darkmatterlooks like gPod.. err.. gnome-shell now uses the users fonts/rendering00:33
vishkwwii: hi, i'm inclined to mark the suggest wallpaper in theme bug "wont fix".. is that ok?11:27
vishi dont see any benefit there..11:27
ubuntujenkinsdoes anyone know where i can get the source of the gnome-spinner like the one in /usr/share/icons/Humanity/animations/32 ?11:32
ubuntujenkinsI'd like a much bigger one.11:33
kwwiivish: yes, go please do11:35
vishkwwii: thanks..11:36
kwwiiubuntujenkins: if you are looking in humanity, there must be svg's available11:36
ubuntujenkinskwwii: there isn't one in the folders. Is there a source branch or similar11:38
kwwiivish: ^11:39
kwwiivish: and idea where the sources are?11:39
vishoh , thats from gnome11:39
vishubuntujenkins: thats actually from gnome theme...11:40
vishthey have a 48px one in git11:40
ubuntujenkinsvish: which git?11:40
vishubuntujenkins: not sure of the correct one off hand , but search for gnome-icon-theme in git11:41
ubuntujenkinsok thanks vish and kwwii11:41
darkmattervish: it won't be long until you can kill off a bazillion redundant icons ;)13:10
vishdarkmatter: well , they better hurry up.. kinda getting tired of making symlinks :s17:39
andreasnthe icon symlinks? those are funny17:43
vishandreasn: well , for humanity the symlinks are not done by the naming utils, mostly a hack for the monochrome icons17:44
vishand sometimes it gets hard finding the icons ..17:45
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coz_hey all23:37
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy23:41
* darkmatter is a happy camper. travel expenses came today \o/23:43
darkmatterhow has coz_ been doing?23:45
coz_darkmatter,  ok  other than the 9 times I had to reinstall xp on one partition because of damn viruses  other than that   fine :)  how about yourseflt?23:46
darkmattercoz_: not bad. been flushing my system in preparation for next week (more chemo). but hey. they give me a ton of cash for the trip. so I can't complain ;)23:47
coz_darkmatter,  but I thought that was in remission?23:50
darkmatterbeen taking a break from the gnome3 stuff though. I'll probably start up after this treatment. just soo much to deal with atm, no time for the fun of design :/23:50
darkmattercoz_: it started up again. they've been watching it closely for a bit, and decided it's time to toxify me again *shrug*23:50
coz_darkmatter,  mm... I think you will beat it again guy :)23:51
darkmattercoz_: yup. the last time it was stage 4, so this time should be childs play23:51

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