gHi Guys, some1 knows how to force to delete a file with mouse.... drag and drop + Ctrl in the trash???Maybe???thanks!00:13
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prisco!kubuntu italia01:10
priscogood night01:13
tokoronaSo, I'm having a problem with sound on kubuntu 9.10. I'm trying to get sound to work and it won't - lspci sees the card, modprobe verifies the drivers are load (ac97 and intel8x0 and oss plays it - but neither alsa nor pulse will.01:14
priscobut network manager work whit dsl configuratio? i 'm able to use internet only using pppoeconf01:14
legodudehi, anyone know how to enable live updating email search in thunderbird 3.0?01:19
thomashow do i install java in kubuntu 9-10?01:38
jhamboHi folks, I have a fresh install of 9.10 and I find that I can only print from okular if I launch it as root.  I assume that it's not supposed to be this way.  How can I fix?01:43
Domokunhey i was looking to see if my webcam is supported in linux and it turns out that UVC supports it01:56
Domokuni am trying to install UVC but i getting bombarded with errors01:56
Domokuncan someone help?02:01
hagabakapastebin the errors and maybe someone can help02:04
Domokunenrique@Domokun:~/Documents/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba$ make menuconfig02:07
Domokunmake -C /home/enrique/Documents/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/v4l menuconfig02:07
Domokunmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/enrique/Documents/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/v4l'02:07
DomokunNo version yet, using 2.6.31-20-generic02:07
Domokunmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/enrique/Documents/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/v4l'02:07
FloodBotK1Domokun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:07
Domokunmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/enrique/Documents/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/uvcvideo-553dfd853cba/v4l'02:07
iconmefistouse sudo02:11
Domokuni have to go now but if anyone can help me out just drop me a line at 11carten@wvths.com02:23
persiaGood day.  I use quassel-qt4 in a GNOME environment.  Can I still get support for that here?02:31
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persiaIf so, the things I'd like to be able to do easily that I'm having issues with are: 1) selecting text for copy/paste, 2) keyboard shortcuts for moving between items in the channel list, and 3) getting notifications working.02:32
* persia heads off to install kubuntu-netbook to see if it's just broken in GNOME, or if there are other issues involved.02:39
thomasneed help with installing java rune time on kubunut please02:45
iconmefistothomas: install sun-java6-jre02:47
iconmefistothomas: if you want the browser plugin, this too: sun-java6-plugin02:47
persiathomas: Last I checked, the Qt widgets weren't working properly.  If you don't need GUI, openjdk-6-jre-headless is probably what you want.02:48
tokoronaSo, I'm having a problem with sound on kubuntu 9.10. I'm trying to get sound to work and it won't - lspci sees the card, modprobe verifies the drivers are load (ac97 and intel8x0 and oss plays it - but neither alsa nor pulse will.02:54
iconmefistotokorona: does this make sound: pasuspender -- speaker-test -c2 -twav02:56
tokorona no03:15
tokoronaAlso, : I've run alsamixer and confirmed nothings muted.03:27
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cleonHi there! o/03:53
carlosleonmy wireless network manager dissapeared. How could I make it appear again? :)04:06
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iconmefistocarlosleon: is the icon gone?04:27
iconmefistoalt-F2, and type: knetworkmanager04:27
carlosleonthe application appears listed, but nothing happens when I click on it, neither pressing Enter key.04:28
iconmefistoyou mean you can't start it?04:29
carlosleoniconmefisto: I could say so, but I have this thought that it is running hidden04:30
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iconmefistoclick the < icon on systray to see if it's there04:31
carlosleonthat button doesn't appears04:32
iconmefistotry it in konsole: knetworkmanager04:32
carlosleonand I tried adding a widget to the bar, but doesn't appear listed neither there.04:32
iconmefistocarlosleon: does knetworkmanager start from konsole?04:36
carlosleonand it doesn't throws any error message04:37
iconmefistokillall knetworkmanager04:40
carlosleoniconmefisto: ready, now what?04:41
iconmefistorepeat that command04:41
iconmefistothen try starting knetworkmanager again04:41
carlosleonhttp://pastie.org/920635 it throws this error :/04:43
iconmefistodoes the icon appear? or just that error?04:49
carlosleonjust that error04:51
iconmefistocan you start nm-applet04:51
carlosleonand I have to add to this chat that I have "dropped" the notifications icon. I don't know how relevant that can be.04:51
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iconmefistocarlosleon: you don't have the notifications icon?04:53
iconmefistomaybe you're missing the systray?04:54
carlosleonI don't think so, I can see the time, Show desktop icon, Connected devices icon...04:55
iconmefistocarlosleon: they are separate widgets I think. do you see the kmix icon?04:56
carlosleonno, I don't04:57
iconmefistotry adding the systray or system tray widget04:57
carlosleonand I haven't realize it was missing xD04:57
carlosleonzomg! :') it worked. Now I can see the kmix, knetworkmanager....04:58
carlosleonmay I give you a hug? :)04:58
* carlosleon gives a hug to iconmefisto 04:58
carlosleoniconmefisto: thank you very much for your patience and collaboration.04:59
slckb0yhi everyone05:14
slckb0yis someone using virtualbox to run kde ?05:15
carlosleonnot me buddy.05:19
slckb0yi'd need some help to activate opengl :'( can't find any forum post about it05:20
slckb0yit supposed to be handled, i installed client addition, but still no luck :(05:21
slckb0yhm... please is there any other channel i could ask ?05:23
iconmefistoslckb0y: #vbox05:37
slckb0ythx a lot ;)05:40
bibsthahi all, i have /dev/sda9 but no respective entry in /dev/disk/by-uuid05:46
bibsthahow come?05:46
bibsthaas such, my pc as stopped booting05:46
phoenix_hello everyone06:02
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slckb0yis someone running KDE in a virtualbox under windows 7 ?06:36
slckb0yi can't manage to turn on OpenGL :(06:36
naftilos76hi everyone, sometimes when powering down the system speaker goes crazy, that is ringing constantly until the pc goes off! can this somehow be prevented from happening?06:47
nikhil_how to make plasma widgets show up on only one virtual desktop, not all? i'd like to have a desktop dedicated to just terminal...07:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:29
moon12hello from Australia!07:32
nikhil_how to make plasma widgets show up on only one virtual desktop, not all? i'd like to have a desktop dedicated to just terminal...07:33
ivoMy screen is blinking when I connect the DVI port. I'm using an nVidia 9600GT, and I'm typing almost blindly at the moment.07:58
ivoMy monitor is an LCD Samsung SyncMaster 2333HD07:58
ivoNobody? :(08:04
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abubakarHi how i enable sound in kubuntu 9.1008:15
len_Anyone have kwin desktop effects working with nvidia drivers in Lucid?08:16
abubakarit shows Nvidia sound device not working falling back  pulse audio08:16
