andre_geforce 9600 GT00:00
James147andre_: did you run it as root?00:00
andre_just klicked on that link00:00
apparleandre_: do a "sudo apt-get update" and then do it00:00
James147^^ dam runner dident appear :(00:00
apparleandre_: did it ask for you password00:00
apparleandre_: open konsole and run "sudo jockey-kde"00:01
andre_ok, i try00:01
James147andre_: after you run "sudo aptitude update" would be best :)00:02
andre_runned that already00:02
James147andre_: just checking :)00:02
apparleandre_: and that completed?00:02
apparleandre_: I mean you waited for it to complete00:02
andre_wait a minute, got some popups00:02
* James147 knotices that jockey-klde is ment to be run as user and asks for the password when you try to activate a dirver00:03
* apparle also forgot that00:04
andre_have to restart00:05
* apparle good 00:06
apparleandre_: good00:06
SaiNumeriI AM BACK00:06
SaiNumeriand now im leaving00:06
* James147 pats apparle on the head for being good00:06
* apparle loves it00:06
* James147 scratches apparle behind the ear00:07
SaiNumerijames147: ok, now im out of this coffee shop for the day00:07
SaiNumerii think they are mad that i havent bought any coffee in a while...00:07
James147SaiNumeri: :D00:07
SaiNumeriIM OUT! peace! thanks again, for like the eighth time00:08
* apparle goes back to studying to prove he is not a pet :D00:08
SaiNumerii'll come back tomorrow sometime and let yall know what happened with the partitioning and whatnot... yeah...00:08
fbxxklJames147: It worked thanks for your help00:12
fbxxklAnd for one last question how do you do recursive?00:12
James147fbxxkl: recursive what?00:12
andre_hey thanks, it worked!00:15
andre_thanks a lot!00:15
GrueMaster_Anyone here know how to get quassel-core to use a PostgreSQL or MySQL backend?00:16
James147GrueMaster_: you might have better luck in #kde with that question :)00:17
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Guest38117networking problems on 10.04lts00:22
=== GrueMaster_ is now known as GrueMaster
localgh0stMy sound (via spdif) stopped working after lucid lynx upgrade and all, anyone know some things I should check or read to help me figure this out? It just crackles, no other sound is discernible.00:26
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
James147localgh0st: You could try:00:27
James147!sound | localgh0st00:27
ubottulocalgh0st: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:27
localgh0stJames147, thanks for the resources I'll check em out00:28
andre_hey, got another problem00:29
andre_i wanted to play some music from my external partition (ntfs), but it doesn't work in amarok00:30
andre_fuck, just had to restart it :S00:32
macoandre_: please dont swear00:32
macowe have rules in our channels. they include family-friendly/polite language00:34
andre_sorry, different culture ;)00:34
andre_oh, another question :D00:35
andre_on windows i had the possibility to boost the bass a little bit (on my headphones)00:35
andre_how can i do that here?00:35
andre_oh, and can you suggest me a good webcam recorder + video editing? (or probably both in the same package)00:37
apparlelocalgh0st: I suggest you read the system logs .. use Ksystemlog00:38
apparleandre_: as for the mp3. try opening an mp3 file.... a popup will tell you what is required to play it..... then you can install the packages.00:38
andre_apparle: the mp3-thing works already, thank you!00:39
andre_i just closed amarok without closing the tray icon00:39
andre_that was the problem00:39
localgh0stapparle I see things there relating to hda-intel00:39
localgh0stThough I'm not sure what to make of any of it00:40
DaskreeChhttp://blusrcu.ba/nookie/?p=48 ;-)00:40
apparlelocalgh0st: see if you are seeing any errors like... timeout or stuff00:40
apparleandre_: why is that a problem00:40
localgh0stThis is the only thing that looks error-ish00:41
andre_that was the reason why it didn't worked00:41
localgh0st[107506.904610] hda-intel: IRQ timing workaround is activated for card #1. Suggest a bigger bdl_pos_adj.00:41
andre_so, is there any posibility to boost my bass a little bit00:41
daweedhello im so sorry my computers shutdown it self00:43
DaskreeChdaweed: ok00:44
apparleandre_: for your video editing there is kdenlive http://www.kdenlive.org/ Its not so stable, but I can't say as I have not used it. Then there is kino also00:45
apparle!info kdenlive | andre_00:45
ubottuandre_: kdenlive (source: kdenlive): a non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 1095 kB, installed size 3036 kB00:45
apparle!info kino | andre_00:45
ubottuandre_: kino (source: kino): Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.4-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 4584 kB, installed size 9312 kB00:45
gorgonzolajoin /chromium00:46
gorgonzolasorry, typo.00:46
apparleandre_: for base boost, I think you will need an equalizer.....I am sure it can be done, but don't know how. I am also looking for how to configure equalizer00:46
daweeddid any one know how to install grub with the instalation cd of kubuntu?00:47
localgh0stAnyone have thoughts on my crackling audio?00:47
andre_it works with the amarok one00:47
andre_but i wish i had a system wide working one00:47
apparleandre_: what works with amarok00:48
apparlelocalgh0st: I don't know.... sorry can't help...... hang around if someone knows they will help00:48
andre_the bass boost – with amarok00:48
apparleandre_: and where are you applying it?00:49
localgh0stIt came back...00:49
localgh0stVery loudly >_<00:49
andre_extras, equalizer00:49
andre_and then moving the sliders00:49
apparleandre_: I am not sure.... but last time I had seen equalizer it was not there........... check in system settings sound if there is an equalizer00:50
luis__I need urgent help: something went totally wrong with the actu to 10.04, some packages are missing, the boot is failing, I try to repair files with safe mode but in cannot acces the server, not able to get any package, please help!00:51
apparleandre_: sorry ..... last time I saw amarok extras ...... it didn't have equalizer00:51
andre_apparle: as i said, it works only in amarok, but i haven't found a system wide option :(00:51
daweedlocalgh0st: do you know how to install grub with the cd of kubuntu installation cd or ubuntu or xubuntu00:51
luis__I need urgent help: something went totally wrong with the actu to 10.04, some packages are missing, the boot is failing, I try to repair files with safe mode but in cannot acces the server, not able to get any package, please help!00:52
apparleandre_: for the timebeing you could use vlc and its equalizer00:52
apparleluis__: what went wrong00:52
localgh0stdaweed, I think grub is the default during the installation, am I wrong?00:52
andre_apparle: the amarok-one works, but it's just amarok-specific00:52
andre_if i watch a youtube-video, it still sounds not very good00:53
apparleandre_: ya I got that ..... and I don't know about the system wide settings......00:53
luis__before going to user and passwork it displays some commands telling a warning, something related to kernel, but its dessapears to fast to read, then the old user and password of the old version comes, when it enter no bar, widgets appear, only the desktop00:53
luis__its like the old version with some parts of the new 10.04 malfuntioning00:53
localgh0stOkay update to my sound problem. Amarok works, but the sound tests in settings produce crackling while sound in chrome and prism is completely silent...00:54
localgh0stThe plot thickens.00:54
localgh0stAplay is silent as well00:54
apparleluis__: and what happens when you try to install anyting00:54
localgh0st"laying WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Right.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono"00:54
apparlelocalgh0st: funny aplay is silent and phonon is working....00:55
daweedlocalgh0st: yeah but i will install windows and it will delete the mbr and i want to know how to make it came back again when i ll lose it00:55
luis__apparle: the safe mode throws tons of warning: not able to get to security.ubuntu and other pages00:55
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luis__pretty weid00:55
localgh0stdaweed, I think you boot back into the liveCD and restore grub using one of the commands00:55
luis__think kernel is wrong or something, or maybe packages are missing00:56
luis__and i dont know about a command to reinstall everythin00:56
localgh0stapparle, Amarok works flawlessly, but I get that returned with aplay and I hear nothing... Very odd, agreed.00:56
apparleluis__: if you want to fix everything... its "sudo apt-get -f install" that would try to fix any problems apt has.00:57
apparleluis__: check if you are still using the hardy repo00:57
luis__hardy heron?00:57
daweedlocalgh0st: and where can i download the ubuntu live cd?00:58
luis__but my old version was 9.10 i think00:58
apparleluis__: ohhhh..... then check if repos are pointing toward lucid of karmic00:58
apparledaweed: what is your problem00:58
luis__apparle: what you mean00:58
andre_apparle: an idea how i can get amarok playing aac files?00:59
daweedapparle: tnks i will install windows on other partition and want to know how to reinstall grub after that00:59
apparleluis__: open the file /etc/apt/sources.list and check if the entries have lucid or karmic00:59
daweedapparle: localgh0st say that i should download ubuntu live cd and whit one of the commands01:00
apparledaweed: tell me your problem from start.... what happened to your computer01:01
daweedapparle: but i dont know if ubuntu live cd is the same cd of the installationn or other diferent i guess that is only the option where says i want to test ubuntu in my sistem with out making any changes to my sistem, is that the live cd that localgh0st means?01:02
luis__apparle: how i open the file01:03
luis__i type it in the terminal=01:03
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apparledaweed: basically live CD is same as desktop CD .....01:03
apparledaweed: and usually most people have the live CD01:04
daweedapparle:  dolphyn dones not view one of the partitions where is the osXP and i want to reinstall windows cuz i have a unatended edition and i canot chose to repair01:04
luis__apparle: how i open the file? what command I must type in the terminal?01:05
daweedapparle: ok tnks then when windows is installed how can i install grub with out install all the sistem?01:05
apparledaweed: try http://www.supergrubdisk.org/ simplest01:05
apparleluis__: goto that location and open with kate01:06
daweedtnks apparle01:06
daweedapparle:  is it easy?01:06
luis__apparle: top line says this: # deb cdrom:[Kubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release i386 (20090420.1)]/ jaunty main restricted01:07
apparledaweed: for me it is.... just boot.... select repair and it does it01:07
apparleluis__: pastebin whole thing01:07
apparle!paste | luis__01:07
ubottuluis__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:07
luis__apparle: done: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427302/01:08
apparleandre_: see if you have this install libavcodec-extra-5201:08
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apparleluis__: seems correct to me01:09
luis__well then lets do omething01:09
luis__what was the command to reinstall 10.04 in my laptop01:09
apparleluis__: pastebin error01:09
andre_apparle: it's installed01:09
luis__apparle: ?01:09
andre_the extra-version, not the standard version01:10
apparleandre_: ya the particular package "libavcodec-extra-52"01:10
Walzmynluis__: try sudo apt-get install and see if it gives you any errors01:10
andre_apparle: it's installed, ya01:10
apparleandre_: and libfaad2?01:11
andre_apparle: installed, too01:11
luis__apparle: I lold01:11
luis__apparle: I typed01:11
luis__apparle: sudo apt-get -f install and it says 768 packages are broken lololol01:11
apparleandre_: funny libfaad is the aac decoder01:12
apparleluis__: you did "sudo apt-get update"? and then did "sudo apt-get -f install" right?01:12
andre_if i click on a aac file, it loads a couple of seconds but nothing else happens01:12
apparleandre_: don't know01:13
luis__apparle: Update says no updates were avaliable01:13
apparleluis__: update can't say that..... update is supposed to update the lists..... check if you are doing upgrade or update01:13
apparleanyways I got to go01:14
luis__oh oh oh01:14
apparlebye guys01:14
daweedwhat is the best software for kubuntu to burn, i want to burn videos of youtube that i've download in mp401:14
apparle!multimedia | andre_01:14
ubottuandre_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:14
apparledaweed: k3b01:14
daweedare you leaving?01:14
apparleluis__: I think "sudo apt-get -f install " would help01:14
apparledaweed: ya I need to go01:15
apparlebye guys01:15
daweedapparle: good look01:15
luis__he is gone LOL01:16
daweedluis__: yeahh hahaha he left us to our luck01:16
daweedand who will help us?01:16
localgh0stOkay update to my sound problem. Amarok works, but the sound tests in settings produce crackling while sound in chrome and prism is completely silent... Anyone have thoughts on this? --- http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8a41155c45dba56cb9af65481c474a927cc4206b01:20
oxymoronIf both unstable and stable versions on nvidia-current, xorg-core, qt and so on is unstable, what are you going to do? :D01:21
oxymoronlocalgh0st: Seems like PulseAudio problem or maybe xine I dont know.01:21
localgh0stThanks, any possible fix?01:21
