running_rabbit07How does one add Windows to grub when update-grub is not working? http://pastebin.com/tBbgQ5PA00:14
asterismodoes anyone know how to modify the V frequency for an external 32" LCD TV ....?00:17
asterismopreviously in karmic used to work with 60Hz but now in lucid it only allow to set 75Hz... but that is not accepted by the TV00:18
asterismothis frequency issue is present with opensource ATI driver and propietary fglrx as well00:20
cordellCan some1 give me the web address on how to fix grub so it detects my other partition. Thanks00:28
cordellCan some1 give me the web address on how to fix grub so it detects my other partition. Thanks00:35
asterismoi'm back00:36
cordellcan you help though00:36
pedro3005perhaps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:36
cordellso does ubuntu 10.04 have grub or grub2 ?00:37
cordellok here is specifically my problem https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/57076500:39
zeroseven0183Hi cordell. As per bug report, a fixed has been released. Did you try updating your system? Although I haven't got any update notice lately.00:40
TJ_Hi again - Is there a way to debug files quickly? I'm getting a lot of 'invalid display attribute 'L' messages when loading up a program, and wasn't sure if there was a quick way to go to the line specified00:45
ScuniziIs there a kde front end for sane?00:49
TJ_anyone know anything about regexp?01:10
pedro3005TJ_, what about it?01:11
TJ_I'm compiling some code that has always worked for me, and I see some changes in linux from my cygwin version...mostly no big deal to fix. But I have one error repeating that I can't debug the cause of01:12
TJ_The code is written for tinyfugue01:13
TJ_% necropolis/prerestore_module.tf, line 85: def: regexp error: too many ()01:14
pedro3005well, what's in line 85?01:14
TJ_Think it's too long to send01:16
* ZachK_ is in the house!01:16
pedro3005!paste | TJ_01:16
VotebotTJ_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com01:16
pedro3005hello, ZachK_01:17
TJ_!paste |01:17
TJ_!paste | TJ_01:18
pedro3005TJ_, go to http://paste.ubuntu.com01:18
ZachK__pedro3005!!!! My pal!01:18
TJ_Then the link here?01:19
pedro3005TJ_, yes01:19
ZachK__TJ_: Correct01:19
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pedro3005TJ_, have you counted to check if parenthesizing is correct?01:22
TJ_yeah I'm fairly certain it is01:25
pedro3005hm :/01:26
pedro3005what language is this, anyway?01:26
TJ_It's for tinyfugue, not sure the name of the language, I just learned it while using TF01:28
TJ_If that helps01:30
geirha11 parenthesis. In the source code of tinyfugue 4, I see the maximum number is set to 1001:30
geirhaAnd the one that works has 1001:31
TJ_ah, hm01:32
TJ_So if I split the lines up, it should be fine?01:32
TJ_well, guess I'm the one to find out heh01:32
TJ_thanks much for the help01:32
geirhaYeah, I'd try that :)01:32
pedro3005and geirha saves the day :D01:33
TJ_one more little question, I love the workspace, but is there a way to switch between them with a key command or anything? Or a way to bind a key to that purpose?01:35
TJ_Be advised I'll probably one more little question you guys for a few days >.>01:36
pedro3005TJ_, try looking through System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts01:37
geirhaThe default combo is Ctrl+Alt+arrow key01:37
TJ_Ah, thank you both. I should probably spend some time looking through the features, I've been busy trying to figure out my conversion issues.01:38
zeroseven0183TJ_ : You can also switch workspaces using the Viewport Switcher in Compiz01:40
zeroseven0183... assigning a mouse button or the mouse wheel to scroll through the workspaces you have01:40
TJ_Just as a note geirha was entirely right, and now that I see that and this error I realize what's been causing a lot of failures during use...will help me a lot!01:43
geirhaGreat :)01:49
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ZachK_nhandler: Ping02:38
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nhandlerZachK_: Pong03:01
