histo!lucid > kfarrell00:00
ubottukfarrell, please see my private message00:00
bastid_raZorkfarrell: lucid/10.04 discussoin/issues in #ubuntu+100:00
tripelbgino make a live cd, have you dont hat yet?00:00
Ginowell i downloaded the version 9.10 with the intel architecture but i have an AMD cpu but i cant seem to find the download on the official site00:00
rodriguezjfzrc.local support md5 entries ?00:00
tripelbHey histo!00:00
tripelbgino it works on AMD. there is no special download.00:01
histoGino: do you ahve a 64bit cpu?00:01
histoGino: okay then you have the right cd00:01
tripelbgino, in fact you can take the same hard drive and more it from one (intel or amd) computer to another and IT KEEPS WORKING.00:01
Ginoi see00:01
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tripelbhisto; how about my issue. I want fonts. just one font actually.00:02
histotripelb: what font are you looking for?00:02
rodriguezjfzrc.local support md5 entries to hide psswor just like grub does ?00:02
Ginowell the thing is i followed some guide where it explains on to create a bootable USB stick but when i try to boot with it i get some blue screen with "Default" "help" and "EOM" and when i press enter on default it says, Booting in 10 secs and then it repeats it without doing anything00:02
histoGino: that does not sound like the normal ubuntu boot. Perhaps somethign went wrong when you were created the usb stick. The default installation cd for ubuntu is a live cd. You can boot that and hav ea workign system without touching your hardrive. You can also create a usb boot stick from the live cd.00:04
PacketCollisionCan anyone point me to how the Mouse Preferences panel decides whether your touchpad supports two-finger scrolling?00:04
histoPacketCollision: under the Touchpad tab00:04
hegHelloKitten: see http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/message.jspa?messageID=15929000:05
nimbioticshisto => it worked like  a charm, thx a bunch!!!00:05
ERREDERREi have a problem whith wifi interface00:05
antoniuswhat is the channel for off topic stuff?  like how much better the new theme is :)00:06
PacketCollisionhisto,Yes, I know where it is.  I'm asking what it uses to determine whether the option should be disabled or not00:06
nimbioticsalex_08=> sry i missed your private chat, didnt c it till a minute ago, but thx a lot 2 u 2!!!00:06
ERREDERREmy english is not too good so, sorry if it is not easy to understand me :)00:06
histoPacketCollision: wether you check it or not00:06
nimbioticsthx a lot evry1 & keep the good work!00:07
picard1421does anyone know where i can buy a vapochill?00:07
histoPacketCollision: believe its disabled by default00:07
picard1421the vapochill Lightspeed AC00:07
histo!ot > picard142100:07
ubottupicard1421, please see my private message00:07
PacketCollisionhisto, On my computer, the option is greyed out00:07
histoPacketCollision: ahh00:07
PacketCollisionhisto, and I want to find out where it decides that it should be greyed out00:07
PacketCollisionso that I can write a patch00:07
KettleCornwhats the terminal command to suspend/sleep in ubuntu server?00:07
PacketCollisionbecause it works perfectly on my computer if I manually enable it via xinput command00:07
KettleCornfrom 9.10 and onwards00:08
HelloKittenheg, checking it out.00:08
AltinWhat is the command to uninstall ./bin file?00:10
histoKettleCorn: sudo shutdown -H now maybe?00:10
eteachnick eteach00:10
KettleCornhisto: that just shuts down the computer? what are you implying?00:11
histoKettleCorn: you want sleep or hybernate?00:11
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KettleCornhisto: not sure which is which, but I want the harddrives to stop spinning at least, but I also want the mode that is the easiest to wake the computer from00:12
PacketCollisionKettleCorn: that would be suspend (to ram).  Hibernate saves all ram to disk and then turns the computer completely off00:13
histoKettleCorn: well power management should spin down the drivers etc.. if you have acpi enabled00:13
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PacketCollisionKettleCorn, try running /etc/acpi/sleep.sh00:14
histoKettleCorn: i'm still trying to figure out the best way to do it in console00:14
Guest79419hey, im really new to the whole computer thing and linux even more so. could some or a group of people explain irc and  how it works00:14
KettleCornPacketCollision:  ok I'll try that as well, I just did pm-suspend and it appeared to have been turned off00:14
tatselhisto: you want a "pause mode"(sleep) or a shutdown that will resume everything?(hibernate)00:14
histo!pm | Altin00:14
ubottuAltin: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:14
PacketCollisionKettleCorn, pm-suspend should work fine, that's what the acpi script calls anyway00:15
tatselhisto: sorry, tabfail+ typo00:16
* tatsel frowns00:16
KettleCornPacketCollision: do you know if it's possible to wake the computer externally somehow? can putty send some form of WOL-packet or something? never done anyhting like that, just curious if you happen to know00:16
histoKettleCorn: you may want to look at setterm for power down options00:16
histoKettleCorn: you could wake on lan or something00:16
histoKettleCorn: if your nic supports it.00:16
PacketCollisionKettleCorn, Yes, you should be able to use WakeOnLAN, although I've never really had much luck with it00:17
PacketCollisionKettleCorn, Make sure it's enabled in the BIOS00:17
tatselsame here00:17
Altinubottu:Thanks for ur information. I just want to know what is the command to uninstall .bin file00:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:17
izola86when I type /etc/init.d/vsftpd start nothing happens, any ideas?00:17
histoKettleCorn: actually setterm will only control the monitor00:17
histoizola86: what ar eyou trying to do?00:18
KettleCornPacketCollision: woohoo, I'm using Tomato on my Linksys router, and I could just click the IP-adress of the computer under the WOL section and it woke up!00:18
izola86histo: im trying to remove vsftpd and install it clean00:18
histoKettleCorn: pm-suspend00:18
izola86i sudo rm -r sftpd.conf and tried to reinstall but it wouldn't come back00:18
tatselKettleCorn: sweet00:18
histoKettleCorn: thats what you are looking for.00:18
PacketCollisionKettleCorn, Nice.  I'll have to try that the next time I accidentally let a computer suspend and I need to ssh in (I use Tomato too)00:19
izola86histo: with sudo aptitude install vsftpd00:19
histoKettleCorn: how do you like that tomato?00:19
KettleCornhisto: it's really nice! best router firmware I've ever used00:19
histoizola86: sudo apt-get purge vsftpd00:19
histoizola86: then sudo apt-get install vsftpd00:19
* tatsel trows a tomato at his netgear00:19
histoKettleCorn: i have to put it on mine have nothing but lockups withthe stock firmware althought its been behaving lately00:20
izola86histo: i love you00:20
PacketCollisionhisto, I agree, it's by far the best router firmware.  I actually use a variant that supports open-vpn, and it's great.00:20
KettleCornall that's left to do now is make sure I can wake on lan from outside my network00:20
tatselnah, it's a 2wire...00:20
tatselizola86: #love00:20
* tatsel giggles00:20
KettleCornPacketCollision: yeah that's the one I use too, has VPN Tunneling. not that I have any use for it, but I thought I did until I managed to connect to the office VPN in an eaiser way00:21
Altinhisto: Any idea what is the command to uninstall ./bin file00:22
PacketCollisionI use it so that I don't have to open ssh up to the world on my (ubuntu) servers.  VPN in, then ssh, but from home, I the tomato router takes care of the vpn00:22
jrcarr2hey I am on kubuntu... I hate it. how can I install gnome so I can switch to that?00:22
histoAltin: some bins have uninstall switches others you have to go and manually remove the files00:22
histoAltin: what is the bin?00:23
jrcarr2I tried apt-get install gnome and it complained :(00:23
PacketCollisionAltin: none of us know what the file is.  Since it's not an ubuntu package, there's no one answer00:23
histojrcarr2: what was the error?00:23
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.00:23
histojrcarr2: and yes you can install ubuntu-desktop or just gnome if you want.00:23
tatselfirst try \o/00:23
AltinThe file is j2sdk-1_4_2_19-linux-i586.bin00:23
jrcarr2  gnome: Depends: gnome-desktop-environment (= 1:2.22.2~4ubuntu8) but it is not going to be installed00:24
histojrcarr2: check your software sources00:24
PacketCollisionAltin: what happens if you type ./j2sdk-1_4_2_19-linux-i586.bin --help00:24
histojrcarr2: and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome   or sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop00:24
histoAltin: you may get lucky that it has a --uninstall switch00:25
shawnboyI'm having network connectivity issues with non-ubuntu linux distribution. Would anyone like to help, or suggest a more appropriate channel?00:25
histoshawnboy: what distro?00:25
shawnboy(distro is Linux Router Project running from floppy)00:25
jrcarr2oh, they call it Ubuntu Desktop00:25
jrcarr2I see00:25
PacketCollisionshawnboy, try ##linux00:25
histoshawnboy: i'm pretty sure they hare defunct00:26
shawnboyyes, it's old, but seems like I should still get connectivity, histo . Not even really using it as router. Trying this: http://members.shaw.ca/nicholas.fong/printsrv/00:27
histojrcarr2: thats the meta package just like kubuntu-desktop is the meta package for the default install of kubuntu. But you can just isntall gnome00:27
blendmaster1024how would i go about backing up the bootloader and not the partition table? i plan to install another OS and want to be able to just restore the bootloader afterwards00:27
shawnboyPacketCollision, I'll try. Thank you.00:27
histoshawnboy: you could just go with ubuntu-minimal and cups00:27
histoshawnboy: or lpr/lpd00:28
shawnboyhisto, thanks but would any of those run from one floppy? no hdd?00:28
histoshawnboy: uhm.. no. you'd have to boot someone and load in to ram00:29
histoshawnboy: with no hdd00:29
histoshawnboy: ubuntu is too big but there are other distro's i'm sure that may floppy load00:29
Fishscenedsl might fit00:29
histoshawnboy: http://www.linuxlinks.com/Distributions/Floppy/00:30
histoFishscene: dsl is like 50megs00:30
Fishscenenvm then :P00:30
shawnboyhisto, thanks for the tip. Maybe I can find a suitable replacement.00:30
histoshawnboy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_Linux00:30
histoshawnboy: I would find something thats a little more supported00:30
histoshawnboy: problem being the newer kernels are so big. thats why you 're goign to be stuck with an older kernel.00:31
shawnboyhisto, yes, more supported would be nice. I was hoping to get this working on my old slow pc though. I'll keep fiddling and look at the links you suggest.00:31
blendmaster1024how do i install grub2 from a livecd? if my grub is wiped out and i want it back i need to restore it somehow00:32
ExterminansHi, i've got a little problem with a dedicated server that crashed and is not booting any longer (Last message in /var/log/dmesg and messages is HDA Intel 0000:01:05.2: PCI INT B -> GSI 19 (level, low) -> IRQ 19)00:32
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histoshawnboy: yeah it can be done.00:32
histoshawnboy: would be much easier with an old hdd00:32
histo!grub | blendmaster102400:33
ubottublendmaster1024: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:33
histoExterminans: what happens now when you try to boot?00:33
shawnboyhisto, I may have to go that route. I probably have an old hdd. I just thought it'd be cool to have a print server running from floppy. :)00:33
tripelbhisto, I just want some avant-garde font. I looked to install fonts in ubuntu and it's a word salad of pages that dont do it and instructions that dont follow and end up no where.00:33
histoshawnboy: would be neat and can be accomplished00:33
izola86histo: my local_umask is set for 002 but i am get permissions of -rw-r--r-- , any ideas?00:34
shawnboyhisto, especially since the ONLY things it needs to do is print and be on network.00:34
histotripelb: open nautilus and browse to fonts:/00:34
liminalhi im running the command00:34
liminalsudo iwconfig ra0 power on00:34
obiwan_ahha i created it lol00:34
Exterminanshisto: The server becomes pingable, but nothing more. The message is the last one i see when opening the logs from a liveimage00:34
liminaland my wifi card returns00:34
liminalError for wireless request 'set power management' (8DB2):00:34
liminalGET failed on device ra0: Operation not supported00:34
obiwan_oh sry00:34
blendmaster1024histo, that's great. i'm looking for a specific command to install grub from a chroot, so i can reinstall grub and use my old configuration file00:34
liminalanyone got ideas why00:35
histoliminal: does it have a physical switch?00:35
liminala physical switch?00:35
histoblendmaster1024: grub-install00:35
liminalas in is it turned on?00:35
_CommandeR_guys i need some assistance, I installed Lucid Lynx and it worked good then after i installed Windows 7 on another partition but on the same harddrive grub2 is no longer booting and only windows 7 starts is there  way to restore grub2?00:35
histoliminal: yes like on laptops00:35
liminalits not a laptop, its pci00:35
liminaland I can talk to the card00:35
Exterminanshisto: Tried 3 times so far, allways only the message with HDA Intel so i guess it causes a freeze00:35
histo!grub | _CommandeR_00:35
ubottu_CommandeR_: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:35
AltinPacketcollision: No help for bin. easiest way is to remove the folder where it is extracted00:35
histoliminal: then why do you think its off?00:36
blendmaster1024histo, yes, but will it work from a chroot? or do i need a chroot? how do i keep my old configuration partition and directory?00:36
izola86Anyone know how to set default file permissions for vsftpd uploads?00:36
izola86Changing local_umask doesn't seem to do anything00:36
liminali dont, but when try to connect to my wep network it wont00:36
liminaland its only picking up one weak signal00:36
liminalthere are many in the area00:36
histoblendmaster1024: the link from ubottu will explain how to retore it. the config is in /etc/default/grub00:37
histoliminal: what kind of card?00:37
histoizola86: I remember someone else having the exact same problem not to long ago. Trying to remember the fix.00:38
histoliminal: whats lspci say the card is?00:38
tripelb histo, of course there is nothing that says nautilus and nothing that says browse to. haha so I have to UNDERSTAND somehow that you mean go to places, go to control-f put in fonts. OK now how can I find out what is the pwd for those files? This is totally beyond me.00:38
izola86histo: thanks a lot, this is driving me insane.00:38
histotripelb: ctrl+l will open the browse to00:38
liminal01:05.0 Network controller [0280]: RaLink RT2800 802.11n PCI [1814:0601]00:39
tripelbhisto control i does nothing controlshift I choses all my icons.00:39
* tripelb is beyond help with ubuntu. It is a constant project.00:40
histotripelb: ctrl+l opens a location dialog just below back and forard. hold up i'll get you the terminal command to launch it.00:40
rajguys i have a question. what would the problem be. if the CD refuses to install at all costs no matter how i partition the drive. on the hard drive i formated it to EXT4 and it still says 4 GIG used then when i tried to install it stops and gives me a DVD/CD and/or a HDD error. is the drive filled with bad sectors? I dont finish the install no matter what CD i use. even if i use my external DVD drive. its not the CD drive or the CD itse00:40
raj<raj> lf ( tried multiple ones) can any1 tell me what could it be? i thought the even with bad sectors it still should install. or is the HDD locked?00:40
histoizola86: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/umask-ing-with-vsftpd-635722/00:40
_silentAssassinallchan say goodnight00:40
hiexpohello all00:41
izola86histo: thanks00:41
histoizola86: make sure you are editing the proper file as well.00:42
historaj: which installer are you using the GUI?00:42
bogorI would like to have maximum desktop effects in ubuntu lucid lynx beta. Esp., the crashing window on close a window. How do i achive that?00:42
histoliminal: is there anything in System > admin > hardware drivers  for your wifi card?00:43
histobogor: /j #ubuntu+100:43
izola86histo: I'm editing /etc/vsftpd.conf, don't know of another file00:44
rajhisto:  the GUI and alternative install.. could a bad drive do this? i mean i can partition and do eerything i want it would still show used space no matter how i partition it. then everything is fine untill i install00:44
histoizola86: just make sureyou restart vsftpd after making changes.00:44
histoizola86: sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart00:44
izola86histo: could there be something overiding the local_umask?00:44
historaj: thats wierd that its showing used space.00:45
histoizola86: there are two umask settings I believe for vsftpd.conf00:45
rajhisto:  could be a bad drive / sector00:45
calumI can't open the virtual terminal by pressing ctrl + alt + f1. It doesn't appear?00:46
histoizola86: you need to set the file_open_mode00:46
tgp1994Hi everyone, for those of you who were here when I had my originial problem I could not get Ubuntu (more specifically, KuBunut) to detect an SDHC card in a card reader. The card reader automatically registers 5 devices with linux, however, I could not fdisk nor mount any of those 5 devices. They all show up as "SCSI" devices. This card is originally formatted in the Wii, and I do not mind nuking the card. If anyone can help, that00:46
tgp1994 would be great.00:46
histoizola86: those are the permissions with which uploaded files are created.00:46
histoizola86: umasks are applied on top of that.00:47
tripelbhisto I was doing cntl i this is L00:47
histotripelb: yes L not i00:47
tripelbhisto I was doing cntl i this is L -- ah "cound not display fonts. nautilus cannot handle this kind of location.00:47
tripelbit's an endless project.00:48
histotripelb: theykeep changing it on me try in a terminal gksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype00:48
histo!fonts | tripelb00:48
ubottutripelb: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:48
histotripelb: and there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts00:49
izola86histo: hmm i have file_open_mode=0777 and local_umask=0000 and still no changes to permissions00:49
tripelbhisto - I searched for fonts in  a places window. I FOUND THEM. I asked PLEASE how do I find out what FOLDER they are in?00:49
izola86histo: still -rw-r--r--00:49
histoizola86: which is 64400:49
histoizola86: thats odd00:49
liminalnothing in hardware drivers00:49
izola86histo: Exactly, this is just insane.00:50
histoizola86: let me check the man00:50
tripelbhisto: first instruction, open the folder where you have downloaded the fonts00:50
liminalralink open sourced the drivers00:50
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kermiti just upgraded to firefox 3.5.9 from 3.5.8, and every 4 minutes it copies places.sqlite to /tmp/ .. as thats a large file, thats a problem.  how do i stop this?   i don't think 3.5.8 ever did it.00:50
histoliminal: I have no idea yeah thats just odd I saw someoen else on the forums complaining of ping spikes and bad reliability with your exact card.00:50
flogI'm using ubuntu for the first time in a few years. Trying to install my swedish dvorak keymap. It's a .map file where do i put it and how do a activate the keymap?00:50
tripelbhisto: i went to that page BEFORE I came here asking. I dont just ask without doing the most I can by myself.00:50
avdiAnyone using Ubuntu on a Dell Studio XPS 16?00:51
gmonroeHello all.  Ubuntu has lost my CDROM and I cant access it from the desktop anymore.00:51
histotripelb: sry most people don't bother checking. Do you ahve the font downloaded?00:51
liminalwhat card would you recommend?00:51
gmonroeIt worked fine until last week and for no apparent reason (none that I can see at least) i need to be root to mount, un-mount, eject etc.   None of my cd's will autostart anymore...how do I access the CDROM again.00:51
histoliminal: there is a compatiblity list in the wiki i believe.00:52
liminali think this card is in that list00:52
histoizola86: are these anonymous users?00:52
calumMy virtual terminal will not open with ctrl + alt + f1 or ctrl + alt + f6?00:52
FishsceneDidn't Ubuntu disable opening virtual terminals? I don't know how to enable them though..00:53
izola86histo: local users00:53
histoizola86: and there is chown_upload_mode options as well00:53
tripelbhisto I have NO IDEA. how to download fonts/ which fonts work with ubuntu/ how to authorize the repositories universe and multiverse (and -no fault of yours-) I have mentioned that above.  ---> personally I have never been able to make synaptic work. ever.00:53
calumFishscene:It works on my laptop but not on my desktop00:53
histoizola86: hrm.. unless something in their .bashrc is doing it but i highly doubt i'm still reading.00:53
tripelbhisto and I dont care if I do, hoho00:53
histotripelb: System > admin > software sources check box multiverse and universe00:54
Fishscenecalum: What version of Ubuntu is on your desktop?00:54
LzrdKingmy VNC tunnel works!!!00:54
calumFishscene: Karmic00:54
rajguys i have a question. what would the problem be. if the CD refuses to install at all costs no matter how i partition the drive. on the hard drive i formated it to EXT4 and it still says 4 GIG used then when i tried to install it stops and gives me a DVD/CD and/or a HDD error. is the drive filled with bad sectors? I dont finish the install no matter what CD i use. even if i use my external DVD drive. its not the CD drive or the CD itse00:54
raj<raj> lf ( tried multiple ones) can any1 tell me what could it be? i thought the even with bad sectors it still should install. or is the HDD locked?00:54
liminalwhere is the wiki?00:55
Picitripelb: Er, if you just want the fonts for your user, can't you just drop them in ~/.fonts ?00:55
histoizola86: remember umask values are differnt than normal values00:55
izola86histo: I am using 0000 so it shouldn't mask anything00:56
tripelbfor just a break, something to laff at http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.120756167.jpg00:56
histoizola86: you want only the file owner to read?00:56
izola86histo: I want to give the file 777 permissions00:56
izola86histo: so I did file_open_mode=077700:56
man29need pactise english00:57
histoizola86: umask would be 000000:57
tripelbpici, this sounds so simple where is ~/.fonts I've never heard of it. And I am my own user. And I dont have a font yet?  SEarching I get only stuff like this http://www.google.com/search?q=fonts+for+ubuntu+avant+guarde&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a Which is of no use at all.00:57
izola86histo: yes it is local_umask=000000:57
histoizola86: yeah that was the problem is umask values are different00:58
izola86histo: yes, but the file default permissions haven't changed00:58
Picitripelb: ~/.fonts/ is a path in your home directory, if it doesn't exist, create it.00:59
histoizola86: you've reuploaded?00:59
izola86histo: lol yep, I've never experienced something so insane. Is it possible to write a rule to say that the folder has a permission defaults for new files?01:00
j800rhey, does anyone use Evolution mail on here? I wanna find a way to get email notifications without having to leave the program minimised01:00
histoPici: ty01:00
gmonroeUhhh....that was weird....my computer just rebooted for some reason01:00
histoizola86: i'm sry 002 would be equivalent of 77701:01
gmonroeanyway, can anyone help me gain access to my CD?01:01
tripelbI searched for fonts in Ubuntuforums and got things that I hate about ubuntu, but it still didnt metion fonts.01:01
timothy__is any easy gui wifi card detector - and wifi network detetor application /01:01
tripelbgmonroe does a livecd see your cd?01:01
histoizola86: http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/workshops/cool_unix/umask.html01:01
gmonroeI haven't tried a Live CD.  I installed Ubuntu about a month ago and everything worked great.  Last week for no reason I can determine, when I insert a cd or try and do an install I get the following error "Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:01:03
gmonroemount: only root can mount /dev/sr0 on /media/cdrom0"01:03
Picitripelb: Ubuntu can use the same fonts that Windows uses. .ttf .otf to name a few.01:03
tripelbhisto re (System > admin > software sources check box multiverse and universe) I have been there, thru the Symanic dialog box AND checking each tab nothing mentions Universe or Multiverse.  -- see my frustration. What's wrong with my box?01:03
izola86histo: It seems like a umask of 022 is affecting my files01:04
tripelbpici, good. then I am not stuck in another openformat alley. Then I need to find a free font. Then how to install it. Thank you.01:04
histotripelb: right on the first tab of software sources you have the option of selected Community-maintained open source software (universe) and Software restrcited by copyright or legal issues (multiverse)01:05
gmonroeWin XP Pro was able to access the CD also from VBox...but no longer01:05
histoizola86: that would be default root umask01:05
histoizola86: i'm trying to find a good example explaining.01:05
Picitripelb: Just copy/move the file into ~/.fonts if that directory doesn't exist, then create it. (~/ expands to /home/tripleb/ )01:05
=== sixtila is now known as Guest37313
storrgieset up key based auth with ssh, but still get password prompts on one of my computers... any idea why?01:06
histoizola86: hopefully this makes sense http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/understanding-linux-unix-umask-value-usage.html01:06
histoI have to go guys have fun.01:06
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gmonroeAny suggestions on how to access the CDROM that worked perfectly last week?  Now I have to be root to mount/unmount or access anything on a CD01:14
UbossDo we need an AntiVirus for our Ubuntu ?01:16
johnweddUboss, not likely01:16
PiciUboss: Only if you're planing on sharing/hosting files for Windows users.01:16
izola86histo: could this be a bug with vsftpd?01:17
FishsceneIt is *always* a good idea to have an antivirus. Even if it's a basic one.01:18
kharnovHi, can someone help me? I'm on Mint but there's nobody on the Mint channel and it's close enough. Anyway, I'm having issues with my memory buffer. It's growing at a ridiculous rate and now I have about 600 MB being used despite running LXDE. Is there any way to stop it?01:19
johnwedd!mint | kharnov01:20
ubottukharnov: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:20
kharnovYes, but isn't there some general advice you could give me?01:21
johnwedd!mintsupport | kharnov01:21
ubottukharnov: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:21
Picikharnov: buffered/cached memory is fine.01:21
kharnovYeah but I'm really being slowed down here, it's unbearable.01:21
=== Darky is now known as zz_Darky
kharnovThere aren't any terminal commands to reduce the size of the buffer, are there?01:24
kermiti've tried so many new versions of firefox now, i just want to go back to 3.5.8.. how do i do that?01:24
johnweddno, but you can make more swap space01:24
izola86Anyone know how to setup default file permissions for newly created files?01:24
tripelbHELP what does this tell me: Ignoring install-info called from maintainer script01:25
tripelbThe package cvs should be rebuild with new debhelper to get trigger support01:25
tripelbIgnoring install-info called from maintainer script01:25
tripelbThe package cvs should be rebuild with new debhelper to get trigger support01:25
FloodBot3tripelb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:25
tripelb4 was ok01:25
kharnovI have like 2 GB of swap space, most of it isn't even used.01:25
snapzz_awsome hello all01:26
wyclif___johnwedd: oh hai01:27
johnweddkharnov, hmmm, you might want to check the the forums on mint, or look for a memory trouble shooting app01:28
shazbotmcnastyI installed a new KVM switch, and now I can only get resolutions 640x800 and 320x240 - I tried reisntalling my video driver with no luck... it says the driver is working, just....not quite right. The Video card is a nVidia GeFroce 7100, and the KVM switch is a "Zonet KVM3002"01:28
jimbobcojust upgraded to the lucid beta 2 netbook remix on my dell mini 9...another job well done!01:29
wyclif___linux: hai linux! :)01:29
Curly_QTgp1994 did you fix your problem?01:29
tripelbI've been coming here for 3 weeks telling about my freezing problem and staying I thik it is from flash. This is what no-one told me, Claims it is how to fix flash. I will see what works but this is what I am doing --- FF Tweaks pages   --   http://lovinglinux.megabyet.net/?page_id=220#Removing-Conflicting-Plugins-2   --- then search for these words to find the place I was in --> Ubuntu comes with swfdec plug-in, but it doesn’t work on several sites. Installin01:29
tripelbg the version from Adobe might solve this problem and improve performance.01:29
linuxI have a problem with my video card. Anyone able to help?01:29
progre55hey geeks =) how are you people doing? )01:29
tgp1994Curly_Q: Not quite :( But right now I'm trying to get the wii hooked up with my capture card so I can view it from my pc. Darn VirtualDub can't get any FPS higher than 16 FPS :(01:30
shazbotmcnastylinux, what's your problem?01:30
jimbobcotripelb: have you tried installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras package?01:30
wyclif___progre55: fine how bout u?01:30
kharnovjohnwedd, do you know of any good apps for that?01:30
progre55wyclif__: awesome01:30
linuxMy PC uses the Intel Brookedale G graphics card... and compiz won't work with it, neither will any 3D video acceleration.01:30
Curly_QTgp1994 have you first found out that it is compatible with Linux and in what version of Linux supports it?01:31
tgp1994Ya, somehow my FPS like to lock in at 16~17 FPS, even though it's set for 29.9701:31
tripelb(corrected - yes jimbobco that's how I got flash to begin with. Medibuntu + old_gray_wolf post in Ubuntu forums)  I've been coming here for 3 weeks telling about my freezing problem and saying I think it is from flash. I found some info that no one suggested. Claims it is how to fix flash. I will see what works but this is what I am doing --- FF Tweaks pages   --   http://lovinglinux.megabyet.net/?page_id=220#Removing-Conflicting-Plugins-2   --- then search for01:31
tripelbthese words to find the place I was in --> Ubuntu comes with swfdec plug-in, but it doesn’t work on several sites. Installing the version from Adobe might solve this problem and improve performance.01:31
tgp1994Curly_Q: I'm hooking up the wii on my windows pc.01:31
* wyclif___ is surfing eBay looking for ThinkPads to install Lubuntu on...01:31
Curly_QWhat happened to Linux hookup?01:31
soreaulinux: Sounds like your drivers are using software rasterizer. Can you pastebin your X log?01:31
linuxI have, and I've come to some upsetting conclusions: 1. It worked in Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy, with an older XOrg driver (and something else called the INtel Experimental Modesetting driver)01:32
linuxworked perfectly.01:32
linuxSince 9.04 and up, it doesn't.01:32
tgp1994Curly_Q: I spose I could... the graphics card on this pc isn't so good, though.01:32
tripelbjimbobco, how else could one get flash? clicking the install link on the web doesn;t do it. That one ends up saying "install manually"01:32
linuxAnd yes, I'll post my Xorg log01:32
tgp1994Curly_Q: And then I have to go through setting up the capture card drivers... I'll just do the viewing on he windows peeshee.01:32
Curly_QTgp1994 if the graphics card for any computer is not supported, your problem will always exist.01:33
tgp1994Curly_Q: Are we talking about the same thing?01:33
linuxThe thing that irritates me the most is that this card worked perfectly on 8.04. After Jaunty, nothing will work.01:33
Curly_QI hope so.01:33
kermithow do i downgrade a package?01:33
* wyclif___ had to kill the damn avahi daemon01:33
soreaukermit: Why do you need to downgrade it?01:33
tgp1994Curly_Q: Ok... I still have the memory card not being recognized in computers problem. Right now though, I have a capture card, which I've hooked up to my windows pc. The FPS in virtual dub are jerkey and bad, so that's my priority #1.01:34
kermitsoreau: because i liked it better than the newer versions01:34
johnweddkharnov, not off hand, i only know slax and ubuntu01:34
Curly_QKermit just uninstall it and then install a previous version. Dated.01:34
kharnovOkay thanks anyway.01:34
shazbotmcnastylinux, if your card is ATI, ati dropped support on a whole bunch of card after 8.1001:34
soreaukermit: Did you check synaptic already?01:34
Schizoidhey guys anyone care to help me with a basic issue01:34
kermitCurly_Q: yes thats what i'd like to do, how?01:34
linuxMan i forgot the command. How do I get to my X log?01:34
shazbotmcnastylinux, moved them to legacy01:34
soreau! ask | Schizoid01:34
ubottuSchizoid: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:34
linuxShaz: the card is Intel.01:34
Curly_QSudo uninstall <program>01:34
linuxShaz: it's built in on the motherboard01:34
soreaulinux: Install curl and use this command to get a link for it: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us01:35
joneslee85hi guys, is it just me or ubuntu lucid still ship with 2.801:35
Schizoid!ask I am trying to make a list of all my music in a text file. I have ls -R to make terminal display the list, but how would I make it write to a file in the same command?01:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:35
joneslee85hi guys, is it just me or ubuntu lucid still ship with 2.28 gnome-icon-theme?01:36
soreauSchizoid: ls > somefile.lst01:36
Schizoidfailed on irc commands, havent used this channel before01:36
Schizoidbut thanks01:36
izola86histo: I found out that the file is maintaining its permissions from the remote machine. When I upload a file, the permission bits don't change.01:36
soreau! lucid | joneslee8501:36
ubottujoneslee85: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule01:36
kermitsoreau: the version i liked isnt listed in synaptic01:37
izola86Anyone know how to set defaults for uploaded files?01:37
Curly_QLinux, just open up a command prompt and type in  grep Xlog01:37
linuxsoreau: repeat that again, please?01:37
Shawn_lso the LTE is basically the official release of ubuntu, right?01:37
soreaukermit: Then you'll need to get the deb from an earlier repo or build it from source01:37
soreaulinux: Install curl and use this command to get a link for it: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us01:37
kermitsoreau: how do i get it from an earlier repo?01:38
baloo_yo yo every101:38
soreaukermit: Which version of ubuntu do you have?01:38
linuxsoreau: Done, now what do I do? (Major thanks btw!)01:38
FishsceneLTE is a long term release. Meaning it will be supported longer.. nothing more. Usually it's a bit more stable too.01:38
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)01:38
tatselShawn_l: LTS means Long Time Support. It just means that this release will have updates longer01:38
Fishscenesorry, LTS*01:38
kermitsoreau: karmic01:38
soreaulinux: Post the link here so we can see the log01:39
izola86anyone know how to set default file permissions for uploaded files using vsftpd?01:39
soreaukermit: Which package is it?01:39
Shawn_live only been using ubuntu for 2 years.01:39
digitalfizis there a way to adjust the notifications in karmic? they show too far down imo01:39
kermitsoreau: firefox, i want 3.5.8 back01:39
Shawn_lso im new to the whole releasze process.01:39
soreaukermit: Ok sec01:39
metrixI want to limit what devices will work plugged into a usb plug (I want a usb printer work, but not a flash drive).  Any idea how I would do this?01:39
linuxsoreau: http://sprunge.us/XKSh (Sorry about that lol shoulda put your name in)01:40
macometrix: you should be able to set a user's permissions to not include external drives01:40
macometrix: either in system -> admin -> users & groups or in system -> admin -> authorizations01:40
ScuniziWhat's the best/easiest way to share a directory on a secondary drive with no password access for those on my LAN?01:40
tgp1994Alright, so Curly_Q, I'm back here with the mysterious SDHC card. I can confirm that it works ok on the Wii, I can read and write files sucessfully. However, still issues getting it recognized on linux :( any other ideas?01:41
metrixmaco: cool, does that just limit filesystems? I want to limit any device from being recognized minus the things I decide should be plugged in.01:41
=== nirvous^away is now known as nirvous
jrcarr2what's the recommended best practice for installing something on a system to be globally available to everyone? Like Rails, Grails, etc. Note I am not using a package because they are often dated01:42
macometrix: i'm not sure how specific the "authorzations" thing will let you get, but that's definitely the place to go for fine-grained permissions01:42
jrcarr2ust drop it in /usr/lib?01:42
metrixmaco: thank you for your help01:42
jrcarr2and symlink any executables into /usr/bin?01:42
NDPMacBookAny good options for syncing an iPhone with Linux?01:42
soreaulinux: Seems you might have parts of the nvidia driver installed. Can you pastebin the output of 'dpkg -l|grep nvidia'?01:42
macojrcarr2: /usr/local/* is where compiled stuff usually goes01:42
shazbotmcnastyI installed a new KVM switch, and now I can only get resolutions 640x800 and 320x240 - I tried reisntalling my video driver with no luck... it says the driver is working, just....not quite right. The Video card is a nVidia GeFroce 7100, and the KVM switch is a "Zonet KVM3002"01:43
macoNDPMacBook: you'll need lucid (ubuntu 10.04, releasing 2 weeks from thursday) to access an iphone or itouch's filesystem01:43