abubakarHi how i enable sound in kubuntu 9.10 it shows Nvidia sound device not working falling back  pulse audio08:20
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voytech_Hello all, I'd like to know when LucidLynx is going to be released ? (approximately)09:04
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule09:06
shankly_guys, someone knows if there's a ppa with kde svn?09:16
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kriohi people10:53
krioi'm in live mode whit kubuntu 10.04 and i can configure the internet connection whit network manager10:54
krioso i have used pppoeconf and in this way connection work but i don't understand why.. some one can help me.. thank10:55
krioc'e' qualcuno?10:59
kriosorry i can't configure the internet connection whit XD11:05
ubottuCanadian Ubuntu users can be found in #ubuntu-ca11:24
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vivek_Hii! I am facing two issues off late:-1.whenever I try to install any package through the Ubuntu software center .. I get a message"The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." and I am unable to install anything12:12
vivek_iconmefisto:Hii! I am facing two issues off late:-1.whenever I try to install any package through the Ubuntu software center .. I get a message"The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." and I am unable to install anything12:15
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vivek_Hii! I am facing two issues off late:-1.whenever I try to install any package through the Ubuntu software center .. I get a message"The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." and I am unable to install anything12:22
vivek_Hii! I am facing two issues off late:-1.whenever I try to install any package through the Ubuntu software center .. I get a message"The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." and I am unable to install anything12:28
Mamarokvivek_: instead of using the software center, use the package manager in the system settings or the command line12:29
Mamarokvivek_: I guess you have PPAs in your sources list12:29
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geekphreakhowdy all13:06
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vivek_Hii! I am facing two issues off late:-1.whenever I try to install any package through the Ubuntu software center .. I get a message"The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." and I am unable to install anything.. even sudo apt-get update is not working properly13:43
vivek_someone please help13:43
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vbgunz_vivek you enabled some repos, thats what happens when you add repos and no keys13:50
Mamarokvivek_: please see my answer I gave you previously.13:53
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vivek_Mamarok:looks like i had quit when you had replied... I have not got your reply.. would be real kind of you to reply again13:54
Mamarokvivek_: instead of using the software center, use the package manager in the system settings or the command line13:54
Mamarokvivek_: I guess you have PPAs in your sources list13:54
vivek_Mamarok:I have done that even sudo apt-get update is not working13:55
Mamarokvivek_: well, update only updates the package list, it doesn't isntall anything13:55
Mamarokyou need to type sudo apt-get install <packagename>13:56
Mamarokor els sudo apt-get upgrade13:56
Mamarokwhich upgrades the packages that have changed since the last time you did an upgrade13:57
vivek_Mamarok:even upgrade is not working.. would be great if if you could please have a look at this link... i have posted the results of sudo apt-get upgrade.. it is a link to the ubuntu forum13:57
Mamarokvivek_: please pastebin the exact error message you get when you do sudo apt-get update and give the URL to it13:58
Mamarokah, sorry, I check that forum post, moment13:58
vivek_Mamarok: I am really sorry but can you please tell me how to pastebin13:58
Mamarok!info pastebinit13:59
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.2-1 (karmic), package size 22 kB, installed size 344 kB13:59
Mamarokvivek_: if you don't have the above package installed, you can just copy the output and paste it into http://pastebin.ca14:00
Mamarokit will give you an URL14:00
PiciMamarok: Looks like a bunch of people are reporting issues with the India ubuntu archive mirror today.14:00
Mamarokyes, jsut seen that in the forum thread14:01
Mamarokvivek_: you should change your mirror to the main server14:01
vivek_Mamarok:yes that seems to have solved the problem.. just tried what you and philinux(on the forum) had replied... could you please tell me what was the issue14:02
Mamarokwell, probably the mirror server is not online14:02
Mamarokyou get a 404 error, so the server can't be found online14:02
vivek_Mamarok:thanks a tonne for all your support.... i have one more issue.. can you please help14:03
vbgunz_14 days to go14:03
Mamarokvivek_: just write your question14:03
vivek_since yesterday night whenever I start my system , I get the following notification:-KDE detected that one or more internal sound devices were removed.Do you want KDE to permanently forget about these devices?This is the list of devices KDE thinks can be removed:Capture: HDA Intel (ALC888 Analog) #1... should KDE permanently forget this device".14:05
Mamarokvivek_: what exact KDE version do you use?14:05
vivek_Mamarok: i recently upgraded to 4.4.2 from the default version of Karmic and it was working fine for about a week and then suddenly since yesterday this has started14:06
Mamarokvivek_: did you isntall puseaudio?14:07
Mamarokthere was a phonon upgrade yesterday IIRC, that might be related14:08
vivek_Mamarok: I dont know I just did the normal sudo-apt get update/upgrade after installing Karmic and then I installed the restricted packages .. that is it14:08
vivek_Mamarok: so what should be done14:08
Mamarokwell, if you go to the systemsettings -> Multimedia you should check if you have Pulseaudio14:08
Mamarokand if you are only using KDE on Karmic, then you don't really need pulseaudio and should remove it14:09
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vivek_Mamarok: no i dont have pulseaudio in multimedia and yes I am using only KDE in karmic14:10
Mamarokhm, that is odd then14:10
Mamarokvivek_: maybe something was missing in your upgrade yesterday, try upgrading, then restart KDE to see if that changes something14:11
vivek_Mamarok: anything you could suggest.. how can it suddenly come up saying this when everything was working yesterday night14:11
vivek_Mamarok: Ok will do that now14:11
Mamarokvivek_: well, as I said, if you haven't had a complete upgrade, some package could be missing which triggered that.14:12
vivek_Mamarok: I have done the upgrade14:12
vivek_Mamarok: do you want me to restart now14:12
Mamarokvivek_: then just log out of KDE and log in again14:12
vivek_Mamarok: ok.. please wait for me14:13
vivek_Mamarok:it is still there14:15
Mamarokvivek_: the message you mean?14:17
Mamarokvivek_: try removing $HOME/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc, then restart KDE again14:18
vivek_Mamarok:there is no folder like .kde in my home folder14:19
Mamarokvivek_: that is very odd14:20
vivek_Mamarok:would it be hidden or something14:20
Mamarokvivek_: since it is the default folder for all KDE configuration files and application settings14:20
