lifelesspersia: do we have a meeting tonight?10:58
* persia double-checks but thinks so10:58
persiaWe're scheduled for one.10:59
elkyNow or plus an hour?11:00
persiaAnd didn't time there change minus?11:01
elkypersia, i'm not sure we've successfully had one since the UK changed, but correct me if i'm wrong11:01
persiaYou may be right.11:02
persiaThat said, since none of us are in the UK, I think we oughtn't care.11:02
elkyI'm just all thrown out with times as per the Humans Changing Crap thing that we do to make our own lives harder11:02
* persia wonders if some nice soul has put up a DST map11:02
persiaYes!  We need to get more red on http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/29/DaylightSaving-World-Subdivisions.png/370px-DaylightSaving-World-Subdivisions.png11:03
persia(these are all the places that have sensibly stopped using DST)11:03
elkyOk, we're one short of quorum11:03
persiaLooking at our area, it seems EDT, CDT, NZST, and Chatham Island Time are the remaining offenders.11:05
ajmitchwe're innocent here...11:05
persiaThose of you living there now or expecting to live there soon should complain to your governments and get them to stop the madness.11:05
persiaajmitch: Sorry.  The wikipedia map appears to be out of date.11:06
* ajmitch storms parliament to redress this situation11:06
persiaWait.  Are you sure there's no NZDT or CHADT anymore?11:06
ajmitchthere is, but it's ended for the next few months11:07
persiaOh, because of winter?11:07
persiaA perfect opportunity to make sure it never returns :)11:07
ajmitchit sounds like you don't like the idea of it :)11:07
persiaNot really.  I like sun in the morning :)11:09
* ajmitch wonders where the stray board members are11:11
persiaTwo of them seem to be detached, and the other is "Away"11:12
persiaOh, and the extra bonus folk never come anyway, so I don't even bother looking for them anymore.11:12
ajmitchthat seems problematic11:13
persiaYeah, well.  We get to have elections soon.11:13
ajmitchI'm not putting my name forward :)11:14
persiaWhich means that we have a decent chance of not having folks who don't participate on the board.11:14
persiaAe you sure?  Do you have something better to do at midnight on Tuesday nights?11:14
ajmitchit's only about 10PM here at the moment11:15
ajmitchbut I couldn't guarantee availability, so I wouldn't want to contribute to your quorum problems11:15
persiaI was thinking of end-of-meeting in the Summer, but yeah.11:19
persiaom26er: Many apologies, but I believe we're going to fail to reach quorum this evening.11:19
persia(unless there's some kind soul from another board that wants to sit in)11:19
* elky glances at popey11:20
ajmitchpersia: I'm frequently up until past midnight anyway11:21
* ajmitch is just filling in time finding some nasty problems on that rc bugs list11:21
* ajmitch has seen themuso around this evening, isn't he on the board?11:22
elkyhe appears to currently be set /away11:23
elkyquorumfiller, but I'm not sure om26er is responsive anyway11:28
* om26er is11:28
elkyooh, he is11:28
popeyhappy to11:28
elkylifeless: persia, still there?11:28
elkyom26er, how about you introduce yourself and your contributions now, and if they reappear they can respond/query etc11:31
om26erMy name is omer akram, I live in pakistan, I have been triaging bugs for ubuntu for a while11:32
om26erI work on empathy, gwibber and all indicators11:32
om26ersend most of the empathy bugs upstream myself11:32
om26erI started with ubuntu-moblin-remix but that turned out to be a dead project then slowly moved to #ubuntu and then starting triaging11:33
om26erI am not  a programmer, I only triage bug for ubuntu11:33
om26erI adopted empathy and gwibber in 'adopt-a-packge'11:34
popeysome nice testimonials there11:34
persiaom26er: You've come before us previously.  What changed this time, or what brought you back?11:36
om26erpersia, I was asked to come back with testimonials from the people I work with so this time I came with those11:37
persiaMakes perfect sense, and matches my memory of your application :)11:37
* persia is well-familiar with om26er, and has no further questions.11:37
popeyom26er: what's your plan for MOTU?11:38
popeyor rather "what's your plan for joining MOTU and perhaps becoming one"11:38
om26erpopey, I am learning packaging, I thought packagers were also in MOTU?11:38
om26erI can do basic but still not perfect11:39
persiaMOTU is but one of many development teams.11:39
elkyDon't worry, they'll give you plenty of practice11:39
om26erI asked kamusin to cheer for me but he had a different time11:41
popeyi have no more questions11:42
om26erAlso I work very closely with upstream developers about their projects, often ask them at their IRC channels11:43
persiaelky: lifeless: ?11:44
elkylifeless: are you still there?11:44
elkyi have no questions11:45
BUGabundo_remotemorning. I'm in favor of om26er aplication11:46
om26erthanks BUGabundo_remote11:47
popeyready to vote?11:49
elkyall but lifeless, he can catch up later unless we can find another RMB member somewhere11:50
popeywell, I'm about to leave for lunch, so if you need it my vote is +1 :)11:56
popeybased on excellent feedback and a clear contribution to a core set of apps.11:56
elky+1 from me too11:56
persia+1 from me too: great job on cleaning up the wiki page and making your contributions clear.11:57
persialifeless: So, say something :)11:57
persialifeless, in case you have tab-completion-specific highlighting enabled.11:58
persiaOK.  Timeout.12:01
persialifeless, if you return, please vote and do minutes/announcements/team adds if you vote in favour.12:01
persiaom26er: Sorry about that.  We'll get you sorted (either approved or deferred with clear comments) by the next meeting.12:02
=== BUGabundo_remote is now known as BUGabundo_lunch
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
* vish cheers for om26er :)12:05
Vantraxgrats om26er12:06
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
lifelessclearly I wandered off at precisely the wrong time12:09
elkyCool, you can still sneak in with a vote12:09
lifelesspersia: ^12:11
persiaExcellent.  Now go process the successful application :)12:11
lifelesspersia: however I'm going to beg off doing the follow up12:11
persiaom26er: Congratulations!12:11
lifelessas I've got a head cold12:11
lifelessand am -> bed right now12:11
vishom26er: congratulations!12:11
elkyom26er, yaaaaaaaaay!12:12
persialifeless: It's particularly annoying that you have a good excuse.12:12
om26ervish, thanks alot12:12
persiaelky: Are you up for a while, or do you want me to do it?12:12