blkhatjameswhats a good torrent client?01:43
linuxsoreau: I did install the NVidia driver in a last ditch effort to try and get the Intel oboard video to work01:43
Curly_QTgp1994 I have a hard time following you. You tell me that you are setting up Windows and then Linux with that SDHC card.01:43
kermitblkhatjames: transmission01:43
linuxbut yes I will01:43
metrixoops :P01:43
macoblkhatjames: i like deluge01:43
soreaukermit: Does /var/cache/apt/archives/ have the deb package version you're wanting?01:44
macoblkhatjames: but there is a torrent client included in ubuntu by default01:44
tgp1994Curly_Q: No, no :P I am using a capture card on windows to preview my wii on there, but that's irrelevant to the SDHC card.01:44
macoblkhatjames: its called transmission01:44
wyclif___blkhatjames: transmission on linux, utorrent on Win01:44
soreaulinux: That was the wrong thing to do. Remove the nvidia driver, restart your machine, then re-pastebin your X log01:44
kermitsoreau: no, i guess i shouldnt have cleaned it.01:44
linuxAlright, I will do so.01:44
scarter4utorrent runs very well in wine if you're familiar with it01:44
linuxsoreau: And once again, thank you01:44
scarter4and +1 for deluge01:44
soreaukermit: I can't seem to find a deb package of that version of firefox, but you can search if you want at packages.ubuntu.com01:45
blkhatjamestransmission bugs/crashes to much on  me. looking for something better01:45
Curly_QTgp1994 are you using wine or vmware for this situation?01:45
kermitsoreau: thanks01:45
tgp1994Curly_Q: The windows system is on an entirely different computer.01:45
macoblkhatjames: please file a bug by the way01:45
tgp1994Curly_Q: I have two computers on this desk.01:45
blkhatjameswill do01:46
shazbotmcnastyI installed a new KVM switch, and now I can only get resolutions 640x800 and 320x240 - I tried reisntalling my video driver with no luck... it says the driver is working, just....not quite right. The Video card is a nVidia GeFroce 7100, and the KVM switch is a "Zonet KVM3002"01:47
Curly_QTgp1994 the only thing that I can think of is to find another computer and install any card or device before installing the OS, i.e., Linux or Windows. Why, the installation process will see the hardware and install the necessary driver devices.01:47
infoshopkeeperhi folks, i'm having some trouble in karmic. My sound volume keeps lowering by itself with varying applications. i tried both mplayer and exaile01:47
wyclif___blkhatjames: Comparison of bittorrent clients: http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_BitTorrent_clients01:48
infoshopkeeperit starts at a normal volume and then just gets lower01:48
tgp1994Curly_Q: Completely install a new OS? That sounds a little extreme for this. Don't you think just rebooting my box here will allow it to detect the card perhaps?01:48
rgoytacazHey guys, How do I know (and add/remove) programs from the boot up sequence of my Ubuntu?01:49
Curly_QTgp1994 I do this every day and all day long. I have tons of computers on my desk. If one OS doesn't work the way I want, I just re-format and install something else. If there is a virus, I just play the game of re-installing something else. I have that luxury. It is much faster.01:50
tgp1994Curly_Q: Oh, I guess I don't :( Well, thank you for your help today.01:50
chris78945i am having trouble setting my password in samba. i enter sudo smbpasswd -a <password> and get this: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/JC3wVPnk01:51
scarter4rgoytacaz: main menu -> system -> preferences -> startup applications01:51
geniichris78945: sudo smbpasswd -a username01:51
goodfella121soreau: back01:52
geniichris78945: then sudo smbpasswd -e username01:52
soreaugoodfella121: Which one weer you?01:52
wyclif___blkhatjames: that's odd. Transmission is lauded as being very stable. I've certainly had no issues like that, YMMV01:52
infoshopkeeperit is very odd in that both mplayer and exaile do it, one uses gstreamer, and one doesn't01:52
soreaugoodfella121: You're linux?01:52
Curly_QTgp1994 one little bit of good advice, there is a software, expensive, but very valuable if you are interested. It is called: Acronis. That will help you solve many issues with installation problems as well as data recovery and if any mistake is made you can always revert back to a previous situation. Windows has a stupid version of that but it is completely vulnerable to more stupid problems.01:53
PacketCollisionblkhatjames: I suggest Deluge01:53
goodfella121soreau: yeppers01:53
soreaugoodfella121: Ok, what does 'glxinfo|grep renderer' say?01:53
tgp1994Curly_Q: Heh, ya, that's windows. I think the next time something bad happens, I'll just give in and buy Windows 7.01:53
chris78945genii, i am getting an error that it cant find /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb (also noted in my pastebin)01:54
goodfella121soreau: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 845G GEM 20091221 2009Q4 x86/MMX/SSE201:54
scarter4blkhatjames: deluge uses gtk, so its light on the resources and fits well with your style if you're using gnome01:54
soreaugoodfella121: Looks good. Now what's the problem?01:54
geniichris78945: Are you using straight samba or ldap as well?01:54
Curly_QWindows 7 is much better than Vista, but the caveat is that Windows XP Pro is much faster and better and well supported than 7 and Vista.01:54
goodfella121soreau: Well, let me try and enable desktop effects01:55
wyclif___scarter4: good point about gtk, forgot about that01:55
fuzzybunny69yhey everyone why would you ever need to know what the inode number of a file is and also does anyone know what a character device file and a pipe file is?01:55
blkhatjameshow do you convert a chm file to a pdf?01:55
chris78945genii, i dont know about ldap so i would guess im not using it01:55
goodfella121soreau: nope, "Desktop effects could not be enabled"01:55
soreaugoodfella121: Pastebin the output of 'compiz &' from your terminal to pastebin.com01:56
chris78945genii, i am currently on 10.0401:56
Fudgehi im trying to track down why my lucid beta2 / vinux keeps locking up, cpu temps fine, stress test didnt kill it but memtester i installed im not sure how to specify how to test like 3gig of the 4gig of ram,have read man page but hasnt helped me01:56
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule01:56
timothy__what is the application to setup the wifi in KDE ?01:57
goodfella121soreau: whoa. that wasn't a good idea lol01:57
timothy__or in gnome01:57
goodfella121soreau: http://pastebin.com/257FjiMu01:58
wyclif___blkhatjames: sudo apt-get install llibchm-bin01:58
wyclif___blkhatjames: IOW install Chmlib in Ubuntu01:58
wyclif___blkhatjames: then if you want to convert .chm files to HTML use extract_chmLib book.chm outdir01:59
alpicolatimothy__: In KDE 4 there's a plasmoid for it.  KDE Network Manager, I think it's called.01:59
soreaugoodfella121: Your intel chip is on the low end and the driver has poor support for it. You can try with 'SKIP_CHECKS=yes compiz & disown' to see if it works anyway but WARNING: This may lockup your machine.01:59
digitalfizis there a way to adjust the notifications in karmic? they show too far down imo02:00
m477 i need help with mount iso02:01
wyclif___blkhatjames: in that example I gave, book.chm would be the path to your CHM file and outdir is your new dir, created for the HTML02:01
m477sudo mount -o loop Diablo2LOD.iso /media/cdrom0/02:01
m477mount: you must specify the filesystem type02:02
blkhatjamesok ty02:02
soreaum477: Does it make any difference if you specify the full path to the iso image?02:02
goodfella121soreau: I gave it a whirl and it killed metacity window manager.02:02
goodfella121soreau: How come it works on Hardy but not Lucid or Jaunty? I jsut don't understand02:02
soreaugoodfella121: Because there have been drastic changes in the intel driver02:03
soreaugoodfella121: You're chipset is *barely* able to run compiz, even with the right driver magic02:03
=== root is now known as Guest12038
m477soreau: im in folder with that iso02:03
goodfella121soreau: what would be the best solution? perhaps a nvidia card?02:03
soreaum477: Are you certain it's a valid iso image file?02:03
alpicolam477: What does file say the image is?02:04
=== Guest12038 is now known as redhat
Ed-ree-kayAny ideas on getting an Intel WiFi 5100AGN Wireless Card to work? It seems to recognize the card but won't show me any wireless networks.02:04
wyclif___blkhatjames: do you have htmldox installed? If not, consider doing so b/c it generates indexed HTML and PDF output02:04
m477soreau: im sure it works02:04
soreaugoodfella121: I recommend ati, because it too has had drastic changes in the driver, but it's better hw02:04
=== redhat is now known as Guest28598
wyclif___blkhatjames: sorry i meant htmldoc02:04
=== Ed-ree-kay is now known as JustEric
soreaugoodfella121: In any event, you can complain in #intel-gfx about it or just try again with the lucid release02:05
goodfella121soreau: alright, i see. Aside from this video issue, Lucid runs perfectly. I'll just purchase an ATI card or Nvidia.02:05
soreaugoodfella121: However in Lucid, SKIP_CHECKS wont work because ubuntu hard coded the blacklist into their version of compiz02:05
m477alpicola: what do you mean ?02:05
nomnexhow can I prevent the icon on the desktop? anytime I plug an external drive or create a network connection an icon is displayed on the desktop. I already have them on the panel menu, that's enough.02:05
soreaugoodfella121: But yea, you can get a decent graphics card for 10 bucks now days02:06
alpicolam477: Type this into a terminal and paste the result: file Diablo2LOD.iso02:06
JustEricAnyone know how to get an intel wifi 5100 to pick up wireless networks?02:06
goodfella121soreau: would this correct the lag issue in games such as Nexiuz? I would figure so02:06
m477alpicola: Diablo2LOD.iso: data02:07
jrcarr2heard some guy blow up at work this morning, was yelling "I'm tried of you treating me like shit, I'm quitting, blah blah blah" :)02:07
nomnexI don't find a setting in nautilus pref. it must be in gconf-editor.02:07
elkyjrcarr2, non-support chatter really belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic (but you should watch your language there too)02:08
alpicolam477: Interesting.  Looks like your image file is bad / corrupted.  file should have said something more like "ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data"02:09
soreaugoodfella121: Oh yes, nexuiz, enemy-territory, openarena, warsow, tremulous and all run nicely on my radeon rv350 (9600) with the open radeon driver02:09
m477alpicola: this file work on windows so isnt corrupted02:09
perscitusHow do you use USb Startup Creator? it wont format usb disk02:10
goodfella121soreau: excellent. Thank you for this, I figured it was because the card is blacklisted. I had read about it and checked the site, I just need conformation.02:10
soreaugoodfella121: Yes, the integrated intel chip you have isn't that great to be frank02:10
JustEricAnyone know how to get an intel wifi 5100 to pick up wireless networks?02:11
shazbotmcnastyI installed a new KVM switch, and now I can only get resolutions 640x800 and 320x240 - I tried reisntalling my video driver with no luck... it says the driver is working, just....not quite right. The Video card is a nVidia GeFroce 7100, and the KVM switch is a "Zonet KVM3002"02:11
goodfella121soreau: Yeah, I remember trying to play low-end specs for Half Life 2 on windows, and it lagged horribly02:11
goodfella121soreau: so I already knew it was bad card02:11
shazbotmcnastyhola loculinux-client02:11
chillindaveHow do I add the current date/time to a filename if I'm doing something like cd /var/www/; tar -cvpzf /home/user/backup{datetimehere}.tar.gz mywebsite.com/02:12
shazbotmcnastyhow would I manually add some resolution modes to xorg.conf  ?02:12
alpicolam477: Not sure, then.  I suppose you could always specify the filesystem when you try to mount the thing and maybe that'll work.  (mount -t iso9660)02:12
igoryonyahello, is alsa the only one, supporting 5.1 or more channel output? Pules, OSS, etc only support 2?02:12
m477alpicola: i tried sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 Diablo2LOD.iso /media/cdrom0/02:13
m477alpicola: but doesnt work02:13
alpicolam477: Definitely not sure, then.  What are you using in Windows to load the image?02:14
m477alpicola: daemon02:14
jrcarr2hey, what file do I need to edit if I want to add env variables and aliases? I thought this was ~/.profile, but even retsrarting has no effect and nothing I add there gets used!02:14
m477alpicola: but it isnt first time when i can mount02:14
igoryonyabecause, in SMPlayer, when I chose audio output driver, and the movie has 5.1 channel audio, everything plays 2 channels except for alsa. in VLC, even alsa plays 2 chnnels. what's wrong, does Linux really have a such poor support of audio?02:14
ScuniziHow do I get a gui app that needs root privileges to ask for a password and granting it root privileges.  The package is samba-server-configuration.02:15
m477alpicola: i recently got note that i have to specify file type02:15
igoryonyascunizi, you run it from the console: sudo and your gui app file name02:15
mdlueckDoes either Aptitude or Synaptic log events as it downloads from the repos? I see one fail after waiting a LONG time, but then the text goes away right away and I can not see which one is erroring.02:16
igoryonyascunizi: sudo samba-server-configuration (from the console, or you can create a launcher with that command)02:16
m477alpicola: maybe can you recomend some other program which can do that02:16
Scuniziigoryonya: been there done that.. and it loaded fine.. I'd just like to start it from the menu if possible.02:17
igoryonyascunizi: so, create a launcher shortcut with sudo prepending and add it to the menu.02:18
Scuniziigoryonya: good idea.. hadn't thought of that.02:18
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:19
ScuniziPici: kdesu in this case.. I made the switch from gnome..02:19
alpicolam477: Don't really know any, I'm afraid.  Loop mount has always worked for me.02:19
igoryonyahello, is alsa the only one, supporting 5.1 or more channel output? Pules, OSS, etc only support 2? because, in SMPlayer, when I chose audio output driver, and the movie has 5.1 channel audio, everything plays 2 channels except for alsa. in VLC, even alsa plays 2 chnnels. what's wrong, does Linux really have a such poor support of audio?02:19
kpourjxhi im kpourjx :)02:19
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:19
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:20
ScuniziPici: or now it's been superceeded by kdesudo .. kdesu isn't installable anymore.02:20
kpourjxI wonder if anyone here have a solid knowledge about parallel computing..there are tons of questions i wanna ask u guys02:20
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PiciScunizi: I'll need to remmeber that.02:20
Chris___I'm going to train my kids to say "Sudo" instead of "Please"02:22
workingworkif anyone want to be invited in lockerz whisper me add points and win console ipod and mac02:22
jrcarr2hey, what file do I need to edit if I want to add env variables and aliases? I thought this was ~/.profile, but even retsrarting has no effect and nothing I add there gets used!02:23
mdlueckjrcarr2: On Debian it is .bash_profile... have not set custom variables on Ubuntu02:25
TheVenerableZdoes anyone here know how to use spamassassin?02:26
obiwan_jrcarr2: man bash says if theres bash.profile first, it won't read .profile02:26
kpourjxjrcarr2: .bashrc02:26
kpourjxits already have there02:27
i12I have a dell Inspiron 600m with a dedicated video card, but cannot get any of the higher end visual effects02:28
m477fu me02:29
i12The wobble works but it disables full screen applications/windows, the 'chrome' bar stays but the ui of the window is black02:29
obiwan_When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, or as a  non-inter‐ active  shell with the --login option, it first reads and executes com‐ mands from the file /etc/profile, if that file exists.   After  reading that file, it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile, in that order, and reads and executes commands from the first one  that exists  and  is  readable.02:30
jrcarr2I thought the purpose of .profile was to have a profile read by multiple shells02:30
tomeois there a version of ubuntu that will run well on old hardware (p3 866mhz)02:30
obiwan_so you'll need to make a .bash_profile02:30
obiwan_jrcarr2: that's /etc/profile02:30
jrcarr2cp ~/.profile ~/.bash_profile02:30
kpourjxjrcarr2: read the man page of bash..see invocation section :)02:31
Shawn_ldoes anyone know how to get the flash plugin working on Chrome in 10.04?02:32
PiciShawn_l : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Lucid/10.04 support/discussion.02:33
Shawn_lwill do.02:33
AltinHello guys I am installing Yahoo Messenger from following link : http://www.technixupdate.com/download-yahoo-messenger-for-ubuntu-linux-with-webcam-voice-chat-photo-sharing-support/. The installation got error due to dependency packages on Ubuntu 9.10 desktop CD. Please find the attached screenshot error:http://imagebin.org/92943. Please advise how can we fix this?02:33
^b0ss^hey all i am trying to install plugin script with xchat ....i select the files from the xchat scripts but does load02:34
m477hello guys02:34
m477im going to kill myself :D02:34
^b0ss^im half way there02:34
jordanDoes anyone know if you can play WoW with Wine WITHOUT Installing it? But instead playing it off a hard drive that it is already pre installed into ?02:35
igoryonyai12, do you have nvidia?02:35
m477^b0ss^: (m)02:35
i12I think its an ATI card02:35
tatseljordan: I tried once, I didn't succeed02:36
i12is there a command to profile the hardware?02:36
NedraeWithout installing what, Wine or WoW?02:36
tatselNedrae: wow02:36
^b0ss^my amsn wont close ..02:36
^b0ss^is there like a crtl alt del button02:36
jordanDamn  I was hoping there was away around it02:36
NedraeJust run it, that's what I did and it never gave me trouble02:36
m477^b0ss^: try xkill02:37
m477alt + f2 > xkill02:37
igoryonyajordan, :), I had a windows WoW installation and when I booted to ubuntu, I just launched the exe file from the install directory and it worked. I have Wine 1.1.40 and Ubuntu 64bit 9.0402:37
zenlunatic^b0ss^, system monitor02:37
NedraeIt doesn't even need to be installed in windows. It does use some registry keys but it just re-creates them if they don't exist02:37
dhaneshwhich archive manager supports .rar format02:38
jordanLucky! Idk why it didnt work for me XD     How do you make the red text?02:38
igoryonyai12, strange, because, the problem you've described is known for nvidia cards and there is a fix for it.02:38
digitalfizdhanesh, 7zip supports everything :)02:38
_CommandeR_how do i change resolution in grub?02:39
dhaneshdigitalfiz:how it can be worked in ubuntu02:39
igoryonyajordan, what do you mean by the red text?02:39
^b0ss^cant find amsn on the process like02:39
zenlunatic_CommandeR_, what do you mean02:39
digitalfizjordan, the red text is xchat highlighting something said with your name in it02:39
jordanIdk when people say jordan, it appears red on my screen XD SOrry new to Ubuntu02:39
shazbotmcnastyI installed a new KVM switch, and now I can only get resolutions 640x800 and 320x240 - I tried reisntalling my video driver with no luck... it says the driver is working, just....not quite right. The Video card is a nVidia GeFroce 7100, and the KVM switch is a "Zonet KVM3002"02:39
chillindaveAnyone here savvy with CRON?02:39
shazbotmcnastyhow would I manually add some resolution modes to xorg.conf  ?02:39
_CommandeR_zenlunatic, i have a 1200x800 screen02:39
_CommandeR_but it seems to still not use that resolution in grub02:40
dhaneshdigitalfiz:how can i add 7zip in ubuntu02:40
jordanOH!!!!! okay haha damn it was freakin me out02:40
zenlunaticgrub is a boot loader who cares02:40
digitalfizdhanesh, search for it in synaptic02:40
Dr_Willisshazbotmcnasty:  ages ago i found a X modeline generator web site.  and used that. but   There may be better ideas in the forums.  KVM's are often a problem i hear.02:40
_CommandeR_zenlunatic, i have instlaled burg as a extension that is a graphical boot screen02:40
shazbotmcnastydhanesh, sudo apt-get install p7zip-full02:40
shazbotmcnastyMrHeavy, errrrrr02:41
_CommandeR_zenlunatic, http://ubuntuguide.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/os_logo.png02:41
_CommandeR_want this but to fill it out on my screen02:41
dhaneshdigitalfiz:oh thank you very much02:41
dhaneshshazbotmcnasty:thank you02:41
shazbotmcnastyno prob02:42
zenlunaticwow grub2 is ridiculous02:42
digitalfizthats not grub thats chameleon02:42
Dr_WillisGrub2 has some very nifty features.. and a lot more to come i imagine02:42
shazbotmcnastyDr_Willis, do you think manually adding resolution to xorg.conf would fix my problem anyway?02:42
Out_Coldthe greatest work excuse ever.. "I'm can't do any work until it's done compiling XD02:42
digitalfizunless grub2 took some pointers from chameleon02:42
Dr_Willisshazbotmcnasty:  thats how others have handled it in the past. but Ive never used a KVM switch. so no personal experioence with it02:43
_CommandeR_im trying to make it but when editing its settings and giving GFXMODE to 1200x800 seems not to change it02:43
Strife89Out_Cold: There's an xkcd comic about that. :)02:43
zenlunaticwhatever... that much gui in a bootloader is a waste02:43
shazbotmcnastyDr_Willis, the other side of the kvm is plugged into an xbox360, and it finds the resolution fine on that02:43
dhaneshwhich  digitalfiz02:43
shazbotmcnastyDr_Willis, oh...well okay02:43
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  you are rerunning tghe 'sudo update-grub' command after changeing any grub2 configf files?02:43
shazbotmcnastythanks anywhoo LD02:43
Out_Coldlol Strife8902:43
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, yes02:43
_CommandeR_if i run grub-emu or burg-emu seems to change resolution but not the real thing02:44
Strife89Out_Cold: http://xkcd.com/303/02:44
od3n_I was wondering if anyone would know how I would fix firefox from crashing all the time02:44
od3n_right from the get go its just crashes02:44
Out_ColdStrife89, hahaha.. minus the swords, that was me at work02:44
KB1JWQod3n_: Likely a plugin.02:44
Dr_Willisod3n_:  try disabling flash? that seems tobe a major cause of ff crashes.02:44
KB1JWQod3n_: Failing that look at the Lorenzo project.02:44
Dr_Willisod3n_:  or some other plugins.02:44
od3n_how do I do that02:45
Dr_WillisLorebzo Project has potential.02:45
od3n_cause I cant even get it to start long enough02:45
igoryonyai12, Have you read this? http://wiki.compiz.org/Troubleshooting  it might help you solve your problem02:45
jordanThanks all for the help :]02:45
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, how do i check what resolutions my computer got during grub?02:45
Dr_Willisod3n_:  in the firefox menus,  or use the command line options  - It would be very weird that FF would crash on startup loading ablank page.02:45
obiwan_guys, is there any file tag standard in common filesystems? (fat32, ntfs, ext*,...)? i want to tag all my files02:46
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  Ive never noticed. I set mine to be the native of my LCD monitor and it uses that.02:46
snowhouseWhen I plug my ipod (a fourth gen 8gb nano) into rythmbox, it asks me whether or not I want to initialize. I do want initialize it but it gives me an error about not being able to create a folder on it or something. Any ideas on what could be wrong?02:46
Dr_Willisobiwan_:  clarify what you mean by tag standard.02:46
^b0ss^Question im trying to move a file to a system area i tryed gksu nautilus and typed my password then tryed to copy paste the file ..didnt work please help02:46
daroluobiwan_: do you want to label your partitions?02:47
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_^mouse^_^b0ss^, you might try sudo mv <file> <destination> in terminal02:47
i12igoryonya, thanks I'll give that a look, the 'advanced' settings are compiz even without the compiz settings manager right?02:48
igoryonyamaybe obiwan_ is talking about mp3 tag?02:48
i12igoryonya, what should I do to see what kind of video card I have, that will help on the search02:48
^b0ss^surely you can do it from the gui?02:48
dhanesh Dr_Willis: i have installed 7zip but it is not in application menu.02:48
darolui12: open a terminal and type "lspci |grep VGA" (no quotes)02:48
Dr_Willis^b0ss^:  i find it much SAFER to use the CLI. ive seen peopel running nautilus as root have at times really messed up their systems.02:49
igoryonyai12, I read your question 3 times and didn't understand what you've ment about advanced settings.02:49
_^mouse^_^b0ss^, idk, probably so, but easier to use terminal for it i think02:49
Dr_Willisdhanesh:  yes.. thats because its not a GUI tool.. You are thinking its a clone of the windows version.. its NOT.02:49
^b0ss^im just trying to copy a xchat script to the plugins folder02:49
Dr_Willisdhanesh:  now that its installed the archive gui 's in linux should be able to handle 7zip arhives.02:49
^b0ss^thats all02:49
=== WindPower_ is now known as WindPower
Dr_Willis^b0ss^:  you do realize you could just use the users own personal xchat directories.. theres no real need to copy it syst4mwide.02:50
_^mouse^_right, what Dr_Willis said :)02:50
^b0ss^im trying to put it in the xchat/plugins   folder ?02:50
^b0ss^is that the right place02:50
obiwan_darolu: i want to label my files02:50
hiexpoi bricked my router so anyone with a WRTSL54GS i will be glad to buy it from you at a good price thanx02:50
dhaneshDr_Willis:then how can i extract file using 7zip02:50
Dr_Willisand each USER has their own .xchat/WHATEVER directory02:51
darolu^b0ss^: ~/.xchat2/ create a plugins folder first02:51
Dr_Willisdhanesh:  use ark or file-roller or the cli tools.  or the 'unp' command02:51
^b0ss^there was already one02:51
Dr_Willis!info unp | dhanesh02:51
ubottudhanesh: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (karmic), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB02:51
daroluobiwan_: what do you try to do exactly? what do you want to acomplish by "labeling your files"?02:51
igoryonyai12: well, normally, in your system -> administration -> hardware drivers, you can see what graphics card is installed, but there should be a command line, but I don't know what it is, although, when you start compiz or /etc/init.d/gdm, or X11, it tells you during start what it is.02:51
brah-quiet today02:52
daroludhanesh: if you have installed the 7zip package you should be able to right click your compressed file and extract it from any nautilus window02:52
daroluigoryonya: lspci |grep VGA should print video card model02:53
Dr_Willisp7zip -d FILENAME02:53
crucialhoaxdarolu: It does.02:53
igoryonyaobiwan_, what, do you mean by *label* your files, it can mean many things, what do you mean by that.02:53
obiwan_darolu: i find it extremely difficult to organise my files: if i got a software program for chemistry where do i put it? in chemistry dir? in software dir? what if i want to grab all my software and i've got that prgram in the chemistry dir? i'll have to search all the dirs in my disk for software. it'd be better to have all software in a dir. but then what if i need everything about chemistry? it'd be good to have that software in my chemi02:53
obiwan_igoryonya: what i just said please read my last comment02:54
igoryonyadarolu, thanx, I've forgot about lspci02:54
crucialhoaxobiwan_: Most software installed will go under the applications menu.02:54
alpicolaobiwan_: In short, you want a tag cloud like they have on blogs and such, but for your files?  Or your applications?02:55
NedraeI *think* you can tag them in the tracker search tool, but trackerd keeps bugging out on me and corrupting indices all over the place02:55
obiwan_exactly alpicola02:55
obiwan_crucialhoax: yeah i know, i mean software installers02:55
flybackwhy is it that ubuntu and knoppix have been consistanly a pain in the ass over 10 yrs when it comes to livecd's02:55
daroluobiwan_: it's quite easy to install probrasm at /opt/ and your files at your own /home; you can use different directories or file sufix to help keeping them organized; I do not know of any "label" system like the one you are describing; out of a database that is.02:55
flybackrandom suddentely can't read half the disc etc02:55
daroluflyback: that's a weird statement since Ubuntu hasn't been around for 10 years02:56
obiwan_but darolu i don't mean installed programs, i mean installers. i want to keep my programs organised in my external usb disk02:56
obiwan_what i want is exactly what alpicola said, a blog cloud tag for my files02:56
pranay_09hi , i want to install git in my system , but can't find the name of package , which one should i install?02:57
obiwan_i thought about that some hours ago, but couldn't find something related to blog tags for filesystems02:57
flybackhowever long I seen livecd's out for02:57
alpicolaobiwan_: I think dolphin has a feature like that in kubuntu.  Don't know if gnome/ubuntu has anything similar.  The dolphin functionality also doesn't work outside the GUI, so if you want to get your files from the terminal, you're on your own.02:57
crucialhoaxflyback: I have never had that problem...02:57
obiwan_alpicola: problem is that if dolphin is just for ext files or for linux it won't help02:57
Dr_WillisI wonder if theres a 'tag' fuse extension. for the FUSE stuff.02:57
brezWow, this box is awesome now!02:58
obiwan_alpicola: i need something working on a standard filesystem basis, working in ntfs, ext, fat32,...02:58
crucialhoaxflyback: If you check the md5 sums of the download, burn at a low speed like 2x or 4x you will be fine.02:58
snowhouse When I plug my ipod (a fourth gen 8gb nano) into rythmbox, it asks me whether or not I want to initialize. I do want initialize it but it gives me an error about not being able to create a folder on it or something. Any ideas on what could be wrong?02:58
flybackI been doing that for ages02:58
dhaneshbrez:how can i extract .rar file in ubuntu02:58
flybackthis is just random bullshit02:58
flybackI seen over the yrs02:58
obiwan_dhanesh: file-roller02:58
flybacki'm not blaming ubuntu at all02:59
brezchange the file name to .tar?02:59
igoryonyaobiwan_, I know, there are several programs, meeting your need. I need something like that too, but, I don't remember what they are called, I can just say, that I've seen a couple in synaptic (don't remember what category and the name) and on freshmeat.02:59
flybackgoing to free up a flash drive here02:59
flybackand work that way02:59
brezpranay_09: apt-get install git02:59
alpicolaobiwan_: If you're looking for something at the filesystem level, it doesn't exist in any current fs that I know of.  Definitely not in the "normal" ones like ntfs, ext*, etc.02:59
brezworks fine.02:59
dhanesh obiwan_:it is not supported .rar format02:59
^b0ss^Question getting closer03:00
snowhouseobiwan_: use wine and download winzip03:00
^b0ss^m angryfact.pl $HOME/.xchat2/ plugins03:00
dhaneshobiwan_:it is not supported .rar format03:00
greezmunkeyI am using network manager to share my wireless internet via eth0. The pc using the eth0 connection recieves an address of via dhcp. Where do I go to modify the address handed out over such a connection?03:00
^b0ss^is the command m?03:00
brezdhanesh: try in a terminal "unrar x filename.rar"03:00
obiwan_alpicola: i mean some tag standard, adopted by common filesystems, so i can use those tags interchangeably in different filesystems and then combine files seamlessly03:00
brezor alternatively, install "rar" from synaptic.03:00
crucialhoaxgreezmunkey: Edit the connection properties inside of Network Manager.03:00
obiwan_snowhouse: wrong person? :P03:01
dhaneshbrez:how can i extract using 7zip03:01
pranay_09brez: is gnuit and git the same?03:01
brezwhy do you need 7zip?03:01
obiwan_dhanesh: strange, mine works. maybe i downloaded some rar plugin i can't remember of03:01
igoryonyaIs alsa the only one, supporting 5.1 or more channel output? Pules, OSS, etc only support 2? because, in SMPlayer, when I chose audio output driver, and the movie has 5.1 channel audio, everything plays 2 channels except for alsa. in VLC, even alsa plays 2 chnnels. what's wrong, does Linux really have a such poor support of audio?03:01
alpicolaobiwan_: Yeah, I know.  It doesn't exist.03:01
obiwan_alpicola: aw :( what a shame03:02
brezpranay_09: I'd assume so, considering it's under the same file name :D03:02
obiwan_i'd really love03:02
obiwan_alpicola: do you know if some work is being done on that?03:02
dhaneshobiwan_: is there any other method03:02
greezmunkeycrucialhoax: I would, but once you select "shared to other computers" for the method of the wired connection, all other entries become greyed out.03:02
brezdhanesh: I just downloaded a .rar and typed in what I printed above in terminal with no problems.03:02
dhaneshobiwan_ can i extract in windows xp03:02
obiwan_dhanesh: of course, apt-get install unrar03:03
crucialhoaxgreezmunkey: Then I do not know. I have not ever played with a bridged connection.03:03
obiwan_sure dhanesh03:03
greezmunkeycrucialhoax: I suspect it may be in a config file somewhere, but have had no luck looking for it.03:03
ArsinDoes anyone know what I'm talking about : An application that show numerous graphs of network history, RAM usage, cpu usage, etc. all in one and most people have it on the right hand side of their screen03:03
Fudgeis there a program that will make my cpu run at 24400MHz instead of 1600 please?03:03
igoryonyaobiwan_, I was thinking about directories as categories and using symlinks as different types categories, placed in different directories for the same file.03:03
Fudgeintel quad03:03
brezwow, vnc is slow over thi wifi network :x03:04
obiwan_yeah i thought about that igoryonya03:04
crucialhoaxgreezmunkey: It might not be able to be configured since it is a bridged connection.03:04
* genii ponders this software to overclock a cpu to 24Ghz03:04
ArsinFudge, You want to OC it 22.8GHz?03:04
obiwan_igoryonya: problem is then i'd have to keep worring about what i wanna copy as a symlink or what i want to derrefer and take the real file03:04
^b0ss^Q : mv angryfact.pl ~/xchat2/ plugins03:04
^b0ss^mv: target `plugins' is not a directory03:04
^b0ss^thats the error03:04
^b0ss^trying to find out how to move the scripts into the plugins folder03:05
greezmunkeycrucialhoax: maybe that's why I can't find it! Like it's part of an executable somewhere.03:05
crucialhoax^b0ss^: there is a space after xchat203:05
obiwan_igoryonya: i may do that for a couple files, but when i copy like hundreds, i can't keep picking each one by hand03:05
_^mouse^_^b0ss^, try --- mv angryfact.pl ~/.xchat2/ plugins03:05
crucialhoaxgreezmunkey: Yeah, that is possible.03:05
igoryonyaobiwan_: you could keep all the files in one directory and use a subdirectory structure of categories with symlinks.03:05
greezmunkeycrucialhoax: It's not a big deal, I was more curious than anything else.03:05
_^mouse^_you need a period before "xchat2"03:05
^b0ss^nbrown@nbrown-desktop:~$ mv angryfact.pl ~/.xchat2/ plugins03:06
^b0ss^mv: target `plugins' is not a directory03:06
ArsinCan anyone tell me the name of this program http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2003/3541339716_75377c6f9a_o.png03:06
InternetPoliceFudge: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/96935503:06
crucialhoax^b0ss^: mv angryfact.pl ~/.xchat2/plugins03:06
crucialhoax^b0ss^: that is the file name from above, I just fixed the command.03:07
^b0ss^now this03:07
^b0ss^nbrown@nbrown-desktop:~$ mv angryfact.pl ~/.xchat2/plugins03:07
^b0ss^mv: cannot stat `angryfact.pl': No such file or directory03:07
FloodBot3^b0ss^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:07
^b0ss^its on the desktop03:07
Fudgenot o/c its a q6600 2.4quad and its only running at 1600MHz03:07
crucialhoax^b0ss^: What is the file name you are trying to mboe?03:07
^b0ss^the one above03:07
InternetPoliceFudge: it scales down to save power when it's not being used03:08
Fudgebut i use a screen reader and dont want that feature03:08
=== alpicola_ is now known as alpicola
Fudgeelse i get laggy speech03:08
^b0ss^the angryfact.pl03:08
InternetPoliceFudge: you really shouldn't, but there will be something in BIOS03:08
crucialhoax^b0ss^: here `cd ~/Desktop` then issue `mv angryfact.pl ~/.xchat2/plugins`03:08
brezDoes anyone know, I usually have 3x screens running irssi at one given time, it's really annoying have to type "screen -r numberhere" each time I wanna go back to a particular one, and most of the time I forget what screen is attached to what server. I would like to be able to substitute the number for a name, is that possible? eg?. "screen -r freenode"03:08
Fudgeim aware of that InternetPolice  yes, but couldnt find it in there when we looked03:08
InternetPoliceFudge: I doubt that scaling would be causing the issue anyway03:09
neil_dI have a EPSON CX-5500... I can't scan with it... lsusb finds "Bus 006 Device 003: ID 04b8:083f Seiko Epson Corp. Stylus DX4450".... sane-find-scanner finds "found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8 [Language Error], product=0x083f [Language Error]) at libusb:006:003".... scanimage -L returns "No scanners ...."   what is wrong?   what is meant by "language error"?03:09
obiwan_igoryonya: yeah that's exactly what i thought, but first issue is there's a maximum number of files per dir, so i'd have to make a pool with several dirs and then if i mvoe a file to another dir, i'd have to check all links to it. and plus the other is if i want to copy 100 files , i can't keep worrying about if what i'm copying is the symlink or the real one. You can specify to copy symlinks or derefer them, but when they're mixed like in 03:09
^b0ss^oh desktop/desktop03:09
^b0ss^shakes head03:09
