CIA-3cdrom-detect: cjwatson * r457 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog po/et.po): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:02
CIA-3cdrom-detect: cjwatson * r458 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.32ubuntu300:03
CIA-3console-setup: cjwatson * r144 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog po/cs.po): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:08
CIA-3console-setup: cjwatson * r145 ubuntu/ (Keyboard/KeyboardNames.pl debian/changelog): releasing version 1.34ubuntu1400:10
CIA-3hw-detect: cjwatson * r140 ubuntu/debian/ (47 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:17
CIA-3hw-detect: cjwatson * r141 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.73ubuntu300:19
CIA-3partman-auto-lvm: cjwatson * r230 ubuntu/debian/ (16 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:25
CIA-3partman-auto-lvm: cjwatson * r231 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 33ubuntu400:27
bdmurraycjwatson: kees reported bug 563457 and media-info is not world readable it was from an alternate cd00:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563457 in xinput "xinput crashes on wacom properties list" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56345700:29
CIA-3partman-auto: cjwatson * r314 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog po/cy.po po/et.po po/hi.po): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:31
cjwatsonnow you tell me, half an hour after I uploaded cdrom-detect ;-)00:31
cjwatsonI'll have a look after I've finished this translation pass00:31
bdmurraygreat thanks!00:31
CIA-3partman-auto: cjwatson * r315 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 89ubuntu600:33
CIA-3partman-base: cjwatson * r205 ubuntu/debian/ (13 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:43
CIA-3partman-base: cjwatson * r206 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 139ubuntu500:44
CIA-3partman-crypto: cjwatson * r698 ubuntu/debian/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:49
CIA-3partman-crypto: cjwatson * r699 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 40ubuntu400:51
CIA-3partman-ext3: cjwatson * r765 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 58ubuntu300:53
CIA-3partman-target: cjwatson * r791 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog po/bs.po po/hi.po): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.00:56
CIA-3partman-target: cjwatson * r792 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 64ubuntu800:58
CIA-3pkgsel: cjwatson * r159 ubuntu/debian/ (11 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.01:02
CIA-3pkgsel: cjwatson * r160 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.25ubuntu701:03
CIA-3cdrom-detect: cjwatson * r459 ubuntu/debian/ (cdrom-detect.postinst changelog): Make sure that /var/log/installer/media-info is world-readable.01:08
CIA-3user-setup: cjwatson * r218 ubuntu/debian/ (50 files in 2 dirs): Update Ubuntu-specific translations from Launchpad.01:09
cjwatsoncdrom-detect change uncommitted, it needs to be done in installation-report instead01:10
CIA-3user-setup: cjwatson * r219 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.28ubuntu601:12
CIA-3installation-report: cjwatson * r73 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog finish-install.d/94save-logs):01:13
CIA-3installation-report: Make sure that /var/log/installer/media-info is world-readable if it01:13
CIA-3installation-report: exists.01:13
CIA-3installation-report: cjwatson * r74 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog installation-report.postinst):01:16
CIA-3installation-report: Make /var/log/installer/media-info world-readable on upgrades to this01:16
CIA-3installation-report: version.01:16
CIA-3installation-report: cjwatson * r75 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.39ubuntu401:17
cjwatsonbdmurray: ^- fixed, thanks for the heads-up01:17
bdmurraycjwatson: no problem, thanks you01:18
persiacjwatson: I got an opportunity to retest around bug 538536 last night: basic guided partitioning works great.  guided LVM leaves the system unbootable.  Do you want a new bug, or do you already know of some oddity with Apple-GPT+grub2+LVM?01:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538536 in partman-auto "automatic partitioning broken on Intel Macs" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53853601:21
persia(also, I don't really care if this gets fixed for release, as I have a path to a working install without LVM)01:22
cjwatsonI think it would be best to file a separate bug as I've now applied several fixes for bug 538536 and a clean start might be less confusing01:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538536 in partman-auto "automatic partitioning broken on Intel Macs" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53853601:23