ZachK_nhandler: Pm me plz or go to -wiki03:02
Ms_Angel_DHello Room06:24
ddecatorhey Ms_Angel_D06:29
Ms_Angel_DHello ddecator06:31
jayhey any one der....have onr query...06:31
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Guest93080grub rescue error....06:32
Guest93080pls help06:32
newbie1hi guys, I got a ubuntu 9.04 live CD, and I download a 10.04 iso files on local hdd,  Can I install 10.04 with the iso file in 9.04 live session?09:21
hobgoblinno - you will need to boot with the 10.04 - either with a usb or a cd.09:22
hobgoblinyou might be able to use the usb-creator program on the 9.04 livecd to make a bootable 10.04 but I am not sure.09:24
newbie1I've tried to boot a grub from a usb drive(128M), and I rename the 10.04 iso file to 123.iso. But when I type grub> find 123.iso. It's said "no files found"09:24
newbie1I only got a 128M bootable USB :09:24
hobgoblinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/usb09:24
hobgoblinoh :(09:25
hobgoblinyou might be able to use unetbootin with a minimal iso - they are only 10Mb or so - but you will need ethernet to complete the install as you will need to get the rest of the packages you need09:26
newbie1where I can download it09:26
hobgoblinlots of links to have a look at :)09:27
newbie1is it that work for 10.04?09:28
hobgoblinassuming the laptop/pc you are installing to has good enough specs - you could probably install ubuntu-desktop once you have the minimal started09:28
hobgoblinshould do - though I have not done so myself09:29
newbie1so after I download the minimalCD, use the "usb startup creator" from 9.04 to burn the usb drive, then boot.09:31
newbie1that's all?09:31
hobgoblinthen do the install with that yes - that will install a minimal system - you can then add to that as you want09:32
hobgoblinthat is if it works - as I said I have not done so myself - but it should work :)09:33
newbie1thx, I try now. :)09:33
hobgoblinonce the minimal install has finished - installing ubuntu-desktop should get a normal desktop for you09:33
hobgoblinsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:33
newbie1Will I get the same system as which install from a CD?09:35
hobgoblinthat is ubuntu-desktop09:35
newbie1I see, thanks a lot09:37
hobgoblingood luck09:37
dudecrushanyone alive?10:39
dudecrushok my problem is im trying to install ubuntu 10.04 via wubi! but everytime it tried to download amd64 one when i have manually downloaded normal 32bit one!10:41
dudecrushand it is in the same folder!10:41
dudecrushcan anyone help pls?:(10:41
dudecrushbtw using interl P4 system10:42
dudecrush2gb ram10:42
leoquanti do not understand your question10:42
leoquantyou want the amd and you get the 32 bit?10:42
dudecrushI dont want wubi to download and install the amd64:S10:43
leoquanta p4 isn't 64 bit afaik10:43
dudecrushyeahh but then why is wubi trying to download that one when i have the 32bit iso?10:44
leoquantvia wich mirror download site are you downloaden this?10:44
leoquanton the other hand it seems a bug in wubi...10:45
dudecrushiv download ubuntu and wubi frm their main sites i guess:S10:46
dudecrushubuntu via torrent10:46
dudecrushyeah i think so too!10:46
leoquanti have never tried wubi10:47
leoquantbut googling now gor ya10:47
dudecrushiv googled10:47
dudecrushread all the forums n stuff!10:47
dudecrushim gona go get high....10:48
pmbty54here are all ubuntu users?12:17
pmbty54or others also?12:17
shahanis there any one who have used "UMC-71" Edge modem in ubuntu?13:15
hetirvmorning all13:34
starcraftmanlo hetirv13:42
ZachK_Hey starcraftman!13:44
hetirvI have a question.... why don't I have the safe graphics mode option on the 64 bit Live CD?  (10.04)13:44
ZachK_hetirv: Are you running a 64-bit machine?13:45
hetirvyeah I got a new Latitude E6510 with a core i513:45
hetirvVideo card is nVidia NVS 3100M13:46
hetirvand since I don't have safe graphics mode anything I do I can't see, so I can't test the disk for defects13:49
hetirvI really want to use the 64 bit, but a got ahold of the 32 bit Kubuntu disk and its doing the same think (black screen) on boot13:52
