ari-tczewhow can I find bugs opened by me, which are now fixed?00:21
micahgari-tczew: advanced search, you as reporter, Fix Released00:27
ari-tczewmicahg: nice! thanks man!00:28
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xnoxThe builders are back =)!!!!!!!!!!!! HORAY =)03:16
xnoxsomething is weird with the builders they show idle even thought there is a queue of packages to build04:26
knielsen"Delays occurring with pulling and scanning branches ..." ok, but is it expected that "delay" means 20+ hours? https://code.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.1-release04:37
knielsenif expected, when is operation planned to be back to normal ?04:38
tsimpsonxnox: the builders show as "idle" when they are clearing out the chroot04:38
xnoxtsimpson, ok cool =)04:39
xnoxawesome stuff with ppa's though =) thanks to all04:39
knielsenthis branch was updated later: lp:~maria-captains/maria/5.3-subqueries ... so probably the update to the other branch was just lost? Hopefully it will recover on next push04:40
xnoxtsimpson, will bulding out of the branches land in 10.4?04:40
xnoxtodays rollout?04:41
xnoxanywho can't wait04:41
LaibschGuys, come on now.  Are you ever going to fix those oopses?05:08
LaibschI reported one about three months ago, revisited it from time to time and it's still not fixed05:09
Laibschtoday's oops: OOPS-1585H297 one of the earlier oopses: OOPS-1513K110  wgrant at one point suggested this may be bug 50830205:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508302 in malone "NotImplementedError OOPS when reporting a bug" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50830205:09
LaibschI'm not trying to report a bug, but convert a bug into a question05:10
LaibschIt appears that above bug is now marked fixed, so apparently that wasn't the one I was hitting ;-)05:11
xnoxLaibsch, I don't think you gonna get answers here on the release day =)05:11
xnoxall of them busy preparing roll-out05:11
Laibschrelease day?05:48
LaibschI thought the release has been out for a few days now05:48
Laibschxnox: what kind of release are you referring to here?05:48
xnoxLaibsch, launchpad release =)05:48
xnox10.4 rolling out to stable05:49
xnoxthe launchpad 10.405:49
LaibschFWIW, edge oopses as well (as expected): OOPS-1585EB49005:49
xnoxwell you gonna get the db-devel database schemas today on edge05:49
xnoxcause edge is only getting UI rollouts05:49
Laibschxnox: I wasn't aware that LP had a release schedule as well.  seems to be coupled to the release of the OS itself?05:50
xnoxLaibsch, https://dev.launchpad.net/Releases/2010Calendar05:51
xnox s / M / Maverick05:51
LaibschAha, monthly releases05:52
spmwell... monthly releases in the sense that's when all services get updated; but edge gets updated daily.05:58
_habnabitIs there a list of branch formats that launchpad supports somewhere? It doesn't seem to like my 2a-format branch.07:02
lifeless_habnabit: lp is scanning all of maverick07:03
_habnabitNoted. I read the topic.07:03
lifelessit will get to your branch in about 24 hours; if its just that you're seeing 'lp is scanning your branch'07:03
lifelessif you're seeing something else, describe what you're seeing.07:03
_habnabit... no, that's not my question.07:03
_habnabitDoing on-the-fly conversion from <RepositoryFormat2a> to <RepositoryFormatKnitPack4>.07:03
lifelessin which case 'bzr help formats'07:03
_habnabitRight, I know there's multiple formats.07:03
lifelessso you have an old format branch on launchpad07:04
lifelessor locally07:04
_habnabitOn launchpad. The local branch is 2a.07:04
lifelessjust upgrade it - if its on launchpad, click on the button. if its local, 'bzr upgrade' locally.07:04
_habnabitI did the upgrade and then pushed. That's not enough?07:04
_habnabitAlso, what button are you talking about? I don't see anything about upgrading branches.07:05
thumper_habnabit: no07:06
thumper_habnabit: it isn't enough07:06
thumper_habnabit: you need to upgrade the target07:07
_habnabitHow does one do that?07:07
thumperthere is an upgrade branch link at the bottom of the page07:07
* thumper has to go07:07
thumperdishing dinner07:07
_habnabitOh, there it is.07:07
_habnabitThought it would be at the top.07:08
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LaibschI am part of a particular team in Launchpad and I want to stay a part of that team.  I don't want to receive all the bugmails directed at that team, is that somehow possible?07:18
spmno. I asked the same question a few weeks ago. :-(07:19
lifelessif its a bug contact07:19