persiaOK.  Is it something you're likely to want to hack on for lucid, or more a maverick thing?01:23
cjwatsonprobably maverick at this point I'm afraid01:26
persiaI figured as much :)  Just wanted to make sure it was safe to do a real install (working around the issues) after the bug filing install.  I'll make sure I have some time to do a reinstall on this machine sometime for one of the earlier maverick milestones.01:28
* persia reinstalls Mac OS X to ensure a sane start-point for the operation01:28
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CIA-3casper: superm1 * r809 casper/ (debian/changelog scripts/casper-bottom/24preseed): Unbreak early command from previous commit.08:53
CIA-3casper: superm1 * r810 casper/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.23508:54
dmarkeycjwatson: see there's a new netboot/xen dir in i386, would it be possible to do the same in amd64?09:25
evara: I'm getting a traceback when logging into testcases.qa.ubuntu.com.  Would you mind adding the following to the historical bugs section of uoi-003 on my behalf?09:46
ev"In the 10.04 cycle, prior to the release candidate, the installer visibly switched to a text console and stayed there for a noticeable amount of time while removing oem-config.  Any case where the user is taken out of a graphical experience should be filed as a bug."09:46
araev, sure, will do09:46
evvery much appreciated09:47
araev, and will investigate the login issue09:47
evcool, thanks09:47
ogracjwatson, can you remind me what was the d-i equivalent to http://paste.ubuntu.com/414837/ ?10:24
amichairis anyone in particular working on RTL in KDE frontend?10:33
dpmev, I saw you exported translations from Launchpad yesterday into ubiquity, thanks for that :) As the NonLanguagePackDeadline was today, there might be some teams who were translating yesterday after the export. Would it be possible to have a final export some time today or later?10:37
evdpm: definitely10:38
dpmcool, thanks!10:38
evdpm: anything I can do to help that lot.  We had a number of late string changes to ubiquity, the slideshow, and usb-creator.10:41
cjwatsondmarkey: xen shouldn't need it?10:43
cjwatsondmarkey: err - amd64 shouldn't need it?10:43
cjwatsonoh, huh, there's one in Debian10:44
cjwatsonmaybe it just has the extra config files or something10:44
dpmev, thanks :)10:45
evhooray, I can reproduce the oem-config-kde loop issue.10:45
cjwatsonogra: that would correspond to changes in flash-kernel10:46
ogracjwatson, indeed, i have them on the shelf here10:47
cjwatsonogra: for dove, we add rootfs='root=UUID=$uuid' to flash-kernel.conf - is that necessary for omap too?10:47
ograthere was nothing additionally in d-i ?10:47
ograi'm not finished yet but essentially thats how it will look like10:47
dmarkeycjwatson: sorry i thought we'd have to break open netboot.tar.gz, but the vmlinuz/initrd is available in ubuntu-installer/amd64/10:47
cjwatsonogra: you need http://paste.ubuntu.com/414852/ on top of that, and you should call check_subarch "omap" in flash-kernel to match the other cases10:49
cjwatsonogra: otherwise that should be all you need in d-i10:50
dpmcjwatson, I've been pointed out to some comments in installation-guide changelog (http://tinyurl.com/y7ef5bq) mentioning that only the English version is built. If that is the case, I think I'll disable the templates in Launchpad, what do you think?10:50
cjwatsonogra: you should mirror that uboot-envtools change in ubiquity, though10:50
ograyou mean make sure it gets pulled in additionally ?10:50
cjwatsondpm: I think disabling them would be reasonable.  IMO enabling translations needs to involve a big sync with upstream10:50
cjwatsonand committing the Ubuntu changes upstream as conditionals10:50
ograhmm, k ... that makes the patch a bit bigger10:51
cjwatsonbut that's a lot of work10:51
cjwatsonogra: uboot-envtools should be added to ubiquity's Recommends on armel, and ubiquity should make sure that it's kept installed on the appropriate subarches10:51
cjwatsonsame as it does for uboot-mkimage now10:51
dpmcjwatson, ok, I'll disable them for now, thanks. I've got some other questions about debian-installer, but I'll come back to you later.10:52
ografirst i need it in main :)10:52
cjwatsonthis means things work reliably without network access10:52
ograand the package needs some cleanup, asac wasnt happy with it as is10:52
ograso thats a better one then i think http://paste.ubuntu.com/414853/10:54
cjwatsondmarkey: so Debian does have a netboot-xen image for amd64, which consists of symlinks to the main kernel/initrd and an added xen configuration file10:54
cjwatsondmarkey: doing this for lucid would involve upgrading the build system a bit, and I'd rather avoid it if possible - do you think just externally pointing people to the xen configuration file in i386 is sufficient?10:55
