emgomezlol, thanks for the effort but i'm not entirely sure that's in english :)00:00
phillwemgomez: join the club :-D00:00
phillwyou should have read the other ones ;-000:00
phillwemgomez: hang on until people like bohdi_zazen ot ibuclaw are on, i reckon they'd know about it00:02
emgomezpurely on the scheduler question? i think i figured out what a scheduler is00:05
emgomezi'm not sure how important it really is in the larger scheme, i was just curious if anyone would know off the top of their head00:05
phillwemgomez: i'm not sure of the deffintion 'scheduler', if it is something you wish the computer to do at certain times, with no requirement of a user, then it is a cron job.00:12
emgomezno, a scheduler is software that organizes and batches the order that processing requests go through the cpu, since it can only handle tasks sequentially00:14
emgomeznow, what the difference is between a cfq and a deadline i/o, i have no idea00:14
emgomezbut a scheduler is way down close to the hardware00:15
emgomezmaybe it's not even appropriate to call it software00:15
emgomezi'm not sure if it's something associated with the kernel or not00:15
emgomezand by associated with, i mean... in...00:15
phillwemgomez: that's kernel level, and that I  have no knowledge of, grab either bohdi or ibulclaw, or go over to the programmers area00:16
emgomezi don't really have a question -- i was just reading through the server docs and one of the things it said was that a significant difference between the server and desktop ubuntu is the scheduler it uses.00:17
emgomezand so i was just curious about it and wanted to know more -- no particular problem with my particular scheduler. knock on wood.00:18
emgomezhi swoody00:18
phillwemgomez: all questions are important untill you are told they are not. I have asked on a different IRC to see if I can get you an answer.00:20
emgomezthat's very kind of you to ask around for me00:23
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phillwemgomez: I've carried on digging, and it still rather tachnical, http://lwn.net/Articles/355904/00:27
emgomezoh, no, it makes a lot of sense to me actually00:29
phillwcfq queues requests i think deadline i/o does not00:29
emgomezi like this website too00:29
emgomezright, so deadline will end up with a user experience that seems more responsive, at the cost of probably burning some time off the life of the hard drive because of more read/write operations but cfq delivers a "slower" user experience by queuing requests00:30
phillwi know there is an issue with mysql with the two systems, all seem rather dated, so I'm guessing they made their mind up ;-) http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2007/01/30/linux-io-schedulers-and-mysql/i00:32
phillwas MySQL is a rather important part of LAMP, I'm guessing what ever is best for MySQL is better for the server as coders are notorioulsly sloppy and hammer the MySQL engine to death :-)00:35
* phillw has had rows on forums about it00:38
emgomezi don't know what LAMP is and only have a vague notion of what mysql actually is or does00:38
phillwmysql is a database system, an easy example is go to a forum http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php is our 'parent' forum, all the users / members / admins / moderartors etc are held in a table, every post anyone makes is held in a table, the keeping to people and the posting is done via the mysql database. These databases also do things like hold drivers license records etc.00:42
sweatshopkingI have followed these steps   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1111518 up until the insmod part. once i try that, it says no file or directory and fails. anyone know how to fix this? i am trying to get my wireless card to work00:51
phillwemgomez: if you'd like to see how mysql runs 'live' sites such as forums, catalogues etc, pop over to http://mgjuddltd.co.uk/index.php and put it into tutorial mode (Right at the bottom on the left), when you navigate the site you will see the commands being made to the database (mysql) that gets the records to be displayed. 'L' is linux aka Ubuntu, 'A' is Apache, allows access and does the 'translatations' so your browser can display stuff, 'M' is00:53
nhandlersweatshopking: What is the exact command you are running?00:53
sweatshopkingwehn i download the package, Step 1 - Download the modified driver source here: http://rapidshare.com/files/160951015/WUSB600N.tar  Step 2 - Extract WUSB600N.tar to a folder  Step 3 - Open a terminal and navigate to the newly created WUSB600N folder  Step 4 - type "sudo make" without quotes  Step 5 - Copy the file:  sudo mkdir /etc/Wireless  sudo mkdir /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA  sudo cp RT2870STA.dat /etc/Wireless/RT00:53
sweatshopkingsorry last line should read: "sudo insmod rt2870sta.ko00:54
nhandlerYou got cut off sweatshopking00:54
nhandlerAfter sudo cp RT2870STA.dat /etc/Wireless/R00:54
sweatshopkingo ok00:54