lifelessthen subscribe to the same things, and set your subscription to no-mail07:19
lifelessthat won't stop mails for bugs assigned to the team.07:19
lifelessbut thats a feature I think. You can however filter those by their headers.07:19
Laibschwell, I'm having a hard time filtering them (anybody familiar with sieve and dovecot?)07:22
spmLaibsch: this *may* help in some sense: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+question/10536107:22
wgrantLaibsch: I use rules like this:07:23
StevenKLaibsch: Yes07:23
wgrantif header :contains "X-Launchpad-Bug" "distribution=ubuntu" {07:23
wgrantif      header :contains "X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale" "@motu-swat" {07:23
wgrantfileinto "FOSS.Ubuntu.bugs.motu-swat";07:23
StevenKelsif header :contains "X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale" "<team>" { discard; }07:23
LaibschI'd love to use something like that07:23
wgrantThat filters emails I receive through the motu-swat team to a separate folder.07:24
LaibschI can't seem to even get dovecot to start using sieve07:24
LaibschI opened a question about it, let me look for it07:24
StevenKLaibsch: That's a seperate problem. :-)07:24
lifelessLaibsch: thats really going to be offtopic here.07:24
LaibschI know07:24
lifelessLaibsch: just use procmail or whatever; sieve is a totally unpolished thing.07:24
Laibschwhich is why I wanted to redirect things to the question on LP07:25
StevenKlifeless: So isn't.07:25
wgrantsieve is great!07:25
wgrantI moved to it from procmail a few months ago.07:25
Laibschhttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dovecot/+question/109523 help would be GREATLY appreciated07:25
* spm adds wgrant to the ignore list for even daring to suggest such heresy07:25
lifelesswgrant: it must have moved along a metric tonne07:25
lifelesswgrant: last I saw there wasn't even sieve integration for thunderbird07:26
wgrantlifeless: And there's procmail integration for Thunderbird...?07:26
wgrant'vim ~/.dovecot.sieve' is all I need.07:26
lifelesswgrant: procmail doesn't *aim* to be a integrated client-controlled gui ruleset07:26
StevenKNeither does sieve, last I heard?07:27
wgrantsieve does, I believe.07:27
lifelessah, its coming along07:27
wgrantBut just about nothing implements it.07:27
lifelessStevenK: very much so07:27
lifelessStevenK: its why it was invented07:27
* StevenK goes back to writing bugs07:27
lifelessand, ask me in another channel, I can give you the rant about poor integration in open source projects07:27
wgrantIs there a good reason that the distro branching script thingy doesn't also copy the BranchRevisions, thereby eliminating this quite ridiculous delay?07:30
lifelesswgrant: separation of concerns is one possible answer; it could stagger the scans over a few days as an alternative07:31
spivIIRC mwhudson said the scans were staggered, but only over 12 hours.07:39
wgrantAh, so they're no longer staggered at all.07:40
spmfor maverick? yeah, we updated with a 0-12 hours randomness. :-/07:42
spivspm: s/hours/months/ next time ;)07:43
* spm blames the bzr startup time as the major problem07:44
lifelessspm: tell me we don't reinvoke bzr for each branch.07:47
spmlifeless: no idea; I was having a dig at spiv in ref to his talk he did ages back about making python programs startup faster :-)07:49
thumperspm: can I rename a team if it has a mailing list?07:53
thumperspm: or put it another way, how can I rename a team if it has a mailing list?07:54
lifelessthumper: hah. hah. hah.07:54
lifelessthumper: [sorry, had to be said :(]07:54
* thumper pokes lifeless in the eye07:54
thumperlifeless: sorry, had to be done07:55
* lifeless is saved by the LCD screen between us07:55
lifelessthumper: lp makes project setup hard; use create-project ;)07:55
sjamaanjelmer: https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr-git/+question/109223 <- what happens next? Is someone who can do this reading along?08:00
lifelessthumper: as spm hasn't answered - AFAIK renaming a list is tricky-losa-intervention-required, so 'file a question' time.08:05
jelmersjamaan: I've reassigned to launchpad-code08:06
sjamaanjelmer: Sorry if I'm being thickheaded, but where can I see that?08:08
jelmersjamaan: The assignee of the question08:08
sjamaan"Assignee: No assignee08:09
sjamaanThat's what I see08:09
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* apw notes that edge is a slow as snot, multi minutes to open a bug where-as after disabling redirection bugs loading in <10s09:12
dspstvcould someone please have a look at why one of my builds (i386) is stalled on the process09:50
