yofelm0ar: words ending with -16-generic yes00:00
m0aryofel: Goodie00:00
vistakillersome package are break i think00:02
vistakillerwith the last update00:02
vistakillernetwork-manager plasma00:02
vistakillerit say that will remove00:02
fifthnot getting that with my server yet vistakiller, I'd wait before updating, packages must not be complete yet00:15
fifthactually, I'm showing quassel updates etc, but nothing to be removed00:16
len_speaking of quassel:  It won't install because the quassel-data in not up to the same version as quassel.  I had to install the non-kde quassel-qt version instead.  It must not use quassel-data00:20
methril_homesomeone has a mc?00:23
vistakillerthe package is audacious-plugins-extra00:23
methril_homei having problems with the bootloader00:23
methril_homein a partition00:23
methril_homecould grub be installed in a extended partiton?00:24
vistakillerquassel but not quassel-datew00:24
vistakillerand ttf-tahoma-replacement00:24
kavurtI can't install java. help please00:24
len_Funny the nobody noticed they forgot to update quassel-data00:25
len_Probably doesn't even need updating, but the updated the dep version when they didn't actually need to00:25
fifthchanges must still be coming through, I've got available updates for quassel and quassel-data ... not run the update yet but looks ok00:31
DASPRiDhm, 14 days to go to get the alternate installer fixed00:33
fifthinstalled versions are 0.6~rc1+git100331-0ubuntu1 available is 0.6.0ubuntu1 for both00:34
aviswhat version of the nvidia driver is "current" ?00:35
jimericksonyofel: thanks found a work around for gnome-shell. got it running now.00:39
yofel!info nvidia-current | avis00:40
ubottuavis: nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 195.36.15-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 22737 kB, installed size 70812 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)00:40
avisthank you00:40
yofeljimerickson: :)00:40
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darkauraI have a question I've reinstalled ubuntu 10.04 should I install samba4 or just samba300:44
avisright click on the folder you wish to share, and it should pick a preferred one over the other00:45
johnyjohnjohnmy keyboard will only work about every other reboot. i have to use onboard and restart to get it working again00:45
darkaurabut I don't have any installed yet00:45
DASPRiDdarkaura, it will automatically (somewhat) install it00:46
chrisl2424msg/stealth- hmm00:49
len_I have one motherboard where the keyboard would cause the kernel to hang unless it was plugged into the usb port closest to the din keyboard plug.  I won't cause problems on any other usb port.00:50
len_It *would* cause problems on any other port00:51
johnyjohnjohnhmm, i have a laptop though00:51
len_You probably have a different problem then--I just thought I'd point out it's worth trying other ports because I remember how I was pulling my hair out on that one when it happened to me :)00:52
johnyjohnjohndefinitly worth mentioning00:53
len_It wasn't a matter of bad ports either because all those ports worked for everything else.00:53
len_They would have worked for the keyboard too if it could have got past the kernel load00:54
johnyjohnjohnthats strange alright00:54
len_It was some wireless keyboard driver but that was putting it in some infinate loop00:54
Zelozelosis the person that i spoke to earlier in here about the phone?00:55
Zelozelosim using xchat in ubuntu 10.04, where do i go to to find the chat logs?00:56
DASPRiDtho i don't think those logs are really complete00:57
JEEBsvactually, IIRC it log'd into another folder too00:57
JEEBsvit's inside ˇ.xchat2 tho00:58
Guest79788Okay I need some help to figure out how to install like the splash screens, you know the log in screen and the log off screens00:58
Zelozelosthank you00:58
darkauraDASPRiD if you are willing would you help me some more with my sharing problems, I have it so my windows 7 can see shares on my Ubuntu machine, now I just need to figure out how to view my Windows 7 shares on the Ubuntu machine, and sharing on the Windows 7 is set to no password01:01
DASPRiDi'm not familiar with windows machines, sorry, also, it's bed time here, gn01:02
darkaurawould someone help me with my problem?01:02
bjsniderdarkaura, open nautilus, click network, your windows box should be sitting there01:06
darkaurabjsnider it is, but the thing is it asks for a user name and password, I put it in and then the pop up window comes back and it asks me to renter the username and password01:08
bjsniderdid you try googling that?01:09
NinoScriptI installed kubuntu-desktop, didn't like it, uninstalled it and now I can't get rid of KDE's cursor and Kubuntu's Splash Screen. How do I fix it?01:12
durtanybody got the word for support for synaptics click pad in LL?01:18
arandNinoScript: I saw that before (on karmic I think), what I did was basically "aptitude search kde | grep '^i'" and remove the relevant packages there.01:19
arandNinoScript: maybe removing kdm and installing gdm might be useful as well...01:20
NinoScriptarand, I'm guessing that means to search for installed stuff with kde in its name. It outputs nothing01:22
NinoScriptarand, I already removed kdm, maybe I could reinstall gdm?01:23
arandNinoScript: Yes, that's what it does... Hm, do a search for "oxygen" as well, that's the theme which contains the kde cursors I think.01:24
NinoScriptfound oxygen! and a plymouth theme for kubuntu, I guess that's all, let's see how it works :D01:26
arandNinoScript: Found and fixed?01:26
NinoScriptthanks, I didn't know the name for the cursor theme01:26
arandNinoScript: Hope for the best01:26
valorieI've had no sound for a couple of days in kubuntu lucid beta01:28
valorieany help?01:28
valorieI've been reading bug reports and such, and I'm not alone01:28
EruditeHermithello, does anyone know how to upgrade to lucid if you encounter this error? http://pastebin.com/2kSwz5z401:33
valorieyou might want to do a fresh install rather than trying to upgrade01:35
* valorie tried upgrading, gave up and did a fresh install01:35
darkauraI'm using smb4k to try and view my network I'm receiving this error can someone help me? "2010/04/14 19:34:48,  0] passdb/secrets.c:71(secrets_init)01:36
darkaura  Failed to open /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb01:36
darkauraERROR: Unable to open secrets database"01:36
EruditeHermitvalorie, did you have the same problem?01:36
EruditeHermitI really don't' want to do a fresh install because I have a lot of data and settings I want to keep01:36
valorieI can't recall now what my problem was, exactly01:36
yofelEruditeHermit: you would have to find out what exactly is causing this error01:36
valorienot that exact error, no01:36
valoriedo you have your home in a separate partition?01:37
EruditeHermityofel, how would I do that?01:37
valorieif so, you can preserve that01:37
EruditeHermitvalorie, nope01:37
EruditeHermitI was thinking of doing that next time01:37
yofelactually you can just install the os without formatting / , it will simply delete all system folders and keep /home intact01:37
yofelmaybe some other folders too, but I'm not sure there01:38
yofelEruditeHermit: can you maybe try 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d' instead of update-manager?01:38
yofeland from where are you upgrading? karmic or hardy?01:39
valorieno one has insight on the sound problem?01:40
valorieI've uninstalled pulseaudio without a change in results01:40
valorieabsolutely zero sound01:40
EruditeHermityofel, karmic01:40
perscitusIs Lucid stable enough for RC yet?01:41
EruditeHermitperscitus, I have one machine that is fine, but another that has issues01:41
EruditeHermitits dependent on the hardware often01:41
yofelvalorie: I don't know about sound, crimsun is our audio dev in here, he might not be awake at the moment though (not sure in what timezone he lives in)01:41
psusirc is in another week or two, I forget the exact date01:41
valoriehe's in DC01:42
valoriemaybe out for the evening01:42
perscitusEruditeHermit,   im considering upgrading now and testing the Raddeon01:42
EruditeHermitperscitus, there is xorg-edgers ppa if you only want Xorg stuff01:42
johnyjohnjohndoes tor work on lucid yet?01:43
yofeljohnyjohnjohn: do you know what package that is in? 'tor' doesn't exist in ubuntu since jaunty01:45
EruditeHermittor was removed for security reasons01:45
johnyjohnjohndidnt know that01:45
EruditeHermitthere is a ppa if you know what you are doing01:46
johnyjohnjohnok, thanks01:46
johnyjohnjohnill check into it01:46
yofelEruditeHermit: any update on your upgrade issue?01:47
EruditeHermitsame prob with your method01:48
yofeldoes it at least tell you what's wrong?01:48
EruditeHermitnot really01:48
EruditeHermitthere are logs it says to check01:49
EruditeHermitin /var/log/dist-upgrade/01:49
EruditeHermitdo you know anything about that?01:49
yofelcheck if you have something there01:50
EruditeHermitI have lots of files01:50
yofelit logs the upgrade there, but I'm not sure what you'll find there01:50
Syk_Morning, guys.01:51
yofelEruditeHermit: maybe you should just wait a day or 2, we have a lot of last minute package uploads as today (15th) is the Final Freeze, after that things should calm down a bit01:52
Syk_Just wondering - I have a smallish project, and I'm using Ubuntu on thin clients (6 of em). Should I wait for Lucid, or would it be better, stability wise, to go with, say Karmic?01:52
EruditeHermityofel, its been like this for a month01:52
EruditeHermitand I sort of want an updated package today01:53
Syk_I'm just wondering because last time I adopted as soon as it was released I ran into a brick wall of Intel degradation issues :P01:53
EruditeHermitI need mplayer to watch something today01:53
yofelEruditeHermit: ok, manual way, but please be cautious:01:53
EruditeHermityofel, does any of this mean anything to you01:54
yofelEruditeHermit: that is still missign something, ok...01:55
yofelEruditeHermit: first back up your sources.list 'sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak' . After that make sure all third party repositories (those where the log just now said 'disabled because of unknown mirror') are disabled (commented out in sources.list and all files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/)01:56
EruditeHermitthen change all karmics to lucid and dist-upgrade?01:57
yofelEruditeHermit: yes01:57
perscitusEruditeHermit,  Think i could install Lucid on flash drive to install ati driver and reboot?01:57
EruditeHermitperscitus, yep01:58
EruditeHermitperscitus, you can create a live USB stick01:58
perscitusi didnt mean creating live cd stic01:58
perscitusthough, i dont have to reboot. just need to restart x01:58
h00kin Lucid, what is the name of the desktop switcher...something I'd use for the Netbook Edition to get a normal environment without maximus?02:00
Syk_for NBR?02:00
Syk_oh you said that02:01
h00kSyk_: it's no longer 'remix' ;) but yeah02:01
h00kSyk_: the decided to rebrand it Netbook Edition because 'remix' didn't sound official enough02:01
Syk_just apt-get it, but I think the Karmic version was broken last time I used it02:02
h00kSyk_: Yeah, I remember that being broken, too :(02:02
EruditeHermityofel, I figured it out02:02
Syk_I ended up installing desktop edition :P02:02
Syk_There is no actual difference, bar the interface, apparently02:03
h00kSyk_: desktop switcher doesn't appear in the repos02:03
Syk_identical kernel, iirc02:03
perscitusKarmic Remix was horrible experiment going horribly wrong02:03
h00kSyk_: and Cheese, and the panel settings, and maximus and netbook-launcher, everything else i sthe same02:03
EruditeHermityofel, xserver-xorg-video-all causes the ugprade to fail if you have it installed02:03
h00kand a few other apps, I don't remember which02:03
Syk_Cheese? I have that in regular edition02:04
h00kSyk_: ah, that wasn't included with Karmic desktop edition, anyway, and was in the Remix02:05
Syk_I remember using UbuntuEee before they changed it into EasyPeasy... lol those were the days02:05
yofelEruditeHermit: can you pastebin the full error from apt?02:05
h00kEasyPeasy made /me facepalm so hard.02:05
Syk_When to get basic hardware working you had to use custom kernels and stuff around :P02:06
EruditeHermityofel, http://pastebin.com/u4hwqCEg02:06
Syk_h00k: But, what I did was go into services and disable Maximus and Netbook launcher02:07
Syk_h00k: and I think it changes something in gconf02:07
yofelEruditeHermit: I meant the output from the dist-upgrade just now02:07
EruditeHermityofel, removing xserver-xorg-video-all metapackage makes the upgrade work02:07
h00kI like the netbook-edition, however. It's doing pretty well for me.  I found and intermittent bug with Maximus and Gnome-Terminal and reported it, but it's really hard to reproduce and the bug is just kinda hanging there02:07
Syk_uhh, like desktop/gnome/something/ panel02:07
EruditeHermityofel, oh I didn't need to do the dist-upgrade02:07
Syk_Somewhere in there is a02:07
EruditeHermityofel, I just removed the metapackage and did update-manager -d02:07
Syk_"panel" key which might be changed02:07
yofelEruditeHermit: well, I just wanted to know what exactly apt-get said02:08
EruditeHermityofel, do you need the dist-upgrade output for something02:08
EruditeHermitI can do that and get the output if you need it02:08
Syk_h00k: lol... I got so frustrated with maximus+clutter... how do you use it, lol02:08
EruditeHermityofel, do you want it?02:09
yofelEruditeHermit: no, if you don't have it anymore, nvm02:09
DanaGnetbook-launcher looks to me like it'd be good for touchscreens... but not too much more than that.02:09
EruditeHermityofel, I haven't done the upgrade yet02:09
Syk_It's like using windows 7 with that annoying group the windows option on... bloody annoying02:09
EruditeHermitso I can cancel and get it if you need it for something02:09
yofelEruditeHermit: ok, can you get it then please?02:09
EruditeHermityofel, what do you need it for, just curious02:10
h00kSyk_: I am testing default settings for Lucid Desktop on my laptop and Lucid Netbook on my netbook, I haven't gone and customized much, just to help get the kinks out02:10
yofelI want to make sure what to file a bug against ;)02:10
DanaGI usually set my win7 to this:02:10
DanaGsmall icons, group only when full.02:10
DanaGIn fact, I really really wish we could get a panel to do that in Ubuntu.02:10
EruditeHermityofel, oh do you want me to reinstall xserver-xorg-video-all and then do the dist-upgrade?02:10
DanaGNon-running things are just icons... running things have text.02:10
yofelEruditeHermit: if possible yes, as I have xserver-xorg-video-all installed here, so I'm not sure that's the package that's broken02:12
Syk_heh, I'll reask my question from before... is Lucid "bug-free" enough for use in a long-term project, or would I be safer sticking with Karmic?02:12
Syk_once it's released, of course02:12
Syk_Karmic was nice to me in beta and release, but Jaunty on my netbook was a disaster when I adopted it as soon it was released :P. so maybe it's getting better? :)02:14
yofelSyk_: depends if you can risk living with a few bugs in the beginning I think, we should have a bunch of post-release bugfixes as there are still quite a few bugs to be fxied02:14
darkauraI've tried everything, I've enabled guest account and try to connect to windows 7 shares from ubuntu, but nothing is working02:14
valorielucid was awesome until my sound disappeared02:15
yofelvalorie: I'm not really sure how sound works in kubuntu, I'm using kubuntu with pulse as I sometimes use gnome, and that works fine, did you try an older kernel?02:15
Syk_they;re thin clienty sorts of things02:15
valorieoh, idea!02:16
Syk_And I really hope to never attend to them again. oh, and the internet out there is near non-existant :P02:16
valorieI'll be right back......02:16
yofelSyk_: I don't know about that, sry02:16
Syk_I updated a public-use computer and it was stuck on [waiting for headers] for like an hour :P02:16
EruditeHermityofel, http://pastebin.com/bxjABR8W02:17
EruditeHermityofel, when doing dist-upgrade, it tries to remove xserver-xorg-video-all so it doesn't have a problem02:18
EruditeHermitI think xserver-xorg-video-all might be on a remove blacklist for update-manager or something02:18
EruditeHermitduring upgrades02:18
yofelhm, might be, what irritates me is that I can install it just fine here. It seems that it was removed sometime in the past though to resolve a conflict02:20
EruditeHermitit has some sort of depends on xserver-xorg-video-nouveau02:21
EruditeHermitwhich is the real problem02:21
darkauraany one out there who could help me with my samba problem?02:21
valorieno change02:21
valoriestill no sound02:21
yofelwell, nouveau is the default nvidia driver now so it should be installed by default02:21
valorieI have ATI, so that shouldn't make a diff02:23
valorieI filed a bug, so hopefully it will be addressed02:23
valoriewell, commented on the bug already filed, actually02:23
EruditeHermityofel, I have one more interesting log for you02:23
EruditeHermityofel, just a sec02:24
Syk_does Lucid bring anything to the table, touch-screen wise?02:27
Syk_I can't see much in the feature lists :/02:28
EruditeHermityofel, take a look at the bottom of this log02:30
EruditeHermitread from bottom up02:30
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EruditeHermitthis is how I figured it was xserver-xorg-video-all02:31
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JohnFluxHi all02:41
JohnFluxThe latest gcc 4.4.3 in ubuntu+1 crashes when compiling a bit of template code in kdelibs02:42
sebas891hi folks!02:43
timClickshas anyone had trouble using apt to install spe?02:44
timClicksI'm receiving a dependency error02:44
timClicks"spe: Depends: pychecker (>= 0.8.17-5) but it is not installable"02:44
NinoScripttimClicks, what happens if you try to install pychecker?02:45
Dr_Willissame issue here timClicks02:45
sebas891I'm testing 10.04 beta, and with a kvm switch, and some how, X doesn't come up... when I plug the screen directely in the computer, everything works.02:45
Dr_Willissebas891:  ive heard of similer problems with KVM switches. The X auti config stuff dosent get a proper res mode for the display.02:46
sebas891Dr_Willis: ok,02:46
Dr_WillisOne fix in the past was putting a specific res modeline in the xorg.conf02:46
NinoScripttimClicks, Package pychecker is not available, but is referred to by another package, etc… :O02:46
sebas891Dr_Willis: many thanks for the info :) very much appreciated.02:47
sebas891I'll try that.02:47
sebas891Another, issue, I think it's a bad idea to put the minimize, max, and close in the left coner of the window...02:49
NinoScriptsebas891, I quite like it02:50
Dr_Willissebas891:  join the flamewar in the forums on that topic. :)02:50
Dr_Willisor pick a different theme.02:50
Dr_Willisor change them back..02:51
NinoScripttimClicks, seems like pychecker was removed in lucid02:51
sebas891users have years of looking for these stupide 3 littles buttons, on the right upper coner :)02:51
Odd-rationaleafter using it for a while, i found my self going to the left corner when using the windows pcs at school... :)02:51
* Dr_Willis imagines theres going to be a #ubuntu-complain-about-the-buttons channel someday soon.02:51
Dr_Willisat least they Finally got it fixed where when you select a different theme. they go back to the proper side for that theme.02:52
JohnFluxas long as they don't touch kde, it's all okay02:52
Dr_Willisusing kde4 right now. It has its own set of issues :)02:52
sebas891of course, a little magic with gconftool-2 and they go back to the upper right corner :)02:52
NinoScriptsebas891, there are users who come from MacOS, and they've been years looking at then on the upper left corner :O02:53
Dr_Willisif they truely wanted to impersonate the mac. they could of also usee that one addon that gives you a mac-like-menu bar instead of them being in the apps windows. :)02:53
Dr_Willisnow that would of been a bold  thing to do.02:54
sebas891NinoScript: well, I've seen more users move anyway from windows to linux than osx users to linux.02:55
gunkstadoes anyone else have a "other" section in their menu that is full of stuff -- as in everything on the system?02:56
gunkstaI'm pretty sure it wasn't there earlier today02:56
NinoScriptI come from MacOSX, and I have Gnome Global Menu and Docky installed, so I feel quite at home :P02:56
Odd-rationaleWell, Matt Asay said in a comment to his blog that "The team to beat isn’t Microsoft. It’s Apple." So it makes sense that they are now trying to cater towards Mac users.02:57
Dr_Willisgunksta:  Other - has 1 item here. 'adobe air installer'02:57
Volkodavhow do switch to lxde if gdm does not give me the option of changing a session ?02:57
Dr_WillisI dont see much point in catering to mac users.. :)   Why not target the people that are still using C64's :)02:58
gunkstaDr_Willis:  mine has, well, everything. Starts with abiword and goes to X Window Snapshot and Yelp02:58
Dr_WillisVolkodav:  i think theres a lxde-desktop command  yoyu could make a gdm session for that.02:58
timClicksNinoScript: does that mean we should report a bug / notify packagers?02:58
NinoScripttimClicks, I don't know, I'm googling about the removal :D02:58
Dr_WillisWhen in doubt. try making a new  user  - see if it affects them.02:58
timClicksNinoScript: :)02:59
Dr_Willisbye all02:59
gunkstaI tried reverting my Menu and no affect02:59
VolkodavDr_Willis I tried startlxde without gdm running02:59
NinoScripttimClicks, as you can see here: http://tinyurl.com/pych-cache it once was on lucid02:59
VolkodavI might need to put it in ~/.xinitrc ?02:59
NinoScripttimClicks, They are removing packages that depend on python2.503:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516932 in xulrunner "removal of packages depending on python2.5" [Undecided,Fix released]03:02
timClicksNinoScript: hrm, I see03:02
NinoScript"as an alternative, just keep plplot, sagemath and vegastrike, but remove python2.5 anyway"03:02
NinoScriptmaybe you should tell the developer of spe about that?03:03
NinoScriptor ask the big people, I just got here, haha03:03
timClicksI think the developer will shrug03:04
timClicksit's the ubuntu maintainer that has responsibility once it's in the distro03:04
gunkstaanyone here have any libvirt experience? I'm having trouble starting my virtual machine with virt-manager/virsh but sudo kvm works just fine.03:07
sebas891What is the name of the new splash screen at boot with lucid?03:10
sebas891I would like to do some motifications :)03:10
sebas891Xsplash , I found it.03:11
cozziemotosebas891,  ah are you sure plymouth is not what you want to edit?03:14
sebas891cozziemoto: maybe :)03:15
cozziemotosebas891,  are you talking about the ubuntu text with the dots below it?03:15
sebas891cozziemoto: also that, I would like to know how to change it.03:16
cozziemotosebas891,  well the plymouth themes  are under /lib/plymouty/themes  and the default one is  ubuntu-logo03:16
Zelozelosis it possible to make a link/icon that ends a specific process?03:17
cozziemotoZelozelos,  like which process?03:17
Zelozeloscozziemoto xwinwrap03:17
cozziemotoZelozelos,  it should be possible and the command might be   killall xwinwrap03:17
cozziemotoZelozelos,  are you on gnome?03:18
sebas891did I see correctly, that playmouth is also used in ltsp-client :) nice!03:18
Zelozeloscozziemoto, yep03:18
cozziemotozekoZeko,  why not use   gwinwrap  with shantz's new xwinwrap  if y ou are using this for desktop animated backgrounds03:18
Zelozeloscozziemoto,  to you think i can make an icon that will kill one instance and start another? like killall xwinwrap | xwinwrap -t -nr etcetc..?03:19