igoryonyaobiwan_, I don't remeber, what it's called, but I've seen some plugin somewhere :( for nautilus, that allows to sort files by categories, you might want to search for nautilus plugins, I also saw (also don't remeber the name) a console based service that you can use to create a description for any file, which, when you search for files, the description is also searched.03:09
^b0ss^it workED~~~~~03:09
^b0ss^CH you rock man03:09
crucialhoax^b0ss^: Haha Idk about that.03:09
=== log|in is now known as log|out
obiwan_that description thing would be great igoryonya if it worked in other windows filesystems too and others03:10
alpicolabrez: Start it like: screen -S freenode03:10
i12you guys rock, thanks for all your help03:11
igoryonyaobiwan_: maybe create a directory with alphabetical folders: a, b, c and place files in each folder accordingly, and reference to them.03:11
obiwan_igoryonya: also somebody talked me aobut beagle and semantic desktops and stuff which classify things and let you search and stuff but that's not either cross filesystem standard03:11
FudgeInternetPolice  may i pm you please03:12
InternetPoliceI suppose03:12
ubuntunewbHey, all. I've got an Intel 2200BG chipset for my wireless connection, and apparently Karmic Koala doesn't have driver support for it out of the box. So I got some drivers, firmware, subsystem files, etc. Now I supposedly need to configure my kernel files to support the drivers et al. I get completely stuck when I get to this. How am I supposed to go about doing it?03:13
brezalpicola: champion! thanks!03:13
igoryonyaobiwan_: as far as I remember, the description thing was storing description in some centralized file or a db, which it is referring to on access to description or file search.03:13
littlefootohai everyone03:13
igoryonyaobiwan_: so it's file system independant03:14
LucidGuyldap/pam/samba situation.  Currently my linux users can perform passwd password resets successfully.  Unfortunately the majority of my ldap accounts have both linux and samba login information.  Passwd is unable to modify the samba attributes, anyone know of a solution?03:14
littlefootis there an established method to installing the alternate cd unto a netbook?03:14
crucialhoaxlittlefoot: It should install just like the regular CD unless you are getting errors.03:15
littlefootI do remember it, too -- I used unetbootin and it was trying to located a CD03:16
littlefootsomething about mounting it to /cdrom, but then it was looking for drivers...03:16
littlefootoh, has nobody tried to do this before?!03:16
^b0ss^CH you there .03:16
shawnboyhisto, FYI I got things working with the floppy Linux print server. I used Winimage according to instructions. Earlier I had tried dd.03:17
igoryonyaobiwan_: I just saw, there is an Alias plugin in "Gnome Do". Plugin description: Assign alternate names to items03:17
obiwan_yeah igoryonya the problem would be if the rest of filesystems know how to read/write that db info03:17
crucialhoaxlittlefoot: Just a USB stick to boot the iso..03:17
crucialhoax^b0ss^: Yes, I am.03:17
^b0ss^want to as ya something03:17
^b0ss^in priv03:17
shawnboyhisto, I still don't understand why dd if=/path/filename.imz of=/dev/fd0 didn't work.03:17
^b0ss^copy and paste abit big03:17
crucialhoax^b0ss^: shoot.03:17
shawnboyhisto, but at least my print server is working now from floppy.  :D03:18
=== RaMcHiP is now known as RaMcHiP-Away
littlefootcrucialhoax: so can certain types of bootable linux (iso/syslinux) be used by copying the contents of the image directly to a bootable USB device?03:18
littlefootrather, is this *ever* the case?03:18
obiwan_igoryonya: well, i don't exactly want to add alternate names, i want to add tags hheh. anyway i've more or less give up, i'll do some simple dir classification and maybe a couple years later they launch some standard which does it. i think it'd be great03:19
littlefootI can read -- I've been looking, too. If there's a resource that covers this, I'll go bury my head in that first...03:19
crucialhoaxlittlefoot: I installed ubuntu on my netbook via booting a USB disk. I used my Ubuntu laptop to create a bootable USB drive with the preinstalled software03:19
Capt_Blackwoodhow do i purge a program through terminal?03:20
crucialhoaxCapt_Blackwood: sudo apt-get remove --purge <package>03:20
shawnboyCapt_Blackwood, sudo aptitude purge package03:20
Capt_Blackwoodthank you :D03:20
crucialhoaxI am off for now. I will be on later. Peace all!03:22
brezso happy with this now :DS03:22
emmais it normal for libflashplayer.so to be green and none of the other plugins in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins to be green?03:23
obiwan_to be green? what do u mean emma ?03:23
ianwizardemma: do you mean when you do a ls ?03:23
emmaI think it means it is executable.03:24
obiwan_but what's green?03:24
obiwan_the icon? what?03:24
emmathe name of the file.03:24
emmaNo this is in a terminal.03:24
ianwizardemma: usually files that are green (from ls command) are executable03:24
emmaYes I think it means it is executable.03:24
emmaIs that normal for libflashplayer.so to be executable but none of the other .so files in there are executable?03:25
emmathis is in usr/lib/mozilla/plugins03:25
obiwan_the name of the file is green? omg, do you mean in ls emma ?03:26
emmacould one of you cd to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and do an ls -l03:27
emmaYes in ls.03:27
shawnboyIs there a channel for Lucid? I cannot get Adobe Flash mozilla plugin to work.03:27
emmayes #ubuntu+!03:27
obiwan_that means it's a regular file emma03:27
obiwan_a text file03:28
Capt_Blackwoodanybody know how to uninstall VMWare03:28
emmaCapt_Blackwood: did you install it with apt-get or aptitude?03:28
obiwan_emma: to know the file type of a file, just "file filename" . use the file command03:28
Capt_Blackwoodno emma03:28
emmahow did you install it?03:28
Capt_Blackwoodit was a .bundle file03:29
Capt_Blackwoodsudo ./file name here03:29
emmasorry i don't know anything about a .bundle file.03:29
obiwan_Capt_Blackwood: switch to the dir you uncompressed the tarball to, and run make uninstall03:29
sudo-suhow install a router D-LINK DSL-500 B en ubuntu without internet03:29
sudo-su? help please03:29
FlannelCapt_Blackwood: Are you on OSX?03:29
neil_dtrying to get my scanner working... I installed iscan it isn't working :(   it seems to be missing libltdl.so.3 :(  I have libltdl.so.7... where can I get the correct version?03:29
obiwan_hi sudo-su , ask03:29
Capt_BlackwoodUbuntu 9.1003:29
shawnboyemma, thanks.03:29
sudo-suobiwan_: how install a router D-LINK DSL-500 B en ubuntu without internet?03:29
emmaI downloaded the flashplayer from the Adobe site and I untarred it. Then I moved the libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.   But firefox doesn't seem to know its there.03:30
obiwan_sudo-su: you don't need to install it, it's got its own operating system inside03:30
emmaI did an ls on that directory and I see that all the other .so files are owned by root but libflashplayer.so is owned by me.03:30
emmaand libflashplayer.so is the only one which is green.03:30
sudo-suobiwan_: but i can't conect03:31
sudo-sucan be because is from wubi?03:31
obiwan_sudo-su: what you need to do is setup ubuntu to work with it. usually it works out of the box with networkmanager, just selecting the wireless ap and entering the password03:31
sudo-suobiwan_: thank03:31
sudo-sui going to try this03:32
FlannelCapt_Blackwood: Do you have /usr/bin/vmware/vmware-uninstall.pl?03:32
obiwan_sudo-su: maybe, maybe wubi doesn't have access to the nic resource, maybe windows is blocking it, dunno03:32
obiwan_sudo-su: what you may try is booting from the livecd and trying to connect03:32
sudo-suobiwan_: ok03:33
obiwan_sudo-su: np, :)03:33
jdogis the room doing03:33
sudo-suthank you03:33
Capt_Blackwoodit's in my main bin folder03:33
FlannelCapt_Blackwood: an uninstall file?03:33
jdogme jusr\st cracking a wep key03:33
jdogyaaaaaaaaaaa go frr willeers03:34
igoryonyaobiwan_:  http://brib.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/howto-enable-tagging-in-ubuntu-gutsy-in-4-simple-steps/03:34
=== itai is now known as imolenaar
emmaAny ideas?03:34
jdoggot frre wi fi crackt it03:34
Flanneljdog: Please take that elsewhere.03:34
jdogu guys do hack03:35
Capt_BlackwoodGOT IT!03:35
Capt_Blackwoodthanks guys :DS03:35
jdogit is the shit03:35
Capt_Blackwoodjdog, please take it elsewhere03:35
obiwan_thankss igoryonya i'm taking a look right now03:35
jdogok sarry03:35
jdogmy bad03:35
jdogcapt so ubuntu i like beter thin windows03:36
jacob_hey room03:37
jacob_ubuntu is the shit fuck windows03:37
IdleOne!language | jacob_03:38
ubottujacob_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:38
acon1831I need help with my sound for dv6 2155dx.  Any takers?03:38
abu123any one help me I lose my sound from ubuntu 9.0403:38
abu123any one help me I lost my sound from ubuntu 9.0403:39
stealth-Say I only know the root password on someones machine, and I have x11 forwarding setup, is it possible to forward applications that you are running through su? Ex: "root@system: gedit" works, but "root@system: su stealth -c "gedit"" does not03:40
abu123it shows nvidia sound drivers are not working falling back pulse audio03:40
abu123what I do03:41
tsimpsonstealth-: you'd need to use gksu or gksudo03:41
abu123any one help me03:41
stealth-tsimpson: ah, thanks03:41
awesome_guesthi, I have an intel mobile 945/950 gma video thingy03:41
awesome_guestjust upgraded to 9.04, wondering how to get a dual monitor setup going with a 1680x1050 external monitor03:41
tsimpsonstealth-: I've never used it over ssh though, so I'm not 100% it'll work03:41
stealth-tsimpson: it's worth a shot, right :)03:42
stealth-tsimpson: damn, no :(03:42
stealth-Thanks though03:42
jdogdo u telnet03:43
nytek_i edited my fstab file but i might have done it incorrectly03:43
nytek_how do i mount a piece of my hd upon bootup?03:43
psusinytek_, huh?03:44
nytek_im trying to mount a partition upon ubuntu startup? im using fluxbox03:45
Optimus55hey if i already have karmic with gnome installed, is there any way to change it to xfce?03:45
Fudgeoh gosh who was i speaking ot in pm now03:45
kl4mMy guess is you can alway install xubuntu-desktop03:46
Optimus55kl4m: what will that do?03:46
kl4mIt will install all the xubuntu packages03:47
awesome_guesthi, is it safe to disable the swap partition and then delete it in gparted?03:47
alphabuildhey everyone03:48
Optimus55kl4m: will it swtich the environment from gnome to xfce as well?03:48
alphabuildquestion. webcam works in ekiga not skype? looking through webcam documentation03:48
kl4mOptimus55, you can change the environment on the login screen03:49
alphabuildskype command doesnt fix03:49
bsmith093i have my home and ubuntu partitions seperated and i just got error code 15 file not found in grub03:50
bsmith093running off a live cd currently hlp please03:50
Optimus55kl4m: thanks a lot will try it out03:51
=== ProfOak is now known as Miyavix3
=== leon is now known as Guest91152
bsmith093i have my home and ubuntu partitions seperated and i just got error code 15 file not found in grub any ideas03:52
OasisTopherHi, I have a question... i have a home network with one ubuntu pc and one windows XP.  I have samba installed, and I see that I have the nautilus interface to make sharing simple set up.  do i need to do anything beyond select "sharing options" and clicking the "guest" box to share my folder with my  windows PC?03:52
OasisTopheroh of course I have to have my win PC join the workgroup "WORKGROUP", right?  cuz that seems to be the samba defualt03:53
Guest91152how do i install the nvidia driver?03:54
stopsignWHAT DRIVER03:54
GothSparkHello all , I need help for my microphone on the jack audio .... it is correctly connected but it seams that it dosent capt a sound ...03:55
bsmith093im running gparted if that helps at all03:55
=== bobbywilson0_ is now known as bobbywilson0
bsmith093how do i fix error 15 in grub03:56
bsmith093not grub 2 grub 0.9703:56
^b0ss^crucialhoax> Error loading '/home/nbrown/.xchat2/plugin/Geo-ip.pl':03:57
^b0ss^ Can't locate NET/DNS.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 9) line 17.03:57
^b0ss^ BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 9) line 17.03:57
^b0ss^ 03:57
FloodBot3^b0ss^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
GothSparkno one knows how to make the recording jack working ?03:58
^b0ss^crucial you there bro03:58
bsmith093how do i fix grub errors03:59
mortal1hello folks.  So, I was doing my taxes in evince... next thing I know, it crashes every instance of evince.  Poof!03:59
zenlunaticcall the irs lol03:59
mortal1well, these were all off the internet so it saves the documents in tmp04:00
NedraeHum. Speaking of tagging, I wonder if tracker can still work as a tagger even with indexing disabled...04:00
mortal1only problem, they're empty now.  Apparently evince didn't save them?04:00
^b0ss^anyone help with a script error on xchat04:01
^b0ss^need to paste the error but it will flood the channel04:01
mortal1boss ever here of pastebin?04:02
qingcaihi all04:02
^b0ss^i have04:02
^b0ss^i did it04:02
ZykoticK9!paste |  ^b0ss^04:02
ubottu^b0ss^: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:02
^b0ss^i went to pastebin04:02
KindOnepaste the code, and it will create a page, past use that pages URL04:03
ZykoticK9^b0ss^, part of above message "Make sure you give us the URL for your paste"04:03
bsmith093please help im having problems with grub booting04:03
bsmith093how do i repair error code 15 file not found04:03
^b0ss^thanks .....http://paste.ubuntu.com/414062/04:04
W43372Do I need to leave Evolution Mail running all the time for it to inform me when I get new messages?04:04
mortal1bsmith093: lol04:04
carandraug! license > carandraug04:05
bsmith093mortal do u have any advice04:05
carandraug! licenses > carandraug04:05
mortal1no sorry, i was loliing about the url comment04:05
carandraug! gpl > carandraug04:05
ubottucarandraug, please see my private message04:05
KindOne^b0ss^: if this is a xchat issue, you could try the #xchat channel04:06
bsmith093i could really use some help what files d u need to see to fix this04:06
^b0ss^thanks kind ..just joined see what happens04:07
bsmith093not to be a noodge but could i get a respone please its so late its almost early where i am04:08
bsmith093grub erroe 15 i have seperate home partition helpplease04:09
W43372Do I need to leave Evolution Mail running all the time for it to inform me when I get new messages?04:09
pece2ei hola  quiem e puede ayudar en algo04:09
Flannel!es | pece204:10
ubottupece2: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:10
git__W43372, no, u just have to make sure the daemon is running in the background04:10
pece2quiero descargar adobe àra mirar los videos en youtube pero nose cual de todos estoy usando xubuntu04:11
pece2quien me alluda04:11
W43372git__ How do?04:11
Flannelpece2: This channel is english only, for help in spanish, /join #ubuntu-es04:11
pece2a ok04:11
bsmith093flannel: grub error 15 help please04:12
pece2y como me cambio al de espanol04:12
xanguapece2: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:12
xanguapece2: only english here04:12
xangua!es > pece204:12
ubottupece2, please see my private message04:12
Flannelbsmith093: Please pastebin your fstab (that's the one on your harddrive, not the liveCD) and your menu.lst (/etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst)04:13
aryomy pidgin is error, can not use for bonjour account04:14
W43372git__ How do?04:14
xanguaaryo: are you using the latest version of pidgin¿ 2.6.604:14
aryoxangua : i use 2.6.204:15
git__W43372, do you see a "mail" icon on the menubar, if you do, the evolution daemon is running04:15
aryoxangua : but with kopete is error too04:16
W43372git__ it's always up there, it does empathy too, It never makes any noise or changes color when I get mail, only when I get messages on empathy.04:16
xanguaaryo: you can find the instructions to update pidgin in http://www.pidgin.im/ ; i don't know anything about kopete04:17
W43372git__ it's always up there, it does empathy too, It never makes any noise or changes color when I get mail, only when I get messages on empathy.04:18
git__W43372, did you configure evolution to check mail every 10 minute?  Edit -> Preferences -> [your mail account] -> Edit -> Receiving Email -> Receiving Option04:18
git__"Check for new messages every ..." in Receiving Options04:19
aryoxangua : thank U04:19
axisysis there any tool that will take csv file and generate a table and a graph04:20
git__axisys, have you try openoffice (spreadsheet)04:20
axisysgit__: would be nice if I could script it04:21
W43372git__ yeah it's checked, but it hasn't been telling me when I get messages.04:22
git__axisys, you want to convert csv into html table?  pdf table?  i suggest you use python scripting language with math graphing libraries04:25
sCOTTohey guys - where would the best place be to talk to someone about opensource project management SaaS stuff?04:26
axisysgit__: i prefer html table and graph..04:26
git__Scotto, try #kvm04:26
axisysgit__: would be nice if there a tool that convert to rrd04:26
W43372git__ yeah it's checked, but it hasn't been telling me when I get messages.04:27
git__W43372, are you able to receive message fine?04:27
git__W43372, first, gotta test it, change the setting to check every 1 minute04:27
git__W43372, to test04:28
W43372git__ I assume so, I check it every couple of hours and it pulls up emails just fine.04:28
W43372git__ It just doesn't make noise or change color when I get mail04:28
=== Nedrae is now known as Nedrae|sleep
emmaWhat can be done to make these videos work -- http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/292726-104:29
AchooQuestion: I made a USB startup disk. I want to also put an antivirus program on there, like Avira, so that I can boot off the USB startup disk and run the antivirus on a hosed Windows machine. But where do I put files on the USB drive so I'll be able to see them once I've booted from it?04:30
sCOTTohey guys - I am looking for a bit of advice, I have a friend who wants ti install OS project management software for his building company, they need it to be compatible with MS Project.... any ideas? SaaS is best in this case.04:31
xanguaemma: have you installed adobe flash player¿04:31
emmaYes I did.04:32
spritleso i installed nvidia 195 and its not listed in hardware drivers... what do i need to do?04:32
ZykoticK9emma, if youtube working for you?  The c-span video is working for me.04:32
W43372git__ also how do I put HTML in my signature? I tried the other day and it just showed the code, but didn't turn it into links.04:32
emmayes youtube works for me.04:32
emmaZykoticK9: I don't understand why it works for you but not for me.04:33
emmaZykoticK9: what does it say in your /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins04:33
ZykoticK9emma, can't explain what's wrong with the c-span site for you?  We are using different versions of all software04:33
emmadoes it have a green colored libflashplayer.so ?04:33
axisysso i rather use a tool then write some code to generate html table and graph from csv file04:34
ZykoticK9emma, the green color is due to it being a link -- flashplugin-alternative.so -> /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin04:35
emmayou are using flashplugin-alternative.so then04:35
aryowhere i must put file server.conf in openvpn04:35
emmaim using the 64 bit flash from adobe04:36
aryounder /etc/openvpn/04:36
ZykoticK9emma, i'm just using "ubuntu-restricted-extras" version of flash04:36
xanguaemma: well then is common that it doesn't work in some sites04:36
aryoor /etc/openvpn/2.004:36
wyclif___oh hai04:38
frazrashow do i download applications in command line04:38
wyclif___frazras: use apt-get, see documentation04:39
ardchoillefrazras: search for an app = apt-cache search appname; install an app = sudo apt-get install appname04:40
git__who here is using SSD running Ubuntu?04:40
wyclif___frazras: format would be: sudo apt-get install [name of program]04:40
carandraugcan anyone help me on picking a license for my code?04:41
xanguai am not git__04:41
xangua!ot > carandraug04:41
ubottucarandraug, please see my private message04:41
ardchoillecarandraug: Probably better to discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic04:41
wyclif___git__: what do you think of the Intel SSDs?04:42
frazraswyclif___: ardchoille thanks04:42
carandraugardchoille: xangua: I thought off topic was for more social things. I did want help, just not a very technical one. But thanks, I'll ask there04:42
git__wyclif___, i'm planning to get SSD, want to know if anyone is using Ubuntu on SSD04:43
judibeeflneed help with 9.1004:43
ardchoille!ask | judibeefl04:43
ubottujudibeefl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:43
judibeefli cannot seem to get any updates04:43
nytek_how do you mount a partition upon startup?04:43
ardchoille!fstab | nytek_04:44
ubottunytek_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:44
judibeefli get errors04:44
wyclif___git__: what make? I'm curious too b/c the ThinkPad I'm thinking about buying has SSD, I've seen that they can be pretty snappy when it comes to speed of opening apps04:44
ardchoillejudibeefl: How are you going about this?04:44
Zelozelosnytek_ you can get the storage device manager, its pretty easy to use04:44
ardchoillewyclif___: as that is not directly Ubuntu support, perhaps that be taken to another channel?04:44
nytek_Zelozelos: i can't do it via the fstab file? i enter somewhat of a correct line04:45
nytek_Zelozelos: maybe if i pastebin it you could look at it?04:45
wyclif___ardchoille: Well, we put Ubuntu on our ThinkPads04:45
ardchoillenytek_: Did you read the info the bot posted for you?04:45
nytek_ardchoille: i was responding to Zelezelos first :D04:45
Zelozelosnytek_ that wond do any good by me, but someone else may know what theyre lookin at, storage device manager does this stuff for me :)04:46
=== titaniumbrella is now known as Carbonish
Zelozelosbut the only partition i mount (besides the obvious) is my windows partition04:46
judibeeflthrough systems>>administration>>.synaptic pkg manager update04:46
ardchoillejudibeefl: Can you expand on that? Any errors? Problems?04:47
judibeeflswitched to upgrade manager seems to be working04:48
* wyclif___ also likes aptitude as a front end for apt-get04:50
kanakHi, is there a way to make a bootable usb from the linux command line? I tried unetbootin without success, and a simple dd of the image gives me a "no boot sector" error.04:56
hanasakiwhat is a good virus scanner for linux... one that does realtime file checking on file access also would be good04:57
hanasakiand FREE OPENSOURCE04:57
W43372I've got a serious problem with Evolution Mail.04:57
Flannelhanasaki: clamAV is in the repos04:58
xangua!virus > hanasaki04:58
ubottuhanasaki, please see my private message04:58
Zelozelos!virus > zelozelos04:58
ubottuZelozelos, please see my private message04:58
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest94687
hanasakixangua:  thanks.. .but its also a linux samba server so I need to catch windows bugs04:59
W43372I've got a serious problem with Evolution Mail.04:59
judibeeflok just got the update and received this error : W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/e/emacs22/emacs22-common_22.2-0ubuntu6.2_all.deb04:59
judibeefl  Hash Sum mismatch04:59
hanasakiclamav is good however it does not scan on access nor clean / only finds virus'04:59
ZelozelosW43372 you'll get a better response if u state the issue04:59
ardchoilleW43372: Please state the problem04:59
awesome_guesthi, I'm just wondering if slow redrawing with gnome desktop is a fact of life05:00
awesome_guestas in, moving a window around is a "laggy" experience05:00
W43372ardchoille: It doesn't notify me at all when I get mail and I have it set to check every five minutes. I just had a friend send me an email to test it, and I wasn't notified, and when I loaded Evolution it didn't automatically fetch the message. I had to click 'send/recieve' to get it to show up.05:01
ardchoilleawesome_guest: been using gnome for years on Sempron 2800 machine with nvidia 6200+ vid card and haven't had a problem05:01
awesome_guestardchoille: it is functional, but annoyingly slow compared to windows xp05:01
ardchoilleawesome_guest: That would depend on the power of your machine and video capability I would imagine05:02
p1oooopoops, forgot I left this on, hey ikonia :P05:02
ch33selomi need help with an applet05:02
igoryonyahow do you see the whole console command history all at once, instead of seeing it one by one when you move the up arrow key?05:02
ch33selomdoes anyone have times?05:02
awesome_guestardchoille: it does, in fact, work a lot better on a 9 year old OS05:03
ardchoilleigoryonya: use the history command05:03
awesome_guestdo you know how to disable a lot of graphical eye candy?05:03
ardchoilleawesome_guest: Then I would guess that you have something running in the background hogging resources05:03
ViridianFiremy window buttons are on the left can anyone help me get them back to the right where they need to be?05:03
ardchoilleawesome_guest: I don't use any eye candy, perhaps that's why mine is smooth, dunno05:04
ch33selomright click and move them ViridianFire05:04
ardchoilleViridianFire: on Lucid?05:04
igoryonyaardchoille: cool! that command is awsome!05:04
ardchoilleigoryonya: :)05:04
ViridianFireno on Karmic05:04
W43372ardchoille: It doesn't notify me at all when I get mail and I have it set to check every five minutes. I just had a friend send me an email to test it, and I wasn't notified, and when I loaded Evolution it didn't automatically fetch the message. I had to click 'send/recieve' to get it to show up.05:04
jmp_I wanna know how to remove junk entry from grub2, after updating05:04
wyclif_awesome_guest: I have a really candy-free setup, but biggest issue I see is people that have Compiz turned on, check to see if it's enabled05:04
ZykoticK9ViridianFire, join #ubuntu+1 - there is a factoid there that i can send you05:05
ViridianFireI installed the Lucid theme05:05
awesome_guestwyclif_: how?05:05
ardchoilleW43372: I don't use evolution, I just wanted you to state the problem so others could help if possible05:05
ch33selomcan anyone help me with user switcher applet?05:05
awesome_guestI am experiencing cpu usage that's a lot higher than I am used to.. I only have firefox and a text editor open05:05
ch33selomi used to be able to logoout/restart/shutdown from there05:05
ch33selombut now05:05
ch33selomonly lock05:05
ch33selomand quit05:05
FloodBot3ch33selom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:05
W43372Evolution doesn't notify me at all when I get mail and I have it set to check every five minutes. I just had a friend send me an email to test it, and I wasn't notified, and when I loaded Evolution it didn't automatically fetch the message. I had to click 'send/recieve' to get it to show up.05:05
awesome_guestI am experiencing 30-40% usage.. on two 2ghz cores05:05
awesome_guestthis is unacceptable05:06
ardchoilleawesome_guest: open a terminal and run "top" to find out what's using resources. Hit the q key to quit to[05:06
sinistradawesome_guest, try the 'top' command to see what process is taking up your cpu05:06
wyclif_awesome_guest it's in the Settings somewhere...looking now, give me a sec and I'll give exact location05:06
awesome_guestsinistrad: YES xorg is actually doing it05:07
awesome_guestthanks.  It's confusing, that all the great unix utilities are actually not even hinted at in the ubuntu gui tools05:07
awesome_guestbut I like it or else I wouldn't be here lol05:07
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
sinistradawesome_guest, hrm. I only get that much CPU out of xorg when I'm running 3D animated backgrounds05:08
ch33selomcan anyone help me with the applet or no?05:08
wyclif_awesome_guest: System>Preferences>Appearance05:08
wyclif_awesome_guest >Visual Effects: None05:09
awesome_guestwyclif_: I actually already did that05:09
wyclif_awesome_guest: Yeah, that turns off Compiz GUI-style05:09
awesome_guestI am completely comfortable with editing config files, etc.05:10
awesome_guestI just did some xorg.conf stuff05:10
igoryonyawhat's the command to see what processes are actiely accessing files, because, even if I don't do anything, my system monitor shows nearly 70-90% HDD activity, nonstop. It started happening ever since I've upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04.05:10
geniiigoryonya: lsof05:10
wyclif_awesome_guest: Right about the GUI way, users will never learn about coreutils w/o reading man pages, &c...the GUI hides all that from the user05:10
sinistradawesome_guest, what release are you running?05:10
awesome_guestsinistrad: 9.0405:11
ch33selomdoes anyone know how to add the applet is integrated with pidging and lets you log out/restart/shut down???05:11
sinistradawesome_guest, wow, that's was a pretty stable release too.05:11
wyclif_igoryonya: top -cs05:11
awesome_guestsinistrad: oh it's stable, just highly suboptimal05:11
Younderwhen is the 10.0 release coming?05:12
DonnyWhy does the new UNR not let you go into standard desktop mode?05:12
awesome_guestsinistrad: it's perfect.. if you don't care about power consumption05:12
ardchoille!lucid | Younder05:12
ubottuYounder: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule05:12
ch33selomdoes anyone know how to add the applet is integrated with pidging and lets you log out/restart/shut down???05:12
ZykoticK9Younder, 15 days from today :)05:12
awesome_guestthank you for the lsof tip - I just installed a ssd and need to figure out how to stop all these 'helpful' writes to the drive05:13
igoryonyawyclif_: which column represents disk activity?05:13
jason201is anyone else having trouble with flash and gstreamer?05:13
ZykoticK9!anyone | jason20105:13
ubottujason201: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:13
jason201seems to be a recent issue for me05:13
jason201say what?05:14
ZykoticK9jason201, you need to provide some details05:14
sinistradawesome_guest, I'm not sure what to tell you.  Maybe one of the gurus in here knows how to track/trace what xorg is doing.  Your experience is very unusual. I've got a ton of stuff running and I bet I'm at less than 5% CPU total05:14
igoryonyagenii, that seems to show currently active files, but what I need is to see the procentage of file system access load by which processes, to know which process is overloading the hdd with access reads writes requests, just like you see a percientage of CPU per process.05:14
jason201youtube give me an error and totem tells me there is a general supporting library problem for gstreamer05:15
awesome_guestsinistrad: I mean, I am running dual monitors with a mobile graphics thing, the intel 950 gma express05:15
wyclif_igoryonya: top isn't for disk activity, it gives status of running programs, CPU usage, memory, and swap05:15
=== bobbywilson0_ is now known as bobbywilson0
awesome_guestI had to disable something called 'DRI' which apparently gives better performance05:15
sinistradawesome_guest, DRI is basically your Direct Rendering05:16
igoryonyawyclif_: well, you suggested top -cs, so that's why I was asking.05:16
awesome_guestwyclif_: are there any specific utilities for writes to the hard drive?05:16
YounderOne of my major grudges against utube is the lack of support for standard video formats like mpg05:16
awesome_guestsinistrad: alright, it may explain why the cpu has to do everything05:16
picard1421hey guys im looking for an open source web confrencing tool like dimdim etc.. but some server i can install and host05:16
YounderYou can of course download them05:16
jason201I've never had a problem with youtube until tonight, I don't understand what has changed05:17
sinistradawesome_guest, meaning, that your video card is not handling the 3D as it should. Or at least that is my take on it. I know my 3D gaming is a no-go if I don't have DRI enabled05:17
Younderlinux being linux05:17
jason201I thought maybe it had sometihng to do with a recent update05:17
picard1421does anyone know of an opensource web-confrencing tool that i can host?05:17
YounderOne of my major grudges against ubuntu is the lack of support for standard video formats like mpg05:17
jason201which is why I wondered if anyone else was having the same problem05:17
Younderdumb and dumber.. argh05:18
h00kYounder: do you have a question?05:18
sinistradawesome_guest, still, you are not running compiz, so you shouldn't need 3D. Your desktop should be in 2D mode, which a year 1998 graphics card should handle, but the dual-monitor thing might throw a kink in it05:18
igoryonyahow do I find out which process/app is utilizing the disk most intensively (disk activity per process/app) or something like that.05:19
sinistradawesome_guest, let me rephrase. You aren't using compiz' 3D portions.05:19
Younderigoryonya, top05:19
awesome_guestsinistrad: the google says that graphics performance gets WORSE for intel gma in 9.0405:19
sinistradawesome_guest, heh, I'd bet you'd agree05:20
awesome_guestthis thing came out a year ago05:20
Zelozelossystem, admin, system monitor i think is what u want igoryonya05:20
igoryonyaYounder: top doesn't show disk activity, only virtual memory05:20
Younderigoryonya,  or system > administration > systemmonitor05:20
wyclif_igoryonya: have you tried System Monitor yet?05:20
awesome_guestI mean sheesh, all I want to do is develop code.. which linux is rather good at handling05:21
XuMuKhi there05:21
awesome_guestsinistrad: but I've found a set of relevant pages, so thank you for your help thus far05:21
igoryonyaZelozelos, Younder, wyclif_, I am using system monitor all the time and the only thing that it shows related to disk is virtual memory.05:21
sinistradawesome_guest, of course.  Sorry I couldn't be of more use.  I'm just like any other user =)05:22
igoryonyaZelozelos, Younder, wyclif_, it's, pretty much the gui top05:22
wyclif_awesome_guest: Ubuntu is a bonanza for a developer. If you're programming in modern, OO-oriented languages you have access to everything you could possibly need to develop code05:22
Younderigoryonya, no it has a different implementation05:23
igoryonyaZelozelos, Younder, wyclif_, I need disk activity per process, to see which process most actively uses the disk05:23
igoryonyaYounder: I wasn'05:23
Zelozelosis there a way to make empathy stop showing part/join messages?05:23
Younderigoryonya, you need Perl05:23
XuMuKanyone knows how can I setup defaults shortcuts? when I press del for delete some file it opens shut down dialog...05:23
igoryonyaYounder: I wasn't talking about implementation, but functionality.05:23
awesome_guestwyclif_: yes, I've had lots of fun developing on unix systems.. maintained by other people, thankfully05:24
igoryonyaYounder: :) do you mean, I have to write something like that myself?05:24
wyclif_igoryonya: I know there's got to be some small util for that on the command line, I'm still looking05:24
Younderigoryonya, yes05:24
XuMuKand ctrl+alt+del opens tty5...05:24
xatconhi there05:24
xatconthere is prob wit my hp printer05:25
wyclif_awesome_guest: you say "maintained by other people" as if maintenance is a chore :)05:25
MrDowntempoI have an old bookmarks.rdf file I suppose I exported from epiphany. Is there a way to import this into firefox?05:25
Younderigoryonya, you don't have to, but in the end you will bee better off05:25
=== bobbywilson0_ is now known as bobbywilson0
xatconi could not find my driver for that05:25
Younderafter all how else will you be sure it does exactly what you want05:25
awesome_guestwyclif_: well, I am not actually writing code while doing this :)05:25
awesome_guestbut getting an ssd to work with xp was a chore in itself.. it balances out05:26
wyclif_awesome_guest: a lot of ppl seem to be holding out on SSDs until there is TRIM support05:26
xatconso help me out05:27
igoryonyaye, I program perl, but I am in the middle of several projects right now, and starting an other one, not knowing even how to do it, I would spread even more between the projects, but I am sure somebody has done it already, I mean, come on, even if Windows has it, it would be strange that linux doesn't05:27
xatconi m using ubuntu 9.0405:27
Zelozelosxatcon if you may have 2 be more specific about what the issue is, if someone knows they will help05:27
xatconHp deskjet D 160005:27
igoryonyaI mean Windows has it built-in., but I always thought, that linux is way more advanced.05:27
subonexatcon, on one line05:28
xatconcant find driver for my Hp deskjet D1600 printer05:28
awesome_guestwyclif_: mm, intel put out a windows utility that does TRIM05:29
xatconprinter is not taking command but showing online05:29
awesome_guestthe other manufacturers are a bit behind on that05:29
wyclif_igoryonya: sorry I couldn't help, but the fact is that some of these utils are more popular than others05:29
wyclif_awesome_guest: no I mean in Linux05:30
igoryonyawyclif_: oh, well, I will keep looking, thanx anyway05:30
awesome_guestwyclif: fair enough.  However, ssds can be really fast if ubuntu is optimized for them.  do you know of a central repository of tips?05:30
igoryonyaawesome_guest, what's TRIM?05:30
awesome_guestigoryonya: if you have a solid state drive (usually faster than disk drives), you can extend the lifespan of the drive by using the "TRIM" command, roughly speaking05:31
Zelozelosxatcon did you try all the obvious trouble shooting fixes like turn off, turn on, reboot, disconnect, reconnect, check all connections etc?05:31
awesome_guesta lot of the ubuntu configuration stuff actually tries to optimize.. for disk drives05:32
subone!ask | xatcon05:32
ubottuxatcon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:32
Younderawesome_guest, no, solid state devices are slower05:32
awesome_guestit will wear out my ssd much faster05:32
Mrpeepers310Question: whenever i restart firefox or it tries to open a new window I loose all the icons i put on the window myself, is this a bug that has a work around?05:32