dspstvlpia and amd64 finished 8 hours ago..09:50
spivThe i386 PPA builders are pretty busy at the moment.09:51
bigjoolsdspstv: the queue for i386 is much bigger because it does all the arch-independent builds too09:51
spivSo it's just that yours hasn't reached the front of the queue, I think.09:51
spivhttps://launchpad.net/builders says the PPA i386 queue is 13 hours long atm.09:52
dspstvis there a way to know when there will be a jamm?10:01
dspstvoften this builds in 10-15min10:01
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wgrantdspstv: This particular delay is because of the recent release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS -- the builders were temporarily retasked to serve release downloads.10:14
wgrantThey've been returned, but there is a bit of a backlog.10:14
dspstvyes, i found the place where to get the infos10:14
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mbuddeIs the Bazaar repo viewer down for maintaince?10:25
bigjoolssee topic10:26
mbuddeI was just wondering if it was down temporarily or during the whole maintaince period...10:29
l3oncore update is today?10:33
l3on(Hi all :P)10:33
l3onthank you maxb10:40
anddamdo I need a launchpad login in order to fetch code?10:55
anddamoh my bad, that wasn't an error, just a warning11:02
anddamdocumentation is in Answers, isn't it?11:04
intellectronicaanddam: https://help.launchpad.net/11:04
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sproatymy bazaar branch has been updating for around 8 hours now - https://code.launchpad.net/~sproaty/whyteboard/development11:25
danilossproaty, it's a known problem, there is a huge backlog of branches to process (~20000), we guess they'll all be finished in something like another 10h11:27
danilossproaty, it's related to the opening of a new ubuntu release11:27
sproatyno problem11:28
sproatyah it didn't make it scheduled april release eh11:28
wgrantIt did. But the new release opening happens a few days after the previous release.11:28
sproatywgrant, cool :)11:31
easter_egghenninge, hei again xD11:40
easter_eggand good morning11:41
henningeOh hi, easter_egg!11:41
easter_egghenninge, what's up?11:41
henningeYesterday was quite busy, so I could not reply.11:42
easter_eggI understood11:42
easter_egghenninge, and I'm still unable to login in launchpad ;~11:44
easter_egghenninge, someone can take off the non ascii character of my account when the bug ins't fixed?11:46
henningeeaster_egg: I don't think anymore that that is the problem :(11:46
henningeeaster_egg: I found bug 556878.11:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556878 in canonical-identity-provider "Cannot reactivate a deactivated account" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55687811:47
henningeeaster_egg: you said you merged accounts. Was one of them deactivated? Did your account get deactivated?11:48
henningeeaster_egg: also, we are rolling out a new version of Launchpad today and so all the admins are quite busy :(11:48
henningewasn't much better yesterday11:48
easter_egghenninge, one of then, yes... the ~a.j11:49
easter_eggso, this bug affect me and another person11:50
easter_egghenninge, so, maybe taking off the non-ascii character my account is possible to my account keep not working ;~11:52
easter_eggof my account, is possible*11:52
henningeeaster_egg: I could not see the OOPS details on Saturday but now I can and it is a different failure to what I observed then.11:53
henningeeaster_egg: so yes, that will not fix it.11:53
henningeeaster_egg: we have other people with non-ascii names: http://launchpad.net/~danilo ;)11:54
easter_egghenninge, lol11:54
easter_egghenninge, and he can normally login?11:55
daniloseaster_egg, yeah, I can :) as a matter of fact, I am the LP developer as well and it'd be a major nuisance if I couldn't log in :)11:56
henningeeaster_egg: so, we need an admin to look into that in more detail and they are hard to come by today. Sorry ;(11:56
easter_egghenninge, I not deactivated the old account in the admin panel...11:58
easter_eggI did, was as follows:11:59
easter_eggmerge the account..11:59
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easter_eggconfirmed two of three emails11:59
easter_eggand change something...12:00
easter_eggmy photo, my name, joined a group and get status of administration in this group12:00
henningeeaster_egg: what is the other account, not the one you are using now? (just the name, no email address here, please).12:01
easter_egghenninge, and, finally I see the three email confirmation12:01
