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duanedesignhello eschatron01:31
eschatronduanedesign: sorry, i had to step out.  are you still around?02:15
duanedesignyes hello02:15
eschatronhi.  were you respoding because you can help me?02:15
duanedesigni can try :)02:16
eschatronthank you.  i'm simply trying to keep some shared files across two kubuntu boxes02:17
eschatroni'm using the ppa kde client.  perhaps i should wait for a more official one, but i'm hoping that isn't the only way02:18
eschatroni installed the packages on both machines and added them to my ubuntuone account, but only one of them succeeds in uploading anything, and then only sometimes02:19
eschatronand neither one downloads anything02:19
duanedesigneschatron: what does this command return:  dpkg -l ubuntuone-client02:19
eschatronassuming you want the version number, 1.0.3-0ubuntu102:20
duanedesignif you want to look and see if ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log02:28
duanedesigncontains anythhing02:28
duanedesignif so could you pastebin it at http://paste.ubuntu.com02:29
eschatroni don't seem to have one02:29
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duanedesigneschatron: ok well we can look at  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log02:33
eschatronduanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/421393/02:34
eschatronyou know, i just dropped in a new file and that one uploaded.  so i guess both machines upload intermittently02:37
eschatronok, and now it did arrive on the other machine.  this is a first02:42
eschatronperhaps i've wasted your time02:43
duanedesigneschatron: no thats ok02:43
duanedesigneschatron: U1 is not as fast as it could be when syncing lots of small files02:44
eschatronwhat is lots?  because i tried 6 files around 50k each and gave up after an hour.  3 of them made it02:44
duanedesigneschatron: does this command return anything in KDE.02:50
duanedesigndbus-send --session --print-reply  --dest=com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon --type=method_call /status com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Status.current_status02:50
eschatronyes, do you want the output?02:50
duanedesignno thats ok02:51
duanedesignThat is a good way to see what is going on02:51
duanedesignstring "queues"02:51
duanedesignstring "WORKING_ON_CONTENT"02:51
duanedesignthat is what mine says02:51
duanedesignif you are expecting it to be uploading you generally dont want that to be IDLE02:52
duanedesignstring "connection"02:52
duanedesignstring "With User With Network"02:52
duanedesignthats good02:52
eschatroni seem to have different headings, but i believe i understand anyway02:53
duanedesignyou dont want something like without user without networ02:53
eschatroni have "is_connected" "True" and "is_online" "True"02:53
duanedesignthat is good means its connected to server02:53
duanedesignis online might be False for a short time when you first start up02:54
duanedesignwhile it does Local_Rescan02:54
eschatroni see02:54
eschatronit seems like everything works right now, i've gotten files moved in both directions02:54
eschatronthank you for your help02:54
facundobatistaduanedesign, if you're more interested in the internals, you may find a good graph in docs/states_manager.svg03:36
facundobatistaduanedesign, any doubt, just ask03:36
duanedesignfacundobatista: oh wow! thank you03:37
facundobatistaduanedesign, btw, it's easier to ask the state by doing u1sdtool --status03:38
facundobatistaduanedesign, and there're rumors that a full GUI is being worked somewhere03:38
duanedesignfacundobatista: he was on 1.0.3. Been awhile since I used it but i thought it didnt have u1sdtool -s03:39
facundobatistaduanedesign, mmm... I really didn't use u1sdtool before a couple of months ago, but I think it was there from the early days03:40
kermiacrye: duanedesign: is there a workaround for "STANDOFF_WAITING_WITH_NETWORK_WITH_BOTHQ" bug 48725704:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 487257 in ubuntuone-client "The client gets stuck into STANDOFF state" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48725704:51
duanedesignhello kermiac04:52
kermiachi duanedesign :)04:52