xatconyes i do it all05:32
sinistradxatcon, you may find information @ linuxprinting.org05:32
awesome_guestYounder: in which case?05:32
chris_what is the difference in the lts releases and like the regular 9.1?05:32
Zelozelosxatcon how does it connect anyhow, usb or serial?05:32
Younderawesome_guest, furthermore they have a limited number of writes05:33
xatconi just want my driver for Hp deskjet D1600 for ubuntu only05:33
xatconby usb05:33
igoryonyaawesome_guest: does SSD has a shorter lifespan, then HDD? I thought that it was the other way, since SSD doesn't use any mechanics...05:33
Younderawesome_guest, I'd wait a while..05:33
Mrpeepers310Question: whenever i restart firefox or it tries to open a new window I loose all the icons i put on the window myself, is this a bug that has a work around?05:33
wyclif_awesome_guest: I've seen Ubuntu run on an SSD, and it's pretty snappy. I've no idea about lifespan besides knowing it's less. But the upside is that if you carry a laptop around a lot it's MUCH sturdier with an SSD05:33
Zelozelosxatcon u shouldnt need 2 install any drivers, it should work asoon as u connect it, (as far as i know anyway)05:33
=== jamie is now known as Guest50413
isolat3dsh33pigoryonya, SSD have shorter life span... :)05:34
awesome_guestwyclif_: that is true, and I do have a laptop05:34
igoryonyaisolat3dsh33p: shucks, and I was thinking about replacing some of the disks that I had with SSD, now I am having second thoughts.05:35
awesome_guestYounder: I've read those articles as well, and intel seems to be rather committed to giving these things a decent lifespan05:35
=== bobbywilson0_ is now known as bobbywilson0
Zelozelosonly suggestion i have for you xatcon is to unplug it from the usb, restart you puter, wait for it to totally boot up, then plug it in and try and print something05:35
sinistradxatcon, http://www.openprinting.org/printer/HP/HP-DeskJet_1600C05:35
awesome_guestYounder: they claim 10 years, conservatively, and actually have a 3 year warrantly05:35
xatconya but not workin    i had used driver for 1500 but usless05:35
isolat3dsh33pigoryonya, too bad. :)05:35
wyclif_awesome_guest: although the number that really counts is how many big writes to the disk there have been05:36
Zelozelosxatcon oh and if u can, connect it to a diff usb port05:36
Younderawesome_guest, take that with a grain of salt.05:36
kbrosnanMrpeepers310: icons? do you mean you re-aranged the toolbars?05:36
awesome_guestwyclif_: yep, which is why I've gotta go hunting through this operating system looking for all that crappy code05:36
awesome_guestcould you point me to some utilities that track writes to the hard drive?05:37
Younderawesome_guest, No such system has worked for 10 years yet05:37
GiacomoCarissimii think im having some hard drive problems05:37
igoryonyadid anybody here had an SSD disk die on you?05:37
awesome_guestYounder: that's true.  However, I am giving this thing a try since I'd rather work to get a good experience as soon as possible05:37
=== bullgard is now known as bullgard4
Mrpeepers310kbrosnan: yes05:38
awesome_guestalso: any typography people in here?  I'd like to hear your thoughts, and how you improved the default typeface05:38
Younderawesome_guest, good luck05:38
GiacomoCarissimii was dual booting xp and 9.10, and i had xp crash on me while playing a game, so i restarted and it gives me a message that there is no bootable sector on the internal disk.  so i used the live cd (now) and when i go to gparted it shows my internal as "unallocated"05:38
kbrosnanMrpeepers310: close firefox, delete localstore.rdf in ~/.mozilla/firefox/...05:38
CrOnOshi i need some help mounting raid can any one help me_05:39
Zelozelosis there a way to make Empathy stop showing join/part messages?05:39
Mrpeepers310ok sounds good05:39
GiacomoCarissimidoes anyone know of a way i can recover my internal drive after this crash?05:39
igoryonyaso, with SSD disk, you have to be doing live backups constantly, nonstop.05:39
h00kigoryonya: ...no05:39
Mrpeepers310kbrosnan: thank you05:40
igoryonyagiacomocarissimi, is the drive visible by the system or it's inaccessable?05:40
awesome_guestigoryonya: not really, ssds tend not to fail suddenly as disk drives do, which is a plus with a laptop05:40
GiacomoCarissimii can't see it's contents05:40
Younderawesome_guest, be warened! being the first you carrey the brunt on price and will get bugs05:41
GiacomoCarissimiit shows my external but not my internal partitions05:41
awesome_guestigoryonya: you get a warning when your ssd will get old (about 6 months before anything bad even happens)05:41
wyclif_awesome_guest: I would think it would be something that breaks down the contents of /proc/stat for you05:41
igoryonyagiacomocarissimi, I can only suggest some windows utilities, I don't know of any such linux utilities, do you want?05:41
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: i'll try anything :)05:42
Younderawesome_guest, that said. You are probaly making the best choice05:42
GiacomoCarissimiat first i thought it might be something with grub, but i kinda doubt that if i can't see anything on the disk from the live cd05:42
Younderawesome_guest, In the long run05:42
=== freevryheid is now known as fvs
igoryonyaawesome_guest, oh, that's good, because, I thought opposite, that it fails suddenly, because I've had, in my experience 2 flash sticks fail on me suddenly, which, as far as I understand use the same memory type as SSDs.05:43
awesome_guestigoryonya: yeah, intel's betting part of its future on these things05:44
awesome_guestwyclif_: thanks05:45
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: There is a really good tool, called SpinRite 6, but it's not a file recovery tool, but an inaccessable disk repair tool, I repaired many disks with it, but as far as file recovery goes, I just thought, what file system do you need to recover from?05:46
crucialhoaxawesome_guest: Isnt OCZ pretty popular?05:46
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: just ntfs and ext305:46
igoryonyaawesome_guest: by these things, do you mean memory chips?05:46
shazbotmcnastyHow can I make my audio input, come out my audio output???05:46
=== Moat is now known as Durf
shazbotmcnastyweird question, but I would love it to be answered.05:46
crucialhoaxshazbotmcnasty: on a laptop that would be cool lol, it would be like 3:1 sound haha05:47
voss74910.10 Mating Meerkats :)05:47
awesome_guestigoryonya: mlc and slc NAND flash, to be specific05:48
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: the windows tools I will suggest, will probably only recover fat and ntfs systems, although, some of them might work with ext3, I don't know though, just a sec., but I've recovered many disks with these tools that had ntfs and fat systems, I just didn't have any disk with ext3 to recover yet.05:48
shazbotmcnastycrucialhoax, that's not what I mean05:48
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel05:48
shazbotmcnastyI have my xbox hooked up to the audio input05:48
shazbotmcnastyand I just want it to play from my speakers05:48
awesome_guestcrucialhoax: yeah, but I wanted trim support out of the box05:48
crucialhoaxawesome_guest: I was just asking if it was a popular manufacture.05:49
awesome_guestcrucialhoax: yes it is.  I just went on newegg and looked at all the stuff with over 100 reviews05:50
shazbotmcnastylol retard question here05:51
shazbotmcnastywith three audio jacks05:51
shazbotmcnastygreen blue and pink05:51
shazbotmcnastyblue is audio in right?05:51
shazbotmcnastypink is mic05:51
shazbotmcnastywhich is also audio in...05:51
FloodBot3shazbotmcnasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
crucialhoaxgreen is output, pink is mic, idk what blue is05:52
igoryonyagiacomocarissimi, StellarPhoenix; R-Studio; GetDataBack (gda) [there are 2 versions - fat and ntfs]; Recover My Files <- all these are able to recover even from deleted partitions05:52
Youndercrucialhoax, what are you on?05:52
GiacomoCarissimithanks for the help igoryonya i'll look05:52
Random832crucialhoax: line out? (if green is headphone out, or vice versa)05:52
abhilashHi guys, I'm new to linux. Could anyone tell me how I can set up my ubuntu box so that I don't have to authorize it every time I install a .deb?05:52
igoryonyaeasyrecovery is good (it's easy), but nut as good as the ones I've gave earlier.05:52
Random832difference is that headphone out is amplified05:52
h00kabhilash: that's how it works.05:53
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: im not even sure the data is deleted, i doubt it was able to clear my entire hdd in the matter of 2 seconds the crash happened05:53
Younderabhilash, no05:53
abhilashI can't change that?05:53
Younderabhilash, no05:53
Youndernor should you05:53
abhilashI had a feeling lol05:53
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: these utilities will recover from deleted, lost partitions or individual files.05:53
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: im trying testdisk and some other linux options initially05:53
abhilashHmm how about signing into empathy automatically on startup?05:53
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: recover4all is a good utility, but it only works on existing partition, It cannot recover from lost partitions.05:54
h00kabhilash: you can add it to your 'startup applications' in System -> Administration05:54
abhilashoh thanks05:55
GiacomoCarissimihmm, maybe the partition table is just messed up05:55
h00kcrucialhoax: try to ask it all on one line, it would be easier for someone to follow05:55
abhilashi found it under preferences05:55
h00kabhilash: er, yeah. :)05:55
crucialhoaxh00k: huh?05:55
GiacomoCarissimibut i'm not sure which partition table type i would have05:55
GiacomoCarissimiintel/pc im guessing v0v05:56
h00kcrucialhoax: er, ignore that, sorry.05:56
abhilashWhat do I put in the command section for adding a startup item05:56
h00kabhilash: 'empathy'05:56
abhilashoh lol that's simple05:56
abhilashcomment can be empty?05:56
h00kabhilash: yes05:56
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: there is also good one Restorer2000 (r2k), but I don't remember if it can recover from lost partitions or only from existing; to come back to easyrecovery, it's good and it can also recover from lost/deleted partitions or existing, but as far as I remember It couldn't recover files that were NTFS compressed or NTFS encrypted, other tools I'05:57
h00k!recovery | GiacomoCarissimi05:57
ubottuGiacomoCarissimi: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"05:57
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: 've suggested can recover encrypted or compressed, did myself.05:57
h00k!recover | GiacomoCarissimi05:57
ubottuGiacomoCarissimi: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel05:57
skydromecan you paste into a virtualbox vm from outside?05:57
abhilashsweet, I've used ubuntu before but I didn't bother to update to karmic until now (several months later) but there are just a few things keeping me from using it regularly05:57
GiacomoCarissimih00k: i was reading through that ubuntu wiki page05:57
h00kGiacomoCarissimi: gotcha, okay.05:58
Random832skydrome: if you install guest addons05:58
Wolfman2000Evening/morning. According to the manpages for gzip, running gzip to compress a file replaces the file to compress with its compressed version. Is there a way to leave the original file intact without having to copy the original elsewhere first?05:58
GiacomoCarissimibut h00k i was giving testdisk a try and i don't know what partition table type ubuntu would be using.  its a regular dell laptop, so would it be intel/pc?05:58
john--__is anyone accessing an ubuntu desktop using a thin client? if so, what is your setup?05:58
lucretiaXis anyone else running chrome with ubuntu?05:58
crucialhoaxlucretiaX: I am.05:59
lucretiaXim running into issues with is not recongizing .swf files05:59
igoryonyaso, what about the 5.1 and more channel audio support, does only alsa support it. and pulse, oss, openal, etc. don't?05:59
lucretiaXeverything should be working but its not happy05:59
skydromeRandom832, can you do that from a shell?05:59
crucialhoaxI have no idea lol05:59
chopes_anyone here?06:00
Wolfman2000chopes_: I am, but I'm hoping to get a question answered myself06:00
Random832skydrome: huh?06:00
Random832you mean your guest os has no GUI? why aren't you just sshing into it then?06:01
skydromedo i need a dekstop to install it?06:01
skydromewhats the ip it uses?06:01
awesome_guesthey, how do I turn (completely disable) hibernation?06:01
BANSHE3Is there a installer kinda package like an equivilent of iexpress on ubuntu 9.1006:01
Random832skydrome: back up, what are you trying to do?06:01
GiacomoCarissimiah h00k igoryonya testdisk is showing me my partitions, do you think i should just have it write the structure?06:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:01
Random832i don't know - you might have to do port forwarding06:01
chopes_Well, I sorta have a simple question I think having to deal with the xorg.conf file. I have a dual display setup here and they are both the same monitor. Both are 1650x1080 resolution and I set it up so that they are side by side and the mirror option is not checked but for some reason, i cant do anything on the right screen lol06:01
skydromeRandom832, paste from outside vm into it (debian bare)06:02
Random832i don't think there's a way to do that06:02
Random832normally you'd set it up so you can ssh into the vm, so you don't have to use the vm console06:02
skydromeok will look into that06:02
awesome_guesthow do I disable journaling in ext3?06:02
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: there is Acronis Recovery Expert, I know that acronis is really good disk utility company. their HDD imaging software is better then norton ghost, and Disk Director Suite is better and more stable, then Partition Magic, but I didn't test their recovery expert, so I cannot say, how good it is yet, but I am thinking, that if their other disk utilities are superior, why this...06:03
igoryonya...utility would not be.06:03
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: well what im thinking is the partition table just got screwed, so if there's an easy way of fixing that up and having everything working, i could just get it to re-write the partition table structure06:04
GiacomoCarissimivia testdisk atm06:04
greezmunkey_heh, haven't fired up this virt mach in a while06:04
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: I didn't use testdisk, so I don't know, but if it was me, I wouldn't risk it until I imaged this disk with some disk imaging utility to an other disk first. I don't know how safe it is to suggest anything.06:04
greezmunkey_still works06:05
igoryonyais testdisk a linux tool?06:05
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: yeah06:05
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: this seems like a good idea, the worst that could happen is i'll have to spend the next 3-4 hours getting everything set back up.  i have most of my important data saved on my external anyway06:06
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: maybe, you can do it, but as I said, since I'ven't tested this util before, I am afraid to suggest anything about it.06:06
GiacomoCarissimiigoryonya: no worries06:06
GiacomoCarissimii wrote the partition table, now just have to reboot to see if it worked.  i'll  be back to let ya know.06:07
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: yes, I would like to know06:07
Jon-Why does the font look so unbelievably sexy in Ubuntu?06:07
igoryonyaGiacomoCarissimi: so I know for the future.06:07
GiacomoCarissimialright brb06:07
shazbotmcnastyhow would I find out what device my line-in port is? I mean like /dev/<line-in>06:07
shazbotmcnastyI did "cat /proc/asound/devices" but it didn't seem to give me any useful info I don't even know if it should have: http://pastebin.org/15064606:08
crucialhoaxshazbotmcnasty: as in your mic right?06:08
shazbotmcnastyno the other one06:08
Random832shazbotmcnasty: ls /dev/snd/pcmC?D?c06:08
shazbotmcnastyblue is line in06:08
crucialhoaxsorry. my brain is stuck on laptop mehh.06:08
Random832then cat one of them and see what happens if you tap on the mic06:08
shazbotmcnastyRandom832, okay that gave me: "/dev/snd/pcmC0D0c  /dev/snd/pcmC0D2c"06:09
Random832(wait maybe you can't directly cat alsa ports)06:09
Random832but you'll notice that tere was an "0" and a "2" in the output from proc06:09
crucialhoaxshazbotmcnasty: line 7 and 9 are capture.06:09
shazbotmcnastyRandom832, yep those were both there is proc06:10
silv3r_m00nme using 64bit ubuntu , I want to run a 32bit app06:10
silv3r_m00nhow ?06:10
igoryonyais 5.1 and more channel audio support, works only in alsa? ...and pulse, oss, openal, etc. only use 2 channels?06:10
silv3r_m00nwhen installing from deb file it says wrong architechture06:10
shazbotmcnastyRandom832, cat: /dev/snd/pcmC0D2c: File descriptor in bad state06:10
Random832yeah, you can't cat alsa - i was remembering from the oss days06:11
hanasakianyone get clamfs to send email?  my mail server says it never got an incoming connection06:11
Random832but anyway it'll e one of those two - "c" means capture06:11
shazbotmcnastyRandom832, okay, but now I need the dev name of the output too06:12
shazbotmcnastyoh i found it i think06:13
shazbotmcnastythanks :D06:13
giacomo_cigoryonya: well, it worked06:13
Random832shazbotmcnasty: that one will end in "p"06:13
Random832for playback06:13
Random832there's a method to the madness06:14
crucialhoaxgahh my math teacher always says that lol06:14
crucialhoax ot my bad06:14
giacomo_cigoryonya: but it seems grub wasn't recovered, so i guess i'll need to go about reinstalling that so i can actually get back to my 9.10 partition.  it had my ntfs (xp) partition set as the primary boot partition and my two linux partitions as just primary partitions06:14
ZykoticK9silv3r_m00n, to force a 32bit DEB install use "sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture $DEB"06:14
igoryonyagiacomo_c: cool, now I will know a linux utility06:14
giacomo_cigoryonya: yeah, testdisk was a pretty simple program with menus (via terminal ofcourse)06:15
bearcamei've got error : http://pastebin.com/wctp4NyK,  when i install postfix what must i do, help me plzzz06:16
igoryonyagiacomo_c: well, the boot sector was probably refreshed, that's why grub doesn't work anymore, I think, you can rewrite itself on the boot sector without reinstalling it, but I don't know how.06:16
igoryonyagiacomo_c: the main thing is that the partitions are readable.06:17
cpyargerwhats the best way to rebuild ubuntu from the source for a specific custom server for a newly opened hardware?06:17
suboneTrying to do my part to help others.... Should I add anything to this article about setting up Ubuntu on my machine? http://subone.org/blog/2010/04/ubuntu-910-installation/06:17
shazbotmcnastyRandom832, do you know how I would go about listening to one of the input devices?06:18
shazbotmcnastysince I can't 'cat' them...06:18
cpyargerand where can i get the ubuntu ,id source?06:19
Random832shazbotmcnasty: i dunno06:20
ruby_on_tailshow can I save a command ofr my terminal that I have to type everyday ? like mysql -uuser -p ?06:20
Random832you could always cheat and use /dev/dsp emulation06:20
Random832but i mean - there are libraries and APIs for this stuff06:20
igoryonyasome mail, that I recieve I want to supply as data to a different program, a database for example, the rest of it should go to the mail client, is there a local pop3 mail client that I can supply some filters, and according to some filters it will pass messages to certain programs, other messages, that are not filtered, it will store and my mail program (seamonkey mail) will download from it?06:21
=== Random832 is now known as rZndom832
crucialhoaxsubone: on the update part, add the apt-get upgrade to it as well06:21
crucialhoaxsubone: and in the `other` section make the sudo apt-get install <put all packages on 1 line.> just a suggestion. saves time anyways.06:24
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:25
subonecrucialhoax, even though i never ran the command?06:25
crucialhoaxsubone: huh?06:25
masiwanada yang tahu bagaimana membuat tampilan seperti vista pada ubuntu tidak?06:25
subonecrucialhoax, i mean 9.10 is latest, why would i upgrade06:25
MrKeunerhello, I am considering getting this hardware, do you think there might be any problems using it with GNU/Linux? http://shop.lenovo.com/ISS_Static/WW/AG/merchandising/US/PDFs/qseries_techspecs_080409.pdf06:25
ActionParsnip!hcl | mrkeuner06:26
ubottumrkeuner: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:26
crucialhoaxsubone: sudo apt-get upgrade downloads and installs the updates from CLI, it does not do a dist upgrade06:26
masiwaniki install apa mas06:26
ayam_jagomasiwan : #ubuntu-id06:27
igoryonyaI need some local incoming intermidiate mail server, where I can configure filters that, depending on the filter, will pass the incoming message to an associated program or script, other, unfiltered messages will be stored on this server until downloaded by a mail client, that will download all the messages from this server.06:27
xorwhyIn sound preferences I am unable to select my microphone jack as my input device, it only allows me to use the digital mic source, which is a microphone in my laptop's lcd06:28
subonecrucialhoax, i thought it did06:29
crucialhoaxnope lol06:29
xorwhyWhy do I not have microphone jack input as an available capture device?06:29
ActionParsnipIgoryonya: sounds like you need to setup a generic email server then add the extra functionality afterwards06:30
subonecrucialhoax, or rather i should say i just forgot... i didnt run the command because i did it last time around and it stopped halfway through because the gnome update manager opened and wanted to do the updates06:30
subonei guess i should have described that06:30
xorwhySince the new Ubuntu the volume control GUI has become limited, likely for user friendliness, but I need those obscure functions06:31
crucialhoaxsubone: In that case, do not run that command, just go into the update manager and use the check button lol06:32
ActionParsnipXorwhy: there may be an extra mixer you can install. Try reviewing: apt-cache search mixer | less06:32
igoryonyaActionParsnip: How do I add a functionality to it, is it a plugin based or is it flexably configurable like apache webserver? and which generic email server are you talking about? do you mean, like the servers that they use in ISPs and WebHosts?06:33
subonecrucialhoax, ive updated it to be more explicit06:33
xorwhyActionParsnip: Thanks that's a great idea06:34
bearcamemasiwan : ngomong apa iki06:34
crucialhoaxsubone: there is is lol06:34
crucialhoaxlooks nice06:34
ActionParsnipIgoryonya: depends on the mailserver, most allow filtering/intelligence of some kind but its not something I've done. The crux is getting the service up and running though so try find a mail service giving what you need or the possibility of expandability06:34
silv3r_m00nhi there06:35
silv3r_m00nI have 2 debs and each depends on the other , and won't install .....how to install them ?06:35
ActionParsnipIgoryonya: sounds like some simple filter rules to me but I'm not sure of being able to run scripts based on content of individual mails as I've not done it before06:35
cpyargerdoes anyone know how to recompile ubuntu for a custom kernel for an arm based device?06:36
cpyarger*on a custom kernel06:36
ActionParsnipSilv3r_m00n: sudo dpkg -i file1.deb file2.deb06:36
cpyargerand where to find the ubuntu mid src06:36
silv3r_m00nActionParsnip: ok , done06:36
ActionParsnip!kernel | cpyarger06:36
ubottucpyarger: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages06:36
subonecrucialhoax, i plan to write another one shortly on how i have my remote control setup on my phone06:37
threexkhello.  Is NX the fastest remote desktop protocol for using X?06:37
cpyargernot quite what im looking for06:37
pk__subone : which phone?06:37
crucialhoaxsubone: Thats right, you have that wicked control for yours lol06:37
subonepk__, Motorola Cliq, but it will work on pretty much any phone06:38
subonejust a web interface06:38
crucialhoaxso I would use IE on my blackjack?06:38
igoryonyaActionParsnip: so, you are saying that regular mail servers are flexible, like apache webserver and I don't need to look for some special mailserver, but can configure a regular mailserver to do this task?06:39
JustEricAnyone know how to get an Intel WiFi 5100AGN To work w/ Ubuntu?06:39
suboneso i can run scripts on my computer from my phone.... for example, search all the movies on my computer and play one from across the room.06:39
crucialhoaxJustEric: Thats the card I am using.06:39
hasibullahhow to work with dialup modem i can't use dialup connection please guide me06:39
cpyargerActionParsnip, im looking to build ubuntu for this kernel that i already have06:39
JustEricDoes it work for you?06:40
knoppiessubone, that sounds awesome. What kind of phone?06:40
ActionParsnip!dialup | hasibullah06:40
ubottuhasibullah: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up06:40
crucialhoaxJustEric: Yes, but it took some tweaking.06:40
cpyargerActionParsnip, specifically the MID version if i can get the src code06:40
pk__subone ..what are you designing your remote control for?06:40
knoppiessubone, nvm, ignore my question. I read back a little.06:41
cpyargeranyone know where to get the ubuntu mid src code06:42
igoryonyathreexk, as far as I know, because, If I am not mistaken, it doesn't transfer the picture, but the window description and a local window manager draws the windows from the description, which saves a lot of traffic, because text description is transferred, instead of image screenshots. I might be mistaking.06:42
subonepk__, just to remote control my computer like a media center i guess06:42
sham_hello guys, i want to setup my own local repository, can anyone help?06:42
pk__subone : good06:43
circuitmani've installed drivel and have problems logging in to the blogger account06:43
pk__my college purchased a server costing $2000 bhut the software costed around $3000  they dint purchase software ..and took only hardware :(06:43
cpyargersham_, http://odzangba.wordpress.com/2006/10/13/how-to-build-local-apt-repositories/06:44
MoheroPlease use the format !ping {location} {# of pings (default of 5, 20 max)}06:44
circuitmanhelp me guys06:44
=== skbohra is now known as skbohras
FlannelMohero: Please turn that off06:44
voss749pk, what was the software?06:45
sham_please, suggest me any channel name which can help me to setup local repository06:45
circuitmani'm having problem logging in to the blogger account using drivel06:45
pk__dont know it is an hp server06:45
cpyargersham_, whats the problem your having06:46
voss749Pk, they have an HP server they bought but have no software for right?06:46
voss749pk, so they cant install linux or bsd on it?06:46
seandoes anyone in here perhaps use ubuntu lucid???06:46
=== sean is now known as Guest78617
Flannelsean: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid questions, thanks.06:46
pk__this server is given to me ...i have to do something on it06:46
cpyargeris there a room for mid help06:47
pk__can i install linux on it?06:47
sham_cpyarger, i want to setup my own local repositories06:47
voss749Pk, why not?06:47
circuitmanhow safely uninstall a linux distribution06:47
cpyargersham_, did you look at the link i sent06:48
cpyargercircuitman, safely how?06:48
pk__voss749: don't they have some hardware lock such that no other software can be installed06:48
JhongHello I'm trying to get an openswan VPN set up but can't get xl2tpd to work. Can anyone help?06:48
Guest78617does anyone know how I can get some new themes for my linux lucid?06:49
FlannelGuest78617: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid questions, thanks.06:49
threexkigoryonya: thanks06:49
voss749Pk, does the computer belong to you?06:49
circuitmancpyarger:i have ubuntu 9.04 and linux mint -8 kde and i want to uninstall linux mint-8 without affecting the ubuntu06:49
chillindaveAnyone know how to stop all local emails from being sent via exim4?06:49
pk__my department has given it to me..i can do anything06:49
cpyargercircuitman, do you have them on seperate partitions?06:50
voss749Pk, get an ubuntu cd and boot to it, and try an install06:50
circuitmancpyarger:let me show u the partitions06:50
Guest78617thank you flannel06:50
=== aperson is now known as darkhazard
cpyargercircuitman, do you still want the second partition or do you want the second one back as one?06:51
sham_cpyarger, i m looking the site you sent06:51
voss749Pk, whats the hardware specs btw?06:51
circuitmancpyarger:while installing mint i  selected the option install side by side06:51
cpyargerdo you want the harddrive back as one big one06:51
cpyargeror do you want to leave it so you can use it seperetly06:52
hasibullahhow to reset windows password with ubuntu my windows is looked please help06:52
circuitmancpyarger:just a minute06:53
crucialhoaxhasibullah: I will give you a link, follow that pages instructions.06:53
cpyargerhasibullah, get a copy of active @ bootdisk06:53
igoryonyais 5.1 and more channel audio support, works only in alsa? ...and pulse, oss, openal, etc. only use 2 channels?06:53
crucialhoaxcpyarger: Or use nt password and registry editor.06:53
JhongAnyone got any experience with xl2tpd on Ubuntu?06:53
circuitmancpyarger:i dont want to disturb the ubuntu06:54
CrOnOs__hi can anyone help me? i need to access a to a raid 0 that was made on windows i dont realy get the mdadm command06:54
cpyargercrucialhoax, ever since i got a copy of active@bootdisk ive found it extreemly helpful when doing windows work06:54
circuitmancpyarger: just uninstall mint06:54
cpyargercircuitman, what do you want to do with the freed up disk space06:54
circuitmancpyarger: presently i'm using ubuntu 9.0406:55
circuitmancpyarger: i want to install another os06:55
crucialhoaxhasibullah: http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/06:55
cpyargercircuitman, sudo apt-get install gparted06:55
cpyargerits a partition editor06:56
circuitmancpyarger:ok,just a minute06:56
cpyargercircuitman, you can delete the old partition and i recommend formating it to ntfs just to make sure you can distinguish the partition when you goto install it06:56
cpyarger*install the new os06:56
cpyargeri have previously split a HDD in half and accidently installed over the OS partition instead of the ext3 one06:57
cpyargerwitch was empty06:58
magopianhi there guys06:58
circuitmancpyarger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/414108/06:58
circuitmancpyarger:getting error while installing gparted   http://paste.ubuntu.com/414108/06:58
magopianis this the right place to ask for troubleshooting on ubuntu lucid 64? since this morning i can't log in anymore (i have gdm, i enter my username/pass, and it is as if it was going to log me in, but suddenly it takes me back to gdm)06:58
magopianand username/pass are correct, i can connect in a tty06:58
cpyargercircuitman, do you have any other programs running using apt?06:58
crucialhoax!lucid | magic_ninja06:59
ubottumagic_ninja: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule06:59
cpyargersuch as synaptic, gdebi06:59
crucialhoax!lucid | magopian06:59
ubottumagopian: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule06:59
magopianthanks crucialhoax ;)06:59
cpyargeraptitude or apt06:59
crucialhoaxWell guys I am out. Night all.07:00
circuitmancpyarger:presently i'm running two browsers and an irc chat client07:00
JustEricDoes anyone know how to fix a wireless problem? Card: Intel WiFi 5100AGN... It doesn't seem to recognize it.07:01
circuitmancpyarger:r u there07:02
=== skbohras is now known as skbohra
cpyargercircuitman, one moment07:02
rebel_kidim not sure how/who did it but the application menu in my task bar (im running the netbook edition) isnt there but if i close all the windows it comes up, where is the setting to turn that back on?07:03
m0ar_I want to try the space-sunrise plymouth splash, but how do I set the .ogv as a splash?  Help appreciated07:04
xorwhyIs there a way to have pulseaudio send its out to the jack sound server?07:04
wolterto run php webpages locally, I just need to install php right?07:04
wolteror do I need apache?07:04
=== m0ar_ is now known as m0ar
rebel_kidwolter, both07:04
chittiM0ar better to use realtek07:04
chittiM0ar better to use realtek07:04
RandyOrthey I'm just curious but does anyone know when 10.04 is officially out if there will be an installer for Windows x64 that will download the x64 distro?07:04
m0architti: What?07:04
rebel_kidwolter, apache is the web server, php is the language07:04
hasibullahwhat download manager should i install for my ubuntu07:04
m0architti: Do you mind explaining?`:)07:05
chittino problem07:05
cpyargercircuitman, i have sent you a pm07:05
chittiar eu getting sound07:05
m0architti: You are definately talking to the wrong person07:06
wolterhow can I make apache2 not start on boot.. thats so unnecessary in my case07:06
chittii'm sorry dude07:06
digiforCan I use unetbootin to convert a cd to usb? (Not .iso file actual cd)07:06
chittidigifor there is preloaded version in ubuntu itself07:07
hasibullahwhat is the best download manager for my ubuntu07:07
chittidigifor lokk at admin07:07
mawstAnyone know what provides the usbserial module?07:08
chittiin the panel07:08
chittiusb serial module means07:08
xorwhyi have a bluetooth microphone that works fine, but i want it to output the sound to my speakers in realtime07:08
digiforthanks chitti07:08
cpyargerdoes anyone know where i can find the ubuntu mid source?07:08
ActionParsnip!find usbserial07:08
xorwhyit works fine in programs, like audacity, sound recorder07:08
ubottuFile usbserial found in linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic, linux-image-2.6.31-14-server, linux-image-2.6.31-15-generic, linux-image-2.6.31-15-server, linux-image-2.6.31-16-generic (and 11 others)07:08
xorwhybut i can't figure out how to make it output to the speakers07:08
chittispeakers must have a bluetooth07:08
xorwhychitti, i can't make any sense out of that07:09
ActionParsnipChitti: seems its in the kernel modules by standard. Does: sudo modprobe usbserial ,give an output?07:09
chittihmmmm i dont think so07:09
Out_Coldwow.. never knew xbox360 was so freakin picky about upnp servers07:10
ActionParsnipChitti: if you get no output then it is loaded. In Linux "no news is good news"07:10
Out_ColdActionParsnip, should I stop telling people that "good news is dead news"?07:11
ActionParsnipOut_cold: same difference?07:11
slyrus_evening folks. anyone have a good source for instructions on getting hdmi audio from an h55 mobo? I'm still flailing after a couple of days...07:12
Out_Cold:p anyone here know of a ubuntu xbox 360 media server?07:12
ActionParsnipOut_cold: xbmc07:14
chittiis it possible installing yahoo messanger in ubunut07:16
ActionParsnipChitti: sure, they have a client on their site, there is also gyache and pidgin07:16
chittiya they are already in my pc07:16
chittii just need a messange only for yahoo07:17
ActionParsnipChitti: head to yahoo's page and there is a linux client afair07:17
rebel_kidthe netbook-launcher icon on my panel was accidentally removed, how can i get it back07:19
rebel_kidnvm, the darn window applet was in the way of adding the icon back :P07:20
ActionParsnipRebel_kid: right click panel -> add item07:20
DarthPuffwhat is the name of that tool to send info to pastebin or something like it?07:21
ActionParsnipDarthpuff: pastebinit07:22
hasibullahdownload manager for ubuntu to speed up my downloads please my net is slow07:22
sandipi want c code for disassemble program  or to print the instruction07:22
DarthPuffActionParsnip: there is another one called wgetpaste :).07:22
ActionParsnipHasibullah: if you connection is slow it will be slow. You can't get a faster than you link will allow07:23
DarthPuffActionParsnip: the guys over at arch rememberd :D07:23
DarthPuffActionParsnip: remembered....07:23
ActionParsnip!info wgetpaste07:23
ubottuPackage wgetpaste does not exist in karmic07:23
DarthPuffi know, i'm in arch07:23
ActionParsnipDarthpuff: its not on the repo07:23
DarthPuffbut you guys are just so helpful ;)07:23
ActionParsnipDarthpuff: arch isn't supported here07:23
DarthPuffbut you guys will still know the answer to generic questions07:23
ActionParsnipDarthpuff: true but using help from one distro to another may brak things07:24
ActionParsnipWhich is one reason we don't support non-canonical releases07:24
DarthPuffActionParsnip: i understand :)07:25
sandipalso  give me  some releted  c code and information07:25
Optimus55hey is there a channel on freenode for ubuntu devs?07:33
ardchoilleOptimus55: #ubuntu-devel07:34
ardchoilleOptimus55: there is also #ubuntu-motu07:35
Optimus55what's the difference between the two?07:35
ardchoilleOptimus55: the #ubuntu-motu channel is for the universe packagers, iirc07:36
ardchoillemotu = master of the universe07:36
Optimus55ahhh okay makes sense07:36
Optimus55i want to get developing on some specific stuff in ubuntu, i suppose ubuntu-devel is a good place to start then07:37
ardchoilleyeah, I think so07:37
maltheguys; what could be the problem if during boot, pressing F6 does nothing? its all wired.07:40
xorwhymalthe: does your keyboard have an "office lock" function? I have a keyboard that, if office lock is enabled, all the fx keys do something different07:41
maltheoffice lock, i think not, its just a laptop.07:41
malthei've tried with "fn" key, but that actually does what its supposed to, e.g.activate special functions.07:42
freevryheidhow do I get a list of servers on my local network i.e. 192.168.*07:45
sham_can anyone help me for setting up my own local repository for my clients on my harddisk07:46