cozziemotoZelozelos,    ah ... I suppose it's possible ... I have never done that though03:19
cozziemotozekoZeko,   http://code.google.com/p/gwinwrap/         http://tech.shantanugoel.com/projects/linux/shantz-xwinwrap03:20
Zelozeloscozziemoto, prolly not the smarter way? shoul i make scripts to switch (xwinwrap lets me have a screensaver as a background)03:20
cozziemotoZelozelos,   gwinwrap is a front end to xwinwrap...written orignally by  gavintgold...i use it all the time03:21
ZelozelosOH COOL! thanks :)03:21
cozziemotozekoZeko,  i would suggest using shnatz's xwinwrap however along with that and there would be one setting in gwinwrap that has to be changed so let me know when both are installed and i will point you tot he settings that  has to be disabled03:22
cozziemotozekoZeko,   I had to make a tiny script for gwinwrap to place it in the menu however03:23
Zelozelosit says i must uninstall aold xwinwrap, all i did was drop the file into my bin should i remove it?03:23
cozziemotozekoZeko,  yeah remove the old on and install the  deb pacakge for the newer xwinwrap03:24
cozziemotoold one03:24
cozziemotozekoZeko,  I place gwinwrap in the home directory chaning name of directory to just gwinwrap03:25
cozziemotozekoZeko,  sorry guy03:25
cozziemotoZelozelos,  that was for you03:25
cozziemotoZelozelos,  then I use this   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/gwinwrap   and place it in the gwinwrap directory and point the menu item to that script... of course you would have to change the  place to your name  etc etc03:27
Zelozeloskk i got the shantz-xwinwrap installed03:27
cozziemotozekoZeko,  ok now get gwinwrap03:27
sagaci_what do you call the dropdown menu with applications, places and system in it03:27
Zelozeloscozziemoto, got it03:28
sebas891cozziemoto: thank, I'm looking at the plymouth and its themes now, :)   than the login box, is not part of plymounth right?03:28
cozziemotosebas891,  no thats  gdm03:28
cozziemotoZelozelos,  you can run ./gwinwrap.py to open it03:29
Zelozeloscozziemoto, heh, im still lookin for the gwinwrap directory03:29
sebas891cozziemoto: ok... but, I should look at the gdm themes to change the login box?03:29
cozziemotosebas891,  well no  because that changed in karmic and is the same in lucid you have to change the theme manually and none of the gdm themes  from gnome-llok will work any longer03:30
Zelozelossearch indexing-dmd if u do dmd if you dont :)03:30
cozziemotozekoZeko,  did you download the svn gwinwrap?03:30
cozziemotozekoZeko,  sorry again03:31
sebas891cozziemoto: this is what I thought.03:31
cozziemotoZelozelos,  did you download svn gwinwrap?03:31
Zelozelosi think zekoZeko is used 2 it by now rofl03:31
cozziemotosebas891, you would have to run   gksudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties     choose a theme as if you are choosing system theme  then reboot03:32
sebas891cozziemoto: thanks for the info :)03:32
cozziemotosebas891,  that will not change the system theme but will change the gdm theme to look like the theme you chose03:32
cozziemotoZelozelos,  did you open gwinwrap yet?03:33
sebas891cozziemoto: sort of reverting back to the old gdm theme.03:33
Zelozeloscozziemoto, where would the gwinwrap directory be?03:33
cozziemotozekoZeko,  where did you download it to?03:33
cozziemotoZelozelos,  where did you download that to?03:33
cozziemotoZelozelos,   did you open a terminal and run the svn from there without cd  to anotherlocation?03:34
Zelozelosthe script i dl'd to downloads, the gwinwrap i dl/installed from the site http://code.google.com/p/gwinwrap/   did i do it right03:35
cozziemoto   Zelozelos   well first   where did you install the gwinwrap download?03:35
cozziemotoZelozelos,  is that also in downloads?03:35
sebas891bbl, thanks folks! keep on rocking with the new release of ubuntu. :)03:36
cozziemotoZelozelos,  the name of the gwinwrap folder is  "gwinwrap-read-only03:37
Zelozelosyes its in downloads, then i opened it and navied to the shantz-xwinwrap amd64 folder and doubl click on it, it installed03:37
cozziemotoZelozelos,  well actually nothing from gwinwrap has to be installed just  cd to the gwinwrap folder  adn run ./gwinwrap.py03:37
Zelozelosthe full name is shantz-xwinwrap_0.3-1_amd64.deb03:38
cozziemotoZelozelos,  right03:38
cozziemotozekoZeko,  that will install03:38
cozziemotozekoZeko,  gwinwrap does not "install"03:38
cozziemotozekoZeko,  so place the gwinwrap folder in home directory  and change the name to just  gwinwrap03:39
cozziemotoZelozelos,  ^^^03:39
cozziemotoZelozelos,   then open that script in gedit and change the location to /home/yourname/gwinwrap03:39
cozziemotoZelozelos,  then open alacarte  and choose the menu you want gwinwrap to appear in... choose New Item..name it gwinwrap and the command you would click the browse button and locate that gwinwrap script as the commnd03:40
cozziemotoZelozelos,  but be sure that script is in the gwinwrap directory first03:41
cozziemotoZelozelos,  sounds like a bunch of steps but I think you will prefer this appraoch03:41
Zelozeloscozziemoto, heh, it is a lot of steps im totally gettin confused, i cannot find a gwinwrap folder03:42
cozziemotoZelozelos,  ok when you rant the svn download  where did that end up?03:42
Zelozelosi still have all the dl's in my dl directory03:43
cozziemotoZelozelos,  ok open a new terminal  and     cd  Desktop03:43
cozziemotoZelozelos,  now run this      svn checkout http://gwinwrap.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ gwinwrap-read-only03:43
cozziemotokruzztee,  hey03:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546751 in desktopcouch "Can't get desktopcouch-service to start" [Undecided,New]03:44
cozziemotoZelozelos,  downloaded to Desktop?03:45
ZykoticK9kruzztee, beta1 and beta2 are really just "points in time" in the development cycle, they aren't necessarily different - just that beta2 has newer packages, more bug fixes sorta thing03:45
DanaGah, seems it doesn't like my symlinks of xulrunner libraries.03:45
kruzzteecurrently i am using beta 1 of lucid, to use beta2. do i just update my installation03:46
kruzzteebecause i remember tomorrow my  package manager make a 600mb update03:46
Nitsugakruzztee, yes, just do a normal update03:46
ZykoticK9!beta | kruzztee03:47
ubottukruzztee: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Lucid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.03:47
cozziemotokruzztee,  I have the same and I generally just   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   it should update to beta203:47
kruzzteeok, willl do03:48
cozziemotoZelozelos,  so where are we with this?03:48
kruzzteei love lucid so much03:48
kruzzteeit makes my netbook work well more than karmic03:48
cozziemotoZelozelos,  would you like to go into PM and have me walk you through this step by step?03:49
Zelozeloscozziemoto, gwinwrap-read-only dosent exist03:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 513887 in firefox "Flash, Java, etc. does not work with out of process plugins and causes Firefox to become unresponsive" [High,Triaged]03:49
cozziemotoZelozelos,  did you locate it?03:49
Zelozeloscozziemoto, yes PLEASE lets pm03:49
kruzzteemy question now is how to make my fn keys to work03:52
kruzzteei got no response for it in lucid03:52
LinuxGuy2009Whats the default in 10.04 when it comes to the default for fstab mount option sync or async?03:54
LinuxGuy2009Looks like async in man mount.03:55
LinuxGuy2009I ask because I noticed today that my netbooks hard drive just keeps spinning and spinning. Not sure it ever spins down or anything on battery.03:57
jdsbluedevlhi, is anyone else in here getting high CPU resource usage in the process "mountall" from today's build?04:03
jdsbluedevlbug was just filed as bug 56352204:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563522 in mountall "Mountall uses too much CPU" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56352204:05
wizard_I was wondering how come I cant install Lucid minimal with i686 archetecture but I can install Xubuntu from alternative CD?  I have minimal ubuntu cd and I want to install a cli but it doesnt work?  Anyone know hwo to fix this, other than re-download a 700mb iso?04:10
lucas1hello... im having problems with openoffice presentation... in trying to open a MS Powerpoint and fonts appear off the sheet and while using compiz if i want to play the presentation, they play in a corner of my screen...04:10
lucas1i have ms core fonts installed04:10
wizard__hello_ *hello* ?04:13
jdsbluedevlyour guess is as good as mine04:14
jdsbluedevlas for me, I'm still waiting for someone to see my bug04:14
wizard_I have a feeling this version of Ubuntu might not be ready for desktop use, even though its only in beat for anotehr week.04:14
brianhermani <3 purple04:15
jdsbluedevlugh, nvm, bug fixed by additional packages04:15
IdleOnewizard_: why do you think that?04:15
wizard_Really brianherman?  I think the new look of Ubuntu, it's GDM screen and wallpapers are ugly, especially the window decorations having the exit/max/min on the left hand side of the window.04:15
lookwizard_, did you highlight me?04:16
lookoh wait04:16
IdleOneoh, not the button thing again!04:16
looknvm sorry04:16
brianhermanbut it's linux you can change that04:16
lookIdleOne, i dont like the buttons either04:16
brianhermanwizard_: I <3 purple better than brown04:16
brianhermanwizard_: plus its not a zune04:17
IdleOnein Terminal: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string  "menu:minimize,maximize,close"04:17
lookpurple is better then brown but the buttons? COME ON!04:17
wizard_brianherman: Ive never been a fan of the default Ubuntu looks.  Brown, Orange and Purple are horridly ugly to me.04:17
IdleOnethere buttons fixed04:17
lookive done that already04:17
IdleOnestop crying bout it and ask how to undo it :P04:17
SecretofManaHey guys, a friend told me that if I'm performing updates on Ubuntu (not upgrading, just grabbing updates), there are benefits to doing so from the terminal as opposed to Update Manager. Is this true, and if so why?04:17
jdsbluedevlSecretofMana: I'm guessing less resource usage, b/c X isn't drawing as much04:18
wizard_I wish I could say the same, but I cant get this dang minimal install to work with my PC's i686.  I can, however, upgrade from Karmic (im using upgraded Karmic to Lucid now) and also Xubuntu Alternative cd to install, but I cannot get the Ubuntu Minimal CD to install.  Any help?04:18
SecretofManaAhh, okay. Thanks jdsbluedevl04:18
IdleOneSecretofMana: on my hardware terminal is a little faster the GUI updates/upgrades04:19
lookeveryone will have to use linux once microsuck goes under.04:19
brianhermanhow do you undo the buttons04:19
lookif they dont they will ahve to use mac........eww04:19
wizard_look: I dont see that happening any time soon04:19
IdleOnebrianherman: in Terminal: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string  "menu:minimize,maximize,close"04:19
lookwizard_, it will one day04:19
wizard_look: not in the forseeable future.04:19
jdsbluedevllook: Android has more of a chance of collapsing right now than Microsoft, and Android is on the up-and-up!04:20
lookyea your right04:20
lookbut with bill gates giving his money away like its candy will help them go down faster04:20
SecretofManaI can't see Microsoft collapsing in my lifetime04:20
brianhermanme either04:20
SecretofManaor my childrens'04:20
wizard_I wish I could say the same, but I cant get this dang minimal install to work with my PC's i686.  I can, however, upgrade from Karmic (im using upgraded Karmic to Lucid now) and also Xubuntu Alternative cd to install, but I cannot get the Ubuntu Minimal CD to install.  Any help?04:20
brianhermanmaybe my grandchildrens04:21
wizard_I can see Microsoft leaving teh computer world one day, and moving to other things.04:21
kruzzteein my exp, the text base update process has better download procedure04:21
jdsbluedevlbtw, is anyone having problems with policykit eating up a ton of CPU usage?04:21
kruzzteethey try to download smaller packages first than the bigger size04:21
kruzzteeother than the graphical synaptics that download packages "serial"-ly04:22
jdsbluedevlwhat about using "update-manager -d"?04:22
jdsbluedevloh, you mean fresh install of minimal install?04:22
wizard_I want fresh minimal install on i686, but it says I need x86 or 64 to install, but I CAN install via upgrade from Karmic AND also Xubuntu's Alternative CD.04:24
wizard_I dont want to DL another iso to install, I already have the Ubuntu Minimal and I need to reinstall.04:24
jdsbluedevlwizard_: so you have the minimal install already installed?04:25
jMylesSo, is code freeze in 35 mins?04:25
killownwtf happen with ubuntu lucid? every upgrade it mess with my keyboard... now the up arrow doesn't work,, so i will need wait again for the xorg-input* upgrade??04:25
killownomg no way04:25
jdsbluedevljMyles: wonderful, so does that mean my policykit problem will never be fixed?04:25
jMylesjdsbluedevl: I have no idea, I was asking.  This is the first time I've run both betas and paid close attention.04:26
wizard_jdsbluedevl: no, I'm currently on a Karmic Xubuntu Alternative install that was upgraded to Lucid.  I now want to install Lucid Minimal (so I can apt-get prefered apps instead of bloating this box) and I have the CD burned and ready to go.  It just says it will not wortk on my archetecture.  But I already know Lucid works on my PC, im on it RIGHT NOW.04:26
robertzaccourhey yall those that helped me fix the bug I had thanks a lot :)04:27
wizard_How do I do a fresh install of the Ubuntu Minimal CD on i686 archetecture?04:29
jdsbluedevlI don't know.  I mean, if it's saying that you can't install it on your architecture, I'd do perhaps a double-check of the ISO file you downloaded to make sure it's x86 or i68604:30
wizard_jdsbluedevl: it's not the amd64.  I guess I will have to rm -rf ubuntu $$ apt-get install something_that.works04:32
jdsbluedevlmakes as much sense as nuking your computer04:32
jdsbluedevlwhich I guess begs the question: did you want to nuke your hard drive?  b/c to me, it seems that way04:33
wizard_jdsbluedevl: that was a joke.  You're not nerdy enough, man.04:33
jdsbluedevlno, I'm not04:34
jdsbluedevland anyways, I was referring to the clean install you want to do04:34
wizard_Yeah, im going to do a fresh install.  I dont need anything on this hard drive, this is one of my toy machines.04:35
wizard_Its only a 10gb peice of 20 year old junk.04:35
wizard_Anyway, Im off to put something else on here.  Bye04:36
IdleOneis it normal that lsof is listing a ton of processes being run by root?04:42
=== bullgard is now known as bullgard4
histoIdleOne: yes04:52
IdleOnehisto: ok thatnks04:53
IdleOnethanks also04:53
kuttanshello everybody....05:09
kuttansmountall : skipping mounting /dev/mapper/crypdisk-swap since plymouth is not available on boot up.05:11
kuttanscan anyone translate this in english or is there any work around to remove this error.05:11
kuttansim getting mountall : plymouth failed to start also05:11
dr3mrocan any one help me compile nautilus actions 2.30.05:18
dr3mrocan any one help me compile nautilus actions 2.30.205:18
jbuncherAnyone else running into an update to plasma-widget-networkmanagement that depends *and* conflicts with network-manager-kde?05:20
mawstHow do I install the usbserial Kernel Module?05:22
jbuncherBug #56115105:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 561151 in linux " reproducible oops at startup in acpi_ex_read_data_from_field" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56115105:23
bullgard4What is the function of the file firefox-bin? It occupies my CPU with up to 7% of its computing time.05:27
kuttanslucid is having a problem with firefox for right now i guess05:31
kuttansbut no one reported it, guess you or me will be the one, i thought of waiting till the final release05:31
bullgard4kuttans: I suspect the same. It may be related to Launchpad's slow operation. (I am just trying to report an error on my Thinkpad T43 to Launchpad.)05:33
bullgard4What does 'EC' stand for in Launchpad bug #553593 "thinkpad_acpi: WARNING: Outdated Thinkpad BIOS/EC firmwware"?05:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553593 in linux "thinkpad_acpi: WARNING: Outdated ThinkPad BIOS/EC firmware" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55359305:35
bullgard4I have got it: EC - "embedded controller"05:41
kuttansthx bullgard405:47
kuttansanyone having a problem with plymouth05:47
kuttansits not allowing me to mount the swap space05:47
kuttanshelp on net is very meagre.seems plymouth is young and thats the reason05:48
kuttansok bye05:49
astrovarkHi all - can anyone help with Lucid and Nvidia-current, getting problems with no window manager starting on reboot, no compiz effects, keeps resetting to no effects in System/Appearance05:57
astrovarkHave looked online, reinstalled nvidia-current, and generally tried whatever online help there is, no change05:58
MrDowntempoHow can I monitor the temps of my laptop?06:01
SandGorgonhi guys.. I have not updated my kubuntu 10.04 installation for many days now, cos there was stuff (like the kernel) which was breaking. Does anybody know of any issues with updating now ?06:02
swoodyMrDowntempo: google lm-sensors :)06:02
swoodySandGorgon: I haven't encountered any issues :/06:03
MrDowntemposwoody, no luck. Its a laptop. Needs to read temps from ACPI06:03
astrovarkAnyone with any ideas on Nvidia-current and Lucid and no window manager appearing on boot?06:03
SandGorgonswoody, ok.. sigh... half my troubles are because of Plymouth - it doesnt show up at native resolution and therefore looks much, much worse than 9.1006:05
m0arSandGorgon: Easy fix06:05
swoodySandGorgon: well, I'm not saying they're not there, just I haven't encountered anything ;) YMMV06:05
SandGorgonm0ar, oh... how ?06:06
SandGorgonswoody, :)06:06
m0arSandGorgon: The thing is that your boot doesn't know about your res06:06
SandGorgonm0ar, so I need to put that somewhere ?06:07
m0arSandGorgon: Yeah, go root with su06:07
m0arAny of you other guys tell me if something isn't right, but this exact fix made it work perfectly for me06:08
m0arThen edit /etc/default/grub with your editor of preference06:08
m0arSandGorgon: Okay?06:08
SandGorgonm0ar, yup06:08
m0arSandGorgon: I have no idea about your level of linux knowledge, so tell me if i'm going to slow06:09
SandGorgonm0ar, *grin* yup.. u can prolly speed it up a lot ;)06:09
m0arthe like tenth line looks like this, right?06:09
m0arGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash video=vesafb"06:09
SandGorgonm0ar, thanks for that tho06:09
m0aradd video=vesafb06:09
m0arat the end of it, like i did06:09
SandGorgonm0ar, oh ok.. cool06:09
m0arYeah, that loads a very general gfx driver early in the boot06:10
m0arthen GRUB_GFXMODE is commended I guess?06:10
m0arUncomment and set a resolution thats supported06:10
SandGorgonm0ar, hmm... thanks ...06:11
m0arTHis is where I'm unsure, IDK what resolutions really are supported. You'r native is _probably_ fine06:11
m0arGRUB_GFXMODE=1366x768    <-- worked wonders on my laptop06:11
SandGorgonm0ar, we actually use linux at our workplace... doing this for 10 desktops is pretty hopeless: however 9.10 looked pretty good to me on bootup.06:11
m0arSandGorgon: Not really, are all the computers identical with the same system?06:12
m0arSandGorgon: Then just fix one file, put it on a stick and CP that shit06:12
SandGorgonm0ar, Plymouth and the left side icons were necessary efforts - I really wish more effort was put in webcam drivers for skype06:12
m0arSandGorgon: Well, can you tell me if this solution worked? :)06:13
SandGorgonm0ar, or I'll just stay away from upgrading all desktops till 10.04.1 hits . its a pain06:13
SandGorgonm0ar, i will06:13
mawstThere's no ipmasq anymore?06:13
m0arSandGorgon: Thanks, just query me about it06:13
timClickswhat does "use this source" mean in the software centre?06:13
astrovarkThis is infuriating - why won't the window manager start (i.e. I get no top bars, close buttons etc) unless I reset System/Appearance to something other than none (which it's suddenly started defaulting to on boot) - Grr! :)06:17
astrovarkOS: Lucid  Graphics:Nvidia-current06:18
SandGorgonastrovark, you are having a theme/gnome settings issue. I suggest you RENAME your .gnome2 ,.config  and .themes directories and logout. After that you can narrow down the issue to which directory was affecting it.06:19
astrovarkOK, doing that right now, this has been bugging me all day :)06:19
astrovarkHowever, the Nvidia drivers did also break earlier, tho it looks like those are reinstalled again06:20
astrovarkOut and in again ...06:20
astrovarkStill starts with no window manager06:23
astrovarkHave to select System/Appearance, change to anything apart from None, then I get a Window Manager06:24
SandGorgonastrovark, can you check if you have any other .gnome directories .... assuming you renamed/moved your older settings to somewhere safe - you can safely delete your newer .gnome2, .config .themes  and .icons (please make sure you had backed these up earlier). In addition you may have a .gnome (without the 2). try also moving that.06:27
billybigrigger_anyone having problems with beta2 and intel cards?06:34
astrovarkOops, killed myself. Also renamed .gconf, WM worked on restart, reset appearance to normal (from none), restarted again, WM vanished again and appearance effects reset to None.06:34
astrovarkI may have to employ percussive maintenance :)06:34
blue102no probs with intel cards06:38
blue102only with imbedded sound card06:39
blue102no sound06:39
billybigrigger_just doing an update and confirming this in an intel card06:39
billybigrigger_its an old compaq desktop06:39
astrovarkXorg log shows Nvidia driver is loading fine, is there anywhere obscure that the WM might log why it's not starting up with X?06:39
blue102Yes I have compaq evo sff 510s06:40
blue102what do you have for compaq06:41
billybigrigger_intel celeron06:42
blue102specs ?06:42
billybigrigger_dunno yet06:42
billybigrigger_in the middle of an update06:42
billybigrigger_not my pc06:42
blue102I got several the evo d500 runs fine sound graphics exelent06:43
astrovarkAnyone make sense of this ->06:43
astrovark(gnome-appearance-properties:4167): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_display_sync: assertion `GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)' failed06:43
astrovarkCouldn't find a perfect decorator match; trying all decorators06:44
astrovarkFound no decorator to start06:44
billybigrigger_i can see the starting plymouth screen, then everything goes blank06:44
billybigrigger_alt-sysreq-k works to reboot, so its not hardlocked, im narrowing it down to gfx problems06:44
* billybigrigger_ is kind of annoyed Xorg.conf is gone by default06:45
blue102sorry I don't use plymounth06:45
billybigrigger_its installed by default now isnt it?06:45
blue102have not noticed06:45
billybigrigger_maybe its not plymouth then, maybe is the new new grub boot slpash screen06:45
billybigrigger_that i'm seeing06:45
blue102what does it look like06:46
blue102do you have dual boot06:46
billybigrigger_purple, ubuntu logo, with 4 purpe/white dots undereath06:46
billybigrigger_no dual boot06:46
blue102never seen it I just installed it and did all the updates06:46
blue102this morning06:47
astrovarkI got that startup screen after removing HAL during playing with Lucid06:47
SandGorgonbillybigrigger_, try disabling your floppy drive in your bios - I have seen that solving a couple of problems. Alternatively, you can add "debug=" to your grub boot and see where it stops06:48
astrovark[Restarting X again ... *sigh*]06:49
blue102I don't have grub loaded it just boots06:50
blue102can't understand it06:50
