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alexp_sssuphi everyone02:57
alexp_sssupI've been trying all day to "dput" a source package to my ppa but, until now, with no success. Package files are uploaded successfully, but then i receive an email notification that the signature check on the package failed because it "cannot find public key"... I've setup my GPG key, of course, any suggestions?02:59
wgrantalexp_sssup: You are probably dputting to the wrong place.03:01
wgrantDebian sends that sort of email, but Launchpad doesn't.03:01
wgrantCan you pastebin the email somewhere?03:01
idnarThe diff has been truncated for viewing.03:13
idnarnooo :(03:13
alexp_sssupwgrant: yep, just a sec03:15
alexp_sssupwgrant: http://pastebin.org/17193903:16
alexp_sssupit's kind of weird that the upload to my personal ppa succeed, the one to the team PPA fails03:16
alexp_sssupis there some specific stuff i should do to be a team uploader?03:18
wgrantidnar: It must have been pretty big...03:21
wgrantalexp_sssup: Yeah, that's Debian. Not what you want to upload to.03:22
idnarwgrant: looks like it was truncated at 5000 lines, I'm not sure how big it is in total03:22
idnarwgrant: oh, it says 9384 lines03:22
idnar9384 lines (+2682/-3557) 21 files modified03:22
wgrantThere's nothing special about uploading to a team PPA -- as long as you're a member, and you upload to the right place.03:22
alexp_sssupwgrant: humm... ok, specifying the ppa on the command line fix the issue (i feel like a newbie now, sorry). I supposed that dput would default on the first configuration in .dput-cf, not on a debian server :-)03:27
amitprakashhi.. for libdesktop-agnositc i am getting ..  error: Your Vala compiler version (0, 8, 0) is too old. The project requires when only 0.7.10 is required03:32
wgrantamitprakash: This is the channel for launchpad.net itself. You will need to find specific support resources for the libdesktop-agnostic project -- this is not the place you're looking for.03:34
amitprakashah ok03:34
amitprakashwgrant, thanks a lot03:34
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magciusHow do I delete a project?08:38
wgrantmagcius: You'll need to ask an admin at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion.08:48
magciuswgrant: are you an admin?08:50
magciuswgrant: if not, you should be. You're always very helpful, and would do a great job.08:51
magciuswgrant: also, the other answer it referred me to said to file it at launchpad-project08:52
wgrantmagcius: You can't file against launchpad-project itself (it is a project group): it will ask you to file it on one of the subprojects instead.08:53
magciuswgrant: alright08:53
magciuswgrant: huh09:55
magciuswgrant: I just spent 20 minutes trying to understand why it wasn't pulling new revisions when I figured out that it doesn't track when the "lp:foobar" shortname updates09:56
magciusthat seems counterintuitive to the whole point of the shortname updates09:56
magciusor the shortname, even09:56
wgrantmagcius: Yeah, that's a strange bzr thing (not specific to LP).09:57
magciuswgrant: wouldn't that be the LP plugin's thing or is the "one:two" URL specifier not LP-specific09:57
magciuswgrant: the best fix I can think of for that is to make "one:two" a first-class citizen and resolve that as late as possible09:58
Peng_The LP plugin uses bzr's directory service.09:59
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magciusPeng_: okay, so why couldn't we, when I say, "bzr get lp:mything", store the literal "lp:mything", and not the resolved URL.10:01
Peng_"we" here is probably #bzr, and I have no opinion on the matter. I could go either way.10:02
magciusPeng_: I was more asking if there was anything technical restricting that10:03
magciusPeng_: but I guess you don't know. Sorry!10:03
wgrantAsking #bzr or filing a bug against bzr may be a good next move.10:03
Peng_magcius: Ah. I don't know. In fact, I think you can open up .bzr/branch/branch.conf in a text editor and force it to use the lp: URL.10:03
magciusPeng_: huh10:03
magciuswgrant: yeah, I was about to do that10:03
Peng_For my own use, I'm mostly happy with the current behavior.10:04
wgrantMost projects don't switch the dev focus around enough for it to bother me.10:04
Peng_It would confuse me if I suddenly got a different branch when pulling.10:04
magciuswgrant: that's what I thought too10:04
Peng_OTOH, back when lp:loggerhead was switched, getting the new branch is the correct behavior.10:04
magciuswgrant: except that all of Canonical's stuff has moved from foo-bar-developers to canonical-dx-team10:04
Peng_But, say, lp:mysql (IIRC) points to the current release, and it would confuse me if my 5.0 branch suddenly turned into 5.1.10:05
Peng_But it's easy enough to work around.10:05
