remixmeHi people, Im not sure whether this is a bug or not, so here it goes. Since Friday Ive tried to install lucid and the update/upgrade manager gets stuck in "calculating changes" after that, this appears:01:19
remixmeAn unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:01:20
remixmeThe package 'ubuntu-desktop' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist.01:20
remixme This can be caused by:01:20
remixme * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu01:20
remixme * Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu01:20
remixme * Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu01:20
remixmeIf none of this applies, then please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ in the bug report.01:20
micahg!pastebin > remixme01:21
ubot4remixme, please see my private message01:21
soundconjurerMassive Bug when booting ubuntu live cd or post install. It comes to a dead halt upon boot after the splash screen crashes. nomodeset in combintion with noacpi and various other settings are working.02:06
arandsoundconjurer: Do report a bug if there aren't one already ;) "ubuntu-bug plymouth" and make sure to check for duplicates02:12
soundconjurerNo fixes?02:12
arandIt's a somewhat generic problem, random guess is #02:16
arandBug #55374502:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 553745 in plymouth (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in ply_event_loop_process_pending_events() (affects: 332) (dups: 59) (heat: 1828)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55374502:16
arandBut I don't read that that one stops booting...02:17
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ekilfoili need assistance with proper bug report etiquette.   There is a bug in Ubuntu 10.04 caused by a problem in xorg 1.7.  The problem is specifically within the new xinput2 system.  Is it proper to file a bug against Ubuntu and let the ubuntu bug team send it upstream or should i file it directly against xorg?05:04
ekilfoilAlso, I am not experiencing the bug.  I am the developer of a piece of software and users are reporting the bug to me.  My users, however, do not understand the technical details of the problem in order to explain it.  Should I file the bug or should I ask my Ubuntu users to file it directly?05:09
ekilfoil(it is hardware related and I don't have the hardware that is causing the problem)05:10
ddecatorthe report can be made against the xorg package. as for who should report it; if you know the cause, then you can report it, but if not it would help if someone experiencing it could report it so they can possibly provide debugging info from their system05:11
mrandekilfoil: I'd say that if you know the technical issues and can carry on a conversation about it, working directly with upstream might result it in getting fixed faster (i.e., if there isn't a bug open already).  If your users would like to open a bug with ubuntu (using ubuntu-bug <package_name> if possible), the would be nice as well.05:12
ekilfoil"the report can be made against the xorg package"  <-- you mean in launchpad?05:12
arandekilfoil: the "ubuntu-bug packagename" or "apport-collect bug#" command is convenient to gather data in an automatic way, for a start at least05:12
ddecatorekilfoil: yes, that's what i meant05:12
ekilfoilok thanks for the info05:13
phillipsjkI want to report a bug that is not program-specific due to Ubuntu policy, and after some discussion with maco decied just to add a comment to "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/ExecutableBit/comments" hinting at the problem. (Wine refuses to execute files on CD-ROMs, mount does not appear to support umask for iso9660)06:00
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BUGabundo_remoteall HAIL the mighty Summer... oh wait!08:38
vishyay ~o~  lp read-only!10:02
* arand wishes for ppa-stats this time around10:08
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Damasceneif disabling touchpad while typing is not working. which package should I report?10:41
vishDamascene: xorg-something-synaptic10:55
vishDamascene: ah got it .. xserver-xorg-input-synaptics10:56
Damascenethanks. I think it's better if someone else could test it before I report10:56
persiaAnyone bored?  We're having a Patch Day in #ubuntu-reviewers, and would welcome more hands.11:12
persiaErr, #ubuntu-reviews11:12
Damascenehi persia could I help with something?11:24
persiaSure.  Come by #ubuntu-reviews, read the /topic, and dig in.11:25
Damascenepersia, you didn't say that I need to be in the bug squad or that I should learn how to make deb files11:50
persiaDamascene: I presume you're in bugsquad because you hang out in here, and work on bugs: my apologies for the incorrect assumption.  it's helpful to know how to make .deb files, but not required for every patch.11:50
Damasceneok thanks11:51
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User123Hi, I'm having a potential bug with "screen - the screen manager". Can anybody assist with this?13:59
DamasceneUser123, what kind of assistant do you want?14:00
User123I would like to know how to get more info about the problem (i haven't found any google post on it) and then if it is really a bug, I'd like to log it.14:01
DamasceneUser123, what is the problem?14:01
User123The problem is as follows: I start a screen session on my machine. Run a lengthy java program in the session. Disconnect from the session (but not terminating it while the java program runs). Then I reconnect at a later point to discover that somehow screen (and byobu also) must have forgotten the current working directory. For example, the java program terminates (crashes) when trying to write a file that exists. Also, when running ant again,14:04