duanedesigni need to look at my irssi settings. I am not getting pinged when my name is mentioned :(04:53
kermiacI'm not having much luck with the poor op in bug 565391. They're now experiencing ^^04:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 565391 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One is unable to connect" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56539104:53
kermiacduanedesign: any suggestions for the next step? I'm not sure what he should try next (apart from wait 6 days for lucid hehe - not the best way to resolve the issue)04:55
duanedesign2010-04-23 17:22:05,647 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.fsm - WARNING - OSError [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/gotardo/.cache/ubuntuone/partials/a555bf40-0483-4354-8efa-2579212419ff.u1partial.Ubuntu One' when trying to remove partial_path '/home/gotardo/.cache/ubuntuone/partials/a555bf40-0483-4354-8efa-2579212419ff.u1partial.Ubuntu One'05:00
duanedesignnot sure what that means..05:01
kermiachmmm me either05:02
duanedesignkermiac: i wonder what is causing his connection to go off05:03
kermiacduanedesign: yeah, seems strange that it appears to connect for a very short time than drops out05:04
* kermiac shrugs05:04
kermiacmaybe another one to ping rye about later hehe05:04
duanedesignkermiac: he  could upgrade to the PPA version.05:05
kermiacI've had the poor op almost jumping through hoops trying to help him get up & running but nothing I'm suggesting seem to work05:05
kermiacduanedesign: ah, that's an idea... I'll suggest that :)05:06
kermiacit's one of the only things I haven't had them try hehe05:06
duanedesignkermiac: might warn him of the applet being replaced by the Preferences panel05:06
duanedesignon my karmic box I made a custom launcher in my panel that runs ubuntuone-preferences05:07
duanedesignkinda like having the applet.05:07
kermiacyup, will do. do you know if u1sdtool has more functionality in the ppa version? like will it have the u1sdtool -s ?? I haven't used the ppa version on my karmic box05:08
kermiacduanedesign: custom launcher is a good workaround :)05:08
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freakabcdhi all10:27
duanedesignhello freakabcd10:27
freakabcddoes using U1 require me to register my machine?10:27
freakabcdi heard a friend of mine say that you have to register your machine or something similar10:28
duanedesignyou need to tell it which computers you want to connect to your Ubuntu ONe account10:28
freakabcdi thought my friend was joking. because why would a 'computer' (ip addr/mac addr/hostname/something_else) need to be registered10:31
Treenaksbecause that's how U1 works (and it's not the hostname/something else, afaik it's just a random key generated at install time/first run time)10:32
Treenaksbut don't quote me on that :)10:32
freakabcdis this possibly being listed as a security feature? If yes, is there a way to just simply 'mount' the cloud drive and use it on any ubu machine i/my friend's have10:32
TreenaksIf you use Ubuntu One on a "new" Ubuntu machine, it will send you to a login page10:32
TreenaksAfter the login page, you will need to confirm that that machine has access to your U1 account10:33
Treenaksthen everything just works10:33
Treenaksalso, give your friend a separate account - you can share files between accounts easily :)10:33
freakabcdumm.. and how does it work? i.e. I specify a dir as my U1 main folder ?10:35
TreenaksThere's ~/Ubuntu\ One10:35
Treenaksthat's your "main" folder10:35
Treenaksand you can select other folders for sharing using nautilus10:35
Treenaks(= the file manager)10:35
freakabcdalso can i have shared_public, shared_group and private folders/files ?10:35
TreenaksFiles are private by default, you can share with people (don't know about groups)10:36
freakabcdi mean on the cloud.. not just the local acls10:36
Treenaksand there's public sharing10:36
duanedesignfreakabcd: you can share a file with a public URL10:36
freakabcdi mean can i specify a folder to be shared with some other users, but not everyone ?10:36
duanedesignand share a folder with fellow U1 users10:37
freakabcdi.e. something like .htaccess in apache10:37
Treenaksfreakabcd: not as detailed as htaccess, but you can share specific files/folders with specific users, and/or the whole world (publically)10:37
