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ChrisWoollardAccording to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/authors TexLive2009 in the packagetree is broken. Is this still the case?00:13
godbykChrisWoollard: I'm not sure; I haven't tried it in a while.  But we need the latest version of XeTeX and polyglossia.00:15
godbykYou could try the packages if you like, but the safe bet is to install from upstream.00:15
ChrisWoollardOk. I will play tomorrow. My eyes want to give up. Sleeping time00:28
godbykI hear ya.  See ya later.00:29
ChrisWoollardIt is never good to work on translations while sleepy.00:29
thorwilgodbyk: hi! have to make sure ... the bleed for the lulu cover is inwards from the dimensions you gave me, right?08:57
godbyk-androidthorwil: yep12:15
thorwilgodbyk-android: good. had a chance to look into the generate-titlepages issue? i somehow broke that12:16
godbyk-androidoh, I thought you'd figured out the problem already. If you send me a short email describing the issue, I'll take a look at it when I wake up.12:18
dakerhello everybody12:44
dutchiegodbyk: ping13:16
dutchiegodbyk: actually, nm13:16
vishhrm , looks like i missed daker again :s14:01
vishhumphreybc: heya , do you have access to the manual website? got the icons ready for facebook and twitter14:01
humphreybcnot sure14:02
humphreybcit depends whether he's using the main branch stil14:03
humphreybcI have a feeling it might have moved to ubuntu-manual-website which I can't write to14:03
humphreybcemail them to him14:03
vishhumphreybc: whats his id?14:03
humphreybche only just turned up a couple of hours ago14:03
humphreybci'll see if he's on facebook14:04
vishbah , i'll get him next time ;)14:04
humphreybchis email is adnane002@gmail.com14:04
humphreybc5 days till release? eek14:06
humphreybci hope thorwil's cover design is nearing completion!14:06
dutchielo humphreybc14:34
thorwilhumphreybc: front and spine yes, backside not so much14:35
humphreybchi dutchie14:35
humphreybcthorwil: okay, you've got another couple of days :P14:35
humphreybci'll keep pestering the design team, make sure you get the logo SVG asap14:36
ChrisWoollarddutchie: did you get your branches sorted out in the end?15:07
dutchiejust battling with updating the pot file now15:08
ChrisWoollardOk. That is good (? pretending he understands what a pot file does).15:09
dutchiethe pot file is the template for the translations15:09
dutchieso once it's updated, the strings godbyk changed about the search engine provider will be available to be translated15:10
ChrisWoollardahhhh. Translations i understand. I have done a lot of those. Hopefully they won't break15:11
ChrisWoollardDoes that also mean I can keep translating or have to wait?15:12
dutchiekeep going15:13
dutchiemost strings will be unaffected15:13
ChrisWoollardThat is good. 626 of uk english left. I WILL finish it......15:16
dutchiegood man :)15:17
humphreybccome on brits, you can do it15:18
ChrisWoollardYes, but it takes ages.15:19
ChrisWoollardwas there a tag along the lines of \ie15:25
humphreybcdutchie: "the strings godbyk changed about the search engine provider will be available to be translated" huh?15:26
dutchiethey will as soon as po4a sorts itself out15:26
humphreybcoh right, google15:27
humphreybci see15:27
dutchieshower time15:28
ubuntujenkinshas anyone looked at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/+bug/569470 . its not a valid bug against the manual but what should it be reassigned to?19:40
manualbotLaunchpad bug 569470 in ubuntu-manual "can't install 10.04 release candidate on ASus k72F " [Undecided,New]19:40
ubuntujenkinsreassigned bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubiquity/+bug/56947019:49
manualbotLaunchpad bug 569470 in ubiquity "can't install 10.04 release candidate on ASus k72F " [Undecided,New]19:49
ubuntujenkinsbye all20:00
ubuntujenkinsevening all21:48
IlyaHaykinsonif i bzr pull in a directory pulled from before the lucid-e1/lucid-e2 split, will i be on the lucid-e2 branch now? or still lucid-e1?22:31
IlyaHaykinsonand is there a way to find out?22:31
