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jonazdnbI was wondering if I could get an Ubuntu Cloak? Here is my launchpad account: https://launchpad.net/~jonazdnb03:30
Picijonazdnb: Let me take a look03:32
Picijonazdnb: To qualify for an Ubuntu Member cloak, you need to be an approved Ubuntu Member, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember for more information.03:33
PiciIf you want an unaffiliated cloak, you can request one in #freenode03:33
jonazdnbOh, alright thanks03:34
Picinp :)03:34
Damasceneremember last time we talked about #ubuntu being so busy at release time04:07
Damascenewhy pouring #ubuntu+1 in it?04:07
Damascene#ubuntu+1 forward to it04:08
bazhangits closed04:08
Damascene#ubuntu+1 >> #ubuntu04:08
bazhangno +1 now04:08
PiciWhy should +1 be open?04:08
bazhangmeerkat won't be around for a long while04:08
PiciLucid is released, and Maverick hasn't landed yet.04:09
PiciAnd when it does land, that channel will only be for its discussion and support.04:09
Damasceneok no problem. but adding a channel with 300 users to #ubuntu in one day can not solve a problem04:09
bazhangwhat problem?04:09
Damascenejam problem04:10
PiciThose 300 users were most likely also already in #ubuntu, or came from there originally.04:10
Damasceneno, I didn't04:10
DamasceneI was testing Lucid04:10
bazhangthought this was thoroughly discussed before04:10
Damasceneok. I just wanted to make sure what happened04:11
HardDiskHello, I would like to request my ubuntu affiliation membership cloak.  I am #ubuntu-eg's IRC operator for over a year now.  I have also been assisting in having our first Release Party at Cairo University. this week05:32
bazhangHardDisk, could you post a link to your launchpad05:33
bazhangyou need to be an Ubuntu member05:34
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember05:34
HardDiskok I will read this.05:34
HardDiskthank you.05:35
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HardDiskbazhang, I hope my page is more appropriate now, as I see it has been outdated, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SamAzab06:40
HardDiskso I can apply for ubuntu membership that is.06:40
bazhangHardDisk, looks nice06:43
HardDiskappreciate it.06:43
HardDiskWe are really working hard to get our LoCo team approved also.06:44
HardDiskthe problem is sustaining people long enough.06:44
bazhangthe membership hearings (or whatever they are called) are in #ubuntu-meeting , at regularly scheduled intervals06:44
HardDiskFortunately we have university students who have been dedicated to helping us.06:45
HardDiskwhich is how we have this release party in the first place06:45
bazhanggood to hear :)06:45
HardDiskwithout their support we wouldnt have had it in th first place06:45
HardDiskit's considered our first "official" release party.06:46
HardDiskso if anyone is in cairo or visiting for business or pleasure, please join us :D06:46
HardDiskforget the pyramids..06:46
HardDiskthe pyramids have been around for thousands of years06:47
HardDiskwe're having this event for ONE day :D06:47
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ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-irc's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:04
macr0xhai guys14:13
macr0xwhat is loco?14:13
guntbertmacr0x: it stands for local channels like #ubuntu-us ...14:14
macr0xwhat you mean by ubuntu-us?14:14
macr0xyour ubuntu?14:14
macr0xwhy make own derivative?14:14
DJonesmacr0x: #ubuntu-us would refer to the local support given to each other by people in the -us timezone, its not a derivative, just a group of people from the same area/country14:16
macr0xa bunch of punkers or rappers?14:17
macr0xHEY I KNOW TO RAP14:17
macr0xThat, meaning, this, Book, which Muhammad (s) recites, in it there is no doubt, no uncertainty, that it is from God (the negation [lĀ rayba fĪhi] is the predicate of dhĀlika; the use of the demonstrative here is intended to glorify [the Book]). A guidance (hudĀ is a second predicate, meaning that it [the Book] ‘guides’), for the God-fearing, namely, those that tend towards piety by...14:20
macr0x...to commands and avoiding things prohibited, thereby guarding themselves from the Fire;14:20
macr0xwho believe in, that is, who accept the truth of, the Unseen, what is hidden from them of the Resurrection, Paradise and the Fire; and maintain the prayer, that is to say, who perform it giving it its proper due; and of what We have provided them, that is, of what we have bestowed upon them, expend, in obedience to God;14:20
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ubot2In #ubuntu-classroom-chat, drubin said: !ubuntu is mostly converstations instead of announcements17:40
drubinsorry that wasn't supposed to be an edit request17:41
PiciI figured.17:42
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mrandHowdy, I'd like to request a Ubuntu cloak... my email address is registered with nickserv, and my profile is https://launchpad.net/~mrand18:36
Picimrand: Let me take a look...18:37
Picimarienz: do you have a moment?18:38
Picimarienz: Looks like you meet the prereqs, let me just grab a staffer to get the cloak enabled.18:39
mrandPici: cool18:39
marienzPici: sure18:43
marienzubuntu/member/mrand for mrand, iiuc?18:44
Picimarienz: exactly :)18:44
marienzthere you go18:44
Picimrand: You're all set.  Congrats on your membership.18:44
mrandawesome.  Thank you!18:44
Picimarienz: Thanks as well.18:44
ubot2In #ubuntu-se, virtuald said: ubot2: hjälp is http://help.ubuntu-se.org/19:44
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ubot2In #ubuntu-br, Andre_Gondim said: !tradutor is <reply> A tradução do Ubuntu é feita por voluntários se dispõem a ajudar nesta tarefa. Se você está interessado isso, leia mais em: https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-pt-br/20:19
ubot2In #ubuntu-br, Pskol said: !pskol is <reply>o fodao20:19
ubot2In #ubuntu-br, Andre_Gondim said: !documentação is <reply> A documentação do Ubuntu é feita por voluntários se dispõem a ajudar nesta tarefa. Se você procura documentação veja em: http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/TimeDeDocumentacao20:31
ubot2In #ubuntu-br, Andre_Gondim said: !documentação is <reply> A documentação do Ubuntu é feita por voluntários se dispõem a ajudar nesta tarefa. Se você procura documentação veja em: http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/TimeDeDocumentacao20:33
Andre_Gondimcan anyone approved my editing?20:34
tsimpsonI'm not sure if you can have unicode in factoid names20:52
tsimpsonI seem to remember something strange happening when I last tried20:52
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Andre_GondimWell, I saw sometime, like !tradução21:00
ThomasG33Ksorry to be a bother but, I would like to know why I was banned from the #ubuntu channel?23:42
PiciThomasG33K: Please join #ubuntu-ops, an operator was just about to talk to you when you left.23:44
ThomasG33KPici: thanks23:46

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