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easter_eggand I confirmed my account, the old things migred for new account12:02
henningeeaster_egg: what was the old account called?12:02
easter_egghenninge, ~a.j12:02
easter_egghenninge, maybe... there was some kind of conflict between groups12:03
henningeeaster_egg: ok, that's really gone. Just checking.12:03
henningeeaster_egg: can you logg into other  websites, like dev.launchpad.net ?12:05
henningeor wiki.ubuntu.com or one.ubuntu.com12:06
henningeeaster_egg: they are all using the same OpenID authentication.12:06
easter_eggI can12:06
easter_eggLogged in as    a.j-merged12:07
easter_eggthe account name is ayrton.araujo12:07
easter_egga.j-merged its strange12:07
henningeeaster_egg: have you ever tried to remove the launchpad cookies from your browser?12:08
henningeeaster_egg: or used a different browser?12:09
easter_egghenninge, I will try now12:09
easter_egghenninge, no.. I can't12:11
henningeeaster_egg: what's the latest OOPS ID?12:11
easter_eggError ID: OOPS-1585K117512:12
henningeeaster_egg: where did you see the "Logged in as a.j-merged" ?12:14
easter_eggI like this bot ubottu =]12:14
easter_eggits open source?12:14
easter_egghenninge, in the top of page dev.launc...12:15
easter_eggand wiki.ubuntu too12:15
henningethanks jpds12:15
easter_eggand in my account of ubuntu one XD12:15
easter_eggI had not noticed12:16
easter_eggjpds, thanks12:16
henningeeaster_egg: I will file a question for that on behalf of you and add all the details you told me.12:16
easter_eggthanks =]12:18
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easter_egghenninge, I will be there12:18
easter_eggI will try to run the launchpad in localhost12:19
easter_eggand I will try to reproduce this bug12:19
henningeeaster_egg: what do you see here: https://login.ubuntu.com/12:19
easter_eggmaybe I can hacking something and send this to launchpad =]12:20
easter_egghenninge, I will check now12:20
henningeeaster_egg: sure, you'd be very welcome to do so. You can read all about that on dev.launchpad.net ;)12:20
easter_egghenninge, oh12:21
easter_egghenninge, thats show a dialog to update my account12:21
henningeyes, it does the same for me ;) That is normal.12:22
easter_eggI will try update12:22
henningeeaster_egg: is launchpad.net on the list below that?12:22
henningewhat date?12:23
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henningeeaster_egg: ok, so your logins seem to really succeed.12:24
easter_eggI changed out my name to Ayrton Araujo for test12:24
easter_eggError ID: OOPS-1585G142012:26
henningeeaster_egg: we have some doubled information here, unfortunately. There is also a name configured in launchpad.12:26
easter_eggthe name changed12:26
easter_eggbut xD12:26
easter_egghenninge, I was correct XD12:27
henningewhat do you mean?12:27
easter_egghenninge, maybe join in the group that I was12:27
henningeeaster_egg: but you still cannot log in, right?12:28
easter_egghenninge, yes12:28
easter_eggwhat I say, maybe join in a group that I was in old account before confirm all the emails12:28
easter_eggcause the problem, doubling the informations12:29
maxbI'm getting consistent timeouts trying to copy packages between PPAs since the rollout. Can someone check into OOPS-1585D1377 ?12:30
easter_egghenninge, for exemple...12:30
easter_egghenninge, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-br.am/+members12:30
henningemaxb: oops too fresh but there are problems with the build farm atm.12:30
henningei.e. since the roll-out.12:30
maxbthis should not involve the build farm12:31
* henninge knows too little about ppas :/12:31
maxbAFAIK what I'm doing should only involve the database and the publisher12:32
easter_eggmaxb, You tried for another provider?12:32
* maxb wonders what on earth easter_egg is talking about12:32
henningeeaster_egg: maxb sits in the UK, so basically right next to the server compared to you  ... ;)12:33
easter_egghenninge, because...12:33
* maxb sits in an office with a 100Mbit link to a London datacentre :-)12:34
easter_eggin Brazil, sometimes many provides of internet...12:34
easter_eggcan't resolve somes ips12:34
easter_eggif other people can upload packages, thats possible to be a problem with your provider12:35
easter_eggthats I mean12:35
maxbMore of the same oops, just to show it's reproducable: OOPS-1585F1349 OOPS-1585O1581 OOPS-1585E1350 OOPS-1585EC1266 OOPS-1585H1403 OOPS-1585G143612:38
easter_eggmaxb, or nobody can upload packages in your ppa?12:38
henningebigjools: ^ can you confirm these timeouts maybe related to the roll-out changes?12:38
