svakshaakgraner: nope, its stuck due to the attachments. most lists dont allow attachments so could you upload the files elsewhere and link them instead02:49
nigelbsvaksha, aha.. we had a big discussion on whether akgraner ever sent the mail or not :D02:50
svakshanigelb: ah...doubting thomas :)02:51
nigelbwell... it was fun... akgraner was adamant that she sent it and me and czajkowski were adamant that we didn't get it02:51
nigelbeven text attachments aren't allowed?02:53
akgranersvaksha, *sigh* I send attachments to other mailing lists02:53
svakshathere is a size limit02:53
akgranerbut whatever I'll put them on my server02:53
akgranersvaksha, you can override the size limit as well02:53
svakshaakgraner: i know but in the past  folks have complained02:53
* svaksha tries her best to balance all kinds of folks02:54
svakshaakgraner: thanks :)02:54
akgraneror at least I do on other mailing list I moderate but no worries - just delete that one - but can you add me as admin pls02:54
akgraneryou can always pull the permission when I am not the leader :-)02:55
svakshaakgraner: admin where? on this list? if its to approve attachments to the list , i dont think its a good idea02:56
svakshaakgraner: addin and removing admins as per the changing leadership will also not work. its not done on any ubuntu list i know of02:56
akgranerno I am tired of the stuff I send being held up - I need people to open the pdfs as people we will be sending those too will need to be able to open them as well02:56
akgranerso I thought it was a good test02:57
akgranerbut whatever02:57
svakshaakgraner: as i said, put them on the wiki or on your server and link them02:57
svakshain your mail02:57
akgranerI know that - whatever - I'll fix it... but as the leader I should have access02:57
akgranerjust give me the rules you all apply and I'll make sure I go by those guidelines for this list02:58
svakshaakgraner: that is a new rule i'm hearing :)02:58
akgranerno biggie02:58
akgranerI moderate the NC list and UWN what is the issue with this list02:58
svakshaakgraner: leadership is not about having control, imho02:59
akgranersvaksha, no it's not but you were the leader and had access02:59
svakshaand since you want it to be able to approve attachments, i dont think its a good idea02:59
akgranerwhatever I don't have time to hash this out right now03:00
svakshathat has annoyed folks in the past and i've been admining various lists across the spectrum of projects and that behaviour(allowing bulk files) is not approved.. hopw that clears03:00
akgranerno worries what other leaders of projects or teams don't have access03:01
svakshaakgraner: i was never the leader (not even self-appointed) and i never had this channel ops (if that is what you mean)03:01
akgranersvaksha, ok fine whatever - I'll sort this out later... I was just asking not wanting to argue03:01
svakshaakgraner: i dont mean to be harsh, but the "leader" thing is over-rated anyway in floss :)03:02
svakshain floss its usually team, and collaboration03:02
svakshawithout the team backing you (impersonal) it never works03:02
svakshaakgraner: no problem , will clarify anytime03:02
pleia2akgraner: if you need a place to host the files, please feel free to give me a link and I'll toss them up on the website03:09
pleia2you probably should have access to everything so you can do your job, so if you want we can submit a ticket to get added to the website I can help with that and I'll show you what to do03:09
pleia2svaksha: if you could help us out here it'd be great, mails still wait in the queue for quite some time and you're the only one on IRC we can talk to :)03:13
akgranerpleia2, thanks!03:13
svakshafwiw, i had added akgraner as the admin on LP in Jan, before her election (i think). However approving bulk attachments to all list members is annoying to a lot of people and changing list admins as per cycles is not something that happens in any linux community, let alone on any ubuntu list that i know of. Correct me if i am wrong please.03:13
svakshapleia2: if you are sub'd to the list the mails are not held in the queue03:14
akgranerI won't break whatever rules this follows - just tell me what they are03:14
pleia2svaksha: it would have helped us know today why her email was held, if you need more volunteers there are always people around03:15
akgranersvaksha, why can't we do what works for our team...03:15
svakshai have approved her mails with attachments thinking its a one-off case but if its a regular thing as an admin i would not approve bulk mails with attachments. please upload them somewhere so folks interested can d'load as per wish03:15
