nerdy_kidArkoldThos what browser are you using?00:03
ArkoldThosgoogle chrome00:03
nerdy_kidArkold ok yeah just chuck it in ~/.mozilla/plugins and chrome should pick it up (i use chrome)00:04
redhey I just installed firefox 3.7a500:04
redany site with flash content freezes my browser and I have to shut it forcefully00:04
redany ideas?00:05
nerdy_kidArkoldThos why not just install the .deb from adobe ?00:05
quentusrexI'm having an issue with nvidia drivers00:05
redArkoldThos: start up chrome with --plugins-enabled00:06
quentusrexI might need help,00:06
nerdy_kidred um...use a stable browser?00:06
quentusrexbut I'm giving it a shot for now00:06
nerdy_kidquentusrex what gpu?00:06
rednerdy_kid: how helpful00:06
quentusrexnerdy_kid, I have two cards with the sli cable connected.00:07
quentusrexI'm looking up the models00:07
nerdy_kidred sorry, but seriously: does the same issue happen in a stable browser?00:07
redofcourse not00:07
ArkoldThosnerdy_kid, just did (installed the deb package) but still youtube says: "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. "00:08
ArkoldThosred, wait until beta atleast00:08
redI like to help bugtest, and I couldn't find any relevant info about flash causing crashes for 3.7a5 hence asking here00:08
redI think I'll submit a bug report then00:08
redwhen it's a great, great piece of software I use daily and doesn't cost anything to me, the least I can do is help when I have some spare time imo00:09
adelcampoi installed hamster-applet but I only get "hamster-standalone" anyone have an idea what's going on?00:10
nerdy_kidArkoldThos try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122879200:10
adelcampoi'm on a fresh install of the release candidate00:10
quentusrexnerdy_kid, 9500gt dual cards00:12
nerdy_kidquentusrex yeah linking cards is way beyond my knowlege.00:13
quentusrexnerdy_kid, I think it's a driver install issue00:16
quentusrexnot a card issue00:16
nerdy_kidquentusrex sorry dont have enough time00:21
Jake2|cflHow do I turn off the login sound?  The Preferences>Sounds doesn't have it ! !!!00:24
lukushi .. is using lucid on a day to day basis a very bad idea00:31
ishelI have a huge problem, I've installed today ubuntu and my installation doesn't recognize any of the PCI hardware that I have installed00:31
lukusare any of you experiencing many probs with it00:31
lukusishel, ahh... seems like you are00:31
ishelmy hardware is fine as it works with my Windows Installation on the same machine00:31
lukuswhich version ishel ?00:32
ishelnothing is recognized from lspci except my PCI-Express hardware00:32
ishelwhich is my VGA Adapter00:32
trismJake2|cfl: I would try: sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 --set -t bool /desktop/gnome/sound/event_sounds false;00:32
ishelI've tried both with my soundcard as well as with a wireless network card (Intel chipset based). Nothing is shown in lspci even after reboot00:32
ishelwhat you mean what version?00:33
trismJake2|cfl: if you mean that drum sound when the login screen appears00:33
ishelany ideas why this is happening?00:33
Jake2|cfltrism: I don't know what tje sound is...but it is what occurs right after login.  Lucid RC00:37
trismJake2|cfl: is it /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login.ogg ?00:40
Jake2|cfltrism: can't tell, not at that machine. irc client is on different machine. but00:41
Jake2|cflwhat diff would it make as to the specific sound?  just want to turn off any login sound00:42
storrgieAny idea what to do if you are experiencing this?00:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 532984 in plymouth "Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 won't boot, with (process 239): GLib-WARNING **: getpwid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0), on HP Compaq Pentium 4" [Undecided,Invalid]00:42
trismJake2|cfl: I'm asking because I am no certain you can enable/disable specific sounds without disabling all desktop sounds or editing the theme00:43
Jake2|cfltrism: oic.  Does this mean lucid has no preference place to just click off login sounds?00:44
zekoZekoof course it does00:45
Jake2|cfltrism: let me rephrase:  is ther no place to pick what actions you want sounds for, and which you don't?00:45
storrgiewhat is SysReq00:46
zekoZekosystem -> preferences -> sound00:46
zekoZekothe right tab is already open00:46
Jake2|cflzekoZeko: I looked there--no place in that dialog to do it00:46
zekoZekowhich sound do you want to get rid of?00:47
Jake2|cflthe sound right after login00:47
zekoZekooh right00:48
zekoZekoi had it greyed out because of the "no sound" setting00:48
zekoZekoi thought there's a list of sounds there00:48
zekoZekojust a sec, it's gotta be somewhere :)00:48
apavlov1Hey folks, I'm running setroubleshoot (2.2.52-1ubuntu1) and it bails out with a python stacktrace: "ImportError: No module named gtkhtml2" Amazingly, the latest changelog entry has: "Remove dependency on obsolete package python-gtkhtml2 (LP: #538773)" but /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/setroubleshoot/browser.py still references and uses gtkhtml2... Any ideas/is it a joke?00:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 533135 in plymouth "System fails to boot with plymouth installed (nouveau driver with >1 display)" [Medium,Fix released]00:49
storrgiewhat the hll00:49
storrgiethis is a MAJOR issue for installing00:49
storrgiehow can this be let to continue?00:49
zekoZekosystem -> administration -> login screen00:49
zekoZekouncheck "Play login sound"00:50
Jake2|cflzekoZeko: hold a bit while I go to the lucid computer...00:50
redhow do I increase the mousewheel scroll line amount?00:50
redmy middle finger is about to fall off lol :)00:51
djbeeniehow is everyone liking 10.4 ?00:53
xsachacan anyone explain this? im playing a game, no websites are loading. then later on, websites start working and everything is fine. then my game loses connection and i cant connect again but websites still work. it's happening like this a lot. just today. i dont know why00:53
xsachanot just with a game. also, synaptic and a firefox d/l i just encountered this same issue00:54
coachjanyone else had trouble getting 10.4 to "see" an MSC mp3 player00:54
xsachait's like the internet stops working for 1 app at a time00:54
djbeenieI <3 the itouch support integration!00:54
lexrhey guys, I just installed on a brand new PC, and now when I reboot, I do not see grub like I use to on another pc that has dual boot, I installed grub during install. how do I enter failsafe?00:54
Jake2|cflzekoZeko: BUG!  I unchecked it, rebooted; it still plays. Open the panel again--sure enough IT IS UNCHECKED.00:54
trismJake2|cfl: no, that setting works correctly, it disables the sound before login (same as the command I gave first), but you want to disable the sound after login00:55
Jake2|cflzekoZeko: yes the one after.00:55
Zelozeloscan someone help me with hulu desktop, i keep getting this error "hulu desktop could not locate the flash plugin. If you already have it installed, please modify ~/.huludesktop with the correct location of libflashplayer.so" i do have flash installed and it works with the browsers and i do know where the libflashplayer.so file is, however idont know how to modify huludesktop00:56
trismJake2|cfl: oh, try going to System/Preferences/Startup Applications and unchecking GNOME login sound00:59
Jake2|cfltrism: hol...back to that box01:00
Jake2|cfltrism: System/Preferences/Startup Applications and unchecking GNOME login sound solved it01:11
Jake2|cfltrism: I have to say, lucid has scattered control of sounds all over the place.01:11
arrrghhhso i just did a fresh install of lucid on my server... so no X11.  i'm trying to use MPD, and it segfaults when i try to play any music.  mplayer is fine with the same songs, what could MPD be missing?01:13
melkorAnybody here lose their x with the xorg-edgers repo recently?01:29
paketehi all01:37
imanchey - has anyone had issues disabling their touchpad?01:38
imanci have followed two examples, but it won't disable at alll01:38
Zelozelosis there a way to set a path like in dos i could type "path c:\folder\file.ext" and if any program looked for file.ext it would run/find it01:40
arandZelozelos: The $PATH variable might be relevant?01:42
Zelozelosarand, idk, what im trying to do is get huludesktop to find the flashplayer plugin it needs to run01:42
arandZelozelos: With the 64bit version of flash?01:43
Zelozelosit worked fine b4 but i accidently erased my /usr/share/application folder and had to reinstall a bunch of stuff, and now it dont01:45
Zelozelosi tried the apt-get purge huludesktop, reinstalling the flash player and combo's of both in diff orders still the same error  "Hulu Desktop could not locate the Flash plugin.01:47
ZelozelosIf you already have it installed, please modify ~/.huludesktop with the correct location of libflashplayer.so."01:47
redcan I convert a ntfs file system into ext301:50
redwithout losing data?01:50
arandred: most likely no01:50
redill just back the stuff up then01:51
paketehow to change plymouth theme???01:52
paketeany one knows?01:52
redhaha, what the huh01:52
redubuntu is reporting my 250GB ntfs drive to have 560GB of stuff in it01:53
redhows this possible lol :)01:54
arandZelozelos: I think it goes in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins instead maybe...01:54
red/dev/sdb1             190G  121G   70G  64% /media/Downloads01:54
redthis is what df -h shows01:54
redbut when I go to nautilus, select all the folders and hit properties, it counts up to 560GB01:54
redcould nautilus just be plain wrong or what? :)01:55
BUGabundored symlinks01:56
arandred: sounds plausible, it might be counting twice...? Regardless it sounds like something worth a bug report...01:56
BUGabundoor mount points01:56
Zelozelosarand interesting, i just did a apt-get purge huludesktop again and decided to search for huludesktop, and i found a .swf folder, another huludesktop folder and 2 exe files, you think i sould try and erase those?01:57
redBUGabundo: I haven't created any symlinks there to the best of my knowledge01:57
BUGabundored run du with ignore links01:57
red..unless vuze does those somehow without prompt01:57
BUGabundothen its clear01:57
redperhaps it's reserving space or something01:57
BUGabundofile alocation01:57
redobviously I dont have 560GB of free space to backup it01:58
arandZelozelos: I honestly don't know, just rename them if you are unsure01:58
redand using ntfs with unix and torrents with million small files isn't smart01:58
redwhat would happend if I just tried to make a .tar out of the contents? :p01:58
redhow much can a file allocation be compressed :)01:59
redhow can it even allocate like 300% of the drives space? :D02:00
BUGabundocause you are alocating more then the free disk02:00
redi just checked, allocation isn't even enabled :l02:01
redin the settings of vuze that is02:01
Zelozelosarand now i see, those are on my windows partition02:01
redi dislike the application aswell, sadly its the only torrent app for ubuntu that handles magnet links02:01
redi did try kTorrent beta in january tho, but kept crashing every few hours02:02
redstable ktorrent didnt handle magnets02:02
Zelozelosi give up, when the final release of 10 is released ill be reformatting anyhow so ill just have 2 deal with it till then02:02
c0vertred, what about transmission? comes with ubuntu02:03
Zelozelosill prob screw somethin up between then and now anyhow ;)02:03
arandred: transmission supports magnet links in lucid: Bug #47977202:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 479772 in transmission "[Feature Request] Add Support for Magnet Links" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47977202:04
c0vertit says it supports magnet links right on their website? i dunno02:05
redc0vert: magnet links, trackerless torrents02:05
redarand: really?02:06
redsupports as in paste magnet url and it works02:06
c0verttry it. it works02:07
redjust testing now02:07
hardran3Magnet links work in transmission, see gconf editor /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/magnet02:08
redyeah, seems to work now02:08
rednow I just gotta finish up ~100GB of stuff thru vuze and move to transmission then02:08
c0vertvuze is the devi.02:08
redit's horribly heavy02:08
redbut what can one expect from a java app02:08
hardran3Deluge is good as well. Magnets work too.02:09
reddeluge seemed nice since it resembled utorrent02:10
redbut it said to support magnets back in january, tho i found it didnt really work at all back then02:11
=== brad[werk] is now known as bradbook
redhence been stuck with vuze02:11
redtested transmission/ktorrent/deluge back then02:11
hardran3red, i had to edit the url-handler to get it to work.02:11
hoophey ban is gent02:11
brandon__anyone able to assist me with teamspeak 3 installation on Ubuntu 10.402:12
=== brandon__ is now known as DJ-rb
redhardran3: could you link any websites you may have used as guide to get it working in deluge? i think id prefer that to transmission due more preferences02:13
DJ-rbanyone able to help with TeamSpeak 3 on Ubuntu 10.402:13
DJ-rbanyone at all :P02:14
hardran3red, http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Faq#WhatisamagneturiandhowdoIgetDelugetohandlethem02:14
hoopdj just ask the question you want someone will try and assist you02:14
DJ-rbim trying to get TeamSpeak 3 to run correctly on Ubuntu 10.4 Beta 2. Having issues with transmitting audio02:15
DJ-rbI can hear everyone in the channel fine02:15
hardran3Anyone know how to get a script to run when my notebook resumes from suspend on lucid?02:15
DJ-rbbut the hear only white noise when i activate my mic02:15
redhardran3: ah you mean to work from clicking the magnet in a browser?02:16
redas opposed to manually pasting it to deluge02:16
hardran3red, yes02:16
redya well, I tried that tutorial already back in january, I remember02:16
hoopZyktick... are you around?02:16
redthe issue then was that the actual client just wouldn't do anything for the magnet url, clicked add and nothing happened02:17
hardran3red, I am running the 1.2.3 version from the ppa as well02:17
prayiiwon the OMG!Ubuntu site they posted about a new torrent client. haven't checked it out yet. might be worth a try: http://sourceforge.net/projects/flush02:18
hoopdj rb stop flooding... lol02:18
hardran3red, https://launchpad.net/~deluge-team/+archive/ppa02:18
DJ-rblmao hoop02:18
hoopanyone... able to help DJrb with 10.4 and TeamSpeak 3?02:18
hardran3DJ-rb, install pavucontrol02:19
DJ-rbwhat should i expect that to do if you dont mind me askin02:20
hardran3DJ-rb, then see if your Mic is showing as stereo. If it is turn one channel down.02:20
DJ-rbhardran3  ok will do02:20
prayiii personally use rtorrent02:20
prayiibut I don't torrent very often. Usually about once every six months (ubuntu). lol02:21
DJ-rbhardran3 while on the topic of TeamSpeak...when I launch the program...it is done using terminal and upon closing the terminal window the program exits. is there a way around this issue?02:22
hardran3what command do you use to launch it?02:23
DJ-rbhardran3 excellent fix. Pavucontrol seems to be working. my mic is now picking up my voice whereas before it did not..02:23
hardran3for some reason it puts the mic as stereo and the channels cancel each other out.02:24
DJ-rbhardran3 i am not sure. I need to set it up again...but essentially..i downloaded the tarball file and then i believe i extracted the files and used an sh file to run the program this of course opened the terminal and as i said closing the termianl closed the app02:25
DJ-rblet me get back to that point and i will let you know02:25
DJ-rbhardran3 ok i was mistaken it downloads as a .run file02:26
Roastedwhat theme engine is ambiance based on?02:27
DJ-rbthis is the tutorial I followed to get the .run installed02:27
hardran3thats to install. how do you start the program. BTW I know nothing about teamspeak :)02:29
ninjai__Without a live CD, how can I fix my video drivers? I updated ubuntu and it boots with a black screen :(.  Can I force it into low graphics mode somehow?02:29
redpick recovery from grub list?02:30
rednot sure tho02:31
ninjai__recovery boots GUI too, black screen02:31
prayiininjai__: what did you update?02:32
redthey still haven't fixed ambiance panel background graphics02:32
redit's cool that they just implemented one size, 24px height02:32
ninjai__its annoying, last time I fixed it by uninstalling the nvidia drivers (I have onboard nvidia and intel gfx)02:33
ninjai__prayii: i think xserver was updated but I dont recall.....02:33
hardran3red, yeah it looks great on my 42" with 18 point fonts :(02:33
redhardran3: I use 32px high panel for larger icons since have a 24" full hd samsung display and a 50" full hd telly hooked up02:34
redusing ambiance theme otherwise, but new wave menus since that bg texture :P02:34
hardran3red, i was being sarcastic. It looks bad here too.02:35
ninjai__is there nothing i can do to recover my video without a live cd?02:36
hardran3Wait a bit someone else may  know.02:36
redye, not the best time of day to ask :)02:37
ninjai__no? why not? lol02:38
ninjai__brb rebooting02:38
DJ-rbhey can anyone point me in the right direction for making a launcher in 10.402:40
DJ-rbtrying to make a shortcut for a .sh file02:40
DJ-rbis that allowed?02:40
hardran3DJ-rb, right click on desktop, click "create launcher"02:42
DJ-rbyea i did that....02:42
DJ-rbthen i did browse..and selected the sh02:43
DJ-rbbut when i click on the launcher nothing appears to happen02:43
hardran3is the .sh file exx02:43
hardran3is the .sh file executable? what are you launching?02:43
iconmefistoooh. good morning updates02:44
NucWinanyone got any ideas why my laptop screen does not sleep when it should? it just goes black and keeps the backlight on02:47
NucWini have set it to turn off after 10mins02:47
DJ-rbhardran3 ok sorry..was tinkering...yes if i double click it...it says run in terminal cancel run blah blah....and I always select run do i need to add any extra variable to make it select run on the launcher?02:49
ninjai__i tried changing boot loader settings tono avail :(02:51
eagle5i cant upgrade to 10.04, update manager not detecting releases, i tried the switch still no hope02:52
eagle5any clue any one,.,02:52
hardran3DJ-rb, are you using the full path to the .sh?02:52
bazhangeagle5, as its not released, it wont02:52
DJ-rbthis is the path /home/brandon/Downloads/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86/ts3client_runscript.sh02:53
eagle5bazhang, i ment the beta release02:53
arrrghhhso anyone use MPD?02:54
bazhangeagle5, the RC you mean?02:54
bazhangeagle5, what command did you use02:54
hardran3DJ-rb, is that what you have in the launcher for the command? if so it should work.02:54
DJ-rbyes that is the command02:55
kuttansHii im unable to mount encrypted swap02:55
eagle5@ bazhag,update-manager -d02:55
arrrghhhencrypted swap!?!02:55
kuttansyeah i have both my root and swap encrypted02:55
ninjai__how can i make ubuntu not show splash?02:55
hardran3DJ-rb, I dont know then. Sorry.02:55
arrrghhhwhy would you encrypt swap?02:55
DJ-rbok ty02:55
ninjai__arrrghhh: because you can examine it's contents and they may never be overwritten02:56
kuttansninjai_ remove splash from the boot argument, or else edit /etc/default/grub and use update-grub02:56
arrrghhhninjai__, oh i thought swap was wiped on every shutdown02:56
ninjai__kuttans: I believe it's already set up as splash=nosplash...02:56
eagle5bazhag,"update-manager -d"02:56
ninjai__arrrghhh: Actually, that doesn't necessarily matter02:56
kuttansninjai_ you remove that and only give "" there02:57
ninjai__arrrghhh: You can recover files and data forever until it's overwritten by new data02:57
ninjai__kuttans: thanks I'll try that02:57
arrrghhhninjai__, not true.  try to recover something that's been rm'd.02:57
ninjai__arrrghhh: I'm in computer forensics... yes you can02:57
kuttanshey i successfully achieved luks two form factor authentication with plymouth and enabling the splash but my encrypted swap is not mounted for some reason02:57
arrrghhhninjai__, is that why there's an outstanding bet?  no company has EVER stepped up.  you can get like $500,000 i think if you can do it!  so you're full of it.02:58
arrrghhhninjai__, rm actually 0's out the bits... so good luck.02:58
kuttansso no one using a fully encrypted hard disk here02:58
ninjai__arrrghhh: I didn't say you could recover everything.  You have to understand how it works.  in forensics, a filename may be all you need.02:59
eagle5i cant upgrade to 10.04, update manager not detecting releases, i tried the switch still no hope, any clue any one02:59
arrrghhhninjai__, i know how forensics work... i may not "work" in forensics, but i know how data recovery works.03:00
ninjai__arrrghhh: when you delete something they are only "unlinked".  the OS marks those sectors as writable again03:00
arrrghhhninjai__, in windows, yes.  quit thinking about windows in an ubuntu chat room :)03:00
ninjai__arrrghhh: its tru for linux as well03:00
arrrghhhninjai__, i'm talkin the rm command.03:00
ninjai__arrrghhh: the inode is deleted (the pointers to the sectors), but the data is still there until it's overwritten (Say, by downloading a new file for example)03:01
arrrghhhninjai__, then step up.  i'm serious.  there's a challenge, if you can recover this data that was removed using rm, i think the prize money is like $500,000.03:01
kuttansninjai__ is correct03:01
ninjai__if rm did that, then rm would have to re-write the sectors with 512 bytes of gibberish data03:01
ninjai__then unlink them again03:01
kuttansarrrghhh you can recover any layer of data its not so easy but its achievable03:02
arrrghhhas i understand it, rm 0's it out.03:02
iconmefisto"rm actually 0's out the bits" is absolutely untrue03:02
eagle5i cant upgrade to 10.04, update manager not detecting releases, i tried the switch still no hope, can any one please help me03:02
arrrghhhkuttans, shall i bring up the challenge?03:02
arrrghhhlet me find it03:02
jbunchermy keyboard just crapped out in 10.0403:02
kuttansarrrghhh it just remove the address like ninjai__ pointed out.  Like removing the address in FAT.03:03
ninjai__arrrghhh: nobody is saying they can recover 500 vacation photos that have been rm'd, but its very possible you can get some of them - if not all, or view file names and such03:03
arrrghhhninjai__, hold please.03:03
jbuncheranyone else having that issue?  they keyboard works at the login for gdm, but once I'm logged they keyboard odes not work.03:03
kuttansarrrghhh cyber forensic involve a lot of resource intensive methods to collect the old data.  Even if its shredded using the latest encrypting technology03:04
arrrghhhhrm.  maybe it was using dd and piping it to /dev/zero03:04
arrrghhhkinda changes it03:04
eagle5jbuncher, no clue what so ever buddy03:04
ninjai__to add to what kuttans said, that's why boot and nuke exists, and thats why military grade wipes several runs, not just one.03:04
pepeempontillo, are you there?03:04
arrrghhhthat goes over it.  i apologize, it was with dd.03:05
kuttansexactly. but the point is you can make out the old data by replacing opposite bits, means complement and you get the previous layer of data. i only heard about the logic, never went deep03:05
jbunchereagle5, it's so bizarre, I have no idea what it would be.  I did just apt-get remove some packages that had residual config files, but I don't know what they were.03:05
ninjai__dd, yes thats totally different lol03:06
ninjai__dd can 0's it all, but its still not 100% guaranteed.03:06
arrrghhhd'oh.  not sure why i thought it was rm.  i know i rm'd a lot of shit that i tried & failed to recover.  but there was a lot, and i couldn't find anything short of going down to the platters.03:06
ninjai__arrrghhh: Can I have 500,000$$$ now? haahha03:07
ninjai__brb, im going to try to boot back into ubuntu03:07
arrrghhhninjai__, nope, not my challenge :D  if i still had that data to recover, maybe $50 :P03:07
arrrghhhdamn and that challenge i listed the prize money is $40.  no wonder no one wanted to participate.03:08
arrrghhhso does anyone use MPD?03:08
arrrghhhmusic player daemon?03:11
kuttansanyone have a solution for encrypted swap not mounting03:11
eagle5jbuncher, truth of moment pcsx dont work in lucid03:11
CortezTheKillerarrrghhh, not me .. MPD has always caused me more hassles than it was worth03:11
jbunchereagle5, ???03:12
arrrghhhCortezTheKiller, what do you use?  i want something i can control remotely from many different types of front-ends...03:12
kuttansmountall fails to mount swap space in encrypted hard disk saying plymouth is not available where as its available03:12
ninjai__okay so i booted without splash and i saw linux boot up just fine.  as soon as x started... black screen.  If I went and got my live CD, how could I fix this since 10.04 apparently has no xorg.conf?03:12
someOtherDudehi guys, as a result of a package update, my grub2 no longer has any kernel choices in it (i.e. it defaults to memtest)03:12
CortezTheKillerarrrghhh,  i really don't use anything in that regards. i am way too lazy i just use banshee :)03:13
kuttansninjai__ i guess its the driver problem03:13
someOtherDudeim running a liveusb right now, i just need it to check for installed kernels because I know there is at least one, anyone know how to make that happen?03:13
kuttansninjai__ chroot and do a upgrade && update i hope it will work03:13
ninjai__someOtherDude: That sucks, I would suggest booting a live cd, find out what kernel you have and manually place it in the grub config03:13
eagle5jbuncher, sorry not ment for u03:13
arrrghhhCortezTheKiller, ah.  i have a headless server.  had a functioning mpd setup, but something borked it so i started fresh with an clean lucid server install.  now it segfaults whenever i try to play music!03:13
ninjai__kuttans: Okay ill give that a shot... hopefully I still have the disc around somewhere... heh03:14
someOtherDudeninjai__, how would i do that03:14
kuttansmount your boot partition and check it, its the easiest way i guess someOtherDude03:14
kuttansninjai__ lol you can get that in /dev listed somewhere,03:14
FlynsarmySo...is it out yet?03:15
kuttansanyone there with encrypted hard disk and not able to mount the encrypted swap space03:15
CortezTheKillerarrrghhh, Looking at google for you and all ive come up on is your post03:15
arrrghhhme too!03:16
arrrghhhi think it's a codec issue, but mplayer is fine03:16
quuxmanI'm interested in forming an ubuntu sub-community. The idea will be to maintain the accessibility of the underlying power of the console / shell environment. I suggest calling it the Coalition of Console Liberation03:16
arrrghhhquuxman, ever heard of ubuntu-server?  they're keeping the idea alive :P03:17
quuxmanYou might think I'm being totally sarcastic, but I have some specific ideas03:17
CortezTheKillersubmit a bug report? or maybe reinstall mpd? maybe something got corrupted during update03:17
quuxmanarrrghhh: I choose not to use ubuntu-server, because it takes longer for me to configure the way I want it03:17
quuxmanarrrghhh: though I do use it in special cases03:17
CyberKitsuneSo hi03:18
CortezTheKillerif i had an extra pc i would for sure use ubuntu server03:18
ninjai__Kuttans: is there any way to easily identify what /dev/sd* contains what OS?03:18
quuxmanI want to form an interest group because I know there are other computer professionals that have very similar issues03:18
someOtherDudei was thinking sudo update-grub but i keep getting this error message03:18
someOtherDude/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).03:18
arrrghhhquuxman, so wait you use a gui to configure your server?  that's retarded if you're trying to form a console coalition.03:18
CyberKitsuneIs there any way I can flip the window title buttons (Close Min Max) back to the right than the left?03:18
kuttansninjai__ never came across such a issue.03:19
quuxmanarrrghhh: no, I like to use console tools on my desktop machine, like I have since I first started using linux back before Debian existed03:19
arrrghhhCyberKitsune, yea it's documented.  gconf changes i believe.03:19
ninjai__kuttans: ok thanks im going to boot a live cd and hope that i can figure this out lol03:19
kuttansbest of luck ninjai__03:19
CortezTheKilleris your root filesystem mounted? someOtherDude03:19
iconmefistoninjai__: sudo fdisk -l will tell you what filesystem types are on each /dev/sd*03:19
arrrghhhquuxman, do you know how long debian has been around for!??03:19
quuxmanarrrghhh: and no, I don't do EVERYTHING from the console. I like my mouse03:19
quuxmanarrrghhh: and I like graphics03:20
someOtherDudeyeah, i did sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/03:20
kuttansanyone there with the problem of mountall with plymouth03:20
bp0debian has always existed03:20
quuxmanarrrghhh: tell me when exactly Debian was created03:20
arrrghhhquuxman, then your console coalition makes no sense.  and graphics are fine on my desktop, NOT on my server thank you.03:20
arrrghhhquuxman, august 16 199303:20
quuxmanarrrghhh: I agree. I don't want any X11 crap on my server03:20
jbuncherany suggestions for why a laptop keyboard would stop working all of the sudden when logged in to gnome in lucid?03:20
bp0its funny that debian is version 5 and ubuntu is 1003:20
CyberKitsunearrrghhh, where in gconf?03:20
quuxmanarrrghhh: I just want more console tools installed by default03:21
quuxmanarrrghhh: on my desktop03:21
arrrghhhCyberKitsune, it's documented... so you want me to google for you?03:21
iconmefistobp0: ubuntu version numbers are dates03:21
kuttansjbuncher are you running dbus?03:21
quuxmanarrrghhh: they take little hard drive space, and offer a lot of underlying functionality. Good cost/benefit in my opinion03:21
iconmefistobp0: the 10 refers to 201003:21
arrrghhhCyberKitsune, i read a bug tracker comment list that said how to do it.03:21
jbuncherkuttans, I would assume so?  It's a fairly default install (actually upgrade from karmic)03:21
arrrghhhquuxman, yea but few people use them, so why install stuff people don't use by default.03:22
bp0iconmefisto, interesting03:22
bp0didn't know that03:22
quuxmanarrrghhh: because, if they're intelligent console tools, than a lot of scripts and even GUI tools can take advantage of them03:22
iconmefistobp0: so 10.04 is april 201003:22
arrrghhhbp0, yea, the .04 is for april and .10 is october03:22
kuttansjbuncher : check out the dbus option and try to disable running it, if its your laptop check out the system log and post me what you get there regarding keyboard03:22
quuxmanarrrghhh: is this not the unix philosophy?03:22
arrrghhhquuxman, true.  and they include quite a few.  what's missing in your opinion?03:22
quuxmanarrrghhh: xsel should be included in X11 for example03:23
CyberKitsunearrrghhh, I foudn it03:23
quuxmanarrrghhh: or more specifically, xserver-xorg package03:23
arrrghhhCyberKitsune, excellent03:23
kuttansany taker on encrypted swap space ?03:23
jbuncherkuttans, where do I check out the dbus option?  and pasting will be tough, as I have no way to type or log in once I'm in gnome (right now I'm logged in to my hardy install on that laptop)03:23
kuttanslook like everyone is using plain hdd no one worried about security lol03:24
quuxmanarrrghhh: I find it annoying having to download that tiny package every time I set up a new desktop03:24
kuttansjbuncher : if you have dual boot system then you can anyway enter into the log files of the lucid install03:24
jbuncherkuttans, good point03:24
quuxmanarrrghhh: it's just a collection of little tiny things like that I'd want to promote in this hypothetical interest group03:24
kuttansits in the /var/log03:25
quuxmanarrrghhh: I love Ubuntu as a whole. I think it's the best distro out there03:25
arrrghhhquuxman, i've been questioning some recent design choices, but for the most part is has gotten much better with every interation.03:25
kuttansno takers on encrypted swap and plymouth issue03:25
CortezTheKillerubuntu is the only distro i can patch my kernel for my toshiba laptop and have everything work lol03:25