billybigrigger_how do you not have grub loaded?06:50
blue102its not06:50
swoodyI think you have grub, but with Lucid, it just doesn't show the grub menu by default :)06:51
swoody(unless you have another OS installed)06:51
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub206:51
billybigrigger_sudo apt-cache policy grub-common06:51
billybigrigger_blue102, i can guarantee you have grub installed06:52
blue102it just boots with a blank screen and after a while I see xjfc406:52
billybigrigger_  Installed: 1.98-1ubuntu406:52
billybigrigger_  Candidate: 1.98-1ubuntu506:52
blue102I believe you but it does not tel me06:54
blue102xfce4 splash screen06:54
m0arSandGorgon: Tried?06:56
SandGorgonm0ar, updates running in the background. already made changes will wait till after updates to reboot.06:57
m0arSandGorgon: Ah, I'm leaving now so send me a query07:05
SandGorgonm0ar, sure07:06
MistStlkrI have been able to use the previous two LiveCDs only under "safe graphics mode" on this computer but when I hit F4 on the 10.04b2 disk it is not an option.  Has it moved or is that not going to be an option any longer?07:10
ActionParsnipYo yo yo +107:13
voss749Ho ho ho07:15
voss749Mist why not do an upgrade?07:16
MistStlkrbuilding a new system at the end of the month, this one is more or less fried, but the liveCDs seem to work well enough for the time being.  Just thought I'd have a look at Lucid.07:17
ActionParsnipMiststlkr: if the shoe fits :)07:18
MistStlkr"building a new system" is as good an excuse as I've seem for finally ditching windows on the desktop.  I have a mythbuntu system running the HTPC which I'll be upgrading ASAP as well.. but again, thought I'd have a gander before going into it.  Too much going on with renovations right now to be putting proper time into the build/upgrade, thought the LiveCD was a good alternative07:20
MistStlkrbut can't get the 10.04b2 Live running on this system without the "safe graphics" option that the older disks had07:21
ActionParsnipMiststlkr: consult the hcl for parts to avoid heartache :)07:21
MistStlkrwill do07:23
MistStlkrhappen to have any suggestions on getting this live session working?07:23
gartralis lm-sensors still the way too read intel Core chip temps?07:33
albertitogartral: I use them, they seem to work just fine07:35
gartralsomeone in #ubuntu warned me against using them in 9.1007:36
albertitogartral: I use them in 9.10 all the time. Was there a rationale for the warning?07:39
gartralalbertito: some P55 chipsets have had issues..  all he said, i belive he was refering too the NF200-laced ones07:40
albertitogartral: then I have no idea. I don't have any P55 chipsets, and it works fine here07:43
gartralalbertito: do you know of a way to turn the fan up on nvidia cards?07:43
albertitogartral: sorry, no. I don't have any nvidia card (I try avoid them)07:43
gartralim not worried, i dont have the NF200 bridge07:43
gartralalbertito: why's that?07:43
albertitogartral: as a developer, the driver stuff bothers me, and I don't actually need any of the features07:44
Merlin_is there a fix to the flickering screen problem on ppc g4 imac?07:47
MistStlkrhrm... on second look, the 10.04 livecd boots to the splash then just freezes up whereas previous ones would keep going, but with garbled graphics... so maybe it's something else.07:54
Merlin_im getting the garbled graphics one07:56
Merlin_i take it there is no workaround?07:56
MistStlkron the previous two liveCDs I was able to fix that by hitting F4 on the boot menu where you choose live session or install and selecting "safe graphics" but that option isn't there on the 10.04 menu07:57
MistStlkrI'm hoping to find one07:57
MistStlkrmaybe something you can add to the arguments line or something??07:58
MistStlkror one of the mysterious and confusing options under the F6 menu?07:59
Merlin_i dont think i have those menus07:59
Merlin_i have a yaboot prompt07:59
MistStlkrhrm.  I'm working off the 10.04 beta 2 live cd I downloaded last night or the night before.  guess we should be comparing apples to apples here.. what are you working off of?08:03
Merlin_beta 208:03
Merlin_ppc desktop08:04
MistStlkrI won't be of any help at all to you, sorry.. I know just enough to myself screwed up at this point... sorry08:05
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
len_Well I figured out my problems with lucid and nvidia 195 drivers.  I looked aweful because of gpu scaling.  Had to add a line to xorg to make it not do native scaling.  The crashing was caused by kwin.  I had to disable kwin desktop effects.  So I guess the drivers are only broken in regards to kwin.  That's why most in here (non kubuntu users) weren't having the problems.08:12
len_That's a pretty big deal for kubuntu though08:12
len_to get worked out before 10.04 final08:13
JohnFluxHi all08:16
JohnFluxis there someone involved with gcc here?08:16
MistStlkralright all, good night08:21
gartralhmm, i broke a package somehow, how do i check that?08:33
thecookieSo, where can I find the boot log? I cant boot up in normal mode, only in recovery mode08:33
thecookieOh, well08:47
* BUGabundo_remote wonders what changed links colors in last update08:52
=== alvin_ is now known as alvin
joaopintogood morning09:17
BUGabundo_remoteola joaopinto09:18
BUGabundo_remoteanyone as any idea what changed links colors in last update ?09:18
BUGabundo_remotedon't like orange that much09:18
BUGabundo_remotenor do I see how to revert it09:18
joaopintoyou mean firefox links ?09:19
blue102how do I unhide panels in xfce409:19
BUGabundo_remoteat list pidgin for me09:19
blue102I lost my panels top and bottom in xfce4 how do I get them back09:20
MoheroPlease use the format !ping {location} {# of pings (default of 5, 20 max)}09:21
BUGabundo_remotecan someon ping me please09:21
BUGabundo_remotethat's better09:23
BUGabundo_remotesorry for the spam09:25
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest77827
hateballIs there a known problem with nVidia restricted drivers and not detecting proper external monitor resolutions?09:27
jihedamineHi. I'm having some "unable to write bytes broken pipe" messages on boot with an upgrade from karmic to lucid. I googled but found nothing accurate. Any help please?09:28
killowndo anyone know if gloob-preview works in ubuntu lucid?09:29
BUGabundo_remotekillown: no idea. don't even know what that is09:30
BUGabundo_remotejihedamine: that I recall seeing09:30
BUGabundo_remotehow did you upgrade?09:31
jihedamineBuGabundo_remote: update-manager -d09:32
BUGabundo_remotejihedamine: $ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade09:33
BUGabundo_remotedoes it do anythign ?09:34
gartralBUGabundo_remote: i was brave, i did do-release-upgrade -d09:39
defsworkcan anyone help me with what appears to be a plymouth problem ?  Just hangs on the (low rez) splash screen with 5 dots lit constant red09:39
hateballdefswork: tried booting without splash ?09:43
defsworkhateball, by change boot line in grub - yes - still comes up with the plymouth splash eventually and hangs the same09:44
hateballdefswork: ah alright09:44
defsworkremoved quiet too09:45
defsworkfecking thing has booted now09:45
defsworkI hate random acts of computers09:45
SilverCodedoes anyone know if the 2.6.33 SSD TRIM stuff is being backported for 10.04?09:46
BUGabundo_remotegartral: samething09:47
BUGabundo_remoteSilverCode: unless someone opens a wishbug, and a lot of user ask for it, NO09:47
BUGabundo_remoteI got that directly from kernel dev, yesterady09:47
SilverCodeBUGabundo_remote: wow ... I would assume something like that would be considered rather improtant, especially considering ubuntu's drive for fast boot times09:48
BUGabundo_remoteme too09:48
BUGabundo_remotebut its not in .3209:48
BUGabundo_remoteso it was not considered09:49
BUGabundo_remoteSilverCode: TRIM has nothing to do with boot speed09:49
SilverCodeBUGabundo_remote: yeah, I know, but I would think that they would show some SSD love to help brag about boot speeds. IE: With an SSD, you can get 2s Boot Times!09:50
BUGabundo_remoteas I said09:51
BUGabundo_remotethey _might_ consider it09:51
BUGabundo_remote*if* anyone requests it09:51
BUGabundo_remotethe funny thing is, several ppl ask here for it09:51
SilverCodemeh, probably easier to just compile my own kernel then09:51
BUGabundo_remoteone made a lot of noise09:51
BUGabundo_remotebut so far, even though I pull all this info into clear, NO ONE done anything in LP09:52
BUGabundo_remoteso I guess, no one really cares enough09:52
BUGabundo_remoteSilverCode: compile a kernel? what for?09:52
BUGabundo_remote.33 and .34 are on kernel team ppa09:52
BUGabundo_remotebut have not extra kind of support09:52
SilverCodeah, cool09:52
brianhermankernels are tasty09:53
=== brianherman_ is now known as brianherman
SilverCodeBUGabundo_remote: is there a launchpad bug open for the TRIM stuff (and do you have a link)?09:54
BUGabundo_remoteSilverCode: you know, I hate to repeat my self09:55
BUGabundo_remoteand I'm grumpy today, changed breakfast diet, coatch orders09:55
BUGabundo_remoteI said twice already, no one filed a bug, as far as I know09:55
SilverCodeBUGabundo_remote: ah, ok, I didn't read your original response correctly09:55
SilverCodesorry 'bout that09:55
BUGabundo_remotethis is all I have09:56
blue102quiet at the mo10:10
blue102beta 2 must be good10:10
blue102what desktop are you using I use xfce10:11
killownafter update my ubuntu lucid does have not a sound10:38
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
Votani tried to put my /tmp and /var/log into the RAM. It iddnt work and I deleted both lines in my fstab. Now it still keeps giving me "Mount: mounting non on /dev  failed: No such device" and "init ureadahead main process (xxx) terminated with status 5) Any ideas why this happens even after I deleted the entries in my fstab ?11:04
om26erIf I change the affected package, leave that bug in the bugday page?11:07
DSpairHey gang, having a problem with VPN config on Lucid.11:08
DSpairWhen I configure the VPN settings, I go into the IPv4 settings, add a route for the default gateway (because the default route get pointed over the tunnel when connecting), but it won't store the settings.11:09
om26eroops wrong channel11:10
quiritiusi have *klibc-usBAintlt99f0TITo98H_trqH2c.so in /lib folder. wonder what is the file, with such strange name.11:27
alvinVotan: What filesystem fails to mount?11:33
Votanalvin i have no idea the messae i wrote is the only thing that's shown' and there's no entry with none for /dev whatsoever in my fstab11:38
alvinYou're not using LVM by any chance? I have also put /tmp on tmpfs because of the karmic bug where the contents were not deleted at boot. This survived the upgrade to Lucid.11:40
Votanalvin no i dont,  it's jsut an 80gig SSD in my netbook. well I got tmp on tmpfs but i tried to get varlog etc merged into ram aswell and that failed :)11:48
Votanbut i think i found my problem, i am using a mainline vanilla .33 kernel for ATA Trim support, and those seem to be compiled wiht karmic configs11:48
Votanso the do not support devtmpfs and this results in my error message at boot as i am on lycid11:49
alvinI thought tmpfs has been in the vanilla kernel for years11:49
Votantmpfs yes, but not devtmpfs11:51
Votan.32 is compiled with devtmpfs=n11:51
Votanbut 33 is using it to mount /dev11:51
Votanso that's why it's giving out the error and then falling back to tmpfs11:51
alvinOh. I didn't know that11:52
Votanwel, at least that's how I understood it :> I might be wrong, dunno, but this is so far the best explanation i got for my problem :)11:52
edgy when I ftp to lucid and mkdir non-latin directory name, ls would show ?????, why?11:56
andre_Hello, is this channel for the Kubuntu Lucid as well? I can't join #kubuntu+1 without invitation..12:01
alvinandre_: Yes, it is12:02
andre_Ok, I get an error with akonadi, it says it don't find any resources Is this an known issue?12:03
alvinI have yet to meet the Kubuntu user who hasn't any errors in his akonadi logs12:03
vistakillerplasma-widget-networkmanager and audacious is still break12:04
alvindo an upgrade, plasma-widget-networkmanager will be removed12:05
vistakilleris ok to remove?12:05
vistakilleris not this applet to the system tray?12:05
alvinyes, knetworkmanager will stay or be installed12:05
alvinno, it isn't. That one is knetworkmanager12:05
vistakillera ok thanks :)12:05
andre_hehe, I have just started using kubuntu, always used gnome before.. But another thing is that Kmail is not connecting to my mailserver anymore.. It worked perfectly fine yesterday and I got syncronized, but after a reboot it just hangs on 100% without doing anything12:05
vistakillermaybe is a bug12:06
vistakilleri see this problem in kubuntu forum12:06
vistakillerit appear after the last update12:06
vistakillerthat i do just now :P12:06
alvinThe akonadi errors are 'normal' (well, not good, but everyone has them) The kmail is something new for me.12:06
vistakilleryeah for kmail i say12:06
vistakillerwait to find the link12:06
Urdadid/does the Rc of 10.04 get released today?12:07
vistakillerno in 1812:07
alvinKmail works here, but my address book is not operational. Also, the stop and restart buttons in akonadi are not responding to pressure.12:08
andre_another thing is that kmail will not allow me to add my gpg key for encryption, signing is ok, but I can not use it for encryption. When I select it it gets a red cross over the icon12:09
alvinaddress book is back. The buttons must have worked without any feedback12:09
SandGorgonI disabled akonadi, strigi and nepomuk - changed my launcher to Lancelot and now my machine takes up about 300mb at startup...12:09
andre_I also had to install the gnupg2 to get the gpgconf thing that kmail uses12:09
alvingpg is something else. Signing works here. Didn't try encryption12:10
alvinThat's weird. I thought that everything you needed for gpg signing was in the basic install (since Jaunty?)12:10
andre_yes, but the key manager thing or something (gpgconf) is not in default install, it says its missing until i installed gnupg212:11
vistakilleri use KDE 4 years now12:11
vistakillermy opinion is tha KDE4 is still in alpha12:11
vistakilleris not stable at all12:11
vistakillermany problems after tha last 4.4 update12:12
vistakillerthey have break adressbook and many problems with akonadi12:12
alvinAside from akonadi, I have less crashes with 4.412:12
vistakillerthe only thing that work for me is nepomuk12:12
alvinAh, you're right there. The kaddressbook was a bad decision. Too many lost functionality12:13
vistakillerme too i dont have crashes12:13
vistakilleri have lost all my contact with kadressbook12:13
alvinMost people have12:13
vistakillerand the developer of kaddressbook say "is not available at the moment" :P12:14
alvinI hope the transition of kmail to akonadi is handles better12:14
andre_alvin: I'm sorry, the encryption issue is in kontact under identities12:14
alvinandre_: let me see12:14
vistakillerKDE is not for stable work like gnome12:14
alvinYou can't do anything more than select your key. Isn't it working?12:15
andre_I can select the openpgp key in signing, and it looks good in encryption as well until i click it, then it gets an red cross over the icon and cannot be selected12:16
alvinI beg to differ on that point. Akonadi has a bad implementation in kubuntu, but it's a great idea. Other than that, KDE4 is working fine for the most part. (ok, things like the NFS kioslave and SSL certificate imports are broken) Gnome has issues too. Try to log into a remote server from gdm. It won't work.12:16
alvinandre_: Hmm, I can, but this was an upgrade from Karmic.12:17
andre_ok, i just did an clean install of beta2 yesterday and have all updates..12:17
alvinI didn't try the NFS kioslae in Lucid. Let's see12:17
JohnFluxHi guys12:17
alvinNope, still broke.12:17
echosystmare canonical still going ahead with trying to make the titlebar controls theme-switchable?12:18
JohnFluxThere's a fairly serious problem in that gcc crashes12:18
JohnFluxCan I get someone to elevate the priority or something12:18
echosystmand more importantly, who came up with such a stupid idea?12:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 560135 in gcc-defaults "g++ internal compiler error when trying to build OpenSceneGraph 2.8.3" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:18
alvinandre_: Try security > Crypto Backends12:18
andre_alvin: there is where the gpgconf thing was missing, I have also installed gpgsm for s/mime now and after a reboot i could select the s/mime option in there as well, but I had to install gnupg2 for the configure (gpgconf) to work12:20
alvinYou probably only need the gpgconf. It's the only thing that is checked here12:21
andre_gpgconf is in the gnupg2 package12:21
andre_maybe it should be added to the default installation12:22
alvinI do not have gnupg2 installed!12:22
alvinbut I do have gnupg12:22
andre_and the configure button (gpgconf) is working?12:22
alvinThat's in ubuntu-minima12:22
andre_i had gnupg as well yesterday and it didn't work, after checking the suggestions in terminal i had to install gnupg2 and after that it worked12:23
alvinAh, I can't press configure because gpgconf is not installed. But the keys are working.12:23
andre_yeah :)12:23
alvinIt's possible I did that manually years ago12:23
SandGorgonJohnFlux, the way to elevate priority to get many people to mark "affects me too"12:25
andre_but you can add the key for encrytpion in identities alvin?12:25
alvinOh yes12:26
andre_a good thing is that kmail just found out its working again :P12:27
firmWAfter I upgrade to 10.0.4 version my Ubuntu windows system are crazy, anything I could try before reinstalling it from scratch?12:34
Ian_Cornedefine 'crazy'12:35
Ian_Corneand windows system12:35
firmWIan_Corne, the graphic interface windows, they open out of border and in wierd positions...12:35
Ian_Corneyou mean any windows?12:37
Ian_Corneyou mean any window?*12:37
lucas-arghaha good correction12:37
firmWIan_Corne, yes, any window.12:38
Ian_Corneyou can alt drag them back into your screen12:38
Ian_Cornehave you checked if your resolution is still the same?12:38
firmWalt drag? what do you mean by that?12:38
andre_firmW: press and hold the alt key and drag the windows12:39
Ian_Cornepress alt and left click on your window, holding your mousbutton down, drag the window back in your screen12:39
firmWandre_, doesn work anyways.12:42
firmWdo you mean this is normal about what is going on with the windows?12:43
andre_firmW: no, but sometimes you just put them in place again and then it fixes the problem in the future12:45
Ian_CornefirmW: can you take a screenshot of what is up?12:46
Ian_Cornebecause it's not reallt clear12:46
matumbahey, does anyone know why i have to push 'ctrl+c' twice to abort a sudo password request?12:58
* alvin tests this12:59
alvinI wouldn't know. I only have to press Ctrl+C once12:59
matumbahm... it looks like this for me13:00
matumbatest@box:~$ sudo touch test13:00
matumba[sudo] password for test:13:00
matumba[sudo] password for test:13:00
Ian_Cornesame here13:00
tsimpsontry ctrl-d instead13:01
matumbathat gives me a 'Sorry, try again.' after the second time13:02
iconmefistowhat does ctrl-d do?13:02
tsimpsonctrl-d is "end of file"13:02
joaopintomatumba, that is strange, I can't reproduce it13:03
UrdaIf I jump my 9.10 x64 to 10.04 beta 2 today, there is no going back correct?13:03
* matumba boots his notebook13:03
tsimpsontyping ctrl-d works here13:04
tsimpsonme@work:~$ sudo echo done13:04
tsimpson[sudo] password for me:13:04
SandGorgonanybody using kdiff3 with svn here - I cant seem to set it up correctly. on conflict and "l", I get "Failed to start (exitwhy 6)"13:04
matumbasame on my notebook - maybe it's cause i'm using a german keyboard layout?13:05
tsimpsonit shouldn't matter, ctrl-d is not locale dependant13:06
abuayyoubHello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I just installed Ubuntu a couple days ago and everything is perfect except I have no sound over HDMI. I have a sony vaio laptop with ATI Radeon. I have looked all over the palce for a fix but noone seems to have one.13:07
matumbawill try a daily live cd then - it's great to have no bigger problems than that :D13:08
vistakillernice with the last update i dont have the akonadi error anymore13:13
=== gnomefreak76 is now known as gnomefreak
Urdaabuayyoub: what version are you running13:15
abuayyoubLucid updated yesterday evening13:16
vistakilleri have some cifvs errors at startup13:17
vistakilleri have in ftsab an entry for that13:17
abuayyoubUrda I'm running Lucid Updated as of yesterday13:18
alketI am updating in Lucid Lynx and this error came out and updating stopped: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/ttf-indic-fonts-core_1%3a0.5.8ubuntu1_all.deb: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 12713:20
gnomefreakok now ill be back in a few13:20
andre_marok is completely unusable.. sometimes it works, most of the time it does not.. specially with the internet radio stations13:20
andre_it says it is playing but no sound, and the indicator for where in the track its plying is gone..13:21
m_anishHi I am facing issues with ubuntu-bug application, it fails when it tries to send a report saying server error!13:23
andre_and apport in kde is freezing if you try to close it..13:24
m_anishandre_, +1 yes; same here13:24
m_anishandre_, but in gnome as well13:24
m_anishFYI, anyone using ubuntu-lucid with in.archive.ubuntu.com in their sources.list is  likely to face another issue (which has probably just unearthed today)... refer http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1454846 for more details; This probably affects ubuntu-lucid users in India13:27
powerstone2Hello! Can someone help me with a networking problem? dhcp served from Lucid Server via dnsmasq to Ub. Desk. Client (Karmic), but Karmic can't ping (see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9124492#post9124492)13:28
Votananyone else getting a lot of Fails for "Translation-en_US" when trying to update ? Why do I even have those, i dont use that translation ? o.013:28
joaopinto_Votan, that is usual, but to be honest I didn't checked the purpose of those either, it maybe for packages decriptions13:28
Votanmh, i think i should remove those, they jsut keep spamming :)13:29
alketI am updating in Lucid Lynx and this error came out and updating stopped: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/ttf-indic-fonts-core_1%3a0.5.8ubuntu1_all.deb: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 12713:29
gnomefreakVotan: you may not beable to without removing things you want, but i never tried13:30
joaopinto_alket, file a bug report13:30
Votanmh i see.13:30
Votanthen i stick to them and let them fail once in a while ;)13:30
alketjoapinto how to report it13:30
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:31
=== issyl0_ is now known as issyl0
joaopinto_Votan, for now remove the "ttf-indic-fonts-core" package, that should allow to proceed13:31
joaopinto_but then please use: ubuntu-bug ttf-indic-fonts-core13:31
Votanindic fonts ? like in fonts for some indian languages ?13:32
joaopinto_Votan, I guess13:32
Votanwell seems save to remove those, as I'll never use them i guess13:32
joaopinto_Votan, if you are not familiar with bug reporting I am not sure you should be using a beta :)13:32
Votani am familiar with bug reporting, i just couldnt identify where the fails from the translation came from as it isnt installed in the first plavce13:33
abuayyoubHello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I just installed Ubuntu a couple days ago and everything is perfect except I have no sound over HDMI. I have a sony vaio laptop with ATI Radeon. I have looked all over the palce for a fix but noone seems to have one.13:33
