terabreakerHello all is anyone running the 10.04LTS RC?00:27
Tm_TI wonder why such question00:28
terabreakerWell I'm running it and i seem to have a small problem, I was going to report it, but I wanted to see if anyone already did or has the same problem00:30
Tm_Tah, you better express the issue rightaway (:00:30
Tm_Tterabreaker: also you prolly get better results in #ubuntu+1 as that channel is meant for Lucid support00:31
terabreakerAhh Okay, I'll try they first then00:32
terabreakerThanks =]00:32
elisionistagood evening00:37
elisionistawhat do I need to make video calls with kopete?00:37
Tm_Telisionista: which protocol?00:38
elisionistausing an MSN account00:38
Tm_Thmmh, cannot remember if it were supported nowadays00:39
elisionistadont have to be kopete...00:40
elisionistaI tried emesene and empathy too00:40
elisionistanone of them worked00:40
elisionistawith video calls I mean00:40
Tm_Telisionista: when you have chat open, there should be video option somewhere in menu00:41
Tm_Tif not, then I do not know00:41
elisionistathere are, but not selectable00:41
elisionistasomething is missing00:42
Tm_TI don't know, sorry00:42
montiewhisnerHey all...I am sure it is going to be a stupid question as I am very new to anything non-windows based, but I recently downloaded an installer for a program I use to access a 3D chat site. The installer was dl well enough, but now everytime I try to install it, the system asks me to "choose an application to open this file" blah blah...I am at a loss00:45
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elisionistaTm_T: thanks for the help anyway. This is the Kubuntu spirit ;)00:46
elisionistamontiewhisner: you have to compile the aplication in the terminal probaby00:48
elisionistait is the mmost common way to install aplications on ubuntu00:49
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montiewhisnerum....any direction for theat would be appreciated  :)00:49
elisionistatell me more about the package you want to install00:50
montiewhisneris there a tutorial or guide i can find for "compiling in the terminal"00:50
Z0r10n366algum br?00:50
montiewhisnerit is a client for viewing and participating in 3D animated world called "Virtual Vancouver"00:51
Z0r10n366alguem ae com entendimento de exploits?00:51
elisionistain wich site?00:51
Z0r10n366programação em perl, C , c++, python, assembly?00:52
elisionistaque precisavas?00:52
montiewhisnerVirtual Vancouver 3D Client is developed by Utherverse Digital Inc00:52
Z0r10n366aff pelo jeito estou no canal errado00:54
Z0r10n366boa noite galera00:54
elisionistamontiewhisner: that aplication is for windows only... do you want to run it on linux?00:56
elisionistamontiewhisner: you can try wine if so00:57
elisionistasudo apt-get install wine00:58
montiewhisnerok, where can I find info on that "wine" then?00:58
elisionistaopen your terminal00:58
montiewhisnerwhere do I find "terminal"  :(00:58
elisionistaand type the command00:58
elisionistaopen kickoff00:59
elisionista= to start in windows00:59
caprea_Wine is a tool that will allow you tun run many Windows applications on Linux. Not all applications will work in Wine, though.00:59
montiewhisner:)   ty sooo much for the help  :)00:59
elisionistathen type terminal01:00
montiewhisneri am at "kickoff"01:00
montiewhisnergot it01:00
elisionistaand press enter01:00
montiewhisnerand then?01:00
elisionistatype apt-get install wine01:00
montiewhisnersudo apt-get install wine01:01
montiewhisnerUnable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?01:01
elisionistatype su01:02
elisionistathen will ask you a password01:02
caprea_sudo su01:02
montiewhisnerit failed and I know it is the right pw01:02
elisionistatype one and the confirm it01:02
montiewhisnerdoes the teminal allow for special characters in pw01:02
montiewhisnersu: Authentication failure01:03
montiewhisnerbut I know it is correct pw01:03
elisionistanot for sudo :(01:04
elisionistait was you who installed kubuntu?01:04
summelthe RC ROCKS! finaly a usable kubuntu <301:05
summelthanks! :)01:05
montiewhisneryes...I installed it01:05
montiewhisneras dual boot to windows01:05
summeli use it as my only os on my netbook and i really like it :)01:06
elisionistathen if you type sudo apt-get install wine it has to work01:06
montiewhisnerso when I boot it up in Kubuntu...(like i am in right now) I use the pw I just tried to launch Kubuntu01:06
summelstill needs a bit polishing on the edges but it really turned out great ^^01:06
montiewhisnertrying again01:06
montiewhisnerit is working now01:08
montiewhisnerwhere will it send this program "wine" or how will i find it again next01:08
elisionistatype wine where you type terminal01:08
elisionistait will find it out for you01:09
montiewhisnerand where do i find a list of such programs like "wine" when I wish to install other programs? is there somewhere I can read up on such things?01:09
elisionistathe it will open a program that will be allot similar to windows01:09
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elisionistadidn't understand the question01:10
montiewhisnerok - well, u walked me through (just now) the method for installing "wine" i assume...but this command line method is completely forgeign to me.01:10
montiewhisneris this the general method for installing all programs? if so, how can i learn more abt it01:11
elisionistaok, I now what you mean01:11
beltorakhas anyone used virtualbox on kubuntu 9.10? I seem to be missing the udev rules and the vbox group after installing the packages; did I miss one?01:11
* txwikinger uses virtualbox01:12
elisionistamontiewhisner: the mail is for you01:12
elisionistawill be glad to help you when you need01:12
montiewhisneru have already taught me more than i learned in 2 days of poking around  :)01:13
elisionistameanwhile you will be used to the terminal01:13
caprea_After you have installed Wine you can click on your Start menu and youll see 'Wine" listed01:13
manowarwhere is the channel kubuntu in spanish?01:13
beltoraktxwikinger: are there any packages that i need to install that don't show up when you type "virtualbox" into kpackagekit?01:14
txwikingerbeltorak: shouldn't be01:14
manowari need help i don't  speak english01:14
txwikingerif you want to use the enhanced features there are a couple of packages to install01:15
montiewhisneri do...with the options to "browse" "configure" or "uninstall"01:15
Typos_King!es | manowar01:15
caprea_you should now be able to run .exe (windows) applications01:15
ubottumanowar: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:15
