Keybuksvu: the general idea is that you give *us* the log - and we look for things ;)00:00
svuKeybuk, :) ok. I provided pastbin url :)00:00
Keybukoh, missed that00:00
Keybukslangasek: you know what I *don't* spy in that boot.log ?00:03
slangasekKeybuk: udev?00:03
svuI would be surprised if you find something there. it looks so empty00:04
slangasekso udev is *running*, but not under control of upstart00:04
W3ird_N3rdcjwatson,  kernel [nnnn.nnnnnn] eth2: interrupt(s) dropped! < bloody hell00:04
Keybukslangasek: but why isn't upstart even trying to start it?00:04
Keybukyou should see, at least, an attempt to start udev00:04
cjwatsonW3ird_N3rd: sorry, I don't know anything about that, I doubt it's installer-specific00:04
slangaseksvu: can you pastebin /etc/init/udev.conf, please?00:04
W3ird_N3rdI'll just wait for mini.iso rebuilding 14 april and try again. I'm going to sleep now00:06
slangasekKeybuk: I got nothin'00:06
W3ird_N3rdhad enough :P00:06
Keybukupstart must think it's already running00:06
Keybuk*but that makes no sense*00:06
Keybuksvu: what does "status udev" say?00:06
svuudev start/running, process 39300:07
kirklandlool: no problem ... let me know how it goes.  it's extremely timely for me to reproduce it as i don't have a ports mirror, etc.00:07
svuKeybuk, or should I do "status udev" when in manual recovery mode?00:07
loolI don't have enough space to try to reproduce myself either00:07
svuKeybuk, ok, 2 mins, another reboot00:09
Sarvatthmm so the -dbgsym packages are correct but -dbg has the wrong CRC00:10
keesSarvatt: I'd noticed that too, but never investigated since -dbgsym works so well00:15
svuKeybuk, udev start/running, process 40100:15
keesSarvatt: they also crash libbfd sometimes :)00:15
keesSarvatt: if you could open a bug report, I can confirm it.  I'd never gotten the time to really dig into that.00:16
Keybuksvu: can you pastebin a ps at this point00:17
Sarvattkees: will do, I was just insure where to file it. pkg-create-dbgsym?00:17
svuKeybuk, arrgh. I wish you had asked a bit earlier :) ok00:18
slangasekKeybuk: btw, thinking about it some more I know my fix for the deadlock is still racy, because "process incoming events until the queue is empty; write our request" is not atomic00:18
slangasekbut I don't think I'll have time to fully fix this00:18
Keybukright, I was thinking we should just call poll() in the loop00:19
slangasekKeybuk: in which loop?  to fully fix it, ply_write() has to be interruptable, neh?00:21
IntuitiveNippleIs there a way to force update-manager to offer a restart?00:22
lifelesspersia: wow, quite eloquent00:22
Keybukin the loop in that function00:22
slangasekkirkland: are you still seeing bug #540091?  Because bug #559582 claims to still have the problem, and that was filed after 540091 was fixed00:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 540091 in mountall "libplymouth2<->mountall circular dep prevents upgrade from karmic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54009100:22
keesSarvatt: no, dbgsym is fine.  it's the -dgb infrastructure from debian that is broken00:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 559582 in mountall "Upgrade from karmic to lucid failes with Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55958200:22
slangasekKeybuk: ah00:22
Keybukthat'll mean it'll call read when it can, call write when it can00:22
persialifeless: thanks :)00:24
lifelesspersia: I don't think I achieved your eloquence, but I think you're rather better known than I:P00:24
brycehpersia, btw I got X up on your little displaylink device00:25
persialifeless: I think the key bit for any nomination of me is probably "he seems to be around a lot".  No eloquence required :)00:25
persiabryceh: With the xsfbs build?00:25
svuKeybuk, http://pastebin.com/k2yHLzsA00:26
brycehpersia, well it also needed another library libdlo00:26
brycehwhich I just installed manually, it'll still have to be packaged I guess00:26
brycehpersia, good news is I now understand what it'd take to make this thing work00:26
persiabryceh: What did you do that needed that?  I had it working in February without it.00:26
persiabryceh: By "work" do you mean "autodetect and have GUI config interface"?00:27
brycehpersia, but bad news is it looks like it'll only work with Xinerama00:27
brycehno I mean be able to get X running on it with an xterm00:27
persiabryceh: Did you try the xorg.conf in the README?  That mostly just worked for me with no extra libraires.00:28
brycehpersia, yep, after installing the lib and verifying that worked I put the xorg.conf changes in and verified that worked.  again though, it requires Xinerama if you want to fire up both the display and your regular monitor00:28
persiabryceh: So, what does the xinerama limitation mean?  What needs to happen to make it work the desired way?00:28
brycehso that's only feasible with -nvidia for now00:28
slangasekKeybuk: triaged bug #559761 for the "mountall needs to flush" issue; I think we should fix this for final, is this something you'll be able to get to?00:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 559761 in mountall "mountall needs to flush plymouth message queue before emitting upstart events" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55976100:29
persiaI really had it working with -intel without the library :)  I'll fiddle with it more after UDS, when I have hardware again.00:29
Keybukslangasek: it's just adding that same flush function call into emit_event right?00:29
slangasekKeybuk: I dunno, haven't looked at the code :)00:29
Keybuksvu: at this maintenance shell, do you have lvm working?00:29
Keybukslangasek: can't see any reason why it would be harder than that00:29
Keybukthough it'd be a good idea to fix flush first ;)00:30
persiabryceh: So, on a more general note: what does the xsdfbs bit bring to the package?00:30
svuKeybuk, at that shell I can do "vgchange -a y" - and continue booting. otherwise I cannot boot00:30
Keybuksvu: that's not what I asked00:30
persiabryceh: I noticed the extra Provides and dependency on the right base X lib, but that seemed to be two lines from the bundle of stuff.00:30
svuKeybuk, well, perhaps I did not understand your question.00:30
svuhow do you mean "lvm working" - do you mean lvm binary?00:31
brycehpersia, it means the driver needs to support xrandr (and will require upstream to support multiple video devices (bug #316514))00:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316514 in xorg-server "MASTER: Xinerama/Multihead with several video cards is not supported" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31651400:31
Keybuksvu: can you reboot00:31
Keybukget back to that maintenance shell00:31
Keybukand then gather some information for me00:31
brycehpersia, that's the packaging system debian uses, so if we want them to eventually adopt the package it has to have that packaging system00:31
Keybuk(without running vgchange or anything yourself)00:31
svuwhat commands should I run, what info to collect?00:32
Keybukdo you not have a second machine to IRC from?00:32
persiabryceh: Did you plan to bring it to XSF for adoption?  I had thought I'd just toss it in as an arbitrary optional extra package post-squeeze, but I'm happy if someone else wants to maintain (or team maintain) it.00:32
brycehpersia, I have no such plans00:32
svuKeybuk, ghm. I will check if my 2nd mac has any irc client...00:33
Keybuksvu: I guess a useful answer would be whether you have a /dev/.udev.log file at that maintenance shell00:33
brycehpersia, in fact I think it looks like the work to get this supported is well beyond my scope and time availability00:33
Keybukif you do, what is the output of "lvm vgs" and "lvm pvs"00:33
Keybukare there device nodes in /dev/mapper?00:33
Keybukls -l /dev/mapper00:33
Keybukinclude owner/group stuff00:33
Keybuk(even just of control)00:33
persiabryceh: Fair enough.  If you have time, I'd appreciate a write-up of what you think needs doing, and I'll recollect the device and fiddle with it some more myself.00:34
brycehpersia, anyway, I'll return the device to you at UDS00:34
svuKeybuk, I know for sure I have /dev/.udev.log !00:34
Keybuksvu: at that maintenance shell?00:34
Keybukand it has contents?00:34
snow_ruis there any project that needs a volunteer ?00:34
persiabryceh: Sounds good.  Thanks for confirming it still worked after the changes to the package.00:34
brycehpersia, when you got it working before, did you get the full desktop session up and everything?00:34
svuKeybuk, yes. IIRC I copied it yesterday here (pastebin)00:35
Keybukthe answers to the other questions would be nice to have00:35
brycehpersia, and was that with only the usb monitor enabled or did you have two monitors going?00:35
Keybukoutput of "cat /proc/self/mountinfo" there too00:35
persiabryceh: I didn't try that far, as I only had about three days with the device, and was otherwise occupied at the time.  I got X running in it with metacity and terminator though.00:35
* persia mostly found it happened to still be in the laptop bag when the SiS USB devices were being bandied about.00:36
brycehwell I didn't get to those either00:37
svu_ok, another me00:38
Keybukyay, clones00:38
persiaheh.  No worries.  A quick search found a fix for XRandR that was reported to work in Jaunty.  I'll see if I can't get it to work more sensibly for maverick.  Do you think that the USB probing might hit X so that it would be autodiscovered, or still need an xorg.conf.00:38
Keybuksvu_: ok, let's start with the basics00:39
brycehpersia, to be honest I haven't dug into the usb probing to know if there's been work on that upstream00:39
Keybukreboot the other box, and get it to that maintenance shell00:39
persiasnow_ru: There's heaps of stuff that needs volunteers, but here in Ubuntu we tend to focus on everything, rather than specific things.  If you want to work on a specific thing, I recommend finding a bit of software you like, and chasing it to fix all the bugs (bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/${PACKAGE}/+bugs is a good place to start.00:40
brycehpersia, well, I should say I scanned through the xorg-devel mailing list but didn't find anything there00:40
brycehpersia, but that was a few weeks ago00:40
persiabryceh: Is USB probing something you're likely to be able to investigate in maverick?00:40
svu_yes, there is /dev/.udev.info00:40
svu_a lot of stuff inside00:40
brycehpersia, no I won't be working on X in meerkat00:40
Keybuksvu_: no /dev/.udev.log00:40
svu_sorry I meant udev.log00:40
svu_of course00:40
Keybuksvu_: ok, can you get me the output of /proc/self/mountinfo ?00:41
Keybukcat /proc/self/mountinfo I mean00:41
persiabryceh: Ah, in that case, no worries.  I'll file a bug if I run into a solution.00:41
svu_ghm.... smbmount does not work :(00:41
Keybuksvu_: ? I didn't ask you to run smbmount00:41
svu_how would I copy that stuff here?00:41
svu_on second machine?00:42
svu_Or just save it into different location and provide you after I boot successfully?00:42
svu_or copy to usb flash?00:42
Keybuksvu_: can you not take a photo of the screen?00:43
svu_ghm. ok :)00:43
Keybukwe're trying to debug a failure to mount a filesystem00:46
Keybukgoing around mounting filesystems is *going to change the result* :p00:46
svu_indeed. ok, I got some shot using my mobile...00:47
svu_Keybuk, is rapidshare good enough?00:48
slangaseksvu_: you could just post it to the bug report?00:49
svu_slangasek, right:)00:49
svu_added to bug report00:51
svu_anything else?00:53
Keybuksvu_: ok, well that all looks right00:56
Keybukls -l /dev/mapper/control00:56
Keybukwhat's the permissions and ownership?00:56
slangasekKeybuk: didn't tseliot say he had a bzr branch for part of this i18n fix?  I can't find it now00:57
Keybuksvu_: ls -l /dev/tty100:57
Keybuksame question00:57
Keybukso udev is working00:58
Keybukwhat does "lvm vgs" say?00:58
svu_it shows VG100:59
svu_PV 1 LV 3 Attr wz--n-00:59
svu_there is one thing00:59
svu_many commands say File descriptor 8 leaked00:59
svu_I noticed that before many times01:00
svu_does it matter?01:00
Keybukthat's just the shell ;-)01:00