* bigjools is looking12:38
bigjoolshenninge: are you help contact today?12:39
henningebigjools: no, just happen to be here ... ;)12:39
maxbFYI the operation in question is a copy-with-existing-binaries, between two PPAs owned by ~mercurial-ppa, and it's one I do very regularly (from a script, even - screenscraping the web UI - yes, blech, but I haven't got around to APIizing it yet)12:40
bigjoolscopy checks did change in the release12:41
bigjoolsbut were live on edge for ages12:41
easter_egghenninge, Im installing the launchpad in localhost now12:42
henningeeaster_egg: You said you updated your account on login.ubuntu.com. What was the name before it? The same with the non-ascii character?12:43
easter_egghenninge, tha name was: Ayrton "Freeman" Ara├║jo12:43
easter_eggnow is Ayrton Araujo12:43
henningeok, I am just wondering where the "a.j-merged" comes from.12:44
easter_egghenninge, me too o.O12:46
henningeeaster_egg: does it show up on "login.ubuntu.com"?12:46
henningeeaster_egg: anyway, I filed a question: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10957612:48
henningeand will go to lunch now :/12:48
easter_egghenninge, no.. not show up in login.ubun..12:49
easter_eggthe login names not show up12:49
easter_eggjust the name, emails etc12:49
easter_egghenninge, ok12:49
easter_eggenjoy lunch =]12:50
bigjoolsmaxb: not ignoring you BTW, just waiting for the oopses to sync to somewhere I can see them12:51
maxbnp, thanks for looking12:52
Lord-ReadmanThere is stuff stuck in the ubuntu import que from the 15th of April, its now the 4th of may13:01
bigjoolsmaxb: I can't find any of those OOPSes13:04
bigjoolsmaxb: you got those reported in a copy request on +copy-packages, right?13:05
maxbbigjools: yes, that's correct13:10
bigjoolsmaxb: which PPA/binary?  I'll try to reproduce13:10
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maxbDestination: mercurial-ppa/snapshots13:12
maxbsame series13:12
maxbcopy binaries13:12
maxbticking all 5 sources13:12
Lord-Readmananyone able to take alook, there are things stuck in the ubuntu import que from the 15th of April.13:12
bigjoolsmaxb: just worked fine copying to my testing PPA13:13
maxbhrm. let me try that again....13:13
maxbbigjools: Nope, fails here. OOPS-1585K128113:14
easter_eggbigjools, when will it be possible to delete ppas?13:14
bigjoolseaster_egg: right now13:14
easter_eggbigjools, in next version?13:15
bigjoolsno, now13:15
easter_eggbigjools, now? In last week was not possible13:15
* noodles775 deleted a ppa a few days ago.13:16
bigjoolseaster_egg: why don't you look at a ppa page13:16
easter_eggbigjools, I can't now ;x But I will try as soon possible xD13:17
bigjoolsmaxb: were you using edge or lpnet?13:17
easter_eggbigjools, because...13:17
easter_eggIn last week13:17
maxbbigjools: Hmm, so it works if I copy one source at a time. But I definitely used to be able to copy all five at once. I know this because it's a daily build13:18
bigjoolsmaxb: maybe I was lucky!13:18
easter_eggbigjools, I tried to change my name, but I can't because the ppa, and I try to delete the ppa, but it was not possible...13:19
bigjoolseaster_egg: you can't change your name yet, that is coming soon13:19
easter_eggso, I created a new account with the name that I wanted ;P13:19
bigjoolsbut you can delete PPAs13:19
easter_eggbigjools, strange xD13:19
maxbI've been using edge mainly before now, mainly lpnet today because because I figured it ought to be less likely to timeout13:19
bigjoolsmaxb: and the timeout was on lpnet?13:20
easter_eggbigjools, I tried hard and not found anything about deleting PPAs, in my old account...13:20
maxbI've seen the same timeout repeatably on both today13:20
easter_eggbigjools, this was also a bug?13:20
bigjoolseaster_egg: it was on the edge service only until today, when some new code was pushed out to all the servers, so everyone can delete PPAs now13:21
easter_eggbigjools, thanks to explain =]13:22
bigjoolseaster_egg: you're welcome13:25
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bigjoolsmaxb: so I suspect I was lucky with my copy, but the copy checker was changed to pick up file conflicts which is no doubt incurring more database queries and slowing it down. :(13:30
bacmtaylor: ping13:30
maxbbigjools: And more confusingly, on one attempt just now, I got a completely erroneous report of a file conflict on the .orig.tar.gz13:31
bigjoolsmaxb: intra-archive copy?13:31
maxbcross archive copy13:31
maxbThe following source cannot be copied:13:31
