EruditeHermithello, if I have a kernel compiled according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild is there a way to patch it and only rebuild that module and get another package?07:39
EruditeHermithow do I avoid rebuilding the entire kernel07:39
RAOFYou might be able to get away with just calling fakeroot debian/rules binary07:58
RAOFYou might be able to get away with just calling fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic07:58
jjohansenyep, 07:59
jjohansenwhat you need to do is patch07:59
amitkEruditeHermit: try make O=debian/build/build-<flavour>07:59
jjohansenrm debian/stamps/stamps-build-generic08:00
jjohansenthen you can do fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic08:00
jjohansenit will only rebuild the module and then do packaging08:00
jjohansenamitk: way of make will work but won't give you the package08:00
EruditeHermitlet me try that08:01
EruditeHermitthis has bugged me for months08:01
EruditeHermitno rule to make target 'binary-generic'08:04
EruditeHermitI reran the build command08:04
EruditeHermitmaybe that screwed things up?08:04
jjohansenwhat exactly did you run?08:05
EruditeHermitCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=`getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN` fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom kernel_image kernel_headers08:05
amitkEruditeHermit: eeeeks08:06
amitkmake-kpkg is not supported08:06
* amitk checks the wiki08:06
EruditeHermitso what do you guys recommend?08:06
EruditeHermitwhat tutorial should one use?08:06
EruditeHermitI was using this08:07
amitkwtf, wiki talks about make-kpkg08:07
jjohansenheh???!!! since when I don't remember it talking about make-kpkg08:08
EruditeHermitbasically I need to git clone a kernel source, patch it, then build it into an installable package08:08
jjohansenEruditeHermit: I would just run  fakeroor debian/rules binary-generic08:08
EruditeHermitbut the cloned version doesn't have a debian dir08:08
RAOFjjohansen: That won't work for upstream kernels, though.08:08
jjohansenah, I was thinking patching our kernel and rebuilding08:09
EruditeHermitso I am working with a kernel dev on a bug08:09
EruditeHermitso I need to use his specific kernel08:09
amitkthis one is a user-contributed wiki page, I think. Needs to be scrubbed08:09
EruditeHermitand then he sents me patches08:10
amitkTry this instead: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile08:10
amitkhmm.. but Leanne has contributed to the page08:10
EruditeHermitamitk, which part of that page?08:11
EruditeHermitamitk, I am not using Ubuntu kernels08:11
EruditeHermitso I don't have debian dirs08:11
EruditeHermitmost of those instructions assume a debian/ dir08:12
amitkerrm, this is a channel for ubuntu kernels, really.08:13
amitkyou didn't mention that at the beginning08:13
EruditeHermitright, but I am building kernels the Ubuntu way08:13
EruditeHermiterr I want to build kernels that are created as deb packages08:13
jjohansenEruditeHermit: I have never done mainline into a package before but one idea would be to grab our kernel and copy over debian and debian.master08:14
EruditeHermitdo you guys have a 2.6.34-rc2 or newer kernel?08:14
amitkapw: ^^^ mainline building as a .deb question08:14
amitkEruditeHermit: yes, we build all mainline rc releases these days08:15
EruditeHermitso I can just copy the debian dir from that?08:15
EruditeHermitas jjohansen said?08:15
amitkthat might be easiest08:16
jjohansenEruditeHermit: I've never tried it, it might need a tweak but it should work08:16
EruditeHermiterr rok08:18
EruditeHermiti'll try that if no one has any better suggestions08:18
crazybytehello! Perhaps somebody could help me to either solve or find the cause of the following problem. I switched from Hardy to Karmic (and Lucid Beta 2 for a short time). Since my switch the kernel is constantly sending out oopses at random times (after boot up). It says that it cannot satisfy a paging request around a certain address that repeats itself. Also always in the traceback I'm getting functions related to file system oper08:19
crazybyteations (like getting an inode). I figured iot could be a memory problem so I ran memtest for a long test and also a hard drive test (including badblocks, fsck and smart self test) but without any luck, there is no hardware error (at least that is the impression).  Could somebody enlighten me what could be the possible cause of these errors or how could I debug it and find what is causing them? At this stage my machine (which is 08:19
crazybytea laptop) is unusable entirely. Thank you!08:19
amitkcrazybyte: filesystem errors? We'd need a log to say more...08:20
crazybyteamitk, i would happily send it or put it up somewhere08:21
crazybytebut only tonight because i'm at work now.08:22
crazybyteamitk, could a hw be the cause of these kernel oopses?08:22
crazybyteamitk, also I tried using ext4 and ext3 with the same result08:23
jjohansencrazybyte: its possible, but it is likely you are hitting something else08:23
jjohansenwe really need to see a traceback to get a better idea08:23
crazybytejjohansen, i will get all of them and come back later08:24
jjohansencrazybyte: also I would try installing the latest 2.6.32-21 kernel it has several fixes in it08:24
amitkcrazybyte: file a bug using 'ubuntu-bug -p linux' and it will get everything we need08:24
crazybyteamitk, ok08:24
crazybytei will08:24
EruditeHermitjjohansen, so how do I obtain the debian dir from an ubuntu kernel source package?08:25
EruditeHermitI downloaded the source package from the mainline kernel ppa08:25
EruditeHermitbut it doesn't have the debian dir inside08:25
EruditeHermitthey don't make this easy08:27
RAOFEruditeHermit: You could (a) clone the ubuntu kernel git tree, then (b) add Linus' tree as a remote, and git checkout the kernel commit of your choice, then (c) run “git checkout master -- debian debian.master” to do a partial checkout of ubuntu's tree - picking up just the debain directories.08:28
EruditeHermiterr sounds a little intense08:29
EruditeHermitif ubuntu has a git repo08:29