svu_I felt I have to let you know :)01:01
* kees wonders if watershed is iin the intramfs01:01
* svu_ feels soon he will have to tell the superuser passwd and IP address :)01:01
* ScottK gets a pencil.01:03
svu_ScottK, nothing interesting on that system. Just old power g5...01:04
psusiwell that was interesting... updated my system which included an update to grub and a new kernel, and it decides not to add the initrd line to the new boot stanza.. add it myself and it boots.... grub-update again and it does it right this time.... I have a feeling there's a race condition somewheres.. ugh...01:06
svu_Keybuk, anything else to check?01:07
KeybukI'm stuck01:08
Keybuklvm knows about your vgs01:08
Keybukno idea why it hasn't activated them01:08
KeybukI think udev has run lvm01:09
svu_how would I check that in .udev.log ?01:09
svu_how could I debug udev activities on boot?01:09
IntuitiveNippleKeybuk: Excuse me, I've not seen the bug you're working on but mentioning the LVM not mounted issue reminded me I've seen that here too, but always just gone into maintenance mode01:10
Keybukthat's harder01:10
Keybukmodify udev.conf to start with --debug01:10
svu_IntuitiveNipple, and what did you do in the maint mode?01:10
IntuitiveNippleKeybuk: strangely what I found was that whilst I was at the prompt thinking what to do, the missing device 'appeared' after a delay01:10
IntuitiveNippleso I just exit M mode and the system continues to start correctly01:10
psusisvu_, the volumes don't belong to another machine or instance do they?  unless they have been set up or imported they won't be automatically activated01:11
IntuitiveNippleI assumed a race condition in mountall or similar01:11
svu_psusi, all same machine, SATA drive01:11
svu_Keybuk, why is that harder?01:12
Keybuksvu_: well, you have to do something ;-)01:20
svu_Keybuk, :) I just did. interesting change in behaviour after reboot01:21
svu_When I ask 'vgchange -a y' - I am getting error about missing mapper in /proc/misc01:22
Keybukslowed it down enough to make it work?01:22
Keybukoh, that's kinda interesting01:22
svu_after some while01:22
svu_and several attempts01:22
svu_it worked01:22
svu_and ... I think I had to make udevadm trigger as well01:22
svu_and I see device-mapper in /proc/misc - all the time!01:23
svu_device-mapper is not there initially01:26
svu_not in /proc/misc01:26
keesthat's odd01:27
svu_even after udevadm trigger01:28
svu_suddenly (timeout??) I see a lot of output on console01:29
KeybukI thought we built that in01:29
svu_and voila - device-mapper in /proc/misc01:29
psusisounds like the driver isn't being loaded before the tools try to use it01:30
svu_it seems there was some delay01:30
svu_and --debug made that delay even bigger01:30
cjwatsonso on svu_'s powerpc box it won't be built-in01:30
Keybukoh, that's kinda fun01:30
Keybukso when the underlying block device shows up ...01:30
Keybuklvm is run ...01:30
cjwatsonsilly ports split01:30
Keybukbut device-mapper isn't loaded01:30
Keybukso boom01:30
* persia filed a bug about that recently, and hunts up the number01:31
svu_baga boom01:31
persiabug #56071701:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 560717 in linux "lucid sever fails to boot with LVM root" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56071701:31
Keybukcjwatson: well done01:31
Keybukshall I try and bread roll a kernel dev?01:31
persiasvu_: Please confirm and mark as affecting you :)01:32
cjwatsonKeybuk: might not hurt, I don't know if they have time for another upload / were planning one anyway01:33
cjwatsonslangasek: so that mountall typo I noticed above - do you think we can squeeze in a fix for it?01:33
svu_persia, I marked "affects me too"01:34
cjwatsonit's sitting there on the screen for some time and I'd rather not have a typo there01:34
persiasvu_: Thanks.  If we can get all the powerpc LVM users to do that, maybe we can get an SRU, even if we can't get a prerelease upload :)01:34
slangasekcjwatson: we're getting mountall string changes anyway today (unfortunately) to fix an untranslatable string, so yes01:34
slangasek(just as soon as I verify the upgrade path on mountall+plymouth)01:34
cjwatsonwill commit in a sec01:35
svu_persia, ok. Thanks a bunch, I would love to get that fixed. Otherwise the boot process does not look nice :)01:35
psusiKeybuk, say... what sort of tools should I look at to investigate a blocktrace during boot?  I got e2defrag to pack all the files ureadahead wants at the start of the disk and oddly, the peak throughput went down slightly though total time in ureadahead also went down by a few seconds01:35
svu_thank you all lads for you help01:35
asacdirecthex: hola01:36
asacdirecthex: why do you tink that having minVersion 1.9 is right?01:36
asacin gluezilla01:37
directhexasac, because it works (although not with 1.9.3 according to micahg), whereas the previous hard-coding caused more issues than it solved01:37
asacdirecthex: its not a good idea to just keep it fully open01:38
Keybukpsusi: blktrace ;)01:38
asacdirecthex: so definitly minVersion needs to be 1.9.201:38
psusilol... of course ;)01:38
asacdirecthex: there is no guarantee that standalone glue works with something lower than what it was linked from01:38
asacdirecthex: for higher versions we would need to review what xpcom components it uses. if those are all frozen its fine to keep 1.9.*01:39
asacas maxversion01:39
asacbut 9.9 is definitly wrong ;)01:39
micahgI'll push my working patch up to the ffox36 transition PPA to test01:40
keesKeybuk: udev starts before modules are loaded...01:41
directhexasac, frankly, i'm sick to death of the package. do whatever, i really don't care as it only affects people running system.windows.forms apps with embedded browser controls (i.e. nothing in the archive). do what you like with it, use http://www.java2s.com/Code/CSharp/GUI-Windows-Form/WebBrowserinaction.htm to test it01:41
keesinit-top, then module loads, etc.01:41
Keybukkees: well, yes01:41
Keybukudev *loads* modules01:41
asacdirecthex: kk01:41
keessince ide is builtin, the vgchange triggers before device-mapper is loaded01:41
persiaKeybuk: Ought udev be loading dm_mod in this case then?01:42
* kees is fighting tmobile's network01:42
asacdirecthex: sorry about that :(01:42
Keybukpersia: no01:42
asacwill take care01:42
Keybukdm_mod is one of those modules that can't be auto-loaded01:42
Keybukwhich is WHY IT'S BUILT IN! :p01:42
persiaaha! (except it's not) :)01:42
Keybukwell, that's the bug01:42
directhexasac, also try shana on gimpnet #mono, within portugese working hours01:42
persiaBut now I understand it, rather than it just being a mysterious failure which I knew how to make go away :)01:43
directhexasac, at the very least, -2 works, -1 segfaulted, so it could be worse01:43
asacheh ;) thanks alot01:43
psusiwell, it could be auto loaded... if udev tested for and loaded it if not already before invoking the tools that depend on it... or better yet, the tools could do that... I don't see why libdevmapper doesn't do that already01:43
directhexor @sh4na on twitter01:43
Keybukpsusi: because libdevmapper can be invoked by users01:45
keesKeybuk: so, bug on the kernel then?  won't make rc1...01:45
Keybukkees: I think so01:45
Keybukpsusi: users can't load modules01:46
keesKeybuk: yeah, looks like it's built-in in karmic.01:46
asacdirecthex: ok. makes some sense. the currently disabled patch forced the load of xulrunner 1.9.1. so yeah. that crashes :)01:46
Keybukkees: yeah, it's like unix, ppp, fuse, etc.01:46
Keybukit makes no sense to be a module01:46
directhexasac, forcing 1.9.2 didn't work for me on one machine, just had a grey screen01:46
Keybukit has to be loaded by hand to work01:46
directhexasac, so be sure to test changes01:46
Keybukso just build the thing in01:47
persiakees: I can confirm it was built-in for powerpc/amd64 in karmic and amd64 in lucid (but not powerpc).01:47
asacdirecthex: yes, dont bother. we will check this out01:47
keeshrm. only I don't see it ... ah! not built-in in ppc!01:47
asacdirecthex: will let you know01:47
persiakees: RIght, or, for that matter, on sparc/ia64.  armel is messy enough I don't even want to look.01:47
keeswe could make the initramfs hook for dmsetup fail if dm_mod isn't built-in...01:48
psusiKeybuk, they can't use libdevmapper either01:48
Keybukpsusi: sure they can01:48
cjwatsonpsusi: is this discussion anything other than academic?  things clearly work better if it's built-in, so build it in.  the only downside is a small increase in core kernel size, which really is not that much of an issue on Ubuntu.01:48
persiaCould we make the initramfs hook for dmsetup attempt to load dm_mod if it's not present?01:48
Keybukthen you just move the bug to requiring an initramfs01:48
Keybukjust build the module in01:48
cjwatsonthere's no point bikeshedding when there's precious little upside to making it be a module01:49
Keybuklots of things stop working if you go around changing random =y to =m01:49
keespersia: it does already.  it's just after udev starts01:49
psusiKeybuk, crw-rw---- 1 root root 10, 59 2010-04-14 20:02 /dev/mapper/control01:49
Keybukpsusi: chmod id01:49
psusicjohnston, true01:49
persiaAnyway, my bug calls for it to be a built-in.  Let's hear from a kernel dev.01:49
Keybukpsusi: you're allowed to do that01:49
Keybukpersia: the kernel dev who walked past on his way to get a nexus one said it's ok to build it in on ports01:49
Keybuksince it is in common ;)01:49
keespersia: which bug #, btw, I'm a bit lost on scrollback01:49
persiakees: bug #56071701:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 560717 in linux "lucid sever fails to boot with LVM root" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56071701:50
psusiKeybuk, think the kernel checks for CAP_SYS_ADMIN anyhow ;)01:50
asacdirecthex: oh. what was the best way to test?01:50
Keybukpsusi: for devmapper? it shouldn't01:50
directhexasac, paste the code from http://www.java2s.com/Code/CSharp/GUI-Windows-Form/WebBrowserinaction.htm into a .cs file, run gmcs -pkg:dotnet foo.cs; mono foo.exe01:51
keespsusi: SYS_ADMIN for what operation?01:51
directhexasac, that's a reasonably minimal example SWF browswer01:51
slangasekKeybuk: tested out the low-color icons, I think I'm ready to upload - any objections?01:52
Keybukslangasek: none01:52
Keybukdoes it look at least 5% less crappy?01:52
slangasekit looks pretty crisp01:53
psusikees, the ioctls to manipulate the device mapper tables01:53
asacdirecthex: it wants dotnet.pc01:53
* asac esarches01:53
directhexasac, mono-devel01:54
kirklandslangasek: i haven't tried a karmic -> lucid upgrade in a while01:54
asacoh .. thats a lot of stuff01:54
slangasekkirkland: did you test one after I uploaded the change?01:54
* psusi wonders what the HELL could be confusing parted about what fs type is on partition 1 after creating it while partition 2 is mounted... yet unmounting partition 2 OR reformatting partition 1 from within parted fixes it01:55
kirklandslangasek: what's the date of that?01:55
keespsusi: ah, yeah01:55
kirklandslangasek: i can background one in a vm, if you like01:55
slangasekkirkland: 30 Mar01:55
slangasekkirkland: a test would be helpful01:55
kirklandslangasek: i probably have not01:55
kirklandslangasek: i'll do that now01:55
Keybukpsusi: blkid01:57
Keybuktouching things would result in blkid running again from udev01:57
kirklandslangasek: via do-release-upgrade -d ?01:57
MattJIs there a default user group for admins?01:57
slangasekkirkland: however it was reproduced before01:57
slangasekkirkland: and/or however that bug says it's reproducible01:57
MattJI'm making a package, and debating what permissions to put on the config folder in /etc01:58
kirklandMattJ: there is an admin group01:58
MattJDo you know if that's an Ubuntu-only thing, or Debian too?01:58
psusiKeybuk, yea... and blkid recognizes the partition type just fine... but even rescanning/restarting parted and it still doesn't01:58
kirklandMattJ: i'm pretty sure admin is consistent across Ubuntu and Debian01:59
kirklandslangasek: upgrade underway, against local mirror01:59