ogragah, crap, my CIA setup is borked in my ubiquity branch12:01
CIA-3ubiquity: ogra * r4081 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog debian/control scripts/install.py): add support for omap bootloader installation12:02
dmarkeycjwatson: it just means the script that downloads the vmlinuz/initrd will have to look in different places to download them between 386/amd6412:12
cjwatsondmarkey: is that tolerable?12:25
cjwatsonI was skating the edge of the freeze with this change as it was12:25
dmarkeywill the ubuntu-installer/amd64/12:26
dmarkeydirectory always exists on the mirror?12:26
cjwatsonwell, any working mirror12:26
dmarkeylemme take a look at that script thats in the i386/xen directory12:27
dmarkeybut yea, it def wont be a showstopper12:28
dmarkeyany chance of xen support being in the release notes? :)12:28
dmarkeywell not support, but "possible to install via Xen PV"12:28
dmarkeyhmm kernelurl = installer + "/netboot/xen/vmlinuz"12:30
cjwatsondmarkey: if you file a bug on the ubuntu-release-notes project as a reminder, it will happen12:39
dmarkeycjwatson: which would you prefer, either we patch xm-debian.cfg, or replicate the dir structure in amd6412:42
cjwatsonoh, it's not possible to make it work without doing that?12:42
cjwatsonsigh, guess I'd rather replicate it in amd6412:42
dmarkeyxm-debian.cfg:  kernelurl = installer + "/netboot/xen/vmlinuz"12:43
CIA-3ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: evand * r270 ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/ (2 files in 2 dirs):12:43
CIA-3ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: Add a higher resolution export of the personalize icon. Thanks12:43
CIA-3ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu: Daniel Fore!12:43
cjwatsonI don't know what the role of xm-debian.cfg is, nor how straightforward it is to override it12:44
dmarkeyits really a helper script to automate a load of permanent steps, it downloads the vmlinuz/initrd, which you would otherwise have to do manually12:44
dmarkeyerr, small steps12:45
dmarkeyonly bother if you have time. I can document this in the wiki page or something12:52
cjwatsonis everything working OK on i386?12:53
dmarkeyit installed OK, i'm just going to test pygrub with it12:54
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kusum1cjwatson: how much time did it take to write the first version of partman-auto-loop?13:59
cjwatsonkusum1: I don't remember any more - maybe a few days14:00
cjwatsonit was nearly three years ago, I don't keep notes that far back :)14:01
kusum1 just a rough timespan ?14:01
cjwatsonit took a fair bit of polishing after the first version before it worked properly though14:01
kusum1oh ok14:01
cjwatsonif I had to do it from scratch again, I suppose I'd quote two to four weeks14:02
kusum1abt 2-3 weeks ?14:02
kusum1ok gr814:02
kusum1thank you14:02
cjwatsonremember that this was starting from a position of knowing our installer's partitioning code very well, though14:02
cjwatsonabout three years of experience with it14:02
kusum1that's a serious point to note14:07
evah ha, I think I've figured out the oem-config-kde bug.15:15
dmarkeycjwatson: hey again15:18
dmarkeystrange question, but is there a read menuentry changed from 'Ubuntu' to 'Ubuntu'15:18
dmarkeyin grub.cfg15:19
dmarkeygod, lemme try that again15:19
dmarkeyis there a reason menuentry "Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.32-21-generic-pae" changed to menuentry 'Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.32-21-generic-pae'15:20
cjwatsonyes, it was part of fixing quoting problems that caused the whole thing to fall over in a messy heap if a translator included a character special within quotes15:30
cjwatsongrub2 accepts either double or single quotes there15:30
cjwatsonsee bug 55292115:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 552921 in grub2 "An apostrophe translation in the line "echo Loading Linux 2.6..." of Grub breaks the boot menu from this entry included in Grub (in Ubuntu 10.04)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55292115:30
dmarkeythat has screwed pygrub15:31
cjwatsonI really suggest getting pygrub fixed15:32
cjwatsonI don't want to hold back sensible grub2 configuration fixes because they break pygrub15:32
dmarkeyoh i'm writing a patch as we speak15:32
cjwatsoncool, thanks15:32
cjwatsonI committed that patch upstream as well so it won't just be Ubuntu15:33
ogracjwatson, do you plan any other ubiquity uploads before full close down ?15:33
cjwatsonev: the loop, or the apt error?15:33
* ogra committed the omap change but didnt upload 15:33
cjwatsonogra: I expect at least one more; please don't upload15:33
ogracjwatson, right, thats what i thought15:33