jaywongis there a guide that teaches me on how to install drivers for my ubuntu?  i want to install 3d drivers for my Intel 855GME, but I have no idea what to do with the files that I downloaded07:47
bugalooguys... a stupid question: is there a way to disable those tips (yellow tips) when you put mouse on something like windows buttons or menu entries?07:47
Vigojaywong: ATI binary?07:48
jaywongATI?  it's a intel card though.... i downloaded this http://downloadcenter.intel.com/detail_desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProductID=922&DwnldID=8203&strOSs=39&OSFullName=Linux*&lang=eng07:48
bugaloohi there! is there a way to disable those tips (yellow tips) when you put mouse on something like windows buttons or menu entries?07:49
Vigojaywong: Here is the How To:>https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI07:49
jaywongthank you very much Vigo :-D07:49
Vigojaywong: From that page you can search deeper, but I think that is the one that explains it well.07:50
Vigojaywong: You are quite welcome.07:50
chdhow do I run traceroute in ubuntu?07:51
blinkizHi. I use intel graphics drivers built into ubuntu 9.10. I would like to have the external screen as primary and my laptop screen as secondary. I do not seem to be able to do this. As soon as a activate my laptop screen, it becomes primary. Only way (as I see it) is to disable laptop screen to be able to have primary on the external one. Anyone know how I can fix this?07:51
mawstchd: System>>Administration>>Network Tools07:51
mawstbugaloo: Have a look on google for "ubuntu disable tooltips"07:51
sham_chd: go to shell and type traceroute hostaddress07:52
wswhy can i not find nessus in the cache database for available packages?07:52
mawstThere's a setting in gconf iirc (if you're talking about gnome) bugaloo.07:52
wswhere can i find a package for Nessus?07:52
chdsham_, command not found07:53
bugaloomawst, it's gnome, yes... I'll take a look, thanks07:53
Vigows: CLI?07:53
bugaloomawst, using ubuntu in portuguese, I didn't know how ubuntu call it in english ("tooltips"), thanks again :)07:54
blinkizIs it possible to have laptop screen as secondary and external as primary? Using Intel graphics card and drivers07:55
wsVigo: cli/gui, anything would do.07:55
wsVigo: i would prefer gui to be honest.07:55
Vigows: Ok, still looking, but here: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/nessus-update-plugins-gpl.8.html07:56
=== darkhazard is now known as aperson
cpyargeranyone know how to compile ubuntu MID form source on a  custom kernel?08:00
^b0ss^hey all Question how do you get like the gagets at the bottom...and there the apps and they scroll through08:00
ardchoille^b0ss^: sounds like avant window navigator08:01
ardchoille!info awn08:01
ubottuPackage awn does not exist in karmic08:01
wsVigo: thankyou for your help08:01
ardchoille!info avant-window-navigator08:01
ubottuavant-window-navigator (source: avant-window-navigator): A MacOS X like panel for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 104 kB, installed size 328 kB08:01
wsVigo: there is a man page for nessus as well, so weird i cannot find the package for it.08:01
Vigows: You are very welcome, look around on that page a bit, it does explain it in detail,,,,08:02
DarthPuffhey guys, have you ever heard of a wireless card being able to see wireless networks but not connect?08:02
TyanColtei'm needing me a wubi expert08:02
ardchoille^b0ss^: do you mean like at the bottom of this screenshot? http://picasaweb.google.com/ardchoille42/Screenshots#536886130639798017808:02
TyanColteanybody well versed in wubi installations of ubuntu?08:03
^b0ss^ardchoille, yes m808:03
BANSHE3Is there a better terminal I can get or am I stuck with the default ubuntu one?08:03
wsVigo: openvas-client seems to provide nessus.08:04
ardchoille^b0ss^: That's avant-window-navigator08:04
ws(using kramic repositories)08:04
^b0ss^and also i need to install a graphics driver ati 850x ardchoille tanks08:04
TyanColteoh wai, you weren't talking to me08:04
riversideHi,is there any kind of video chat software on ubuntu?08:04
ardchoille!ati | ^b0ss^08:04
ubottu^b0ss^: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:04
macoriverside: sure you can use empathy (included) or pidgin or even install skype08:05
Vigows: That may be where the Man pages are, cvs them or wget them. I am still looking for that, as you can see that is not very supported on Ubuntu.08:05
macoriverside: empathy and pidgin work with jabber (example: google talk) accounts for video chat08:05
^b0ss^ubottu, thanks08:05
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:05
riversideyeah, I have pidgin, but how can make it work?08:05
TyanColtei have a dual boot win7 ubuntu wubi installation, and i have one question, is there any way when you reboot ubuntu you can skip the bootloader and have it default to ubuntu instead of win7 or am i going to have to sit and wait and choose every time08:06
macoriverside: but im heading to bed so if you have ?s about those dont wait on me to answer08:06
DarthPuffubottu, i love you08:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:06
wsVigo: http://downloads.nessus.org/nessus3dl.php?file=Nessus-4.0.2-ubuntu810_i386.deb&licence_accept=yes&t=a78325f6663917ce368c8e8b853c22ce08:06
TyanColtei still want win7 to be my default OS it's just when i reboot while in ubuntu i want it to automatically restart with ubuntu instead of defaulting to win708:06
zhaothe 1st time i use irc08:07
sham_chd: first install traceroute on your system08:07
Vigows: Sweet, are you on 8.10?08:07
Miloshanyone here??08:07
TyanColteam i able to be seen on here, i'm using an evaulation copy of mIRC and I don't know how restricted i am08:08
VigoTyanColte: Yes, you are here.08:08
TyanColteok good08:08
Miloshis there someone who can maybe help me with a problem?08:08
Miloshi'm totally new to ubuntu :\08:09
raonidMilosh: just put your question here08:09
TyanColtei'm not new to linux i just have a question, i can't find it on google :P08:09
^b0ss^at the moment when i look up the graphics card there is nothing08:09
TyanColteanybody here better than google?08:10
Miloshwell, i think my audio card is the problem, my entire system freezes when i try to run java or flash apps08:10
VigoTyanColte: That is an odd thing, you are using WUBI?08:10
Milosh...with sound08:10
^b0ss^it says no drivers used on this sytem08:10
TyanColtei love my dual boot, i just want to be able to have it automate the reboot process when i have to reboot ubuntu, i can already do this in windows using iReboot08:11
TyanColteand i can actually reboot into ubuntu from windows using ireboot08:11
VigoTyanColte: Did you set the boot option?08:12
raonidMilosh: if the video or app has no sound, there's no problem?08:12
TyanColteset the boot option to do what?08:12
VigoTyanColte: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wubi08:12
Miloshnone raonid08:12
TyanColtethat's not going to help me Vigo08:12
TyanColtethe dual boot works perfectly08:13
TyanColtethere is nothing wrong with my installation08:13
TyanColtei'm a certified computer technician for crying out loud, i'm just wondering if this feature exists08:13
raonidMilosh: that's really weird08:13
Miloshi know man. you see, i think i messed up the drivers or something..08:14
raonidMilosh: sorry, I have no idea how to help08:14
Milosh i tried to install them myself, and just kinda.. installed everything i thought was relevant08:14
raonidMilosh: hmmm08:14
Miloshno sweat raonid, thanks anyway08:14
raonidMilosh: you tried to install what driver?08:14
Miloshoh, an audio driver08:14
=== Jacques_ is now known as Guest75802
TyanColtevigo: i'm pming you08:15
Miloshfor my sound card bcuz onboard sound wasn't working08:15
andrukanybody know the status of nmcli in ubuntu?08:15
ddrjany ideas ^ ? (xbmc guys don't know)08:15
TyanColteVigo: you still there?08:16
Miloshi guess, for now, i would just like to know some terminal commands08:16
Miloshlike how to see what is installed and such08:16
raonidMilosh: for that I can try to help08:16
Miloshmaybe.. idk, if there's a conflict or something08:16
MiloshCool! thanks08:16
raonidMilosh: you need not use the cli to see the installed packages08:17
raonidMilosh: you can use Synaptic08:17
raonidMilosh: it shows everything installed08:17
Miloshhow do i find the drivers there?08:17
ardchoilleMilosh: yeah, synatpic is way easier, it'll have a green box to the left of all installed packages08:17
Miloshall right, uncomplicated is better08:18
raonidMilosh: can you tell us how did you installed the drivers by yourself?08:19
raonidMilosh: and the model of your sound card?08:19
Miloshwell, it's an esoniq something or other, raonid08:19
Miloshi'm not sure how to tell :\08:20
sham_anyone can help me for local repository?08:20
ardchoillesham_: Explain your issue08:20
raonidMilosh: well, you already started08:21
Miloshas for how i did the drivers, i used so many commands.. I'm not sure which are which anymore08:21
LCID_FireIs there a way to just sync the rights of 2 paths (preferably via ssh)? The files are the same - just the rights (+owner/group) got screwed up08:22
ardchoilleMilosh: you can use the history command in a terminal to see what you've run08:22
Miloshi had tried to solve this through forums too, don't get me wrong08:22
sham_i want to setup my own local repository on my harddisk for ubuntu08:22
raonidMilosh: it's the way to do it08:22
sham_ardchoille :-  i want to setup my own local repository on my harddisk for ubuntu08:23
ardchoillesham_: I'm not sure how to do that, hopefully someone with more experience will answer08:23
Miloshwell raonid, from the history it shows allot of things. I installed gstreamer, pulse audio, i was editing source files of somekind08:24
DarthPuffi can see wireless networks but not connect to them.08:24
LCID_Firesham_: Did you read something like http://mediakey.dk/~cc/howto-create-your-own-debian-or-ubuntu-package-repository/08:24
raonidMilosh: well, I'm searching the web for something related...08:24
sham_ardchoille:can u suggest me any better channel to search for it08:25
TyanColteanybody know how to get the atlantis compiz plugin as a pre compiled package?08:25
ardchoilleLCID_Fire: nice link, thanks08:25
TyanColtecompiling isn't really my bag08:25
ardchoillesham_: This channel should be the best, just wait for someone to answer08:25
LCID_Fireardchoille: de nada - google is your friend ;)08:25
TyanColteunless you can't find it on google, then what do you do? come here, that's what i'm doing08:26
ardchoillesham_: Also, there's no problem with repeating your question every 15 mins or so08:26
TyanColtei downloaded mIRC just for this specific purpose08:26
LCID_FireTyanColte: what are you searching for?08:26
TyanColte2 things actually08:26
ardchoilleLCID_Fire must have some google foo08:26
TyanColtei've got somebody on the first one08:26
^b0ss^i have the driver its a run file how do i install a run file08:27
TyanColtebut right now i want to know if there is any way to download a precompiled deb package of the atlantis compiz plugin08:27
Miloshi'm wondering though, could it be like.. and audio conflict? if i have too many sound... things(?) trying to use sound?08:27
ardchoille^b0ss^: driver for what? ATI? Have you tried the Hardware Drivers GUI first?08:27
LCID_FireTyanColte: Since compiz frequently fucks up on my machines - I don't know too much about it - aside from - I want to get fucking rid of it08:28
^b0ss^nothing there says no driver08:28
ardchoille!language | LCID_Fire08:28
ubottuLCID_Fire: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:28
TyanColtei can help you get rid of it if you don't want it08:28
^b0ss^its says none used on this system08:28
sandro_ciao a tutte e tutti08:29
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
LCID_FireTyanColte: I would uninstall it - but lucid currently has a screwed up gnome-shell package :(08:29
raonidMilosh: have you seen this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToSetupSoundCards08:30
TyanColteLCID_Fire: that blows08:30
LCID_FireTyanColte: yeah and I haven't even started with all the bugs I have in lucid ;)08:31
Miloshyeah, i've done that08:31
VotanIS anyone running UNR 9.10 or 10.04 on a Samsung 220 ?08:31
Miloshi used snd-ens1731 or something, and it froze before logging in08:31
toaderHi, Could anybody recommend me GUI-based VPN client? thanks08:31
TyanColteyea, i'm using a wubi installation of ubuntu 9.10 on a toshiba laptop and i've got compiz running like a dream08:31
Miloshuh, is there a way to see what hardware i have installed?08:32
LCID_FireTyanColte: yeah - 9.10 was a lot better08:32
Votantoader use the network-manager plugins ?08:32
=== |doritos| is now known as spicy
TyanColtei want to make mine look like the linux beauty video on youtube08:33
LCID_FireTyanColte: I'm a simple man - I just want it to work ;)08:33
raonidMilosh: lspci is a command line program that tells you what hardware is in your pc box08:34
TyanColtei want mine to work and look pretty :P08:34
* LCID_Fire is sad for TyanColte08:34
* TyanColte wonders why LCID_Fire is sad08:34
LCID_FireTyanColte: you will NEVER get that ;)08:34
^b0ss^help ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run08:34
^b0ss^just want the command to run that .08:35
Miloshoh, okay.. hey raonid, what does 'lspci -v | less' do?08:35
TyanColtewell since i can make mine look pretty i just want it to look as pretty as possible and have it work alsoo08:35
Miloshoh nvm, i tried it08:35
o2oowho knows how to view the "*.jd" document?08:35
raonidMilosh: don't know08:36
GutZuWiSSeNhmm.. i cant browse the network in 10.04 .. are there any known bugs or workarounds?  (error cannot open network:///08:37
navneethHello... could someone confirm if a Erlang (the language) is a pre-installed package in Ubuntu?08:37
TyanColtehow unstable is 10.04 anyway08:37
navneethI'm using 9.10, and I have some updates, but I have no knowledge of installing the package08:38
LCID_FireTyanColte: depends - what do you define by unstable and what packages do you use?08:38
jussi01!lucid | TyanColte08:38
ubottuTyanColte: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule08:38
almoxarifeGutZuWiSSeN: have samba installed?08:38
Miloshwell thanks anyway raonid for all of your help08:38
raonidMilosh: ok08:38
jussi01!info erlang | navneeth08:38
ubottunavneeth: erlang (source: erlang): Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:13.b.1-dfsg-2ubuntu1.1 (karmic), package size 33 kB, installed size 80 kB08:38
navneethThanks, ubottu... I wonder,then, how I have updates now08:39
ojiihi everyone08:39
kwtmHi.  How can I use the command-line to print a PDF file?  Can I do "lpr -P MyPrinter MyFile.pdf"?  Or is that only for PostScript files?08:39
raonidMilosh: anyway you should confirm if snd-ens1731 is the module you need to your sound card08:39
jussi01ubottu is a bot08:39
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots for all information.08:39
raonidMilosh: good luck08:39
navneethan informative bot at that08:40
ojiiI try to install ubuntu (10.04 beta 2) on my macbook pro, but after I select "install ubuntu" from the live cd menu all i get is a black screen with a white cursor blinking in the top left corner. What am I doing wrong?08:40
TyanColteoh lol08:40
Flannelojii: #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support, thanks.08:40
Votanusing a mac!08:40
Votannah j/k08:41
Miloshis ubuntu worth it? i mean, all of this?08:41
Miloshdoes it become second nature over time or something?08:41
alabdGood day all ,  what is equivelant of  adobe dreamweaver in ubuntu08:41
VotanMilosh for me it is worth it as 10.04 beta2 runs better on my netbook then any windows08:41
Votanalabd have u tried NVU ?08:41
lblewhy somebody leave?08:42
Miloshwell thanks votan, i should keep trying it i guess08:42
alabdVotan,   no is it the best one ?08:43
Miloshor is it trying me? idk..08:43
TyanColteanybody know if you can modify a windows 7 bootloader "bcdedit" while in ubuntu?08:44
rangawhat is the web cam suport ubuntu chat service08:44
Miloshwell thanks dudes, u guys rock08:45
Votanalabd well for me it is sufficient in linux08:47
Merlin_does this channel cover ubuntu on the ppc?08:49
theadminMerlin_: Yes08:49
Merlin_ok i have a g4 ilamp and the 10.04 beta flashes between black white and brown at the "Desktop"08:50
theadmin!10.04 | Merlin_08:50
ubottuMerlin_: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule08:50
Merlin_is there a workaround?08:50
=== ironmunk_ is now known as ironmunk
miloshanyone know a good windows password recovery tool?08:51
theadminmilosh: ntpasswd08:51
miloshtheadmin, is that a command?08:52
Kettle_Coookedwhat is the difference between "pico" and "nano" editors?08:52
theadminmilosh: That's some kind of utility08:52
theadminKettle_Coooked: nano is enchanced pico. Pico in Ubuntu launches nano, actually.08:52
hunahpumilosh: trinity-rescue-kit, is a distro designed specifically for your case (recovering/reseting win passwords)08:52
Kettle_Coookedtheadmin: I'm on Mac OS, and when running both I can't really see a difference. Just curious if there is any notable difference08:53
miloshthanks hunahpu, i'll look into them both08:53
theadminKettle_Coooked: No idea how it is on apples.08:53
theadminHm, i wonder what would sudo do if ran as root? :/08:56
st4aluckneed help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934108:56
hunahpuKettle_Coooked: there is not notable difference because they are the same program, MacOSX is a POSIX system too.08:57
st4aluck~$ /usr/bin/check-bios-nx --verbose This CPU has nx in the flags, so the BIOS is not disabling it.08:57
miloshso.. when i have an iso.. what kind of project do i burn it as?08:57
hunahpumilosh: right click the .iso file and then click on "burn to CD"08:57
miloshbut hunahpu, it gives me options like, audio prject, disc copy, etc08:58
hunahpumilosh: alternatively you can create a bootable USB flash memory (pendrive) with it. (system - admin - usb creator)08:58
miloshi have no clue what those even are08:58
theadminmilosh: There should be a "burn image" somewhere08:59
miloshhaha, i wouldn't know where to begin dude08:59
miloshokay burn image got it, thanks08:59
hunahpumilosh: open brasero, it will display 5 big buttons, pick the last one (burn image)08:59
theadminhunahpu: brasero? Who even uses that? It burns nothing at all.09:00
hunahputheadmin: I agree, tell the devs who chose it as default burner :p09:00
miloshwait.. what should i use then, theadmin?09:00
Votani used brasero like 2yrs ago :>09:00
theadminmilosh: You can use gnomebaker09:01
Votananyways, anyone managed to get the display brightness to work on a Samsung N220 ?09:01
hunahpumilosh: brasero should work just fine; burning an iso file is not that hard; I also like gnomebaker more though (it plays a cool sound when it ends!)09:01
miloshokay, but.. is there a really big difference or will i not even notice it, theadmin09:01
Votanfor a simple task like burning an image u will not notice a diference milosh09:02
miloshokay. i had no clue there were differences in cds09:03
Guest32079can i ask support questions for 10.4 here?09:03
miloshwhat would a complicated task be for disc burning then, guys?09:03
hunahpuGuest32079: uhmmm not really, go to #ubuntu+109:03
theadminmilosh: Nothing really, brasero just is quite buggy09:03
miloshdude, my whole effin system is buggy. i'ma go with gnomebaker09:05
miloshno chances09:05
yogesh712harishcan anybody tell me wer i can find out debian packages for Internet download manager09:06
hunahpuyogesh712harish: try gwget09:07
yogesh712harishgwget.....can u tell me sumthing about it09:07
miloshso what are most of you guys like, underground status or something?09:08
miloshor do you just like helpin out newbies for fun?09:08
hunahpuyogesh712harish: sudo apt-get install gwget; if you want debian packages go to http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages09:08
hunahpu!info gwget09:08
ubottugwget (source: gwget2): GNOME front-end for wget. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 223 kB, installed size 1348 kB09:08
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
yogesh712harishoh tnx hunahpu09:08
hunahpumilosh: I personally help people "for fun", is better than just keeping my sit warm while I'm at work :)09:08
ddrjmixing amd cpu + nvidia video card = good or bad idea?09:09
ddrjreading different things09:09
miloshhunahpu: well that's really cool of you man09:09
hunahpuddrj: it's a good idea, they are fully compatible09:09
ddrjty hunahpu, currently i have an ati on board video that's causing me problems with xbmc... looking to replace it09:10
ardchoilleddrj: I have an AMD Sempron cpu with an nVidia vid card and have no problems.. I build my own computers09:10
hunahpuddrj: I actually tend to recommend Nvidia cards in Linux environments as Nvidia brings better support linux-drivers-wise.09:10
ddrjthanks guys, yeah turns out that my ati on board video doesn't support either vaapi or vdpau09:11
hunahpuddrj: yes, I have tested ati and nvidia cards with xbmc and nvidia does work better for me.09:11
ddrjhmm hunahpu, any specific nvidia card u'd recommend for xbmc? xbmc recommends series 8 and above09:12
ddrji might get an 8400 gs (hdmi out too)09:12
hunahpuddrj: I have a 9600GT with 512MB and works flawlessly09:12
koshariddrj i run it on a acer aspire reco with a ion gpu and its very nice09:13
ddrjyeah after reading the forums it seems that everyone goes after the acer revos with ion09:15
st4aluckneed help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934109:15
ddrjunfortunately i ended up buy an amd x2 250 + gigabyte board with radeon 3000 which causes my system to freeze often because of incompatibilities with vdpau (since it's ati and not nvidia) OR vaapi (which is SUPPOSED to support ati cards but can't because my radeon 3000 doesn't support UVD2 which is required for vaapi)09:17
miloshhey, anybody ever used a static proxy?09:18
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
rtaycheris there a key I can press to boot into recovery mode?, my grapics are messed up, and the grub screen is hidden as I only have one os installed09:19
miloshor, can anybody tell me the best way to boost my wireless adapter?09:20
ddrjcan you guys tell me if this video card would be fine for xbmc? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681414110609:21
hunahpurtaycher: hold Shift to open GRUB options; if it fails press Esc when you see grub loading09:21
hunahpuddrj: it should work fine; with propietary drivers that is.09:22
ddrjhunahpu: thanks! btw proprietary drivers are the ones that the ubuntu developers release right?09:23
=== chat33388 is now known as serdaar4
hunahpuddrj: uhmmm yes and no; the drivers are written by nvidia but ubuntu devs create the package for you to install it09:24
ddrjahhh ok perfect09:25
WyrdHmm, I am having problems with ATi09:25
hunahpuddrj: to install the drivers go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers.09:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:25
ddrjahhhhh, thanks hunahpu, now to get the video card :)09:26
loki1023need help bad guys09:26
hunahpuddrj: np, good luck with your card09:26
miloshwhat speed should i burn an image file at?09:26
ddrjthanks, i hope it goes better than this horrible ati 3000 onboard one i have atm x(09:26
hunahpumilosh: if you want to be extra-safe at 1-4x but it will take some time09:26
loki1023decided to try unbuntu ,but upped the dpi way to much doh09:27
st4aluckPls help me http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9039341#post903934109:27
MoheroFlannel: actually it's a useful script for people in another channel. didn't realise it was running in here.09:27
hunahpuloki1023: dpi?09:27
miloshi have these options, max speed, 32.0 x(cd) or 24.0 x(cd)09:28
miloshis 24 1-4x?09:28
hunahpumilosh: use 24.0 x,09:28
loki1023dots per inch for font09:28
miloshiight! cool09:28
VotanIs anyone here using LogFS with an SSD ?09:31
balachmarI keep getting "Checksums do not match" in the usb startup creator. Eventhough the md5sum of the iso is correct. And there are no errors in the cli, I ran sudo usb-creator-gtk. Anybody know a solution?09:33
jasonmchristosjust use the gui version09:34
balachmar@jasonmchristos: Well that had the same problem, I ran it from cli to see if there were any error messages, but this is still the GUI version.09:35
jasonmchristosdelete the entire partition on the usb drive and reformat it09:35
jasonmchristosuse gparted to do that09:36
navihi , I have problem with instalation nod32 beta4 on ubuntu 10.4 , File is in .linux file format and when I try to run it I have error. What I should download before istalation of any ".linux" files ?09:38
Durfhey, ubuntu isn't picking up my USB drive, what do i do to make it recognise it?09:38
zambaDurf: 'dmesg'?09:38
zambaDurf: is it formatted?09:38
gm|lap'lo... i'm trying to get jamvm working on 9.10 and it's puking no matter what i throw at it09:39
gm|lapthis is from apt-get09:39
bullgard4My LAN is behind an ADSL router. My ADSL router reports: "DNS Server" What command determines the IP address of the DNS server currently in use? Don't tell me '~$ dig'.09:39
gm|lap(well, the jamvm + classpath i have)09:39
Durfzamba it isn't formatted.09:39
tasslehoffDuring installation, can I decide which UID/GID my user should have, or do I have to accept what I'm given and change it afterwards?09:40
Tim|Workbullgard, look at the contents of /etc/resolv.conf09:40
gm|lapfirstly, how would i know what classpath i have installed?09:40
zambaDurf: there you go09:40
zambaDurf: you need to format it first09:40
zambaDurf: you know for a fact it's blank?09:40
Durfzamba :|09:41
bullgard4Tim|Work: I have done so before I posted here. This will tell me the IP address of my router only.09:41
FireCrotchbullgard4: I believe that your router probably sends DNS requests out to both DNS servers listed, and uses whichever one replies first09:41
Durfhold up09:41
zambaDurf: hm?09:41
gm|lapbullgard4: try cat /etc/resolv.conf09:41
Tim|Workbullgard4, nameserver <X> is whatever your PC is using - most home routers have dns forwarders built in09:41
Tim|Workso thats expected09:41
jasonmchristosbullgard log into the router and see what dns server ius09:41
andrewBrianqualcuno mi può aiutare sono disperato09:42
andrewBrianqualcuno che conosca ubuntu09:42
bullgard4Tim|Work: How does your general statement help me?09:42
gm|lapwho's the maintainer of this crap, anyway09:42
jasonmchristosbullgard it means do what i said09:43
bullgard4jasonmchristos: I have done so. I posted the result here. But this does not answer my question.09:43
Tim|Workbullgard4, in resolv.conf, the line nameserver X will show you what nameserver is currently in use - which is what you asked... if it IS your router, that is quite normal because routers do DNS forwarding09:43
gm|lapthe jamvm which can be obtained from apt-get REQUIRES GNU classpath 0.98, the one packaged is 0.97.209:43
jasonmchristosbullgard the router will list the external dns server09:43
gm|lapwho should i bug about this?09:43
Tim|Workthe router may show one, but not give that out.09:43
bigbang12I am using ubuntu 9.04, i am getting this error "No package 'gtk+-2.0' found" please tell me ho to install gtk09:44
bullgard4Tim|Work: I see your point. --  Thank you.09:44
gm|lapbigbang12: uh,09:44
gm|lapbigbang12: first thing, you can use "apt-cache search gtk 2.0" or something like that09:45
=== Votan is now known as Votan|off
gm|lapbigbang12: just telling you this so you remember in future09:45
jasonmchristosno thanks for me?09:45
bullgard4FireCrotch: Ah! Very interesting. --  Thank you very much for your help.09:45
gm|lapbigbang12: but anyways, sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-009:45
gm|lapbigbang12: you'll need to do it in a terminal, of course09:45
jasonmchristosFireCrotch: didnt even say anything09:46
ddrjwould this video card support audio + video over its hdmi port? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681414110609:46
eZainnystupid Q, but am ab absolute noob with Linux/Ubuntu...hope someone can help :) How can I find out what port a vnc server is running on, on an ubuntu server (inherited linux box from another person, but having trouble connecting to it with ultravnc viewer). I can ssh in to the server fine, but am not sure how I can find out what port the vnc server is running on09:46
jasonmchristosddrj: thats off topic09:46
ddrjsorry, i'll ask the right channel09:47
bullgard4gm|lap: This only returns the IP address of my ADSL router.09:47
jasonmchristoseZainny: how do you even know its running vnc09:47
perseo22eZainny: by default, VNC runs on port 5900 (TCP)09:47
eZainnybecause i recall the admin guy used to vnc in09:47
eZainnyyep, tried connecting on default port, but it's not working...and i recall he changed it to something non-standard09:48
jasonmchristosbullgard4 you cannot get the dns from there it will list the router as the dns09:48
jasonmchristosthe router will list the dns of the real server09:48
jasonmchristoshave to log into the router to see it09:48
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
andrewBrianplease????there is anyone that speck italian??????????? i have a disaster09:49
jasonmchristoseZainny: try a portscan09:49
FireCrotcheZainny: netstat -apl  will list all ports that are listening09:49
gm|lapeZainny: netstat - just trying to work out what flags you'll want09:49
bullgard4jasonmchristos: I have done so and obtained the result I wanted. --  Thank you.09:49
gm|lapeZainny: netstat -l09:49
perseo22FireCrotch: that's it09:50
FireCrotch!it | andrewBrian09:50
ubottuandrewBrian: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:50
perseo22join #ubuntu-es09:51
eZainnyHmmm...I did the netstat -apl but nothing jumps out at me as being related to vnc09:51
eZainnyMaybe the vnc server isn't actually running :/09:51
jasonmchristosnetstat -tau | grep09:51
balachmar@jasonmchristos: I did a fromat with gparted and tried again, with the same result...09:51
perseo22eZainny: yes, mey be... :)09:51
jasonmchristosbalachmar: might be a bad drive try another usb port could be the port09:52
FireCrotcheZainny: it's likely that the old admin would ssh into the server and then start the vnc server each time he wanted to vnc in09:52
balachmar@jasonmchristos: OK will try that09:52
FireCrotcheZainny: at least, that's what I do on the off chance that I ever have to vnc into a machine09:53
eZainnyFireCrotch: Yeah, may be what he used to do. Any thoughts on how I can start up the vnc server again?09:53
eZainnyIf it type in vnc in to the term window and then hit tab i see vncserver and vnc4server09:53
eZainnyand just plain "vnc" is there too09:53
FireCrotcheZainny: maybe check .bash_history to see what commands the previous admin used09:54
jasonmchristosor just press the up key eZainny09:54
eZainnyI am using my own login to the server, so the bash history would be my own right (not his?)09:54
eZainnyhe had his own login09:55
eZainnybut we both have admin privledges09:55
=== Gateway is now known as Gateway`
FireCrotcheZainny: then you can check his bash history :)  /home/hisusername/.bash_history09:55
chittineed help on the mysql connection09:57
culinorhello, where is ubuntu profile directory located, anyone knows?09:57
eZainnysearching back through his bash history now...it's big :)09:57
eZainnythanks all...hopefully will find something09:57
FireCrotcheZainny: cat /home/hisname/.bash_history | grep vnc   maybe09:57
conb123Is xfs faster than ext4?09:57
Durfhey, ubuntu isn't picking up my USB drive, what do i do to make it recognise it?09:57
chittineeed help on mysql jdbc and odbc driver in ubuntu09:57
chitticonb123 may be09:57
eZainnyFireCrotch: Perfect, thanks. Was just about to ask how to do that :)09:58
chittijdbc and odbc for mysql09:58
itsahello all, how about 10.04? souns good to me .. :)09:58
conb123chitti: can you extend on that answer?09:58
Durfhey, ubuntu isn't picking up my USB drive, what do i do to make it recognise it?09:58
icerootitsa: #ubuntu+109:58
icerootchitti: please give as more usefull details09:58
chittiext4 have less features compare with ext309:59
eZainnyFireCrotch: All that came up in his bash history for vnc search was "vncserver -kill :1" and "vncserver -kill : 2"10:00
chitticonb123 xfs have limited features10:00
conb123Right, what about jfs is that faster?10:00
FireCrotcheZainny: that's odd - those kill the vncserver, not start it10:03
eZainnyYeah, I figured that :) Not sure why there isn't anything to start it up in there10:03
Durfhey, ubuntu isn't picking up my USB drive, what do i do to make it recognise it?10:04
sravan Hw can we unset every detail of previous plot in GNU plot ?10:06
sravan<sravan> using single ommand ?10:06
sravanlike unset <????>10:06
miloshanyone know how to recover a winxp pwd with trinity?10:06
eZainnyFireCrotch: so if the vnc server isn't running on the box, maybe i can just start it up again by running vncserver10:06
eZainnyor would it be vnc4server10:06
joaopintomilosh, wrong channel, try ##windows10:06
iIrssimilosh: You're in wrong channel.10:06
architokecan i get unbannd?10:06
architokewrong channel10:06
FireCrotcheZainny: just vncserver should do the trick10:06
miloshdude, i know that, but trinity is like.. a linux thing right?10:06
miloshand for the life of me, if i could get linux to work, i wouldn't be asking10:07
joaopintomilosh, which doesn't make it on topic with #ubuntu10:07
sravanlike unset <????>10:07
sravan Hw can we unset every detail of previous plot in GNU plot ?10:07
sravan<sravan> using single ommand ?10:07
architokewhat are you trying to do, sravan10:08
miloshiight, so would you be so kind to direct me to the right channel then10:08
architokemilosh: what are you looking for?10:08
sravanarchitoke, : In GNU Plot, I wanted to unset every thing that I have used fr previous plot10:08
eZainnyFireCrotch: Hey, that did the trick. vnc started up, and i was able to vnc in and am now on the desktop. Thanks so much for your help! (in retrospect, seems silly I didn't just try this earlier)10:08
architokesravan: just use R10:08
eZainnyThanks a lot!10:08
sravanI dont want to individually do "unset label , unset range"10:09
sravanand all10:09
FireCrotcheZainny: You're welcome :)10:09
architokemaybe unset * ?10:09
chittihelp on jdbc and odbc10:09
miloshuhm.. well something to do with this trinity recovery kit i was suggested to DL architoke10:09
FireCrotchmilosh: use the winpass command from a terminal10:09
sravanarchitoke, : R is not doing anythng10:10
sravanIt's giving me as invalid command10:10
miloshthanks fire.. how do i do that?10:10
geekphreakhi all10:10
architokesravan: whta do you mean R isn't doing anything?10:10
architokegeekphreak: hi10:10
FireCrotchmilosh: I assume you've booted the computer using the TRK disc?10:11
sravanwhen I type "R" Return10:11
sravanIt's giving invalid command10:11
architokethat's because its not installed10:11
architokeinstall it10:11
sravanarchitoke, :invalid command10:11
architokesudo apt-get install R10:11
miloshit's all command based and i'm totally lost there10:11
FireCrotchmilosh: just type in winpass10:11
miloshiight, then what will happen?10:12
FireCrotchmilosh: it should ask you what you want to set the password for the administrator account to (I've never actually used TRK before, just looking at the docs here: http://trinityhome.org/Home/index.php?wpid=42&front_id=12 )10:12
miloshoh, sorry fire, i should've google it or something10:14
FireCrotchmilosh: if all you need to do is reset a windows admin password, I recommend Offline NT, which can be found here: http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/10:14
FireCrotchmuch easier to use, and a very small download (theres a floppy disk version)10:15
miloshhaha floppy disk, wow10:15
miloshold school10:15
nucc1anyone got bluetooth-dun working in lucid?10:15
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule10:15
architokenucc1: i do10:15
miloshi would DL it, but i used my last disc on trinity so i'llll use it next time10:15
miloshthanks man10:16
nucc1architoke, how did you do it?10:16
RobbieThe1stI'm trying to get an email-server working on my Ubuntu 9.04 VPS. Checking my mail.log file, I see Apr 14 09:59:13 vps2735 postfix/master[28009]: fatal: bind port 10024: Address already in use - Port 10024 is being used by Amavisd... what should I do?10:16
ortsvorstehernucc1, may you try in  #ubuntu+110:16
architokenucc1: first thing i did was ask whoever has even want to do more like lucid, in the right folder of course10:16
sravanarchitoke, : Package R not found10:16
nucc1ortsvorsteher, lucid is already in beta, and releases in a few days. i can be forgiven for expecting that many people are already using it.10:17
architokesravan: judging by your response, you wouldn't know how to use it even if you had it10:17
basslinerhello. the icons in the gnome panel still look extremely squashed and have a 0px padding, both vertically and horizontally. fedora includes a patch to add padding which apparently didn't go upstream yet which dramatically cleans up the gnome panel and makes it much more aesthetically pleasing and a lot of bug reports exist for this in ubuntu since ages. anything more one could do on this?10:17
=== Skywalker is now known as Guest33757
architokebassliner: bug reports for aesthetic things?10:18
iahello. could anyone tell me, please, how to play youtube html5 video in firefox (3.6) on ubuntu (lucid beta)? I will be very appreciate for any useful links about installing necessary codec packages and set up related settings.10:20
hatake_kakashi!lucid | ia10:20
ubottuia: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule10:20
lorenzosuHi I'm trying to mount (temporarly just for this session) a samba share. I can successfully access it with smbclient but when mounting I get an error: http://pastebin.com/rzADR2gr10:20
architokewhat does lucid mean?10:21
shazbotmcnastyit's acodename10:21
architokeno kidding10:21
architokekinda like what?10:21
hatake_kakashiits new ubuntu version10:21
shazbotmcnastyeach release has it's own codename10:21
architokei know10:21
