svuJanC, :) I feel sorry that Ubuntu does not have Jobs-like kharismatic person to make ANNOUNCES.00:00
AquinaOh yeah... rally!? :-)00:00
sorenAquina: Yes, so within the next thirtysomething hours.00:00
AquinaI think it was a bit less time between RC and final. Only a few days...00:01
JanCyou mean, somebody who publicly says his companie releases lots of crappy software?  ;-)00:02
JanCI doubt sabdfl wants to do that  :P00:02
svuJanC, yes. But does that in style! :)00:02
xnoxoh it's release day =) forgot about that =)00:04
JanCwell, "day"00:04
JanC"while it's 2010-04-29 in some place on Earth" spans almost 2 days  ;)00:04
AquinaAm I the only person calculating to figure out whether these are 2 days or almost 2 days... :D00:08
Keybukit's more than 2 days00:08
Keybuk52 hours iirc00:08
svu51:59:59 I guess00:09
Keybukit's an illogical number due to daylight savings00:12
lifelessalso there are more than 24 time zones00:13
ajmitcha shame I'm only on UTC+12 at the moment00:13
Keybukyeah, but you can end up with UTC+13 and UTC-13 depending on hemisphere ;)00:13
lifelessmore than00:14
lifelessthere is that weird little kink in the north pacific00:14
ajmitchthere's a +14, I think00:14
xnoxsilly politics00:14
xnoximho we relase in UTC00:14
lifelessrawaki is +13 normally00:15
lifelessand tonga00:15
Keybukxnox: your opinion is neither humble or correct ;-)00:16
lifelessKiritimati is +1400:17
lifelesswikipedia ftw00:17
* xnox sticks his tongue out at Keybuk =) I can pretend whatever I want =)00:17
xnoxBTW I knew there is +13 but I never thought there is +1400:17
ajmitchthere are odd timezones like +13:4500:18
* ajmitch is glad that the NZ mirrors don't lag too far behind this week00:20
* jpds is glad that some NZ mirrors get pushed.00:20
* lifeless offers a Tool00:21
AquinaYeah +14 exists, but isn't the calculation 12+14+23=49hrs == max time of same weekday?00:21
lifelessand hell, I'm in NZ now.00:21
lifelessAquina: 49:59:5900:21
ajmitchlifeless: I'm sure you enjoy the blazing speeds to archive.ubuntu.com then00:21
Aquinaah ok00:22
lifelessajmitch: it took me a day to update after crossing the tasman. OUCH.00:22
lifelessajmitch: OTOH I think telecom are doing some stupid shite00:22
ajmitchthat wouldn't surprise me00:22
lifeless not my phone line, sadly00:22
lifelessso I can't really dig in deeply to fix00:23
imbrandondont the ISP's down there run their own mirrors too mostly ?00:23
ajmitchyes, which is why I was glad that they're not too far behind, sometimes they've been out of date by a few days00:24
zulaussies and kiwis are weird00:24
imbrandonajmitch, ouch00:24
ajmitchsays the canadian00:24
lifelessajmitch: do you know why they have been that out of date?00:25
imbrandontheir has to be a way to my my gnome-xchat ignore joins/parts when its running on my irssi proxy ....00:25
ajmitchlifeless: no I don't, someone was talking about it in #ubuntu-nz recently though00:25
imbrandonajmitch, yea i rember TheMuso saying something along those lines, i think thats one reason he runs a local mirror00:26
lifelessimbrandon: themuso is in .au, totally different internet landscape00:27
imbrandonyea but much of the same fundimental issues as far as limited bandwidth accross the ocean and such isnt it00:27
TheMusoimbrandon: Yeah that, and distro development is easier when you have the most recent published packages, so I have less breakage during the day when I need to test/update/test build something.00:28
imbrandonahh right because bandwidth is cheaper at off peak hours or something like there isnt it00:29
imbrandon( when you mirror )00:29
TheMusoDepends on the ISP you are with. Some offer off peak quotas, and some don't. I don't like off peak quotas myself.00:30
imbrandonyea always seemed kinda wonky to me too, but i like in the US so its QUITE diffrent here than alot of the world ( for better or worse )00:31
mdeslaurNafai: it's really curious that you can't reproduce bug #570809...I wonder what I could be doing different00:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 570809 in netbook-launcher "Favorites displays application short names" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57080900:31
Nafaimdeslaur: yeah, that is curious.  I did this all in KVM, but I can't imagine this would be any different00:32
Nafaimdeslaur: What language/locale are you using?00:32
mdeslaurNafai: let me try again on an hp mini00:32
mdeslaurNafai: well, the live cd doesn't ask for a language/locale00:33
Nafaijust grasping for what might be different ;)00:33
mdeslaurNafai: When I install, I chose en_CA00:33
mdeslaurNafai: but, let me try the live cd again, just a sec00:33
NafaiI installed as en_US, but I can't imagine that would be different00:33
mdeslaurNafai: so, I just booted the live cd, let the default language selected as "English", clicked the "try" button and it booted the desktop with the favorites menu open00:38
mdeslaurNafai: In the favorites menu, I've got "Firefox Web Browser", which is okay00:38
mdeslaurNafai: but I also have "Evolution", "Cheese", "Empathy"00:38
* Nafai scratches head00:38
* Nafai tries something00:39
AquinaIs firefox 3.5 faster (+less memory footprint) vs. 3.0.19?00:40
micahgAquina: yes00:40
Aquinaah fine so they must have heard what I wrote at the mozilla zine commentary section. :-))00:40
micahgAquina: ?00:40
AquinaAh.. I complained about always implementing features instead of making that thing more stable and less bloated.00:41
micahgAquina: we have a PPA with Firefox 3.6 as well00:41
micahgAquina: and 3.6 is in Lucid00:41
AquinaI also argued (some) corps move to propreatary stuff like Opera and thelike.00:41
Aquinaoh yes 3.6 I ment. I use hardy though and upgrade is not faar anymore...00:42
Aquina...at least when I have tested the upgrade procedures on ubuntu QA.00:42
Nafaimdeslaur: Which launcher is being run?  netbook-launcher-efl or netbook-launcher?00:43
RAOFmdeslaur, Nafai: I also see that behaviour, with an en_AU locale.00:43
NafaiRAOF: strange :(00:43
NafaiPerhaps I should boot the live cd on my spare machine here00:44
mdeslaurNafai: it's netbook-launcher00:45
Nafaiok, that helps00:45
NafaiI need to run to dinner, but I'll take a look later00:46
NafaiRAOF: Could you add an "me too" on bug #57080900:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 570809 in netbook-launcher "Favorites displays application short names" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57080900:46
RAOFOff the top of my head, I'd guess that there's something wrong with the X-GNOME-FullName handling.00:47
NafaiRAOF: Along with which launcher is being run.00:47
NafaiYeah, maybe this is something for didrocks to look into and guide me on, because I know nothing about that yet :)00:47
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Nafaimdeslaur: thanks for the report, hopefully we can figure it out soon.00:48
mdeslaurNafai: ok, cool. Hope you'll be able to reproduce it! :)00:49
mathiazlool: hey - could you update the release note from bug 423252?01:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423252 in sudo "NSS using LDAP+SSL breaks setuid applications like su and sudo" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42325201:00
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fabiobikhow to solve my problem? when i try to boot from the lastest kernel the pc restart. if i try to boot from the oldest version i can see the ubuntu logo but not the login screen!01:46
fabiobikive updated from 9.10 version01:47
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ScottKfabiobik: Help for Lucid is in #ubuntu+1.03:22
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pittiGood morning05:32
pittibryceh: confirmed, ubuntu8 is okay since we'll pocket-copy it to meerkat anyway05:32
brycehpitti, great05:39
brycehpitti, btw, sarvatt noticed that we've not been getting apport crash reports for xserver, except for binary drivers05:40
pittikees, mdeslaur: so you guys moved postgresql to security after all?05:41
brycehpitti, looking back, we've not gotten reports except against nvidia/fglrx/vbox since 2: in early Feb, when the rethrow signals patch was re-enabled05:42
pittibryceh: I think mvo noticed the same indeed :/ so that seems to be real05:42
brycehsomething to work on for meerkat I guess05:42