kirklandslangasek: give it a few minutes, i'll check back01:59
psusipartition 1 exists, is readable, writable, mountable, yet parted won't detect the fs type... it's so weird....02:00
bcurtiswxhow long do the builders wait with no buildlog changes before they fail out?02:04
persiabcurtiswx: 150 minutes02:04
bcurtiswxpersia: yikes, openjdk is immobile right now02:05
persiawhich arch?02:05
MattJI think it's been like that a bit longer than 150 minutes :/02:06
bcurtiswxpersia: i38602:06
bcurtiswxpersia: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/6b18-1.8-0ubuntu1/+build/169125002:07
persiabcurtiswx: How long do you think it's been sitting at "Error: com/sun/jdi/BacktraceFieldTest.java"?02:07
bcurtiswxPersia: honestly, no idea, saw the backlog of i386 packages waiting to build, thought maybe there was one package holding a few back.. looked at openjdk and saw it was stuck02:08
kirklandslangasek: i did get an error with mountall02:08
kirklandslangasek: is this logged to a file somewhere I can pastebin or attach to that bug?02:08
bcurtiswxpersia: plus it was started 14 hours ago02:09
persiabcurtiswx: That's never a safe indication: the prior upload took 15 hours, 37 minutes, 55.9 seconds to build on i386.02:10
bcurtiswxpersia: nice.. good to know02:11
persiaSee https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/+archive/ppa/+build/162584702:11
kirklandslangasek: nevermind; i'm running again, tee'ing output02:11
MattJOh yay, the PPA build queue seems to be moving, thanks for that whoever :)02:12
bcurtiswxpersia: hey, it moved!02:13
bcurtiswxpersia: thanks for your help :)02:13
persiabcurtiswx: Happy to share how things work to avoid confusion :)02:14
kirklandslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/414635/02:16
kirklandslangasek: let me know if there are more detailed logs somewhere else02:17
slangasekkirkland: no more verbose logs unless you pass apt some debugging options; can you follow up with mvo on this?02:24
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
ryanakcaHmmm... can anybody confirm having difficulty unlocking a disk at boot with plymouth?02:40
ryanakcaAt first I thought it was my imagination, but it is happening often enough for me to think there's an issue. I can usually unlock a disk on the first try if I boot in rescue mode (and enter my passphrase without it going through a plymouth theme). But if I boot normally, it takes me 6-7 tries.02:40
ryanakcaThis happens even if I type in each character, one by one. I don't think it's a keyboard issue because I can type perfectly once the netbook starts up02:41
ryanakcaOne thing that I've noticed is that sometimes when I enter a character, it doesn't show up in the passphrase box.02:42
slangasekryanakca: there's a bug open on plymouth about this, but I can't reproduce it here02:46
ryanakcaslangasek: Has the bug been confirmed? If not and you have the bug number handy, I can confirm and add whatever lacking information there may be...02:48
slangasekryanakca: sorry, don't have time to look for it right now; it should stand out in the list though, it has a pretty clear title02:51
=== slangasek changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Lucid Beta 2 released | Archive: final freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper-karmic | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
ajmitcheverything's icy now?02:57
spmice ice baby02:57
* TheMuso shivers.02:58
JontheEchidnawhew, uploaded with only seconds to spare02:59
* TheMuso notes that powerpc is not taking jobs.03:21
ScottKTheMuso: IA64 and Sparc neither.  It's been reported.03:24
TheMusoScottK: ok thanks.03:25
* ccheney notes reading through 1,132 tax forms is not fun04:59
pittimicahg: I'm open to improving the strings in maverick; would you mind opening a bug about it?06:45
pittiGood morning06:45
micahgpitti: good morning, can I resurrect the one that was marked invalid or file new?06:45
pittimicahg: resurrecting sounds fine06:45
micahgpitti: k, on another note, is Monday too late to drop xul191?06:46
pittimicahg: no, we should really get rid of it IMHO06:47
micahgpitti: actually, I'll talk to asac, the last thing that uses it AFAICT is gjs and that uses an older version that is in archive so maybe tomorrow :)06:48
micahgpitti: could I trouble you for an FFe to fix the vlc FTBFS against xulrunner-1.9.2 (bug 558981)06:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 558981 in vlc "vlc fails to build against xulrunner-1.9.2" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55898106:51
pittimicahg: this isn't an FFE, just a bug fix, so please go ahead06:53
micahgpitti: even though there are 7 patches added?06:54
pittimicahg: they don't add new features, change strings, etc.06:54
micahgpitti: no, ok, thanks06:55
micahgpitti: actually, OJI is disabled in xul192, so that's a small change06:57
robert_ancellasac, how do you use libntrack?06:58
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
dholbachgood morning07:51
imbrandonmoins dholbach07:51
dholbachhi imbrandon07:52
baptistemmgood morning07:52
MattJI have a package for a new upstream bugfix version of a package in Lucid07:53
MattJThe new upstream isn't in Debian (yet)07:53
MattJBut it fixes some important issues, so should I file a bug and attach my .diff.gz?07:54
MattJor would it be fine to wait for Debian and request a sync? (not sure what's best, regarding the freeze)07:54
micahgMattJ: what package?07:55
micahgMattJ: I think you have this next week to get a sync from debian for that07:55
micahgMattJ: if it's bug fix only07:56
MattJOk, thanks, I'll give a shove in that direction :)07:56
MattJIt is bugfix only, including one that allows a DoS against connected clients from remote ones07:56
robert_ancellpitti, I'm trying to use the libntrack package but I get linking errors, when I rebuild the deb locally it works fine.  Does it make sense the archive should recompile it?  If so, what is the best way to do that (just bump the version number?)07:58
pittirobert_ancell: if it demonstrably helps, a 006-1build1 is fine; but it would be good to find out what broke in particular (ABI change in dependent library?)08:01
robert_ancellpitti, it seems like an internal symbol, and I can't work out why that would be08:02
pittirobert_ancell: well, at this point, if a rebuild helps just upload it08:15
=== DrPepperKid is now known as MacSlow
robert_ancellpitti, can you give ntrack a kick, it's waiting for approval (are we in final freeze now?)08:36
pittioh, we are?08:36
mdzis anyone else finding that their desktop runs out of memory when left idle overnight09:01
=== nosse1_away is now known as nosse1
mvopitti: could you please have a look at the u-m upload? just a trivial frbfs fix09:05
ograhrm, so fsck does not respect the e2fsck.conf file ...09:05
pittimvo: sure, approved, thanks09:05
* ogra wonders why we have fsck *and* e2fsck ... 09:05
RAOFmdz: Evolution seems to be consuming an unreasonable and increasing amount of memory here; maybe that's a part of it?09:06
mdzRAOF: yes, that's consistent with my symptoms as well09:06
mdzusually evolution-data-server and chromium fight over who gets OOMed09:06
mdzonce swap is exhausted09:06
* ogra sighs ... so there is no way to boot a system that has no RTC battery unless i edit both fstabs 09:07
mvothanks pitti09:07
ograthats really bad09:07
* ogra waits for Keybuk09:07
mdzit's not happening every day, but it's happening most days09:09
superm1pitti, could you have a glance at the casper upload too?  would ideally like to get today's dailies unbroken for early commands if possible09:12
pittisuperm1: done09:13
* pitti also accepts command-not-found09:13
superm1thanks, most appreciate09:13
* ogra files bug 563618 in the hope we can somehow get that fixed for release09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563618 in util-linux "there is no way to tell fsck to ignore broken clocks on embedded systems" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56361809:23
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=== radoe_ is now known as radoe
mdzI'm seeing an issue on mbark's laptop where plymouth is flickering rapidly during fsck, and never makes progress10:37
mdzit doesn't seem like bug 55473710:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 554737 in plymouth "ply_boot_client_flush() does not read replies (plymouth stuck during/after filesystem check or error)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55473710:39
ogramdz, is his clock wrong ?10:39
mdzogra, I doubt it, but I didn't check10:39
mdzit's flickering between two different messages, one of which shows fsck progress and "F to fix, I to ignore, M for manual" or similar10:40
ogramountall doesnt seem to respect fsck returning nonzero in severeal cases10:40
ograi have such an issue on the beagle which renders it unbootable (no rtc battery so the clock is always reset)10:41
mdzah, sounds like bug 53843310:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538433 in mountall "[Lucid] fsck flips rapidly between two messages" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53843310:41
al-maisanHello, where would I get plymouth 0.8.2-1 from? On my "fully patched" lucid box I currently have plymouth Version: 0.8.1-4ubuntu110:46
james_wdo we still use xsplash at all?10:49
dholbachjames_w: it's in universe fwiw10:50
james_wal-maisan: it hasn't built yet10:51
al-maisanjames_w: ah, I see, thanks!10:51
mdzalso bug 50180110:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 501801 in mountall "Infinite-loops in fsck when booting with damaged /" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50180110:53
ogramdz, Bug 563618 too10:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563618 in util-linux "there is no way to tell fsck to ignore broken clocks on embedded systems" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56361810:58
ogra(i think i pointed to at least one of the above in the report)10:59
mdzogra, are you saying you think the root cause is the same?11:00
mdz563618 doesn't say what symptoms you actually see when this goes wrong11:00
ogramdz, yes, we dont seem to get to a maintenance shell in either case11:00
LaneyCould https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/highlighting-kate/ be rescored, please?11:01
ogramdz, "that behavior together with a mountall bug which does not give the user a maintenance shell when fsck exits but makes it go into an endless loop renders many ARM platforms we support unbootable"11:01
slangasekal-maisan: ah, looks like it hasn't built yet, sorry - too many other last-minute uploads in the queue, I suppose11:01
al-maisanslangasek: no problem -- I will test when it becomes available.11:02
asacrobert_ancell: re: libntrack: in the source there are examples in common/tests glib/tests gobject/tests etc.11:15
asacrobert_ancell: i have patches for empathy and weather applet in my ppa11:15
robert_ancellasac, thanks got it to work.  The problem was the lucid version fails to link. if I rebuild it it works.  Could you check if that's the case for you?11:16
robert_ancellI've bumped the version number so it rebuilds but I don't know why it had the problem11:16
asacrobert_ancell: you mean the package doesnt build?11:16
robert_ancellasac, I mean if you compile a hello world -lntrack it fails to find some internal symbols11:17
asacrobert_ancell: with an empty test.c it doesnt happen here11:19
asacrobert_ancell: can you paste what you got ;)?11:19
robert_ancellasac, it's in an email I sent you11:19
robert_ancell/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../../lib/libntrack.so: undefined reference to `_ntrack_arch_new'11:19
robert_ancell/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../../lib/libntrack.so: undefined reference to `_ntrack_arch_get_rfds'11:19
robert_ancell/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../../lib/libntrack.so: undefined reference to `_ntrack_arch_process_data'11:19
asacwill check it out after getting coffe11:20
robert_ancellasac, thanks11:20
robert_ancellasac, off now, good luck!11:22