zuswhen firefox downloads something and i chose "open containing folder" it says it needs an aplication (10-4) what and how do i do to get it to open up my download folder....or where ever a download goes to open01:22
localgh0stWow and now sound works with settings just fine?01:22
localgh0stWhat the heck is going on.01:22
localgh0stNow I guess it's just flash that's silent... Which is probably unrelated to the other problem...01:23
daweedi canot write cds on k3d i have a dvd balnk and doesnot apear as valid the option of burning01:24
andre_hm, doesn't work, even with the extra packages01:25
andre_someone else an idea?01:25
Walzmynluis_: you get your issues solved?01:27
luis_I think I will have to reinstall Kubuntu from a live CD again lossing all my data... for some reason the actu to 10.04 is broken and fucked my OS. At the start of the boot, before user and password, something related to an kernel error is displayed and after login some packages are broken and there is not application panel, just the pic of the desktop, is there some way to install again the OS without losing data?01:28
doleybdaweed: did you go to k3b settings, programs, and see that it all looks good?01:28
luis_sorry for the word, but I copy pasted lol01:28
luis_no Walzmyn01:28
doleybluis_: You don't need to erase data to install, but you can (and should) copy off your files right now before installing anything mroe.01:29
daweedok im trying diferent disks when i insert the disk on kubuntu say that i have inserted a optical disk but in the k3b keep the option of  pplease insert an empty or appendable dvd or blu ray medium01:30
Walzmynluis_: what's an actu?01:30
daweeddoleyb: ok im trying diferent disks when i insert the disk on kubuntu say that i have inserted a optical disk but in the k3b keep the option of  pplease insert an empty or appendable dvd or blu ray medium01:30
Walzmyndaweed: are you using a CD or a DVD?01:31
daweedWalzmyn: im using dvds, and the disk are good01:31
luis_Walzmyn: Actualization :)01:32
Walzmyndaweed: don't know then. K3B threw me off by automaticly kicking up to DVDs when I stuck in too many files01:32
Walzmynluis_: ok, I'm not following that. Did you get apt to get your system comptetly upgraded and error free?01:33
luis_Walzmyn: everything is wrong01:33
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luis_some kernel warning is displayed before login01:34
luis_and now there is no app bar and only the desktop picture is shown01:34
Walzmynluis_: have you tried sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?01:35
daweedWalzmyn: im making a test disk and is only 2.1gb01:35
luis_Walzmyn: http://pastebin.com/YB0vLJsr01:35
daweedive try 2 diferent brands of dvds01:35
daweedWalzmyn: ive try 2 diferent brands of dvds01:35
Walzmyndaweed: don't ask me. I've never for a DVD to burn on my system. I think it's hardware over here.01:35
Walzmynluis_: try doing dist-upgrade instead of just upgrade01:41
zuswhen firefox downloads something and i chose "open containing folder" it says it needs an aplication (10-4) what and how do i do to get it to open up my download folder....or where ever a download goes to open01:43
Walzmynzus they promised us that FF would be better intergated this go around and that wouldn't be a problem, but it still is01:44
zusWalzmyn,  what happened to me was that some how fire fox was somehow using yahoo as default search engine and NOTHING i did fixed it but i removed it and deleted it  alsta la bye bye--- reinstalled it and  im good...except for opening containing folders. i have to go there on my own01:46
Walzmynzus did it work before? Because I've NEVER got that to work right01:47
zusWalzmyn, for me before the release i was fine then on release day i was good as well and i shut down rebooted turned off the pc comeletely not just restart.. then i was on yahoo with FF.... it took removing it for me to  retain yahoo.01:49
zusWalzmyn,  excuse me google01:49
Josimbathis may not be helpful but google chrome has these settings easily found in its preferences01:49
Josimbai don't use FF in Kubuntu01:50
Walzmynzus huh. I've always complained about that not working.01:50
zusWalzmyn,  i am not sure how either. but firefox is working for me as it has except for "open containing folder"01:52
zusJosimba,  i need FF for the read it later bookmark add on. if chromium's bookmarklet worked when not connected to an Internet connection  as good i'd switch01:54
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daweeddid any one know how can i view the pics of others on kopete in my chat window02:09
daweedor what is the best software for kubuntu to use like msn messenger live with plus02:10
localgh0stMah flash gotz no sounds... I've tried the usual tricks. It was working fine till Lucid... Anyone have any thoughts?02:11
localgh0stBy the usual tricks I mean trying the plugin straight from adobe as well as reinstalling the one in the repos02:12
satch5150hi all, when I install kubuntu lucid, in vbox 3.1.6 it seems to go well.  The first time I did it and restarted it, kubuntu did not boot up at all.  Second time, it botted up a couple of times, then the last time I shut it down it hung after killining init, so I powered it off from vbox's menu, and it will not boot up any longer02:17
satch5150it hangs on the kubuntu splash screen02:17
daweeddid any one know how can i view the pics of others on kopete in my chat window02:18
hellhound_I upgraded to kubuntu 10.04 and I decided I wanted to pair my bluetooth headset. I did this before with 9.04. But this time it does not seem to be working.  Since the tool is differant can anyone provide any assistance.  I use the Blueooth Device Wizard and follow the steps. It finds the headset but will not pair with it.02:22
epFairly new board with alc888 audio.  Fresh install 10.04 amd64, wtf sound works but does not use pulse audio (uses jack)..  Thing is PA worked nicely on this same box under 9.10 32 bit.  Any ideas why I'd lose it and how I might get it back?  It worked better than Jack.02:37
satch5150how do I make kubuntu boot up in non-graphical or recovery mode ?02:37
jasonmchristosi made a generic user for install and setup after i make the actual users on the box that will be used how do i lock out the initial user account?02:43
daweeddid anyone know what is the diferenfe between the disk of ubuntu that say alternate to the other?02:44
jschallhaving more than one bouncy ball plasmoid makes them freak out. they're all buggy.02:44
Tm_Tdaweed: alternate cd doesn't have live session, nor "graphical" installer02:45
jschallalso they don't work to well with locked widgets =P02:45
jasonmchristosdaweed: the alternate is a text installer for weaker computers02:45
Tm_Tjasonmchristos: not only that02:45
jschalland they get stuck in corners.02:45
daweedTm_T: jasonmchristos tnks02:46
Tm_Talso alternate installer has some options not available in livecd02:46
jasonmchristosit also lets you manipulate the installation more02:46
Tm_Tjasonmchristos: that02:46
jasonmchristosusually for the case of a weaker computer02:46
jasonmchristosolder alternates had the lvm option so that you can encrypt the hd but i understand the newer live CD have this option also now02:47
jasonmchristoshow do i lock a user account?02:47
localgh0stMah flash gotz no sounds... I've tried the usual tricks. It was working fine till Lucid... Anyone have any thoughts?02:48
macojasonmchristos: "passwd -l username" locks an account02:48
jasonmchristosthank you02:48
daweedi have a computer with vista and then i install xp and the vista isnot in the boot menu if i install grub will giveme a menu with the 2 os?02:56
ErtainHello everyone.  I just updated to Lynx and I've found that, while Lucid was suppose to speed up boot times, mine has become shorter.  Also I have to manually shut down my machine because it hangs when it tries to shutdown.02:57
Walzmyndaweed: you had a dual boot windows/linux and you changed versions of windows?02:59
daweedWalzmyn:  i have not dual boot now only boot xp03:00
daweedWalzmyn: but the vista still there03:00
ErtainWhoops, I mean my boot times have become longer.03:00
Walzmyndaweed: so, you're dual booting vista and xp?03:00
daweedWalzmyn: i wanto to dual boot vista and xp but i didint know that when vista installed if ill install xp will stop working vista03:01
bazhangdaweed, with Kubuntu?03:02
daweedyeahh with kubuntu03:02
Walzmyndaweed: putting both xp and vista on a machine will be a pain03:02
daweedbazhang: yeahhh withh kubuntu03:02
bazhangtried updating grub?03:02
Walzmyndaweed: so you want XP, Vista and Kubuntu on one machine?03:02
daweedWalzmyn: yes03:03
Walzmyndaweed: yesh, I have to go to bed, i don't have the time to walk you though that. Try google03:03
daweedbut i dont want to have to reinstall vissta all over again and the software03:03
Walzmyndaweed: you'll have to fool each of the windows into thinking they are alone. then install kubuntu last03:03
daweedWalzmyn: tnks where are you now?03:04
Walzmyndaweed: where? I'm in Georgia, USA03:04
daweedWalzmyn: have a good nite03:04
progre55hi guys! where is the splash screen wallpaper located?03:10
daweedwhere are the programs installed?03:12
doleyb_daweed: programs?  /usr/bin ... but03:15
daweedive download a softwware but i can foun it03:16
daweedwhat is the best player like winamp 4 kde kubuntu03:16
bogano success with 3 drives on raid0 with ide controller03:16
bogatry VLC for playing anything, and it is also portable03:17
daweedi got the wolf player but i want to make a playlist and doesnot open difent player 4 every ocation that i want to open a song03:17
daweedletme find it out03:18
daweedi guess that was only for windows03:18
doleyb_daweed: the usual kde player is amarok.  You can get xmms if you want to be more like winamp03:18
daweeddoleyb_: ohh yeahh amarok but it has a wolf like icon and where can i get xmms and what is it?03:19
doleyb_daweed: i guess xmms has been dropped, but you might try audacious03:29
daweeddoleyb_: audacius is other program?03:29
bazhangyes, replacement for xmms03:30
ratskmplayer seemsto work wel03:31
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:31
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SaintlyBoot time from On Button to Desktop, 8.67 secs.03:40
avihay_with what?03:40
=== avihay_ is now known as avihay
Saintlykubuntu 10.04, on my HP touchsmart tm2t03:41
Saintlyi have 8Gib of RAM and a killer processor. that and auto login, i have it PERFECT03:41
* avihay is envious03:42
* Saintly wishes he could share. 03:42
Saintlyits truely awesome :D03:42
zususing winFF how do i convert a /flv to mpeg? i do not see an option for it.03:43
avihaytakes me 45 sec, including manual log-in, and without ext403:43
bazhangzus, to mp4?03:43
Saintlyavihay: what type of computer?03:43
zusbazhang,  i need it to play on a windows xp machine. im doing  a conversion for a friend but i cant figure this out03:44
avihayIt's an MSI laptop, with a dualcore 2ghz cpu and 2gb of ram03:45
zusbazhang,  i dont see mpeg. in the lists03:45
bazhangzus, vlc can play flv03:45
Saintlyavihay: and it takes 45 seconds? my netbook, can even do it in 16.03:45
bazhangzus, unless you need for itunes/ipod or the like03:46
avihayIt's an upgraded system. maybe it's time for a fresh install? ....03:46
Saintlybrb, gonna time miy netbook.03:46
Saintlyavihay: definently, fresh install is better, awlays.03:47
zusbazhang, he uses wmp..03:47
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
zusbazhang, is there a comand line to at least convert flv to mpeg? i dont want  avi for fear it wont be video at this point but only audio.03:49
Saintlyback. thd be 14.98 secs, for the netbook.03:50
Saintlyfresh install.03:50
Saintlyim on it now lol. not quite as fun as my HPs touchscreen, but hey what works works.03:51
Saintlyand my netbook has mobile broadband :D03:51
bazhangzus, sorry never used winff for that, handbrake is what I use in these cases; not sure about wmp as never have used it03:51
zusbazhang,  windows media player...i know that plays mpeg. and avi's  its cool thanks03:53
ratsbut its windows03:55
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:55
avihaydid you disable the file indexer service?03:55
Saintlyavihay: nope.03:55
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications03:56
avihayis anyone else bothered about the notification system opening a window to show that you have a notifications instead of using it's tray icon?03:56
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:57
* Saintly cackles as he retreats to his XGAME project, with virtual box in his hands.03:57
TraceRouteanyone using 10.04 with nvidia?04:01
doleyb_TraceRoute: i am using that.04:04
doleyb_zus: you can convert into avi and mkv with mencoder and mkvmerge04:05
TraceRoute_doleyb_ did you get that?04:07
doleyb_TraceRoute_: get what? i have 10.4 and nvidia's graphic drivers running now.04:12
TraceRoute_plymouth messed up when you restart?04:13
doleyb_TraceRoute_: i don't know what plymoth is04:14
doleyb_i guess i don't pay much attention to splash screens before kdm04:15
silas_Boa noite. Alguém aí ja instalou o Ub1004 num notbook?04:51
Luija1006I got one doubt about lucid 10.04: The resolution is not the correct, but the system of getting the right nvidia resolution has now changed, before u had to enter hardware drivers and download the driver, now the windows simply says the laptop is not using private drivers, how I can download the nvidia driver in 10.04?04:56
Pavel_SHI, I need you help. Can somebody help me05:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:05
