titan_arkcan anyone help me set up mic settings in alsa?00:47
titan_arki have done it before but cant seem to get it to work now after a fresh ubuntu install00:47
gotttoare you using   alsamixer   in terminal?00:49
titan_arkgottto, I noticed that in the capture it should show something like "CAPTURE" and below it "L R" but its not like that now00:50
gotttowhat does   amixer   say about the card?00:52
titan_arkgottto, :) ah got it to work00:54
titan_arkthanks anyway :)00:54
titan_arknow to upgrade to lucid :)00:55
gotttohehe luck :)00:55
titan_arkhehe :) thanks00:55
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hexdump_Achtung!  I'm running into a problem with scribd trying to view pdf files.  When I try to read them, they show up nothing but white.02:10
hexdump_If anybody has encountered a similar issue please message me when you get a chance.  thanks02:11
gotttohexdump_: Achtung!  using Achtung won't help much :)02:11
hexdump_gottto:  just was playin around02:12
hexdump_got your attention didn't it.02:12
gotttoand lost it too...02:12
hexdump_you actually haven't ran into that problem though I take it.02:13
hexdump_gotto:  do have any ideas what it might be?  It says javascript void when I try to download the file but that could be a couple things.02:16
gottto<hexdump_> got your attention didn't it.02:16
gottto<gottto> and lost it too...02:16
hexdump_gottto:  ok but really do you have any thoughts regarding the issue I'm having?02:17
hexdump_gottto:  you don't have to elaborate too much, just figured you might have somewhat of an idea.02:17
hexdump_gottto:  must be fun being rude.  Here is an example of what normal people do.  "Sorry man I wish I could help but I really haven't run into that problem before"02:21
AquinaWell that's true somehow, but this is IRC and people are free to idle an answer only at random.02:42
Aquinahexdump why don't you try a diffrent viewer like evince or KGhostView?02:42
hexdump_Aquina:  sorry I didn't reply swiftly I was trying to help someone out real quick.  you say try KGhostView02:54
hexdump_Aquina:  won't conflict with current firefox plugins?02:54
hexdump_Aquina:  thanks for the info :)02:57
AquinaAehm. I don't think so.03:03
Aquinasudo apt-cache depends kghostview03:05
Aquinasudo dpkg -L kghostview03:05
AquinaRemeber that KGhostview is for KDE and you need to install some KDE libraries and stuff. Evince was written for GNOME and probably requires less dependencies to be satisfied resulting in less installed packets and thus less drive space required.03:06
Aquinagood night!03:06
hexdump_ah aquinia ghost script was already installed03:09
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Balsaqgood morning.06:06
homebrewciderif I was trying to loin and that was failing and taking me back to the login screen, where wouuld a log of that be please?09:20
gottto /var/log/Xorg.0.log homebrewcider09:21
homebrewciderchecking thanks09:22
homebrewciderhow can I tell what part has failed? any clues?09:24
gotttohomebrewcider: look for lines that start with   WW09:24
gotttothey were a terrible band...09:25
homebrewcideryes they were09:26
homebrewciderI'll have dinner and then check it out, thanks09:26
homebrewciderif I pastebin, can you check something out for me please?09:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:50
gotttohomebrewcider: sure09:51
homebrewciderhttp://pastebin.com/R6QagVfM      that is teh section of the log containing WW errors09:51
gotttohomebrewcider: nothing there to suggest why it fails09:53
gotttocan you paste it all?09:54
homebrewciderthat's all of it09:55
gotttohomebrewcider: that all seems ok - I don't use a *dm but there should be a gdm log - any errors in that?09:57
homebrewciderjust a question first, I took a number of tries before successfully getting in, the log I pasted, does that include the failed attempts or just the successful one?09:58
gotttohomebrewcider: it showed no signs of a failure09:59
gotttomaybe Xorg.1.log shows the failure10:00
gotttohomebrewcider: line 200 - EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module! Please ensure10:03
gotttoit couldn't find the module for some reason10:04
homebrewciderbut it found it now obviously10:04
gotttohomebrewcider: you say you keep trying to log in and eventually it works?10:05
homebrewcidersometimes, yesterday I had about 30 goes at it and just gave up and logged in as root, but i don't want to have the do that all the time10:05
gotttohomebrewcider: seems odd - my first thought is ailing hd10:07
gotttoor mb or cable or...10:07
gotttohomebrewcider: is it the propriety driver?10:08
homebrewciderhttp://pastebin.com/CDemXASF this bit has intrigued me....generic lcd display... then further down....CRT10:09
homebrewcider185.18.36-0ubuntu9 driver nvidia10:10
gotttothat's ok - happens some times - I have a lcd that the log calls a crt10:10
homebrewciderthe recommended one10:10
gotttoI would try moving xorg.conf to xorg.conf.backup and logging in to see what X works out for itself10:12