quuxmanarrrghhh: yeah. The one thing that was bugging me in 10.04 that I brought up earlier in this channel was the difficulty of getting rid of plymouth03:26
quuxmanarrrghhh: and by "getting rid of" I mean "making it act like it used to"03:26
quuxmanarrrghhh: I'm totally cool with plymouth being the underlying system to provide a boot interface03:26
xsjwhen I upgrade 9.10 to 10.04,I can not get into Terminal?03:27
Picixsj: you're here :)03:27
xsj en03:27
xsj   thank you03:27
xsj   but can you tell me why?03:27
xsjI can not get into Terminal?03:27
xsjso i can not update my GPU driver?03:27
jbuncherkuttans, what log file should I look in?03:27
pepeexsj, what do you mean by "terminal"?03:28
quuxmanarrrghhh: I also find it concerning that there is no default console / curses interface to compliment the new (and really cool) Internet connection applet. I had to dig to find wicd-curses03:28
kuttansjbuncher system.log03:28
hardran3Anyone know how to get a command to run when my notebook resumes from suspend on lucid?03:28
pepeeperhaps you want to say "tty"?03:28
quuxmanarrrghhh: I have often wanted to be able to log in to a client's computer through ssh and mess with stuff like that03:28
xsjIt is not X11,and it is only can type english03:28
jbuncherkuttans, and what exactly am I looking for?03:28
arrrghhhquuxman, yea, they're definitely starting to hide some of that stuff... xorg.conf is gone, but it was kinda a PITA03:28
quuxmanarrrghhh: yeah, xorg.conf was broken because it required a restart of X11, which at this point in the evolution of Linux is practically like restarting your computer if you're on a desktop system03:29
arrrghhhquuxman, yea, you can forward X11 apps but obviously is a much less pleasant experience03:29
xsjI am only a chinese student,so I have a bad english..03:29
xsjI am sorry03:29
pepeexsj, well, mine is not very good...03:30
quuxmanxsj: I am sorry I do not speak Chinese. Perhaps someone else here does...?03:30
pepeebut I understand03:30
xsj  so ,what should i do?03:30
pepeeso you want to install your driver, but you are not in X / gnome?03:31
quuxmanarrrghhh: So yeah... that's another thing I'd advocate... a default Internet connection managing applet that has a nice daemon backend that can be interacted through a simpler console program03:31
xsjoh ,no..i mean i can only in X03:31
pepeexsj, ahh03:31
pepeetry sudo jockey-gtk03:31
CortezTheKillerlol 3 minutes till i see if my lucid install messed up lol03:32
xsjwhen i type ctrl+alt+F1,nothing change03:32
pepeexsj, ahh ok, you can't see the tty03:32
quuxmanarrrghhh: I think it should always be a user choice (even if the choice is obscure) to interact on a language / symbol level or on a graphical interactive level03:32
xsjmake a try03:32
pepeexsj, you don't need to install the driver from tty or the console03:33
iconmefistoxsj: sudo start tty1  <-- does that start tty1 ? (ctrl-alt-F1)03:33
xsjbut sometime I need the console03:33
pepeetry running 'gksudo jockey-gtk'03:34
xsjonly a mouse at the yop of left03:34
pepee(I'm in kubuntu, so I don't know how to run commands in gnome)03:34
quuxmanarrrghhh: I dunno... is there any interest in this sort of thing? I'm mostly a "member" of the Ubuntu community by simply using it and benefiting from it, and I feel like this would be a tiny way I could put my "2 cents" in03:35
iconmefistosudo jockey-text -C  might be a useful alternative to the jockey GUI03:35
pepeexsj: /join #ubuntu-cn03:35
rwwiconmefisto: apt-get is a useful alternative to the jockey GUI :S03:36
xsjpepee ,I have update the GPU driver,but now i want to the console03:36
pepeeah now I understand03:36
rwwevery time I've used jockey, it's just been a buggy way of installing packages...03:36
xsjen  can you help me?03:36
pepeewell, I had the same problem, and never knew how to solve it lol03:37
pepeei think that you can try removing some kernel options03:37
pepeelike splash or quiet03:38
xsjyou mean the list of GRUB?03:38
iconmefistorww: then by the same logic, dpkg is a useful alternative to apt-get03:39
pepeeaptitude FTW!03:39
rwwiconmefisto: with the exception that apt-get 1) works reliably, 2) is not horribly bad at explaining itself03:39
rwwunlike jockey, which is neither of these03:39
xsji will make a try03:40
iconmefistorww: what I mean is: installing a driver with apt-get requires you know your hardware, and which driver to install, etc. jockey does all that for you03:40
iconmefistorww: the gtk and kde jockey GUIs often have problems, but it's not really jockey's fault03:42
quuxmanarrrghhh: anyway, if you run across anybody with similar ideas for the desktop version of Ubuntu, feel free to send me a /msg03:43
rwwMy experience thusfar with jockey: 1) attempted to install fglrx. Jockey froze for ten minutes, said it was done installing, did not actually install. 2) Different computer, with Broadcom card. Jockey offered "Broadcom B43" and "Broadcom STA" drivers. The first was actually a firmware package, not drivers. When installing the second, jockey crashed.03:44
iconmefistoit's not a bad idea to do a sudo apt-get update before running jockey03:44
pepeethat's what I did today :)03:45
rwwSo yeah, you can make all the distinctions you want between frontends and backends, but if neither of the frontends I'm aware of actually work, that says something about the overall system imho.03:45
pepeeaptitude -d install fglrx ....03:45
pepeeI had good experiences with jockey-kde, but I used it twice03:45
EruditeHermithey, does anyone know how to change the clicable zone of a touchpad?03:45
pepeeI like the terminal03:46
adalal1anyone here knows if fglrx can switch monitors on the fly?03:48
kuttansencrypted swap not mounting + any solutions03:50
quuxmanA totally reasonable possibility would be to create a fork along the lines of xubuntu, but instead of focusing on a _different_ gui framework, I'd want to focus on a more powerful one that more fits in to the Unix philosophy03:51
quuxmanOf course I'd much rather see these really minor changes in the main Ubuntu desktop branch03:51
virtualdlike the rox desktop?03:52
ratcheerrww: Are you filing bugs on Launchpad for all your jockey problems?03:52
quuxmanvirtuald: let me google that03:52
RegressLessWould someone please tell me how to identify my audio hardware?03:53
iconmefistoRegressLess: aplay -l03:53
iconmefistoRegressLess: or lshw -c multimedia03:54
quuxmanvirtuald: maybe, but not based on my scan of the Wikipedia article. That looks like a more powerful gui framework based on better interactive "metaphors" or whatever. I'd want the same or very similar gui to the existing one with more tie-in to console commands03:54
quuxmanvirtuald: for example, I don't like the default gnome window manager because of its poor scriptability. I still use sawfish03:55
ninjai__anyone have any suggestions? My problem: I boot my 10.04 install and the screen goes black once x starts.  I tried chrooting from a live cd and updating to no avail (this problem ocurred after an update)03:55
virtualdquuxman: i didn't know that still existed03:56
quuxmanI like idiot proof guis a lot when I'm feeling idiotic. I just want to have all the customizability too when I feel like it03:56
RegressLessiconmefisto: should I just research that driver to see why I don't have any sound or do you have any ideas?03:56
quuxmanvirtuald: it's still very well maintained. One of the very first things I do when I install a new version of Ubuntu is install sawfish and figure out how to get X11 to start with it instead. In 10.04 this was a lot harder. Still haven't figured it out to my satisfaction03:57
quuxmanOne really really cool feature would be if I could disable all of my customization with one command, and go back to the default GUI with task bar and applets and everything without restarting any programs03:58
quuxmanThat way my friends could use my computer03:58
quuxman(and no, my friends are not computer illeterate, they just have different preferences){03:59
iconmefistoRegressLess: speaker-test -c2 -twav    or if you have pulseaudio installed: pasuspender -- speaker-test -c2 -twav03:59
ratcheerquuxman: lol03:59
ninjai__How can I reset my video settings from command line?03:59
virtualdi tried to add another window manager to fusion-icon but it blew up in my face03:59
bryanrcan .NET 4.0 apps run inside WINE?03:59
quuxmanback in the days before X11 it was easy: "sudo adduser joeblow"... alt+f2, login as joeblow03:59
iconmefistoRegressLess: if that doesn't make any sound, I would google for your audio hardware+ubuntu04:00
quuxmanany important program would be running as a daemon04:00
quuxmanthings are a lot more complicated now, but I still want that functionality04:00
mininessieubuntu sucks04:01
quuxmanmininessie: oh? What's your distro of choice?04:01
virtualdquuxman: start a guest session for your friends04:01
mininessiequuxman: linux mint04:01
quuxmanvirtuald: but then I'd have to live with gdm, which I really don't like04:01
iconmefistomininessie: are you trying to make us cry? or just frustrated?04:01
mininessieiconmefisto: both04:01
quuxmanoh a troll04:01
quuxmanwhere's the troll broom?04:01
=== hardran3 is now known as hardran3_
virtualdreally? i don't have the choice in gdm, just on my indicator menu04:02
=== hardran3_ is now known as hardran3
quuxmanvirtuald: I have to work to get rid of gdm now. It used to be easy: "sudo apt-get remove usplash gdm"04:02
virtualdthe one with the power button04:02
quuxmanvirtuald: now in 10.04 I'm not so sure how to ditch it04:03
virtualdmaybe you should run debian04:03
quuxmanvirtuald: nah... it's too hard to install04:03
iconmefistoquuxman: I think adding "text" to kernel line in grub should give you a console login (no X)04:03
quuxmanvirtuald: and it doesn't have all the cool gui stuff04:03
virtualdheh you really think so?04:03
quuxmaniconmefisto: ah ok. I should try that and reboot04:03
hardran3quuxman,  build ubuntu up from the netinstall iso.04:04
quuxmaniconmefisto: I've already made that edit, just haven't gotten around to rebooting04:04
quuxmanhardran3: that takes too much time. Don't you see I want my cake, and to eat it too?04:04
mininessiequuxman: the cake is a lie04:04
quuxmanhardran3: I've done that a couple times though, and it gets old04:04
hardran3quuxman, Thats true. I do it for my netbook and it runs much better.04:05
quuxmanhardran3: my fingers get tired of typing out all those packages that I use but don't think about using until I have to install them. ON a netbook I'd be totally willing to do the work, because a lot of those packages I wouldn't be using04:05
quuxmanhardran3: I don't own a netbook though04:05
quuxmanhardran3: just two laptops and a slate, and an OLPC which I'm so frustrated with I can't even find someone to give it away to04:06
quuxmanI'm tempted to light the OLPC on fire04:06
quuxmanbut someone already did that on youtube, so I don't know WTF to do with it04:07
iconmefistoquuxman: ebay, 10 cents :)04:07
hardran3quuxman, ha. My desktop died so my sole machine is a atom n270 netbook with 1.5GB RAM and an 8 GB ssd. Try that :(04:07
quuxmanhardran3: that sounds pretty sweet04:07
scopecreepdo a montage where you smash it to the song "damn it feels good to be a gangster" a la office space04:07
quuxmanhardran3: you can compute on the go... Ever work at the local cafe?04:07
quuxmanscopecreep: hey, that's a good idea04:08
quuxmanscopecreep: you're a genious04:08
scopecreepid watch it04:08
scopecreeptoo bad i can only use my genius for misc electronic equipment04:08
quuxmanscopecreep: want me to mail you my OLPC?04:09
bryanrhow do i copy from windows 7 vm and paste into wine program files? my bi-directional clipboard doesn't seem to let me04:09
scopecreephaha if i had a camera i would seriously do it04:09
quuxmanscopecreep: yeah, I don't have a good video camera... just a cheapo canon point+shoot than happens to do 640x480 video but wasn't designed for it really04:09
quuxmanI probably have a friend with a Canon SLR that could do good video04:09
quuxmanI guess I also have a tripod and a reasonable mic too04:10
iconmefistobryanr: tried asking in #vbox about the clipboard problem?04:10
abhijainis ubuntu10.4 is avaialblae for download??04:11
quuxmanhardran3: One of my laptops is an old PowerBook with an old altivec powerpc chip that won't even run the latest Flash bullshit04:12
quuxmanhardran3: I'd consider yourself lucky04:12
iconmefistoabhijain: see !topic04:12
miked595how come the default search engine in firefox was changed to yahoo?04:12
quuxmanmiked595: very good question. I was wondering the same damn thing04:12
iconmefistomiked595: $$$04:12
abhijainabhijain: i m new user for ubuntu04:12
miked595iconmefisto: i was thinking they were paid off too lol04:13
quuxmanmiked595: and even more to the point: how the hell do I change it so that ctrl+k also does what I want?04:13
hardran3quuxman, Lucid runs great on it so I am happy.04:13
quuxmanhardran3: yeah indeed04:13
miked595quuxman: ctrl  +k?04:13
ActionParsnip!shortcut | miked59504:13
ubottumiked595: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts04:13
quuxmanmiked595: keyboard shortcut for search, which hideously enough does a Yahoo search even after you've selected Google in the search bar04:13
iconmefistomiked595: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-January/030065.html04:14
quuxmanmiked595: mabye I'll file it as a bug some day04:14
quuxmanI think Firefox is having a secret affair with Yahoo04:14
miked595quuxman: hmm never used it since the search is right there...04:15
quuxmanmiked595: I liked to hide the nav bar04:15
quuxmanmiked595: until it started misbehaving04:15
abhijainhow can we apply for ubuntu bootabloe dvd ??04:15
miked595quuxman: i have been use google chrome lately .. it starts much faster and uses less memory04:16
abhijainwe want to organise workshop on ubuntu04:16
iconmefistoabhijain: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/lucid/rc/04:16
quuxmanmininessie: so, what's so great about this mint distro?04:16
quuxmanI figured mininessie was campaigning for something.... but now it's gone04:17
miked595iconmefisto: revenue sharing .. lol04:17
ActionParsnipabhijain: shippit (you may have to wait for release day / week)04:18
miked595iconmefisto: whatever it takes to make that paper04:18
quuxmanoh... it's an affair between Canonical and Yahoo04:20
quuxmanthe question is, what's the command in lucid to change the default search provider?04:20
quuxmanwhere's the config file where that's stored?04:20
quuxmanI want one or the other04:21
miked595quuxman: "It's literally 2 easily discoverable clicks to change this setting, a simple matter of switching to that search provider in the chrome by clicking on the icon and choosing the desired provider."04:22
iconmefistoquuxman: about:config in firefox04:22
quuxmaniconmefisto: that's not a command I can run from my default terminal, nor is it a config file04:22
quuxmanthat irks me04:22
miked595The "Chrome" is Mozilla's term for the little search box to the upper right quuxman04:22
quuxmanand clicking the gogole icon in chrome didn't work for me04:22
quuxmanI'm still getting the bloody Yahoo page04:22
ActionParsnipquuxman: He added that the Ubuntu team would revert back to Google as the default search provider by the final code freeze of Lucid Lynx on 15 April04:22
quuxmanActionParsnip: oh, nice04:23
ActionParsnipquuxman: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/04/08/ubuntu_yahoo_google_lucid_lynx/04:23
quuxmanActionParsnip: still, I want a command to switch search providers. What if I don't want to use Google?04:23
crdlbquuxman: why can't you do it from the UI?04:23
ActionParsnipquuxman: yahoo are paying canonical04:24
miked595quuxman: i just did it in firefox .. not sre what you mean?04:24
quuxmancrdlb: because I want to write a script for my friends who I know have similar preferences that I do04:24
franciscoHi room...is it ok to ask for help for java install  with ubuntu10.04 here?04:25
quuxmancrdlb: to make some basic changes to a default Ubuntu install04:25
ActionParsnipquuxman: i use chromium so dont have this issue ;)04:25
quuxmanmiked595: write me a 3 line bash program to do it, is what I mean04:25
quuxmanor is this simply a Firefox setting. From that article it sounded like something beyond Firefox04:26
hardran3quuxman, just firefox i think04:26
iconmefistoquuxman: it's a firefox setting04:26
miked595quuxman: #!/bin/bash ; sudo reboot; exit04:26
quuxmanActionParsnip: how far along is Chromium?04:28
ActionParsnipquuxman: not sure what that means. it runs fine here04:28
quuxmanActionParsnip: what hardware are you running?04:29
iconmefistoquuxman: I think ActionParsnip is referring to chromium-browser, not the os04:29
miked595quuxman: I think I was able to reproduce your issue04:30
quuxmanmiked595: yeah...04:30
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:30
quuxmanmiked595: am I doing something stupid?04:30
quuxmanmiked595: I tend to do that when using computers04:31
miked595quuxman: If i turn off the navi bar so the chrome bar is not showing in firefox when I hit crtl +k I at taken to google.com/firefox04:31
miked595quuxman: is that what you mean?04:31
quuxmanmiked595: hold on, in order to reproduce it I have to set up Internet on my Lucid machine04:32
ActionParsnipquuxman: amd semp 3000 2Gb DDR2 Nvidia 6150 512Mb runs flash 64bit fine and java 64bit fine (all native)04:32
quuxmanActionParsnip: are you running Chromium OS?04:32
ActionParsnipquuxman: no, chromium browser, no yahoo nonesense (although yahoo isnt a bad engine at all)04:33
quuxmanActionParsnip: yeah, I just like a way to reliably choose between them, such that the chrome and the keyboard shortcut do the same thing. I could be entirely mistaken about Firefox not doing this04:34
miked595quuxman: I found a post that explains how to fix and I tested it. it works04:34
miked595ActionParsnip: chrome is the search bar in firefox... quuxman was not referring to google chrome04:35
ActionParsnipquuxman: ive used chrome os in a virtualbox. its pretty limited imho04:35
quuxmanActionParsnip: I bet it'll get better. I see where Google is going with it04:35
quuxmanIf they can control the browser _and_ the OS, they can significantly improve user interactions04:36
miked595quuxman: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/forum/1/36083904:36
quuxmanand somehow profit?04:36
quuxmanmiked595: thanks for the link :). Now I just need to figure out why Lucid isn't connecting to the Internet04:36
miked595quuxman: change the link in <SearchForm> tag in  /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins/en-US/google.xml04:36
ActionParsnipquuxman: check DNS, i've seen a few dns issues on launchpad, add and to your nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf to test04:37
quuxmanActionParsnip: yeah, those are my favorite DNS servers04:38
miked595level3 is still giving public recursive name servers?04:38
quuxmanActionParsnip: I mean my favorite emergency ones. I typically use whatever default my ISP hands me with DHCP04:39
Zelozelosim lookin at the fusion icon, im sure you heard ths q b4, but what exactly is indirect rendering and loose binding?04:39
miked595I like using my own DNS resolvers since I don't trust comcast lol04:40
quuxmanmiked595: well you're smarter than I am04:40
quuxmanmiked595: :)04:40
litropyWhen I term: gdmsetup, i get a bunch of errors related to "The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files" and it will not allow me to Unlock so I can choose my session manager. This begun shortly after I installed kubuntu-netbook.04:40
josephnexushello everyone04:41
josephnexusI had a webcam working in 9.10 with skype04:41
josephnexusthat same webcam works in cheese in 10.04, but doesn't appear to be detected by skype, any ideas?04:41
crdlblitropy: it is exactly as I suspected then; installing kubuntu-netbook installed and activated kdm, the kde display manager04:42
josephnexushi there!04:42
CyberKitsunethe new bootup splash system is reset to the wrong resolution, how can I correct this?04:43
litropycrdlb, I have dpkg-reconfigure gdm and kdm and made sure gdm is set to the default04:43
josephnexusthe same happened to me when I installed the nvidia proprietary drivers04:43
josephnexusis that when it happened to you?04:43
CyberKitsuneAlso, is there any other theme for it than the "purple" ubuntu theme, I don't quite like it, I thought I saw a blackish one somewhere...04:43
josephnexusit could be simply that the driver doesn't support the fancier bootup04:43
crdlblitropy: check your process list: is gdm, kdm, or neither running?04:44
quuxmanActionParsnip: I'm pretty sure the issue is more involved. It could be a hardware problem. My wireless refuses to connect to a network that my other laptop has no problem with, and my other laptop says it has a lower signal strength04:44
josephnexusregarding the theme, simply right click on the desktop background and go to the appearance tab04:44
josephnexusok CyberKitsune?04:44
litropycrdlb: furthermore, my cursor and load cursor is kde- - just themed. Which I don't mind - just giving as much info as I can.04:44
quuxmanActionParsnip: it's an unsecured network, so it's not an authentication problem04:44
quuxmanActionParsnip: I need to do some more testing on it04:45
josephnexusanyone have any ideas regarding my skype issue?04:45
quuxmanActionParsnip: sometimes the cable works, sometimes it doesn't, but I'm using my other laptop as a firewall, so that could easily be another problem04:45
quuxmanActionParsnip: what I need to do is test it with a reliable Ethernet connection04:46
litropyCRDLB: no kdm nor gdm running in processes04:46
miked595quuxman: you try by-passing the switch and route and hooking directly to the internet connection?04:46
CyberKitsuneWhat is the name of the new boot logo system?04:46
quuxmanmiked595: can't do that where I am. I'm borrowing wireless from a neighbor04:46
quuxmanmiked595: who's unaware of said borrowing AFAIK04:47
josephnexusisn't it usplash?04:47
miked595quuxman: borrow huh? when u giving it back?04:47
CyberKitsuneusplash isn't even i-- ah04:47
quuxmanmiked595: when I find / pay for another connection04:47
quuxmanmiked595: I'm borrowing bandwidth usage04:47
quuxmanCyberKitsune: I had the same problem04:47
quuxmanCyberKitsune: when you figure out how to wrestle plymouth into submission, send me a msg04:48
josephnexusthat's right, it is plymouth04:48
josephnexusmy bad04:48
* josephnexus knows nothing...04:48
litropycrdlb: gnome session is Sleeping, poll-schedule timeout04:48
quuxmanCyberKitsune: I want plymouth to show me the old style text messages about what daemons are starting04:48
miked595quuxman: lol @ borrow.. like borrowing water from a river .. already gone  .. maybe they have too many other people "borrowing" the connection04:49
litropycrdlb: and no kdm nor gdm04:49
crdlblitropy: nothing even starting with gdm or kdm? that dbus service is provided by 'gdm-binary' on my system04:49
quuxmanmiked595: nah, it's always pretty lag free04:49
quuxmanmiked595: that's why I'm not really borrowing it either. Do you have a better word? I've wondered about how to say this before04:49
nishanthdoes anyone know if there is a way to completely reinstall the OS ?04:50
josephnexusnishath... format and reinstall?04:50
litropy crdlb: can I term my processes so I can paste them up?04:50
josephnexusps aux litropy04:50
nishanthjosephnexus : yes complete reinstallation04:51
josephnexusjust type: ps aux in a terminal04:51
josephnexusnishrath, just grab your ubuntu disk, and put it in04:51
josephnexusduring the install, it will give you an option to erase the entire disk and reinstall04:51
josephnexusjust be sure to make backups of any data that is important to you04:51
miked595quuxman: i'm not a stickler for words.. you can use borrow. access maybe better though. and when I referred to too many other logged into the neighbors wifi i mean in the dhcp reservations. They may have just run out of IPs alloted.04:51
nishanthjosephnexus: i dont have a lucid disk04:51
josephnexusyou will probably need to create one04:51
josephnexusor use a jump drive04:52
quuxmanmiked595: huh, curious. Wouldn't that mean I'd get higher IPs though? I usually get assigned 5 through 12 or so04:52
quuxmanmiked595: anyway, I'm supposed to go have dinner with a friend. I'll hike my Lucid laptop over there.04:52
xsachai just installed an update that changed grubs config file and didnt realise it removed all my operating systems. how do i get it to auto generate a config file on my hard drive from a livecd?04:53
miked595quuxman:  that depends on the DHCP server and how many IPs are left in the pool. ususally your mac will get the same one until it expirses and someone else grabs it04:53
quuxmanmiked595: oh right. I should know this stuff04:53
quuxmanIs there a suspend to disk command in lucid?04:53
josephnexushibernate isn'04:53
josephnexust it?04:53
josephnexusjust hit the icon in the top right and select it...04:54
josephnexusat least, it is there in mine....04:54
litropyjosephnexus: crdlb: kdm showed running as root (which is I suspect why it's not showing in sysmon) paste upcoming04:54
quuxmanjosephnexus: I don't have an icon up there. I'm not running the default window manager04:54
miked595never got that working in linux04:54
quuxmanmiked595: yeah, but Ubuntu is supposed to make these things easy, right?04:54
josephnexusah... quuxman, I have no clue them04:54
xsachaquuxman: well the default top menu has a power button on the right hand side with an option 'Suspend'04:55
litropycrdlb: wow, pastebin.com: We are currently upgrading our software, we will return in a few minutes.We are currently upgrading our software,04:55
quuxmanxsacha: I don't have the default menus. I'm not running the default window manager04:55
miked595quuxman: not sure if this is an ubuntu issue and more of a linux issue with different hardware04:55
crdlblitropy: there are a gazillion others, but I don't really need to see it if you have kdm running04:56
quuxmanmiked595: yeah, there's a hibernate package... let's see what that does04:56
crdlblitropy: have you rebooted since running dpkg-reconfigure gdm?04:56
miked595quuxman: shouldnt need to install anything for hibernate but i dont know for sure04:56
xsachaquuxman: im sure you mean something else as i still have a top menu without a window manager04:56
xsachatop bar04:57
quuxmanxsacha: I think we mean different things by "window manager"04:57
quuxmanxsacha: because usually your whole X11 session dies when you kill your window manager04:57
quuxmanxsacha: so I'm pretty sure you have one04:57
miked595gnome is a window manager04:57
crdlbthat's not so usual04:57
xsachaquuxman: do you mean your desktop environment? gnome?04:57
quuxmanxsacha: no, I mean the thing that moves your windows around04:58
xsachayeah well i can kill that just fine.. so i dunno04:58
quuxmanxsacha: the program that deals with placement, resizing, focusing, and virtual desktops04:58
crdlbquuxman: that is the case with the classic window managers (fvwm, fluxbox, etc), but not with desktop environments like gnome, kde, and xfce04:58
miked595quuxman: you hand moves ur mouse around04:58
quuxmanxsacha: I prefer X11 to die when my window manager dies04:58
quuxmanmiked595: I didn't say anything about moving the cursor around. X11 handles that04:58
xsachai prefer the ability to restart my window manager :\ but still, it doesnt affect whether you have a shutdown menu04:59
quuxmanxsacha: actually, I don't really care either way, because the window manager I use has basically never crashed, and it has a restart command that enables it to restart without killing X1104:59
miked595sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart ftw04:59
litropycrdlb: I had before. I'll reboot anyway, just to be sure. btw, I usually boot into kde, so I have to log out then log back in ... sometimes I have to ctrlaltf1 stop gdm start kdm so I can choose ubuntu nbr as my session manager. but here's the root of the issue: it doesn't boot into ubuntu netbook. Instead, it boots into regular gnome. I'll wait for your response before reboot, crdlb04:59
litropymake that "I usually, undesireably, boot into kde"05:00
xsachaquuxman: mine has never crashed. i kill it on purpose to load a different one (i.e. switch to compiz). but how does this affect your shutdown menu?05:01
crdlblitropy: I'm not familiar with UNR, but I would expect there to be an option for it in the session list in gdm05:01
crdlblitropy: also, you're saying that you _do_ get gdm by default upon boot?05:01
litropycrdlb: There is. I choose it. And it instead, boots into regular gnome05:01
litropy... which is also an option in the chooser05:01
litropycrdlb: yes, I do05:02
litropycrdlb: but after I click my name, it logs into kde05:02
quuxmanxsacha: I don't run the default menus. I don't like them05:02
quuxmanxsacha: I don't run most gnome stuff05:02
litropycrdlb: gdm doesn't have a session chooser05:02
crdlblitropy: it does after you enter your name05:02
crdlbat the bottom05:03
quuxmanxsacha: by default the default window manager starts those menus, so when I choose a different one they don't get started. That's what it has to do with it?05:03
litropycrdlb: which is why I have to start kdm to choose unr05:03
crdlb(confused me at first too)05:03
xsachaquuxman: so your problem is that the shutdown menu you're using doesn't have suspend? or you don't have a shutdown menu? and u want to use a terminal command for suspend?05:03
litropycrdlb: it logs in right after I click05:03
quuxmanxsacha: I don't have a shutdown menu. I prefer to shutdown my computer from a terminal05:03
quuxmanxsacha: I figured out my problem. I need to configure swap before hibernate will work05:03
litropycrdlb: It's not a name entry. It's a user chooser. And I'm the only user in the list05:04
quuxmanxsacha: I didn't bother specifying a swap partition during the install because I didn't want to repartition the old disk I was using05:04
litropycrdlb: and when I click, it auto-logs in05:04
ninjai_Okay guys I really need some help... My laptop has a very difficult itme booting live cd's and i dont know why.  Ubuntu usually does strange things (like infinite black screen, random repeating text depending on the distro) and any knoppix flavour gives me "Can't find KNOPPIX filesysytem, sorry.  dropping you to a very lmited shell05:04
ninjai_any thoughts?05:04
xsachaquuxman: you can use a swp file for swsup05:04
xsachaquuxman: nevermind, it cant on ubuntu05:05
crdlblitropy: ok, let me do some digging05:05
quuxmanxsacha: you mean uswsusp? I was instructed by dpkg to set up a userspace swap file and then to reconfigure uswsusp05:05
litropycrdlb: thank you very much for your assistance05:06
CyberKitsunequuxman, sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth05:08
CyberKitsuneThere is a text theme I think05:09
quuxmanCyberKitsune: thanks a ton05:09
quuxmanCyberKitsune: I'll check that out05:09
CyberKitsuneoh wait, they removed the alts in latest update it seems05:09
quuxmanxsacha: would it be possible to resize my primary ext4 partition which is on /dev/sda1 to fit in a swap? I have a /dev/sda3 ext3 which mounts to /home, and a NTFS on /dev/sda205:11
=== droid3 is now known as gartral|p
crdlblitropy: ok, I'm not positive how your gdm has been configured, but you should be able to run 'gdmsetup' from within kde to change it (as long as gdm is running)05:11
xsachaquuxman: sure, just resize in gparted, it does everything for you05:12
quuxmanxsacha: alternatively I could resize my /home partition which is almost full, but it's ext3. I don't trust resizing NTFS... that would probably break windows05:12
xsachai even resized an ntfs in gparted but not sure if that always works05:12
quuxmanxsacha: oh yes, I've used that util before. Forgot the name of it05:12
litropycrdlb: will try and be back shortly.05:13
gartral|pi need some serious help, x keeps crashing on load and relavent logs are empty/not right.  this was a fresh install of the rc iso05:13
quuxmanhow do I disable all sounds for gnome stuff?05:13
quuxmanI'm pretty thrilled that they work by default, but I still want to be able to turn them off05:13
