brycehI'm getting an error about loom.branch when trying to run 'make schema': http://pastebin.com/d8i40sE100:03
brycehany ideas?  I tried installing bzr-loom but that made no difference.  Am I missing something else?00:03
mwhudsonbryceh: what's in sourcecode/ ?00:10
mwhudsonlaunchpad doesn't use the system plugins for bzr00:10
brycehfrom bzrlib.plugins.loom.branch import (00:10
bryceh    BzrBranchLoomFormat1, BzrBranchLoomFormat6)00:10
brycehfrom lp-branches/devel/lib/lp/code/bzr.py00:10
mwhudsonbryceh: there's a directory called sourcecode in the launchpad tree00:11
mwhudsonbryceh: what's in there?00:11
brycehbryce@cardport:~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel$ ls sourcecode/00:12
brycehbzr-git  dulwich               mailman   pygpgme  subvertpy00:12
brycehcscvs    launchpad-loggerhead  Makefile  shipit   testresources00:12
mwhudsonthat's an odd mix00:12
mwhudsonbryceh: run ./utilities/update-sourcecode00:12
brycehmwhudson, ok will give that a shot00:13
brycehhmm, that gives this error:  http://pastebin.com/nraERpsX00:14
* bryceh tries deleting the .bzr dir00:15
wgrantYou probably have to delete the entire shipit directory.00:18
brycehwgrant, thanks, seems to be proceeding now00:27
* thumper heads to lunch00:52
thumperbryceh: welcome00:52
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lifelesscan I get someone to land a patch for me ?07:00
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StevenKlifeless: PQM is in RC07:03
lifelesswhat does that mean07:04
StevenKlifeless: release-critical fixes only07:05
spmlifeless: fwiw, unless it's like ZOMG STOP THE PRESS urgent; hasn't got a hope of getting in todays release.07:11
lifelessspm: oh clearly07:12
lifelessjust keeping the inventory low07:12
wgrantlifeless: Option 1: violate separation of concerns in an already hackish script. Option 2: respect separation of concerns slightly more, and make your service look even less reliable and attractive than its already bad reputation.07:34
lifelesswgrant: doing the revisions at the same time would make the script take much much longer to run07:35
lifelessdoing the scan staggered, so that new work happens fast but the new branches do get scanned, would allow the branches to be available more quickly.07:35
adeuringgood morning08:17
mrevellGoodly morning09:00
allenapGood morning mrevell.09:02
mrevellyo allenap09:03
allenapmrevell: Today I am lanscallenape09:03
mrevellallenap, Oh! Man. Congrats :)09:04
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=== henninge changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Week 4 of 10.04 | PQM is closed | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in irc://irc.freenode.net/#launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes | staging is down!
=== henninge changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Week 4 of 10.04 | PQM is closed | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in irc://irc.freenode.net/#launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes
leonardri need to have a conversation with someone who knows a lot about how launchpad uses apache. i don't want to bother a losa about this since it's development work, but if a losa is free i'd love to talk11:36
leonardrjml, can you recommend someone?11:36
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jmlleonardr: flacoste or BjornT would be my two guesses12:32
mwhudsoncode hosting hasn't imploded?12:37
wgrantDoes this mean we're running hostedless?12:38
jmlit probably hasn't imploded, but there have been some weird email behaviours: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+question/10957512:39
jelmerjml: fwiw I received that email as well12:40
james_wjam apparently just proposed a moloolaba branch when I assume he is in bed, so presumably not an isolated incident12:41
wgrantI haven't got any.12:41
jelmerjml: I've seen jam's fastimport proposal as well, but IIRC those are the only two.12:42
james_wDate: Tue, 04 May 2010 10:32:28 -000012:42
mwhudsonthere's a new job script to send merge proposal email12:42
mwhudsonmaybe there were some odd old jobs in the db for some reason12:42
mwhudsonjml: i notice https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jml/zope.testing/subunit-error has a strange error message12:44
* mwhudson goes to bed12:45
jmlmwhudson: yeah, that is weird. sleep well.12:45
james_wjml: it seems that special permissions for source package branches have broken, but the code looks fine to be in lp:launchpad/devel at least12:49
james_wis there somewhere else I should be checking?12:49