pittikees, mdeslaur, jdstrand: it requires an authenticated attacker who also has the privilege to create and use new functions, and if you have that, you can screw over the server anyway05:45
pittislangasek, cjwatson, jdong, ScottK: FYI, I just switched queuediff and sru-accept to default to lucid05:58
jdongcool, thanks05:58
slangasekoh, that means I didn't commit my changes, oops :)05:58
pittijdong: FYI, I caught up with all bug mail, and there are only two bugs left which need sponsoring; the rest is uploaded to the queue06:03
pittijdong: (in case you want to delete your current load of SRU bug mail :) )06:04
jdongpitti: ok awesome! I've been falling a bit behind this week :)06:04
pittijdong: perhaps instead of a "needs attention" tag we need to have a landmark "all SRU mail until <date> were processed" :)06:05
jdongpitti: hehehe that would be nice too :)06:05
jdongpitti: kinda like a google reader for SRU!06:05
jdong</nonfree idea of the day>06:05
pittijdong: I'll do the bulk of queue review now, but I also uploaded a few myself (which I can't process)06:05
pittijdong: we need cross-user offlineimap syncing06:06
jdongooooh now that sounds like a good idea :)06:06
pittiactually, maybe this isn't such a crazy idea after all06:06
jdongeven just a meta-sru-team IMAP account would do that06:07
ccheneyanyone have issues with a memory leak under ubuntu gnome?06:08
ccheneyi haven't determined whats causing it yet, but it seemed to be leaking a lot for me, had nearly filled my swap and actual ram with nothing running, logged out and back in, relaunched all my usual apps and only have about 800MB ram used and no swap06:09
ccheneyi saw someone earlier today complaining on the channel about what sounded similar to that06:09
ccheneyif it happens again i'll try to grab a process list with memory information and then log out and compare on a fresh login06:10
ionI might have something similar. I’m running fglrx in case that matters.06:11
RAOFccheney: It's not the gem leak?06:11
ionSubjectively the memory usage seems much higher than weeks (or something) ago.06:11
ccheneyRAOF: hmm? maybe is there info about that?06:11
ccheneyRAOF: if X was leaking that would certainly make sense since i closed all major apps and it didn't release the memory until I actually logged out06:12
RAOFccheney: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Testing/GEMLeak - but if you're up to date you should be running xserver-xorg-core 2:1.7.6-2ubuntu7, which should not leak in that way.06:13
ccheneyRAOF: i don't log out that often so it might have been from the previous version06:14
ccheneymy uptime is 11 days on my laptop so i might have not logged out since before 2:1.7.6-2ubuntu7 was released06:14
RAOFion: You'd be seeing something else; maybe it's evolution+evolution-data-server tempting the OOM killer? :)06:15
ccheneyperhaps i should reboot to make sure i am completely up to date :)06:15
RAOFccheney: I'm pretty sure there's been a kernel upgrade in th elast 11 days, at least :)06:16
ccheneyRAOF: yea i think so too06:16
ionraof: Nope, no evolution problem. Total memory usage is 1503 MB at the moment. The huge memory devourers are Firefox with a resident size of 220 MB, X.org with 210 MB and Vuze with 151 MB. The next worse process has only allocated 28 MB. I’d have to actually sum the amount of memory allocated by all processes, but it seems 1.5 gigabytes might be considerably more. I haven’t got around to investigating any further than this.06:23
ionThe first thing i probably should do would be to try with the free radeon driver.06:24
* ccheney finished rebooting finally, fsck ran ugh06:26
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ccheneyRAOF: thanks for the information about the gem issue :)06:29
pitticcheney: wow, your machine lasted 11 days with this bug?06:29
* pitti usually had to reboot after 6 hours06:29
pittiprobably due to all the graphics intensive applications that I run06:30
pitti4 gnome-terminals in parallel want their share!06:30
ccheneypitti: well i don't know for sure how long i had been logged in but it was for a while06:32
ccheneypitti: i am on x4500 so it might not have been as bad as for some06:32
TheMusopitti: Don't tell me you don't use tabs..06:34
ccheneyonly 71MB now, not sure what it was before, heh06:34
pittiTheMuso: I do, why? :-)06:34
TheMusoYou said 4 terminals. I thought you meant separate windows. :)06:34
ionWhat’s wrong with separate windows?06:35
pittiTheMuso: it's still four separate windows, since I also like them to be side by side; and I have mutt running on another desktop06:35
TheMusopitti: ah ok06:35
TheMusoOh nothing.06:36
TheMusoTo each their own. I have 6 terminals as tabs in one window and IRC in another window, so that tab switching doesn't clash with irssi's shortcuts for the first 10 windows.06:36
KeybukI have only terminals as separate windows06:37
Keybukone above the other06:37
Keybukthe other half of the screen is a vertically maximised emacs window06:37
ionIf i were to use a single maximized terminal window, its dimensions would be 274 columns by 76 lines. That’s a bit excessive. I find splitting the screen to multiple windows more useful. :-)06:38
* ccheney has a terminal with screen running for 4 irc connections and a few other terminals for work06:40
* hyperair always has byobu running.06:41
ccheneywhen doing builds i login to my real system (non-laptop) and run screen on it instead of tabs, so never really use tabs for terminals06:41
hyperairand irssi starts up with byobu06:41
Keybukwhat we really need is just a display engine that writes to the frame buffer06:43
Keybukdisplays near-full screen vtes06:43
Keybukwith tabs along the top06:43
Keybukand a button that lets you make a new vte tag06:43
Keybukand a button that lets you make a new webkit tab06:43
* Keybuk designs FUTURE UI06:43
hyperairtabs waste space.06:43
RAOFNone of this messy X stuff!06:43
ionkeybuk: Add splitting the display to tiles and you have the basic tiling window manager. :-)06:44
hyperairjust open a vt and run byobu. problem solved. =D06:44
Keybukion: there's a window manager just like that for X06:44
* Keybuk can't remember what it's called06:44
Keybukion: any ideas?06:44
Keybukion: ever heard of it?06:44
dholbachgood morning06:45
ajmitchmorning dholbach06:45
ionI used to use it, but then it became nonfree. :-P06:45
dholbachhey ajmitch06:45
pittijdong: if you have a minute, do you think you can review bug 562418 ?06:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 562418 in pkg-create-dbgsym "empty ddebs when dh_strip is called twice" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56241806:50
jdongpitti: sure06:50
pittijdong: I'd really like to have this in -proposed/-updates soon, so that we get good ddebs as soon as we accept xorg06:50
ajmitchpitti: for a fix that'll go into -proposed that I'm sponsoring, keep the original person in the changelog, right?06:52
pittiajmitch: sure, as usual06:52
jdongpitti: looked reasonable to me, ACKed :)06:53
pittijdong: cheers06:53
ajmitchpitti: ok, will push a libsdl1.2 SRU soon then :)06:53
ScottKpitti: I'll have a clamav SRU soon too, but the Debian changes in their next upload aren't quite doing what I'm expecting, so I need to try to talk to sgran about it.  Unfortunately, I'm 3 hours further west than usual.07:03
jdstrandpitti: just passing through before bed, but if I create a user and db like so: createuser -DRS foo ; createdb -O foo foo_db ; then I can connect as 'foo' to the 'foo_db' database and use the following to crash the server 'select substring(B'10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101',33,-15);'07:07
ionComputers hate binary.07:07
jdstrandpitti: that seemed like a not so uncommon setup, so we decided to fix it07:07
pittijdstrand: ok; it seemed a bit borderline to me07:08
jdstrandpitti: well, *you* fixed it, we decided to republish07:08
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jdstrandpitti: we debated internally and thought better safe than sorry since the update was so lovingly prepared by you already :)07:09
jdstrandit wasn't hard to imagine it snowballing if a crappy web app didn't filter its SQL07:10
jdstrandanyhoo, off to bed07:10
pittisleep well!07:10
jdstrandthanks! :)07:11