quuxmanback in Karmic they didn't work at all05:14
scnagswhat are  the packages that i should put a hold on if i want poulsbo to still work・05:14
crdlbquuxman: yeah, I don't understand why that setting is enabled by default within gtk05:14
scnagswhile still upgrading userland to lucid05:14
quuxmancrdlb: I should probably have turned off sound before I wiped out the control menu05:14
crdlbquuxman: normally, the XSettings daemon takes care of disabling it, but without one you can either set it in ~/gtkrc-2.0 or uninstall the libcanberra-gtk-module (or something like that) package05:15
crdlbquuxman: that wouldn't have helped05:15
quuxmancrdlb: oh, I didn't even know the Xsettings daemon existed. I figured there was something like that, but didn't know the name. Is there a general puprose front-end for it, possibly a command line interface?05:16
bryanrhow can I be sure that these extra social features of 10.04 aren't a distraction or a waste of resources/power? I don't see how this tight affiliation with hyped up social sites is worth being built in.05:17
crdlbquuxman: there isn't any one XSettings daemon, it's something provided by gnome, xfce and maybe kde05:17
gartral|pno matter what i do this damn problem keeps coming up05:17
bryanrespecially because some of them are temporary nuances05:17
quuxmancrdlb: aaaaah. I know there are certain gnome processes that seem to spawn a cascade of other processes05:18
quuxmancrdlb: but have never dug in to what's actually going on05:18
trismquuxman: the gnome desktop sounds? (the ones you can configure in System/Preferences/Sounds); you can turn those off with gconftool-2 --set -t bool /desktop/gnome/sound/event_sounds false;05:18
quuxmantrism: sweet05:18
crdlbquuxman: gnome-settings-daemon does it for gnome05:18
crdlbthat gconf key will only work if gnome-settings-daemon is running05:18
quuxmantrism: huh... gparted is still making the warning noise when I run it when it's not root05:19
xsachai updated something in synaptic and now grub only shows memtest in menu (no linux). i went in with livecd and chroot to update-grub2. it only finds memtest :\05:19
quuxmantrism: but the command did not error05:19
crdlbquuxman: try this, except use ~/.gtkrc-2.0 instead of the filename provided: http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?p=132816&sid=ef59d0a96af84787c83761c200c7f6ad#p13281605:19
xsjamule say:Impossible to set permissions for the file '/media/software/TDDOWNLOAD/temp/042.part.met.bak' (error 1: 不允许的操作)05:20
xsjwhat is worry?05:20
bryanr"We consider this release candidate to be complete, stable, and suitable for testing by any user."       so then it is ok to install 10.04 now? there is no point in waiting right?05:21
gartral|pdamnit, am i alone on this problem?05:21
quuxmancrdlb: thanks... that worked. Schw33t, I now have silent computer05:21
quuxmanI'm a little excited about Lucid05:22
quuxmanit needs a lot of polishing though05:22
quuxmandamn, I'm late for dinner05:22
gartral|pi have a regression. regarding a device called magicjack. it seems too be causing issues with x at boot05:24
miked595gartral|p: magicjack works with linux? thought it was for windows05:26
gartral|pwell, im working on a wine patch for pol. so far i can pipe audio too the phone handset, but cant read05:29
litropycrdlb: Okay, so after reboot, it auto-logged into either straight GNOME or Ubuntu Netbook Edition. It looks like GNOME because the windows are behaving like GNOME (I have titlebars, whereas UNR's titlebar goes straight into the panel. However, netbook-launcher did load up. Still have KDE cursor. I was able to Unlock gdmsetup, which was set to KDE. I chose Ubuntu Netbook Edition and rebooted....05:31
litropy...Still logged into what I think is straight GNOME, yet evidently netbook-launcher is set as a starup app.05:31
litropyand gdmsetup does have Ubuntu Netbook Edition set as its default now05:32
litropycrdlb: so I need to figure out whether I'm logged into straight GNOME, or whether Ubuntu Netbook Edition's custom window behavior is acting up05:32
enavthis is english or spanish?05:33
litropyenav: There's likely a Spanish speaker here05:33
SalmonSamis there a way to disable the compiz blacklist checks in ubuntu 10.04?05:33
crdlblitropy: in a terminal echo $GDMSESSION05:33
SwedeMikelitropy: please don't encourage people to speak spanish in here.05:33
pepeecrdlb, had problems with gtk... solved by editting that file05:34
litropySwedeMike: yes sir.05:34
pepeeenav, #ubuntu-es05:34
litropycrdlb: une-efl05:34
litropyah, good to know, pepee05:34
litropycrdlb: looks like UNE, then :)05:34
enavi need some help.... i was upgrading my ubuntu to 10.04 and my energy service fail... so my system is damaged.... im trying to make a backup of my home folder to another HDD i have no permissions to do that05:34
enavthere is a way to resume the upgrade process?05:35
SalmonSamhas there been any progress on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/29723405:36
litropycrdlb: thank you for all your help. I'll TS this @ a later date.05:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 297234 in compiz "Blacklist confused by additional video card" [Low,Triaged]05:36
pepeeenav, energy system fail esta mal escrito05:37
pepeeseria algo como "power outage"05:37
enavwell my electric service fail05:37
pepeeenav, puedo mandarte pm?05:37
enavyes why not05:37
SwedeMike!es | pepee05:40
ubottupepee: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:40
pepeeyeah, I know05:40
pepeeI'm trying to help him05:40
crdlbSalmonSam: the functionality of the old compiz wrapper has been patched into the compiz binary, but the black list override feature was omitted05:40
crdlband I haven't the faintest clue why05:40
SalmonSamouch ok thanks05:41
bullgard4After booting top shows a process 'flush-1:0'. What does this process effect?05:41
SalmonSamguess I won't be using compiz anymore :\05:41
=== mythos_ is now known as mythos
litropycrdlb: the program that's not working properly is called maximus. I have aptitude reinstall maximus and am now rebooting05:43
ninjai_whats the command to list installed packages?05:44
crdlbninjai_: dpkg -l is one way05:44
crdlbninjai_: what are you planning on doing with the list?05:44
ninjai_crdlb: checking if nvidia drivers are installed05:45
pepeewhat options are good for fsck to check broken file systems without touching it?05:45
bullgard4pepee: Does man fsck not tell you that?05:48
pepeeyep, but I want recommendations05:49
pepeeI want to be sure...05:49
bullgard4pepee: If a person in this channel tells you something about fsck that contradicts 'man fasck' then it is rarely more reliable than 'man fack'.05:50
pepeeok, thanks...05:51
bullgard4After booting top shows a process 'flush-1:0'. What does this process effect?05:52
SandGorgonanybody using 2.6.34 kernel here ?05:52
Marovenhello all06:27
ddecatorhey Maroven06:28
vegajust installed 10.04 from scratch, did nothing but enabled nvidia restricted drivers, after reboot blank screen and no response from machine, can't even ping06:31
Dr_Willisuse rescue mode.. get to console. update, and upgrade. and reboot..06:31
vegait was installed 5min ago from network06:32
vega"recover mode" boot does the _exact_ same thing, no help there06:35
mikedep333hey, how do I enable XDMCP (remote X) in kubuntu lucid?06:35
vegait just displays kernel messages but after that, same blank screen06:35
ddecatorthat sounds like the same issue someone had last night..06:35
mikedep333the server side that is06:35
bullgard4After booting top shows a process 'flush-1:0'. What does this process effect?06:36
vegahm, i wonder if having two nvidia cards screw this up (one integrated and one pci)06:37
vegabut what i don't get is that networking doesn't start.. how does broken x also break network?06:38
voss749I had 50mb of downloads on the day the RC was supposed to be released, I have 150mb today06:45
Marovenhi which day was the RC released, is it called Beta 2 also?06:45
DanaGvega: PCI, or PCI Express?06:45
voss749No RC is release candidate not beta 206:45
Marovenk which day was that released06:46
Dr_WillisHmm, uprws/upgraded here. had a few updates.. and one interesting line...06:46
Dr_Willisunopkg done.06:46
Dr_WillisSegmentation fault06:46
Dr_WillisNot sure what faulted.. :) but it finished the update06:46
Marovenlol up to thursday morn about 6am i had beta2 on06:46
vegaDanaG: pce-e06:46
Marovencaused a system lockup every 30 minutes06:46
Maroventhe intel gma hd integrated video on a new nv7915u gateway laptop06:47
DanaGOne thing to watch out for: you can't mix way-different-generation cards.06:47
voss749maroven that was a problem with something causing a memory leak06:47
Maroventhat was fixed?06:47
DanaGThat's different.. I thought you meant like 6200 IGP plus an FX5200 or such. =þ06:47
DanaGThat would be a real recipe for breakage.06:47
vegalast thing in Xorg.0.log is ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log06:47
DanaGConsider checking your BIOS for video card switch.06:47
voss749maroven, intel GimmeMoreAnguish06:47
vegai just want to use the internal card, not the pci-e one06:48
vegathe internal is also primary in bios06:48
meanburrito920So I just rebooted my computer, and when I got to the gnome login screen, I was met, not with the standard purple background, but with some sort of white flower. how do I change this?06:48
Marovenso vos is the leak fixed now06:48
voss749Maroven, my laptop has an nvidia 8200m chipset its a nice difference if a bit hotter running06:48
Marovenno more system lockups?06:48
Dr_Willismeanburrito920:  ive noticed somthing odder then that.. I get GDM with the purplsish wallpaper  -> login -> i see a white flower wallpaper for a few moments -> gnome loads and changes to my selected wallpaper06:49
Maroventhis laptop is 549 at bestbuy06:49
meanburrito920Dr_Willis: I'm hoping that the flower is dev release only, because I'd rather have something else as my login screen. Not that it isnt a nice picture.06:50
meanburrito920I'm assuming there is some way to change this?06:50
Dr_WillisI dont see it at GDM. I see it  after gdm and befor user settings get loaded.06:50
Dr_WillisI perfer nice solid colors. :)06:50
vegaalso, the log is full of noveau stuff, not a single mention about nvidia drivers06:51
voss749I dunno06:51
voss749I think its fixed in the rc06:51
DanaGvega: hmm, try blacklisting nouveau?06:51
DanaGmake a file /etc/modprobe.d/custom.conf06:52
voss749Maroven, I also know intel drivers are sometimes a bit buggy06:52
DanaGwith the line "blacklist nouveau"06:52
Dr_WillisHmm. now even weirder.. on THIS pc  - i see some orange flower right after login screen - befor user settings take affect06:52
gartralok, something is seriously wrong with ubuntu usb, my phone isnt recieving enough power to actually charge06:52
DanaGFor a while, I had a random rooster as my gdm wallpaper.06:52
voss749vega, switch to the nvidia drivers nouveau is constipated06:52
DanaGBetter stability: switch to the intel GPU.06:53
vegaDanaG: is it just "blacklist noueveau"06:53
DanaGyeah, "blacklist nouveau"06:53
DanaGand then sudo update-initramfs -u06:53
vega(they should come up with a name less error-prone ...)06:53
voss749dana, intel gpu is suitable for what exactly?06:53
DanaGGood for compiz, at least.06:53
DanaGAnd good battery life.06:53
gartralvery basic browsing06:54
DanaGAnd damn near instant suspend/resume.06:54
vegahmm, i'm booting from usb stick, wonder if that will work with chroot06:54
meanburrito920Dr_Willis: did you recently install the ubuntu-wallpaper-extras package?06:54
DanaGif all else fails, you can make an xorg.conf.06:54
Dr_Willismeanburrito920:  not recently - proberly a week or 2 ago06:54
ninjai_pastebin is down.... fail06:54
meanburrito920because it appears as though the image I am getting is actually a desktop background pic provided by that package06:55
vegai have a working xorg.conf for nvidia drivers, used in same machine with 9.10 successfully, it didn't work with 10.0406:55
Dr_Willismeanburrito920:  yes. they are  - :) i  have explored them. and the  flowers are from that package06:56
voss749vega, because 10.04 replaced the nvidia drivers with the nouveau drivers06:59
brushanybody with ubuntu with dell latitude d820 with working wifi?07:00
brushi see every wireless network but unable to connect to the networks...07:01
vegavoss749: yees.. so much i've figured out here :)07:02
voss749vega, just go ahead and reinstall the nvidia drivers07:03
brushhey guys... i need help to use wifi on my d820 please...  without wifi, i have to reinstall win7...07:06
histoHow do I get my speaker output to be my microphone input?07:11
gartralhisto: dies yiur card support that?07:12
vegavoss749: yeah.. how when i'm not able to boot?07:12
histogartral: I dunnno07:12
voss749vega boot in vesa mode07:12
gartralhisto run sudo lshw | audio07:12
vegavoss749: something to grub command line?07:13
gartralhisto run sudo lshw | grep audio (sorry)07:13
histogartral: yeah capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd dvd-r dvd-ram07:13
vegai did boot using stick, chrooted, blacklisted noueveueuea, updated initramfs, created xorg.conf, same result07:14
histogartral: is the only output are you lookign for the type of soundcard I have?07:14
jason86is there a command to restore the plymouth theme back to it's default?07:14
histogartral: its nvidia mcp65 high definition audio07:14
ddecatorjason86: the plymouth themes are various packages07:15
jason86i'm not seeing the loading with the dots anymore07:15
jason86the screen goes from black straight to the log-in screen07:16
Marovenhey is there any way to get the new intel drivers in 10.04 RC onto 9.10?07:16
NucWini just removed volume from the menu bar how can i get it back??? was trying to remove jsut the bluetooth icon :(07:16
Dr_WillisNucWin:  if you want just the volme - theres a program you can run that adds an applet.07:18
NucWinit was there untill i removed07:18
histoCan't figure out how to do this in lucid07:18
histovery little sound options07:19
NucWinthough i was removing the bluetooth icon07:19
histoNeed a virtual loopback from my speakers to my mic07:19
Dr_WillisNucWin:  you may of removed the systemtray thing07:19
ddecatorjason86: if you go in synaptic and search for plymouth, what packages do you have installed?07:19
ddecatorNucWin: that probably removed the indicator applet (bluetooth might be in it?). instead, bluetooth has a setting to not show the icon in the panel07:20
Dr_Willisgnome-volume-control-applet is the old tray applet. just add it to sessions.07:20
ddecatorthe sound applet is in the indicator applet now07:20
histoAre you talking to me Dr_Willis ?07:21
NucWinace thanks ddecator :)07:21
histonew sound preferences has no jack options07:21
gartralmy computer isnt giving full power to my usb devices07:22
vegafailsafe/single/recovery mode .. all same result07:22
jason86ddecator: plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo,  plymouth-logo,  libplymouth2,  plymouth-label,  plymouth-x11,  plymouth07:22
=== bbalajirao is now known as hey_boy
ddecatorjason86: plymouth-logo doesn't even show up for me...i have all of the others installed except plymouth-x11, although idk if that would cause issues. i also haven't rebooted in a few days, so i'm not 100% sure it's working for me right now =p07:24
matche_01is remastersyscompability with Ubuntu 10 ?07:24
jason86ddecator: okay07:25
matche_01after the backup the backup give" could not find ramdisk image: /casper/initrd.gz" error on boot07:25
hey_boyIs it possible to change the icon (the Ubuntu logo) of the main menu in Ubuntu 9.10? How?07:25
Dr_Willishey_boy:  same answer i gave in #ubuntu.  yea. try Ubuntu-tweak07:26
gartralcan anyone help me with telling ubuntu to give my phone the 700ma/5.1v it needs to really charge?07:26
jason86ddecator: i haven't seen it since it went from alpha 3 to beta07:27
ddecatorwow, i've definitely seen it since then..07:27
enavwhere a can see the bug database about 10.04____07:27
roark I am using 10 04 and when I keep my laptop in standby mode(by just closing it)... sometimes when I open it.... it just doesnt respond ... there will be colorful backgrounds....07:27
ddecatorenav: is this what you mean? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=lucid07:28
Dr_WillisNow this is a interesting trend. 'one click install' urls on many ubuntu sites that you just click and the package manager tries to install stuff from the repos.07:29
enavroark try to disable the suspend on close behavior... i know that ubuntu is not doing well with suspend and hibernate07:29
roarkenav: i dint have this problem with 9 1007:30
ddecatorroark: probably a regression. unfortunately, i'm not familiar with what is involved in suspending and resuming a session07:31
ActionParsnipYo yo yo +107:31
ddecatorhey ActionParsnip07:31
enavroark remember this is a RC07:31
ActionParsnipDdecator: howdy07:31
roarkenav: ya07:31
gartralwhats the development channel? i have a serious issue here with USB07:32
ActionParsnip#ubuntu-dev maybe07:32
bullgard4After booting top shows a process 'flush-1:0'. What does this process effect?07:33
ddecatorbullgard4: not sure. is it using a lot of cpu or something?07:34
ActionParsnipBullguard4: toilet contents :)07:34
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
bullgard4ddecator: It does not use a lot of CPU time.07:34
ActionParsnipBullguard4: I've heard folks talk of memory leaks, maybe it sorts that out07:36
ddecatorbullgard4: i think it might be related to power saving07:36
=== bbalajirao is now known as hey_boy
bullgard4ActionParsnip, ddecator Thank you for answering.07:37
ddecatorbullgard4: no problem =)07:37
ActionParsnipBullguard4: np man, not bad for a tired dude07:37
hey_boyubuntu-tweak is not available in the repository for Lucid Lynx, or am I not looking at the right place?07:37
ddecatorno it's not, you have to get it from their site07:38
ActionParsnipHey_boy: you may need a ppa07:38
gartralim having real USB issues, the Magicjack device causes x to fail on boot. and usb isnt supplying full power to any device, my phone isnt charging, just reciving enough power to keep alive07:39
Dr_Willis!find CairoDock07:40
ubottuPackage/file CairoDock does not exist in lucid07:40
Dr_Willisodd.. I thought that was in the repos07:40
matche_01someone uses remastersys ? please i just want to ask if it is works for ubuntu 10 ...07:41
Ken8521!find cairo-dock07:41
ubottuFound: cairo-dock, cairo-dock-core, cairo-dock-data, cairo-dock-dev, cairo-dock-plug-ins (and 2 others)07:41
ddecatorDr_Willis: cairo-dock shows up for me07:41
Dr_WillisAhh.. a - :) how ticky07:41
Dr_WillisThis web site has a invalid url/name in the 'Install it now button'07:41
Ken8521Dr_Willis, what website?07:41
ddecatorgartral: usb issues are tricky since they tend to be related to the kernel..07:42
ActionParsnipSimdock is good too, doesn't require compiz either ;)07:42
ddecator*cough* Docky07:42
Dr_WillisGo read the site and vote then.07:42
Ken8521i don't care for any of the dock's07:43
gartralActionParsnip ddecator Dr_Willis Ken8521 metacity can do basic compasition too...07:43
SandGorgongartral, I do not believe power through USB is controlled by the OS.. it could be a hardware issue07:43
Ken8521gartral, i like just basic old, gnome.. remove the bottom panel, integrate what I need into the top panel07:43
ActionParsnipGartral: I use openbox + lxde so no metacity here dude07:44
ddecatorKen8521: +107:44
ddecatorbut with Docky =)07:44
gartralSandGorgon: not possible, i can confirm this is JUST ubuntu 10.04, 9.10 doesnt fail at charging, fedora doesnt fail. and neither does windows XP/7 (yes i have all these on my comp :P)07:44
Ken8521Window Selector really helps compact the panel... how any one uses the "Window List" tabs, I have no idea..07:44
Ken8521i guess cuz i always haev so many windows open, it would drive me crazy07:45
xsachahey. i just updated to 10.04 rc and now i cant use fglrx. it says incompatible Xorg version. says i have 7.100 and fglrx expects 7.510 ???07:46
McShaneI just clean installed 10.04 RC, and Compiz desktop compositing effects won't enable for my Radeon x1550. I'm using the radeonhd package. Any ideas on where I should start?07:47
Ken8521wow, 150mb in updates.. what did they do to RC today?07:47
xsachathey killed my fglrx :(07:48
brianhermantake over the world ken8521 same thing they do everyday07:48
Dr_Willisnew wallpaper Ken8521  :)07:48
Ken8521McShane, sudo apt-get sell ati card && sudo apt-get install nvidia-card07:48
Ken8521Dr_Willis, really?07:49
brianhermani installed ubuntu10.04 last week and got it to work on the first try07:49
brianhermanwould there be anyone willing to fix a vmware bug?07:49
xsachaKen8521, it's a 50 megapixel image of the sun.. in 3D..07:49
brianhermani would paypal them beer money07:49
Ken8521brianherman, whats the prob w/ vmware?  i know there's differences, but i've been running vbox flawlessly07:50
brianhermancheap beer money07:50
brianhermani cant type on the keyboard in gnome07:50
brianhermani guess thats a gnome problem not a ubuntu problem07:50
Ken8521that's strange07:51
brianhermanill check with the latest release07:52
gartralreboot, brb07:53
brianhermanill just use the server editon to root my phones07:54
hey_boyI want to change the logo (Ubuntu Logo) of the "Main Menu" in my Lucid Lynx installation. Is there a manual method to do this?07:57
Dr_Willisyou put a custome icon/image in the proper .theme/ location07:58
Dr_Willisand hope your theme sees it and uses it - instead of using its own image07:59
Dr_WillisNot all do it properly07:59
hey_boyany HowTo you can suggest?07:59
Dr_WillisI suggested usong the Ubuntu-tweak tool.07:59
hey_boyit does not provide for changing icons of the main menu07:59
Dr_WillisIt lets me change the Ubuntu-logo icon08:00
Dr_Willisas i said it CAN depend on the theme you are using. thers a bug that makes it not work with some themes08:00
ddecatoryah, it works with most though08:00
ddecatoror at least most that i've used08:01
bp0... firefox change for ARM requires me to download the whole 56MB pacakge again?08:01
Dr_WillisUbuntu-tweak -> gnome settings -> 'click this button to change the menu logo image'08:01
Ken8521Dr_Willis, i've never tried ubuntu-tweak is it any good?08:02
Dr_WillisKen8521:  its a Must have app :)08:02
Ken8521Dr_Willis, hmm, in the repos?08:02
Dr_WillisAilurus  is also a must have tool08:02
Dr_Willisgotta get it from its homepage.. then it can ad its own repo after that08:03
Dr_WillisOr add the repo for it first08:03
Ken8521checkin it out now.08:03
Dr_WillisTheres also a 'First time Run Ubuntu' script ive been testing out from Webupd8.org  (or was it from OMBubuntu)08:03
Dr_Willisit can also add/setup various extras/repos that i always want to add08:04
xsacha_hey guys i just updated to 10.04 rc and can no longer use fglrx driver. the Xorg log complains that I have Xorg 7.100 and driver expects 7.510. is there any way around this?08:04
ddecatorUbuntu Tweak is the best disk cleaner i know of08:05
Ken8521Dr_Willis, would you recommend signing up and adding the repo, or is installing the deb stable?08:05
ddecatorKen8521: i just use the .deb08:05
Ken8521ok, i'll give that a go08:05
xsacha_I have even tried Disactivate/Active in Hardware drivers. it still cant load fglrx on reboot08:05
Ken8521ddecator, is the karmic one, ok for lucid?08:06
ddecatorKen8521: yah, works fine still08:06
ddecatorit's great for lucid since it will clean your cache and remove old kernels08:06
xsacha_is it planned that fglrx won't work on launch of 10.04?08:06
ddecatoror any dev release for that matter08:07
ddecatorxsacha_: i honestly don't know...sorry, not really my area =\08:07
SandGorgonthis is so cool - Miserware's Granola software for reducing power consumption in linux. Its proprietary, but free to use. Very nice http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2010/04/23/planet-saving-software-for-linux-now-released/08:08
xsacha_there should be a way to return to how you were before an update08:08
xsacha_like a checkpoint08:08
Dr_WillisKen8521:  i alwyas use the repos. The tool can tweak and add its own repos08:08
brianhermando they have a cli client sandgordon?08:08
Dr_Willisxsacha_:  that one tool i mentioned had some sort of 'apt snapshot' feature08:09
ActionParsnipXsacha: unfortunately not08:09
xsacha_Dr_Willis, does it keep all the debs?08:09
Dr_WillisAilurus   has that feature  - or so it says  xsacha_  but ive never tried the feature08:09
Dr_Willisxsacha_:  that would be extreme.. it just keeps  a list of packages I thin08:09
xsacha_it should just be part of ubuntu. i often get big updates (like today) that steal features08:10
Dr_Williswith the 6 mo release cycle. its not really a big issue.08:10
Dr_Williswould you  rather keep somthing that may have security issues?08:10
xsacha_well it seems the only way to get my feature back is install a pre-rc beta of 10.04 and wait 2 months08:11
brianhermanHow does ubuntu keep their stuff together?08:11
brianhermanI need some of that magic juice.08:11
ddecatorbrianherman: lots of inter-twined teams, haha08:12
ActionParsnipBrianherman: together?08:12
Dr_Willisduck tape.08:12
xsacha_i assume another rc is coming out soon.. hopefully. dont think ubuntu would launch it like this08:12
brianhermanDuck tape doesn't work on your brain.08:12
ActionParsnipBrianherman: its duct tape08:13
xsacha_in its current state, it's unusable for r600+ ati cards. no fglrx, open driver makes laptop burn and fan run hard08:13
ddecatorxsacha_: launch is scheduled for 5 days08:13
ddecatorif it's a known regression, they'll do what they can to fix it before launch, otherwise it will be an SRU08:13
ActionParsnipNever understood the rigid release dates, just release it when its ready instead of causing heartache just to meet deadlines08:14
ddecatorit keeps the teams motivated and gives them a specific goal08:14
ddecatorplus it matches gnome's schedule08:14
ActionParsnipAt the cost of users who get problems if certain bugs still exist08:15
ddecatorthat's why a lot of people wait until a month after release to upgrade =p08:15
ddecatorwithin a month of release, most major bugs are fixed via updates08:15
ActionParsnipIts how debian does it too, more sense08:16
ddecatorimo, if we didn't have a strict timeframe, teams wouldn't work as quick and development would be a lot slower08:17
Dr_Willisargue for 3 mo about somthing - then do the least popular idea ? :)08:17
ddecatorbut anyway, this is all offtopic..08:17
eremiteddecator: if you feel comfortable with a few bugs, it's best to have people using the OS and reporting bugs so those fixes can come out quicker.08:17
ddecatoreremite: i start using the releases at alpha 3, so i'm plenty comfortable with bugs ;)08:17
ActionParsnipYou wouldn't deliver a half made cake if you were a chef.. same deal08:18
brianhermanSorry, guys I do that constantly.08:18
* Dr_Willis constantly goes off half-cocked08:18
ddecatoroh really?08:19
Dr_WillisWe are getting so good at releases - we even skipped Alpha4 ! :)08:19
ddecatorso anyway, who needs lucid support? =p08:26
Dr_WillisIm backing stuff up  - to get ready to do clean installs on my 4 machines next week. :)08:26
ddecatori gave up on the idea of doing a clean install. it'd take more time than i'm willing to commit to reinstall all of the stuff i need08:28
Dr_Willisive tested out so much stuff on thse box's -  Its hard to tell whats from ehere.08:31
bp0ubuntu-tweak has some problems in lucid08:40
Dr_WillisIt does? Ive not noticed any.08:40
bp0in nautilus settings, open folder in terminal, and open folder as root, don't work08:41
Dr_WillisThat installs a special package from the repos. So it may be the package thats broken.08:41
Dr_WillisI dont even recall what package it installed..08:42
ddecatorhuh, i've never tested that, i only use ubuntu tweak for cleaning my packages..08:42
Dr_Willisalso you might need to restart nautilys after the packages got installed .08:42
Ken8521has the medibuntu issue been resolved yet?08:42
ddecatorKen8521: what issue?08:42
Ken8521ddecator, it was down for a few days, supposedly due to "legal issues"08:42
Dr_WillisI definatly have an 'Open in terminal...' item in my menus here08:43
* ddecator never noticed08:43
Dr_WillisThere are mirros for medibuntu :)08:43
Ken8521ddecator, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/medibuntu-repository-down-what-to-do.html08:43
Ken8521Dr_Willis, i know...08:43
ddecatoridk, could have been server issues..i haven't heard about it until now08:44
Ken8521ddecator, well, many were saying it was a legal matter, not a server issue.08:44
bp0yes, restarting made it happen08:44
Ken8521it waas posted on quite a fwe sites,08:44
Dr_WillisHmm.. SOmehow i got a 'open with midnight commander' item in my context menus.. wonder where that came from.08:45
Dr_WillisIts sort of cool08:45
bp0what's the issue you are talking bout?08:45
=== Votan is now known as Votan|off
bp0@ ddecator Ken852108:45
Ken8521bp0, made what happen?08:46
Ken8521medibuntu go down?08:46
Ken8521it seems to be up now08:46
ddecatorKen8521: heh, omgubuntu is the extent of my ubuntu news reading, that and irc...it could be a legal issue, but i am skeptical of anything that isn't an announcement from people directly involved08:46
Dr_Willispackages.meibuntu.com was down for the last 5 days or so08:46
Ken8521ddecator, i agree, it was just what kept coming up w/ google.. i agree w/ you though08:46
bp0restarting nautilus to make the ubuntu tweak settings take08:47
Ken8521oh ok08:47
Dr_Willisnautilus -q would do it also. (that restarts nautilus)08:47
bp0good to know08:47
Dr_WillisI just saw that at some news site. :) never noticed the option befor.08:48
Dr_Willisseems cleaner then killall nautilus heh08:48
bp0must say lucid is much more comfortable than karmic08:48
bp0everything seems to be working08:48
bp0... smooth08:49
bp0once i gave up on tv at least08:49
ddecatorputting some ex lax into the OS helped08:49
Dr_WillisHmm. Still no 64bit PartImage for  10.04 yet08:50
bp0i built partimage and it worked great in 10.0408:50
bp0i had no problems08:50
Dr_WillisYea. Odd its not in the repos08:53
Dr_Willisthe doc file is.08:53
bp0yeah i saw that08:54
bullgard4http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004overview: "HAL removal: The Ubuntu release 10.04 LTS RC fully removes HAL from the boot process, making Ubuntu faster to boot and faster to resume from suspend." Why does Ubuntu still install the DEB program package 'hal'?08:54
Dr_Willisits removed from the boot process... so it starts later? :) if needed?08:55
* Dr_Willis wonders how 'fully removes HAL' differs from 'removes HAL from the boot process'08:56
Dr_Willisif its fully removed.. that would include the boot process.. :)08:56
Dr_Willisperhaps X starts it up if needed?08:57
geserhal is still a dependency for some package like e.g. banshee08:57
ddecatorand rhythmbox ifrc08:57
gesernope, "apt-cache rdepends hal" doesn't list rhythmbox, so rhthymbox doesn't depend or recommend hal (at least not directly)09:00
JoshuaLanyone else expierencing the red ! mark when connected to a wifi network?09:01
Ken8521JoshuaL, negative, i'm on a network now09:02
KnifeySpooneyJoshuaL: nope, it shows a connected image09:02
ddecatorhuh, maybe i was thinking of banshee then..09:02
ddecatorJoshuaL: click it, see what it says crashed =)09:03
KnifeySpooneyI think he means the "not connected" icon for the wireless network09:03
JoshuaLddecator, it shows a red ! above the wifi icon, its not a crash09:03
JoshuaLKnifeySpooney, yeah that one09:04
ddecatorJoshuaL: ah, gotcha09:04
KnifeySpooneyJoshuaL: just a shot in the dark, maybe restarting the gnome-panel could fix it09:04
JoshuaLKnifeySpooney, serveral reboots didnt help either09:04
JoshuaLbut ill try to kill the panel and see what happens :)09:04
KnifeySpooneyOh. Well i doubt it will happen then :p09:05
JoshuaLnope, doesnt help09:05
JoshuaLit doesnt show im connected in the list either09:05
ddecatordo you have your network info manually setup? that is, did you edit a config file so you have a certain mac address or anything?09:07