evI'll tackle the apt error next if you're not already on it15:34
ograjust wanted to make sure its not lost :)15:34
cjwatsonev: I was just bringing up a test harness, but if you're already on it then I suggest I should go and see what the state of oem-config on server is instead15:34
evcjwatson: I'm not yet, actually.  I'm in the process of verifying the loop change.15:35
evbut if you want to fix oem-config on the server, that's a-okay by me :)15:35
evbah, that didn't quite work15:37
cjwatsonev: mostly want to not be doing it in release week this time15:40
evI'm missing the context on that slightly.  Doing what in release week?  Fixing oem-config on the server?15:41
cjwatsonyes, that happened last cycle15:41
cjwatsoncf. 2.1.0 changelog15:42
evI definitely remember 2.0.7 and 2.0.815:45
dmarkeycjwatson: is there a reason the memtest entries are still using double quotes16:22
cjwatsonthey aren't translated yet so haven't needed to switch16:27
cjwatson(plus, they're generated by a separate package)16:28
superm1ev, have you come across some weird padding where text is getting cut off on the sides or moved above the top at all on any of the GTK pages when you switch languages ever?  if so, do you have some recommendations for what to do to make it stay in bounds?16:47
evsuperm1: yeah, it's due to the WrapLabel class and text alignment.  There's a proposed branch that I haven't had a chance to review yet: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~shlomister/ubiquity/bug-560114-ugly-hack16:48
superm1ev, oh so that's only setting it on a per widget basis.... so it would need to be applied to any widgets it's happening to in third party plugins then too16:50
cjwatsonsuperm1: did you ever get the DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer log for bug 508173?16:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508173 in grub2 "postinst has errors with grub-probe that cause the system to stop booting" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50817316:52
CIA-3ubiquity: evand * r4081 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-dm debian/changelog):16:52
CIA-3ubiquity: Force garbage collection so we don't end up with stray X resources16:52
CIA-3ubiquity: when we kill the X server (LP: #556555).16:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556555 in ubiquity "oem-config loops indefinitely in Kubuntu OEM installations" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55655516:52
evand here I thought I understood python's scoping and garbage collection rules.16:52
evcompletely perplexed by the necessity of that16:52
evI think that deserves a tea16:53
evcjwatson: just to be clear, you're not currently working on the oem-config crash that presumably fell out of the progress changes, right?16:54
evthat is, I'm free to work on it16:54
superm1cjwatson, no not yet.  i've had to deprioritize for the moment with other things going on right now.  i think right now it would be an SRU anyway once sorted, so i'll get it after i can fix these other higher priority things16:54
cjwatsonit wouldn't necessarily be an SRU16:54
cjwatsonif it's happening on upgrade, I would prefer to get it fixed for final16:55
cjwatsonev: correct16:55
cjwatsonhadn't got round to watching the videos yet (what's wrong with log files?)16:55
cjwatsonfirst video cuts off the critical information16:56
cjwatsoneveryone's obsessing about "no job control in this shell" which is not the operative error :)16:57
cjwatsonlooks like oem-config-wrapper / ubiquity-dm exited non-zero *after* removing ubiquity, for some reason16:57
cjwatsonoh, wait, am I just an idiot16:58
cjwatsonev: ok, never mind, I've got it16:59
cjwatsondeserves another test round though, that will be a bit later16:59
CIA-3ubiquity: cjwatson * r4082 ubiquity/ (bin/oem-config-firstboot debian/changelog):17:00
CIA-3ubiquity: Break out of oem-config-firstboot's main loop if oem-config-wrapper17:00
CIA-3ubiquity: succeeds (LP: #558593).17:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 558593 in omsk "During OEM-config removal, there is no graphical feedback" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55859317:00
evah nice17:00
evI'll queue a local build and run that through its paces.17:00
cjwatsonoh, ok, cool, if you could that would be great17:02
CIA-3ubiquity: cjwatson * r4083 ubiquity/bin/oem-config-remove: TODO comment about general oem-config-remove approach17:03
cjwatsonwah, well I'm glad I tested this now17:22
cjwatsonon server, oem-config and plymouth wind up on the same vt and the world implodes17:23
CIA-3ubiquity: cjwatson * r4084 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs):17:36
CIA-3ubiquity: Quit plymouth before starting either the emergency noninteractive17:36