beltoraktxwikinger: so what should the group be, and why don't I have a udev rules file for the device?01:16
manowar gracias (thank)01:16
txwikingerwhere in the guest os?01:16
beltorakI dont have one yet01:17
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txwikingerbeltorak: I am not sure why you think you are missing something.. what is not working?01:17
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montiewhisnercaprea: so when the exe asks me which application to use to install, i just select "wine"01:18
caprea_that seems reasonable. probably, I dont do it often01:19
beltoraktxwikinger: /dev/vboxdrv and /dev/vboxcnertctrl are owned by root.root with 0600 and 0660 perms respecitvely, and there is no /etc/udev/rules.d/*v*box* to set those to be owned by the vboxusers group01:19
montiewhisneru all rock - it worked...ty so much  :)01:19
beltorakand there's no vboxusers group01:19
elisionistaglad to help01:19
montiewhisnerty eli -01:19
beltorakfrom what I read online I have to add myself to that group - is there a standard number, or was I supposed to create that group myself?01:19
caprea_after you install the program you can go to that Start > Wine > programs > your app01:20
montiewhisneri will send email from mwhisner@gmail to u in just a moment01:20
montiewhisnerty for yur help01:20
montiewhisnerand caprea ty also01:20
txwikingerbeltorak: here the same and no problems with that01:22
txwikingerbeltorak: virtual-manager needs to have group membership that you can create VMs in systemspace and not only in user space01:22
txwikingerI think virtualbox only does userspace anyway01:23
montiewhisnerit appears that this program will not run in "wine"01:23
montiewhisnerbut oh well :)01:23
montiewhisneri still learned a bunch01:23
elisionistayou have to move the program to your wine directory for it to work01:24
elisionistathe it is exactly like windows01:24
beltoraktxwikinger: i must have been up way to late last night then, I could have sworn that the opening screen warned me that one of those devices needed to be owned by vboxusers and that i needed to be a member of the group;01:26
beltorakk; here goes the guest install01:26
txwikingerbeltorak: :D01:27
montiewhisnerit is already IN the "wine" directory...just does not show the VV Launcher"01:28
montiewhisneronly has the direcetories01:28
montiewhisnerwhere would I find say...the eequivalent folder to "Program Files" in a windows install?01:29
elisionistaopen wine... there will be program files01:29
elisionistawine has the same structure as windows01:30
montiewhisneryea, its there...but the one thing m,issing is the "program launcher" it is not visible in wine01:30
KenBW22is it possible to have 2 rows on a panel? Or 2 panels on one screen edge?01:30
elisionistait has to be visible01:31
elisionistainstall it again01:31
txwikingerOP txwikinger01:48
beltorakis there a way to get the taskbar to show things in 2 or 3 rows? Whebn I make it bigger, the hieght of the task buttons expands to match :-/01:50
Dragnslcrbeltorak- Task Manager Settings has a setting for number of rows01:50
beltorakhow do i get to those settings? I right click it and it shows me a handful of "panel options" - unless I don't know what the task manager is... i meant the bar at the bottom that shows what apps/windows are running01:53
txwikingerbeltorak: if you increase the height enough they switch to 2 rowa01:54
txwikingerI am not sure if it does 3 rows though01:55
beltorakyeah but that makes the notification area and the KMenu and the clock like really huge01:55
beltorakI dont want that either01:55
txwikingerbeltorak: I have the taskbar in its own panel01:57
beltoraknm, i got it to two rows with everything almost small01:57
beltorakoh, well then...01:57
beltorakok i'll give that a shoyt01:58
beltorakok txwikinger; i give up. how did you do that?02:02
txwikingerdid what?02:02
beltorakget the task bar into it's own panel - i assume you mean that it is in a separate panel than the part that shows the volume control? or did I misunderstand you?02:04
txwikingerbeltorak: well no.. I have created a new panel from the desktop (right-click->add panel)02:05
txwikingerand then I moved the task bar into the other panel02:05
beltorakah; cool;02:05
Dragnslcrbeltorak- if you right-click in the task manager area (not somewhere else in the panel), you should get a Task Manager Settings option02:12
beltorakyeah i see it; thanks; i think i made my system tray too small and i'm working on getting it back to size ;)02:12
beltorakis there a way to hide some apps from the taskbar?02:32
beltorakspecifically the ones that are already in the system tray?02:33
marcelkubuntu sucks a lil bit02:36
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beltorakis there a guide to what the groups are for? like ssh - is that the group that you have to be a member of to ssh into the box?02:37
beltorakor is it the group that sshd runs as?02:38
txwikinger!ask | sergio03:49
ubottusergio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:49
txwikinger!ask | kolk303:50
ubottukolk3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:50
iconmefistotxwikinger: you seem eager to solve problems. have you installed lucid?03:56
txwikingericonmefisto: yes03:57
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litropyWhen I term: gdmsetup, i get a bunch of errors related to "The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files" and it will not allow me to Unlock so I can choose my session manager. This begun shortly after I installed kubuntu-netbook.04:35
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HRIOuse /msg alis05:12
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jacob_hello, my front left/right and rear left/right channels output the same audio, and my center and lfe channels don't work, even though they are all on in kmix. How do I get surround sound to work?05:33
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jeponganyone having problem sending IM on kopete using their yahoo accounts?06:32
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fillayyCould anyone help me set up Mobile Broadband on my HP Mini?07:04
fillayyCould anyone help me set up Mobile Broadband on my HP Mini?07:06
fillayyCould anyone help me set up Mobile Broadband on my HP Mini?07:07
fillayyCould anyone help me set up Mobile Broadband on my HP Mini?07:39
jocagoHello everyone08:13
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lelamalHi all, I'm new to kubuntu. I was wondering why does Plasma Workspace always ask for permission to access kwaller after login? It is set to "Always Allow". Can I set anything not to receive this anymore?10:27