elkylifeless, get well :)12:12
Damasceneom26er, hope that make you even better contributor :)12:12
lifelesspersia: they have me on two antibiotics simultaneously, for the fun of it or something.12:12
lifelessgnight y'all12:12
om26erpersia, thanks12:13
vishDamascene: om26er has certainly been doing a *lot* of triaging , and certainly "addicted to Ubuntu" :)12:13
elkypersia, if you fight with launchpad, i'll do the mail12:13
Damascenehe was helping me with empathy bug report. and I knew he was very helpful12:14
persiaelky: Done.12:14
* om26er notes he got another testimonial on the wiki page :-)12:14
elkyom26er, pfft, like you need it now12:15
* ziroday lets out the balloons for om26er 12:15
zirodayeven if I12:15
zirodayeven if I'm a bit late to the parade12:15
=== rgreening_ is now known as rgreening
MootBotMeeting started at 08:00. The chair is NCommander.14:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]14:00
NCommander[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/2010041314:00
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/2010041314:00
asacJamieBennett: ogra: StevenK: dyfet: GrueMaster: persia: ping14:01
asaci surely forgot someone14:01
persiaYou forgot *heaps* of folk14:01
ograyou forgot plars14:01
* GrueMaster drags a large coffee mug into the room.14:01
persiaand ian_brasil14:01
persiaand rbelem14:01
JamieBennettand dmart :)14:02
NCommander[topic] Action Items from April 6th, 201014:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Items from April 6th, 201014:02
NCommander[topic] GrueMaster and plars to continue to keep working with crimsun on ARM PulseAudi14:02
MootBotNew Topic:  GrueMaster and plars to continue to keep working with crimsun on ARM PulseAudi14:02
NCommander[topic] asac to upload libplist with -marm14:03
MootBotNew Topic:  asac to upload libplist with -marm14:03
GrueMasterIt turned out to be libspeex.  I had thought the patch from NCommander had made it into the build, but upon digging deeper, I found it hadn't.14:03
asacactually wasnt needed14:04
plarsgood work NCommander and GrueMaster on that bug btw14:04
asacit worked after replacing the builders with good hardware14:04
asacack ... thanks NCommander and GrueMaster14:04
NCommander[topic] asac and dmart to get firefox rendering issue upstreamed14:04
MootBotNew Topic:  asac and dmart to get firefox rendering issue upstreamed14:04
GrueMasterNo applause please, just buy us beer.  :P14:04
asacwe upstreamed, but have no input so far14:05
asacwill do a debugging session with roc as a last resort14:05
NCommander[topic] ericm, plars, NCommander to investigate uboot-mkimage breakage and offline dove installation14:05
MootBotNew Topic:  ericm, plars, NCommander to investigate uboot-mkimage breakage and offline dove installation14:05
NCommanderno progress from me, plars, anything for you?14:05
ograwhats broken ?14:06
ograuboot-mkimage is totally generic14:06
NCommanderogra: offline installation14:06
NCommanderogra: but its unconfirmed if its broken14:06
plarsright, we need to check that first14:07
ograbut why is uboot-mkimage involved here ?14:07
ograthe package only contains a single file14:07
dmartDoes someone have a bug link?14:07
ogra(the mkimage binary)14:07
NCommanderogra: its installed by flash-kernel-installer into the squashfs14:07
NCommanderlong story14:07
NCommanderon why its like that14:07
* ogra could imagine flash-kernel being broken but still doesnt get why uboot-mkimage is at fault14:08
NCommanderogra: because if it isn't on the CD, apt-get will try to download it from the wbe and cause offline installation to fail14:08
ograwell, then its either a seed or a dependency issue :)14:09
NCommander[topic] NCommander and plars to work together to reinitialize plars's NAND flash on his X014:09
MootBotNew Topic:  NCommander and plars to work together to reinitialize plars's NAND flash on his X014:09
plarswe didn't get to that this week14:09
NCommanderno progress14:09
plarsbut it wasn't urgent at all14:09
persiaWhich version of mtd-utils were you using?14:10
plarsand I know NCommander has been pretty swamped :)14:10
NCommanderno ericm so skipping his action item14:10
NCommanderpersia: his board been throwing NAND errors in the kernel log, I was going ot have him reset it in u-boot14:10
persiaOh.  That can be done from the OS as well.14:10
persiaplars: Catch me later in the week if NCommander is busy, and I'll see if I can help.14:10
NCommanderpersia: there is some uniqueness on how NAND is done on Marvell which means I think it should be done in flash14:11
NCommanderin u-boot14:11
NCommander[topic] NCommander to coordinate with lamont on determining if OOo build failure is HW specific14:11
MootBotNew Topic:  NCommander to coordinate with lamont on determining if OOo build failure is HW specific14:11
NCommanderHappened, Didn't Help :-/14:11
NCommander[topic] persia and NCommander to test and improve server image experience14:11
MootBotNew Topic:  persia and NCommander to test and improve server image experience14:11
NCommanderc/o unfortnately14:11
persiaNo point.14:11
NCommander[topic] Standing Items14:12
persiaWe'll be in deep freeze by the next meeting.14:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Standing Items14:12
NCommander[topic] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html14:12
MootBotNew Topic:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html14:12
NCommanderThis is it folks14:12
JamieBennettdoesn't look too bad14:12
NCommanderSkipping kernel status since no ericm or coolney14:13
NCommanderand no amitk14:13
NCommander[topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)14:13
asaci think workitems wise we are well set14:13
MootBotNew Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)14:13
ograi would have liked an update about the regulator issues oon imx5114:13
asacogra: do we have the patch yet?14:13
ograasac, since a week or so14:13
asace.g. the missing piece?14:13
plarsBeta 2 iso testing completed14:13
ograthe new BSP went into the public GIT14:14
asacogra: as a SRU?14:14
ograand is supposed to have the fix14:14
plarsI'll update the pairwise stuff14:14
plarsprobably today14:14
ograthe beagle kernel looks quite sane now at least for the C414:14
GrueMasterI'm finding a lot of bugs testing various apps.    ~11 this last week.14:14
plarsalso something we need to get on this week is upgrade testing14:14
plarsI plan to do upgrade testing on at least imx51 this week14:14
asacwe dont have hardy ;) ... so just karmic-lucid upgrades i guess14:15
plarsjust karmic-lucid14:15
