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hazmatis there a way to get the apt to use the 'real' java installed instead of trying to pull in a gcj stack?16:07
hazmatie. if i do update-java-alternatives and pick the sun or openjdk16:09
hazmatand then try to install something like maven, apt still wants to pull down the entire gcj stack16:10
persiahazmat: Yes, but not trivially, or client-side.16:32
persiaEssentially it requires investigating the dependency stacks,and ensuring that there exists a gcj-clean path.16:33
persiaNote that if any adjustments are required, it's important to *also* support the -gcj path for folks that want to run natively.16:34
hazmatpersia, so what would a gcj clean path look like.. let's take ant as an example (smaller transitive dep stack) i see default-jre-headless and libxerces2-java as the deps.. lbiexerces2-java also needs the same default-jre-headless and libjaxp which just needs a default-jre-headless16:37
hazmatso afaics thats a gcj-clean path16:37
hazmatyet attempting an installation will still pull in a gcj stack16:38
persiaI have ant installed on my workstation and no -gcj packages.16:39
persiaCould you paste the output of `apt-get install ant` in your target environment?16:40
hazmatpersia, http://gist.github.com/36725816:41
hazmatand my java alternatives.. http://gist.github.com/36726116:42
hazmatkarmic fwiw16:42
persiaAh, right.16:43
persiaSo ant-gcj is a recomemndation, and you have recommends turned on by default.16:43
persiaYou either need to use --no-install-recommends or use a more nuanced package manager.16:43

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