tsimpsonlelamal: you can set the password to blank10:28
lelamaltsimpson: you mean, when it asks for a password I simply hit enter?10:29
tsimpsonlelamal: no, open the wallet manager (KWalletManager), right click the wallet, change password10:31
tsimpsonjust leave it blank and click ok10:32
lelamaltsimpson: oh I see thanks. is that ok with security?10:33
tsimpsonyeah, you need to login to access the wallet in the first place10:34
tsimpsonjust make sure if you leave the system unattended you lock the desktop10:34
lelamalof course, I see, well thanks10:34
tsimpsonwhich you should be doing regardless :)10:34
sashi need some help plz. get troubles using ts3 kubuntu 10.04 with an usb headset .... sound works but mic cant be open11:21
sassame in 9.1011:21
sastry longer than 1h but ive no more idea11:22
sasgerman would be easier for me11:22
sascan somebody help me plz?11:25
rork!de | sas11:26
ubottusas: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.11:26
sasrork: thx ill switch11:26
rorkAlthough you're welcome to ask questions in english here ofc, have some patience someone will answer here if he knows11:26
sasdid u understand my problem or was the english to worse? ;)11:29
sasno help in german channel :(11:29
sasim sry 4 my bad english11:30
rorkdon't be sorry for that, english can't be the native language of us all11:30
rorkif I'm right your mic doesn't work11:30
sasyeah but only on linux since 3 days it worked before i installed 10.04 on my pc11:31
sasbut now it wont work under 9.10 too11:31
sassound works11:31
rorkI bet you've tried setting volume to max and use micboost?11:32
sastheres a pci soundcaard too in the pci , i think it have troubles with the pci and the usb11:32
sasyeah i cheked out alsamixer11:32
saslooks fine11:32
sasbut ts3 says: cannot open sound device11:32
sas(no boost avaliable 4 the usb headset)11:33
sasalso strange: in the syssettings under sounds...... the headset is the first device but in record.... in the main view its ever the last ... in subtopics of record its the first11:35
sasi dont understand this11:35
saslast ts errors .....11:39
sas2010-04-24 12:34:25.594961CapFMODErrorrecordstart: An invalid parameter was passed to this function. 11:39
sas2010-04-24 12:34:25.641105CapSoundSetInfoCould not reactivate capture device after VAD voice test: 231011:39
sas2010-04-24 12:34:37.559989CapFMODErrorrecordstart: An invalid parameter was passed to this function. 11:39
sas2010-04-24 12:34:37.605075ClientUIWarningError opening capture device: could not open capture device11:39
FloodBotK1sas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:39
sas2010-04-24 12:34:37.893781CapFMODErrorrecordstart: An invalid parameter was passed to this function. 11:39
Mamarok!pastebin | sas11:40
ubottusas: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:40
Mamaroksas: you are still quieted, so your last messages didn't come to the list, please use a pastebin for more than 2 lines11:43
Mamaroksas: which version do you use again? you said 10.04 earlier11:45
Mamarokwhich means you should ask in #ubuntu+111:45
sasyeah on this pc i use the beat of 10.X..... but in 9.10 i got the same problem11:45
saswhen i start the laptop11:45
Mamarokso you have both versions on the same PC?11:45
Mamarokah, OK11:45
sasone on desk pc one on lap11:45
Mamarokand you check all channels in KMix?11:46
sasyeah the headset only has 211:46
saspcm and mic11:46
sasalsamixer was also cheked11:46
Mamarokdo you use just Phonon or did you also install Pulseaudio?11:46
sasdont installed pulse because it dont worked with pulse on 9.10 before11:47
sasshould i try to install pulse ?11:47
MamarokOK, was just to make sure11:47
Mamarokno, don't, it should work without in 9.10 anyway11:47
Mamarokand in 10.04 as well11:47
sasdont understand it... only the mic wont work11:48
sasthe sound of the headset works fine11:48
MamarokOK, now what application do you want to use your headset with? Skipe can cause quite some hassle11:48
sasteamspeak 311:48
sasand it worked eg. 7 days ago11:49
MamarokI don't use that11:49
Mamarokyou certainly did some updates since, else there is no reason it wouldn't work11:49
sasif anybody wants u can use x11 forwarding to look the settings or ... ssh11:49
Mamaroksas: no, that is a bad idea anyway, don't give access to your computer to perfect strangers, ever11:50
Mamarokyou can paste the settings, that's enough to know11:50
Mamarokmake sure you can test the mic in the Multimedia settings11:50
Mamarokalso, I need to check what app teamspeak is, not Free Software IIRC11:51
sasahh ok11:51
Mamarokwell, SystemSettings -> Multimedia, the use the test button11:51
sasin soundsettings test is not avaliable for the mic11:51
sasdriver problem, maybe?11:52
Mamarokif you didn't change anything the driver didn't change11:52
sasnormally i dont need a drive... plug&play self working ;)11:52
Mamarokyou should try to test the mic with an audio capture software11:53
mudassarCan somebody help me configuring openvpn in kubuntu ?11:53
Mamarokand you think that plug&play works without drivers? really? :)11:53
sasunder "winstupid" it works fine and 7 days ago also under ts311:54
Mamarokmudassar: not me, sorry11:54
sasahhhh under kubuntu srxy11:54
Mamarok!language > sas11:55
ubottusas, please see my private message11:55
sasonly thing ive done was installing flashplugin-nonfree-extrasounds11:55
sasto get youtube sound11:55
Mamaroksas: well,m that might be the problem then11:55
Mamarokflash can cause a lot of problems with sound and capture11:55
sastry to deinstall "extrasound"11:56
mudassarI have configured the openvpn and created certificates for the clients but I guess there is a problem in server's configuration .... can somebody tlel me the problem ?11:56
Mamaroksas: yes, since it is not an offical package anyway11:56
sasok ill try11:56
Mamarokno idea where you got5 that from11:56
sasreeboot needed after removing it ?11:58
Mamaroksas: no, only restart KDE11:58
Mamarokreboot is only for kernel changes11:58
sasill be back ;)11:58
sasMamarok: no effect, now kmix wont start12:03
sasno test avaliable in syssettinmgs12:03
Mamaroksas: kmix doesn't start? How that?12:03
sasi dont know12:03
sasdont open when try to start by hand12:04
Mamaroksas: well, you said won't start, how do you know?12:04
sasok its not shown by the clock ^12:04
Mamarokit runs by default, no need to start it, the icon is in the systemTray12:04
sasand not opening when i start it by hand12:04