User123ant is unable to find the buildfile that is located in the same directory I'm currently working in.14:04
User123This problem also does not happen every time, but often enough to cause me headaches.14:04
DamasceneUser123, could you please join #screen14:06
User123ok, thanks. Didn't know there was such a channel.14:06
DamasceneI've but your bug in pastebin so you don't need to say it again14:07
User123ok thanks.14:08
PratterFakanyone here?14:23
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User123I get the message #screen :Cannot send to channel when trying to send a message in channel #screen15:44
User123any help?15:44
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mrandUser123: random idea: maybe you have to register your nick?  /msg NickServ help15:46
User123thanks for the tip15:47
persiaCould someone please review bug #575211: I believe it to be Triaged/Wishlist but don't like to triage my own bugs.15:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 575211 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "Indicator-session would benefit from an "Inhibit Screensaver" option (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57521115:50
thekorngood idea15:54
seb128persia, it seems not common enough to justify an extra menu entry15:54
seb128usually users are on the computer or not15:54
seb128you don't often watch the screen for a while without touching the mouse or keyboard15:55
seb128or when you do that's because you do a presentation or play a video15:55
thekornwhat about someone watching a movie?15:55
seb128which already do inhibit the screensaver for you15:55
thekornah ok15:55
seb128thekorn, totem inhibit the screensaver for you15:55
persiaseb128: I do it every day, actually, which is why I filed the bug.15:56
seb128but you are one person15:56
seb128it looks like an option which would benefit 0.1% of users15:57
persiaI guess.  I'm not sure the use case of watching a web page tracking a sporting event is that rare though.  I'm happy to have it wontfixed, but I'd rather it was at least mentioned upsteam.15:57
seb128dxteam is sprinting this week so I guess they will not look at it now15:57
seb128set it as wishlist and wait for them to read it15:57
seb128we should identify the cases where the screensaver should not start15:57
seb128i.e the browser should reset counter on refresh15:58
persiaseb128: I'd love to identify them generally: I'm just not sure it's easy for things like browsers or IRC clients, as I usually *do* want my screensaver to activate.  Thanks for setting to wishlist.15:58
persiaOOh, that's a good browser idea.  And it might make sense to build the inhibit/uninhibit function into the IRC clients.15:59
seb128IRC seems a real special case15:59
seb128I for one left IRC running for the day and I don't need screensaver to be inhibited while I'm at lunch15:59
seb128those cases seem really corner cases one though and not worth adding yet another entry to the menu there16:00
seb128there is already too many options in that menu, it's not easy to pick what you need in a second16:00
yofelthis should be fixed somewhere else anyway, I sometimes get a screensaver when following a meeting on irc, which is annoying, but your fix would be gnome-only16:01
mrandseb128: I changed it to triaged.   If you think it would attract more of the right attention as new or something else, feel free to change.16:01
seb128no that's ok16:02
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DrKenobiHi! Anyone there?19:29
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question. There are many here who will answer if they it.19:30
DrKenobiHello! I need to know if what is happening to me is a bug or its normal. My doubt is with the notifications that appear in the upper right corner. When I set the Visual Effects to NONE, and I put the pointer over the notification it disappear. But if I set the Visual Effects to NORMAL, when I put the pointer over the notification it doesn't disappear, it only turns blurry.19:30
yofelDrKenobi: if you use gnome that's how it's supposed to be afaik19:31
DrKenobiOk, I use GNOME. Not a bug! Thank you!19:31
DrKenobiNext question. I need to learn something. In 9.10 there was a problem with the notifications. A friend told me it was a bug in notify-osd. But without my friend, how could I know where the problem is? I read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage but i still dont know how to do it.19:36
charlie-tcaDrKenobi: sometimes it very hard to determine the correct package. That's when you ask here, and we try to help with it.19:42
DrKenobicharlie-tca: ok, next time I will ask here. I asked because I want to learn. Thank you!19:43
charlie-tcano problem19:49
charlie-tcaI keep learning everyday, myself.19:49
yofelhm, that would be nice to have on the page though, notify-osd was for gnome and xfce right?19:51
charlie-tcaI think so19:51
yofelI'll  add it under 'Graphical Environment' then19:52
charlie-tcaGreat! Aren't we still using it?19:53
yofelactually it would be nice if someone could differentiate between all the indicator-* packages...19:53
charlesherdthello there21:17
charlesherdtwould appreciate some help to report a bug on the alternate installer with encryption21:17
charlesherdtgot a particular situation that triggers a bug here21:18
charlesherdttrying to install Ubuntu 10.04 with full disk encryption on a disk that has a CentOS install on it21:18
charlesherdtand the installer does not let me create the encrypted volume because of a swap partition from CentOS21:19
charlesherdteven though I have set it not to be used21:19
trinikronohey good day all21:51
hggdhg'day trinikrono21:53

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