asacdo we acutally support the hardware we supported in karmic still?14:15
ograand we're not an LTS :)14:15
plarsogra: that too :)14:15
ograasac, on babbage we did support b314:15
asaci mean ... afaik karmic was armv6 ... now we are armv7. do we need to do something about that?14:15
ogranot on dove though14:15
asace.g. preventing upgrades?14:15
ograthere is code i added to u-m14:16
NCommanderasac: already have a sanity check in there as far as I know14:16
ograthat might need an enhancement14:16
NCommanderogra: ah, i was wondering who added that, thanks14:16
asacNCommander: what does that santiy check do?14:16
asaci guess we need to tweak/adjust that for karmic-lucid?14:16
NCommanderasac: checks for ARMv{6|7} on upgrade from jaunty-> karmic -> lucid14:16
ograasac, checking for ARMv5 in cpuinfo14:16
NCommanderDon't remember if it was updated for ARMv7/Thumb214:16
ograand blocks if you are v514:16
asacso is that just working right now? i guess it needs some love?14:16
asacwho can take that actiuon?14:16
ograit was only for nslu2 installs14:17
* NCommander can't14:17
* ogra would love to but wont have time14:17
asacwho added that ?14:17
asacwhere is that check implemented?14:17
NCommanderasac: UpdateManagerQuirks14:17
asacok ...14:17
ograjust look for ARM14:17
asacdyfet: are you there?14:17
ograits the only code adding that14:17
asacdyfet: could you take the action to check if the update-manager tweaks are fine?14:17
NCommander[action] dyfet to check update-manager sanity checks for ARM upgrades14:18
mvoasac: if you change strings now people will get unhappy …14:18
MootBotACTION received:  dyfet to check update-manager sanity checks for ARM upgrades14:18
asacmvo: hmm14:18
mvobut the check is definitely there14:18
asacmvo: what strings?14:18
ogramvo, we'll only change the check14:18
NCommandermvo: asac we can probably use the same error message14:18
ograits babbles about v5 though14:18
mvook, iirc it mentions the arm version14:18
asacwhat does the current string read?14:18
NCommanderanynthing else on QA?14:18
plarsthat's it from me14:18
ogratomorrows beagle images should be testable, please test14:19
asacGrueMaster: any bugs you want to discuss that came out of your tests?14:19
ograwith more focus on d-i than on live14:19
asacor are those "general/low prio" bugs that dont need special attention?14:19
ogralive is very slow and not a fun thing to install14:19
GrueMasterLike I mentioned earlier, I found 11 new bugs this last week.14:19
plarsand many thanks to ogra for plowing forward on the TI stuff and finding new things before they were really testable in the images14:19
ograplars, i'm not done yet14:19
GrueMasterYesterday, I found a critical bug with f-spot.14:19
plarsogra: heh, no doubt :)14:20
ograand many thanks to plars for covering me while i was at a customer :)14:20
plarsGrueMaster: are these all looking to be arm specific?14:20
ograf-spot ?14:20
ograwhat broke ?14:20
plarsGrueMaster: I have seen the f-spot one, but I don't think I've noticed subscriptions on the others, do you have a list?14:20
GrueMasterBug 56187414:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 561874 in f-spot "NULL Reference exception in F-Spot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56187414:20
GrueMasterI'm working on a list.14:20
asacGrueMaster: ok thanks.14:21
* ogra hasnt seen any of them in his bugmail14:21
asac[ACTION] gruemaster to assemble list of bugs that might need attention still ;)a14:21
GrueMasterI also sent a list early last week to ogra and asac of bugs that needed attention.14:21
asacGrueMaster: right. that was great14:21
ograGrueMaster, are they all subscribed to ubuntu-armel ?14:21
asacjust thought if there is anything new/else ;)14:21
GrueMasterI'm working on making sure they are subscribed.14:21
* ogra wonders why they didnt end up in his bugmail folder14:22
GrueMasterasac: There are a lot of new bugs.  Will email later today.14:22
asacGrueMaster: ok. maybe we can send that list to ubuntu-mobile?14:22
asaci can take a quick look before sending there if you want me to filter14:22
asacmoving on?14:23
NCommander[topic] #14:23
MootBotNew Topic:  #14:23
NCommanderARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)14:23
NCommander[topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)14:23
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)14:23
JamieBennettwebservice-office-zoho is in the images and seems to work (apart from a last minute hiccup late yesterday that is now fixed), webmail integration has had its MIR approved ready for inclusion. Not much else to report.14:23
ograthe .desktop file should really get a StartupNotify=Ture14:24
JamieBennettogra: I can do that today if we really need it14:24
ograits a bit irritating that you dont get any notification14:24
ograi just get dumped back to the favorites page14:25
ograat least on beagle14:25
asacdesktop-webmail is in archive and will get on image tomorrow ;)14:25
ograasac, is there any progress on the scrollbar issue ?14:25
JamieBennettogra: OK, I'll add that and kick asac to reupload it later :)14:25
asacwith that we are fine and happy14:25
ograit shows up quite heavily in the weboffice stuff14:25
asacogra: i commented that above, didnt i?14:25
* ogra missed it 14:25
asacogra: so the stuff is upstreamed. but not much traction14:26
asacogra: i will go and debug this with "roc" ... who offered14:26
asachis help14:26
ograah, that was that, yeah, i saw that passing by :)14:26
ograsorry for not paying enough attention14:26
asacroc is the layout superguru on mozilla ;)14:26
* ogra trioes to do 7 things at once14:26
asacno problem14:26
asacso yeah. i really hope i get a lead on that14:26
asaci see that its annoying14:27
ograespecially if we promote weboffice ... its quite prominent in the docs14:27
NCommander[topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)14:28
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)14:28
NCommanderOOo is broken again, I think we just need to upload -marm and hope for the  best14:28
NCommandertheres not enough time to properly test any fix before final freeze14:28
ograwhat happened to gphoto ?14:29
ograi saw it vanished from the list, did someone actually fix it ?14:29
NCommanderogra: libgphoto?14:29
persiaDIdn't didrocks say it wasn't in shape for lucid?14:29
NCommanderI hit retry onit, but didn't follow up on it14:29
ograNCommander, ah14:30
ograso i probably looked when it was building14:30
ograits timing out14:30
asaci gave back gphoto14:30
asaci dont think it succeeded14:30
