elkydamn you popey, now I'm wanting KFC.03:44
nhandlerI tend to prefer Browns chicken over KFC04:24
elkyI'm in .au. We have a vastly smaller range of fried fast food than the US04:29
elkyIf we had better quality fast food, I'd probably eat it more often than I do.04:30
IdleOneelky: be glad you don't04:32
elkyMeanwhile, I believe I am going to go indulge today, since I lack a cache of easter eggs.04:32
IdleOneaussies are not know for being overweight as far as I know04:32
elkyIdleOne, we're right up there with the US and UK04:32
IdleOneI see04:33
* IdleOne eats fast food 5 times a week :(04:33
elkyhttp://www.nationmaster.com/graph/hea_obe-health-obesity #604:33
IdleOneI'm to lazy to pack a lunch04:34
elkyI eat takeaway most days too, but I work in a fairly exceptional cafe district with some good roodle places within mere blocks04:34
elkytakeaway doesn't have to be "fast food"04:34
IdleOnebut I do try to eat salads and wraps and stay away from the fried food04:35
IdleOnenever heard that before04:35
elkyDon't make me stomp on your toes.04:35
IdleOnewe should move this to -women04:35
pleia2akgraner: I am thinking for Meetings and Ideas we don't actually want them translating the content, maybe just keeping them as Meeting and Ideas pages for people to add their ideas and meetings in their languages20:02
pleia2not sure about translating Courses or ChallengingSexism at all (CS just goes to english links)20:03
akgranerI agree  - I thought I put that on the all pages notes20:03
akgranermaybe not20:03
pleia2any reason it's "Challenging Sexism" on the table rather than the linkable ChallengingSexism ?20:04
pleia2I guess for other languages it's just the name to translate20:04
* pleia2 just rambling :)20:05
akgranerpleia2, can you go through the all pages list and add the (./) checkmark beside the ones that need to be added to the spreadsheet and I'll fix it right up :-)20:05
akgranerpleia2, no worries :-)  it's nice to know I am not the only one who rambles20:05
akgranerI guess I was looking at the page names and stuff being translated20:06
akgranerand if like for the meeting content - a note saying only available in English or something  (me rambles now)20:07
akgranerpleia2, DOH - I forgot to change it to wiki formating that allows things to be linked20:11
akgranerI started that on a spreadsheet20:11
pleia2oh ok :)20:11
pleia2maybe we can add a color for "add Ideas (or whatever the topic of the page is) in your language"20:12
nigelbis the winners of the competition on topic getting a bit stale?20:12
pleia2it hasnt been a month yet! :)20:13
nigelbpleia2, ignore me then :)20:14
akgranerpleia2, yep I can do that as well - so in your growing todo list :-)  can you do (./) for the pages we need full translations for and  (i) beside the ones for just the topics20:16
* akgraner is loving fixing wikis these days 20:16
pleia2akgraner: on AllPages?20:16
akgranerI was going to update to add new pages on Sunday nights20:16
akgranerso on Monday mornings the new pages that have been added during the previous week show up on there20:17
akgranerMake sense?20:17
pleia2hmm, is there anything else like ./ ?20:18
akgraneryou could do double ./ if you want20:18
* pleia2 wants more pretty things20:18
akgranerjust something so I know what you mean with symbols20:19
pleia2maybe a happy face for topics rather than (i)20:19
akgranercheck out this list20:19
pleia2thanks :) I'll put a key at the top so you know what I assigned what20:19
akgranerme loves the Wikiguide stuff20:19
akgranerthanks :-)20:19
pleia2ok, there are a lot of "Discuss translation status"21:09
pleia2which can either mean "I don't know if this is worth translating" or "It's not ready to be translated, maybe it should sometime though"21:10
pleia2hmm, maybe I should separate those two21:11
* pleia2 reedits21:11
pleia2ok, there we go21:15
* akgraner goes to look21:19
akgranerpleia2, that's great21:22
akgranersvaksha, ping21:33
akgranerhey I sent an email to the mailing list yesterday - but I sent it from my ubuntu.com email account - I think it is stuck in moderation - can you look please - thanks21:34
akgranerpleia2, thanks for changing the headers to the linkable wiki names22:00

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