Mamarokof course it is a hidden folder, all folders starting with a dot are hidden by default :)14:20
vivek_Mamarok:how to make them visible14:21
Mamarokyou can just do this is a konsole: rm $HOME/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc14:21
Mamarokin Dolphin you can do Alt+.14:21
Mamarokbut be careful with that in Dolphin, since you can break stuff if you remove the wrong things14:22
vivek_Mamarok:I have done that with the command in the terminal.. now should i restart14:23
Mamarokvivek_: the same as before, log out of KDE, and log in again14:24
vivek_Mamarok: Ok will see back in a moment14:24
vivek_Mamarok: the message is gone.. but there is something i have notice.. in multimedia sound and video configuration>in default output device preference> there are 2 devices listed (HDA intel ALC888 ) analog and the same(digital). This is just like the same as it was before but in Default capture device preferenece i had two things being shown HDA intel alc888 analog and the second one:- HDA intel alc888 analog#1.. but now the second one is not there...14:32
Mamarokhm, does your sound work?14:33
vivek_Mamarok:yes it does14:35
Mamarokthere was a Phonon update yesterday, so that might be the reason14:35
Mamarokvivek_: also, I doubt you really had two capture devices, so this is most likely just a repeated message that was removed14:36
vivek_Mamarok: but what was that device listed in default capture device preferenece: HDA INtel alc888 analog#1 and now when I click on advanced drivers .. i get one more HDA intel alc888 analog #2..howver i have deselected the advanced thing now14:37
Mamarokvivek_: I don't think this is causing you any problems14:38
vivek_Mamarok: Thanks a tonne for all your support and patience .. i have one more doubt..:-)14:39
Mamarokvivek_: go on :)14:40
vivek_Mamarok: could you do me a favour.. can you please check if this link is working for you.. I have a couple of links which just dont seem to work on my firefox or konqueror..14:40
Mamarokvivek_: it does load here14:41
Mamaroklet me try with konqueror14:41
vivek_Mamarok:that is it , it does not for me.. there are a few other links which i happen to come across in gooogle and they just dont seem to work14:42
vivek_Mamarok:I have never installed any firewall or anything.. why is this so14:42
Mamarokvivek_: it does load with chromium, but I get a timeout with Konqueror14:43
Mamaroklet me try with Firefox14:43
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:44
vivek_Mamarok:does it work on firefox14:46
Mamarokvivek_: try again in konqueror with just http://www.mytatasky.com14:46
MamarokI guess their Javascript doesn't work well14:46
vivek_Mamarok:Nopes .. does not work14:46
Mamaroklikely a Javascript problem I think, it does work here in Konqueror14:47
vivek_Mamarok:neither Konqueror nor firefox,,,,,so what should i do... or is it a java problem.. because when i visted one of the sites .. it said javascript is perfeclt working  but there seems to be some problem with java on your browser14:48
Mamarokwell, if you didn't do anything special when you isntalled Java first it should just work14:48
Mamarokcheck your settings if you don't have javascript disabled or so addblock or else that prevents the loding14:49
vivek_Mamarok:settings in firefox14:49
Mamarokyes, or any plugin or extension that blocks scripts execution14:50
vivek_Mamarok: the java test at this link (http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml).. says java is perfectly working14:51
vivek_Mamarok:now to test javascript14:51
vivek_Mamarok:any inputs on how could I do that14:52
Mamarokvivek_: then I don't know, maybe erasing the browser cache could help14:52
vivek_Mamarok:you mean clearing history14:52
Mamarokvivek_: yes, and check the cookies while you are at it14:53
vivek_Mamarok: I am sorry.. am not at all techie14:53
Mamarokvivek_: it is in the Firefox settings14:53
vivek_Mamarok:cleared the cache .. but it still does not open.. how do i check the Javascript settings14:55
Mamarokvivek_: you just did above, no?14:55
vivek_Mamarok:No i just check java14:55
Mamarokvivek_: you don't have to, just check if it is enabled.14:57
Mamarokvivek_: and check if you have any plugin or add-on that blocks scripts, like noscript or so14:58
vivek_Mamarok:Javascript is enabled , the only plugins there are "skype button for kpete..shockwave flash.,javatm plugin)15:01
Mamarokthat should work then15:01
vivek_Mamarok: it is not.. lol what to do...15:02
Mamarokvivek_: I don't know, sorry15:02
vivek_Mamarok: but then there is the same problem in Konqueror too15:02
Mamarokit works with all 3 browsers here, default installations15:02
Mamarokvivek_: are you behind a proxy?15:02
vivek_Mamarok:ok thanks a lot , you have been really really so patient with me15:03
Mamarokyou are welcome :)15:03
vivek_Mamarok: I dont know what proxy15:03
vivek_Mamarok: how do i check that15:03
Mamarokvivek_: like in a workplace or school where the access is controlled by a proxy15:03
vivek_Mamarok: no no it is my home15:03
Mamarokall other websites work?15:04
Mamarokvivek_: then it is likely a problem with the website and your internet provider, could be worth to check. Can you ping mytatasky.com?15:05
vbgunz_How do you quick print with lesser quality and less ink on Kubuntu 9.10? I don't see the option any where15:05
vivek_Mamarok: what is ping , what does it do and how do i do that15:06
Mamarokvbgunz_: check the printer settings15:06
Mamarokvivek_: in a konsole, just type ping mytatasky.com and see if it can be reached15:06
Mamarokyou can stop the ping with Ctrl+C15:06
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vivek_Mamarok:will it create any problem15:07
vbgunz_Mamarok: I have, over and over both in systemsettings and cups on localhost:631. I have a bunch of options but nothing regarding quick or quality. I think I am gonna blow my ink doing prints which don't need to be in high quality15:07
Mamarokno, why should it?15:07
vivek_Mamarok:Ok then15:07
Mamarokvbgunz_: it should be in the printer settings when you print, like for example from openoffice or so, go to properties and you should be able to change that there15:08
Mamarokvbgunz_: else you don't have the correct printer driver15:08
Mamarokvbgunz_: or your printer only has one DPI mode15:09
Mamarokbut I doubt that15:09
vivek_Mamarok:it says unknown host mytatasky.com15:09
Mamarokvivek_: then it is not reachable from your IP, could be a provider blocking then15:09
Mamarokcall your internet provider and ask them15:10
vivek_Mamarok: ohh why would they do that.. i was using it perfectly when i had windows on my system a few weeks back15:10
vbgunz_Mamarok: I do only have 1 dpi, it is 600. there should be more though as this printer should max out at 4800 I believe15:10
JediMasterhi guys, is there no public #kubuntu+1 channel for lucid?15:10
vivek_Mamarok:ok will do that15:10
Mamarokvbgunz_: check if you have the correct driver isntalled then15:10
MamarokJediMaster: it is #ubuntu+115:11
PiciJediMaster: Kubuntu and Ubuntu both share #ubuntu+115:11
JediMasterI see15:11
Mamarokvivek_: you always did type www.mytatasky.com, didn't you?15:12
vivek_Mamarok: I used Tatasky.com and clicked on login... tatasky.com still works15:13
Mamarokvivek_: and how about following the link there then?15:13
vivek_Mamarok:when you click on login you are taken to that page (the link of which i sent you).. it just does not open15:14