architokewhat does it mean10:21
shazbotmcnastyso you don't have to call it by it's number...10:22
shazbotmcnastyit doesn't MEAN anything10:22
shazbotmcnastyjust a nam10:22
hatake_kakashia code name doesn't have to mean anything just like karmic koala10:22
FloodBot3shazbotmcnasty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:22
architokewhat do you mean, its number?10:22
architokeyou mean the version number?10:22
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91010:22
architokei'm pretty sure lucid has a definition10:22
shazbotmcnastywell yes it does10:22
architokewell, wat is it10:22
naviafter fresh clamtk instaltion , it's ready for full scan ? Or I need to find virus definitions/database somewhere ?10:22
balachmar@architoke : http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3A+lucid&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a10:22
architokenavi: clam scans for windows viruses10:23
naviI know10:23
architokenavi: there are no linux viruses10:23
shazbotmcnastylucid:having a clear mind10:23
architokefreshclam updates the virus defs10:23
architokeshazbotmcnasty: what does karmic mean?10:23
geekphreaknavi:  update it10:23
naviI need to cleen my windows10:23
chittilucid unstable10:23
chittineed some support10:23
navihow to update it ?10:23
shazbotmcnastyarchitoke, karmic refers to karma10:23
architokei think karmic means "stoned out of your mind"10:23
geekphreaknavi:  open terminal10:23
architokeshazbotmcnasty: ah ok10:23
shazbotmcnasty!ask | chitta10:23
ubottuchitta: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:23
chittito improve the code10:24
architokewhat code?10:24
shazbotmcnastyYou want to rewrite something?10:24
geekphreaknavi: type sudo freshclam10:24
architokedoes anyone ask even ever ask has to want even want more asked?10:24
chittidependencies have to improve10:24
architokedoes the latest cups support usb printing?10:25
architokei know there was a bug for it10:25
naviok , thx10:25
architokenavi: np10:25
geekphreakarchitoke:  i prefer glasses :p10:25
architokegeekphreak: huh?10:25
architokei have to go to sleep10:25
erUSULarchitoke: i've been printing in usb printers for ages10:25
sabhi,I am a new linux(ubuntu) user,i have wireless network in my premise but i cant connect that from my ubuntu machine,can any one please tell me, how could i activate and connect my wireless network10:25
geekphreakcups / glasses?10:25
geekphreaknevrmind :p10:25
architokeerUSUL: depends on version10:25
architokeerUSUL: 1.4.2 didn't support usb printing10:25
geekphreakhi sab good too see ya agin, how is ubuntu10:26
architokei don't think 1.4.3 does either, depends if its fucked or not10:26
erUSULarchitoke: i've been printing in linux in usb printers for *ages*10:26
navibtw. I instaled ati driver on ubuntu 10.4 , I can run Ati control panel , but it's imposible to run compiz , any ideas how to fix it ?10:26
architokeerUSUL: 1.3 supports it, what's your point?10:26
icerootnavi: #ubuntu+110:26
sabgeekphreak, ya its fine,but hard for me10:26
architokenavi: try uninstalling it, then reinstalling it again correctly10:27
geekphreaksab  for new users it is, it takes time :)10:27
sabgeekphreak, can u please tell me how can i connect my wireless network10:27
geekphreaksab:  in regards to your question, see network icon on top right?10:27
architokesab: which wireless manager do you use?10:27
architokesab: the default one , click at the top right and enter your network and password10:27
erUSULarchitoke: i should ask what is *your* point. do you have a problem with cups in any supported ubuntu release? if so which one and what printer model?10:27
chittisab: it automatically done10:27
geekphreakarchitoke:  i dont think he know, he just installed linux first time yesterday :)10:28
chittino need of manual10:28
architokeerUSUL: I want to know if >=1.4.3 can print via usb10:28
architokeerUSUL: can't you read?10:28
sabgeekphreak, i have already seen that icon but under wireless network its showing "disable", and i dont know which network manager i m using...:-(10:28
architokesab: try enabling it10:28
naviand one more thing , there is any live cd distribution with instaled good antivirus for windows ?10:28
geekphreaksab right click it make sure enable wireless ic chked10:28
geekphreaknavi not that i know off, but u can get something like ubcd10:29
architokeshit i'm so tired, lol10:29
sabgeekphreak, i tried as u said but that field under enable network ...enable wireless is not working,mean i cant put any check there10:30
sabgeekphreak, need help10:30
bazhangsab, which chipset10:30
geekphreaksab: is your wireless care even being detected?10:30
sabgeekphreak, nooo10:31
geekphreaksab:  which chipset bazhang is asking10:31
sabbazhang, i dont know,i m very normal user,using my dell vostro 132010:31
BANSHE3did I get disconnected10:32
ClusterOnei have a question reguarding 9.10 x64 i am looking to do a linux install on this machine and use it as a media server for the house, mainly through the xbox 360s. Is their any software like (tversity) and software like (autogk/fairuse wizard 2) out for 9.10? or do i have to continue using win7?10:32
bazhangsab, could you type ifconfig in the terminal and tell us via pastebin what it says10:32
geekphreakBANSHE3:  we see ya10:32
h2oi need help ppl10:32
BANSHE3geekphreak: neat :) do you know much about metasploit?10:32
bazhangsab dont paste it here10:32
airtonixh2o, let me call someone for you10:32
h2oi need to install the latests k3b 1.90 for karmic :S10:32
geekphreakBANSHE3:  nope :)10:32
h2othank you10:32
BANSHE3dang lol10:32
* airtonix dials emergency services phone number10:33
geekphreakh2o: sudo apt-get install k3b10:33
sabbazhang, what should i do,please tell me10:33
BANSHE3yay supernaturla is on brb10:33
h2othats the not the latests....10:33
h2othats 1.68 :S10:33
h2othats my prob10:33
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
geekphreakBANSHE3:  what is it?10:33
shazbotmcnastyh2o, "K3b 1.69.0 alpha4 released"10:33
shazbotmcnastyI don't think 1.90 is out yet...10:33
h2o1.90 is out10:34
h2omy karmic repository is very outdated10:34
xukunanyone here using dd-wrt firmware on there router and with ipv610:34
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:34
shazbotmcnastywhy would they skip10:34
bazhangsab, open a terminal and type ifconfig  ; open an internet browser and go to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and paste the output there then save it and tell us the web address10:34
Saj5786k2o h**p://k3b.plainblack.com/10:34
Hattabplease help any one know differance between TTL and Expire time in Bind910:34
BANSHE3geekphreak: Its for exploiting OS's kinda deal, I guess you'd call it hacking software but its easy mode :D i only use it to goof around on home computers lol10:34
sabbazhang, ok10:34
geekphreakBANSHE3:  omg :::)10:35
h2ohow can i update my karmic koala to the latests lucid beta ?10:35
bazhang!upgrade > h2o10:36
ubottuh2o, please see my private message10:36
sabbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/414202/10:36
shazbotmcnastyh2o, do not put a lucid repository on a karmic install10:36
shazbotmcnastyit won't work out like you want it to10:36
Hattabanyone know about bind910:36
bazhangh2o, for help you need to /join #ubuntu+110:36
h2othaks guys10:36
geekphreakbazhang:  no wlan0 :(10:37
bazhangsab, now paste.ubuntu.com the output of lspci10:37
goofriderhi all, i need some help with broken dependancies. I'm trying to install ubuntu-desktop on Hardy and many packages refused to install. it comes down to python-gtk2 package requires python-gobject -> libffi4 which in turn requires a very specific versio of gcc-4.2-base  (= 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)10:37
sabbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/414203/10:38
geekphreakit does show broadcom10:39
rallirssi users here?? Trying to set autolog on and filter out join/exits and spam like that10:40
bazhangsab, what version of ubuntu is this? did you check in hardware drivers for the broadcom nic?10:40
ubottuTo ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS10:40
bazhangrall, ^^10:40
sabbazhang, 9.1010:41
sabbazhang, no i dont know how to check in hardware drivers for the broadcom nic....i m sorry10:42
airtonixsab : ls mod b4310:42
airtonixsab : lsmod b4310:42
bazhangsab in the top menu--> System--Administration--Hardware Drivers10:42
pretenderubuntu 9.10 wont shut down with gshutdown or shutdown -p time10:43
goofridercan anyone help me with installing ubuntu-desktop on hardy server? I'm having dependancies issues10:43
geekphreakgoofrider: hello10:44
sabbazhang, i did it and it shows me Bradcom sta wireless driver10:44
goofriderhi geekphreak10:44
sabbazhang, should i remove ?10:45
geekphreakgoofrider:  sudo telinit 010:45
bazhangsab, and it shows activated and in use?10:45
geekphreakgoofrider:  does it shutdown?10:45
sabbazhang, yes10:45
=== zz_Darky is now known as Darky
goofridergeekphreak, i'm sure it does. how is that relevant to apt-get though?10:46
geekphreakgoofrider:  sorry meant the other dude :)10:46
geekphreakwho cant shut his pc off10:46
geekphreakpretender:  ^10:47
sabbazhang, can you please tell me how can i activate my wireless network now?10:47
bazhangsab, I asked you if it shows activated and in use; please respond to that question10:48
sabbazhang, yes is shows activated and in use10:48
goofridergeekphreak, no help for me then... LOL no worries :)10:48
MSKHi all, I would like to know like is there any software which is similar to Teamviwer for ubuntu ?10:49
bazhanggoofrider, care to pastebin your sources.list?10:49
MSKI need Teamviwer like software in ubuntu10:50
bazhangsab, are there any wireless hotspots to test it on at the moment in your vicinity? if so, are they open or encrypted10:50
hiexpomorning all10:50
goofriderbazhang, just all ubuntu repo's all hardy, hardy-security and hardy-updates, no hardy-backports10:50
nibblerMSK, vnc can do this, but not as "easy" as teamviewer (i think teamviewer is based on vnc) - but you can after installation also connect in both directions10:51
sabbazhang, yes there are but password protected and i know the pw10:51
MSKnibbler: k i will try out10:52
MSKnibbler: thank you10:52
goofriderbazhang, if it helps i can paste it. But i can use apt-cache policy now and then u exactly where the dependancy conflict is10:52
bazhanggoofrider, okay10:52
nibblerMSK, welcome.10:52
sabbazhang, can you please tell me on cli how to turn on the wireless device?10:53
goofriderbazhang, libffi4 in hardy-updates and hard-secuirty are @ 4/2/4-1ubuntu*  , it requires gcc-4.2-base (4.2.3-2ubuntu7), which is what hardy main repo is shipping10:54
bazhangsab, if you have the wireless drivers activated and in use, it should be detected, yet your ifconfig shows only ppp0 and no wlan0;10:54
sabbazhang, when i click on network manager under the "Wireless networks " its written "wireless is disabled"10:55
goofriderbazhang, but gcc-4.2-base in  hardy-updates and hardy-security is at 4.2.4-1ubuntu*  , which is what i have installed now10:55
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:56
bazhanggoofrider, let me check launchpad for a moment10:56
=== ubuntu is now known as Unterfranke
Jimi_Neutralanyone here use joomla! ?10:56
goofriderbazhang, if i downgrade to gcc-4.2-base=4.2.3-2ubuntu7 it removes a bunch of core packages10:57
BANSHE3Can somebody suggest a good terminal, preferably one with tabs10:58
sabbazhang, can you please tell me on cli how to turn on the wireless device?10:58
zetherooshut down my system running Ubuntu Karmic a few hours ago and just got back now and booted it up ... shows GRUB fine and it boots into the Ubuntu entry ... I see the Ubuntu logo fading in and out and then it bounces to command line input with "Mount of filesystem failed. A maintenance shell will now be started. CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and re-try. root@zeth-desktop-karmic:~#  * Starting init crypto disks...         [OK]10:58
zetheroowhat happened?10:59
goofriderbazhang, i thouhgt about pulling libffi4 from intrepid, but that package is replaced by libffi5 in intrepid10:59
aifnorddoes anyone know where you can change the default editor from gedit to gvim? for some reason all results on google seems to date back to 2006-2007 something and don't seem to relevant any more10:59
masterkorpcan anyone help me mounting a bin image?11:01
airtonixzetheroo, run fsck on the drive in question11:01
sabmy synaptic package manager is not working properly,from last day i tried to install amarok but its always showing downloading and finally its show that network connection failed11:02
zetherooairtonix: ok I did ... and it fixed several dozen errors11:02
sabcan any one please help me how to solve this problem11:02
zetheroorebooting now11:02
ark3qqqWhen I aptitude install something, some of the NEW packages packages listed are followed by {a}. What does that mean?11:02
Slartmasterkorp: try converting it to an iso file.. I think the tools is called bschunk11:02
airtonixzetheroo, you did this while in mainenance shell i assume ?11:02
zetherooairtonix; yes11:03
bazhanggoofrider, cant see any bugs atm on launchpad; what important packages does it want to delete?11:03
geekphreaksab:  sudo apt-get install amarok11:03
gburtoncan anybody recommend a nice twitter application for ubuntu?11:03
zetherooairtonix: hey, it worked!!! Thanks so much!11:03
airtonixzetheroo, i don't think you need to reboot though 9but shouldnt matter if you did )11:03
geekphreakgburton: pidgin11:03
goofriderbazhang, i can pastebin that for u11:03
gburtoni want to use a keyboard shortcut to bring something up and then transmit my inane thoughts to the world11:03
* gburton googles pidgin11:03
ark3qqqgburton: Some people like gwibber.11:03
geekphreakgburton: its in synpatic, download it plugin pack and all11:04
masterkorpsab are you there?11:04
sabgeekphreak, its showing "0% [Waiting for headers]".......its remain same for a long time11:04
goofriderbazhang, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/414215/11:04
Slartgburton: a search in synaptic for "twitter" results in a reasonably short list.. you might want to try it11:04
sabmasterkorp, yes11:04
gburtonyeah, i have issus with apt and the fact that its not exactly well updated11:04
masterkorpgo to the private message that i send you11:05
goofriderbazhang, basically it'll uninstall my entire system including base-files and libc611:05
gburtonyeah, well the pidgin website doesnt even mention twitter11:05
bazhanggoofrider, that looks like a total no-go as far as downgrading11:05
geekphreakgburton:  i use it man, it needs a11:06
bazhanggburton, try gwibber11:06
geekphreakgburton: which ubuntu version are you on though?11:06
geekphreaki am on new one11:06
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ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:06
goofriderbazhang, i know. and I can't pull a newer version of libffi4 that depends on the newer gcc-4.2, since there isn't a newer libffi4 package11:06
gburtonits a work machine, so I cant just update it11:06
geekphreaki am on beta 1011:06
ark3qqqWhy does aptitude install ant want to install ant-gcj?11:07
bazhanggoofrider, very strange it wont let you install ubuntu-desktop, really not seen that before11:07
geekphreakgburton:  open synaptic, se any plugin for pidgin and all?11:07
ClusterOneI am curious can you stream video to Xbox-360 with ubuntu 9.10?11:07
goofriderbazhang, i know it's very strange11:07
bazhangClusterOne, with xbox media center?11:07
geekphreakgoofrider:   did something break for you, like when u were updating pc froze or something?11:08
Durfhey, ubuntu isn't picking up my USB drive, what do i do to make it recognise it?11:08
goofriderbazhang, i'm gonna try to downgrade the core libs with explicit =verion# arguements11:08
nibblerDurf, check dmesg | tail11:08
geekphreakgoofrider: good luck11:09
eni23hello everyone. got a little problem. my system was crashed a few days ago. could mount the harddrive and copy all data to another. but i still have 1 problem:  had some mysql-tables with important data. is it possible to start mysql whith these old tables11:09
ClusterOneHmm haven't thought of that. I've been looking for a tversity replacement so far no luck.11:09
goofridergeekphreak, no it's a server, i wanna add the ubuntu-desktop package to it11:09
bazhangClusterOne, there is an xbmc in PPA iirc11:09
nibblereni23, yes it is, but make a backup of the backup before!11:09
Slarteni23: those tables should be saved in some kind of database.. which should be in a file somewhere.. if you've got the file you can probably get the tables aswell11:09
geekphreakeni23: use mysqldump11:09
goofriderbazhang, either that or compile my own libffi4 package to work with the newer gcc libs11:10
Durfnibbler, I put "dmesg | tail" into terminal?11:10
geekphreakeni23:  path is /var/lib/mysql11:10
nibblerdurf: yep, right after plugging the usb11:10
eni23nibbler: allready done. i have the table filesa, but how to tell mysql to use the old ones?11:10
nibblerDurf, replug it if necessary11:10
ark3qqqWhere can I get answers to aptitude questions?11:10
=== rall is now known as ralll
ClusterOnei'm looking into everything before i change over, if my fiance can't watch anything she will kill me ;)11:11
nibblereni23, hmm define datadir to the old files? overwrite the new files with the old ones? use your old mysql config?11:11
=== ralll is now known as skrofs
bazhanggoofrider, sorry cant offer any advice at this point, not seen a bug at launchpad and that is a really weird error11:11
Durfhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/AkVDcDUr there nibbler11:11
geekphreakgoofrider: can i ask u something11:11
goofriderbazhang, maybe i'll file that, right now i specify specific version of libc6 and libgcc1 to downgrade to and no more essential packages are removed, so i'm close11:12
pajon_FingerPrint on Acer Apire ?11:12
nibblerDurf, unplugged is not enough, replug it and send me dmesg again11:12
goofridergeekphreak, shoot11:12
geekphreakgoofrider: what happens if you type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?11:12
geekphreakgoofrider: does package still brak / warn of breaking11:12
goofridergeekphreak, haha good point. since python-gtk2 is what's braking everything from the top11:13
geekphreakworth a shot goofrider :p11:13
=== skrofs is now known as testingsorry
Durfnibblers there http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/TZQD2QxR11:14
nibblerDurf, thats it, even if you execute again it still looks the same?11:15
goofridergeekphreak, still breaking, but not as bad11:15
janisozaurhow can I generate random text (text as in letters, preferably words/sentences, not just any bytes)?11:16
Durfnibbler it works now11:16
Durf:3 thanks11:16
nibblerDurf, ... well, welcome :p11:16
goofridergeekphreak, bazhang thanks guys, i almost got it to downgrade cleanly for ubuntu-desktop anyways, just need to find a couple more libs11:17
geekphreakgoofrider:  good luck11:18
geekphreakbazhang:  yo ever played with rhl systems?11:19
bazhanggeekphreak, care to join offtopic channel?11:19
geekphreakbazhang: actualy question is in regards to ubuntu ,11:20
geekphreakbut nevermind11:20
Jimi_Neutralhey peeps, ow do i change permissions in the www folder to allow a php script to run in firefox rather than 'open with'11:20
=== testingsorry is now known as rall
rjharvJimi_Neutral: chown www-data:www-data FILENAME11:20
rjharvmake sure you u have apache2 installed and libphp511:21
rjharvthen you put the file in /var/www11:21
rjharvand vist
rall 11:22
Jimi_Neutralsorry its actually here /var/www/plogger/plog-admin11:23
Jimi_Neutralok got it working now but im getting the same error as yesterday, wehn it tries to run the script it says that /plog-content/images and plog-content/thumbs is not writable by the servr11:25
rjharvJimi_Neutral: i'll message you if thats ok11:25
LlywelynHello ;)11:25
Jimi_Neutralrjharv, yah fine mate11:25
LlywelynIs it possible to format easily my / (ext4beta) with a 10.04 beta2 bootable usb key?11:26
hatake_kakashi!lucid | Llywelyn11:26
ubottuLlywelyn: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule11:26
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:26
abssorbHi I have a problem with libdbusmenu-qt2 dependency problems.  Doesn;t show in synaptic.  Tried advice here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18667211:29
csabahey can anyone help me install ldap? I've set up everything according to instructions I've found, but when I want to add an entry I get the error that it can't contact the LDAP server... and I did start it with /sbin/service ldap start11:29
balachmarAny ideas on why the usb startup disk creator keeps failing to create a bootable usb disk. It gives the following warning: checksums do not match11:29
abssorbGrateful for advice. No matter what I do, package will not remove. "unable to execute installed post-removal script". Even   sudo aptitude remove -f libdbusmenu-qt2 gives this error.11:30
balachmarI have reformatted the drive multiple times and also tested it on multiple machines. (the same drive)11:30
nibblerabssorb, reinstall it first, then remove it. find out which is the post removal script and see why its not working (strace -eopen)11:30
=== jussi01 is now known as jussi
m4rDuXhola a todos11:31
nibblerbalachmar, i had same problem once, so i booted a fresh ubuntu live cd, and created usb from within that11:31
csabaszia m4rDuX11:31
nibbler!es | m4rDuX11:31
ubottum4rDuX: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:31
abssorbnibbler: thanks, reinstall/remove tried already, all give same error. Will try strace.11:31
csabadid anyone ever manage to install ldap successfully?11:32
balachmarnibbler: I can't boot a live cd on this laptop, since I left the external cd drive at home...11:32
linx|csaba: I'm about to try setting up openldap on an ubuntu 9.10 box11:33
nibblerbalachmar, then look for manuals on how to do it manually maybe, sorry i dont have those at hand.11:33
csabalinx|: you're a brave man11:33
ottoshmidthello, can anyone assist me in printer installation - I get this error on hp-setup: Unable to communicate with the device. Please check the device and try again.11:33
linx|csaba: well, I've done it on other distros, and worked with ldap a lot - I can't see it being that hard11:33
linx|csaba: what problems have you had ?11:33
balachmarnibbler: well maybe the drive is too slow... I just wanted to disconnect it and it is will writing data... So I am going to do a md5sum again...11:34
csabalinx|: I've added the suffix and rootpw to sldap.conf, started the service, it is running, wrote an entry file based on an example, and then I write ldapadd -f example.txt and it tells me that it can't find the LDAP service11:34
csabaI think that means that the service isn't running11:35
csabaps ax|grep ldap returns an empty list11:35
nibblerbalachmar, good luck11:35
balachmarnibbler: thanks...11:35
linx|csaba: anything in the logs about it not starting ?11:36
csabalinx|, where should the logs be? find | grep ldap returns nothing11:36
csaba... in the /var/log dir11:36
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linx|csaba: I'm just installing the packages on a box now, hang on11:38
linx|ps -ef | grep slapd11:38
linx|do you get anything in there ?11:38
csabagrep ldap... so no11:38
linx|slapd != ldap11:39
linx|then its not running :P11:39
csabaso... how do I start it?11:39
masterkorpsab if u r there private please11:39
JediMasterI'm generating new ssh keys for various people and wanted to know what provides the best level of security, DSA 1024bit (stuck at 1024 for the RFC) or RSA which can be whatever bits you want, say 4096 bit?11:39
sabmasterkorp, its working11:39
csaba/etc/init.d/ldap start doesn't seem to do anything11:39
Frantichey guys, I have an older PC running Xubuntu 9.10 with a dual-screen setup and an ATI video card. I've only set up nvidia before via nvidia-settings, but how do you set up twinView for ATI cards?11:39
linx|sab: I dont have ldap in /etc/init.d11:40
linx|csaba: even11:40
linx|csaba: I have slapd, and slpd (I installed those though)11:40
linx|csaba:  sudo apt-get install slapd slpd openslp-doc ldap-utils  odbc-postgresql unixodbc-bin11:40
linx|that's what I installed11:40
rjharvJediMaster: DSA/RSA is always a a strange one both have problems i use RSA 204811:41
csabahmm I've installed ldap-servers11:41
linx|csaba: you probably did the right thing11:41
JediMasterrjharv, yeah that's the default on ssh-keygen now11:41
JediMasterdoes anyone know if you increase the bits in the key does it take significantly longer to authenticate?11:42
linx|csaba: ok, I get a message about slapd in /var/log/messages11:42
goofriderbazhang, geekphreak got ubuntu-desktop to install!!! had to explicitly downgrade gcc, glib6, libgcc, update-manager-core and a few others11:42
linx|csaba: grep slapd /var/log/messages11:42
csabaah ok I'll check it out11:42
^b0ss^i got this driver pack ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run how do i install it11:42
rjharvJediMaster: only if you have lots of users or a slow connection or cpu11:43
linx|csaba: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html11:43
rjharvJediMaster: 2048 is sufficient for most things if you want to be paranoid security rotate them every X months or days11:43
masterkorpsab where are you?11:43
csabathere's nothing in the logs for me... what's interesting is that when I start the server, it says [OK], and when I do restart then the stopping part fails... probably cause it hasn't actually started11:44
linx|csaba: I'd guess you made an error in your config file, or you are starting the wrong thing (like I said, I dont have /etc/init.d/ldap, only slapd and slpd)11:44
csabalinx|, I've added this to slap.conf: http://eugeneciurana.com/pastebin/pastebin.php?show=4269411:47
geekphreaktalmai: failed11:47
csabajust the basic 3 lines11:47
AdvoWorkis there any way I can take an exact snapshot of  a server, so that I could install it on another server if needs be?11:47
moraeshey. trying to install ssl support for python 2.5, alongside of 2.6. So apt-get install python2.5-openssl will result in "Note, selecting python-openssl instead of python2.5-openssl"11:47
linx|csaba: what version of ubuntu are you running ?11:47
moraesand i get no ssl. do you have a clue o what should i do?11:48
linx|really? :o11:48
abssorbnibbler: Still looking re libdbusmenu. strace not revealing the script11:48
linx|csaba: ldap-server was the package you installed right ?11:48
=== Biolunar_ is now known as Biolunar
csabawait I'll copy-paste what you installed...11:49
linx|csaba: no dont !11:49
linx|csaba: I've got another 9.10 box here, I'll install what you did11:49
csabaexcept I don't need postgre...11:49
masterkorpcan anyone help me mounting a bin image?11:49
csabaok so basically everything was installed except that odbc thing11:50
linx|ok, I dont have a slap.conf, nor a /etc/init.d/ldap11:50
jrib!iso | masterkorp11:50
ubottumasterkorp: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.11:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:50
csabawhat about /etc/ldap/ldap.conf ?11:50
linx|yes, I have ldap.conf11:51
csabaand a slapd.d directory11:51
masterkorpno its a bin image jrib11:51
linx|did you add something to slapd.d ?11:51
pedrosantaIn empathy how can i show some sort of protocol icon to check on which network the people is in?11:51
jribmasterkorp: click the link about converting11:51
masterkorpi gona see11:51
csabano it has cn=config and another cn11:51
geekphreakmasterkorp:  you trying to mount it?11:51
linx|csaba: try sudo service slapd start11:52
masterkorpi dont know the filesystem11:52
geekphreakmasterkorp:  try -t auto11:52
geekphreakmasterkorp:  normally for iso ,11:52
geekphreakaint sure bout the bin file ,11:53
csabaStarting OpenLDAP: slapd.11:53
masterkorpi can for iso files, but for bin files doesn't work11:53
dezgo#join #gnucash11:53
mrpinkdezgo, you don't have 'basics::move::join' permissions here11:53
dezgo!join #gnucash11:53
linx|csaba: is there slapd in the process list now ?11:53
linx|o2oo: hello11:54
o2oolinx|, , hi11:54
masterkorpok i solved the problem with bchunk11:54
csabayes there is!11:54
^b0ss^question..... trying to install my graphics driver....its saying no such file11:54
masterkorpand i converted it to iso11:54
^b0ss^i got this driver pack ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run how do i install it11:54
masterkorpthanks anyway11:54
o2oowho knows how to view the "*.jd" file format? it seems to be the java document11:54
=== titaniumbrella is now known as Carbonish
geekphreakmasterkorp:  good11:54
csabalinx|, $ ldapadd -f example.txt11:55
csabaldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such object (32)11:55
Gryllida$prefix/mm_cfg.py - where could it be?11:56
Gryllidais is a file path?11:56
^b0ss^ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86_64.run trying to install this thanks11:57
linx|csaba: well, thats better then I guess :)11:57
linx|csaba: follow that guide anyway11:57
linx|csaba: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html11:57
geekphreako2oo: tried gedit?11:57
DDAZZAI'm thinking of buying the NETGEAR WN111 Wireless-N USB Network Adapter can anyone confirm that this will work with Ubuntu?11:58
csabaok thanks linx|11:58
^b0ss^ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86_64.run trying to install this thanks11:58
linx|csaba: I wonder what gave you /etc/init.d/ldap though ? :o11:58
aoeuo2oo: if not gedit, then 'less file.jd' should show something.11:59
csabalinx|, I've been working on this for 2 days, I've tried everything11:59
tys_BONJOURS TLM !!!11:59
o2ooGeekthras,  aoeu,  gedit could open but it seems to be a web page12:00
^b0ss^ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86_64.run trying to install this thanks12:00
tys_venai sur#MegaBordel nouveau chan !!!12:01
masterkorpi can put the .vimrc file in the home directory and the vim form ubuntu it will read?12:01
aoeuo2oo: Then I would rename it to *.html and try to open it with firefox.12:01
o2ooaoeu,  its content:  page.title=Build Cookbook pdk.version=1.0 doc.type=guide @jd:body12:02
tys_venai su#MegaBordel nouveau chan !!!12:02
pedrosantahum... just thinking. empathy should group users, like for instance, a way to group john's facebook and google talk accounts into one meta user and then i decide which account to message on12:02
pedrosantafocus on the user instead of connections.12:03
ndlovuI'd like to get a wireless keyboard and mouse (apparently it uses 2.4Ghz), but I'm not sure if they would work on ubuntu. any experience with such devices on ubuntu?12:03
linx|ndlovu: almost certainly yes12:04
rjharvndlovu: should be fine keyboard and mice are a standard interface12:04
rjharvndlovu: no drivers required just plug and play12:04
linx|ndlovu: if it is USB then it will just be sending standard USB HID commands12:04
linx|and if its PS2 it has to work12:04
hiexpoplug n play12:04
haywireHey... during my difficulty getting my 32" LCD resolution correct (1360x768) in Xubuntu 9.10, I foolishly ran recovery mode from Grub.  Now I cannot get past the Debian log in screen.  Have ran gksudo gdmsetup, and gave admin. pwd, still appears dimmed, and when I click "Unlock" I get ignored... anyone?12:05
airtonix!u | geekphreak12:05
ubottugeekphreak: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.12:05
ndlovulinx|, it has a usb dongle which links wirelessly with the keyboard and mouse. are you saying that the dongle would sort out the communication so that the computer is unaware that it's wireless?12:05
geekphreakhuh what?12:05
melwtech35can i draw someones comments to http://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=892138712:05
^b0ss^nbrown@nbrown-desktop:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install atidriver.runReading package lists... Done12:06
^b0ss^Building dependency tree12:06
^b0ss^Reading state information... Done12:06
^b0ss^E: Couldn't find package atidriver.run12:06
FloodBot3^b0ss^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:06
linx|ndlovu: yes, it should do12:06
aoeuo2oo: Well, I'm stumped. I've never messed with *.jd's.12:06
ndlovuthanks linx|12:06
linx|ndlovu: I just used a similar system on an ubuntu box last week- one with a charging station for the mouse etc12:06
linx|worked fine12:06
linx|ndlovu: you might be able to google the make/model and linux to see if others have reported problems, but it should just work12:07
widaro2oo: If you open the file using gedit, what are the first lines?12:07
abssorbnibbler: I found the script. /var/lib/dpkg/info/libdbusmenu-qt2.postrm.   it appears to be an empty file12:08
ndlovulinx|, google comes up pretty dry unfortunately. admittedly, the make is microsoft, so lots of noise comes up12:08
linx|ndlovu: oh it should be fine then12:08
geekphreakman i dont see o2oo12:09
geekphreakdid he leave?12:09
airtonix!enter | geekphreak12:09
ubottugeekphreak: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:09
linx|ndlovu: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/using-a-microsoft-wireless-keyboard-284892/12:09
linx|ndlovu: suggests that it works :)12:09
ndlovuthanks linx|!12:09
geekphreakoh well , still dont see him12:11
linx|he was here12:11
aoeugeekphreak: No. He left.12:11
linx|12:07 -!- o2oo (~xyz@ has quit: Remote host closed the connection12:11
melwtech35can i draw someones comments to http://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=892138712:11
geekphreakaoeu:  oh ok thanks man, eclipse-jdt should also work for him12:12
nibblerabssorb, well, then: script=/var/lib/dpkg/info/libdbusmenu-qt2.postrm; echo #!/bin/sh > $script; echo exit 0 >> $script12:12
mamoushello all12:12
zambahelp.ubuntu.com down?12:12
mamousplease please please help me12:12
zambawhat's the repo for medibuntu?12:12
^b0ss^i have to do somethng like this12:12
mamousError mounting: mount exited with exit code 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error        In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail  or so12:12
nibblerabssorb, that should give you an empty script running without error, of course whatever was supposed to happen during the execution of the postremoev script wont happen....12:12
^b0ss^Error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version12:12
^b0ss^default:v2:i686:lib::none:2.6.31-20-generic-pae; make sure that the version is being12:12
^b0ss^correctly set by --iscurrentdistro12:12
^b0ss^Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.xzF3Sh12:12
FloodBot3^b0ss^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:12
iceroot!medibuntu | zamba12:12
ubottuzamba: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org12:13
mamouswhen I try to mount my other hardesk12:13
zambaiceroot: that's exactly what i'm trying to do12:13
mamousplease help me12:13
mamousError mounting: mount exited with exit code 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error        In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail  or so12:13
FloodBot3mamous: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:13
zambaiceroot: but help.ubuntu.com seems to be down12:13
linx|mamous: stop flooding12:13
zambaiceroot: so i can't open http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu12:13
zambawhere the repo links probably are12:13
geekphreakmamous: stop flooding the room, we heard you the first time12:13
mamousoky oky sorry12:13
melwtech35does anyone know if its safe to use apt-get install libdrm-poulsbo1 backports in 9.10, will this achieve glx version 1.3+? or still be 1.212:14
icerootzamba: deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ karmic free non-free12:14
abssorbnibbler: OK I will try to make empty executable script.  I have already managed to get rid of the problematic dependencies. This is the last bit.12:14
mamousBut cz I have all my data inside it12:14
linx|mamous: ok, you are trying to mound a windows partition or something ?12:14
icerootzamba: replace karmic with your version12:14
zambaiceroot: thanks12:14
mamousno it is my internal harddesk12:14
mamousI always open it12:14
mamousbut 2day morrning it did not work12:14
nibblerabssorb, also a chmod +x $script will be needed12:15
mamousit is an jfs12:15
linx|mamous: if you didnt do anything to it yesterday, then I'd suggest the hard drive has failed12:15
mamouswhat should I do ?12:15
mamousall my data inside it12:15
linx|buy a new one and restore from your backup12:15
mamousI did not do any back up12:15
linx|well, lets hope I'm wrong12:16
geekphreakmamous:  is it an external case?12:16
mamousno it is internal12:16
mamousyesterday it was working ok12:16
mamousI just woke up and it gives me this error12:17
geekphreakmamous: can yuo type sudo mount12:17
mamous1 min I try12:17
mamousyes I can12:17
mamouswhat I do12:17
mamousmount the /dev/sdb ?12:18
geekphreakdoes it show that drive/partition listed by any chance there mamous ?12:18
_silentAssassin/me leaving12:18
abssorbnibbler:  Thanks, I just edited the original file. Ran sudo dpkg -r libdbusmenu-qt2 and it finished cleanly.  Many thanks for your help.  All this was just "yak-shaving" to get Kdenlive running after update12:19
mamoushere is the out put12:19
mamous/dev/sda1 on / type jfs (rw,errors=remount-ro)12:19
mamousproc on /proc type proc (rw)12:19
mamousnone on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)12:19
mamousnone on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw)12:19
mamousnone on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)12:19
mamousnone on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)12:19
FloodBot3mamous: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:19
geekphreakmamous:  dont post the output in room plz12:19
linx|mamous: use the pastebin that floodbot has told you several times to use12:20
linx|mamous: if you do    sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb12:21
linx|mamous: can you paste that into the pastebin ?12:21
mamousoky 1  min12:22
melwtech35can i draw someones comments to http://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=892138712:22