homebrewciderthat would be something like mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf  /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup wouldn't it?10:15
gotttowith sudo10:16
homebrewciderok here foes10:17
homebrewcidertook about 12 tries10:26
gotttocheck the .1 log for the same error then10:27
gotttohomebrewcider: have you changed permissions on anything in X perhaps?10:28
homebrewciderno that I'm aware of10:28
homebrewciderI'd have to say no10:28
homebrewcideri got in this time with lower res10:28
gotttoI'm out of software ideas then sorry10:28
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homebrewciderok, i'm trying something, back in a mo10:29
homebrewciderthanx for your help gotto, I'll keep an eye onit, maybe I'll ask in nvidia10:42
gotttother's not an onboard graphics card that hasn't been disabled in the bios matbe?10:42
gotttoor maybe even10:42
homebrewciderthanks again10:43
homebrewciderhave a good one10:44
gotttoyou too10:44
gotttohello slow-motion15:16
slow-motionhi gottto15:17
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S0210The font size of the top menu labels in my Firefox is bigger than in any other application (Opera, Thunderbird, Abiword, etc.) I have no idea why? Any suggestion what to check?17:24
S0210I mean the "File, Edit, ..." menu labels.17:26
TheSheepS0210: that's because firefox doesn't really use gtk, it draws them by itself17:53
TheSheepS0210: I think you can set them in about:config somewhere17:53
DeccoAnyone here available to help for sound issues on xubuntu 9.10?20:03
Sysiwhat's up20:03
* Aquina using 8.0420:03
Sysihmm, i only have 10.0420:04
DeccoWell, I just installed xubuntu 9.10 on a partition and i can't seem to get the sound working at all. I installed the software package to listen to mp3s and still not sound20:04
DeccoI  know my speakers work because i was using them with xp about an hour ago20:04
AquinaDid you follow the help delivered with xubuntu?20:04
Sysihane you checked everything unmuten?20:04
DeccoYes, everything appears to be unmuted from the pannel at the top right20:05
DeccoI was looking through the help that was delivered with xubuntu but it seems to refer me here and or ubuntu official forums. Would the official ubuntu make a huge difference from xubntu problems such as sound related ones?20:06
Sysino, it's all same on that level20:07
DeccoSearch on google regarding this issues tells me to go to system/preferences/sound... I can not find this on xubuntu. Any suggestions?20:07
charlie-tcadouble click the speaker20:08
charlie-tcaset the controls you want, then make sure nothing is muted.20:08
charlie-tcathen right click the speaker, left click properties, set the master volume control20:08
Deccook did that umuted that wasnt already muted and still no sound20:11
Sysipcm and master unmuted?20:12
charlie-tcamore help is available in #ubuntu-audio-help, which is where crimsun and the audio gang hang out20:12
Deccothank you20:13
Sysithere is endless number buntu channels..20:13
charlie-tcaand an even greater number that are not ubuntu specific20:14
deluxoHi. Compiz + emerald in Xubuntu works not properly with 2.6.31-20 kernel. Please help me, thanks in advance20:29
deluxoHi. Compiz + emerald in Xubuntu works not properly with 2.6.31-20 kernel. Please help me, thanks in advance20:30
charlie-tcaIsn't that Xubuntu 9.10?20:30
charlie-tcaI think it don't work, does it?20:31
deluxowell, xubuntu works fine but decorations missing20:32
Sysisee compiz settings20:32
deluxoin kernel ...31-14 decorations works perfectly20:32
Sysithat's weird20:32
deluxothats why i came here...20:33
Sysii had to start it twice always on jaunty20:33
Sysicompiz --replace twice20:33
deluxodoesnt do a thing...20:34
deluxotried already20:34
Sysido you have compiz settingsmanager?20:34
deluxohave no clue right?20:37
deluxoam... guys?20:49
deluxoif its too hard to help then dont bother, maybe i'll make it out...20:50
charlie-tcayeah, I think insulting the individual tryin to help you was not so good.20:53
deluxodid i? then sorry, havent noticed it myself, realy honestly sorry20:54
charlie-tca<deluxo> have no clue right?20:55
deluxoye.. it may sound not quite friendly.... I Apologize20:56
deluxoI guess no tek help today for me... :(21:01
knomedeluxo, you might try running (alt+f2) xfwm421:05
deluxothat shoud bring me back to xfwm4 compositions?21:06
knomeso you are with compiz?21:07
deluxonow - yes, because i use 31-14 kernel21:08
deluxobut in kernel 31-20 emerald wont decorate windows21:08
knomedeluxo, so it's because of a kernel change?21:09
deluxothink so..21:09
deluxoin 31-14 no bugs at all...21:09
knomedeluxo, i'd advise to boot with the older kernel and wait for the next update :)21:09
deluxoye... i thought so too21:10
knomeprobably the easiest, and it sounds like it's going to be fixed in the next kernel. if not, then come back again21:10
deluxook! Thanks for help guys21:10
knomedeluxo, you're welcome. enjoy xubuntu21:11
deluxoi do :)21:11
deluxoxfce a lot faster than gnome21:12
knomeit is21:12
deluxogotta go.. thanks for help n Bye!21:13

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