hetirvI know its booting though, cause I get the login sounds13:52
ZachK_Sure your stuff is compatible?13:56
hetirvI though it was, I'll check again13:57
hetirvthis is my problem13:59
hetirvstill reading the comments13:59
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toni_bghow to remove Indicator Applet from the panel on unr? it is locked.20:03
drubintoni_bg: right click, unlock, then right click remove20:04
toni_bgthe menu is not active20:05
toni_bgthe only active menu is about20:05
rob0917hey paultag20:06
rob0917hey canthus1320:06
Jon_Monrealtoni_bg: Do you just want the envelope gone?20:08
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cordell_how can i change my irc name to cordell and not cordell_21:08
pedro3005cordell_, if cordell is available (it might not be), /nick cordell21:09
pedro3005then register it21:09
cordell_o well i just use it like it is21:10
pedro3005the problem with that is anyone can use your nick21:10
cordell_well i was on here yesterday w/ that nick21:11
pedro3005doesn't change anything; if you haven't registered the nick, you don't "own" it21:11
cordell_how do you register it21:11
pedro3005type /msg NickServ register help21:12
arthursc0anyone home?21:27
LeAstraleLots of people home :)21:28
cordell_im at home21:30
arthursc0oh just haven't done this for years and am used to seeing lots of threads21:30
cordell_irc has threads???21:30
arthursc0wel I say threads. I really mean conversations21:31
cordell_o lol21:31
LeAstraleWe have conversations, but not in here as its dedicated help :)21:31
arthursc0anyhow... can I get some help here ref lucid 64bit?21:31
LeAstraleI would think so :) I haven't installed it myself yet.21:32
cordell_im not an ubuntu wizard, but what about ubuntu 64 bit?21:32
arthursc0Trying to install 64bit onto Dell T3500 with NVidia Quadro NVS 295.21:32
arthursc0Live Cd works and Install completes.21:32
arthursc0When I boot I get BIOS and Disk info then boot switches to flashing cursor after disk read and then Monitor goes into sleep mode.21:32
arthursc0PC appears Not to continue booting. Any ideas?21:32
arthursc0Fedora installs and works fine...21:32
LeAstralearthursc0: Can you get a prompt if you enter a tty?21:33
LeAstraleI can't remember the shortcut atm.21:33
arthursc0tried the usual shft f1 etc no tty21:34
cordell_prompt = virtual terminal???21:34
cordell_if so, then it is Ctrl - Alt - F121:34
LeAstralecordell_: Yes21:35
arthursc0Ok will try tomorrow. T3500 is at work.21:35
cordell_i just looked at the specs of laptop, and its a beast21:35
arthursc0once I get to tty what would be the next step?21:35
arthursc0cordell_: what laptop21:36
LeAstralearthursc0: I would guess getting some xorg.conf info and eventually set it for vesa driver?21:41
arthursc0Your on the right track as it has an NVidia NVS 295 displayport card in it and there seems to be lots of threads around on these cards and 64bit.21:43
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sonofjonI am an IRC newbie, but long-time Ubuntu user. I just asked a question on #ubuntu. Wow, I got quick answers, but I just couldn't keep up reading them because of the high rate of messages flowing past in the window. I use empathy, and while it allows me to scroll up, it forces the scrollbar to the bottom of the window as soon as a new post appears (every few second or so). This makes it almost impossible to keep up with any conversatoin in that22:27
sonofjon channel. Any advice how to work around that would be very welcome. Thanks.22:27
pedro3005I don't know about empathy. I use XChat and it does not have such issue22:28
phillwniether does pidgin22:29
swoodynor irssi :)22:30
swoodyalthough I've never been a fan of using empahty or pidgin as an IRC client...22:31
swoodyjust because you *can* put a screw in a wall with a hammer doesn't mean you should ;)22:32
drubinsonofjon: I would give xchat a try it is a proper irc client22:32
swoodyI would really suggest xchat as a good IRC client if you want to use something with a nice GUI22:32