Trewasnetwork-manager has seemed to be quite flaky once again in lucid, I occasionally have to connect even wired network manually (dhclient eth0 from the command line)09:07
JoshuaLddecator, i only changed the dns server via edit connections09:08
ddecatorhm, that shouldn't be an issue then..09:08
ddecatori know if i manually change my mac address, then i'll be connected to the internet but the applet won't show it09:08
KnifeySpooneymaybe you are connected through an oddly named interface?09:09
KnifeySpooneylike is it named wlanx?09:09
bp0hulu desktop for windows in wine works better than hulu desktop for linux09:10
Dr_Willisfile a bug with HULU then09:10
JoshuaLKnifeySpooney, ifname shows that im connected to eth109:10
Dr_Willisand adobe.  its working amazing well in linux, compared to how it  worked a few months ago.09:10
bp0the problem is flash for 64 i think, not hulu09:10
JoshuaLshall i fill in  a bug report for network-manager applet?09:11
Dr_WillisIm using the 32bit flash here with it. I dont do a lot with Hulu however.09:11
KnifeySpooneymaybe if you file it someone else will have the same issue09:11
ddecatorhulu desktop works fine for me on 64-bit, just a little glitchy in the menu09:11
ddecatorbut idk if that's flash or nvidia09:12
Dr_WillisI find the way the progral is laid out glitzy :)09:12
JoshuaLany suggestions for a description (english is not my first language so im not good at describing the problem)09:12
bp0does hulu work in boxee atm?09:13
ddecatorJoshuaL: i'm guessing you're still connected to the internet just fine?09:13
KnifeySpooneyJoshuaL: how about "network manager does not detect connection to eth1"09:13
ddecatorbp0: hit and miss last i tried09:13
JoshuaLddecator, yeah09:13
JoshuaLKnifeySpooney, thanks09:13
ddecatorJoshuaL: you can say "My internet connects and works fine, but the Network Manager applet does not display that I am connected at all."09:14
KnifeySpooneyJoshuaL: be sure to say that you're on wifi even though the interface is eth1, maybe that is part of the issue09:14
JoshuaLKnifeySpooney, ok09:14
JoshuaLddecator, thanks :)09:14
sobersabrecan somebody pls remind me what would be a syntax for tar to create and send on the fly stdin, compress and -> stdout ?09:14
ddecatorfor the description, that's long for a title =p09:14
brianhermangrubs asks if you want to bork your system now thats nice09:14
sobersabretar - -zc ?09:14
Dr_WillisI would like Huludesktop a bit better..if it dident start playing whatever poplar show is payin them to start playing at startup. :)09:15
Dr_WillisOh. New anime series on Hulu. :) gotta love that09:15
ddecatorJoshuaL: if you want, i can look at the report after you file it09:15
ddecatorDr_Willis: +109:15
JoshuaLddecator, ok :)09:15
bullgard4geser: Thank you very much for your help.09:16
Dr_Willisat least with Hulu desktop ic an fullscreen the player on Monitor #209:17
Dr_Willisand still work on Monitor #109:17
brianhermanDr_Willis: Have you gotten two displays to work on different video cards?09:18
Dr_WillisI got all nvidia cards here.09:18
bp0scratch what i was just saying about hulu desktop in wine09:18
bp0just crashed and wont restart09:18
Dr_WillisI did get the built in nviia working with the pcie nvidia card = for 3 monitors total09:18
ddecatorheh, that's why i avoid wine09:18
bp0after working fine for several minutes09:19
brianhermanwell latest lucid just works09:21
ddecatorgood, that's the goal =)09:21
Ken8521how do you change the distributor logo?09:22
Raphi974Hi everyone09:22
Raphi974How to install conky Forecast in lucid ?09:23
CrshmanHey all, so I just upgraded my 9.10 install to 10.04 and upon reboot I get stuck at "resume: libgcrypt version: 1.4.4" and the machine doesn't boot09:23
Crshmanany ideas?09:23
bp0encrypted disk?09:24
Crshmani'm thinking maybe grub didn't get installed correctly?09:24
ddecatorJoshuaL: can you pastebin the result of 'nm-tool'?09:25
JoshuaLddecator, i reported the bug: 56933509:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 569335 in network-manager "network manager does not detect connection" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56933509:25
JoshuaLbut sure09:25
ddecatori found another report that sounds similar, so i'm trying to see if it's the same issue or not09:25
bp0Dr_Willis, did you say you're using 32 bit flash on amd64?09:26
Dr_Willisyes - thats the ubuntu default way to do it09:26
joaopintoCrshman, so you get the GRUB menu if you keep pressing SHITFT during boot ?09:26
JoshuaLddecator, http://pastebin.com/qXuziL4N09:26
ddecatorJoshuaL: but good job on the report =)09:26
Dr_WillisUnless i somehow mised it putting 64bit flash on09:26
Crshmanjoaopinto: let me try it09:26
Ken8521Dr_Willis, you have any idea how to change distributor_logo.. i can't find where its kept now09:27
DanaGnice spelling. =þ09:27
JoshuaLddecator, ty09:27
Dr_WillisKen8521:  No idea.09:27
DanaGI'll have to remember that one... extra 't'.09:27
ddecatorinteresting... JoshuaL can you include that output on a comment for the report?09:27
JoshuaLddecator, sure09:27
Crshmanjoaopinto: yes I get the grub menu09:28
ddecatorit looks like the applet wants eth0 and ignores the fact that eth1 is connected..09:28
bp0Dr_Willis, i get 'wrong architecture i386' when i try to install 32 bit flash09:28
bp0the only flash i could get to work was the "labs" edition of 10 for amd6409:28
joaopintoCrshman, and can you boot using the recovery mode ?09:29
bp0but that doesnt work for hulu, somewhy09:29
Crshmanjoaopinto: it's going right now09:29
JoshuaLddecator, added the output :)09:29
Dr_Willisbp0:  how are you installing it?09:29
Dr_WillisI just used the package manager/ubuntu-restricted-extras package.09:30
ddecatorJoshuaL: thanks =) i'm not sure this is the same as the other report, so i'll let the devs determine what to do with it. but you included all of the information they should need =)09:30
Dr_WillisI dident do anything fancy09:30
JoshuaLok thanks for the help :)09:30
ddecatorflash in the repos is 32-bit only, so having it on 64-bit involves using the nspluginwrapper with 32-bit09:30
ddecatorJoshuaL: no problem, i'll subscribe and help out if i can, i changed the title to reflect the issue a little better09:30
Crshmanjoaopinto: looks like it got stuck09:31
JoshuaLk ty09:31
Dr_WillisWhats weird about HULU.  I can watch videos with HuluDesktop Player.. but it wont let me watch them at the hulu web site.09:31
Dr_Willis'unable to stram videos to yoyur system - due to adobe software limitation on 64bit linux systems;09:32
joaopintoCrshman, reboot to grub, edit the linux kernel options appending "init=/sbin/sulogin"09:32
ddecatorDr_Willis: i don't get that..09:32
Dr_Willisits proberly confused by me using 32bit flash on a 64bit box then09:33
ddecatorthat's what i do though, haha09:33
ddecatormaybe me using FF 3.7 throws it off and it doesn't catch it09:33
Dr_Willishuludesktpp player works better for me also :)09:34
Dr_Willisbut i cant really watch the  anime/subtitles and irc :)09:34
bp0Dr_Willis, that is 64bit09:34
bp0isnt it?09:34
Dr_Willisit uses the normal installed flash player09:35
Dr_Willisor at least it used to09:35
Dr_Willisbecause ages ago i had to 'tweak' it to use flash in a proper location09:35
ddecatorhulu desktop uses the system's flash, yah09:35
Dr_Willisthe ABOUT flash player... item in the flash menus.. dosent state the 'bits' used09:35
Dr_WillisThey have the... dumbest comercials on Hulu...09:36
ddecatorall depends on who is willing to pay them09:37
bp0ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped09:37
Dr_Willisat least this anime is in english :)09:37
bp0so 32 bit i guess09:37
Dr_Willisat least pause/play now works for me on Huludesktop09:41
Dr_WillisNormally it would just crash if i paused09:42
meowbuntuhi when is the official release of lucid comming out09:42
Dr_Willis'when its done' :) heh09:43
XuNaruWhen i click on the top panel, all windiows get minimized (Is this the right word?), how can i turn off this?09:45
ddecatorthat doesn't seem right09:45
ddecatordoesn't do that for me..09:46
ddecatorXuNaru: sorry, i've never heard of that, so i personally have no clue what could be causing that09:47
XuNaruHm :\09:47
Crshmanjoaopinto: Sorry about that, for some reason grub would't detecy my keyboard clickage....I appended that string and now I get dropped into a shell09:48
Crshmanwe're getting somewhere =)09:48
ddecatori know you can set behavior for double clicking the title bars, but that would only affect each window individually..09:48
joaopintoCrshman, ok, that means grub is fine, the kernel os loading properly, so there is something later breaking09:48
ddecatorXuNaru: are you using gnome?09:49
joaopintoCrshman, was it a clean install or an upgrade ?09:49
XuNaruddecator, yes09:50
joaopintook, that increases the chances of being some related to be something unexpected on /etc/fstab09:50
XuNaruAnd inside a VM.09:50
ddecatorXuNaru: does it happen when you click anywhere on the top panel, or just in blank areas?09:50
XuNarujust blank areas09:50
Crshmanlet me take a look through it09:50
joaopintoCrshman, hum, you did get a working shell with recovery mode right ?09:50
ddecatorhuh, that's definitely not right..09:51
joaopintouff, so there is no need to get into sulogin like we did now09:51
joaopintoCrshman, please re-login in recovery and run "mountall"09:51
Crshmanjoaopinto: got it, reported an error about not being able to connect to upstart09:52
XuNaruOh, damn, im wrong. Not all windows are minimized... its lieke click ohn the same position as the bottom panel09:52
yofelwtf? connecting both eth cards on my desktop pc with my router resulted in my network being down after turning my desktop pc off o.O?09:52
joaopintohum, did you reboot into the recovery option :) ?09:52
ddecatorXuNaru: ah, that makes a little more sense, but i still don't know what could cause it09:52
XuNaruand, when i click on the top left on the panel, then all windows minimized... on a other position, a other window get open :\09:53
XuNarulike click on the bottom panel.09:54
ddecatoralright, i'm really curious what could be causing that, but it's almost 4am and i really need to get some sleep09:54
Crshmanjoaopinto: yep09:54
ddecatornight everyone09:54
joaopintoCrshman, hum upstart was expected to be running in recovery mode09:54
Aisonhello :)09:57
AisonI tried to upgrade one of my kubuntu machines to 10.0409:57
Aisonthe upgrade worked, but now it hangs on booting the kernel09:58
AisonI can select the kernel in grub and something happens, but initscripts are never started09:58
Dr_Willisrecovery mode also fails?09:58
Aisonwell, on recovery mode I can see what happens ^^ but there's no error at all09:59
Aisonlast line is EXT3 FS on sda1, internal journal09:59
SandGorgonAison, I had the same issue09:59
Aisonand some lines before I can see that the kernel detects the sd drives10:00
SandGorgonAison, i reinstalled the whole damn thing10:00
Aisonwell, I don't think that's necessary10:00
Aisonisn't it possible to boot with some bootcd and then fix that problem?10:00
AisonI just don't know what's wrong exactly, maybe some wrong grub.conf entry...10:01
Crshmanmy keyboard hates me....it doesn't want to bring up the grub menu =(10:01
Dr_Willisive a pc or 2 that requires a PS2 keyboard to get to the grub menu10:02
Dr_WillisI think theres some usb legacy option - that may fix that.10:02
nelliepI am running netbook remix on an acer one.  My question is- what settings will be lost from fstab or grub( eg elevator=noop) when I upgrade to Lucid?10:02
CrshmanI get into it every now and then....like this time I got it haha10:03
Dr_Willisnelliep:  in theory there shouldent be setitngs lost.  but you may want to backup your fstab and grub configs befor upgrading10:03
nelliepok ...thanks10:03
Crshmanfollowed the instructions here: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/OMGBroken10:07
AisonSandGorgon, I think I need to boot with the livecd and then fix /etc/fstab10:14
CrshmanAison: have you tried booting into recovery appending "init=/sbin/sulogin" to the boot line?10:16
AisonCrshman, no, how do I append thsi line? in grub menu?10:17
CrshmanAison: correct, when booting press "shift" to bring up the grub menu, then highlight the recovery boot option and press "e" to get into the editor10:18
arianithifi, I have maximize, minimize, close buttons missing after upgrade to Lucid10:19
Dr_Willisdo you have an actual title bar arianit ? an you move windows around?10:19
arianitAison, I have the title bar but for those buttons10:20
arianitthere are some other errors as well, I can't tab between windows10:20
Crshmanafter following the instructions in the OMGBroken link, I fixed my resume device using this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/uswsusp/+bug/108230/comments/2610:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 108230 in uswsusp "Boot process asks for "resume device file" (dup-of: 146894)" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 146894 in uswsusp "On upgrade to gutsy boot hangs because uswsusp is looking for /dev/hda, but now is /dev/sda" [Undecided,Fix released]10:20
arianitand windows don't appear at the bottom10:20
arianiton the task bar10:21
arianitI'm sorry Aison, that was aimed at Dr_Willis10:21
Dr_Willisarianit: try making a new user - see if it affects them also.,10:21
Aisonok, I fixed my problem10:21
arianitguest account is not affected10:21
AisonI had to disable this line in /etc/fstab: none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=129,devmode=664 0 010:22
Dr_Willissounds like a user setting issue. You could clean out all your old/problem users settings then and see if that fix' things10:22
Dr_WillisAison:  ive heard of that line mentioned when using virtualbox.. but never had to mess with it.10:22
CrshmanI had that line in my setup too10:22
Aisonmaybe this should be disabled by the updater10:22
CrshmanI disabled it as well10:22
Crshmanand i was able to boot10:22
arianitDr_Willis, how do I do that short of deleting the account?10:23
Aisonelse you will have got many broken  ubuntu machines ^^10:23
Dr_Willisarianit:  delete the various setting/config files in the home dir for the user10:23
Dr_Willisarianit:  you have any thing you want to keep like emails? or other data?10:23
arianitsure, lot's of docs10:23
Dr_Willisarianit:   settings dirs wont affect those.  just be carefull what you delete10:24
tech0007upgraded to lucid RC, everything seems fine, for now10:24
arianitsure ok sounds like a plan10:24
Dr_Willisdirs like .config and .gconf and so forth are the  settings10:24
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:24
arianitlet's me try that and get back to you10:24
arianitok I tried something else and it worked10:27
hardran3How would I run a command when my laptop resumes from suspend? I want to run a script to enable 2 finger scrolling..10:27
arianitI activated GTK Window Decorator on Compiz and it worked10:28
arianitI think it was a compiz problem10:28
arianitanyways, that's for your help10:28
arianitthank's for your help10:28
arianitthanks for your help :)10:29
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:31
Dr_WillisWine >hic< :)10:32
meowbuntuhi when is the official release of lucid comming out10:40
ubottuA schedule of Lucid Lynx (10.04) release milestones can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule10:41
Dr_Willis29th is  The planned  Day.10:41
meowbuntuDr_Willis, do you use puppy linux alot10:42
meowbuntuthats next week10:42
Dr_WillisNot any more10:42
meowbuntuis that 29th in new zealand or america10:43
Dr_WillisI use TinyCoreLinux at times. but not a lot .10:43
Dr_Willisits the 29th.. some time on the 29th...10:43
meowbuntutiny core is not as good as puppy from my exterance10:43
Dr_Willisno set time on the 29th10:43
Dr_Willisit depends on your needs.10:43
meowbuntuthat it dies10:43
meowbuntudies = does10:43
mrwessince beta 2 and now in the RC, Update Manager keeps whining of a partial upgrade. Will that eventually work itself out?10:48
Dr_WillisIt should I imagine.10:48
Dr_WillisI just do my updates/upgrade/dist-upgrade by hand10:49
mrwesOk...I really don't want to run a partial10:49
mrwesby hand?10:49
Dr_Willissudo apt-get update10:49
Dr_Willissudo apt-get upgrade10:49
Dr_Willissudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:49
Dr_WillisI got those 3 commands in a 'update.sh' script. :) i run once a day10:49
brianhermani kind of like aptitude10:49
brianhermanDr_Willis: You are a god.10:50
Dr_WillisI dotn see much need in using aptitude in this case10:50
brianhermanDr_Willis: Im gonna do that right now10:50
mrwesDr_Willis, actually so do I10:50
brianhermanDr_Willis: Do you know anything about efi? Because I have big troubles with triple booting10:51
mrwesDr_Willis, sometimes I just run update manager instead10:51
Dr_WillisNope - I dont have any efi machines10:51
Dr_Willisapples the only ones that use efi right? ive not seen any pc's that use it yet10:52
brianhermanWe should buy you one10:53
Dr_WillisI dont want an apple. thanks anyway10:53
brianhermantoo many headaches10:53
brianhermani guess10:54
Dr_WillisI wonder what ARM based machines use.10:54
Dr_Willistheres UBUNTU for ARM also :)10:54
mrwesDr_Willis, update script fixed the partial -- heh...10:54
Dr_WillisIm not even sure what a partial upgrade even means10:55
Dr_WillisGreat - playing a movie in HuluDesktop.. gets 1/2 way done.. then 'we cant stream this viceo.. try again later...'11:03
Dr_Willis heh11:03
Dr_WillisNow i wont know how they kill Gamora!  will godzilla win? :P11:03
brianhermanWe dont want to ruin it for you.11:03
Dr_WillisIts amazing how these OLD movies can manage to be 1 1/2 hrs + long.11:04
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aeon17xhooray, the glx memory leak is fixed for lucid11:10
Dr_Willisor so its claimed. :)11:10
bullgard4"The kernel process flush-1:0 writes  a buffer to disk." Is this a correct statement?11:11
Dr_WillisYou mean is it true? or does it make sence?11:12
bullgard4I mean if it is true or not.11:12
Dr_WillisNo idea :)11:12
brianhermanI think thats what we are covering in class11:15
brianhermanwe talked about memory hierarchy11:15
brianhermanthat seems correct11:15
brianhermanits moving down data downstream11:15
Dr_WillisHmm.. amazing how someone can ask a Q. in channel.. be suggeste to check the forums.. then they are back asking the same Q in less then 2 min... :)11:16
Dr_WillisThey must be fast readers.11:16
brianhermanDownstream == harder to get at.11:16
brianhermanNo its just the last part in my class before finals11:16
brianhermanAnd the day I actually showed up to class.11:16
Dr_WillisMy Compiuter classes where on Fortran, and  befor that. on C64 machines11:17
Dr_WillisFlowcharts and C64 basic!11:17
brianhermanSee, you actually did well in school the first time.11:17
brianhermanI am taking things twice.11:17
aeon17xanother small thing in lucid that's not really major but nice nonetheless11:31
aeon17xchromium is in the repos11:32
Dr_Willisive fallen back to using firefox mainly however.11:32
Dr_WillisIm just more used to it.11:32
Tesssais  the release candidate worth upgrading to now11:32
aeon17xmy eyes hurt when using firefox11:32
aeon17xit still doesn't follow GNOME font rendering11:32
Dr_Willishavent really noticed aeon17x .11:33
Dr_Willisi did notice the menu fonts looked a little diffrent. but nothing major11:33
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases11:34
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SzymonKHave some problems with booting live cd/installation.11:43
SzymonKBlah blah stuck for 61s! [plymouthd:1221], bug or maybe bad burned cd?11:43
ebischoffHi all. I have notice a problem in Lucid Lynx. I tried to report it on launchpad, but I have found several similar bug reports and I don't know which one would match. The problem is that all text consoles (like Ctrl-Alt-F1) are random characters, including blinking or reverse video. It seems to have appeared when usplash had been replaced with plymouth.11:45
Dr_WillisIve seen that over the yeras when the various X server/drivers goof up with the consoles.11:45
ebischoffDr_Willis : yes, I have seen those bug reports about X servers messing up the consoles. It could match my problem, or it could be something else.11:46
Dr_Williscould also be some framebuffer issue as well11:47
ebischoffWhen I do echo "blah blah" > /dev/tty1 as root, I don't see "blah blah" appearing on the console11:47
ebischoffThat would indicate a framebuffer problem rather than a polluted console memory area, wouldn't it ?11:48
Dr_Willisyea.  could be.11:48
Dr_WillisI used to always disable the framebuffer, and other fancy console stuff.. now thats much harder to do in 10.0411:49
ebischoffI am here to do tests and debug it if someone is interested. I have given up with the idea of creating a launchpad issue as I don't want to duplicate an existing issue uselessly and as I don't know to which issue my problem relates.11:50
ebischoffAmong the workarounds I have seen, there was blacklisting the framebuffer kernel modules, or telling grub which vga mode to use11:52
Dr_WillisI couldent figure out how to blacklist that.11:53
ebischoffI tried to rmmod the framebuffer modules and restart the getty processes, with no apparent effect11:53
ebischoffit was viafb and some other kernel module whose name I don't remember right now11:53
Dr_Willisvga16fb                12757  111:55
om26erhey all. Does wubi work in the RC  image?11:55
ebischoffyes, vga16fb, that's the one11:57
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »11:57
ebischoffrmmod'ing them would be the same as blacklisting them, no ?11:58
ebischoffuntil next reboot at least11:59
Dr_WillisWell thee may be other things loading/locking the modules11:59
Dr_Willisforceng a module to unload.. is not alwyas a good idea11:59
ebischoffyes, and the problem perharps needs to be fixed at boot time, you're right12:00
Dr_WillisI recall when the framebuffer was touted as this great worldchangeing idea.. the now seems to be mainly used so we can get some prettier boot sequences.. :)12:01
Dr_WillisGeeXbox at least used it to play videos :)12:01
ebischoffyeah, mac os x can do that too (have a video instead of a static boot picture)12:02
Dr_Willisyea - Hulu Desktop remerebed where the movie crashed.12:02
chrisTempHello everybody. What should I do at this point? http://imagebin.ca/img/9roq5Eh.png12:02
Dr_Williswhat is your exact video card chrisTemp ?12:03
chrisTempDr_Willis, Nvidia something. :P12:03
CrashbitI have installed blogtk using aptitude install blogtk, and when I trying to execute it, seems an error message12:04
Dr_Willistry rebooting and see if it kicks it in the head.. it could be that tool is lying also.12:04
CrashbitImportError: No module named gtkhtml212:04
Dr_Willistry running nvidia-settings to see if it likes it.12:04
ebischoffchristemp : suggest gnome developpers to use "OK" and "Apply" buttons in their UI ? ;-)12:04
chrisTempDr_Willis, It is fresh, from reboot.12:04
Dr_WillischrisTemp:  you recently updated/upgraded?12:04
Dr_WillischrisTemp:  ive had oddities where it would say nvidia was in low res mode.. and asked me questions.. theat all were invalid since it was actually workng :)12:05
chrisTempDr_Willis, Clean installation. Oh wait. it's working now. Meh. I just restarted the jockey-gtk agian.12:05
Dr_WillischrisTemp:  :)12:05
chrisTempWhy must they continue to tease us automagically? :(12:05
chrisTempI wonder if the community will make a last minute decision to roll back to RIGHT side for LTS?12:07
Dr_WillisCommunity dosent decide... :)12:07
chrisTempThe Canonical devs. :P12:07
Dr_WillisSo buttons are going to be on the left side.12:07
Dr_Williswe are allready basically locked in.12:08
chrisTempI understand that changes are always good and we all should learn to embrace it... but meh, this is not one of them. :P12:08
ergheziplymouth dont work for me12:08
Dr_WillisI imagine it will be  BIG deal for now.. and will get changed back.. or ignored/eliminated  when gnome3 gets here12:09
Dr_Willisat least now they got it where its a theme changeable setting.. so ya pick a new theme.. they bottons move back12:09
chrisTempGotta reboot. Hopefully it's working correctly this time.12:10
aeon17xYou'll get used to it, the left side buttons12:13
Dr_Willisactually i wont.. I moved them back to the right12:14
ebischoffrebooting in the hope to blacklist framebuffer properly12:14
Dr_WillisI imagine its going to be a #1 complaint on release.12:14
hardran3I always had my buttons on left. Now every time I change themes they switch. Is there a way to stop that?12:16
Dr_WillisIm not sure how theymoved that setting into the themes. I Think theres a script in the themes that gets ran now to change the gconf settings12:16
Dr_WillisIn theory you could make such a script to set them how you want at boot time/login  - or some how lock the gconf settings12:17
hardran3lock gconf settings. good idea12:17
red2kicDr_Willis: The Nvidia card works. :312:17
Dr_WillisIve noticed in the netbook desktop - a lot of gconf stuff is locked so you have to use the system settings.12:17
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aeon17xWould be funny if Dell advertised its Ubuntu lineup as a Mac alternative12:19
GalvatronI just updated to Lucid from Kubuntu 9.10 running on Radeon 9200SE and I can't disable KMS without crashing Plasma (I have artifact-like things instead of wallpaper and everything's even more laggy).12:21
Dr_Willisaeon17x:  wait for all the  arm/linux/whatever based  Pad-alternatives  to be hitting the market soon :)12:24
gcalaHi, has anyone else tested playmouth with ati catalyst? The boot splash is in low-res and low color depth (while is fine with opensource ati driver). Is it possible to fix it through xorg.conf or an other config file? Thanks. P.S. I'm using kubuntu lucid.12:25
marienzgcala: the open driver supports kms, and the framebuffer provided by that is used by plymouth during boot12:30
marienzgcala: to get plymouth in high res with catalyst you'd have to use the atifb (assuming I remember the name right) kernel driver, and I have no idea if that combination works12:31
marienzerr, radeonfb apparently12:32
marienzgcala: "radeonfb" is blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf.12:32
messi92Can you help me please  to install the Reconstructor to Ubuntu ? it is not synaptic or i can not get it with sudo apt-get install reconstructor . "could not find package reconstructor " ...12:33
Dr_Willisi dont even knwow what the tool 'reconstructor' is12:34
Dr_Willisso your problem with it is what? it dosent come with any docs? or is there a specific issue?12:35
gcalamarienz: so I should substitute in xorg.conf fglrx with radeonfb and comment radeonfb in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf, right?12:35
messi92is a backup custom iso live cd program. like remastersys. remastersys doen not working with ubuntu 10 now... :(12:35
gcalamarienz: and give it a try...12:35
red2kicCould somebody test Dust theme? (With right-side).  Are you missing out on "Close" feature?12:36
joaopintomessi92, I think reconstructor is no longer maintained, which means it will not work on lucid12:36
marienzgcala: err, no.12:36
marienzgcala: radeonfb is not an Xorg driver. It's a kernel framebuffer driver used before X starts (by plymouth)12:36
messi92 joaopinto:  oh :( and remastersys doen not working... what m gonna do ? !12:36
joaopintomessi92, you use some supported tool :)12:37
marienzgcala: also, commenting out that blacklist entry might render your system unbootable. I have no idea how well radeonfb and catalyst get along currently on your hardware.12:37
Dr_Willismessi92:  somthigbn is weird with that url/guide - that proram is not in karmic, or lucid.  perhaps install it from source12:37
gcalamarienz: ah, ok. Thanks12:37
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messi92joaopinto: which tools ? i could not find another backup tool which can make a live cd and installable cd.12:39
messi92(like remastersys or reconstructor)12:39
joaopintowell, usually a CD does not have the capacity for a fullbackup12:39
joaopintoso you do backups to a differente media and use a regular livecd for recovery12:40
red2kicHello Testers: Could somebody test Dust theme? (With right-side for min,max,close).  I'm missing out on "Close" feature? :)12:40
Dr_WillisI recall some other make your own live cd tools.. but i never use them12:40
messi92 joaopinto: it can be a dvd too :) it is not probelm.. just i want a full backup...12:40
Dr_Willishttps://build.reconstructor.org/#  wants a valid email address... too bad for them12:41
joaopintomessi92, then just learn to use a dvd burning tool :)12:41
messi92Dr_Willis: i have to use it. my system is edited for 6 weeks. i am not able to do them again (im not a good user) .12:43
messi92 joaopinto: i tell you that i can use many media devices like dvd :)12:43
messi92remastersys was good but i dont know why it doen not working on lucid.12:43
aeon17xDr_Willis: then you sync music and stuff from your ubuntu desk/laptop... goodbye itunes! :)12:43
joaopintoprobably there isn't much people with interest on these tools lately12:43
ebischoffDr_Willis: blacklisting the fb kernel modules did not help12:44
Dr_Willisebischoff:  bummer. Not tried it on my machine yet.,12:44
ebischoffDr_Willis: do you get tjhe same problem with scrambled consoles ?12:44
Dr_Willishttps://build.reconstructor.org/   dosent make a live  cd from your CURRENT install.. it can make its own live cd using its wizard.. from what im seeing12:45
Dr_Willisebischoff:  i dont have the issue here.12:45
messi92 Dr_Willis:  ok. i understand. but please tell me if there is a chance to save all the drive as iso.12:46
Dr_Willismessi92:  im not sure what youa re trying to do exactly.  Even a live-cd-maker tool wouldent save yoru data files and stuff..12:46
ebischoffDr_Willis: this issue is no real problem for me. I can always ssh from another computer if my X server dies. But I think that other future Lucid users could run into the same problem... with bigger consequences12:46
Dr_Willismessi92:  if you want to backup your system then use a backup tool12:46
joaopintomessi92, you can use mkisofs to create an iso, but it will not be bootable12:46
messi92joaopinto: what yu mean with "maybe not will be bootable" ?12:47
messi92how it will work ?12:47
joaopintojust any regular iso with contents12:47
joaopintoit contains your data12:47
joaopintojust as12:47
joaopintoyou can restore from it after installing your system with a regular livecd12:48
messi92Dr_Willis: where is the backup tool ?12:49
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning12:49
Dr_Willistheres any of a dozen+ to choose from. It depends on how/what you want to backup12:49
ebischoffDr_Willis: I also noticed I have the DRM package from nouveau.. while I'm not using it for the X server. Since plymouth depends on it, I can't remove it.12:49
messi92 Dr_Willis: i want o backup all my "/" drive (directory)12:49
messi92which software can make this ?12:50
Dr_Willismessi92:   You cam make image backups of a whole hard drive/filesystem12:50
Dr_Willismondo/mindi can do that.. proberly others as well12:50
messi92ok i will try them now .... thank you!12:50
ebischoffmessi : I simply do that on a DVD with dvd+rw-tools. Please notice that the 4.7 Gb of a DVD might not be enough for all your data12:51
Dr_WillisThe remastersys forums wont even let you SEARCH unless you are a regiestered member.. so  i dont know of they have issues with 10.04 or not12:51
Dr_Willisa Full backup here - of my whole system to disl would take about 40 DVD's :)12:51
messi92ebischoff: it is enouhg. i try it with remastersys (but the iso file was a problem , so im trying another software)12:52
ebischoffDr_Willis: yeah, as a matter of fact I have all my config files under SVN control, and it's only that that I backup ;-). So I'm cheating12:52
messi92ebischoff: also if it will not enouhg i will delete some of my softwares.. dont think about it for me :)12:52
Dr_WillisI got 8gb of wallpaper :)12:52
messi92dr willis send me them with a external hdd :D12:53
Dr_WillisI got them on floppy...12:53