mamousmy pidgin crash12:25
mamousI fix it12:27
mamousthanks all12:27
mamousI did12:27
mamoussudo fsck /dev/sdb112:27
mamousand it said all clean12:27
mamousthen it work12:27
GryllidaMetaBot? Are you a Bot?12:28
geekphreakmamous: good job :)12:28
mamousit work by luck12:28
haywireAny takers of how to enable autologin in xubuntu 9.10 when it is dimmed from gdmsetup?12:29
thecookieI've tried to find the source of my menu item I added. But I can't find it in .config/menu12:29
thecookieWhere can it be?12:29
fruitwerks# start networking > start: Job failed to start12:30
Slarthaywire: it's not one of those.. "activate functions by authenticating" things?12:30
fruitwerksnothing in /var/log/messages12:31
Slarthaywire: in regular ubuntu there is a "unlock" button you have to press before you can activate it12:31
haywireYes, even when I run sudo gdmsetup, and click unlock, it ignores me.. I can only "close".12:32
geekphreakhaywire:  you can manually edit it12:34
haywireAccording to the output of my custom.conf file in gdm, everything looks correct, ie autologin=true....12:34
geekphreakhaywire: add this to custom.conf >> AutomaticLogin=username12:35
ActionParsnipYo yo yo12:36
ortsvorsteher!hi | ActionParsnip12:36
ubottuActionParsnip: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:36
haywireIt's already there...honestly I believe everything looks correct... can I post it for you?12:36
ActionParsnipHehe thanks ;)12:36
geekphreakhaywire: pastebin it12:37
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=== romas_ is now known as Romas
haywirehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/414256/ sri for delay...12:39
xukunanybody here using dd-wrt router firmware?12:39
=== homer is now known as Guest81495
geekphreakhaywire: are     you sure you using gdm not kdm?12:41
geekphreakhaywire:  just ant to make sure :)12:41
ray_hello every body i am trying to use Ibus input method on skype but it is not working so does any body knows how to include that in skype chat  any help would be of great help12:41
ubuntudoes anyone have any experience with zoneminder??12:42
haywireWhy do all the tough ones have to hit a newbie like me ?12:42
iceroothaywire: noone is hitting a newbie12:43
haywireIt took me abt. 7 hrs to solve the 1360x768 resolution prob. I had with my 16x9 LCD, now this... heh heh..12:43
hiexpoxukun, did ya brick it12:43
geekphreakhaywire:  try this , change haywire  try adding this >> DefaultSession=gnome12:46
geekphreakhaywire: rest all looks ok12:46
haywireI guess if worse comes to worse, I can reinstall the whole ball of wax, saving my carefully edited xorg. conf file to get my res. back later...12:46
Jimi_NeutralDoes anyone here use plogger. I am having an odd problem. When I view the collections and albums in firefox i can see all the images fine and dandy..however when it comes to IE, they all show in the collections cover thumb and they all show in the albums wihtin the collections cover thumb but when i go into the albums some pictures show and some dont12:46
xukunhiexpo, no not yet ;) but I'm having hard time configuring ipv6 with the firmware and no reaction what so even from dd-wrt irc, so I need some help about this12:47
geekphreakhaywire: naaw you wont need that , try 1 more thing plz , press alt+f212:47
Jimi_Neutraland the ones that do show some will x out when you click on them12:47
geekphreakhaywire: in run type gksu gdmsetup, can you enable login now?12:47
hiexpoxukun, what model and ver is it12:47
haywiregeekphreak:  1 min...12:47
haywireLogin settings are still dimmed, still ignores me when I click unlock...:-(12:48
geekphreakyou wont need to unlock it with gksu12:48
haywireI'm willing to try the defaultsettings=gnome... I wrote that down for later..12:49
eZainnySo I own an Ubuntu server (7.10 - "gutsy") which was previously used for my small business. All setup and maintenance of this server was done by an admin who has since moved on. As part of the setup, this admin has somehow setup the server such that whenever I plug in an external HDD (USB) it automatically runs a backup script which copies over a whole bunch of stuff to this drive.12:49
eZainnyI want to cancel/delete this script as this is no longer necessary. Can anyone give me any pointers as to how I could track down where this script is and how to remove it?12:49
kaddihi, are there any plans on making a driver for ext4 on windows?12:49
eZainnybtw, I can ssh and vnc in to the server..but otherwise am a real linux noob12:49
xukunhiexpo, I'm using dd-wrt.v24-13575_NEWD-2_K2.6_big.bin firmware. I'm fellowing the wiki for ipv6 on "http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/IPv6"  but when I try to install the packages like aiccu I get warnings like this:"ipkg_depends: Warning: kernel mentioned in dependency but no package found in /jffs/usr/lib/ipkg/lists12:49
haywiregeekphreak:  Everything was fine until I foolishly ran recovery mode from GRUB... must be some kinda weird outcome from that..12:50
geekphreakhaywire: when you reboot, do you get any error, or it just stands there asking you to choose user12:50
hiexpoxukun, no what model wrt is it and ver number12:50
xukunhiexpo, I'm guesting you mean the firmware version?12:51
haywireI get the square Debian login screen, and it logs me on fine after typing un and pwd, I just want it like before... it is for home use, security not a major concern..12:51
hiexpoxukun, no the router number and the version of that model12:52
xukunhiexpo, aah so sorry. I have wrt320n v112:52
xukunhiexpo, linksys12:52
hiexpooh i have never done one of those sorry thats a new nmodel12:53
=== z is now known as Guest4483
xukunhiexpo, let me ask you one more thing. Can you confirm that de dd-wrt firmware V24(it's with Kernel 2.6) works with ipv6 using a tunnelbroker like sixxs12:54
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hiexpodid u go to dd wrt site and see12:55
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
andatcheanyone know how I can make upstart show output from init.d scripts starting at boot?12:56
andatchecurrently with "quite" and "splash" removed from the kernel line, all I get is the kernel output then nothing until getty starts12:57
impii have a tab delimited file but in open office or ubuntu how to i add , instead of tabs?12:58
SliferSO YEAH I installed apache2 under ubuntu, using package manager, and it came all messed up, different from how I'm used to. the httpd.conf is empty, the only conf that has anything in it is apache2.conf, and that's missing the DocumentRoot; I added the DocumentRoot in manually but it seemed to make no difference, even after restarting apache12:58
SliferThe hell is wrong with it?12:58
Sliferwhy is half the config file missing12:58
Sliferand why won't it obey when I tell it the DocumentRoot12:58
Sliferanswer quick I need this working asap12:59
haywiregeekphreak:  Thanks so much for your efforts: I must run for now (have to work 1/2 day...)12:59
impislibuntu, check in /etc/apache2/conf.d13:00
impiand modules.enabled13:00
geekphreakhaywire:  cya13:00
aoeuSlifer:I had a similar sounding problem using the rc scripts. Try sending 'stop' and then 'start' instead of 'restart'.13:02
GavilasoQuestion: I would like to know how do i fix the black user list on ubuntu 9.10  I install it yestarday it was working fine. but when i create a new user and log off from the current (admin) to log in with the new user account. The users list square where you type your username or choose one is all black i can't click or do anything.... i'm new to linux.. can some help me??13:07
freshnewpageDo you get a text login prompt if you type Ctrl + Alt + F113:09
=== ardian is now known as ardian_hacklab
Raydiationhow can i manipulate the grub params on boot?13:10
Raydiationi know i can press e to edit13:10
Raydiationbut how can i save the changes?13:10
joaopintoRaydiation, you can't save changes from the boot loader13:10
joaopintoto do permanent changes you need to change grub config on the filesystem13:11
Raydiationjoaopinto: ye, i mean how can i boot this13:11
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.13:11
erUSULRaydiation: edit the configuration files.13:11
RaydiationerUSUL: i dont want to13:11
Raydiationi just want to start 1 time withouth splash and quiet13:11
erUSULRaydiation: so what you want to do ?13:11
Raydiationwhen grub loads13:12
erUSULRaydiation: 14:10 < Raydiation> i know i can press e to edit <<<< So???13:12
Raydiationi press e and delete quiet and splash13:12
RaydiationerUSUL: yes how can i boot it13:12
Raydiationhow can i boot when i make chnages13:12
erUSULRaydiation: iirc in grub 1 you press b to boot. in grub2 is crtl +X or something like that... in both cases it is explained in the btton of the edit screen how to boot the modified entry13:13
aoeuRaydiation: I think, press enter, then 'b'13:13
RaydiationerUSUL: there is no explanation at the bottom, thats the problem13:15
Raydiationaoeu: b doesnt work any more13:15
erUSUL!grub2 | Raydiation13:16
ubottuRaydiation: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub213:16
fruitwerkscan aptitude show me what version of the package when I search?13:16
GavilasoQuestion: I would like to know how do i fix the black user list on ubuntu 9.10  I install it yestarday it was working fine. but when i create a new user and log off from the current (admin) to log in with the new user account. The users list square where you type your username or choose one is all black i can't click or do anything.... i'm new to linux.. can some help me??13:17
hatim_hello people13:22
om26er!hello | hatim_13:23
impihey guys, when i save my csv file some of my data dont wrap in "" - how do i ackomplish this?13:23
ubottuhatim_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:23
hatim_i am trying to install ubuntu after a windows 7 fresh install, i cannot seem to get the partitions in the GUI installer13:23
om26erhatim_, where did you start the installation from i.e. from windows? or booted from cd?13:24
hatim_from CD13:24
hatim_well to be exact from a solid state drive rigged to be a live CD13:25
hatim_I can see the partitions in fdisk13:25
hatim_ not in the GUI installer13:25
hatim_(i will try the alternate installer too)13:25
om26erhatim_, or you could test if lucid beta2 detects those13:26
hatim_oh it was lucid beta213:26
hatim_and actually this was the same with last release too13:26
hatim_i am sure there is some thing funky with my hardware13:26
Slartimpi: isn't is just text that gets wrapped in "" ?13:29
impiSlart, hey man :) thats the thing my lines loooks like: "ZA","*",7600,0,70 <---- but wheres my "" ? it should look like "ZA","*","7600","0","70"13:30
impiand it's so anoying13:30
zoobabanybody using Ubuntu Sparc here?13:31
^b0ss^never heard of it13:31
Slartimpi: only text cells gets wrapped with quotes.. 7600, 0,70 are numbers.. and thus don't get the quotes13:31
impiSlart, ah okay only text...let me try, thanks man13:31
Slartimpi: perhaps if you set the cell format to text it will be wrapped13:32
Slartimpi: I'm not sure how that affects calculations in your spreadsheet though13:32
kaddihi, are there any plans on making a driver for ext4 on windows?13:32
josiphello, I have just upgraded to lucid beta and there seem to be rpoblems with fglrx (can't get installed). Anyone familiar with this?13:32
Picijosip : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Lucid/10.04 support/discussion.13:32
josipit also broke apt-get http://pastebin.com/ePkeq1BE13:32
josipPici: thank you13:32
josipsorry for not reading the topic13:32
Slartkaddi: probably.. but i don't think there's anything official from canonical or such13:33
Slartkaddi: this might work, although it seems kind of limited http://ext2read.blogspot.com/13:34
kaddiSlart: I don't think canonical has offered anything official for ext3 or ext2 either13:34
Slartkaddi: nope13:35
BluesKajHowdy folks13:35
kaddithanks for the link I'm looking at it, sounds quite good13:35
craniumslowsI guess its too early for many problems eh13:39
strutsDead keys don't work in KDE apps. The "solution" is: "sudo im-switch -s default", but I get the error "No sysem wide default defined just for nb_NO . // Use "all_ALL" quasi-locale and set IM." I can't find any solution (in a language I understand). Does anyone know?13:40
strutsAfter updating to Lucid, dead keys don't work in KDE apps. The "solution" is: "sudo im-switch -s default", but I get the error "No sysem wide default defined just for nb_NO . // Use "all_ALL" quasi-locale and set IM." I can't find any solution (in a language I understand). Does anyone know?13:41
Picistruts: Please use #ubuntu+1 for Lucid support13:43
GavilasoQuestion: I would like to know how do i fix the black user list on ubuntu 9.10  I install it yestarday it was working fine. but when i create a new user and log off from the current (admin) to log in with the new user account. The users list square where you type your username or choose one is all black i can't click or do anything.... i'm new to linux.. can some help me??13:43
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule13:44
strutsPici: No one answers there, and this bug isn't lucid-specific. It has been there for years.13:44
Picistruts: Well, you said it was after updating to Lucid, I assumed it was working fine before.  Have you asked in #kubuntu ? or #kde ?13:45
Jimi_Neutralanyone here use plogger?13:45
strutsPici: Will do.13:47
strutsDead keys don't work in KDE apps. The "solution" is: "sudo im-switch -s default", but I get the error "No sysem wide default defined just for nb_NO . // Use "all_ALL" quasi-locale and set IM." I can't find any solution (in a language I understand). Does anyone know? (This happend after having updated to lucid, but the problem doesnt have a13:48
struts... isn't Ubuntu specific.13:48
outer_spacehow come system monitor is reporting 1.6gb ram used but in processes the memory only adds up to 800mb max13:51
=== jasonjang is now known as Guest44795
stillmehello all13:52
Slartouter_space: is it showing all processes or just your user processes?13:52
stillmepls am new to ubuntu am trying to install it13:52
airtonixouter_space, http://www.linuxatemyram.com/13:52
outer_spacei dont know. does system monitor show all processes?13:52
Slartouter_space: there is a setting.. in one of the menus I think13:53
airtonixouter_space, read the page.13:53
zombie-robotis there a way to disable the keybord temporarily?13:53
stillmeam using samsung R60 plus and i got ubuntu 9.4 pls how do i go about installing it?13:53
Slartairtonix: I don't think the system monitor includes cache when it reports memory usage13:53
Slartouter_space: in the "view" menu.. there's "my processes", "active processes", "all processes"13:54
outer_spacegood. i want it to cache my ssd13:54
youngtill1diehey ppl13:54
youngtill1diei  got an new eee 1001p and netbook remix on it13:54
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:55
youngtill1dieaqnd i got problem. windows dont want to resize13:55
outer_spacewhat does netbook remix bring?  I have an eeepc with regular ubuntu13:55
airtonixouter_space, a useless desktop overlay13:55
Jimi_Neutrali need help setting up permissions for someone to access my box remotley. I have pure admin installed and I have set up a test user but it keeps saying authentication failed13:56
geirhaouter_space: http://www.canonical.com/projects/ubuntu/unr13:56
Jimi_Neutralpass hidden authentication fialed13:57
gunkstawhat permissions should I have set on /var/lib/libvirtd/images to make it work with vir-manager?13:57
geekphreakJimi_Neutral:  you mean pureftp?13:57
youngtill1dieand how can i change resolution with terminal?13:57
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, yeah13:57
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, hey mate :O013:57
zombie-robotis ther a way to  temporarily  disable the keyboard to clean it with out unplugging it?13:57
geekphreakJimi_Neutral:  is service running?13:57
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, yeah cause i can log in with my ubuntu user account name and pass13:57
sheepzi'm trying to a send a message with an attachment mutt -s "Subject" -a README.txt someone@example.com < message_body.txt am I doing something wrong, because it includes the e-mail in the attachment and thus fails?13:58
geekphreakJimi_Neutral:  you have to create the user13:58
Jimi_Neutrali thought pure admin did that when i created it13:58
geekphreakJimi_Neutral:  i use vsftpd , never ran that mostly you need system account13:58
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, yeah dont want them to have system account13:59
Slartzombie-robot: have a look at this.. and be careful messing around in /sys http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72519913:59
geekphreakJimi_Neutral: no harm in it, give them limited perm. chainroot them13:59
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, i tried vsftp and couldnt get it to wor13:59
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, it will be a lot of users that will be logging in13:59
youngtill1dieis there any "testing" repositories from wich i can get a fresh packages?14:00
geekphreakJimi_Neutral:  be right back14:00
Jimi_Neutralgeekphreak, rgr14:00
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
Slartyoungtill1die: there's the "proposed" repository14:03
GavilasoQuestion: I would like to know how do i fix the black user list on ubuntu 9.10  I install it yestarday it was working fine. but when i create a new user and log off from the current (admin) to log in with the new user account. The users list square where you type your username or choose one is all black i can't click or do anything.... i'm new to linux.. can some help me??14:04
sheepzi'm trying to a send a message with an attachment mutt -s "Subject" -a README.txt someone@example.com < message_body.txt am I doing something wrong, because it includes the e-mail in the attachment14:04
SlartGavilaso: I've never heard of that problem before.. are you running the default login screen? no customizations?14:04
Dzaeckhow to custum ubuntu14:05
Dr_WillisDzaeck:  clarify what you mean14:05
stillmepls how do i install ubuntu 9.4 on samsung r60 plus14:07
jack__stillme: the same way you install it on an acer 553214:07
Slartsheepz: that looks like the examples I found here http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/sending-mail-with-attachment.html .. odd14:07
frxstremI am currently reinstalling Ubuntu a lot on my computer, and I was just wondering if it would be a good idea to have /home as a separate partition from the root file system - also, would Ubuntu then re-use these directories as home directories for the new users (with the same name, of course), or would it make a new directory no matter what?14:07
Slartstillme: booting from a regular install cd doesn't work?14:08
jack__why not?14:08
stillmei havent installed it before14:08
jack__stillme: its very easy14:08
stillmei cant use it as live cd but am scared the display drivers wont work14:08
Slartfrxstrem: you can tell it to reuse the same /home partition for a new install.. there's an option during the install14:08
Slartfrxstrem: I think it's at the same stage where you decide how to partition the hard drive14:09
geirhafrxstrem: Having a separate home partition is always good. When you create a user and a dir by the same name exists in /home, it will use that as the new user's homedir.14:09
CryptIce7is there any secure deletion program that i can securely remove a file.14:10
frxstremgeirha: thanks, that's the answer I was looking for :)14:10
frxstremSlart: sorry, but I already knew that :/14:10
Slart!info wipe | CryptIce714:10
CryptIce7Slart: thanks14:10
ubottuCryptIce7: wipe (source: wipe): Secure file deletion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.21-7 (karmic), package size 44 kB, installed size 140 kB14:10
SlartCryptIce7: you're welcome14:10
talmaiHow can i install libmozjs-dev on ubuntu 9.10 without uninstalling everything else?14:11
sheepzSlart, yes, I was following those instructions14:11
=== njpatel_ is now known as njpatel
youngtill1dieSlart: how can i add it to my source list?14:12
BANSHE3Say theres a file, and inside that file it says like something something windows vista, how do I use Find to search all files and look for that key word14:12
amanimy fingerprint reader not work.. what i can do for that??14:12
Dzaeckcan you help  website to special packeg for ubuntu soft ware14:12
Slartyoungtill1die: there a checkbox in system, administration, software sources.. but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to just add the whole repository.. there might be some bad things in there (bad = buggy)14:12
SlartBANSHE3: grep seems like what you're looking for14:13
BANSHE3Slart would you have any idea what i would type14:13
JustEricAnyone know how to get an intel wifi 5100AGN Wireless card working?14:13
erUSULBANSHE3: (they have to be plain textfiles) → grep -R "thatword" directory/14:14
SlartBANSHE3: something like this     grep -R 'somewordtofind" /some/base/folder14:14
Dzaeckwhat happened hypep terminal ubuntu and par six14:14
stillmeso after installing ubuntu do i go downloading drivers for samsung r60??14:14
frxstremI am gonna reinstall Ubuntu and mount a partition for /home, but how big should it be (I have 30 GB available of 40 GB in total)14:15
stillmewhere do i get the drivers??14:15
SlartBANSHE3: oops.. 'somewordtofind'  or "somewordtofind" .. don't mix those14:15
erUSULfrxstrem: do 10 GiB for / (root) the rest for home14:15
frxstremerUSUL: okay, thanks :)14:15
* Dr_Willis wonders what a Samsung R60 is14:16
SlartBANSHE3: then there's all kinds of switches you can add..  -R means recursive.. -i means case insensitive .. there are many many more but those are the ones I use the most14:16
airtonixerUSUL, interesting situation : 10gb for root and everything else for home used to be my choice, but now im thinking / = 3gb /usr = 10gb /var =5gb  /home = the-rest14:17
exarkunWhen I plug in a flash drive, it doesn't get automounted.  How do I change that?14:17
airtonixexarkun, start by giving more information about your system and software14:18
exarkunUbuntu 9.1014:18
erUSULairtonix: for a desktop PC separatting /var and /usr has no advantages imho14:18
Dr_Willisexarkun:  thers been soem bugs/issues with the automounting of devices - ive had smiler issues. I tend to just mount them by hand when they dont auto  mount.14:18
exarkunDr_Willis: Yes... I've been mounting by hand for 6 months now, every time I plug in the device.14:19
airtonixerUSUL, right now i have it as / = 10gb /home = the-rest. however... after isntalling much doc packages... /usr/share/blah is reaching 8gb in size.14:19
LzrdKingerUSUL: lots more stuff goes into /usr than any other dir, so it could make sense to mount a larger volume on /usr14:19
GavilasoSlart i'm running everything default...14:19
Dr_Willisexarkun:  ive noticed that mine would auto mount for a while.. then stop. somthing with gvfs was crashing.14:19
LzrdKingerUSUL: plus, /var needs to be mounted rw while other directories can be mounted ro14:19
exarkungvfs is the software that's responsible for this?14:19
SlartGavilaso: and it worked before you created the new user?14:19
csabawhen I start LDAP, I get an error message saying "No DB_CONFIG file found in /var/lib/ldap"... and there are some dbd files there...14:19
csabawhy do I get this error?14:19
GavilasoSlart it was working fine until i create the new user14:20
airtonixLzrdKing, ja, /var is also somewhere you would have the mysql and apache root14:20
Dr_Willisexarkun:  part of it at least. Monitor the /var/log/messages file and /var/log/dmesg (i think) or kernel. files.. it may give a clue. but i know of no actual fix.14:20
erUSULLzrdKing: i know that but that makes sense in a server or multiuser system. a desktop pc used by 1 person or a family do not need the extra security of ro /usr/ and all that stuff; as i said IMHO14:20
SlartGavilaso: you could look through /var/log/syslog and see if you notice anything around the time you tried logging in.. it's a regular text file14:20
GavilasoSlart after i create the new user and reboot or log off so i can loging as the new user.. the log in screen.. or the square where you see the user is in black you can only see the background or wallpaper14:20
GavilasoSlart i'm new to linux how do i get there?14:21
exarkunDr_Willis: Okay, thanks for the hint.  I haven't investigated the gvfs part of this before, so that gives me something new to look into, at least.14:21
LzrdKingerUSUL: but as airtonix said, he's nearly out of room on / because of 8 GB in /usr14:21
airtonixerUSUL, but i think i have a solution, which involves changing the mount point for /usr to a new partition to accomodate its growing size (i'm going to want more doc packages)14:21
SlartGavilaso: open a terminal, write "gedit /var/log/syslog" .. it will probably be easier to start looking from the end since it might be a big file14:21
GavilasoSlart i can't login...14:22
quesoIf I have applications linked to in the gnome panel, where are they stored?  I'd like to be able to find the command to start an application on a remote computer.14:22
SlartGavilaso: oh.. right.. didn't think of that14:22
LzrdKingairtonix: if you have another drive, mount it on /mnt, do cp -a /usr /mnt, then unmount /mnt and mount the drive on /usr; once you verify that everything works, you can unmount /usr, then rm -rf /usr/*14:22
exarkunqueso: right click on the icon and select "Properties"14:22
LzrdKingthen remount the drive on /usr14:22
SlartGavilaso: do you have a live cd you can boot from? (the regular desktop install cd is a live cd)14:23
exarkunqueso: The command should be there.14:23
GavilasoSlart it just sits their.. the only ico i see is the accesibility.. or the man with the hand on side14:23
Gavilasoslart yest14:23
quesoexarkun: I've ssh'ed to the remote computer, I'm not actually in gnome on it.14:23
LzrdKingairtonix: make sure you add the drive to /etc/fstab so /usr is mounted on boot14:23
erUSULLzrdKing: i'm not talking about a specific case it was more of a genral opinion (see my response to frxstrem ). in the airtonix case i sayy that if you are going to install a lot of packages then 15 or 20 GiB (i have 15 GiB myself) for root and you are done :)14:23
airtonixLzrdKing, thats pretty much the method im going to use14:23
airtonixerUSUL, true most people wont grab 8gbs of doc packages  like me14:23
jlebrechdoes anyone know if there is a service that can recommend software to me based on the apt-get starts of ubuntu?14:24
LzrdKingairtonix: what doc packages do you need that take up so much space?14:24
tux_anyone know how to compress mp4 with ubuntu?14:24
airtonixjlebrech, please defien what you mean by " based on the apt-get starts of ubuntu "14:24
tux_i have a 25.5mb file and i want to compress it to under 25mb to fit in gmail14:25
dj_segfaulttux_: mp4 files are already compressed14:25
Dr_Willistux_:  try one of the many archiver tools out.. but good luck getting much more compression14:25
airtonixLzrdKing, lots of python docs ( mostly all of them ), i have lots of python packages too14:25
exarkunqueso: You can start a display remotely. :)14:25
tux_dj_segfault, yup but is there anything else to edge it that little bit more14:25
LzrdKingtux, you can try gzip -9, but you won't be able to compress a compressed file very much; in fact, it might grow14:25
jlebrechaironix: package x is getting really popular, and it has a description and reviews. and you can just click install. like an rss feed style app14:25
quesoexarkun: I can run the apps remotely via ssh14:26
LzrdKingtux_ ^14:26
tux_LzrdKing, worth a try14:26
exarkunqueso: I don't know which files the information is stored in, sorry.  Probably something in ~/.gnome2 I suppose.14:26
DiKKyHEARTIEZ <3<3<3  GOOD NIGHT  Pi LOL <314:26
dj_segfaulttux_: I would recommend looking into something that can break it up into multiple files14:26
DiKKyI STOP14:26
airtonixjlebrech, you mean like the apt:// url handler that firefox has ?14:26
DiKKySO WILL I!!!!!!!!!!14:26
quesoexarkun: k, thank you.  I think I may have found a way to figure it out14:26
FloodBot3DiKKy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:26
LzrdKingtux_: you could also try editing the content to make it a bit shorter14:26
tux_LzrdKing, added 1mb :)14:26
LzrdKingtux_: or reencode it at a lower bitrate14:27
tux_its a video mp4, hard to compress, it went from a 92 avi to 25.5 mp414:27
FloodBot3DiKKy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:27
tux_winFF doesn't have an mp4 option unfortunately14:28
LzrdKingtux_: if you converted it yourself, reconvert it but use slightly higher compression settings to the codec you used14:28
BurzmaliHello, anyone have advice for keeping one workspace at a default resolution while letting an application (Wine) resize another?14:28
jlebrech airtonix: like a desktop app, like message of the day. so it'll show you ad package you havent got install and explain what it does. especially if it has reviews.14:28
Dr_WillisBurzmali:  you mean a work space, and not a seperate monitor right?14:28
tux_LzrdKing, don't have the original anymore, i used prism video converted on winblows14:28
BurzmaliDr_Willis: Yes14:29
airtonixjlebrech, no there is not.14:29
Dr_WillisBurzmali:  workspaces/virtual desktops - ive never seen  be able to do differnt res's14:29
jlebrech airtonix: what do you think? good idea?14:29
wolfjbI'm running Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, how do I install libpcsclite1 32 bit library? I don't see an option for it in apt-get14:29
dj_segfaultBurzmali: I have two different displays at different resolution.  I do it using separate X displays in NVidia's driver14:30
wolfjbI have libpcsclite1 64bit installed but that won't work for me14:30
airtonixjlebrech, closest you get to ideas on start up is : ailurus14:30
Dzaecktime watcher14:30
Burzmalidj_segfault: I'm running nvidia too, let me check that out.14:30
lastelement0hey all is there a channel for ubuntu 10.04 discussion?14:31
=== kasun is now known as Guest68227
jriblastelement0: #ubuntu+114:31
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule14:31
LzrdKingtux_: you might be able to reconvert it to a lower bitrate, but i'm not sure what tool will do that, probably something using ffmpeg though14:31
numbchildwhat is this14:32
numbchildhi wverybody14:32
strutsI there any way I can reset my keyboard settings to how it was after installing Ubuntu. Some "fixing" on my behalf made matters worste than to begin with.14:32
genii!welcome | numbchild14:32
ubottunumbchild: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:32
h2ohttp://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/tomclancyssplintercellconviction/video/7625745/tom-clancys-splinter-cell-conviction-video-review i try to click the button enter but it never works on ubuntu14:32
numbchildthank you genii14:32
numbchildand you ubottu14:33
LzrdKingshould i do a fresh install of karmic or wait for lucid to be released?14:33
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:33
numbchildlucid will be reaseased14:33
LzrdKingyes it will14:33
numbchildthe screen of chat bresh so quickly14:33
numbchildi can not see clearly14:34
numbchildwhat is irc14:34
numbchildanybody is still here14:35
h2oonce i installed lucid beta14:35
HealingDruidHello, I have a weird problem: I have sound when I play videos through the browser but no where else (Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit browser:Chrome)14:35
h2oi cant copy past into terminal, everytime i right click on the terminal a new window opens :S :S14:35
geniinumbchild: Many are here. If you have no immediate Ubuntu questions, perhaps travel to #ubuntu-offtopic channel for more casual conversation14:35
numbchildgenii:thank you14:36
erUSULh2o: you release the button to fast and you trigger the first menu option (open terminal)14:36
LzrdKingnumbchild: this is irc14:36
h2othanks you erusul14:36
numbchildi do not know more14:37
erUSULh2o: no problem14:37
h2ocan anyone help me out please, i cant click the enter button!14:37
numbchildi come in for a minute14:37
h2othe enter button doesnot work on ubuntu :SSSS14:37
h2oi have flash 10 installed14:37
JustEricAnyone know how to get an intel wifi 5100AGN Wireless card working?14:38
Exposure548ty vole14:38
HealingDruidHello, I have a weird problem: I have sound when I use the browser (regardless of the media) but no sound when I play files on my disk using VLC and/or Totem (Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit browser:Chrome)14:38
KementariJustEric: It seems slightly odd that it didn't work out of the box, are you using 9.10?14:38
lastelement0this is my question i posted in #ubuntu+1 but maybe someone here has an idea of what could be wrong: hey everyone, i have 10.04 installed on my desktop fully updated. i can connect to the internet just fine, but when i try to download files, it will just stall. but i am still connected and able to use IM and browse the web. what could be the cause?14:38
JustEricI am.14:39
JustEricI've heard people are having issues. It's my second install.14:39
numbchildcan i ask a question that all of you are not from china?14:39
arandnumbchild: → #ubuntu-offtopic14:39
JustEricWhen I drop 'ifconfig -a' into terminal it lists 1 network named "lo", but doesn't show any wlan.14:39
mguylastelement0: Are you using Firefox?14:40
numbchildwhat is ubuntu-offtopic?14:40
KementariJustEric: does anything show when you go to system->hardware-drivers14:40
lastelement0mguy: yeah, but its also with trying to get the dropbox daemon installed14:40
numbchildmy hardware too14:40
Picinumbchild: The channel you are in is only for Ubuntu Support questions, please /join #ubuntu-offtopic  for other discussion14:40
numbchildnow i know ,thanks pici14:41
LzrdKing#ubuntu-offtopic is the best channel on freenode14:41
HealingDruidHello, I have a weird problem: I have sound when I use the browser (regardless of the media) but no sound when I play files on my disk using VLC and/or Totem, The volume is all the way up in both programs and for the system.  (Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit browser:Chrome)14:41
KentrelHi. About 10 years ago when I had red hat linux I remember it came with quotes, and there was a way of showing a random quote whenever you logged in14:43
mguylastelement0: Have you checked your logs for anything odd?14:43
KentrelCan anyone remember what that was called?14:43
mguykentrel: fortune14:43
hexdump__yeah slackware has that14:43
KentrelWow, I totally remember the name now that you say it14:43
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h2othe enter button doesnot work on ubuntu :SSSS14:44
h2ocmon guys14:44
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tomeohow do I open programs in ubuntu just by using the keyboard?14:45
LzrdKingh2o: your enter button seems to be working here14:45
Haffetomeo: alt+f2 usually14:46
h2owhat could be wrong14:46
jose__I want to make a set of scripts available to all users in my machine. What's the best solution? Do I the executables under /usr/local ??14:46
tomeothanks Haffe14:46
Picih2o: it looks like you need to fill out your birthdate before the enter button becomes active, did you do that?14:46
jose__tomeo, try gnome-do14:46
LzrdKingtomeo: alt-f1 will open the gnome menus and you can use the arrows to move around and enter to select your application14:46
h2oi cant see the birthday thing14:47
tomeohow do I access the top menu bar of ubuntu just by using the keyboard?14:47
Picitomeo: if you press ctrl-shift-numlock you can use your numpad to control the mouse cursor14:47
LzrdKingtomeo: alt-f114:47
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tomeothanks Pici14:48
jose__tomeo, try gnome-do14:48
jose__I want to make a set of scripts available to all users in my machine. What's the best solution? Do I the executables under /usr/local ??14:48
LzrdKingjose__: /usr/local/bin is probably the best location, if there is no package that contains those scripts14:49
jose__LzrdKing, so anything under /usr/local/bin is accessible to any user?14:50
lastelement0mguy what logs would i want to look at for network items14:51
LzrdKingjose__: if they have read and execute permissions on the directory and the files inside14:51
rjharvis anyone else getting a 503 from http://help.ubuntu.com ?14:51
makaveli0129hey quick question how would i find out the driver name that my wireless is using i'm using the restricted driver in jaunty trying to set up kismet14:51
Picirjharv: Yes. Its not just you.14:51
rjharvwas just about to try the ec2 stuff14:52
jose__LzrdKing, so /usr/local/bin is added to every users path by default or is it /usr/local/bin?14:52
yshavitIs there a way to essentially set a different /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf per connection? My connection at home requires a "prepend domain-name-servers" that my work connection doesn't require. Or is it fine to have that prepend there superfluously at work?14:52
LzrdKingjose__: you may need to add the path to $PATH in /etc/profile14:53
adalalhey, is there a way to connect to a wpa2 network over commmand line with a hidden ssid?14:53
abuluhi, I'm having problems with aptitude...14:53
LzrdKingjose__: not /etc/profile, hold on14:53
airtonixmakaveli0129,  lshw -C Network | grep driver14:53
rjharvabulu: whats the problem14:54
jose__LzrdKing, Basically what I want is a set of scripts under a directory to be accessible to every user on a machine....14:54
abuluwhen ever I try to install, search, everything I get a msg saying that 68 packages will be removed14:54
abulubut, until I know, some of the packages can't be removed14:54
makaveli0129airtonix: thank you kind sir14:55
rjharvabulu: hmm sound slike its a hang over from a apt-get remove14:55
mihai'm trying to set grub splash http://shibuvarkala.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-to-make-your-own-splashimage-for.html .. i see no changes, any ideas?14:55