james_wat least BranchMergeProposalEdit is no longer granted to uploaders, but that could be because they have lost EditBranch12:50
jmljames_w: hmm.12:50
jmljames_w: I'm dead certain that I added a unit test to check that uploaders have edit on official package branches.12:50
jmljames_w: so, I guess I'd look for that test and make sure it was still valid12:51
james_wI'm dead certain I added a similar unit test to check that uploaders have edit on merge proposals too12:51
jmljames_w: I don't know which branch most accurately represents the code that's on Launchpad.12:51
jmljames_w: I'd recommend finding someone who is supposed to have upload permissions and getting them to try changing a branch's status and try pushing up to a branch.12:53
gary_postermrevell: hi. :-)  did you notice during rollout if we can mark https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/553171 qa-ok?13:06
mupBug #553171: "LP is read-only" and similar messages still point to old maintenance page <qa-needstesting> <trivial> <ui> <Launchpad Foundations:Fix Released by matthew.revell> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/553171>13:06
mrevellgary_poster, Looked good to me :)13:08
james_wjml: they have edit permissions, and the code looks good in all the lp:launchpad branches13:08
mrevellgary_poster, updated13:08
gary_posterthanks mrevell :-)13:08
jmljames_w: so it's just merge proposals?13:09
james_wI think so13:09
james_wI'm going to check further13:09
jtvgary_poster: hi!  How do I run the doctest for lazr.batchnavigator?  I'd like to verify my fix for that oops I reported.13:12
gary_posterjtv: great, thank you! I hope ``bin/test`` will do the trick.13:13
gary_posterIt is supposed to13:13
jtvgary_poster: I didn't see a bin in that branch, and the LP test runner doesn't seem to exercise it either.13:13
gary_posterjtv, acknowledging that this sucks and that we have a slow-burning process to make it better, did you see https://dev.launchpad.net/HackingLazrLibraries ?13:16
jtvgary_poster: just found it13:17
jtvrunning bootstrap... looks like that'll take a while13:18
gary_posterjtv, next time se the "Global cache" instructions13:18
gary_posterthat makes subsequent efforts a lot faster13:18
jtvgary_poster: ok, thanks!13:18
james_wjml: not a regression, it's just that the check says that they can't upload to lucid now, but we have no way to propose the creation of a lucid-proposed branch with the changes. This will require some discussion.13:20
leonardrflacoste, bjornt, when you get a minute i'd appreciate your thoughts on bug 57469713:20
jmljames_w, gnarr13:20
mupBug #574697: Launchpad strips incoming TE header <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/574697>13:20
jmljames_w, you right to arrange that discussion?13:21
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jtvgary_poster: all done & ready for review...  note: the hacking page says to merge your branches directly into trunk, but doesn't mention pushing.13:47
jtvOh, that's further down.13:48
jtvNo, it's not.13:48
flacosteleonardr: didn't we established that it was apache that removed those headers14:00
flacosteleonardr: if i recall, we had put a work-around in place for that behaviour?14:00
leonardrflacoste: i don't remember encountering this before14:08
leonardrwe have a workaround for apache's treatment of Content-Encoding, but apache's behavior stops the workaround from ever happening14:08
gary_posterjtv: hacking page: it means bzr co the trunk and then merge and commit14:10
gary_posterjtv: forward me the review email when you get a chance14:11
flacosteleonardr: i'd suggest sending an email cc launchpad-dev to our local resident proxy expert: lifeless14:44
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marshenninge, ping, looking for a CHR swap?15:36
henningemars: Hi. Yes, I am.15:36
henningemars: What can you offer? ;)15:36
marshenninge, how about Monday May 24th?  That's a National Holiday here in Canada.15:37
marshenninge, and I will be looking to swap it15:37
henningemars: although it's a Monday, it should be fine ... ;)15:38
marsyeah, sorry about that :)15:38
marshenninge, great, I'll tell the list15:38
henningelast month was  a Monday too, but it wasn't too bad.15:39
henningemars: yes, please do.15:39
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rockstarabentley, should we allow recipes to be based of junk branches?17:05
abentleyrockstar, I have no strong opinion.17:06
abentleyrockstar, I guess so?17:07
rockstarabentley, I was thinking we shouldn't.  If they want to do that, they should create a project.17:10
jmlrockstar, personally, I'd allow it.17:11