Mamarokvivek_: that is weird15:14
vivek_Mamarok:hmm I know any solution15:15
ge0rge007i am having a problem with network manager with  my usb router.I have tried it with ubuntu and works great but when i am trying to connect with kubuntu i had no luck.I had configure my connection manually and is active at the network manager but i can not see anything at ifconfig and also i can't ping anything15:17
vivek_Mamarok: thanks for everything .. bye buddy15:27
BluesKajge0rge007,  yeah, network-manager-kde is flaky , try wicd15:27
ge0rge007thansk ;)15:28
jimmy51_is anyone else having trouble with youtube giving a "Go Upgrade!" message instead of showing flash videos?15:41
vbgunz_whats wrong with this "install.sh: 538: Syntax error: Bad for loop variable" some extras lines pasted for context http://dpaste.com/184193/15:55
arch0njwvbgunz_: give it some space?  i < $P_...15:57
arch0njwvbgunz_: and, maybe a dumb question, why the double set of parens?15:57
vbgunz_arch0njw: I didn't make this. this is an install.sh for my printer15:57
vbgunz_arch0njw: I still get the same error on the same line15:58
arch0njwvbgunz_: double parens question was a dumb question (oops); try replacing the open brace with "do" and the close brace with "done"16:03
vbgunz_arch0njw: I am begining to believe I shouldn't even sweat this. I think this is going to lead to unimaginable horrors16:06
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vbgunz_heh, well maybe not unimaginable but stressing more like it16:07
vbgunz_I still get errors on the exact same line16:07
arch0njwvbgunz_: ok.  bummer.  I'm just curious.  :)16:07
vbgunz_arch0njw: something even worse going on here. I created the smallest possible test case here and there is no way I can for loop at all16:22
vbgunz_I don't think this kind of for loop works in bash though googling shows ksh supports it16:23
vbgunz_not sure how to script at all in bash :/16:23
arch0njwvbgunz_: strange, but that is supposed to be supported in bash.  it is a different sort of loop, but it is meant to permit C-style for-loops.16:25
vbgunz_arch0njw: also known as an extended for loop? can you create the tiniest for loop case that works for you? can you paste it and allow me to try it? I hope this isn't worse than I imagine16:26
vbgunz_arch0njw: I am copying examples and can't get them to work16:27
vbgunz_arch0njw: I straight copy and pasted the extended example found on this page and I keep getting the error. Is something wrong with bash? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/bash-for-loop/16:30
arch0njwvbgunz_: okay... now is is a mission16:30
vbgunz_arch0njw: are you experiencing the same thing?16:30
arch0njwwith sh yes16:30
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arch0njwvbgunz_: BUT not with bash16:30
vbgunz_sh yeah16:31
vbgunz_I keep saying bash, they're not interchangeable?16:31
vbgunz_my bad16:31
arch0njwvbgunz_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/415022/16:31
Picish and bash are not the same interpreter.16:31
vbgunz_hey it does work in bash16:32
vbgunz_so whats wrong with sh? is this a bug?16:32
arch0njwvbgunz_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_shell#Bourne_shell_compatible16:32
arch0njwvbgunz_: I don't think that for construct is valid in 'sh'16:32
PiciAye, its a bashism.16:33
vbgunz_so I might have to reboot, I couldn't see my printer last time until I rebooted16:33
arch0njwvbgunz_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourne_shell#Descendants --- "Bash, also known as the Bourne-Again shell, was later developed for the GNU project and takes features from the Bourne shell, csh and ksh."16:34
arch0njwvbgunz_: that for loop is C-like.  So it is probably one of those things borrowed from the csh.  That's a guess.16:34
PiciAnyway, bash scripting help is best found in #bash16:35
arch0njwPici: right.  i'll get back on the Ubuntu highway after my detour into Offtopicville.16:36
vbgunz_hmm, hopefully this would give me the quality setting I am looking for16:36
ufo_hi all16:39
ufo_can anyone help me upgrade to the ubuntu beta?16:39
Piciufo_ : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Lucid/10.04 support/discussion.16:40
=== apachelogger is now known as starshiptrooper
vbgunzI am gonna blow out the ink to my printer quick :/16:50
vbgunzin the printer adminsitration I have under job options "add option", what kind of option goes there?17:18
vbgunzanybody know where the save debugging information goes too under printer administration?17:42
gn_hi all17:53
gn_I have an HP LaserJet 1018 and cups refuses to print with "Possible error on renderer command line or PostScript error. Check options.Kid3 exit status: 3"17:54
gn_GPL Ghostscript 8.70: Can't start ijs server "hpijs"17:54
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
babaluhi, how can i detect my cellphone if i plugged it to my computer using usb?18:06
rorkbabalu: I don't know what you exactly want to do it but you can see if it's connected with lsusb18:10
babalurork: yes it's connected; it want to transfer music on it18:10
rorkbabalu: does that work like a normal usb stick or do you need special software for it? Is it listed under places in Dolphin?18:11
babalui want*18:11
babalurork: i've no idea i've never used it, but it doesn't appear to be working as a usb stick because it doesn't appear in dolphin nor in the devive notifier18:12
rorkbabalu: then give us the brand/type of it, maybe someone else here has the same phone or check the manual/google what kind of software it needs on linux (I've never connected a phone to my pc so I don't know)18:13
babaluHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.; it's working on android18:14
vbgunzhow do you get the KDE print dialog to come up from the terminal?18:15
rosco_yDo wireless keyboards and mice work with kubuntu?18:16
rosco_yvbgunz: can you copy and paste into another app and print from there?18:16
rosco_ytoo much hassle?18:17
vbgunzof course18:17
vbgunzI just tried printer-applet and that just borked my terminal18:18
rosco_yyou're not talking about command line printing?18:19
vbgunznot really. Wing IDE has a truly archaic method for printing from the application. use pdf2ps to pipe to lr ... this though bypasses many options I have setup for printing from KDE. it would be nice if I can just pipe it to the printer dialog or something so that I can keep my options18:20
James147vbgunz: can you not use kate, (or okular) to print the document?18:33
vbgunzI have so-to-say hundreds of pages to print. that would quickly become insane18:34
vbgunzthis is a gtk application18:35
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
howlymowlyhi...  i would reallylike to use that kubuntu feedback plasma widget...18:51
howlymowlybut the problem is: when I drag it onto the desktop18:51
howlymowlyit immediatly spreads out over my hole desktop but behind all my other desktop widgets...18:52
howlymowlyAnd one thing is for sure:  I will not delete all my carefully aranged widgets just for that one feedback widget...18:52
howlymowlyso... I have to things:  1st: is there any workaround for this? 2nd:  is this the "normal" behaviour o the feedback plasma widget? because if so... I am sorry but this is one of the worst feedback applications I have ever seen...18:54
=== jtheuer_ is now known as jtheuer
rorkhi slow-motion19:15