magciusPeng_: well, I wouldn't clone lp:mysql expecting to get a specific release. It's the development trunk, right?10:06
Peng_magcius: Yeah, _now_ it is, but it used to be, um, 5.1 in the past.10:06
Peng_Maybe that was the "trunk" branch. I dunno.10:06
magciusI don't understand a lot of things.10:06
magciusFor some projects, the "trunk" branch isn't up to date, it's the "lucid" branch10:07
magciuswhich really offends me, who is not using Ubuntu10:08
magciusoh well... there are other parts of bzr that I feel have the wrong motivation10:08
Peng_"wrong motivation"?10:09
maxbIf a project has non-distro-specific development in a "lucid" branch, then it's the project's fault for having a weird branch naming convention10:20
Peng_"lucid" is an awesome name for a branch.10:21
wgrantIt's quite reasonable for a project that is developed primarily for Ubuntu's purposes, and within the Ubuntu release cycle.10:22
magciusPeng_: the "wrong motivation" I can mainly think of is the "Bzr Explorer" application10:34
magciusPeng_: I just find it's wrong to let the whole slew of Ubuntu GUI users into a SCM. With the way things are worded it brings this awkward "Clippy" hatred back.10:36
magciusI think I've said this in this channel, but maybe I should file this:10:41
magciusyour sliding door needs more width10:41
magciusI just had another idea10:48
magciusSee the downloads here? https://launchpad.net/bzr10:48
magciusIt would be nice if we could scrap the green box every time and instead have a custom title and icon.10:49
magciusSo we could have "Bazaar 2.2 (Windows Installer)" with a little bzr and windows logo10:49
magciusinstead of "bzr-2.2b2-setup.exe"10:49
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hyperairis launchpad's email interface working?12:45
thumperhyperair: I've not seen any emails saying it isn't (and we do get them)13:05
* thumper must sleep now13:06
persiaIf anyone is about, the amd64 production build queue has a job that has remained unscheduled for at least 2 hours whilst nothing is building.  Might be worth discovering why and poking it.13:27
hyperairthumper: i sent an email to new@bugs.launchpad.net earlier, but i didn't get a reply, and the new bug didn't appear.13:51
hyperairoh well.13:51
nigelbabuWhat is wrong with this searchTask? searchTasks(has_patch=True,status=['New','Incomplete','Confirmed','Triaged','In Progress'],tags='patch-forwarded-upstream -patch-accepted-upstream -patch-rejected-upstream patch-forwarded-debian -patch-accepted-debian -patch-rejected-debian')14:46
nigelbabuif anyone around knows....14:47
james_wnigelbabu: how do you know it is wrong?15:33
nigelbabujames_w: python errors15:34
james_wpastebin the error?15:34
nigelbabua minute15:35
nigelbabufunny thing is instread of whitespace between tags, if I use +, no error but it doesn't work15:36
james_wah, you want to catch the error and print the body of the response to find out why it doesn't like it15:37
nigelbabucome again? I didn't understand.15:38
james_wuse an except lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError, e:15:38
james_wprint e.content15:38
james_wnigelbabu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/421705/15:39
nigelbabutrying out15:40
nigelbabuwhat does the 'raise' do there?15:40
nigelbabuNameError: name 'lazr' is not defined15:40
james_wre-raises the error so that the script will still fail15:40
james_wah, "import lazr.restfulclient.errors" just before15:40
james_wumm, no idea what that means :-)15:42
nigelbabuIf I use +, the error goes away15:42
nigelbabubut it doesn't really work.15:43
nigelbabuessentially, my question is how to search for tag combination.15:43
james_wtry tags=['patch', '-patch-accepted-upstream']15:49
* nigelbabu hugs james_w 15:52
nigelbabuthat worked.  someone correct the apidoc15:52
geserjames_w: looks like a bug in the API doc ("Separated by whitespace.") or LP has a different understanding of it.15:53
nigelbabuI specifically didn't use the list format because the doc said its separated by whitespace15:54
james_wnigelbabu: but you did put [] around it15:54
james_wI think tags='patch -patch-accepted-upstream' would work too15:55
nigelbabupart of trial and error experiments15:55
nigelbabujames_w: nope.  throws error.  similar to what I pastebin'd earlier15:56
geserjames_w: tags: [ConstraintNotSatisfied(u'patch -patch-accepted-upstream')] and it was in []15:56
geserit only works with a list of elements without any whitespace (not even trailing whitespace)15:58
nigelbabugeser: so definitely apidoc problem?15:59
gesernigelbabu: yes, please file a bug15:59
nigelbabuum, against?16:00
geserlaunchpad, it will get reassigned to right sub-project16:00
fperezHowdy, question on using the API?17:19
