thebrokeAny one have any recommendations for a input device for ubuntu studio? I am looking for something to record guitar and a xlr mic. I have a line 6 ux1 that got working but looking for something that plays a little more nice with linux.03:01
holsteinhey thebroke03:05
holsteinwell thebroke03:08
holsteinheres a couple03:08
holsteinnot sure what your price range is03:09
* holstein suggests #opensourcemusicians for podcast reviews and more input03:09
tucemiuxfor a desktop the 1010 is a winner, anything less you might as well just use the inboard sound card03:10
thebrokeI am limited to a laptop, i do however have a firewire port, any suggestions on in that area?04:05
holsteinthebroke: i have a presonus firepod04:08
holsteinprobably more than what you looking for04:08
holsteinBUT it works great with JACK04:08
holsteinand its got decent preamps04:08
thebrokeDid you have to do much to get it working or did it fire up out of the box?04:12
holsteinback in the day it was tough04:12
holsteinits right out of the box04:13
holsteinFFADO FTW!04:13
holsteinthe newer verions is called FP-1004:14
thebrokeVery cool04:14
holsteinand i cannot personally speak for its support04:15
holsteinthere is a presonus firebox04:16
holsteinUSB and firewire verions04:16
holsteinBUT ive heard the preamps are not all that great04:16
thebrokeThanks guys for the help!04:17
riotcan i install ubuntu-studio using a cdrom? My studio-machine doesn't have dvd :/16:37
rlameiroriot: do you have net?16:39
rlameiroinstall ubuntu vanilla, then install from packages the ubuntustudio packages16:39
rlameirojust search for "ubuntustudio" on the package manager, and then select what you want (i guess mostly audio)16:40
riotoh, okay, thxalot.16:40
rlameiroand you are set16:40
holsteinthe installer DVD was broken for me yesterday16:40
rlameiroholstein: did you reported that on qa?16:45
rlameiroi think its iso.qa.ubuntu.com16:45
rlameiroah ok16:45
holsteini found a report on lauchpad16:46
holsteinand marked myself as affected16:46
holsteinone of those ;)16:46
riotholstein: i think the first16:47
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions17:49
riotveeery dangerous to use ubuntustudio without mixer between headphones and machine23:51
riotand Jack doesn't really work23:51
riothmm, rt-kernel was probably just missing...23:56

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