vbgunzwhat package takes over kprinter?19:20
=== starshiptrooper is now known as apachelogger
binarylooksdoes anybody have the problem in kubuntu lucid that ksnaphost gives an error?19:22
binarylooksfrom konsole: Maximum number of clients reachedksnapshot: cannot connect to X server :0.019:23
vivek_I have a couple of links which just dont seem to work on my firefox or konqueror, but the sites work on my windows system.The firefox has javascript enabled.. java test also works perfectly.. no firewalls installed.. cleared the cache .. still does not work.. any help would be deeply appreciated..19:31
rorkvivek_: can you share the links so we might check?19:33
vivek_rork:sure.. please go to http://www.tatasky.com.... and there will be a login link  there.. just click on it and tell me if it opens or not for you.. neither login nor register opens for me.. i dont need to register there though19:34
jimmy51_i've recently lost the ability to have multiple applications use the sound hardware at once.  it happened after installing some updates.  is there a way to force sound to be re-setup as it was after a fresh install?19:35
BluesKajvivek_, make sure you have kubuntu-restricred-extras installed19:36
BluesKajjimmy51_, not sure but pulseaudio might help solve your problem , it may work19:37
BluesKajvivek_, sorry  kubuntu-restricted-extras19:38
vivek_BluesKaj:already installed19:38
rorkvivek_: both work for me on konquror and firefox (I have kubuntu-restricted-extras installed)19:39
vivek_rork:even i have kubuntu restricted extras installed.. but this just does not work for me19:39
vivek_rork: or someone please help19:40
BluesKajvivek_, some sites use flash and  think this one uses it a lot19:40
BluesKajvivek_, flashplugin-nonfree19:40
vivek_BluesKaj:yes it does but then that should not stop it from opening19:40
vivek_BluesKaj:that should already be there.. i do use youtube and a lot of flash sites without issues19:41
BluesKajvivek_, well, it opens with chromium asm well as konq and FF here19:42
vivek_BluesKaj:that is precisely the reason i am seeking help.. because it opens on other systems19:42
vivek_BluesKaj:it does not work with either of the one you have listed above19:43
jhamboHi folks, fresh install of 9.10 here and I can't print from Okular unless I run it as root.  How can I fix this???19:43
BluesKajvivek_, then check for missing plugins : about:plugins in the addressbar and see what you have there , maybe java isn't loading19:45
vivek_BluesKaj:Java is working fine.. javascript is enabled too..19:46
BluesKajvivek_, have you updated lately , somethings definitely missing or placed in the wrong usr access file19:50
vivek_BluesKaj:yes I have updated yesterday night..19:50
BluesKajor apps access file19:51
BluesKajupdate again19:51
rorkvivek_: could there be something wrong with recognizing the ssl certificate?19:52
vivek_rork:could be I have the faintest idea possible19:52
vivek_rork:but then should it not display a message like that instead of saying "server not found"19:53
rorkvivek_: normally it should display some message indeed, does the link https://www.mytatasky.com/ show up in the locationbar?19:56
vivek_rork:it does19:56
vivek_rork: I get the following link :https://www.mytatasky.com/portal19:57
rorkvivek_: and the page is just white? Can you see the source? Anything special in the tools > error console? in my browser it directly forwards to https://www.mytatasky.com/portal/auth/portal/subs/Launch;jsessionid=3CB1DEAB3E7561D61F61608B6739E7DA.node419:58
vivek_rork:the page shows the usual error mesage..."server not found..Firefox can't find the server at www.mytatasky.com... blah blah blah try again".. and no i dont get to see the link mentioned by you before.. nor is there anything in the error console20:01
vivek_anyone please20:05
rorkvivek_: what does "ping -c 4 www.mytatasky.com" return?20:05
vivek_rork:what soes this command do20:05
rorkvivek_: it sends a small package to the server and checks whether it receives a package back20:06
vivek_rork:how do i stop it once it starts pinging20:06
rorkvivek_: control+c20:06
rorkshould actually do just 4 pings20:07
vivek_rork:it says  ping: unknown host www.mytatasky.com20:07
rorkhi roland_20:11
roland_some germans here???20:11
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:11
vivek_rork:could you do anything about it20:11
roland_aah sorb kann man hier irgendwie in nen eigenen raum??20:12
rorkvivek_: most likely not, you could check your firewall whether it blocks the site or ip ( or ask your ISP about it20:12
rork!de | roland_20:12
ubotturoland_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:12
vivek_rork:I never installed a firewall.. hoever i did install Klamav few days back and then uninstalled it.. would it be possible that it would have set up some firewall without me knowing of it20:14
rorkvivek_: unlikely, what does "ping -c 4" return?20:17
vivek_rork:4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3001ms    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 58.510/58.893/59.207/0.316 ms20:18
vivek_rork:what site was that20:19
rorkvivek_: good, and "ping -c 4"20:19
rorkvivek_: some machine close to the website, this machine should be closer20:19
vivek_rork:4 packets transmitted, 0 received, +4 errors, 100% packet loss, time 3004ms20:20
rorkvivek_: and "ping -c 4"? (that's the actual server it's hosted up)20:22
vivek_rork:4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3005ms20:22
rorkvivek_: what does opening "https:://" in your browser do?20:23
rorkvivek_:  sorry
vivek_rork:it works,.. it gives a warning before hand though saying that not trusted and i ask it to continue and then it works.. points out to the node you said earlier etc20:26
rorkvivek_: does https://www.mytatasky.com/portal work for you also now?20:28
vivek_rork:no it does not20:29
=== harmagent is now known as vector
rorkvivek_: file a bug report with your ISP that the domainname www.mytatasky.com doesn't work for you although you can connect to it by using it's ip address (
vivek_rork:is it or is it
rorkvivek_: sharp!
vivek_rork: so it is the problem at their end20:33
vivek_rork:thanks for all your support20:35
rorkvivek_: most likely, they can't seem to find the ip that belongs to the address. It's certainly not a browser problem20:35
rorkvivek_: you're welcome, I've learned these kind of problems can exists today.20:36
rorkvivek_: if you want to connect to the site with the normal domainname you may try to use some public proxy server (but don't ask my which or how, I don't use them)20:37
vivek_rork:lol it sure does.. have been breaking my head on this all the time .. if you are free enough can you tell me what is this pinging all about20:37
rorkvivek_: sure, I was wondering if the datacenter the server was in was reachable for you, I did a traceroute to the server and the first two servers I let you ping seem near to the destination server, most likely in the same datacenter. By pinging the first it showed me you could actually come "close" (compare it to getting into the village if you're going to a street). The second didn't work, I thought it might be worth trying the actual server and20:40
rork was quite surprised that worked. Mainly it was about trying to find where the error in the network is located.20:40
=== rene is now known as Guest10850