ograi didnt find any example code to get around it, else i would have fixed it yesterday14:30
asacogra: whats the problem?14:30
ograasac, iot needs some pinger mechanism to keep the shell active14:30
ograthe buildd times out if there is no output for 150min14:31
asacogra: hmm. you say the logg pipe times out?14:31
asacand 150min is normal here?14:31
NCommanderogra: that needs lamont to change the sbuild time out14:31
asacthat feels too long even on arm ;)14:31
ograi know we have other packages that added something to debian/rules to generate some noise every 60min14:31
NCommanderasac: 150m is default14:31
NCommanderogra: it builds locally?14:31
persiaWe havea  script that keeps builds active, but it can mean builds running for weeks if they really hang.14:31
asacwell. i mean: a package that doesnt spit out stuff for 150min is not broken? feels like there is a bug14:31
ograNCommander, no, that should be fixed in the package and we have other packages that use a hack14:31
ograasac, no, there are plenty packages that build -dbg packages with lzma which is very slow on arm14:32
NCommanderogra: having the script make noise is a bad idea14:32
NCommanderogra: too easy to hang in inifinite loop14:32
NCommanderwe had that issue wtih sparc a lot14:32
ograNCommander, thats what others have done14:32
NCommanderthe right method is to extend the delay14:33
ograand what we promoted during karmic iirc14:33
NCommanderogra: thats what you done, I've had lamont fix the ones I found14:33
ograi havent done anything14:33
ograNCommander, can you take care then for gphoto ?14:33
NCommanderogra: the right solution is to extend the timeout in the prename place for it in the build system, not hack up makefiles and deviate from debian14:33
NCommanderogra: if I have time OOo is my priority14:33
ograNCommander, well, its a give-.back and can happen after final freeze14:34
NCommanderfair enough14:34
NCommanderI'll look at it when I'm done with OOo14:34
ograyou just seem to know a proper solution :)14:34
NCommander[topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)14:34
MootBotNew Topic:  ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)14:34
ogradid you talk to the likewise guys ?14:34
ograso they apply the patch properly ?14:34
NCommanderogra: no, I haven't finished refixing the patch inbetween OOo builds14:35
ograhmm, gphoto didnt come back omn the ftbfs page yet14:35
ograwhen did you give it back ?14:36
ograah, its pending14:36
NCommanderogra: I don't remember if I did14:36
asaci gave it back iirc14:36
ograsomeone said he did ... asac14:36
asacbut more than a day ago14:36
asacbut no build score boost powers ;)14:36
ograyeah, its waiting for free buildd time14:36
ograthe builders are pretty stuck with long term packages atm14:37
persiaGiven the size of the queue, it may be best to wait a day or so to let it settle.14:37
ogra207 packages14:37
ograand still a ton of haskell building :/14:37
ograand openjdk14:38
persiaAnd more haskell to go once those build.14:38
NCommanderjust ping me if we need rescores14:38
ograand kdelibs14:38
ograwe need more builders14:38
NCommanderOn image status, where are we?14:38
ograits an impact of having lost two14:38
NCommanderogra: we need a lot of things :-/14:38
ograwe only have 6 instead of 814:38
asacwhats the problem with the builders?14:39
persiaasac: 20 hours behind.14:39
asacalso   3335557  [building]  Building armel build of haskell-json 0.4.3-3 in ubuntu lucid RELEASE14:39
asacis DEAD14:39
ograasac, no idea, we need to ask lamont ... when he replaced machines itz seems he only replaced 6 but not 814:39
asacits building since 6 days14:39
asachanging at Setting up ghc6-doc (6.12.1-12) ...14:39
asaci think that machine just hard crashed14:39
asacso i assume we only have 414:40
asacbuilders --- if we are happy14:40
NCommanderasac: LP will time it out if it did after buildd-queue fails to talk to it14:40
asacNCommander: not in this case it seems14:40
NCommanderasac: machine must not be completley dead14:40
ograit should have timed out after 150min ... as discussed above :)14:40
asacyes thats what i think14:40
asacok /me goes #is14:40
JamieBennettsomeone needs to take an action to talk to lamont about the builder situation14:41
NCommanderogra: persia image status?14:41
ograNCommander, fine14:41
dmartI guess we need to push that --- running out of builders between freeze and release is a risk14:41
ograbegale will be better tomorrow but not yet perfect14:41
NCommander[topic] Any Other Business14:41
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business14:41
ograthe others are ok as usual14:41
ian_brasilspeaking earleir of kdelibs, we are participating in a discussion with upstream to provide some KDE_PLATFORM_PROFILEs that can enable fine grained switches to change things during the kdelibs build. Based on this patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/413636/14:41
ian_brasilcomments welcome14:42
ogradmart, we'll care for it ...14:42
plarsdid we miss kernel status updates?14:42
JamieBennettnot kernel guys here14:43
persiaplars: No kernel folk showed up.14:43
plarsoh, I see14:43
ograian_brasil, so will that mean that we get three packages instead of one ?14:43
rbelemian_brasil, we have some other patches to to the build system14:43
ograseems to me that we want all thee flavours in the archive for different tasks14:43
ograwhich scares me since that means three build runs14:43
ogratripling the build time14:43
persiaian_brasil: I'm a little worried about the implications of that in terms of way in which we compile stuff.  I'm a fan of finer-grained pacakging, but we only get one compile run that has to serve all of desktop/tablet/mobile (or else we have to run through the compoile three times, which takes three times as long, as annoys the mirror providers).14:44
rbelemogra, yep... i do not agree with that patch14:44
ian_brasilrbelem, +114:45
rbelemi will finish the patches and send to the list14:45
asacrbelem: ian_brasil: unrelated question: is liquid moving forward for lucid+1? do you need a UDS slot?14:45
rbelemthat patch is about splitting the kdebase workspace14:46
rbelemasac, yep14:46
rbelemasac, i think we will need some space for discussions14:46
persiarbelem: Do we need a slot just for liquid, or do we need a couple specs in collaboration with the Kubuntu folk (I thought the latter)?14:46
ian_brasilasac, rbelem will be there and some talk aboput issues like this would be useful14:46
asacrbelem: cool. i will get in touch with you after meeting/later today14:47
rbelempersia, collaboration with kubuntu guys is totally needed14:47