sonofjonI noticed I can do CTRL-F to search for my nick, but still, as soon as there is a new msg the window scrolls down to the bottom again... Very annoying. No way to read any other messages than the last ten or so...22:32
drubinsonofjon: That is also a bug and I would log it. If you have scrolled up on the screen empathy shouldn't just scroll down22:32
sonofjondrubin: Thanks for the support. I'll check launchpad, and post it.22:33
vanHello people, anyone has any suggestion on a webcam application?22:33
phillwswoody: pidgin may be basic (like me) but it does allow me to kkep my nicks open on MSN, AIM & Yahoo! whilst using IRC in one small programme. xChat it is not :-)22:33
phillwvan: Cheese22:33
vanTa phillw22:34
swoodyphillw: that's true, but again, sort of swiss army knifeish. I prefer to use a good IRC client in lieu of tacking on another task to pidgin22:35
swoodyphillw: but that's the great thing about Linux, you and I can do what we need to however we want to. What may be good for one person may not completely different for the next :)22:35
phillwi know what you mean, I've read through some of the plugins for pidgin - i just use vanilla flavour. As you say, I'd have to run several apps to get the 'best' for MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and IRC - and then keep track of them all. I have them all on one screen, which is what I want.22:37
sonofjonThere is already a bug posted on the empathy scrolling issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adium-theme-ubuntu/+bug/54280622:45
drubinI tried empathy for about a week before I just couldn't use it any more22:48
LeAstraleIts horrible drubin22:49
drubinI hate it22:49
drubinit has soooooo many papper cuts I gave up maiking lists22:49
LeAstraleThey should do a 1000 papercuts in empathy project :)22:50
drubintrue that22:52
drubinlI started making a list but seriously got so annoyed I just purged empathy22:52
drubinvery annoyed they removed pidgin and included that in lucid22:52
LeAstraleimo they didn't listen to the users at all.22:53
phillwempathy was not getting a good press on the 10.04 testing forum, tbh. it's not ready for release yet.22:53
LeAstraleHaven't heard anyone who liked it yet.22:53
drubinit is shit22:54
phillw(keeps pidgin) - lol22:55
drubinI understand their reasoning for switching to empay and i agree with them22:56
drubinbut I thinkt hey should have fixed the damn UI an user experience before swiching over22:56
phillwempathy is not in lubuntu, we have pidgin, xchat and sylpheed.22:56
phillwmind you, we still have the buttons in the correct places at the moment, no doubt that will change ;-)22:58
swoodyphillw: I was very glad to see Lubuntu using xchat :)23:00
swoodyit's nice to have a dedicated IRC client included with at least *some* distros these days :/23:00
phillwswoody: it is the preferred irc agent, as i said, i use pidgin because of my IM accounts.23:00
LeAstraleGoodnight folks!23:01
sonofjonSo, can one use pidgin with the new me menu / indicator applet?23:01
phillwi've got one person chatting to me via Yahoo! and another via AIM - it just suits me, and that is what linux is all about.23:01
swoodyphillw: :)23:01
Jon_Monrealsonofjon: Using Pidgin with memenu here.23:01
sonofjonGreat, how?23:02
Jon_Monrealsonofjon: Only problem is that if you go offline, the only way to select an online status is to open the buddy menu and change it.23:02
Jon_Monrealsonofjon: You should be able to just install Pidgin, and it should work (I would also uninstall Empathy)23:02
sonofjonI could live with that, I'll try it.23:03
sonofjonThanks! Can pidgin import my account settings from empathy?23:03
Jon_Monrealsonofjon: I don't believe so23:05
drubinsonofjon: nope.23:05
sonofjonNot a big deal. It'll be quick to re-enter.23:06
Jon_Monrealsonofjon: Pidgin is fairly easy to configure, however, and there are plugins available if you are interested in extending it23:06
screwedmybooti need help restoring my original settings for the plymouth boot screen/splash screen23:10
Jon_Monrealscrewedmyboot: What did you change?23:10