vivek_rork:how are you able to check if the serveres were near to the destination or not.. i do understand that it is easy to calculate ( and are quite similar numbers.. but the first one( is not so20:43
vivek_rork:am just trying to garner some knowledge about this.. hope am not buggin you20:44
=== mertle is now known as moetunes
rorkvivek_: here's my traceroute: http://pastebin.com/cevY4dqg as you can see the last three end with the same hostname (vsnl.net.in) that makes me assume the belong to the same organisation and thus the same datacenter, I must admit it's an assumption though20:47
rorkhi Kep20:48
Kepyop, i try Quassel IRC but im not very happy with that client20:49
Kepdo you know some good irc client ?20:49
marcus_hi, i use konversation20:49
vivekrork:thanks a ton .. bye20:50
marcus_and irssi is so good20:50
rorkvivek_: gl with it and cya20:50
Kepirssi is for the terminal mode right 620:50
marcus_btw quassel 0.6 is so good20:53
Kephow can i get the list of channel20:53
=== administrador is now known as bilbodiscr_wc
moetunes just type /list kep20:54
=== me is now known as Guest16319
Kephow can i sort the list ?20:56
=== e is now known as Guest78272
OxymoronHow do I open Dolphin in sudo mode20:58
marcus_in termianl20:59
marcus_sudo dolphin20:59
moetuneskdesudo works better20:59
arch0njwOxymoron: in a run dialog:  kdesudo dolphin20:59
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why20:59
Oxymoronarch0njw: Lol, yes I recently came into this: sudo dolphin xD But why isnt there any switch to root mode INSIDE dolphin?21:00
arch0njwOxymoron: that'd be a nice feature.  File it with KDE?  :)21:01
Oxymoronarch0njw: How you mean file it?21:01
Oxymoronarch0njw: I have tried service menus for adding root feature but none of them work.21:01
arch0njwOxymoron: Open a feature request at bugs.kde.org21:02
Oxymoronarch0njw: Its not that important, I am lazy :D21:02
marcus_i never use kdesudo in terminal yet, but i will read about them :)21:02
Oxymoronarch0njw: ONe more question while I am still at it. Is Gnome and KDE icons integrated to each other in new Lucid version?21:03
OxymoronI wonder If I can remove /usr/share/icons/gnome?21:03
=== mgagne is now known as wftl
arch0njwOxymoron: it is unlikely that they are combined.21:03
Oxymoronarch0njw: Well I am using a theme called Crystal Project and Firefox logo is replaced from somewhere else. I want a new svg logo but it cant be done21:04
Oxymoronarch0njw: I need to remove the system firefox logo someway.21:05
OxymoronOr replace it21:05
Oxymoronarch0njw: The firefox logo inside Crystal logo which IS my system icon set is not used by firefox :S21:05
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
arch0njwOxymoron: you want to replace the icon?21:07
OxymoronThen I wonder, is it possible to replace wine icon viewer or remove it someway? It make my logos go pixelated, especially Spotify.21:07
Oxymoronarch0njw: I want to remove it yes21:07
arch0njwOxymoron: the icons are under /usr/share/icons.  You can choose to use any different icon you want to.21:07
Oxymoronarch0njw: Yes I am inside there but cant find firefox logo? :S21:08
arch0njwOxymoron: search for "browser" instead?21:09
Oxymoronarch0njw: Then it is also inside ~/.kde/share/icons?21:10
arch0njwOxymoron: those will be theme based icons21:10
OxymoronYes, I want theme based icons?21:11
arch0njwOxymoron: I don't know.  I do not completely understand what you are trying to do.21:11
Oxymoronarch0njw: I am trying to use a theme icon package to replace system icons? But Firefox isnt replaced in task bar? :S21:12
Oxymoron*Firefox logo21:12
arch0njwOxymoron: Okay.  If you are using a custom theme you installed, then you should be able to find some kind of browser icon in ~/.kde/share/icons21:13
patoneilljust found that using gui to set new ip address didn't work. had to use ifconfig to get it to stick.21:13
Oxymoronarch0njw: Yes there is one firefox.png but the system doesnt use it, but I want it to use it? :P21:13
patoneillnow unable to reach internet, although, can ping router.21:14
arch0njwUse the menu editor to change the icon for the application.21:14
patoneilltried pinging www.yahoo.com and get unknown host error.21:14
OxymoronBtw, Dolphin is wow a lot faster in sudo mode than regular mode. Must be that permissions problem that slow down folder view ...21:14
arch0njwOxymoron: right click on the k menu widget and click "Menu Editor"21:14
patoneillmaybe dns problem?21:15
Oxymoronarch0njw: Already have but still doesnt work :S21:15
arch0njwOxymoron: :(  Sorry.  I'm out of ideas at this point.21:15
Oxymoronarch0njw: In KMenu it show correct logo/icon but not in task bar? S:21:15
OxymoronLol I have 3 different version of Firefox installed xD COuld be that21:17
OxymoronOr not, dpkg -l doesnt show installed packages? :S21:17
OxymoronHow to view installed packages like "apt-get installedpackages firefox*"21:18
patoneillhow do i add another dns server?21:19
arch0njwOxymoron: I usually use "dpkg -l | grep whatever"21:20
arch0njwOxymoron: so... "dpkg -l | grep firefox"21:20
Oxymoronarch0njw: Yeah but dpkg listed possible packages and not installed ones? :S21:20
arch0njwpatoneill: you can edit your /etc/resolv.conf ... make a backup before you do!21:20
arch0njwOxymoron: "ii" means installed21:20
arch0njwOxymoron: so... "dpkg -l | grep firefox | grep ii"21:21
Oxymoronarch0njw: What is rc then?21:21
arch0njwOxymoron: this explains it better than I can: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2006-July/006993.html21:22
Oxymoronarch0njw: Aha it means config files is still in my folders for firefox3.5 and forefox 3.021:24
Oxymoronrc  firefox-3.0                                3.5.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.10.1                          dummy upgrade package for firefox-3.0 -> fir21:25
Oxymoronrc  firefox-3.5                                3.6+nobinonly-0ubuntu6                                   dummy upgrade package for firefox-3.5 -> fir21:25
OxymoronI have firefox with 3.6.321:25
patoneillhow do i get out of vim?21:26
patoneilli'm stuck in a loop.21:26
patoneillnow it says 'recording'21:26
marcus__this way it will save it and qiut21:26
arch0njwpatoneill: oh, you are recording a macro21:26
patoneillhow do i make it stop21:27
patoneilland get rid of whatever it's recorded?21:27
arch0njwpatoneill: q21:27
arch0njwpatoneill: if you dont' want to save them file, then type <esc>, q!, <return>21:27
OxymoronDoes anyone here now how to smoothify Wine icons?21:28
marcus__i use the default icons i think they are beautiful :)21:28
djusticeOxymoron: ;) no such animal. gimp. i guess. :P maybe #wine has a better suggestion tho... idk. :)21:29
Oxymoronmarcus__: Yes, but there is more beautiful icon sets ;) Search for Crystal Icon Project, it will blow your mind.21:29
marcus__long time ago i used it21:29
marcus__sorry watch it :)21:30
djusticecrystal diamond ftw.. or jeystyle.silver.. :)21:30
marcus__if i remember well the crystal icon set was changed some program's icon like amarok21:32
Oxymoronmarcus__: Not what I know of, but you can remove icons from it if you would like ;)21:35
Oxymorondjustice: Crystal Diamond and jeystyle silver? :)21:35
patoneilltrying to ping www.google.com and getting 'ping: unknown host www.google.com'21:35
Oxymorondjustice: And yes I will ask in wine, v1.2 doesnt work very well with systray and icons look pixel :P21:36
djusticeOxymoron: mhm. kde icon sets. :) better than crystalsvg or oxygen i think... or at least tied with oxygen ;)21:36