Pavel_SMy touchpad settings don't active. I can't change them. Is it a bug?05:06
frogonwheelsPavel_S: More info. what do you mean by "don't active"?  where do you expect to change them? what have you tried?05:07
Pavel_SSystem settings -> Keyboard -> Touchpad05:08
Pavel_SBut i can't change nothing.05:09
frogonwheelsPavel_S: ah. you possibly need to switch to admin.05:09
frogonwheelshmm.. either that or it just doesn't detect your touchpad.05:09
Pavel_SWhat does it mean? "doesn't detect"05:10
frogonwheelsPavel_S: yeah - that's what it will be.  It can't find anything that it can identify as a touchpad05:10
Pavel_SMy touchpad works fine.05:10
frogonwheelshm.. possibly it thinks it's a mouse? dunno.05:11
frogonwheelsPavel_S:  in 'informations' does it say anything?05:11
Pavel_SI don't understand you. Where i need to check something05:12
frogonwheelsIn "Touchpad Settings"  there's a group-box labeled (badly) 'informations'05:13
Pavel_Sok, i have found.05:13
frogonwheelsMine has  Touchpad Name: Device not found  -given I don't have a touchpad.05:13
Pavel_SI have same.05:14
Pavel_SCan i fix this or not?05:14
frogonwheelsPavel_S: your touchpad is probably identifying as a mouse then.05:14
frogonwheelsdon't know.  Google your specific touchpad.05:15
frogonwheelsPavel_S: if it's a usb device, try   lsusb   to find the device name if you need to05:15
Pavel_Sis it like ISA bridge: Intel Corporation ICH9M LPC Interface Controller (rev 03)05:16
Pavel_Show can collect information about my input devices05:18
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
dolomitePavel_S: does lspci give you any relevant information?05:23
Pavel_Si don't think so.05:24
Pavel_SOk, i will try to fix this problem, myself.05:24
Pavel_SI need detect touchpad in my system and only then i will think about configuration.05:25
Pavel_SThanks a lot for you help.05:25
dolomitePavel_S: good approach; I'm not familiar with laptops, sorry!05:25
Pavel_Snow i know what i need to do.05:25
=== rgreening__ is now known as rgreening
* dolomite is enjoying that it feels like friday today05:37
CartoonCatyay, upgraded to lucid and now my wireless is totaly broken (one AP deauthenticates, the other times out). Atheros card, using ath5k drivers05:40
dolomiteifconfig -a05:41
CartoonCatYes the card is listed, the module is loaded, etc05:42
dolomitewhy not add blah blah blah too05:42
CartoonCatthe interface is up, etc, iwconfig wlan0 essid Wireless and  dmesg shows [  226.672627] wlan0: deauthenticating from 00:18:0a:01:7f:21 by local choice (reason=3)05:43
dolomitebug report says reinstalling network manager helped05:45
dolomitetried it yet?05:45
CartoonCatYes, as wel las trying to switch to kde network manager, no change05:46
CartoonCatthis seams to be a issue with the version of the ath5k that was picked05:47
CartoonCatI can drop to gentoo or win7, works fine, can swap hd's and go to 9. and it works fine =\05:48
dolomiteand your version is current right?05:48
lucituCartoonCat: try the  plasma-widget-networkmanagement instead05:48
CartoonCatits the one lucid ships with, yes05:49
dolomiteCartoonCat: modprobe -r athk and modprobe athk05:49
dolomiteworth a shot05:49
CartoonCatlucitu: i will switch back, but the issue is not the manager, its ath5k05:49
CartoonCatdolomite: I have done that, i get the same dmesg output05:49
CartoonCatI need to switch to the same ath5k that 9.04/9.10 use's, or possibly move to the latest ath5k. being a long time gentoo nut has corrupted me on these binary distro's heh05:52
dolomiteyeah, there are way too many issues with these wireless modules. launchpad's flooded05:54
CartoonCatthey do seam to have picked a poor version of ath5k this go. I know the one i was using with 9.04 worked. I know the latest from ~3 months ago worked (in gentoo, still the one im using there)05:56
dolomiteyes, some things are better left untouched05:57
CartoonCatnow, to figure out how to do that on here. it doesnt seam to be what im used to "pull tar.gz, configure, make, install"05:57
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!05:58
dolomiteI did not know about that wrapper; handy!06:00
CartoonCatsame here, I will try it.06:00
CartoonCatif it goes boom, not much will be lost other then time and hair06:01
moetunesit's the only sane way to uninstall something you built...06:01
CartoonCatok, so no source is installed by default06:04
Teknicalso my flash no longer works, just a grey box .. can anyone clue me in on what package i should reinstall?06:05
Teknicalthis is on firefox, with kubuntu 10.04^06:05
Teknicalworked before, nothing now06:06
CartoonCatTeknical: when you say flash, do you mean a usb stick?06:08
Teknicaladobe flash content on webpages in firefoxd06:08
CartoonCatI had to reinstall the plugin after the upgrade to 10 from 906:08
Teknicalcan you direct me on the best way to do that?06:09
CartoonCati have no idea if its the best, but i selected the nonfree flashplugin from aptitude06:10
dolomiteTeknical: in the address bar of firefox type about:plugins06:11
Teknicalyes in my plugins area it shows shockwave flash06:11
dolomiteTeknical: I'd recommend finding the package name of your flash plugin06:12
Teknicalthats what i was hoping to get from here06:12
dolomiteand from terminal type sudo apt-get remove --purge <package name>06:12
dolomitetry to install the .deb file from adobe's site06:12
Teknicalit seems the restricted extras was the last thing i did, that may have caused this06:12
Teknicalthe deb from adobes site is for x86 .. i cant find the x6406:13
dolomiteoh ok06:13
dolomitethen just reinstall the one you have and check it.06:13
dolomite64 flash is giving people headaches06:14
Teknicalim  not sure what to look for really .. ive reinstalled what ive found06:14
dolomiteand did it work?06:15
dolomitein /usr/lib/firefox/plugins delete the flashplayer.so file06:15
dolomiteand this time, please purge the flashplugin package06:16
Teknicalhold that thought .. let me reboot real quick for good measure06:16
doleyb_Teknical: adobe does have a separate download for 64 linux flash06:16
dolomite(if you didn't last time)06:16
Teknicalhaha im not even sure what to purge, i was asking what packages are what06:16
doleyb_Teknical: after you might try http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/64bit.html06:16
Teknicalwhat is really annoying is my flash has worked fine since 10.04 release06:17
Teknicaltoday i reboot and this06:17
dolomiteTeknical: if you do a search in your package manager for flash, is anything installed?06:17
Teknicalyes .. flashplugin-nonfree, flashplugin-installer .. and06:18
dolomiteleave konqueror06:18
dolomiteTeknical: from command line06:18
Teknicaland kubuntu-restricted-extras06:18
Teknicalthats it06:18
dolomiteTeknical: sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer06:19
dolomiteand navigate to your /usr/lib/firefox/plugins directory and find and delete that "flashplayer.so" type file06:19
Teknicaltek@tek-desktop:/usr/lib/firefox/plugins$ rm flashplayer.so06:20
Teknicalrm: cannot remove `flashplayer.so': No such file or directory06:20
dolomiteTeknical: it's not called flashplayer.so06:20
dolomiteTeknical: but it's "something to do with flash".so06:20
dolomiteTeknical: i don't know what it is on your system06:20
Teknicaltek@tek-desktop:/usr/lib/firefox/plugins$ dir06:20
dolomiteok so it's not in there. good06:21
dolomitenow download that x64 flash06:21
Teknicalhave it .. will have to compile it seems, keep in mind im a newb06:22
Teknicali need build-essentials correct?06:22
Teknicalcant believe i have to do this for flash that worked fine, sigh06:23
dolomitehold up; I'm trying to find a solution that doesn't involve compiling06:24
Teknicalmy laptop has gone through nearly an identical setup and does not have this problem06:25
dolomiteTeknical: things happen, can we try some things?06:25
Teknicalive tried everything thus far :)06:25
dolomiteok, we'll try the nswrapper route:06:26
dolomitefirst, is your firefox directory /usr/lib/firefox or /usr/lib/firefox-3.0?06:26
Teknicali have..06:28
Teknicalthat addons folder06:28
Teknicala firefox-3.6.3 folder06:28
Teknicaland a firefox folder06:28
Teknicalthis install was done with the preloaded firefox installer06:29
Teknicalmoving to pm06:29
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progesteroneQuestion: how can I make Yakuake to be able to use left/right/up/down key in insert mode?07:50
ForgeAusprogesterone theres is a #Yakuake channel but I'm not sure how responsive people there are07:51
progesteroneForgeAus Oh ... Thanks dude07:51
ForgeAusto be honest I rarely use Yakuake, I tend to more often use Konsole, but I kinda do like it...07:54
ForgeAusits nice, responsive and tabbed...07:55
progesteroneForgeAus I've fallen in love with sliding in and out of Yakuake. :P07:55
ForgeAushehe yeah thats cute too :)07:55
coreberserkerHi there!08:02
coreberserkerI seem to be having a problem08:02
coreberserkerI can't use any of the setting that use more then two fingers in the touch pad settings...08:03
coreberserkerIs it my touch pad?08:03
coreberserkerI mean more then one finger08:03
coreberserkerShould I retype the question?08:08
macoi saw08:09
macodo you know if its a synaptics touchpad?08:09
coreberserkerUmm no sorry I don't..08:09
macoif you type "grep Synaptics /var/log/Xorg.0.log" does it spit stuff out at you?08:11
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java products search for sun-java6 -packages from the !Multiverse repository (!partner repository in Lucid)08:11
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner" »08:11
coreberserkerunder alot of it it says synaptics touchpad08:12
macohmm two-finger scrolling should work then i think...08:13
macoit does on mine08:13
coreberserkerit says mine is a SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad08:14
macoyep same for me08:14
macoyou hit the "apply" button right?08:14
GilUHello :)08:15
macoi'd suggest filing a bug then08:15
macoon xserver-xorg-input-synaptics08:16
GilUDid onyone have a problem with refresh rate? I've installed kubuntu  yesterday, changed the RR to 85Hz without any problem, but today after restart i have 60Hz again. How can i force kubuntu to remember my settings?08:17
macoGilU: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution see section 408:18
GilUmaco: tank08:18
coreberserkermaco do you think it has something to do with my running amd64?08:18
macocoreberserker: no, im on amd64 too08:18
coreberserkercrap xD08:19
macolikely just something different about your particular touchpad versus mine08:19
coreberserkerI'll file the bug report08:19
macoa different model number08:19
coreberserkerAhh Okay =]08:19
coreberserkerWell thank you maco08:20
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer08:32
Buckyhi.how to enable the logon splashscreen?08:34
Buckycan't remember where is the option08:34
chocolatei got a serious problem wid my pc can some one plz help?08:47
chocolatei m unable to hear the vocals in any media player whether its amarok or vlc or mplayer08:48
chocolate2 days ago i updated to and it was working fing08:49
chocolatenow idk what happened and all the vocal in music has just reduced to very low levels and all the beats and guiter music is sounding like bang !08:49
chocolateSome one plz help !08:50
crashevI have strange broken view in OpenOffice (kubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx) => http://kino1.komunix.pl/sty/shoot1.png , anyone knows how to fix this ?08:50
reisihey what was the hotkey to suspend/resume compositing?08:57
zoggyhey all, for some reason, my meta keys have gone awry despite a fresh install of kde. if i go into menu editor and set a shortcut key (eg meta - d for dolphin), it shows as being meta-d, but when i try the key combination nothing pops up. i've tried this with different apps. it almost seems like the meta key is not working properly. it's not the keyboard either. thanks so much08:59
zoggyreisi: i think it's shift+alt+f1209:00
reisizoggy: hmmm yes it is, thanks09:00
reisizoggy: i think i remember that there was a separate service for listening to hotkey presses09:01
zoggyreisi: thanks, letm me look around for that. i used to just do it within kmenu, is that toast?09:02
reisizoggy: goto system settings -> advanced (tab) -> service manager09:02
reisizoggy: i've got KHotKeys running (one of the first in the startable-stoppable, 2nd pane)09:02
zoggyreisi: mine says khotkeys: running: khotkeys daemon. no daemon, no hotkeys09:04
zoggyreisi: weird, it says running but also says no hotkeys09:04
reisizoggy: hmm.. i'd try to stop it and start it09:04
zoggyreisi: just tried that, but no joy09:05
zoggyreisi: thanks for pointing me in the general direction, i'll google around a bit. wasn't sure where to begin09:05
N|ghtWo|fhi i just update kubuntu to 1009:05
reisizoggy: oki, then you need to find logs, it'll most likely spill something there09:05
N|ghtWo|fbut now i cant install kdevelop09:06
N|ghtWo|fis it incompatible ^?09:06
zoggyN|ghtWo|f: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kdevelop-409:06
zoggyN|ghtWo|f: i had the same problem. was so glad to see it's back. i absolutely love kdevelop!09:07
N|ghtWo|fme too09:07
zoggyN|ghtWo|f: especially with it's php support via kdevelop-php-docs and kdevelop-php09:08
zoggyreisi: thanks for that, i'll look for the logs09:08
N|ghtWo|fzoggy: kdevelop is back! and without some annoying bugs :D09:21
zoggyN|ghtWo|f: yeah baby! well done to the developers. i'm so proud of my new lucid installation :)09:22
tuxiko_Hi everybody, Ive got an issue with amarok since 10.0409:23