asacsame topic for EVERYONE: if you have specs you want to register feel free to poke me ... we are going to review the whole ubuntu arm spec list at least twice this week, so getting good sessions is appreciated ;14:48
rbelemasac, sweet14:48
persiarbelem: Let's chat after the meeting and get ideas in order, and then propose some specs to fit with their schedule.14:48
NCommanderanyone mind if I close out the meeting?14:48
asacNCommander: please submit spec proposals ;) ... and yes. i think we are done14:48
MootBotMeeting finished at 08:48.14:48
rbelempersia, ok :-)14:49
cody-somervilleDid I miss the DMB meeting? My calendar shows it in 20 minutes, but the fridge shows it started 40 minutes ago.15:40
persiaThe fridge got confused by DST.15:41
persiaIt's in 20 minutes.15:41
persiaAre you able to fix that?  I remember you had some magic fridge powers in the past.15:41
cody-somervilleugh, although it means I'd have to update all events to avoid conflicts.15:44
cody-somervilleah, found the solution15:45
cody-somervilleokay, fixed it for all events :)15:45
persiaSet timezone to Reykjavik?15:47
=== unimix_ is now known as unimix|work
persiaOK folks.  Time to get that drink, run that quick errand, etc.  We'll be starting in about 5 minutes.15:55
MootBotMeeting started at 10:00. The chair is persia.16:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:00
persia[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda16:00
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda16:00
persiasoren: cody-somerville: geser: nixternal:16:00
persia(cjwatson may not be able to make it, stgraber won't be able to make it)16:01
persia[TOPIC] Action Items16:01
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Items16:01
persiapersia contacts Angel Abad about his application16:01
persiaI sent email, but have no response.  I will seek Angel out more particularly on IRC.16:01
persiacomplete the application of Jonathan Thomas16:01
persiaJonathan was confirmed with 4 votes in favour, and 3 votes to defer.  I've sent an anouncement.16:02
persiacomplete the application of Matt Trudel16:02
persiaThis went on too long.  I've tallied the votes, and the result was 2 in favour, 4 to defer, and 1 against.16:02
cyphermoxI was under the impression that my application was completed a few weeks ago, and that it wasn't passing ;)16:02
* soren finally managed to win the battle against hotel internet and wanders in16:03
persiacyphermox: I couldn't find it in logs.  Sorry if I'm duplicating.  Please apply again later.16:03
persia[TOPIC] Administrative matters16:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Administrative matters16:03
cyphermoxI however sent an email to DMB about a different matter, but it hasn't made it to the agenda (sorry)16:03
persia[TOPIC] Appropriate body to handle requests for new deelopment teams16:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Appropriate body to handle requests for new deelopment teams16:03
persia[LINK] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2010-April/000184.html16:03
MootBotLINK received:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2010-April/000184.html16:03
persiaSo, mdz suggested that the DMB may have inherited the authority to oversee the creation and administration of new teams.16:04
persiaInterested folks should follow up on that thread so we can reach consensus with the TB.16:04
persiacyphermox: If you don't mind, I'd like to defer your request for an NM team until we have consensus there, but we can certainly hear PPU applications in the meantime, so the effect ought be similar.16:06
persia[TOPIC] Interpretation of votes16:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Interpretation of votes16:06
cyphermoxyes, absolutely, it makes sense16:06
* geser waves16:07
persiaThere was some discussion about this in the last meeting.  I wasn't present, and sent some email.  Do we wish to continue the discussion here, or in email?16:07
cody-somervilleCan we vote to adopt your interpretation? I share it and someone else mentioned they did as well.16:08
nixternal+1 on that16:08
persiaRIght then.16:08
persiaSo the ruleset I proposed is as follows:16:09
persia1) Any applicant must surpass a threshold of +4 to be confirmed16:09
cjwatson+1 on persia's interp16:09
persia2) Any positive vote adds 1 to the vote count per individual voter16:09
persia3) Any negative vote subtracts 1 from the vote count per individual voter16:09
persia4) Any zero vote does not affect the vote count16:10
persia[VOTE] Confirm voting interpretation for the DMB16:10
MootBotPlease vote on:  Confirm voting interpretation for the DMB.16:10
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot16:10
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting16:10
MootBot+1 received from persia. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 116:10
MootBot+1 received from nixternal. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 216:10
MootBot+1 received from cody-somerville. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 316:10
MootBot+1 received from geser. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 416:10
nixternalthere goes soren breaking bots again :D16:10
MootBot+1 received from cjwatson. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 516:11
MootBotAbstention received from soren. 5 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 516:11
sorenAh, there we go.16:11
MootBotFinal result is 5 for, 0 against. 1 abstained. Total: 516:11
sorenSomething about it still seems wrong to me, but I don't have any better proposals. Hence the +0.16:11
persiaSo I think that passes whether we accept that interpetation or the traditional one.16:11
persia[TOPIC] ensuring transparency of applications taken to email16:11
MootBotNew Topic:  ensuring transparency of applications taken to email16:11
persiaSo I noticed when processing JontheEchidna's application that we have a nice public log of votes not in email, but not one for votes in email.16:12
persiaAny thoughts on how to resolve this, or does it matter, if we post the results?16:12
cjwatsonI think it's OK to just post a vote manifest16:13
nixternalmakes the email smaller16:13
persiaOK.  Shall these be included in future Welcome mails, or be included in the next DMB meeting (so as to be in the u-d-a archives)?16:13
geserisn't a mail to devel-permissions with the voting result enough to publish them?16:14
nixternaloh oh...just the votes wouldn't be to bad16:14
nixternalI think that was my fault for not posting the votes and just linking to the manifest...I should have done both in that email16:15