joaopinto_if is not installed it's being pulled by the upgrade process13:33
joaopinto_it it was not13:33
abuayyoubI'm running Lucid updated today13:33
gnomefreakabuayyoub: soone else had mentioned that problem a day or 2 ago. i dont remember if i was here yesterday13:35
* gnomefreak left before i saw a fix/work around/ bug13:35
abuayyoubi wasn't here yesterday13:35
abuayyoubdid they come up with a fix?13:35
abuayyouboh bummer13:35
UrdaI need some Super guru advice, Dual Booting Windows 7 Pro and 9.10 both x64 and was thinking about moving up to 10.04 Beta2 before the RC and actual release occur... notes suggestions warnings?13:35
Urda...and yes GRUB2 is the bootloader on the system at this time13:36
abuayyoubi downloaded all the drivers etc. Anything I could find in synaptic for my card but nothing seems to work13:36
Ian_Corneback everthing up13:36
gnomefreakUrda: just run upgrade using update-manager -d13:36
matumbagood, cannot replicate the "need to push ctrl-c twice to abort a sudo pwd req" problem with a live cd - so somethings went wrong during the dev cycle13:36
Urdagnomefreak: no I know that... I was more curious about the stability and any issues one may have encountered already13:37
Urdathe upgrade method, I know that,13:37
Ian_Cornematumba: but the sudo on a livecd doesn't require a password13:37
Ian_Cornedoes it?13:37
matumbaIan_Corne, i created a new user13:37
gnomefreakUrda: that pretty much depends on packages you have but the main packages are good for the most part also depends on your hardware13:37
Urdagnomefreak: Hmmm, I wonder if the x61 tablet has any notes somewhere...13:38
powerstone2Hello! Can someone help me with a networking problem? dhcp served from Lucid Server via dnsmasq to Ub. Desk. Client (Karmic), but Karmic can't ping (see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9124492#post9124492)13:38
gnomefreakUrda: sorry not sure but you can search bugs in launchpad.net13:39
Urdagnomefreak: I have an article on the thinkpad website about it :) no worries13:40
* Urda is thinking he will pull the trigger and do an upgrade from 9.10 today13:40
alvinUrda: I would suggest upgrading on a tty with do-release-upgrade and leaving ssh open for rescue purposes. I had the problem that kdm restarted during upgrade, and I couldn't input anything. With ssh, I could stop kdm and continue the upgrade.13:42
Urdaalvin: I don't know if I know how to do that off hand :s13:43
Urdafyi this isnt a dev system, just personal13:44
=== joaopinto_ is now known as joaopinto
alvinSimple, press Ctrl+Alt+F1, log in, type sudo do-release-upgrade -d13:47
Urdaalvin: hmm ok so if something goes wrong I still can grab it through ssh?13:48
alvinNo, (unless you run it within screen), but you'll be able to stop other services when needed.13:48
Urda alvin ah ok13:49
Urdaoh I know where I am now :) I seldom use this lol13:50
Urdaand going from Beta2 to RC or release will be just as easy right :)13:51
Ian_Corneno promises13:52
Ian_CorneIt's still a pre-release version13:52
UrdaIan_Corne: but usually this is so correct? I haven't done a release upgrade since forever13:53
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Lucid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.13:53
Ian_CorneUrda: why do you want to upgrade already, are you interested in testing?13:53
myk_robinsonwtf? Why has the position of the min/max/close buttons changed AGAIN???!!!13:54
UrdaIan_Corne: a bit, I've had a clean VM running it13:54
alvinubottu, the recommended Debian way is using aptitude full-upgrade13:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:54
alvinI know :-)13:54
kuttanshello everybody13:54
chi_myk: you can costemize these positions13:54
gnomefreakwho was it that said ttf-indic-fonts-core failed to update?13:55
kuttanscan anyone tell me how to log all my boot time messages in lucid13:55
myk_robinsonchi_: i know, but i find it interesting that they keep changing on their own13:55
myk_robinsonchi_: i like the way they were before this morning's updates, they were still on the left side, but in an order where the close button was at the edge instead of inside13:55
kuttanshow to log all the boot time messages + /etc/default/bootlogd is not useful, its not logging anything at all13:56
alvinkuttans: You could vote for bug 32888113:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 328881 in upstart "init: support logging of job output" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32888113:56
myk_robinsonwell, just wanted to complain about buttons for a minute... time for a shower...13:57
alvin/etc/default/bootlogd should be removed. It's not recommended to enable it, and it doesn't work anyway.13:57
gnomefreakalket if you are still here you can have a look at bug 563771 for the ttf-indic-fonts upgrade issue13:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563771 in ttf-indic-fonts "package ttf-indic-fonts-core 1:0.5.4ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56377113:58
* gnomefreak be back in a bit13:58
chi_myk_robinson:  maybe there were changed for the final release candidate? ... there is this talk on how kernel releases are made for linux (google-talks) ... i bet the ubuntu releases are even more confusion ^^13:58
chi_hi dear all, I have a beta2 installation (kubuntu) and I am missing the cpufreq deamon (running a laptop with speedstepping) ... is cpufreq still the choice to use speedstepping technologies?13:59
robin0800chi_: add cpu frequency monitor14:09
Merlin_ok i have determined that while my graphics are corrupted, i do seem to be at a prompt, can anyone guide me to fixing messed up graphics on g4 imac.14:11
TommyThaGunso, is does this newest kernel seem to be stable?14:14
TommyThaGundoes this newest kernel seem to be stable**14:14
mawstmmmm tasty.... Clean install of Beta 2. :D14:14
TommyThaGunwhat is a Final Freeze?14:17
chi_robin0800:  thanks for the hint, anyway: I fail to find the package you are referring to?14:18
Ian_CorneIt's a finishing move, triangle+square + 3 x forward14:18
TommyThaGunoh ok14:18
TommyThaGunI got that Ian_Corne, I'm just curious what it means to us testing it14:19
Ian_CorneThe number of updates will go up until that moment14:19
Ian_Corneand then waaay down14:19
TommyThaGungot it14:19
Dr_Willisweirdness.. today i had no internet.. checked router settings and the isp has changed the  Subnet mask to   Whats up with 254 anyway? Ive never understood what  that netmask does.14:20
patdk-wkit just makes it a /23 instead of /2414:20
Merlin_does anyone know a workaround for the imac g4 corrupted screen problem on the live cd?14:21
Dr_Willisyea. Ive never seen that befor.  Not sure whats going on. spent the last hr tweaking router settings and saw the isp had changed that.. and  now i also had to CLONE my MAC to the router.. and now its working14:21
patdk-wkdunno, I use /23's a lot14:21
Ian_Cornewhat's the benifit?14:22
TommyThaGunhow is the -21 kernel everyone? is it going to blow up my sys?14:22
Dr_WillisIt has somthing to do with the # of machines on the lan/network..  and how they get subdivided. is all i really understamnd14:22
Dr_WillisChecking my ISP's email address they gave me..  to see if they changed anything..  Looks like they are now 'giving' away Norton, instead of McCafee :)  joy..14:24
TommyThaGunthat class was when I dropped out of school14:24
TommyThaGunwhen I was learning subnet masks14:24
TommyThaGunand the crazy math problems to go with it14:24
patdk-wkcrazy math problems?14:24
patdk-wksubnets are simple14:25
patdk-wkthere isn't anything really to understand14:25
patdk-wkother than binary14:25
TommyThaGunreally? for me, for whatever reason, I didn't get it... I think I had lost focus on school at the time... I think that was the real issue14:25
Dr_Willisyea i dident find it hard to undersand..  i just am not sure why/where its used.14:25
TommyThaGunI had decided to go into the military14:25
patdk-wkit's used everywhere14:25
patdk-wkthe point of subnets, is to make routing simpler, so you don't overload the memory/cpu of routers14:25
Dr_Willisand as a home lan user.. :) i dont use it.. so not sure where/when its actually used14:26
Dr_Willis'in a big network/business' - but that dont  mean much to me :)14:26
patdk-wkheh, as a home lan user, I use it :)14:26
patdk-wkI run 6 lans at my house though14:26
Dr_WillisYou must heat your house with pc's :)14:26
raphawhat do you guys think14:26
Dr_Willisrapha:  about what?14:26
patdk-wkDr_Willis, nope14:26
raphagotta install ubuntu for non-technical users as they are sick of vista14:27
raphawould it be feasible to go with 10.04 Beta 2?14:27
Ian_CorneDr_Willis: my ISP gives me 4 IP adresses to the outside, I guess it could be used so they see eachother in local network?14:27
Dr_Willisrapha:  i put it on the step sons laptop the other day when his Windows Copy died.14:27
raphaDr_Willis: so i take it he's a non-technical user, too?14:27
raphaDr_Willis: any probs with crashes or the like?14:27
Dr_Willisrapha:  beta is working decently well for me.. It has a few issues.. so it might be a good idea to wait for it to get Non-beta befor converting them over.14:27
patdk-wkmy isp here gives me a /28, so that is 6 ip's, but one used for the gateway14:28
TommyThaGunwhat sort of computer is it rapha? are they desktops? or laptops?14:28
Dr_Willishe was able to handle gnome just fine. I did have to instgall a few apps he wanted.14:28
raphaDr_Willis: running it myself as well and for me it's as good as the final14:28
Dr_WillisStuff breaks one day..gets fixed the next.. so its  a bit annoying14:28
raphaDr_Willis: yeah i think i'm gonna give 'em 10.04 and disable updates for the next two weeks till its out14:29
TommyThaGunrapha, are they on laptops?14:29
Dr_Willisi accidently installed an older ubuntu on his laptop. dident relize i put in the 9.04 cd. (i think) so hes  a little behind. but wireless and everything worked from the start. that suprsed me.14:29
Dr_WillisI had to install flash and java and some codecs for him.14:30
patdk-wk9.04 on my laptop wouldn't even install14:30
TommyThaGunthe reason I ask, is I've heard about more issues in certain laptops than anything else14:30
patdk-wkthe wifi driver kept corrupting the filesystem14:30
raphaTommyThaGun: nope, it's only one family PC ... some "microstar" thing which was bought when vista was brand-new14:30
patdk-wkdisabled the wifi card, got it installed, then updated the wifi drivers, before I could turn it on14:30
Dr_WillisHe did mention that his laptop is a lot faster now then when it had vista. ;)14:30
TommyThaGunvista was kinda a hog14:30
Dr_WillisYou could set them up with a live-cd and persistant save file :)14:31
TommyThaGunwindows 7 was actually pretty good14:31
Dr_WillisWin7 would cost more then the laptop did...14:31
TommyThaGunhaha, true. That's the reason I'm ont on it14:31
TommyThaGunI had the beta, now it's restarting your comp every two hours14:31
TommyThaGunI was thinking of buying Win7 in the future, but now that I see how awesome Ubuntu has gotten over the past year that I haven't been using linux, I think I will stay with it14:33
Dr_WillisI tossed win7 when the first beta expired.. and they wanted a REINSTALL to just upgrade to the next beta.14:33
TommyThaGunit has come a long way14:33
TommyThaGunthats crazy14:33
Ian_CorneI still use it for gaming :(14:34
Dr_WillisI game for a few weeks.. then get bored./. then dont game..14:34
Ian_CorneAltho of the 3 systems I use constantly, only one dual boots to windows14:34
Merlin_im in the same boat, im in the dont game phase right now14:34
Ian_Cornewell if you count the android phone, I've got 4 systems :)14:34
patdk-wkthe only windows systems I have, are inside vmware on ubuntu14:34
DutchyYou guys know the little envelope that appeared in the tray in lucid? I hid it, but it turns out it was on the same button as volume control? anyway, I can't get my volume control icon back...14:35
patdk-wkonly use them so I can test websites with ie14:35
DutchyIt's apparently not a panel app14:35
Ian_CorneDutchy: indicator applet14:35
Ian_Corneadd that back14:35
DimmuxxI needed windows to update my android phone so my netbook is dualboot right now :P14:35
TommyThaGunbut Dutchy that's going to add the envelope back as well14:35
Ian_CorneDimmuxx: the updater doesn't work in wine?14:35
DutchyIan_Corne: any idea how I just get volume but not the silly envelope?14:36
DimmuxxIan_Corne: nope14:36
Ian_Cornethere was an article on omg!ubuntu! but I think that's for the me menu14:36
Dimmuxxit doesn't work in windows either more or less14:36
Dimmuxxso I used a thirdparty flasher14:36
Ian_CorneMaybe if you manualy install the old sound applet Dutchy14:36
TommyThaGunDutchy, have you tried using the envelope?14:36
Dr_WillisI got a link to that artical from OMGubuntu at my http://delicious.com/dr_willis links14:37
DutchyTommyThaGun: I use none of the services it provides14:37
SandGorgonhey guys.. anybody tried the -21 kernel ? is it safe to update ?14:37
Dr_WillisDutchy:  in short.. remove envelope (that also removes that one volme controll) and add in a differnt vol contoll.14:37
TommyThaGunno pidgin? or twitter?14:37
Dimmuxx-21 works fine here14:37
Ian_Corneor empahty :p14:37
patdk-wkpidgin doesn't use the email icon14:37
TommyThaGunI uninstalled empathy14:37
DutchyTommyThaGun: I use irssi for chat, gmail for mail, no twitter14:37
Ian_Corneit does patdk-wk14:37
SandGorgonDimmuxx, thanks14:37
Dr_Willisgee.. can we Uninstall Plymouth now without removeing 99% of the system?14:38
UrdaWell so much for jumping to 10.04 at this time ... E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages14:38
TommyThaGunpidgin does use the email icon14:38
Ian_Corneit's just not installed by default anymore14:38
Ian_CorneDr_Willis: probably not14:38
Urdano dist upgrade for me at this time :\14:38
SandGorgonDutchy, true that... dunno why all these apps are made such a big deal of. Fix drivers, I can figure out my apps14:38
Dr_Willis111 mb   of updates..  here we go.14:38
Dimmuxxbeware of the broken font package14:38
EmryUrda, Which packages?14:38
SandGorgonDr_Willis, oh.. ur gonna take the red pill as well I see14:39
UrdaEmry: I'm not sure ... I have a bunch of files I can grep through in /var/log/dis-upgrade/14:39
Dr_WillisBeen Updateing my machines daily for the last week :)14:39
UrdaEmry: where should I start ?14:39
Dr_WillisIt does seem somthing killed the netbook :) doh14:39
TommyThaGunpatdk-wk, look: http://j.imagehost.org/0938/Screenshot_7.png14:39
patdk-wkheh, well that is annoying14:39
Dr_WillisOh wait.. now it booted. :)14:39
acusterhey all, the volume control seems to have disappeared from the panel and I can't find any applet that looks like a 'volume control'. Where does this functionality live these days?14:39
patdk-wkI never used it, always have my buddy list displayed, cause I need it too much14:39
TommyThaGunit just highlights it if you get a message14:40
Ian_CorneDimmuxx: I just removed it14:40
TommyThaGunI use the actually buddy list too, it doesn't show that14:40
Ian_Corneis it important? :p14:40
Dr_Willisacuster:  if you remove the mail applet icon - its  part of the volume one also...14:40
Dr_Willisacuster:  thers some volume only applet you can install and use14:40
acusterreally, lol14:40
TommyThaGunacuster, indicator applet14:41
TommyThaGunor listen to Dr_Willis14:41
TommyThaGunI need to restart, I jsut updated the kernel14:41
unknownworldsanyone using 10.04 with kvm?14:41
Dimmuxxis there any good way to get gmail in the messaging applet and no using evolution isn't a good way.14:41
acusterwow, there's two indicator applets? Indicator Applet and Indicator Applet Session!?14:41
TommyThaGunI think someone is working to get a thunderbird pluging to be able to add it to the indicator applet14:42
Ian_Cornesession is the one holding memenu14:42
Ian_CorneAtm the mail icon doesn't follow the prefered applications setting14:42
DutchyDr_Willis: any idea what the volume applet is called? cant find it in synaptics14:42
Dr_WillisJust add one applet at a time and learn what they do14:42
Dr_Willisgnome-volume-control-applet is the old tray applet. just add it to sessions.14:43
Dutchyoh, removing that indicator package should work, i'll try that14:43
Dr_Willisthats if you dont want the mail tthang. :)14:44
Dutchythat worked14:44
Dutchythanks :)14:44
Dr_Willisrun gnome-volume-control-applet     if you want the old vol controll14:44
UrdaDr_Willis: just looked at that article, sad to see you can't hide Ubuntu One. I hate ubuntu one14:44
Dr_WillisHmm. dont run the ubuntu one client then?14:45
Dr_Willisi ont have a ubuntone icon here.14:45
UrdaDr_Willis: the menu entry14:46
Dr_Williswhat menu entry?14:46
Urda"On a semi-related note he notes a little bug: removing ubuntu-one doesn’t remove the menu entry for it within the MeMenu."14:46
Dr_WillisI dont even use the me menu.. it does nothing for Me.. :)14:46
Dr_Willisunless i want to spam my facebook blog for some reason.. its full of 'testing 124' and so forth right now14:46
UrdaI use dropbox, and I tried Ubuntu One and found that it had lots of conflicts, and wouldn't sync a lot14:47
acuster_Dr_Willis, thanks14:47
* Urda wont be upgrading to 10.04 today with E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages in dist-upgrade14:47
acuster_(there is also gnome-volume-control-applet which lives in the notification area rather than being a real applet)14:48
Dr_WillisUbuntu one is very much a work in progress.. but i dont use it or dropbox much14:48
gnomefreakUrda: it should remove them, atm there are no packages being held back14:48
Urdagnomefreak: well I got that message trying to upgrade from tty and gnome14:48
gnomefreakwell also depends what packages14:48
UrdaI'm trying to figure out what they are, all it said was that one liner and an error box I'm about to post14:48
gnomefreakUrda: you are better off using update-manager -d it should take care of everything.14:50
Urdadid it that way too14:50
Ian_CorneUrda: are you uptodate in karmic?14:50
gnomefreakUrda: change sources.list to be lucid than run update than dist-upgrade14:50
gnomefreaknow non-official packages may run into that14:51
UrdaIan_Corne: sudo aptitude update and sudo aptitude full-upgrade produce no packages that are not up to date14:51
Dr_WillisHmm.. errors with some ttf-indic-fonts-core package.14:51
gnomefreakDr_Willis: there is a bug on it14:51
Dr_Williswonder what it even is.14:51
Urdagnomefreak: anyway I can yank from the logs what is causing my issue? I don't mind removing non-standard packages if so14:51
Dr_Willisat least it seemes to have installed the latest kernels..14:51
Dr_WillisMy netbook was hanging with the last one.14:52
gnomefreakUrda: look in /var/log/dist-upgrade14:52
Urdagnomefreak: Yea i am, but what exactly should I grep for?14:52
patdk-wksame here14:52
gnomefreakDr_Willis: see bug 56377114:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563771 in ttf-indic-fonts "package ttf-indic-fonts-core 1:0.5.4ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56377114:52
Urdahere are the messages up to the issue.... http://pastie.org/92121814:53
gnomefreakUrda: please post the file to a pastebin14:53
UrdaI have an apt.log, an lspci.txt, and a main.log14:53
z0rt|workis there a simple command to rename all instances of karmic in sources.list to lucid?14:54
Urdaoh and a term.log but it is empty14:54
gnomefreakUrda: try running sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install14:54
patdk-wkzort, sed :)14:54
gnomefreakz0rt|work: you can use sed14:54
* gnomefreak too late14:55
gnomefreakor open it in a text editor and you can replace karmic to lucid14:55
Urdasudo apt-get -f install produced 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove, and 0 not upgraded14:55
Urdagnomefreak: nothing changed :s14:55
coc0nutor if you don't feel like using sed, open it with: sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list then type :%s/karmic/lucid14:56
coc0nutthen enter14:56
gnomefreakUrda: please pastebin the full commands and output of sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:56
coc0nutoh, and then :w to save14:56
z0rt|workvi continues to impress me14:56
z0rt|workcoc0nut: thanks!14:56
Urdagnomefreak: I'm getting yanked into a meeting now :( thank you for your help and I'll try and pick this up later14:56
gnomefreakUrda: ok14:56
* gnomefreak goes for smoke than work on email :(14:57
patdk-wkguess I will have to wait till later to upgrade lucid14:57
kennyGHello. I am facing problems on obtaining jdk. Could someone help me please?14:57
coc0nutWhat's the problem?14:57
kennyGcoc0nut, it says E: cannot find package, or something.14:58
Dr_WillisI seem to be using icedtea for java here.14:58
coc0nutkennyG: what command are you entering?14:58
kennyG"sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk14:59
coc0nutjust use sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk14:59
coc0nutIt'll install the others automatically as dependencies14:59
coc0nutor it should, anyway14:59
JediMasteranyone here use Zend Studio in Lucid? I'm getting constant crashes since moving to lucid every time the autocomplete is selected (which is 2-3 times per line of php code), I get: "The error was 'RenderBadPicture (invalid Picture parameter)'."15:00
bagpuss_thecatI appear to have lost all my Gnome menu entries after a battery failure during a dist-upgrade. Is there a way of regenerating them all?15:00
bagpuss_thecatalacarte shows a few submenus, but there are no items at all :-)15:01
JediMasteryou ran a dist-upgrade on batteries!15:01
kennyGcoc0nut, now it says the package is not available, but is referenced by another package... this can mean that this package got obsolete or is available just from another source...15:02
bagpuss_thecatwell, it's Lucid, and a testing box15:02
JediMasterbagpuss_thecat,  did you managed to complete the dist-upgrade after plugging it back in?15:02
bagpuss_thecatso there was about 5 packages at the time :-)15:02
bagpuss_thecatJediMaster: yeah, got it completed alright15:02
coc0nutkennyG: try sudo apt-get update15:02
coc0nutand then install15:02
mvoUrda: could you push main.log somewhere please? into paste.ubuntu.com or a similar pastebin?15:02
coc0nutThe package is definitely there. I can install it.15:02
h00kooooooh, new wallpapers!15:03
haukcoc0nut: o/15:03
coc0nuthauk: \o15:03
mvoUrda: eh, sorry. I mean apt.log15:04
mvoUrda: looks like for some reason it can not calc the upgrade, apt.log will have more info15:04
bagpuss_thecatI should add... the battery failure was a dodgy connection. It _was_ fully charged with several hours left on it :-)15:04
gnomefreakmvo: any chance that we can patch smart to work like ubuntu-manager -d? but i will file a bug if it is something to look into15:05
mvognomefreak: how do you mean? so that smart instead of apt is used for the handling of the upgrade?15:05
underdevanyone using a twitter client where the alerts work15:05
underdevmine aren't working with gwibber15:05
underdeveven daily15:05
gnomefreakmvo: to work liike update-manager -d where it changes sources.list and updates15:06
mvognomefreak: I guess it would be possible to write a backend for update-manager that uses smart, yes. just someone needs to do it. it will be a interessting experiment15:07
kennyGcoc0nut, still. same error15:07
kennyGthere is no other way around to install jdk ?15:07
coc0nutYou can install opendk15:08
gnomefreakim thinking it would be a a lot of work ;) but i will file a bug anyway and see what happens15:08
kklimondadpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/ttf-indic-fonts-core_1%3a0.5.8ubuntu1_all.deb (--unpack):15:08
kklimonda subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 12715:08
kklimonda/bin/df: `/home/jdoe/.gvfs': No such file or directory15:08