aburchHi, is there someone to poke to get a backport approved?  Currently simutrans from karmic-backports is uninstallable due to a versioned dependency on a newer version of simutrans-pak64 (LP #550880)07:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 550880 in karmic-backports "Please backport simutrans-pak64/102.2.2-1 from Lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55088007:13
ScottKaburch: Did you test that your propose backport works?07:20
ScottKjdong: You approved the simutrans backport.  Would you please follow-up with getting it fixed?07:21
aburchScottK: The PPA used for testing the simutrans backport did also include simutrans-pak64 which is why it was successfully tested at all (see LP #538897).07:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538897 in karmic-backports "Backport simutrans from Lucid" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53889707:24
ScottKjdstrand: Would you have a moment to process the backport in 550880 to fix an installability problem in backports?07:25
pittijdong: I'm not done yet with the current queue, but I'll run out for an hour and continue then; I have some uploads in the queue (gdm, gvfs, gnome-keyring, totem) which need to be processed by someone else, I'll review the rest (feel free to purge your bug mail again from all the "plz test" stuff :) )07:46
pittijdong: gdm is debatable, the other three should be harmless07:46
hrware there any plans to have also debian-installer way of installing (so lvm/raid/crypto) available on normal ubuntu cd?08:55
stefanlsd #ubuntu-motu08:57
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stefanlsdbleh :)08:57
cjwatsonhrw: not by way of putting d-i on it, but I do have plans to get raid/lvm/crypto support into ubiquity - just haven't yet had time to execute on them09:32
* ogra_cmpc would love to have an in RAM mode for the live image that implements something similar to d-i netinst (install to the device you booted the installer from)09:33
ogra_cmpcindeed that would require a lot of ram09:34
hrwcjwatson: I just did installation on my new laptop only to find out that I have to erase all and start from scratch09:34
hrwcjwatson: I want: /boot + crypto->lvm (rootfs, swap, /home, second rootfs) + 8MB vfat09:35
hrwcjwatson: I thought that I did such setup in d-i but it rebooted straight to desktop...09:35
hrwcjwatson: and I have such scheme on my old machine and found it great to use09:36
* ogra_cmpc always wondered why people encrypt /09:36
hrwogra_cmpc: wifi passwords?09:36
hrwvpn passwords?09:37
joaopintoaren't those on your user's keyring :P ?09:37
ogra_cmpcisnt that all stuff stored in your home nowadays ?09:37
ogra_cmpcheh, joaopinto beats me09:37
hrwnot on my systems09:37
joaopintoah, you are not using NM09:37
hrwplain wpa-supplicant is enough for wifi09:38
hrwplain openvpn for vpns09:38
hrwand many times I land on text console instead of x1109:38
ogra_cmpcstill a lot of hassle to encrypt the whole / for two passwords09:38
hrwogra_cmpc: a lot? Debian does it in invisible way - just one pass on system start09:39
hrwand I have everything which my linux uses encrypted. only /boot/ is plain (and small vfat partition for bios flashers if I do such one)09:40
* YokoZar wonders if his wine1.0 package will get in so he can rebuild dssi-vst09:44
hyperair"Configuring Checkbox" Default enabled.09:47
hyperairexactly what is this checkbox?09:47
hyperairhmm it's a package!09:47
hyperairi thought it was a checkbox that my terminal wasn't displaying for some reason or other.09:48
ogra_cmpcformerly it was called the hardware database client ... nowadays its a full QA tool09:48
hrwwhat is a name of alternate-cd install in launchpad? I want to report bugs09:54
cjwatsonhrw: debian-installer package in Ubuntu09:55
ogra_cmpchrw, attach patches too ;)09:56
hrwogra_cmpc: first need to reinstall ubuntu in really my way09:56
hrwand I cant make it remotely due to lack of ethernet driver09:56
ogra_cmpcoh, what kind of card is that for which we dont have a driver ?09:57
ogra_cmpcx86 should surely support the majority09:57
cjwatsonnote that sometimes it's just that the udebs generated by the linux source package for use in the installer don't contain some driver or other09:58
cjwatsonthose kinds of bugs would be straightforward to fix for 10.04.109:58
ogra_cmpccjwatson, yeah, i seem to have that issue on omap09:58
hrwogra_cmpc: atl1c09:59
hrwthere are atl1 and atl1e in installer09:59
ogra_cmpc(sadly didnt catch it since my USb NICs are both supported by default)09:59
hyperairi think.... that initramfs-tools is broken.09:59
hyperairupdate-initramfs complains of a missing file /scripts/functions09:59
hyperairit sounds like it should be checking in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/functions instead.09:59
cjwatsonno ...09:59
cjwatsonit'll be more subtle than that10:00
cjwatson/scripts/functions is normally what those scripts *should* be sourcing (that's the path when the initramfs is actually running) - the problem will probably be that it's sourcing /scripts/functions at all when invoked only to determine script ordering10:01
hyperairwait, so if it's supposed to be running while initramfs is actually running, then why does upadte-initramfs call these?10:02
cjwatsonto determine script ordering10:02
cjwatsonhyperair: if you can put 'set -x' on the second line of /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs, rerun, and show me the output, I can work out where the problem is10:02
hyperairgimme a moment, let me try running update-initramfs manually.10:03
cjwatsonhrw: that's bug 55713010:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 557130 in linux "Kernel module atl1c missing from installer image" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55713010:03
hrwcjwatson: thx10:03
hrwhave to learn launchpad bugtracking10:03
hyperaircjwatson: it's /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom/_apparmor.10:10
ogra_cmpcunderscore ?10:11
hyperaircjwatson: is it supposed to chroot?10:11
hyperaircjwatson: also, all my initrds fail to generate10:11
hyperairoh wait, i read the message wrongly10:11
cjwatsonhyperair: could I please have the unedited log?10:12
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pittiArneGoetje, dpm: the jaunty-proposed langpacks (1:9.04+20090921) have been in -proposed for 218 days now; are they ok and should be moved to -updates, or should we delete them from -proposed? (I think we should stop providing langpack updates for jaunty, too)10:23
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=== TuTUX is now known as TuTUXG
maxbbryceh: I've just stumbled across ubuntu-wilson. Amazing! You rock! :-)10:35
sorenI have a filesystem with this "tune2fs -l" output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/424494/   It's just been rebooted, and I don't understand why it's not being fsck'ed.10:38
wira_so, when ubuntu lucid final would be released?10:38
ogra_cmpcwira_, ask in #ubuntu-release-party :)10:40
wira_ogra_cmpc, wow, thx10:40
dpmhey pitti good morning and happy release day ;), let me ask translators after the release, upload only those for which there has been feedback in a couple of days, and discard the rest. How does that sound? Calls for testing are still not working well, and even though we talked about it at the UDS in BCN, there hasn't been much change. A community member registered a session for it, and I'm leaning towards on-demand updates more and more. I'd like to di10:46
dpmscuss it there one and for all, and it'd be good to have someone from the release team there. Considering you've been doing the uploads until now and that you're the one that best understands langpacks, may I ask you to subscribe and participate in the session?10:46
dpmHere's the BP: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/fixed-schedule-for-translation-updates/10:46
dpmArneGoetje, ^10:46
pittidpm: can do10:46
pittidpm: selective -updates sounds good10:46
dpmthanks pitti10:47
cjwatsonsuperm1,Daviey,mr_pouit: we're respinning the Ubuntu desktop CDs for bug 570765 and doing emergency revalidation.  You have the option of doing the same for Mythbuntu/Xubuntu if you choose (Edubuntu has already chosen to do so; Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio are unaffected), and if you can get revalidation within at most a reasonable delay time.  Speak now?10:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 570765 in ubiquity "[Lucid] no GRUB menu entry for other operating systems" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57076510:57