persiaSo, summary votes to devel-permissions in advance of the welcome mail?16:15
geserunless there is a huge time difference between that mail and the welcome mail, the order shouldn't matter much16:15
cjwatsoneither in advance or with, I don't think it matters much16:16
persiaAnyone confused on this matter, or shall we proceed?16:16
persiaOK then :)16:17
persia(Catching up with the bit I missed)16:17
persia[TOPIC] Application process and public notification times16:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Application process and public notification times16:17
persiaWe've asked for a week's notice on devel-permissions prior to hearing an application.  Sometimes we get that, sometimes not, sometimes it's close.16:17
persiaMy preference is to continue to enforce this to encourage more public comment.  Does that seem reasonable to all?16:18
cjwatsonseems reasonable16:18
cjwatsonas long as it's clearly documented16:19
geserit's mentioned on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/ApplicationProcess16:19
geserbut could use a little emphasis16:19
gesermaking it bold or something like that16:20
cody-somervilleI don't think I was even subscribed to that list.16:20
persiaAnyone want to take a stab at making the documentation clearer?16:21
persiaFine then.16:21
persia[ACTION] persia to make documentation on application notice clearer16:22
MootBotACTION received:  persia to make documentation on application notice clearer16:22
cody-somervilleShould all members of the DMB be subscribed to devel-permissions? I'm not entirely sure of its purpose. If so, can we have someone with the necessary permissions ensure all members are subscribed? I just subscribed myself but I'm wondering if others are in the same boat.16:22
persiacody-somerville: Doesn't matter, but I think we're expected to read it (wheter the archives or by subscription seems a personal choice)16:22
persiaOK.  Moving on.16:23
geseras I understand it the purpose is to have common list for approvals (either through DMB or the delegated teams)16:24
persia[TOPIC] Per-Package Uploader application for Krzysztof Klimonda (kklimonda)16:24
MootBotNew Topic:  Per-Package Uploader application for Krzysztof Klimonda (kklimonda)16:24
kklimondahmm, that's me :)16:24
persiaErr, sorry.  If there's more on application process, let's do that.16:24
geserapropos applications: does somebody know the status of the application of Sylvestre Ledru from March 19th?16:25
nixternalnothing more here16:25
geserthere was a mail to devel-permissions but it doesn't reached our agenda16:26
persiageser: Never made the agenda.  Are you up for following up with Sylvestre and getting it on the agenda for the 27th?16:26
gesercan do16:26
persia[ACTION] geser to follow up with Sylvestre Ledru and arrange for the application to be added to the meeting agenda.16:27
MootBotACTION received:  geser to follow up with Sylvestre Ledru and arrange for the application to be added to the meeting agenda.16:27
persiaOK.  This time for real.16:27
persia[TOPIC] Per-Package Uploader application for Krzysztof Klimonda (kklimonda)16:27
MootBotNew Topic:  Per-Package Uploader application for Krzysztof Klimonda (kklimonda)16:27
geserwhile I am it, should I also mail imbrandon to attend our next meeting?16:27
persiaI advised him that would probably be the case when he sent the mail.16:27
kklimondashould I introduce myself?16:28
persiakklimonda: You seem to have uploaded a variety of packages: what makes you choose transmission alone as a PPU target?16:28
nixternalpersia: can you add links to kklimonda's wiki/lp pages so it is in the manifest?16:30
persiaOh, right.  Sorry.16:30
persia[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KrzysztofKlimonda/TransmissionPPUApplication16:30
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KrzysztofKlimonda/TransmissionPPUApplication16:30
nixternalhehe, I forgot to do it as well last meeting16:30
persia[LINK] https://launchpad.net/~kklimonda16:30
MootBotLINK received:  https://launchpad.net/~kklimonda16:30
nixternaland of course, wiki.ubuntu.com is dead for me16:30
persia(just because the link doesn't work on the application page)16:30
kklimondathe reason I'd like to get PPU rights to the transmission is to lower the burden on chrisccoulson who was the one who were sponsoring all my previous uploads. It worked fine until he has started working on Canonical but now he's busy and getting him to sponsor packages takes time. Because of that I've missed one upload before Beta 2 freeze, now Final Freeze is approaching and I have one more16:31
kklimondaupload I'd like to do.16:31
kklimondaI'd like to get some more experience (especially with packaging from scratch) before I start applying for the access to wider package sets16:32
cody-somervillekklimonda, You mentioned in things that you can improve on: "I really have to check all my changes twice before pushing or attaching them"16:33
cody-somervillekklimonda, Have you improved in that area? Would you double check your changes if you had PPU permissions for Transmission?16:33
geserwhat are the common mistakes you do which you miss in your first checks?16:35
kklimondacody-somerville: I had a problem with two things in the past: with changing maintainer in the control file and pushing branch with UNRELEASED pocket, nothing that affects users directly. I think I've managed to improve in this area since I've started working on packaging.16:36
kklimondageser: ^16:36
kklimondacody-somerville: yes - if I were to upload directly to the main archive I'd double and triple check everything.16:37
* nixternal either - that UNRELEASED gets me everytime16:38
persiakklimonda: One of the things you mention that you dislike about Ubuntu is weak communication channels with teh design team.  How do you believe these can be improved?16:38
kklimondapersia: I've proposed, as a joke, that all design changes affecting users should come with an "advocacy manual" attached.16:39
persiaDo you think there are things we, as developers, could do to foster a better understanding of why specific changes are implemented to support advocacy?16:40
kklimondapersia: although it's a joke I believe that Ayatana team should be more open about "whys" of their decisions. Probably ayatana ML should be more active, especially when they do something as.. unexpected as changing windows control button order or place.16:40
kklimondapersia: can you rephrase "foster better understanding"? :)16:42