sweatshopkingit is shown at  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1111518, but i'm navigating to the folder that i extracted the files to, then typing "sudo insmod rt2870sta.ko00:55
nhandlersweatshopking: In the cp command (about 4 code boxes up from insmod), what was the exact cp command you ran?00:56
sweatshopkingso mine is exactly "~Desktop/WUSB600N/os/linux$ sudo insmod rt2870.ko"00:56
nhandlerOh wait, I was reading the second part about making it permanent. One sec00:57
sweatshopkingi typed it exactly as it says sudo cp RT2870STA.dat /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA/RT2870STA.dat and it seemed to have worked00:57
sweatshopkingi have the file in my etc folder00:57
sweatshopkingas i should00:57
nhandlersweatshopking: From inside the WUSB600N/os/linux folder, what does ls show?00:58
sweatshopkingmy computer hibernated lol01:00
sweatshopkinghad to plug it iin01:00
sweatshopkingit shows a bunch of files, do you want me to list them?01:00
nhandlersweatshopking: Can you paste it at paste.ubuntu.com ?01:00
sweatshopkingit is on a different pc01:00
sweatshopkingbut the files are: 2870_main_dev.c, config.mk, makefile makefile.4, makefile.6, module.symvers, modules.order, rt2870sta.dat, rt_ate.c, rt_linux.c rt)linux.o, rt_main_dev.c, rt_profile.c, sta)ioctl.c sta_ioctl.c.patch tmp60 tmp6101:03
sweatshopkingi understand that is difficult to read, sorry01:03
sweatshopkingi dont have access to the internet without my wireless card on my ubuntu box01:03
sweatshopkingmy building just has wireless01:03
hgd4thhi, can anyone help me get my built-in webcam on my laptop working?01:04
sweatshopkingyou gone nhandler?01:07
sweatshopkingyou guys all gone?01:10
malevdon't think01:11
duanedesignhgd4th: what kind of laptop do you have01:12
hgd4thSony VAIO VGN-SZ430N01:12
hgd4thI tried lsusb yesterday01:13
hgd4thand this is what it outputted: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/420800/01:13
hgd4thaccording to this the module for my webcam has problems: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam01:14
hgd4thI'm running Ubuntu 9.10. I tried the 10.04 LiveCD and it didn't work either01:14
malevhgd4th, have you take a look at this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/12043401:16
hgd4thno that is new to me01:18
hgd4thwhat should I do with that01:18
malevhgd4th, don't know. I didn't read it. it's too long :D01:19
malevit's a bug report about your camera01:19
malevand if you take a look at the latest answer, it's dated 4 days ago01:20
malevand it says: any ideas?01:20
malevso, it doesn't look really good for me. But I think it's a discuss about including or not including a camera driver.01:21
malevis it included?01:21
hgd4thlooks like some people have had success with whatever's on that page01:21
hgd4thI'll read through it and see what I get01:22
malevthere is also this page: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/LaptopTestingTeam/SonyVaioVGN-SZ430N01:22
malevhgd4th, how are you testing your webcam?01:22
hgd4thI type "gstreamer-properties" in the terminal01:24
malevhgd4th, and you take a look if webcam is one of your devices?01:25
duanedesignhgd4th: read the bug and it looks like this is the relevant comment01:26
duanedesignor go straight to the ppa he has install instructions there. https://launchpad.net/~r5u87x-loader/+archive/ppa01:27
malevduanedesign, you rocks!01:28
hgd4thah thanks I'll try that01:28
malevcan't believe you read it all01:28
duanedesignheh, you found the bug report01:30
duanedesignmalev: ^^01:30
hgd4ththe help on here is amazing01:32
hgd4thI appreciate it lots01:32
malevdon't forget to vote for as in June! :D   (jocking)01:33
malev* us01:33
duanedesigndefinetly the community helps make Ubuntu such a great experience01:34
hgd4thsure beats the hell out of Microsoft customer service01:35
malevcould not agree more01:36
malevI'm sorry. I have no idea about Microsoft customer service. I agree with duanedesign (don't want the misunderstood)01:36
hgd4thyes! videochat is working01:37
hgd4ththanks you two01:37
ddecatorhey all02:48
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shahanphillw: hi07:50
shahanphillw: r u here?07:50
shahanI am in problem in TASKSEL07:52
shahanany one here who can help me?07:52
shahanproblem with Tasksel07:52
shahanproblem solved07:53
shahanI forget to use SUDO before Tasksel\07:53
shahanThanks Allah07:54
shahanhello everybody09:25
shahanhow is going on...09:25
shahanI am back again09:25
shahangood bye for now...09:49
shahansee u again everybody09:49
ddecatorcya shahan09:49
shahanddecator: cya!!! what is this?09:49
shahanddecator: what does it mean?09:49
ddecatorcya = see ya = see you later09:50
hobgoblingood morning peoples09:50
shahanhobgoblin: good evening09:50
shahanhobgoblin: :)09:50
ddecatormorning? i need to stop staying up so late..09:50
shahanddecator: ok...09:51
hobgoblinI need to stop getting up so early ...09:51
ddecatorheh, fair enough09:51
hobgoblinI've been kicking about since 6am09:51
znxtchCan anyone help me with installing the 'Mira' theme for Gnome?11:28