sonofjonSee you later (I'll be back using pidgin)23:11
screwedmybootsorry, just closed the window, just a sec23:11
screwedmybootcan't find it, but i added some plymouth themes23:12
screwedmybootand now the initial screen (prior to login window) shows up for a few seconds and then hangs on a blank screen23:12
screwedmyboothere we go...i found some new themes on the software center, added them23:14
screwedmybootthen ran "sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth"23:14
screwedmybootit had me select a new theme (type 1,2,3 or 4 for the desired theme)23:14
screwedmybootand then when i rebooted, the above issue happened.23:15
Jon_Monrealscrewedmyboot: Have you tried reverting to the original theme? Also, did the resolution change with these new themes?23:15
screwedmybooti'm not sure about the resolution; i believe it did just from appearance. and reverting back is exactly what i want to do23:16
screwedmybootbut i don't know how to get to a terminal to do so. i'm running on the livecd right now (10.04)23:16
Jon_Monrealscrewedmyboot: Okay, what you should try to do is restart, and when Grub comes up (you might need to hit ESC) select the first (recovery mode) option, and when you get to the blue screen select "Drop to root shell prompt. From there, run sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth23:19
screwedmybootawesome, thanks. didn't know how to get to the grub screen, guess i shoulda asked that23:20
Jon_Monrealscrewedmyboot: It's no problem. If this doesn't solve your problem, we can try something else.23:21
screwedmybootalrighty, hopefully be right back23:22
Jon_Monrealsmee2: Hi23:25
smee2what happens when you delete a file in linux?  is there something analogous to a 'recycle bin' that i need to empty or does deleting a file take care of everything?23:26
pedro3005depends on how you delete it23:26
helloubodhi_zazen, u there bro?23:26
hellousmee2, using 'rm' wont23:26
helloulike if ur using nautilus then yeah23:26
pedro3005smee2, ubuntu does have a recycle bin, and files you delete by pressing the "delete" key or by right click > delete go there23:26
pedro3005but, as hellou said, if you delete it via the command line, it is erased on the spot23:27
Jon_Monrealsmee2: You can get to the Trash by clicking the trash icon in the bottom right-hand corner23:27
hellouIf you want though you can enable a "delete" action when you right click a dir/file that will not send it to trash23:27
helloujust rm23:27
smee2...hidden right in front of my face...23:28
hellousmee2, are you worried about secure deletion?23:28
smee2hellou: partly.  i also don't want to waste space23:28
smee2but learning secure deletion would be nice23:29
hellouOkay, well imo the most secure tool to use would be 'srm' from the secure-delete package23:29
hellouheres from man23:29
hellou       srm  removes each specified file by overwriting, renaming, and truncat-23:29
hellou       ing it before unlinking. This prevents other people from undeleting  or23:29
hellou       recovering any information about the file from the command line.23:29
hellouit's better then shred because iirc shred doesnt go recursive23:30
helloubodhi_zazen, fkin wake up bro23:31
smee2awesome.  just installed it.23:32
smee2thanks a lot23:32
screwedmybootnomok, tried it, couldn't get to my xterm but it flashed between the regular boot screen and verbose mode23:33
screwedmybootnomBUT, i got into my system, and i think we're good now23:33
screwedmybootnomonly thing is the resolution is still funky23:33
Jon_Monrealscrewedmybootnom: What do you mean? Is the resolution low?23:34
bodhi_zazenhellou: zup ?23:35
smee2If I have a directory window open, isn't there a way to open up a terminal right to that location?  I tried right-click and shift, ctrl, but I can't see it.23:35
helloui'm sure there's some nautilus plugin for that...23:36
bodhi_zazensmee2: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-gnome-open-terminal-shell-prompt-here/23:36
jon__oooook, not so good. my programs are randomly getting killed23:36