CIA-3ubiquity: ubiquity frontend in automatic mode, or oem-config's debconf frontend.17:36
cjwatsonstill not entirely working - I think oem-config maybe didn't give itself a controlling terminal properly, or something17:39
cjwatson... but enough for today17:41
evsuperm1: the event box you removed on the install window was used for a arguably slightly better visual impression (because we couldn't get rid of the grey border on the bottom without making the window look flat).  But that's a-ok as I wasn't a fan of the change, and we desperately needed the vertical space anyway.17:51
superm1ev, oh i didn't realize it was a hack like that, seemed like an unimplemented oversight17:51
superm1that's too bad the grey border on the bottom can't be nuked17:51
evmy fault for not documenting it better17:51
evwell, it can, sort of17:51
evbut then you get this: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/borderless-install-window.png17:52
evwhen we get client side decorations in metacity, all will be right in the universe17:52
evuntil then we're screwed :)17:52
CIA-3debian-installer: cjwatson * r1289 ubuntu/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Add amd64/netboot-xen configuration, to go with i386/netboot-xen.17:52
cjwatsondmarkey: ^- just for you ;-)17:53
evworld imploding> yikes!17:54
evshtylman: do you have any time to look into bug 563309?17:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 563309 in ubiquity "ubiquity crashes on manual disc setup" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56330917:58
evI *think* it's KDE-specific17:58
shtylmanev: I can check it out this weekend18:00
evshtylman: okay, I'll try to give you a hand with it if I'm not otherwise buried18:01
shtylmankk :)18:01
evcjwatson: oem-config works18:05
evthere's still a VT switch to the console briefly, but that's always been there18:05
evand I imagine it's not something we can fix for Lucid18:05
cjwatsoncool - yeah, probably pretty hard to get gdm to reuse an existing X18:06
cjwatsonas long as it's very brief18:06
cjwatsonwould still like to get rid of the EPIPE errors though ...18:06
cjwatsonI should hit that with strace18:07
* ev out - have a great evening guys18:08
dmarkeycjwatson: do you know of any more changes to grub.cfg that might be coming down the line before release off the top of your head18:10
cjwatsonunlikely to be anything much18:13
cjwatsonhopefully zero18:13
cjwatsonmake sure that your pygrub change handles strings like this18:14
cjwatsonshould expand to18:14
cjwatsoni.e. quoted foo, escaped ', quoted bar18:15
dmarkeyi think it would just truncate the title.18:16
dmarkeyi will test however18:16
dmarkeycjwatson: have you come to any conclusions about the directory structure on the mirrors?18:18
dmarkeyall thats needed are symlinks to ../ubuntu-installer/amd64/{linux,initrd.gz} :)18:22
cjwatsonthat's what I did in the commit above18:31
michaelforrestcjwatson: did you catch the decision that we won't show anything where we were getting the squashed ubuntu logo any more?18:41
michaelforrestit's been a while since I've checked a daily so sorry if this seems late, but I know you had a look at the spec yesterday18:42
icarus901nice dmarkey :) and an indirect thanks to you cjwatson18:48
dmarkeycjwatson: you're a star18:49
cjwatsonmichaelforrest: on the boot screen - so lose the circle from that (which should deal with most of it, circles are most visible when distorted)?  No, I hadn't seen that.  Has the doc team been informed, since that's one screen they're practically guaranteed to have screenshotted?18:54
michaelforrestcjwatson: the latest decision was to show the background colour and nothing else until plymouth is ready18:55
michaelforrestif we definitely can't get the graphics to be precisely rendered18:55
michaelforrestI don't know how to communicate this to the doc team18:55
cjwatsonI think we must have the icon at the bottom18:55
michaelforrestif you can't get it to look right, we can't put it in18:55
michaelforrestit's too important from a design / branding perspective18:55
cjwatsonthe icon is not particularly susceptible  distortion18:56
cjwatsonand I'm sorry, I think it's vital18:56
michaelforrestthis is a sabdfl thing18:56
michaelforrestwe either need to make it right , or we don't put it in18:56
cjwatsonI am happy to argue it with him18:56
michaelforrestplease do18:56
cjwatsonduring working hours18:56
michaelforrestyea sorry - forgot you might not still be at work!18:57
cjwatsonbtw please don't assume I'll see spec changes - they're not a good way to communicate freeze-breaking changes18:58
cjwatsonirc (like this) is fine, or e-mail18:58
cody-somervilleDoes CASPER_GENERATE_UUID=1 not cause update-initramfs to generate uuid.conf in initrd anymore or did it move or something?19:35

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