Riddellev: did you manage to recreate the kubuntu oem issue?11:23
evRiddell: indeed, working on it as we speak11:28
nosse1is there a link to the armel build queue somewhere?11:38
nosse1oh, sorry. wrong channel11:39
jpdsnosse1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+builds?build_text=&build_state=building&arch_tag=armel11:39
slangasekdpm: ping11:51
dpmhey slangasek11:51
slangasekdpm: hiya - so, I've just pushed through the queue the last change to fix bug #553954, which is good news and bad news11:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553954 in plymouth "[Lucid Beta 1] plymouth has a non translatable string coming up on screen" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55395411:52
dpmfirst the bad news11:52
slangasekdpm: good news because it means the fsck interaction is translatable, bad news because it means there's another string for everyone to translate11:53
dpmslangasek, ah, untranslatable strings becoming translatable are never bad news :)11:53
slangasekdpm: can you rouse the translation teams to see if we can get that translated a few places before the langpack deadline next week? :)11:53
slangasekdpm: I also accepted a change from cjwatson to fix a typo in another mountall string, so translations will need to be un-fuzzied in LP however that's done...11:54
dpmslangasek, sure, thanks for the heads up. Do you know if the now translatable string appears in different templates, or is it just mountall?11:55
slangasekdpm: just in mountall11:55
dpmok, cool11:55
slangasekhmm, I was going to see what translations are currently out there for the unfuzzied string, but I fail at navigating rosetta11:56
dpmslangasek, let me see...11:56
slangasekLP doesn't know about mountall as an upstream project, only as an Ubuntu package...11:57
LaserJockanybody seen any "hard drive suddenly becomes read-only and I can't reboot" sort of bugs in the last day or so?11:57
slangasekaha, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/mountall11:57
dpmslangasek, that's the one11:57
slangasekso, 16 existing translations11:58
dpmslangasek, actually, there are more, there was another bug in mountall11:59
dpmand the imports queue has been quite slow lately11:59
slangasekin fact, since the .pot file in the package was out of date, maybe nobody has translated the pre-fuzzy string, either11:59
dpmslangasek, that could well be. I had to manually upload an updated template a couple of days ago exactly because of that, but it hasn't been imported yet11:59
slangasekdpm: ok - so we should have an up-to-date pot now once it gets processed, and I don't have to feel bad about fuzzying anyone's translations12:00
LaserJockI guess I'll take that as a "no" :(12:00
slangasekLaserJock: I have not12:01
LaserJockhmm, not good, not good at all12:02
LaserJockwell, good for Ubuntu, not good for me12:02
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dpmslangasek, yeah, if the typo fix was on a string not having yet been exposed in LP for translation, we should be good to go, no ugly unfuzzying :). And just for reference, actually the fix for the outdated POT file was on the same upload (bug 559997)12:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 559997 in mountall "Mountall needs to generate pot file on build" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55999712:03
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
james_wzul: is your mysql-cluster upload going to fix this too? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/mysql-cluster-common13:09
zuljames_w: it should13:10
james_wdoko_: will a rebuild of visualvm move it off libnb-platform10-java?13:13
=== gnomefreak76 is now known as gnomefreak
doko_james_w: no, it needs a the new minor upstream version, but part of the sources are not yet released, and I did fail to pick them up out of the netbeans repo. may become a sru13:14
james_wit's NBS, so what's the best way to proceed?13:14
james_wyou're keeping an eye on it?13:15
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
=== joaopinto_ is now known as joaopinto
debfxcould someone from the release team please have a look at bug #56377113:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563771 in ttf-indic-fonts "package ttf-indic-fonts-core 1:0.5.4ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56377113:51
dholbachpitti: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! :)13:53
pittidholbach: *hug*, thank you!13:53
* dholbach hugs pitti13:53
* dholbach hugs pitti13:53
* dholbach hugs pitti13:53
mdzwhen was it?13:54
slangasekdebfx: looking, though there's nothing there that looks like it needs the release team?13:55
dholbachmdz: yesterday13:55
slangasek(just someone with upload rights?)13:55
didrocksoh late birthday greetings pitti (hadn't match this with your evening) :)13:55
primes2hpitti: Oh... happy belated birthday from me too :-)13:56
slangasekpitti: happy birthday :)13:56
mvohappy birthday pitti!13:56
evhappy birthday pitti!13:56
pittithanks a lot, guys13:56
pittiit was yesterday, the big three-o13:56
* pitti blogged some thoughts on http://www.piware.de/, but sorry, German13:57
pittiat least it has a nice photo of the cake :)13:57
debfxslangasek: I thought uploads need release team ack in final freeze13:57
dholbachpitti: Jungspund!13:57
slangasekdebfx: they need an ack, but they don't need approval prior to upload13:57
pittidholbach: pah13:58
debfxslangasek: ok sorry, I misunderstood the process14:05
sebnerpitti: congratulations from me too! :) I didn't know that you are still _that_ young. Looking forward to your next list in 2020 :)14:06
pittisebner: thanks14:06
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Davieyslangasek: bug 563785, i think is a dupe of bug 423667 - which i thought had been fixed.14:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563785 in fortunes-ubuntu-server "[MIR] fortunes-ubuntu-server" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56378514:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423667 in ubuntu-server-tips "[MIR] fortunes-ubuntu-server" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42366714:10
Daviey(it hasn't been included in main, but is that just waiting on an AA?)14:11
slangasekdebfx: 563771 - fix uploaded, thanks!14:11
slangasekDaviey: ah, that bug has no task on the package, making it entirely search-proof14:12
slangasekDaviey: thanks, will close this out14:12
Davieyahh.. good point.. TBH, i prepaired an upload of this yesterday, thinking it was main :S14:12
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
jdstrandslangasek: hi!14:43
jdstrandslangasek: I have a profile change to fix bug #517714 which I, *ahem*, reintroduced just before freeze. ok to upload?14:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 517714 in libvirt "[Lucid] Error starting domain: could not remove profile" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51771414:43
apwjdstrand, not sure if steve is still awake, might ask on #u-release14:44
jdstrandapw: thanks14:45
geniiGetting version mismatches between initramfs-tools and initramfs-tools-bin ..paste here: http://pastebin.com/p17rMcLi ... needs ver 73 of initramfs-tools-bin or ver 72 of initramfs-tools14:59
persiagenii: You're clearly not running i386: arch skew: wait a bit :)15:01
geniiWill do :)15:01
persiagenii: When https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/0.92bubuntu73 shows your arch to have been built, you should be able to upgrade within about an hour or so.15:02
cjwatsonI'd score that amd64 build up, but it's going to start in 25 minutes anyway so not much point15:02
cjwatsonRiddell: I probably ought to change gfxboot's background colour to match the new Kubuntu background image, yes?15:03
amitkogra: so do you know why I don't see initramfs output on the serial console? Or rather - why only on tty0?15:03
cjwatsonRiddell: do you want the foreground colour changed too, and if so to what?  While *I* can read light-blueish on slightly-darker-blueish, those with impaired colour vision may have rather more difficulty15:04
starshiptrooperpitti: do you happen to have time to look at bug 56065915:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 560659 in kpackagekit "kpk shouldn't check for distro upgrades in karmic" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56065915:04
pittistarshiptrooper: I don't know about kpackagekit, I'm afraid15:05
cjwatsonRiddell: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/tmp/kubuntu-boot-screen.png15:05
starshiptrooperpitti: needs SRU :)15:05
pittiah, ok15:06
* starshiptrooper is wondering whether he uploaded that though15:06
=== starshiptrooper is now known as apachelogger
pittiapachelogger: looks fine, please go ahead and upload15:08
apacheloggerpitti: Successfully uploaded packages.15:09
pittiapachelogger: is there any chance to prevent that from a different place as well? I'm not sure how many people install those updates in a timely manner15:09
pittiok, I'll do an SRU round later on then15:09
apacheloggerpitti: unfortunately not15:09
* apachelogger actually complained about that in december but didnt file a report and forgot to fix it :/15:09
=== mathiaz_ is now known as mathiaz
geniiAlso on the dist-upgrade just before that it got stuck trying to install ttf-indic-fonts or ttf-indic-fonts-core (no conffile to remove, error in line 19 of preinst, etc) since I don't think I was using any Indian fonts anyhow, removed it so things could progress15:11
Picigenii: Someone in u+1 reported that earlier.  I don't know if they filed a bug though.15:12
jdstrandslangasek: nm (taken care of)15:14
ograamitk, because the first console option is kernel only .... if you only have one console= setting it will show output on serial15:29
ccheneyNCommander: seems to be working so far, still building after 17hr on arm15:38
mathiazslangasek: hi - is the concept of runlevel still correct in the upstart world? see bug 56177915:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 561779 in squid "squid is not started on runlevel transition 1 -> 2" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56177915:49
james_wI'm starting a packaging training session on using bzr for Ubuntu development now in #ubuntu-classroom16:03
psusison of a... according to this blktrace  the kernel merges readahead with the original request, thus delaying the completion of the original request, and leaving the disk idle until user mode issues the next request16:04
doko_smoser: 562787, is this something to be fixed for lucid?16:10
ScottKgenii: The ttf-indic-fonts bug is fixed.  You should have an updated package shortly.16:20
geniiScottK: Thanks :)16:20
geniiI see the 64bit initramfs is also built now, will update shortly16:22
bdrungdebfx: bug #56393316:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563933 in ttf-indic-fonts "package ttf-indic-fonts-core 1:0.5.4ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56393316:28
geniiLooks like it hasn't propogated yet, I'll try again later (initramfs-tools-bin). The ttf-indic-fonts reinstalled fine though.16:29
persiagenii: You need to wait for the publisher run to complete, which takes unfortunately long.  Try again at the top of the hour.16:29
debfxbdrung: that's one of the many duplicates of bug #56377116:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563771 in ttf-indic-fonts "package ttf-indic-fonts-core 1:0.5.4ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56377116:31
ScottKbdrung: It was the old version still trying to unpack16:31
bdrungmarked as dup16:32
bdrungi should have searched the fixed bugs16:32
geniipersia: OK, thanks16:33
Sarvattkees:  about the -dbg/-dbgsym problems with xorg-server and mesa - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pkg-create-dbgsym/+bug/56241816:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 562418 in xorg-server "xserver-xorg-core-dbg debug symbols mismatch" [Undecided,Incomplete]16:34
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* ogra sighs about the armel buildfarm ... 5 active builders and all are busy with the 5 biggest packages we have16:57
ograwe'll never clear the queue16:57