rockstarjml, rationale?17:13
abentleyrockstar, or create the sourcepackage?17:14
jmlrockstar, there's no compelling reason to forbid them that I know of. it requires work on our part to add the restriction. it requires work on their part to work around the restriction17:15
maxbIt may be useful for people to experiment with the functionality in an obviously personally-sandboxed way17:17
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rockstarjml, why not allow merge proposals on junk branches then?17:22
jmlrockstar, partly because it makes the UI harder for us and harder for the user17:22
jmlwhich branch do you merge into by default? how do you see the list of active reviews?17:23
maxbI think MPs ought to be allowed on +junk branches, if only to keep consistency, and allow people to play around with the feature when learning17:24
maxbdefault branch: none, they have to specify. list of reviews: only for a specific branch17:24
jmlmaxb, regarding junk branches, what I want before absolutely anything else is a dead simple way to turn them into the trunk branch of a new project17:25
maxbThat would be nice. Bring back the ability to rename branches across projects17:25
jmlin general, the reason why we make junk branches less awesome is to encourage people to use projects as the basis for collaboration17:26
jml(so bugs can be filed, translations done, related branches found etc)17:26
rockstarjml, so recipes would be an exception to that rule?17:34
jmlrockstar, they'd buck the trend, certainly. I mean, you could also argue that "capable of being owned by teams" breaks the rule.17:35
rockstarjml, yes, I think it does to some extent.17:35
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leonardrjames_w, your wadllib code is present in the new version of wadllib20:47
james_wleonardr: great, thanks20:57
kfogelsinzui: if possible bug in Answers, should question assignee be ~launchpad-registry?  This is re https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/109538/  (that question is not an example of the bug, but it describes the bug's manifestation in 109518, which is a confusingly similar number)21:40
sinzuikfogel, I do not have an immediate answer. retarget it to launchpad-answers (not registry). One of us will get to it21:43
kfogelsinzui: no such team 'launchpad-answers' (that was my first try)21:43
sinzuikfogel, you do not need to assign teams or person in answers. We have an answer contact system21:44
sinzuikfogel, All the contacts get the email. I may not be the first person to answer the question21:44
kfogelsinzui: I am very confused by what just happened.21:45
sinzuikfogel, I get about 10 questions a week because I am a contact21:45
kfogelsinzui:  I first tried to retarget to launchpad-answers, and got an "invalid" sign underneath.  I wish I'd saved that screenshot.  So then I tried to re*assign* to a team of that name, but no such team.21:45
kfogelsinzui: now I re-blanked assignee and retargeted again, and this time it worked21:45
sinzuitarget not assign21:45
kfogelsinzui: right, that was the order I tried in.  And now it's wroking.21:46
sinzuiassign is for actions that require a *specific* person or role. That is to say, assignee to not providing an answer but completing a task21:46
kfogelsinzui: so, nm, but that was very confusing.  No doubt I filled in a wrong field somewhere, but my memory has "corrected" that.21:46
sinzuiI get 15 questions a weeks for the projects I am contact for and I answer within the hour21:47
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kfogelsinzui: thanks for the quick response to that question (109538)22:03
thumperwhat do we tag things that can't be QAed?22:04
thumperlike test fixes?22:05
thumperdo we just remove the qa-needstesting tag?22:05
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gary_posterbac, ping22:53
bachi gary_poster22:53
gary_posterhey bac.  OK, I have unit tests and changes for bug574493.  I only have theoretical proof that it should actually do what we want.  What else needs to be dine:22:54
bacgary_poster: skip lunch?  Freudian slip?22:55
gary_poster- actually verify that it does what we want.  Maybe you can do this on a dev machine, but I'd be more tempted to do it on staging, if possible22:55
gary_poster- get reviewed22:55
gary_poster- get landed22:55
gary_poster- get CP'd22:56
gary_posterbac, so, if you are willing, I need you to take over most of that.  What I can do is pass off the branch to you with reviewer notes.  We could do that verbally looking ata diff or something else like that22:57
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