kennyGsun was sold out to oracle, wasn't this package renamed to oracle-6-jdk?15:09
kklimondathat's.. interesting - who this jdoe is? ;)15:09
* marienz wonders if the change to his email icon (the indicator) was intentional15:09
kklimondainteresting, my second old account..15:09
avisi'm wondering if sudo vmstat is always reporting zero, would it be common sense to add 2 gigs of that, to keep me free from any swapping ?15:09
marienzit's lost its "off" state15:09
mvognomefreak: it would guess its not that much work actually, but it will probably not help with the majority of failure cases. those are because of broken maintainer scripts or regressions of one way or the other15:09
coc0nutkennyG: still says sun here for me15:09
coc0nutDo you have universe and multiverse repositories enabled?15:10
kennyGcoc0nut, did you install it ?15:10
coc0nutI didn't, because I use openjdk, but I started an installation then cancelled it once it began, so I definitely can15:11
gnomefreakhm that is a good point, not something that even passed my mind15:11
kennyGcoc0nut, yes. I think I habe both enabled under synaptics.15:12
z0rt|workdo i have to do anything besides changing karmic to lucid in sources.list to upgrade to lucid via command line?15:12
gnomefreakmvo: oh also i dont recall the dpkg command to force an update of a package that is failing to configure15:13
JediMasterz0rt|work, do-dist-upgrade -d should do it all for your15:13
gnomefreakz0rt|work: use update-manager -d in terminal15:13
JediMasterz0rt|work, however, I found it was broken15:13
gnomefreakor do-dist*15:13
JediMasteron ubuntu-server15:13
mvoJediMaster: broken in what way?15:14
* gnomefreak perfers using update-manager over anything15:14
JediMastermvo, problem with mountall preventing it from even downloading the packages15:14
JediMasterbug 55958215:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 559582 in mountall "Upgrade from karmic to lucid failes with Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55958215:15
glancewho broke initramfs-tools/initramfs-tools-bin ?15:15
glancethey are out of sync and thus uninstallable15:15
JediMasterI provided a workaround to pull in the new mountall and then dist-upgrade though15:16
mvoJediMaster: oh, that one :/15:16
mvoindeed, that is a problem for certain configs15:16
JediMasteryeah, happened twice for me on two VPS machines15:16
mvothe latest update-manager will generate a system_state file that makes it easier to reproroduce15:17
mvoif you have a affected install, could you attach the file?15:17
mvoits in /var/log/dist-upgrade15:17
JediMastersure, let me take a peek15:17
mvocool, thanks15:18
raphathere we go ... the Lucid Lynx for a family of non-techy users15:19
z0rt|workrapha: good to hear :)15:19
raphaz0rt|work: hopefully it'll install cleanly on the machine! =)15:20
JediMastermvo, added to the bug report15:21
raphaomg no USB booting?!15:21
raphait does show the stickx15:22
raphabut then boots windows regardless15:22
z0rt|workcan you tell your BIOS to boot from the USB stick?15:23
raphathere's only "removable devices" which i put in front of "harddisk"15:23
raphaand then i can press F815:24
raphaand choose "removable devices"15:24
raphathen it shows the stick and i choose that15:24
kennyGhow do I install this Lucid Lynx?15:25
mvothanks JediMaster15:25
Urdamvo: Yes just a sec15:26
gnomefreakmvo: what is the dpkg command to force a package to upgrade (i dont recall)15:27
Urdamvo: more than 100K, hang on15:27
mvognomefreak: sudo dpkg --configure -a15:28
mvognomefreak: eh, sorry15:28
mvognomefreak: misread15:28
mvognomefreak: to force a upgrade? when dependencies are unmet? or when a script like postinst fails?15:29
gnomefreakmvo: np i thought it was sudo dpkg -i --force /var/......deb15:29
gnomefreakmvo: no failure to upgrade due to config issues15:29
mvognomefreak: there are various --force options, like --force-depends15:29
gnomefreakbug 56377115:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563771 in ttf-indic-fonts "package ttf-indic-fonts-core 1:0.5.4ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56377115:29
gnomefreakmvo: ^^^ that bug15:29
mvoaha, this one15:29
gnomefreakoh crap its overwrite15:30
mvoin this case its best to wait for the new package, that will fix it automatically15:30
Urdamvo: got the apt.og for you http://pastebin.ca/186186715:30
gnomefreakthat is i think it is15:30
Urdamvo: just kidding. that isn't long enough15:31
gnomefreakmvo: good point15:31
Urdamvo: OK, HERE is my apt.log in its full glory http://dl.dropbox.com/u/46685/apt.log15:32
Urdamvo: if you need anything else from the log folder let me know15:33
mvoUrda: the root cause seems to be a initramfs-tools / initramfs-tools-bin version mismatch, that is not uncommon during development, my advice is to wait a bit (couple of hours) until all mirrors are updated and its build etc15:34
mvoUrda: is that a amd64?15:34
Urdamvo: x64 9.10 on an intel processor ... so yes15:34
mvoUrda: ok, waiting is the best option, in this case u-m prevented a upgrade that may have caused havoc :) (https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools in lucid shows its only build for i386 yet)15:35
mvoLP says it will be buildin ~1h15:36
mvoplus publishing and mirroring ~4h or so depending on the mirror15:36
Urdamvo: How did you know it was that? I tried reading the logs and failed :)15:37
mvoUrda: the logs are "special". seriously, the log format is pretty awful :(15:37
lirelhi, i found seamonkey-browser to be installed. it wars about a too old version that has security issues. i can't remember having it installed manually. apt-cach rdepends ends up with enigmail. how can i check if enigmail is the culprit? how can i further check if i just selected seamonkey as one of the recommended packages who came with enigmail?15:37
mvoUrda: takes a bit of experience to walk from the failure back to the cause, in this case, plymouth, udev, initramfs-tool, initramfstools-bin15:37
Urdamvo: so perhaps try again tomorrow :)15:38
mvoJediMaster: thanks, with the file I can reproduce the failure15:38
kennyGcoc0nut, I made it. Thank you man!15:38
mvoUrda: yeah, that should work15:38
mvoUrda: let me know if it works then (if I'M around in irc :)15:38
JediMastermvo, heh, did you just setup a VM with the same packages?15:38
mvoJediMaster: yes, a chroot15:39
Urdamvo: Oh ok. Just been itching to get my 9.10 upgraded :)15:39
JediMastermvo, any ideas what combination or lack of packages is causing it?15:39
gnomefreaklirel: the fix was pushed to Lucid for enigmail+seamonkey. As of this moment i do not have time and havent had time to update it to latest version but we planed on SM2 but that is a mess right now and is not looking good for Lucid either15:39
mvoJediMaster: not yet, sorry. these failure take a bit to debug usually15:40
lirelgnomefreak: would that have happened if thunderbird was installed before?15:40
Urdamvo: I'll wait another day then :)15:40
gnomefreaklirel: it was a depends issue in enigmail but i dont recall when looking at it. but you can check depends using apt-cache15:41
JediMastermvo, out of interest are you a developer/package manager?15:41
lirelgnomefreak: or better: can i make sm go away when installing thunderbird :p15:42
mvoJediMaster: yes15:42
vishX is very bad :/  it leaks memory when i watch movies , uses high CPU if screensaver is running.. all was so nice during alpha , it is now acting out :(15:42
lirelgnomefreak: well thanks i'll just dig through the deps :)15:43
gnomefreaklirel: no you need to remove seamonkey if you dont want it.15:43
Dimmuxxvish: yeah xorg seems to eat a crazy amount of ram lately15:44
coz_Dimmuxx,  nvidia driver?15:44
Dimmuxxno intel15:44
vishcoz_: you too? ;)15:44
coz_Dimmuxx,  ah ok  sorry15:44
coz_vish,  that was my first guess :)15:45
vishhappens for me on ATI15:45
Dr_WillisI still see eveyr so often the Nvidia  X  'failsafe' type dialog.. i tell it to exit to console.. and it restarts X...15:45
Dr_Willisand then works.. Not srue why its doing that15:45
vishDimmuxx: try diabling the BO reuse from driconf , btw, Bug 56340015:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563400 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Playing flash video causes memory hogging" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56340015:45
Dr_Willisthat DKMS thing not being finished by the time X starts up perhaps?15:45
visherr, disabling*15:48
Dimmuxxvish: yeah that's probably it15:48
lirelgnomefreak: after installing thunderbird, seamonky-mailnews got removed. however seamonkey-browser was kept without any rdeps left, strange15:48
h00kwhat, my buttons are on the other side again.15:48
Dimmuxxvish: how do I disable BO reuse?15:49
vishh00k: waaaat! not possible!15:49
vishDimmuxx: install driconf package and it is supposed to be available in that15:50
gnomefreaklirel: thunderbird does not conflick for SM-browser since they do different things and they are different binaries15:50
vishDimmuxx: i dont find the option for ATI though15:50
Dimmuxxvish: found it so thanks15:51
GartralI have a serious issue with X, it loads, then loops the "ready" sound over and over, my CPU is burning at 60C and the system is nonresponsive. i can login to recovery root.. but i dont know what too look for15:57
joaopintoGartral, it seems to be something wrong with gdm15:57
joaopintoGartral, check /var/log/boot.log15:58
Dimmuxxvish: looks like it fixes the problem :)15:58
Gartralalright, brb15:59
=== droid is now known as gartral
gartralhmm.. /var/log/boot isnt showing much16:06
vishDimmuxx: do mention it on the bug too ..16:07
gartralintresting. ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 416:08
ChogyDangartral: more than one partition?16:09
gartral3 drives..16:10
gartralnot including the external16:10
SuperLagHopefully I'm not asking a question 1765384957439857 others have already asked... but is any of you having trouble updating ttf-indic-fonts-core?16:10
gartralkdm showing similar issues?16:11
PiciSuperLag: Only about 3 people have mentioned it thus far.16:12
bullgardMy Firefox 3.6.3 uses an old plugin QuickTimePlug-In 7.2.0. How can I update this to version 7.6.4?16:12
gartralchogydan sorry16:13
ChogyDangartral: ?16:13
JediMasteranyone here use Zend Studio in Lucid? I'm getting constant crashes whenever autocomplete pops up (all the bloody time!)16:14
gartrali didnt tag your name to those posts16:15
ChogyDangartral: I think status 4 means there was nothing to optimize on said partition.  It happens if you have partitions not involved in the boot, like /home16:18
z0rt|workSuperLag: i am having the problem as well16:18
z0rt|worki reported it just now16:19
SlartHello, I've just installed beta 2 on a laptop, install worked fine and the first boot showed everything as working.. I ran some updates and restarted and now nothing works.. I can't even boot into recovery mode.. beta2 live cd works fine though16:20
gartralworkarounds? no kernal is working16:21
arandgartral: you get to the grub menu, does recovery mode work?16:24
gartralnot with X16:24
raphaoh noes, no something seems to be wrong16:25
h00kDoes anyone have the link to the flickr stream for Lucid stuffs?16:25
raphai booted from the CD and now it's sitting there with the ubuntu log16:25
raphafor 10 minutes :-(16:25
PiciSuperLag: That package should be getting a fix soon.16:25
gartralarand original symptoms; lock at login screen, "readyN sound looping and all inputs not responsive16:25
arandgartral: oops, that was meant for Slart16:26
* gartral pouts16:26
Slartarand: nope.. ends up in a black screen, no ttys that I can access.. although it responds to a CTRL+ALT+DEL16:26
bullgardMy Firefox 3.6.3 uses an old plugin QuickTimePlug-In 7.2.0. How can I update this to version 7.6.4?16:26
Slartarand: basically the same for both kernels, normal and recovery16:27
arandgartral: But for that ~/.xsession-errors and /var/log/gdm/* might be interesting.16:27
raphawhat's wrong when 10.04 hangs at the ubuntu logo while booting the installer?16:27
rapha(beta2 that is)16:27
ikonia1/window 3816:28
scott_ino2Bah.... does nobody care that dvdrip for 64 bit flat out doesn't work... why can't they at least confirm the bug in transcode :(16:28
Slartarand: talking to me again?16:28
chorserapha: try disabling settings like acpi in the installer's boot menu16:28
arandSlart: So the kernel doesn't even start?16:28
raphachorse: okay, let me try16:29
Slartarand: well.. I guess the kernel starts.. it gets as far as detecting some usb stuff.. then black screen16:29
Slartarand: nothing interesting in kern.log or syslog that I could see.. come to think of it.. I didn't check the X log files.. let me do that real quick16:30
ChogyDanSlart: Im just curious, what kernel version are you using?16:30
SlartChogyDan: I downloaded the 64bit beta today.. ran some updates and it updated the kernel.. don't remember the exact number16:30
arandSlart: hm, wild guess, add nomodeset to the kernel line...16:30
raphachorse: now it has started X :-)16:31
gartralarand how do i open these :0-xxxxxxx.log files from term?16:31
Slartarand: oh.. disable the kernel mode setting? lucid is using the neuvau driver.. or however it's spelled?16:31
chorserapha: nice, you may need to tweak the settings a bit after installation again (i don't know if you still need to do that)16:31
arandgartral: use sudo and you favourite text viewer..16:32
MarkieMark1hi, is there a specific channel for indicator-applet / indicator-applet-session?16:32
arandgartral: if you want to cd into there use sudo -s to get to a root shell16:32
raphachorse: i.e. it will set up the system with the settings i chose now?16:32
chorserapha: i don't know tbh16:33
gartralarand im opening them and theyre empty16:33
h00kMarkieMark1: I'm going to say probably not, no16:33
chorserapha: see if it works after installation, if not, boot the installation media again and ask here for help for disabling acpi in the boot menu16:34
Slartarand: nomodeset didn't change anything.16:34
h00kMarkieMark1: what is your question?16:34
IdleOneheh Ubuntu 20.04 We ran out of animal names :/16:35
chorseyou can do that from the installation image (mounting the system partition)16:35
MarkieMark1generally I'm preparing to develop patches, it looks as though it needs autoconf / etc is there a general building how-to?16:35
gregreis there any way to see the boot commands at the live cd start? because i get a freez while want to start the install.16:35
arandgartral: try ls -l and see which of them have size more than zero?16:35
MarkieMark1indicator-session seems to have its own configure file already so that should be more straightforward16:36
MarkieMark1./configure I suppose then make16:36
gartralarand wierd.. even ones that say they have something in them are empty16:36
azopDoes anyone know why the lightning-extension package is an option in Lucid?  Lucid installs Thunderbird 3.0.4, and the lightning-extension is for Thunderbird 2.016:36
arandgartral: might be you got the filename wrong when opening it?16:37
bullgardMy Firefox 3.6.3 uses an old plugin QuickTimePlug-In 7.2.0. How can I update this to version 7.6.4?16:38
MarkieMark1what's the usual sequence of autoconf/automake commands though? for indicator-applet itself, that has no configure file, merely a 'configure.ac'16:41
MarkieMark1it is autoconf && ./configure && make?16:41
gregrehow can i get the window buttons on the right side of the window?16:44
patdk-wkthey are on the wrong side?16:45
nemogregre: change to another theme, or change values in gconf I think.16:46
nemosince I was on DarkRoom, they never changed for me16:46
nemosomeone here knows how to tickle the bot to give a relevant fact on this16:46
brainproxyI rebooted my aspire1 netbook today, on which I've been running the beta, and it was up to date w/ pkg mgr updates ... what's happening now is that my synaptics touchpad isn't responding16:46
brainproxyi do see in dmesg a notice for synaptics touchpad16:47
brainproxyso i think the module is loading16:47
nemogregre: http://mugginix.com/articles/2010/Mar/08/Lucid_Alpha_Window_Button_Position/16:47
nemogregre: that's the manual method16:47
brainproxy(I can ssh into it still)16:47
nemobut you can do same thing on commandline with gconf-tool16:47
nemoI just don't feel like writing the command16:47
nemoesp when it is in the bot guts somewhere16:48
gregrewhen i want do encrypt my home folder, must i do this while the installation or later?16:52
SlartOk, I've got an idea.. I compared the Xorg.0.log from the live cd session and the one from the failed boot with my laptop.. it seems that the non-working setup is trying to load a nvidia module for my graphics card.. the live cd loads the intel driver (the laptop has two cards, one intel and one nvidia). Can I make it ignore the nvidia card somehow? (I can't boot the system.. only edit files on it)16:55
vegaSlart: may be easier to change the order in the bios (if possible)16:56
Slartvega: no such option I'm afraid16:57
patdk-wkvega, that shouldn't matter anyways16:57
patdk-wkif it did, both of them would attempt to use the same card16:57
brainproxyanyone else experience their synaptics touchpad to stop working upon reboot, after a recent full-upgrade ?16:57
vegawell then, just specify Driver in xorg.conf16:57
m0arIn grub; what's the diffrence between GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" and GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""?16:58
Slartvega: I'll give it a try..16:58
Slartvega: thanks16:58
raphachorse: looks like indeed this is a hardware problem - it didnt put the options from the cd into the installed OS and it does fail to boot16:59
SlartYay, I've got my screen back..  =D16:59
raphahow can you keep tomboy from opening the "search notes" window when started through "startup programs"?17:03
arandm0ar: I think one gets added to all, and one gets added to all except the recovery boot options, roughly speaking.17:03
Dr_Willis!info rox17:04
ubottuPackage rox does not exist in lucid17:04
coz_rapha,  not sure but let me open tomboy << for the first time17:04
coz_rage,  what is the command you have to run tomboy from startup applications?17:05
m_anish!info sugar-0.8817:05
ubottuPackage sugar-0.88 does not exist in lucid17:05
m_anish!info sugar17:06
ubottuPackage sugar does not exist in lucid17:06
raphacoz_: just "tomboy", or "/usr/bin/tomboy" if you prefer17:06
coz_rapha,  that should prevent the search all notes dialog from opening...it does when run from terminal anyway17:06
raphacoz_: when i run tomboy from terminal _after_ ubuntu has booted, then it does not open any dialog at all. it only does so when started through "startup applications" while the computer is booting17:07
coz_rapha,   mm let me try this on the lucid machine be right back17:08
raphak :)17:08
raphachorse: trying to edit the grub command line, but after i press "ESC to return to the menu" the changes afre lost, and there seems to be no key to _save_ them?!17:10
avishas anyone got the amazonmp3 downloader working in lucid ?17:10
napsterPici, Here, let me try comment #517:10
Picinapster: it should be fixed automatically if you update/upgrade17:11
Dr_WillisI thought you just hit enter rapha ..17:11
Dr_Willisor 'b' to boot..17:11
napsterPici, I've tried updating ubuntu !17:11
napsterPici, Do you know what is the patch release date?17:11
raphaDr_Willis: that was with the old one-line editing - but now when you press Enter, you get a new line, when you press b you get a b17:12
Picinapster: Looks like it was fixed around the end of March17:12
Dr_Willistime to double check the grub2 docs i guess.17:12
napsterPici, ok17:12
* Dr_Willis waits for grub2 to get its own port of vi and emacs.17:12
coz_rapha, apparenlty you are correct .. I cant think of a solution to this offhand17:14
raphacoz_: okay, thanks for looking though! - maybe i will just file a bug17:15
Dr_Willisi will try in a min when i reboiot my other box.17:15
raphacool :-)17:15
coz_rapha,  seems to me with just the   "tomboy" command it should indeed just open the systray icon and nothing else17:15
raphacoz_: exactly, especially since there are explicit commanfd lineoptions for enabling other stuff17:16
napsterPici, Its not working :(17:18
OttifantSirHow can I connect to Ubuntu One?17:18
raphalet me try that Dr_Willis17:19
raphaOttifantSir: go to one.ubuntu.com and log in? or what do you mean?17:19
Dr_WillisTry ctrl-c    but from what i recall esc worked for me17:19
OttifantSirI have logged in on the site17:19
z0rt|workOttifantSir: the site has detailed instructions including which packages you need17:20
markl_ok this new purple FSCK page is quite buggy17:20
OttifantSirBut I can't get the "bubble" top right to connect to it17:20
markl_where should I report a bug?17:20
markl_it was trying to fsck 3 filesystems and it just freaked out17:20
raphaDr_Willis: indeed, ctrl-x boots your edited command line -- but why is the most impoortant key not documented there?!?!?!17:20
raphalooks like the ubuntu boot splash is what breaks the booting :-(17:21
Dr_WillisHmm.. i see a comment at the bootom of what im editing.. Ctrlc- for command line, ctrl-x to boot,  esc to return17:21
z0rt|workis there a way to just get rid of the boot splash?17:21
Dr_Willisuse the nosplash option perhaps.17:21
bbordwellz0rt|work, or use the text theme17:22
z0rt|workcool, thanks17:22
napsterPici, I quit... No one can fix this, switching to Windows17:23
Dr_Willistrying nosplash now.17:23
Dr_WillisI see text.. i see broken pipe message.. i see login :)17:23
markl_z0rt|work: i go into the grub interface and remove the splash and quiet options17:23
OttifantSirI have logged in to Ubuntu One site, tried to connect through the "bubble" in the top right panel, added the machine, but I can't connect. Should I file a bug, or is there something I'm missing? The instructions are somewhat old.17:24
Dr_WillisHmm. i see 3 entries called 'guest-restricted' now in my KDM menus.17:24
Dr_WillisOttifantSir:  theres #ubuntuone channel that may have experts17:24
raphaDr_Willis: well, I see the German translation of that comment, and there's no Ctrl-X in that translation17:24
raphaDr_Willis: i'd prefer to know WHY the bootsplash makes the system hang onj boot17:25
Dr_Willisrapha:  I had it hang earlier today on me.. then a reboot.. and it started working..17:25
Dr_Willisbut ive been updateing about every 5 hrs today17:25
Dr_Williswow - Lubuntu has a netbook interface. :)17:27
Cryp71cHas anyone any guidance on speeding up a fresh 10.04 install?17:27
Dr_WillisCryp71c:  gnome-xchat is rather pathic compared to the normal xchat. and theres no tweak guides out yet.. because its still in a state of flux.17:28
Cryp71cDr_Willis, pathic?17:29
raphaCryp71c: isn't it fast enough already?!17:29
Cryp71crapha, I find some programs hang, especially when I'm working with the software center adding / removing things.17:29
Dr_WillisYea - xchat-gnome is lacking in so many  ways.. its sad17:29
JoshuaLCryp71c, preload, /tmp to tmpfs etc etc17:29
raphawierd Cryp71c haven't had any crashes so far17:29
raphabut i'm running an un-updated version17:30
Cryp71crapha, no crashes here either, just loss of speed at times.17:30
Dr_Willissoftware center is  a work in progress.. you may have better luck with the command line tools or synaptic17:30
raphaah right17:30
* rapha never used the software center - what for, synaptic has everything yoxu need17:30
Cryp71cDr_Willis, ah, so synaptic would be recommended over software center? Is synaptic being phased out in favor of the software center, or ?17:30
Dr_WillisCryp71c:  i doubt if it will ever get phased out. Its the old workhorse been in use for years.17:31
Dr_Willisand it definatly has features not in the 'software center'17:31
raphamaybe they'll take it out of the menus by default17:32