tuxiko_it's referenced here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/572432?comments=all09:23
N|ghtWo|fsome bugs on kde interface and sound are gone too :D09:25
tuxiko_Is someone hit by the same problem ?09:26
N|ghtWo|fit is normal, new the boot screen to have, i dont know 16 colors or something like that09:27
eierkopfmoin moin09:33
eierkopfseit ihr alle stumm? :)09:34
zoggyreisi: thanks for the help. for anyone who might have the same problem, here is the solution: go into system settings / input actions, then tick kmenuedit. that easy. woohoo, i now have shortcuts back!09:44
Koliaanyone experience usb key not being detected in lucid ?09:45
reisizoggy: aah of course, well thats a bit too easy mistake to make09:57
reisizoggy: just like when your network connection is down, you should start by checking if you have an ethernet cable connected (from the both ends) :D09:57
reisizoggy: not by debugging your ethernet driver09:58
SuN__is there a way to Recover kUbuntu Live CD with my deleted folder / var / how to fix please help09:59
SuN__help !09:59
reisiSuN__: you deleted your /var?09:59
SuN__reisi,  yes :(((( supid10:00
reisiSuN__: i'd backup my important files (from my $HOME) and proceed with complete re-installation; /var hosts one of key databases in a debian based system10:00
SuN__reisi, is there a way? live cd ?10:02
zoggyreisi: haha that's brilliant, i wonder why it was off. i hadn't turned it off. anyway, i'm ready to develop now! woohoo!10:08
=== |eagles0513875| is now known as eagles0513875
usuarioBom dia10:17
chocolatewhen i browse files wid dolphin i want it to scroll more rows .. it scrolls only a single row or even less when i scroll it wid mouse scroll key10:27
chocolatewhere can i find the setting for it ?10:27
reisiSuN__:you mean you cannot even start it?11:06
reisiSuN__: you can use what ever kubuntu cd to backup your home directory11:06
SuN__reisi, login as root but I can not install or do I net or what has been11:08
reisiSuN__: err whatever just put an usb stick in and start backing up11:10
||arifaXhow can I easily disable the shiftlock key on my keyboard?11:56
dcorbin_workAfter upgrading to 10.4, I cannot find where I can set my desktop colors.  I used to be able to set each desktop to a different color, now I can't find anywhere to set it all12:04
jussiHow does one mount an .img file?12:07
ThE_WoRmHello, I have some issues with installing packages or static linking a program that I wrote on a kubuntu os in c++ using gtkmm, I'm wondering if this is the place to ask about it or should I go somewhere else12:20
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=== pawel_poland is now known as pawel___
InvaderZimHi. Why is my 10.04 boot splash image horribly low resolution and low color? 9.10 was much nicer. Anyone can explain?12:55
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
fbxxklAnyone here have experience with k3b?  I am trying to back up a DVD I hit rip dvd then I am not sure where to go from there13:03
fbxxkl<--- new to linux13:03
putt1ckbackup for what purpose?13:04
putt1ckrip recodes content13:04
putt1ckyou might want image13:04
fbxxklIts an educational dvd I purchased and I will be traveling a lot with it to and from school13:04
fbxxklto teach with13:04
fbxxklso if it gets scratched up I don't want to lose the money i spent13:05
putt1ckimage better13:05
fbxxklSomeone suggested I use k3b to you also recommend that or should I do it another way13:05
fbxxklI will continue to play13:05
putt1ckTools/copy medium13:05
putt1cktick "only create image"13:06
putt1ckwill make iso image file on computer of dvd13:06
fbxxklawesome* thanks for your help13:06
putt1ckcan then use that to make a new dvd  with tools/burn image13:06
putt1ckwith the magic of Linux13:06
putt1ckuse the content of the image directly13:07
fbxxklif I wanted to use it right off the HDD, it would be just mounting the iso correct?13:07
pinguI am trying to use the usb-creator13:08
pinguI choose the ISO but it dosn't appear after clicking open13:08
sosoooI have notobook with 2.4 cpu vga 32MB and 750 MB ram13:09
fbxxklputt1ck: Thanks for your help.13:09
putt1cknp :)13:09
sosooodoes kubuntu run well on my com?13:09
putt1cksosoo: sure13:09
pinguit is the new 10.4 on a netbook13:09
putt1ckmore RAM would be better if you use Firefox a lot13:09
sosoooand is it easy to add and update my applacation?13:10
putt1ckwith network connection, yes13:10
sosoooyes I wanna use internet a lot13:10
sosooois there good softwaer for chatimg?13:10
sosoooalso can support voice?13:11
=== jupiter is now known as Guest96010
putt1ckmany options13:11
fbxxklI am a big fan of pidgeon but I am not sure how well it handles audio comm13:11
sosoooI use pidgin in windows13:12
sosooodon't have vioce13:12
fbxxklhttp://alternativeto.net/  I like to check this site out a lot when I am looking for software13:12
sosooodo tyou think I can have desktop effect  with 32 mb VGA?13:12
fbxxklIt has a good compilation of comparisons13:13
putt1cksosoo: more depends on which graphics chipset it is13:13
putt1ckbut sure 32MB video RAM should be enough13:13
sosoooI mean like cub desktops13:14
sosoooand thing like this13:14
putt1ckdepends on chipset13:14
putt1ckati, intel, nvidida13:14
sosoooit is ati radeon 34013:16
putt1ckshould be ok13:17
sosoooI used suse befor, it is more easy to suse or kubuntu?13:17
putt1cksame same13:17
fbxxklEveryone I talk to says its amatter of preference13:18
putt1ckdifferent package management architecture13:18
putt1cksometimes Ubuntu debian dependency can mean very old versions of software on repositories13:18
fbxxklie. thunderbird13:18
fbxxklwhen i installed through ubuntu it says 2.0 but the website is up to 3.0 so i had to manual download and whatnot13:19
sosooobilive me it is really hard to chose13:19
sosoooI have to go to class13:19
sosooobut I hope see you all soon again13:19
sosoooand I  also use kubuntu13:20
sosoooand could have kubuntu and could have  new freidn13:20
pinguhow do I make sure I have the right driver for  my video card - running Kubuntu Netbook 10.0413:20
sosoooseeeeeeeeeya all13:20
putt1ckpingu: installer will generally choose13:21
putt1ckcan try Hardware Drivers application to see if options available13:21
pinguIt's an Asus 1000HE netbook13:22
pingusome of the effects are sluggish st times13:22
fbxxklHave you tried system > Administration > Hardware drivers?13:22
putt1ckeffects, on a netbook?13:23
putt1cka lot to ask13:23
putt1ckand a waste of battery at best13:23
putt1ckalthough very pretty :)13:23
=== Undefined_ is now known as dimika
pingubut I have an Atom N280 CPU with 2Gig RAM13:24
n8whow do i measure a cpu utilization for one particular process...ie by usin sar or top13:24
putt1ckpingu: sure, netbook cpu might be able to handle it, as might video chipset13:25
putt1ckpingu: but still uses a lot of power just to look good, wasting battery life13:25
pingufbxxkl: it says "now proprietary hardware found13:25
fbxxklIf I am trying to change the permissions on a folder 1. should I use chown or chmod 2. what should the standard settings be ie. 777/770?13:25
fbxxklThat probably means the drivers are up to date and you don't need dedicated drivers from a vendor13:26
pinguGotta show the Linux off - convince my family and co-workers to move13:26
pingufrom Win13:26
pinguI heard it can be done13:26
pinguI use the basic stuff13:26
fbxxklWell you could run linux and have the use virtual machines for Windows a lot of people I Know from the boston linux community talk about that all the time13:27
pingusomeone told me to check the frame rate13:27
pinguif it's under 20 fps, I need to change the driver13:27
pinguit's an onboard intel gpu13:27
fbxxklThey could be right, you might check with the manufacturers website to see if they have drivers for the system13:28
fbxxklthose would generally be as up to date as possible13:28
fbxxklwhat make did you say it was?13:28
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* starslights great's the chan13:28
lfainHi! Does anybody can tell me how it is possible to change the monitor contrast by using KDE?13:30
pinguhow do I check my frame rate?13:30
ocs hi. I can't hear audio. my sound card is detected and alsamixer is ok, what I could do?13:30
putt1ckpingu: they probably mean glxgears13:31
pinguocs: I had the same prob. try finding the "speaker" channel and pump up the volume for it13:31
ocspingu: already donw13:32
ocspingu: already done13:32
ocsputt1ck: pc13:32
putt1ckexternal speakers/headphones?13:32
lfainocs: did you try non-KDE application (e.g., Audacious)?13:33
ocslfain: yes13:33
ocsputt1ck: yes13:33
putt1ckocs: what backend does system settings/multimedia say you using for output?13:37
pinguocs: check the capture device13:37
putt1ckocs: and what happens when you press test in multimedia?13:38
pinguocs: is this a fresh install? maybe you are missing a codec?13:38
pinguocs: try playing a wave file13:39
ocspingu: I can't hear a wav file13:39
pinguocs: check the capture device13:41
ocspingu: I see it13:41
pinguocs: what's your speaker setup? stereo speakers connected at the back?13:42
pinguocs: when was the last time it worked?13:42
ocspingu: it's all ok at the speakers13:42
ocs(I'm sure of that)13:42
ocspingu: it worked with 9.1013:43
pinguocs: what backend are you using13:43
ocspingu: alsamixer (checked and it's ok)13:44
fbxxklis there anyway for k3b to bypass an "encrypted" dvd?  I really don't want to have to buy a 200$ dvd twice13:54
BluesKajfbxxkl, install libdvdcss2 and kubuntu-restricted-extras13:55
fbxxklBluesKaj: Thanks13:56
dcorbin_workWhat starts mysqld-akonadi?  Is that supposed to happen at login-time, or boot time?13:57
fbxxklBluesKaj, when I search for libdvdcss2 It brings me to Kubuntu-restricted extras ubuntu and xubuntu all the same but no individual lib for dvdcss214:21
BluesKajfbxxkl, make sure your sources.list or kpackagekit othersources and third party sources are all enabled , except for the cdrom.14:24
fbxxklI have them all checked off (I think)14:28
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
BluesKajfbxxkl, alt+f2, type or copy and paste this into the run box , kdesudo kate etc/apt/sources.list . remove the # from any line that begins with with 'deb'14:34
BluesKajfbxxkl,correction , kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list14:35
fbxxklError starting file no such file or directory14:35
BluesKajfbxxkl, see my correction above14:36
fbxxklYup I changed that as well14:36
BluesKajfbxxkl, you have a sources.list , make sure you do, kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list ...it exists as a text file and is referred to14:40
BluesKajby any package manager you want to use14:41
fbxxklBluesKaj, Ok I have checked the file all deb lines have no # next to them14:42
fbxxklexcept for Deb CDrom14:43
BluesKajfbxxkl, ok open a terminal and do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libdvdcss214:43
fbxxklnice that worked14:45
fbxxkllet me check k3b14:45
fbxxklor will I need a restart14:45
BuckyHi. got issues in config kmail. gmail continues to create folders in [GMail]/ but i don't want theme there!14:46
fbxxklBluesKaj, Do you think I will need to restart before the software takes effect because I am still having no success with k3b14:51
shadowhywindhay all, Im trying to set up my computer with a vnc server, however everytime I connect to it, the colors are screwed up, the taskbar is unusable and I have random dots all over the place, any ideas?15:15
BluesKajfbxxkl, perhaps , I'm not sure15:16
root____what is it ?15:17
ForgeAusdoes Kubuntu have to be EXT4 now? or does EXT3 work ok? (thats the current default right?)16:05
Tm_TForgeAus: ext4 is current default IIRC16:05
ForgeAus(or is there IFS drivers for windows to do EXT4 already?)16:05
Tm_TForgeAus: and ext3 works as it has been16:05
justushey folks16:10
justusI have a small nuisance here: whenever I double press ^ only one ^ is generated, is it possible to make a double press generate two of those? ^^16:11
DarthFrogjustus: If anyone knew the answer to your question, they'd pipe up.16:15
justusI just wonder how that one was screwed up, cause I know for a fact that there are linux distros without this bug16:16
jimmy51_DarthFrog: i gave up with the video fixes.  i couldn't get anything but vesa or nouvou to work.  i just did a fresh install.16:16
jimmy51_justus: i'm pretty sure that's not a bug...16:16
justusjimmy51_: are you sure? Cause I find that pretty much expected behaviour, if I press a button two times it should show two times16:17
DarthFrogjimmy51_: And did things work after the new install?16:17
jimmy51_DarthFrog: i'm at the hardware drivers dialog now... about to choose "current version" for kicks16:18
DarthFrogjimmy51_: Well, at least you learned something new and useful. :-)16:18
jimmy51_justus: sorry.. i mis-read.16:18
jimmy51_justus: so... you hold shift and tab the 6 key twice, and it only shows one character?16:18
DarthFrogI get two ^^.16:19
justusI'm using a german keyboard, with a separate button for that16:20
DarthFrogat a wild guess, there's something special about the keymap for that keyboard.16:20
ForgeAusmaybe someone in #kubuntu-de (it is de for german right?) will know??16:22
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:22
justuswell, ok, you could declare that a german problem ^^16:22
justusallthough not for my lack of language understanding I hope ;)16:22
ForgeAuswell not necessarily "a german problem"16:22