rjharvabulu: will message you14:55
fruitwerkshow do I get sun java jdk?14:55
airtonixmiha, need more information.14:55
phylockcan anyone recomend a good latex writer, atleast with suport for projects, autocompleation and inline spellchecker14:56
zleapphylock, i use LyX14:56
airtonixfruitwerks, http://ubuntuguide.org/14:56
mihaailyn well i copied lenovo.xpm to /boot/grub ... i guess this script should say 'found Debian background' but it doesnt14:56
LzrdKingwhat file sets the path for all users when they log in?14:56
phylockzleap - i take a look14:56
mihaairtonix sorry14:57
airtonixmiha, you still haven't told us what version of ubuntu you are using14:57
zleapthink the site is lyx.org14:57
airtonixLzrdKing, ~/.profile i think14:57
gunkstaabulu - try something like this - apt-cache --installed rdepends mono-runtime14:57
gunkstajust replace mono-runtime with a package that it's trying to remove14:57
LzrdKingairtonix: that's specific to the user though14:57
airtonixLzrdKing, yes.14:58
mihaairtonix i made 640x480 14 color indexed image, as some other site suggested :D14:58
mihado i have to 'enable' splash?14:58
LzrdKingairtonix: isn;t there one that is used for all users, something in /etc/?14:58
mihait seems 'graphic' though14:58
adalalhey, is there a way to connect to a wpa2 network over commmand line with a hidden ssid?14:58
airtonixLzrdKing, you're not referring to /etc/skel ?14:59
LzrdKingairtonix: thats used when a new user is created14:59
airtonixLzrdKing, correct14:59
Strife89What file contains the listing for grub? I wish to edit the name of an entry.14:59
phylockfruitwerks - apt-get sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre14:59
airtonixLzrdKing, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables15:00
LzrdKingairtonix: isn;t there a file that sets the default PATH variable for all users when they log in, then goes to ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc?15:00
fruitwerksuhh yeah sun-jdk is just not in the repository15:00
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abuayyoubHello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I just installed lucid a couple days ago and I seem to be having a problem with audio threw HDMI. not sure what the problem is, video works perfect but no sound at all over HDMI15:00
Strife89Windows Vista somehow got listed as "Windows Recovery Console."15:00
airtonixLzrdKing, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#Persistent%20environment%20variables15:00
souffledevquestion: postgresql8.4 and karmic. anyone gave it a try and failed?15:00
h00k!lucid | abuayyoub15:00
ubottuabuayyoub: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule15:00
Vincencikok problem solved...i must type "sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1400"15:00
Vincencikand any site loading now :)15:00
mihaadalal google says http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-324545.html15:00
smerzoh maybe not heh x)15:01
phylockfruitwerks - enable multiverse15:01
gunkstasouffldev - I used postgres on Karmic and didn't have any problems15:01
upera-onitehi buntions-any avast users here?15:01
fruitwerksno sun realted packages in the ropositiry and I have universe anabled15:01
adalalmiha: thanks15:01
mihaairtonix any ideas about splash?15:01
airtonixmiha, no.15:01
h00k!any | upera-onite15:01
airtonixmiha, tried using gdm2-setup ?15:01
erUSULfruitwerks: lucid ?15:02
h00k!ask | upera-onite15:02
ubottuupera-onite: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:02
LzrdKingjose__: you'll need to either append the path for users, or have them execute the scripts using /usr/local/bin/scriptname15:02
airtonixmiha, https://launchpad.net/gdm2setup15:02
souffledevdid anyone have success with postgresql8.4 in karmic?15:02
fruitwerkserUSUL - 9. something15:02
upera-oniteubuntu snobs-forget it-it may have been of help to you too!15:03
gunkstasouffledev - yes15:03
erUSULfruitwerks: multiverse is enabled ?15:03
souffledevgunksta, did you just install it off the repository?15:03
erUSULfruitwerks: System>Admin...>Software Sources15:03
gunkstasouffledev - yeah, is it not installing?15:03
souffledevgunksta, it is but it doesn't like to start15:03
fruitwerksheh.. this is a headless install15:03
blendmaster1024i'm trying to install grub legacy to fix my 9.04 install, i'm at the grub shell on the livecd in a chroot of my install (udev is mounted), but i can't run the root or setup commands because it doesn't see any devices. so ... what now?15:03
upera-oniteban me!15:03
gunkstasouffledev - define "doesn't want to start"15:04
abulugunksta: what mono-runtime does?15:04
melmsome of app dont just run like skype and blender any one can help me plz15:04
michi_hey guys, is there an easy way to get mac keybords working?15:04
fruitwerksgot it.. thanks15:04
gunkstaabulu - ignore mono-runtim, it's just something I threw in there as an example. you need to use one of the packages apt is trying to remove15:05
souffledevgunksta, did you install the metapackage or postgresql-8.4?15:05
souffledevgunksta, meaning just `postgres` or `postgresql-8.4`?15:05
gunkstaabulu - this will show you what you have on your system that depends on that package. dborphan is another neat option15:05
erUSULfruitwerks: then check /etc/apt/sources.list15:05
jose__LzrdKing, Thanks dude!15:06
erUSULfruitwerks: it shiuld be a matter of uncommenting a couple of lines15:06
gunkstasouffledev - I almost always use the metapackage -- but remember, before using postgres it has to be configured. It's not like mysql15:06
souffledevgunksta, do you have a doc you used? :-)15:06
souffledevinstlalation doc15:06
michi_can anyone help me with setting up a macbook laptop keyboard? Standardkeys obviously work, but i can't get (at) input15:06
gunkstasouffledev - try this - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostgreSQL15:07
frostburnhow does one prevent applications from stealing focus?15:07
frostburnalso are there any compiz plugins that allow me to do the windows 7 thing where moving a window to an edge makes it take 1/2 the screen realestate?15:08
souffledevgunksta, thanks15:08
Slartfrostburn: there is a compiz setting for focus stealing prevention15:08
Dr_Willisfrostburn:  i seem to recall seeing some guide that sort of did that with compiz. KDE4 allready has a similer feature built in15:09
ianwizard1I am having trouble with Inhibit Applet, it works just fine, except when I close the lid, it doesn't catch it and the computer suspends.15:09
frostburnSlart, ah i see, it under general, focus prevention level15:10
gunkstasouffledev - postgres is a nice database, but it's not like mysql. I would come closer to saying it's like SQL-Server done right.15:10
raffixboa dia15:10
frostburnDr_Willis, yeah, i haven't seen anything yet, i'll google around a bit more15:10
electro_Can someone some me an example of how to put a post-install script into the preseed file? I am familiar with kickstart, but preseed appears much different.  I keep getting on error.15:10
raffixbr ae?15:10
underdevhi, does anyone have problems with notifications in 10.04 beta?15:10
airtonixfrostburn, yes its called place. use the numpad15:10
Piciunderdev : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Lucid/10.04 support/discussion.15:10
abuayyoubHello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I just installed ubuntu a couple days ago and I seem to be having a problem with audio threw HDMI. not sure what the problem is, video works perfect but no sound at all over HDMI15:10
AdvoWorkis there any way I can take an exact snapshot of  a server, so that I could install it on another server if needs be?15:10
rocket16How to make autoindent of parentheses in Gedit?15:11
erUSULAdvoWork: clonezilla ?15:11
rocket16Like whenever I make "{" in Java or C++, it move a little bit right, making it indented,15:11
Pici!clone | AdvoWork15:11
ubottuAdvoWork: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate15:11
mguyAdvoWork: You can use dd15:11
ianwizard1abuayyoub: yeah, I have the same problem, but have always just used the built in speakers.15:11
airtonixfrostburn, i have window + numpad 6 set to move the window to take 1/2 the screen on the right side on first push, then 3/4 the window on second push then full width on third push15:11
abuluwhat can happens if I run apt-get -f install?15:11
souffledevgunksta, it doesn't even start dude.15:11
airtonixfrostburn, window + other numpad keys do the same for those directions15:12
souffledevgunksta, this tutorial is kinda useless15:12
souffledevgunksta, i am not talking about client connect to pg server15:12
melmhey can anyone help me plz i use ubuntu 9.10 and some applications dont run when i click on them15:12
souffledevgunksta, the server itself never starts15:12
=== guido is now known as Guest82952
gunkstasouffledev - that's weird.15:12
frostburnairtonix, ah ha, ok found it, i'll play around with these settings, i bet i can get something more optimal than even win 7's default15:13
souffledevgunksta, i pull it from from standard ubuntu repo and it should at the very least start the server yeah?15:13
phylockmelm - check the location the link points at15:13
rocket16How to make TAB like indent with { automatically in Gedit? Like it works in Geany?15:13
gunkstasouffledev - yes15:13
peleczekanyone knows how to make one of the ttys for example tty3 to load irssi after login?15:13
gunkstasouffledev - try this /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 stop && /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start15:14
souffledevgunksta, i am starting to believe that the package is broken15:14
jose__how do I add a directory to every user's PATH?15:14
gunkstasouffledev - my idea needs sudo, sorry15:14
ianwizard1rocket16: use geany, that's what I do and you obviously have experience with it15:14
AdvoWorkmguy, so with dd can i just do an exact clone of *everything* ? what about restoring, am i limited to restoring to the same hardware?15:14
gunkstasouffledev: the package may be broken now, not sure. I'm on lucid but it did work for me on karmic15:14
souffledevgunksta, that's ok. i own the box.15:14
souffledevError: could not exec /usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin/pg_ctl /usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin/pg_ctl start -D /var/lib/postgresql/8.4/main -l /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-8.4-main.log -s -o  -c config_file="/etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf" :15:14
rocket16ianwizard1: Yes, I do have. But, it would have been better it the feature have been implemented in Gedit as well15:14
souffledevgunksta, ^^15:15
Picirocket16: There may be a plugin for gedit that does that, have you check out that tab in the preferences? or added the gedit-plugins package?15:15
JustEricWho was I speaking to earlier about the 5100AGN?15:15
souffledevPici, you got anything about pg 8.4 on karmic?15:16
souffledevit's horribly broken i think15:16
souffledevdoesn't create directories and necessary files15:16
ianwizard1The inhibit applet doesn't inhibit when I close the lid.  Any body have any ideas?15:16
souffledevthis system did not have pg prior to installing 8.415:17
souffledevso in essence it's clean15:17
rocket16Pici: Yes, I have done in Preferences, but thanks for the plugins package. I am downloading it, really thanks.15:17
souffledevMr. Martin Pitt. Kindly help if you're around.15:17
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.15:17
gunkstasouffledev: is there anything else in /var/log/messages15:17
abulucan I trust on it: The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:15:18
gunkstaabulu: yes15:18
souffledevgunksta, nothing.15:18
abuluI is the result of apt-get -f install15:18
JustEricSo, Ubuntu doesn't allow me to connect to the internet. Hardwire doesn't work and my wireless 5100 doesn't work. Any ideas?15:19
kyngbuntuDoes anyone have any updated information on how to set a different OS as default in grub? every website I've referenced so far mentions editing menu.lst, but my grub folder doesn't even have that file, so I'm assuming that is an old way of handling this issue.15:19
gunkstasouffledev: rats. I wish I could be of more help, but I really don't know.15:19
souffledevgunksta, that's cool dude. thanks15:19
Traveler6hello all you clever (i hope) people.15:19
abuluon the list exist some packages that is a dependency of another that I don't want to remove15:19
airtonixfrostburn, sorry its not called place. the compiz module you want is called maximumize15:20
ianwizard1kyngbuntu: are you using 9.10?15:20
Traveler6anybody sick of hearing about vodafone 3g dongles yet?15:20
ianwizard1Traveler6: no.15:20
abulugunkstar:on the list exist some packages that is a dependency of another that I don't want to remove15:21
erUSUL!grub2 | kyngbuntu15:21
ubottukyngbuntu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub215:21
Traveler6got a problem connecting and seen as i have been a linux user for almost....36 hours now its a big issue15:21
kyngbuntui am not using 9.10. this is my first experience with nix OS and i, perhaps foolishly, went with 10.04 assuming the beta was in a pretty reliable state15:21
Pandemonium_ppki have a question for an ubuntu tech15:21
mihaairtonix got it working.. its http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-add-a-splash-image-to-grub-2-on-ubuntu-9.04 but .png better be 640x480 and 14 or so colours :D15:21
kyngbuntuif that has something to do with my issue, i'll be happy to format15:21
erUSUL!es | luismi15:21
ubottuluismi: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:21
Pandemonium_ppkcan someone pm me please15:21
abulugunksta, on the list exist some packages that is a dependency of another that I don't want to remove15:21
arandPandemonium_ppk: Ask in channel.15:22
erUSULkyngbuntu: grub2 factoid aplys to your case. further help with 10.04 in #ubuntu+115:22
Pandemonium_ppkwhere can I can a list of compatible external usb dvd burners for ubuntu15:22
kyngbuntuthank you very much15:22
gunkstaabulu: then here's the problem. i'm guessing that these dependencies were originally installed as a dependency for something else. try installing this file with a --reinstall flag and it should stop autoremove from trying to remove it.15:22
erUSULPandemonium_ppk: all should work15:22
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:22
Traveler6how do i get vodafone 3g usb modem to work with 9.10?15:23
ianwizard1kyngbuntu: as said, since 9.10 ubuntu has used grub2, the config file that you need to edit is  /etc/default/grub15:23
kyngbuntuok thank you very much for you help gentleman :)15:23
Traveler6and edit what?15:23
Picisouffledev: Did you install the postgresql-server package or postgresql-8.4 ?15:23
abulugunksta, how can I know what package have started this problem?15:23
souffledevPici, postgresql-8.4 thanks is it the -server?15:24
gunkstaabulu: did you remove something recently?15:24
Picisouffledev: no, just checking though.15:24
arandPandemonium_ppk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport has some hardware related info, generally just search for the model and ubuntu as a keyword, and see if there are any problems...15:24
Traveler6how do i get vodafone 3g usb modem to work with 9.10? useing a huawei k3520 modem15:25
Pandemonium_ppkty arand15:25
Pandemonium_ppki'm looking now but not seeing anything about dvd burners15:25
wyclif_ianwizard1: I just looked in /etc/default, but there's no /grub file there even though I am running Ubuntu 9.10 and using grub15:25
erUSULTraveler6: right click on the NetworkManager icon. choose edit connections got to the 3g modems tab...15:25
geekphreakPici: howdy15:26
erUSULPandemonium_ppk: as i said all usb dvd's should just work. they do not need a special driver just like a hard disk do not need it15:26
ianwizard1wyclif_: I am on 9.10 and that's where it is for me, and that's where it should be.15:26
soiconhey guys, I'm using efax-gtk to send and receive fax smoothly and now I want to email the received fax without saving it to the hdd ..so which document viewer should I use to view the fax and send it through email? thanks.15:26
Picisouffledev: I assume you created that file in /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/postgresql.conf ?15:27
Picigeekphreak: hi15:27
wyclif_ianwizard1: how do I explain the fact that there's no grub default file and yet grub runs on reboot?15:27
Oysterhi every1, does anybody know of yota drivers for linux? do they exist at all?15:27
frostburnairtonix, checking that out too, thanks for the info =]15:27
geekphreakwyclif_:  do you have file /et/default/grub15:27
peleczekwyclif it's normal i don't have that file there either15:27
souffledevPici, which file the data dirs and the rest?15:28
ianwizard1look in /boot and see if there is a grub config file there.  maybe somehow you got an old version of grub.15:28
wyclif_geekphreak: I have loads of default files for other services, but no grub file15:28
galerienHi gys, could anyone help me with my aptitude/apt-get please?15:28
wyclif_geekphreak: and yet grub is def. running15:28
peleczekyou have scripts to make grub.cfg in /etc/grub.d15:29
geekphreakwyclif_:  ok15:29
Picisouffledev: The file itself.  It looks like the postgres-8.4 package only distributes a sample file in /usr/share/postgresql/8.4/postgresql.conf.sample15:29
souffledevPici, why?15:29
wyclif_geekphreak: just listed contents of /etc/default lots of services like hal but no grub15:29
kamokowAfter installing java through apt-get, java-docs didnt install (it said to type no+return to abort). I didnt really need the docs, so I just aborted it-- but now everytime i install something via apt-get it keeps coming up. I've been ignoring it for awhile, but its starting to drive me insane. How can I stop this?15:29
souffledevPici, i remember in 8.3 it actually created those files for us :-)15:29
geekphreakwyclif_: which ubuntu version?15:29
mihaairtonix http://www.wolfey.si/lenovo.jpg :D15:30
wyclif_geekphreak: 9.10 same as you?15:30
pirearaduhy all15:30
galerienI tried to install php5-symfony1.0, but it only "partially install" and now I can't install anything because it's telling me that it's trying to solve the problem but don't succeed15:30
geekphreakwyclif_:  i am on lucid :)15:30
Picisouffledev: I've not used postgres in a long time, I'm just going by what I see in apt-cache and apt-file15:30
pirearaduhow to boot a iso image from usb?15:30
pirearaduhow to boot a iso image from usb?15:30
souffledevPici, oh ok. it exists just fyi then.15:30
abulugunksta, yes, but I can't remember what package was15:30
erUSULpirearadu: use unetbootin or the usb creator15:30
wyclif_geekphreak: ah, the bleeding edge. Can't wait for Lucid stable release15:30
Jimi_NeutralHi all..I have an edimax ps320u print server. I am on a private network but when I run the wizard utility it wont find the server. I have  gone into it directly and changed the ip of the print server to match my network settings and it still wont see it....please help as this is really important15:31
souffledevPici, lemme go through it again and see any discrepancies in the main config thanks15:31
kamokowOh, wait, I didnt realize I could remove it-- the fact I just realized this now makes me wonder what I was thinking. You can ignore my question :P15:31
arvind_khadrigalerien, sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get install -f15:32
galerieni'll trie it, thx15:32
gunkstaabulu: doesn't really matter. Apt knows why it installed something. Did you ask for it specifically (user required) or was it installed as a dependancy. In the latter case autoremove will try to take it off the system if it is no longer required. That's why reinstalling it will fix the issue, because it will set the package to required.15:32
geekphreakarvind_khadri: howdy sir15:32
pirearaduerUSUL I do not put Ubuntu on USB15:33
geekphreakwyclif_: whats the actuall issue15:33
ravigehlotWhat is the executable for Apache2? There is no httpd or httpd2.15:33
geekphreakravigehlot: apache215:33
ravigehlotgeekphreak: thanks15:33
erUSULpirearadu: so; what are you trying to do ?15:34
gunkstaon lucid - does rhythmbox start slowly for anyone else? My music collection is hardly large and the machine has 4G of RAM. Banshee starts up instantly.15:34
wyclif_geekphreak: IOW I see all kinds of config files in /etc/default, the usual services like alsa, cron, cups, nvidia-kernel, fetchmail, spamassassin &c. but no grub file.  There is no issue; grub runs fine at bootup, I just wonder where I would go if I ever needed to change settings15:34
pirearadui try to make a usb bootable15:34
erUSULgunksta: #ubuntu+115:34
abulugunksta, I don't understanding, u are saying to run apt-get reinstall, is that?15:34
galerien@pirearadu where are you from?15:34
geekphreakwyclif_: whats in /boot/grub ?15:34
mguygunksta: Very slow, I use audacious15:34
pirearaduromania galerien15:34
peleczekanyone knows how to make one of the ttys for example tty3 to load automatic irssi after being loged?15:35
galerien@pirearadu You don't speak french I suppose? (cause i've got a great tutorial, in french)15:35
gunkstaabulu: yes - it looks like sudo apt-get install --reinstall yourpackagehere15:35
wyclif_:geekphreak: /boot/grub/default :)15:35
geekphreakwyclif_:  thats all , no menu.lst or grub. cfg?15:35
geekphreakno stage files?15:36
gunkstaerUSUL: oops yeah. wrong tab15:36
pirearaduand know how to speak French but little galerien15:36
galerienok, just hold on a second, I don't know if you will understand it all, but it might give you some leeds15:36
abulugunksta, ok, but how can I know what package should I put on the end of the command?15:37
wyclif_geekphreak: no, that's not all, you're right, I have menu.lst but NO grub.cfg15:37
geekphreakwyclif_:  you are using old grub15:37
wyclif_geekphreak: yes, stage files too15:37
wyclif_geekphreak: Ah! the plot thickens...15:38
geekphreakwyclif_:  you will have to edit the mneu.lst file15:38
wyclif_geekphreak: I now wonder why my grub didn't update15:38
gunkstaabulu: from our conversation it sounds like apt wants to remove something that you want to keep. Reinstall that package.15:38
pakauhi people15:38
pirearaduhy pakau15:38
pakaui have a question15:38
pakaudo u know this site ?15:38
pirearaduwhat question?15:39
abulugunksta, I had tryed this, but apt ask me to remove the packages I told u...15:39
pakauim trying to install a game from there15:39
pirearadui kow man15:39
wyclif_geekphreak: just opened menu.lst with vim15:39
geekphreakwyclif_:  ok15:39
abulugunksta, if I type "Y" apt will remove15:39
pakaui installed one15:39
pakaubut now15:39
pakauim getting a message15:39
pakaucould not find the pakage 'Oad'.15:39
electro_Has anyone noticed that when "preseeding" an automatic installation of Ubuntu, particularly when an existing drive configuration is present, it asks to confirm the changes to the disk.  I have the proper settings in my preseed to skip this, but it always prompts me.  Has anyone been able to fix this?15:39
peleczekwyclif when you have a menu on startup does it say 0.97 or 1.96 or something?15:39
wyclif_peleczek: I'll have to check elsewhere, cos that will require a reboot otherwise ;)15:40
gunkstaabulu: no need to remove anything. ANY apt command will trigger the autoremove message, if there's anything apt wants to auto-remove. if you throw out apt-get instal --reinstall foobar it should reinstall foobar, not remove it.15:40
gunkstaabulu: what's the list of stuff apt wants to remove?15:40
pirearadupakau search the executable of game in /usb/bin15:40
gunkstaabulu: and what do you want to keep?15:40
pakaubut i could install it :S15:41
wyclif_peleczek: I guess I just figured out it's not the most current version of grub15:41
pakaui just installed and run one15:41
pakaubut now this one15:41
pakaui cant install :S15:41
pirearadupakau what game is it?15:41
geekphreakwyclif_: you still have that menu.lst open?15:41
peleczekwyclif_ ok i thought you maybe saw it accidentally and remeber15:41
pirearadupakau wait 2 sec15:41
stercorI'm trying to run winamp under wine.  I compiled it for 64-bit architecture.  Here's the error message: "Trying to load PE image for unsupported architecture (I386)"15:41
wyclif_geekphreak: yeah15:41
pakauits O.A.D. !!!15:41
=== TycheC is now known as aetyr4
galerienGys, someone told me to try sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get install -f to fix my aptitude, but it doesn't work, i get15:42
geekphreakwyclif_: just for testing purpose change a title of ubuntu rescue mode to something like ubuntu kaboom mode lol15:42
galerienupdate-alternatives: error: alternative path /symfony1.0/bin/symfony doesn't exist.15:42
galeriendpkg: error processing php5-symfony1.0 (--configure):15:42
galerien subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 215:42
galerienErrors were encountered while processing:15:42
galerien php5-symfony1.015:42
FloodBot3galerien: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:42
galeriensorry for flooding15:42
wyclif_geekphreak: LOL15:42
aphid_I'm running Ubuntu 10.4 netbook remix b2 on a thinkpad X40 (old hardware).  One of the updates between alpha 2 and beta 2 somehow managed to make the 3d launcher incredibly slow.15:43
wyclif_geekphreak: right now I'm looking at the kernels15:43
OZiRYHey! any1 know how to install qt 4.3 (or later) on ubuntu 9.10?15:43
=== aetyr4 is now known as TycheC
arindais the latest wine can install office 2007 or just wine 1.1.14-1.1.16?15:43
geekphreakwyclif_:  oh ok kool mate15:43
wyclif_geekphreak: Aussie?15:43
pirearadugalerien help me man15:43
geekphreakwyclif_:  mate eh ;)15:43
galeriensorry, can't find it....15:43
=== Afrix2 is now known as Afrix
geekphreakwyclif_:  nope not an aussie :)15:44
Slartarinda: you'll have to check the application database  http://appdb.winehq.org15:44
OZiRYany1 know how to install qt 4.3 (or later) on ubuntu 9.10? srsly im dying here15:44
pirearaduok galerien15:44
aphid_The 2d launcher is good enough and I can get by with it, but the 3d interface is better IMO.15:44
geekphreakwyclif_:  always make a backup of file , that you are editing very important ok15:44
wyclif_geekphreak: and when I hear "eh?" I think Canadian :D)15:44
OZiRYhow do i backup files easily?15:44
underdevi can't seem to change the number of desktops in compiz.  I have 4 "virtual horizontal" desktops, but i want 4 actual desktops, so they can have different backgrounds.15:44
wyclif_geekphreak: of course, got it15:44
arindaSlart. thanks15:44
geekphreakOZiRY: manual ways, backup tools, or zip it :)15:44
Slartunderdev: I'm not sure if compiz has support for separate desktop backgrounds yet.. there might be some workarounds15:45
UrdaIs 10.04 stable enough to upgrade a system... or should I wait :s ? Home user here15:45
underdevthe slider seems disabled, and i can't change "Number of Desktops" to more than 115:45
tenmilesunderdev: use ccsm to change wallpapers on different desktops15:45
wyclif_geekphreak: should update-grub add savedefault to the default options15:45
underdevtenmiles: that's what i'm trying to do15:45
SlartUrda: ask in #ubuntu+115:45
geekphreakwyclif_:  ok15:45
Slart!lucid | Urda15:46
ubottuUrda: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule15:46
OZiRYdoes anyone know where i can get the QT 4 lib? for ubuntu karmic15:46
underdevtenmiles: but it won't let me change the number of desktops15:46
galeriengys, any idea how to fix apt-get where "sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get install -f" fail?15:46
rajagenupulai want to join ubuntu beginners15:46
geekphreakrajagenupula: this is good place to start15:46
Picirajagenupula: type: /join #ubuntu-beginners15:47
tenmilesunderdev: how many desktops do you have right now? or "workspaces"?15:47
geekphreakPici: wow you got beg. channels too :)15:47
wyclif_geekphreak: wait I just noticed something15:47
geekphreakwyclif_: whats that?15:47
UrdaSlart: what about a decent - advanced linux user?15:47
bilalakhtar\join #ubuntu-offtopic15:47
underdevtenmiles: 4 virtual, 1 desktop, and ccsm won15:47
wyclif_geekphreak: as a check before I did anything, I ran sudo apt-get install grub b/c I wanted to see if any error msg15:47
underdevtenmiles: 4 virtual, 1 desktop, and ccsm won't let me change the number of desktops15:47
bilalakhtarsorry typed by mistake15:47
wyclif_geekphreak: "grub is already the newest version"15:48
SlartUrda: lucid support is in #ubuntu+1, this channel is for released versions15:48
geekphreakwyclif_:  yeah you got new grub old15:48
geekphreaknew grub is grub215:48
OZiRYdoes anyone know where i can get the QT 4 lib? for ubuntu karmic. sorry for spamming but i need to get this lib so that I can continue compiling for my server :p15:48
UrdaSlart: ok thank you for the tip15:48
wyclif_geekphreak: what do you mean, new/old?15:48
geekphreakwyclif_:  sudo apt-cache search grub215:48
tenmilesunderdev: ok, there's a part of ccsm that you use to change the wallpapers of your virtual desktops.15:48
underdevtenmiles: awesome, i'15:49
galeriengys, any idea how to fix apt-get when "sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get install -f" fail?15:49
geekphreakwyclif_:  at this time i wont recommend installing it15:49
wyclif_geekphreak: AH! different name15:49
underdevtenmiles: awesome, i've looked everywhere, and can't find it15:49
enavhello i need the ubuntu channel on spanish pleas15:49
wyclif_geekphreak: why not?15:49
underdevtenmiles: i read its under "cube-15:49
geekphreakwyclif_:  if it aint broke, dont fix it15:49
enavHola necesito saber cual es el canal de Ubuntu en Español15:49
underdevtenmiles: i read its under "cube->appearamce15:49
OZiRYdoes anyone know where i can get the QT 4 lib? for ubuntu karmic. sorry for spamming but i need to get this lib so that I can continue compiling for my server :p15:49
LzrdKingenav: #ubuntu-es15:49
enavthanks LzrdKing++15:50
arindahey all. i looking for program that similar with simulink in windows? it's program to simulate electronic circuit.15:50
wyclif_geekphreak: check it before you wreck it15:50
wyclif_geekphreak: yup, grub2 is installed15:50
geekphreakwyclif_: exactly :)15:50
underdevtenmiles: oic, i make my background a skycap :)15:50
geekphreakwyclif_:  lol you installed it, told you not to man15:51
Slartarinda: something like Qucs ?15:51
Slart!info qucs | arinda15:51
ubottuarinda: qucs (source: qucs): Quite Universal Circuit Simulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.15-1 (karmic), package size 6043 kB, installed size 16496 kB15:51
trijntjehow can I copy a key from the default keyring? I want to transfer a wepkey to another laptop but seahorse wont let met copy it..15:51
wyclif_no, I didn't. I already had it installed, it works.  I just didn't know how it works because I'm used to LILO15:52
arindaya maybe. i'll check.15:52
enavhi to every one... i need some help about GNU/GPL licenses15:52
geekphreakwyclif_: grub2 was not installed man before :)15:53
wyclif_geekphreak: nope, already had it installed, the error I got was that it was already the latest version15:53
geekphreakif you had grub2 , you would have had /etc/default/grub15:53
geekphreakhhm ok15:53
underdevenav: you want #license-hell15:53
wyclif_geekphreak: ok let me check15:53
Anomie2Could anyone tell me the command to zip /var/www via ssh?15:53
enavunderdev thanks mate15:53
iWantLinuzPointyi have no sound, how do i correct and/or check for that?15:53
geekphreakAnomie2:  tar -cvf apache.tar  /var/www15:54
lao5what's your ages, please?15:54
zambalao5: 30+ :p15:54
enavho!!!! #license-hell  is empty15:54
Anomie2geekphreak: danke15:54
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Picilao5: Why does it matter? This is a support channel.15:54
lao5zamba: thanks15:54
=== LinuzPointyClick is now known as iWantLinuzPointy
wyclif_geekphreak: why should I be wary of grub2?15:54
zambalao5: sadist :)15:54
iWantLinuzPointyi have no sound, how do i correct and/or check for that?15:55
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=== LinuzPointyClick is now known as iWantLinuzPointy
lao5Pici: okay. I want to know the age range who uses linux15:55
h00k!sound | iWantLinuzPointy15:55
ubottuiWantLinuzPointy: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP315:55
ravigehlotWhat is the equivalent of DirectoryIndex in Apache2? I can't find the list15:55
Picilao5: Try #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support chatter.15:55
Anomie2lao5: 2015:55
lao5Pici: ok. thanks15:56
geekphreakwyclif_: grub2 is ok mate, just sometimes seen when you update grub from old to new, sometime not always thing dont go right, so why mess it up, if its working good15:56
underdevoic, i don't even have a  background images option in compiz cube15:57
iWantLinuzPointyubottu: ur 2nd link is dead?15:57
underdevthat mgiht be my problem :)15:57
wyclif_geekphreak: ah, right. after all it just boots the computer in the order you want. thanks15:57
enavthe #license-hell  is empty  i just want to make few questions about GNU/GPL licenses today my company finish a specific software and we want to launch it as under GNU/GLP  licenses15:57
underdevenav: oh man, i'm so sorry, it was a joke15:57
geekphreakwyclif_: good luck, keep those fingers crossed ;)15:57
Breaking_Pittis there any policy for ubuntu packages?15:57
underdevenav: thus the emoticon15:58
Breaking_PittI can't find info on the ubuntu wiki15:58
wyclif_geekphreak: shouldn't be a problem15:58
underdevenav: no one here is a lawyer, but ask away!15:58
PiciBreaking_Pitt: There is, but the wiki is having some load issues at the moment.15:58
Anomie2geekphreak: where does it put the compressed file?15:59
trijntjeIs it possible to copy a key from the default keyring?15:59
enavi dont need a lawyer  i just want to know about some specific thing about GNU/GPL software15:59
Breaking_Pittok Pici there are so much differences between ubuntu and debian?15:59
PiciBreaking_Pitt: Take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages15:59
geekphreakAnomie2:  current folder where you ran the command from , just type ls, should be there15:59
iWantLinuzPointyhow do i ensure ALSA is selected? Where do I do some  double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer).???15:59
notlisteningwhen a bog os marek fix released in launch how long does it take to me to me?15:59
iWantLinuzPointyhow do i ensure ALSA is selected? Where do I do some  double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer)?15:59
galerienhello again every one, I get : Errors were encountered while processing:15:59
galerien php5-symfony1.015:59
galerienE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:59
notlistening*bug is marked fixed15:59
galerienwhen i'm trying to fix my apt-get16:00
galerienany one?16:00
Anomie2geekphreak: nope, can't see it. (browsing via FTP) - is it called apache.tar16:00
PiciBreaking_Pitt: No, we use the same guidelines from what I understand.  More packaging help can be found in #ubuntu-motu16:00
geekphreakAnomie2:  yes it is apche.tar16:00
Breaking_Pittok thanks! Pici16:00
* wyclif_ is now using mutt for his email over IMAP client16:00
Breaking_Pitt#j ubuntu-motu16:00
Breaking_Pittje je16:00
Anomie2root@CravenPublishing:~# grep -Rs apache.tar /*     ///  Binary file /dev/disk/by-uuid/f9fe83cc-e8f0-42f0-b467-44121a0388cd matches  ///  Binary file /dev/disk/by-path/xen-vbd-51712 matches //  Binary file /dev/xvda matches16:02
Anomie2any ideas? :S16:02
geekphreakAnomie2: nope16:02
geekphreakAnomie2:  are you logged as root?16:03
Anomie2geekphreak : yeh16:03
thisdotpheonix /join #eclipse16:04
blakkheimdoes anyone know what works/doesn't work on the new macbook pros with the 320m/330m?16:04
geekphreakAnomie2:  ok do this cd /var  , then sudo tar -cvf apache.tar www/16:04
mont3furi4good morning16:04
mont3furi4i have a ?16:04
thisdotpheonixis there a channel for eclipse16:04
geekphreakAnomie2:  you can change the name from  apache.tar to anything , and in pace of www/ use any folder16:04
mont3furi4in order to instal proggy got to do it thru the terminal ?16:04
galerienthisdotpheonix #eclipse-dev16:05
galerienI get "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" when i'm trying to fix my apt-get with sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get install -f16:05
Picimont3furi4: You don't need to, but you can.16:05
galerienanyone can tell me why?16:06
Pici!software | mont3furi416:06
ubottumont3furi4: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents16:06
ounedis there any program with witch i can see which program is using the GPU and how much?16:06
matteo1990Hi, someone knows how to make an ISO from DRM protected CDs? Thx alot DD seems to have problems with it16:06
mont3furi4ubottu ty16:07
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:07
galerienI get "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" when i'm trying to fix my apt-get with sudo dpkg --configure -a ; sudo apt-get install -f16:07
galerienanyone can tell me why?16:07
LohnSwoo go ubuntu =P16:10
FreezingFridaySorry guys, is anyone here willing to help me in PM with some PHP (OOP) issues?  ##php is either down or packed right now and I can't seem to get in. (I've been trying for a long time...)16:11
PiciFreezingFriday: You need to be registered and identified to join and talk there.16:11
Pici!register | FreezingFriday16:11
ubottuFreezingFriday: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode16:11
trijntjeIs it possible to copy a key from the default keyring?16:11
clutchanyone familiar with the minimal iso?  Is not selecting any of the packages the same as a basic command line install?16:12
clutchtrying to do a very light fluxbox setup16:12
FreezingFridayPici,  hm.... did they just start doing that?16:13
clutchoh wait, nevermind, I see the command line install option now16:13
Piciclutch: Yes, it will be *very* light16:13
PiciFreezingFriday: No, its been like that for a while.16:13
clutchPici: that's the idea.16:13
clutcheven xubuntu comes with too much extra crap for my liking16:13
clutchits going on a P4 with 216mb RAM16:14
clutchand a 40 gig HDD16:14