pleia2of course, I expect every admin to follow the rules, I think it's unfair to assume that akgraner wouldn't03:15
pleia2we just need to know what the rules/policies are :)03:15
svakshapleia2: we dont need more list admins.03:16
svakshapleia2: its standard linux policy to not put large files in mailing lists :) you'd know that ;)03:16
svakshapleia2: nobody is making an assumption. which is why i am explaining and having this long convo early morning when i should be working ;)03:17
pleia2mailing list admins should also be briefed on it, just because I know it doesn't mean we should assume everyone does (especially list admins)03:17
svakshapleia2: they (on uw list) are aware of it03:17
pleia2svaksha: I don't understand why you are so unwilling to share the duties of list admin, even with the project leader03:17
akgranerit's not about policy it's about communicating with the team03:17
pleia2what do we need to do to get more people admining the list so things don't sit in the queue for a day?03:18
svakshapleia2: please dont assume or accuse me. its just not helping03:18
pleia2as the project leader, akgraner asked for access, you refused, I am assuming nothing03:18
akgranerI am doing what I can to make sure everyone on every list gets all information that is being discussed03:18
svakshato summarize, right now i dont get the flow of the dicussion ...it started with "approve the attachments", when explained that that is not how *any* linux list works, you accuse me of not giving admin privs. wow, talk of logical fallacies.03:19
svakshaakgraner: please upload it on your server or on the wiki.03:20
akgranerhow do you upload a pdf to a wiki03:20
pleia2akgraner: click on attachments03:20
svakshanot approving bulk atachments to list members is standard policy on almost ALL linux lists.03:20
akgranersome as image then03:21
pleia2akgraner: yep03:21
akgranersame I mean03:21
IdleOneFor what it is worth. I don't understand all the logistics of admining a ML so I won't bother commenting on that but I know that when it came time to decide if this team wanted/needed a Leader it was put to a vote. We the team members voted on who we felt was best suited and in that respect I don't think that akgraner asking for admin rights on the team ML is asking to much. Again if it poses a problem to add admins to the ML I guess03:30
IdleOnethat is something to figure out.03:30
akgranersvaksha, so I am adding mailing list admin to the meetings this month: how do people become admins, terms for admins, and should leader(s) have access, and what are the rules for the mailing list and process for modifying rules around what makes the list or not03:30
pleia2IdleOne: the leader was an appointment this time, we're doing an election during the next cycle03:31
svakshaakgraner: i think you are confusing two separate issues. Fwiw, i added two admins just last June.03:31
pleia2but there was community involvement03:31
IdleOnepleia2: yeah, true I forgot about that part03:31
IdleOneit was an appointment03:31
IdleOneand BTW great choice whoever made it :)03:32
akgraner:-) not worried - I'm going to add it and we as a team can decide on all that and there will be no more confusion on the subject03:32
akgranerno worries I meant03:32
akgraner*sigh* typing fail03:32
pleia2thanks, akgraner03:32
svakshaas for the reasoning behind it (approving attachments) it does not work like that on any list . so please do bring it up on the list and i will explain it there too.03:32
akgranerwe on the NC LoCo team send attachments through depending on who sends them03:33
svakshaakgraner: there is no confusion but i certainly dont get the jump from "you didnt approve attachments to the list" to "i as a leader didnt get admin rights"03:33
IdleOnepleia2: I think what I was trying to say is that akgraner is imho a good team lead and she seems to me always take into consideration the teams needs and wants. I never seen anything from her that would make me think she was in this for "power"03:33
* svaksha is feeling that things are being twisted here03:33
akgranerI didn't want to break rules03:33
akgranerI want to follow rules03:33
akgranerI know other list allow attachments03:34
pleia2IdleOne: *nod*03:34
svakshaakgraner: i get that and i thin i explained it multiple times today, but i think an issue is being purposely made out03:34
akgranerbut no worries really...03:34
svakshawhen there is none03:34
akgranernot making an issue03:35