freakabcdumm.. and my friend said to look at dropbox and spideroak as well.10:39
freakabcdsince i've never used any of these facilities, i'm not sure what i'm looking for.. but essentially i'm looking for some encrypted storage and sharing (which isn't just private/global)10:40
Treenaksthey don't integrate with Ubuntu quite as nicely :)10:40
Treenaksalso, they don't have an awesome music store :)10:40
freakabcdwell, i'm not after music or just ubu integration. i use windows and other distros at work10:40
freakabcdanyway, if i signup, and use it for a while and then i decide to use one of the other services, can i ask for the account to be deleted?10:41
freakabcdi wouldn't want to be wasting space10:41
duanedesignfreakabcd: here is a nice thread on encrypting data while using dropbox Ubuntu One10:47
freakabcdduanedesign: cool.. thats pretty much what i was looking for.. guess i'll give both U1 and dropbox a go.. thanks11:30
PaulGitIs anybody else getting an Oops logging into the U1 Web UI this morning?11:48
PaulGitIt appears to be related to the Dashboard :911:51
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ryecouchdb is down12:06
duanedesignhello rye12:30
duanedesignPaulGit: yes you are right. https://one.ubuntu.com/files/ works fine. it is just https://one.ubuntu.com12:32
PaulGitduanedesign: Hi, not sure what is up.  I will head over to LP and submit a bug shortly.12:33
PaulGitduanedesign: Does the same on edge.one.ubuntu.com also.12:34
ryeduanedesign, already pinged losas :(12:35
ryeduanedesign, i have a nagios script that checks couchdb nearly ready, just need to find out how to get oauth tokens12:36
ryePaulGit, couchdb is down12:36
PaulGitrye: Mmm, I wonder if that explains my gwibber issues too!  Thanks12:36
ryePaulGit, replication for couchd is broken, phone sync, dashboard, notes and contacts, note syncing is down12:37
ryegrrr, LOSA!!!12:37
PaulGitrye: Ahh, I won't continue with my contacts testing then!12:37
ryelosas restarted the couchdb service12:51
ryecouchdb is temporarily brought down to confirm the issue12:56
ryePaulGit, duanedesign, couchdb is back up and additional monitoring script is now installed13:06
PaulGitrye: Thanks for letting us now.13:07
duanedesignrye: i have a couple of files that I deleted some time ago that are now showing up on the new webUI. They are greyed out and I am unable to do anything them. http://people.ubuntu.com/~duanedesign/U1.dashboard.SS.png14:25
mhall119hey, I was having a discussion about a possible port of Steam to Linux, is there any thoughts on making a game deliver client for Ubuntu One, kind of like the music store?16:56
duanedesignhello mhall11917:05
duanedesignmhall119: most the developers are not on during the weekends. You can usually catch them on weekdays between 13:00-21:00 GMT17:07
ryeduanedesign, the greyed-out files are the files that were left in uploaded state but haven't uploaded - the legends say that there was such kind of issue with older client version (and waaay older than karmic)17:20
duanedesignrye: do you know i might get rid of them?17:27
ryeduanedesign, they will be cleaned up by ubuntuone staff17:28
ryeduanedesign, these files are the files that were made by MakeFile() call, but no content was delivered to the server17:29
duanedesignohhh, ok I see17:29
ryeduanedesign, so basically we'll need to wait until corresponding query is run17:29
duanedesignrye: i am hoping to have a GUI for my 'packageSync' application done this weekend. I was getting so many good ideas for files to sync it was time to add a checklist instead of a series of Y or N questions17:40
duanedesignSince it is growing beyond syncing dpkg selections I will have to rename it too17:41
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ryeduanedesign, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneConf17:46
duanedesignrye: how did you find that?17:49
duanedesignrye: I think that is where the wiki page I made will come in handy17:50
duanedesignso the community can benefit from one anothers work and not duplicate effort17:50
ryeduanedesign, frankly speaking - i don't remember but I have visited that page earlier so when you mentioned that it rang a bell17:50