amitkogra: send them off to mdeb.org16:58
amitkthey've got 3516:58
ograand probably icecc or distcc to trunk several of them together on demand16:59
ograour queue needs to get more intelligent ... allowing oo.o, firefox, TB, mesa and openjdk at the same time should simply not be possible on armel17:00
ScottKogra: There's a gcc-snapshot in queue too.17:01
ograoh, fun17:02
MarkieMark1hi, is it #ubuntu-app-devel for indicator-applet-session / indicator-applet?17:04
pittistarshiptrooper: I reject the older one of your two kpackagekit uploads, so don't get scared of the rejection message17:09
davmor2Guys empathy is only using the simple account manager now which means you can't setup an irc account is this known?17:09
davmor2seb128, pitti ^17:10
pittidavmor2: hm, seems to work here?17:11
seb128you can't during initial config17:11
seb128you can after17:11
seb128there is a bug about it yes17:11
seb128it's an upstream decision17:11
starshiptrooperpitti: right, thanks :)17:11
dholbachasac: did you get any reports about thunderbird not starting anymore?17:12
davmor2pitti, seb128: I'm only getting the simple account manger here all the time17:13
seb128oh you mean you don't want to configure any non IRC account17:13
seb128not even a local avahi one17:13
seb128it works after having configured one account17:14
davmor2I did the avahi one and then closed empathy17:14
seb128empathy is an IM client not an IRC client17:14
seb128the main aim is not to do IRC17:14
seb128well in the account dialog you should be able to add any account now17:14
davmor2I ten open empathy and hit F4 and get the simple account setup still17:14
seb128ok, so you need to configure a real account17:15
davmor2yes so I just added my FB account and now I can gain access to the proper account manager17:16
keesslangasek: I believe lvm2 for bug 358654 is a false-positive, as it depends on dmsetup, which depends on initramfs-tools.  am i misunderstanding some element of dark magic that requires I have a depends on initramfs-tools for lvm2 also?17:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 358654 in watershed "udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35865417:17
pittijdstrand: was the "CVE-2010-XXXX" in the sudo changelog deliberate?17:19
jdstrandpitti: yes17:20
jdstrandpitti: to be filled in later (it is not assigned yet)17:20
davmor2seb128: thanks I'll file a bug against it17:20
seb128davmor2, there is a bug aobut it already as said before17:21
davmor2oh sorry miss read17:21
pittiogra: uboot-envtools> is that actually used/useful on non-arm arches?17:24
kirklandmvo: slangasek: hi, i'm at a point where i can do-release-upgrade -d from a karmic vm to lucid, to reproduce that problem;  how do i introduce more debugging?17:24
ograpitti, not at all unless someone implements uboot as bootloader on !arm17:28
pittiogra: I just wondered because it's arch:any17:29
ograwell, i dont know if there is any HW way to use NAND on a different arch or some such i couldnt imagine one though17:29
ograbut it might be possible to create binary images that you can dd to NAND17:30
ograso in that case you would want to use it on x8617:30
ogragenerally thats just a corner case though17:31
micahgI've got a problem with a package that did something it shouldn't, but non-desctructive, and I want to display a message on upgrade to this new version what the fix is, is PKG.listchanges the way to do that?17:31
pittiogra: ok, done17:32
* ogra hugs pitti 17:32
pittiogra: please seed/depend on17:32
* pitti hugs back ogra, np17:32
ograpitti, you just made omap work ! :)17:32
mvokirkland: hello, what problem? 559582 ?17:32
ograthat was the last missing piece in the puzzle17:32
pittiogra: no I won't come to the mobile team :) OEM got me first17:32
ograpitti, OEM ?17:32
ograyou move ?17:32
pittiogra: rotation, starts in about two weeks17:33
pittifor once, I'll earn my wages :)17:33
ograyou already do by giving them a foundation :)17:33
* ogra wonders off for some early dinner17:34
micahgwhat's the proper way to display a message on how to fix something on install17:35
kirklandbug 55958217:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 559582 in mountall "Upgrade from karmic to lucid failes with Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55958217:35
kirklandmvo: yeah, that one17:35
micahgzul: can you help me, how did you get the notice to show in the apache package on install?17:37
zulmicahg: what?17:37
micahgzul: about the changes that affect the user17:38
mvokirkland: do you can reproduce it already? does it fail like this?17:38
zulmicahg: i dont know what you are talking about17:38
micahgzul: I have a package where I need to display a message to the user on install, I noticed apache2 did this recently17:38
zulmicahg: you probably want to do it in the postinst17:39
kirklandmvo: i'm bzipping a kvm disk image17:44
kirklandmvo: it's an up-to-date default 9.10 server install17:44
mvokirkland: thanks, /var/lib/dpkg/status + etc/apt/sources.list should be enough I think17:44
kirklandmvo: you and fire it up in kvm, and see for yourself17:44
mvokirkland: cool17:44
kirklandmvo: i'll pastebin those two in the mean time17:45
mvokirkland: thanks, it is/was on my list for today, but a initramfs-toolls / initramfs-tools-bin mismatch prevented further debugging today17:45
smoserdoko_, the only way to fix that upgrade path would be to have glibc remove that file if it existed.17:45
kirklandmvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/41505217:46
mvosmoser: hi, did you had a chance to re-run the upgrade with --sandbox?17:46
kirklandmvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/41505317:46
smoserdoku_, its a very unlikely path to be cared about.  the reason for that is that a.) we've only published "instance-store" instances of hardy and b.) instance store instances cannot change the kernel . thus there is no way to reboot after you did an upgrade (unless we wanted to support hardy kernel lucid user space, which i dont think is desired)17:47
mvothanks kirkland17:47
smosermvo, i haven't. i can easily test that though if you want me to17:47
mvosmoser: not urgent, but the fix for this is in the archive now17:48
mvosmoser: not sure how well aufs is doing these days with that particular workload, but I would be interessted17:48
smoseryeah, i had seen that.17:48
mvobut be careful, don't try it on a producation server just yet17:48
smosermvo, yeah, andin this case its not "these days" that you'd be interested in, but "hardy days"17:48
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
mvoheh :) indeed17:49
mvokirkland: hrm, I just tried to reproduce with the state file in the bugreport, no luck17:50
mvokirkland: I wait for your vm image I think17:50
hacksawI'm looking for a pointer to docs on the best way to create a deb which contains additions to /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:52
kirklandmvo: uploading now... i'm heading to lunch.  should be here in ~25 minutes:  http://people.canonical.com/~kirkland/karmic-server.img.orig.bz217:53
kirklandmvo: ubuntu/ubuntu is user/pass;  bunzip it  and then you can just run:  testdrive-kvm karmic-server.img.orig17:54
kirklandmvo: or kvm with your own parameters17:54
doko_smoser: unconditionally?17:54
smoserdoko_, ?17:55
smoserthe only case where upgrade from a "Official Ubuntu Image" of is possible is really just a test case.17:55
doko_smoser: well, attach a patch, what you think needs to be done17:55
mptpersia, do you use IBus?17:56
persiampt: Yes.17:56
persiampt: ibus-anthy to be specific.17:56
smoserdoko_, ok. i'll see if i can come up with something.  its really edge case that it would matter. and definitely would not affect anyone running one of our published images.17:57
mptpersia, I'm wondering how much of a problem it is that in Lucid it doesn't show the icon of the current input method in the panel17:57
persiampt: For me, none at all, because I never switch (ibus-anthy allows entry of ローマ字 without switching).  For folks in places that don't do that, it makes it impossible to know what one will type.17:58
mvokirkland: thanks!17:58
mptpersia, that's what I feared17:59
persiampt: I believe it should be painful for anyone who isn't using a Japanese or Korean keyboard, since I believe these are the only sorts that have dedicated keys to control the IME (which are used by the various ibus backends), to give you an idea of scope.18:01
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|capoeira
mptjcastro, ^^^18:04
asacdholbach: hop into -mozillateam ... i am not really on top of all the recent regressions18:04
asacdholbach: one reason might be that you have some extension that has .xpt files18:04
asacbut i think we cherry-picked that patch to tbird too18:05
dholbachasac: thanks discussed it there18:05
asacbut check with micahg and chrisccoulson ... actually both are here ;)18:05
tjaaltonslangasek: rpc.gssd no longer accepts options from /etc/default/nfs-common...18:05
jcastropersia: ok, what did the icon do in 9.10? (for ibus)18:08
seb128bug #56389318:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563893 in thunderbird "Thunderbird will not launch do to a recursive symlink" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56389318:09
persiajcastro: I don't remember.  Sadly, I'm not an affected user (because my keyboard has the extra key, and my ibus backend supports it)18:10
seb128^ for information18:10
seb128binaries will be blocked from download due to this bug18:10
seb128could people let that know to users in due forums, irc channels, etc?18:10
jcastrompt: ok we need to figure out what it's supposed to do.18:10
jcastrompt: also the engineering resources that did the work are not around anymore, so we're going to need to figure out a course of action quickly18:11
mptjcastro, I'm not a packaging expert, but I expect it's just removing 05_appindicator.dpatch18:11
jcastrompt: oh so you're saying just revert the whole thing?18:12
persiampt: In which package is the patch?  I can test that.18:12
tjaaltonslangasek: and with active directory I need to feed at least '-n'18:12
seb128jcastro, persia: what should be displayed in the indicator and what is displayed now?18:12
mptpersia, ibus, afaict18:13
persiaseb128: I think the icon for the backend should be displayed, so folks know what they wlill type.  RIght now, there's just an unchanging keyboard icon.18:13
jcastronow it just displays a keyboard18:13
persiampt: I'll test that quickly then.18:13
seb128it's an icon right? because indicators don't do labels for now18:13
mptthanks persia18:13
jcastrompt: I could have sworn at some point we decided to show a 3 letter country code or something?18:13
seb128jcastro, indicators don't do labels...18:14
seb128jcastro, that's why we reverted the keyboard indicator one18:14
persiajcastro: That wouldn't be a good choice, because some countries have multiple sane input methods.18:14
jcastrook so basically we don't really have a choice, we have to revert it.18:14
mptseb128, jcastro, persia: I've reported bug 564034 with all I know18:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 564034 in ibus "Panel no longer shows which input method is being used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56403418:15
jcastrowe neither have the person to fix it and we're out of time for the cycle18:15
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
smosermvo, so, i just tested --sandbox18:17
seb128jcastro, mpt: I would recommend just dropping the indicator port if we can't fix it18:17
* persia is testing that now18:17
smoseri got to the first prompt, it said do you want to continue.  I thought "i should run this in screen" so I hit 'N'.  then reran it.  it says failed to setup aufs.18:17
jcastroand even if we did fix it we wouldn't have time to test. ibus has had the old tray support for years so this seems the least risky option.18:18
doko_seb128: any idea about #528892 ? just removed the wrong directory by pasting ... I know we had this kind of bug before, but it was fixed for karmic18:18