cjwatson(or forever hold your peace etc. ...)10:57
cjwatsonsuperm1,Daviey,mr_pouit: if you choose to respin, you'll have the option of taking either the current validated image or the new one10:58
darius_Does packages.ubuntu.com track the compile options used for an Ubuntu package?11:05
cjwatsondarius_: no, 'apt-get source <package>' and look in debian/rules11:06
darius_cjwatson: thanks11:06
Riddellcjwatson: what makes Kubuntu unaffected by the grub issue?11:06
cjwatsonRiddell: no migration-assistant11:06
Riddellok thanks11:07
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cjwatsonthe bug is that migration-assistant accidentally left a filesystem mounted in the installer filesystem namespace, which meant that os-prober running chrooted to /target was unable to bind-mount it11:07
cjwatsonor at least such is the current diagnosis11:07
tkamppeterpitti, hi11:13
pittihello tkamppeter11:14
tkamppeterI have a problem with compiling. When building Ghostscript I got this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/424510/11:14
tkamppeterpitti, the file was not affected by recent changes and compiling Ghostscript on another Lucid box works perfectly.11:15
pittiurgh, WTH11:15
tkamppeterThe problem occurs on my 64-bit laptop and does not occur on my 32-bit laptop, both up-to-date Lucid.11:16
pittiI've never seen an error like that, I'm afraid11:16
tkamppeterpitti, who could be of help here?11:18
pittitkamppeter: not sure; perhaps try googling this error first?11:18
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hrwplymouth nicely integrates with cryptolvm question - good job12:08
slangasekhrw: thanks :)12:09
hrwslangasek: you welcome12:09
nigelbabuogra: did you get a mailto for the magazine?12:33
nigelbabuhttp://www.chip.de/cxo/b2b_artikel_10981369.html might help12:33
ogranigelbabu, TA12:35
ajmitchhopefully they can be firmly convinced not to prematurely post URLs :)12:36
ograthey didnt post urls12:38
ograthats the bad part12:38
ograthey mirrored the iso to their own server12:38
* ajmitch was just reading along in -release, I hadn't spotted that they were copies on their server12:38
BrimstonesAfter i bring down an OpenVPN client tunnel Networkmanager lands in a state where its not connected, but doesnt seem to know about its state. Clicking it and then eth0 the connection goes online again. Is there a tool to tell NetworkManager to reinitiate its connections ?13:17
Brimstonesnm-online , nm-tool and nmcli doesnt seem to be able to do so...13:17
BrimstonesHeeelp! :)13:19
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MarcSpitzHi, does someone know how indicator-applet really works and could therefore answer a question i've been asking myself for some hours..13:41
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cjwatsonhyperair: did you get that initramfs log?13:45
hyperaircjwatson: sorry, i was asleep. i just woke up13:45
hyperaircjwatson: i've got a screen backlog of it though. let me just dump it out...13:45
hyperairnow how do i do that with screen without going into select mode and copying everything out?13:46
hyperairnevermind i figured ito ut13:47
jdstrandbryceh: hi! so I am trying to get a bt following X/Backtracing with no luck13:48
jdstrandbryceh: this is for bug #57155213:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 571552 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "X crashes with 32M radeon 7500 +kms with firefox and flash" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57155213:48
* hyperair kicks pastebinit for moving slowly13:48
cjwatsonhyperair: I'd have thought 2>file would be easier :)13:49
cjwatsonor >file 2>&113:49
hyperaircjwatson: then i'd have to run the whole thing again.13:49
jdstrandbryceh: part of the problem is likely I have things like: warning: the debug information found in "/usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/dri/radeon_dri.so" does not match "/usr/lib/dri/radeon_dri.so" (CRC mismatch).13:49
cjwatsonhyperair: takes about a minute right? :)13:49
hyperaircjwatson: eh i'm not sure. quite long.13:50
cjwatsonI don't see why it would take significantly longer than that13:50
hyperairit tries to generate each initramfs, fails, and then returns13:50
seb128jdstrand, did you install the -dbg or -dbgsym for it?13:50
jdstrandbryceh: even though the -dbg version matches the regular package13:50
jdstrandseb128: yes13:50
seb128jdstrand, it was a "or" question, "yes" is not a reply ;-)13:50
jdstrandxserver-xorg-video-ati: 1:6.13.0-1ubuntu513:51
jdstrandxserver-xorg-video-ati-dbg: 1:6.13.0-1ubuntu513:51
hyperaircjwatson: because i'm still halfway upgrading and dpkg is taking all my i/o13:51
jdstrandseb128: -dbg13:51
pittijdstrand: could have been a victim of bug 562418?13:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 562418 in pkg-create-dbgsym "empty ddebs when dh_strip is called twice" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56241813:51
seb128jdstrand, this .so is not in that binary too btw, dlocale radeon_dri.so13:51
seb128jdstrand, try with the -dbgsym, it should be working, cf bug pitti pointed just now13:51
pittijdstrand: although this bug is a problem of xorg-server; unless mesa is also double-dh_strip'ing, it's a different problem13:52
jdstrandseb128: I also have the libgl1-mesa-dri and libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg packages installed13:52
jdstrandI'll try with dbgsym13:53
pittilamont: is pkg-create-dbgsym pinned as well in the buildd chroots, or does it just auto-upgrade? I recently uploaded a newer version to lucid-proposed to fix ddeb generation in some cases, and wonder if I/you need to do anything special now13:53
pittiapw: FYI, I just binNEWed linux-proposed kernel13:54
pittiapachelogger: erm, lucid-proposed of course13:54
pittiok, let's try that again13:55
pittiapachelogger: sorry13:55
lamont                        # manual upgrades only for pkgbinarymanagler, until slangasek says otherwise13:55
lamont                        echo "echo pkgbinarymangler hold | dpkg --set-selections || true"13:55
lamontpitti: ^^13:55
hyperaircjwatson: http://people.ubuntu.com/~hyperair/initramfslog13:55
pittiapw: I binNEWed lbm now, linux went through in the morning13:55
pittiapw: so the way is free for -meta13:55
pittilamont: thanks13:55
lamontI suspect that we may decide that package has been in the dog house for long enough, come maverick13:55
lamontand unhold it, too.13:55
pittilamont: so pkg-create-dbgsym should Just Work?13:55
lamontbut that's a post-release discussion13:55
pittilamont: thanks13:56
ograpost-release ? post-release is pre-release !13:56
lamontjust you know, don't make me get deal with an emergency bootstrap need during non-core13:56
lamontbecause then I get cranky and throw great big roadblocks in your package's way13:56
lamontogra: not until I upload chroot tarballs, it's not. :-p13:57
lamontpitti: I think it was more the nature of the first failure and the time before the next failure that triggered my BOFH response in pkgbinarymangler's case.13:59
pittilamont: oh, that was entirely plausible; I wasn't criticizing, I just wasn't sure if it applied to that other Bloody Hack From Hell, aka pkg-create-dbgsym, as well :)13:59
lamontwhile I certainly can't yell at people for not fully testing every upload with any degree of guiltless ire, please at least don't get caught on not testing critical packages14:00
pittilamont: unlike pkgbinarymangler, p-c-d actually has a test suite, though14:00
lamontthis is a good thing.  hopefully run during debian/rules build, too14:01
cjwatsonhyperair: seems empty14:01
hyperaircjwatson: scroll downn..14:01
pittiapw: ah, seems you actually beat me to it :) accepted14:01
pittilamont: yes, and FTBFSing if it fails14:01
cjwatsonoh, urgh, ok14:02
ograthats a lot of nothing14:02
hyperaircjwatson: sorry for the blank space. i'll reupload14:02
* lamont briefly considers prepending every buildlog with 1000 blank lines. then decides that maybe he might be a bit off his meds today14:03
cjwatsonhyperair: you sure you have the newest cryptsetup installed?14:04
superm1cjwatson, well migration assistant is actually disabled by the mythbuntu ubiquity plugins, so i would say not worthwhile for a respin on mythbuntu14:04