persiakklimonda: To  improve the communcication so that all parties (designers, developers, advocates) have a shared view of why we do the things we do.16:43
kklimondapersia: the idea of moving design discussion of the public mailing list has been made by the ayatana team afair, so I don't think we can do much. What I'd like to see was more communication from their side.16:45
cody-somervilleI'm ready to vote.16:47
* persia has no further questions16:47
sorenWhoops :)16:48
* soren has no further questions either16:48
persiageser: cjwatson: nixternal: ?16:49
geserno further questions16:50
nixternalnothing here16:50
persia[VOTE} Accept Krzysztof Klimonda as Uploader for transmission16:51
MootBotPlease vote on: [VOTE} Accept Krzysztof Klimonda as Uploader for transmission.16:51
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot16:51
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting16:51
persia+1 from me.  Clear history of package maintenance and use of freeze exceptions, SRUs, etc demonstating familiarity with Ubuntu processes and schedules.16:51
MootBot+1 received from persia. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 116:51
MootBot+1 received from nixternal. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 216:51
MootBot+1 received from geser. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 316:51
MootBot+1 received from soren. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 416:52
gesersoren: you are not persia who can replace a ] with a } and the bot still understand him :)16:52
sorenThat bot really is picky about syntax.16:52
sorengeser: it's not fair16:52
* cody-somerville ponders.16:53
persiaSeems we lost cjwatson, so here's a paste fom before the meeting (he mentioned he might have connectivity issues):16:53
persiaIf I don't make it, please consider this a +1 for kklimonda's transmission PPU application based on comments from Chris and Martin16:53
MootBotFinal result is 4 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 416:53
cody-somervilleI didn't vote :(16:53
persiacody-somerville: What's your vote then.16:53
persia(sorry: I can't count today)16:54
cody-somerville+1 because of comments from Chris and Martin but with reservations due to the short period of time the applicant has been uploading Transmission (~ 3 months).16:54
kklimondacody-somerville: I think my first T upload was somewhere in Jun 200916:55
persiaOK.  That's +6.16:55
cody-somervillekklimonda, Of Transmission?16:55
persiakklimonda: Congratulations, and welcome!16:55
nixternalcody-somerville: yeah, aptitude changelog transmission :)16:56
nixternalkklimonda: congrats and welcome!16:56
persiaI don't actually know how to process a PPU approval.  Anyone else up for processing this one?16:56
* nixternal points at cjwatson 16:56
cody-somervilleAh, launchpad made that information difficult to easily see.16:57
persia(or walking me through the process)16:57
cody-somervilleI guess I have no reservations :)16:57
cody-somervillepersia, I think cjwatson has to do it. I don't think non-TB members have the necessary permissions.16:57
persiaOK.  We ought fix that.16:57
persiaMoving on.16:57
persiaNo other applications.16:57
kklimondanixternal: thanks16:57
persiaWho is chair next time?16:57
* nixternal points at cody-somerville 16:58
cody-somervilleOkay okay16:58
nixternalhahaha, I am having fun pointing this morning16:58
persiaGreat then.  I'll send minutes in a bit.16:58
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:58.16:58
nixternalI meant to point at cjwatson, but c<tab> and it highlighted you16:58
nixternalsince I pointed at him just a minute ago16:58
kklimondapersia: also thanks :)16:59
geserpersia: I'm not sure about it if edit_acl.py from lp:ubuntu-archive-tools is also used for PPU permissions17:00
geserbut a quick look shows that it might17:00
geserpersia: if you are brave you could try if LP lets you17:00
sorenThat's at least the tool you use to inspect permissions. cjwatson tends put the command to do that in the e-mails he sends out after giving someone PPU privs.17:01
persiageser: I tried to play with edit_acl.py on Sunday, and only managed to get it to crash (and there's no manpage).17:02
persiaPart of why I requested the creation of a Kernel Uploaders team was because I couldn't otherwise process an outstanding application :)17:02
geserpersia: in theory "edit_acl.py --source=transmission --person=kklimonda add" should do it, but all I get is an OOPS from LP17:26
cody-somervilleIt won't work. We don't have the necessary permissions.17:26
cody-somervilleDMB needs to be added to the ubuntu-drivers team.17:27
persiaThat's something to sort out then: we can't always count on there being a TB member on the DMB.17:27
persiaOr the permissions for that need to change.17:27
cjwatsonpersia: sorry I fell off connectivity there.  I've run './edit_acl.py -s transmission -p kklimonda add'.18:31
cjwatsonDMB/ubuntu-drivers> that really doesn't sound right - is that really the appropriate team?  unfortunately LP makes it kind of hard to discover which privilege you're using when you're performing an action.18:32
cjwatson    def checkAuthenticated(self, user):18:36
cjwatson        """Users must be an admin or a member of the tech board."""18:36
cjwatson        return user.in_admin or user.in_ubuntu_techboard18:36
cjwatsonso ubuntu-drivers wouldn't help.18:36
cody-somervillecjwatson, Where do you see that?18:36
cjwatsonclass EditArchivePermissionSet18:36
cjwatsonI'm filing a bug18:37
cjwatsonbug 56245118:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 562451 in soyuz "developer-membership-board should be able to edit ArchivePermissionSet" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56245118:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
HawkeyeHello all...19:47
HawkeyeHow long before this meething starts?19:48
* Hawkeye will be unable to attend, but will read the conversation when he comes back. He will leave this window open...19:49
Hawkeyecjohnston: I am interested in helping out. I will notice you my email address19:50
HawkeyeHowever right now I need to get to bed as I have been up 32 hours straight recovering data from a failed server and rebuilding...19:51
HawkeyeChat soon!19:51
cjohnstonWho is here for the website localization meeting?20:00
* pleia2 lurks and listens :)20:00
* newz2000 is20:03
cjohnstonOk.. Well.. I guess we can start...20:04
* Agafonov just curious20:05
cjohnstonThe goal of the website localization project is to put a short message in a users preferred language on any ubuntu.com web page, that directs the user to more help in thier language.20:05