maxb    * mercurial 1.6~1.5.2+3-4263d8998daa-0ppa1~karmic1 in karmic (mercurial_1.6~1.5.2+3-4263d8998daa.orig.tar.gz already exists in destination archive with different contents.)13:31
maxbthis is a li13:31
bigjoolsStevenK: ^13:32
StevenKYes, it's a lie, I have a branch13:32
bigjoolsis that the same bug?13:32
StevenKYes, it's the same bug13:32
maxbI'm confused, how did this not break edge before the rollout?13:32
maxbOn second thoughts, I must lunch now. afk.13:33
shilbertHi, anyone willing to work out automatic update of translations for the GNUmed project with me ?13:39
danilosshilbert, is that about the automatic template generation?13:39
shilbertit is about checking why a the translation in launchpad seem not to be synced with the translations provided in the bzr branch13:41
shilbertsomeone helped me yesterday13:41
shilbertI did some changes but apparently I still did not do the right thing13:41
danilosshilbert, oh, there is a problem with pulling and scanning branches (see topic), and translations can get noticed only after branches are pulled and scanned13:42
danilosshilbert, so, if that happened sometime in the last 24h, that's most likely the problem13:42
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shilbertdanilos, so I will just wait what happens13:44
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danilosshilbert, we are expecting branch scanner to catch up with the backlog in the next 12h, so we'd all have to wait until that happens13:44
apwStevenK, i assume you are aware that the checksum missmatch bug seems to have spread to -proposed to -updates transitions13:45
StevenKapw: It's in the copy checker, so it would affect any copy of that nature, yes.13:58
apwStevenK, fair enough, sounds like a long day in store14:02
StevenKapw: I already have a fix ...14:02
StevenKapw: It's being handled.14:02
wgrantHow would that affect pocket copies?14:03
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askhl_Hi.  Regarding building/running Launchpad on Lucid - is the current documentation on dev.launchpad.net up to date?  It still says lucid is the development version14:38
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gordhi, is bzr broken in launchpad right now? non of our branches are updating14:49
intellectronicagord: yes, see topic14:50
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maxbaskhl_: Well, lucid was only released a few days ago... and it is a wiki.... fix it ! :-)14:59
askhl_maxb: right :).  But I'd like to build/install it, so it's just whether I should follow the lucid instructions15:00
askhl_Also... I can edit this?15:01
maxbYou may need to join ~launchpad-dev in order to be able to edit15:02
askhl_maxb: right, I might do that at some point15:04
nigelbabuloggerhead is down?15:14
intellectronicanigelbabu: works for me, but there are still some issues with branches15:15
nigelbabuintellectronica: aftering abusing the F5 key, it now works15:16
mhall119flacoste: when a user creates an SSO account, will the same username be used when the create a launchpad profile?15:31
mhall119or will they be able to create a different username in launchpad?15:31
flacostemhall119: by default, the same user name will be used, but you can change it later15:32
mhall119so did someone actually create an SSO account with the username "openiduser44"?  That seems like a strange choice15:32
mhall119oh wait, it was the django_openid_auth that did it15:35
mhall119flacoste: okay, the problem is that we're not gettting a "nickname" value from the openid response15:37
mhall119is that not a required field in the SSO account?15:38
flacostemhall119: i don't think it is15:40
mhall119is there a different field we should be looking for?15:41
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easter_egghenninge, nobody give a reply yet ;~16:22
easter_eggI will cry16:22
henningeeaster_egg: I am so sorry but as I said, it's a bad day for this kind of stuff.16:23
easter_eggI know... its the reason to me cry ;P16:23
henningesinzui: do you have an idea about easter_egg's problem?16:25
henningesinzui: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10957616:25
sinzuihenninge, I think the account is linked to the wrong profile. I suspect stub is needed to fix the database16:27
sinzuihenninge, since login works via email address, the issue may really be the email address in the SSO db is not correct.16:28
henningesinzui: and stub can fix that, too?16:29
sinzuihenninge, only he can do db surgery. he is also one the special people who know how SSO uses the database16:29
henningeeaster_egg: uh oh, although that sounds like good news, it is bad news.16:30
