ubuntujenkinshello o/09:07
thorwilgodbyk: hi! is no ligatures in greek correct?10:41
godbykthorwil: hey. hmm.. not sure. I can run a test pdf with the latex settings if you want a comparison.10:42
thorwilgodbyk: yes, please10:42
godbyk'kay. ancient or modern greek? :)10:43
thorwilgodbyk: el greek ;)10:46
thorwilcorrect or not, galician, german, spanish and greek SVGs are in the branch now10:46
godbykthorwil: I've emailed you a pdf.10:48
godbykthorwil: Where do you think ligatures would/should occur?10:48
thorwilgodbyk: i simply have no idea how greek should look like10:48
godbykI'm going to update the title page commands to start using them (so I can get the translators to stop harping at me about them). :)10:49
thorwilthis will be true for all the other non latin stuff, too10:49
godbykI'm guessing there are still a number of languages I haven't finished setting up.10:49
thorwilgodbyk: you'll do the svg -> pdf in batch?10:49
godbykthorwil: Yeah, I'll just have the Makefile do it automatically as needed.10:50
godbykassuming inkscape can export that stuff to pdf without screwing it all up!10:50
thorwilgodbyk: just make sure it does convert-text-to-path10:50
godbyklooks like inkscape has a -T option to do just that. I'll make sure to use it.10:51
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: can you please delete 03-autoeth@da@1270508477.png10:54
godbykubuntujenkins: done10:55
thorwilgodbyk: so the greek is all fine, ty11:01
godbykI like the easy ones. :)11:02
godbykMy main concerns are the languages that use non-Latin scripts and the languages that use a ton of accent characters (like Vietnamese).11:02
godbykOkay, I'm off to bed.  G'night!12:02
* ubuntujenkins has approved all the screenshots so far except the rtl ones12:59
Dakerhi ubuntujenkins :D13:01
ubuntujenkinshello Daker, how are you?13:01
Dakerfine :) and you ?13:02
ubuntujenkinsI am good, just approved a lot of screenshots13:02
Dakercheck my reply13:03
Dakerto your email13:03
ubuntujenkinsthanks Daker, that was quickly sovled.13:03
Dakerno problem13:04
ubuntujenkins642 screenshots so far13:06
ubuntujenkinswe need 2500 a long way off13:08
ubuntujenkinsDaker: on the website next to the quickshot "download" button, does it say dvd and not cd?13:28
Dakerthis is humpherybc who wrote the text :)13:30
Dakerand it says DVD13:30
ubuntujenkinscool thanks13:31
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ubuntujenkinswe can't fit it on a cd as the language packs are too big13:31
Dakerso it's a DVD ?13:31
Dakerkk :D13:33
humphreybchi everyong13:33
humphreybcgodbyk, you still up?13:34
* humphreybc makes an educated guess that he isn't13:34
humphreybchey daker13:34
humphreybcjust read your email about the website freeze, good call13:34
humphreybchas godbyk talked to you about taking the website stuff out of the main branch yet?13:35
humphreybccool, so you guys have worked it out?13:35
Dakeractualy iam working in lp:ubuntu-manual-website13:36
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: god-byk is asleep13:36
humphreybcDaker, that's great13:37
* humphreybc wonders why pidgin autocomplete gives daker and Daker as options13:37
humphreybcubuntujenkins: ah, thought so13:37
ubuntujenkinsI have approved 642 screenshots i haven't done any rtl screenshots13:37
humphreybcubuntujenkins: wow, 642 is a decent amount13:38
humphreybcthat's awesome13:38
ubuntujenkinsi need to add the common screenshots to the common branch13:38
ubuntujenkinsalso need to do the new login one. now they appear to have stopped changing it13:39
humphreybcluke, you're doing a rocking job13:40
ubuntujenkinsthanks :-)13:45
humphreybcawh lame14:00
* Daker will passe a final exam in less that 60min14:07
humphreybcpass a final exam?14:07
humphreybcyou must be confident :P14:07
humphreybcon that note, i got 100% in my python lab test today and left in 20 minutes :D14:07
ubuntujenkinswe have been canonicaled again, the have changed another icon.14:10
popeywhich one?14:14
ubuntujenkinsits not that important just the Indicator Applet one14:15
ubuntujenkinsnot to bothered about it14:15
* humphreybc is liking the definition of "to be canonicaled = breaking a freeze"14:17
ubuntujenkinslol urban dictionary entry14:18
humphreybcwhat icon is it exactly Luke?14:19
ubuntujenkinsthe Indicator Applet one in the panel, they have also made the wireless icon narrower14:22
humphreybcthe indicator applet doesn't have an icon14:22
humphreybcit's just an area for lots of other icons14:22
humphreybcdo you mean the messaging menu?14:22
ubuntujenkinsyes, the envelope one14:23
humphreybcthe messaging menu is the correct term for it i think14:23
ubuntujenkinsI guess so.14:23
ubuntujenkinsbe back in bit14:24
* humphreybc is finalizing the credits15:03
vishhumphreybc: ubuntujenkins: actually nothing can be broken unless approved by the docs team  ;)15:06
humphreybc(nice of them to think of us too)15:06
* vish adds a "would" ^in front ;)15:07
vishrather "would be"15:07
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ubuntujenkinsevening all19:57
Dakergood night19:57
ubuntujenkinsnight Daker19:57
DakerOh sorry19:57
Dakerwrong window :D19:58