Mamarokright click on the icon?12:04
sastheres no icon in the systray12:04
Mamarokplease type killall kmix in a konsole, then type kmix again12:05
Mamarokplease type 'killall kmix' in a konsole, then type 'kmix' again12:05
Mamarokto be more precise12:05
Mamaroknothing muted there?12:05
sasno the mic shows no mute option in kmix...only recording option12:06
MamarokI didn't mean mute, just make sure the level is set high, includinc micboost12:08
saslevel is on top12:08
Mamarokalso, check if you have all available channels visible12:08
sasmicboost not shown for the headset12:08
sasyeah 2 channels mic and pcm12:08
MamarokI am sure there are more12:09
sasalsamixer also show only 212:10
sasrightclick in kmix ...also no more channel to add12:10
MamarokMixer -Settings -Configure channels only shows 2? that is very strange12:10
sasonly a USB HEADSET !12:10
sasthe pci shows more12:10
Mamaroksas: no need to shout...12:11
sassry was not meant as a shout12:12
sasjust a second and ill be back testing on 9.10 one more time12:15
sashrhr im getting creazy12:22
Mamaroksas: why? I can't really help you more, try testing that mic with an audio capture application12:23
sasyeah thx 4 hrlp12:23
Mamaroksas: you are welcome :) Just think back what you did exactly before it stopped working, especially what else did you modify on your system. Do you have the flashplugin from an official repository?12:24
nipasHello folks! How to change minimize-close-maximize buttons position? I want to place them on the left12:25
Mamarokwell, the -extrasounds package is not in my repo, so you must have it from elsewhere, make sure your flashplugin is really from the Kubuntu repos12:25
sasnot added other repo12:25
Mamaroknipas: change the windows theme, in the systemsettings -> Appearance12:25
nipasthank you!12:26
nipashave a nc day12:26
Mamaroknipas: you are welcome :)12:26
_nix_man when is 10.04 releasing?12:27
amichairis a fresh beta/rc install followed by regular apt updates identical to a fresh release install?12:33
Mamarokamichair: yes12:36
amichairMamarok: great, thanks :-)12:36
Mamarokamichair: you are welcome :)12:36
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jorginowere is den da13:45
jorginoist dass chatt oder was13:45
jorginobist du engländer oder wass13:47
jorginoohh  mano  hallo13:49
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AhoxHi, is there a nice tool to reencode videos into divx?14:08
MadAGuis there any way to disable hdmi audio?14:13
Benkinoobyhi all. i disabled composititng to make my netbook go faster. i also disabled to show the window content, when i "alt+tab" thorugh them. but now i see, that it is very helpful to see the content instead of the shape only. i don't know hot to change it back. does some1 know where to undo it?14:14
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MamarokBenkinooby: re-enable compositing, but activate only the effects you actually want?14:23
BenkinoobyMamarok: hmmm... cant it go without compositing? it just should raise the chosen windows when at-tabbing instead of only showing the frame...14:26
Mamarokhm, Isn't this a compositing feature only?14:27
tutanGood morning! Can someone please tell me a translator who has dictionaries of the Portuguese language, English and French.14:27
Mamaroktutan: you mean a translating application?14:27
tutanno, I want use for study14:28
Mamarokso you only want dictionnaries then?14:28
Mamaroktutan: so you only want dictionnaries then?14:29
tutanmamarok: If him have more resources better, but dictionaries are still helpful, but of course I need one that at least translate the sentences.14:30
Mamaroktutan: so you actually look for translating software :)14:30
edgar000@tutan why not using google translation?14:31
* Mamarok was going to suggest the same14:31
Mamaroktutan: you can use the google translate widget on your desktop for that14:31
MadAGu is there any way to disable hdmi audio?14:32
tutanedgar000: because sometimes I was not connected14:32
edgar000for ubuntu I use kwordQuiz14:32
tutanedgar000: I went read about this, thx.14:33
edgar000sorry its word to word translation14:33
MamarokMadAGu: why do you want to disable your soundcard?14:33
MadAGui don't want to disable my soundcard14:33
MadAGui want to disable the hdmi audio14:33
tutanmamarok: thx14:33
Mamarokwell, that is the built-in soundcard14:33
Mamaroktutan: you are welcome :)14:34
MadAGuand how can i do that?14:34
MamarokMadAGu: why? I don't see the reason for that. You can select another soundcard to be used instead in the systemsettings -> Multimedia14:34
MadAGuMamarok: well my subwoofer does not work, but my side speakers are. In windows everything works OK. When i select another audio device from the multimedia in some cases i take sound from the sub, and in other cases from the side speakers14:36
MamarokMadAGu: then something is wrong with your installation, do you use pulseaudio?14:37
MadAGuMamarok: i don't have pulseaudio14:38
MamarokMadAGu: OK, which phonon backend do you use?14:39
MadAGui use xine14:39
Mamarokhm, that should work though14:39
MadAGumamarok: yes so i thought that sometimes the system wants to send sound from the hdmi output and i that's the way to disable it14:40
Mamarokyou can't just select another audio device, it needs to be a different soundcard, if you only have a built in HDMI, then disabling it will disable all the sound14:40
MadAGuthat's why i want to disable it*14:40
BenkinoobyMamarok: even with compositing enabeld, it only shows frames... like http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/1905/screenshotvq.png ... but i want to see the window.... wnat it to be raised, os i can see the content14:41
MadAGumamarok: well tell me how can i do that and i will see....14:41
MadAGuhey virtuosofriend14:41
MamarokBenkinooby: do you have Cover Switch enabled in the effects?14:42
Virtuosofriendhey MadAGu14:42
BenkinoobyMamarok: no, i dont habe any effects set. when i use cover swith it does what it is supposed to do... i want the normal, not-3d-switching...14:43
MamarokMadAGu: well, to see the window pop up on Alt+Tab you need CoverSwitch AFAICT14:44
BenkinoobyMamarok: did you see the screenshot i upoaded? when u look at it, you will see that i only see the border/frame of my window, but not the content...14:45
BenkinoobyMamarok: this has nothing to do with coverswitch... it should be without effect, but when alt-tabbing i should be able to see the window content and not only the borders...14:46
MamarokBenkinooby: the normal, non-3D Switching doesn't show you a preview of the window14:46