duanedesignrye: i was mainly curious if he came around here. I will email him and introduce myself. Hopefully we can collaborate17:53
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SycoHi guys, I've just upgraded to 10.04, set up an ubuntu one account and I click on the ubuntu one app in prefrences and it doesn't let me add my computer, is there somewhere else I can go?  I try throught he site and all it tells me is to install the application which I already have :(18:54
ryeSyco, have you set up ubuntuone account before 10.04?18:56
SycoNo, I hadn't18:56
ryeSyco, ok, so right now you have ubuntuone-preferences application running, right?18:56
SycoWell, not right now, I can re-open it18:57
SycoI just click on "Ubuntu One" in preferences right?18:57
SycoI have "unknown" for account, e-mail and plan in it18:57
SycoCould it be that I have Chrome set as default browser?18:58
ryeSyco, we had problems with Opera, but chrome worked ok... is there Device tab in ubuntuone preferences and do you have 'connect' button in it?18:59
ryelet me check chrome.. you are using chrome, not chromium, right?18:59
ryeSyco, ^18:59
SycoChrome, yes19:00
SycoThere is a device tab and there is a connect button, I just clicked it19:00
SycoIt took me to the ubuntu one page the same one I get when I click "manage account"19:01
SycoI click "View the machines connected to this account" and I get "You haven't added any computers or devices to your Ubuntu One account. To get started please visit the installation details."19:02
ryeSyco, ok, it should ask you to add your machine19:02
Sycoif I click that it just tells me to install the client which I already have19:02
ryeSyco, when you click 'connect' button it should bring the page that has 'Add your machine' with a text entry box that lists the hostname of your computer. What page do you get instead, could you please copy the title?19:04
SycoOK, I closed and re-opened, clicked connect and it took me nowhere19:05
Sycopretty sure it took me to http://one.ubuntu.com/account before though19:05
SycoShould I try setting firefox to the default browser and try again?19:06
ryeSyco, ok, - quick fix - open the terminal and run u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login19:06
ryeSyco, then you will open preferences and connect button should work. I am checking now how it works with clean system... it does not look like it is reliable :(19:07
Sycook, I've run that19:07
Sycoit looks like it's working19:07
Sycowaiting ... waiting...19:08
Sycowewt, thanks!19:08
SycoIs there a chrome plugin in the works to backup bookmarks?19:08
SycoAnd, sorry for the questions, but are any folders by default shared with it or do I need to manually set them?19:11
ryeSyco, the default sync folder is Ubuntu One in your home directory, you can add more folders though19:11
Sycowas hoping it wasn't my whole home folder is all, I keep a messy collection :)19:11
ryeThere was initial work for chromium plugin but i am not really sure it has succeeded much19:11
Sycooh ok19:12
SycoI don't really want to go back to firefox, it's gotten too bloated for me heh19:12
Sycothanks a lot for your help, it's now working!19:12
Sycohave a good day/night and if you're aussie "Lest we forget"19:12
ryeSyco, you might also want to know that currently ubuntuone is very sensitive to the _number_ of files you are syncing.19:12
Sycohigher the worse?19:12
ryeSyco, 1000 files/folders are ok, but if you have more then it will be not as fast.19:13
SycoI really just want to sync text files with information I can't lose, things like bank account login numbers (but not passwords), M$ keys etc etc19:13
Sycoand the odd photo probably19:13
ryeSyco, ah, that's fine19:13
SycoThanks again for the help!19:14
SycoHave a good day/night :)19:14
ryeSyco, thanks for heads up about chromium :)19:14
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duanedesignrye: strange, have you been able to reproduce the ubuntuone-login bug?20:04
ryeduanedesign, no, it does open chromium & chrome in this case but it looks like when you failed to authenticate/closed the browser it won't let you do it agaain since it is waiting for oauth info state20:15