patoneillhave same dns servers in resolv.conf as have in my mac, which works.21:36
marcus__wine is suxx21:36
Oxymorondjustice: Wtf, I cant get in #wine channel because I need an invite? :S21:36
Oxymorondjustice: I will look on them :)21:37
djusticeOxymoron: yea, windows keeps its icons inside the apps binary... and the extraction code right now is just a pure 'pixel for pixel' thing. no blurring/antialiasing/edge correction. nothing.21:37
marcus__i had to use it for a year because any normal dc client wasn't for linux till nowadays21:37
djusticeOxymoron: that's odd... maybe wine has a separate support channel...21:37
marcus__and i hate wine21:38
Oxymorondjustice: I agree Crystal diamond looks awesome. Most of them look like Crystal Project but wow :) Its a little better21:38
djusticemarcus__: dont hate. ;) its an important peice of the free software world. nobody here likes running windows apps. kde apps rule.21:39
djusticeOxymoron: pretty slick indeed :D21:39
Oxymorondjustice: Yes, windows sucks I know :D Would be nice with svg icons by default21:39
Oxymorondjustice: I saw those KMenu logos, it looks fantastic :O21:39
Oxymorondjustice: And wine people maybe got tired of people like me that want help :D21:40
marcus__windows7 is not bad but it's too expensive in hungary :)21:40
Oxymorondjustice: Btw, icon theme manager in KDE systemsettings doesnt work :S21:41
djusticeOxymoron: hehe i bet so. tons of newbs want the latest office2012. nowwww!21:41
djusticemarcus__: ahh. dont pay for that crap. tpb ftw. ;)21:41
djusticeOxymoron: hm?? odd... mine works...21:41
Oxymorondjustice: Hahaha yeah :P Hopefully Adobe will port Photoshop to QT framework in the feature so we can use it without wine :P21:42
marcus__i usually buy the software which i use :)21:42
Oxymorondjustice: Well it "work" but I cant go to theme browser and install new packages? :S21:42
Oxymorondjustice: The new theme browser isnt integrated for kde-look on icons :(21:42
djusticeOxymoron: pft. krita. or gimp. or vbox. ;) they wont. ever. $$$. and that's odd... :? idk..21:43
djusticemarcus__: sez the kubuntu guy... ;p21:43
marcus__i dont understand the word: "sez"21:45
Oxymorondjustice: Wow everaldo have done more projects now :P Time to upgrade icon sets and theme I guess :P21:46
Oxymorondjustice: Krita or GIMP IS GOOD yes, BUT interface isnt as good as Photoshop and thats why it sucks, it isnt fun working in them like it is inside Photoshop. Same with OpenOffice, the interface is not good at all and KOffice as well. I want smae interface as Microsoft Office.21:47
patoneilltried pinging (opendns nameserver) and get 'network is unreachable.21:47
Oxymorondjustice: Well, Adobe have done a mobile app for FREE Android mobile verion :P Thats odd that Spotify have done a client to Android but cant port it to Ubuntu :S21:47
patoneilli can connect to my mac, though. also pc.21:48
OxymoronWith wine works, but sucks.21:48
Oxymorondjustice: Whats "idk" stands for btw? :P21:48
djusticeOxymoron: 'i dont know' :) and give em time. gimp is being redone atm. and krita is growing faster than ever. a kde interface is infinitely customizable.21:49
djusticeOxymoron: as for the office interface. try ibm's symphony office suite. it looks like office07+.21:50
djusticemarcus__: 'sez'='says'. sorry21:50
marcus__thanks :)21:51
Oxymorondjustice: Well, they have been developing GIMP like forever. Sure it can do most of what Photoshop can but interface must be polished like several light years forward to be ncie working with. If it works like Photoshop GUI wisely then I would love it ;)21:51
Oxymorondjustice: I dont want exactly like Office Suite, but you know what i mean. Seriously, look on Koffice and OpenOffice ... not goood not good at all21:52
djusticeOxymoron: ;) the gui is being redone also. singlewindow interface. like photoshop.21:52
Oxymorondjustice: Hopefully good enough to attract a larger audience :)21:53
djusticeOxymoron: bah, gimp made photoshop. gimp was the first real pixel manipulation app. they know what they are doing. plus the extensions architecture is limitless.21:54
Oxymorondjustice: The problem as I see it GNU/Linux and most programmers and *buntu users dont understand we neeed good interfaces. It looks to ugly, to much grey, dont efficient and optimized interfaces like in Android or Iphones and so on. But I can see KDE is going forward really fast now in right direction :)21:54
Oxymorondjustice: Well, I dont say GIMP isnt good. I just say GIMP havent good GUI enough to attract more users unfortunatly21:55
djusticeimho extensions/plugins/addons architecture is the most important part of any foss app21:55
djusticedifferent strokes :) we didnt have any schooling on the matter... we just do what we can with what we have and what we know..21:55
djustice*we* are gnu. not 'they'.21:56
Oxymorondjustice: GNU or wahetever xD So basicly you dont understand what design is, because you say that you dont have any fantasy makeing good working and looking GUIs? :D21:58
OxymoronAnd yes, plugins is important but I think the first I see when app launches is more important ;) It should be easy, fun and aefficient to use an application, no matter what kind. Amarok is one REALLY good app that have understand this, some more as well but Amarok should be guideness for other developers I think.21:59
* Oxymoron is really glad *buntu going fast forward though and soon Windows will perish from at least his computer.22:00
vbgunzwhat in the world has replaced kprinter?22:00
vbgunzis there no way to help a gtk/gnome app know/understand how to print under KDE?22:00
djusticeOxymoron: hm? im a plasma programmer. ive made quite a few interfaces ;)22:01
djusticevbgunz: printer-applet?22:01
djusticeOxymoron: windows is only for games... like an old playstation1... ;D22:01
vbgunzdjustice: it only shows me a tray icon with jobs22:01
djusticevbgunz: ohh, you want the cups interface? or the hp utils? i never used kprinter...22:02
djusticevbgunz: "localhost:631" in firefox. for cups.22:02
djusticevbgunz: hp-setup for hp printers.22:02
vbgunzyeah, but how do I ni a gtk application say use the kde printer dialog? isn't this what kprinter used to do?22:03
Oxymorondjustice: Well plasma looks quite nice and getting better. But oh good if youre plasma developer. Could you tell yourself and other developers to design a better plasma panel? Especially integrate a good KMenu logo that is larger than the plasma panel height :P For now the icon doesnt autoresize ...22:03
djusticevbgunz: oo. i dunno. i didnt know you could do that... hm..22:03
djusticeOxymoron: haha xD dont worry. it's getting better. fast.22:04
Oxymorondjustice: WIndows is for School (Photoshop, CAD apps, MAtlab, Microsoft Office and so on) and as a backup if GNU/Linux fails in someway xD22:04
Oxymorondjustice: When will it get better? And why dont make it good from the begiining? :P22:04
djusticeOxymoron: 4.5. cuz its millions of lines of complex c++ code maybe? lol. takes time. and we dont get payd or anything.22:05
djusticeOxymoron: and ha. i could do anything those apps can without them. just as easily if not moreso.22:05
vbgunzI am trying to print from wingide and it somehow insist on using pd2ps and then piping it to lpr (if I want to keep syntax highlighting) *but* the pdf2ps tool insist on putting a huge header and footer on the doc... priceless22:06