BenkinoobyMamarok: hmmm... strange... i was sure i once had this setting... did u try it on ur pc?14:47
MamarokBenkinooby: I will check14:49
rorkBenkinooby: are you looking for box switching? System settings > Desktop > Desktop Effects > Box Switching14:50
Mamarokrork: no, he wants a window preview with Alt+Tab without compositing14:51
Benkinoobyrork: this is pretty close to what i am looking for14:51
MamarokBenkinooby: it doesn't show a preview here without compositing, this is only available in compositing14:51
Benkinoobyrork: so the way it behaves is close, but now without compositing... no need for transucent windows in the background...14:51
BenkinoobyMamarok: so you had box swithing too when compositing enabled? or no effects?14:52
MamarokBenkinooby: it only shows an outline, not the window content14:53
BenkinoobyMamarok: ahhh, ok....14:53
Mamarokno effects, of course, since the effects are 3D14:53
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MamarokI can choose between Box Switching or CoverSwitch in 3D though14:53
BenkinoobyMamarok: i have also all these options.14:54
BenkinoobyMamarok: but i can not believe, that i will only see the frame of a window, when alt-tabbing without compositing14:54
marco___hi there14:55
marco___can someone help me to setup audio on my laptop with kubuntu 9.10?14:55
BenkinoobyMamarok: hahahahah, got it!14:56
BenkinoobyMamarok: kde is a tricky little b.... ;)14:56
MamarokMadAGu: sorry, wrong nick earlier. What entries do you have in the SystemSettings -> Multimedia window? maybe a screenshot would be helpful14:56
MamarokBenkinooby: how did you do that?14:57
marco___ok, i check - pls consider im a newbie in linex mmm14:57
MadAGuMamarok: i got it.... i disable the HDMI, thanks anyway :)14:57
marco___audio player, cd&dvd burning, mixer audio, video player14:58
Mamarokmarco___: hm, I didn't write that for you, read again :)14:58
BenkinoobyMamarok: system settings -> window behavior -> focus. there cahnge the policy: to "focus strikctly under mouse"14:58
Rameshkdenetworkmanager tray icon says "network management disabled"14:58
marco___ooopss sorry... newbie in irc too eheh14:58
Mamarokmarco___: what do you mean by "setting up audio", do you have no sound at all?14:59
marco___no audio at all, nothing14:59
MamarokBenkinooby: thanks, ILST :)14:59
BenkinoobyMamarok: ILST?14:59
Mamarokmarco___: please go th othe SystemTray in the panel lower right, and click on the speaker icon15:00
Mamarokthen you click on mixer and check that you have nothing muted there15:00
MamarokBenkinooby: I learned something today :)15:00
Benkinooby"show window list while switching windows" is also influencing it. if u dis able it, it will ahve the same effect15:01
marco___sound icon on the tray is 100%, i did open mixer and set all levels to high, but nothing15:02
BenkinoobyMamarok: no matter, what the focus-ploicy is15:02
Mamarokmarco___: in the mixer, if you go to the Settings menu, what is the default Master channel?15:03
marco___i dont figure out how, but it works now :-)15:04
Mamarokmarco___: nice :)15:04
marco___thanks a lot mamarok!!!15:04
Mamarokmarco___: you are welcome :)15:05
marco___just another question: as you can think, im a win user trying to swith on ubuntu platform, so the interface is so different for me, i havejust installed ubuntu now15:06
marco___firefox running ok, but to install flashplayer the link on adobe page didnt work, so googled and installed from terminal with sudo apt-gte install flash-nonfree15:07
marco___is it the correct way to install flash player ?15:07
James147marco___: think its flashplugin-installer you want to install15:07
marco___ok james, but 1st question is: must i do it in a terminal shell?15:09
James147marco___: I dont think you have to :) its just quicker15:10
szatmaritud magyarul vki15:10
Mamarok!hu | szatmari15:10
ubottuszatmari: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál15:10
James147!pm marco___15:12
James147!pm | marco___15:12
ubottumarco___: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.15:12
marco___ok, i will ask on public space, your indication is so right15:13
marco___i realize it is not required to type commands in a shell, so i think there is a web way to do it? i did try to setup from adobe selecting apt for ubuntu 9.4+15:14
marco___but clicking on that button the webpage redirect to itself15:14
Mamarokmarco___: you should use the Package installer provided by Kubuntu15:14
James147marco___: you can also download the *.deb from abobe and click on it in dolphin to install it (if your broswer dosent auto launch it)15:15
marco___i did try with package installer before try this and that, but i didnt find flashplayer entry15:15
lelamalHi all, I have a question: I'm on kubuntu 9.10, and want to upgrade to the RC. I've read the command to do this is: update-notifier-kde -d15:15
Mamarokmarco___: probably because you do not have the restricted repository enabled15:15
James147marco___: its flashplugin-installer    not player15:15
Mamarokflash is not free15:15
lelamalbut in the following screen I'm told "This is still a BETA release.". So, is this the correct command, or should I use a different one for the RC?15:15
marco___aaaargh ok i realize it now, i was searching for wrong keyword15:16
marco___thanks a lot!!!!15:16
James147lelamal: if you upgrade to lucid you will be on RC not beta its probally just an outdated page15:16
lelamaloh I see, thanks a lot!15:16
Mamaroklelamal: that's maybe just not changed, since the RC was released only recently15:17
lelamalok thanks everyone15:17
marco___however at first i feel this new ubuntu very very much usable than older versions, also compared with many other distro i seen in the past years15:17
James147marco___: and its slowly getting better :)15:17
marco___many thanks to you all people, i find irc 'fantastic' - many answers in a little time15:18
marco___thank you guys15:18
Mamarokmarco___: you are welcome :)15:18
marco___thank you bye15:19
BenkinoobyMamarok: still here?15:26
Benkinoobygot time for few secnds?15:26
BenkinoobyMamarok: want to try dektop sharing... if you allow me, i will send you an remote desktop invite. ok?15:27
BluesKajhowdy folks15:29
Benkinoobysome1 ready to test my remote desktop connection. u will yust need a remote desktop viewer, wich comes per default with kde15:31
Benkinoobycalled krdc15:31
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ncfi1013what would happen if i deleted the ithunes database lock on an ipod?16:18
=== numan is now known as _numan