ForgeAusjust because your using a special keymap thats German nothing to do with your language or anything... besides it was just a suggestion... that they might know more about the issue your having thats all...16:23
jimmy51_DarthFrog: indeed i did.  and.... this fresh install is nice.  i've been running since 7.04 and had a lot of junk.16:29
DarthFrogjimmy51_: To me, that's the major benefit of having a separate /home partiton: I can do a fresh install (even on a different disk) and still have all my data intact.16:31
DarthFrogUse the same /home partition with both the old and the new installations.16:31
jimmy51_DarthFrog: yeah, i'm glad i'm set up that way.  mine's not ideal.... /home is a second partition, and /home/Storage is another drive altogether.16:32
jimmy51_but... at least my / format didn't get rid of /home16:32
jimmy51_DarthFrog: wow, the drivers worked.  current version, clicked activate, rebooted, viola!16:33
jimmy51_DarthFrog: i think my problem was related to having tried the nvidia.com drivers in the past16:33
DarthFrogjimmy51_: That's what I was thinking.  Cruft was interfering.16:34
DarthFrogAnd it's "voila", BTW,  "Viola" is a musical instrument. :-)16:35
DarthFrog<-- worked hard to be a pedant.  :-)16:35
jimmy51_DarthFrog: hehe, i debated the spelling but was too lazy to look it up.16:36
* jimmy51_ heads out to meet the wife for lunch16:36
compilerwriterI seem to be having trouble with flash now in lucid.16:37
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
compilerwriterThought I had all the plugins installed anyone have any ideas.16:38
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agoshHelp please! How in Kubuntu 10.04 to include multitouch16:39
agoshI'm used eee PC 1008 HA16:40
dolomitecompilerwriter: are you x86 or 64?16:49
dolomiteagosh: http://blog.mfabrik.com/2009/10/11/setting-up-multi-touch-scrolling-for-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala-linux-on-asus-eee-1005ha-netbook/16:52
dolomiteit's for 9.10 but it should be applicable to your problem16:52
compilerwriter64 dolomite16:54
dolomiteI won't be at my computer but I'll give you some instructions16:55
dolomiteit says its for flash 9 but the flash 10 packages are the same (BUT NOW IT'S A .DEB DON'T ANY OTHER PACKAGE)16:57
* dolomite is going to go make breakfast16:58
compilerwriterthanks dolomite17:00
buckfastHow can I set kubuntu to use eth0 for browsing the net and use eth1 for watching a network stream in vlc?17:03
EzeQLlinux analogue for "type" in DOS ?17:04
CartoonCatSo I went and uninstalled ALL the network managers and now I no longer get the deauthed reason 3 in dmesg, and wireless works, yay!17:04
agoshHelp please! How in Kubuntu 10.04 to include multitouch???17:06
hendrik_new to this - could anyone assit me rotating my monitor?17:08
compilerwriterwell I think I am going to reinstall as 32 bit.17:09
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* madura is away: Gone away for now17:12
N|ghtWo|fN|ghtWo|f is in !panic mode. Something is wrong with his boot screen17:21
benkay86What's wrong with your boot screen?17:22
N|ghtWo|fi think it contains +-16 colors17:22
N|ghtWo|finstead of a nice gradient17:23
DarthFrogN|ghtWo|f: Does your system boot up OK?17:23
benkay86Are you talking about plymouth or a GRUB splash?17:23
benkay86Bah! Plymouth. If you're system boots at all, consider yourself fortunate.17:24
N|ghtWo|fit boots ok, but it is a nightmare during 16s17:24
benkay86Did you change anything recently?17:24
DarthFrogN|ghtWo|f: Mine does the same.17:25
N|ghtWo|fupgrade from 9 to 1017:25
DarthFrogN|ghtWo|f:  Check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1468170    Does that describe your issue?17:26
shadeslayerN|ghtWo|f: do you have nvidia drivers installed?17:26
N|ghtWo|fshadeslayer: yes, and is working17:26
shadeslayerN|ghtWo|f: oh my... thats the issue17:26
c3lhey I need help getting a hp laserjet 1020 printer working. the system finds it, but it will not print anything17:27
shadeslayerN|ghtWo|f: i would suggest : http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml : instead17:27
benkay86If it makes you feel better, I don't get a plymouth boot screen at all! Bug #54080117:27
shadeslayerbenkay86: :P17:27
N|ghtWo|fbenkay86: to have this, i also prefer a black screen :p17:28
shadeslayeri must admit... i like the framebuffer on my TTY's now17:28
benkay86N|ghtWo|f: You might achieve that by removing "splash" from "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" in /etc/default/grub17:29
benkay86(And then running "sudo update-grub".)17:30
zuswhen buying a new laptop or desktop. how can i transfer information over such as kontact information and os settings from this HDD to a new HDD17:33
benkay86zus: That sort of stuff is stored in hidden folders (folders beginning with a .) in your home directory.17:34
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benkay86zus: You could copy your entire home directory (i.e. "cp -a /home/zus /media/disk/backup")17:34
zusbenkay86,  so should i unhide them and copy and paste...17:35
benkay86zus: Yes, that would work too.17:35
buckfastHow can I schedule tasks in Kubuntu?17:35
zusbenkay86,   would it matter if im on a 32 bit machine and  bought a 64 bit machine?17:35
benkay86zus: Or, for settings from specific apps, just copy the needed files. Like ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail17:35
benkay86zus: Not for settings, no -- it shouldn't matter.17:36
benkay86buckfast: crontab -e17:36
zusbenkay86, i think this is a 64bit machine i once had 64bit winxp pro installed on here  but when i went to kubuntu i got the 32 bit. machine im looking at is17:37
benkay86buckfast: Or look under System Settings -> Autostart if you just want something to run once.17:37
=== APERSON is now known as aperson
benkay86zus: If you want to know if you're CPU is capable of doing 64-bit (most modern CPUs are), look up the vendor's specs.17:38
benkay86grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo17:39
buckfastbenkay86: I want it to start and stop at certain time, I think 'autostart' is for starting scripts or program only on system boot or shutdown17:39
zusbenkay86, amd  athlon 64x2 dual core 4000+  2048 ram 320 HdDD (with an hp 120gb hp pocket media drive not included)  its hp pavillion a6112n pc17:39
benkay86zus: I'm fairly certain Athlon64 supports x86_64. To see if you're running a 64-bit kernel right now, do:17:40
benkay86uname -a17:40
benkay86buckfast: I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but have you looked into Cron? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto17:40
buckfastbenkay86: Thanks. I'll look into it17:41
zusbenkay86,  his machine is newer and much better  he's throwing it  out.. heheh vista is on it and its terrible17:42
N|ghtWo|fits working :D17:42
benkay86N|ghtWo|f: Yay!17:42
N|ghtWo|fsooo cool now17:42
alebocodoes anybody know how to share the internet connection in lucid?17:42
jamesafternoon all17:43
zusbenkay86,  so it dont matter if iim using a 32 os on a amd64? or should i install kubuntu 64on the amd6417:43
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benkay86zus: You can install Kubuntu32 on the amd64 if you want, but Kubuntu64 will probably get you better performance. As for migrating your data and settings, no, it shouldn't matter.17:44
benkay86zus: I mean, it might for poorly designed programs that serialize their data in a type-dependent fashion, but by and large...17:44
BluesKajzus, I have 64 bit Lucid on amd 64 and it works fine .17:45
benkay86aleboco: I'm not familiar with an easy, GUI-centric was of doing it, but you could probably get what you want using some combination of bridge-utils and ufw.17:45
zusbenkay86,  cool, beats having to set up everything twice17:45
zusBluesKaj,  i was wondering more on migrating a 32 settings and info to a 64 machine17:46
zusim just glad i dont have to do more than cpy &pst17:46
* SavageKoala using Konversation from Ubuntu 10.0417:47
alebocobenkay86: well, i was just looking for a way to do it easily and GUI-centricly ;-)17:48
BluesKajzus, you could reinstall 64 bit over the old 32 bit without reformatting , some of your non default apps might disappear but their configuration files will remain intact , s o you can just reinstall them and the original settings will be retained17:48
zusBluesKaj,  im glad i found kubuntu ...17:50
BluesKajzus, yup, most of us are too :)17:51
MegabitesAlguem do Brasil ??17:53
zusBluesKaj,  im thinking on installing the ubuntu-desktop also17:53
Mamarok!br | Megabites17:53
ubottuMegabites: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:53
c3lneed help with my printer. Im managing to get a testpage printed, but nothing else. (hp laserjet 1020)17:54
c3live ran hp-setup17:54
BluesKajzus,i tried that for a while but I found that just using the gtk apps that I really need with kde is much less cluttered and complicated17:55
benkay86c3l: I'm not sure you had to do anything hp-centric to get it working. In fact, that could be part of your problem.17:56
benkay86System Settings -> Printer Configuration works in all but exceptional cases.17:56
c3lbenkay86: i couldnt get it working at all otherwise. it poped up in the printer settings. but when sending a job to it, nothing happend, but the tray icon appeared17:57
c3lbenkay86: should I remove it from printersettings and.. well how do I do it the "normal" way?17:57
Megabiteshi, i need help on install nvidia driver on kubunto 10.0417:57
capreaI think my plasma is borked.17:58
benkay86c3l: By "printersettings" do you mean the Printer Configuration dialog under system settings?17:58
benkay86Megabites: Have you already looked here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia17:58
c3lMegabites: if you want the proprietary drivers, just go to nvidias homepage and download the drivers for your graphics card (linux version) and install17:58
c3lbenkay86: yeah, sorry for not being clear ;)17:58
capreaWhen KDE starts up, after the splash screen I get a crash for plasma, and then I have no start menu. Im running apps from the Alt+F2 menu17:58
zusBluesKaj,  i somehow got gnome-player installed. i wanted to learn the os with the default  first before mixing and matching  i kinda dont mind the gnome player17:59
capreaI've rebooted plenty, I deleted my .kde directory17:59
benkay86c3l: As far as I know, that *is* the normal way of adding printers.17:59
SavageKoalasum1 tell me the package name to download kde plz?18:00
capreaI can't figure how to fix this, the two actions I've done is that yesterday I installed VirtualBox and updated all my packages from KPackageKit18:00
c3lwell the laserjet 1020 didnt work too well =/ I remember that it worked just fine on ubuntu 9.10 (at that time I ran gnome)18:00
c3lill try the windows-sloution, a reboot.. ;)18:00
capreaIs the command for running plasma simply 'plasma' ? Because it says command not found18:00
SavageKoalaI'm running gnome but it's my partner's family desktop so would be best to offer both gnome and kde18:00
c3lSavageKoala: kde-desktop afaik18:01
benkay86c3l: Could work. I have a Brother printer myself, so I can't vouch for your specific model...18:01
c3lSavageKoala: kubuntu-desktop - Kubuntu Plasma Desktop system18:01
SavageKoalakk ty c3l18:01
SavageKoalabbs switching users to allow another on18:02
=== SavageKoala is now known as SK-[BBS]
capreahow might I restore my desktop/plasma?18:03
c3loh and I have a very annoying problem. The display settings are not saved between sessions. I keep loggin into my cloned blurry screens, forcin me to go to display settings and fix it all to 2 monitors side by side witht the proper resolutoin. is ther a reason for this being so fu**ed18:03
capreaokay I figured out the command, but plasma-desktop crashes everytime I run it18:06
zusdoes anyones kaffeine open when a face book message pops up?18:08
zusid rather not install kaffiene if its going to be unruly once again heh18:09
benkay86zus: I use vlc for media playback, personally.18:09
zusbenkay86,  i just read it has features dragon player  dont...also i first heard about it cos i was looking for  video wallpapers but i never could  find the function in either vlc or kaffeine18:10
capreaI am trying to restore my desktop. If I do "apt-get remove kubuntu*" and then apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, what information might I lose?18:11
benkay86zus: Dragon player is based on mplayer. Kaffeine is based on Xine. VLC uses its own media engine.18:11
zusbenkay86,  thanks.  i do use vlc for what dragon wont play. i only wated kaffeiene if it did video for  wallpapers18:13
dolomitecaprea: deleting the ~./kde folder might help you18:13
capreaI have alreayd done that, dolomite18:13
capreaI still get the same crash18:14
apparlehi guys... I had a download running, but I got ip conflict and due to that the download failed. But luckily the file and file.part were still intact so I copied them is there any way to resume the download18:14
capreaDoes anyone know what makes updates "blocked" in Kpackagekit?18:14
dolomitecaprea: updates are blocked if they might break your system18:14
speedvin_caprea: hold command :D18:15
dolomite!kget | caprea18:15
capreaI did an update of a bunch of pakcages which might ahve broken my plasma18:15
benkay86zus: I don't know if Kaffeine does that or not. I think there is a plasma widget that renders video as your wallpaper http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=112105 (dunno what engine it uses). Also, you could theoretically make *anything* your wallpaper with xwinwrap.18:15
capreaI see a bunch of blocked updates still18:15