hyperaircjwatson: umm.... like i said, it was halfway through upgrade..14:04
hyperaircjwatson: update-initramfs looked like it was getting called a few times.14:04
hyperaircjwatson: once for apparmor, once for cryptsetup, once for lvm....14:04
hyperaircjwatson: yeah something along that line.14:04
hyperairi think there was the plymouth or whatever thing14:05
Davieysuperm1: Equally, i don't think our users are likely to be dual booting - unlike Ubuntu, perhaps i'm wrong.14:05
cjwatsoncryptsetup looks like it'll be fine once you get it fully upgraded14:05
hyperaircjwatson: lemme try again then14:05
cjwatsonthat apparmor script is gone in lucid14:05
hyperaircjwatson: it causes upgrade failures, by the way. or maybe something else is breaking..14:05
cjwatsonand I think that accounts for the two errors you see14:05
cjwatsonno it doesn't14:05
hyperaircjwatson: my apparmor script is still lying around.14:05
cjwatsonsomething else may do14:06
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jdstrandI can't get anything useful. apport won't catch it, I can't get a core file, nothing14:06
jdstrandI clearly stink at debugging X crashes14:06
cjwatsonupdate-initramfs is exiting successfully in your log; it is not the cause of your failures14:06
jdstrandpitti, seb128: I'm sorry, can you think of anything obvious I might be missing?14:07
hyperaircjwatson: ah right. okay14:07
hyperairthis is the hardest failed upgrade i've had to fix so far.14:07
seb128jdstrand, ssh in the box attach gdb to xorg, "continue" wait for the crash, get a stacktrace?14:08
jdstrandseb128: that is what I am doing14:08
seb128what is not working then?14:08
sebnerhyperair: that's why I upgrade 1 week after release and then do a fresh-install 6 months later _Ü14:08
hyperairsebner: i'm planning to see how long i can stave off a fresh install.14:09
jdstrandseb128: bt is cruddy14:09
hyperairCurrent status: 0 broken [-1], 28143 new [-5]. \o/14:09
jdstrand(gdb) bt full14:09
jdstrand#0  __memcpy_ia32 () at ../sysdeps/i386/i686/multiarch/../memcpy.S:7514:09
jdstrandNo locals.14:09
jdstrand#1  0x00000000 in ?? ()14:09
jdstrandNo symbol table info available.14:09
seb128sorry no clue about how to get better ones in such cases14:09
sebnerhychen: well, my system boots in ~65 seconds, If I do a fresh-install ~20 seconds so ..14:09
seb128out of running the binary under valgrind14:09
seb128which is sort of challing on xorg for different reasons14:10
hyperairsebner: i don't believe you can fresh-install in 20 secs14:10
jdstrandwell, X managed to get something more useful in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/46157466/XorgLogOld.txt14:10
seb128ie slowness and valgrind will not run setuid binaries14:10
cjwatsonstave off a fresh install> no reason it shouldn't be forever14:10
seb128jdstrand, do you have apport enabled?14:10
seb128it's not by default14:10
hyperairdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/gir1.0-clutter-1.0_1.2.4-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/girepository-1.0/ClutterJson-1.0.typelib', which is also in package libclutter-1.0-0 0:1.2.6-0ubuntu1~9.10~ricotz114:10
jdstrandseb128: I tried with and without14:11
jdstrandseb128: nothing in /var/crash14:11
seb128not sure if you can tell xorg to not catch the crash14:11
seb128ask on #ubuntu-x maybe about it14:11
tkamppeterpitti, I googled for "undefined reference to `__libc_csu_fini'" but not the slightest chance, people posted the problem, but no one solved it.14:12
seb128otherwise next advice would be to rebuild xorg locally with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nopt,nostrip and get a new stacktrace in the xorg log14:12
jdstrandseb128: well, there is 'Untrap signals' in X/Backtracing which I did (ie, use "NoTrapSignals" "true"14:12
* jdstrand tries building own packages14:13
didrockskirkland: hey, do you have some recipe for someone who forgot is wrapped passphrase in encrypted home (but still got his user password) and wanting to do a reinstall of his system? Should he choose "encrypted home" in ubiquity still, what's the steps?14:44
RedNifre_backupThis is a fake channel! :D14:49
hyperairRedNifre_backup: you're a fake person.14:50
pittididrocks: run ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase14:50
RedNifre_backupSo where can I find current updates on the developement progress?14:50
deathbysushihey all, just wanted to ask a quick q, if i wanted to get involved, is the MOTU the first place I should get involved?14:51
didrockspitti: ok, but should I choose again "encrypted home" as next installation and it will ask me for my passphrase?14:51
cjwatsonIRC is for discussion, not for an update stream.  We recommend patience14:51
pittididrocks: I don't think it'll touch an existing /home at all, unless you reformat the partition of course14:51
stefanlsddidrocks: not an expert, but it also depends on where they are upgrading from14:52
pittididrocks: but interesting question, I don't know (since it would require you at least to use the same password)14:52
stefanlsddidrocks: ie. karmic did things diffeent14:52
stefanlsddidrocks: there was a blog post, let me find it14:52
didrockspitti: ok, so, If I choose the same password, it should be safe, and need manual tweaking if I want to choose a different one (I'll write that somewhere as a thing to inspect/work on for maverick)14:53
didrocksstefanlsd: right, I'm talking about lucid - lucid there :)14:53
didrocksstefanlsd: so, all with the "new" structure14:53
pittididrocks: well, note that I didn't test that; I assume that it uses the plaintext password for wrapping the ecryptfs passphrase14:53
pittididrocks: and in fact it's not just "assume" but also "remember", but still don't take it for granted, please, and do an ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase first, to avoid data loss14:54
didrockspitti: I guess it it, I'll wrote the passphrase down in any case and do the needful backup. Nice testcase :)14:54
didrockspitti: sure, thanks :)14:54
hyperairdeathbysushi: nice nick ;-)14:54
stefanlsddidrocks: as far as i know, everything previous karmic was in /var (which caused problems), now it should be in /home  .(something)14:54
pittididrocks: yes, indeed that's interesting to test14:54
pittididrocks: once kirkland wakes up, he'll LART me appropriately, I figure :)14:55
hyperairstefanlsd: what was in /var?14:55
superm1Daviey, i agree with you, and we haven't gotten any complaints yet14:55
didrockspitti: hehe, thanks for the notice.14:56
didrocksstefanlsd: yeah, I'm aware of that. I'm just interest in lucid - lucid tests for now (and for post lucid consequently)14:57
stefanlsdhyperair: the ecryptfs directory. Now its /home/.ecrypfs/$USER i think14:59
stefanlsdhyperair: i logged this a while back. bug #40599715:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 405997 in ecryptfs-utils "Karmic install renders Jaunty encrypted /home directory unusable" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40599715:01
hyperairstefanlsd: aah ecryptfs.15:01
MarcSpitzI'm stuck trying to change indicator-applet's behaviour, can someone help me ?15:02
MarcSpitzdidrocks: hi :)15:03
didrocksMarcSpitz: hey15:05
hyperairMarcSpitz: add tooltips!15:08
MarcSpitzhyperair: sorry ? what do you mean ?15:09
hyperairMarcSpitz: eh you haven't heard the ruckus about indicator-application not having tooltips?15:09
kirklanddidrocks: hiya15:10
didrockskirkland: hey :)15:10
kirklanddidrocks: tell me more about what you're doing ...15:10
kirklanddidrocks: ah, i see pitti answered15:10
MarcSpitzhyperair: no, I didn't :s15:10
kirklanddidrocks: let me read pitti's response15:10
didrockskirkland: ok :)15:10
MarcSpitzmy goal is changing the label displayed on the panel. I managed to set it back to my real name in  < Karmic but I can't manage to do it again in Lucid (indicator-applet 3.6)15:12
kirklanddidrocks: so is your /home on its own partition or something?15:13
didrockskirkland: right15:13
kirklanddidrocks: i'm going to test in a vm now15:13
kirklanddidrocks: but off the top of my head ....15:13
kirklanddidrocks: if you select just "use my passphrase" to login, (ie not encrypted home), your /home should be untouched and work fine15:14
kirklanddidrocks: i'm installing 9.10 in a vm now15:15