fperezTrying: https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples#Hello%20Launchpad!17:21
fperezDoesn't work at all:17:21
fperezIn [28]: launchpad = Launchpad.login_with('hello-world', 'edge')17:22
fperezInvalidURIError                           Traceback (most recent call last)17:22
fperez/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/lazr/uri/_uri.pyc in __init__(self, uri, scheme, userinfo, host, port, path, query, fragment)17:22
fperez    239             match = uri_pat.match(uri)17:22
fperez    240             if match is None:17:22
fperez--> 241                 raise InvalidURIError('"%s" is not a valid URI' % uri)17:22
fperez    242             self.scheme = match.group('scheme')17:22
fperez    243             self.userinfo = match.group('userinfo')17:22
fperezInvalidURIError: "edge" is not a valid URI17:22
fperezThe tip on https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples#Get%20a%20useful%20error%20message%20from%20launchpadlib17:22
fperezneeds correcting to indicate where HTTPError lives, which is highly non-obvious:17:22
fperezexcept lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError, e:17:23
fperezBecause most people will try to use urrlibw.HTTPError and it won't work.17:23
fperezSo now I've modified the example to:17:23
fperez    launchpad = Launchpad.login_with('hello-world',17:23
fperez                                     'https://edge.launchpad.net')17:23
fperezexcept lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError, e:17:23
fperez    print e.content17:23
fperez    print 'Hello, %s!' % launchpad.me.display_name17:23
fperezBut I still get an error:17:23
fperezSyntaxError: undefined entity  : line 264, column 1717:23
fperezThat syntax error is coming from somewhere outside my code (I just ran the 5 lines above)...17:24
fperezAny tips? I'm trying to use the published API to grab IPython's bug history, but none of the published examples I've tried so far work...17:25
magciusHow would people feel about cleaning up the Downloads list?19:30
magciusAs a user, I look at the downloads for https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr and become humbled19:31
magciuser, I need sleep. Confused19:31
magciusIt would be nice if they dropped the big green download and instead allowed you to set a name and a little icon for downloads: "Bazaar 2.2 beta 2 (Mac OS X)"19:32
moumHi, i need help with the Referee header, thx21:15
alkisgI'm getting server errors for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sch-devs/sch-scripts/trunk/revision/10921:16
maxbalkisg: Given it's the middle of a weekend, you should probably file a question, or be prepared to re-ask on Monday21:52
maxbmoum: If you describe your problem in more detail, you'll be more likely to get help21:52
alkisgmaxb: no problem I was just reporting it, I don't need it fixed, I got everything I need locally :)21:52
alkisgHave a nice weekend all.21:52
moumI had a REFERER header request when trying to translate a program, but it works well with Chrome.21:56
moumHowever, i dont know why it does not work with firefox21:56
berniecan someone suggest why my ppa would build a package only for i386 and not amd64 and other archs?22:12
berniethe package is bitfrost22:13
berniedebian/control says: Architecture: all22:13
bernielfaraone: maybe you know?22:13
james_wbernie: Architecture: all means build once and use the result on all architectures22:17
james_wif you want it to build for each architecture you want "any22:17
berniejames_w: well it's a pure python package, so "all" was probably correct.22:18
berniebut why wouldn't a n amd64 machine find the package then?22:18
maxbbernie: See, it is published for amd64: http://ppa.launchpad.net/codewiz/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages22:21
berniejames_w, maxb: problem lied between chair and keyboard.22:39
berniethanks for your help22:39
AgafonovHi! I have "Internal Server Error" on my branch at bazaar.launchpad.net page. Am I to fill a bug and which project?23:13
Agafonovok, here is url: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ru-web/ubuntu-ru/smf2-mods/revision/223:17
Agafonovups. all revisions in all branches give error...23:19
manishwgrant, I hope you there? Have a small doubt on WADL files23:31
manishwgrant, anyway for your reference. I sent the problem on launchpad list. Look at it at your free time. It would be very kind of you https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-users/msg05920.html23:33
wgrantmanish: There is a launchpad-dev@lists.launchpad.net, but launchpad-users is probably the correct place for this.23:48
wgrantI don't know the internal details of the WADL, unfortunately.23:48

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