akgranerapparently I was confused about the mailing list03:35
svakshaakgraner: thanks if you are not. if not, why are you adding it to the agenda?03:35
akgranerand if I am confused others may be especially new people so we need to make sure that is cleared up03:35
akgranerthat's all03:35
svakshaakgraner: fwiw, nobody has had a problem or confusion thusfar03:36
akgranerfor the future since elections will be in June and all - so no one else has any confusion going forwarf03:36
svakshaso i am a bit dissapointed that words are being misconstrued purposely03:36
svaksharegarding the mlist admins03:37
svakshathat is not helping at all03:37
akgranerwell I think 3 more admins whether they are me or not will be good... and I'll add it to the meeting notes  - then the team can vote on that as well... not biggie - I don't have to be an admin really03:38
akgranerno worries03:38
akgranerbut I don't want people saying you didn't send an email anymore03:38
svakshaakgraner: even if you go ahead and add the same, please note that we cannot have admins changing as per leaderships and certainly not because they want to approve attachments.03:38
svakshathat is not done on any ubuntu or linux list that i know of03:39
IdleOneWhy can't the admins be added/removed per leadership?03:39
akgranerwe can and should do what works for the team03:39
akgranernot b/c it's *always* been done that way03:39
svakshaIdleOne: can you clarify why that is suddenly  requirement? list admining is no equal to managing a project.03:40
akgranerwhatever I don't care about attachments03:40
svakshain what way does control over a project or being a leader tie in with list adminship?03:40
IdleOnesvaksha: I am not saying it is a requirement. Just want to know why the team lead can't also be a ML admin?03:40
svakshaplease list out thattoo03:40
akgranersvaksha, what is the harm?03:41
IdleOneand why can't they be added acording to leadership changes03:41
akgranerthat is the bigger question in my book03:41
svakshafwiw,  the voting thing is pretty skewed if you consider the number of people on the lists, irc, forums, LP, etc. we use LP is a different matter03:41
akgranerI care about the process - so if other people want to become an admin what is the process03:41
akgranerright you you weld absolute power it seems03:42
svakshaIdleOne: because list admining is not a 6-month work (or whatever) it takes a longer commitment03:42
svakshaakgraner: can you please stop the accusations03:42
akgranersvaksha, I am not accusing03:42
svakshait seems like this is all about power and not really about the team03:42
akgranerI am just wanting to define the process03:42
svakshaall about control now03:43
akgranerit is about the team03:43
IdleOneok, well that poses another question then. who is to say akgraner or whoever the team lead is isn't ready to give that long term commitment03:43
akgranerI don't give a flip about control - I care about the team and communicating to the team03:43
svakshaakgraner: the process is existing. here it seems like "i the leader dont have control over UW completely" hence i m not getting support. logical fallacy03:43
pleia2svaksha: it is a problem when mails (espcially from the team leader) are held up in the queue, this has been a problem for a long time, we're just trying to figure out how this can be addressed03:43
IdleOnesvaksha: well since you brought up the power. YES it sure does seem like it now03:43
IdleOnesvaksha: I don't see what the big deal is with adding and removing admins every six months or whatever the time is03:44
pleia2even if we don't get this sorted this cycle, I don't think it's unreasonable for a team leader to ask for access on our main medium of official communication for the project03:45
IdleOneanyway, I apologize if I started something where there was nothing. I don't want to create division here03:45
svakshaIdleOne: do you see that on any ubuntu list. and regarding mails being heldup, i think i explained it a zillion times. please dont send attachments daily. its annoying to list members03:46
IdleOneWho complained?03:46
akgranerOk time out - I don't want this to turn into ganging up on anyone - I appreciate what svaksha has to say about the subject as she was been moderating lists for a while  - lets just add to the agenda and talk about it the meetings and on the mailing list  - whatever the team decides is fine really03:46
pleia2akgraner: sounds good, thanks :)03:47
IdleOneok. dropping it03:47
svakshaakgraner: it sure feels like i am the one being ambushed, despite taking the time to explain things.03:47