didrockskirkland: oh, I'm talking about lucid - lucid reinstallation (no change of layout)15:15
didrockskirkland: so, if I understand correctly, I just have to use a non encrypted home and use the same password for my user account (the same that was used to wrap my passphrase)15:16
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cjwatsonMarcSpitz: that's actually in indicator-me - but better ask in #ayatana15:18
MarcSpitzcjwatson: thank you, I'll ask there15:19
cjwatson(I think src/indicator-me.c:username_cb is the function in question, but you'd need to either change the d-bus message definition, or else get the real name some other way or set the label somewhere else15:19
sierthello, still having issue 534225 in 10.04 rc; the no_proxy var ends with a comma15:25
kirklanddidrocks: oh, yeah15:29
kirklanddidrocks: that should just do it15:29
kirklanddidrocks: i'll test in a vm for you, though, if you like15:29
didrockskirkland: that will be cool :) I think we should take that case into account for lucid -> maverick (people reinstalling, using encrypted home and wanting to change their password)15:30
didrockskirkland: if you want, we can discuss that together at UDS, shoudl not be a lot of work (just integrating the case to ubiquity with unwrapped/rewrapped passphrase)15:31
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kirklanddidrocks: fair enough;  would love to get some of you desktop guys making the encrypted home thing work better with the desktop ;-)15:33
tkamppeterpitti, Ghostscript SRU for Lucid uploaded, bug 539708, should also fix many other Ghostscript problem,,s reported to Ubuntu.15:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539708 in ghostscript "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftoraster failed " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53970815:33
pittitkamppeter: nice, thanks15:33
didrockskirkland: sweet, we will discuss also on the UNE default settings session about enabling it by default. Do you have any warnings/inputs there? ;)15:34
pittitkamppeter: will process in a bit, I'm still knee-deep in ISO testing15:34
kirklanddidrocks: i'd love to see it enabled by default;  I do have a couple of things I'd raise, though15:34
kirklanddidrocks: 2 main ones ...15:35
kirklanddidrocks: 1) we need to offer a key escrow service or something better than the popup that says "write down this passphrase"15:35
kirklanddidrocks: we should offer to encrypt it and store it in Ubuntu One, or something15:35
* didrocks nods15:36
pittistgraber: thank you so much for adding the "started" iso testing state, BTW!15:36
kirklanddidrocks: every week, 2-3 people come by #ecryptfs and they didn't write down their passphrase15:36
kirklanddidrocks: i actually have a key escrow web implementation already15:36
didrockskirkland: argh :/ but at least ecryptfs-unwrapp* is there (if they remember their password ^^)15:36
kirklanddidrocks: *and* if they have their wrapped passphrase, yes15:37
kirklanddidrocks: this is much better now that we put everything in /home15:37
kirklanddidrocks: when it was in /var in Jaunty and before, it was a disaster15:37
didrocksright, I can imagine :/15:37
kirklanddidrocks: okay 2) long filenames15:38
stgraberpitti: that's ara you have to thank for that one, I just did a code review ;)15:38
kirklanddidrocks: files in Linux are limited to 256 characters15:38
kirklanddidrocks: encrypting filenames involves some padding that makes the lower filename longer than the decrypted filename15:38
didrockskirkland: do you want to subscribe to the session: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-maverick-une-app-selection btw? (I still put that on the whiteboard)15:38
kirklanddidrocks: so filenames in ecryptfs are limited to something like 180 character15:38
didrocksoh, ok, so, some corner cases are to be expected there15:39
kirklanddidrocks: yeah, mostly java programmers hit this15:39
kirklanddidrocks: eclipse, and autocad, and some programs like that save files with a paragraph for a filename15:39
kirklanddidrocks: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ecryptfs/+bug/34487815:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 344878 in ecryptfs-utils "file name to long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)" [High,Triaged]15:39
kirklanddidrocks: we could probably lean on the ecryptfs upstream kernel guy to get that one fixed15:40
kirklanddidrocks: or we could ask one of our kernel guys to fix it for them and send it upstream15:40
didrockskirkland: hum, that can be a blocker :/ let's see…15:40
kirklanddidrocks: yeah, i agree15:40
kirklanddidrocks: it's the main place that you can actually see a "difference" between ecryptfs and non-ecryptfs home15:41
kirklanddidrocks: i have 10G of files in my home dir, and no file name is that long15:41
kirklanddidrocks:  but people do hit that one, based on their usage patterns15:41
didrocksyeah, but that's a pretty hard limitation for them (not sure it's quite relevant using eclipse or autocad in a netbook though), but we should take that into account15:42
didrockskirkland: well, I'm pushing that in the whiteboard15:42
kirklanddidrocks: thanks15:43
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didrockskirkland: thanks for the feedback :)15:43
kirklanddidrocks: yeah, it's not just those two15:43
kirklanddidrocks: but you get the idea15:43
kirklanddidrocks: it's an unexpected difference in behavior15:43
kirklanddidrocks: oh, launchpad cookies ... that's where else i've seen *really* long filenames15:43
kirklanddidrocks: anyway, upstream should solve that15:43
didrockskirkland: yeah, that's why I was requesting those feedback ;) We can maybe see with upstream for the long filename one, right15:44
MarcSpitzcjwatson: thx for the message sent @ 16:19, i didn't see it :)15:46
jdstrandkirkland: fyi on bug 344878, evolution users hit it pretty easily with their cache files. just ask mdeslaur :)15:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 344878 in ecryptfs-utils "file name to long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34487815:51
kirklandjdstrand: ?  really?  i'm an evolution user on encrypted home....15:51
kirklandmdeslaur: under what circumstances do you hit that?15:51
mdeslaurkirkland: the evolution web cache when you load images that are in html email hits it often for me15:52
kirklandmdeslaur: web cache?15:52
mdeslaurkirkland: open an html email, click "load images"15:52
kirklandmdeslaur: interesting, okay, good to know15:53
kirklandi'll talk to tyhicks about this again15:53
jdstrandkirkland: excellent!15:53
mdeslaurkirkland: I see it with geeks.com html email, for example15:54
jdstrandkirkland: I actually *just* wrote an email to someone mentioning not to use long filenames in their ~/Private directory15:54
cjwatsonsuperm1,Daviey: thanks, acknowledged, sorry I didn't see your replies earlier15:54
Davieycjwatson: I imagine your hands are full. :)15:55
slangasekcody-somerville: hi; we need a decision regarding whether Xubuntu wants a respin of desktop ISOs for bug #570765, and AFAIK mr_pouit hasn't been around to make the call - is this something you can help with?15:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 570765 in ubiquity "[Lucid] no GRUB menu entry for other operating systems" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57076515:57
cody-somervilleslangasek, Are the other cds re-spinning for it?15:58
slangasekcody-somerville: ubuntu desktop, netbook, dvd, and edubuntu: yes; mythbuntu: no; others: unaffected15:58
cody-somervilleslangasek, please respin15:58
cjwatsonmythbuntu: unaffected # in fact15:59
pittimvo: unattended-upgrades> heh, I had to look three times before I spotted the difference :)15:59
mvopitti: terrible, isn't it!15:59
pittimvo: the joys of Python..15:59
mvopitti: its fortunately super-rare, can only happen if a package in -updates can not be upgraded15:59
mvopitti: yeah, more tests *cough*16:00
slangasekcjwatson: ah, even better16:00
pittimvo: that's the problem -- it would have gotten fixed right away if it was in a main code path instead of an except: clause16:00
mvopitti: exactly16:00
pittitkamppeter: if it's cheap for you, would you mind reuploading ghostscript with the "LP: #" typo (missing #) fixed in the changelog?16:01