Cryp71chrm, how can I start synaptic as root, or with elevated permissions..?17:32
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)17:32
Dr_Willisvia gksudo whatever, or in the menus.. it should ask at startup17:33
Cryp71cI distinctly recall being able to run synaptic and it would auto-elevate itself, but I was logged in as a non-super user...is my memory failing me, or?17:33
raphaguys, after editing /etc/defaults/grub, what do i do to apply the changes?17:34
Dr_Willisupdate-grub command17:34
Dr_Willis!grub2 | rapha17:34
ubotturapha: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:34
Dr_WillisTheres getting to be a lot of good grub2 docs out now17:35
Dr_Willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275    at the end - has some VERY good links17:35
Dr_Willisand good docs :)17:35
chorserapha: i was afk, have you solved your issue?17:38
raphaupdate-grub2 was all i needed for now :-)17:38
raphachorse: yes, thanks for asking - looks like i only need to disable the splash screen tpo make it boot17:38
chorsenice ;)17:38
raphachorse: now i have another probblem :-( - nvidia driver won't install properly17:39
chorserapha: is there an error message?17:40
Urdamvo: ping17:41
ninjaianybody know how I can map an xev-recognized keyboard shortcut to a /sys/ file? (controls my keyboard backlight)17:41
Cryp71cWhere are application icons typically stored (eg, firefox icon, synaptic icon, etc.)17:41
Dr_Willisthey can be in several different dirs.17:42
Urdamvo: I have the upgrade running now that launchpad had a build17:42
Dr_Willistry a 'locate .png'   or locate .png | grep program17:42
markl_i realize that it is tough to predict an exact date, but when do we expect Lucid to be officially released?17:42
markl_e.g. 4/20 or later?17:43
markl_or any minute now17:43
raphachorse: yeah, to look into jockey.log - but that contains an awful lot of information, i don't know what to make of it :-(17:43
mvoUrda: aha, nice17:43
markl_trying to motivate a vendor to get their PPA up to date17:43
Urdamvo: thank you for that pointer :) just got to wait for a crap down of packages to download17:43
chorserapha: does the installation process fail?17:44
ninjaimarkl_: I believe they said something like the 26th.17:44
markl_ah, "The final stable version will be released on April 29, 2010."17:45
ninjaimarkl_: Also, you should try the beta... it updates often, and it's surprisingly stable for an ubuntu beta.17:45
ninjaicrap I was going to say 29th lol17:45
Cryp71ck, I'll be back, gotta get rid of gnome-xchat17:45
markl_ninjai: i installed alpha 2 and have been using it since then, it seems to mostly work well17:46
markl_except that the FSCK screen is extremely broken17:46
raphachorse: yes. but i do have the nvidia settings tool installed.17:47
Dr_WillisI will be amazed if theres not some delay..  but we will see17:47
raphachorse: would it help if i uploaded you that log file somewhere?17:47
chorserapha: you can upload it to a nopaste service, but i don't know much about the nvidia driver, i use the free one17:48
ninjaimarkl_: fsck broken? I haven't used it... I see it pop up when it boots but nothing messed up looking.  Also I get no boot screen anymore lol17:48
markl_i made a big mistake and left my macbook pro unplugged when i went home yesterday17:51
markl_when it booted up it tried to fsck 3 filesystems at once17:51
markl_and this new purple screen doesn't seem to like it17:52
markl_i had to boot without the splash screen to get it to come up17:52
Dr_WillisHmm.. the mount/fstab file has options to set what orders they get fscked in.. ive neer had issues with 2+ fs's neeidng fscked at the same time17:52
markl_i'm not sure what went wrong exactly but it sucked - how do I report a bug like this?17:53
markl_i would be happy to try to duplicate it17:53
=== screen-x` is now known as screen--x
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
raphachorse: okay i've uploaded it here: http://pastie.org/private/vcst8a7u9kbh0ir0cbo8bg18:05
=== smokex_ is now known as smokex
=== jpds changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Thunderbird broken in updates (bug #563893) | Official Ubuntu Lucid Lynx support/discussion | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Milestones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynxSchedule | Beta 2 released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/beta2
raphahow can i get an email provider added to desktop-webmail?18:09
z0rt|workoo, finalfreeze today18:10
rob0917when is ubuntu 10-04 rc due out ?18:13
joaopinto!lucid | rob091718:14
ubotturob0917: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+1 - Development Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule18:14
ChogyDananyone know about configuring the frequency of a kernel?18:14
=== running_rabbit07 is now known as uRock
BluesKajChogyDan, kernel update/upgrade schedule ?18:26
scott_ino2anyone know how i can show how far im zoomed in in gimp like in 2.5? it just says background now...18:29
scott_ino2I realize this might be off topic but hey the chat was slow :)18:29
BluesKajscott_ino2, there might be #gimp chat , maybe they can help18:31
Piciscott_ino2: I believe  that there is a bug filed for that. I remember seeing mention of it on planet ubuntu.18:31
BluesKajscott_ino2, yup, there's a gimp room18:31
benkevananyone know why I might not be getting html mails correctly in Lotus Notes running on 10.04 ?18:32
nhainesscott_ino2: that drives me insane, so do let me know if you find out.  :)18:33
Need_halpTime to rant18:35
Need_halpufw - corrupted tar file18:35
PiciThis isn't the place to rant.  If you need help just as a question.18:35
BluesKajNeed_halp, not gonna help , just ask18:35
nailor1can i change the mirror that updates are downloaded from? i need ttf-indic-fonts (1:0.5.8ubuntu2) but it is not on the mirror i seem to be downloading from, yet18:35
Need_halpkernel 3.20.21(ithink) cantmount fs18:35
scott_ino2thank you all for the responses, again, I realize that was completely off topc but figured you all might know18:36
PiciNeed_halp: That should be hitting the repositories  soon.18:36
PiciNeed_halp: sorry, nailor1 ^18:36
Need_halpNow the other problem18:36
BluesKajnailor1, yes change it in your package manager sources18:36
PiciNeed_halp: There is no kernel 3.20.2118:36
Need_halpI can't fu**ing logon to ubuntu18:36
UnNaturalHighdoes anyone else get a lot of programs crashing in lucid?18:36
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Need_halpWell, ld.so crashed in my lucid18:37
UnNaturalHighI am on average having 4 programs crash per day18:37
Need_halpdoes that count?18:37
PiciUnNaturalHigh: Are you filing bugs for them?18:37
UnNaturalHighPici, yes18:37
Need_halpI can't login to ubuntu18:37
UnNaturalHighto be honest for a LTS, I have had more bugs in lucid then any previous version18:37
z0rt|workNeed_halp: elaborate on that for us18:38
UnNaturalHighNeed_halp, reset your password?18:38
Need_halpmey user being "module is unknown"18:38
PiciUnNaturalHigh: Its not released yet.18:38
Need_halpI can't do anything18:38
Need_halpIf you try loging on from  tty consoles18:38
UnNaturalHighPici, fair enough, but I have ran betas of numerous previous ubuntu's and problems where not so prevalent18:38
nailor1BluesKaj: thx, temporarily changed it to the master server. thx too, pici, but needed it right now18:38
Need_halpIt says that ld.so assertionfailed18:39
Need_halpGod, Ihate this kbd18:39
PiciNeed_halp: When does it say that?18:39
Need_halpWhen you try to logon18:40
Need_halpi.e. type your frickin username18:40
PiciNeed_halp: Please mind your attiude, we're not psychic.18:40
Amnitehave a question i downloaded the Azenis cursors and they only work within my firefox, and when i resize a window other than that i get the normal pointer and loading cursors. Ive tried restartting and everything... any ideas?18:40
Need_halpIt's the kbd >:318:40
PiciAmnite: See https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/45964718:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459647 in gnome-control-center "Cannot change mouse cursor theme when compiz is enabled" [Low,New]18:41
Amniteisnt compiz what makes all my windows and animations look nice18:41
PiciAmnite: Yes.18:41
Need_halpI can give you the whole error if you like18:41
PiciNeed_halp: That would be helpful.18:42
Need_halpRight, gimme a few18:42
Cryp71cI'm trying to install the Inconsolata font, and I'm doing so via synaptic but after installing it, its not available in netbeans...alternatively I tried downloading the .otf (Saw on the wiki that in Lynx you should be able to right-click on it and "Install Font" but that option wasn't there).18:44
Cryp71cAnyone have experience with this? Do I need to install it manually?18:44
Need_halpPici, check my pm18:47
kklimondaam I getting blind or did all links changed color to orange?18:47
kklimondafor example in evolution or firefox's awesome bar..18:47
lucivukeep getting this 'Checking Battery State'..can't it be smart to know it's a desktop? looks like default is laptop install18:48
guntbertNeed_halp: you can use !pastebin  for longer texts - no need to PM18:48
Need_halpWell it isnt long18:49
=== Urda_ is now known as Urda
lucivuquassel won't start?18:49
Cryp71clucivu, did a Lynx install yesterday on desktop, no problems here with it thinking its a laptop.18:49
PiciNeed_halp: Just post it here, I need to run to a meeting myself and cannot one-on-one this.  Sorry.18:49
Need_halp"Inconsistency detected ld.so:dynamic-link.h:182:elf_get_dynamic_info: Assertion `info[20]->d_un.d_val==7' failed!" - Anyone had this problem in lucid18:49
Need_halpIt happens right after you try to login18:50
lucivuCryp71c: But do you see that battery state icon on sys tray?18:50
Cryp71clucivu, nope18:50
lucivuCryp71c: also you probably don't see it bec you have pymouth18:50
Cryp71clucivu, pymouth?18:51
lucivuCryp71c: *plymouth18:51
Need_halpDesktops can have their batteries aka "UPS" that connect with a simple usb18:51
Need_halpDoesn't that count for ubuntu to check? >:)18:52
lucivuNeed_halp: check what? don't have one so why bother?18:52
scott_ino2oh nice if you use a ups does ubuntu have a nice little icon in panel? where you can check status etc.? just curious18:52
Need_halpTo check if you bought one and connected it18:52
Need_halpand don't youwant ubuntu to be plug n play18:52
Need_halpHmm o.~18:53
lucivuNeed_halp: nope..this install is vbox guest mind you18:53
Need_halpUbuntu doesn't know if it's on a vbox18:54
Need_halpIt acts as if it was on a laptop/desktop18:54
Need_halpand also18:54
Need_halpLinux can be on a external HD18:54
Need_halpSo would make sense to check18:54
Need_halpSince you don't know on what pc you're gonna end up18:55
pasteeateris *awk installed by default on the minimal install?18:55
Need_halpWindows does same18:56
lucivuNeed_halp: how can a usb connected UPS power a desktop? usb is only 5v and low amperage18:56
jrrlucivu: it doesn't18:56
jrrusb reports information18:56
Need_halpusb gives info about the ups18:56
Need_halpnot the power18:56
Need_halppower is through the old cable18:56
jrrthe computer's power cable also plugs into the UPS18:56
Need_halp"Inconsistency detected ld.so:dynamic-link.h:182:elf_get_dynamic_info: Assertion `info[20]->d_un.d_val==7' failed!"18:57
Need_halpStill need help withthis18:57
Need_halpi can't login to ubuntu18:58
jrranybody else that sounds serious18:58
h00kvish: no, apparently they really did switch order :)18:59
jrrlinker/loader assertion.. could just be a corrupt binary18:59
h00kvish: the buttons18:59
Need_halpthen i need ld.so18:59
Need_halpand get it into ubuntu18:59
Need_halpwithout no access to anything18:59
lucivuNeed_halp: cud be more issue than just the linker19:00
Need_halplucivu, how old are you19:01
lucivuNeed_halp: looks like your kernel & ld are not in sync19:01
lucivuNeed_halp: does it matter how old am I?19:01
Need_halphmm....How can you tellthey're not in sync19:01
lucivuNeed_halp: am guessing yfrom your err msg.. your kernel is trying to load some modules19:03
Need_halpYeah, it's trying to load the login module19:03
Need_halpgosh darn it19:03
duffydackWhut?  buttons AGAIN?19:04
jrrduffydack: yeah pretty funny19:06
charlie-tcatesting, testing, testing. gotta get it right pretty soon19:06
jrrit's per-theme, and i think you might even be able to reorder them within a theme19:06
jrrbut still pretty funny19:06
jrrseems like they should be consistent with either windows or macos and leave it at that19:07
Need_halpNah, ubuntu has to be unique19:08
Need_halpin the end19:08
Need_halpthe buttons will be in the right down corner19:08
Need_halpand the window name will be rotated 90o in the left of the window19:09
UrdaNeed_halp: sounds good, get that patch going19:10
Need_halpWell having a weird button order is still better than not being able to use your pc at all =(19:11
jrrNeed_halp: did you just install fresh? upgrade?19:11
Need_halpinstall updates19:12
Need_halpupdates upgraded the kernel19:12
Need_halpI'll go try recoverymodeagain19:14
Need_halpmaybe reinstall some libld.so19:14
jrrmaybe call out a specific kernel version19:14
Need_halpNow I get kernel panic19:16
Need_halpnot the game19:17
ninjaiDoes anyone know if it's possible to have ubuntu's notification icon (the mail envelope thing) check gmail instead of using evolution??19:17
Need_halpalthough i wish it was just a game19:17
Need_halpWhy don't any ubuntu devs  hang out here19:20
Need_halpi mean srsly19:20
Dimmuxxbecause people whine to much on irc ;)19:20
andersronningenHey. I just apt-upgraded from Karmic to Lucid Beta 2 on my MBP, and the upgrade of grub failed. It said it could not install to /dev/sda3.19:20
Need_halpNow we both can't login!!!19:21
lucas-argim experiencing some issues with hdd... its locks thinking for some reasing i dont know what... and the system gets really laggy... any other of u had this problem?19:21
nhainesninjai: it works the other way around.  The notifier just sits there, and it's Evolution that sends the messages.  :)19:21
nhainesninjai: I don't know of any email checker that uses notifications but it would be great if they did!19:21
ninjainhaines: thanks! is there any way to get gmail to work with it?19:21
ninjainhaines: ah.. fail.19:21
nhainesninjai: Well, the good news is that any such email checker would probably work with everything.  So now you just have to find it.  Extra points for writing one if you can't find it.  ;)19:22
charlie-tcaNeed_halp: do any old kernels boot?19:23
PhantomasHas the Non LanguagePack translation deadline passed? I am not sure if this is the correct channel to ask... I asked in #ubuntu too19:24
Pici!schedule | Phantomas19:24
ubottuPhantomas: A schedule of Lucid Lynx (10.04) release milestones can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule19:24
PiciHave you checked that?19:25
lucas-argno one had this problem like i did??19:25
Picilucas-arg: Is swap mounted?19:25
lucas-argPici: let me check19:25
PhantomasPici: yes, I just want to upload one more package :) Has the "Final translation export from LP" happened? I guess yes19:25
lucas-argPici: yes it is...19:26
OttifantSirHow do I get e-mail back in the indicator applet? I haven't used Evolution since 6.06, and usually delete everything but evolution-data-server-common, but Thunderbird won't work, and after a re-install of Evolution, e-mail is no longer an option in indicator applet19:26
Picilucas-arg: Well, there goes my idea.19:26
lucas-argPici: thanks... im guessing its the kernel...19:26
andersronningenAnyone got a clue where I start if I want to manually recover/reconfigure grub?19:27
ninjainbaines: gmail-notify has worked for me in the past but that's an extra thing running.  plus 2 notifiers which is annoying.19:27
nhainesninjai: well, there will always be something else running.19:28
charlie-tca!grub2 andersronningen19:28
saji89Hey under which package do i submit my sound-card related bugs?19:29
charlie-tca!grub2 | andersronningen19:29
ubottuandersronningen: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:29
Picisaji89: I *think* you can just use 'sound'  and it'll assign it properly.19:29
KB1JWQIdiot question of the day.  When aptitude shows new packages with an {a} next to their name, does that indicate it'll require a reboot?19:29
PiciFrom apport/ubuntu-bug19:29
andersronningencharlie-tca: thx.19:30
charlie-tcaGood luck19:30
saji89Pici, You mean from the terminal?19:30
Picisaji89: yes.19:31
=== Votan is now known as Votan|off
saji89Pici, i tried <ubuntu-bug sound> now. But, it sys that no such package exists.19:32
guntbertKB1JWQ: doesn't that mean "automatic"? as in "pulled in as dependency"?19:33
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=== slacker|away is now known as slacker_nl
DShepherdis there a dock that i can use that doesn't require compositing?19:33
ActionParsnipYo yo yo +119:34
ActionParsnipDshepherd: simdock19:34
atrusindicator-sound, gnome-panel, indicator-applet, indicator-applet-session, all taking up about 100% cpu currently. wondering if there's anything i should try to look at/document before killing things... thoughts?19:34
ActionParsnipAtrus: the 'top' command will help19:34
almoxarifeanyone getting an update error associated with thunderbird?19:34
atrusActionParsnip: i'm looking but all it tells me is that they're all going kind of nuts :)19:35
Picisaji89: Like I said, I wasn't sure if that would work.19:35
demifurorhey guys, can anyone tell me how to install my nvidia 8800 gts in lucid?19:35
brad[]Lame question - is anyone using xchat-xsys in Lucid? It crashes xchat when I run /sysinfo.19:35
saji89Pici, That's fine.. :) any other alternates?19:36
guntbertalmoxarife:  Thunderbird broken in updates (bug #563893) (see /topic)19:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563893 in thunderbird "Thunderbird will not launch do to a recursive symlink" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56389319:36
ActionParsnipDemifuror: add the nvidia-vpau ppa and install nvidia-glx-18519:36
bjsniderdemifuror, use jockey to activate nvidia-current19:36
bjsniderActionParsnip, wrong19:36
saji89Anybody.. Can you please tell me how exactly to file a bug related to my sound driver using the ubuntu-bug command?19:36
almoxarifeis there a fix for nautilus crashing when one tries to go into a network with 'actions' packg installed?19:37
ActionParsnipBjsnider: works 100% here so not wrong19:37
Picisaji89: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems , specifcally ubuntu-bug -p alsa-base , but the other information may be of use.19:37
bjsniderActionParsnip, there are no lucid drivers in that ppa19:38
saji89The thing is that.. my sound worked fine, till i updated..19:38
charlie-tcasaji89: file it using 'ubuntu-bug linux' and then subscribe the audio team19:38
almoxarifeguntbert: wrong error, this is an error associated with synaptic update19:38
guntbertalmoxarife: ok19:39
charlie-tcasaji89: referenced here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems19:39
demifurorbjsnider: it says this driver is activated but currently not in use, how do i put it to use?19:39
saji89After update, the sound device was shown as 'Dummy Output' and no sound was heard...19:39
bjsniderdemifuror, that was a bug in the beta2 release. it has since been fixed19:39
ActionParsnipBjsnider: well I added it and it doesn't error when I apt-get update so it must19:40
bjsniderActionParsnip, how long have you been using it?19:41
almoxarifeis the memory hogging by chromium a lucid issue only, its disappointing, I have to revert to firefox or have chromium taking nears a gig of mem19:41
ActionParsnipBjsnider: since alpha 319:41
ActionParsnipBjsnider: http://ppa.launchpad.net/nvidia-vdpau/ppa/ubuntu/dists/19:41
bjsnideri'm sure you're actually using nvidia-current. it prompts for an upgrade19:42
saji89does anyone know what the "Dummy Output" sound device is?19:42
ActionParsnipBjsnider: you will find it has lucid if you hit that link19:42
bjsniderbut tha apt package like doesn't have any lucid drivers, so apt-get won't see t hat19:42
ActionParsnipBjsnider: since 29 nov 200919:42
ActionParsnipStill has a ppa for lucid though doesn't it19:43
luciani'm getting a failed to fetch error when trying to upgrade19:43
bjsniderthere are some lucid packages but not drivers19:43
almoxarifelucian: thunderbird?19:44
lucianalmoxarife: yes19:44
almoxarifelucian: me too19:44
lucianand as a result, the system wont upgrade19:44
Picilucian, almoxarife: Check the channel's topic19:44
ActionParsnipBjsnider: its a good ppa to have with nvidia as it has optomised mplayer goodness. The command I gave should also install the driver from wherever it can19:44
Need_halpthis is weird19:44
Need_halpnow ubuntu's every single kernel tries to mount a ntfs as root19:45
lucianso, do we just wait this out?19:45
Need_halpand generates a kernel panic19:45
almoxarifePici: thnks19:45
almoxarifePici: I should read that more often :)19:45
ActionParsnipNeed_help: could add it in fstab19:45
Picialmoxarife, lucian: Looks like the fix was already released, it probably will be hitting the repositories soon.19:45
Need_halpI don't get it,why does ubuntu kernel even try to mount not it's own fs19:46
bjsniderActionParsnip, he didn't ask for mplayer, he asked for the driver19:46
almoxarifePici: the fix I am waiting for is the 'nautilus-network' crash when 'actions' pckg is installed19:46
z0rt|workis there a way to make the slideshow screensaver display nothing but hubble images?19:47
jrrz0rt|work: delete all the others? =]19:47
ActionParsnipBjsnider: true but the ppa seems to release the newer drivers better than the default repo. The commadnd should install 195.something from the standard repo but will be updated as the vpau gets updated (useful)19:47
ActionParsnipZ0rt|work: make a folder of images and tell the screensaver to use the folder as a source would be my guess19:48
FlamekebabThis may be a tiresome and over-asked question, but is there any reason Gwibber will no longer start?19:48
Piciz0rt|work: Either modify the screensaver configuration file manually and use a different path for the pictures, or install xscreensaver, and use xscreensaver-demo to change the path.  If you do the latter, make sure that you do NOT start the xscreensaver daemon or stop the gnome-screensaver one.19:48
Need_halpI love it when you just don't get help when your whole pc doesn't work19:48
bjsniderActionParsnip, i won't be adding any new drivers for lucid until after lucid is released some time19:48
JoshuaLanyone else having bug 564096 ?19:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 564096 in console-setup "package console-setup 1.34ubuntu14 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56409619:49
ActionParsnipBjsnider: your call bro19:49
z0rt|workPici: thanks!19:49
Cryp71c....I can't seem to install thunderbird from apt-get/aptitude/synaptic.19:50
Cryp71cget an ip not found issue19:50
ali1234i'm trying to install this package onto lucid: https://launchpad.net/~gilir/+archive/updates/+sourcepub/1077002/+listing-archive-extra19:52
ali1234i added the ppa and the package shows up in synaptic but it always installs the lucid version instead19:52
ali1234even if i use "force version"19:52
ali1234i finally managed to install it by manually downloading and using dpkg19:52
ali1234is this a bug or what?19:53
blueyedJoshuaL: no.19:53
ActionParsnipAli1234: have you ran: sudo apt-get update19:53
Need_halp "Inconsistency detected ld.so:dynamic-link.h:182:elf_get_dynamic_info: Assertion `info[20]->d_un.d_val==7' failed!"  - on login try19:53
Need_halphelp appreciated19:53
blueyedJoshuaL: looks like an error in /etc/default/console-setup: line 4219:53
ali1234ActionParsnip: yes, like i said, the package shows up in synaptic but when i select it through "force version" the change is ignored19:54
