ScottLpersia, did you see what TheMuso said about jack2 and Debian? they have jack2 packaging, it uses dbus, and uses the same name space :)00:54
persiaI suspect that happened whilst I was connected to #ubuntu-studio-devel :(00:55
persiaI'm glad to hear that's in place, so we'll have it for maverick.  Makes sense to me to try it as early as possible, so we have the opportunity to revert if necesary.00:55
persiaI'm sure we'll have some bugs initially, but we ought be able to take a sensible decision on whether to fix the bugs or go back to jack1.00:56
rlameirowell, i think its the best way is to do it the next release00:58
rlameirolike that we can have a bleeding edge distro on next LTS00:59
persiaWe don't want a bleeding edge distro for an LTS :)00:59
persiaWe want a bleeding edge distro for the next cycle (10.10)00:59
persiaAnd it slowly gets duller (but more stable) until LTS.00:59
rlameirowell, thas what i meant01:00
rlameiroI should add a stable bleeding edge :D01:00
persiaI really don't mind being a bit behind the newest coolest stuff for an LTS if it means it's something that can reliably be used in a studio for a couple years.01:00
rlameiroyeah, but d-bus is important for audio01:01
persiaYeah, but for the next release (maverick), we should grab the newest, shinest, sharpest stuff out there.01:01
rlameiroat least Pulse <-> Jack integration01:01
persiaAt least it makes it easier to configure :)01:01
rlameiroit wil be nice that maverick has a new controls panel01:03
rlameiroalso with the most recent software etc01:04
persiaWell, we'll have to work at it to make this happen.01:04
persiaAnd it's more work, because Debian is freezing for squeeze, so there's a lot of stuff that we'll have to enqueue to drop into Debian Multimedia post-freeze.01:05
ScottLlike what persia?01:06
ScottLoh, and do you jack2 would be bad enough that we would need to regress to jack1?01:06
rlameiropersia: is it possible to make a lucid version with jack2?01:07
rlameirowithout repos, only for test or is to complicated to install deb packages on ubuntu at the moment?01:07
TheMusorlameiro: It will need to go into a PPA.01:08
TheMusorlameiro: But may require jack clients to be rebuil.01:08
persiaProbably worth doing an ABI comparison to check: it may be possible to not rebuild.01:09
persiaBut that's a lot of fiddling with nm :)01:09
persiaScottL: Well, there's lots more LV2 software for example, but we'll find it harder to drop new packages into Debian, so lots of stuff will probably end up on alioth pending squeeze to upload.01:10
persiaScottL: Or there may be new upstream versions of core stuff like ardour, hydrogen, etc., that we want to pull, but Debian wants to wait on because of the freeze.01:10

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