henningesinzui: thanks16:30
henningeeaster_egg: stub lives in time zone UTC+7 *and* has a Public Holiday when he wakes up ...16:31
henningesinzui: who are the other special people we could ask?16:31
sinzuiI do know of any other16:32
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henningesinzui: you meant *not*, right? ;)16:32
sinzuiadmins can do the work, but only under the direction of someone who knows how authentication works16:32
sinzuihenninge, yes, "not" was missing.16:33
henningeok, let's hope stub pops in on his day off ...16:33
sinzuiI passed it to foundations who can find someone16:33
easter_eggreally thank you for help =]16:41
easter_eggsomeday, when I grow up, I will help launchpad bug triage =]16:42
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tumbleweedmy tarmac (trunk) is just not landing some branches. Is there any way to get it to give any useful debugging information?16:56
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dickelbeckHi, can someone help me with a mailing list question?17:21
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dickelbeckSuddenly email postings that I send to kicad-developers@lists.launchpad.net are not coming through.17:23
dickelbeckI use thunderbird, and recently added a new Outgoing Server setting pointing to google, but it is not the "Default" smtp server within thunderbird.17:23
glenhi. what are the chances of getting login id of another user who seems rather inactive?17:26
gleni.e created at 2005 with 0 karma and nothing joined17:26
johOut of curiusity - why does Launchpad send me emails about the changes I make myself to bugs etc? And is it possible to disable these notifications?17:28
glencuriosity killed the cat :P17:31
dickelbecklively place at this hour.17:32
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maxbglen: I would say you should file a question (https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion) and see what the admins say17:54
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glenmaxb: thanks, that lead me to a faq: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/32318:00
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mtaylorbac: pong18:31
bachi mtaylor18:31
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easter_egghenninge-afk, I will work now... and will be back later19:10
* henninge-afk will be in bed later ... ;)19:11
maxbWhat's up with the very many disabled PPA builders?19:25
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KIAazeis there currently a problem with the bzr browser on launchpad?19:29
KIAazeI did a push yesterday and it is still not listed19:29
KIAazebut doing a clean clone gives me the latest revision19:30
KIAazeThe page says "19:30
KIAazeUpdating branch...19:30
KIAazeLaunchpad is processing new changes to this branch which will be available in a few minutes. Reload to see the changes.19:30
bigjoolsmaxb: it's a combination of things but basically the buildd-manager is disabling them because they don't respond quick enough19:30
KIAazetimestamp of the push: timestamp: Mon 2010-05-03 12:14:37 +020019:31
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czajkowskikfogel: you about??20:06
kfogelczajkowski: I am about.20:07
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czajkowskikfogel: trying to follow up on https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+question/10855320:08
czajkowskithe team cannot do anything till that's sorted out20:08
kfogelczajkowski: one sec, let me finish up current task then look20:09
czajkowskikfogel: cheers in no hurry20:09
johOut of curiusity - why does Launchpad send me emails about the changes I make myself to bugs etc? And is it possible to disable these notifications?20:20
kfogeljoh: I think it does that by default so that users can have unbroken threads in their mailreaders (which many people like).  I'm not sure if it can be disabled; does help.launchpad.net say anything?20:22
johkfogel: Ah I see, so it's a feature, not a bug ;-)20:23
kfogeljoh: yes :-)20:24
kfogeljoh:  I actually do consider it a feature & like it, but it would be nice if it were optional.20:24
johkfogel: Yeah, I mainly use the web interface - I didn't know about the email interface until now in fact...20:25
johkfogel: So receiving notifications instantly after I do something is kinda annoying.20:25
kfogeljoh: I think you can tweak your account to get no email notifications, right?20:25
kfogeltry it20:25
kfogelczajkowski: when you say "contact" you really mean "owner", right?  That is, Allan Pierra is the current owner, and cannot be reached, and you want to change the owner to Adrian Perez.20:27