znxtchCould someone please tell me how to install Beryl?12:52
znxtchI would like to use an emerald theme.12:52
QuietstormI have a question to ask13:28
hobgoblinask it - if someone can help they will13:29
QuietstormI am trying to find the file ~/.huludesktop and having difficulty.13:32
QuietstormI'm using the terminal13:33
hobgoblinneed to edit it?13:35
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Severity1hi everyone :D14:35
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AJH101Hello - I have just tried the Live CD of Lucid. It looks great but did not detect my Netgear Broadband adapter. Should I be installing anything to do this? Thanks!18:33
AJH101Or is this not the right channel for this qn?18:35
shahanAJH101:  hi18:40
shahanAJH101: did it detected in ubuntu previous version?18:41
QuietstormI have a question18:43
Quietstormis it normal behavior for the cpu utilization to stay at 100%, even at idle? I have a quad core AMD Phenom II 945, I'm concern that the cpu is running so high when there is nothing I am doing on it18:46
AJH101Hello - I have just tried the Live CD of Lucid. It looks great but did not detect my Netgear Broadband adapter. Should I be installing anything to do this? Thanks!19:48
AJH101Or is this not the right channel for this qn?19:49
javatexanis there a program to help manage ssh keys?20:50
paultagjavatexan, Humm. What do you want to do?20:51
paultagjavatexan, if you just want to take a look and authorize them, seahorse might work20:51
paultagjavatexan, but most of the work might need to be done with the CLI. Perhaps you can explain a bit more?20:51
javatexanI have one for gitorious, and a few more for different servers I use....getting harder to keep up with them20:51
paultagjavatexan, and you can't remember which to -i ~/.ssh/key ?20:52
javatexanyeah...I kind of need to annotate them20:52
paultagjavatexan, you can set up rules to set a key for a server. Let me find you a walkthrough. It's a really kickass feature20:52
paultagso when I use a git clone on github, it will use key X, and an ssh to debian.org would use key Y20:52
paultagHold on a sec20:52
javatexanno worries..20:53
paultagOK I can't find it javatexan, but here is what you do20:54
paultagedit ~/.ssh/config20:54
paultagHost domain.com20:55
paultag    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/key20:55
javatexanah..Ok, I see it20:55
paultagyou can setup the username there as well javatexan20:55
paultagjavatexan, `man ssh_config`20:56
paultagThere it is :)20:56
paultagand now when you `ssh domain.com` it will use key ~/.ssh/key20:56
paultagis that what you are looking for javatexan?20:56
javatexanthat is cool, then you can organize the keys in whatever folder hierarchy you want?20:56
paultagjavatexan, yup yup20:56
znxtchgot a ? for you20:56
paultagjavatexan, just make sure they are 0600 chmod'ed20:57
znxtcha personal opinion query20:57
paultagyo znxtch20:57
javatexanawesome..thanks paultag20:57
znxtchbecause you atleast appear to be smart20:57
paultagjavatexan, sure thing, come back with any other issues20:57
paultagznxtch, Well good. I try and appear smart.20:57
javatexanznxtch: how do you know what paultag looks like....how can he appear anything on IRC20:58
znxtchswitching to the 10.0.4 release candidate now or waiting on the lts in a few ore days?20:58
paultagznxtch, 10.04 *20:58
paultagznxtch, it's year.month20:58
paultagznxtch, and it's up to you. We could use help testing20:58
znxtchim typing laying down20:58
znxtchits hard20:58
paultagIt's OK20:58
paultagjavatexan, ;)20:58
paultagznxtch, Go for it. I'm doing it now. Report any bugs20:59
znxtchI didnt know if there was any point so close to the lts release20:59
paultagznxtch, that is the LTS20:59
paultagznxtch, that's the release candidate20:59
znxtchwhat is the one in 5 days?20:59
paultagznxtch, 10.0420:59
paultagznxtch, it's for hackers to test. There was also the 10.04 Alpha and Beta releases21:00
paultagznxtch, now the RC, and then it gets released on the 30th21:00
znxtchthats what i was referring to21:00
paultagznxtch, I don't understand the question, then21:02
znxtchim dumb21:03
znxtchi long the stable lts came out in 5 days21:03
* znxtch does the I'm new face and tryts to fade back in to the crowd21:03
paultagznxtch, the "stable" version21:03
paultagznxtch, before that is the "rc" version21:03
paultagznxtch, and before that is beta2, and before that beta121:03
paultagznxtch, it's all the same21:04
znxtch10.04 is "stable" then?21:04
paultag10.04 is the next release21:04
paultagand it's stable version is out on the 30th21:04
* znxtch downloads it21:04
paultagznxtch, that will become the official version when it releases21:05
malevpedro3005, what are the advantages that the ChanServ gives you?23:34
malevdon't know. what can you do, now that ChanServ gave voice?23:35
pedro3005just identifies team members23:35
Bodsdaunless the channel is voice only23:37
Bodsda+m I think23:37
malevBodsda, you are learning about the chanserv too isn't it?23:37

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