dolomiteapparle: I'm not sure if you can restart the download; in the future try using KGet18:16
capreadolomite: Since deleting the .kde directory didnt work I am thinking of reinstalling kubuntu via apt-get remove and apt-get install. Is that a bad idea?18:17
capreaor is there a way I can 'upgrade' my system? Isnt there  a new version of kubuntu out?18:17
zusbenkay86,  awe geesh i havent even begun to get into eye candy yet haha18:17
benkay86zus: Uh, I think video wallpaper qualifies as eyecandy.18:17
dolomitecaprea: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade if you want to upgrade to 10.0418:18
zusbenkay86,  yea i mean with kde-look i've been putting that off  there is SO much to look at18:18
dolomitecaprea: I hope your desktop won't still be broken after update18:18
capreaI dont ahve to add a repository source or anything?18:18
dolomite!upgrade | caprea18:19
ubottucaprea: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Karmic (9.10) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading18:19
capreaI already am using 9.1018:19
capreais that the latest?18:19
dolomitelet me get you link18:19
zusbenkay86,  im still using default everything pretty much. i've just been making sure i've got  everything i need working right18:20
dolomitecaprea: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades/Kubuntu18:21
capreadont have much of a desktop to do research myself18:21
dolomitecaprea: that's why the IRC is here18:23
dolomitecaprea: look into the upgrade; if you can, though, a fresh install will be better18:23
tok_how can I update kdelibs in kubuntu 9.10 ?18:26
dolomitetok_: have you checked that the repositories don't have your updates?18:27
dolomitetok_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:27
capreaafter I upgrade to Kub 10, would I be able to restore my old .kde settings by replacing the directory? Or is it not backwards compatible?18:28
tok_dolomite:sudo apt-get update gives a list of some files, the next one is downloading 189 MB of files. Is this the one ?18:28
capreaI moved the directory so I think it will come up as funky looking to me18:28
dolomitecaprea: it'll still be compatibile18:28
dolomitetok_: yeah, it'll upgrade your packages and your lib problem may be solved18:29
melaniebig problem whit lucid!18:30
tok_dolomite: thanks..:)18:30
tok_melanie: what prob ?18:31
dolomitetok_: yep18:31
david_Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to restart plasma without restarting X, sometimes it screws up when i do ALT-tab. :/18:31
melanieno image whit video just sound!18:31
melanieno codec?18:31
dolomitemelanie: what program are you using?18:31
c3lI have a very annoying problem. The display settings are not saved between sessions. I keep loggin into my cloned blurry screens, forcin me to go to display settings and fix it all to 2 monitors side by side witht the proper resolutoin. is ther a reason for this being so fu**ed18:31
melanieby default!18:31
dolomitemelanie: I don't know what default is on your system18:31
melanie(lecteur video)18:33
dolomitemelanie: you're watching a video right? is it in your web browser? VLC? Dragon Player?18:33
speedvin_VLC ftw.18:33
dolomitespeedvin_: by default!18:33
speedvin_Dragon player is intalled by default in kubuntu18:34
dolomitemelanie: and what type of video is it? .mpeg? .avi? .mkv?18:34
boris_hi everyone, new to kubuntu, and the google search has not helped so far: how can i tell my computer to go to sleep, or hibernate, at a later time point (like shutdown -h +mins)???18:34
dolomiteboris_: that's the command you want18:34
melanieand a another major problem... is when i start my computer and the login come my screen turn black!18:34
melanieand i can do nothing!18:35
dolomitemelanie: I'm getting the impression you don't want to solve your problem.18:35
dolomitemelanie: so please post on a forum18:35
Captain_Haddocklucid fresh install: what's the recommended procedure to configure samba?18:35
boris_alright, but only figured out how to reboot or shutdown, not how to go to sleep.... must be missing something stupid18:35
melanieand a another major problem... is when i start my computer and the login come my screen turn black!18:35
macoboris_: sudo pm-suspend18:35
macomelanie: you already said that one18:36
dolomitemaco: beat me18:36
Captain_HaddockPreviously I used to manually edit smb.conf... any alternatives now?18:36
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.18:36
dolomitemelanie: in order to diagnose your problem, we need actual information18:36
boris_maco: thank you very much. don't know why i had trouble finding that18:36
macoCaptain_Haddock: samba's been broken in kde for years... we talked about it at uds for lucid, but im not sure if it actually got fixed :-/18:36
melaniefor my scrren for begining18:37
dolomiteCaptain_Haddock: http://mostlylinux.wordpress.com/network/samba/18:37
dolomiteCaptain_Haddock: it's a good tutorial18:37
Captain_Haddockmaco: I see - thanks for the info :)18:37
macoc3l: by the way, obfuscated swearing is still swearing and not allowed in here18:37
Captain_Haddockdolomite: looking, thanks18:37
c3lmaco: oh :D well if my display settings got fixed, there wouldn't be any swearing =)18:38
c3land of course, im sorry. wont happen again18:38
dolomitec3l: no excuse. unless you find a word like that in the source code18:38
Captain_Haddockdolomite: is that a little dated? From what I read, samba uses some new authentication system.. and all the init.d restart business has all been thrown out of the window, right?18:40
apparlehi guys18:41
dolomiteCaptain_Haddock: you're probably right about the authentication stuff. I used the NFSHowTo on that site and had nothing but succes.18:41
dolomiteCaptain_Haddock: and the init.d stuff is just deprecated; there are still ways to restart processes18:41
dolomiteCaptain_Haddock: I'd take maco's advice and tread lightly with samba18:41
macodolomite: finding a word like that in the linux kernel source code is /easy/18:42
Captain_Haddockdolomite: roger. re: init.d - things seem even more confusing than usual now :/18:42
dolomitemaco: #18:43
boris_reading the manual for pm-action at manpages.ubuntu.com: ``Calling them from the command line is also possible, but it is not guaranteed that all programs in your desktop session keep working as expected.''18:44
boris_Do i need to worry about that?18:44
cuznti have ubuntu 3 times on one hard drive and want to delete 1. is that possible?18:45
dolomitecuznt: how do you have 3 ubuntus on one drive?18:45
dolomitecuznt: in other words, are they still being useful (i.e. / /home swap)18:46
cuzntwell one i will keep, it is small in case the other breaks18:47
cuzntbut the other one is a farce18:47
DarthFrogcuznt: Hopefully the one you wish to delete isn't the one with your GRUB installation.18:48
cuznti will leave it for now then18:48
dolomitecuznt: yes...and didn't you create these at some point?18:48
cuzntone was a failed install18:49
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dolomitecuznt: back everything up and do a clean install/format of your drive. that'll get rid of it! :D18:49
cuzntnothing worked right.. it just did something weird and nothing worked right18:49
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boris_i mean, putting the computer to sleep is as "easy" as pressing the sleep button, i thought there must be a way to do the same, just at a later time point?...18:51
jimmy51_small complaint... after installing the 3D nvidia drivers (current version) the Kubuntu boot screen is super ugly.  is that expected?18:54
boris_jimmy51_: same here, i have learned to ignore it :)18:55
moetunesI remember seeing someone mention a bug report about that jimmy51_18:56
boris_i will rephrase my initial question: has anyone read the description part of the pm-action manual page, and understands what paragraphs 2 and 3 are supposed to mean?? (here the manual page: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/pm-action.8.html)18:56
dolomitejimmy51_: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml18:57
jimmy51_it sure is ugly18:58
dolomitejimmy51_: the fix is to slow down your boot18:59
dolomitejimmy51_: for me, I didn't care enough about pretty graphics to slow down the boot18:59
jimmy51_oh, yuck.  me neither.  it's just not impressive to the people around here i'm trying to convert :(18:59
dolomitejimmy51_: well, I understand that approach too. I think the boot slowdown is like 5 seconds19:00
dolomiteso weight that out19:00
jimmy51_eh, i'll just drop a jelly bean on the floor when that part of the boot shows up19:01
moetunesboris_: those paragraphs say that to use it properly you are advised to use a program that interfaces with it properly19:01
jimmy51_they'll look at the jelly bean and never even notice the super ugly logo :)19:01
dolomitejimmy51_: haha19:01
khiderHello all, my add and remove software GUI does not work, is there anything I can do to get it fixed?19:01
dolomitekhider: what happens that it doesn't work?19:02
dolomitekhider: did you upgrade to 10.04?19:02
khiderdolomite: The search packages field is greyed out, I cannot type anything19:02
boris_moetunes: i guessed that much; what would be such a program? where do i read how to interface with it properly? anyway, i tried it out, it works, i guess i can worry about it when it breaks. thank you for the help!19:03
dolomitekhider: have you tried reinstalling kpackagekit?19:03
khiderdolomite: The problem started when I did the upgrade, which was problematic to begin with19:03
khiderdolomite: What is teh command line to re-install it?19:03
dolomitekhider: sudo apt-get remove --purge kpackagekit19:03
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dolomitekhider: I guess you could just do sudo apt-get install --reinstall kpackagekit19:04
moetunesboris_: I would do   apt-cache search power-manager   to find what options there are19:04
khiderdolomite: http://pastebin.ca/1871449  (you see how bad it all is?)19:04
dolomitekhider: oh! I didn't realize you have broken packages19:05
khiderdolomite: Is there a way to fix?19:05
dolomitetry sudo dpkg --configure -a19:06
khiderdolomite: http://pastebin.ca/187145019:06
boris_moetunes: the kde program must be called something else, this only gives me gnome-power-manager and xfce4-foo programs19:06
dolomitekhider: one sec19:07
boris_moetunes: but as i said, it seems to work fine, i will worry about it if it breaks19:07
newyorkhi guys, the musicplayback in my kubuntu 10.4 system is very fast, mpd with mpc also in firefox with youtube, the sound playback makes 3second jumps, any idea how i can fix this?19:07
moetunesboris_: k :]19:07
dolomitekhider: please tell me the output of uname-r19:08
dolomite*uname -r19:08
khiderdolomite: http://pastebin.ca/187145319:09
khiderdolomite: 2.6.32-21-generic19:09
dolomitekhider: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic19:09
khiderdolomite: http://pastebin.ca/187145619:10
khiderdolomite: Pretty bad, huh?19:11
dolomitekhider: yes it is.19:11
khiderI wonder if there is a linux doctor in the house19:11
khiderdolomite: Any way to fix or is it beyond hope?19:12
dolomitekhider: and does sudo dpkg --configure linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic19:12
dolomiteproduce the same error?19:12
DarthFrogTry: sudo dpkg --configure -a19:13
dolomiteDarthFrog: he already did. http://pastebin.ca/187145019:13
DarthFrogThen sudo apt-get -f install19:14
khiderdolomite: http://pastebin.ca/187146119:14
dolomitekhider: yeah, the -f might help ya19:14
DarthFrogor apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic19:14
DarthFrogsudo apt-get, of course. :-)19:15
dolomiteDarthFrog: the header is not configuring19:15
dolomiteDarthFrog: I'll just fill you in b/c I'm taking off. He upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and now his package configuration is broken.19:16
khiderDarthFrog: dolomite http://pastebin.ca/187146219:16
DarthFrogI'm leaving myself in a few minutes.19:16
khiderIs there anything that can be done or am I screwed?19:17
DarthFrogOh, it can be fixed.  But perhaps not easily.19:17
SK-[BBS]kde installed. brb rebooting19:17
dolomitekhider: try sudo apt-get remove --purge linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic19:17
DarthFrogTry "sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic"19:17
dolomitekhider: yeah, what Darth said; it's better19:18
DarthFrogDo the --purge that dolomite suggests first.19:18
dolomiteDarthFrog: haha, second guessing ourselves19:18
DarthFrog:-)  I like the idea of a purge.19:18
khiderdolomite: OKAy, done--now what?19:18
dolomitekhider: sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic19:19
khiderdolomite: So far so good....19:19
khiderdolomite: Next?19:19
dolomitekhider: well, did it configure and everything?19:20
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
khiderdolomite: http://pastebin.ca/187146419:20
DarthFrogkhider: Cut 'n paste this:  alias lspkg="dpkg --list | grep ^ii.* | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | sort | less"19:20
khiderdolomite: I am not sure...I see no errors19:21
dolomitekhider: you should be set! open your package manager19:21
DarthFrogthen "lspkg | grep linux" and post the results to pastebin.19:21
khiderdolomite: No, still greyed out19:21
dolomiteok, then follow DarthFrog's stuff19:21
dolomitekhider: and it might help to reinstall kpackagekit now19:21
khiderdolomite: Okay, thanks. Darth Frog, what is next?19:22
dolomitekhider: and check your /etc/apt/sources.list to ensure that they're all correct (should say lucid, not karmic)19:22