messi92i dont have my datas(i mean not softwares, os ...) on my "/" directory...12:53
Dr_WillisYou could just backup a listing of what you have instgalled.. so you can 'reinstall' it  with a similer command.12:54
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:54
ebischoffmessi92:  yes, you can exclude mounted filesystems when you back up. cdrecord and/or dvd+rw-tools can be your friend to back up only a bare / filesystem if you have put all applicative stuff somewhere else12:55
messi92 ebischoff: sorry. my english is bad. can you tell it to me again ?12:56
carlmHi, I managed to accidentially remove my Messaging menu (the little envelope) from my notification area today, and I can't find how to get it back! I only wanted to remove the bluetooth icon but it also removed the battery, sound and messaging menus. I've managed to get the battery indicator back, but sound and messaging are gone.. Any ideas?13:03
Dr_Willisthe 2 are built in.. together13:04
Dr_Willisrun the volume tool to get just a speaker13:04
Dr_Willisor reset the panels back to defaults13:04
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »13:04
Dr_Willisgoogle for 'remove social features 10.04' for some guides on tweaking it further.  webupd8.org  and OMBubuntu have some guides on the topic.13:05
Dr_Willisbye all13:05
AceKingI upgraded to Lucid on my PC yesterday. I switched the minimize, maximize, and shutdown buttons to the right and when I started up today I don't have minimize, maximize and shutdown. Anyway to get them back?13:07
fabio333gconf-editor | apps -> metacity -> general -> button-layout??13:09
AceKingfabio333, was that meant for me?13:10
AceKingActually, I think something didn't load right. I can't even grab and move a window. I'm going to restart and see if they work13:12
gcalamarienz: hi, just to say that have tried adding video=radeonfb in kernel line at grub menu but with no success.13:16
marienzwell, yes13:19
marienzgcala: you probably do have to unblacklist the module. Just make sure you have a way to undo that (livecd) in case it fails spectacularly.13:19
marienzgcala: and have you actually tried the open drivers and decided they weren't working well enough? :)13:20
CosmiChaosWill we see the MOTUs upgrading nvidia-current to nvidia 5.6. quickly soon?13:20
marienzI think some people are still installing catalyst just from force of habit, even though the open drivers have improved, and are improving further faster than catalyst is.13:20
CosmiChaosWill we see the MOTUs upgrading nvidia-current to nvidia 195.36.24 quickly soon?13:21
squiddyUSB not working with vbox in lucid. any workaround?13:21
SandGorgonsquiddy, i hope ur using the nonfree virtualbox version.. not the ose13:25
gcalamarienz: tried even unblacklist the module; the opensource ati driver in lucid is very very good (in comparison with karmic): native resolution at boot, smooth composition and nice even with some games, but with others it lacks fps and features; anyway it is very promising13:26
squiddySandGorgon: yes, i'm using the non-OSE vbox13:29
marienzgcala: check if it's actually getting loaded (dmesg is probably of use here)13:29
* marienz isn't of much use here since he avoids catalyst13:30
marienzstill, I'm pretty sure that if you want catalyst and graphical plymouth boot simultaneously radeonfb is what you need to get working13:30
red2kicIt is not possible to avoid plymouth?13:32
squiddyalso, my vga is radeon 3200HD. before the driver is installed the progress bar (during booting) display is normal, but after is installed the driver the progress bar display become larger13:32
squiddySandGorgon: i downloaded the vbox from virtualbox.org13:33
red2kicsquiddy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/USB13:34
red2kicsquiddy: See "For Lucid"13:34
gcalamarienz: in dmesg radeonfb compares only two times in lines with the whole kernel command line http://pastebin.com/3TaAmDmj13:35
joaopintored2kic, no, plymouth is now a requirement13:36
messi92im reading this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi      it writes that we have to burn each iso files onto a cd. after ubuntu will crashed, will i able to install it again from those CDs all my "/" directory ?13:37
red2kicjoaopinto: I see. There are plymouth-theme-* -- If I don't use any theme, I get repeated lines during the cryptsetup prompt. Would you know how to fix that or is this related to grub2 options?13:37
squiddyred2kic: let me see it first, thanks13:38
joaopintored2kic, if you mean you removed all the themes ?13:38
red2kicjoaopinto: Yes.13:39
joaopintohum, that pretty much explains the problem :P13:40
red2kicjoaopinto: I don't think themes should be required. :(13:41
joaopintored2kic, I think that even you want a text mode a specic theme is required13:42
joaopintobut I didn't played with those yet13:42
red2kicjoaopinto: I'll try "plymouth-theme-text" -- I suppose.13:42
CosmiChaos_ Will we see the MOTUs upgrading nvidia-current to nvidia 5.6. quickly soon?13:42
red2kicIf that is what I'm looking for. :)13:42
joaopintored2kic, but does it render the system unbootable, removing the themes ?13:42
GibbaTheHutthiya, just trying the kubuntu livecd, is there erm any trick for getting wireless working. I set my wireless conn (using wep, not ideal but needs to be that) with the correct ssid and key, but sits there doing nothing13:42
yofelCosmiChaos_: 5.6?13:43
red2kicjoaopinto: No. You just get scrolling text. I have two separate encrypted hard drives, one for / and /home.13:43
joaopintoah ok13:44
red2kicjoaopinto: And it only scroll when you're typing in the passphrase.13:44
yofelCosmiChaos_: the nvidia page gives 195.36.15 as the latest linux driver13:44
barberanWhy does not the VMware works with proper screen resolution on my toshiba p300 laptop? In other words, the Ubuntu 10.04 runs under VMware with 640*480, and I can not change it in any way I've tried.13:45
bjsnideryofel, they just released a new driver that supports the fermi/tesla cards13:45
yofelGibbaTheHutt: if the ssid is hidden then that's a known bug I think13:45
joaopintobarberan, are you running Ubuntu as a vmware guest ?13:45
GibbaTheHuttyofel, thanks, yes it is hidden, do you know if there is a workaround, or a bug page for it ?13:46
yofelbjsnider: ah, do you know where I can find the release notes?13:46
barberanjoaopinto: Under win-713:46
bjsnideryofel, http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=15032513:46
barberanjoaopinto: Also, I tried VirtualPC with the same scr-resol trouble13:46
joaopintoI only have experience with virtualbox13:47
yofelbjsnider: thanks13:47
Jake2|cflIs there any way to make the "edge" grabber less sensitive.  It has to be so right, it is hard to grab.  A microinch off, and no-go13:47
GibbaTheHuttyofel, ah seen reference to the bug, thanks13:47
joaopintofor vbox you have a driver which properly integrates with the VM13:47
guntbertbarberan: did you install the vmware tools?13:47
gcalahow add radeonfb to initrd?13:48
barberanjoaopinto: Where should I choose the guest OS( Ubuntu 10.04 in my case)s scr resolution? In the guest OS, or I should setup the program vmware13:48
barberanguntbert: I did not13:48
guntbertbarberan: then you cannot get a different resolution - you will have to do that13:48
guntbertbarberan: would be the same for virtual box as well (there they are called guest additions)13:49
aaa__i am running 10.04 and installed the daily drm-next kernel from the kernel ppa, and now the system wont work13:50
barberanguntbert: as far as I remember, I could not install the TOOLS, in some reasons, well, thank you, I am going to try install it again13:50
aaa__and i cant remove it with apt-get, cuz it refuses to open/lock the file13:50
CosmiChaos_yofel the latest driver is always accessible through ftp, watch it13:50
CosmiChaos_yofel, i meant 195.36.24 i repeated it13:51
guntbertbarberan: Good luck :-)  - ah and you know that you have to install them into the guest (and not into the host)13:51
yofelCosmiChaos_: I usually just use what's in the repos, unless I find a good reason not to13:51
CosmiChaos_yofel, you can watch the topic of #nvidia too13:51
CosmiChaos_yofel, you can watch the release notes on nvnews, it notes fixing ABI for XServer 1.8 and lucid Xserver is 1.813:52
CosmiChaos_yofel, actual nvidia-current is broken13:52
bjsniderCosmiChaos, no it is not13:52
yofelCosmiChaos_: errr... lucid xserver is 1.7.613:52
barberanguntbert: so, if I run win-7+vm ware, and I am playing Ubuntu as a guest, I shall install tool in the ubuntu? Can I be sure, that ubuntu 10.04 has this tools compatable with win-7+vmware ?13:52
CosmiChaos_err what?13:52
yofel!info xserver-xorg-core | CosmiChaos_13:53
ubottuCosmiChaos_: xserver-xorg-core (source: xorg-server): Xorg X server - core server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.7.6-2ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 2350 kB, installed size 4468 kB13:53
aaa__i installed the daily drm-next kernel from kernel ppa, and now system wont work ,and i cant remove it apt-get, cuz it say E: Could not open lock file /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open13:53
CosmiChaos_seems i have a third party 1.8 :)13:53
bjsnidercould be from xorg-edgers ppa13:54
guntbertbarberan: the vmware tools have nothing to do with the host - I cannot guarantee that they will work on a beta version - vmware will say that is not supported yet :-)13:54
yofelCosmiChaos_: that's xorg-edgers :P13:54
CosmiChaosbjsnider, ooooh ok im completely silent xD13:54
CosmiChaossry sry sry13:54
CosmiChaosbut anyohow nvidia 195.36.24 supprts latest cards to + xserver 1.813:55
barberanguntvert: I should try, thank very much for such a good explanation)13:56
CosmiChaosim currently running the 195.36.15 with IgnoreABI true and it runs stable13:56
CosmiChaosdidnt even noticed that13:56
aaa__if i run from live cd, can i install/update/remove packages from the install on the hard disk?13:56
yofelaaa__: after you chroot to the install yes13:57
aaa__how do i do that_13:57
aaa__think i found a forum thread13:58
yofelaaa__: follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover%20Grub%202%20via%20LiveCD until the 'chroot' command13:58
aaa__ah thanks13:58
aaa__but my livecd is karmic, my install is lucid, is this a problem_13:59
yofelaaa__: unless the cd is 32bit and the installation 64bit no13:59
vegastill no way of installing nvidia drivers from www.nvidia.com ?13:59
bjsnidervega, not unless yo like the idea of breaking your system14:00
aaa__install is 64-bit, livecd is 64-bit, but livecd is karmic, install is lucid, i dont want upgrade packages on lucid to old karmic stuff14:00
vegabjsnider: well.. installing them through "official" means also breaks my system, so..14:00
yofelaaa__: no, and you won't be able to access the cd from the chroot anyway14:01
yofelvega: how that?14:01
bjsnidervega, there aren't any bugs in nvidia-current at the present time14:01
vegayofel: bjsnider: installing through gnome menus results in boot to black screen after kernel messages and machine is completely dead, not accessible through network14:02
vegacomplete halt14:02
vegain 9.10 nvidia drivers worked fine with this hardware14:02
bjsniderwhat hardware?14:02
vega(machine also has gt200 pci-e, but integrated is primary in bios)14:03
bjsniderdid you upgrade or clean install?14:03
vegaclean install14:03
vegafirst thing i did was enable proprietary drivers and boot14:03
bjsnideryou have 2 graphics cards?14:03
bjsniderwhy don't you use the gt 200?14:03
bjsniderit's better than the 840014:04
veganot gt200, meaning gt22014:04
vegabjsnider: yes, but i'm waiting for alsa hdmi support for the gt22014:04
vegahaven't had time to compile alsa yet etc. so i'm using old card for now14:04
bjsniderhave you tried putting the cable into the newer card to check if that's working?14:05
vegayes, no output from there either14:05
bjsniderpull the gt out14:05
vegaand judging from the network outage, it has crashed/halted ..14:05
vegai thought about removing the card, haven't done that yet..14:06
bjsniderdon't think, do14:06
bjsnideri still don't understand why you don't use the gt 22014:07
coz_good day all14:07
vegabjsnider: because it's not possible to output sound through hdmi with it14:07
vegabjsnider: not without kludgeing like this: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO_set_up_HDMI_audio_on_nVidia_GeForce_G210,_GT220,_or_GT24014:07
bjsniderand it isn't possible to do that from the 8400 either14:07
vegabjsnider: yes it is because it has spdif in14:08
vegagt220 doesn't so it needs driver support14:08
bjsniderhdmi audio is broken in all nvidia blobs after the 18514:08
vegai have a cable from motherboard spdif out to 8400gs directly, so that works fine14:09
bjsniderwhich nvidia driver were you using in karmic?14:09
vegalatest from www.nvidia.com14:09
GokulI don't get an option to install 1004 RC14:10
Gokulif i run "update-manager -d"14:10
Gokulhow do i get this option ?14:10
yofelGokul: what are you running right now?14:10
Gokulkarmic koala14:10
IdleOneGokul: check in Software Sources under the Updates tab and make sure you have all releases selected at the bottom right14:11
IdleOneor something to the effect of All releases14:11
IdleOneeffect or affect?14:12
IdleOneanyway you know what i mean I hope14:12
bjsnidervega, must some sort of passthrough situation with no driver involvement. there's no spdif header on the gt 220?14:13
sirius-n900guys how do i get the 10.04 lts installer to dualboot install with my suse linux enterprise desktop 11  distro already installed on my laptop?14:16
sirius-n900the only option it gives me is to wipe the existing linux install14:16
sirius-n900if i click advanced it wont let me resize the partition14:17
vegabjsnider: no spdif headers there, some brands have but they seem quite uncommon14:22
vegamine is an asus iirc14:22
bjsniderwell that's very unfortunate isn't it?14:22
dewmanI have encountered a issue with grub with 10.04. When I try to boot, I get grub_puts_ not found.....Not really sure what I need to do to get around this.14:23
vegabjsnider: well kinda, yes :)14:23
sirius-n900hmmm no one ever dualbooted 2 linux distros before?14:24
yofelsirius-n900: seems like nobody's here right now, maybe ask again later when the folks from america are here14:27
dewmanI am thinking probably the best way to repair the grub2 issue is to download the live cd, and then do a a rescue system...14:27
sirius-n900hmmm ok14:27
joaopintosirius-n900, which partition type is your SLE install ?14:35
joaopintoyou can resize the partition using the partition editor from the livecd14:36
joaopintobefore installing14:36
sirius-n900two ext3s and 1 swap, 8 want to shrink the largest one which is /home14:36
sirius-n9008 = I14:36
joaopintoyou can share the swap14:36
sirius-n900is sharing swap a bad idea?14:37
sirius-n900or does it not really matter14:38
joaopintoit doesn't matter, swap is scrapped on every reboot14:38
joaopintounless you use suspend14:38
sirius-n900i do14:39
joaopintowell, suspend uses swap, suspending from one OS and then resuming from the other would be fatal :P14:39
sirius-n900gparted is on the livecd?14:40
bramming9xHi. Every time i boot into ubuntu, i have to go to applications->sound & video-> gnome alsa mixer, and then turn up volume on "speaker". is there any way i can make it do it automatically?14:42
jayveeOkay, so I'm trying to run "do-release-upgrade -d". It downloads "lucid.tar.gz" and attempts to authenticate it against "lucid.tar.gz.gpg". Unfortuantely it fails: gpg: BAD signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"14:49
joaopintobramming9x, you should file a bug report14:49
jayveeHas Ubuntu changed their signing keys since last release or something?14:49
joaopintojayne, I did an upgrade this morning without problems14:50
GokulIdleOne, Hi14:52
IdleOneheya Gokul14:52
GokulIdleOne, i ran "gksu" and then entered "update-manager -d"14:52
Gokuland it is runnning14:52
scopecreepnot sure about signing but thre was an update to update-manager this morning14:53
scopecreeptry updating it first14:53
IdleOneGokul: cool.14:53
jayveejoaopinto: yeah it actually worked last night, but I had to go to bed, so I cancelled it while it was downloading the packages, when the cancel button was still enabled.14:53
GokulIdleOne, i am no linuxpert .. but i can't wait till the date ! :-P14:54
jayveeSo I think the problem is that it has updated the key in a catch-22 situation.14:54
IdleOneGokul: I have been running 10.04 for 2+ months already :)14:54
GokulIdleOne, are you a "developer" ? or any category similar to that ?14:55
GokulIdleOne, does using this irc client affect the upgrade process ?  :-O14:56
GokulIdleOne, Because it is idle showing "calculating changes" for long time14:56
jayveeGokul: no, not a chance14:57
IdleOneGokul: be patient and no irc won't affect the upgrade14:57
GokulIdleOne, Could not calculate the upgrade An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:The package 'ubuntu-desktop' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist. This can be caused by: * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu * Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu * Unofficial software packages not provided by UbuntuIf none of this applies, then please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package an14:57
Gokuld include the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ in the bug report.14:57
GokulI got this :'( ^^14:57
IdleOnedid you blacklist ubuntu-desktop?14:58
GokulIdleOne, i didn't  . even if i did that, how should i undo it ?14:58
IdleOneGokul: first make sure karmic is updated14:59
GokulIdleOne, it is . it is fully updated14:59
IdleOneI don't know where one would even blacklist a package14:59
Gokuljayvee, ?15:00
Gokuljayvee, are you there ? do yo know ?15:00
Gokulor should i ask this question "how to un-blacklist"  in the #ubuntu ..... ??15:01
johnnyCbadHello, my nVidia drivers have not been preforming correctly since an update some weeks ago. On boot I get no window decoration (titlebar missing and cursor displays large X) and removing completly and reinstalling does not seem to fix it. If I click "Normal" effects in appearance dialog it says "Searching for available drivers" and the screen flickers and window decoration starts working but desktop effects a15:01
johnnyCbade not enabled and when I reopen appearence it says "none" for desktop effects15:01
johnnyCbadSorry about length of that, can anyone help?15:02
yofelGokul: an upgrade should never try to remove ubuntu-desktop, maybe try it again in a few hours15:05
Gokultrying after few hours will help , but i dont understand how !!15:05
Gokulyofel, are you sure that i wont get the same error message?? unless i undo that , how would i get it working after few houurs ?15:06
Gokulyofel, sorry.15:06
yofelGokul: we're getting last minute bugfixes in these days before the release so the package archive might be a bit inconsistent from time to time, and if a package (version) conflict occurs update-manager might try to remove ubuntu-desktop in an (possibly wrong) attempt to fix that15:08
lucidNoWorkyso I just had a clean install of the lucid RC and when attempting to boot in for the first time i get a pretty gruesome error after the GRUB menu15:08
Gokulyofel, Ok..thanks for replying... I shall try after few hours... Thankyou.!15:08
joaopintolucidNoWorky, what error do you get ?15:09
lucidNoWorky"invalid magic number, must load kernel first failed to load main and fallback entries, the revolution will not be televised, bwarrr"15:09
lucidNoWorkyit does this for both the regular kernel option and the recovery15:09
lucidNoWorkyi am not dualbooting anything15:09
lucidNoWorkyand ive been running lucid since alpha 3 before this...15:09
lucidNoWorkyim running the RC off a liveUSB right now15:09
lucidNoWorkyflawlessly i might add15:10
GokulIdleOne, yofel  bye. I am going to watch a movie called "Equilibrium".15:11
lucidNoWorkyi should clarify that this error prevents me from going any farther15:11
yofellucidNoWorky: do older kernel entries still work?15:11
lucidNoWorkyyofel, it was a clean install, there are no older kernel entries15:12
yofelyou said you were running it since alpha3?15:12
lucidNoWorkyyes, and then i reinstalled it, which wiped everything out :)15:12
yofelthen at least I am clueless, never heard of that error before15:13
bramming9xHi. i just updated my system and now my xserver is broke. i can only boot up in low graphics-mode. i have an NVidia g105m graphic card. tried restoring my old xorg.conf file but it doesnt work. Anyone have any idea what to do?15:13
guntbertlucidNoWorky: as possibly very dumb question: did you md5sum check the image?15:14
bramming9xoh and to clarify things. i was running 10,04 prior to the upgrade that broke my xserver :)15:14
yofelbramming9x: I got a similiar thing 2 days ago, updating again an rebooting fixed that though, haven't updated today yet15:15
lucidNoWorkyguntbert, i did not, actually15:16
lucidNoWorkyguntbert, i suppose that might be a good first step15:16
bramming9xyofel ah ok. i'll wait some time then. which graphic card do you use?15:16
QuartzHello. Who uses rubyripper on ubuntu 10.04?15:16
guntbertlucidNoWorky: it might :)15:16
yofelbramming9x: 250GTS15:17
bramming9xyofel ah ok. just wondering if i should file a bug report. i have no clue on what info to gather though.15:17
yofelbramming9x: usually /var/log/Xorg.0.log and Xorg.0.log.old should say why it failed (use .old as the other one might be the failsave-x log)15:18
joaopintobramming9x, just using ubuntu-bug xorg will collect the required files15:19
Jake2|cflIs there any way to make the "edge" grabber less sensitive. It has to be so right, it is hard to grab. A microinch off, and no-go. 10.04RC.15:19
bramming9xyofel and joaopinto : ok thanks will try that :)15:20
johnnyCbadbramming9x: Have the same problem myself pretty much15:21
Frapi installed daily drm-next kernel from ppa, now ubuntu is messed up and work with my proprietary nvidia drivers, why?15:21
Frapwont work*15:22
lucidNoWorkyguntbert, md5sum is a match15:22
bramming9xseems like we are many that had our nvidia driver screwed up by the new update today15:22
Frapwhat new update?15:22
Frapanyone know how to fix that? i thought it cuz i installed drm-next kernel15:22
bramming9xwell i just updated my system and now i can only boot into low graphics mode. seems like theres problems with the nvidia driver or x-server15:23
guntbertlucidNoWorky: hmm - does recovery mode work?  (you see I have no real idea what might be going on - just trying to help you to get a picture)15:24
Frapbramming9x, i see nothing about it on ubuntuforums15:24
lucidNoWorkyguntbert, same error message when i select recovery mdoe15:25
bramming9xFrap too bad. but thanks for looking at forums for me :)15:25
Frapanyone know how to fix this nvidia thing?15:25
Frapperhaps mine is related to drm-next kernel i got from ppa15:25
guntbertlucidNoWorky: next question: how did you install (live CD or alternate.....)?15:26
lucidNoWorkyguntbert, i took the default i386 iso and used unetbootin to put it on a liveusb, then installed from the desktop15:27
lucidNoWorkyi suppose my next debugging step would be to rule out unetbootin and use the standard ubuntu usb creator, i just havent had trouble with unetbootin before15:28
Bookman_My DVD burner is not being recognized by Ubuntu, any ideas why?15:28
BluesKajhowdy folks15:29
guntbertlucidNoWorky: please (if possible) reboot from that usb again and select "check the CD" in the menu.  CAUTION  you will most likely get a blank screen or so - just switch to another VT to see the output (alt+left)15:30
Bookman_Actually it sees the drive, just no media, no matter what I throw at it.15:36
Pirate_HunterI haven't been keeping track of what has been happening with lucid but how stable is it when using it as a web server or with a distributed file system?15:37
Pirate_HunterI know it has been a while since lucid been released so I suspect their has been major improvements15:38
Frapits RC so should be pretty stable, i hope15:38
sveinseWhat controls which monitor gets the gnome menus and the other panels? I'm running nvidia driver with twinview15:41
ZykoticK9sveinse, with twinview you can "move" the gnome panel to the monitor you want15:42
Pirate_Hunterno one here has tried runing lucid as a productive server that can give me their opinion on its stability?15:44
JoshuaLlucid is still in testing stages15:44
JoshuaLso noone runs it as a production server15:44
JoshuaLonce the stable release is out you should be able to use it15:44
SwedeMikePirate_Hunter: it all depends on what you do, for some things it'll be fine, for some things it wont be15:44
JoshuaLas production server that is15:44
sveinseZykoticK9: How? Because if I open nvidia-settings and disable one monitor, the panels move to the other. Now if I enable both monitors again, the panel stays on the first monitor. This way I can control which monitor gets the panels15:45
sveinseAfter one reboot, and I need to reconfigure the panel placements all over15:45
ZykoticK9sveinse, don't have a solution for that one - best of luck15:45
sveinseSomething in gnome decides which monitor to embed to anyways15:46
switchgirlhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/421714/ gwibber isn't working properly yet is authed ok15:46
Jake2|cflIs there any way to make the window "edge" grabber less sensitive. It has to be so right, it is hard to grab. A microinch off, and no-go. LucidRC.15:46
Pirate_HunterIn other words I would still have to wait two months for the final release which is not desirable or I could take a shot at using it now and fix the problems as they arise15:48
Jake2|cfl10.04 is to be released on the 29th15:48
coz_Jake2|cfl,  yeah that has been a big problem forever with many themes... this is why emerald was a great help because you could easily increase the window edge15:48
bramming9xcant wait for the release :D15:49
Jake2|cflcoz_: is emerald in lucid?15:49
coz_Jake2|cfl,  you may be able to edit the gtkrc file for that theme to increase  the pixels on the edges15:49
coz_Jake2|cfl,   I dont think so guy... support has stopped for emerald and we havent come up with an alternative yet  although it has been discussed once15:50
coz_Jake2|cfl,  I doubt emerald will work in lucid15:50
Pirate_HunterJake2|cfl: 29th yet as I check the site the current release is alpha 215:51
Jake2|cflcozziemoto: where does one input enhancement requests as opposed to bug reports?15:51
coz_Jake2|cfl,  I dont believe it is even in the repositories now15:51
slide23_How do I install sun java in lucid? It doesn't appear to be available in the universe anymore15:51
Jake2|cflcoz: not cozzie15:51
ZykoticK9slide23_, add the partner repo15:51
sveinseJake2|cfl: You are talking about resizing and such? I find using Alt + Middle mouse extremely useful for resizing15:51
coz_slide23_,   open synaptic   hit  Settings and go to repositories15:51
=== bulldog is now known as bulldog98
coz_slide23_,  go under the "Other software" tab and tick any boxes there15:52
Jake2|cflsveinse: I am usually trying to make windows wider or narrower15:52
Pirate_Huntercan someone provide me the link for the server install of lucid as the current link found on the ubuntu site is broken and I don't need the uec/ce2 version15:53
sveinseJake2|cfl: Well, I use Alt+Middle mouse for that as well. The nice thing about it is that you dont have to hit the exact pixel to resize15:53
slide23_thanks guys15:53
slide23_doesnt help on a laptop15:54
ZykoticK9Jake2|cfl, emerald is still in Lucid - but see the !emerald factoid15:54
coz_Pirate_Hunter,   try here and scroll down near to the bottom   http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/15:54
slide23_i find resizing very difficult, gotta get the exact right pixel15:54
Jake2|cflsveinse: I didn't know that trick, will try it.15:54
Pirate_Hunterthanks coz_15:55
Jake2|cflslide23_: yep, exactly what I was talking about15:55
coz_Pirate_Hunter,  no problem15:55
slide23_hrm well, alt+both mouse buttons works on my laptop but thats a lot more awkard heh15:56
coz_Jake2|cfl,  sorry I meant you could edit the metaciy part of the theme to increase border width15:57
coz_Jake2|cfl,  here is a post about that    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43932915:57
coz_Jake2|cfl,  some themes like the homosapien  theme on gnome-look come with a metacity editor15:58
Jake2|cflcoz_: metacity is in gconf-editor as is.  Is that what you meant?15:59
coz_Jake2|cfl,  i didnt check in gconf if the padding for the borders are available there but its possible16:00
Jake2|cflanyone: where do you suggest enhancements (like easier edge grab) vs. bug reports?16:01
coz_Jake2|cfl,  I thought maybe  gnome-color-chooser  would have a setting for border padding but I dont see it16:01
Jake2|cfledge grab doesn't have to be wider borders; could be looser proximity sensing.16:02
Ian_Corneanyone else notice google-chrome-unstable never exiting after all windows are closed?16:02
Ian_Cornewell not never16:03
Pirate_Hunteranyone can suggest any decent but light distributed file system with fault tolerance other than mogilefs and glusterfs?16:03
dabaRI get this No Logon Servers message whenever I leave my computer for a while and then try to sudo or when I first login.16:08
dabaRHeard of that?16:08
ratcheerHi, quartz16:22
QuartzWho has tested rubyripper on 10.04?16:22
QuartzOn my system, thespeed of extraction looks normal, but the comparison of the two pass is extremly long16:24
QuartzHas ruby been modify between 9.10and 10.04?16:25
nukelacityhey i was here the other day with a problem about a RaLink RT2500 wireless card.. well id like to let you know i have sorted out the problem.. but now another problem has arisen.. i was wondering if anyone could help me with this16:25
nukelacitybasically right now my card is finding my network.. but only mine no others (next doors, over the road etc..) and also when i click to connect it tries to connect but after about a minute or two it gives up16:26
nukelacityso does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? and/or how to fix it16:26
Quartznukelacity: this is a good opportunity to move on ethernet, think to the health of your neighbours :]16:27
nukelacityxD i dont use my neighbours.. im just saying its not finding anyone elses networks whereas my laptop (what im on now) does xD16:28
guntbertwhere could I take a look at the 10.04 version of the server guide?16:28
BluesKajnukelacity, you might try wicd , nm is terribly flaky on wifi16:28
nukelacityhow do i set up and use wicd in ubuntu? without the internet xD16:29
nukelacitynow it cant even find my own network -_- should i try broadcasting my network on another channel maybe? would that increase the range16:29
Quartznukelacity: Ethernet cables are your friends!16:29
nukelacitylol i cant get an ethernet cable down to the router.. id have to drill through my floor and my dad wont let me -_- i wonder why xD16:30
BluesKajnukelacity, got access to another pc and a usb stick?16:30
nukelacityyeah im on my laptop now and my usb sticks around here somewhere xD16:30
nukelacitymy desktops the one with the problems lol16:31
BluesKajok, find the wicd open source app on it's site DL it to your usb stick and install it on the linux pc16:32
Quartznukelacity: This is not a problem: an ethernet cable is designed to conduct a signal on a distance of 100m in an aggressive environment, electromagneticaly speaking.16:32
nukelacityis it a .deb file? i can only install them at the moment because as ive not yet had access to the internet with it i cant compile anything16:32
nukelacityand quartz i have no way of connecting the cable from my pc to my router xD16:33
Quartz? a lazptop without ethernet port exists? What is this horror model? :p16:35
researcher1I am working with Ubuntu 10.04 but when it will be  released in April 29 will I have to install fresh copy?16:35
QuartzYou need wicd-gtk and16:35
ratcheerresearcher1: No16:35
nukelacityLOL! quartz no yoo dont get it xD lmao! im on my laptop now.. that connects to wireless fine.. its my desktop that the wireless doesnt work in xD16:35