MarcSpitzcjwatson: it works perfectly now, I can patch it just like old times, thanks16:02
MarcSpitzhow did you manage to find where it was to be changed ?16:03
cjwatsonguesswork and grepping16:03
MarcSpitzamazing :)16:03
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Adri2000is it possible to tell germinate to not check whether a package exists?16:14
cjwatsonAdri2000: more detail please?16:18
mathiazjames_w: hi!16:19
mathiazjames_w: could you import the latest version of openldap?16:19
mathiazjames_w: lp:ubuntu/lucid/openldap is still at ubuntu4 while ubuntu5 is available in the lucid archive16:19
james_wmathiaz: otp, I'll look in a few16:21
MarcSpitzi'm leaving, bye16:22
Adri2000cjwatson: I'm building a custom -desktop package, so I bzr branch'ed the necessary seeds, committed my changes in it, modified update.cfg in my package. now ./update works correctly, except when I add a package which doesn't exist in the ubuntu archive (it does exist in our own repository though). so I need either to skip the check, or tell germinate to look at our repository16:24
jimlovell777Well done ladies and gents. Thanks for all of your hard work.16:25
cjwatsonAdri2000: better to change update.cfg to look at your repository as well16:26
cjwatsonAdri2000: the germinate-update-metapackage(1) manual page should help16:26
cjwatson(search for 'multiple')16:27
Adri2000cjwatson: the point is that our repository is not deb http://our_url/foo lucid main; it's deb http://our_url/foo our_own_dist main; is it possible to do this?16:28
cjwatsonI think maybe not at the moment16:28
cjwatsonwould mean hacking the code either way16:29
Adri2000ok :( well, thanks16:30
cjwatsonI don't know that it would be straightforward to skip the existence check; that's pretty wired into germinate16:30
cjwatsonso maybe hack on Germinate/Archive/TagFile.pyp16:31
cjwatsontagfile.py rather16:31
cjwatsonand special-case dist depending on your mirror, perhaps16:31
cjwatsondo also please file a bug on germinate about this16:32
hrwok, touchpad should work now16:34
Adri2000cjwatson: ok16:35
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didrockskirkland: I confirm, it works with encrypted passphrase + using the same password. (well, my setup is a little bit more complicated as I'm using lvm and ubiquity doesn't handle it well, but I'll try to have a crack on it for maverick)16:52
kirklanddidrocks: cool16:52
slangasekcody-somerville: xubuntu will be16:52
kirklanddidrocks: sorry, i got pulled into meetings, distracted16:53
slangasekcody-somerville: xubuntu will be available in <20min for testing16:53
didrockskirkland: no pb, an install is the better way to achieve this :)16:53
slangasekcody-somerville: the release announcement for the rest will be out before validation is done on xubuntu, I expect16:53
slangasekcody-somerville: do you want xubuntu excluded from the announcement mail, or annotated about the fact that it's not out yet?16:54
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cody-somervilleslangasek, How much time do we have? We might be able to test in time.16:55
cody-somervillecharlie-tca, are you around?16:55
slangasekcody-somerville: ~1h16:56
charlie-tcajust waiting for it16:56
slangasekincluding whatever time it takes you for syncing16:56
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charlie-tcaIt took less than 1 hour to rsync and test all of Ubuntu16:56
slangasekyes, but there's a bit more bandwidth pressure in your way now :)16:56
slangasekif you can get it done, kudos16:57
charlie-tcagot to try16:57
slangasekcharlie-tca, cody-somerville: xubuntu desktop up17:02
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pittistgraber: do you know why http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/untested doesn't show the ubuntu amd64 DVD, just i386? perhaps this causes more images to be missing, too?17:15
stgraberpitti: try to drop /untested from that URL, I noticed it to be a bit buggy yesterday :(17:16
stgraberhttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all correctly lists everything though17:17
pittistgraber: but that again shows me all images17:17
pittiright, all/all is fine17:17
tfurtadoamd64 DVD has started to be tested: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/416917:17
tfurtadoit may be the reason17:17
pittistgraber: ok, nevermind17:17
pittitfurtado: ah, perhaps17:17
pitti"in progress" is empty, though17:17
pittibut nevermind for now17:18
stgraberara: ^ seems like images with optional testcases (or these with people marking it as "started") aren't displayed correctly on /untested and /inprogress17:23
stgraberara: we are supposed to have 3 "untested" and 1 "inprogress" at the moment but instead get only 2 "untested"17:24
stgraberara: with the one that's not showing up, being one with 4 testscases marked as "started"17:25
stgraberara: in that specific case, we should either show it in untested or in inprogress but not drop it completely from the lists ;)17:25
stgraberpitti: ^17:25
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arastgraber, sure, will fix it... someday17:27
stgraberara: yeah, no rush on that one ;)17:28
cody-somervilleslangasek, If Xubuntu isn't tested in time, just include Xubuntu in the release announcement like normal. We'll field questions about why its not available in #xubuntu. We should hopefully be able to give you the green light to publish the Xubuntu images soon (thanks to charlie-tca). :)17:28
slangasekcody-somerville: understood, thanks17:29
james_wmathiaz: done17:34
mathiazjames_w: thnaks !17:35
hyperairFailed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory17:36
hyperairdoes anyone know why dbus fails so spectacularly?17:36
apwpitti, just had to upload an updated LBM package, we have a file collission which renders LBM uninstrallable if you have two abis installed at once, this is intended to replace the current -proposed version17:37
blackxoredwhat's the problem with xubuntu, ubiquity???17:37
pittiapw: ack17:38
apwsorry to mess you about17:38
cody-somervilleblackxored, pardon?17:39
blackxoredcody-somerville, I've been lurking, some issues with xubuntu, wanted to know what was the problem?17:39
cody-somervilleblackxored, the problem is fixed now. We're just testing the image now.17:40
pittiapw: done (shouldn't require NEW any more)17:41
blackxoredcody-somerville, cool, wondering what was it related to?17:41
cody-somerville bug #57076517:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 570765 in ubiquity "[Lucid] no GRUB menu entry for other operating systems" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57076517:41
blackxoredcody-somerville, thank you17:41
blackxoredI'm running RC through updates17:42
blackxoredhave you fixed the dbus: no such file or directory one?17:42
blackxoredso it was ubiquity from my previous question ;)17:42
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highvoltageis the new Ubuntu font available anywhere?17:50
hyperairthere's a new ubuntu font?17:52
hyperairwhat's it called?17:52
ograikonia, awesome job in #u-r-p ... kudos18:01
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ikoniaawesome job on building a distro18:02
ograwouldnt be possible with people like you though :)18:03
ogracatherding a community is part of it ;)18:03
joaopintowas there something changed with appamor capable of breaking existing custom profiles ?18:10
jdstrandpitti: hey, I was just testing the postgresql testsuite on an up to date lucid and ran into: http://paste.ubuntu.com/424699/18:10
jdstrandpitti: do you know what is going on?18:11
jdstrandpitti: prior to running, I used: apt-get install sudo postgresql postgresql-common libpq-dev procps hunspell-en-us language-pack-ru ssl-cert locales python-pygresql postgresql-plpython-8.4 postgresql-plperl-8.4 postgresql-pltcl-8.4 postgresql-server-dev-8.418:12
jdstrandamong other things18:12
jdstrandpitti: as with karmic, I use locale-gen for 'en_US', 'en_US.UTF-8', 'ru_RU', 'ru_RU.UTF-8', then set LANG=en_US.UTF-818:15
jdstrandpitti: oh, actually I bet the 'system has a default UTF-8 locale' has to do with the lost RU? I can whitelist those in qrt. the cluster ones in 020_create_sql_remove.t seem perhaps more important18:17
