zenkeroh, thats right, u already told me that :) did u ever get sound working?04:02
holsteinAND a server install04:02
holsteinrunning an icecast server04:02
* Zenker dont know nuttin bout no servers rofl04:02
holsteinZenker: sound is fine, i still got an X crash after resmume from standby04:02
holsteini had my icecast server running on fedora04:03
Zenkerwhat do u use a server for?04:03
holsteini was stoked to learn how to get it running in ubuntu server04:03
holsteinZenker: i use my icecast server to stream audio04:03
holsteinfrom gigs or whatever04:03
holsteinOR if im teaching someone something about theory04:04
holsteini can stream my piano to them04:04
Zenkeroh cool ure a piano teacher :)) i play a little04:04
holsteini play bass04:04
holsteinupright bass04:04
holsteinbut i play piano to teach/learn/compose04:05
holsteinjust enough to be trouble ;)04:05
holsteinZenker: when are you going to upgrade to lucid?04:05
holsteini thought about doing a update-manager -d on my studio box04:06
Zenkeri dl'd the iso and ran it, ,i didnt have any sound and couldnt get a connection to wireless04:06
holsteini have a laptop i like to test on first though04:06
holsteinyou need a restricted wireless driver?04:07
holsteinbroadcom or something?04:07
Zenkerno its just a regular sound card umm i forget the name though04:07
Zenkerits onboard i have a dell laptop04:07
holsteini hope thats a bug04:08
holsteinsomething that gets sorted out04:08
Zenkerpossibly, what im gonna do is install it to a flash drive so i can play with it a while, i dont have the hd space to do a 3rd os04:08
Zenkeritll be cool 2 have a carry along os :) that'll really impress some of my frineds i often take my lappid over to their house to show them how 2 do stuff, when i show up with just a flash rofl04:10
* Blank__ still doesnt bother with bootable usb because of incompatibility with older computers04:11
Zenkeri wish i could just uninstall windows. stupid vista, but then i couldnt play some of my fav games :(04:12
holsteinBlank__: i dont feel like i can haul a bootable USB stick around04:12
holsteinand be prepared04:12
Blank__i could easily lug a cd or two around in my satchel thing04:13
Blank__problem is, i haven't...04:13
Blank__also another problem is that i always grab the alternate iso instead of the desktop04:13
holsteini do both, a few CD's and a USB stick04:13
Zenkeridont think you can install/uninstall progs n such on a live cd.. but i guess theres a way to install it to cd ?04:13
holsteinZenker: you could roll up your own live CD04:14
Zenkermaybe ill go all the way and get a portable hd w like a tb or so rofl04:14
holsteina guy in my LUG is suppose to show me how he does that soon04:14
Zenkerive herd that u can, sounds very complicated however04:15
holsteinmy friend says its easy04:15
holsteinhe does it in the CLI too04:15
holsteini was looking at remastersys04:15
holsteinSUSE has an iso builder, im surprised theres not an ubuntu equivavlent04:16
Zenkerwhat is SUSE for anyhow? i mean, how is it diff from ubuntu?04:18
holsteinfair question04:19
holsteini didnt find it as easy04:19
Blank__yumm instead of apt/pkg?04:19
holsteinnice distro though04:19
holsteinOH yeah04:19
* holstein misses apt04:19
holsteinreal quick04:19
Blank__i havent been able to cache rpms for opensuse, but apt-cacher works very well so thats further cemented me in debian territory04:20
holsteinubuntu repos are fast too04:20
holsteini find04:20
holsteinfor installing, and updating04:20
Blank__the main reason i need to cache for my entire lan is because of my internet plan04:21
Blank__in short, i live in australia, enough said04:21
holsteina ca;04:21
Zenkereww ouch. i couldnt stand a slow internet connection04:21
Blank__mine is 512k/512k04:21
Blank__we could be getting 1.5mbps for the same price though04:22
holsteinand i complain about my 2meg upload ;)04:22
Blank__yep, that's the way people always are04:22
holsteinits never fast enough04:22
Zenkeri get the 3meg from charter and i still get frustrated sometimes04:22
holsteini got the 10mb from charter04:23
holsteinhad the 2004:23
Zenkererr.. 10 meg rofl, but they say i can go all the way up 2 50 r smtin, ...at a PRICE04:23
holsteinim looking for something with matching up/down04:23
holsteinthats not charter04:23
Blank__i go to an adult educational facility of sorts here in aus, right, and their internet is about 75mbit down04:23
Zenkertry diff dns04:24
Blank__they seem to limit single connections to 4mbit though04:24
holsteini bet thats pretty cool04:24
holsteinthey might throttle it04:24
Blank__yeah, i downloaded a 700MB iso in about 4 mins?04:24
Blank__i dont know if im going to get in trouble for grabbing isos, but hell, ive already grabbed about 304:25
holsteinthey shouldnt care04:26
Blank__only problem is, they have a rather draconian proxy04:26
Blank__they block a hell of a lot of sites04:26
holsteingot plenty of bandwidth to spare04:26
Blank__and in particular, specific files like the openvpn installer04:26
Blank__and "file hosting sites" like megaupload/rapidshare04:27
holsteini guess some sys-admin has a reason04:27
holsteinmaybe when the logs are checked04:27
holsteinubuntu.com will be blocked too ;)04:27
Blank__i tried using phproxy through my server and they blocked it within 3 mins :(04:28
Blank__oh, i think ubuntu was fine04:28
Blank__i went straight to a mirror site anyway04:28
Zenkerhave you tried beemp3.com or torrents?04:31
Blank__not sure if i want to try my luck either04:31
Zenkeri missed it, who did u say was blocking everything?04:32
Blank__the adult ed place i go to04:33
Blank__it's part of the whole education network04:33
Zenkerahh i see. yeah i wouldnt mess wit it either04:34
Blank__it's kinda like uni but more casual04:34
Zenkerat first i ws thinking it was the government, like they do in some other places04:34
Blank__it is essentially government04:35
Blank__as in, it's part of the government's whole education system04:35
Zenkerahh but i mean like in umm i forget where, but the entire internet blocks certain sites from other countries, and they make it seriously illegal to even attempt to find a way to connect to them04:36
Zenkerthink it was china or japan r somewhere like that04:37
Blank__the great firewall of china04:37
Zenkerim sure at some point itll be that way everywhere, but, also im sure someone will find a way :)04:38
Zenkerheay holstein, would you mind if i started a side bar with you and asked u a couple of q's about piano playing?04:41
holsteinZenker: sure04:46
rainchowdy. having some trouble getting jack running realtime, been sifting through forum posts19:49
rainci'm running plain ubuntu on the realtime kernel19:50
raincjack tells me "cannot use real-time scheduling" but i have those things set in /etc/security/limits.conf19:51
raincrtprio, memlock, and nice19:51
raincoh i don't have pam_limits module19:52
raincit exists but won't load?20:00
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