akgranersvaksha, not meaning to be - so well deal with this in meetings later  :-)  that's all03:47
svakshaakgraner: please put this up on the list and i will say the same thing there03:48
akgranerI really gotta run now - svaksha thanks for voicing your opinion and objections - really catch you all laters03:48
svakshaakgraner: i mean if you are putting it up in the meetings, put this item separeate on the list03:48
svakshathere is no confusion, but since people are making an issue out of nothing, i will clarify it on the list03:49
IdleOnesvaksha: the confusion (to me) is that you are stating the rules and seem unwilling to discuss why they are so. Ubuntu Women is not like other Ubuntu projects and it is my opinion that it does not matter what other FOSS projects do with their mailing list. This mailing list seems to have found a need for allowing attachments and if the team lead is willing to take on the responsibility of managing that I think that person would be bes03:52
IdleOnet suited for the job.03:52
nigelbIdleOne, seriously..attachments irritate.. especially when you've set up pop303:54
nigelbit clogs my mailbox up for days when its too big...03:54
svakshaIdleOne: i find your tone accusing (me based on your assumption) and against the COC. how did you jump to that conclusion? Regarding UW team and how the mailing list functions, its not about team managing a list. Attachments are annoying. period03:54
IdleOnenigelb: I agree but in special cases where it is deemed a valid attachment I see no problem with it.03:55
pleia2this isn't really going anywhere right now, we should pick this up on list and at the meeting03:55
nigelbIdleOne, well, valid or invalid...if its too big its going to irritate people who set up pop3 access (like me)03:55
IdleOneand if a post to the ML gets held back for a day and the person who was meant to send it gets accused of not having done her job. that is more annoying03:55
nigelbIdleOne, I generally end up deleting mails with attachments03:55
svakshaIdleOne: you are confusing things and using logical fallacies, so please watch your tone and dont accuse people. not helping .03:55
svakshaIdleOne: nobody accused akgraner of not doing her job03:56
IdleOnesvaksha: don't assume to speak to me like you are someone special with some sort of power over me or this team03:56
IdleOneI don't like your tone and YOU seem to not want to give up power over the ML03:56
svakshaIdleOne: i didnt, but you accused me of stating rules03:56
nigelbwhoa... IdleOne, svaksha  --- time out!03:56
IdleOnefinal. period. done. and I don't want to discuss this further with you!03:57
svakshathat was your assumption, instead of a logical reasoning03:57
IdleOnenow I will stop03:57
MarkDudeI dont have patience for some things.05:19
elkyMarkDude, still, don't trigger ops as first call for something that isn't a matter of flooding. Ask for the nick to be changed first.05:24
MarkDudeMy bad. Im working on the not feeding the trolls thing.05:25
MarkDudeI was thinking the name did not translate out of US. I will do that next time tho elky :)05:25
elkyVagisil does indeed exist outside the US.05:26
MarkDudeelky, if I have learned one thing in UW, it is to not make assumptions.05:27
elkyFair enough, but whether or not it translates is irrelavent to whether you said "please change your nick to something sensible" before calling ops doesn't require an assumption.05:29
MarkDudeYes. I was wrong in how I over reacted, I am sorry. My intent does not change the fact I should have just directly said something. I WILL do that the next time a similar issue happens.05:30
elkyThanks :)05:31
MarkDudeIm learnin'05:33
elkyBlegh, why won't he make a fatal slip up so i really can go get food :(05:33
nigelbelky, lol05:34
macoyou can get food when i get back from the washing machine, k?05:34
MarkDude& I really appreciate you explaining  to me patiently. Its easier to learn if I am not guessing.05:34
MarkDudeHello nigelb05:34
nigelbhey there MarkDude :)05:34
nigelbI <3 mondays05:35
* svaksha loves fridays :005:35
nigelbI'm off from work today... mostly happens only on mondays05:36
MarkDudeThats a good thing05:36
nigelbso I have a whole day and 5 bugs to fix05:37
elkyMarkDude, also, if you don't feel like engaging, pinging ops here will draw our attention without stirring crap in the other channel05:37
MarkDudelol , that would be subtlety , I *really* need to work on that.05:39
MarkDudeI might as well have used an airhorn05:39
nigelbMarkDude, there is this thing on IRC called /msg :D05:39
MarkDudePMs tend to work also05:40