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=== slangasek changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is out! | Archive: final freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper-karmic | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
ikoniakudos to all who worked on 10.04 - it's out, well done18:27
hyperairit's out?18:27
hyperairD= it's out!18:28
jdstrandpitti: fyi only btw. I have whitelisted those 3 errors in qrt since we released with it18:30
highvoltagecongrats everyone!18:30
dholbachyou all rock! thanks everyone!18:32
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ubottuYes! Its out!18:41
slangasekcody-somerville: http://xubuntu.org/news/10.04-release - please publish18:41
slangaseksuperm1, Daviey: please publish http://mythbuntu.org/10.04/release18:41
pittijdstrand: I bet it's because the locales are called .utf8 now18:41
pittijdstrand: instead of .UTF-818:42
pittislangasek: congratulations!18:42
jdstrandslangasek: nice job!18:43
quadrisprogreat job!18:44
pittijdstrand: off to dinner/evening now; if you think that there's a bug, can you please file one and assign to me, and I'll try to make some sense of it tomorrow?18:45
jdstrandpitti: I'll fiddle with it some more, sure18:46
jdstrandpitti: have a nice night :)18:46
akgranerThank you all for all your hard work!  You all rock!!18:51
cody-somervilleslangasek, I can't access the xubuntu website. Load is too high. :(18:52
xnoxthe website still has logo wrong way around =( ubuntu.com18:57
xnoxwith "ubuntu font"18:57
xnox=(((((( are we gonna get the website today as well like shown in the mockups or is it not ready yet18:58
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slangasekcody-somerville: ah - well, it's published now :)19:15
highvoltageslangasek: thanks for doing such a great job as release manager during this release! and I'm not just sucking up for more FFe's during maverick, I mean it!19:18
rukuHey everyone! Congrats on the release!19:35
Kanohi, http://packages.ubuntu.com/ still pointing to karmic19:36
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highvoltageew! ew! ew! I'm on a stable release!!! this is way too comfortable when does maverick open?19:44
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xnoxhighvoltage, me too19:45
xnoxcan't wait for maverick =)19:45
* xnox should start pre-merging packages =)19:45
xnoxit's like so boring. There weren't any juice updates lately and while there is all the hype about lucid I'm like yeah...... 3 months old news for me19:46
persiaGo for SRUs for now: there's lots of bugs that didn't get fixed.19:46
xnoxpersia, ever pushing to do the right thing =)19:49
xnoxpersia, I actually got my cross-compilers to work though btw19:49
xnoxpersia, it's a jhbuild moduleset so that upstream can use it as well. And we have gcc & binutils imports in launchpad now19:50
xnoxso i'm considering to start running weekly ppa & propose to restart win32 & win64 debian ports19:51
persiaGreat.  There's still lots of packages that *can't* crossbuild, but it's a start19:51
zigo-_-Can't login to the launchpad (500: Internal Server Error), so I can't reply to a bug entry for one of my packages, is this known and being fixed?19:58
ChogyDanzigo-_-: you may be able to get an answer in #launchpad20:00
xnoxanyone did lpi certification?20:04
xnoxi wonder how hard it is.20:04
xnoxcause i do packaging but I have never been running production servers before........20:05
sorenxnox: Having done packaging is not going to help you.20:15
xnoxsoren, that's what I thought.....20:15
xnoxsoren, witch dh & cdbs you hardly need to know any command line =)20:15
PiciCould someone poke the appropriate person to update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes ?20:15
Damascenecongratulation, well done20:16
joaopintoxnox, packaging and not knowing "the command line" is kind of dangerous :)20:17
persianewz2000: Could you help Pici with that?20:17
xnoxjoaopinto, well =) i started with knolewdge how to run latex. And now I'm ok to fix up broken configure.ac & daily WTF makefile.am's =)20:20
xnoxjoaopinto, so i'm getting there =) i'm still no guru20:21
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ajmitchwell done on the release, good to see it out :)20:30
joaopintocjwatson, can you work the wrong timezone being selected for Portugal bug ?20:40
joaopintoit gives a bad feeling for the installation process20:40
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Damasceneis it the time to file mani inclusion request?21:32
kkszysiuanyone had simillar problem?21:40
kkszysiuPackage cowdancer is not available, but is referred to by another package.21:40
kkszysiuThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or21:40
kkszysiuis only available from another source21:40
kkszysiuE: Package cowdancer has no installation candidate21:40
kkszysiuusing sudo cowbuilder --create21:41
persiakkszysiu: Probably a main/universe issue.  Check your sources.list.21:43
kkszysiupersia, main/universe? Well my sources.list looks like this: http://friendpaste.com/2NfMprDxjnBYMNQmIBbmEI21:45
persiaThat's the sources.list being used by cowbuilder?21:45
persiaI don't know much about cowbuilder (I use sbuild), but I thought it had a separate per-chroot sources.list.  Dunno otherwise: the package exists for all four architectures I track.  Are you using sparc or ia64?  (my madison-lite doesn't tell me about those)21:46
kkszysiuim using x8621:46
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chrismsnzcongrats on the release, ladies and gentlemen :)21:50
xnoxkkszysiu, i've been using cowdancer the whole lucid release cycle21:56
xnoxand using now21:56
xnoxwhat's up?21:56
kkszysiuxnox, you used it today?21:58
kkszysiubecause I used some time ago cowdancer and it works well too21:58
kkszysiubut today its not working for me21:58
xnoxlet me redo dist-upgrade again to doublecheck21:58
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xnoxkkszysiu, what does $ dpkg -l cowdancer21:59
xnoxtell you?21:59
kkszysiuxnox, http://friendpaste.com/1wNJ153OkrWS6tH0rkFhTI21:59
xnoxright so you have it installed but it's not working?22:00
kkszysiuxnox, when I use cowbuilder22:01
xnoxkkszysiu, I see what's your problem22:01
xnoxthere is something wrong with your ~/.pbuilderrc or the the already created cowbuilder22:02
xnoxkkszysiu, which ubuntu/debian release have you tried to create inside cowbuilder?22:02
kkszysiuxnox, lucid22:02
kkszysiuok I thing I got it22:02
xnoxright let me try that if I can reproduce22:02
xnoxreally? cause with lucid you might have timed-out on the mirror & or the mirror might have been inconsistent with respect to getting updates22:03
YokoZarIs it too late to click the rebuild button on launchpad?22:04
kkszysiu? :D22:04
xnoxi've updated it22:04
xnoxwhy are you getting base.tgz created if you are using cowbuilder ?22:05
kkszysiudont know :D22:05
xnoxnote pbuilder creates base.tgz; cowbuilder is a wrapper around pbuilder which uses base.cow/ *directory*22:05
xnoxkkszysiu, let me give you my config22:05
xnoxif you use this .pbuilderrc22:07
xnoxyou will need to invoke22:07
xnoxsudo DIST=lucid cowbuilder --create22:07
xnoxand it will make /var/cache/lucid.cow22:08
xnoxyou can use this config to create defined debian & ubuntu releases22:08
xnoxalso with this config you can do22:08
xnoxsudo DIST=lucid pbuilder --create22:08
xnoxand it will make the pbuilder    /var/cache/lucid.tgz22:09
xnoxbut use cowbuilder cause it's faster22:09
xnoxmy config sets eg for pdebuild to use cowbuilder and a few other options. Should be save22:09
* xnox did delete a few options before pasting. So still adjust it to use your local mirror and stuff like that22:10
xnoxsee anything interesting?22:10
xnoxalso your paste had a hook running, not sure if you have some weird hooks defined22:10
kkszysiuxnox, you use that for debian? :P22:11
xnoxkkszysiu, both =)22:12
xnoxi do default to sid though22:12
kkszysiuthats even better for me :P22:12
xnoxcause if my package doesn't build in sid and doesn't pass sid's lintian it's no use =)22:12
xnoxkkszysiu, point is that I sometimes do DIST=karmic sometimes DIST=sid, sometimes DIST=hardy22:13
xnoxcause I keep getting upstream reports saying "hmmmmm package for jaunty from your ppa doesn't work"22:13
xnoxso I investigate in the cowbuilder shell =)22:14
* xnox 's laptop can't handle VM's nicely =)22:14
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