IlyaHaykinsoni can't seem to tell which branch i'm on22:31
dutchietry bzr info22:31
IlyaHaykinsonpush branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/main/22:32
dutchiethat's lucid-e122:32
IlyaHaykinsoni thought the main branch is lucid-e2 now?22:32
dutchiewell, yes22:32
dutchieit's complicated22:32
dutchieand confusing22:33
IlyaHaykinsonok. i'll take your word for it.22:33
IlyaHaykinsonwe're still tweaking the website in the main branch though, right?22:33
IlyaHaykinsoni think we have a font issue.22:33
dutchieI want the website out of the branch, personally22:34
dutchieI think it's being developed in the lp:ubuntu-manual-website branch now22:34
IlyaHaykinsonexcept that this is a closed branch...22:35
dutchiea what?22:35
dutchieyou can't push?22:35
IlyaHaykinson"You cannot upload to this branch. Only Adnane Belmadiaf can upload to this branch."22:36
dutchiewell that needs fixing22:36
dutchiepoke daker when he comes online22:36
IlyaHaykinsonwill do22:37
IlyaHaykinsonwell, for now, i can just play locally22:37
IlyaHaykinson*sigh* need to get apache+php running on this box though22:37
IlyaHaykinsonor how do all the cool kids host php now? nginx? lighthttpd?22:37
dutchieI avoid PHP22:39
IlyaHaykinsoni haven't used it in at least 6 years22:39
IlyaHaykinsonbefore, though, it was seriously my language of choice22:40
IlyaHaykinsonwell, web framework of choice at the very least.22:40
dutchiedjango \o/22:40
IlyaHaykinsonmeh. i tend to write on top of cherrypy or tornado directly, these days22:41
godbykI'm awake again.  (Boo!)22:50
godbykHey, dutchie.  Any luck on the po4a front?22:50
dutchieno :(22:50
dutchie#po4a is about as useful as a chocolate teapot too22:50
godbykYeah, I noticed that, too.22:50
godbykI think it's inhabited only by zombies.22:50
godbykThey haven't said one word.22:51
dutchieI have had answers from there before22:51
godbyk(Not even braaaaaains!)22:51
dutchieit's getting close to manually-editing-the-pot-file time22:51
godbykI added a couple links to the bottom of http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UMPtranslations that point to some translation software that may or may not be useful.22:55
godbyk(I haven't looked it much yet.)22:55
godbyk...If we end up having to side-step launchpad/rosetta at some point.22:55
IlyaHaykinsonthere's always http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pootle22:56
godbykIlyaHaykinson: Yeah, that's one of the links I put in, I think.22:56
dutchieI don't think LP/Rosetta is the weak link22:57
godbykWhere do you think the weak link is?  po4a?22:57
dutchiepo4a could be improved too22:57
dutchiegettext is very good at doing software, but it's just not designed for doing docs22:58
godbykHow are docs normally translated?22:58
godbykThe translators are handed completed documentation to translate at once?22:58
dutchieI think so22:58
dutchienot done this much before though :Virtaal is built on the powerful API of the Translate Toolkit. “Virtaal” is an Afrikaans play on words meaning “For Language”, but also refers to translation.22:59
dutchieI'm going to be22:59
godbykhave pleasant dreams about translations.  discover an awesome solution. :-)22:59
dutchieI'm in london for the national schools' challenge quiz finals tomorrow, so I won't be around23:00
godbykgotcha.  good luck!23:01
IlyaHaykinsonomg cufon makes things _so_ much more readable23:25
IlyaHaykinsonas does switching to having verdana be the primary font for the website23:25
IlyaHaykinsonit's night and day, on windows23:25
IlyaHaykinsonok, actually, found the problem.23:34
IlyaHaykinsonbetween 6 and 11 pt sizes for Dejavu Sans Condensed, the font is broken on windows23:35
IlyaHaykinsonlike, absolutely atrocious23:35
IlyaHaykinson5 pt or lower, and 12 pt and higher, it looks great.23:35
IlyaHaykinsonoops, i have my range incorrect23:36
IlyaHaykinson10pt - 17pt.23:38
IlyaHaykinsonthough it's about the effective zoom range23:38
IlyaHaykinsonthe solution is to switch to Dejavu Sans (non-condensed) which does not have this problem23:38
godbykWhat was the original font stack?23:49

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