=== Reckon_ is now known as Reckon
nukelacitywill the wicd deb file have both the wicd-gtk and wicd-daemon?16:37
researcher1ratcheer: thanks. Will I have to just update?16:38
Reckonhola a tod@s | Hello everybody16:38
enavafter install 10.04 i got a black screen16:38
ReckonHey buddies, is there any known issue regarding the gnome-clock applet?16:38
ratcheerresearcher1: Yes, just keep up with the apt-get updates and you will be there.16:38
ratcheerReckon: Have you checked on Launchpad?16:40
Reckonratcheer, I just booted and got an error dialog msg closing the clock applet16:41
Reckonwhere can I check the logs?16:41
ratcheerReckon: I get no hits for gnome-clock in Lucid bugs16:41
ReckonYea, I was looking for any also, but no luck16:42
Reckonthat's why I asked16:42
ratcheerReckon: Ok, sorry.16:42
Reckonno, thanks for looking up. 4 eyes see more than 216:42
ratcheerReckon: try viewing /var/log/messages16:44
researcher1ratcheer: ok.Thanks16:46
ReckonIs there any article delving into the Ubuntu boot process? I'm really interested on it16:47
nukelacityi just installer wicd-manager like you said and i also uninstalled network-manager because it told me to, now it wont find any connections :/16:48
trevesaanyone else having trouble with lucid rc and the notification area icons? sometimes the volume gets duplicated, and sometimes the network doesn't appear at all (but I seem to get internet connectivity, but the icon is not there)16:49
Reckontrevesa, I only had an issue today. My clock vanished. But I know the "volume" icon is a common issue.16:50
ReckonI've heard several times about it16:50
trevesaReckon: ok, well I haven't had any problems with the clock... yet16:50
nukelacityive gotta go.. ill come back and get this sorted some other time lol xD thanks for the help so far guys16:50
AscavasaionWhat is the /dev/ device name for USB memory stick?16:53
penguin42Ascavasaion: it'll be a /dev/sd* where * depends16:53
AscavasaionTa penguin4216:53
Ascavasaionpenguin42: Only sda* entries.16:54
Ascavasaionpenguin42: and those are used for my hard disk partitions.16:54
penguin42Ascavasaion: That's unusual, it sounds like it's not seeing the stick; can you do an lsusb and put it into a pastebinh?16:55
Ascavasaionlsusb works like a charm16:55
AscavasaionSee the USB.16:55
Ascavasaionsees the USB16:55
penguin42how about /proc/partitions?16:56
arandA dmsegs, from just after the point of inserting the device might be informative penguin42 Ascavasaion16:56
penguin42Ascavasaion: I'm guessing the SanDisk is your USB storage16:57
penguin42Ascavasaion: Does it show in /proc/partitions ?16:57
Ascavasaiondmesg output - [ 1082.688443] hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 416:57
Reckonnothing in /media either?16:57
Ascavasaionpenguin42: does not show in /proc/partitions16:58
AscavasaionReckon: No... when I insert it I suspect it tries to mount the usb from /dev/fd  But thatnis only an idea.16:59
arandAscavasaion: That error message is probably the problem right there...16:59
penguin42Ascavasaion: that unable to enumerate is unusual - I've not seen it with storage before; I assume you've tried unplugging and plugging back in?16:59
Ascavasaionpenguin42: Repeatedly and with different memory sticks.  Other USB devices like bluetooth dong works though.16:59
penguin42Ascavasaion: Weird17:00
Ascavasaionpenguin42: I agree17:00
penguin42Ascavasaion: Is this direct into a port on the machine or into a hub?17:00
Ascavasaionpenguin42: Directly.17:00
penguin42hmm very weird17:00
Ascavasaionpenguin42: I agree17:01
penguin42Ascavasaion: Can you pastebin the whole of your dmesg?17:01
Jake2|cfl Looking for a file VIEWER that has no 'save' function...view only.17:01
ReckonAscavasaion, have you checked if you are a member of the group "pludev" ?17:02
Reckongroup "plugdev" sorry17:04
penguin42Reckon: Worth checking, but even if he isn't it should show up in /proc/partitions17:05
AscavasaionI am a member of plugdev group17:06
AscavasaionReckon: I am a member of plugdev group17:07
letaliswell i must say, this is far more stable than 9.1 was out of the gate.17:07
disk1of5hey all im looking to install10.04 rc but after 10.04 is offically released will i have to do any thing other then a regular system update  to be updated from RC to 10.04 final?17:10
ratcheerdisk1of5: No, that's all.17:10
Jake2|cfldisk1of5: like the nick.  I've been TOLD that an update will work.17:10
s0u][ight10.04 broke my harddisk17:11
disk1of5perfect thnx :)  also one more quick thing.. has the netbook remix UI changed or is it still awkwardish (for me at least)17:11
disk1of5Jake2|cfl, thnx :)17:11
s0u][ightmy harddisk isn't recognized at boot17:12
jo-erlendcan we setup raid in the graphical installer now, or do I still have to use the alternate?17:13
s0u][ightis there any way to get my hard disk back to working?17:18
paketehey all17:24
paketewhen pressed restart it shows black screen with TERM signals...only then it shows splash with progress bar....How to get rid of black screen?17:26
paketeor it has to be there?17:26
Ascavasaionsda = my first Hard disk... I cannot figure out what /dev entry m USB memory stick is using.  lsusb locates it.17:28
penguin42Ascavasaion: If it's not showing up in /proc/partitions I suspect it really hasn't got a /dev entry17:30
paketecan some one tell how to solve black screen?17:30
Ascavasaionpenguin42: how do I remedy that?  A reboot with USB device plugged in?17:31
penguin42Ascavasaion: Don't know - it's not obvious to me why it's failing17:31
ratcheers0u][ight: Can gparted on a Live CD see the disk?17:34
s0u][ightthe computer hangs on bios screen when the harddisk is attached17:35
s0u][ightwhen attached after live cd boot17:35
ratcheers0u][ight:  Ouch!17:35
paketecan someone ell how to disable blac k screen with text before showing splash screen on restart???17:35
s0u][ightdmesg gives it the respons is low17:35
=== pakete is now known as fox-m
fox-mcan someone suggest how to make restart without black screen and text...?17:37
s0u][ightratcheer, what now? :D17:38
s0u][ightit was a gpt partitioned disk17:38
ratcheers0u][ight: I don't know.17:39
hudnixSo after updating and rebooting this morning, my window decorations are messed up. Just have basic buttons on the left side of the titlebar, and nothing I do to change it in system settings has any effect.17:39
hudnixIn fact system settings still thinks I have my same old settings.17:39
hudnixIn KDE, btw.17:40
ronnie_vd_cwhen i login with my Yubikey, i have to refill my wireless key every time. I expected to get an gnome-keyring unlock box. When i login with my normal password, the wireless connects without asking anything17:41
lalalolhey guys, when ill click upgrade, what will happen to my wallpapers for example?17:49
ratcheerlalalol: I upgraded and it kept everything. Including some stuff I wish it had replaced, such as my alsa driver. It did keep my wallpaper.17:50
BluesKajlalalol, if you upgrade everything on your desktop shold remain the same17:50
fox-mcan anyone help with plymouth??? why does it show black screen before showing splash??? - when pressed restart?????17:51
DefaultTo0I'm having the same issue as fox-m, I have a blank screen for about 20 seconds before the splash screen.17:51
lalalolratcheer, you mentioned something interesting17:51
lalalolratcheer, lucid has better drivers available or so?17:52
ratcheerlalalol: What's that?17:52
josephnexusI've had xorg seg fault on me a few times17:52
josephnexusthe backtrace says about about wacom_drv17:52
josephnexusanyone else experiencing this?17:52
josephnexus(I use a wacom bamboo tablet)17:52
fox-mis there a way to stop it? it is kind of stupid, it shos text and only then it shos splash....i have reconfigured plymouth - still no change17:52
ratcheerfox-m: There are threads a mile long on ubuntuforums about that.17:53
z3r0-c001wow my movie player wont play legitimate movies only black market is there a fix for this17:53
lalalolratcheer, ?17:54
ratcheerz3r0-c001: try vlc and libdvdcss217:54
z3r0-c001just install them or what17:54
ratcheerlalalol: Most drivers are the same as Karmic, a few are newer.17:55
lalalolratcheer, and how do you get the better ones then? :s17:55
ratcheerYes, install them and use vlc as your movie player. If you're talking about playing DVD movies.17:56
z3r0-c001if i install vlc does the other install automaticly17:57
josephnexusyou have to run one command in the terminal17:57
josephnexusit's easy to do17:57
josephnexusif you'd like, I can post the command here for you to use17:57
ratcheerlalalol: Well, for example, to get my alsa driver updated, I had to install the alsa backports for kernel 2.6.32-2117:57
DefaultTo0Can anyone point me in the direction of an UbuntuForums thread where they get the issue with Grub -> blank screen for 20 seconds -> short splash screen -> login resolved?17:57
lalalolratcheer, im a newbie, will the final take care of that for me?17:58
ratcheerlalalol: Based on what happened to me, no. Not unless you do a fresh install.17:58
bryanrThis may seem unbelievable but deep down beneath the earth's crush there are wars between people and ancient species. we use ubuntu to plan our strategic suicide bombings. I once was a kamikaze ninja. My missions are well documented on the ubuntu computers underground. Typically I was ordered to penetrate defenses with my awesome powers and then self-destruct at the core of the enemy base.17:59
=== Votan|off is now known as Votan
pibarnashi folks, cant install language packages or the package upgrades through kpackagekit... error message: Failed to fetch http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/ttf-khmeros/ttf-khmeros-core_5.0-3ubuntu1_all.deb 403 Forbidden [IP: 80]17:59
lalalolratcheer, darn >.<17:59
bryanrmy hands still shake from the wars17:59
josephnexuspibarnas, try a diff mirror18:00
LtHummushow do I change what version of nvidia drivers I have installed?  I have 195 but I'd like to try 19018:00
LtHummusor are there any known issues with ubuntu 10.04 having choppy playback when using VDPAU?18:01
ratcheerDefaultTo0: Here is the main one I am thinking about: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1416872 It is over 50 pages long, but lots of info. Other plymouth threads are in the same sub-forum.18:02
DefaultTo0Thanks ratcheer, I'll take a look18:02
ratcheerbryanr: That is amazing.18:02
bryanrratcheer, it wouldn't be without ubuntu :)18:03
josephnexusbryanr.... that's schweet18:03
bryanruh oh mom is home18:03
ninjai__If I boot up ubuntu now my screen goes black and I dont hear the startup noise.  I *think* I accidentally powered it off during an apt-get upgrade.... so im on a live cd right now, chrooted into my system and the X log shows this: http://pastebin.com/K1C2LPcf18:04
josephnexusninjai_ : something went horribly wrong18:04
josephnexuscan you have it finish the update?18:04
ninjai__and dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg just doesn't do anything18:04
ninjai__ya i finished updating18:05
ninjai__i dont know how the x server works in 10.04 because it doesn't use an xorg.conf18:05
ratcheerninjai_: What video driver are you using?18:06
ninjai__i dont know... i think it should be intel18:06
penguin42ninjai_: It normally works most things out for itself, if you give it an xorg.conf it'll use it18:06
ninjai__ok i just copied a failsafe to xorg.conf... ill be back18:07
LtHummushow does the alternatives system work in Ubuntu 10.04?  From the 'new features' page "Three different NVIDIA proprietary drivers are currently available: nvidia-current (190.53), nvidia-173, and nvidia-96. Thanks to a new alternatives system, it is now possible to install all three of these packages at the same time (although it is only possible to have one configured for use at a time).   "18:08
DefaultTo0If Plymouth was generating errors etc, where would these be stored?18:08
ninjai__oh! lthummus... ill get to that in 1 sec, brb18:08
ninjai__LtHummus: I have this from dpkg -l: http://pastebin.com/zYKnWKvV18:12
LtHummusninjai__: thx18:12
BluesKajLtHummus, normally with nvidia the nvidia-current driver will be the one to use18:17
LtHummusBluesKaj: that's the one that I have installed, but VDPAU isn't working properly18:17
bjsniderLtHummus, with which media player?18:18
LtHummusbjsnider: XBMC18:18
ensignkimUpdated my 10.04 beta yesterday, now unable to log in as gdm login screen is frozen accepting no input from mouse or keyboard. My laptop is amd64; intel gfx. Someone suggested booting in recovery mode - how do i do this?18:18
LtHummusSD playback is fine, but HD playback is very choppy18:18
BluesKajensignkim, choose the recovery kernel at the grub boot menu18:20
BluesKajLtHummus, try vlc18:20
ensignkimBluesKaj: I don't get a grub boot menu?18:20
bjsniderLtHummus, you need the libvdpau1 package. is it installed?18:20
CloroxSo, I popped in here just to say I love Lucid Lynx. :D18:21
LtHummusBluesKaj: i'll give that a shot stand by18:21
LtHummusbjsnider: checking....18:21
bjsnidervlc will not work with vdpau18:21
LtHummusbjsnider: ahhh it appears it's not installed, installing now :)18:22
shadeslayerhey i have a small mouse pointer theme issue18:22
racquadhi guys, I have just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 RC and my PHP just stoped running under userdir... it works under all other dirs, but ~/public_html is down for PHP. Anyone with the same problem?18:23
shadeslayeri started a KDE app and the mouse now has the kde theme,how do i get the gnome theme back? :P18:23
ensignkimBluesKaj: the first thing i see is the purple ubuntu splash screen; how do i get to the grub menu?18:23
shadeslayerensignkim: press esc after the bios loads18:23
LtHummusbjsnider: that did it! thanks a million18:24
BluesKajbjsnider, vlc doesn't play HD ?18:25
ensignkimshadeslayer: I've tried that - all I get after pressing ESC is a black screen with boot messages, the first of which is "getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0)18:25
shadeslayerensignkim: heh...18:25
shadeslayerensignkim: do you have any other OS's on the HD?18:26
ensignkimshadeslayer: no18:26
BluesKajensignkim, sudo update-grub18:26
bjsniderBluesKaj, vlc needs vaapi to do that. i have a ppa that has vlc with vaapi, but without it it will play hd stuff using the cpu to do the decoding, which won't work well18:27
ensignkimBluesKaj: i cannot log into my laptop at all as gdm login screen is frozen18:27
Dr_Willisi dont have much issues with VLC doing HD on my rather midrange system. The Netbook - is a little more proplematic18:28
Dr_Willisand yes. the cpu ussage is proberly a bit higher with vlc then it should be. but thats life18:28
ensignkimI suppose I will have to make a recovery CD; but strange I cannot access recovery mode from installed OS18:29
bjsniderDr_Willis, it depends on the frame size, video bitrate and codec used. x264 at 1080p ~10mbps will not play on any system reliably.18:30
QuartzI'am afraid there is a bug related to ruby in 10.04. If someone wants to confirm it: install rubyripper 0.5.7 and run it: if it takes a long time to compare 2 tracks, the bug is reproductible18:31
Dr_Willisnot even a cray super computer. :)18:31
bjsniderQuartz, why does it need to be installed that way?18:33
bjsniderfrom the source tarball you just linked to18:33
Quartzbecause there is no package for Ubuntu18:33
QuartzIt's work very good on 9.04, 9.1018:34
bjsnider!info rubyripper lucid18:34
ubottuPackage rubyripper does not exist in lucid18:34
Quartzbut is extremely slow on 10.0418:34
penguin42doesn't ruby have their own package system it might be in - gem ?18:34
bjsnider!info rubyripper karmic18:34
Dr_Willisposibally a 'ruby' version differance/issue.18:34
ubottuPackage rubyripper does not exist in karmic18:34
ninjai_so if i encrypted my home folder... and i cant get the xserver working on my install... and i don't ahve the key they clearly mentioned to "write down", and I screwed?18:35
ronnie_vd_cwhen i login with my Yubikey, the netwerkmanager asks for my wireless password instead of asking the gnome-keyring password. When i login with my password the wireless connects without asking. What package should i use for the bug report?18:35
Quartzthe result is the same with rubyripper git version (0.6 b)18:35
* Dr_Willis gueses yes.. but is not 100%sure18:36
bjsniderQuartz, i had no idea it was not in ubuntu. i'll have to ppa it18:41
bjsniderit's an outrage18:41
Dr_WillisNo idea what rubyripper even does.18:43
ensignkimninjai_: can't you log in at console?18:43
ninjai_any reason why all of a sudden grub2 would take a long-ish time to do anything after my selection is made? (takes like 5 seconds for the screen to go away)18:43
ninjai_what do i need to erase any configuration related to the x server???18:45
CT1Hi.  I've installed pulseaudio-equalizer which works great.  One question, when I record for the sake of argument, some tunes in audacity from spotify in wine, is audacity recording the equalized audio?  I'm looking for a guide on how audio works (from an end-user's perspective) what is applied where, what "routes" through what etc.  Any suggestions of a good place to start reading? As I said, I'm an end user, an analogy would be: I want to know18:46
ninjai_CT1: I'm not sure.  And I think you may want to look up the definition of analogy ;)18:47
guntbertronnie_vd_c: if your network manager is gnome-network-manager then use that (for a start at least)18:48
Quartzbjsnider: are you a developer of ruby?18:48
ronnie_vd_cok, thx guntbert18:48
guntbertronnie_vd_c: but don't expect too much at this state of the release schedule ;-)18:49
ronnie_vd_cok, i fixed it by setting "availible for all users" no i can login with Yubikey and can connect to wireless18:50
CloroxI have a question, CompizConfig isn't working for me in Lucid Lynx, Does it have something to do with my graphics card?18:50
guntbertronnie_vd_c: good to know - thx for reporting back18:50
bjsniderQuartz, no, just a guy that needs rubyripper18:50
CT1ninjai_: You're right about the analogy.  Sorry, I was looking for another word that still escapes me.... paradigma? for example? none seem to fit...  My question still stands :p18:50
shizzosry... i wanted to go in the german ubuntu+1 IRC channel.... how i can go there?18:50
crdlbClorox: can you be more specific?18:51
ronnie_vd_calways trieing to make ubuntu more user friendly :D18:51
Dr_WillisClorox:  so is compiz working? what is your gfx card?18:51
UsagiakumuI love the new RC and the new boot sound is amazingly beautiful18:55
Usagiakumueverything about it is amazing18:55
Usagiakumubut can OOo be removed to save the ISO size I never use the darn thing and always remove it18:56
* Dr_Willis thinks there shouldent really even be a 'boot sound' other then perhaps a very short tone or 2.18:56
Quiet1I have a question about the RC18:56
penguin42Usagiakumu: Many people do use it however18:57
Usagiakumuwell yall remove gimp18:57
UsagiakumuI use it18:57
penguin42Dr_Willis: Agreed, it must get embarrasing if you open the laptop in a library18:57
Usagiakumumoreso than OOo18:57
Usagiakumuif ur going to remove one you have to remove the other18:57
ninjai_how can i force ubuntu to use a different video driver?18:58
Usagiakumujust install the driver for your video card18:58
CloroxDr_willis: No its not working at all, and I have a 8800GTS Nvidia card18:58
ninjai_whats the driver for intel gfx?18:58
Usagiakumuit is a floss driver18:59
Usagiakumuit is included18:59
coz_ninjai_,  is it not working?18:59
coz_ninjai_,  or cant you get compiz working?19:00
UsagiakumuI gotta say I dont get this excited about a Linux release normally but I gotta say it is about time you all are bringing the love back to linux19:01
QuietstormI was wondering if a quad core running a 100% on all cores at idle is considered nomal behavior19:01
Dr_WillisClorox:  odd. I got an 8800GTSxxx here - and nvidia drivers are working for me19:01
coz_Quietstorm,  no that doesn sound right19:01
imancQuietstorm only if you are running windows19:01
Usagiakumuno do you have speed step enabled?19:01
Dr_WillisVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G80 [GeForce 8800 GTS] (rev a2)19:01
ensignkimI just booted into recovery mode as root from grub2 - without needing a password? what gives? anyone can access my machine as root without having a password?19:01
Usagiakumuif so disable it19:02
Usagiakumuand submit a bug report19:02
Dr_Willisif someone has physical access to your machine.. then its not 'secure' so  thats normal ensignkim19:02
Dr_Willisyou an password protect grub if you wanted..19:02
Dr_Willisbut then they could use a live cd..19:02
Usagiakumuthe new software center makes me cream in my pants mmmm it is so darn sexy19:03
ninjai_how can i fix this? (EE) VESA: Kernel modsetting driver in use, refusing to load, (WW) Falling back to old probe method for vesa, (EE) no devices detected19:03
Quietstormno windoze, I have 10.04 B3 that is fully updated19:03
Jake2|cflUsagiakumu: I reallt disagree...it doesn't show you the actual name of the package unless you drill into each one19:03
Jake2|cflclick on Installed.19:03
Dr_WillisI also have some issues with software center..19:04
Usagiakumuactually I like it it isnt so overwhelming19:04
ensignkimDr_Willis: thanks, i will remember to password protect grub - they can't use a livecd as that is disabled from bios (which is passworded)19:04
CloroxDr_Willis: Yeah im running the recommended driver, just no animations or anything.19:04
Usagiakumuhey wine is finally included19:04
UsagiakumuI dont have to jump through hoops to get it19:04
Dr_Willisensignkim:   and you can lock the pc in a 3ft steel vault.....19:04
Dr_Williswine has been in the repos for many a year...19:05
UsagiakumuI mean for more advanced users there is always synaptic19:05
Usagiakumubut software center is very nice19:05
Dr_WillisClorox:  odd.  what does nvidia-settings tool say about the driers?19:05
ensignkimDr_Willis: nevertheless, if someone steals my machine, they can access my data (actually, they can't, because it's encrypted - but most ordinary users won't necessarily have encrypted their home directories)19:05
UsagiakumuI use synaptic regularly and nothing will replace it19:05
UsagiakumuI am just saying Software Center is beautiful19:06
* Dr_Willis recalls that last years 'beautiful/sexy/hot' themes/apps/gui desicn is now this years garbage....19:06
Jake2|cflUsagiakumu: actually, I thought the cENTER was the new version of synaptic19:06
UsagiakumuUbuntu 10.04 is bringing sexy back lol19:06
Usagiakumulol no it isnt19:06
Usagiakumusoftware center is developed by canonical19:07
Dr_WillisI wonder if software center finally fixed that queing of installs that was sort of a feature.. IF you did it right...19:07
CloroxDr_Willis: Nvidia Drivers Version 195.36.15? Im guessing thats what your looking for?19:07
Usagiakumuyes it has19:07
Usagiakumuyou are able to queue them up now19:07
Dr_WillisClorox:  so the  command 'sudo nvidia-settings' lets you change/tweak things eh?19:07
Usagiakumuand look through software while one or two are installing19:07
Dr_WillisUsagiakumu:  you were able to befor.. IF you clicked on  the details button. then installed.. but the install button on the 'page' befor the details.. wouldent que.19:08
Usagiakumuim not one for gimp but they did a lot with gimp19:08
Dr_Willisit seemed sort of weird it had to be doen that way19:08
Usagiakumuit does now19:08
CloroxDr_Willis: yeah it does.19:08
Dr_Willisglad to see some bugs got fixed :)19:08
UsagiakumuI installed Gimp and then went and installed gnome-do and gnome-do waited until gimp was done19:08
Usagiakumunow all yall gotta do is work on a flicker free boot19:09
Dr_Willisbe nicer if the thing could start downloading all the packages as one is installing..19:09
Usagiakumuget rid of the flicker19:09
Dr_Willisafter all the fighting/problems with Plymouth.. I dont really care if the boot flickers or not.19:09
Usagiakumuyeah but progress man19:09
Usagiakumusynaptec does this19:09
vegabjsnider: what do you know.. removing the second nvidia card solved my nvidia-proprietary problem (discussed some 4-5 hrs ago)19:10
Usagiakumuso I still use synaptic19:10
Dr_WillisId rather have a machine that works relieably for 40+ days.. then  saves me 4 sec of boot time :)19:10
bjsniderClorox, glxinfo |grep renderer19:10
needhelpUbuntu thinks my system has a floppy drive which doesn't actually exist. This problem happens whether I use the Lucid kernel or the Karmic kernel.19:10
UsagiakumuI would rather both19:10
Usagiakumuoh well 10.04 is beginning to get that whole "apple magic" and I for one am impressed19:10
QuartzI dislike the icon of rhythmbox which now don't get information on the current track when overflighted19:10
Dr_WillisClorox:  Hmm. Not sure what to tell ya to look at next then. Theres been some odd quirks where the nvidia drivers failed.. then next reboot.. or even  just a restart of X. got them working properly19:11
needhelpQuartz: Yeah, that is annoying.19:11
needhelpQuartz: Thankfully I now use Docky and it reproduces that feature. :)19:11
Dr_WillisQuartz:  they removed that from a lot of the icons that way19:11
Usagiakumuyeah I am about to install the RC on my Ubuntu machine and give it a true run I am running it in virtual box on a Mac at the moment19:11
vegahaving 2 nvidia cards in same system and installing nvidia drivers apparently is not very well supported.. machine halts totally on boot19:11
Dr_WillisQuartz:  from what i 'hear/read' theres going to be a move  away from dozens of little icons/applets to do notifications to a  more organized setup.19:12
QuartzTY for this info needhelp19:12
CloroxDr_Willis: Alrighty Thanks19:12
Dr_Willisvega:  i got  2 nvidia cards here. :) one is onboard. other is a PCIE.  they both work. but i THINk they would work better if they both used the same nvifdia drivers.19:12
Cloroxbjsnider: It tells me to install mesa-utils19:12
vegaDr_Willis: exact same situation, i can't boot with both cards in the system with nvidia drivers19:13
UsagiakumuFACK I went to take a screenshot and hit command shift f8 and it rebooted19:13
Dr_Willisvega:  i even had 3 monitors workiong.. once.. havent tried it lately19:13
Usagiakumuthats mad annoying19:13
bjsniderClorox, go ahead and do that19:13
Usagiakumubut yes I am very impressed by the new RC19:14
Quartzneedhelp: how do you use docker?19:14
Cloroxbjsnider: alright done should I re-run the command?19:14
needhelpLucid thinks my system has a floppy drive which doesn't actually exist.19:14
Dr_WillisJust rember 'this years hot girlfriend' is next years 'old ball and chain'19:14
needhelpQuartz: Docky.19:14
* Dr_Willis clears the screen befor his wife comes in...19:14
Quartzsorry :)19:15
Usagiakumuburning now19:15
Cloroxhaha nice19:15
bjsniderClorox, of course19:15
Usagiakumuill let you all know how the final tests go19:15
needhelpQuartz: It has an excellent project wiki.19:15
Usagiakumuill put it through its paces19:15
Usagiakumurun wow and rosetta stone in wine19:15
bjsniderQuartz, https://launchpad.net/~brandonsnider/+archive/rubyripper19:16
bjsniderQuartz, binary still being published at the moment19:16
Usagiakumuill even try to break it19:16
Usagiakumuill install like every application my HDD will handle19:16
Cloroxbjsnider: alright It says OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 8800 GTS 512/PCI/SSE219:16
bjsniderClorox, what happens with glxgears?19:17
Quartzbjsnider: ok, but have tested it?  Is it as fast as on 9.10 or 9.04?19:18
Cloroxbjsnider: What do you mean?19:18
needhelpDr_Willis: I like Docky and Dockbar19:18
bjsniderQuartz, i haven't tested it yet.19:19
Quartzthat's the point :(19:19
Dr_WillisHmm. I dont even have glxgears installed here19:19
Dr_Willis!find glxgears19:19
bjsniderClorox, run the glxgears command and check the framerate19:19
ubottuFile glxgears found in fglrx, fvwm-crystal, mesa-utils, phoronix-test-suite, xmanpages-ja19:19
bjsniderDr_Willis, mesa-utils19:20
Dr_Willisright. but i got my nvidia going without even needing that package..19:20
Cloroxbjsnider: Alright its running at 69706 Frames in 5.0 Secs. looks fine to me.19:20
Dr_Willis02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G80 [GeForce 8800 GTS] (rev a2)19:20
bjsniderQuartz, the pointi s to package it properly for one thing. you test it and i'll test it using your procedure and we'll compare19:20
Cloroxhaha whoops wrong window.19:21
bjsniderClorox, then it's not a driver problem19:21
Dr_Willis86042 frames in 5.0 seconds19:21
needhelpLucid thinks my system has a floppy drive which doesn't actually exist.19:21
ninjai_i have a quick question.  Can someone tell me what log would have been written to the last time I booted? Xorg.[0-5].log19:22
Dr_Willisneedhelp:  so? clarify how this is a problem?19:22
diwicLucid RC Live CD does not boot on old laptop, last thing I see is garbage on screen for a split second (probably when switching out of plymouth) and then a hard freeze19:22
Cloroxbjsnider: am I missing something then like an option?19:22
diwicneedhelp, try disabling it in BIOS - worked for me19:22
needhelpDr_Willis: It's annoying because it clutters up my menu and stuff.19:22
Dr_Willisneedhelp:  what menu? and 'stuff' ?19:22
diwicneedhelp, for me, it slowed down my boot.19:22
needhelpdiwic: I might try it and lose a bit of uptime.19:23
bjsniderClorox, i don't know about that since i don't use compiz. but if you upgraded from karmic i'd say it could be a local gconf setting that's broken19:23
Dr_Willisyep. check bios disable foppy controller - for starters like diwic  said.19:23
diwicninjai_, are you looking for dmesg?19:23
needhelpI never had this problem before, though.19:23
LukeLninjai_ you can do ls -l /var/log/Xorg* to see the last modified time of files19:23
Dr_Willischeck fstab see if it has a floppy entry. if so - comment it out.19:23
needhelpDr_Willis: It's annoying to see a misleading floppy icon every time I look at my screen.19:23
ChrisC_Hi there.19:24
VigoDoes the Desktop Voice Control widget use Festival or something else?19:24
Cloroxbjsnider: alright thanks anyway :D19:24
needhelpDr_Willis: There's nothing there.19:24
Dr_Willistry the bios then. I guess needhelp19:24
Dr_WillisI wonder if theres a floppy 'module' thats loaded.. or thats proberly built into the kernel19:25
ChrisC_Can I ask a question. How do I reset splash to a low res? When I boot up I get a blank screen. I'm using that odd nomodeset in the grub2 file. As my video card is one of those odd ones.19:25
needhelpDr_Willis: The problem occurs when using either the Lucid kernel or the Karmic kernel.19:25
UsagiakumuDr_Willis: I dislike docks19:25
UsagiakumuI rarely use the one in OSX19:25
needhelpUsagiakumu: They're better than taskbars.19:26
diwicChrisC_, yes you can, and perhaps you can switch to using framebuffer device in plymouth19:26
needhelpI like to use icons to select a window rather than a string of text.19:26
UsagiakumuI use my dock in OSX like a task bar19:26
UsagiakumuI like to be able to read19:26
needhelpUsagiakumu: That's how I use a dock on Ubuntu.19:26
Usagiakumuim not a complete moron19:26
needhelpBoth Windows and MAC use docks now.19:26
ChrisC_diwic thanks for the reply. How do you do that please?19:26
needhelpUsagiakumu: But it's slower to read.19:26
Usagiakumuwindows still uses a taskbar19:26
Usagiakumueven in 819:26
needhelpUsagiakumu: You can recognise an icon in a blink of an eye.19:27
Usagiakumuthe new alpha19:27
diwicChrisC_, I remember reading about it but now I can't find it19:27
needhelpUsagiakumu: The taskbar is more of a dock than a taskbar.19:27
Usagiakumuyes but if you arent sure what an icon is text is nice19:27
ChrisC_diwic, thats a  shame, this is really bugging me.19:27
needhelpUsagiakumu: If you're not sure what an icon is then you're using a shit icon theme.19:27
UsagiakumuI like dockbar X though19:27
needhelpUsagiakumu: Also, you can hover the mouse over the icon and get the text.19:27
needhelpUsagiakumu: Me too, but it's too buggy to be usable ATM for me. :(19:28
UsagiakumuDockbar X looks nice19:28
needhelpUsagiakumu: Some windows don't show up at all. :(19:28