seb128bug #52889218:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528892 in vte "[regression] double-click to copy and middle-click to paste pastes the previous selection" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52889218:18
mptseb128, I was just in a meeting where we were discussing the menus in general, and tedg mentioned that custom bitmap icons currently aren't possible at all. So yeah, I don't think it's easily fixable except by reverting. :-/18:19
seb128doko_, no sorry, first time I read about it and mvo does vte usually18:19
seb128mpt, I set a lucid task and assign the our team now18:19
mptThank you seb12818:19
jcastrothanks seb18:20
seb128it's weird that nobody reported the issue in months though18:20
jcastro yeah that's worrying to me18:20
seb128how come we have so few testing in that area?18:20
doko_mvo: ^^^18:20
seb128I'm reluctant to set the bug to high based on statement from one person there18:21
seb128persia, do you know if that has been discussed by some user communities in launchpad or forums or lists?18:21
mptjcastro, seb128: One possibility is that most of the people affected don't know English. Another is that it doesn't actually affect that many people, because most people are using a single input method that covers all the characters they need to use.18:21
seb128jcastro, bug #563893 on an another topic18:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563893 in thunderbird "Thunderbird will not launch do to a recursive symlink" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56389318:22
seb128jcastro, we had to block binaries of this version in lucid, can you make the word being said around so users know about what is going on?18:23
jcastroseb128: I'll update the platform twitter feed18:23
seb128jcastro, thanks18:23
seb128jcastro, can you let me when it's done?18:23
persiaseb128: mpt's highlight was the first I've heard of it.  I'm not affected, for complex reasons.18:24
jcastroseb128: yep, one sec18:24
seb128persia, are you in touch with communities or people who are affected by the issue or did you read anything about it?18:24
persiampt: We may also have a low number of lucid testers from affected locales.18:25
persiaseb128: No, sorry.  The ibus-using communities with which I'm in contact are also users of keyboards with dedicated switch buttons.18:25
* ScottK loves it when filing the bugs afterwards takes longer than doing the actual New review.18:26
mptjcastro, seb128: Also, the change has been in for only a month.18:26
seb128mpt, still we should get feedback about such issues18:28
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
persiampt: I removed the patch, rebuild the packages, installed the results, logged out, logged in, and see no behaviour change.18:28
mptpersia, so it hasn't moved back to the notification area?18:29
persiaNo.  It was there for a few days last week for some reason though.18:32
pittimicahg, chrisccoulson: can you please ping me once the upload is done? I'll care about reviewing/accepting from the queue and jumping the buildd queue18:34
mptWell, I don't know.18:34
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, will do18:34
mvokirkland: I get a 403 on the file18:35
kirklandmvo: try now18:36
kirklandmvo: it's perm'd 444, you might have to chmod it 644 after you get it local18:36
mptthe Ubuntu China forums seem to be all "uninstall ibus, install fcitx"18:36
mptwhich isn't that helpful18:36
mvokirkland: thanks, downloading now18:36
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
mvosmoser: aha, thanks. sort of known, it now created the overlay, so running it normally should have the same effect (double check with mount please)18:37
mvoseb128: that is the issue with vte (sorry, missed context)?18:38
smosermvo, well, i opened 56405318:38
smoserbug 56405318:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 564053 in update-manager "do-release-upgrade --sandbox fails after cancelling" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56405318:38
smoserwhich describes it.18:38
persiampt: Only to be expected.  Let's consider this a failed test, and maybe someone who knows what needs doing can fiddle the bug.18:38
mvothanks smoser18:38
smoserits "fixable" with 'sudo umount /var/cache/apt/archives'18:38
mptthanks for trying persia18:39
mvodoko_: hi, interesstinging. i never saw that and I use gnome-terminal and copy/paste all the time18:40
ograKeybuk, which fsck does mountall use exactly ?18:45
Keybukogra: the big red one18:45
ogracan a buildd admin bump initramfs-tools on armel please ?18:46
Keybukit usually has the keys in the ignition18:46
Keybukand mountall likes to go *fast*18:46
ograKeybuk, i mean, does it use the util-linux one or the one from e2fsprogs ?18:46
ogra(fsck vs e2fsck)18:46
KeybukI think you're confused ;)18:46
ograi found the e2fsck.conf setting does nothing18:46
pittifsck is just the wrapper, which calls e2fsck, fsck.vfat, etc18:47
ograam i ?18:47
Keybukthe util-linux fsck (which was stolen from e2fsprogs originally anyway) is just a wrapper18:47
Keybukit calls fsck.<type>18:47
Keybukso when you fsck an e2fs filesystem, fsck calls fsck.ext4 for example18:47
Keybukwhich is e2fsprogs18:47
ograhmm, the manpage is confusing then18:47
Keybuk"the manpage" ?18:47
ograof fsck18:47
pittiogra: i-t bumped18:48
ograpitti, merci beaucoup18:48
pittiogra: de rien18:48
Keybukthe manpage attempts to describe the common options18:48
Keybukjust as the mount manpage does18:48
Keybuk       In  actuality,  fsck  is simply a front-end for the various file system18:49
Keybuk       checkers (fsck.fstype) available under Linux.  The file system-specific18:49
Keybuk       checker  is  searched for in /sbin first, then in /etc/fs and /etc, and18:49
Keybuk       finally in the directories listed in  the  PATH  environment  variable.18:49
Keybuk       Please  see  the  file system-specific checker manual pages for further18:49
Keybuk       details.18:49
Keybukthat's the key page18:49
ograright, i didnt think fsck.ext{2,3,4} would be identical to e2fsck18:49
ograand since the config file is ignored that seemed to prove my point18:49
ograi even shoveled into the initramfs18:50
ograthough i just saw rcn-ee's comment on bug 56361818:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563618 in util-linux "there is no way to tell fsck to ignore broken clocks on embedded systems" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56361818:51
ogramight be that broken_system_clock = true simply doesnt suffice here18:51
ograthough rcn just mailed me and told me he still has to bear a fsck on every first boot18:52
ograbut thats at least better than infinite rebooting18:53
psusiogra: huh?  what config file is ignored?  fsck.ext[234] are just hard links to e2fsck18:54
ograpsusi, read the bug :)18:55
ogra /etc/e2fsck.conf18:55
W3ird_N3rdcjwatson, to let you know, I just burned the 15-04 netboot ISO and it did detect the Xircom, get DHCP and am trying to install right now..18:57
* psusi goes back to blktraceing19:00
W3ird_N3rdfor..why... :'(19:00
W3ird_N3rddebootstrap warning: couldn't download package locales19:01
Keybukogra: sorry, not following19:01
W3ird_N3rdsomething somewhere is seriously wrong, I just wonder if it's the netboot ISO or this laptop..19:01
Keybukyou're saying that fsck fails even with that config option?19:02
ograKeybuk, right19:02
ograand mountall goes into an endless loop still19:02
Keybukogra: the bug is unclear19:04
Keybukfrankly, I don't believe you that this fails19:04
Keybukbecause Robert has pasted an e2fsck.conf that he says works19:04
Keybukthat's basically identical to what I suggested19:04
ograKeybuk, you suggested broken_system_clock = true ... that definately doesnt change behavior19:04
Keybukok, well, that's a bug19:05
ograi havent tried his option yet19:05
Keybukdoes the config snippet robert pasted work for you?19:05
Keybuk(broken_system_clock = true is simply a shorthand for the exact config robert pasted)19:05
ograwill try now, i just saw it after i pinged you19:05
ograyes, i thought that too19:05
ograthough his might be a bit more detailed19:05
Keybuk                if ((code == PR_0_FUTURE_SB_LAST_MOUNT) ||19:06
Keybuk                    (code == PR_0_FUTURE_SB_LAST_WRITE)) {19:06
Keybuk                        profile_get_boolean(ctx->profile, "options",19:06
Keybuk                                            "broken_system_clock", 0, 0,19:06
Keybuk                                            &broken_system_clock);19:06
Keybuk                        if (broken_system_clock)19:06
Keybuk                                ptr->flags |= PR_PREEN_OK;19:06
Keybuk                }19:07
ograhmm, the difference might be that one is in [options] while the other is in [problems]19:07
Keybuksee above, that's quite correct19:07
ograwhere does [problems] get catched ?19:07
Keybuklater down19:07
ograhmm, then options should overrule19:07
Keybukno, options sets the default19:08
* ogra reboots his beagle19:08
ograawesome !19:09
ograso there is a discrepancy between [problems] and [options] i think19:10
* ogra tries with powering off the board 19:11
Keybukwell, problems is detailed, complex, overrides19:12
Keybukoptions is short-hand19:12
Keybukbut the code above seems to suggest that the options should get processed19:12
pittichrisccoulson: I see the tbird upload, reviewing now19:12
KeybukI wonder whether this bug is that it sets PR_PREEN_OK19:12
pittiit would help if my keyboard would work19:12
Keybukbut then unsets it when parsing the non-existing problems19:13
pittiit stopped after current dist-upgrade19:13
ograhmm, might be19:13
Keybukogra: don't suppose you can gdb e2fsck? :p19:13
ograhard to do if it fails ...19:13
ogramy board is in an infinite reboot loop now :/19:14
ograpowering off the board gives me the same behavior as with "broken_system_clock"19:14
ograit was just that i only rebooted which kept power on the clock19:14
Keybukhard to do?19:16
Keybukjust open a root shell on another vt :p19:16
ograif the board constantly reboots ?19:16
ograi dont get to a shell19:17
ograi see the splash for a short moment and then it resets hard19:17
Keybukogra: upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/OMGBroken19:17
KeybukI just worked this out19:17
Keybukbroken_system_clock=true is clearly working19:17
pittichrisccoulson: tbird accepted and bumped build score; i386 building now19:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks19:18
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm just drafting the mail to u-d-a now19:18
chrisccoulsonwill be done in a couple of minutes19:18
Keybukogra: sorry, I'm just going to bang my head into a window for a while19:18
Keybukyou don't get a maintenance shell, do you?19:19
Keybukyour system *reboots*19:19
ograno, it reboots19:19
Keybukso it's boot ... fsck ... reboot ... fsck ... reboot ... fsck ... reboot ... fsck ?19:19
ograbut formerly the same bug showed the fsck message endlessly on the screen19:19
pittichrisccoulson: I first need to fix my system anyway before I can get back to real productivity19:19
Keybukogra: I can't fix this19:20
ograKeybuk, who can ? :)19:20
Keybukogra: nobody19:20
Keybukfsck is working19:20
ograwhy ?19:20
Keybukit corrected a problem with your root filesystem (timestamps all wrong)19:20
Keybukand, therefore WE HAVE TO REBOOT19:20
Keybukwe just raw edited a mounted filesystem19:20
Keybukwe can't continue19:20
ograthats fine ...19:20
Keybukso reboot19:20
ograoh, but the clock is reset again19:21
Keybukand of course, reboot kills your hardware clock again19:21
Keybukso your timestamps are wrong19:21
Keybukso fsck has to run again19:21
Keybukand corrects the problem again19:21
Keybukand changes the root filesystem19:21
Keybukand that kills your hardware clock again19:21
Keybukthe only way to "fix" this would be to run fsck from inside the initramfs19:21
Keybukbefore mounting the root filesystem19:21
ograwhat about the version where it doesnt reboot but wants to give you a maintenance shell and doesnt ?19:21
=== starshiptrooper is now known as apachelogger
Keybukthat way the raw change doesn't require a reboot19:21