khiderdolomite: I do not get errors now, but I still cannot get kpackage to work19:25
DarthFrogkhider: What did the "lspkg" command I gave you above tell you?19:25
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khiderDarthFrog: The next line retruned nothing19:26
DarthFrogDid you issue the alias command first?19:27
khiderDarthFrog: http://pastebin.ca/187147119:27
DarthFrogPastebin is slow.19:28
DarthFrogStill not loaded.19:28
tsimpsonpastebin.ca is _always_ slow19:28
dolomitekhider: must be this canadian thing19:28
tsimpsontry ubuntu.pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com19:28
DarthFrog<-- is Canadian. :-)19:28
dolomitekhider: please switch to paste.ubuntu.com19:29
dolomite^ is fast19:29
khiderDarthFrog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427830/19:30
khider(Khider is from toronto, ontario, canada)19:30
DarthFrogkhider: OK, now:  lspkg | grep linux19:30
khiderDarthFrog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427831/19:31
DarthFrogBingo, they're installed.19:32
dolomiteDarthFrog: now he needs his package manager19:32
khideropenoffice and the kpackagekit19:32
dolomitekhider: please issue: sudo apt-get install --reinstall kpackagekit19:32
DarthFrogI leave that in other hands.  I need to go rebuild a server. :-)19:32
dolomiteDarthFrog: have fun19:33
dolomitekhider: I have five minutes19:33
DarthFrogdolomite: The --purge was a good idea.19:33
khiderDarthFrog: Thank you19:33
dolomiteDarthFrog: it's my fallback!19:33
DarthFrogkhider: You're very welcome.19:33
jinzougenI recently upgraded to Lucid, and java is no longer working. Java applications say that there is no suitable java machine installed. I tried to install sun java6 via aptitude but it says the package is not found...19:34
khiderdolomite: Okay, now--how do we get kpackage kit and open office to work again?19:34
Erodjinzougen: Java packages are in the partner repository.19:34
jinzougenErod, so I have to update the sources to include this repo?19:35
dolomitekhider: sudo apt-get install --reinstall kpackagekit19:36
khiderdolomite: I did that, the same net result--a greyedout input field19:36
Erodjinzougen: Add "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner" in kpackagekit other sources or directly to /etc/apt/sources.list19:37
dolomitekhider: sudo apt-get remove --purge kpackagekit && sudo apt-get install synaptic19:37
jinzougenThanks, I was just attempting to look up the url19:37
khiderAlso, I cannot install pen office either http://paste.ubuntu.com/427835/19:37
dolomitekhider: I'm attempting to help you fix your package manager19:38
khider(installing synaptic--hope that works)19:38
dolomitekhider: its evident that you have a lot of broken packages. is a clean install out of the question?19:39
jimmy51_what's a good visual way to see the physical drives and their partitions in kubuntu 10.04?19:39
jimmy51_(similar to diskmgmt.msc in Windows)19:39
khiderdolomite: I have so many e-mails and other important info that I am worried about losing19:40
khiderI have the OS on a 64G flash drive and the /home on a tera-byte drive19:40
khiderI am worried about things going screwy19:40
dolomitekhider: well, see if synaptic helps your problem. back up your /home and consider doing a fresh install.19:41
dolomitekhider: i need to go.19:41
khiderdolomite: Thanks for your help19:41
jinzougenErod, thanks a lot. Everything's peachy now :)19:41
speedvin_Why g++ is not provided with gcc package by default19:42
EXCHIMHi everybody19:43
alebocoHow can I share the Internet connection in lucid using network-manager-kde?19:47
moetunes!ics | aleboco these links might help19:48
ubottualeboco these links might help: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php19:48
alebocomoetunes: i saw the first link already, but i thought it should be as easy as to set an ad-hoc connection up instead19:49
moetunesaleboco: I've never tried it but think there might be a couple of steps at least19:50
alebocomoetunes: yeah it may be. however the stuff i've found on the internet it's quite confusing :(19:51
jimmy51_!info partitionmanager19:53
ubottupartitionmanager (source: partitionmanager): A partition management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 423 kB, installed size 2836 kB19:53
tilgovimy apt got destroyed by the lucid upgrade. been searching around but can't find any reports with my problem exactly.19:56
jimmy51_wow.  partitionmanager is something i could have been using for years!19:56
moetunesaleboco: the first link from ubottu seems pretty straight forward - you don't need to understand the steps just do them in order19:56
tilgoviDon't remember the exact error during the upgrade, but now I get broken or not installed errors for apt, lots of other stuff broken on the libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6.4.8 not installed19:56
mvki keep getting > Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig ,but when i check /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:57
mvk**) May 04 20:47:26 NVIDIA(0): Enabling 32-bit ARGB GLX visuals.19:57
mvkit does enable GLX, and there are no EE errors or WW warnings19:57
Captain_Haddocktilgovi: if it's any help, you can use aptitude to check if all is well.19:58
tilgoviCaptain_Haddock: I know. aptitude informs me that all is FUBARd19:58
mvkso i cant play games/ use google-earth, or use desktop effects - ANYONE?!19:59
mvki reinstalled nvidia-glx-185 from repos, afterp purging, also trown away my xorg.conf19:59
tilgoviCaptain_Haddock: http://www.friendpaste.com/3L0zVmJoduoIo1joVEjhKM19:59
alebocomoetunes: yeah it is but i want to do it with network-manager-kde if possible20:00
tilgoviI wish aptitude could trim the errors for me and just show me the first failure in the dependency chain.20:01
tilgoviso much noise I can't figure out what the cause is20:01
tilgoviCaptain_Haddock: Seems like it all stems from apt not configuring properly. any idea how to track down the post-installation script error?20:02
tilgovii'm afraid to uninstall apt for fear of not being able to reinstall it20:03
tilgovibut right now it's pretty broken20:03
Captain_Haddocktilgovi: what happens when you do sudo aptitude install python-apt ?20:05
tilgoviCaptain_Haddock: same thing. it sets about trying to configure apt first20:06
Captain_Haddocktilgovi: dpkg-reconfigure apt ?20:08
tilgovi"apt is broken or not fully installed" no other output20:08
Captain_Haddocktilgovi: dpkg -a ?20:11
neosimagohi people: Is there anyone here with a thinkpad T410 having difficulties getting wireless to work? lspci gives me this as my wireless device: 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation WiMAX/WiFi Link 6050 Series (rev 35)20:11
tilgoviCaptain_Haddock: that just tells me it needs an action option20:14
Captain_Haddocktilgovi: er, dpkg --configure -a20:14
tilgovisame errors but without needing to say Yes or telling me about the packages it will install/remove when/if it ever finishes configuring the rboken stuff20:15
CartoonCatper the link, i am trying to fix the module race condition. that says how to do it for gdm, but, i use kdm obviously. anyone know the correct way?20:21
tilgoviCaptain_Haddock: ^^ any more suggestions?20:22
Captain_Haddocktilgovi: nope, sorry. You should try posting this on launchpad. Might get some expert help.20:23
Captain_Haddockor reinstall apt, I guess.20:24
mavErikhi, in my 10.04 i can't use finger print on my hp pavillion...cuold someone help me?20:25
buckfastcan I disable the network manager in kubuntu and set the network manually?20:27
Captain_Haddockbuckfast: sure20:27
Captain_Haddock<-- uses wicd instead20:28
mavErikanyone could help me?20:29
buckfastCaptain_Haddock: how do i do it20:31
buckfastI mean, disable all network managers20:32
buckfastand just set everything with config files20:32
pingvenoI just did the upgrade to 10.04 and now my screen dims to 0% whenever a power profile is set, regardless of the power profile and any adjustments.20:36
pingvenoThis is a ThinkPad T43 with an ATI discrete graphics card, if that makes any difference.20:37
mavErikanyone can use fingerprint reader on hp pavillion?20:39
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kinectionis there a way to turn off font bolding in the console?20:41
kinectionwith the update to lucid, it seems to be bolding certain things, and since i use a bitmap font (proggy), everything looks wrong and cut off20:41
mavErikin the official forum anyone were able to resolve the problem...20:43
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compilerwriterbefore I resort to the extreme measure of reinstalling in 32 bit is there someone here who can help me get flash working completely in 64 bit?20:48
doleyb_compilerwriter: did you try the adobe flash64 beta download?20:49
compilerwriterno doleyb_ I did not.20:49
doleyb_compilerwriter: its this link http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/64bit.html and it goes in ~/.mozilla/plugins20:50
compilerwriterI will give that a try doleyb_20:50
doleyb_kinection: I have that same problem, but didnt fix it yet20:51
smokealota easier way is to install flashplugin-nonfree - Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package)20:51
smokealotit should be in apt-get off the bat20:51
compilerwritertried that smokealot.  didn't work.20:52
nooberhello is ipod/phone support from ubuntu ported in kubuntu?20:52
fbxxklHow come movie player always does this No URI handler implemented for "dvd"20:52
qwebirc4417I have totally botched my upgrade/desktop/plasma20:53
tsimpsonnoober: Kubuntu _is_ Ubuntu, just with a KDE GUI instead of Gnome20:53
nooberyeah i know20:53
qwebirc4417I need some help fixing my system to be usable again20:53
smokealotcompilerwriter your trying to use firefox ?20:54
qwebirc4417I get the the login screen and go to log in, but everytime the splash menu starts the screen goes black for a second and then returns to the login screen20:54
tsimpsonso it should works, if it doesn't work with a specific application, you can use the gnome app you know it works with20:54
nooberokay, so i'll parafraze :)20:54
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nooberis gnome's support for ipod/phone existing in kde?20:54
compilerwritersomeone earlier pointed me to some sort of wrapper that got flash sort of working.20:55
smokealotthats weird man i just reinstalled kubuntu the first thing i did was install that flash-plugin and it worked perfect on a amd64 bit laptop20:55
nooberthere is a underlying software for that, but the whole mount/sync stuff is stuffed in gnome, and not in kde20:55
doleyb_smokealot: and you have a 64bit os too?20:55
compilerwritertook forever to load but then only video and no sound  and then only once did it work?20:55
doleyb_compilerwriter: you might check to make sure you don't have pulseaudio screwing it up20:56
tsimpsonnoober: most apps that work with ipods/iphones use a shared library, so they if it works in one app, it should work in another20:56
smokealotcompilerwriter: sometimes non working installtions of flash wont let the flash-plugin work20:57
smokealoti did notice that sometimes20:57
noober@tsimpson yes, i was just wondering why isn't plug and play stuffed in kde20:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »20:57
tsimpsonnoober: it is20:57
noober@tsimpson well it isn't working for me then20:58
compilerwritersmokealot well then could help me get rid of all flash and then install the 64 bit thing20:58
tsimpsonwell I use rockbox for my ipod, and it just works20:58
capreaHelp! My KDE/ Plasma Desktop is broken, how can I fix it?20:59
capreaI've got console access only20:59
noober@tsimpson agh.. i just want to ssh my mp3's and forget about it... apple products are frustrating :)20:59
smokealotcompilerwriter: i myself could not get it working untill i reinstalled fresh and only installed firefox then flash to get it to work21:00
tsimpsonnoober: that's why I use rockbox, I _can_ just copy them over21:00
capreaI removed my .kde directory, I tried apt-get remove kubuntu* and then apt-get install kubuntu-desktop21:00
speedvin_and what?21:00
compilerwriterWell I can do a fresh reinstall fairly easily I have a seperate home partition.  I will try that first then.21:01
noober@tsimpson i have ipod touch, so no luck with rockbox21:01
smokealotcompilerwriter: thats best21:01
tsimpson!it | ceco21:01
ubottuceco: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:01
compilerwriterWell going to reboot.21:01
smokealotcompilerwriter: alright good luck21:02
compilerwriterWell it is worth a shot.21:02
nooberoff to stain my pristine kde with gnome software <.< apple, what are you making me do21:02
smokealotcompilerwriter: thats the only way i ever got flash working too21:03
lfaraoneHi, I installed kubuntu-desktop on top of an existing ubuntu-desktop system to try it out. I find that the Power Management KDE Module does not detect that my CPU supports frequency scaling, nor does it notice that I have a battery at all. How can I debug this?21:04
capreaAfter upgrading to Kubuntu 10 from 9, I cant log in to my system. Everytime I go to log in the screen goes black then reshows the login screen21:08
doleyb_caprea: did you try alt-f1 and console log in?21:15
smokealotcaprea: i had a simular problem my screen would turn green then show a very blurry login screen then it would repeat over and over21:16
smokealoti could not fix it tho ):21:17
smokealothad to reinstall21:17
capreayes I did21:18