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cviniciusmI'm using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx RC 64 Bit.21:03
cviniciusmI'm not able to add my computer to Ubuntu One.21:03
cviniciusmIs there a command to do that, please?21:03
duanedesignhello cviniciusm21:04
duanedesignyou have signed up for an account and now you just need to aqdd your computer?21:04
cviniciusmYes, I have an account, the first time I used Ubuntu One, the NoScript plugin blocked the page to add computer. And now, I don't know how to add my computer.21:06
cviniciusmI have uninstalled NoScript plugin.21:06
duanedesigncviniciusm: you should just be able to open Ubuntu One from the Me Menu or Preferences21:06
duanedesignand when you click connect it takes you to the website to add your computer21:07
duanedesignif it is not there is an easy fix21:07
cviniciusmNo, when I click to connect nothing happens.21:07
duanedesignClose the preferences window21:07
duanedesignopen a Terminal and run the following command:21:08
duanedesignu1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login21:08
duanedesignthen you will open preferences and connect button should work.21:08
cviniciusm$ u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login ubuntuone-syncdaemon stopped.21:09
cviniciusmNop yet.21:10
duanedesignthen open Ubuntu One and click connect and the browser should open the site21:10
cviniciusmThe account tab is empty. It should shows my account information?21:10
cviniciusmShould it shows my account information?21:11
duanedesignnot till you add your computer21:11
cviniciusmunfortunaly, no.21:11
duanedesignit says <local machine>21:11
cviniciusmyes, <LOCAL MACHINE> .21:12
duanedesignwhat does the command: xdg-open http://one.ubuntu.com21:12
duanedesignthat should open the Ubuntu One website in your browser21:13
cviniciusmnothing happens.21:14
duanedesignwhat is your default browser?21:14
cviniciusmsorry, it opens the Ubuntu One Dashboard.21:15
duanedesignSystem > Preferences > Preferred Application21:15
duanedesignoh ok21:15
cviniciusmI was logged on it before, so I was confused.21:16
duanedesigncan you go to Open Applications->Accessories->Passwords and Encryption Keys21:16
duanedesign Click on the arrow next to "Passwords" and look for Ubuntu One Token21:18
cviniciusmnetstat -tlnp shows me the port tcp/40269 and tcp/42500, which tcp/40269 is the ubuntuone-login .21:18
cviniciusmIf I open localhost:40269 on the browser, it shows a dialog page with "administrator" subject and username and password to login.21:19
duanedesigncviniciusm: did you see an Ubuntu One Token under Applications->Accessories->Passwords and Encryption Keys21:22
cviniciusmIf I click Dashboard tab, the appers a page with 500 error.21:22
duanedesigncviniciusm: yeah they have been working on that today21:23
cviniciusmNo, the only Ubuntu One that I see is on System -> Preferences -> Ubuntu One.21:24
duanedesignthis would be Passwords and Encryption Keys21:25
duanedesignin the Applications menu21:25
cviniciusmI have the following packages installed: python-ubuntuone, python-ubuntuone-client, python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol, rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store, ubuntuone-client and ubuntuone-client-gnome .21:29
duanedesignif you have an Ubuntu One Token in 'Passwords and Encryption Keys' that might be why you are not able to add your computer21:33
duanedesignPasswords and Encryption Keys is installed by default under the Applications > Accessories menu21:34
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cviniciusmI was logged off because wrong authentication on freenode.21:49
cviniciusmThanks for the help.21:50
NateW1how can i delete a share with another ubuntuone user?22:44
duffydackoo, liking the new dashboard23:05
duffydackNateW1, is it on the webpage/dashboard ?23:06
NateW1duffydack: sorry.. its in the files tab23:38
topylii'm having problems with the new files tab, using epiphany23:41
NateW1i have a share that was between me and another user. how do i remove it from my ubuntuone account?23:58
mattgriffinNafallo: did you create the share?23:59
mattgriffinNateW1: sorry... did you create the share?23:59
mattgriffinNafallo: sorry. wrong nick :)23:59

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