Dakerdo you where can i find a python snippet code handling 3G connection ?20:06
Dakerubuntujenkins, do you know ?20:10
ubuntujenkinsDaker: I don't know, may be ask in #ubuntu-app-devel . what are you trying to achive? you always get my interest :D20:11
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: ping20:33
shriniteam: hope that you remember kanchilug20:41
shrinithe translation into tamil is going well20:42
shriniafter the freeze of the text,20:42
shriniwe found it is easy to move on20:42
shriniwriting ad typing is going on20:42
shrinireview team is editing the needed text20:43
DakerThat's cool20:43
shrinithanks all for your support and this wonderful effort20:43
shriniDaker: thanks20:43
ubuntujenkinsshrini: thats good to here, i did 22 of the screenshots for you the other day when testing quickshot.20:45
shriniubuntujenkins: wow20:46
shrinithats great20:46
shriniubuntujenkins: where are the screeshots?20:46
shrinican we have a view?20:46
ubuntujenkinsthe langauge looks strange to me lots of swirls. I will find the link20:46
shriniubuntujenkins: hahahaha20:47
ubuntujenkinsthe approved ones so far can be retrived by doing       bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual-screenshots/ta20:47
shrinigetting them20:48
ubuntujenkinsI think they are all ok20:49
shriniubuntujenkins: wow20:52
shrinigreat shots man20:52
shrinireally great20:52
shrinii can imagine, how you felt to see the letters of tamil20:52
shrinibut, shots are awesome20:52
shrinibut, we lack in translating those entire text20:52
shrinibut still20:53
shrinithe effort is awesome20:53
ubuntujenkinsgood, glad you like them there are 25 still to do. I am getting very good at navigating ubuntu by icons and locations of stuff20:53
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: ping21:36
godbykI'm back/awake/alive now.21:57
godbykReading the backlogs..21:58
godbykubuntujenkins: pong22:00
ubuntujenkinshello let me pastebin some stuff22:01
ubuntujenkinshave a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/415193/ can you replace nl to ar in the first lot. and delete the last three?22:02
ubuntujenkinsif the replace is a problem don't worry just remove them i have approved them into bzr22:02
godbykgive me a moment22:07
=== Daker_ is now known as Daker
godbykThis calls for one of my infamous one-liner scripts. :)22:08
godbykubuntujenkins: done.22:11
ubuntujenkinsthanks godbyk22:11
godbykubuntujenkins: I copied the names of the files to be renamed into a file called ren.txt.22:11
godbykubuntujenkins: then ran this: for i in $(cat ren.txt); do mv $i $(echo "$i" | sed -e 's/@nl@/@ar@/'); done22:11
* godbyk likes bash scripts22:11
ubuntujenkinsyou are good at those scripts22:12
godbykubuntujenkins: only because I've learned they feed into my laziness. ;-)22:14
c7phey guys, what happened to the translations .... ?22:14
ubuntujenkinsc7p: what do you mean?22:15
c7pwell when i gof out from lp before 7 hours, my language's translation was 46% completed, now it's 20%22:16
c7pand from what i see the same happens to other languages too22:17
c7pexcept for some, eg Galician, English22:18
ubuntujenkinsthat doesn't sound good, are you looking at the same translations, not muddling the different series up?22:19
c7pyou can check it out yourself https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual22:19
c7pthe greek language had 930 strings (maybe + or - 10) untranslated, now they are 133122:20
c7pand the german had around 500 untranslated but it has 104622:21
ubuntujenkinsouch, this isn't good not sure how or what has caused it.22:22
ubuntujenkins*i am22:22
c7pfrom what i see the some translated strings are marked as "need review" although they were marked as "translated" before22:25
c7pi mean no translations are lost22:25
c7pbut we have to lose one or two days selecting the "need review" strings22:26
c7pcan sth be done to avoid it ?22:27
godbykI'm not sure. I just finished reading all my email and didn't see anything about the translations being modified by us.22:28
godbykThe pot file hasn't been touched in some time.22:29
c7pi know there is nothing at the mailinglist22:29
godbyk(Though I will be updating it soon after I finish fixing a couple bugs in the text.)22:29
c7pwill the "need review" strings be lost ?22:31
godbykI have no idea how any of it works.22:32
godbykThe changes we've made will be minimal and we'll try to make sure the translations aren't affected too much.22:32
godbykWe're going to be looking at other options for translating the manual in the future. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to let us know!22:33
godbykIs seems that Launchpad/Rosetta doesn't work terribly well for our project.22:33
c7pthe minimal changes will be on strings, right ?22:36
godbykWe have to change a couple strings.22:40
c7pcould you wait some minutes before you update the database ?22:41
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: how would i change the last bit of your one liner for i in $(cat /tmp/baseshots/$language/langfilelist); do mv $i $(echo "$i" | sed -e 's/@nl@/@ar@/'); done to remove everything after the @ in a file name but keep the .png at the end?22:44