kfogelczajkowski: right?20:28
kfogelczajkowski: what is adrian perez's launchpad username?20:28
czajkowskilet me go check it20:28
czajkowskikfogel: pmd his emai address20:31
GaryvdMHi. lp20:38
GaryvdMHi. lp:ubuntu/lucid/qbzr is built from the .debs, but debian uses bzr udd style development. Is there a way I can get the ubuntu branchs get pulled/merged from the debian branch rather than the deb files.20:40
GaryvdMI.e: http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/qbzr/unstable/20:40
MTecknologyand it happened again :(20:41
MTecknologyI'm trying to change the owner of ~ubuntu-us-nd to ~ubuntu-us-central20:41
metajackCan anyone tell me why https://launchpad.net/~metajack/+archive/ppa/+files/wokkel_0.4.0+svn94.orig.tar.gz is a 404? Seems my PPA got corrupted or something.20:41
MTecknologyoh.. oops.. that should probably say I'm causing an infinite loop...20:42
bigjoolsis it a superseded e20:42
bigjoolsis it a superseded source?20:42
metajackI haven't uploaded a new package as far as I know.20:42
metajackIt's not marked as superceded in the web UI.20:42
bigjoolsmetajack: ok it's because you never uploaded it20:44
bigjoolsI would need to look more closely as to why it 404s though20:45
metajackbigjools: why does the web ui list it if it's not there? :)20:49
bigjoolsmetajack: it's one of the smaller bugs I have to deal with :)20:50
metajackbigjools: fair enough20:54
KIAazeIs it still possible to upload ubuntu 8.04 packages to PPAs?21:09
KIAazeI signed and uploaded a source package successfully apparently, but there is no sign of it on launchpad.21:10
KIAazenot even in the building or waiting queue21:10
kfogelczajkowski: I've added the info and re-pinged the Canonical LOSAs internally.21:19
czajkowskikfogel: cheers21:19
ftai understand the builders have issues right now but would it be possible to move some of the working ones to i386 for a while?21:25
bigjoolsfta: builders are all fine21:38
ftaare they?21:38
ftai didn't have a single 32bit daily built in the last 5 or 6 days21:39
bigjoolsthe builders get re-purposed during the Ubuntu release to push data out21:40
bigjoolsthey're back now21:40
ftai know21:40
ftabut even today, no way to get a slot, and the next push is in 5h, meaning the current one will fail to upload once again21:41
fta(i mean, chromium daily)21:42
fta(i've disabled both chromium and mozilla dailies during the reallocation)21:42
ftawell, n-m. i give up. i'll stop explaining everywhere that the chromium regression impacting everyone has been fixed 5 days ago and just needs to be built. I'm tired of this.21:45
bigjoolsand all he does is moan21:48
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ftabigjools, sorry, i quit a little bit too fast. but trust me, i don't "just moan", i spend a lot of energy maintaining those stuff, and people always complain to me about stuff i have no power over, it's frustrating23:11
bigjoolsfta: ditto23:11
askhlHi.  I would like to install Launchpad on lucid, but step one fails: add-apt-repository complains about a missing key.  It has done this for quite a while, so what should I do?  Surely the key is meant to work, isn't it?23:11
bigjoolsI figured someone would paste my comment to you23:11
askhlI'm following the instructions on https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/Lucid23:11
ftais maverick open for business or not yet?23:12
bigjoolsfta: we also spend a lot of energy maintaining the build farm and the PPA service, and this is not the first time you've complained when someone is trying to help23:13
bigjoolsfta: if you were to ask, I could always rescore your builds so you can get a slot23:16
ftabigjools, well, i didn't even ask for anything this time, i just shutdown my bot last friday and answered to all the complains about missing updates, unfixed regressions for so long, etc. but then, after the restart, my builds kept being pushed back while everything else was moving forward23:17
ftahttps://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/1714980  like this one, it's been jumping from 5h to 2h for ~15h, still not started after 20h23:18
ftawell, as i said, i gave up. i've closed all the related bug upstream and in lp as fixed & waiting for build resources23:20
bigjoolswell if it makes any difference, I rescored your build23:21
ftathank you23:21
bigjoolswe're also getting new build hardware specifically for daily builds soon, so the situation will improve23:21
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