Usagiakumuah nvm19:28
diwicChrisC_, do this as root: "echo FRAMEBUFFER=y >>/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash"19:28
Usagiakumuit will get fixed19:28
UsagiakumuTalika looks nice19:28
needhelpUsagiakumu: I know, but I'm using Docky in the meantime.19:28
diwicChrisC_, and after that "update-initramfs -u"19:28
Usagiakumuhow good is talika19:28
CloroxAlright trying to run Visual Effects but it just searches for drivers then says Composite extension is not available. Any help?19:28
needhelpUsagiakumu: No idea.19:28
ChrisC_diwic, So sudo that in the terminal?19:28
Usagiakumuit looks like a windows 7 ripoff19:29
diwicChrisC_ "sudo su" first or >> will go outside sudo19:29
Usagiakumubut to vote I am saying docky bc im a mac fanboy lol19:29
Dr_Willismore proper to do 'sudo -i'   or you can use a 'tee' with the sudo command and >19:29
Usagiakumuim used to the mac style dock for day to day usage19:30
UsagiakumuI wish Ubuntu would use global menu bar19:30
Usagiakumuby default rather19:30
ChrisC_su is not authenticating.19:31
Dr_Willisthat would of been a radical design change Usagiakumu  :) would be very suprising if they do that.19:31
ChrisC_Just a sec.19:31
Dr_WillisChrisC_:  you use 'sudo' normally. not 'su'19:31
Usagiakumuit is such a waste of screenspace to have the menus in my windows19:31
DanaG1Argh, I hate VGA16fb... it's quite fugly, and it gets in the way of using other framebuffer drivers (such as uvesafb)!19:31
Usagiakumuit isnt much of a design change the code exists19:31
guntbert!ot | Usagiakumu19:31
ubottuUsagiakumu: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.19:31
Usagiakumuits by google19:31
Dr_WillisUsagiakumu:  depends on how you work. If you like  the global menubar then install it.19:32
ChrisC_I'm getting...19:32
ChrisC_chrispche@chrispche-laptop:~$ sudo echo FRAMEBUFFER=y >>/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash19:32
ChrisC_bash: /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash: Permission denied19:32
Usagiakumugnubert I am discussing development19:32
Usagiakumuback off19:32
Dr_WillisTheres some serious issues with it and some apps. from what i hear Usagiakumu . ive not tried. it.19:32
Usagiakumuyeah I suppose it is just an extra step for me19:32
needhelpUsagiakumu: Yeah, that global menu is pretty sweet; it makes my windows more attractive and take up less room on my desktop.19:32
Dr_WillisChrisC_:  do a 'sudo -s' then the echo ..... command. is one way19:32
ChrisC_Ok thanks.19:33
needhelpneedhelp: And Fitt's Law means it's more productive to use globalmenu.19:33
Usagiakumupeople say there is issues with firefox but if you remove Ubuntu Firefox Extras it works fine19:33
DanaG1Ugh, that blog / news post's comments are glitchy.19:33
DanaG1They change size a bit as you mouse over them... it's like it's twitching or convulsing.19:33
Usagiakumuive not ran into many issues so long as I stay with GTK apps19:33
Guest20780hail lcuid!19:33
UsagiakumuQT apps dont like it19:33
ChrisC_nah still permission denied.19:33
Guest20780will lucid support touch interface? i plan to run ubuntu on a touch laptop19:34
needhelpDanaG1: The website design was recently changed.19:34
Usagiakumubut if Ubuntu uses docky I would cream in my pants lol19:34
Dr_WillisChrisC_:  then you are doing sdomthign wrong  - you did 'sudo -s' (or sudo -i) and got to a root shell right?19:34
Usagiakumufor 10.1019:34
diwicChrisC_: Try the three rows here: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg2157775.html19:34
Dr_Willisby the time 10.10 gets out.. gnome3 may be in a useable state with the gnome-shell ..19:34
needhelpUsagiakumu: It won't, because Canonical wants Ubuntu to keep its originality and stay different from MACOS and Windows.19:34
UsagiakumuI am so glad they are finally ditching brown19:35
Guest20780any touch notebooks out there on which I can run lucid?19:35
Usagiakumuneedhelp: then why did it move the icons to the left like OSX19:35
needhelpUsagiakumu: OMG just because the icons are on the left they're imitating OSX?!?!?!?19:35
Dr_Willisdont forget this nifty little tweaks to nautilus also - perhaps in 10.10 -->  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/install-nautilus-elementary-230-via-ppa.html19:35
Usagiakumuyeah thats what I though19:35
Ken8521needhelp, i tend to agree, ubuntu has a bit of mac envy19:35
Usagiakumuhave you used OSX19:35
ChrisC_Thank you diwic that's done it.19:35
needhelpUsagiakumu: By your logic, they have been imitating Windows for years with their evil right aligned buttons.19:35
UsagiakumuUbuntu feels so much like OSX its crazy19:36
needhelpUsagiakumu: Well they are both unix based.19:36
Guest20780Osx is also based on linux kernel19:36
needhelpUsagiakumu: PCBSD feels like Ubuntu too.19:36
Dr_Willisneedhelp:  if you use the new netbook edition. the close button for progrms is right in the middle of the panel. :) to the left of the title..19:36
Usagiakumuno I mean the way it impliments gnome it feels like OSX19:36
arandGuest20780: Not19:36
Dr_WillisGuest20780:  err.. no its not.19:36
PiciGuest20780: no, its based on the BSD kernel19:36
UsagiakumuI use a Mac for everything I do and when I use Ubuntu I feel comfy using it enough to use it19:37
Dr_WillisMy wife actually likes the Netbook interface/launcher on her desktop machine.  Keeps her from getting so lost19:37
needhelpAll OSes have similarities.19:37
Guest20780HP TouchSmart tm2 - anychance that touch feature work with lucid?19:37
Ken8521has anyone figured out how to change the gnome menu icon?.. you used to be able to modify distrubtion-logo or something like that, but i can't find one that matches what i have19:37
UsagiakumuI will even confuse the two at times and have to remind myself I am using Ubuntu not OSX19:37
Dr_WillisGuest20780:  try a live cd and see. thats the ultimate test19:37
crimsunI've become somewhat fond of the netbook launcher19:37
Usagiakumuthe buttons on the left is just one more step19:38
needhelpUsagiakumu: Have you seen how similar Ubuntu looks to W7 after running the W7 transformation pack?19:38
needhelpUsagiakumu: I can't tell the difference.19:38
bjsniderthe what transformation pack?19:38
Guest20780But I havent bought one yet, i want to buy a notebook supporting touch for ubuntu - if there exist19:38
Usagiakumunice but I am talking about a default install19:38
Dr_WillisKen8521:  ive altered the top left menu ubuntu icon  in the past with the 'ubuntu-tweak' tool. HOWEVER.. the change only worked with some themes.. it seems some icon themes some how overlook/overrode the changed icons.19:38
DanaG1I still like the Human theme/19:38
Usagiakumua default desktop feels so much like OSX it is crazy19:38
DanaG1I find the buttons on the new themes quite ugly... they're like "a crow among doves".19:38
sobersabrehi. I have a samsung phone, and it can act either as MTP or as mass storage device, when connected via USB.19:39
Ken8521Dr_Willis, yeah, i've did it lots of times w/o tweak, for some reason though, not having luck this time19:39
Usagiakumuwhy not make it convenient and take a few extra steps like installing docky19:39
Dr_WillisDanaG1:  i just go back to 'bluecurve' :)19:39
needhelpUsagiakumu: I went round my mate's house, used his OSX PC, and didn't feel at home at all.19:39
DanaG1I think it'd look nicer if the background color of the buttons was the same as the background color of the windows themselves.19:39
Usagiakumuthen he probably used some hacks to the interface19:39
sobersabreif I'm connecting the phone as mass storage, it works (strangely, though),19:39
daedelothGreetings. I'm having some very weird xserver/xinerama issues. I have a 3-display setup, my main screen (screen 0) has always been the middle one. Now, when I move my mouse pointer to the left of my main screen, my mouse starts jumping around uncontrolable19:39
sobersabreand when using MTP, it simply doesn't.19:39
Dr_WillisKen8521:  we were testing that out in here a few weeks back. and found that the 'changes' worked with some themes and not others..  due to somthing the themes are doing different. and thats about where we stopped dissecting it. :) i forget who else was playing with it that day.19:39
sobersabreit writes into the logs things like:19:39
daedelothI've tested a lot of things, seems like it works as long as my left screen is my main screen.19:40
sobersabreusbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd gvfs-gphoto2-vo rqt 128 rq 6 len 1000 ret -11019:40
needhelpUsagiakumu: Moving the mouse around popped up random windows such as calculators and things. And I made a window disappear somehow.19:40
Ken8521Dr_Willis, i actually got it to change just now, by doing exactly what you said...19:40
Usagiakumudoes the w7 transformation pack work on the new Ubuntu?19:40
sobersabreor like this:19:40
Ken8521trying other themes, etc... i'll work it out, thanks19:40
needhelpUsagiakumu: No idea.19:40
Dr_WillisKen8521:  changed icon themes. :) heh - see.. :) and ive NO idea why it does it.19:40
Usagiakumuyeah he hacked OSX to do what he wanted19:40
needhelpUsagiakumu: Probably.19:40
Guest20780any lucid developers know if it has native support for touch features for  a netbook?19:40
Usagiakumua default OSX wont do that19:40
Ken8521Dr_Willis, seems silly, go figure19:40
Ken8521Dr_Willis, i say we blame plymouth19:40
sobersabreusb 2-2: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 1019:40
Dr_WillisUsagiakumu:  i saw it at some blog site.. but havent tried it.. cant see the need for it.19:40
Usagiakumuif you used my OSX you would get it confused too19:41
Dr_WillisKen8521:  or Upstart!19:41
Dr_WillisKen8521:  except it was also a similer proglem in the last 2 relkeases also  i think19:41
UsagiakumuI have some hacks to my OSX that make it act really wierd for some people and someone borrowed my macbook and couldnt use it at all19:41
DanaG1I like desktop_as_home_dir.19:41
Usagiakumuit annoyed them19:41
Dr_WillisKen8521:  so it could be that some themes included a ubuntu icon..  that overtriding your custome one19:41
Ken8521Dr_Willis, i had no probs changing it in 9.10.. but maybe thats because i used a prtty common theme(humanity)19:42
Usagiakumubut if I wanted windows 7 I would simply buy it lol19:42
DanaG1I find I absolutely hate the OS X desktop enviromnment...19:42
Dr_WillisKen8521:  yep. I got like 30+ icon themes.. and it worked properly for like 1/2 of them19:42
DanaG1I mean, you can only resize from the lower-right?  That's just plain stupid.19:42
Ken8521Dr_Willis, yeah.. thats been almost exactly my experience19:42
Dr_WillisDanaG1:  cant confuse users now! :019:42
DanaG1And the mouse acceleration is like a 90% angle.19:42
DanaG1Like this: _/19:42
xiambaxE: /var/cache/apt/archives/fglrx_2%3a8.723.1-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 119:42
daedeloth Is there a different way to set the "main screen" in xorg.conf?19:43
Usagiakumuok I want the MS Office ribbon for open office that is really sexy awesome19:43
xiambaxI get this error why i try to upgrade fglrx19:43
DanaG1Move slowly to medium speed... it's like it's on molasses.  Move just a bit faster, and your mouse flies across the screen out of control.19:43
needhelpUsagiakumu: Fuck that shit.19:43
Ken8521daedeloth, are you using nvidia?19:43
Dr_Willisdaedeloth:  i set it with the nvidia-settings tool  for my nvidia cards. :) not sure about other cards/drvices19:43
needhelpUsagiakumu: You suck.19:43
Usagiakumuno I actually like that19:43
IdleOneneedhelp: watch the language19:43
Usagiakumuthats mad cool19:43
needhelpUsagiakumu: You suck Steve Job's and Bill Gate's joysticks.19:43
UsagiakumuI am going to hack it up a bit and re-release openoffice with a ribbon interface19:43
IdleOne!ops | needhelp19:43
daedelothKen8521, yes, using nvidia19:43
ubottuneedhelp: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!19:43
Dr_WillisNight all...19:44
Ken8521daedeloth, well do you have the restricted driver installed?19:44
daedelothDr_Willis, yea, I've used that as well, but I've been playing around manually for a while :)19:44
Dr_Willisdaedeloth:  good luck. bed time for the Dr.19:44
daedelothKen8521, yea. It worked before without any problem and as long as my main screen is the left screen, everything works fine19:44
Usagiakumuyeah I can so do that I mean I am going to change it so it isnt violating copyright19:44
xiambaxSo can anyone help me with that lil ole driver issue im having19:44
Ken8521daedeloth, hmm... not had any problem w/ it myself... i also have two dual screens.. you double check the driver is enabled?19:45
daedelothyea, driver is enabled19:45
daedelothbut I have tripple screen, not sure if that matters :)19:45
Ken8521daedeloth, so what happens when you try to set your default display?19:45
diwicxiambax, report a bug in launchpad, that will add some important information for that error19:46
Usagiakumucool thanks to whoever told me about the w7 transformation pack for the idea19:46
daedelothI can't set my default display, I can only choose which one is number 019:46
daedelothwhen I set it to the most left screen, everything works fine19:46
UsagiakumuI dislike the OOo interface19:46
daedelothno trouble at all19:46
xiambaxdiwic, link?19:46
Usagiakumuso I am going to change it lol19:46
DanaG1Now, is there some KDE or Gnome task-switcher thingy that acts like the win7 taskbar?19:46
DanaG1That is, you can pin stuff to it.19:46
DanaG1The "smooth-tasks" thing in KDE is very close.... just misses the ability to pin things.19:46
UsagiakumuI actually dont care for win719:46
IdleOneDanaG1: Talika I think is what you mean19:47
diwic"ubuntu-bug fglrx" unless there is something automatically showing up when the upgrade fails19:47
Usagiakumuand I think Ubuntu would do well to keep the window borders gone from the desktop the new theme is beautiful19:47
DanaG1What's nice is if you set win7 to "small icons" and "group only when full": you get non-running things as icons, and running things as text.19:47
DanaG1er, as text+icons.19:47
VigoDanaG1: Like a dock-bar?19:48
DanaG1Like the second pic here.... but with small icons instead.19:49
DanaG1Notice how Firefox is pinned, but not running.19:49
VigoDanaG1: In Gnome?19:50
DanaG1I want that either for Gnome OR for KDE.19:51
DanaG1though, Gnome is preferred, for now.19:51
VigoEver looked at Desklets?19:51
DanaG1That looked mostly like widgets... not nearly the same.19:51
DanaG1And another thing that's nice in the win7 taskbar: the hover color is actually an AVERAGE of all the colors used in the icon!19:51
UrdaHellow! I need some support with installing Flash Player in 10.04 x6419:52
VigoDanaG1: srry, gDesklets, >http://www.gdesklets.de/19:52
VigoDanaG1: They are also in the Repositories.19:53
DanaG1That's a better example.19:53
VigoDanaG1: You could try Screenlets or gDesklets, there are many more also.19:54
UrdaArgh wrong butotn! Anyway I need some help installing Flash for Firefox in Ubuntu 10.0419:54
DanaG1About the closest thing I've seen is this: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Smooth+Tasks?content=10158619:54
coz_I have a command to find only video ram size for nvidia cards...anyone know a command for intel  and also ati?19:55
penguin42coz_: I'd have a grub around /var/log/Xorg.0.log - I'm not sure exactly what I'd look for on each type19:56
coz_penguin42,  yeah I am looking for some command to print out ONLy the vram  like the one I have for nvidia19:56
IdleOneDanaG1: gnome-look has Talika which does that. I tried it yesterday for a bit19:58
penguin42coz_: Well on my machine with i945GM there's a line in the xorg.0.log that says (==) intel(0): VideoRam: 262144 KB  so grepping like that might be a good answer19:58
IdleOnethey have a deb19:58
DanaG1Hmm, that doesn't have an option to "expand" running stuff.19:59
IdleOneDanaG1: I didn't try it for long. was just to help a user and then I removed20:00
DanaG1Looks good for my netbook, though.20:00
DanaG1heh, my wallpaper is a joke pic of "pedobear" (a 4chan meme) breaking through a thick glass "window" with the OS X wallpaper.20:02
coz_penguin42,  right ok   for me with nvidia  << presupposing nvclock is installed  the command that prints out only vram size is       nvclock -i | grep 'Amount:' | sed -e 's/.*: //'20:02
DanaG1Works surpisingly well with the Ubuntu orange icons.20:02
taomaster anyone having an issue with the new iso image 10.4-rc not booting correctly20:03
coz_penguin42,  i was hoping for something similar for intel and  ati20:03
penguin42coz_: on Radeon it seems to be a bit confusing; on my Radeon machine it has 512M RAM, but only 256M is exposed on the PCI bar (due to a PCI restriction I heard?) - so in my dmesg are two conflicting messages: drm] radeon: 256M of VRAM memory ready    and     drm] radeon: 512M of GTT memory ready.     I don't actually know what GTT is20:04
coz_penguin42,    256mb is max 'prefetchable', which is not total vram, it is a function of the bios framebuffer20:05
thieusoaiI compile my own kernel following the Ubuntu Kernel Compile document  (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile)  ... the cmd is something like20:06
thieusoaifakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-some-string-here kernel-image kernel-headers20:06
thieusoaithis creates 2 deb files   (image & header)  ,    problem is that it doesn't seem to create any initrd file20:06
penguin42coz_: Well not just prefetchable, mapped throguh to the host at all20:06
thieusoaiis there something I did wrong ?20:07
Adnan_89can ancan any1 tell me how to rllback to ubuntu 9.1 after upggradation?20:07
Adnan_89can any1 tell me how to rllback to ubuntu 9.1 after upggradation?20:08
coz_penguin42,  understood... I was going by   lspci | grep -vga  and then  using that reference number example;  lspci -v -s 01:00.0   what spits out is only prefectable20:08
rippsAdnan_89: you can't downgrade. You would have to reinstall all of ubuntu.20:08
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.20:09
Adnan_89and why at the startup of system it gives blurred screen initially?/20:09
Adnan_89and why at the startup of system it gives blurred screen initially?20:11
Adnan_89and why at the startup of system it gives blurred screen initially?/20:13
Adnan_89anybody listening?20:13
vish!patience | Adnan_8920:14
ubottuAdnan_89: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.20:14
Adnan_89ubottu : ?20:14
Adnan_89and why at the startup of system it gives blurred screen initially?/20:15
vishAdnan_89: pls stop doing that..20:15
Sarvattthieusoai: it's a kernel-package 12.x change, man make-kpkg explains it but you need to set up the initrd hooks manually20:15
Adnan_89vish : what i did?20:15
duffydackAdnan_89, compiz?20:15
Adnan_89duffydack : why at the startup of system it gives blurred screen initially?20:16
vishAdnan_89: there is no need to keep repeating the question so frequently.. if no one knows on one will answer20:16
thieusoaiSarvatt, ic -- thanks  -- I didn't realize this20:16
Adnan_89duffydack : compiz?20:17
duffydackAdnan_89, is it enabled20:17
Adnan_89duffydack : it didnt enabled 3d effects20:17
yofelAdnan_89: what do you mean with startup, before or after login?20:18
duffydackAdnan_89, if its only for a second or 2 and ok now, dont worry about it.20:18
Adnan_89yofel : before20:18
yofelAdnan_89: what graphics driver are you using?20:18
Adnan_89duffydack : come again i dont get u20:19
Adnan_89yofel : S20:19
Adnan_89yofel : sis20:20
yofelAdnan_89: and with blurred you mean that the splash screen is in 640x480 resolution?20:20
yofelAdnan_89: I heard you, I just can't write that fast, be patient20:20
Adnan_89no before login some blank screen type with lines moving fastly20:21
Adnan_89yofel : ok im sorry20:21
yofelok, and what screen is blurred then?20:21
Adnan_89duffydack : what u wrote please explain20:22
yofelblurred ubuntu logo, blurred text that is shown, blurred login screen?20:22
duffydackAdnan_89, if your screen is only initially blurred, and is ok from then on, then dont worry about it..20:23
duffydackAdnan_89, its not something thats affecting you using your pc is it20:23
Adnan_89yofel : not actually blurred but something else20:23
Adnan_89yeah ok i also think that will not do harm20:24
Adnan_89can you help me in enabling extra effects(3d) in apperance tab?20:24
Adnan_89(12:54:51 AM) Adnan : can you help me in enabling extra effects(3d) in apperance tab?20:26
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz20:28
TuxTamingnotification system broken in beta?20:28
duffydackAdnan_89, System, preferences, appearance, visual effects tab20:29
Adnan_89duffydack : yeah but when i click there it says desktop effect cant be enabled20:29
Adnan_89duffydack : yeah but when i click there it says desktop effect cant be enabled20:31
duffydackAdnan_89, need to enable the driver if there is one, in Hardware Drivers, in system, administration20:31
Adnan_89no one there20:32
Adnan_89duffydack : no one there20:32
Adnan_89only modem driver there20:32
ratcheerAdnan_89: I saw a thread about the same thing on ubuntuforums, this morning. I'll try to find it and post a link.20:33
Adnan_89ratcheer : thanks20:34
ratcheerAdnan_89: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1460951 but I don't see a final resolution.20:37
mdlueckIn the Lucid partitioner, what does "Error! Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition." mean?20:43
mdlueckI am trying to add Lucid to the free space at the end of a WinXP installation.20:44
macopossibly you tried to make the partition bigger than possible or to keep the data while changing the format?20:44
penguin42mdlueck: I don't know for sure, but my guess is that you've got a bunch of minimum sizes on partiions that add up to too big20:44
real_atehi guys... is there anything i can do to figure out what went wrong with my lucid upgrade if i don't even get as far as a command prompt20:44
real_ateeven in recovery mode20:44
macoalso possible: you have too many primary partitions already?20:44
mdlueck27926 free space, I was trying to make a 200M /boot partition20:44
mdluecksda1 and sda5 are used, so that would be one pri and one logical20:45
mdlueckC: and D: for WinXP20:45
bp0why nvidia (current) now instead of actual version number20:46
mdlueckFurther it says "can't have overlapping partitions"20:46
ratcheermdlueck: It means the current partition boundaries do not meet the requirements for a Lucid partition.20:46
ratcheermdlueck: I had the same problem trying to add a Lucid partition into Karmic free space.20:47
mdlueckSmells like a newly created bug to me! I have been (attempting) dual boot configs right along during Lucid testing20:47
mdlueckGrub2 has been the winer, never the partitioner20:48
ratcheermdlueck No, it was a planned change. I don't understand why they did it either, but I guess they have their reasons.20:48
mdlueckratcheer: What exactly are you referring to, please?20:49
real_atei guess there is nothing I can do then ?20:50
ratcheermdlueck It is hard to find. I found out about it in a response to a question on Launchpad.20:50
mdlueckratcheer: Oh, I guess I could look there... any idea what keyword(s) turned it up for you?20:51
MrKeuneris evince better in lucid?20:51
MrKeunerI sent a pdf document to printer spool 5 minutes ago, still waiting... (karmic though)20:52
ratcheermdlueck: "Windows (Vista/Win7) changed to an incompatible partitioning scheme.20:53
ratcheerEven WinXp isn't compatible any more. For compatibility reason lucid20:53
ratcheerwill change to 1MiB alignment also."20:53
mdlueckSo how is it possible to do a dual-boot?20:54
* real_ate is not feeling helped :(20:54
mdlueckShall I try the automatic "put Lucid behind Windows" option on the previous screen?20:56
Quartzbjsnider: I have copied the directory of rubyripper 0.5.7 compiled on 9.04 on my 10.04 machine and the behaviour is the same, it takes a very very long time to analyse the 2 extracts of a track :(20:56
ratcheermdlueck: I had to create the partition with a Karmic CD, which worked fine with the old boundaries. Then, I was able to install Lucid to the new partition.20:57
areichmanhello everybody. I just installed Lucid and am having some trouble getting audio working over hdmi. I've unmuted everything I can find and audio works from other sources but I'm not sure where to go from here20:57
mdlueckOh puke!!! (head shaking)20:58
ratcheermdlueck: I don't know the answer to your last question. I run Windows and Ubuntu on separate host machines.20:58
mdlueckI use Linux to image / deploy Windows...20:58
mdlueckHAFFA Dual-boot! It is my "maintenance partition" for Windows20:58
sebsebsebok hi racecar5620:59
racecar56sebsebseb: hi20:59
bjsniderQuartz, ok, why don't you pm me your procedures and i'll do them here20:59
sebsebsebwhat they say is upgrade from  beta to final, and you get all the updates20:59
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading20:59
sebsebsebuh wrong factoid20:59
sebsebsebright sure you get the updates, but21:00
mdlueckOnce the image is created, then I use Linux to lay out the partitions... but getting there involves hand installs and official MS CD's.21:00
real_ateanyone know of a way to debug a kernal that doesn't get to a command prompt? i'm kinda stuck here and don't know what to do21:00
sebsebsebthey might not have installed properly21:00
racecar56so just wait until 10.04 fine n' stable and it'd be better?21:00
sebsebsebso you don't get what your mean to have21:00
sebsebsebfrom expereince of doing development versions  and upgrading them21:00
racecar56i'll wait for stable then21:00
sebsebsebI know that  installing the updates, won't  nessariely give the features your meant to have21:01
sebsebsebyou said beta 2 to rc in in #ubuntu21:01
sebsebseband something about that not working?21:01
ratcheerreal_ate: Does it take you to a rescue prompt, or what?21:01
racecar56sebsebseb: like i use update-manager -d and it doesn't offer me anything21:01
sebsebsebracecar56: if someone has a clean install of the rc and then upgrade  it  to the final, I expect that will go rather well indeed,  since the rc and final will be rather similar21:01
racecar56sebsebseb: i guess it's for stable only21:02
mdlueckYes, even that previous screen "Use the largest continuous free space" has the same error. I will open a bug in that case.21:02
racecar56sebsebseb: the update manager method21:02
racecar56sebsebseb: and -d is for stable to development21:02
sebsebsebracecar56: I think you got to change a setting maybe, so it will show Lucid21:02
real_ateratcheer: nope... the only thing i can get it to do is ctl-alt-del to reboot ( didn't know that worked till now )21:02
sebsebsebracecar56: wait no21:02
sebsebsebracecar56: your running  beta 2 yes?21:02
racecar56sebsebseb: yea21:02
pibarnashi folks, Ive just installed newer kubuntu iso (lucid) and got an authentication failed of main account in first boot... any ideas?21:02
sebsebsebracecar56: then just install the updates normalley21:03
sebsebseband it should upgrade you to the RC21:03
real_ateratcheer: and by rescue prompt i guess you mean recovery mode? selecting that on grub21:03
racecar56sebsebseb: k21:03
sebsebsebyou know like you do for security updates in the stable distro21:03
racecar56sebsebseb: i do have some updates pending21:03
sebsebsebracecar56: just  those updates might not install properly for whatever reason/s since still development.  so a feature might   be lacking,  but probably not if you do it.21:03
sebsebsebeven beta 2 is quite similar to the rc really21:04
ratcheerreal_ate: No, rescue prompt is for more serious problems than recovery mode. It basically means it can't find a valid bootable partition. But, you're not even getting that!21:04
racecar56it's because i noticed transmission saying that the download wasn't authorized and i knew what that meant due to one of my other comps doing that when the ubuntu 10.04 beta got thrown into the void and beta2 coming out21:05
racecar56that's how i noticed21:05
sebsebsebratcheer:  uhmm it seems that Ubuntu doesn't have recovery mode anymore starting with 10.04?21:05
racecar56sebsebseb: really? i have it...21:05
sebsebsebracecar56: oh ok21:05
racecar56sebsebseb: and it's a fresh install too21:05
sebsebsebI thought I read before that it woudn't be there for whatever reason/s21:06
real_ateratcheer: the debug output for when i select recovery mode shows that i am booting fine(ish)21:06
sebsebseband Grub doesn't show or doesn't show for long in my vm's, well I could change, but can't be bothered to21:06
ratcheersebsebseb: No, Lucid definitely has recovery mode. I have used it many times.21:06
real_atei can see "running /script/local-premount"21:06
sebsebsebracecar56: anyway great if 10.04  has recovery mode21:06
hudnixDoes anyone know why, after updating, my window decorations have been reset to some basic setting and ignore any changes I make in sysem settings?21:06
real_ate"running /scripts/init-bottom ..."21:06
sebsebsebhudnix: upgrading  from 9.10?21:06
racecar56sebsebseb: i've been using it often due to updating grub, installing grub, etc due to me setting up quad-boot (yes, quad-boot)21:06
BUGabundohow are my babies doing ?21:07
real_ateratcheer: it stops after mounting all my filesystems21:07
racecar56sebsebseb: Windows isn't in there though ;)21:07
hudnixsebsebseb:  actually I had already upgraded to the RC, this is after just doing updates this morning.21:07
duffydackI thought empathy would use the avatar pic Ive set in the MeMenu21:07
hudnixI'm in KDE, btw.21:07
sebsebsebhudnix: sometimes development version upgrades, will change  things that the user has changed21:08
sebsebsebhudnix: I mean when it comes to looks,  customization of Gnome that kind of thing21:08
racecar56i burned ubuntu 10.04 beta 2 to a DVD because i didn't have a 700MB CD-RW handy :P21:08
sebsebsebhudnix: oh KDE21:08
hudnixsebsebseb: actually, this is in KDE. And I don't mind it changing, but nothing I do will change it back.21:08
sebsebsebnot sure, but I guess KDE 4.4. got a bit updated, and something was installed that changed whatever you set up21:08
ratcheerreal_ate: Sounds like the stuff where everyone is complaining about plymouth. Personally, I would try a reinstall. But that's up to you.21:09
sebsebsebhudnix: anyway  you haven't been 100% clear what problem you have,  plus  I probably can't really help you anyway since...21:09
sebsebsebhudnix: someone else may be able to in a bit though21:09
hudnixsebsebseb: according to the system settings dialog, they haven't changed at all! but ok, I'll ask again later.21:10
sebsebsebhudnix: right well, I was only guessing what your problem  might be21:10
racecar56all of a sudden i remembered why ubuntu+1 exists :p21:12
real_ateratcheer: plymouth?21:12
visorhi everybody21:12
visorgwibber doesnt show any tweets even when properly configured on Lucid beta 2 though I just updated all packages yesterday so I guess I have RC already installed, anybody has had the same problem?21:12
visorI don't really want to install any AIR app so I'd rather make gwibber work21:13
ratcheerreal_ate: Yes, a new required program that runs mountall and gives the Lucid purple splash screen. A lot of people hate it, but it works fine, for me.21:13
real_ateratcheer: is there anything i can try... i'm on a notebook and don't have a cd drive :(21:13
racecar56real_ate: unetbootin and a USB flash drive?21:14
ratcheerreal_ate: Can you make a bootable USB flash drive?21:14
racecar56real_ate: ...and some patience downloading ubuntu -__-21:14
racecar56!enter > racecar5621:14
ubotturacecar56, please see my private message21:14
racecar56i fussed at myself for using enter too much21:15
real_ateratcheer: don't think I have a big enough usb :(21:15
racecar56real_ate: only needs to be 700+ MB, if that21:15
racecar56real_ate: you sure?21:15
real_ate65MB :P21:15
Ken8521?? how old is that thing, 20yrs?21:16
racecar56real_ate: :p21:16
racecar56Ken8521: probably about 6 years21:16
Ken8521geez, i've not saw 64mb thumb drives in a while.21:16
Ken8521heck, even 512mb are uncommon nowdays21:16
real_atewell its one of those promotional ones21:17
racecar56i have a 512 and 64 mb flash drive, the 64mb one's USB plug broke off though :(21:17