blueyedJoshuaL: ping me, if you need more help/verification.19:54
=== ubuntujenkins3 is now known as ubuntujenkins
ali1234also any time i do an update it wants to remove the ppa version and replace it with the lucid version19:55
JoshuaLblueyed, well i reported it and i was wondering if i was the only one, just so others can mark it as this affects me too :)19:55
ActionParsnipAli1234: the page you gave gives deb files, just download the one matching your arch and install with dpkg19:55
ali1234ActionParsnip: i have done that19:55
ali1234ActionParsnip: and now update manager wants to remove it and reinstall the original lucid version19:55
ActionParsnipAli1234: hmm19:56
ali1234hmm indeed19:56
ali1234update manager says it is a "distriibution upgrade"19:56
ali1234so it is probably a problem on the ppa19:57
akiowhats the deal with the massive update?19:57
akioapproaching rc?19:57
JoshuaLalways use sudo aptitude safe-upgrade :)19:58
PolitikerNEUhmm ... just to ask: is everyone else having mass configuration problems when running aptitude too?19:59
charlie-tcaI only use apt-get19:59
atrusa few things broken in there today, for me.19:59
akioI have seen it core dump a few times but I think that has been fixed.19:59
z0rt|workakio: today is finalfreeze19:59
ActionParsnipPolitikerneu: I use apt-get only, sorry19:59
PolitikerNEUno problem ...20:00
Flamekebaband now empathy seems to be broken.20:00
FlamekebabThe username and pass I've given it definitely work, but it just throws "network error" without attempting to connect20:01
atrusany idea why epiphany-extensions is in universe in ubuntu?20:02
ActionParsnipFlamekebab: can you ping the logon server?20:02
atrusoh, i think i was confusing universe with multiverse.20:02
Urdathe jump to 10.04 went great, however when I reboot Ubuntu, it keeps kicking my Visual effects back to NONE from the Best. suggestions?20:03
ActionParsnipFlamekebab: if you log on as another user is it also bad?20:03
FlamekebabI don't have any other accounts to try20:04
Need_halpYus, i am ignored20:04
ActionParsnipUrda: add a startup item to run: compiz --replace20:04
Flamekebabmy other chat accounts work20:04
FlamekebabI'm not having any luck pinging the server, yet I can login on meebo.com20:04
UrdaActionParsnip: really wow... why is that, a bug?20:04
ActionParsnipUrda: no idea. I hate compiz20:06
UrdaActionParsnip: lol Sorry ... :(20:06
LordKowany of you informed on qmake project files?20:06
UrdaActionParsnip: I guess it is making my gnome and workspace switcher act strange, It jumps back to 4 on reboot instead of 620:07
ActionParsnipUrda: if it makes it work i'd run with it20:07
UrdaActionParsnip: about to reboot20:07
Need_halpTy q20:08
Need_halpTy ya'll for the help20:09
UrdaActionParsnip: splash screen is starting up, about to log in20:09
FlamekebabWell, apparently the server is currently unreachable. Ah well20:10
UrdaActionParsnip: didn't seem to do it :\20:10
ActionParsnipCould ask in #compiz20:10
UrdaYup, Appearance -> Visual Effects are back to None20:10
ActionParsnipUrda: make sure you are the owner of all of your home folder20:11
UrdaActionParsnip: good Idea...20:11
ninjaianyone here have gm-notify working properly? I downloaded the source and changed 1 thing so it would work in 10.04 but there are still a couple bugs... has anyone attempted to fix them?20:11
z0rt|workand make sure you have homeowners insurance :P20:12
Urdaz0rt|work: oh noes!20:12
nhainesninjai: file bugs!  And file a bug on the thing you patched and then submit a patch.  :)20:13
FlamekebabWell, I just updated Gwibber and it's still b0rked20:13
ninjainbaines: I've never really filed bugs or patches to launchpad before... would it even be right to fix the installation bug, and upload it if it's still partially broken?20:14
raphaI get an error when installing the nvidia driver, and this is the log: http://pastie.org/private/vcst8a7u9kbh0ir0cbo8bg - can somebody help me?20:15
charlie-tcarapha: is the error that the drivers did not instll?20:16
raphacharlie-tca: yes!20:17
bjsniderrapha, it says it installed the 173 driver20:17
raphacharlie-tca: and after a reboot there is also no green dot20:17
charlie-tcarestart. They actually install20:17
raphabjsnider: charlie-tca: can i verify its installed somehow?20:18
charlie-tcaMine all give me that, but they work after the restart20:18
bjsniderrapha, it is20:18
=== jeiworth_ is now known as jeiworth
ActionParsnipRapha: dpkg -l | grep nvidia-glx20:18
raphaActionParsnip: that returns empty20:19
charlie-tcarapha: are you on Ubuntu? go to appearance and try the visual effects - best20:19
charlie-tcaIf it works, they installed20:19
bjsnidernvidia-glx is no longer a package name in lucid20:19
raphayes i am charlie-tca, but they had already worked with the default driver20:19
bjsniderrapha, it installed. restart.20:19
ojiican anybody here help me installing lucid on a macbook pro 5.1 ?20:19
raphabjsnider: aye, captain! :-)20:19
ActionParsnipI don't think its installed as the package would show up20:20
ActionParsnipBjsnider: its a grep so will find packages containing the text, not just named that, try it yourself20:20
yofelActionParsnip: the package is called nvidia-173 now, not nvidia-glx*20:20
saji89My Brightness control Hotkey doesn't work in Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2.20:21
The_DudeNoone helps me, I'm so lonely20:21
yofelActionParsnip: and nvidia-96 and nvidia-current for the others20:21
ActionParsnipYofel: grep will find ALL packages containing the string. Not just the absolute name20:21
charlie-tcaThe_Dude: I don't any question?20:21
ActionParsnip!find nvidia-glx20:21
raphaActionParsnip: does "ii" mean its installed?20:21
ubottuFound: nvidia-glx-173, nvidia-glx-173-dev, nvidia-glx-180, nvidia-glx-180-dev, nvidia-glx-185 (and 3 others)20:21
yofelActionParsnip: yes, and and the nvidia packages have no *glx* part anymore20:21
The_DudeSame prob as Need_halp20:22
ActionParsnipYofel; it will find all those if they are installd20:22
stanley_hi guys my cursor has somehow just suddenly stopped working...I am using lucid lynx and the cursor works on any other profile on the same computer but just not mine...I really need urgent help with this guys20:22
bjsnider!find nvidia-glx lucid20:22
LordKowthats it i have shunned qmake's 'make install' abilities. i will rely on the package manager which sucks because it will be distro and os dependent but whatever20:22
charlie-tcaThe_Dude: do any of the older entries in the grub menu work?20:22
ActionParsnipYofel: I know but if the 173 driver was installed the grep would show it as the package name CONTAINS nvidia-glx20:22
yofelActionParsnip, bjsnider: actually we have the glx packages as transitional packages in lucid20:23
The_Dudeit tries to mount (hd0,0) fs20:23
The_Dudefor no reason20:23
The_Dudebtw (hd0,0) is ntfs20:23
yofelActionParsnip: yes, and what part of 'nvidia-173' 'nvidia-current' 'nvidia-96' CONTAINS nvidia-glx ?20:23
UrdaActionParsnip: so upgrading breaks compiz hard20:23
The_Dudeagogo kernel panic20:23
charlie-tcaThe_Dude: I had to add 'vga16fb' to the blacklist and remove "quiet splash" here to get mine to work20:23
=== peter_ is now known as lucid
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-glx-173 lucid20:23
ubottunvidia-glx-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): Transitional package for nvidia-glx-173. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.22-0ubuntu11 (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 48 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)20:23
ActionParsnipYofel: that package will have been installed as well as showing up as a result of the grep20:24
yofelActionParsnip: yes, it exists, but jockey will not use it but nvidia-17320:24
The_Dudecharlie-tca: I don't think that will help, since my ubuntu tries to mount a ntfs volume as root for no reason20:24
UrdaActionParsnip: ok they don't think compiz is the issue in #compiz , but what is calling it on startup is the issue20:24
charlie-tcaThe_Dude: I don't know if it helps with a kernel panic, though. Normally, I can shutdown completely for a minute or two, the turn it back on to get around the panic20:24
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-173 lucid20:24
ubottunvidia-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.22-0ubuntu11 (lucid), package size 10832 kB, installed size 32692 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)20:24
lucidhello! hope u can help me with this problem: the update broke my shutdown deamon on the panel :( how do i get it back on?20:25
The_Dudeadd to panel...?20:25
stanley_Hi guys can someone please help with my cursor problem, Lucid Lynx, cursor suddenly just stopped working on my profile but works in all others on the same computer20:25
ActionParsnipYofel: ahh I see, some weird jockey thing. Why is there 2 for the same thing?20:25
lucidThe_Dude: yes but it is not the same deamon unfortunately20:25
UrdaActionParsnip: ubuntu is trying to start compiz the karmic method (?)20:25
bjsnideryofel, i think those were supposed to be removed too, since doing conflicts: replaces: provides: in the control file does the same thing20:25
ActionParsnipUrda: I don't use it, remember :). I'm not the guy to ask20:26
UrdaActionParsnip: aw snap ok :s20:26
yofelActionParsnip: the packages were renamed once they were restructured to use the alternatives system20:26
ActionParsnipYofel: alternatives system?20:26
yofelbjsnider: really? apt-cache still shows them in lucid/restricted20:26
stanley_ Hi guys can someone please help with my cursor problem, Lucid Lynx, cursor suddenly just stopped working on my profile but works in all others on the same computer20:27
elnurCan't load 10.04 live cd. Black screen. Any solutions?20:27
bjsnideryofel, there was some argument about whether they are necessary. i don't think they are20:27
The_Dudeelnur :Don't20:27
elnurThe_Dude, wait for the release?20:27
yofelActionParsnip: the opengl libs are now configured with /etc/alternatives/gl_conf, so you can have mesa and all nvidia drivers installed at the same time and can switch between them20:27
The_DudeNot worth it20:27
bjsniderthat 173 description is wrong. it should not have any vdpau libs20:28
elnurThe_Dude, ok. thank you20:28
The_Dude10.4 is badass, but it's too darn buggy20:28
stanley_ Hi guys can someone please help with my cursor problem, Lucid Lynx, cursor suddenly just stopped working on my profile but works in all others on the same computer20:28
saji89The Brightness control Hotkey of my laptop doesn't work in Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2, how can I solve it?20:28
elnurBtw, is this a channel where ubuntu community collaborates on new releases?20:28
yofelbjsnider: actually even 96 mentions VDPAU in the short  description20:29
The_DudeNah, this is a tech support channel... I'm guessing20:29
lucidsupport channel for 10.420:29
elnurThe_Dude, are problems only on desktop versions? is it ok to install it on as a server?20:29
The_Dudeelnur: Do not install on a server20:30
lucidanyone know how to get the 10.4 default shutdown actions with the status function implemented back on toolbart after updating?20:30
charlie-tcaelnur: it is still beta, so if you can't afford broken, don't do it20:30
The_Dudeelnur: Unless you want a windows 98 expierience20:30
elnurI mean when it's released :)20:30
The_DudeWhen it's released it should be all fine20:30
charlie-tcaWhen it is released it should be good for desktops and servers!20:31
The_Dudeit should be good for everything20:31
elnurI use Debian as server OS, but want to get new features faster then they are available in Debian. So, I think about trying ubuntu 10.04 as a server OS20:31
stanley_Please someone can you help me...my touchpad isn't working even after restart, I really need this to work urgently20:32
The_DudeHoldon there Stan Lee20:32
The_DudeSpiderman can wait20:32
joaopintoelnur, report the bug20:32
joaopintoelnur, and install using the alternate cd :)20:33
elnurjoaopinto, on black screen?20:33
joaopintoelnur, or try a daily live cd20:33
elnurjoaopinto, i think it's better to wait for the release, since this beta is very unstable :)20:34
The_DudeGuys, help the stanlee dude20:34
elnura lot of new stuff...20:34
The_DudeI think he is serious20:34
joaopintoelnur, if you don't report the bug don't expect it to be fixed on the final20:34
joaopintoelnur, the beta is not that unstable, anyway if you do need a productive system, right, don't use a beta :P20:34
The_DudeWhat weed have you been smoking, joaopinto20:35
The_DudeThis beta is as unstable as it gets20:35
z0rt|workhis name is peter ok20:35
joaopintoThe_Dude, please stop , this is a support channel, not random chat20:35
joaopinto!ot | The_Dude20:35
ubottuThe_Dude: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.20:35
The_DudeWell i not getting any support whatsoever20:35
The_Dudeso it is vital that i troll20:36
The_Dude'n shit20:36
The_DudeOh yeah... My problem isn't that bad...20:36
The_DudeIt only renders my whole desktop UN-U-SA-BLE20:36
z0rt|workyo lebowski what is your problem20:36
joaopinto!ops | The_Dude20:36
ubottuThe_Dude: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!20:36
yofelThe_Dude: what was your issue again? I can't find it in the backlog20:36
TommyThaGundoes anyone else use Screenlets?20:37
stanley_Can anyone just tell me a link where I can get some help with my cursor problem?20:37
The_Dudeyofel, I get a kernel panic on boot because the kernel tries to mount a ntfs volume as root20:37
The_Dudelogin modules fail to load20:37
yofelThe_Dude: filed a bug?20:38
seicherlbobhey there! Funny testing Beta, but my networkmanager is down! I made apt-get update yesterday or so and since then, the NM tells me "unmanaged". I updated again today - still unmanaged. How can i bring it up again?20:38
elnurGetting to report bugs for ubuntu is too complicated.20:38
The_DudeYofel, How do you think do you get a bug report with a "kernel doesnt boot"20:38
yofelstanley_: does it work at all? did you look for any errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?20:38
elnurWhen I try to report a bug, it shows be a wiki page with instructions how to collect info about bug from desktop, but I can't even BOOT20:38
z0rt|workseicherlbob: did you try installing wicd? that worked for me when my wifi wasn't working20:38
yofelThe_Dude: how did you realize it's a kernel panic?20:39
stanley_yofel: it works if i log into a guest profile I created20:39
The_DudeIt writes on the fricking screen20:39
seicherlbobz0rt|work: I used to have wicd, but i dont even have my wired connections now!?20:39
saji89 The Brightness control Hotkey of my laptop doesn't work in Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2, how can I solve it?20:39
stanley_Yofel: I literally was webbrowsing and it just stopped working20:39
The_DudeUnless you're telling me i need to take photos of my screen20:39
yofelelnur: please read the page, it explains how to do it without using the bug reporing app20:39
The_Dudethat would be brilliant....20:39
saji89Anybody there?20:39
saji89 The Brightness control Hotkey of my laptop doesn't work in Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2, how can I solve it?20:40
saji89 The Brightness control Hotkey of my laptop doesn't work in Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2, how can I solve it?20:40
The_Dudesaji89, goto system>preferences>keyboard shorcuts20:40
The_Dudelook for brightness20:40
The_Dudeand bind it20:40
yofelThe_Dude: you know... if you can't get a log from the boot taking a screenshot or a photo of the screen is a valid information to add to a bug20:40
seicherlbobsaji89: and stop flooding20:41
z0rt|workseicherlbob: hmm. that's weird. anyone else have any idea?20:41
saji89seicherlbob, sorry.. but this was the 7th time i was typing in my doubt.. Sorry again.20:41
TommyThaGunit seems like we have a lot of people panicking in this channel20:41
elnuryofel, i better go to sleep. i don't get it, why do the complicate bug reporting that much...20:41
The_Dudeyofel, Well firstly, i would like this problem solved :<20:42
yofelstanley_: that's... odd, do you get a kernel error or something like that? (switch to tty1 ctrl-alt-f1, login and run 'dmesg')20:42
saji89The_Dude, I can see no brightness in the Keyboard-shortcut selection.20:42
TommyThaGunelnur, try reporting a bug to MS20:42
yofelelnur: because our bugsquad is overworked and we need good bug reports, and not 'my pc doesn't boot. end.' bug reports20:42
yofelThe_Dude: where does it try to mount it? fstab? did you try to remove the entry?20:43
saji89The_Dude, I can see no brightness in the Keyboard-shortcut selection.20:43
stanley_yofel: nope, no kernel error20:43
seicherlbobsaji89: systemcontrol -> Keyboard and Mouse -> global shortcuts. There you choose KDE-Service20:44
seicherlbobDoes anyone know, how to solve a networkmanager thats only saying "unmanaged" (no wired connection, no wifi)20:44
The_Dudesaji89: add to panel brightness control20:44
saji89seicherlbob, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, not Kubuntu.20:44
seicherlbobsaji89: sorry, no clue then20:45
stanley_yofel: it works at the login screen, but as soon as I log into my profile it literally just stops working20:45
yofelstanley_: hm... as a last resort you could try asking in #ubuntu-x, there might not be someone there at the moment though, if nothing helps try to file a bug against your touchpad driver (usually synaptics with 'ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-input-synaptics')20:45
yofelstanley_: might be a gnome issue too then, but I don't know how touchpad settings are done there20:45
stanley_ok then...thanks anyway20:46
saji89The_Dude, I tried the panel button for Brightness.. It doesn't allow me to clice the '+/-' buttons or change the brightnes...20:46
seicherlbobstanley_: whats your cursor problem?20:46
yofelsaji89: id doesn't work at all? did it ever work once?20:46
seicherlbobsaji89: maybe you need to set the acpi settings right. run acpi_listen and click the buttons. whats the output?20:46
raphait says i dont have all packages installed for file sharing - but what packages do i need?!20:47
saji89seicherlbob, It worked fine in Ubuntu 9.40.. From Ubuntu 9.10 onwards its not working.20:47
raphabjsnider: charlie-tca: ActionParsnip: graphics work perfectly now, thanks!20:47
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:47
The_Dudesaji89: Click the applet button > move the slider20:47
seicherlbobsaji89: i repeat: check acpi20:47
The_Dudeet voila20:47
charlie-tcarapha: file sharing packages should be samba20:48
charlie-tca!samba | rapha20:48
ubotturapha: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.20:48
raphacharlie-tca: samba i did install!20:48
saji89seicherlbob, acpi_listen shows no output, when I use those Hot-Keys.20:50
seicherlbobsaji89: what laptop are you using?20:50
saji89seicherlbob, acpi_listen shows no  output for most of the Keyboard hotkeys, that are working.20:50
saji89seicherlbob, My laptop is a Lenovo Y410.20:50
=== Camaro_09_ is now known as Camaro_09
raphaseicherlbob: are you bavarian?20:51
seicherlbobsaji89: austrian20:51
seicherlbobsaji89: why?20:51
raphaseicherlbob: "seicher*l*" :-)20:51
saji89seicherlbob, Why for what?20:51
seicherlbobsaji89: sorry, wrong name20:51
seicherlbobsaji89: have you ever been to thinkwiki.org ?20:52
saji89seicherlbob, no.20:52
seicherlbobsaji89: the best place for thinkpads and linux. see if you can find any hints for your model. also check the hotkey section.20:54
seicherlbobsaji89: maybe you need to set the hotkey-mask. you'll find the article i mean.20:54
saji89seicherlbob, ok.. let me see..20:54
seicherlbobsaji89: I have a thinkpad myself and i check the site whenever im having troubles.20:55
z0rt|mobilestupid question here, how do i exit a tty session opened with ctrl+alt+f1 and return to gnome?20:55
raphawtf now it refuses to boot at all20:55
seicherlbobz0rt|mobile: crtl alt F720:55
saji89seicherlbob, Someone told me that this problems arised becauese of the change from HAL to something else starting from Ubuntu 9.10 onwards.20:55
z0rt|mobileseicherlbob: thanks!20:55
guntbertz0rt|mobile: to close the session ctrl+d20:55
psusiz0rt|mobile: both the tty and gnome are both always running... yuo don't exit a session... yuo just switch between them20:55
kampfschlaeferhi all, anyone here working on mountall/plymouth in lucid? Got a small problem/idea I'd like to discuss...20:55
saji89seicherlbob, I i'm to file a bug under which package will i file such bugs using the ubuntu-bug command?20:56
seicherlbobsaji89: that could be a reason. check the wiki. maybe someone had the same problem.20:56
raphait either hangs at "Starting AppArmor profiles" or quickly after that at "Setting sensors limits", even with acpi=off, noapic and nolapic20:56
seicherlbobsaji89: no clue. i never filed a bug before.20:56
yofelkampfschlaefer: we're not working on it, but we can advise you where to go next if you tell us your issue20:56
seicherlbobDoes anyone know, how to solve a networkmanager thats only saying "unmanaged" (no wired connection, no wifi)20:57
kampfschlaeferIt seems as if plymouth and mountall have a circular dependency. Nothing is wrong with that per se, only as far as I understand it plymouth is only to make the boot-process nicer on the console.20:57
kampfschlaeferThat machine I am running/testing with lucid has no vga and therefor no console. would be nice to be able to remove the graphic gimicks completely...20:58
yofelkampfschlaefer: afaik plymouth takes care of how mountall talks to the console too, if you want to remove the splash you can remove the logo packages afaik. see bug 556372 on why it won't be removable20:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556372 in mountall "Please remove the plymouth dependency from mountall / cryptsetup" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55637220:59
raphahow can i go back to the default graphics driver from recovery mode?21:00
saji89seicherlbob, For networkmanager problem try reading this-21:00
saji89seicherlbob, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101296321:00
yofelrapha: what driver did you try?21:01
yofelrapha: usually just remove the driver you installed21:01
raphayofel: the problem is that the PC now hangs at startup - i first tried the "current" nvidia driver and then "173" which is now installed21:02
kampfschlaeferyofel: thanks.21:02
raphayofel: it booted nicely once, then from the next boot on (no further changes of any kind) it simply stops at some point around the AppArmor profiles21:02
TommyThaGundoes anyone here you Screenlets?21:03
kampfschlaeferinteresting to read the arguments "because drm is in the kernel, plymouth can stay". My system has no vga, so my kernel has no drm. still I have to use plymouth and libdrm on my system...21:03
* kampfschlaefer creates a fake-package of plymouth to satisfy mountall21:03
raphayofel: are you saying i should just aptitude remove nvidia* ?21:04
benkevanAnyone have an idea why I can't get HTML mails in Lotus Notes on 10.04?21:04
raphawow i thought Lotus Notes was long dead and buried21:04
benkevanrapha: It should be.. but it's not21:05
benkevanactually it's not a bad app if you use it for more then what we use it for here21:05
raphai had to use it once21:05
raphai still have nightmares21:05
yofelrapha: it should be as easy as that, that should set lucid to use the mesa gl libs again and remove the nouveau blacklisting21:06
raphathanks yofel!21:06
Need_halpYus, i believe  i fixoid meh pc (The_Dude)21:07
TommyThaGunis it possible to do a dist-downgrade?21:09
TommyThaGunshort of starting from scratch?21:10
yofelyou can downgrade specific packages by forcing the install of an older version, but there isn't such a thing as dist-downgrade21:11