=== _numan is now known as numan
ncfi1013 will rockbox work on an ipod nano 4th gen 8gb? does anybody know that has this specific model?16:34
Rameshhow to enable knetworkmanger?16:36
Rameshcurrently tray icon says "network management disabled"16:37
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James147Ramesh: you need to restart your network, i found this works: kquitapp knetworkmanager && sudo service network-manager restart     then start knetworkmanager again16:50
Rameshshould i reboot?16:53
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Ramesh@James147 : when i directly issued the commands, still it shows nm disabled16:54
James147Ramesh: you should need to, but that would fix it16:54
daskreechRamesh: He means you shouldn't need to16:55
daskreechRamesh: the only "real" reason that you should have to reboot in Linux/UNIX is to change your kernel16:55
kgeek_Ramesh: where are u from INdia?16:55
daskreechJust sometimes it's faster to reboot than to chase the problem16:55
daskreechThough i find chasing the problem fun :)16:56
James147Ramesh: could try the longer way :- kquitapp knetworkmanager   && sudo service network-manager stop && sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart && sudo service network-manager start     then start knetworkmanager (watch for spelling there <)16:56
James147Ramesh: if not a reboot will almost certenly work :) just depends on how often it happens to you... i have had it hapen a few times so running the commands is quicker then a full reboot16:57
Rameshgot this error : postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory16:58
kgeek_Ramesh: u r a tudent or wat?16:59
Ramesh@kgeek_ : lets discuss that outside, not here16:59
kgeek_Ramesh: ther's no prob. here as well :P17:00
James147Ramesh: when running the above command? if so which part did it error on?17:01
Rameshwhen i issued the command : sudo service network-manager stop && sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart && sudo service network-manager start17:02
James147Ramesh: thats a chain on commands can you tell which one it errored on?17:02
Mamarokkgeek_: wrong, this is a support only channel, chat goes to #kubuntu-offtopic17:04
Rameshwhen issued : sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart17:04
Ramesh@James147 : pasting the error again : postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory17:07
Ramesh@James147 : and error was on for the command ->sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart17:07
James147Ramesh: looks like you missing the main.cf file for postfix :S17:07
Ramesh@James147 : how to resolve that issue?17:08
James147Ramesh: not sure how critical the error is, you can try starting up network-manager and knetworkmanager and see if that works, if not i would guess you need to configure postfix (not entirlly sure how though )17:09
James147Ramesh: you could try "sudo aptitude reinstall postfix"  but I am not sure if that will solve anything :)17:10
Rameshthanks.. still the tray icon says nm disabled17:12
Rameshlet me try a reboot17:13
usfhello every body17:18
usfdoes anyone know how to retrieve a gtk code from glade??17:18
daskreechusf: #ubuntu might have more hits for that17:25
warrenhello everyone17:40
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BillyBoyhow you doing rork?17:41
BillyBoyim a ubuntu user since a month ago and i am happy as ever17:41
BillyBoythis is far much better than windows17:41
BillyBoyit has a lot of useful applications17:42
BillyBoyit doesnt take viruses17:42
rorkI'm fine I guess, thanks, how are you?17:42
BillyBoyad everything works perfect17:42
BillyBoyeven my computer is faster17:42
BillyBoyim cool17:42
BillyBoychilling after work with a glass of wine in the garden17:42
ale-1hello to all17:43
rorkhi ale-117:43
BillyBoyyou right ale mate?17:43
ale-1do you know som cursor theme for mouse, to obtain black icon mouse ?17:43
ale-1I use kubuntu 9.1017:43
BillyBoyrork how long have you used ubuntu for?17:43
BillyBoyblack icon mouse?17:43
BillyBoyi dont know mate i still a begginner17:44
BillyBoyanyway why do you want a black icon mouse for?17:44
ale-1because I'd like it17:44
BillyBoymine is white and im happy enough17:44
ale-1I prefer it17:44
BillyBoyfair enough17:44
BillyBoyim sure there are tjemes available17:44
BillyBoyjust check on the net17:44
ale-1from what country do you type ?17:45
ale-1I'm in Italy and this is the first time on this channel17:45
rorkMust be about May 2006, Microsoft stopped supporting the WinME I got with my laptop so I had to look for something else. I started with kubuntu, switched to debian for a couple of years but I'm back to kubuntu on a new and faster PC since November 200817:45
ale-1I try centos 5.4 and fedora 12. I have dell notebook, but kubuntu has the best supporting !!!!17:46
ale-1absolutly the best, for my opinion17:46
daskreechale-1: kde-look.org17:47
rorkale-1: System Settings > Keyboard and Mouse > Mouse > Cursor theme > KDE Classic17:48
BillyBoyi type from London, UK but i am spanish17:48
BillyBoythere you got mate17:49
BillyBoysome nice people told you how already17:49
rorkbtw this officially is a support channel, join #kubuntu-offtopic for general chitchat17:51
BillyBoy all right mate17:52
BillyBoyill pop around there17:52
pibarnashi folks, cant install language packages or the package upgrades through kpackagekit... error message: Failed to fetch http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/ttf-khmeros/ttf-khmeros-core_5.0-3ubuntu1_all.deb 403 Forbidden [IP: 80]17:55
pibarnasideas? version kubuntu lucid beta2.17:56
ansonguse a different mirror?17:56
ansongsomething about the way they've configured the webserver is preventing you from getting updates from that site.17:58
tuntunaungsomeone know how to make partition?17:58
BluesKajpibarnas, ask in #ubuntu+117:58
pibarnasBluesKaj: okay, I'll search there.17:59
ansonghere's my question: does reliable audio exist anymore?17:59
daskreechansong: Yes but it's all analog18:00
ansongi've had any number of issues with audio lately. currently everything acts like it's playing audio but nothing from the speakers.18:00
ansongmy usual fixes haven't worked. it's a crapshoot everytime i boot up, "will audio work? this is so exciting!"18:00
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ansonghonestly i never had this problem with sarge18:01
daskreechansong: Ubuntu is thankfully not debian.18:01
ansongi know. audio used to work.18:02
avihayblame it on the pulse-audio. I always do :->18:02