real_atefrom someone's publicity department that must have just moved up from giving out rotten tomatoes21:18
real_ateand haven't learned their lesson ;)21:18
Quietstormhello everybody21:18
Ken8521i bought 4 2gigs for $20 on sale at best buy a few years ago.21:18
Ken8521they work fine.21:18
real_ateanyways... thanks everyone... chat to you later... got to go21:19
Ken8521greetings Quietstorm21:19
=== evilTughan is now known as MTughan
Quietstormso how are you ken?21:21
racecar56Ken8521: one of my 4 GB ones died :|21:22
yofelmy 1GB is useless for ubuntu for some reason, I can't find data corruption when I use it, but I get crap when I try to boot from it21:23
QuietstormI've pretty good luck with my lexar usb but wish I would've got the 8gb instead of the 4gb21:24
racecar56yofel: source ISO is bad?21:24
switchgirlBug #569543  is very annoying21:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 569543 in gwibber "Could not identify preference: username Could not identify preference: session_key failure yet authed for services" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56954321:24
ensignkimhow can you tell which version of ubuntu you're running, e.g. beta-1, beta-2, RC etc. - this doesn't show up with lsb_release?21:24
yofelracecar56: no, I tried many different ones, boot sector to often written to I guess21:25
yofel*too often21:25
Alfiharhi everyone, I'm trying to install 10.04 RC and I need to set grub to be installed into a partition rather than the mbr, however it doesn't seem to list the partition for Ubuntu, well there is a /dev/sda-1 entry which causes the OK button to be greyed out, along with /dev/sda and two other partitions which are for another OS.21:25
yofelensignkim: RC will show as 'lsb_release -d'  Description:    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS21:26
switchgirlAlfihar, install on all of them21:26
yofelensignkim: alpha and beta as Description:    Ubuntu lucid (development branch)21:26
Ken8521you can also lsb_release -a21:27
Ken8521Alfihar, sorry, i'm no help, i've never put grub on its own partition... why not just put it on the mbr?21:27
Alfiharswitchgirl: what do you mean, you can only select one location to install the boot loader from the dropdown menu21:27
yofelKen8521: that doesn't tell you anything more that's helpful, as only -d is different21:27
ensignkimyofel: cheers. is the RC the *actual* finished LTS release?21:27
Ken8521yofel, i didn't suggest it did.21:28
yofelensignkim: not quite,  at least the ISO is missing quite a few bugfixes21:28
yofelKen8521: well yes, I found -d to be more topic-focused21:28
switchgirlwheres the grub installed? use that21:28
yofelthat's all21:28
racecar56release will be soon :)21:29
AlfiharKen8521: Unfortunately I need to keep the other boot loader on the MBR otherwise Hibernation fails in the other OS, also some issues with decrypting the partition.21:29
Alfiharswitchgirl: grub isn't installed anywhere yet, and I can't select the Ubuntu partition where it will be installed21:30
ojiigood evening everyone21:30
yofelAlfihar: grub2 indee didn't support installing to a partition for a long time, I'm not sure if it does now actually21:30
ojiihow/where can I set SCIM as my default input method for all 'input fields'?21:30
racecar56i use GPT with a bios boot partition on /dev/sda121:31
AlfiharI'm not sure what partition table I have at the moment21:33
Alfiharyofel: I'm just going to check but I'm sure it worked in 9.1021:33
Alfiharwith grub221:33
racecar56i like GPT because i use quad-boot and i don't want the limits of MBR21:33
Alfiharwhats the easiest way of checking what partition table you have21:34
monkey_dusthi all, are the minim, maxim and close buttons in lucid on the left or the right? -- has it changed again?21:34
Ken8521Alfihar, sudo fdisk -l i think21:34
yofelAlfihar: you could ask in #ubuntu-installer or in -devel what happened, or confirm bug 55978321:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 559783 in ubiquity "[Kubuntu] Cant install GRUB2 to partition instead of MBR" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55978321:35
Alfiharthanks I'll try that in a sec once the livecd has booted21:35
Quietstormhow do I change the color of my text here?21:35
penguin42you don't21:36
ropetinAny suggestions on how I can troubleshoot a hard lock condition?  My netbook (with Lucid) keeps randomly freezing, with no apparent trigger or pattern21:36
Ken8521Quietstorm, you *probably* can in the prefrences of your client(whatever that may be) but why would you want to?21:36
monkey_dustQuietstorm, it seems to me, that it depends on your irc client21:36
QuietstormI have xchat21:37
Ken8521xchat is nice... for sure21:37
Ken8521i'd love to figure out irssi some day.21:38
racecar56Alfihar: sudo parted DRIVE p21:38
QuietstormI just discovered the chatrooms last night and so this is new to me21:38
racecar56Alfihar: e.g. sudo parted /dev/sda p; this method works on gpt too21:38
monkey_dusti use smuxi21:38
penguin42ropetin: It can be quite difficult; when it locks does *anything* still work ? i.e. does it ping, does caps lock work? Does ctrl-alt-f1 work?21:38
Ken8521never heard of smuxi21:38
ropetinNothing works (mouse doesn't move, capslock light doesn't go on or off)21:39
monkey_dusthi all, are the minim, maxim and close buttons in lucid on the left or the right? -- has it changed again?21:39
Quietstormjust installed 10.04 B3 2 days ago21:39
Ken8521ropetin, hae you tried doing a clean install of the RC?21:39
Alfiharjust checked GRUB2 in 9.10 does allow for sda5. sudo parted /dev/sda p says I have an msdos partition table21:39
visorseems my gwibber problems have to do with nameserver resolution... if anybody has the same problem the fault is of /etc/resolv.conf which adds the domain name of my router and the NS lookups takes so long that they timeout... wasnt this fixed already?21:39
ropetinKen8521: No, it's actually upgraded from Karmic, which never had any issues.  You think that might be what is required?21:40
macovisor: you could use a different nameserver if your router is slow about resoution21:40
maco208.67.222.222 is opendns's21:40
Ken8521ropetin, i don't know.. but who knwos, maybe something went haywire in the upgrade process, wouldnt be the first time21:40
ropetinKen8521: :)  True enough21:40
QuietstormI like xchat but the move from windoze will be a challenge21:41
macovisor: your router is probably setup to set itself as the dns host for anything that connects to it. you can change it in your router's settings21:41
Ken8521Quietstorm, why's that?21:41
visormaco: but how? Is there an option to change NetworkManager so it doesnt add "nameserver belking" at the beginning of the resolv.conf file?21:41
Ken8521what does xchat have to do with windows?21:41
macovisor: its adding that because your router is setup to *push* that to everything that connects to it21:41
visormaco: mmm will try that, its an ISP cheap router so I'm not sure if thats doable but I'll try, thanks :)21:42
bjsnider!info ruby lucid21:42
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is optional. Version 4.2 (lucid), package size 20 kB, installed size 100 kB21:42
bjsnider!info ruby karmic21:42
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is optional. Version 4.2 (karmic), package size 20 kB, installed size 100 kB21:42
BUGabundoThe program 'pidgin' is writing to file '2010-04-24.205836+0100WEST.txt' on /dev/sda2.21:42
BUGabundoThis prevents the disk from going to powersave mode.21:42
QuietstormI meant the experience as a whole, I'm still trying to learn the terminal21:42
racecar56BUGabundo: chat logging?21:43
Ken8521BUGabundo, sounds like something to do w/ logging21:43
BUGabundojust sounds weirds21:43
visormaco: sadly, it doesnt have it... I guess I'll have to find another workaround21:43
QuietstormI'm new to the whole unbuntu experience21:46
Ken8521Quietstorm, we all were at one time... best thing to do, is dual boot, so you have windows to fall back on, and address problems as they come up.21:47
Ken8521no atter how much you like it, absolutely, do not just take over your whole drive w/ ubuntu after a day21:48
DanaG1ANother reason to do so: in case ubuntu breaks, you can boot Windows to find out how to fix it.21:49
Ken8521DanaG1, in 6yrs, I've never had Linux break, that it wasn't 100% my fault21:51
Ken8521alpha's/beta's excluded of course21:51
QuietstormI tried 8.05 but lost interest when I didn't have much success at ubuntu forums21:51
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macoi had a stable release break one time. in 2006. and the fact that old kernels are preserved meant i just had to boot the previous kernel and keep going21:52
maco(i've never dual booted)21:52
macosorry thats a lie. ive never dual booted *with a proprietary OS*21:52
macoi did quad boot with edgy, feisty, fedora core 6, and sabayon once. and i once dual booted ubuntu and debian21:53
switchgirlWhat is the best format for a seagate hard drive for storing media - ie mp3's device supports ext4 ext2 ext3 FAT xfs reiserfs ntfs minix swap space (250gb of swap lmao i guess not) or empty21:53
Quietstormthey weren't bad people but I felt looked down at because of being a noobie21:53
macoQuietstorm: did you go in the absolute beginner section? thats the nice part of the forum21:53
Quietstormyeah, this was years ago but the answer I got was RTFM, whatever that means21:54
macoswitchgirl: if windows needs to talk to it to, ntfs. otherwise... meh. obviously not swap as thats not for storing files. fat cant go larger than 4gb so not that. ext2's unjournalled so if you crash it falls over (though i suspect you'll write once read much so not so much of a problem)21:54
macoQuietstorm: it means "read the f******* manual"21:54
rascal999is it out?21:55
macorascal999: a week!21:55
rascal999maco: i know i know ;)21:55
macoQuietstorm: if anyone ever says that to you again on the forums, report the post. one of the mods will whack them with a stick21:55
rascal999is this the channel to be on release day?21:55
macorascal999: no thats #ubuntu-release-party21:55
hellyeah_anyone out there21:56
maconobody here but us chickens21:56
QuietstormI'll remember that. maco21:56
maco(and im saying that as one of the mods :P)21:56
hellyeah_some compiz plugin works some is not21:56
hellyeah_i am using ubuntu lucid21:57
QuietstormI was able to learn some things reading stickys but if something went south and there was no sticky then I either reloaded it completely or utimately went back to windoze but I don't like it rea;;y21:59
binspace_hello, I'm running 10.04. On 9.04 I could change the positions of the windows using the keypad (upper left, upper, upper right, etc). I cannot find the option in compiz on 10.04. Has it gone away?22:00
binspace_I mean 9.1022:00
QuietstormI don't solving problems but it's hard starting from ground zero and people on a forum saying that I should know how to do it.22:01
guntbertQuietstorm:  Do you have an ubuntu support question? random chatter goes to #ubuntu-offtopic please22:01
Alfiharhmm I can tell the installer to install the boot loader to either of my windows partitions, but even now that I've setup the Linux partitions manually and they show up in the list when selected the OK button is greyed out. At-least the /dev/sda-1 entry has disappeared.22:02
binspace_I think it's called the grid plugin. I wonder where it went.22:02
Quietstormsorry gun, new to this.22:02
Jake2|cflEarlier I was talking about grabbing window edges being hard. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/metacity/+bug/160311/comments/1122:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 160311 in metacity "Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult" [Unknown,In progress]22:03
hellyeah_i need help22:03
Jake2|cflbeen known since 2007?22:03
yofelQuietstorm: if you're new please read the channel guidelines in the /topic too, helps to be taken seriously ;)22:03
AshexUnable to get to installer with Kubuntu disc. Believe its an issue with X22:04
AshexWhat's the flag for safe graphics mode?22:04
Quietstormthanks yofel, where do I find the guidelines? sorry for the noob question22:06
yofelQuietstorm: enter '/topic' in your message line, it will show the channel topic22:06
ojiiis rhythmbox broken for everyone else too?22:07
yofelojii: broken it what way?22:07
ojiiyofel, can't start it22:07
hasenjI upgraded to lucid beta 222:08
ojiiyofel, http://dpaste.com/187362/22:08
duffydackMy button 6 or button7  Icant remember worked in karmic but is not recognised in lucid..22:08
hasenjand now I can't run postgres 8.322:08
Quietstormok yofel, this is for lucid lynx.22:08
hasenjI can run 8.4, which I don't mind22:08
lnostdalhi, how do i remove pulseaudio from lucid? .. it still doesn't work proper with wine-based software and i need that to work proper22:09
hasenjexcept my "old" databases are gone!22:09
lnostdal(been at this since 8.04 btw. .. tired)22:09
duffydackbasically, I have left, right, middle, middle scroll (4,5) and another one behind it which goes back a page in firefox etc.. so it is detected but for compiz its not using it..22:09
yofelQuietstorm: please read the irc guidelines link too, those are valid for all ubuntu channels22:09
hasenjanyone has any ideas?22:09
hasenjpostgresql-8.3 is not in the repositories any more22:09
hasenjin `aptitude search` it's marked as 'c'22:10
ojiilnostdal, have you tried running your wine apps with padsp? that solve the issues i had back when i still used wine stuff22:10
Quietstormthanks yofel, I have them up and reading them.22:11
lnostdalyes, i gotta do that to get sound at all, ojii .. but as soon as i run more than one app. via padsp everything .. becomes .. all .. jerky ..  ... not usable22:11
yofelhasenj: seems to have been removed at some point, just looking if I can find out why22:12
hasenjyofel: thanks22:13
lnostdali just want to get rid of it .. killall -9 pulseaudio  ..but it just spawns again22:14
ojiilnostdal, i remember trying to 'get rid of pa' at one point. but it broke other stuff...22:15
yofelhasenj: 8.3 doesn't seem to be supported anymore, even in karmic it's just there but doesn't receive bugfixes22:17
ojiilnostdal, I doubt "not using wine" is an option for you, but that would my suggestion be22:17
hasenjyofel: ok well, 8.4 runs find but my databases are not in it22:17
lnostdalyeah, if that option was possible i'd go for it of course22:17
hasenjruns fine *22:17
hasenjand 8.3 just doesn't run anymore22:18
hasenjeven if I try pg_upgrade cluster22:18
hasenjit says that 8.3 is not running22:18
yofelojii, lnostdal: to prevent pulse from auto-respawning change in /etc/pulse/client.conf: "; autospawn = yes" to "autospawn = no" (note the ; )22:18
ojiiyofel, interesting, thanks for pointing this out22:18
trismlnostdal: instead of killing pulseaudio, you can try using wine with the pulseaudio patches, just built it today, working great (there is a ppa if you dont' want to build from source) http://art.ified.ca/?page_id=4022:19
lnostdalyofel, ok, i'll give it a go .. i suppose a restart is needed .. brb.22:19
yofellnostdal: no, just killing pulse should be enough22:20
DanaGYeah, wine sucks at dealing with audio.22:22
AndChat|So, looks like safe graphics mode is missing from the mode menu in the install disc22:23
AndChat|Is this a known issue?22:23
=== AndChat| is now known as Ashex
monkey_dusthi all, are the minim, maxim and close buttons in lucid on the left or the right? -- has it changed again?22:23
hasenjyofel: is there a backport repository or something that I can get 8.3 from?22:24
yofelnot that I know of, maybe there's a ppa, but I don't know much about postgresql in general22:25
guntbert!controls | monkey_dust22:25
ubottumonkey_dust: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d622:25
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maxbhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad/+archive/ppa contains, amongst many other things, pg 8.3 for lucid22:26
lnostdalyup, it works, yofel .. thanks! :)22:27
AshexSo, is it a known issue?22:27
AshexI'm on my phone so its difficult to check.22:27
AshexCan't install due to NV driver issue.22:28
U-b-u-n-t-uI installed to the new 10.04 as an ungrade and it stalls on the ubuntu load screen I assume there was a grub error suggestions?22:28
AshexIf you see the Ubuntu logo it got past grub22:29
U-b-u-n-t-uI see the logo22:29
U-b-u-n-t-ubut it stalls there22:29
AshexDisable the bootsplash logo to see where it hangs22:29
AshexIt will list out services being started22:30
U-b-u-n-t-uhow do I disable bootsplash?22:30
AshexCan't recall at the moment22:30
Ashex Check the wiki22:30
U-b-u-n-t-uwhen I was installing the upgrade it disabled the mouse and it asked me which ones I wanted to replaced when it came to grub and I was only able to tab to the first option and click ok so I did22:31
U-b-u-n-t-unot sure if that matters22:31
U-b-u-n-t-ubut thought id mention it22:31
AshexAh, might be a kernel problem.22:32
U-b-u-n-t-uI hit esc and the splash screen went away and I saw this msg... unit: uread-other main process (597) terminted with status 422:35
Quietstormhas there been any progress on the 64 flash player and hulu.com?22:38
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AshexNot sure22:48
shashikehey guys22:50
shashikewhat do u think about ubuntu 10.04?22:50
DJJeffw0000000000000t w0000000000000t few days till release!!!22:50
DJJeffI had major issues with Beta 1 and Beta 222:50
DJJeffim downloading the RC now22:50
yofelworks fine here, but there are issues with it depending on the hardware you have22:51
BUGabundoDJJeff: RC? why? get a daily instead22:51
BUGabundoa few upgrades already22:51
BUGabundoyofel: you know what: even hibernate/resume works22:51
yofelBUGabundo: there hasn't been a daily since rc (19th actually)22:52
BUGabundoonly a few minor bugs for me22:52
BUGabundoIO performance worse22:52
BUGabundoslow boot (better after purging hal)22:52
BUGabundodarn plymouht22:52
DJJefftesting on a Gateway 7330GZ Laptop 3.06GHz CPU 1.5GB RAM 80GB HDD22:52
lucidaHi, How can I know the type of my touchpad?22:52
yofelDJJeff: graphics card?22:52
BUGabundoand needing to press Fn-F7 two time to turn my LCD off22:52
DJJeff64MB Intel Extreme GFX22:53
DJJeffmost problems is the wifi not working out of the box22:54
DJJeffgot quite a few IO errors and my CD was brand new22:54
DJJeffduring boot22:54
yofellucida: maybe check what's used in the Xorg.0.log?22:55
DJJeffhow far behind is the RC from a daily snapshot22:56
DJJeffwhen was the RC released?22:56
DJJeffoh (facepalm) Apr 19th22:56
yofelthe rc images are the daily images from the 19th22:57
arandDJJeff: There are no dailies past the RC22:57
lucidayofel, I tried egrep -i 'touch|pad|synaptic' /var/log/Xorg.0.log but got no results22:57
yofelhm, I only know how to check with hal, 'lshal | grep -i touch' gives Elantech for me22:58
yofellucida: udevadm info --export-db | grep -i touch     seems to work too23:00
lucidayofel, udevadm show nothing but $ sudo lshal | egrep -i 'touch|pad|synaptic'23:03
lucida  info.capabilities = {'input', 'input.keyboard', 'input.keypad', 'input.keys', 'button'} (string list)23:03
lucida  info.product = 'Core Processor Semaphore and Scratchpad Registers'  (string)23:03
lucida  pci.product = 'Core Processor Semaphore and Scratchpad Registers'  (string)23:03
lucidayofel, which I don't think relavent also23:03
optlni have a windows 7 installation on a ich10r raid0 array, but grub2 doesn't see it. does grub2 not supporting booting a raid array?23:04
yofellucida: odd, both on my EeePC and on my thinkpad udevadm and lshal show the touchpad name I'm using23:07
Zelozeloshello everyone i am using the fusion icon to switch between compiz and metacity (usually when im on battery power to save a little power) also i use docky, when i switch to metacity i get a message from docky that i need composition for docky to work properly, (for one my screen gets black borders on the bottom and sides that hide my panel) what other options do i have in order to fix this issue?23:08
lucidayofel, I guess it's not called touchpad in linux ;) may be it's better to boot into windows and check the type there23:09
lucidayofel, seriously I will reboot now. thanks for your care.23:10
Zelozelosdoes anyone know if that other dock, i forget what its called, has the same issues?23:10
coz_Zelozelos,   ah kiba dock   awn  and cairo dock23:11
duffydackcairo, awn ?23:11
coz_Zelozelos,  however only cairo dock is currently being update and maintainted as far as I know23:11
coz_Zelozelos,  you can meet me in #cairo-dock if you like23:11
Zelozelosdo you use the fusion icon and cario-dock? does it too black out part of the screen when you switch to metacity?23:12
coz_Zelozelos,  no it doesnt do that here but let me check on the lucid machine   hold on23:12
Zelozeloskk thank you23:12
coz_Zelozelos,  mm   apparenlty I dont have metacity installed23:13
Zelozelosi only chose docky because it is easy to setup, guess ill just have 2 check them out ;) thanks anyhow23:14
DefaultTo0Hi guys. After installing Lucid, I don't have a volume controller applet in my icon area at the top-right at startup. The only way I can seem to enable it is to add the "Indicator Applet", which also adds the mail/chat icon, which I don't want. How can I add just the volume controller?23:14
Oli``Is there any way to turn off Plymouth and Xsplash? I've got an SSD and the desktop loads before they have a proper chance to display. I figure disabling them would just speed things up even more.23:14
Oli``is it just a case of taking "splash" off the boot string?23:15
ZelozelosDefaultTo0,  i think all you have 2 do is sudo apt-get uninstall mailto or smthing like this, i cant remember exactly what the command is, but you can uninstall the mail part23:15
coz_Zelozelos,  which part of the screen goes black??23:15
Zelozeloscoz_, the bottom and both sides23:16
coz_Zelozelos, is there a dock on those areas?23:16
Zelozelosexactly where i have the docks at23:16
coz_Zelozelos,  ah thats because no compositor is set when you run mentacity...23:16
MrSunshine_hmm, how can lucid suck like 2gb of ram ?23:16
MrSunshine_got 2gb and its swappinglike hell :/23:16
coz_Zelozelos,  so the alpha channel will be black withouth the compositor running23:16
Zelozeloscoz_, can i have a compositor with metacity?23:17
coz_MrSunshine_,  ooooo23:17
Zelozelosor would this be useless since the only reason i switch is to save a little power on battery mode23:17
DefaultTo0Zelozelos: I don't have mailto installed.23:17
=== Quartz is now known as Guest76568
coz_Zelozelos,   yes  but you wont be able to run compiz with that  but...if you want to enable that  open gconf-editor   maneuver to  /apps/metacity/general  and in the right panel look for  compositor_manager  and tick the box23:17
Zelozelosah then ill just have 2 live w/o the dock ;) i can survive im not on battery very often anyhow23:18
coz_zekoZeko,  it called  compositing_manager in gconf23:18
coz_zekoZeko,  no  the docks will work well with the metacity compositor23:18
ZelozelosDefaultTo0, as i said, i dont remember exactly what the mail portion of that is, but you can uninstall it, perhaps someone else does23:18
coz_zekoZeko,  so enable the metacity compositor and your docks will work just as well23:19
coz_MrSunshine_,   not sure what to say about that... which video card out of curiosity?23:19
Zelozeloscoz_, but compiz will not, i dont wanna have 2 go through all this when i switch it, ill just close docky, its gonna be a lot easier23:20
coz_zekoZeko,  right no compiz with metacity compositor  but I understand  :)23:20
MrSunshine_coz_, nvidia card dunno how much video ram .. like 1gb or so :P23:20
coz_Zelozelos,  sorry that was for you23:20
coz_zekoZeko,   sorry guy23:20
MrSunshine_got like 150mb free of 2gb of system ram23:21
coz_MrSunshine_,  ok and which nvidia driver?  open nvidia-settings it should say on first open23:21
Zelozelostok i knew i think zekoZeko is used to it by now as well23:21
Zelozelosand thank you for the help;)23:21
MrSunshine_coz_, current closed source23:21
MrSunshine_not at that computer atm :/23:21
coz_MrSunshine_,  is it the 195.36.15  maybe?23:21
MrSunshine_coz_, latest i could get with lucid23:21
ojiiwhen trying to run rhythmbox it fails with http://dpaste.com/187362/23:22
coz_MrSunshine_,   i believe that is the version you can get   if so it should not be involved in using up any other resources unecessarily23:22
coz_MrSunshine_,  other than that I am not sure what may be using up all of t hose resources23:22
MrSunshine_coz_, no i find it wierd also, found a thread on google about lucid ram usage also23:23
coz_MrSunshine_,   if no one can answer that here you might want to bring this up in the ##Linux  channel   maybe23:23
DefaultTo0Aha, I found the solution. Removing indicator-messages removes the mail icon.23:23
coz_they can help23:23
MrSunshine_tho might be cached but still doesnt explain why it swaps like hell23:23
MrSunshine_computer became ALOT slower when i turned on swap23:24
coz_MrSunshine_,  oh  ok23:24
penguin42ojii: There seem to have been a few people with rhythmbox problems today; do you have a mp3 player plugged in?23:24
bjsniderMrSunshine_, try turining the swappiness setting down to 1023:24
MrSunshine_ran it without swap just fine23:24
MrSunshine_bjsnider, done23:24
MrSunshine_multitasking etc became ALOT slower also23:24
coz_MrSunshine_,  with all of that memory on board its likely you dont even swap23:24
ojiipenguin42, nope23:24
penguin42ojii: Looks like a good old fashioned bug then23:24
coz_MrSunshine_,  i meant you may not need swap at all23:25
MrSunshine_coz_, as soon as i change workspace etc hd starts working like hell23:25
MrSunshine_coz_, aye true23:25
coz_MrSunshine_, then either turn swap down or off23:25
coz_MrSunshine_,  if it works better with it off then so be it :)23:25
MrSunshine_i guess only thing i get without it is problems compiling huge stuff etc :P23:25
coz_MrSunshine_,  then turn it down to the point where things are not slowing down and compiling still works fine23:26
penguin42it's odd - swap shouldn't cause that type of problem23:26
coz_I know23:26
coz_but hey23:26
MrSunshine_coz_, by "turn it down" you mean what exactly ? :)23:26
coz_MrSunshine_,  where are you setting swap now?23:26
MrSunshine_coz_, huh ? :)23:27
coz_hold on23:27
MrSunshine_fstab mounts it on a swap partition23:27
Q_ContinuumI want to install 10.04 server on a box, but don't want to waste a CD for the single install.  (Box doesn't support USB booting) - any reason I couldn't hook it up to my laptop, install, then move the drive over?23:27
coz_MrSunshine_,  oh swap partition23:27
penguin42Q_Continuum: It *should* work23:27
coz_MrSunshine_,   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq23:28
coz_MrSunshine_,   search for   disable swap23:28
Q_Continuumdestination box is AthlonXP based, laptop is CoreDuo.  So hopefully it works.  IF not I burn a CD and pitch it later. heh.23:28
coz_MrSunshine_,   sudo swapoff -a  will turn it off23:28
penguin42Q_Continuum: unless there is something particularly odd about the two machines; you might have problems with grub though since it won't be the same bios device on the other machine23:28
Q_Continuumpenguin42, any known documentation on that issue, or how to know if it will/won't work?23:29
coz_MrSunshine_,  also just below that section is the  "Empty Swap"  section which sounds more like your issue23:29
penguin42Q_Continuum: I'm not sure; it's worth a go and hope it just works; if not try and get the menu on gru b(shift right at the start) and you might be able to change the device; but if you're unlucky you might have to change grub when you install it and I'd change the device.map23:30
The_Journeyso I heard there's a memory leak with Xorg in lucid lynx23:31
MrSunshine_coz_, well sucks to have to execute a script now and then :P23:31
MrSunshine_but lower swapiness == less swapping? :)23:31
The_Journeyis that fixed yet or no?23:31
Q_Continuumpenguin42, Ok, I'll give it a shot.  If it doesn't work I'll come back :-D23:31
coz_MrSunshine_,  isnt there a way mentioned to have this occur automatically?23:32
coz_MrSunshine_,  you can clear the swap also   on that link23:32
coz_MrSunshine_,  just is strange all the swappiness going on23:32
The_JourneyI have a question, the Release Candidate for Lucid Lynx means that it is the final one right? Not Beta?23:33
arandThe_Journey: It's not the final, neither beta, it's the "inbetween"23:33
DefaultTo0If no more bugs are found, then the RC will become the final release with no changes.23:34
duffydackDefaultTo0, there have been updates already23:34
The_JourneyI'm just wondering should I upgrade my Karmic to Lucid now or wait another 5 days23:35
penguin42DefaultTo0: It normally takes quite important bugs to get a change in between RC and release23:35
duffydackDefaultTo0, I`ll just zsync the iso , shouldnt be much.23:35
DefaultTo0duffydack: Yes, I know, I'm saying that if there were no more bugs, then the RC code would be the final code.23:36
duffydackThe_Journey, if you dont know, then just wait the 5 days.. its only 5 days.23:36
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EruditeHermithey, does anyone know how to get crystalhd decoder working in Lucid?23:37
=== Guest62784 is now known as yukiseaside
SarvattEruditeHermit: install the kernel from here - https://edge.launchpad.net/~leannogasawara/+archive/ppa/+packages and track down all the userspace stuff it'll need :D23:40
The_JourneyIs this bug fixed in the Release Candidate? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/56598123:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 565981 in xorg-server "[KMS] gem objects not deallocated" [Critical,Fix released]23:42
EruditeHermitSarvatt, thanks let me try that23:42
EruditeHermitSarvatt, is the crystalhd decoder in mainline in 2.6.34?23:42
SarvattEruditeHermit: tried the stuff from http://www.broadcom.com/support/crystal_hd/ ?23:42
Sarvattyeah it is23:42
Sarvattlooks like it needs firmware though thats not in there23:43
EruditeHermithrm it seems to be in lucid23:43
Jordan_UThe_Journey: Not in the RC, no.23:43
mewshican someone help me keep the screen from locking after so many minutes?23:43
EruditeHermitSarvatt, does this mean its in linux-firmware-nonfree in lucid? https://code.launchpad.net/~chasedouglas/ubuntu/lucid/linux-firmware-nonfree/updates/+merge/2247223:43
The_JourneyJordan_U: Then how do I get it fixed if I upgraded to Lucid Lynx?23:44
Sarvattmewshi: system - preferences - screensaver, change the time or uncheck lock completely23:45
mewshithank you23:45
Jordan_UThe_Journey: The fix has been released, it's just that the fixed package isn't in the RC.23:45
The_JourneyJordan_U: Would a simple update package fix it?23:46
Jordan_UThe_Journey: Yes.23:46
SarvattEruditeHermit: yeah the firmware is in there23:46
Sarvattit's in linux-firmware-nonfree (1.8) lucid; urgency=low23:47
EruditeHermitso why didn't they put it in the lucid kernel23:47
EruditeHermitif the firmware is there23:47
jpdsEruditeHermit: It's non0free?23:48
SarvattEruditeHermit: looks like libcrystalhd1 is in lucid too so you're set23:48
EruditeHermitthe kernel stuff is free23:48
SarvattEruditeHermit: because it wasnt even remotely accepted until 2.6.34 most likely23:49
EruditeHermitSarvatt, where did you see libcrystalhd123:49
SarvattPackage: libcrystalhd123:49
SarvattDescription: Crystal HD Video Decoder Drivers libraries23:49
EruditeHermitI get couldn't find package libcrystalhd123:50
EruditeHermitare you sure you don't have a ppa enabled that has it?23:50
EruditeHermitif so, which one?23:50
Sarvattmust have23:50
Sarvattteam-xbmc it looks like23:50
EruditeHermitwell let me get to it!23:51
EruditeHermitlet you know in a few mins23:51
EruditeHermitSarvatt, I am having errors with that ppa with the kernel. is it the same kernel as in xorg-edgers ppa?23:56
EruditeHermitthat particular ppa seems to be down23:56
Sarvatttheres no metapackage, you have to install linux-image-2.6.34-1-generic manually23:57
Sarvattbut yeah same kernel23:57

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