c7pplease wait for me before you make any changes, it wont take much time. If these strings will be lost the work of almost a week would be waste of time22:45
godbykc7p: no worries. I haven't made the string changes I need to make yet.  And after that, I have to wait for dutchie to update the actual pot file.22:46
c7pok thx22:46
godbykc7p: Is there a way I can back up all the existing translations (whether waiting for approval or not) before updating the pot file? (so we have a backup in case things go south)22:47
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: if dutchie isn't around i have the command somewhere to update it all. not sure where though22:47
godbykubuntujenkins: so you want to remove the final @ and the string of digits following it?22:47
godbykCtrl+W = close window in xchat.22:48
godbykWhen I wanted Ctrl+W to mean 'delete the previous word'22:48
ubuntujenkinsthe first @ and everything following it. I am hoping Red_HamsterX will impliment something in the server for me22:48
ubuntujenkinsleaving the .png at the end22:48
c7pwe can download the .po files of all languages before the update and then if a string change then it would be a mmatter of finding it on the .po file and make the proper changes on lp new string22:49
godbykoh, okay. so kill the language code and the timestamp (or whatever that is)?22:49
godbykyeah, that's easy enough.22:49
godbykjust run: for i in *.png; do mv $i $(echo "$i" | sed -e 's/@.*\./\./'); done22:49
ubuntujenkinsthanks, also when you edit the strings can you please fix my STUPID mistake in Bug 560689 . I feel so bad about that one :/22:50
manualbotLaunchpad bug 560689 in ubuntu-manual "Text about burning an image has some errors" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56068922:50
godbykc7p: will the po file contain the unapproved strings, too?22:50
c7pi don't think so22:50
c7pwe can consult the guys on #launchpad , right?22:51
godbykubuntujenkins: I'll take a look at it.22:51
ubuntujenkinsthanks such a silly mistake.22:51
godbykc7p: Have you seen any problems in the past couple weeks with translations disappearing?22:52
godbykI think the problem before was that Launchpad discards fuzzy translations.22:52
godbykBut since the string freeze, that should be much less of a problem (since we're not rewriting everything all the time).22:52
c7pthe problem is that is a word on a string changes even a space the string translation is removed22:52
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: you rule :-) my script now moves them to the right directory and renames them.22:53
godbykc7p: yeah, that's what I thought. I asked the launchpad guys about it and they said that they used to have fuzzy translations turned on, but it was worse because it lead to a ton of bad translations.22:54
godbykI'm going to explore how we can improve the translation process for our manual as soon as we've got this first one finished.22:55
c7psure, we can't avoid this process for this manual but the next manual to come should have a better translation management system22:56
godbykc7p: Definitely. I want to have a conversation with our translators to see what worked well, what problems we encountered, and gather suggestions for solutions.22:58
godbykc7p: We may end up having to ditch Launchpad for translations, even.  I don't really know yet.22:59
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: I was going to send an e-mail out ref translators thoughts sometime. i haven't compiled launchpad to run on my pc untill i have my uni internet back22:59
ubuntujenkinslike you said we need to find out what they think23:00
godbykubuntujenkins: yeah. I think we can improve the process. I just don't know if it's something we can do when generating the pot file or if it's something we have to do with the launchpad/rosetta interface itself.23:01
godbykubuntujenkins: if the launchpad API allows us to modify the translations, we may be able to get away with having our own translation frontend that ties into launchpad.23:02
ubuntujenkinsI think its the launchpad interface, the launchpad api isn't that good as far as i know. i wasn't looking at the translations stuff though23:02
ubuntujenkinsnope i was looking at the launchpadlib23:03
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: I am off to bed, but is it possible/are you able to/do you have the time to implement this in the current server. I would like to specify a date and time after which to create a zip of files. I have approved all of the screenshots so far and it would be easiyer if i didn't have to work out which ones I don't have to add again and to what langauges. I have a script that renames all of the file23:15
ubuntujenkinss and sorts them into langauge directories. There is a lot of manual checking involved as not all of the window buttons are the same depending on if compiz or metaciy is used. Also I am adding google as the dfault search instead of yahoo. Thanks23:15
ubuntujenkinsnight all23:15
c7peverything ok now ...23:16
c7pthank you, goodnight all23:22
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