ansongavihay, so why does audacious not play?  i've got it set to output using alsa18:02
avihayI don't know, audacious crashes on my system every time I try to play something18:03
avihaybut I recently found the audio player for me18:03
ansongwhat do you use?18:04
avihayI used to use xmms, but it's no longer under development, and I moved to qmmp18:05
daskreechXmms2 is under development18:06
daskreechbut like years and years now18:07
avihaythe qmmp from the ubuntu repositories is outdated, and doesn't have a shortcuts plugin, so better add the PPA from here:http://code.google.com/p/qmmp/wiki/qmmp_packages18:07
avihayXmms2 is a backend, I have tryed a large number of frontends for it18:07
avihayfew are feature complete18:08
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avihayonly exaile and rythembox seem decent, but each has something that annoys me.18:10
avihayif you "I just want my WinAmp 2.88, and if it supports queueing songs, then why not?" like me, then it's either old but functional xmms, that I've used till this day, or qmmp, or audacious happens to work on your machine18:11
avihay*or qmmp that I'm going to use from this day onwards18:12
thomas__hey! maybe someone can help me...i cannot access the internet with my wpa locked router...i'm using kubuntu 9.1018:22
shadeslayerthomas__: oh hey,is this a brand new install?18:24
bulldog98hello is there someone out there who is willing to test a package of the amarok 2.3.1 beta for karmic?18:24
shadeslayerthomas__: the issue is that network manager wont connect to WPA/WEP networks on a brand new install18:25
shadeslayerbulldog98: almost everyone has upgraded to karmic :P18:25
thomas__yap, i just installed it some weeks ago...what can i do?18:25
bulldog98shadeslayer: do you have a karmic installation left?18:26
shadeslayerthomas__: and it was connecting correctly?18:26
shadeslayerbulldog98: nope :(18:26
shadeslayerthomas__: ( from the day you installed it )18:27
bulldog98shadeslayer: hm would have been good, I realy need to find an karmic installation18:27
shadeslayerbulldog98: well maybe someone here can help :)18:27
shadeslayerbut the chances of that are slim at best18:28
bulldog98shadeslayer: I would be glad if someone could help me18:28
thomas__yes, before it connected correctly...only since the network is locked it doesn't work18:28
shadeslayerthomas__: i would suggest installing wicd or the upgrading to the latest network manager18:28
shadeslayerthomas__: yeah,i would suggest enabling backports and upgrading :)18:29
thomas__ok...well, I think all general upgrades i did already...what's wicd? and how do i enable backports? I'm a newbie ;)18:30
Mamarokshadeslayer: I bet there are still a lot of people using Karmic around :)18:32
thomas__i tried wpa supplicant already but it didn't work...it didn't even scan18:32
shadeslayerMamarok: lets hope so :)18:33
shadeslayer!backports | thomas__18:33
ubottuthomas__: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging18:33
shadeslayerthomas__: you might also want to add the Kubuntu backports ppa which has KDE 4.4.2,all info on adding on www.kubuntu.org18:34
thomas__ok, will have a look, thank u guys!18:36
shadeslayeryeah sorry for that,but im getting alot of lag on my terminal...18:37
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=== ubuntu_ is now known as teque
whiteangelusalguien por ahi ?19:30
bulldog98whiteangelus: #kubuntu-es19:31
MatisseSince a prerelease-upgrade to the current kde version I have the problem, that kde-window-decorator (kwin) is crashing after login.19:39
daskreechMatisse: Do you mean a pre-relase of KDE or a pre-release of Kubuntu ?19:41
MatisseI already some things before the current kde version was added to the repos, but it didnt help19:41
Matisseof kde19:41
Matissekde 4.4.2 or somethin19:41
Mamarokthat's not pre-release, it's the current release ofKDE19:41
* nonamegod cries19:42
Matissebut it was a pre-release...19:42
Matisse(I wanted to solve a klipper related bug, but I just switched to other bugs... well klipper works fine now :) )19:42
Matisseor maybe it is not called "pre-release"19:43
MatisseI just installing kde 4.? before it was in the repos19:43
Matisses/installing/upgraded to19:43
daskreechMatisse: tried resetting kwin's config ?19:44
Matissei'll try19:44
Matissealready did that some time ago19:44
* nonamegod is in pain and suffering19:44
Matissenonamegod, cant help you via chat19:45
nonamegodare you sure, Matisse?19:45
BluesKaj!ask | nonamegod19:45
ubottunonamegod: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:45
* Matisse tries relogin..19:56
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »20:07
Matissedaskreech, sudo dpkg-reconfigure kwin      didnt help20:09
daskreechMatisse: That's not your settings20:09
Matisseoh, ok20:09
Matisseso what do you have in mind?20:09
daskreechLook in ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc and move that somewhere else20:10
daskreech it will reset all your kwinsetings to default20:10
daskreech!hi | mustafa20:10
ubottumustafa: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!20:10
mustafai have problem with my externel hard disk20:10
mustafathe hard disk format is exfat20:11
Matissedaskreech, oh, that hint was missing last time. Thx a lot! I'm sure that'll help20:11
mustafaand i try many thinks to run it but no any respons20:11
daskreechmustafa: what happens when you click on it in Dolphin?20:11
mustafaany one help me20:13
martin____how can i stop kbluetooth from launching at startup? i didn't found an entry in the system settings service menu20:14
daskreechmustafa: have you tried to mount it in the command line?20:14
daskreechDid it give an error?20:15
mustafait nothig showing20:15
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mustafathere are no any exhard20:15
mustafabut when i use this command lsusb the hard disk is connect20:15
daskreechWhat is the /dev entry that it gets?20:16
mustafaadsp                psaux       tty10  tty52           usbdev7.2_ep8120:17
mustafaaudio               ptmx        tty11  tty53           usbdev7.2_ep8220:17
mustafablock               pts         tty12  tty54           usbdev7.2_ep8320:17
mustafabus                 ram0        tty13  tty55           usbdev7.2_ep8420:17
mustafacdrom               ram1        tty14  tty56           usbdev8.1_ep0020:17
FloodBotK3mustafa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:17
mustafacdrw                ram10       tty15  tty57           usbdev8.1_ep8120:17
daskreechmustafa: dont paste here use paste.ubuntu.com20:18
mustafathat all i have20:18