marcus__in hungary you can't do mature exam on linux only some old distro22:06
djusticevbgunz: two different groups of people i guess... what's wingide?22:07
Oxymorondjustice: Alright, well just wonder. Would be nice waiting for 4.5 like with 3.5 ... I htought 4.0 should be awesome but I got dissappointed first but in the time with more and more versions I got more and more smiling :P22:07
marcus__like opensuse 10.3 and a a hunagrian distro u-hu linux22:07
marcus__it's so sorry22:07
vbgunzwing ide is a gtk ide for python22:08
Oxymorondjustice: And yes I understand it take time and you make it on your sparetime ;) Kudos on that. But SOMeone made first design from the begining right?22:08
djusticeOxymoron: it was a complete rewrite... you must not code. :P22:08
marcus__and we coding in pascal :/22:08
djusticeOxymoron: yep. and it served very well. and allowed us to extend it into the fluid interface it is today.22:08
djusticemarcus__: ewww :/22:08
Oxymorondjustice: Hopefully this time it is a good completly rewrite code :P22:08
marcus__in 2010 :)22:09
djusticevbgunz: ahh. why not eric? or pykde? the print dialog is likely hardcoded in gtk stuff...22:09
marcus__if you able to learn own c# r visual basic or c++ you can do this22:09
djusticemarcus__: oh yea, pascal is pretty simple.. its just... blah... ;) c++/kdelibs ftw.22:10
marcus__pascal is suxx22:10
marcus__it's so old... and freepascal has lot of bugs22:11
* Oxymoron dont like C++ ...22:11
vbgunzdjustice: eric has extremely poor support for autocompletion and I haven't tried pykde22:12
Oxymoronor Python, or Java or any system language that exist today for that matter xD22:12
vbgunzapt-cache show pykde doesn't list anything22:12
OxymoronZend Studio or Eclipse anyone? :D22:12
marcus__oxymoron, you code in assembly? :D22:12
Oxymoronmarcus__: Haha no that would be like suicide xD22:12
djusticevbgunz: python-kde and python-qt4 . and try kdevelop. it takes some getting used to. but its awesummm.22:13
Oxymoronmarcus__: Mostly I dont code at all, but if I do I prefer doing more fun stuff like web developing or designing.22:13
djusticeeclipse was pretty good... once upon a time... around qt4.1 or so...22:13
vbgunzdjustice: the very first thing I look for is auto-completion. if it doesn't have it I don't use it :(22:13
djusticevbgunz: kdevelop wins all the way then22:13
marcus__ohh :)22:13
Oxymorondjustice: Haha yeah, but try Zend Studio. Sure its built upon Eclipse but it is good :)22:14
vbgunzdjustice: kdevelop3 or 4?22:14
marcus__oxymoron, do you use drupal?22:14
djusticeOxymoron: and gtk-ish... :/... im stuck on kdevelop. there is no other ide as far as im concerned. i literally cried when i used it for the first time.22:14
Oxymoronmarcus__: I have study Java, C++ and Python in school and I hate it. Hate syntax, structure and almost everything. It was like taking a step back from PHP syntax IMO that I am used to.22:14
djusticevbgunz: 422:14
vbgunzdjustice: kdevelop 4 has poor support for completing python, no?22:14
Oxymoronmarcus__: No, Drupal is for amateurs IMO22:14
vbgunzdjustice: I'll try kdevelop 422:15
marcus__you can make some good pages in drupal22:15
Oxymorondjustice: Kdevelop is almost a little nice :P But I cant use anything else than Zend Studio or Aptana.22:15
djusticevbgunz: expect it to crash a few times. at least kubuntu's version. i use the trunk build. but after you get settled... and no. it works fine for python. :) project parsing and all.22:15
Oxymoronmarcus__: I prefer my own framework before Drupal.22:15
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vbgunzto be honest, my number 1 editor is vim when it comes to simply working *but* every single plugin e.g., pysmell, pydict, neocache.., etc, ctags, omni-completion suck for me. always has and probably always will22:16
slckb0yis someone running KDE in a Vbox under windows 7 host and managed to turn on OpenGL ?22:16
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Ahmed\Hello, Anyone helps me how do i install the latest version of Linux Kernel image for Ubuntu 9.10 i installed windows and it took over the boot loader so i install a wubi and i choosed my preious UBUNTU INSTALLED so wanna install GRUB on it22:21
vbgunzthere is no easy way to auto complete python files in kdevelop 422:21
human_Gentlemen, who has tryed to start mplayer in tty without root privileges. With root privileges it playes video and then crashes the System and make me to reboot by pressing "restart" button.22:27
ScorpiionRiddell: Hi, I talked to your a while ago about GSoC.. I just wanted to say that I have not applied since I realised that I had got an other summerjob as well (that I also like, radio technician at arlanda, stockholms airport) and that I would not have time for GSoC22:33
RiddellScorpiion: thanks for letting me know.  ubuntu only got 9 places so there's tough competition for them22:34
ScorpiionRiddell: Althought I still want to do some work for Kubuntu during the summer, but without the presure of GSoC.. since I then can do as much as I get time for.. :)22:34
macoRiddell: really?? yeesh22:34
macoRiddell: how many do you think theyll let kubuntu have?22:35
macoScorpiion: /join #kubuntu-devel if you're gonna be helping out :)22:35
kerncoI'm using an Apple keyboard and when I press the F keys, it's interpreted as special buttons (like play/pause, volume up/down).  To get actual F-key presses, I have to press Fn+Fkey.  Is there a way I can reverse this behavior?22:35
Scorpiionokey 9 places.. to bad.. how many were there last year?22:35
macokernco: i dont think so. that's how apple keyboards work in osx as well, i believe22:36
Scorpiionmaco: oh yeah.. forgot there were two channels..22:36
kerncoIt seems like there'd be some way to remap them22:37
macoScorpiion: ubuntu wasnt in gsoc last year22:37
kerncoI mean I can choose a Dvorak layout and then all my keys act different22:37
macokernco: akk in #ubuntu-women may know. she's done a bit with remapping hotkeys.22:37
patoneillposted my issues here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/kubuntu-9-10-can-reach-network-but-not-internet-802270/ and here: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3111046.0 if anyone has any help.22:38
kerncook, thanks22:38
jhamboFresh install of 9.10.  I can print from gedit or xpdf but not from okular.  Trying to print from okular gives the error "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstopdf failed" in cups.  If I launch okular as root (sudo)  I can print successfully.  Any ideas how to make it so that I can print from okular without being root?22:43
Scorpiionjhambo: maybe you have to be in the right group to be allowed?22:44
jhamboScorpiion: my groups: jhambo adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare22:44
maurii need help for my scanner canon lide 10022:45
KenBW2is it possible to make the KDE notification popup smaller? and possibly change the animation from sliding to fading in?22:46
* Oxymoron accidently removed oxy-white which contain mouse pointer images, how to restore them?22:47
patoneillroute -n shows: destination gateway genmask flags u metric 0 ref 0 use 0 iface eth022:57
patoneillmy router is
patoneilllooks like the destination and gateway settings are wrong?22:58
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hagabakawhy is /boot/grub/menu.lst only readable by root?23:13
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