keesScottK: I'm happy with the vlc 1.0.6 upload from a source and patching delta perspective.  vlc tends to be pretty conservative normally.00:02
ScottKkees: Thanks.00:02
keesScottK: so if jdong says it's good, I say ship it.00:02
ScottKOK. I tend to agree.00:03
slangaseklangpacks are out of the queue now02:20
* ScottK is back.02:41
stgrabercan someone push edubuntu-artwork through the queue so it's ready for our next rebuild (once the langpacks have finished updating I'm guessing) ?02:50
ScottKstgraber: lang packs are done.  Let me have a look02:56
ScottKstgraber: Accepted.02:59
ScottKslangasek: The LP U/I refuses to accept vlc, so I'll leave that to you.03:00
stgraberScottK: thanks03:08
ScottKgdmap is distinctly odd.  It looks like it got autoreconfed or something and a bunch of stuff went missing.03:13
ScottKIf someone sees seb128 they might ask him to have another look at it.03:13
hyperairScottK: the code in banshee-extension-appindicator was originally duplicated from banshee's notificationarea extension. the code has received well enough testing. there will not be a regression.04:20
ScottKhyperair: I realize there won't be a regression for notify-osd users.04:21
hyperairScottK: not for notification-daemon either.04:21
hyperairScottK: or any other notification daemon that suppots the notifications standard properly04:21
hyperairlike i said, it has been well tested04:21
hyperairby Ubuntu users, and by non-Ubuntu users.04:21
hyperairthe fragment of the code that was removed by the patch was removed many banshee releases back. qense just added it because he thought it might be useful04:22
hyperairit was never supposed to have been there in the first place.04:22
ScottKExcept currently the notification updates at start of stream, on update, and end of stream.  If I read the patch right, the start and end update are removed.04:22
ScottKOK, well that's a totally different rationale than is in the bug.04:22
ScottKThe bug describes working around a notify-osd limitation.04:23
hyperairsorry, i guess the bug was not worded properly04:24
hyperairthe end-of-stream notification would time out anyway04:24
ScottKTrue, so I guess it's really just the start of stream notification that is affected.04:25
ScottKSo with the patch there is no notification until some update happens instead of there being one at the start of the stream, right?04:27
ScottKThat doesn't make any sense to me.04:27
hyperairScottK: what?04:29
ScottKI may be reading that patch wrong, but that's what it looked like.04:30
hyperairthere's a if (current_nf == null) somewhere04:30
hyperairit starts off as null04:30
hyperairwhen the first notification is fired, a Notification object will be created04:31
hyperairand displayed04:31
ScottKIn case PlayerEvent.StartOfStream: it removes current_track = ServiceManager.PlayerEngine.CurrentTrack; and then ShowTrackNotification ();04:31
hyperairi think there is code repetition04:31
hyperairthe code was already in ShowTrackNotification()04:32
ScottKSo that's just redundant?04:32
ScottKThat bit was the core of my concern.04:32
hyperairScottK: ah it's a switch statement, so it just coincides with the next one.04:33
hyperairStartOfStream and TrackInfoUpdated04:33
ScottKGood enough then.04:33
ScottKSorry for the confusion.04:34
hyperairand thanks =)04:34
ScottKOK.  That's the end of the current batch I'm comfortable accepting.04:40
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ScottKflite is main and fixes FTBFS, so I'd appreciate it if someone would review.  Diff is trivial.14:13
iulianScottK: Am I qualified to review it?15:18
ScottKiulian: I certainly hope so.15:19
ScottK(it's adding a missing build-depends)15:19
iulian... on ed.15:20
iulianIt looks good to me.15:20
ScottKiulian: OK.  So you'd like for me to accept it on your behalf?15:25
iulianScottK: Yes, please go ahead.15:26
ScottKiulian: Done.  Thanks.15:27
iulianScottK: If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.15:30
ScottKiulian: OK.15:30
ScottKiulian: If there's anything in the queue you're comfortable signing off on, let me know and we can discuss it. For Main the RM wants to limit fixes to ones that fix FTBFS or don't make good SRU candidates because you really want them on the installation media, low risk/obvoius fixes.15:32
ScottKFor Universe we're more open about any bug fixes.15:32
iulianScottK: Alrighty.15:36
ScottKiulian: ^^^ could you perhaps review these?15:41
iulianScottK: Sure.16:03
ScottKiulian: Great.  I can let them in for you once you've reviewed.16:04
iulianScottK: gpsk31, gmerlin, gabedit, gcin and emerald look good.16:15
* iulian is reviewing gamgi now.16:16
iulianIt looks like geser is pretty busy. :)16:17
ScottKiulian: I'd appreciate a review for qd when it appears.  Since it's my upload, I can't be the reviewer.16:20
iulianScottK: OK.16:22
iulianScottK: gamgi, gentoo and gnote look good too.16:23
ScottKiulian: Accepted.16:24
ScottKiulian: There are two gdmap uploads in queue.  Tell me if you want geser's or seb128's.16:25
iulianScottK: Hmm, gdmap appears twice in the queue with different diff.gz16:25
iulianOh. :)16:25
ScottKI looked at seb128's yesterday and it had a bunch of configure stuff in the diff I suspect wasn't wanted.16:25
ScottKSo have a look and let me know what you think.16:26
iulianScottK: Indeed.  seb128's patch looks ugly.16:34
iulianI'd go with geser's patch.16:34
* iulian looks at qd.16:34
iulianScottK: I have no idea why 'uscan --force-downloads' shows up in the diff.16:40
iulianAnyway, please accept it.16:40
ScottKiulian: Becuase I added a missing newline.16:40
iulianAh, right.16:42
ScottKiulian: I'd appreciate a review on foundry when it hits.17:48
ScottK(just uploaded)17:48
* iulian gets the source.17:52
iulianScottK: From where have you cherry picked the fix?17:55
ScottKiulian: The debian package in Testing/Unstable.17:55
ScottKThey've got a new upstream version, so I didn't want to pull that in.17:55
iulianScottK: OK, please accept it.17:58
ScottKiulian: Done.  Thanks.17:59
iulianNo problem.17:59
ScottKI'm heading out for a while.  If stuff comes in and you review it, just say so here and I'll process it when I get back.18:00
iulianScottK: OK.18:03
iulianScottK: Go ahead and accept python-django-djblets.20:52
* iulian has just reviewed it.20:52
ScottKiulian: Thanks.21:10
* iulian goes to bed.21:16

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