nigelbalternatingly, you could pop by ubuntu-ops and ask for help05:40
MarkDudeI think the term I heard for what I did is: trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer05:41
MarkDudeOps also works.05:41
MarkDudewhat kind of bugs are on your todo list nigelb ?05:42
nigelbMarkDude, one kde, one metacity, one vim, one cheese, and one security bug05:42
nigelbnow that sounds like a shopping list05:43
nigelboh yeah, one vlc bug05:44
nigelbforgot that one05:44
nigelbthats been assigned to me for weeks05:44
MarkDudeWell , its VLC , it always has bugs. Its easy to forget05:45
MarkDudeUh, I like & use VLC.05:45
nigelbit was a simple enough bug to start with.. add spanish translation to menu05:45
nigelbbut there was another xulrunner bug blocking this one05:45
MarkDudehow old is the xulrunner?05:46
MarkDudethe bug?05:46
nigelbits not per se a bug05:47
nigelbgcc became more stricter05:47
elkymaco, you'll be around for a while?05:53
macoelky: yes05:53
rwwWouldn't the correct channel for asking for help about #ubuntu-women* be #ubuntu-irc, not #ubuntu-ops? Or did that get changed and I didn't notice?05:54
rwwor was that always the case and I'm mistaken05:55
nigelbI just poke the folks I know have have access :)05:55
macorww: yes it would be05:56
nigelbmaco, oh, -ops is wrong?05:57
maconigelb: yeah -ops is for core channels. u-w isnt a core channel. -irc is for all-else05:58
macosome people in -ops have ops in u-w but thats incidental05:58
nigelbmaco, ahh..05:58
nigelbyeah like e l k y05:58
macoright, and me. im in -ops because i'm a #kubuntu op05:58
rwwalthough ops calls from #ubuntu-women go to #ubuntu-ops :)05:58
macorww: yeah but they highlight everyone too05:58
nigelbthats just the bot I suppose05:59
rwwmaco: indeed. I just thought it was funny05:59
macothough actually lemme double check that list05:59
rwwnigelb: yeah, it's because #ubuntu-women uses ubottu instead of an ubot* clone, I think05:59
nigelbrww, ah.  Now I'm aware of how less I know of the IRC infrastructure06:00
macoakgraner, svaksha, Mamarok, MichelleQ, Pendulum, and akk are missing from the !ops factoid06:00
rwwnigelb: well, that was a guess. but yeah, the Ubuntu namespace IRC structure is rather convoluted :)06:00
nigelbmaco, shouldn't the factoid be taking from the access list?06:01
nigelb(I thought thats how it worked)06:01
macoit has to be done manually06:01
nigelbrww, totally convoluted.  I agree completely there :)06:02
macoi just sent requests for updated factoids to -ops06:04
nigelbso the factoid varies based on the channel in which its called?06:05
nigelbthats so cool06:05
nigelband complicated :D06:05
macogo into a pm with ubottu and type !ops-#ubuntu-women and youll see its different than just !ops06:05
nigelbwill it trigger something in -ops channel?06:06
nigelbI dont want to get banned for my lifetime for bot abuse :D06:06
macono, not if you do it in a pm06:06
macowell, unless you try to change it06:06
macothe botabuse factoid tells you to experiment in pm :P06:06
macojust dont use the verb "is" and you're good06:07
nigelbyeah, then it thinks I'm going to change something06:07
nigelbBWEP is a nice touch06:08
nigelbBWEEP! even06:08
nigelbmaco, you gonna be around?06:12
macohow long?06:13
nigelbwell around 10 to 15 minutes06:13
nigelbneed a little bit of help with pbuilder :)06:13
rwwnigelb: the ops factoid in #ubuntu-ops will trigger the people who are operators of #ubuntu-ops ;P06:19
rwwnever mind, i misread your question06:19
* nigelb hands rww coffee :)06:20
MarkDudehttp://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/59969    Lyz got the Ubuntu Women project & site mentioned on a local show.06:21
* nigelb is listening now :)06:21
nigelbunix is open source?06:22
macowe haz factoid thanks to bazhang!06:29
nigelbyaay :)06:29
* nigelb goes to test06:30
nigelbyaay :)06:30
nigelbmaco, so anyone can add a factoid?06:32
maconigelb: you can propose one. an ircc person has to approve them06:32
* nigelb is listening to pleia2 :)06:34
rwwmaco: it's actually "some random subset of the people in #ubuntu-ops", as far as I know, not just IRCC06:34
nigelblol, he couldn't pronounce debian systems administrator properly...06:34
macorww: oh. weird.06:34
rwwmight be "all core ops", I dunno06:35
nigelbpleia2, you sound like 'the ultimate geek' on the show :D :D06:35
pleia2oh no, I haven't listened yet!!!06:46
nigelbpleia2,  he couldn't pronounce debian systems administrator properly...06:47
nigelbthat sounded really really cool :)06:47
* pleia2 blushes06:47
nigelbwell, you're slower than maco :D06:47