pingvenoRepeat question: I just did the upgrade to Lucid and now my screen dims to 0% whenever a power profile is set, regardless of the power profile and any adjustments.21:18
capreawait I think I misunderstood21:18
capreawhat does alt-f1 do21:18
capreasmokealot: I could reinstall but I cant lose certain data folders21:19
capreaplus I cant burn a CD to boot from21:19
pingvenoModification: It also dims randomly when I am using it.21:19
Mamarokcaprea: Alt+F1 will not do much, I guess he meant Ctrl+Alt+F121:19
capreaI did ctrl-alt-f2 and was able to log in that way21:20
capreaso I can get console access21:20
capreabut when i try 'startx' it doesnt go.. I think because it already running the login screen?21:20
pingvenocaprea: You need to do startx -- :121:21
lfaraonemaco: poke21:22
capreaServer is already active for display 021:22
capreaI tried removing the .kde directory and that didnt fix it21:23
capreaI tried removing and installing kubuntu* from apt-get21:23
macolfaraone: ?21:24
lfaraonemaco: I decided to try out Kubuntu due to some S/R issues in Gnome. S/R works fine from the command line in KDE (despite refusing to suspend in GNOME), but the Power Management Console does not detect my battery or CPU scaling. (GNOME was able to do so)21:25
macolfaraone: file bug?21:26
lfaraonemaco: well, I'm not sure if it's a bug or I somehow messed up my installation <_<;21:26
* lfaraone just installed kubuntu-desktop y-day.21:26
macolfaraone: i dont think it sees my cpu scaling either, so im going with bug21:27
lfaraonemaco: does it see your battery?21:27
macoitll be a bug in powerdevil, i expect21:27
Tweylfaraone: So did I… it didn't work :-\21:29
lfaraonemaco: I don't have such a package installed, and it doesn't show up in an apt-cache search.21:30
macolfaraone: that might be part of kdebase...21:32
c3lI remember some program in gnome that automatically found my iPhone and showed its photos. is ther anything in kde that can do the same?21:32
smokealotive been trying21:32
smokealotmine does not even show up21:32
smokealotin gnome it does tho automticly21:32
smokealotlike you said21:32
c3lsmokealot: so how do we solve this?21:33
smokealotim still trying to find out21:34
c3lsmokealot: one way is of course to go over SSH (assuming your jailbroken)21:35
c3lbut afaik it is f-spot that is finding the iphone in gnome21:35
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familyhi all21:47
c3lhi there21:49
Guest52974java -version  OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8)...  plus i've installed icedtea6-plugin   When I try to run an applet in yahoo games for instance, I just get a blank window.   How to fix?21:50
alebocois there a way to share internet connection, specifically using network-manager-kde?21:52
capreaIve determined my system is hosed and have to install fresh21:55
capreais there a DVD image, or a way to do it by network?21:55
Guest52974Also I've configured firefox to accept popups from  games.yahoo.com   The window pops up but there's a blank area where the java applet shouid be.     about:plugins list a bunch of idedtea stuff.  What is wrong?21:56
c3ltheres lots of ways to do it, I prefer using an USB-stick, caprea21:56
capreahmmm thats an option21:56
capreaI think I have a stick with 512mb21:56
capreahow much would I need?21:56
capreacan you explain that process to me c3121:57
c3lcaprea: as the image is made to fit a CD, at least 700mb is needed21:57
c3lcaprea: but just burning to a CD is perhaps the easiest and fatest21:57
Guest52974just make sure you test the CD/DVD before installing from it21:58
Guest52974test = verify21:58
Guest52974Should I purge IcedTea and install Sun21:59
Guest52974i might need some icedtea if sun is hot <--- a little geek humour22:00
oxymoronDoes somebody know if its possible to change Wine icons showed in systray? :P22:01
jimmy51_is there no more menu.lst in 10.04?22:08
txwikingerjimmy51_: yes grub2 has a different configuration structure22:08
jimmy51_txwikinger: what's the file i'm looking for if i want to investigate the configuration formerly handled by menu.lst?22:09
txwikinger!grub2 | jimmy51_22:10
ubottujimmy51_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub222:10
jimmy51_txwikinger: ah, grub.cfg.  Thanks for the link :)22:10
txwikingerjimmy51_: you are welcome22:11
robwlo531hi, despide of the broken plymouth screen with nivida drivers kubuntu 10.04 rocks awesome: my UMTS stick runs at 400KB/s lots of ugly drawing artifacts are gone...good job & congrats to the makers!22:16
capreaHow can I check if my processor is 32 or 64 without opening the box?22:17
benkay86robwlo531: Uh, thanks, but your audience is more likely to be here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/LucidLynx/Final/Kubuntu/Feedback22:17
capreais there a console command I can use?22:17
benkay86caprea: If you know the model number, you can Google for it.22:17
capreawell.. its a dell model number, and I cant tell because you can order it with 64bit windows or 32 bit windows22:18
robwlo531I just _had_ to disable nepomuk as it consumes together with virtuoso > 50% of CPU (dualcore) and that is unacceptable. Is that a bug or just me?22:18
robwlo531benkay86: I was looking for some feedback link on kubuntu.org, but there I could'nt find any. so, thx22:19
capreaI just dont know what version of kubuntu to download22:19
capreaI dont know if I should get 32 or 6422:19
jimmy51_i'm officially a fan of UUID's now22:20
jimmy51_caprea: cat /proc/cpuinfo22:21
Captain_Haddockcaprea: you want to find this out in windows?22:22
capreano.. its a broken linux system22:22
capreaim reinstalling22:22
capreawant to be sure to get the right version22:22
Captain_Haddockcaprea: most hardware diagnostic tools should do so22:22
Captain_Haddockstuff like lshw22:22
Captain_Haddock(from the cli)22:23
capreathis is a broken system, if its not already installed it wont get installed22:23
robwlo531capera: if memory > 4GB take 64bit as the CPU is very likey to be 64bit then, otherwise 32bit is fine22:23
jimmy51_caprea: if you're booted to linux (liveCD or whatever) you can run lshw as Captain_Haddock said, or run "cat /proc/cpuinfo"22:24
jimmy51_either one will output information on the CPU22:24
capreaim looking at cpuinfo now22:24
Guest52974caprea: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit22:24
jimmy51_caprea: look under model name22:24
Guest52974and what jimmy said22:24
robwlo531anybody experiencing heavy CPU usage with nepomuk on 10.04, too?22:25
jimmy51_caprea: mine says Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20Ghz.  The key is E2200.  if you google "ark E2200" you get a link to intel's product page for that processor22:25
jimmy51_caprea: including 64 bit or not22:25
capreaIntel Core 2 Duo, I guess this means it can run either 32bit or 64bit right22:25
jimmy51_caprea: does it have a model code?  E2200, X3450, etc?22:25
benkay86grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo22:26
capreaE8500 @3.16Ghz22:26
benkay86Yes, it supports EMT64.22:26
jimmy51_caprea: definitely 64 bit capable.22:26
benkay86So you may install either the 32 or 64-bit version of Kubuntu, whichever you prefer.22:26
Guest52974bigger is better :-)22:27
jimmy51_caprea: how much RAM do you have?22:27
capreaI do a lot of intensive stuff on this machine, but I also want grater compatibility (like Flash)22:27
caprea4Gb I think22:27
emorrishi, does anyone happen to know what the equivalent of kdeaddons is in Ubuntu Lucid? Thanks22:27
benkay8664-bit flash works fine if you follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash22:27
jimmy51_caprea: eh, you're on the line then.  i've got 4GB but installed 64 bit in case i add more.22:27
Guest52974yeah i did that too22:28
benkay86caprea: Also, if you do video encoding and such, 64-bit will give you a marginal performance boost even without the extra RAM.22:28
capreaits a science lab machine, number crunching and image processing22:28
benkay8664-bit would probably be a good idea then.22:28
benkay86Unless you are memory constrained and don't need double-precision, but that's most unlikely.22:29
jimmy51_caprea: ah, good. 32 and 64 are numbers, and 64 is twice 32.  it should be twice as fast then.22:29
jimmy51_caprea:   :)       totally a joke22:29
capreaI seem to remember there being no 64 bit flash for sometime22:30
jimmy51_benkay86: did you do the pre-release 64 bit version, or the 32 bit version with some mods?22:30
capreaso I think Ill go with 3222:30
benkay86The "pre-release" (its several years old now) of course.22:30
jimmy51_benkay86: ok.  i'll try that one...22:30
benkay86This is a bit off-topic, but has anyone here gotten OpenCL working on Lucid? I noticed there's a PPA for the ati-stream OpenCL SDK, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet...22:31
benkay86caprea: If you are doing scientific computing with high-precision floats or large integers, then 64-bit would clearly be the better choice.22:32
capreaits not high precision22:32
capreaits more like biology visualization software22:33
Guest52974flash has come around, happy 64 bitting!22:33
benkay86caprea: By "high precision" I mean "Uses the type double, uint64, or long int". Most scientific software does this.22:34
benkay86On the other hand, if you're software truly doesn't use 64-bit datatypes, then 32-bit is better because pointers to memory end up taking half the space.22:35
capreathanks benkay8622:35
jimmy51_hmm... no response from the keyserver for the 64 bit flash ppa22:35
benkay86jimmy51_: The Ubuntu keyserver is slow. Try a few more times.22:36
benkay86Oh dear, the keyserver really is down. Again. >-(22:38
CartoonCatok so still getting the radeon module race condition, or at least the error that says that the wiki says means it is. is it possible to get the mismatch error for another reason?22:52
capreawhen I unmount do I do unmount /dev/sdb1 or unmount /mtn/backup ?22:59
benkay86Unmount the mountpoint, i.e., /mnt/backup23:01
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capreathe device is still listed under /mnt/backup23:11
neosimagohi people: have there been anyone here looking to get the wifi working on their thinkpad T410?23:12
fbxxklAnyone here experienced with k3b I am trying to make a video file on my computer into a DVD but I am not sure how (if its even possible)23:13
benkay86caprea: lsof /mnt/backup to see if anything is still using it.23:14
neosimagofbxxkl: you'll need a app to create the dvd menu, there's some applications to do that; and probably some opensource apps to convert your files to the right mpeg formats and create the vob files you need in a DVD. search in synaptic for dvd... some apps should pop up.23:16
fbxxklneosimago: ok great thanks23:16
capreaok I just burned a new image of kubuntu but for some reason computer not booting from it.23:19
capreaI dont see int he BIOS the option to boot form CD23:20
capreabut I know Ive done it23:20
neosimagocaprea: did you check the crc on the image you burned from?23:20
capreais crc the m5h?23:20
neosimagocaprea: because you should also burn it as an iso, of course you know about that also.23:20
neosimagocaprea: md5sum23:21
capreaI burned it onto a DVD from the ISO23:21
capreaoh wait23:22
capreaits working once I selected USB CD Drive from the boot menu23:22
capreathanks guys23:23
capreabut whats crc?23:23
neosimagocaprea: then it sounds like the disk may be fine; just the boot source on the system needs to be verified.23:23
neosimagocaprea: crc (md5) is a checksum to verify the data is the same as it should be. (written, and read verification) ciculatory redundancy check.23:24
capreaI was able to do the built-in tool on the installer to check the disk for defects, it is fine. The boot menu is just mislabeled or misleading. Calling my CD drive a USB device23:25
Luija1006Hello, I just installed Kubuntu 10.04 but the resolution is not the best I can tell... how I can adjust it for my nvidia graphics? Thanks :)23:26
neosimagocaprea: that's probably it then right? verify the bios to boot the way you want it.23:26
neosimagoLuija1006: nvidia-settings23:27
Luija1006neosimago: where I can find that option?23:28
liddellHello friends! I have a problem here I wonder if anybody might have some insight on: I decided to switch my video card drivers from the default xorg ati one to the fglrx one, and my system started booting straight to a command line. I tried removing the fglrx driver and it gives me some error about not being able to remove it. I am booted into a liveCD right now - I tried the command chroot to try and run synaptic to uninstall fglrx23:28
liddelland put back the xorg driver on my non-live system but it gives me some error about not being able to fork py. Is there a better way to go about this? Thanks!23:28
neosimagoLuija1006: install it via synaptic23:28
neosimagoLuija1006: or run 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings'23:29
Luija1006neosimago: I can tell the system changed: before you had to go to hardware drivers and configure it, now you have to install it, pretty interesting :)23:29
Luija1006neosimago: Just kinda wanted to act like a linux noob this day lol23:30
liddell./Anybody :) ?23:38
CartoonCatanyone able to help with configuring kms/radeon (wiki says race condition)23:43
capreaOkay, I have a fresh install of Kubuntu 10 !23:46
capreaThe first thing I notice and would like to fix is multiple monitors, its seems that the 'Display' section identifies two monitors, but its identifying them as the same23:47
capreaas in: one monitor display both 'DVI 1' and 'DVI 2'23:47
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