ionIt handles multiple programs wanting to interact with the user simultaneously.00:03
markl_ion: i see, hopefully i can dpkg -r it02:37
ionSure, if you’re willing to remove mountall along with it, and upstart along with mountall. Assuming you’re running Ubuntu.02:43
markl_i don't need mountall but apparently i do need upstart03:00
markl_i need to boot up without a console03:00
markl_this is a weird dependency, why can't i use upstart without plymouth and mountall?03:05
markl_this is definitely a house of cards, hmm03:06
Keybukyes, boot is a great big house of cards03:07
Keybukso careful with those matches!03:07
markl_i'll just give the tablecloth a yank03:14
markl_which is pretty much a good description of openvz's boot process i guess :)03:14
markl_does initctl emit ever time out if there's no response?03:17
markl_i at least got it to a 0 runlevel instead of unknown, i think i'm almost there03:19
Keybukno response?03:24
Keybukyou'll always get a response from init03:24
Keybuk(unless init dies, in which case the kernel will PANIC :p)03:24
Keybukof course03:36
Keybukif the task started by your event doesn't complete03:36
Keybukthat response may come as a result of the heat death of the universe03:37
Keybukbut that's a response too03:37
Keybukalbeit a final one03:37
markl_ah, it was the console output statement04:06
* markl_ smacks forehead04:06
markl_so are these things like getty supposed to be easy to disable like it was with inittab?04:07
markl_or should i make my own upstart package?  that wouldn't be too painful04:08
ionComment out the “start on...” line.04:10
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archaylhow am i supposed to make a script to startup my vbox vm?21:00
archayland save the state, then close it on shutdown?21:01
Will|is it possible to have a script run when upstart witnesses an abnormal exit?21:54
Will|or when a respawn-limit is hit21:54

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