macohaha not hard06:48
macofaster than maco is harder06:48
macobut i think catherine tate can do it06:48
nigelbmaco, I can beat you there06:48
maco(assuming you're talking about how fast i talk?)06:48
nigelbmaco, from when I was a kid... my mom and dad were like "slow down when talking to someone" :D06:50
maconigelb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxB1gB6K-2A <-- catherine tate speaks pretty fast in there06:51
nigelbmaco, whoa...06:52
nigelbI meant beating you btw06:52
macoyeah i know06:52
macohowever, funny skit with catherine tate and david tennant06:53
macoand some rather fast talking06:53
nigelbyeah.. listening :)06:54
pleia2gosh, I sound like a grown up!07:02
nigelbyou are :)07:02
nigelbactually you sound like a kid who got a new toy07:02
macopleia2: but dont worry, you still dont look like one07:02
macoi'll be fully grey before you get any wrinkles07:03
pleia2yeah, me too, women age slow in my family07:07
pleia2ooh, Portuguese translations started \o/08:54
pleia2(a couple days ago actually, just getting through my queue of wiki updates mail)08:54
nigelbdo we have point of contacts?08:55
pleia2not really :\08:55
nigelbjust someone who recognizes spam in the respective languages08:55
pleia2it's happening a bit ad hoc08:55
nigelbwould be nice to have a person taking responsibility for a particular language08:55
pleia2we do want some error checking, akgraner is talking to David Planella of translations stuff so we can get some help08:56
nigelbthats cool.  actually someone from loco teams would be great too08:56
pleia2it would be nice to have a contact and an error-checker08:57
pleia2not only to confirm that it's not all junk, but hopefully make sure it preserves the nature of the message08:57
nigelbyeah, a little bit off might change the meaning plenty and google translate is not that great with fine tuning08:58
* pleia2 nods08:58
MarkDudesetting up spam filters in a language you are not fluent in would be very hard to do.09:02
MarkDudeI still make mistakes in my native language09:02
nigelbexactly my point :)09:02
nigelbmorning czajkowski :)09:35
IdleOneNothing like highjacking a email thread and spinning it in the direction you want. For the record I don't like receiving attachments in emails either and yes this entire thing started out because of an attachment or two but it has evolved into accusations and a power struggle. as I understand it svaksha is the official founder of the Ubuntu women team as per Launchpad (correct me if I am wrong) from what I have seen from her last nigh11:20
IdleOnet on this channel and then on the ML. I think it may be time for this team to reconsider her position in the team as the ML admin.11:20
IdleOneI apologize for my last comment about svaksha. I did not mean to imply in anyway that she is not a good ML admin and I take back the part about the team reconsidering her position.11:31
=== etali1 is now known as etali
svakshaIdleOne: I was ignoring your personal attack but since you were gracious enough to apologize I wanted to highlight a point. Has it ever occured to you how the above aggressive behaviour plays a part in silencing women, especially new ones (and maybe older folks too, i cant speculate).11:34
svakshaThat its hapenning in a project for women is so ironical that i want to laugh out loud. Actually it makes me sad instead11:36
* etali is sad to see the UW channels get heated, but thinks this could be a good opportunity to document how things work so tat it doesn't happen again in the future.11:36
IdleOneI am not going to respond to that. You are implying that I am trying to silence you in some way and that I am being aggressive towards you because I am a man.11:37
IdleOneI have made it clear that my position is I don't like email attachments. Now my concern is why we can't have more then 3 admins on the list and how it is you became the person who decides who gets to be admin?11:38
IdleOneI am going to have to defer this to a later time. I need to get ready for work. Have a nice day all :)11:39
svakshaIdleOne: No. Your comment about power struggle is odd considering it was akgraner who said "03:57:58 on < akgraner> I know that - whatever - I'll fix it... but as the leader I should have access "11:40
* svaksha was not talking of power at all11:40
svakshaIdleOne: sure, anytime you are ready to talk11:41
czajkowskihmm from what I've seen I don't think anyone wants attachments be it small or large or a once off to happen again on the mailing list13:06
czajkowskiregarding the ML admin - maybe there is something we can work on13:07
