stasnewz2000: great news, there are about 800 persons who added the app (dunno how many removed it) so I'm pleased with todays testing :)01:07
newz2000hey stas, that's exciting14:34
newz2000I'm hearing lots of compliments, good work14:34
stasglad i could serve :)14:34
mdkenewz2000: re your question in #ubuntu-doc on 503 errors - I haven't come across that21:43
stasnewz2000: what kind of project for kubuntu?22:37
newz2000hey stas22:37
newz2000a "plan b" download page22:37
newz2000I'm a little concerned that the changes we're making to the Ubuntu website will have a negative affect on the kubuntu download (hosted on ubuntu.com currently)22:38
newz2000Just in case it happens, I'd like to have a Plan B to fall back to22:38
staswhat should be done and whats done already?22:38
newz2000What we need is an app that accepts a form submission and redirects to an .iso file based on the criteria22:39
newz2000it will also need to do a cron task each hour to get a list of iso locations22:39
staswell doesn't sound hard22:40
stasnewz2000: count me in22:40
newz2000Can I email you more complete details later today and then you can either e-mail or hit me here on IRC w/ questions?22:40
newz2000ok, thanks stas. I appreciate your help22:41
newz2000Oh, let me just say one thing...22:41
newz2000there's a chance that this won't be needed at all. We may not need plan B and I don't want you to feel bad if we end up doing this work and not needing it.22:41
newz2000Are you OK with that?22:41
stasi told you that it doesn't sound like something hard to do22:42
stasso i'm ok with it22:42
newz2000ok, great. :-)22:42
staseven if it wont be used :)22:42
newz2000I'll email you here shortly.22:42
stasbtw newz2000 I wanted to ask you about the loco websites design, afaik the ubuntu.com people want it to be different or I'm wrong and it's ok to "clone" the design?22:46
MTecknologymdke: hi22:52
newz2000stas: I'd avoid cloning, it should look a little different.22:54
stasok, thanks22:54
stasMTecknology: hi :)22:55
MTecknologystas: hi22:55
MTecknologystas: that's the reason we don't need the new theme released before we finish the drupal version :)22:56
stasyeah, though some fonts and color pallete would be helpful :)22:57
stasnewz2000: got your email, i'll publish some code tomorrow, the biggest issue i see might be the if no mirror for UZ serve the nearest mirror23:46
stasbut i think I'll find a solution23:47

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