daskreechmustafa: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the output of ls -l /dev/sd*20:19
mustafai did it20:20
mustafamr daskreech i can talk with you in privet20:22
beltorakis there a way to raise the bottom edge of a panel that is attached to the bottom of a screen? Basically I want to stack some of my panels to save space.20:26
mustafadaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/421829/plain/20:27
esayamarok is not working while playing my musics20:27
esayis there anyone who have faced with amarok problem20:28
esayis there ?20:30
kosmonautesay: amarok works here...can you describe your problem?20:44
esayok i solved it20:44
kosmonautok ;-)20:45
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martin____how can i stop kbluetooth from launching at startup? i didn't found an entry in the system settings service menu20:55
areichmanhello everybody. I'm having some trouble getting audio to work over hdmi and was wondering if anybody could help. I've unmuted everything I can find and audio works from other sources and I'm not sure where to go from here.20:56
moetunesmartin____: is it listed in /etc/rc2.d?20:56
martin____moetunes: let me have a look20:57
martin____moetunes: no, the file is completely empty20:58
moetunesmartin____: what about in the dir /etc/rcS.d ?20:59
pibarnashi folks, Ive just installed newer kubuntu iso (lucid) and got an authentication failed of main account in first boot... any ideas?21:01
martin____moetunes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/421847/ as far as i can see nothing related to bluetooth21:01
martin____is the /etc/rc2.d the file where you normally look for the bluetooth service?21:06
moetunesit is a dir martin____21:07
martin____ok i found something... ;)21:08
martin____so now: how do i turn it off?21:09
moetunesmartin____: what's it start with ? - S60kbluetooth or similar21:10
martin____there's a folder called S25bluetooth21:10
moetunesmartin____: in lonsole do   sudo mv -v S25bluetooth K25bluetooth21:11
moetunesI'll start again21:11
moetunesmartin____: in lonsole do   sudo mv -v /etc/rc2.d/S25bluetooth /etc/rc2.d/K25bluetooth21:12
martin____moetunes: ok i'll give it a try21:12
martin____ok something happened: >`/etc/rc2.d/S25bluetooth' -> `/etc/rc2.d/K25bluetooth'21:13
martin____moetunes: so anything with K instead of S ist not active?21:14
moetunesmartin____: it won't start now at boot - yep21:14
martin____moetunes: great, thank you very much21:14
Benkinoobyhi. i have an external hdd with some music on it. i used busikbrainz to organize it, but aafter all the work was done i couldn't save, because i don't have teh permissions. how can i change the permission, without unmounting (and by this making the work of musicbrainz worthless)?21:23
moetunesBenkinooby: you could try   sudo chmod -Rv ugo+w /path/to/mount21:27
Benkinoobymoetunes: can i do this will i am working on it? a big copy job (wich is started with sudo) is running right now...21:28
Benkinoobymoetunes: will = hile21:28
moetunesI'd wait21:28
Benkinoobymoetunes: thx. hmmm, it's a pitty that cp run by console doesnt show how much is lefft for copying21:30
moetunesBenkinooby: I always use the -v switch for that21:31
Benkinoobymoetunes: thx for that hint. next time i will use it for sure...21:32
kevin_WilliamsCan someone help me with my problem? I want to login to Kubuntu, but all I get is the Kubuntu shell. How do I get to a login screen?21:35
moetuneskevin_Williams: it might be that the graphics are having probs - if you log in you can check with   cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less21:36
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kevin_Williamsthank you moetunes21:55
moetuneskevin_Williams: sorted?21:56
beltorakis there a way to change the window decorations for apps running as root?21:59
bulldog98kdesudo systemsettings22:00
bulldog98should make you able to change that beltorak22:00
AshexWhat's the flag for safe graphics mode when installing?22:05
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BreetaiI have a friend who installed Ubuntu Karmic last night, they updated their packages, rebooted and then did installled kubuntu-destkop, but when they go to log in, the screen goes black for a second and then they are back at gdm. Anyone have any idea?22:26
daskreechBreetai: Could be a few issues. Can they look at the ~/.xsession-errors file ?22:39
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Breetaidaskreech: yes, I will when the get back in. I had deleted the .kde folder and had them reboot (they had been using kopete)22:45
daskreechBreetai: I'm guessing it's a video card error22:46
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Breetaidaskreech: it is a VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M800/K8N800/K8N800A I have no experince with that22:51
daskreechBreetai: Ah well Kwin should turn off any fancy effects that will clash with it by default but maybe Kwin is with you in that boat :)22:51
beltorakshould my user be a member of the users group, or does that group have special meaning in ubuntu?22:52
zertuapt-get install kde  path on the second partiion ?22:53
zertuis that possible ?22:53
Mamarokzertu: you can just do 'sudo apt-get install kde-desktop'22:53
Breetaidaskreech: kwin: Fatal IO error: client killed  did not look good in .xsesson-erros22:54
Mamarokzertu: why not?22:55
zertuif i do this it install on my first partition22:55
zertuand it takes too much space22:55
zertui don't have enough space on that disk22:55
zertuthat's why i need to install on the second space22:55
Mamarokwell, then you need to make that other partition a separate / one, then22:56
esayhow to copy a file to root folder   is there anyone knowing it22:57
daskreechesay: sudo cp22:58
daskreechBreetai: can you pastebin the file?22:58
BreetaiYes I can22:58
esayi mean how can we copy folders using dolphin22:59
esayok i got it23:00
esaysudo dolphin23:00
Breetaidaskreech: http://pastebin.com/gumYUMdj23:03
harjothow do i create an adhoc network on 8.04? Im also using atheros23:06
kevin_WilliamsHow do you install programs on Kubuntu like Konverstaion?23:35
gorgonzolakevin_Williams in a console: sudo apt-get install konversation, or in packagekit, search package konversation, click on the arrow.23:38
kevin_Williamsthank you, gorgonzola23:39
Breetaidarkreech: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1307218     this might be it, I have had to create a xorg.conf (one did not exist), and I have added the AIGLX off serverflag23:40

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