czajkowskiI know I admin a few lists and sometimes things are waiting a few hours to go through13:07
czajkowskithat's unfortunate but life :) we all can't be on 24/7 :)13:07
czajkowskiIt may be an idea though that the team leader have access to the list so they can push only their mails through if it's needed.13:07
czajkowskijust a thought mind13:08
nigelbbut they get stuck in the first place due to attachments13:08
nigelbso why do they need to be pushed through?13:08
czajkowskiwell not just attachments, sometimes sending from an alternative email address has happened to me, silly I've sent from @lczajkowski.com or @ubuntu.com13:09
nigelbmy point of view is that with 4 admins with varying TZ, it only takes a few hours for them to notice13:10
czajkowskinigelb: I agree but it still happens.13:10
czajkowskiit's not a biggie, there is never going to be a mail that is sent to any lists that needs urgent replies, if there is chances are it'll go straight through13:11
nigelbyeah, sorta my point13:11
nigelbczajkowski, when a group of 4 are actually doing a good job on admin responsibilities on the M/L, I see no reason for new people to be appointed13:13
svakshaczajkowski: re alternate id, sub to the list and mark as no mail in your subscriber preferences13:16
svakshaits that simple13:17
svakshathe no mail is to avoid dupes13:17
nigelbczajkowski, also gmail lets you send mail from the account to which the mail was sent to13:19
svakshafwiw, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-women , has that as the first line13:19
svakshaThis mailing list is closed to postings from non-subscribers. If you are already subscribed to the list from another address, you can subscribe again with additional addresses and then set them to NOMAIL, so that you continue to receive all your copies of postings to the mailing list at your preferred address, while able to post from multiple addresses. Please scroll down to subscribe using the13:20
svakshaform below.13:20
svakshasorry for the paste13:20
svakshaalso the first time a legit and know person posts from an alternate addy, the admins add it to the auto-approval list. Atleast i do13:22
czajkowskisvaksha: aye I learnt the hard way a while back :)13:29
akgranerOk look  - I mixed some apples and oranges in the discussion last - sorry about that - and as far as feeling attacked - svaksha you don't get the corner market on that - I respond b/c I felt like you were attacking me - I had other stuff I needed to get done and it was almost midnight here.  I wanted to walk away and process what your objections were.  I said I would bring it to the list and well you did ahead of which is fine - b13:38
akgranerut I think the mailing list conversations I feel has now digressed into something personal - I'll go to the mailing and sort my apples and oranges...jeez  :-)  oh and good morning everyone13:38
svakshaakgraner: its ok. i dont need any clarification13:39
svakshaor sorting...lets just move on13:39
nigelbakgraner, good morning :)13:40
elkyConsidering the mail was for a discussion that really has somewhat of a deadline, and that discussion has not occurred, then there is need for clarification.13:40
svakshaanother reason being there is a risk of people being turned off ( i just got an unsub note from the UW ml)13:41
elkyYes, heated discussions will do that.13:41
svakshapeople unsubbing is  so counter-productive13:41
svakshato the goal of increasing participation.13:42
akgranersvaksha, so is flaming people with a reactionary email...and that is exactly what I felt you did to me13:42
svakshaakgraner: i felt the same thing in the IRC convo today morning13:42
akgraneryes but I did not post all that to the world I walked away to process everything13:43
svakshait felt like everyone was ganging up and not even reading why attachments are bad on a list13:43
svakshaon irc13:43
elkyStop, both of you, please.13:43
akgranerelky, :-)13:44
elkyIt isn't achieving anything. We have lost time to catch up on.13:44
nigelbthank you elky :)13:44
svakshathis chan is logged, so how can you assume that i was posting it to the world?13:44
svakshaelky: i agree13:45
akgranersvaksha, done done and done....  you had you say and I wanted to point out how you made me feel that's all...  I am moving on...13:45
* elky hugs akgraner13:45
svakshai feel the same, so lets stop it here.13:45
nigelbheya Pendulum :)14:59
akgranerPendulum, hey!14:59
PendulumIdleOne: random question, but is today a holiday in Quebec?19:56

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