joaopintoand downgrading packages is not support in general21:13
raphawhats the prob Need_halp21:15
kampfschlaeferTommyThaGun: I tried that with lucid->karmic. apt has a lot problems getting the dependencies right in the case of downgrade. And when I used -f to force it to solve that problems, it solved them. By removing anything down to libc6 and bash and perl and apt. But now that disk is re-formatted and a new lucid install is working like a charm :-)21:15
TommyThaGunmore curios for future use21:16
TommyThaGunincase I don't like M and M version21:16
TommyThaGunI would not want to downgrade to karmmic21:17
TommyThaGunlucid is the best distro of linux I've ever had on my machine21:17
TommyThaGunI'm worried I won't like the next release as much21:17
toto_i need some help21:17
joaopintoTommyThaGun, the best solution if you need that is to backup before upgrading, and restoring if needed21:17
seicherlbobok, i tried nm-system-settings with both managed=true and managed=false. i reloaded and start/stopped  it several times. I even restarted the applet every time. no change. The applet still tells me "unmanaged"21:17
yofel!ask | toto_21:18
ubottutoto_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:18
toto_ok, thank you for the tip :)21:18
Need_halprapha: cant login to ubuntu21:19
Need_halpld.so is fu**ed up21:19
kampfschlaeferTommyThaGun: you mean the 10.10 version? by default I think lucid at least the server install will only upgrade to the next LTS-version. Unless told otherwise. But you can also "force" the desktop version by editing /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades...21:19
raphamaybe a reinstall would save some time?21:19
raphak ... then im outta my league, sry21:20
seicherlbobI have another severe problem aswell: My laptops keyboard and mouse are not working anymore! While kubuntu is booting, all I get is some "broken pipe" messages around the screen. external mouse and keyboard are working. Any suggestions how to fix that or at least how to track the error down?21:20
yofelNeed_halp: you mean the cache? did you try ldconfig from the recovery console?21:20
toto_well, i migrate from karmic to lucid few hours ago. all fine, until i rebooted my laptop: it did not boot. it seems the kernel freezes just after it mounts all partitions (an error something like "could not write byte | broken pipe"). any idea ?21:20
raphayofel: okay so removing nvidia* made the pc boot again, but it says "ubuntu is running on low graphics settings" and all that yadda yadda ... so it looks like i need to do something else to get the original driver back?21:21
yofelrapha: does 'lsmod | grep nouveau' give you something? checked the xorg log why you get low graphics mode? (xorg.0.log.old maybe)21:21
Need_halpBah, I'm going to sleep21:23
raphayofel: yes, the module is loaded. the xorg log says it couldnt load module "nvidia" (heck, it wasnt supposed to1)21:23
Need_halpthx all for the wondrous help21:23
yofelrapha: maybe xorg.conf was left in place when the driver was removed? (happens if you remove it without jockey)21:24
benkevananything special needed for evolution to paint html emails? I purged evolution.. maybe something else was removed? hummm21:24
raphayou're right yofel, there are xorg.conf's in /etc/X11 - can i just delete them?21:24
yofelrapha: if you use the default driver: yes21:25
yofeltoto_: the broken pipe message seems to be bug 521298 - I don't know if that should prevent booting though21:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 521298 in mountall "could not write byte broken pipe" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52129821:27
raphamaybe ill try installing nvidia-current again through aptitude; i think the 173 driver might have been the cause of the boot prob21:27
toto_yofel: yep, i read it, not really good for me :/21:28
dhrosaheya, trying to install lucid lynx on my PC, the CD simply stops after a while21:28
dhrosahere are no errors on the cd21:29
toto_yofel: but i did not have any prompt :/21:29
Urdaok so something is screwing with compiz on 10.04 bootup21:29
dhrosaall he'd and CD drive activity just stops...21:29
UrdaCompiz has been cleaned up, and runs fine21:29
dhrosaall tthe*21:29
UrdaBut on boot up, Ubuntu swap the Visual Settings to none, which takes away all my window frames, and I can't get them back until I set it custom or another level21:30
Urdaor if I run compiz -- replace & in the command line, but that doesn't seem to be working for boot up21:30
duffydackhmm, ive updated but the buttons havent changed21:30
Urda...if added as a startup Item21:31
DShepherdhow do i edit the applications that startup in my session ?21:31
dhrosaanyone know why the CD simply stops?21:31
DShepherddhrosa: bad burn maybe? did you check the md5sum of the image after download?21:31
dhrosathe error check option on the menu says no errora21:32
dhrosait loads for a while, then simply stays on the Ubuntu logo with nothing happening in the progress bar21:33
DShepherdi dont know... then21:33
seicherlbobwhen I do ctrl21:34
seicherlbobwhen I do ctrl+alt+F1 I get no tty. only a blinking cursor prompt. any suggestions why?21:34
raphahow do you disable the dialog that comes after bootup "your key was not unlocked automatically, enter it now"?21:34
duffydackrapha, accessories, passwords and encryption keys, right click the key and change password to a blank one.. is one way...21:38
DASPRiDrapha, hey21:39
murlidharis just me or firefox is not rendering the fonts good ... it is a pain in the eyes :(21:40
murlidharfirefox in karmic rendered the fonts pretty good. or maybe cause the lucid is still in beta...21:41
murlidharbut google chrome too isn't rendering the fonts good.21:41
UrdaFYI compiz upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 doesn't play nice21:42
murlidhari did a fresh install ....21:43
murlidharcompiz works fine in a fresh install.21:43
Urdamurlidhar: I have it working fine now, just had to rework a few things and re-install a few packages21:44
toto_ok. i had something working21:52
toto_i removed UUID into /etc/fstab21:53
toto_and replaced them by path21:53
strutsWhen not using an app like ibus, what app "transmits" my keystrokes to an app?21:56
hobanhello everyone, recently I'm getting errors such as: W: GPG error: http://mirrors.us.kernel.org lucid-security Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>21:58
hobanhow do I fix them?21:58
strutsOr: What's the app behind system -> perferences -> keyboard?21:58
hobanstruts, gnome-keyboard-properties22:00
raphaduffydack: thx that did it!22:04
raphaDASPRiD: heya! how are you?22:04
DASPRiDpretty well, how about you?22:05
DASPRiDmy new dx800raid is comming next week, 16tb of space in an external raid6 box via two sas ports (6gbit/s) :)22:05
markl_VDPAU - does it work with totem by default or do I have to do some tweaking?22:06
raphaDASPRiD: good, moving to Dresden now ... together with Johanna ... prolly going to begin studying Archaeology or some such thing22:06
DASPRiDrapha, cool :), hey, let's move to #dasprids with this private talk22:07
dhrosa_hello, i'm attempting to install lucid lynx beta 2, I get past the the menu to install or try ubuntu, and the loading screen goes for a while, but then simply hangs22:07
dhrosa_the md5 sum of my iso is correct, and the CD reported no errors when I did the error check22:07
raphaDASPRiD: normally i'd say yes without hesitation but am at a friend's installing Ubuntu on his parent's PC so kinda busy =)22:07
DASPRiDrapha, hehe alright ;)22:07
CT1Hi. I have 2 monitors connected to my nvidia card.  I have twinview at the moment which I like alot but I'd rather have 2 seperate screens.  Some apps (dosbox, snes emulators etc) see the screens as one big one when going fullscreen. Also compiz cube does too.  How can I have these apps see that there are 2 monitors?  I'm happy to read if anyone has some links, google-ing has proven unsuccessful as of yet.22:10
_stryk3r200mb update :O22:10
raphahelp again! sound stopped working - the device under sound prefs / hardware has just vanished - how to debug?22:11
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions22:12
CT1rapha: No linux expert here, but I once had a soundblaster audigy that dissapeared (in windows) turns out it didn't fit well in the case and kept popping out of the pci slot.22:12
raphaCT1: nah this PC is too old and has never had such a prob - unlikely22:13
raphadmesg says "hda-intel: unable to grab irq 0, disabling device"22:13
raphamaybe because of noapic or nolapic?22:14
raphabecause of edd=on22:18
nemorapha: there are a ton of hda-intel related bugs, some suggest restarting services and changing...22:18
raphathx TC1 :)22:18
nemoyeah. those.22:18
CT1rapha:  :)22:19
Hatlhi! i updated lucid to the current repository version using aptitude and i get the following error: initramfs-tools broken. unable to resolve dependency22:30
Hatlanybody got the same problem?22:30
Milos_SDI have a problem with Evolution22:34
Milos_SDWhen I want to write a new email, evolution segfalts22:34
Milos_SDSegmentation fault22:35
Milos_SDwhen I click on button "New" in evolution :(22:35
nemoMilos_SD: sayyy. did you by any chance try Evolution 2.30 in Lucid? :)22:35
Milos_SDhmm... no why?22:36
dhrosalucid won't boot unless I remove the quiet splash option from the boot command, what's going on here?22:36
nemodifferent prob I guess22:36
Milos_SDI did a long time ago, but I returned to 2.2822:36
nemoMilos_SD: why not run gdb evolution and get a bt?22:36
nemoMilos_SD: did you try to write a new e-mail since then?22:36
nemoMilos_SD: ok. well, personally it was 'cause I failed to revert gtkhtml - once I did that, everything was fine22:37
nemoyou probably should try a bt though in gdb to see where it is crashing22:37
nemomight want to check for anything matching evolution that is still on 2.30 too22:37
Milos_SDhow can I do that?22:37
nemogdb `which evolution`22:37
nemotype bt22:37
nemotype run22:37
nemothen crash, then bt22:37
Milos_SDnemo, hmm... synaptic says that package libgtkhtml-editor is broken :S22:38
nemoMilos_SD: you probably didn't clean that one up22:39
nemojust remove and reinstall it22:39
nemoI'm at a loss as to how e-mail ever worked though22:39
Milos_SDhmm... I'll try that22:40
Milos_SDbut I think that new email worked :S22:40
Milos_SDthere was some updates for evolution few days ago, maybe that broke it :S22:40
CT1I've tried TwinView with 2 monitors but there are things I don't like.  Fullscreen flash videos leave fullscreen after loosing focus (what I'd like:  browsing on one screen with fullscreen youtube on another)  dosbox, tremulous and many other "games" span across both screens not just the one.  Compiz cube rotates as if the 2 screens are one (I'd like a seperate cube for each screen)  Is this possible? if so, where should I start googling?22:42
SlartIs there a way to generate a basic xorg.conf that won't mess up anything or use the values it autodetects? I need to add an option for a touchpad but I'm running without an xorg.conf22:42
nemoCT1: don't know too much about how dosbox does things, but in hedgewars, where we share resolution for both windowed and fullscreen ( we probably should change that ) we have this FAQ entry http://hedgewars.org/faq.html#n130422:43
maurii need help for my scanner canon lide 10022:45
nemomauri: you're SOL22:46
nemomauri: http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html#Z-CANON22:46
CT1nemo: I'll start from there. Hopefully I'll get an Idea of what to google.  Thanks.22:46
nemomauri: w/ linux, generally best to check the SANE list first, and pick the device next, since manufacturers never bother to write drivers22:46
maurinemo: ive already checed but it seem not supperted...what i have to do....it a new scanner22:49
nemomauri: you can return it, or run OSX or Windows in virtualbox perhaps.22:51
nemoI doubt writing nasty letters to the manufacturer will help22:51
nemodefinitely check the list first next time :)22:51
nemomauri: or you could try to find a dev who might be willing to make another canon model driver work for it22:51
nemothat's probably a bit more likely than the nasty letter campaign22:51
nemoreturning it is probably best option22:52
nemo(if you really want linux working w/ a scanner)22:52
maurinemo: unfotunate3ly im not an linux expert22:53
* z0rt|work wants an open source world22:53
nemomauri: scanners are one of those hard ones22:53
nemothere are a ton of models, pretty much none of 'em support linux22:54
nemomauri: and of course it isn't as common as, say, a soundcard22:54
nemomauri: so you get this situation where a bunch of drivers need writing, there is little to no manufacturer support, and much less community interest22:54
maurinemo: ok22:54
nemoas a result, is one of the places where it is still important to check for support first22:55
nemomauri: and as an advantage, checking for support is "voting with your wallet" :)22:55
nemosuper bonus points for picking one where the manufacturer documented APIs and opened source22:55
mauriwhere a can start the search22:56
avismawst, do not exploit terrorism laws in this channel22:56
strutsWhen Ubuntu's not using for example ibus, which app does it use?22:56
raphaanother question, is there a way to set a 16:10 screen to a 4:3 resolution without STRETCHING the picture, but having two black stripes left and right of it instead? under windows there's special software for that, but under ubuntu ... ?22:56
stefano_my alt key is stuck, seemingly since i installed sugar. i've now removed everything (i think) - does anybody have a clue why this is?22:58
myk_robinson!bug #56389322:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563893 in thunderbird "Thunderbird will not launch due to a recursive symlink" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56389322:59
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vbundiafter resuming my laptop from suspend, my fans are not coming on... anyone else having this problem?23:08
vbundiis there an app that controls fans in linux or is it all BIOS driven23:08
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stefano_vbundi, i had the same thing when my fan was just close to breaking completely due to dust. do you know it's clean?23:09
t3chkommiehey everyone.23:10
t3chkommiedoes anyone know why  i have alot of packages not installing when i run update manager?23:10
stefano_t3chkommie, try sudo apt-get update, then try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:10
stefano_and upgrade again23:11
nemomauri: WRT search, just check the SANE list I linked you to23:11
vbundistefano_ I'm pretty sure it's clean, the system was refurbished23:11
nemomauri: there's info on there about the level of support and such23:11
nemocan then compare that against scanner features and price23:11
t3chkommieok thanks stephano23:11
vbundithe thing is that there are 2 fans... one for the GPU and one for the cpu and neither are comming on23:11
nemomauri: one interesting thing about the scanner you picked is that it actually seems like it miiiight be one that could work with an existing driver23:12
maurinemo: ive check but lide100 is unsupported....i didnt find anything23:12
nemomauri: might just need adding that scanner's name/ID to driver23:12
EvilEpochhello all23:12
stefano_vbundi, mh.. i'm almost certain linux can not interfere with the fans at all (at least not the cpu fan, the gpu one might be controlled by the graphics driver)23:12
vbundiis there a way to force my fans into hih mode so that I can see if it's my motherboard or fans that are failing?23:12
nemomauri: I know, I meant for your next purchase :-p23:12
janito_update freeze is tomorrow right ?23:13
vbundistefano_: I've seen applications online like thinkfan and dellfand and l8kutils that control fanspeed from linux23:13
EvilEpochI was trying to update my 10.04 beta and some updates couldnt be downloaded , which has happened before except this time when i restarted the system would get to gnome and my keyboard and mouse wouldnt work23:13
stefano_vbundi, have you checked your bios? my last laptop - the one that broke from dust - had a setting to always have the fans on full blast23:13
EvilEpochis there a way to boot and re run the updates see if anything in there could fix this23:13
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maurinemo: ok i have to waste the scanner i understand23:13
vbundistefano_: no I actually didn't think about that... good idea23:14
nemomauri: I'm going to look at the driver, just for the hell of it23:14
nemomauri: not waste, you can't return it?23:14
maurinemo: today it was the last day23:15
maurinemo: 7 days23:15
nemogo there today23:16
nemoand shame on you for waiting so long23:16
nemomauri: if you check the sane driver source file, looks like it uses product IDs to identify supported scanners23:17
nemomauri: for example.23:17
nemo# Canon LiDE 6023:17
nemousb 0x04a9 0x221c23:17
nemomauri: your scanner is 0x04a9 0x190423:17
nemoyou miiiiight be able to simply add that value23:18
nemobuild the driver23:18
nemoinstall it23:18
nemoand things might work :)23:18
nemomaybe ;)23:18
lotiathe amd64 alternate installer for the 2010.04.15 build fails to install23:19
maurinemo: ok i dont know how but i try23:19
nemomauri: yeah, that's kind of a complicated thing...23:19
nemomauri: ever built anything before, ever?23:19
maurinemo: vlc23:20
nemook. that should help23:20
nemothe backends are there23:20
joaopinto_and you should file a bug report first :)23:20
nemomauri: the file I was looking at was backend/genesys.conf.in23:20
nemoand joaopinto_ is very right23:20
joaopinto_you could be very luckly and someone else doing that patch right now :D23:21
nemomauri: I note also that the driver appears to be intended for gl841 chips, it supports gl843 kind of as a special case23:21
nemothat might actually be good news, since it might suggest a set of chips w/ incremental improvements, might improve your odds23:21
nick125Anyone here having issues upgrading kernels when the linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic package is installed?23:21
nemomauri: I'd still suggest going to the store today and returning it though23:22
nick125linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic depends on linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-21-generic; however: Package linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-21-generic is not installed.23:22
nemomauri: perhaps you could even ask for another 7 day extension, give you time to try and get driver working :)23:22
maurinemo: here is night23:23
nick125oh, here's the actual problem:23:23
nemoah. so you really did wait exactly precisely too long. ah well.23:23
nick125 trying to overwrite '/lib/udev/compat_firmware.sh', which is also in package linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.32-20-generic 0:2.6.32-20.1023:23
thedooranyone have a problems after update23:27
thedoormy 10.04 don't boot anymore!23:27
Ian_Cornewhat do you mean by 'don't boot"23:27
Ian_Cornewhere is it stuck?23:27
ChogyDannick125: Ive been confused by the linux versioning myself.  which is it?  20 or 21?23:28
Ian_Cornedifference between 20 and 21 is just an ABI update23:28
LordKowi dont think compat_firmware.sh is supposed to be supplied by backport-modules-wireless.23:28
nick125ChogyDan: I'm going from 2.6.32-20 to 2.6.32-21. But, the actual update is probably a minor update.23:28
thedoorim receiving the following messages "kernel panic - not synccing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknow block"23:28
Ian_Corneoh, that's bad23:29
Ian_CorneI don 't know that :)23:29
nick125LordKow: I thought that was a little odd23:29
thedoori turned of when it's updating the system :( and it's happend :(23:29
nick125thedoor: Can you boot the old kernel?23:29
thedoornick125, how can i try this? the grub don't give me any menu :(23:29
nick125thedoor: I think you're supposed to hold down a key to get the grub menu to show up...23:30
nick125shift key, I believe23:30
ChogyDannick125: yeah, but 20 was actually versioned as 21, which is why you got that error I think.23:30
ZykoticK9nick125, thedoor yes it's Shift to get grub menu23:30
nick125ChogyDan: It's not. I had -20 installed, and the installation of -21 is conflicting with files provided by -20.23:31
thedoorthe old kernel is booting :D23:31
ChogyDannick125: that's what I'm saying.  The package was 20, but the files were 2123:31
thedooroh, but i's loaded without my mouse and keyboard working :(23:31
* bagpuss_thecat gets all his UNR netbook-launcher icons back by reinstalling gnome-menus :-D23:32
gustowershaving unable to load nvidia.ko on lucid23:33
gustowersfrom nvidia binary install attempt23:33
ChogyDannvdia website?23:33
ChogyDanor from the repos?23:33
gustowersI need version 185 specifically23:34
nick125Isn't 185 in Lucid already?23:34
gustowersit builds, then tries to load then says unable to load module23:35
thedoorhow can i run something like the update manager in text mode?23:35
ZykoticK9thedoor, "sudo aptitude safe-upgrade"23:35
ZykoticK9gustowers, i don't believe the version from nvidia site is compatible with Lucid yet23:36
yofelgustowers: the drivers from the nvidia site don't work out of the box,  I'm not sure if they will work at all23:36
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yofelnick125: and in lucid we have 195, not 18523:37
nick125yofel: I knew it had a 1 and a 5 in it! ;)23:37
gustowersok, thanks23:37
nick125gustowers: Just curious, why do you need 185 in specific?23:37
yofelgustowers: first I don't know what the mesa opengl system will mess with the driver and you need to at least blacklist nouveau first to try the nvidia driver23:38
yofelnick125: iirc there was at least a message on nvforums about hdmi-audio not working with >18523:40
Mocwoohoo I can replicate the draging window selecting the window under it bug23:40
a514Hey the Workspace Switcher crashed?23:42
a514I d/l a pre 9.10 1 time and it crashed ? Why are betas flakie23:43
thedoori did it :D23:44
thedoori finished the update process via terminal23:44
thedoorand now it works fine :D23:44
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yofelerr... beta is by definition "work in progress", it *can* work for you, but the  RC is the first release that *should* work23:45
thedoorum using in pmy work notebook :)23:46
thedoorand it works fine23:46
thedoorsometimes i forget that im using beta23:46
a514How could things |code| change? why break a good egg :)23:47
MocI really wish they fixed the download freeze bug in firefox23:48
a514Imagine a Upad :)23:50
a514I read about a WePad "german" & CrunchPad "usa"23:51
ninjaiUpad? Upad > iPad23:54
ninjaiall I gotta say about that is that there's a knock-off ipad out there somewhere that runs android... so it's still a linux ipad ;).  It was on gizmodo.com I think23:55
a514ninjai yeah the JooJoo pad23:55
ninjaia514 yeah thats the one.  I just don't get it, these stupid pads are all the rage over the past little while.  I would never use one.  I like my laptop :)23:56
ninjaiya i saw that today23:56
ninjaihas anyone used the ubuntu music store yet?23:56
ninjaiI think ubuntus next logical move after 10.04 would be to invest in gaming.  For real.  Imagine a steam-like ubuntu store for linux games.  That would be pretty awesome and attract more users.23:57
holsteinnah, great idea though23:58
holsteini think23:58
ninjaiI love linux for what it is... but the only way to overcome the competition is to at least do what they have been exceedingly good at for years.  Which is gaming23:58
ninjailinux would have it all :)23:59
ali1234what games would they have? that's the only thing that matters23:59
ninjainew ones?23:59

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