psusiwhy is fsck modifying the fs in the first place?19:21
Keybukogra: that I haven't heard of19:22
Keybukthat would be a different bug19:22
Keybukpsusi: because the hardware clock is wrong19:22
Keybukall of the filesystem timestamps are wrong19:22
psusiif you know you can't trust the clock then you shouldn't be updating the fs timestamps19:22
Keybukext3/4 are JOURNALLED FILESYSTEMS19:22
ograi had that before i successfully mounted the rootfs for the first time (by editing both fstabs)19:22
Keybukthe timestamp is IMPORTANT19:22
Keybukthey have to go in one direction ;)19:22
ograand amitk sees it too19:22
ograas well as asac19:22
Keybukogra: then those people need to supply mountall --debug output for me19:22
ograits the same but without rebooting19:22
Keybukjournalled filesystems can't have timestamps suddenly jump backwards19:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, mail sent to u-d-a now19:23
ograits scrolls so fast you nearly cant read it19:23
Keybuk"I had a write pending at 14:00, and another at 14:05, and another at 08:00"19:23
Keybukthat's an inconsistent journal19:23
Keybukthat's bad19:23
ograi understand what you say19:23
Keybukso that's why we have to fix the timestamps if your hardware clock is broken19:23
psusithe timestamps in the journal have to go in one direction?  sure, but once the journal is empty what difference does it make that the clock is at the epoch?19:23
* ogra notes that epoch != epoch :)19:24
ograthe board we talk about sets the time to april 1st 2000 by default :)19:24
ograKeybuk, the thing is that it worked before we changed mountall ...19:25
ograpre-karmic or so19:25
Keybukpsusi: if you want to write your own filesystem, please feel free to not include this constraint ;)19:25
Keybukogra: the fact it worked is probably a bug ;)19:25
ograheh, might be19:25
pittichrisccoulson: moderated19:25
Keybukany change to the root fs needs to result in a reboot19:25
psusiKeybuk: I'm just trying to understand what the constraint is... what does it care about timestamps when the journal is empty for?19:25
psusii.e. what is it that you are "fixing"?19:26
ograbut i think it only told you to reboot and didnt do it automatically19:26
Keybukpsusi: ask a filesystem engineer19:26
Keybukthis is a constraint they have engineered into it19:26
ograthat way you could call hwclock from the maintenance shell19:26
ograand as long as you dont power off the board the rtcd is correct19:26
Keybukogra: yeah, but you still technically had to reboot19:26
ograbut less harmfull19:26
pittiok, so what part of the  dist-upgrade messed up my /etc/default/console-setup19:27
psusihere's an idea.. how about have the initramfs read the last unmount time from the fs and set the clock to that before calling fsck ;)19:27
Keybukpsusi: hides potentially dangerous problems19:27
ograKeybuk, as ignoring the clock completely does19:27
ograbut psusi's hack could make it work for me while ignoring the clock apparently doesnt19:28
ograthough it would add slowdown to the boot19:29
psusialso you can change the clock backwards while the system is running... why does that not screw up the journal?  the answer to that probably could form a basis for what to do when the clock is broken19:29
Keybukpsusi: because the kernel uses a monotonic clock19:29
KeybukI'm done with this bug19:30
KeybukI've updated the notes and marked it as Triaged ;-)19:30
Keybuksomeone else can worry about fixing it19:30
* Keybuk will look into the mountall infinite loop on fsck failure bug if someone provides him --debug output19:30
ograKeybuk, i'll try to get it for you with the next install (waiting for the next image though which might take a biit until the queue clears out)19:31
ograit definately shows up on brandnew installs19:32
ograand turns into the reboot thing once you mounted successfully19:32
Keybukthat's an odd one, mountall should just exit() if it gets an fsck failure19:32
ograwhich i can only achive by editing fstab19:32
ogra(both of them)19:32
=== slacker_nl is now known as slacker|away
=== slacker|away is now known as slacker_nl
ograKeybuk, aha, i reset the system to original state (removing e2fsck.conf and resetting the fstabs) now i get bug 50180119:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 501801 in mountall "Infinite-loops in fsck when booting with damaged /" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50180119:36
* ogra drops splash and tries again19:36
KeybukI have a --debug from matty barker19:37
Keybukif you could supply one too, that would be k-rad-appreciated19:37
ograright .. without splash: "last mount time is in the future, run fsck manually" infinitely19:38
* ogra edits init/mountall.conf 19:39
Keybukslangasek: I asked a question on bug #553290  (you're not subscribed?)19:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553290 in mountall "Loops on mount failure when Plymouth not running" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55329019:39
ograKeybuk, err, tricky indeed it doesnt write to /vat/log/boot.log if it cant mount19:44
Keybukogra: that's ok19:44
Keybuknow do the mount19:44
Keybukand then plymouth will flush it out19:44
Keybukyou could even just pop a tmpfs there19:45
Keybukand call plymouth --sysinit19:45
ograhmm ?19:45
ograi edited init/mountall.conf19:45
ograwhich indeed gets me a lot on the screen but i cant capture it19:45
* ogra tires serial console 19:45
ograplymouth sucks !!!19:48
mvokirkland: that is very odd, image is here, unzips fine, shows boot grub prompt very briefly and then just a cursor19:48
Keybukogra: why?19:48
ograKeybuk, even with console=ttyS2,115200n8 plymouth ignores me and writes to tty0 (there is no other console option in the cmdline, the kernel shouldnt know about tty0)19:49
ogra[   70.382324] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Assuming drive cache: write through19:49
ogra[   70.406768] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Assuming drive cache: write through19:49
ogra[   70.658721] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Assuming drive cache: write through19:49
ograinit: ureadahead main process (142) termi19:49
Keybuktty0 is ttyS219:49
ograthats where the serial output ends on ttyS219:49
KeybukI don't follow19:49
ograthe rest goes to the display19:49
Keybukplymouth will pick up console= and put a "details output" on that19:49
Keybukthat's odd19:50
ograconsole=ttyS2,115200n8 root=UUID=d088bcbb-ba37-4f21-914b-886eeb6863cc ro quiet vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@6019:50
Keybukthat's probably a bug19:50
ograthats my bootargs19:50
ograthere is an fbcon indeed19:50
ograbut no console attached to it19:50
Keybukright, that should result in plymouth using ttyS219:50
ograand the output on the screen is garbled19:50
Keybukand not displaying anything on the main display19:50
Keybuksounds like a bug19:51
ogramight be a kernel bug though19:51
Keybukyeah could well be a kernel bug19:51
ograi dont really trust the omap fb code19:51
ograit has issues everywhere so that wouldnt be a surprise19:51
ograhmm, how do i solve that so i can get you a proper log19:51
qenseIf reportbug exits with the message "Please install an MTA on this system if you want to use sendmail!" does that mean it has just thrown away your bug report?19:52
qenseThat would be quite annoying.19:52
mvokirkland: sorry, gtg for the evening, if you could check if the file is correct and send a quick mail I work on it tomorrow (my) moring19:53
ograKeybuk, is there any way to omit plymouth completely ?19:54
ograhmm, i guess i'll need to follow http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/OMGBroken19:55
* ogra tries that19:55
Keybukyou need plymouth to get the boot log I need anyway ;)19:55
ograso how do i get that for you19:59
ogra(i'm in a sulogin console now)19:59
* ccheney just found out his internet connection speed supposedly doubled recently, now to reconfigure my qos so i can use the extra20:42
joaopintois there a page describing how to debug boot problems ?20:42
tormodjoaopinto, how far into the boot?20:46
joaopintotormod, I don't have a problem myself but I see several people asking for help with such issues and I couldn't find instructions to guide them20:47
joaopintoI know a boot related problem can be related to many components, but there should be some checklist20:48
tormodthere are some kernel docs, hang on20:49
tormodjoaopinto, some stuff here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies#Problems%20in%20capturing%20information20:50
joaopintohum, that one is kernel oriented20:54
joaopintoI don't see any reference to boot.log there :)20:54
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hunger_What is up with gwibber? It does no longer start:-(21:08
hunger_Looks like desktopcouch python module fails to load.21:09
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ccheneyslangasek: i think openoffice.org-l10n is marked as NEW due to some upgrade packages21:30
jcastrorickspencer3: robbiew: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-m21:31
jcastroI think we should enforce "$track-m" for the naming convention21:31
jcastrootherwise the session names get too long and look bad on the schedule21:32
jcastroso like "desktop-m-monoflamewar" instead of "desktop-maverick-monoflamewar"21:32
robbiewjcastro: sure21:33
seb128jcastro, can't you just strip <track>-maverick on the schedule display?21:37
seb128jcastro, or change those to <track>-name?21:37
jcastroseb128: The scheduling system runs on hope and dreams, not going to touch it21:37
seb128jcastro, oh come on21:37
jcastroI'm being dead serious21:37
ScottKIt took a full time developer and a barrel full of hamsters running on their wheels as fast as they could to keep it going last time.21:43
* ccheney bbs, checking his router to see if it is bottleneck21:46
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tormodScottK, you noticed you posted comment to the wrong bug? 4576821:53
ScottKtormod: I did.  I also got the right one.  Thanks.21:54
ccheneyit appears my old linksys wrt54g is slowing down my internet connection :-\22:04
micahgccheney: I'm assuming OO.o is supposed to be using 5MB less of space22:15
ccheneymicahg: hmm?22:16
ccheneymicahg: if it got smaller thats good i think :)22:16
micahgccheney: pdfimport, report builder bin, and core totalling about 5MB22:17
ccheneymicahg: one of the things i fixed in the recent upload was reduced duplication in usr/share/doc some more, i don't know how much it helped the cd but definitely would help in full install22:17
ccheneyer full install of OOo (including stuff not on cd)22:17
ccheneymicahg: the symlinking of those dirs might be what you see in the size reduction22:18
slangasekmathiaz: sure, runlevels still exist; I don't think that's a case we can handle right now w/ upstart, though, since a runlevel change doesn't assure us that the network is up22:19
slangasekkees: 358654> nope, if there's a transitive dep, then that's enough22:19
micahgccheney: apt double counts the file size?22:19
* micahg is not getting along with symlinks today22:20
keesslangasek: okay, I set it invalid :)22:20
ccheneymicahg: no, i mean they used to be real files but got changed over to just symlinking to the uno-libs3 doc dir22:20
micahgccheney: ah, ok, cool22:21
slangasektjaalton: rpc.gssd> /etc/init/gssd.conf is a conffile which you can edit directly22:21
ccheneymicahg: as new packages are added i sometimes forget to add them to the symlink list so i went through and updated it for this past upload22:21
micahgccheney: awesome22:21
slangasekKeybuk: bug #553290> replied22:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 553290 in mountall "Loops on mount failure when Plymouth not running" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55329022:22
ograKeybuk, i'd like to schedule a session at UDS to discuss the "clock fights fsck" issue, would you participate ?22:24
ograKeybuk, given we will hit that issue a lot with ARM partners22:24
* ccheney kicks comcast, the problem isn't really my router its a lack of them being able to sustain a stable rate period22:25