cjohnstonThe page that the users is offered will be a wiki page that has been translated from a template, which offeres resources in their language.20:06
adiroibannote, that many local communities already have wikis, forums and a translated version for doc.ubuntu.com20:07
cjohnstonnewz2000 has come up with a way to determine the users preferred language as set by their browser and then will display a short line that will display the info from a .js file20:07
cjohnstonadiroiban, however, a user visiting www.ubunutu.com won't know that20:07
adiroibancjohnston: yes20:08
cjohnstonthe goal here is to assist the user in getting to those pages20:08
adiroibanbut rather than creating a new wiki20:08
adiroibanmaybe we can build something on top of the ubuntu documentation translations20:08
cjohnstonadiroiban: the new wiki page will be like a landing page for that language.. which can direct them to multiple resources.. forums, other translated pages, etc20:09
adiroibancjohnston: yes, but wiki pages are hard to translate20:09
adiroibanand keep in sync with the original text20:09
adiroibanthis is why I was suggesting a docbook20:10
cjohnstonnewz2000, thoughts?20:10
newz2000adiroiban: the pages probably won't be a direct translations20:10
adiroibanwith translations extracted and available for translation in Launchapd translations20:10
adiroibanand generated static HTML pages20:10
newz2000the template will be a guideline of information that needs to be presented but will differ for each locale20:10
adiroibannewz2000: ok20:10
newz2000but the idea of the documentation is interesting...20:11
AgafonovWhy not to link to any site LoCo decide to fit better their users?20:11
newz2000because as cjohnston will come to, we do have a quality control hurdle to jump through20:11
adiroiban+1 to newz2000 :)20:11
newz2000cjohnston: continue20:11
cjohnstonWe will need people to create the technical backend to this.. which will be the first step of the project20:12
cjohnstonand then we will involve the loco teams and translation teams to setup the landing pages for each language20:12
cjohnstonThere will need to be a strict review process for the translated pages, to ensure that they dont get filled with spam, or link to pages that don't actually provide any useful information20:13
adiroibanone good think about using docbook is that we already have all the infrastructure to generate translated pages for https://help.ubuntu.com/20:13
cjohnstonwe also need to make a couple of decions on how to structure a few things20:14
cjohnstonnewz2000, do you want to discuss the technical aspect of this?20:15
newz2000Using content negotiation built into apache, we can create js files named as such: filename.js.de20:15
newz2000we then link to it like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="filename.js"></script>20:15
newz2000if a german speaking user loads the file they'll get the js.de version20:16
newz2000if a user's language isn't represented they'll get a (blank) filename.js20:16
newz2000so each js file will only need to provide the details for its own language20:16
newz2000cjohnston: back to you20:16
cjohnstonWe will need to create these files, and translate the message to be displayed to the user20:17
cjohnstonOnce we get it working, and get the landing pages translated, it will be added to the ubuntu.com website by Canonical20:18
cjohnstonOne thing we need to decide on is the URL structure for the landing pages20:19
cjohnstoni.e. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/?/?20:19
alefteriswill the users be able to close this bar once and for all or it will pop up in every page?20:19
cjohnstonalefteris: 1 sec, ill provide you what we want it to look like20:20
cjohnstonalefteris: it will just be a little message on the page..20:20
cjohnstonIt won't be like a pop-up or anything.. so no reason to be able to close it20:21
cjohnstonnewz2000 you had mentioned something to me about the URL structure.. but I don't remember what..20:22
newz2000Assuming we're uisng the wiki, it could be something like wiki.ubuntu.com/<prefix>/<lang>20:22
alefteriscjohnston, something like the google chrome bar that comes up for page translation, if you have seen in?20:23
cjohnstonI have not seen what you are referring to..20:23
cjohnstonThis will just display some text on the screen with a link... just like the text that is already on the site20:24
cjohnstonDoes anyone have any suggestions on a URL structure?20:25
adiroibancjohnston: is that really important?20:26
cjohnstonwell.. it will need to be put into the script20:26
adiroibanI think that anything will do20:26
newz2000cjohnston: just pick something I think20:26
alefterishping no team uses that naming already20:26
cjohnstonI'm fine with w.u.c./Local/lang20:26
newz2000looks unused20:27
alefteriswhat about the wiki page content?20:28
cjohnstonOne other thing that we need to decide, but it may need to be decided by the loco teams/translation teams is if it should be limited to one general page for each language, or if it should be broken down into like en_US and en_GB20:29
cjohnstonalefteris: what about it? we need to create a template and then get the two teams involved in translating and adding resources20:29
alefteriscjohnston, the kind of content for the page being discused?20:31
alefterishas been discused*20:31
cjohnstonit will be..20:31
alefteristeam pages that most locos have, won't do because they are not uniform? for example: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GreekTeam20:33
cjohnstonthe team page can be a link from the landing page20:33
cjohnstonbut they dont always provide help as much as provide info about the team20:34
adiroibancjohnston: at least pt and pt_BR should have separate pages20:34
adiroibansame for mandarin20:34
cjohnstonnewz2000: do you have anything else to discuss?20:35
newz2000cjohnston: no20:35
cjohnstonAnyone else have anything to discuss at this point?20:36
* newz2000 would like to see a lang or two prototyped soon20:36
cjohnstonOk.. if noone else has anything, then I think we are done..20:37
cjohnstonfor now20:37
cjohnstonThanks for stopping by to those of you who made it.. I'll be contacting shortly via email about the next steps. :-)20:39
adiroibanalso, for more feedback we can alwasy ask on mailing lists20:39
newz2000thanks cjohnston20:39
cjohnstonadiroiban: ping21:23
adiroibancjohnston: hi21:23
cjohnstoncould you join #ubuntu-website if you have time21:23
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