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ccheneyanyone happen to know if the bluetooth indicator is supposed to be spaced so far apart, or is that the usual wide spacing made more noticable by the small icon?21:12
ccheneythe audio and mail ones look like they might be the same actual width but the icon size makes it a little less noticable21:13
NateW1is gnome-shell planned for 10.10 or are we staying with gnome 2.xx?21:14
ccheneyhmm clicking on it inverts the color so can see how big it is, so it appears it is just an issue of tiny icon making it look weird21:14
NateW1or is this still have to be discussed at uds?21:15
ccheneyNateW1: gnome-shell is in universe, it won't be default in 10.10 that was just discussed in ubuntu open week session21:18
ccheneyNateW1: it isn't clear if it will be default in 11.04 or not, it hasn't been officially decided yet21:18
ccheneyNateW1: or at least not publically announced anyway21:18
NateW1ccheney: how does it work with gnome 3.. will we be using gnome 3.0 with the standard config? or are we going to continue using some 2.xx packages?21:21
NateW1because from what i've read, gnome shell will be default in 3.021:22
NateW1unless i am misunderstanding21:22
ccheneyNateW1: i'm not sure just repeating what was just said about 30m ago at ubuntu open week meeting21:23
ccheneyNateW1: aiui though even on standard gnome it will fall back to gnome-panel for users who don't have working opengl21:23
NateW1ccheney: okay.. thanks for the info. looking forward to the final product of gnome 3, especially gaj21:25
* ccheney has nothing to do with ayatana, just came in here slightly before you to ask a different question :)21:27
* NateW1 likes to thank people for their knowledge, even if they aren't officially part of a team21:29

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