EruditeHermitperhaps I can just clone that repo somewhere08:29
EruditeHermitand copy over the debian dir08:29
EruditeHermitwhere does ubuntu keep its repos?08:30
EruditeHermitso which one is the mainline one?08:31
EruditeHermitlets say I wanted to clone 2.6.34-rc2 of Ubuntus mainline tree08:31
jjohansenEruditeHermit: I don't believe the mainline ones are there08:36
jjohansensorry I didn't realize the debian dir wasn't in the mainline source package08:36
jjohansenI would say clone the lucid tree08:36
jjohansenand just copy over debian and debian/master08:36
jjohansenI am sure apw will have a better way when he shows up08:37
EruditeHermitthe lucid tree is 2.6.3208:47
amitkEruditeHermit: today is a very bad time for most of us - we're busy with Lucid freeze08:48
amitkyou'll have to figure out yourself or wait for next week08:48
EruditeHermitno probs08:51
EruditeHermiti'll try checking in daily08:51
EruditeHermitor every few days08:51
apwEruditeHermit, yep thats how the builds are made, copy the one out of the tip of the lucid tree into the tree you want to build08:51
EruditeHermitapw, will the 2.6.32 debian dir work with 2.6.34?08:52
EruditeHermitapw, and do you have a git repo URL for me for the master?08:52
apwthat is literally how we make the mainline builds08:54
apwso it works as well for .34 as the mainline builds08:54
EruditeHermitok let me try08:54
apwthe main tree from lucid is the place to get it08:54
EruditeHermitwhat is the git URL?08:54
EruditeHermitah thanks08:55
EruditeHermiti'll let you know how it goes08:55
EruditeHermitand its literally the master branch of this tree right?08:55
EruditeHermitso copy over debian dir, then fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic will build packages08:57
EruditeHermitthen I can patch 1 driver08:57
EruditeHermitand do fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic again08:57
EruditeHermitand it will just compile that one changed driver08:57
EruditeHermitand create a new package08:57
apwplan is correct, the build will rebuild everything, thats the nature of debian packaging09:09
EruditeHermitwait thats the whole point09:18
EruditeHermitto avoid rebuilding every module09:18
EruditeHermitalso it keeps running me through the config script every time I try it09:19
EruditeHermitand doesn't build anything09:19
EruditeHermitapw, how do I avoid having to rebuild everything all the time09:22
apwin the debian/stamps there is a build stamp i think you can remove that and it'll do what you want, but i normally build in full so i can't be more definative09:24
jjohansenyes, it does09:25
EruditeHermitwill it rebuild just the module I want?09:25
jjohansenyou may need to retouch the prepare stamp09:25
apwi only recall removing one09:25
jjohansenEruditeHermit: as long as the patch doesn't touch other parts of the kernel09:25
EruditeHermitjust touches a GPU driver09:25
EruditeHermitalso unrelated09:25
EruditeHermitwhat does this mean?09:25
EruditeHermitcheck-config: FAIL: value CONFIG_DEFAULT_SECURITY_APPARMOR y09:26
apwit means that your config does not have app-armour09:26
apwwhich is a manditory configuration for ubuntu therefore enforced09:26
apwyou can build skip-modules=1 or modules-skip=1 something like that09:27
EruditeHermitdo I need to install app-armour?09:27
apwcrap, config-skip or skip-config09:27
jjohansenEruditeHermit: no09:27
apwgrep for it in the debian directory09:27
apwyou will also want skip-modules=1 and skip-abi=109:27
apwelse we'll be having conversations on those as well09:27
EruditeHermitso what would the command I run be09:27
EruditeHermitskip-modules =1 skip-abi=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic09:29
apwand skip-config=109:29
apwotherwise i think thats right09:29
EruditeHermitskip-modules=1 command not found09:30
EruditeHermithow do you guys manage such a build system09:31
EruditeHermitisn't it hard to work with?09:31
jjohansenEruditeHermit: not really, the kernel is kept in sync with it09:32
jjohansenhaving the extra checks can be a life safer09:32
EruditeHermitso that skip-modules=1 stuff isn't working09:33
jjohansennow deviating and doing your own custom builds with it does become harder09:33
amitkEruditeHermit: your requirements are a bit unusual, mainline kernel, ubuntu configs, no ubuntu patches, own patches, no complete rebuild, *sigh*09:33
EruditeHermitall I want to do is have my mainline kernel or custom kernel sources built the ubuntu way with something like ccache09:34
jjohansenskipmodules=true skipabi=true fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic09:34
amitkand now add ccache09:34
EruditeHermitccache essentially does what I wanted which is to not rebuild the entire kernel if I patch 1 driver09:35
EruditeHermitI am trying to debug a problem in one driver09:35
EruditeHermitI don't really care about most of the kernel, just the graphics stack that I am working with09:35
amitkso why not just compile it normally using make and use the resulting zImage and modules?09:36
EruditeHermitits easier to keep track of packages09:36
EruditeHermitpackage managers are nice because you don't leave stray files around09:36
EruditeHermitand it seems that Ubuntu/debian packaging isn't designed to do this easily09:39
EruditeHermitwhich I understand is not the goal of it09:39
EruditeHermitbut it still makes things hard for me =p09:39
EruditeHermitbtw thank you all for your help09:40
EruditeHermitI'm sorry if I am asking too many questions09:40
EruditeHermitbut there really isn't documentation about how to do this09:40
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apw bug 56367912:50
ubot3Malone bug 563679 in linux-mvl-dove "CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE should be 65536 as in other kernels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56367912:50
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apwbug 56389318:06
ubot3Malone bug 563893 in thunderbird "Thunderbird will not launch do to a recursive symlink" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56389318:06
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