Keybukogra: I don't see the point of discussing it at UDS22:26
Keybukare you going to invite the ext4 or btrfs filesystem authors?22:26
Keybukif not, what's the point?22:26
ograKeybuk, well, we need to find some kind of solution for that22:27
Keybukogra: the solution is to change the filesystem design to not need reliable timestamps22:27
ograhow about attacking it at the clock side instead ?22:27
Keybukif you can persuade Ted, you can probably fix it for ext5 - but knowing Ted, he will think it's your problem22:28
Keybukthe btrfs author may be more receptive and it's not stable yet22:28
ograwell, i'm not sure either of them will be there22:29
ograand we will also likely use other filesystems like ubifs in the future22:29
ograand i dont even know if that issue would be an issue on such filesystems22:29
Keybukso if we don't have filesystem authors, no point discussing it22:30
Keybukthis is a problem with the filesystem design22:30
ograwell, depends on your POV22:30
ograi'd call it a problem with the hardware design probably ;)22:30
ograand software should be able to overcome issues in bad HW design imho22:31
Keybukyeah, but the problem is the filesystem needs timestamps22:31
ograeven if its a (temporary) workaround22:31
Keybukif we change them in fsck, we have to reboot because the filesystem is MOUNTED22:31
Keybuklike I said22:31
Keybukyou can work around this by doing the fsck before mounting the root filesystem in the initramfs22:31
ograright, so store a timestamp somewhere to set the clock22:32
ograwould be one possible workaround ...22:32
Keybukthat's another option, set the clock from the last mount time of the filesystem22:32
Keybukbut again, never going to do that in the standard distro22:32
seb128ogra: why can't you fix the hardware clock?22:32
Keybukseb128: because he's too cheap to buy a battery <g>22:32
ograseb128, because there is no battery ... as soon as you remove power the clock is zeroed22:32
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seb128you get what you deserve there? ;-)22:33
Keybukogra: there will be pins to which you can attach a battery22:34
ograKeybuk, sure22:35
Keybukso do that ;)22:35
ograno :)22:35
ograi'm working with the HW as it comes from the vendor22:36
seb128ogra: just set the clock on boot to what you had as a value before...22:42
ograright or even to the timestamp you read from the fs22:42
jdongccheney: I thought it was widely understood that at best those things can route at somewhere around 15 mbit/s just due to NAT overhead.22:48
jdongerr wow irssi scrolling fail.22:48
jdongstale comment22:48
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bluefoxicywho the fuck am I supposed to cut23:23
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.23:23
* bluefoxicy wonders what moron decided to move the control boxto the LEFT side ofthe windows23:23
kklimondaseriously? now you are wondering?23:23
slangasekKeybuk: did you want that mountall --debug output with or without the bustification patch applied?23:24
Tm_Tbluefoxicy: something else we can help you with?23:24
kklimondabluefoxicy: the change has been made on the request from design team some time ago23:24
bluefoxicykklimonda:  My close/minimize buttons are top left in lucid, never mind thunderbird eating infinite memory trying to open any e-mail message23:24
bluefoxicykklimonda:  right, didn't see that one.  Filing a bug on the control box placement thing.23:24
kklimondabluefoxicy: no point - it's not a bug, it's theme-dependant and there is already a lengthy discussion on the LP about it23:25
ionI wasn’t happy with the close button not being in the window corner, but that annoyance has been fixed and i’m happy with the layout now.23:25
ions/the window corner/a window corner/23:25
bluefoxicykklimonda:  really?  Because I'm not using the default theme, I'm using glossy.  And in Appearance Preferences it shows the control box in the top right...23:25
* bluefoxicy switches back and forth between themes a few times and the whole thing goes away, even in human. Huh.23:27
Keybukslangasek: I want to see it fail, obviously ;-)23:27
slangasekKeybuk: I'll have to think if I can even accomplish that; the only way I've been able to recover is with break=init and manually mounting the filesystems *before* mountall runs23:28
bluefoxicykklimonda:  out of curiosity, what prompted the rearrangement of the UI?  Is someone on the design team left handed?  An Apple fanboy?  Trying to be different from Windows?  Sick in the head?23:28
slangasekKeybuk: I suppose I could mount / rw, tweak the upstart job to log to the rootfs, and let it go23:29
bluefoxicytop-right is functionally easier for right-handed people, though top-left is for left handed people23:29
W3ird_N3rdbluefoxicy, it is said canonical has plans to but different functionality top-right23:31
kklimondabluefoxicy: really, such remarks about developers are improper and this isn't really channel to discuss whys of this particular decision - I'm pretty sure that all has already been said about it on various blogs, forums and mailing lists and if you are really interested in it you can just do some research.23:31
W3ird_N3rdwhich would lead us to guess to have already moved the controls so users get used to it being there23:31
W3ird_N3rdand totally with kklimonda23:32
bluefoxicythis is akin to moving the accelerator pedal to the left of the brake pedal in a car.23:32
W3ird_N3rddon't worry though, I heard you can put them back where they used to be23:32
ionbluefoxicy: Sound good to me.23:33
bluefoxicyyeah, I touched the appearances box and that particular change disappeared forever.  TO the point that I can't find a way to get it back.23:33
bluefoxicyI'm amused that a broken idea is implemented broken.23:33
W3ird_N3rdbluefoxicy, don't go on about it, not here. Move the buttons back if you want to, discuss it on a blog, I would guess there is a thread on ubuntuforums, maybe launchpad or the idea-site (what was it called), but this is not the place23:33
W3ird_N3rdit is not broken, it is not what you are used to, and if you want to change it do some research on how to change it back - you are not alone and there is no-doubt a good guide on restoring the buttonlocation23:34
bluefoxicy"broken" has a different definition in UI design than in engineering.23:35
bluefoxicyAnyway I have other things to worry about now23:35
ionA Windows user who was visiting me used my computer for a while and *immediately* found the close button without asking. Based on this usability study with 1 sample, the layout is intuitive. ;-)23:36
kirklandslangasek: Keybuk: does this look familiar?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/415224/23:38
bluefoxicyoh, I saw it, I can hit it, but I don't have the twitch muscle memory to hit it fast enough when i.e. thunderbird is rapidly allocating memory because it's currently incapable of functioning.23:38
TheMusoAnyone on the release team/release queue, please reject the ubuntustudio-meta upload as it was adjusted incorrectly.23:38
joaopintois there a formal announcement for the final freeze ?23:39
W3ird_N3rdother than https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule ?23:39
slangasekbryceh: hum, what's xorg-server-1.7.6/debian/patches/index.html?id=3083c5d0c4386cdd7083b7a83ac7223:40
slangasekbryce ...fdad2f1e61e ?23:40
jpdsbluefoxicy: Try turning off the global indexing feature in Edit → Prefs → Advance.23:40
joaopintothat's the schedule, not an announcement :)23:40
bluefoxicyjpds:  you're faster than google :| or I suck at this.23:40
Keybukkirkland: that's the lucid release schedule?23:40
brycehslangasek, sorry that's cruft that should be removed23:41
W3ird_N3rdbluefoxicy, train your mucles to hit alt+f4, always faster than moving your mouse :P23:41
kirklandKeybuk: huh?23:41
bluefoxicyjpds:  and unfortunately that doesn't help...23:41
brycehslangasek, should I re-upload with that deleted?23:41
ionI wonder what creates boot.log? :-)23:41
slangasekbryceh: seems to be a duplicate of debian/patches/115_xext_fix_cursor_ref_counting.patch - will it cause a build failure from the duplication?23:41
slangasekbryceh: I just want to know if it's build-tested before I throw it at the buildds23:41
brycehslangasek, nope, only patches listed in series gets applied23:41
slangasekbryceh: ok23:41
brycehslangasek, yes it is build tested23:41
TheMusodisregard my above request23:42
slangasekbryceh: great, accepted - thanks!23:42
kirklandKeybuk: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/415224/ is a boot log23:42
slangasekTheMuso: disregard> so you *do* want us to accept it? :)23:42
bluefoxicyjpds:  more interesting was when i first tried to start thunderbird it didn't work... the upgrade process moved ~/.thunderbird to ~/.thunderbird.upstream and made ~/.thunderbird a symlink to .thunderbird23:43
jpdsbluefoxicy: bug #563893.23:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563893 in thunderbird "Thunderbird will not launch due to a recursive symlink" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56389323:43
bluefoxicyjpds:  Yep.23:44
slangasekkirkland: 'Skipping mounting / since Plymouth is not available" - I guess that will look familiar to Keybuk, but I don't know why plymouth is breaking for you23:44
slangasekwhee, mismatched quotes23:44
bluefoxicyjpds:  i'm trying to find a bug/workaround/whatever for the infinite memory usagething though.  It happens when it tries to load a message, so as long as I don't click the main tab I'm good.23:44
TheMusoslangasek: bdrung updated the package without updating the seeds. I dare say it can slide for now, but I have told him about the seeds bzr repo for the future.23:45
Keybukslangasek: that's one of those error messages like "beg for mercy" from the kernel when the module list changes23:45
Keybukin fact23:45
KeybukI may add it23:45
Keybuk"Skipping mounting / since Plymouth is not available.  BEG FOR MERCY!"23:45
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
slangasekKeybuk: the logic seems flawed to me, though - why should mountall refuse to even *try* to mount just because plymouth died?  shouldn't it wait until interaction is needed before giving up?23:46
bluefoxicyHuh.  the solution for the memory problem ... is to create a .thunderbird.upstream folder.  I symlinked it from .thunderbird and thunderbird moved it.  Without .thunderbird.upstream, it... immediately allocates infinite memory, wtf?23:47
* bluefoxicy isn't sure how you even write an application with a bug like that!23:47
slangasek"I can't interrupt this stupid fsck that takes too long" > "I can't boot at all because plymouth is broken"23:47
kirklandslangasek: Keybuk: is there a compelling reason to use plymouth at all in a cloud image?23:47
Keybukslangasek: it didn't try23:47
Keybukit got bored23:47
Keybukthat was the interaction that was needed ;-)23:48
slangasekkirkland: yes, because it's part of the base system and an integral part of the boot design and it's hard enough to support *one* model for the boot system without having to worry about making a completely separate design work because of people trying to rip a core component out every time there's a bug23:51
slangasekKeybuk: by "interaction" I mean "input" - what input is required from the user?23:51
kirklandslangasek: alrighty23:52
Keybukslangasek: "/ hasn't showed up, want to skip it or get a maintenance shell?"23:52
mathiazslangasek: how often is run fsck?23:56
slangasekKeybuk: ah, so it only does that when mnt->error is set, ok... it's a bug then that we're hitting the boredom timer?23:56
mathiazslangasek: after a specific number of times it has been mounted or is it time based (last 30 days)?23:56
slangasekmathiaz: ext3 has settings for both23:57
slangasekmathiaz: I haven't looked at ext423:57
mathiazsmoser: are the lucid images using ext3 or ext4?23:57
Keybukslangasek: well, it might not be a bug23:57
Keybukwho knows23:57
Keybukbut yeah23:57
slangasekKeybuk: either a bug that the boredom timer is hit, or a bug that mountall isn't able to see the filesystem23:58
Keybukmaybe yeah23:58

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