bodhi_zazentoo slow hellou23:36
Jon_Monrealsmee2: sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal23:37
helloubasically what that page says ^23:37
helloutoo slow Jon_Monreal23:37
Jon_Monrealhellou: Figures lol23:37
helloubodhi_zazen, dude i totally forgot, it was mega important though.23:37
paultaghellou, Hellow?23:37
helloui'll remember to tell him that paultag23:38
paultaghellou, no no, are you Hellow?23:38
helloupaultag, how's whube?23:38
paultagNoted :)23:38
screwedmybootnomk, boot screen fixed but now my windows are randomly closing23:38
paultaghellou, Whube is coming along. Hows things?23:38
helloup good. going to start playing with coldfusion in a bit.23:39
helloufinally got it working on cherokee23:39
Jon_Monrealscrewedmybootnom: As silly as it sounds, try restarting (if you haven't already).23:39
screwedmybootnomunfortunately, i don't think this is related; i run conky and tried out gnome-do/docky23:39
screwedmybootnomand they both would randomly close; however, now xchat is doing it as well23:40
helloupaultag, you still a master thingy?23:40
screwedmybootnomran conky from a term cause i couldn't find it in my menu, and no errors, close notification, etc would show up23:40
hellouOH bodhi_zazen23:41
helloui was going to ask you about pikwi23:41
helloui installed it on my server, and for some reason it's slow as hell. i don't know if it's my PHP config or not but it's seriously really bad23:42
Jon_Monrealscrewedmybootnom: Well, we should take this one step at a time. If we can get it back to the old problems only, it will likely be easier to fix23:42
paultaghellou, montel, leave.23:42
screwedmybootnomk sounds good.  as far as i can tell, boot screen is fixed; the resolution is odd but it starts, no hanging, i get to my log on no prob23:43
Jon_Monrealscrewedmyboot: Do you have an Nvidia card with Nvidia drivers? There are problems with Plymouth and some configs/23:44
screwedmybootnomahhh. yes, yes i do. geforce gt 130m. stopped using ubuntu for karmic because of it, and networking problems23:45
smee2Awesome.  Thanks again people.23:45
screwedmybootnomhad to edit my xorg.conf to get my card working in another distro23:45
bodhi_zazenNot familiar with pikwi, but I can optimize your server23:46
bodhi_zazenall in need is ssh + the root pw =)23:46
benjamintheyonis it possible to get Empathy to run Skype?23:47
screwedmybootnom<Jon_Monreal> i'm getting nautilus errors in my .xsession-errors "libubuntulooks.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32"23:48
Jon_Monrealscrewedmybootnom: Give me a minute, I'll find the fix23:48
bodhi_zazenYou usually get those errors when running 64 bit apps on a 32 bit OS23:49
bodhi_zazenor versa visa23:49
screwedmybootnom<bodhi> what about the reverse?23:49
screwedmybootnomahhh, ok.23:49
bodhi_zazenIt says 32 , what is the output of "uname -m" ?23:50
screwedmybootnomi'm running the 64-bit version23:50
bodhi_zazenThere you go =)23:50
bodhi_zazenapt-get install ia3223:50
Jon_Monrealscrewedmyboot: As far as the Plymouth problem goes, see here http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-get-plymouth-working-with-nvidia.html23:51
Jon_MonrealI'll be right back everyone23:51
bodhi_zazenJon_Monreal: there is an easier way, Install Fedora 13 =)23:52
bodhi_zazenFedora works with nvidia cards out of the box23:52
screwedmybootnomreally? tried 12 and it froze23:52
bodhi_zazenfedora uses nouveau , and I was having problems with my nvidia card w/ Windows (XP) and Ubuntu, Fedora works, of course no 3d , but at least we have X23:53
bodhi_zazenYMMV of course23:54
screwedmybootnomlemme look at my notes real quick, i'll try an find the fix i used; it was pretty simple code23:54
screwedmybootnomhad to edit xorg.conf: "Device" section, enter a new Option, set "ModeValidation" to "NoTotalSizeCheck"23:56
screwedmybootnommy problem was that i'd get 6 screens if i enabled my card23:56
screwedmybootnomok, i'm not finding the package with terminal23:58
screwedmybootnomsorry...ia32 is the package23:59

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